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I liked your home page it is so cool to look at and your house is cool to
Britney Allan, Barstown, Ky 13 yrs old [08-30-1999]

Rafael Marquetti, Long Beach, CA [08-30-1999]

Hello... I am second grade teacher in Mooresville, NC.. This week we are going to study the Pledge of Allegiance and the American Flag. I was in PA this summer and visited the Betsy Ross house. I purchased the book on Betsy Ross. D o you have any other info. you can send me? Thanks
kimBeringer, Mooresville nc [08-30-1999]

Judi Toler Kozlowski, Orlando, Florida [08-30-1999]

great site lots of infor for me to pass onto my cadets
Tracy Dee Scantland, Murfreesboro, Tennessee [08-30-1999]

Thanks for the site. Just learning about our country.
Brian Ripley, Ogden, Utah [08-30-1999]

Marvin Moose, Lowell, NC, 28098, USA [08-30-1999]

Thank you for the information I needed for my 6th grade class. I needed to know what the colors of the flag meant. Your web site is very informational and helpful.
Natasha Westfall, Salinas, Ca [08-30-1999]

I really like this page i learned a lot about the flag and more!!!
brittney maxhimer, northlewisburg,ohio [08-27-1999]

We are studying our nation's history in our homeschool and this was great for our children to be able to "see" the home of Betsy Ross! We hope to actually travel to Philadelphia in the future and we'll be sure to make a visit.
Jan Buttrill, Stockbridge, GA [08-25-1999]

Jackie Walker, Ironton, Ohio 456438 [08-25-1999]

Alyssa, California [08-25-1999]

Nice sight and beautiful pictures.
JIm Glass, Dana Point, CA [08-22-1999]

I am looking for an answer to a history question. I am trying to find out how the white flag of surrender originated - when and where. Thank you for your time. Eunice Boucher
Eunice Boucher, Livingston LA [08-22-1999]

judy monroe, vancouver washington [08-22-1999]

The tour of the Betsy Ross home was terrific. Very pleased to have had the opportunity to view on line.I will plan to make a live visit when I am back east. Thank you for a great presentation. I have a real love and respect for our many flags. May they always wave in pride and peace. William Johnson GRI, CRS 1999 President-Elect San Diego Association of Realtors
William Johnson GRi CRS, San Diego, CA. 92111 [08-22-1999]

Karen Williams, Seiad Valley CA [08-18-1999]

Sure enjoyed this good webpage of Betsy Ross' historical house and hope I will get a chance to visit it someday.
Sara S. Harris, Arlington, Texas , U.S.A. [08-18-1999]

diane verratti, philadelphia pa [08-18-1999]

America the Beautiful...we are truly blessed to live in America.
ashley teasley, las vegas, Nevada [08-18-1999]

The information you have on this site about the laws and etiquette regarding flying the U.S. flag is wonderful! Do you have a pamphlet or something similar that I could hand out to businesses that choose to fly the flag? Many businesses fly the flag, but obviously have no knowledge of the laws and etiquette (especially as to when to replace the flag). Thank you for your time. D. Wood-Martin
Donna Wood-Martin, Dallas, TX [08-16-1999]

Nancy, Fairmont Minnesota [08-16-1999]

I like your site! Can you tell me where to get more information on my namesake, Betsy's first husband?
John Ross, Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin [08-16-1999]

Liked the trivia page. I often teach Flag Ceremonies to Girl Scouts- how to fold, display, retire etc. Will probably try to enlarge the trivia sheet to use in class by using some of the flag history I also got.
Kathy Stephan, Jonesboro, Georgia USA [08-16-1999]

Looking forward to visiting the Betsy Ross House tomorrow. I had a great "virtual tour". Loved the website.
Natalie Stutz, Warrington, PA [08-16-1999]

Loved your site! Your vitural tour was a fun experience. I learned many things I did not know here.
Nancy Newcomb, Atascadero, Calif. [08-16-1999]

Hi! I love your site! I am a 5th grade teacher and I will be it in my classroom this year. Thanks! Interesting note: I am married to Brian Claypool, a direct decendent of John Claypool who as you know was Betsy's third and last husband. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Deni
Den Claypool, Moscow, Idaho [08-16-1999]

Lydia Jane Barwick, Rome,Ga. [08-16-1999]

We fly the flag 24 hours a day with spots of course at night - does anyone make a more durable flag? Cotton or nylon, they only last about 9 mos-1 yr.
Dave Schwier, Fountain, MN [08-13-1999]

Hi There seems to be no doubt that Betsy Ross made the first American flag. But where did the design come from? Is it not true that it resembles George Washingtons family coat of arms? Therefore did this not influence the design? regards Paul
Paul Carty, England [08-13-1999]

I am very proud to be an American....The Flag for me is Freedom.
Mazel Star, Santa Clara, Ca USA [08-13-1999]

no message.
Camille Gaskins, Columbus, Ohio 43211 [08-12-1999]

It's good to know that u guys provide informations about your country. keep it up for i'm sure that a lot of people out there wants to know more about the stuff that you guys have. thanks for the info.'s
Ma. Avelyn R. Dumo, Quezon City, Philippines [08-12-1999]

Thank you for showing us how to make a 5-pointed star. It was fun--when we finally figured it out! I am studying about our flag this week. I am homeschooled. Thanks again!
ethan muckelrath, saginaw,texas [08-12-1999]

Thank you for the site, I am helping my 3rd grader with some homework. Thanx for all the info. We'll be back.
A Parent & Child, California [08-12-1999]

Jim Leiper, Salem, oregon [08-12-1999]

C Larson, McLean, VA [08-10-1999]

You have a great web sight!
Nelle Amburn, Haskell,TX [08-10-1999]

Thanks for the information and the pictures of the various flags over the years--to find them all in one place and being able to print them in color is very nice.
Charles H. Wells, Hudson, MA [08-08-1999]

I was trung to locate information for a flag ceremony for a FFF Leadership Retreat, I came across this web site and found a wealth of information to use. Thanks so much for the information.
Sandy, Eureka,CA [08-08-1999]

I am half american and now live in australia. Even though I don't live in America I still love this country. love Lacey 13 years!
Lacey Ford, Perth, Western Australia, australia [08-08-1999]

Nice to see a familiar name when cruising the "net". Last year we visited the relatives in Poland last year (1998).Very friendly people willing to help with travel plans and accommations for a week or two. Well it is time to cruise, see yah at a different time.
brent zbaraschuk, prince albert , saskatchewan [08-08-1999]

craig robert stewart [08-08-1999]

Shannon Williams, Woodville, TX [08-08-1999]

amy muhammad, philadelphia [08-06-1999]

Idarmis Halulka, San Diego, CA [08-06-1999]

You've got an awesome page!! It's great to see others who celebrate our country!
Laura, Iowa [08-06-1999]

Hi, Just a note to let you all know that I appreciate the flag flying tips. My husband is from England and wants to fly his British Union Jack on the days I fly our American Flag. I needed to know the proper techniques so that I didn't mess up. Thanks! Audrey Blackman P.S. In times of domestic war between us I will boost my flag a little higher!
Audrey Blackman, Columbus, IN USA [08-06-1999]

Stephanie Norko, North Haven CT [08-05-1999]

Andrea, Neosho MO [08-04-1999]

God bless America
ha~zz, Boston Mass [08-03-1999]

Great job! Good web site.
Sangyol & Soonja Kim, Towaco, New Jersey [08-02-1999]

Pam Freemyer [08-01-1999]

What a wonderful and informative web site. As a veteran of the Vietnam War, I ask each of you that reads this to call your US Senators and asked them to vote in support of an amendment to prohibit desecration of our beloved flag. God bless America! Brian Past Commander, American Legion For God and Country
Brian Griffin, Merced, CA [08-01-1999]

just a great tour i'd like to go and visit there. they did a great job on the pictures, thanks
susie, green bay, wi [08-01-1999]

I have a 45 star flag (storm size). I did not know there was a 49 star flag but could probably be found in Alaska. If someone has one let me know.
Richard Hennebery, FtLauderdale,FL [08-01-1999]

pat carter, athens, la [07-30-1999]

I really enjoyed the tour of Betsy Ross home. It really was done well. Thank-you so very much, Linda
Linda bennett, Flintstone, maryland 21530 [07-30-1999]

When I received my citizenship in Hawaii, I received an American Flag. That moment, I felt the warm Welcome that I belong to this country. That moment forward is not the same anymore, because I have to embrace the culture but the Moral and Value has no difference where I came from . . . that I have to enrich and be in His name be Glorified.
Catalina Virgie Claud Carlson, Bremerton, WA [07-28-1999]

Mud De Winter Trigg, Middletwon, NJ 07748 [07-28-1999]

Roland Wright, Butler Ky [07-28-1999]

I am doing some research on the patriotic holidays of the year. And I came across this web site in one of the magazines I scanned.
Kathryn F. Wright, Fordyce, Arkansas [07-27-1999]

alberta lynch, ringgold va [07-27-1999]

