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My mother's great-great grandmother was Mary Ann Ross, born on 11-20-1836 and married to Thomas Dickson in 1853. My mother has thought that she was related to Betsy Ross. Do you have any information that could tell me if there was a relation of Betsy's by that name? Thank you.
R Gillette, Minnesota [12-20-1999]

Jennifer Backlund, Califonia [12-19-1999]

I had previously visted the home in October of '97. I fell absolutly in love with Philadelphia, thus starting a new hobby, the study of the American Revolution. I plan to visit again in the near future.
Mike Jones, Stafford,Tx.77477 [12-19-1999]

were are the three places she got buried ?
Leah Rohner, 152 Bolton st 04102 Port. ME [12-17-1999]

Enjoyed the website very much. Thank you and God Bless America.
Kevin Q Jackson, St. Petersburg, FL [12-17-1999]

I am a third grader and I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
chauncey, Conway, MA [12-15-1999]

Cassie Baralt, gresham [12-15-1999]

A wonderful site... So much information & bits of trivia I've always wondered about, right at my fingertips!
Kim Lambert, Cloquet, MN [12-15-1999]

Im doing a report on Betsy Ross.Please E- mail me!!!!!!!!! Did Betsy Ever Get Married? Did she get paid for maing the flag? Thanks!
Stephanie Wilkey/ Titland, Idaho Falls, Idaho [12-15-1999]

Im doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Stephanie Wilkey/ Titland, Idaho Falls, Idaho [12-15-1999]

Subrena Quintana, Emporia KS. 66801 [12-15-1999]

Crystal Valentine, West Orange Public Schools [12-15-1999]

I love this site
mindy bagby [12-14-1999]

I just want to say Thank-you Miss Ross.
Sandra Moore-Dyrenforth, Canoga Park, Calif [12-14-1999]

Mindi Lewis [12-14-1999]

This site is fantastic. In February I am teaching a unit on Patriotism and Citizenship to my 1st and 2nd graders. This site is a life saver! My class and I will make good use of it. Thanks so much!
Deborah Roemhildt, Cordova, Alaska [12-14-1999]

I have a few questions for you and if you could answer them I would really appreciate it. I am doing a project for school and here are some questions for you. 1. Was the Betsy Ross Flag the first american flag? If not, which one was? 2. What are some really important fact about the flag? 3. Where was the first flag created and when? Thanks SO much if you can answer these questions! -Mary
Mary, Stoneham, Ma, US [12-14-1999]

call me
HEATHER BROHAWN [12-14-1999]

Awesome website dude!!!!!
Nicky Adragna, Michigan [12-14-1999]

Ann Barthrop, Littleton, Colorado [12-14-1999]

I love her house!!!!!
Ashley Alexadner, California [12-14-1999]

I'm doing a report on the U.S. Flag and this page is really helpful to me. Thank You!!!
Kasey, Nebraska [12-14-1999]

Amber Roark, Baxter Springs, KS United States [12-14-1999]

jeffrey s davis, orlando,fla [12-14-1999]

L Fama, Waterbury, CT [12-14-1999]

tequilla &jan'tel, st.petersburg flordia [12-14-1999]

Daniela Kilian, Elko, Nevada [12-14-1999]

I was born on the 4th of July, I have many questions about the flag. This site was a great help thanks!
Shawn Mead, Dodge City, Kansas [12-14-1999]

Shawn Mead, Dodge City, Kansas [12-13-1999]

i am doing a school project, and looked into your web site and gathered much information. thank you for having this available. my question to close my report is: where and/or who has pocession of the 'original flag', the one last made in 1960? thank you once again for this valuable information, i only hope other students visit to find this information helpful!
SHANON KEKACS, grants pass, or [12-13-1999]

For school I had to make a scrap book of Besty's life This site has helped me a lot I'll probly get 100% cause of this site! thanks, Jenelle
Jenelle, Illinois [12-12-1999]

Rachael Diane Johnson, Va Beach, VA [12-12-1999]

Pretty Good. i liked the site. good job. -chris kaimmer
Chris Kaimmer, Seattle [12-12-1999]

I was looking for info on Betsy Ross for a school progect. Your site helped me alot. I'm a 3rd grader Augusta Christian School. Thanks you Tiffany
Tiffany Martin, N.Augusta,S.C. [12-12-1999]

i'm looking for a long lost friend, jimmy jones, if you know him e-mail me back, please
STEPHANIE FORD, kiln, ms [12-12-1999]

I entered to search for information about the history of the Flag for Cub Scouts Pack #333.
Sheila Motzko, Browerville, Mn 56438 [12-12-1999]

Laura, stoughton,ma [12-12-1999]

Ricky Donelson [12-12-1999]

betsy ross was a very interesting person.
stephannie scheffe, wichita,ks [12-12-1999]

Thanks for all of the great information! I'm teaching my son's Cub Scout Den about the flag and what it means as the symbol of our great nation. I think we will even show them how to do the "one snip" five pointed star trick. Thanks again, Jeff Denison
Jeff Denison, Columbia, MO [12-12-1999]

i am 8 yrs old and writing a report on the flag. this helped alot
Charles Dutka, glassboro nj [12-12-1999]

get more news about betsy ross
Britney Danos, 215 east 85 st. cutoff La [12-12-1999]

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful web site. You were a bunch of help for my report in History class on Betsy. Thans for the wonderful pictures, and info.
Melissa [12-12-1999]

I luv you site. I found everything I needed here!
Teri D., Hopatcong, NJ [12-12-1999]

meng li [12-12-1999]

Tom [12-12-1999]

Margaret Butler, Springfield, MO [12-12-1999]

patrick, ut [12-12-1999]

i surfed the web for Betsy Ross for a report for school, all of what i have heard from her is very interesting
kati, i live in the United States of America [12-12-1999]

