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Nice page.
John OBrien, Waterbury, Ct. [02-25-2000]

i'm looking for some interesting facts about betsy ross for a report i'm doing!
Jenna Bowman, rexburg,Id united states [02-25-2000]

anonymous, San Diego CA [02-25-2000]

If there is any other web pages about Betsy Please E-mail me and Tell me them. I'm doing a report on her. This web site really is helpful!!!
Ashley [02-25-2000]

i liked you web site
tracy, cleveland,ohio [02-25-2000]

Very nice site! My grandaughter is doing a report (3rd grade) and we visited the site for information. Thank you.
Linda Benedetti, Renton, WA 98058 [02-25-2000]

I have enjoyed learning about her at school.
Ryan Parrado, Homestead, Florida [02-25-2000]

Betsy Ross really knew how to sew.
Christopher Parrado, Homestead, Florida [02-25-2000]

Betsy Ross is the bomb!
Sara, Herndon [02-25-2000]

This website has been a big help to me. It is also where I've gotten most of my information for a report my reading teacher assigned us. It is obviously very interesting.
Julie Behr, Bloomington, MN [02-25-2000]

Hi, I was looking for pictures of Betsy Ross for my school project. Rebecca, Grade 2
Rebecca Davis, Manton, CA 96059 [02-25-2000]

my class really enjoyed the history of the flags!
C.CARR-GREEN [02-25-2000]

cool site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to tell you people that this site has helped me and my speech in speech class. I had visited the Betsy Ross House in November of 99 and it was great. Now that I have visited this site I do plan to come back so thanks for making this information avaliable for everyone.
Bridget Poole, Rockport Indiana [02-25-2000]

All the boys and girls in Room 10 at Washington School want to thank you for the GREAT tour we just took of Betsy Ross' house. We are studying George Washington and the American Revolution. Your tour really brought our country's first flag and its story to life for us. Thank you again. Grade 2 Room 10
Mrs. D. Pastor and Grade 2, Room 10, Washington School, Lorain, Ohio 44052 USA [02-25-2000]

I had to find ten questions for a grade on the American flag and this site helped alot. Thanks! Glen Davis
Glen Davis, Virginia [02-25-2000]

I enjoyed it.
Christine Mandvere, Manteo, N.C. [02-25-2000]

Jessica, Florida Yulee [02-25-2000]

Wonderful page and information. I am a substitute teacher and alway start the day with some trivia and or history of the flag. The students are often surprised and always delighted. Our family will be visiting Philadelephia in May after attending our son's graduation from the Naval Academy. We can't wait! Thank you
Nancy Laney, Portland, Oregon [02-25-2000]

I love Betsy Ross' home page!!!!!
Brooke Curtis, Maiden,North Carolina USA [02-25-2000]

Goood Job guys (girls) WHOO EVER! Thanks though the page has been very helpful and I will reccomend you to everyone I can.
Richard, North Carolina [02-25-2000]

Brooke Curtis, Maiden,NC USA [02-25-2000]

Amanda Bundy, Chesapeake, Ohio [02-25-2000]

I need to know info on Betsy. This site was the place to go. Thanks
Ashley Ross, Grenada, ms, usa [02-25-2000]

Raven Denny, wasilla ak [02-23-2000]

it was nice thank you for creating this web page it helped me out a lot fo r my school project.
Jaime, New York [02-23-2000]

This is the coolest website ever!
Jehosavich Barbra [02-23-2000]

Hi I am Kris, I am doing a report on Betsy Ross in my class and your web-site has helped me very much. Thanks
Kris, Columbia Missouri [02-23-2000]

katherine taylor, ruckersville, va 22968 [02-23-2000]

i found all the information very helpful for my daughter's report.
Veronica, staten island ny [02-23-2000]

Hi my name is Anh and I always loved Betsy Ross and I'm doing her for my real woman report because I believe that it is a great honor to be the person to create our American flag.
Anh Nguyen, Jersey City, NewJersey [02-23-2000]

Sky Pine, Seaford New York [02-23-2000]

We are trying to find out what caused Betsy Ross's death. Can you help us with this? We know when and where but not why she died.
Nancy Fanguy, Coppell, TX, USA [02-23-2000]

Nancy [02-23-2000]

All of our class really enjoyed looking at Betsy Ross and her house. We live so far away, it is hard for any of us to visit a place like this. Thank you!
mrs. Taylor's 2nd grade class, Perryton, Texas 79070 [02-23-2000]

How did Betsy Ross die? I'm doing a report about her, and your page is very helpful.
Jessi [02-23-2000]

We enjoyed our tour of Besty Ross' house. We really liked seeing the first flag of the United States. Thanks!!!
Amy Williams' Kindergarten Class, Albert, VA [02-23-2000]

We're working on my fifth grade son's Revolutionary War era newpaper project. Thanks for the info from your sites.
anonymous, Peters Creek, Alaska [02-23-2000]

Please send me an e mail to let me know when the gift shop will be open to on line orders.Thanks! Sue Baca
Sue Baca, Los Osos CA [02-23-2000]

Hi! Im going to do a play for school with my friend. We have to! We are gonna do it on Betsy Ross!
Mandy [02-23-2000]

bradley blocher, Hymanend PA [02-23-2000]

This site helped alot! Thanx!
Michelle, usa [02-23-2000]

This is a great site! You lot of information about our flag. Thank you for taking your time to make such a great site.
Mark craig, Cedar Falls, Iowa [02-23-2000]