Hello, Every year the town of Buckley hangs flags down Main street vertically from light posts. They are attached by sliding the flag onto 2 shafts protruding from the pole. For the past four years they have hung the one lone flag on the north side of main with the Union pointed in towards the pole. Every yearI get a ladder and go up and change it. Their argument has always been "stars point north" I have tried to explain to them that that is only when the flag is suspended over the middle of the street. The sad part is, I can't find an illustration showing the flag displayed this way. The only illustration that is close is the one that shows the flag projecting from an angle from a window sill. The flags on these light poles are hanging from a staff projecting horizontally, so indeed the union should be placed at the peak of the staff. Am I right or wrong? I am a veteran, and this frustrates me to see year after year. If cities don't know the proper way to display flags, they shouldn't display them at all.
Doug Harple, Buckley, Wa. USA [07-26-1999]

Home Page is great. Took quite a while to get an answer, so guess lots of people are looking. Loved the red, white and blue.
Jean S Faliski, Port St Joe FL 32456 [07-26-1999]

very interesting link-will help much with homeschool history.
karen turner, Milledgeville, GA USA [07-26-1999]

Scoutmaster, Boy Scout Troop 50 Evergreen District Oregon Trail Council
Richard Schellenger, Eugene, OR., USA [07-26-1999]

This "virtual" tour was really fantastic. I do though, however, hope to get up that way and visit the house in person. Thanks Betsy :)
Sharon, Lehigh Acres, Florida [07-25-1999]

As a 5th grade history teacher, I think this is a great site for may students. Thank you for the great resource. If you know of other good U.S. History sites, send me some email and tell me about them. Cindy Parrott
Cindy Parrott, Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A. [07-25-1999]

Thank you for this information.
Brad Morrow, Scottsdale, AZ USA [07-25-1999]

My parents have a picture of Betsy Ross sewing the flag. At the bottom of the picture (drawing) is "American Flag House & Betsy Ross Memorial Association". We know it was delivered by pony express. I was wondering if you have any information on the Association. Please let me know if you have something or perhaps you could suggest where I could start searching for information. Thank you! Susie Parson
Susie Parson, Oakwood, GA [07-23-1999]

Susie Parson [07-23-1999]

Great information on flags
Daniel Chavez, EL Paso, TX [07-23-1999]

I think this flag stuff is pretty interesting.
Jaaenos Malone, California (Chino) [07-23-1999]

Thank you Betsy Ross foundation. Aaron Sanchez, Jr. Apache
Aaron Sanchez, Jr. Apache, Pilar, New Mexico [07-23-1999]

Very informative site. Will have my children visit it often so that they can learn and retain the information
Cheryl Morgan, Trinidad, Colorado [07-23-1999]

What a great resource! It was featured in the May issue of _Creative Classroom_, and it's one of their best recommendations yet. I can't wait to use this site with my fifth graders in our unit on the American Revolution - thanks!
Mary Ann Landrum, Sarasota, Florida [07-22-1999]

I appreciated all the information I was looking for in one spot! I am though looking for some game ideas to teach Cub Scouts about the flag.
Vicki Millward, Perris, CA [07-22-1999]

i visited once befor in 1965 or 66.We still live in the area and plan to come back in a few weeks.
leanna cleveland keene, chester Pa [07-22-1999]

Dane Brinkmeier, Spingfield Illinois [07-21-1999]

As a former American history teacher, I enjoy your website very much and believe it is an excellent learning source for all Americans to learn more about our flag and the many Americans who gave their lives to protect it. Flag day has a special meaning for me because it's the day my father was born and he just celebrated his 84th birthday. God Bless America! What an honor to live in the greatest nation in the world.
Frank A. Campione, Freehold, NJ U.S.A. [07-21-1999]

I did a biograghy on Betsy Ross for school
Angela Willson, Portage,MI U.S.A [07-21-1999]

The flag is the symbol of every person who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. It deserves to be placed in a priority place of respectand honor and saluted on every occasion. We need to teach our young people tthe price that has been paid in the blood of our fighting men and the loss of life involved in the evolution of the history of our nation. The Flag is a syumbol to the world of our great nations leadership and ability of everyday people pursuing life as they choose to pursue it. The Flag is a symbol of freedom and it should be honored for what it stands for and the price that has been paid so that it may proudly wave over our nation today.
Bernard d Blakley, Scottsdale.Az [07-20-1999]

When I was in third grade we had to do a book report on a famous person. My famous person was Betsy Ross. I really enjoyed learning about her. Ever since I did that book report I have always wanted to visit Philladelphia and I feel like I am a part of that history.
Brittany Adams, Raleigh NC [07-20-1999]

C. C. Birse, Seattle, WA [07-19-1999]

len chontow, tobyhanna, pa [07-19-1999]

Looking for ANY info on Mielke or Crispens families from Baltimore, Md. Thank you.
Jean [Mielke] Iddings, WV, formerly Balto., Md. [07-19-1999]

Jesse Critchfield, Lodi California [07-18-1999]

Will probably use this for a DAR meeting--great resource !!
Karen Schnorrenberg, Andover, MA [07-16-1999]

Having grown up in Baltimore, the history of the flag and the anthem were taught to me as a child at school. I remember singing a song about Betsy Ross and the flag. Do you know where I can find the words, by any chance?
Louette McInnes, Christchurch, New Zealand [07-16-1999]

Dan hill, Indianapolis, IN 46260 USA [07-16-1999]

enjoyed playing the trivia and proud to be an AMERICAN
wendy williamson, forest,ms [07-16-1999]

pamela davidson, tampa fl [07-16-1999]

Mr. & Mrs. David Pavlick & Rae L'Heureux, Orlando, FL [07-16-1999]

Very Cool!
Michael Bing Lopez Balcita, CHN. Pago, Guam [07-16-1999]

this is a really nice website. good job! I am very proud to be an American.
Katie, Rock Hill, SC [07-16-1999]

I salut for all of you done America !!!
Freddy Mahesa Mada, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia [07-16-1999]

Hi everybody, I've enjoyed the website, it's given me alot of info! I am additionally seeking information about John Ross, Betsy's first husband. Who was he, where was he from, what made her keep his last name through her two other husbands, etc. If you could e-mail me with any info I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks
Claudia, Philadelphia [07-16-1999]

Chunming Ding, Burke Virginia [07-16-1999]

god bless america!!!!
Raymond Stewart, San Antonio, Texas [07-15-1999]

Teresa Blankenship, Tallapoosa Georgia USA [07-15-1999]

Apryl, Savannah GA [07-15-1999]

Josephine L. Johnson, Gulfport MS [07-13-1999]

Julian Restrepo, Raleigh, NC, [07-12-1999]

Can you please tell me how many children Betsy Ross had and their years of birth. Did she have any nieces or nephews? I believe she is a distant relative and I'd like to learn more about her family.
Roberta Lillian Ross, Long Beach, California, USA [07-12-1999]

Ann Davis, Romney, WV [07-11-1999]

A great site. I have enjoyed it very much thanks.
Phyllis Hill, Edgewood, NM 87015 [07-11-1999]

American pride at its best, at a time when we love our country but fear our goverment.
Rudy Downey, Placerville, Calif. [07-11-1999]

I'm proud to be an American, and humbled at the thought of those who did so much, and gave so much, that I might enjoy this feedom I have today!
Trina Darling, Northville, NY USA [07-11-1999]

jennifer livesay, lecanto,fl [07-11-1999]

Im originally from philadelphia and Im very proud to have seen this first hand. its great to have this on the web. More people need to really see and understand our history.
Patricia Sheerin, broomall , pa [07-11-1999]

Gary Shaffer [07-10-1999]

Larry Frei, Norman, OK [07-10-1999]

C. Stuckey, Oklahoma City, OK [07-10-1999]

I was born on June 14, Which is Flag day. So the flag has always meant something special to me.
Martin Sparling, HotSprings AR [07-10-1999]

Jo Winslow, Norfolk, VA [07-10-1999]

I have enjoyed this page and hope to use some of the quotes and history of Betsy Ross. I went to this page looking for a American Flag Tribute with Betsy giving the tribute while she is sewing the flag. I have heard this given once and wish that I had asked for a copy. If anyone has a copy of this or know where I can get it, please e-mail me. Thank you for a wonderful site on Betsy Ross and the American Flag. Marion
Marion Case, Oak Grove, Mo. USA [07-10-1999]

Proud to be an American.
Alfred Lester Cote', Baltimore, Maryland [07-10-1999]

I enjoyed visiting this website very much. I grew up in a very patriotic household. My father was a high school band director. His bands always ended each half-time show with a patriotic theme. I now am an elementary music teacher and I incorporate a unit on the flag and what it means to be a citizen of the greatest nation in the world. I was reading one of the comments written by a 16 year old girl. I was distressed by the fact she didn't seem to understand what all the hoopla is about. I see now that we are not doing our jobs as teachers in educating our young what it means to be an American. I hope she never has to learn the hard way what she has taken for granted for so long.
Sandy Hamilton, DeKalb, TX [07-10-1999]