Tracy Ruhs, Napa, California [12-12-1999]

I teach Kindergarten. A student in my class would like to know why red, white, and blue were chosen as the colors of the American flag. We would very much appreciate the answer, if you know it.
L. Hornik, New York, NY [12-12-1999]

That sight was SO cool! It felt like the real thing!!! This convinced me to maybe go to Philadelphia
Erika, New Jersey [12-12-1999]

That was very cool and intresting!!!!!!!!!
anonymous, Brownwood tx United states [12-12-1999]

That was so awesome!
anonymous, Brownwood, Texas, USA [12-12-1999]

How old was she when she first got married? How old was she when she got married the second time? How old when she got married the therd time? What time was it when she died? How old was she when she got out of school? How old where her husbends when thay died?
Kristen Adams, Mansfield Ohio [12-12-1999]

Needed to write a report. Thanks for some background information
Madison Maple, Newbury Park CA USA [12-07-1999]

Where are the pictures of her?????????????
Brenda Rivera, Allentown, PA [12-07-1999]

I took this tour to see if I could find any good facts about Betsy Ross for a World History project, and I am positive that I came to the right spot.
Marcee Orr, Arlington,Wa [12-07-1999]

khira sporeleader [12-07-1999]

Your web page helps a lot with our reports -Danielle Thank you for creating a web page on Betsy Ross with useful information -Dawn
Dawn Burngasser and Danielle Piascik, Broadview Hts,Ohio [12-07-1999]

thankyou so much betsy for our beautiful flag! sincerely, your biggest american flag fan
coryn, ohio,usa [12-07-1999]

I really enjoyed taking the virtual tour of Betsy Ross's house.
Kaycee Leigh Reese, Ocala, Florida (U.S.A.) [12-07-1999]

Kerry, North America [12-07-1999]

robert powell [cool] [12-07-1999]

hi iam doing a report on betsy ross any tips?
mandy, byesville oh [12-07-1999]

cathy hamberg [12-07-1999]

I haven't been on internet for long, but I am so glad I stumbled across your virtual tour of the Betsy Ross home. My father is a veteran of Korea where he served at Bloody Ridge and Heartbreak Ridge in the early 1950's. He received a Purple Heart and Oak Leaf Cluster for those battles. I know that our flag and the love of God kept him going during those perilous times. I have the utmost respect for all those who have fought to protect the flag and the American way of life. Thank you and God bless.
Marilyn Walker, West Virginia [12-07-1999]

i have a question. can you explain why the american flag that i have has all white stars with the exception of one gold one? it was the flag presented to my grandmother at her brother's funeral after he was killed in action at the battle of the bulge during world war two.i can find no information on this subject. it is an authentic flag that is at least 55 years old.please e-mail me any information you can share on this subject. thank you.
J. Marsh, lecompte, LA. [12-07-1999]

Nick S. Sisti, pa [12-07-1999]

I'd rather not!
Christine Eubank, Troy, Ohio U.S.A [12-07-1999]

robert powell [12-06-1999]

I had to do a report on Betsy Ross for Language Arts.
Sandy Hutchison, Glendale, AZ [12-06-1999]

Thanks so much for this wonderfully informative site!
Brenda Barrett, Humble, Texas, USA [12-05-1999]

hay how old was besty when she died? did she chance her last name ever time she got married or did she just change it the frist time she got married?
beth, moundsville west virgina i'm 11 [12-05-1999]

I am a descendent of George Ross and Stephen Hopkins My grandfathers surname was Ross do you have information on their ascendents and descendents if so i would be most interested in hearing from you. I think your site is very nice. I'll tell the rest of my family about it. Thank you Robin Bos
Robin Bos, Oregon City, Oregon [12-05-1999]

Kathy Lee Graves [12-05-1999]

GIZZI, derry nh [12-05-1999]

Linda , Alhambra,california [12-05-1999]

Iam taking a trip To Philly for the first time and came here for info it is relly nice. Thank you for your help
Sarah Faller, PA Carlisle [12-05-1999]

this is a very cool and interesting page ! ! ! i love the american flag ! ! !
Connie, Holland [12-05-1999]

Fascinating tour. I hope to be able to visit in person one day.
Peggy P, Stow, Ohio [12-05-1999]

Ruth Kiper, Dunbar, Wisconsin [12-05-1999]

i think this is a realy great page because it is about america and we love america
michael desantis, mt.vernon n.y. 10550 u.s.a. america [12-05-1999]

sara, u.s. [12-05-1999]

This information was extremely helpful as my son is writing a term paper on Johnson vs. Texas...a burning of the flag incident.
Diana Rockwell, Summerdale, Ala 36580 [12-05-1999]

I think that it is sick that you took the time to make this page!!!!!! Maybe you should look at the facts on how we are so ****ed up you would open your mind.
Courtney Callen, Eureka [12-05-1999]

This is great for me. I needed info for home work adn i got it right here! nice page!
Vickadix, mn [12-05-1999]

We are putting your address on our A list page. Would you like to link with Chuck Colgan Freedom Museum 703 393 0660
Chuck Colgan Jr., Manassas Va. 20110 [12-05-1999]


George Wang, Morgantown, WV [12-02-1999]

I really like your web site
anonymous, Gladbrook- Reinbeck Middle School [12-02-1999]

This is a great website! Now I'll get an A on my report. Thank you very much. signed, meghan 6th grade
meghan, huntington beach CA [12-02-1999]

I love history and America. This web site help me so much on a report for school. Thank you, Alli
Alli Tisdale, Little Rock, AR [12-02-1999]

I was doing a report on Besty Ross for part of "the Women of the American Revolution" and i found all the info needed!
Katie Donahue, Milan, MI USA [11-30-1999]