Kelly Becker, Ohio [02-23-2000]

Is that fla offer the 1 that Betsy made or is it todays flag ?
Callie Garrett, Winter Park,Florida [02-23-2000]

Thank you for the wonderful information on Betsy Ross. I am a Kindergarten teacher. Betsy Ross is an SOL for us. I have learned a lot here.
melissa, Fredericksburg, VA [02-23-2000]

This is the best page that I've found for research material about Betsy Ross. Wonderful job!
Rachael Warfield, Irvona, Pennsylvania [02-21-2000]

My students K-3 have used your site in a unit on our country's flag. Thank you. Leilani Kins, instructor
Leilani Kins, Flaxville, MT USA [02-21-2000]

I use this for a school asinment. Thank You
Channing Herrman, Norway,Kansas [02-21-2000]

great web pg!!!!!!!!!! i mean it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lizbeth Paola, Los Angeles C.A. [02-21-2000]

Kelly Spurlin, hanau, germany [02-21-2000]

I am doing a research project on the U.S. flag. This site has lots of information to aid in my quest to find enough sources to make my paper complete. Thank you.
Jessica Rosa, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida [02-21-2000]

Rebecca ISaac, Houston Texas [02-21-2000]

I have a Social Studies 1st American Flag project due Monday and I came to this website for information needed for the work. It has been very helpful to me. Thank you. Kenny Kretz 5th Grade Davis Elementart
Kenny Kretz, Acworth, Georgia [02-21-2000]

I used this site for a report I did on Betsy Ross. I am in third grade. This is a good place to learn about Betsy Ross and the history of our flag!
Emily Glass, Las Cruces, NM [02-21-2000]

Where can I find a display box to display a military flag inside my house
Steve Knight, W.Va. USA [02-21-2000]

Have had several people ask me the proper way to display the flag,always refer them to your site.
jerry schweitzer, williamstown, wv [02-21-2000]

Glad to find this site,and it seems like a good site
James Francis, Bristow, Oklahoma, U.S.A [02-21-2000]

Amy Sikes, Emory Tx [02-18-2000]

my daughter chelsey ( an eight year old girl), is looking up betsy ross to write a report on the american flag. thanks for the help. don d'adesky
DON d'ADESKY, 2969 wentworth weston, fl 33332 [02-18-2000]

Great site. This was an excellent site for research.
Kayce Pierce, Virginia [02-18-2000]

Elise LEMOINE [02-18-2000]

Iam 7 years old and I have to do a report on a famous person of our country. I chose Betsy Ross.
Mariya Crandall, Portland, Or. USA [02-18-2000]

Lindsy G [02-18-2000]

Hi how are you by
Kristin, Texas [02-18-2000]

Thank You! This information was very helpful on a school project.
Paige Johnson, Medora, IL [02-18-2000]

Do the 13 stripes also represent the first 13 colonies?
Nancy Cramer, Wisconsin [02-18-2000]

Carol, Northeast USA [02-18-2000]

doing stuff for school project ---I am 7 and think this is fun!!
Dakota Flora, Midlothian VA [02-18-2000]

My 8 yr old daughter is studying B. Ross and is planning to make a flag for a school project. Any suggestions on kits available for making flags. Or how to from scratch? please write soon if you can. Thanks, FB
fran belcher, sanbornton NH [02-18-2000]

I really look up to Betsy.
Brittany, Oklahoma [02-18-2000]

Historical flags on display at Town Hall - The Henrietta Elks Lodge presented the town (of Henrietta) with a Historical display of U. S. flags which will be permanently displayed in the town hall. I am currently designing a website for the Henrietta Historical Society and want to display the images, description and very brief description of the flags. I probably will include links to sites whose major subject/theme is the Flag. The site is currently on line on my private site until I get it designed and our permanent site assigned. The current location is
Louis Vienneau, Henrietta, New York [02-18-2000]

I think that Betsy Ross was a key figure to the creation of our national symbol.
padlock jody, sorry [02-16-2000]

Mrs. Lynn D. Davies, Morgan County, Missouri [02-16-2000]

Ashley Webb, New Johnsonville,TN [02-16-2000]

I like your website. It really helps me to do my school sharing.
John Lu, Novi, Michigan [02-16-2000]

marlene dorta, hialeah, florida dade [02-16-2000]

I needed information to present a program on the life of Betsy Ross to a ladies group so I found this very nice reference and will use as much as possible. I think I'll let the ladies try their hand at cutting out a "5 pointed star" that Washington wanted -- and Betsy Ross solved the "problem". Good for her!!! I appreciate this information very much. Thank you. Feb. 15, 2000
Teresa Wood, Beaver, Oklahoma U.S.A. [02-16-2000]

This site is very helpful! Thanks for the information. Especially the secret to the 5 pointed star!
Sandy Ingram, ca [02-16-2000]

I want to know where "Elisebeth"Betsy Griscom was born.
ash-lee baker, 2741 PanzyR.D. Clarksville [02-16-2000]

summer turner [02-16-2000]

i am doing school wook i never knew that she made the flag
matt Schneider, Plainview MN [02-16-2000]

I am doing a report on Besty Ross.Can you give me some information on her?PLEASE send this to me
HOTTY TATTRIE, Deshler,OHIO [02-16-2000]