Excellent source of history!
Kathryn Bichsel, Provo, Utah USA [07-10-1999]

We found this site to be very interesting, educational, and will visit often. We also plan to share this site with our friends and family. Thank you!
CritterLover, Virginia Beach, Virginia USA [07-10-1999]

Need more patriotic messages.
Gerald Rogalla, Milwaukee Wisc. [07-10-1999]

What does the three different colors; - RED - WHITE - BLUE ....stand for; do they each have a specific significance? Thank you Barry Warren
Barry Warren, West Palm Beach, Florida [07-10-1999]

Thanks. I learned something.
BE Reeves, Dublin (Bucks County), PA [07-10-1999]

Thanks for all the interesting info. Plan to use it on our
Donna Miller, Somerset, Pa 15501 [07-10-1999]

ansil locke, sudan, texas 79371 [07-10-1999]

Will be bringing my family to visit Philadelphia and the home of Besty Ross this month of July. 1999
Gina Sastre, Davenport fl [07-10-1999]

What a great and exiting site to read! Excellent information. Thank you, Ellie.
Ellie Dijkstra, California [07-10-1999]

My mother and I really enjoyed the detailed tour of Betsy Ross's home. It gave me pictures and details to create a bulletin for my fifth grade social studies class. I would like to share with you that because of this detailed info I received an A+ on my project. Thank you from my mother, teacher, and myself especially since this was the only class I passed this quarter. Thank You!!!
Alicia Gough, Ft.Wayne, Indiana [07-10-1999]

Ken Schanda, Strongsville, Ohio [07-10-1999]

Marcia Echols, Katy, TX USA [07-10-1999]

My aunt told me about this site and I found it very enlightning.
Bill Chabot, Manchester Ct. USA [07-10-1999]

Great tour! I teach third grade. We will viit you during the year.
Jayne Cable, York, Pa [07-10-1999]

vicky, Issaquah,WA,USA [07-10-1999]

We enjoyed your site very was educational...I learned some things I never knew. Thanks...Chase
Chase House, Oldsmar, FL 34677 [07-10-1999]

Very interesting information is in your profile. Thanks. I never knew what the colors stood for.
Anita Sherman, San Diego California U.S.A. [07-10-1999]

is it true that betsy ross wanted the flag to be pink?
bridgette spears, l.b ca [07-10-1999]

I injoyed the site and keep up the beautfull work I will tell my friends about it
patsy turner, atwater MN [07-07-1999]

Great site. I visited the Betsy Ross House while in school, on a class trip to Philadelphia, about 50 years ago.
Alan H. Stolpen, Branchburg, NJ [07-07-1999]

I loved your homepage this is the first time that I have signed a guestbook so excuse me if it is not very good
Christina, Lowell,AR [07-07-1999]

Its me aging Julieta! I loved the information it helped me alot
anonymous [07-07-1999]

great idea's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tommy, Lebanon Pennsylvania [07-07-1999]

thanks for the info. my father gave his life in wwii, so that we all can enjoy freedom.
barbara anne slowik, roselle, il. u.s.a. [07-07-1999]

barbara anne slowik, roselle, il. u.s.a. [07-07-1999]

What is the history(how did it come about) of flying the Jack at the bow of navy ships, when they are moored? Is it an old English naval tradition? Thanks for any information you can shed on this question, p
Paul Johnson, Boca Raton, FL [07-07-1999]

We just discovered your web site and we love it!
Roger & Mary Nicloy, Quincy, Illinois [07-07-1999]

I was in a July 4th Children's Parade on July 3rd in our neighborhood. I was the oldest, and I was the leader. I will be entering the 4th grade this September. Andy
Andy Toler, Richmond, VA [07-07-1999]

The American flag symbolizes our country history and existence as a nation of free loving people, that is united as one and divided when we fall. Equality and justice for all is the call of the people and also the message that our flag is sending througout the world. Let the "Old Glory" shines and be a beacon to all that freedom rings in the United States of America. God bless America.
virgilio v. colcol, Eleele, Kauai, Hawaii, USA [07-07-1999]

I was just wondering about my family tree and if anyone knows anything about it. All inforamtion is helpful. Espetailly the clan tartan.
Lucas Carlaw, Lewisburg PA. 17837 USA [07-07-1999]

this net center is veery fun............
makayla lyons 11years old, omaha, NE [07-07-1999]

I am a member of Flag House Chapter, NSDAR. After reading and hearing so much in recent years about "debunking" the Betsy Ross story, I found it totally refreashing to come across your page. When I re-do our chapter's web page for this Fall, I will certainly include a link to this site. Thank you so very much Nancy Popielarski 2nd Vice Regent Flag House Chapter, NSDAR
Nancy E. B. Popielarski, Moorestown, N. J. [07-07-1999]

jose ortiz, long beach ca, [07-07-1999]

Enjoyed learning information about the US Flag!
R M Richardson, Waianae, HI [07-07-1999]

Very interesting. We sure have come a long way since then!Thanks.
Joanna Grantham, Houston, Tx. [07-08-1999]

This is a good site for information. I needed some info and I go a lot more. I never knew how cool Betsy Ross was. Thank You. *~*Tory*~* (Age 15)
Tory Harper, California, USA [07-07-1999]

Nina M. Hall, Greer, SC [07-07-1999]

Richie Crady, Chillicothe IL U.S.A [07-07-1999]

i love the world and everything else
beka lynn dudley, snow hill/north carolina [07-07-1999]

Enjoyed this so much. I picked it up on my e-mail at school. Wish the kids were still in school. Would be interesting site for them to visit. Thanks
Sandra Ellis, Chatsworth, GA. [07-07-1999]

is this a great country, or what? see ya!!
buchstaberkids, hanover park il [07-07-1999]

betsy is cool
Alisha [07-07-1999]

I write the weekly "Veterans News" column for our state-wide newspaper, the Providence Journal, and someone recently asked me a question I couldn't answer. Perhaps someone will see this and enlighten me. The question concerned the flag with 48 stars which also had a tan stripe on it. Her message to me has to do with the signifcance of a "tan" stripe amid the red and white stripes on the American flag. A friend has such a flag and wondered what it meant. I can tell you the flag was given to his grandmother at his grandfathers funeral (he rode with Teddy Roosevelt & the Rough Riders at San Juan Hill); and, there are 48 stars. Any information you can supply; or, the name of someone who may know, would be appreciated. Thank you, Lucille ( Can anyone help? Thanks. George W. Reilly ProJoVets Column Writer 7-6-99
George W. Reilly, Providence, Rhode Island - USA [07-07-1999]

Jesse Marzell, Washington, PA [07-07-1999]

Donald L. Cartin,Sr., Ellijay,GA [07-07-1999]

Thank you so much for such rich and useful information that you have provided us. I am from Iran, and I actually like to learn about the American history as much as I can. And this was an amazing start for me. Please send me more of the American history if you can. I would like to know the history of a country that I am living in. In this case United States. Thank you so much.
Alireza Shandermani, Miami/Florida [07-07-1999]

Interesting. I enjoyed the information compiled.
Alice Brackhahn, Kansas City, MO. [07-07-1999]

cathy fromholtz, wausau,wisconsin [07-07-1999]

I enjoyed the tour and learned a lot from it. I have a picture similar to the one shown with Betsy Ross and George Washington, Etc. which was given to my Great Grand Father William Graham Smith for perserving the Betsy Ross House.It helped me know where the picture came from.
Lee Martin Smith III, New Port Richey, Fl [07-07-1999]

The tour was very interesting, thank you so much...
Sharon Ludi, Santa Fe, New Mexico [07-07-1999]

The Betsy Ross Home Page was a wonderful contribution to her memory. As time goes by, people don't realize how much our ancestors actually contributed and the fear they lived to proceed with their dreams. We're living their dreams now. However, I don't think they'd be pleased with the direction we're going. It's a mortal sin that prayers have been removed from schools. It's a mortal sin that a Judge in Alabama has to defend his right to display the 10 commandments in his courtroom. I could go on but I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks for the Betsy Ross Home Page. Keep the Spirit Alive!!!!
Jo Ann Perry, Annapolis Maryland [07-07-1999]

Glad to have access to info about the flag
Irene Mayfield, Henderson, Tx [07-07-1999]

Very Informative. I am very pleased to have found so much information all in one area. The information will be a valuable resource for classes that are being presented at a group home where I work. Again thank you.
Keri Fladeboe, St. Cloud, Minnesota [07-07-1999]

the page is great and very informative, learned a lot about the flag thanks
patricia johnson, farmville, nc 27828 [07-07-1999]

Excellent web site! My 10-yr-old daughter introduced me to it and we printed out the flag poems.
Catherine Seipp, Los Angeles, CA [07-07-1999]

entirely enjoyed your pages, I'm an american flag waver ALL THE TIME
jack ramsden, brenham,tx 77833 [07-07-1999]

Very informative site. Thank you to all the men and women out there who fought for our country, and GOD bless all those who have lost loved ones for our sake.
charlotte bernard, Honeybrook, PA [07-07-1999]