Thanks for the info. My daughter is doing a History Fair project and wanted to do it on Betsy Ross. This information will help her alot.
Alice Dobson, Pensacola, Fl [11-30-1999]

My students love taking the virtural field trip through her home. We live far from the birthplaces of our nation and cyberspace has helped them get as close to eyewitnesses as they can. Thanks for this well organized and interesting site!!!
Margaret Bilkey, Hawthorn School Vernon Hills Illinois [11-30-1999]

i thought that this website was vey helpful and interesting!
whitney, michigan [11-30-1999]

I can't find any information on Betsy Ross's family, meaning brothers and sisters and what there names are. I think you should at that to your web site. Thats All!
Jesse [11-30-1999]

Nice site - good info!
Miriam Wallach, Woodmere, NY [11-30-1999]

Served a little over twenty-one years in the U.S. Navy. Been here, there, and everywhere. Had many friends while on active duty so if you happen to read this message and you remember the name drop me a line.
Manuel Barrientos, Jr., BMCS, USN Retired, Irving, Texas, U.S.A [11-30-1999]

I liked your web-site.
morgan perpall, va [11-30-1999]

My teacher spent countless hours creating a virtual tour of historic Philadelphia so I could learn about American history.
Dave Dietrich, Pennsylvania [11-30-1999]

I think ur webpage is really awesome! Betsy ross is the ross of all rosses and betsy's! ROCK ON! ~ME
Jen, Miller Place, NY, [11-30-1999]

this helped a lot with my report
JOATHAN MORSE, easton mass [11-30-1999]

Thanks for all your work on this page, it's fantastic. I am a Girl Scout leader and needed specific information about the flag for a badge our girls are working on. Everything we needed was here! Hopefully, they'll want to learn more about Betsy Ross too. Thanks again!
Lore Beckett, Florida [11-30-1999]

BRUCE GOODWIN, ranger, tx. [11-30-1999]

i enjoy history very much because it can not be changed,i'm just saddened that more people don't look up what our forefathers said instead of believing some-one elses opinion. dan rodgers
DANIEL RODGERS, franklinville,n.j. 08322 [11-30-1999]

I think you have made me want to read more on Betsy Gricom Ross Ashbourn Claypooll!
Ashley E. Glavich, 25831 North Roberts Ct, Barrington, IL 60010 [11-30-1999]

I was thrilled to find so much information about Betsy Ross and the flag on line. I have recently received a new computer so this is new to me. Several years ago I set out to purchase a thirteen star betsy ross flag for our new home. It was at that time that I was told by a family member, who was amused at my interest in betsy, that I am directly related to her. Apparently the proof is in a bible belonging to a deceased uncle and cannot be located. I wonder if there is a way to find out for sure. Any advise? Last link is pgm Emma Ross Briden.
Brenda Bergeron, Milford, MA [11-30-1999]

anonymous, Dover,Delaware [11-30-1999]

This is great for projects
Jill [11-30-1999]

We enjoyed the info on Betsy Ross!
N Lister, Phoenix, AZ [11-30-1999]

We would'nt be at this site if it weren't for our History teacher
anonumus, St. Louis, MO 63026 [11-30-1999]

Anita, Pennsylvania [11-30-1999]

Brianna, u.s.a [11-30-1999]

I luved the home page.
Cecile Mitchell, Mesquite tx. [11-30-1999]

this site wondrful!!! My daugher is doing a report on Betsy Ross. She wil be dressin up to portray Betsy at the colonial day program at school.
anonymous, Harleysville, PA [11-30-1999]

linda, Harleysville, PA 19438 [11-30-1999]

Stu, New Jersey [11-30-1999]

kelly, glastonbury C.T [11-30-1999]

This cite was very helpful in gathering information for a history essay contest. Thank You.
Jacqueline Mooney, Thief River Falls, Minnesoa, United States [11-30-1999]

Erin Koss, Monticello,Illinois,United States of America [11-30-1999]

marc Laurans, neuilly,France [11-30-1999]

My mother was a Claypoole,and I have traced the linage back to 1850 to my great grandfather Robert Claypoole who lived in Saltsburg, Pa.
anonymous [11-24-1999]

just trying to do my h/w well gots to go if u want to be my penpal i am a 13/f who lives in cali so e-mail me at BUH_BYe
melissa, fremont cali [11-24-1999]

angela goreham, west des moines ia [11-24-1999]

Katie Alexander [11-24-1999]

i think you site is wonderful. lots of info. i was trying to find the proper family member to pass down a flag to. the flag was on my grandfathers coffin. he was a sherriff. my father received it. my father has passed away and i want to give it to my brother but don't want to leave out the proper heir of this flag. my dad has three surviving sisters, a wife, two sons, one daughter, and nieces and nephews? i would appreciate any help with this question. thanks, lola
LOLA, ocala florida usa [11-24-1999]

I have visited the Ross home the past three summers and is a very popular attraction to me.
Maury Hudson, Texarkana, TX [11-24-1999]

Thank you!
Roxanne Hill, Seattle, Wa [11-24-1999]

Thanx for such agreat page! It was a huge help on my American History project for school. I was able to write my entire 900 page report from information i retrieved off you're page. Thank you!
anonymous [11-24-1999]

I loved the tour of Betsy's house! I'm doing a report on Betsy for school this will give me an A+! Hopefully! I still have 1 question. Where can I find a GOOD picture of Betsy?
Lindsay Strickler, Maryland USA [11-23-1999]

I found a lot of cool stuff about Betsy Ross, but I would like big picture of the first flag by Betsy Ross.
Brittany, Thomasville Nc [11-23-1999]

Brett Aaron [11-23-1999]

Meghan [11-23-1999]

I found this web site to be a disgrace to the American public! Thanx for nothing!
Johanna Fox, Sterling, VA [11-23-1999]

your site was great
apryl groezinger, hanover, IL, united states [11-23-1999]