I am working on a project for my school about Betsy Ross and this has been a great source for me. I would like to know who made this web site. Thank you or as we say in Hawaii Mahalo! Your friend, Grace Churma
Grace Churma, Kaneohe,HI 96744 [02-16-2000]

i am the 13 cousin of betsy ross. my grandmother traced the family back.
DANA PEUGH, cherryvale, ks [02-16-2000]

"Betsy Ross was a gift from the Lord. She made dreams possible with that one flag of hers. She is very interesting to read up on. I feel very sorry for the deaths of her husband's and infant daughter's. How strong and courageous she must have been to put up with sorrow like that. If everyone had a little Betsy Ross in each of us, I think the world would be a little better place to live in."
Minimama, Bieune, Africa [02-16-2000]

gathering data for one of my kids for a school project on Betsy
joe laugle, fishers,indiana [02-16-2000]

the house is cool
Cecily Thorpe [02-16-2000]

I feel very strongly about our flag and what it stands for. In my daughters puplic school she is being taught the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States in spanish. Is it just me or do others fine this insulting too?
Colleen Repke, Cary, NC [02-16-2000]

Kat, Idaho [02-14-2000]

Lynn Womack, Tennessee [02-14-2000]

Julie Cooke, Stamford, CT [02-14-2000]

I lke u'r web site. it helped me a lot with my report thnk u
Samantha , fairfield, OH [02-14-2000]

This is a fantastic site, Lots of valuable information here. thank you for providing it. I am doing a speech on the Birth of the US flag and this site proved a godsend. Chow!
Dwight W. Smith, Tampa Fl [02-14-2000]

we loved your site. we loved taking a virtual tour of betsy ross's home. marissa liked her bedroom. the site was a joy to visit. we liked the statue of the cats in the back yard. ideas for improvements: include printable activities for children preschool through highschool. i would be willing to write these activities for your organization at your request. thank you for this site.
MICHELLE AND MARISSA LETZ, 2602 barry knoll way, fort wayne, in 46845 [02-14-2000]

Hi i am doing a report on betsy ross and i have came here for info
kayla w., wv martinsburg [02-14-2000]

Amelia bruce, Greenville us usa [02-11-2000]

This is a awsome site and I wish I could have lived Back then when Betsy Ross was alive. Then it would be better than my life right now.
Yvonne Patterson, Greenvill SC USA [02-11-2000]

I am so happy to find this website. The Revolutionary War and the Civil War are favorte I read every thing I can on both. The flag means so much to me. Thank you again for the Website.
Shirley Barrick, North Royalton, OHO [02-11-2000]

Neat website. Lots of great information to use at home with the kids and in the classroom.
"poulaki", manchester,nh [02-11-2000]

Brittany, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma [02-11-2000]

martin pitts [02-11-2000]

In our wax musim for school I am Besty Ross
Danielle Ruter, Souix Center Iowa,U.S.A [02-11-2000]

I just thought i would tell you that this site is great for homework thanks. Amy
Amy, Davenport, Iowa, United States of America [02-11-2000]

Linda and Martha Boatright, bonner spgs,ks [02-11-2000]

i always admire the first american flag
joel sowder, winfield kansas united states [02-11-2000]

Great web site! Thank you for all the information. I took my class to your web site and they thoroughly enjoyed all the information!
Julia Schemm, Greenville, SC [02-11-2000]

DANIEL RAMIREZ, la puente ca. 91746 [02-11-2000]

Kallie Schlessman, Missouri [02-11-2000]

Monica [02-11-2000]

I'm glad I found out about this Betsy Ross guest book!!!!!!!!!
Lauren Lee Lewakowski, Thorton,Colorado [02-11-2000]

caleb whaley, pigeon forge, tn [02-11-2000]

NICOLE JASMINE DYER, Gordo, Alabama [02-11-2000]

katherine e, N. Richland Hills, TX USA [02-11-2000]

You have a lot of information I needed for my project at school. Jacob Espalin, 4th grader
Jacob Espalin, Port Orchard, WA. USA [02-11-2000]

Karen Miller, University Place, WA [02-11-2000]

I am interested in any information on my family ancestry. The farthest back I am is to my grandfather, George Washington Deffenbaugh, possibly born in the Johnstown, PA area b.1880 d.1946, married to Myrtle E. Lewis, b.1883 d. 1936. I am just getting started and would appreciate any help anyone could give me. Ronald Deffenbaugh
Ronald W. Deffenbaugh, Ebensburg, PA [02-11-2000]

This is a great page.
Laura .S, Boca Raton FL. [02-11-2000]

thanx for an informative page on flags. i am currently in the process of quilting one from the time period that our house was built.
kmski57, ann arbor mich [02-11-2000]

jasmine, saltlake [02-11-2000]

Lindsay Hall, Columbus, Indiana, USA [02-11-2000]

Fabulous website. It's been a tremendous help with the kids homework! Keep up the great work. Look forward to visiting again! Thank you.
Dana Merle, 3940 S. Harrison St., Fort Wayne, IN 46807 [02-11-2000]

A very informative site, Looking for information to teach the Boy Scouts of America. What a Good Place to get Flag information.
Pat Mongold, kcmo [02-11-2000]

Thank you so much for the opportunity to re-visit history. My 9 year old daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross for her 4th grade class. The pictures and information available on your wesite will not only give her the tools to write a great report but also, learn more about the American Heritage. I applaud you for a wonderful Job!!
Michelle Ricard, Orange County, California [02-11-2000]