Enjoyed the page and learned a lot about the our Flag that I never knew before. I made your page a bookmark so I may go back and visit it again and use it to teach my son about our great Flag.
Donald E. Shutt, Jr., Halifax, PA [07-05-1999]

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Thank You. It was fun exploring Betsy's house!
Alexandra D. Lee, Laurel MD [07-05-1999]

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Just reading a little Ross history.
Robert M. Ross, Plantation, FL [07-05-1999]

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Thank god and the wonderful people who gave there lives for our freedom.
Bill Holdridge, Odessa,Texas, 79764 [07-05-1999]

This was very interesting.
jim Barrett, Colo, Iowa [07-05-1999]

Michael F. J. Scally, Baltimore, MD 21206-1630 [07-05-1999]

Please send regular e-mail updates concerning historical notes of our country as well as any other info dealing with U.S. History. Thank you very much.
Scott M Darrah, Waveland, Mississippi [07-05-1999]

Nancy, Pleasanton, Ca [07-05-1999]

I teach elementary music and incorporate a whole unit on "The Star-Spangled Banner." The information I found in this homepage will be added to the unit. Thank you!
Sandy Hamilton, DeKalb, TX [07-05-1999]

NIce website. Where could I find a list of Betsy'r sibling I'm interested in a William Woodnut Griscom. He was a Philly inventor of note though history seems to have passed him by. I was wondering how or if he was related to Betsy. thank you
Loren Haroldson, Ellendale, MN [07-05-1999]

Cheryl Pinson, Lexington, KY [07-05-1999]

anonymous, Michigan [07-05-1999]

James Berg, ca [07-05-1999]

The American Flag stands for freedom and I am proud to be an American!
Vicki LP Bremmer, Lomita, CA 90717 USA [07-05-1999]

Cummins [07-05-1999]

Many people have given their lives and their freedom to ensure that I would have mine. To say I am proud to be an American would be an understatement. Our forefathers fought with all they had in order to make this counrty all she could be. Our freedom wasn't FREE!!!! It cost the ultimate price - a life! Although our country isn't what she once was, she is still the best. Our leader doesn't tell us who America is, we the people are who America is. And she will be what me make her ro be. If there are those who are not proud of America, then they need to look ar their contribution to it, and then see what they can to do contribute to her greatness. Thank you to all out there who fought and still fight to maintain this precious freedom that I and my sons have. God bless America and her flag, long may she wave!!!!!!
Vivian Ashley Strange, Abbeville, South Carolina [07-05-1999]

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I found the information very educational and I just hope the youth of today respect the flag as it should be.
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usa is always being respected amoung the whole world. I heard that the people are very day i would like to make a visit.especially hollywood!!! Thanks for giving me the information regarding the flag.
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Frank Dyson, Willowgrove,Pa. 19090 [07-05-1999]

A very nice visit as I am disabled and can't get around to places easily. It is a pleasure to enter these historic rooms and visualize the events taking place. Thanks for an interesting Web site. You are to be congratulated on your work. Thank you again.
TLBull, Upstate NY [07-05-1999]

I love History and this is one of the most informative pages I have ever seen. I teach my 15 year old daughter at home and we have used this sight many times. I don't know how we ever managed without it. Thank you so much.
kisnkat, Louisiana [07-05-1999]

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GREAT Info! Your a credit to the U.S. of A
Msg L. Michaelsen (Retired), Salt Lake City, Utah (Home for the 2002 Olympics) [07-04-1999]

Most interesting and informative. Reflection on early history. I have asked many people the place of the first capital of this country. Most say Philadelphia. When I tell them New York they usually come back with the fact that I am from New York. I try explain their ignorance of facts. It usually falls on deaf ears out here in California. Not very learnerd people and highly opinonated retgarding truth.
Norbert J. Hertel, Bermuda Dunes, CA 92201-1266 [07-04-1999]

i wish you would put some fun stuff
amanda ,seth, fayetteville,nc2833 [07-04-1999]

I enjoyed visiting the site very much as I would like to present a short twenty minute program on Betsy Ross in October.
Elaine Weisheit, San Diego, California [07-04-1999]

I've been to the Betsy Ross house. I found it to be a great experience and I recommend anyone in the Northeast to check it out. Along with the Liberty Bell.
amanda maynard, Cape Canaveral, Florida, U.S.A. [07-04-1999]

I liked all the different flags. I didn't know that there were so many. What a great site. This is part of my summer homework from grade 1 to grade 2. Happy 4th of July America!!
Sarah Macone, Milford Connecticut [07-04-1999]

God Bless America!!!
Sherry, San Angelo, Texas [07-04-1999]

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I love these patriotic websites! Thanks for taking the time and trouble to have them.
Ruth & Roger Rasmussen, Crimora, VA [07-04-1999]

Thank you so much for providing such comprehensive information on the flag and Betsy Ross. I am a sixth-grade teacher in a private, parochial school during the regular school year. I am, currently, teaching summer school, and our theme is "Celebrate America". You can readily see how useful the information at this site will be to me. Thanks, again!
Lauren T. Griggs, Moreno Valley, California 92553 [07-04-1999]

I enjoyed the web site. Thank you very much
Carol Walden, Joliet,IL. 60435 [07-04-1999]

anonymous [07-04-1999]

very wonderful words on this wonderful day. i was in the KOREAN WAR, and honor our flag. I DO NOT HONOR IGNORANT HYPOCRITES who desecrate our symbol that represents the brave men and women who gave their blood and lives to protect even them. i loved the beautiful remarks about OUR FLAG. many thanks, lee adams in good old CORDELE GA, USA.
lee h adams, cordele, ga 31015 [07-04-1999]

This is nice to be able to get news like this on the internet.
Michael Crowe, Indianapolis, IN 46254 [07-04-1999]

This is a wonderful site. I learned things I never knew before. My grandmothers maiden name was Nicely, she told me she had an aunt with the last name of Ross and that Betsy Ross was my 5th great aunt. Have never researched this, but have always like the idea that it might be true. Take care, and HAPPY 4TH OF JULY, EVERYONE.
Beth Siefkas, Warrensburg, Mo [07-04-1999]

God bless the USA!! Long may we prosper. Long may Old Glory continue to wave "o'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave". MSgt R.F. Pouliot USMC ( Ret. )
Bob Pouliot, Vista, Ca USA [07-04-1999]

James R. Byrne, Alvin Texas, [07-04-1999] [07-04-1999]

As a leader of OUR LIBERTY TREE, A constitution study group, I welcome this wonderful information on OLD GLORY. We are studying how our Constitution came about, what it means, and what the original intent of it was. OUR FLAG is the basic and primary symbol of our Nation and our Freedoms and our Constitution. THANKS for this page. We certainly appreciate the time and effort to develop it Your Friends, OUR LIBERTY TREE Doug
Doug, North Central New Mexico [07-04-1999]

I have always been interested in history. I sure do enjoy all of the information about the flags and Betsy Ross.
Anzia Moore, Lake Charles, La. 70615 [07-04-1999]

proud wife of a disabled Veteran and Proud mother of an US Army Infantryman....
Gina Johnson, Deltona FL [07-04-1999]

Your tour of Betsy Ross House was most informative and interesting. VB
virginia beiner, new jersey [07-04-1999]

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thought the whole web page was great!!!!
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Very interesting site. Enjoyed the tour and look forward to recommending this site to others. Happy Birthday USA
Valerie, Belle Vernon, PA [07-04-1999]

I think this is very educational and it is needed. Most people don't understand the meaning of the flag.
Richard Gibbs, Tulsa, Okla. [07-04-1999]

Being a veteran, I find your Flag History very warming. I hope many visit this site, as I feel there are so many out there who do not know or understand just how important our Flag is, and how many died to preserve it and what it stands for. Thank You. Shirley Jo Tidwell
Shirley Tidwell, Pine Bluff, Arkansa [07-04-1999]

My grandmother tells me that I am somehow related to betsy ross.
mark bodmer, topsham maine [07-04-1999]

As the flags fly high today across this great nation let us remember that our patriotism must be tempered with the understanding that other hearts in other countries also look at their flag and feel the same kinds of patriotic emotional pangs. Let us also remember that we are only a great nation when we enable other nations to be great in their search for democracy and freedom from those who would want to dictate how everyone should live.
Mary Schippers-DeMunter, Grand Rapids, MI 49546 [07-04-1999]

I am an American married to a Norwegian and live in Norway, but I still am patriotic to my country and enjoyed viewing this site.
Tamala Agersten, Sætre, Norway [07-04-1999]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA and thank you too all who have served and to the men and women who have given the lives THANK YOU we can never repay you. My heart goes to all the members of our country who have lost a loved one in whatever war or conflict. I am proud to be an AMERICAN May she stand long and proud. GOD BLESS AMERICA. On this day it is my prayer that you will pause for a moment to those who have served even if you did not agree with participation. Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA John M Holladay United States Navy Submarine Duty Hello fellow saliors
John Holladay, Goose Creek S.C. [07-04-1999]