I was at this wedsite in 3rd period doing research for my betsy ross project.
Jilly Pagliaccetti, Sewell NJ USA [11-23-1999]

Why do you have to burn the flag if it hitS the floor. Is there a law that say you have to burn it. I would like to know who was the first one to say that.
Spenser Moore, Marion S.C. [11-23-1999]

Lindsey, Monroe, Louisiana, United States [11-23-1999]

don prescott, willingboro n.j. [11-23-1999]

What an excellent site. We have used it to help Bobby with his Cub Scout Adventure Crest Award. We'll be back!!
Maggie Forrest, Worcestershire, England [11-23-1999]

hi. im cute. im simply adorable!! love, katie eileen bee :-)
Katie Eileen Bee, u.s.a. [11-23-1999]

Jane, Brant Rock, Ma. 02020 [11-23-1999]

bobby howell, marion [11-23-1999]

the flag is touching the ground shouldn't it be burned?
anonymous [11-23-1999]

just trying to do my h/w well gots to go if u want to be my penpal i am a 13/f who lives in cali so e-mail me at BUH_BYe
melissa, fremont cali [11-23-1999]

My mother was a Claypoole,and I have traced the linage back to 1850 to my great grandfather Robert Claypoole who lived in Saltsburg, Pa.
anonymous [11-23-1999]

Katie Alexander [11-23-1999]

angela goreham, west des moines ia [11-23-1999]

I came to this website to see some of my family history. Betsy Ross is my great, great, great, great, great grandmother on my moms side. Betsy Ross had a daughter named Lydia Ross. Lydia married Ben Wood and had a daughter named Daisy Wood, who would be my great grandmother. I thank you for having this wonderful site!
Melissa Hansen, Brentwood, CA [11-23-1999]

Thank you so much for making this page, it saves a High School student a lot of stress and time.
Kelly McAfee, Mabank Texas 75147 [11-23-1999]

Could you please tell me why the top and bottom stripe of the American flag is red Thanks Frank Jarosz
Frank Jarosz, Avondale Az [11-23-1999]

Princess [11-23-1999]

Great information , has helped me in some research on Ms Ross's life and times. Thank You
RICKY GENE TERRY, Town Creek, Alabama [11-23-1999]

K.C. Crumbley, LaGrange, GA U.S.A. [11-23-1999]

thank you for giving this website so i can do a report on her!i chose her!
Stacy Sandlin, hamilton,ohio [11-23-1999]

fatwill_66, Virden Illinois United States [11-23-1999]

Could you please tell me why the American flag is diplayed in the proper orientation (blue field in upper left corner) on the left side of an airplane, but is displayed in its mirror image (blue field in the upper right corner) on the right side of an airplane. Thank you.
Jeanne Nervina, Farmington, CT [11-23-1999]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross for my 4th grade social studies class. Thanks for telling us how to cut a 5 point star. It's cool!
Katherine, Greeley, CO [11-23-1999]

I really enjoyed your homepage. It really helped me to do my report on Betsy Ross.
Courtney Herring, Sardis, Ga [11-23-1999]

Kelsey Harrison, Lawrence Kansas [11-23-1999]

Priscilla Lopez, Garland, TX [11-23-1999]

I am doing an oral presentation on a woman before the 1900's and I would really like to do Betsy Ross. I don't know much about computers, but maybe, if at all possible you can email me all the information on Betsy Ross that you have. I don't have the internet at home, but I do have a email address, so if you can, email information on Betsy Ross, the maker of the American flag.
Andrea Blankenship [11-23-1999]

chalyn cay [11-23-1999]

Thanks so much for the information. I need it for a report on successful American women. Not much in encylopedias about Ms. Ross.
Greg Finch, usa [11-23-1999]

Erika Brown, Daviess County, Ky [11-23-1999]

I'm doing a report about the colonial times.I chose you because I think your really cool.
Janessa Bodnar, Omaha,NE U.S.A [11-23-1999]

I am doing some research for a school project concerning the American flag. Would you be able to tell me if the flag flown at the Iwo Jima Memorial is a 48 star or 50 star flag. If you don't have the answer, could you direct me to a location where I might find the answer. Thanks
Kim, colorado springs, colorado [11-23-1999]

jessica cole from mosby school [11-23-1999]

Very informative site, I am hoping someone may be able to assist with the continuation of my family search. We know my husband is a direct decendant of Betsy, we just can't find where. If anyone has the family tree of the 5 surviving Ross girls please email me. I would like my children to know there history. Thank you
stacey van dyke, alpharetta,ga [11-23-1999]

As a Girl Scout leader, Besty Ross provides another example of what women can acheive in this country. I was most impressed that she ran her own business throughout many hardships, and was able to hold her own around the men of that period. If Girl Scouts had exisited in those days, Besty would have been one!
Alyce Traverso, Walnut Creek, CA USA [11-23-1999]

Samantha , Vegas N.V [11-23-1999]

i loved your house
lashea rodden, azle/tx/us [11-23-1999]

I am doing a report on the American flag, and needed some more information on Betsy Ross. I found what I was looking for. Thank you. Bethany Gander
BETHANY GANDER, patterson, ca. [11-23-1999]

Gail Galatro, Stamford, CT [11-23-1999]

this is a very intesting web site
carol cameron, Mi [11-23-1999]

ChrisBlurton, Killeen, TX [11-23-1999]

um um um I want poke mon cards.
Andrew, Port Charlotte florida [11-23-1999]

dear,mrs. besty i love you from cecelia howard
Cecelia HOWARD, dillon s.c. [11-23-1999], Interesting Facts [11-23-1999]

I am doing a report for my AWANA class at church. I am 9 years old.
Victoria Sewell, Magnolia, Ar [11-23-1999]

The Melander's [11-23-1999]