We just had a visitor come to our second grade class and shared with us the history of our flag. I thought my students would enjoy visiting web sites about the flag today.
Marie Puett, St. Joseph, MO [02-11-2000]

I am doing a project on the American Flag.I found your site very helpful.Thanks
Courtney Farley, West Virginia [02-11-2000]

This is a very interesting site. I have a certificate that belonged to my Grandmother and wondered where it came from. Now I know.
Pat McDevitt, Ocala, Marion County, Fl [02-11-2000]

I am in the first grade and I am doing a report on the American Flag
Zachary Paul Sheeder, Jacksonville Fl [02-11-2000]


I like how you tell people about Betsy Ross and the U.S. flag.
Brittany, Allen,Tx [02-11-2000]

Alyssa, Camden,Ohio [02-08-2000]

michael, 1224 winding way temp MI 48182 [02-08-2000]

Liz Linares, Orlando, Fl [02-08-2000]

Most interesting. Would like to purchase historical pictures.
Virginia Montagano, Burlington NJ [02-08-2000]

I am playing Betsy Ross in my school play and am trying to get my research on the internet.
Callie Connaughton, Marietta, GA [02-08-2000]

do you have any color me pages.
KEESHARA MONIQUE BESSIE RIDDICK, norfolk va 23504 [02-08-2000]

Betty Moser, pa [02-08-2000]

Jeff Brown, LaGrange, GA [02-08-2000]

Thanks for making history exciting and helping us prepare a report on flags and Betsy Ross.
Leigh Replogle, Webb City, MO. [02-08-2000]

All the information was helpful.It will help my child with a school project.
Martha, Montgomery,Alabama [02-08-2000]

I wish you would give more links on the american flag
James T. Nagasawa, Kent, Washington, USA [02-08-2000]

Do you know if thers a magizen article on Betsy Ross and where can I find it? I need one for school.
Elissa, Jefforson pa [02-08-2000]

hi , if u get this e-mail me back
valerie, friona [02-08-2000]

I think Betsy Ross is an awesome person. She's very interesting to read and learn about. In one of my classes, i'm reading her biography and i think she deserves a lot more fame and recognition than people give her.
Angela Rodenberg, Wisconsin [02-08-2000]

Kerry Danaher, 240 Ashford tonawanda [02-08-2000]

ryan, none [02-08-2000]

We are working on a report for a patriotic first grade program.
MaryKate Newton, Parker Colorado [02-07-2000]

I really enjoied the facts that you all had presented in the tour. I will tell my friends about this tour and what I have learned.
crystal manning, Franklinton, La USA [02-07-2000]

I love the flag it's so cool
Roes Renae, Norway, lovetown SWissvill road [02-07-2000]

Iwas there 2 years ago and returning with my 8th grader daugher and can't wait to return betsy ross house was so interseting i loved it thank you for out tour
Lori Ritter, Imbler, OR [02-07-2000]

hello my name is amanda and i just wanted to say, "betsy ross is a great person."
amanda walters, san jose, Ca [02-07-2000]

My daughter is doing a biography on Betsy Ross and although she read a book about her, actually seeing pictures of her home and where she lived is memorable. We are wondering if we are able to order items from the gift shop over the internet. My daughter would really like the Betsy Ross doll. Please let me know. Thank you, Felicia and Jordyn Martinelli
Felicia Martinelli, MAdison, Ct. 06443 [02-07-2000]

Great Site!!!!
Norton Family, Queensbury, NY [02-07-2000]

Abby Fotinos [02-07-2000]

Aimee Alexander, Washington [02-07-2000]

Betsy Ross is my Grandfather's 13th cousin, Neet..
Cayle A. Ross [02-07-2000]

HI well I just want to complament who ever did this web site because I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and it really helped me. I half to dress up as her and bring her character alive. So this web site really gave me some pretty good ideas. Thanx Stephanie Friddle
Stephanie Friddle, Gap P.A. U.S.A [02-07-2000]

Great site! Our Girl Scout troop will be visiting on April 8 and can't wait to see the place and the surrounding area.
Karen Antonaitis, Endicott, NY [02-07-2000]

Great sight. I teach third grade and was looking for information about our founding figures. Didn't realize I'd find a special activity on making stars for the flag. How wonderful!!!!!
Sharon MacQueen [02-07-2000]

Thanks for keeping America's Heritage alive and open to all. Our flag has gone through the years, had it's changes, and still flies strong. It represents the blood shed by American's to buy the freedom we hold so dear. It represents the nation's strengths in a God given land that gives all the right to worship freely without fear of reprisal or repression. It shows the purity of faith and will to stand for right and overcome wrong. It gives a field of blue for those who gave before to build a future for others dreams. It is our standard and profession that we pledge an allegiance to and will defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. It is shown as a testimony to our children of the nation and states joined in harmony and single desire. May it wave for all, for a standard to live by, and for our future! Keep up your site and thanks for your hard work. Super job!
SMSgt Ken Chandler, Tucson, Arizona USA [02-07-2000]

Merton O. Meade Jr., Wheaton, Md. Montgomery County, Md. 20902 [02-07-2000]

This is a great web page. I am a Vietnam Veteran, and I know how important it is to teach our children what the flag represents, and what our freedom entails. I give talks in schools and do Americanism programs for the cub scouts. I got a lot of good material from your site. Thanks!!!!
Tom Samlow, Napoleon,Ohio [02-07-2000]

Loved your page
Shannon Aparicio [02-07-2000]