Harold R. Miller, Chillicothe, Oh [07-04-1999]

I wanted to do a children's chatt on the 4th of July on the colors of teh American Flag. Your site gave me the material I needed. Thanks alot! PJ (Pastor Joe)
rev dr joseph r foster, Frederick, MD 21701 [07-04-1999]

You must have put a lot of hard work into this.......Its something that I think should be passed on to every school age child..Thanks for taking the time and caring.
Lora, Upstate New York, Rockland County [07-04-1999]

The 4th of July is a great day for the nation I just hope that don't get runied by stuipidty...
Sabrina Green, Asheville N.C. 28803 [07-04-1999]

The flag stands for freedom,freedom many have fought for and died for.Freedom that lives on still today and for many more years to come...
Tom Durbin, East Liverpool,ohio [07-04-1999]

olivier bonnaval, Bergerac - France [07-04-1999]

A nice page :)
Margie, Indianapolis,IN US [07-04-1999]

sandra walsh, sewell,nj [07-04-1999]

Thank you for this web site. It is good to know that there are many of us who fought for these Colors and believe that no one should desecrate it in any way. If we all lived by the symbolic meaning of the flag, the U.S. would be even greater place for all to live in peace and harmony.
Roger Macy, Lexington, SC 29072 [07-04-1999]

I had forgotten until I saw the pictures that I had visited the house when I was in Philadelphia many years ago
Grady Silberman, Los Angeles, California [07-04-1999]

Great country beautiful flag
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Enjoyed the tour. There needs to be more sites like this on the net.
Jeff Fyffe, Killeen, Texas [07-03-1999]

I served my country in the early 60's. I did not see combat but would have gone willingly had the need arisen. It pains me to no end to see the apathy and disrespect for our beautiful flag. They say "freedom of speach" when they mistreat the flag. Some where this "freedom" must stop. It is my flag also and nobody has the freedom to abuse my property. You can bet I will have my flag up tomorrow to celebrate our independance day.
Kelly Beevers, Cleveland, MS 38732-9724 [07-03-1999]

donato, cleveland,Ms. [07-03-1999]

Tracy & Irene Wooten, Clarksville,Tn. #7403, U.S.A [07-03-1999]

This was very interesting to go over all the things about the flag and to visit Betsy's home and the different flags over the time of history. It's too bad, not more people display the flag, that was one of the first things I put up at our house, after we were married.and it remained there till I move to Troy and put it up here. Every time the flag gets worn, I buy a new one. I served in the Korean War and I'm as proud to have served as those were in WW 1and WW2 these people who want to burn the flag in protest should move to another country. They wouldn't get away with that in other countries. It's time for true citizens stand up to our elected officials who makes these laws to let these nonwanted people to live here in peace. Vote these people out of office. There as a lot of blood spilled to keep this country free. Thank You.
John A. Kruse Sr., Troy, Ohio [07-03-1999]

As 'Historian' of The Daughters of the American Colonists, Pilgrim Chapter, Winter Park Florida, I was most interested.Am new at the job and understand that I am also supposed to know a good deal about flags!! Thanks for your site.
Marjorie Turner I live in Chuluota, but the chapter is in Winter Park, near Orlando FL [07-03-1999]

Thanks, nice site!
Les Fowlkes, Newport news, VA [07-03-1999]

elaine, waipahu, Hawaii [07-03-1999]


I have linked this page to my little page..I do have my flags up and I have a holiday shirt and pin I wear off and on from Memorial Day through July 4th. Then I put it up again..please visit my page..I have much more...thanks..I even put red, white, blue lights out..
Marge Ward, Wilmington NC [07-03-1999]

Pat Kemmis, Apache Junction, AZ [07-03-1999]

margaret brunner, toms river, nj [07-03-1999]

Happy 4th of July -- Freedom is our legal right and is to be enjoy and respected. Have a safe and happy Holiday.
Ellie Leas [07-03-1999]

I enjoyed the tour. Thanks.
Terry Montgomery, Effingham, KS [07-03-1999]

We have flown our huge American Flag all day today and plan to do so again tomorrow. Proud of our Flag.
Betty Benson, Murphy, NC [07-03-1999]

Mrs. Linda Abele, Schenectady, NY [07-03-1999]

Many sleeve patches of the flag are worn backward. The field of stars is always in the upper left corner. To determine if your sleeve patch flag is marching forward or backward, lay a pencil along the field of stars, it will become a "flagpole", and you can tell at a glance which direction you are marching.I often see even policemen with their patches backward, with a left-arm patch on a right arm and vice-versa. It distresses me to see that carelessness in a movie, where a costumer should definitely know the difference.I love that flag.
betts Marriott, Loganville, GA 30052 [07-03-1999]

whas geat to learn more over the flag history, the next I buy by your Store
Sarah Luisa LORCH, Naples Area - Southwest Florida [07-03-1999]

WOW!!! What a nice suprise to find your site. Love the 4th.
Debbie Egbert, Bethel, Ohio USA [07-03-1999]

I had the pleasure of visiting the Betsy Ross Home many times when I lived in N.J. I am now retired in Fl. But I hope to bring my Grandson there soon.
Hal Carty, Punta Gorda Fl 33950 U.S.A. [07-03-1999]

Dr. & Mrs. T. Wayne Phillips, Gillette, Wyoming [07-03-1999]

Thanks for your site. I come from Southern New Jersey originally and used to work in Philadelpjia. Used to go to the Betsey Ross house every year as a child for school outings. Around this time of year I miss the city.
Dale Barnes, Sterling Virginia, USA [07-03-1999]

Very interesting. There is so much to learn about our history.
Richard H. Hill, Round Lake Beach, IL [07-03-1999]

Betsy Ross is a very distant ancestor of mine! Thanks for the web site!
Catherine Ross Schulz, Houston TX [07-03-1999]

Have a happy Independance day the country needs to come together today to remember the people that gave it all, so we can live in peace today.Please remember who ever they may be today or who they were yesterday. Dennis C. Sparks, Nevada
Dennis, Sparks, Nevada [07-03-1999]

Vicki Plaugher, FREMONT, CALIFORNIA [07-03-1999]

Working on a patriotic sermon. Thanks for your help.
Duane Lauber, Naponee, Nebraska USA [07-03-1999]

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excellent site, thanks so much
margaret, rosharon, tx [07-03-1999]

Great site!
Jan Wold, USA [07-03-1999]

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I am a Christian Homeschooling mom and we are learning about the Declaration of Independence and the History of the Flag. We enjoyed this site! And found some things we enjoyed learning about the flag and the history of Independence Day! Thanks again!
Cindy, Oklahoma [07-03-1999]

A distant relative! Found the information very interesting.
Carol Joyce Claypool Johnson, Houston, Texas USA [07-03-1999]

The 4th of July trivia was interesting. Thanks.
J. C. Harrington, Ellenton, FL [07-03-1999]

While web-surfing, I discovered this site. I must say that I'm very impressed. It's relatively easy to understand, but very interesting and informative nonetheless. Quite bluntly...THIS SITE ROCKS!!!
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I like this Homepage and learning about the Flag.
Janise Gordon, Portland, Oregon [07-03-1999]

I enjoyed your home page.
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Great information!! I am a high school social studies teacher. This info. will be used!! Thank you.
Deidra McComas, Kempner, TX 76539 [07-03-1999]

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I am very thankful that our forefathers achieved independence. We have a wonderful country. Happy Birthday, America.
Lucy Morgan, TX [07-03-1999]

Harry Thompson, Clarksville,TN [07-03-1999]

Its good to see a patriotic site. America is the best country in the world and children today should have patriotism taught just as we did.
Debbie Barreiro, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 [07-03-1999]

I just wanted to say, the informatin presented on your site was interesting! PS I really like the background.
J Daniel Johnson, Barlow, Oh [07-03-1999]

michael ross, altus ar. [07-03-1999]

Enjoyed your website. We were working up a sermon for a church service and wanted to tie in some history. Your information really helped. Thanks, Henry Anne
Henry Anne Copps, Dilley, Texas USA [07-03-1999]

JoAnne Cardoza, Cranston, Rhode Island [07-03-1999]

Warm greeting on account of Independence Day on behalf of me and my family.
zarina, monroestreet, houston, texas, u.s.a. [07-03-1999]

Julia M Croan, Odessa, TX [07-03-1999]

bea benedict, Fond du Lac WI [07-03-1999]

Very nice!!
Virginia Kucera, Iron River, Wisconsin [07-03-1999]

Wow! My mother wanted some information on Betsy Ross and the American Flag and I got so much more from your web site than I ever imagined possible! Thank you!
Benita L. Blake, 200 Oldwood Rd Huntsville AL 35811 [07-03-1999]

anonymous, glenolden pa. [07-03-1999]

I enjoyed receiving the Betsy Ross info....good site.
Ann, Hendersonville, TN [07-03-1999]

I was very impressed with the information you provided. I am using it for a children's story at church on July 4th. The main focus is on religious freedom. I am a fourth grade teacher, too, so I can use the information in my classroom also. Thanks for your help!
Peggy Throneburg, Granite Falls, NC 28630 [07-03-1999]