1. Why did they want ot move this historical house? 2. Who funded the restoration of this house? 3. Why did Betsy Ross give up her upholstery buisness? 4. How did she live? 5. What does the red, white, and blue stand for? 6. Who designed the first flag? 7. Why are the stars in a circle? 8. Why is the flag called "Old Glory"? Please write back to me as soon as possible. Bye Sonia with the answers to these questions.
sonia, newark NewJersey 07105 [11-23-1999]

sonia, New Jersey newark 07105 [11-23-1999]

Shirely Larson, New Middletown OH [11-23-1999]

queen usgna.sailor moon, crystl tokyo japan [11-23-1999]

As a first grade teacher, I visited the web site to obtain information to assist in creating lesson plans. Too often children grow up saluting the flag, but they don't know why or where the flag came from. I am in search of materials, such as books, at the level a 6 year old can understand.
Margie Brynda, Ontario, CA [11-23-1999]

Great informational site! I needed this so much for a report I'm working on! Thank you for this site!
Lindsay, Sheboygan, WI [11-23-1999]

I have an essay about Betsy Ross due and this web site has really helped me find information on her. Thanx for the info and keep up the good work!! :)
Lauren, Taylor, Michigan. USA [11-23-1999]

I thought this web-site was very interesting! I'm doing a school project on Betsy Ross and found this site. I'm glad there's a site for just about everything! I hardly ever go on the internet i just use books, which get really boring this was fun for a change!! Well I hope to come back to this web-site again Bye!! laura
Laura Ansilio, Western Springs, Illinois [11-23-1999]

Thanks for your help! This is a beautiful site! How do you find time to do all this? Or am I just slow? Thanks again! Larissa Harwood,14
Larissa Harwood, Lakeside, Montana USA [11-23-1999]

Information about Betsy Ross is now part of the state-wide first grade curriculum. Do you have any age-appropriate books on Betsy Ross?
Jan E. Van Schoick, Poquoson, VA [11-23-1999]

I'm a veteran, and proud to have served under the Flag of The United States of America. I am on the Americanism Committee of the Disabled American Veterans, Department of California, and have the unique oportunity to share my prtide with students on the local school system. If anyone out there has any further trivia or facts about the flag or Americanism, please share it with me.
Fred B. Phillips, Bakersfield, CA, U.S.A. [11-23-1999]

I enjoyed your web sight. I was looking for something spacific, and could not find it. On Veterans Day, I noticed here in the Virgin Islands, the politicians Saluted the American Flag as it passed. The territory's flag did not salute as it walked pass the reviewing stand. The politicians salutes were sloppy, and in my opinion disrespectful. A state or territory flag that does not salute to our flag (aka present arms), I feel is also disrespectful. Where would I go for a guide as to what is respectful to do with and around our "Old Glory." I am a daughter of an Army Major, Wife of a Marine, and a mother of a Marine and a Sailor. Through my life I have paid homage to our flag whenever she passed. It was always my pleasure to rise and place my hand accross my heart, or do whatever was appropriate at the given moment. I would like to find out where I can get a proper etiquette for our flag to share with our local mis-guided government. I didn't think it was proper for someone out of uniform to salute the flag. Maybe I'm wrong. Thank you for you web-sight.
Cynthia Farmer, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands [11-23-1999]

Crystal Bowen, Woodside,DE. [11-23-1999]

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Thanks! I enjoyed the virtual house and this site will help me a lot with my report for school. I wish you had more information about her family.
Charlene, Melbourne, Fl [11-23-1999]

I am doing a report on patriotism for a Social Studies Fair and I had to pick a person place or thing that had to do with patriotism so I picked Besty Ross. This site helped me a lot and I enjoyed the tour. I hope I get to go to Philadelphia and see her house in person. Thanks! Candice Strickland 13 years old Bryan County Middle School
Candice Strickland, Pembroke,Georgia U.S.A. [11-23-1999]

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Thank you for the site. I have visited Betsy's house (for real) and really enjoyed it, but felt it needed better upkeep. Had visited Paul Revere's home on the same trip, and there was no comparison in the way they were taken care of.
Rochelle Imboden, Elizabethton, TN [11-12-1999]

This site was great; I needed a picture of some American Flags, and I was doing research on the American flags as well. THANK YOU! Kearney Ford, 13 years old, Oldham County Middle School.
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I am writing a speech for a middle school ceremony on flag ettiquete, what the flag means, flag do's and don'ts, etc. This page really inspired and helped me. I wish more people could really understand the sacrifices made for our country. Keep up the good work!
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My class of first graders enjoyed very much the tour of Betsy Ross's house and learning about thefirst flag. We just had a program on the flag and how it became into being. Thanks so much for being on the internet for us to learn.
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Jackie Catoggio [11-10-1999]

Thank you for posting this great information. Not many people today even have respect for our flag. If they would just stop and think of all the lives that were lost during the wars so we could have our freedoms, they might have more respect for our flag. I believe all the schools should have an American Flag hanging in each of the school rooms and say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. We used to do that. Now we aren't even teaching the kids how to respect our flag and even what it means. We need to get back to America, the land of the free and home of the brave. AMEN!!
Dianna Rohrbaugh, West Salem, Ohio [11-10-1999]

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We visited your house and your bedroom and your workshop. You look pretty. We learned how to make a 5-pointed star by folding the paper.Your flag looked so pretty. I like your flag. I like how she sews the flag. She has a beautiful dress. She sews the flag. I like the California flag. She sews very beautiful. We liked visiting your house. Some day will you visit our house?
Miss Kodani's first grade class, Carmel,California [11-10-1999]

I'm a student teacher in Kindergarten & one of the S.O.L.'s I have to cover while I am teaching includes Betsy Ross. I found an abundance of excellent information on your websight that I cannot wait to use when I teach my lesson. Thanks!
Leeanna, Vinton, Virginia [11-10-1999]

is the flag that betsy ross still in existence? if so, where is it? thanks lenore neal
lenore neal, spring, texas [11-10-1999]