Wish u a happy new year.
wadhawan hardeep, Abbotsford B.C. CANADA [02-07-2000]

I am 9 years old and I am going to dress let Betsy Ross for our school project. I am in the 3rd grade at Shamrock Springs elementary school. Thanks for all the great information on Betsy ross. Your friend, Holly
Holly Noller, Carmel, Indiana [02-07-2000]

This was a very interesting sight for my 2nd graders to visit.
Rod Gingery, Eugene, OR [02-07-2000]

I came to because I am doing a report. I am in 6th grade and baby-siting as I surf!E- me!!!!!
jessica poling [02-07-2000]

Terrie L. Mortensen, San Diego, CA [02-07-2000]

I am Jenna age 9 and have just done a book report on Betsy Ross .My mom worked at the gift shop in 1976.Her name was Barbara Williams.Does anyone remmber her? Jenna Mattox
Jenna Mattox, Philadelphia ,PA [02-07-2000]

I am 10 years old and we had to do a book report on a very important woman in History so I chose Betsy Ross. Thank You so much for giving me the great pictures and the story about her life and her familiesI did not apreciate the flag as much as I do now after reading her biography and the information I got of her home page. Now when I see the flag fly I will be more proud than ever. Thank You again for that opportunity. P.S. I hope I spelled everything right I had to ask my mom for help since she spells better. Thank You So Much, Jenny Louise Wolfe
Jenny L. Wolfe, Chesterfield, Va [02-07-2000]

I loved the tour, seriously I thought it would be boring but I loved it. I found very interesting to see were Betsy lived. O.K. I love you Bye, Bye.
Melissa Bianco, Central Islip, New York, U.S.A. [02-07-2000]

Ashley, Marion, Iowa [02-07-2000]

That was cool!
Hannah, Bartlett [02-07-2000]

I think you done a VERY good job on the first flag!!!!!!!!!!
Kayla Wills, Buchanan Va [02-07-2000]

I am a cubmaster for a cub pack and I teach my boys to be proud of our Flag. Your site has been extremely helpfull to me in my attempt to teach respect, history of our national emblem. Thanks
Frank Accomando, Gooding,Idaho [02-03-2000]

Melissa Flores, Miami Florida [02-03-2000]

I enjoyed the tour of Besty Ross's home! I really loved the quotes and poems that people wrote I know I will come back again!!!!
Leanne Warren, Hampton,Virginia USA [02-03-2000]

this is a very nice site
cj, hampton va 23669 [02-03-2000]

spostier, owatonna,minnesota [02-03-2000]

Mrs. Menotti' class, Jackson, MS [02-03-2000]

LeeAnn Schultz, Freeport Elementary School Pa. [02-03-2000]

Tammy Cusic, Rancho Cordova, CA [02-03-2000]

Tate l. lynn, Boise,ID [02-03-2000]

vicky robinson [02-03-2000]

i am doing a report on betsy ross. your site has really helped. thank you.
PRESTON CUMMINS, blue river,or [02-03-2000]

NIAM AND ANTHONY, willam f hallorn 22 [02-03-2000]

I have tried and tried to find out what the colors on the american flag repersent without any luck. can you help?
clarence craft, corinth,ky. u.s.a. [01-26-2000]

I'm a descendant of Betsy Ross. I would love to get in touch with the branch of the Ross family that married into the Hutchison family of Utah around the end of the 19th century ... Are you out there?
Karen Johnson, Los Angeles, California [01-26-2000]

The red stripes represent blood shed by one for the benefit of another. The white represents pureness in the heart of people who do good things for others. The Blue background represents the universe, our future and the unlimitless possibilities of this nation. The Stars represent the reward that awaits all people of this nation and the world, for the universe is ours to have. The stars can increase in number, because we can never achieve too much or obtain too big a reward.
Patrick Keeley, Rockford, Mich [01-26-2000]

I am a 5th Grade student at Episcopal Day School in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I am looking for information on the life of Betsy Ross for a social studies project. I've selected to do a dairy (for one week during her life, preferably during the war). Any tips, pointers or information that you may have would be very helpful. Thank you
Marjorie Breda, Lake Charles, Louisiana [01-26-2000]

Amy Evans, Idaho Falls, ID [01-26-2000]

elizabeth fridmann, attica,ny [01-26-2000]

Sharon Hudson, Kite GA , United States [01-26-2000]

I am here because at my school we have colonial days and we have to dress up as a colonial person and i picked Betsy Ross because she is the BEST
tess murphy, New Jearsy [01-26-2000]

robert whitaker, valley, alabama [01-26-2000]

I am working on a project for my school. I go to Holy Redeemer Catholic School in Alpharetta, GA. This information is very helpful and very interesting. My dad helped me get on the computer to research this. Thank you!
Megan Doyle, Roswell, GA [01-26-2000]

hi if you know how to get to whitney hustons version of the star spangled banner let me know
katrina crane, wright kansas [01-26-2000]

hello i'm at my school right now i g2g see ya
CARMEN MINELLA, pa pgh usa [01-26-2000]

Your site has been very helpful for my sons 2nd grade research paper. Thank you.
vicki jakeway, Michigan [01-26-2000]

Enjoyed browsing through the web pages.
Jennie R., Clovis, CA [01-26-2000]

I read a biography of Betsy Ross. She was a great person to the thirteen colonies. She was brave to over come a lot of deaths. I think Betsy was a very good seamstress. Does the Besty Ross flag fly anywhere in the U.S. today? I love your website.
Diane Elizabeth Kasper, Sycamore, IL [01-26-2000]