Courtney, Roswell,GA [07-03-1999]

I have a 2 by 3 inch book, on the first page in handwritten letters it says Martha F. Allen Corner of 2nd and Arch st. Philadelphia. Also inside the front cover it has names and birth dates of individuals, in 1779 and 1797. Do you have a comment about this?
Kathleen Youell, Parkersburg,WV [07-03-1999]

Alan R. Linville Sr., Louisville, Kentucky [07-03-1999]

Excellent site.....reminiscent of my trip through historical Philadelphia several years back
Laurie, Beaverton, Oregon [07-03-1999]

Gwen Crawford, West Seneca, New York [07-03-1999]

Loved the site. Very informative. Thank you.
John Scaglione, Hershey, Pennsylivania [07-03-1999]

al young jr., lakeland,fl-33803 u.s.a. [07-03-1999]

I was born and raised in Philadelphia and visited their historical sites many times as a child. Visiting these sites brought back many memories of my childhood. Philadelphia is indeed rich in history.
Mary E. Hintz, Homosassa, Fl. [07-03-1999]

Robert Coffee, Tampa, FL [07-03-1999]

I think it is wonderful to recapture history. Often times we learned a great deal of it only to forget it over time. This has been a wonderful recapture of our flag and its history. To recapture what the 4th of July and the values are. May we reap many more.
Diane McCan, Scottsdale, Arizona USA [07-03-1999]

Thank you for the lovely visit....very interesting. Happy 4th of July.
Jeanie, Baraboo, WI. [07-03-1999]

What a great site!!!! This is my first visit to this website, but I will definitely return to delve into all the information that you provide. I visited Philadelphia a couple of years ago, taking the tours and also exploring the historic areas myself. Unfortunately, when I visited the Betsy Ross house, it was closed, and I ran out of time for visiting. This site will help me explore the history of the house and the flag until I can physically return to Philadelphia. Thank you for making this site available.....
Penelope Mymudes, Decatur, GA [07-03-1999]

Kara Summers, Alb, NM [07-03-1999]

I learned somethings about the flag I didn't was interesting reading on this site..
Eva Jenkins, Toledo, Ohio [07-03-1999]

martha, greensboro ,north carolina [07-03-1999]

Richard L. Bacon [07-03-1999]


it was fascinating to learn the details of the flag and the lady who was given such honor for sewing it.
Jessica Nakawombe, Cambridge, MA [07-03-1999]

I love the American Flag, and I really love this site. I will probably return to this site often. It gave me a lift and remined me of how great it is to live in a country that gives a person certain rights and privalages.
Kimberly Taylor, Webb City, Missouri [07-03-1999]

We enjoy including this visit to a beloved portion of American history as part of our Independence Day Celebration. We took time last year during the holiday to check out your site and enjoyed it so much that it is now an annual event for us. Just a fun part of our favorite holiday!!
Diane & Kaci Kelley, Langley, AR [07-03-1999]

Vicki D. Case, Indian Head Maryland [07-03-1999]

i thoroughly enjoyed this site. sometimes we need a little reminder of how we got started and what was intended for us here in the future
LynnMarie O Connor, Phoenix AZ [07-03-1999]

May the american flag wave for us all, and let us stand tall and proud when ever we see her...
darrell&anita kirk, houston,TEXAS,USA [07-03-1999]

A few of us were curious as to the etiquette on the flying of past commissioned flags(i.e. 13 stars).
Barry Cartwright, Libertyville, IL [07-03-1999]

Sherry Niolet, Corpus Christi, TX [07-03-1999]

Barry Cartwright [07-03-1999]

Larry McDonald, Joplin, Missouri USA [07-03-1999]

The potrait that adorned our walls for years was of Betsy Ross and a group of women, say about five, all stitching on the American flag. This picture would still be in my parents possessions. I saw nothing like it on your website.
C E Lawrence, ON Canada [07-03-1999]

Jessica Levy, Rohnert park,california [07-03-1999]

You have most beautifull Country.Arthur
Athur Beausoleil Ontario Canada, Kapuskasing, Ontario Canada [07-02-1999]

Enjoyed your web page. Especially the 5-point star.
S. Traynor, Texas [07-02-1999]

It is very disappointing that more people do not display the flag during the year. Even on patriotic Holidays very few people display the flag. I believe that the newspapers and television stations should stress that the citizens display the American Flag. I believe that more people display various other flags (Mickey mouse, halloween, birds, animals,etc.) than the American Flag.
George Maalinich, Poland, Ohio [07-02-1999]

I searched for this site due to a quiz in our local St. Louis Post-Dispatch newpaper. All three of us believed the flag was indeed the work of Betsy Ross. The quiz answer was that the validity was questioned. This site helped me to understand the answer. From my reading, I believe Betsy was the original seamtress! Thank you, Janet
Janet R. Krause, St. Peters, Missouri [07-02-1999]

Gail S. Halfter, West Haverstraw, New York 10993, USA [07-02-1999]

Donna Marie Capobianco, Brooklyn, NY [07-02-1999]

Andrew Prosser, Reno, NV [07-02-1999]

Kathy, Arlington, Texas [07-02-1999]

steve, winter park, fl [07-02-1999]

I'm from New Zealand and have been here for 2 yrs now the country is nice, and the people are ok too. I miss my home sometimes and I miss the Food too. But other than that the Us is'nt bad at all.!! well in my Country they say good bye like this. Ka kite Ano. Tena kotoa tena kotoa tena kotoa katoa Ko Aroha e haere mai tena kotoa katoa. ( bye for now To all of you and to one another My love to you I send and to you all thank-you.)
Mmikaere Hina, Carbondale Ill USA [07-02-1999]

My thanks to all of you who took part in this beautifull tribute to our nation!
Roy Collins, Pine Bluff, Arkansas [07-02-1999]

Thanks for someone caring about the flag and the history of this great nation
Danny R Broach, Scranton, South Carolina [07-02-1999]

get website...with the flag burning issue on the burner, everyone should come here and learn some history.
barbara lockard, booneville ia usa [07-02-1999]

Long may it wave. Thanks, Betsy for your talent and dedication to freedom.
Barry A. Gangwer, Weatherly, PA [07-02-1999]

I pray that we can learn to see beyond the xxxx-American splinter images we have constructed and come to remember that our forefathers fought and died so we would be able to be Americans, known for the quality of people we are free to become, not stamped with some generic label.
Bill Rowland, Louisville, KY [07-02-1999]

v perry, wauconda,IL 60084 [07-02-1999]

Tomorrow is my Dad's birhtday (7-3) When he was a young boy he always thot the 4th was a BIG party for him. He passed away 6-21. He Always flew his flag with great pride. So I will be flying our flags on both the 3rd & 4th. To honor a great lady and a wonderful man.
Susie Ward, Yuba City, CA 95991 [07-02-1999]

My birthday is July 4th. When I was presented to my mother for the first time after I was cleaned and dressed I was wrapped in a small flag. My mothers birthday ironically is Flag Day, June 14th. Mom has taught me to love my country by respecting the men and women who have fought for and died for my freedom. She's also taught me to respect the rights that we have been guaranteed. I get upset when someone burns my flag -our flag. But, our Constitution guarantees that right. I don't like it, but I respect it. This country is the greatest in the world because of our rights afforded us by our forefathers. IIIIIIIIII am a little ashamed to look around me at a parade and see grown men and women not saluting our flag as it approaches them. I once saw a man take his hat off as the flag came by only to put it back on because no one else took theirs off. Is it embarrasing to be patriotic? Is it humiliating to want to show respect to a symbol of our country by saluting it? Is there something wrong with standing during our National Anthem? I hope not. Please - remember to stop and take notice as you see the flag approaching. Salute it. she's been there for us throughout our 223 years of freedom. The least you can do is salute her back. Thank you. Love your site
Matt Riddle, Fort Worth, Texas U.S.A. [07-02-1999]

Thank You for all your information. After years and years of being out of school, it is so nice to have a refresher course in so many things we take for granted.
Wilna Simmons, Castle Hayne, NC of the good ole US of A [07-02-1999]

Very detailed and informative.
Rev. Hubert Tyson. Jr. [07-02-1999]

James Fleming, Pascoag, RI [07-02-1999]

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Like your quiz, interesting trivia for us Americans. I hope everyone waves their proudly for the 4th! Happy 4th of July !!!
Sue Porter, Houston, TX [07-02-1999]

Great site. More info than I ever learned in school.Keep up the good work. As a Navy vet, I am very patriotic.God bless America.
Michael Hubbert, Zebulon , Ga [07-02-1999]

I really enjoyed remembering everything I learned in school. Thanks
Mary Amiott, Escondido,California [07-02-1999]

I enjoyed this web site. I may be more patriotic than most because my birthday is on the 4th.
Diane Mick, El Paso TX [07-02-1999]

Yes i thought the proper way of getting rid of a flag is to buried it. I really dont know
LaVernMANNIE, Jackson,Miss [07-02-1999]