I'd just like to say to everybody that this website is Patriotism!!!
Pa Yee Cha Thao, Arlington High School, St.Paul, Minnesota, USA [11-10-1999]

Hi, I like your site. It has many things I did not know. I came to this site to find some information. I was able to find some leads for my information. A little ways back in my family a last name appeared. The last name is "Ross" I would like to know if it is possible if I am related? I know it could be a coincedence. But I would like to know. Please help me out. Please e-mail me for more information. Thanks!
James Corder, Marion, Ohio, USA [11-10-1999]

Nice page! Thanks so much for all the work. I have enjoyed your page and have marked it as a favorite.
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I served 37 years in the military and still proud of it. I have been to Betsy Ross home.I am searching for Conrad family starting with John Stephen and his dayghter Magdelena Any hepl appreciated Albert
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This is my first time seeing the types of different flags threw the changes of numders of the colonise. From a rattlesnake to 50 stars,that is nice.
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I believe very strongly in what the flag - a mere symbol - represents. I don't become inflamed if someone seeks to deface or defame the flag. However, I am concerned when an American sees it in his mind to burn or deface his flag. Why not speak out your complaints. You might find someone who will agree with you. Seek truth and join with those who respect truth as much as they respect the flag. Symbolic denial is for the birds. Join the human race, don't try to deny its existence. Charlie
Charles Russell, Bethalto, IL [11-10-1999]

I visited for a internet class project. This info was very helpful. thanks.
Jessica, Mt. Sterling [11-09-1999]

Betsy Ross was a strong women in History. She sewed the American Flag and is know as well as liberty, freedom, and pride. Betsy Ross made a great accomplishment in life.
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Is the painting of the birth of the nations flag, by C.H.WEISGERBER, of any value? What was the seal on the right corner for? What is the number across the center of the seal?
gale j seager, wrightsville pa [11-09-1999]

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Veronica Hopkins, Newtwon, PA USA [11-09-1999]

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I have enjoyed reading the home page of Besty now i know more about her then what i have learned in the 4th and 5th grade. Know if i need to do a paper about someone i know where to go to get the best information on the person to get a better grade on the paper because this site has a bunch of things that are really useful when it comes to doing a report about someone. Well got to run. Thank u again for the good information that is given on this site and for letting it be on the internet where it is easier to look up things.
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I just want to tell you that I liked the little side tour of your house.I hope you put more into it. the, mac of the year
the mac of the year, dorchester boston [11-09-1999]

Betsy Ross was the bomb. If it wasn't for her Bill Clinton wouln'd have that flag to stare at out his window everyday
Moca Chocolate, New York, Albany [11-09-1999]

Thanks for all of your good information concerning our wonderful flag. I am also looking for the "Star-Spangled Banner" story to help me with a first grade lesson. Wave proud and true O Red, White, and Blue!!!!
Pamela Ann Johnson, Galesburg, Illinois, [11-09-1999]

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For each fold of the american flag, what does it mean? Example: the first fold means.... the second fold means.....
Lashelle, Rock Port, Missouri [11-09-1999]

i am glad i visited it was a great site
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kenny chandler, ofallon MO [11-09-1999]

Janice Mernin, Manassas, Va [11-09-1999]

God Bless the memory of Betsy Ross! To deny her contribution is just mean-spirited. My grandfather died when I was 7 and I remember stories of his immigration and service with the Argylls in 1914-1919. I verified these stories with my father and her remembered them, too, though specific personal names of people he didn't know were lost. Oral tradition must count for something! Sola Scriptura is a prejudice of the Scribes who like to think they are wiser and more important than people like Besty who DID THE WORK!!!
Richard Munro, Arvin, Ca 93309 [11-09-1999]

Thank you for the imformation. I used it during Veterans Day week in my lesson plans of 8th graders.
Ms. Rosemary Meagher, Vale, OR [11-09-1999]

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Is there a statue of Betsy Ross in Chrystal City Texas?
Russell Phares, San Jose, CA. [11-09-1999]

hi i am looking for information about the amaerican flag can you recomend any other web sites??? -Liz
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Judi T., Mystic Island, New Jersey [11-04-1999]

Betsy has a great name! Where was Betsy born?
Betsy O'Meara, I live in Sonoma, California in the United States. [11-04-1999]

Hey I thought you all might want to check this out. Why doesn't this site show both sides of the story? Most historians agree that Betsy Ross did not sew the first American flag. There is evidence her grandson created the story to bring the family fame.
John Carr, Raleigh NC [11-03-1999]

We have enjoyed your page on Betsy Ross.....all the more since, through a genealogy study, discovering that our family is related to Betsy Ross thru her first husband, John. How interesting for my children, one of whom is doing her "Famous American" report on this extraordinary woman. Thank you so much for all the treasures we are discovering thru this site!!!
Kim Ross, Pensacola, Fl [11-03-1999]

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This is a great page! It really helped me a lot with a report for school. Thanks a bunch!
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I love America
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I'm really glad I stumbled across your web site. My daughter is studying the Constitution, and had a take home quiz on the flag. The only questions I couldn't find answers to were--After burning the flag, do the ashes have to be buried? and Are the stars called cantons?
Debbie Walton, Paris, IL [11-03-1999]

Hi. I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross, and I was wondering if she had any nicknames, and if you know what her values and goals were. Thanks! Emily
Emily, Ohio [11-03-1999]

Sarah wray, Medford New York [11-03-1999]

Hi My name is Brittany I am seven years old. I am in Brownies Girl Scouts. I get to Besty Ross in our international Thinking Day. I need to learn as much as I can about who she was and what she repersented. Thanks for all the neat stuff on you web page.
Brittany Troffer, Tehachapi, California [11-03-1999]