Jackie Jennifer Willis, Quantico,VA [01-26-2000]

Can you send me a biography of our American Flag?
Kelton Hayes, Aiken, SC [01-26-2000]

I enjoyed the tour of Betsy's house!
Linsee Williamson, Marietta Oh [01-26-2000]

Cruz Salcido, Merced, California [01-26-2000]

Your Web site is Very interesting and not to mention how help it was on an American History project thank you very much
Daleena Linquiat, St.Michael-MN [01-24-2000]

My students loved taking the virtual tour of "The Betsy Ross House". Thank you for bring a piece of our history alive for them. Many of my students may never see Betsy's house in person, but as a person who has, I can tell them they have seen everything right here! Your site covers the whole house very nicely. Thank you!
T. Karnes, Milbridge, Maine [01-24-2000]

Very nice site.
Terri Dougherty, Tobyhanna, PA [01-24-2000]

Can you please tell me what the colors red, white, and blue mean in the U.S. flag? I need to know for a Camp Fire project. Thank you.
Laura Acrey, Fort Worth, Texas [01-24-2000]

The reason I have come to this site is because I am doing a school report on the famous Betsy Rossand I wanted to know more about her and some photos. I really like this site, Whitney Boynton of dunlap TN P.S. keep up the good work on this site.
Whitney Boynton, Dunlap TN (Sequatchie County ) U.S.A. [01-24-2000]

Doing a research paper on her!!!Age 14
Suly, usa [01-24-2000]

Thanks for the help.Our son is doing reports on people of the American Rev.. and I couldn't remember if the stars on her first flag were in a circle.
maggie, Mt. Savage , Md [01-24-2000]

Kristi Gaynor, Des Plaines Il [01-24-2000]

i'm 9 years old and i'm a boy scout looking for information on the united states. i have found many things interesting on this site. thank you for working so hard! bye, jared petteruti
JARED PETTERUTI, warwick, ri [01-24-2000]

CALEB GAISER, Bluffton,In [01-24-2000]

natasha kalina carter, australia/victoria/beverford/tyntyndyer [01-24-2000]

Tanuja Potdar [01-24-2000]

I have found the information of Besty Ross very interesting. I will use some of the information for my History class. I'm in the fourth grade.
Jenna Taono, Staten Island, New York [01-24-2000]

Hannah, Oklahama [01-24-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross in school
Betsy Drake, will not tell [01-24-2000]

melissa, ny [01-24-2000]

I am in 5th grade and I am also doing a report on Betsy Ross.I really thank for all this information!!!
Leanna, Hilton Head,South Caolina,United States [01-24-2000]

Allyn R. Berg [01-21-2000]

Hi. Just stopped by to see the site while helping my daughter research Colonial America for a report. Thought you might be interested that Betsy Ross's uncle - George Ross, a signer of the Declaration of Independence is my Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather. I may or may not have the number of greats right! :)
Karen Cromer [01-21-2000]

Nicole, Wilm,DE [01-21-2000]

Your site is wonderful. Thank you for all the helpful information.
DeAnna Jones, Maryville, MO [01-21-2000]

Katie [01-21-2000]

Jan Ham, Grand Island NE [01-21-2000]

Thanks. Some good trivia questions for use in my son's cub scout den for their Citizen Badge.
Ginelle Dexter, Murrieta, CA [01-21-2000]

Keith Carlson, Derby, New York [01-21-2000]

This web site really helped me with my report. Thanks!!!!!
Justine [01-21-2000]

nice going
amanda lowe, port angeles wa [01-21-2000]

I am doing a report in school and this sight really healped me! thanks!
Claire B., Marietta Ga. 30066 U.S.A [01-21-2000]

I'm using this site to look up information for my daughter who has to do a report on Betsy Ross. She has read a book on Betsy Ross, but it doesn't contain all the information she needs. I'm enjoying the flag pictures.
Suzy Kolk, Lufkin,TX [01-21-2000]

kaia Krumwiede [01-21-2000]

sarah, il [01-21-2000]

Dear Betsy Ross, Janurary 19,2000 Did you have any trouble making the first flag? What did you use to make it? A needle and thread,or a sewing machine? I hope you don't think I ask a lot of questions. I just like to learn about history. Well I have to go I have other things to learn like the Revolutionary war.
Torey Hayes, Remlap,Alabama [01-19-2000]

KARA JOHNSON, griffith, indiana [01-19-2000]

Past regent, Denver Chapter NSDAR. We have had wonderful programs about the flag and I was curious to see what was offered on the net. Your page is excellent. Thank you.
Mrs. Eleanor Roubique, Arvada, CO [01-19-2000]

Carrie, fl , USA [01-19-2000]

Thank you for the great information. I used it for my 4th grade social studies project.
Meghan MacNair, Alexandria,VA 22309 [01-19-2000]

Past regent, Denver Chapter NSDAR. We have had wonderful programs about the flag and I was curious to see what was offered on the net. Your page is excellent. Thank you.
Mrs. Eleanor Roubique, Arvada, CO [01-19-2000]

Carrie, fl , USA [01-19-2000]

Thank you for the great information. I used it for my 4th grade social studies project.
Meghan MacNair, Alexandria,VA 22309 [01-19-2000]

curious why it does not mention what type of material that betsy ross made the flag out of. industrial hemp was a big part of our hertiage and a big part of their times. it is also a new refound industry, that can assist america. i believe that you should make mention of the material in the story...
BARBARA, key west, fl. [01-19-2000]

lacey wardwell, usa [01-19-2000]