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"GOD BLESS AMERICA" in the next millennium and forever!!!!!!!
George H. Holly, Columbus, OHIO [07-02-1999]

A very inspiring and Patriotic Site.
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Thank you for the history on our flag and country.
Mavis Cantino, Long Beach, California [07-02-1999]

Thank you for your effort in disseminating this information. As a soldier who is currently on active duty defending this great nation, it is wonderful to sit back and reflect upon the history that I am helping to defend.
Robert A. Johnson, Fort Lewis, WA 98433-9523 [07-02-1999]

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Nice Job
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Enjoyed it ! Even at My age Learned few history Tidbits. Enjoy ur letter. Now if you can remind when I Have Appointments . I would have it Made . LMAO ......Clay
Clay Phillips { age 71 }, Wapakoneta,Ohio [07-02-1999]

Great website. I actually learned something from it.
Allison, Oregon [07-02-1999]

I really enjoyed this website. I have always been a very patriotic person, and to know more about the history of my freedom make me feel even prouder to be an American. Thank You, Heather
Heather Kendall, Salt Lake City [07-02-1999]

How many other Betsy Rosses are out there?
Betsy Ross, Woodbury, CT [07-02-1999]

Michael Trevathan, Mcminnville, TN [07-02-1999]

I enjoyed your site very much, I just wish that everyone would look at the American Flag as a great symbol of this country. What a shame that we have to vote on how we should use our flag today. I have lived in 3 different countries and I would not trade one of them for my country. We are so lucky to be born in this country, and yet we want to use our flag as a door mat, what a shame.
Cathryn A. Young, Hayes, Virginia, United States of America [07-02-1999]

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Thank you so much for sending me this tour site. It was fun to see the house and learn more about someone you never quite hear about except about her sewing of the flag. Thanks again it was very informative. Merrill Millwater
Ms. Merrill Millwater, Glen Head, Long Island, NY, USA [07-02-1999]


Thanks for a beautiful website! Happy 4th of July! Last Summer of the Century!!
Joanne Kowitt, St. James, New York 11780 [07-02-1999]

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very good information about the flag and Betsy Ross..
Mary K Herring, Lenox, MA [07-02-1999]

Interesting site, a lot of histroy about our flag, some I never knew, I'll be back, I book marked this site. I'll forward it to some of my family and friends. I'll be back and I book marked this site. Thank You. Ed
Edward M. Johnson, Silver Lake, Washington USA [07-02-1999]

I work with mentally challenged people and we always make the fourth of July special for them. It is great to hear them tell what the flag means to them.It brings tears to my eyes, because these people are very honest, special people and the flag really means a lot to them. Do you have anything they could do or have read to them about the flag?
Cathy Harpster, Watsontown,PA. USA [07-02-1999]

I think our country is the greatest!But,we still need to work hard as a people,to help the ones less fortunate.We are not perfect by any means, but we are FREE! If everyone would take the time to help a fellow person who needed it,I think this country would be a great example to other countries with problems, (not that we don't have some of our own). I wouldn't dream of living anywhere else. To me,the freedom of choice is so important. That's what it's all about right? HERE'S TO AMERICA!! & take the time to help someone in need! Amen.
Rhonda Martinson, Angora, Minnesota [07-02-1999]


Michelle Walker, Suffolk, VA [07-02-1999]

This is a really great page; we are sharing some of this information with our grandchildren.
Paula Wittenaur, 3829 Capitol Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80526 [07-02-1999]

I have enjoyed this site very much. It has been interesting and informative.
Charline A. Davis, Athens, IL USA [07-02-1999]

Thank you for the information on our flag. It has been many years since I graduated from school and I had forgotten a lot of this. Thanks for refreshing my memory. Now I can answer my son's questions!
Becky Tomek, Colorado Springs, CO USA [07-02-1999]

Nice site. Thanks for the history!
Jan Tiberius, Murphy, NC [07-02-1999]

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Holly Stern Becker, Orange Village, Ohio, USA [07-02-1999]

thank you for the virtual tour. It was a great way of seeing something that I would probably not see any other way. I learned some facts about her that I did not know before.
Benita L. Auge, New Windsor, N.Y. [07-02-1999]

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Mark Greenfield, Evansville,IN.,USA [07-02-1999]

Mary G. Seymour, St. Louis, MO U.S.A. [07-02-1999]

The information about the flag has inspired me to study that time in histoy again. This is an interesting website.
Bill Mahnkey, Kimberling City, Missouri USA [07-02-1999]

Thanks for reminding me of our flag's history
William E. Andrews, Jr., Bonifay, Florida [07-02-1999]

I am SO PROUD to be an American! Throughout the last 50 years of my life, I have marched in numerous Flag Day parades, and often been a flag bearer. I have sung in spectacular Memorial Day programs at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA, where a 90' flag is slowly raised to the beautiful music of The Battle Hymn of the Republic, and at Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens in Hollywood Park, CA, where young ROTC cadets ceremoniously fold the flag and explain what each fold represents. I have the treasured flag that was draped over my father's casket, representing his military service in WWII. Each time I see the Colors presented, or hear the 21 Gun salute, I think of what our forefathers and the courageous men and women of the armed forces have sacrifices for us. I get a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes even now when I think of it. It's hard to imagine anyone defacing the flag, the very symbol of our freedom! Do you, by any chance, have the narrative to the! ! flag folding ceremony that I mentioned? I have noticed in your archives that several people have asked about it. It is one of the most beautiful explanations I have ever heard, and I'd love to suggest it for a ceremony at our church. Perhaps you could create another link in your website so everyone could enjoy it. Thank you so much for your wonderful work on this website. It is so refreshing to see something positive being presented instead of what we hear on the 11pm news each night. Have a great 4th of July! It's the last one we'll ever celebrate in this fabulous century!
Pam Reynolds, Corona, CA [07-02-1999]


Natalie Marinzel, Pittsburgh, PA 15260 [07-02-1999]

I am 37 years old and I find that it is a shame the flag is not as respected as it was years ago. I still get a lump in my throat when I hear The Star Spangled Banner. I am teaching my kids to put their hands over their heart when they salute a flag. I am glad we are not in any wars, but I also don't want people to forget where we have come from and what this country means
Connie Willis, Lewisville, TX [07-02-1999]

I spent 20 Years in U. S. Navy flying our flag and I am proud of it.
Wiley Renfreo, Florida [07-02-1999]

Wiley Renfreo, Florida [07-02-1999]

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I enjoyed the information very much. When I was a kid going to school I would have given my right arm for information like this for my American History class. Thank you very much!!!
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I felt like I was on Jeopardy, my favorite program! Thanks for the trivia!
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Really enjoyed touring with you. Provided great educational value plus a great deal of enjoyment.
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I will like to follow up all history about this USA becuse I want to become US citizen. I am very proud that my parent gave me a special name.. My name is America Villegas A reason my parent gave it to me becuase I was born on columbus s day. hope wil hear from yall ..
America Villegas, Smithville Texas, 78957 [07-02-1999]

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excellent site with trivia worth knowing :-)
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This was a very informative site. I am living out of country this year and enjoyed reading the history of our great country. I will celebrate Independence Day in Korea with pride.
Mana Cleaver, South Korea (native Tennessean) [07-02-1999]

I enjoyed the tour very much. A real treat.
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To all of our citizens, have a happy n safe 4th of july
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Every home should fly the American Flag.
Diann Thomas, Random Lake, WI [07-02-1999]

Great web site, I'll definitely return to see more of it ! Thanks Alice
Alice Ann Parsons, Dallas, Texas [07-02-1999]

It is good that history is still be preserved for each generation. There is a lot of "talk" that there are some people who are trying to rewrite our history. I hope that they are not sucessful. Keep up the good work.
Mike Whitaker, Olive Branch, MS [07-02-1999]

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This is a great web site. I think the Betsy Ross Page is an enlightening place to go. It's informative, especially for people who don't know much about the American Flag, like where it comes from and/or what it stands for.
G. Perkins, Lafayette, LA, USA [07-02-1999]

The spirt of America is in the desire to proudly fly the Flag of America of our great country!
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The constitutional amendment saving the flag from any atrocity must be be passed. Too many of American Men have paid the ultimate price defending what our flag stands for and we must never do anything to slander our fallen soilders. I am a Christian and believe that our country needs to return to the values that made us what we are today. If we want our freedom passed down to our grandchildrens, grandchildrens we must repent from our wicked ways and return to a country under God.
Rudolph L. Valdes II, Manassas, Va. [07-02-1999]


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Really like your Web Page. It's very interesting to learn what happened in years past. It's a very interesting site for school age children to learn about history, and many other things which have happened before and after they were born. Keep up the great work on this page. Will return to it as often as possible. Will share with other friends.
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This is so wonderful thank you so much for this. being raised with a Dad that was in the Coast Guard for 25 yrs and having 2 sons in the service one in the Army for 15 yrs and the other in for 20 yrs it is very refreashing to be privy to this Rita
Rita Goulart, West Tisbury,Ma [07-02-1999]