I would like my name in it relly Badly
Allison Pressley, city and State [11-03-1999]

very informative site - we are homeschoolers doing a unit study on Betsy Ross and your web site was a great place to further study her life and the time she lived in. Thanks!
Patty Brinkle, Spring, Texas [11-03-1999]

I am looking for information on flag retirements of worn, tattered American flags. I work with Girl Scouts and we recently had one retirement which was very special and touching to the girls and adults present. If you have any information on how you handle grammets, ashes, etc. and any special ceremony readings you use, or have seen used, I'd appreciate hearing about them. I was unable to locate that particular information on this home page. Thanks for your help
s.leon, Horry County, SC [11-03-1999]

Your information has been very helpful in teaching patriotism to our scouts. Great job! I am interested in finding any patriotic stories about our veterans and their value to our Country and Flag. Thank you. Cub Scouts BSA Pack 381
Don Ortez, New Braunfels, TX [11-03-1999]

Dear Betsy Ross people, I realy like your site it is cool. I am in 5th grade and that is who i am going to be for the day of the notables. well i got to go and look for more imformation about Betsy ross! Candace Aparicio
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I am looking for information on Betsy Ross for a Boy Scout project.
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Jenny Griffin, Katy, Texas [11-03-1999]

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I have just received a miniature replica of the Betsy Ross house as a gift and I am anxious to furnish it. I am acquiring all of the information on the house that I can. My daughter has visited the house in Philadelphia and says the one I have looks exactly like it. Thanks. Karen Caldwell
Karen L. Caldwell, Lubbock, TX USA [11-03-1999]

I Found the web site very informative. I am our local boy scout leader, and was looking for information on th flag and you had all i needed to do the job thanks
David Fowlerr, Hollister, CA, USA [11-03-1999]

my daughter is doing a report on betsy ross for school and needs a betsy ross flag do you know where we can order an inexpensive one? any help would be appreciated thank you
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It is wonderful that we have access to the internet where we can obtain information on the founding of our great Nation. I am greatful for the effort put forth so that we can obtain information like .
Harold Claxton, Lakeland Florida [11-03-1999]

We have several Auto Sales outlets in this city which are using the Flag as an advertising medium to sell cars. Is there any thing that I can do about this that would not be a cost to me. I am on a fixed income and unable to spend anything on matters that our government should be taking care of. I have already approached some of the perpretator but they refuse to stop the practice. In fact I had one of the managers, a Mike Rodriques of the Saturn Company tell me he don't care about the law.
William N. Warren, Oxnard Ca [11-03-1999]

betsy ross is a relative of ours...along with elijah ross, of the same period, fyi.
rick jackson, columbus, ohio [11-03-1999]

who for sure is the person who made the first amrican flag in a book that i just finished reading it said that there are some doubts regarding who really made the flag.i personally believe that betsy ross is the person who made the flag.
anonymous [11-03-1999]

I want to be in your Betsy Ross Club!!!!
Leah Bright, Marietta,OH U.S.A [11-03-1999]

I am making a Betsy Ross costume for my nineteen year old daughter (who is history perfect)for Halloween and I just wanted to thank you for the information.
jessica, Illinois [11-03-1999]

Betsy Ross was one cool lady!
Sean Madden, Oswego, NY- USA [11-03-1999]

What a grand site -- it should be required study in every grade school and high school in the United States. It seems, at this time, that only those of us who have fought under "Old Glory" have the true flag spirit in our hearts.
W. M. van Over, Yreka, California [11-03-1999]

Can you tell me the meaning of flags with gold fringe on them. I have heard many theories, and still do not know the real meaning. Thank you.
David Parrott, West Plains, Mo. [11-03-1999]

I have a question about a flag that was given to us after my uncle was buried. The flag has gold and red stripes not red and white. We have asked many persons and no on seems to know the answer. Thank you for you consideration in this matter. Sarah
Sarah Moller, 16 Robin Pl, Farmingville, NY 11738 [11-03-1999]

Sheila Dzelzkalns [11-03-1999]

the web site was cool. thank you for having it. there needs to be more people like you. GOD BLESS YOU!!!
sandra morris, nesbit,ms [11-03-1999]

I am a fifth grader at Beverly Elementary School, in Beverly, OH. For an assignment at school I am to learn what the stripes (red and white) stand for, as well as the stars and the blue field. Can you help me?
Jessica Waite, Beverly, OH [11-03-1999]

I shall read this page AND SEE WHAT IF ANYTHING HAPPENS.
william benjamin, roosevelt,new york,usa [11-03-1999]

Mandi Droud, Lincoln NE [11-03-1999]

Hi just looking for info on betsy Ross. I'm doing a report in scool this site has lots of info on it. Thanks, laurie coronella
anonymous [11-03-1999]

Betsy Ross is an interesting person.She created the first sewed the first American flag,then she got to meet George Washington.
Taryn Boudreaux, Franklin,Louisiana [11-03-1999]

Our American Flag is Beautiful! Great Job.
Lauren, sc [11-03-1999]

Melissa, cali cali [11-03-1999]

I used the information from your web site for a Cub Scout den meeting on flags. It was terrific!! The history and the poems were a hit with the boys. Thank you. Dave Tratt Den 7 Cub Scout Pack 295 Grand Blanc, MI
Dave Tratt, Grand Blanc, Michigan [11-03-1999]

Stacy CAroll, Merrick ,NY [11-03-1999]

Why were the colors red and white chosen? What do they stand for?
Lisa Crawford, Houston, Texas [11-03-1999]