Betsy Ross is my great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother on my mom's side of the family and i'm glad to know that she can be respected so much.
Crystal Burrows, santee , California [01-19-2000]

Krista Arsenault, \Grants Pass, Oregon [01-19-2000]

beth ellen glenn [01-19-2000]

thank you for a tour I im doing a report on her and this helped.
Monica Lambert, Newbury Park Ca. [01-18-2000]

I'm in the 2nd grade and doing a book report on Betsy Ross. I go to Prestonwood Elementary School.
Allison Arnold, Dallas, Texas [01-18-2000]

Millie, San Jose, CA [01-18-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and in this report I have to "become" Betsy Ross. I have to dress and talk like her and tell the class about her life story. If anyone has any information that may help me please E~mail me at Thank you for the help.
KRISTINA TREADWAY, atlanta,TEXAS [01-18-2000]

thanks for a great site.
joyce herrington, brownsboro, texas [01-18-2000]

Enjoyed this visit very much!!
Leslie Kranz, Watertown, SD 57201 [01-18-2000]

Hello! My name is Kara Scherrbaum, and I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. I was wondering if you had any quotes that Betsy actually said. Thanks for your time.
Kara, Gibsonia, PA USA [01-18-2000]

cassie, ca [01-18-2000]

This is a very useful web site concerning Besty Ross and the American Flag. I'm sure tons of people go here daily. Thanks!
Joe, Philadelphia, PA [01-18-2000]

I am doing a school project on Betsy Ross.I think she was and all ways will be a great fellow person.
Katie, Weedsport N.Y. [01-18-2000]

cetin, ri [01-18-2000]

Marti Malott, 6428 Soliloquy Trail, Dayton, Ohio 45449 [01-18-2000]

Penny Smith [01-18-2000]

your house reminded me of my husband and my trip to arizona with all the old things you still have in there. I love looking at all the things people used before they came up with all this new technology. It was a very interesting tour and I will be returning soon thank you.
shawn dykstra, twin lake michigan [01-18-2000]

Mitchell l. Jennings, Nathalie, Va. USA [01-18-2000]

how did Betsy die?
Krista Poferl, Shoreview,MN [01-18-2000]

When I first heard about her ideas and making of the first flag I thought it was cool.
Breanna M. Cross [01-18-2000]

So glad to have this page i'm a true admirer of the American Flag
Milly Brough, 12=Presley Street Staten Island N.Y. 10308 [01-18-2000]

Social S. Teacher 5th grade
tess, Berea, KY [01-18-2000]

Cub Scout Pack 325 [01-18-2000]

i am doing a project for school and my mother retrieved this information for me to do my report.
tommy noonan, jupiter, fl [01-18-2000]

I am so impressed with this sight. There are so many things here i didn't know. I was looking Mrs. Ross up for a report my daughter is doing and i was thinking i probably wouldn't find much but, i am really surprised.
vanessa spivey, austin, texas 78745 [01-18-2000]

The information was great and easy to access.
Stephanie Stephens, Plant city,Florida,U.S.A. [01-18-2000]

erica,rayn, kentucky [01-18-2000]

i loved your page on betsy ross's virtual home page. it was so cool!!!!! i started to read about betsy ross in history, so i have been trying to found more about her and my mom found this page. sammie
SAMMIE, york pa, usa [01-18-2000]

i loved your page on betsy ross's virtual home page. it was so cool!!!!! i started to read about betsy ross in history, so i have been trying to found more about her and my mom found this page. sammie
SAMMIE, york pa, usa [01-18-2000]

I am doing a essay on the American Flag for school.I hope I win the contest!Thank you for the information.Bye! Alexandria Brown [01-12-2000]
Alexandria Brown, Delphos,Ohio [01-18-2000]

michael salkow [01-18-2000]

Can you send me pictures of Betsy Ross¿
Jamie, New Jersey [01-18-2000]

My 11 year old daughter is writing a biography,using Betsy Ross as choice. If you have any information that she can use,would have a problem sending it to me, at my above e-mail address. /thank you in advance. Ron
Ronald T. Kehm, Bath,Pa 18014,U.S.A. [01-18-2000]

Thanks for all the info - it was tremendously helpful for my niece's school project.
Kate DeStefano, North Arlington, New Jersey [01-18-2000]

brittney gray [01-18-2000]

I thought the flag (the real one) was real cool on this site. Even though I didn't get any information on this site, I had a really cool experience. It was neat and I was definitely fascinated. Well, I really would like to come to Philidelphia and see the house in person, but maybe some other time when I am not so busy in the summer. I liked the site very much. I thank all the people who created it, they did a very good job inn creating it it was very nice!
Amanda Rector, New Kensington Pa, [01-18-2000]

Kameron Mydland, Independence Kansas [01-18-2000]

I found the information you provided very helpful. I'm in eighth grade and we're working on the American Revolution. In our journals we were asked to pretend that you were a neighbor of Betsy Ross's and act as though you were living back in her time. Once again, thanks!
Crystal Snyder, Selinsgrove,PA [01-18-2000]

I have used the material on the pages to do several programs on Betsy Ross and the first flag. I did one for my Rotary Club and this Saturday I will be doing one for the local DAR group in recognition of Good Citizen Award for a high school student. Thank you, Kay Wesson
Kay C. Wesson, Bastrop, TX [01-18-2000]