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i love the flag, and have about 25 of them , my biggest one is almost 25feet across and on the 4th. of july i have displayed it across my 25foot school bus that is converted into a motor home, i have my home painted red white and blue, plus my bedroom, also in my bus it also contains red white and blue. sorry but when i see someone burn and disrespect the flag it makes me almost want to cry, and im very sad. im afraid im very loyal to my country and flag.
judith cordill, sacramento california usa [10-26-1999]

I just would like to say that the american naional anthem is a joke i will quote "The land of the free". During the Cold war did the USA a "whitch hunt" against the communists and that is a evidence that the USA is not "the land of the free". And thats just a little bit of what "the land of the free" is about. Im a communist my self and it will take more than a thousand of atomic bombs to say that im not. Thanks fo reading this massage because is a message in blood
LimpB [10-26-1999]

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I have the information on flag etiquette, but had another question. If Canadian teams participate in a sports league that is mainly composed of US teams with American players are the Canadian teams required to display the US flag when the two Canadian teams are playing each other?
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Thank you for a wonderful and useful web site. I would like to remind you that the symbolism of the colors chosen for the Betsy Ross flag are ancient and biblical. Red, white and blue are adopted from the British Union Jack and they represent: Red_The sacrifical blood of Christ White_Purity as in the Bride of Christ (the true chuch) Blue_Covenant, God's everlasting promise to true Israel (again the true Church) The number 13 incidentally represents "rebellion" and the battlefield arrangement of the 13 "tribes" (nations) of Israel. This arrangement, with the addition of Jacob's Cross (St. Andrew's Cross) was also adopted by the Confederate States of America. This will be more thoroughly explained in my web site, soon to be published, the FoxFire Files ( Thank you HHHinkle
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I think Betsy Ross is one of the most amazingous person I have ever read about.I am in 8th grade and I wanted to do a report on her to see what mostly happend in her life.I think her life had happieness,sadness,and some very hard times on her self.I love the american flag especially the first flag with the 13 stars in a circle.Well thank you for your time and patients. sincerly, Cyndel
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To Staff at the Ross House: Thank you for putting this tour on line. I have been twice to the Betsy Ross House while touring on the east coast. I was there during my Jr. High School years in the late '60's and again during my honeymoon in May 1986. I enjoyed both visits. I even remember "clunking" my head on a beam as we came down the narrow stairs. (The stairs weren't meant for people who are over 6ft. 4". were they? :-)) Best Wishes to all at the Betsy Ross House and Thanks again for the memories on-line. Sincerely, The Rev. and Mrs. Robert Juengling Billings Montana
Rev. & Mrs. Robert Juengling, Billings Montana [10-13-1999]

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I think that Betsy Ross is one of the founding women in our country's history and should be canonized.
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Betsy's father and my Great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather were brothers. I think I have the # of greats correct. Counting generations since Andrew Griscom arrived in Philadelphia in 1680, I am a 10th generation Griscom.
David D. Griscom, Gainesville, GA [10-09-1999]

Betsy's father and my Great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather were brothers. I think I have the # of greats correct. Counting generations since Andrew Griscom arrived in Philadelphia in 1680, I am a 10th generation Griscom.
David D. Griscom, Gainesville, GA [10-09-1999]

That was cool. I was feeling her spirit as I read the passages and looked at the pictures. I'm doing a history project on someone who constributed to the American Revolution and this made me think about picking her.
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Kristina Wilhelm [10-07-1999]

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The flag is a serious symbol of the shed blood that gave this country its independence from oppression. When I stnd in front of my hs class and we put our hand over our heart we pledge our alligance to the Flag for which it stands indivisiable and one for all..thank you
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To Jason Mendez and Jenni Today, I attended a flag ceremony at my parents' church, honoring families of current and past veterans and celebrating new flags and poles for the American and Christian flags. We have a 19 year old daughter who has had strange colored hair before. Her views sometimes differ from ours, but we can agree to disagree and still love each other. We have an older daughter who was present with her 6 month old baby. It was great to have four generations present to celebrate love and honor for their country and its flag. My brother was honored as an Army veteran who served in Germany in the early 70's. He failed in college and was pulled into the military. My father was honored as a Marine veteran who served in World War II. I couldn't have been prouder of my entire family at that time. Thanks to my brother and my father, and those who served with them, we can live in a country where, even if we disagree with some of the things that happen, we still have the freedom to disagree. I could look at the things that are wrong with this country, or what is wrong with my family, but I also have the right (or freedom) to choose to look at what is right. Is the cup half empty or is it half full? I thank God for the blessings he has given me and the freedom that I have living in America, and for the flag that represents that freedom - one nation, under God, indivisible...
Linda McAtee, Fort Thomas, KY [09-12-1999]

I am doing a presentation for the D.A.R. in January. I am looking for Facts and Fiction on Betsy Ross so far I have found lots of facts but no fiction , and I know there must be some. Does anyone have any fiction facts directed at Besty Ross? Thank You.
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It Is grand to see that which is so important to our history come alive for those of us Americans that can not get to these historical homes . The web site is done with great care . As a lover of History studies and who's ancestery is steeped in Quaker beginnings, this pleases me Greatly. Thanks to all of you for careing, LOUIS GILLINGHAM JR.
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Could you please tell me if the Mayor of a small city have the authority to order the flag flown at half mast for the death of a local resident. Also is there any code on flying the flag when a Police Officer is killed in the line of duty?
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I think this is the greatest country on this earth. I wish people would look at the flag and realize how much blood was shed to prove "THESE COLORS NEVER RUN"!!
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I enjoy history, and visited Betsy's house on a trip to the East.
Cody Rutty, Boise, Idaho 83704 [09-03-1999]

One of our library patrons wishes to know where we can locate the definition of "properly illuminated" in regards to flying the flag all night....please send information asap. thank you, Susan
Susan Walker, AJPL, Apache Junction, Az. [09-03-1999]

Ferdinand Pierre, New Orleans, La [09-03-1999]


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