Betsy, This is a good page!!!!!
Denise Burrus, Butler Missouri [01-18-2000]

I believe that every American should know how our flag came to be. I truly enjoyed the information that you provided about " OLD GLORY ". I will continue to research more information about our great nation. Thank you. Donald Poisson
Donald Poisson, Pawtucket, R.I. [01-18-2000]

Dennis Neal, Shaker Heights, Oh [01-18-2000]

i am doing a report on betsy ross. thanks for all of the great information!
BRITTANY WARNER, pleasant grove utah [01-18-2000]

I think she is a great person!
Stephanie [01-11-2000]

I am in 5th grade. I am doing a book report on Betsy. Thanks for the information. There was a lot of information for me to do my report.
Heather Newton, california [01-11-2000]

I'm a NYC firefighter, and I want to know about the wearing of an American flag shoulder patch on the dress uniform. Which shoulder does the patch belong on, right or left? A guy I work with told me that the stars always go forward, but as I look at police officers wearing American flag shoulder patch, I notice that most of them wear the flag on their right shoulder w/ the stars to the rear. Thanks
Patrick, Bronx, NY [01-11-2000]

Claire [01-11-2000]

Thank you so much! This page is really a great contribution to history! I had to do a project and i decided to research Betsy because she is a very influential women and lives close-by. This page hepled me get some intresting photos of the Betsy Ross house, and its sort of eerie thinking that Betsy slept in this room, or cooked thing that room, or made the flag in the other one... Keep up the informative work!
Victoria Hill, Philadelphia, PA, USA [01-11-2000]

Erin McGinley, Newark de [01-11-2000]

this is a great web page
KENDRA THOMPSON, san luis obispo, california [01-11-2000]

I really loved taking a tour of Betsy's house.
lindsey glenn, cincinnati,ohio [01-11-2000]

Thank you for the info. I'm sure my report will be wonderful.
Amber Wells, Marlton N.J. [01-11-2000]

hey very nice web page! I got some interesting facts off of here thanks bye
Andrea Dersham [01-11-2000]

Alicia Dixon, Lancaster PA [01-11-2000]

Hi i just writing to say hi bye
Kim Williams, Massachuestts [01-11-2000]

Enjoyed the Betsy Ross Page.
Dan Slocum, Mt. Hermon, La. 70450 [01-10-2000]

Penny Smith [01-10-2000]

Betsy Cagle, maryville, tn [01-10-2000]

scott symington, Sicklerville NJ [01-10-2000]

Brittany Woodby, Russellville,Arkansas [01-10-2000]

shaquanda moore, duston road [01-10-2000]

no message
ALLANDRA MUNOS, 5070 gela dr. virginia beach,virginia [01-10-2000]

Kyle Liptak, donelson rd 4733 virginia beach,va [01-10-2000]

We enjoyed our visit. Thank you
Dea Chalmers, virginia beach, virginia [01-10-2000]

My name is Katrina. Iike your tour of Besty Ross.I hade a great time e
Katrina Mooz [01-10-2000]

Hi, I am from Ms. Chalmers class in Thoroughgood Elementry. My name is Lisa, and I have a suggestion. Add some music, and that would be cool!
Lisa, Virginia Beach, Virginia [01-10-2000]

Brittany Sanchez, Gresham Oregom [01-10-2000]

very good website interesting,and informative
Katie V., southern PA [01-10-2000]

Alana Bryan, Grosse Pointe, Michigan [01-10-2000]

Keegan [01-10-2000]

searching for her genealogy information.
robin bryson, temecula,ca [01-10-2000]

Hi I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross so can u give me info on her like when he was born and other info? Thanks
Jamie, Usa NJ [01-10-2000]

Since I was born on the 4th of July, Ifound it very informative to see the house Betsy Ross lived in. I was born in 1960. It was interesting to see where the flag was made. I have served in the service and again allow me to say this warned my heart, to be taken back to such a very important time and place in history. Thank you. Mrs Vera M. Jackson
Vera M Jackson, Taft Texas [01-10-2000]

It's a Grand Old Flag !! Semper Fi
David L. Fronk, Celina , Ohio USA [01-10-2000]

this web site is great for kids who need information for a report. thanks a bunch!!!
alissa english, west carrollton, OH [01-10-2000]

Jessica Kellum [01-10-2000]

Lots of neat information. I didn't find exactly what I was looking for,however. I need information on the symbols of the U.S.
Ronda Thomas, Humble, Texas [01-10-2000]

Thank you for having this on the internet.I am using this as a school project.
Christina Cook, Astor,FL [01-10-2000]

I thought it was really neat to do our report withthis
Nichole Rollins, Hanover,PA [01-10-2000]

This is a educational website.
Anna Szwarc, Hanover,Pa [01-10-2000]

Good pictures.
Jen Stambaugh, Glenville PA [01-10-2000]

Roxanne Bond, Emporia, KS [01-10-2000]

Betsy ross is such an amazing person.She is a wonderful seamstress!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mindy Bagby [01-10-2000]

I am interested in buying facsimiles of the Constitution, Declaration, etc. Do you have a site for this? If not, how about a catalog? Thank you. Thrersa
Thrersa Frees, 2081 Wisconsin St. Eugene Or. 97402 [01-10-2000]

Storr Prof.Dr. Peter, Germany-München [01-10-2000]


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