Thank you for your web site. With the world situation we are in big trouble if we rely on the "political" powers to save America from destruction by countries big enough to destroy us (if not now shortly down the road). The countries that would destroy us do not work under the "framework" of the Judaeo Christrian framework. There is a power which we call love, caring, respect, helping, etc. This power (we have tagged it with the name Yahweh, God or the Holy Spirit(brings success to perputate it's atributes. It is too bad that the majority of America's population is concerned about the powers in selfishness, raging hormones, and the attidude that if you don't think like me you don't deserve to live. (the same beliefs held by many countries who would want to destroy us. We may be sick of body, mind, or soul. As a result sickness is rampant and we rely more and more on synthetic drugs expeciting a cure. When the answer is straighten out your mind and make peace with your soul, and live by the ten commandments. Since we don't do this it is no wonder we do not live long. Even cancer claimed by some is "meloncolly" the Greek word for cancer. Enough - I rattle on. Keep up the good Web Site. rich
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This is a great site. I'm glad that I found it and I'll pass it along to friends so that they can visit Ms. Ross' house.
Carol Henderson, Los Angeles, California [07-02-1999]

I have read several of the comments by others before deciding to add my thoughts. I feel sorry for the people that have no respect or love for this country. I just would like to invite them to find any country in the whole entire world that is better. I mean we have the freedom to travel from state without having to get a visa. We can take pictures of most anything we want without the fear of being shot. When even the criminals don't really have to worry about being shot for just stealing a loaf of bread like in so many other third world countries. Sure America is not perfect. Find me someplace that is and I will tell you that you have either been dreaming or you are dead and went to heaven. I absolutely feel that if you don't like this country and hate it's symbol of freedom the flag affords us, leave it and go to another country. I was very glad when the government said it was alright to burn the flag because that is freedom of speech we all have a right to do, but I was also very happy when they said the fine for whipping up on someone that burned it was only $20. If I someone burning the flag I am afraid I would have to go pay at leat $100 in advance so I could really have my freedom of speech. I love this country and am very proud of its flag. My son was in the service to defend this country and he is one of the most appreciative people I know for this country. It's got its problems but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Sherrall Sadler, Berea, Ohio [07-02-1999]

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The flag represents freedom to me and my children
Cindy Alvarez, Wheeling,IL [07-02-1999]

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Rember!!!!! In God We Trust. We Are One Nation Under God!!!! God Bless America!!
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how we all for get.
martha, ashland ma. [07-02-1999]

I am a veteran of the Korean War and it is a concern to me when I see anyone treat our flag with disrespect.Throughout history our country has lost many of its young men defending the principals of freedom that our flag represents. It is my hope that Congress will enact legislation to protect the integrity of our flag. It seems there too many people today that have yet to be tested to show their patrotism and love of country. Should there ever be another challenge to the United States I pray they will stand and be counted. I just completed TOM BROKAW'S book, "The Greatest Generation" What a wonderful tribute to our country and the flag that is the symbol of this great nation. Jack Stroupe
Jack Stroupe, Slidell, LA 70460 [07-02-1999]

Where is the original Flag that Betsy sewed? Is that in the virtual picture? I will visit Betsy Ross house someday. thanks
Bonnie H. White, North Bethesda, MD [07-02-1999]

Nadine Rogers, Lake City, Florida USA [07-02-1999]

I loved the tour of the Betsy Ross info. I love my country and can always learn more. When attending Girls State (a few years back) we were told that the colors stood for: red was the blood shed for our country; blue was the sky over us and white the purity of citizens and country. LOVE MY COUNTRY!!!
Judy Ramer, North Little Rock, Arkansas [07-02-1999]

Thanks for such a beautiful, concise, well-written web site! I featured some of your info on proper flag display in my regular weekly column 7-4-99 in our local newspaper, "The Star". You can read it at then click on The Home Guide and find The Fox's Den. I am an Interior Designer who would like to see more of these "old-fashioned" virtues honored more.
BJ Fox, NCIDQ Certified, Crestwood, IL USA [07-02-1999]

The members of the senate should show that the American flag is a symbol of our nation's freedom and liberty by voting to enact a constitutional amendment to be voted by the states that would prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States.The American flag is a symbol of courage and bravery. members of our armed forces have proudly marched, sailed and fought under the flag in every conflict since the Mexican War.These men and women fought and died to protect our nation.We must pay tribute to their strength and pride of America.We shouldn't let the misguided liberals among us who say their right to desecrate the flag lies within the 1st amendment. They are wrong, wrong wrong.
Salvatore Reale, Seminole, FL [07-02-1999]

Great webpage keep up the good work. this is very interesting and knowledgeable.
Joyce A. Cline & Samantha K. Gunter, Tennessee [07-02-1999]

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I think you have a nice page with the Flag and what eath color mean
martha walker, Midway, Arkansas Baxter [07-02-1999]

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what ever happen to the good old days.when life was lay back, you had time to enjoyed your day without all the stress.
mary ann wiliams, det,mi [07-02-1999]

Robert Loski8, Nortridge, CA [07-02-1999]


Suzanne, Houston, Texas [07-02-1999]

I fly "OLD GLORY" every chance I get. Enjoyed learning the other days I can fly the flag other then those common holidays.
Kathleen Draper, Blackwood NJ [07-02-1999]

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Our FLAG stands for FREEDOM! Our Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles, neighbors fought in the early years for our freedom, as time went on Women were involved and are even more so today. Freedom has become so common place, the young people of today do not know what it means to fly the Flag with pride or to show respect to those who have died for our freedom. (I am not sure they could survive a war?) Have a Safe and Happy Holiday
Bobbie Dugger, Omaha, NE 68144 [07-02-1999]

David P Metcalf Sr, Ruskin FL [07-02-1999]

I think this is a nice page. It signifies what our country stands for and a lot of good men and women layed down their lives for it.
Kenneth England, Sunfield, Michigan 48890 [07-02-1999]

I love and respect the flag. I fly it every day at my home for the Free. I did my share to make us free, did you?
Carl Salvo, Jr., Providence, RI [07-02-1999]

Extremely interesting. Is this information currently taught in our school systems. I was born in Canada and it was required of all students to know about the American Government, including how many Senators, Congressmen, Supreme Court Justices, all about your history, flag etc. I believe the American schools should teach as much about their country as other nations do.
Carol D. Cole, Franklin, North Carolina 28734 [07-02-1999]

Amber Williams, tulsa, Oklahoma [07-02-1999]

This is really super!!! I've printed off a copy to take to Okla. where I'll be attending a family reunion and we'll play school and learn about the many things you have included. Thanks so much!!! Carol Suter
Carol Suter, Bryan, TX 77802, USA [07-02-1999]

I'm working , so can't stay long. I enjoyed my vist and found it very informative.
Pitman Gallup, Swampscott, MA USA [07-02-1999]


God Bless America!!!
Nancy Whittingotn, Itasca, Il [07-02-1999]

Very informative. I had to share it with my friends and family.
RoseAnn Sibilio, 33 Hinckley Avenue, Stamford, CT 06902 [07-02-1999]

Elzie Quinn [07-02-1999]

very nice
Barbara Wescott, Moreno Valley Ca [07-02-1999]

I enjoyed this information and made extra copies for my grandbabies. Love the USA.
Martha C. Benner, Omaha, NE [07-02-1999]

I really enjoyed your information.
Marian M. Phillips, Rex , Georgia [07-02-1999]

Beverly Urso, St George, UT 84770 [07-02-1999]

I found good things to keep my Grandkids busy while we get dinner ready for our family gathering this Fourth! Thanks a lot!
Susan Call, Auburn, WA [07-02-1999]

Renee Hart [07-02-1999]

You know after you get out of school you kind of put all your history and any importance it may have behind you because all you worry about is making a living and keeping up with the Jones, but its good to have a site that will bring you back you your senses and you can read and understand what we fought for and why we should be so proud of of forefathers and our independence we now have and most other countries do not. We should be proud to be in the United States of America and to be an American. The Land of the FREE. People ought to take a minute and reflect on what they have and be thankfull, Darn thankfull and I'm darn thankfull for a site like this to bring me back to reality
Jo-Ann Hans, Baltimore, Md, Dundalk, USA [07-02-1999]

I was looking for info for a class to be taught today about the flag.The site was very interesting and infomative.
Lynette Grimes, Calif U.S.A [07-02-1999]

JOHNNY DERREL LOPER, little rock ms [07-02-1999]

ROY SANDY, MIO, MICH. [07-02-1999]

I have enjoyed this webPage. Continue to keep us informed on history. I have been out of school for some time, need a refresher course every once in a while.
Kay Teeters, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, USA [07-02-1999]

I enjoy your website. Thank you
Dale Kenoe, Chicago, IL [07-02-1999]

I visted last year and it's incredible how good the pictures are. I felt like I was revisiting!
Patt Jimenez, Tucson, AZ USA [07-02-1999]

Great Site!
Vikki Brown, Fayetteville, North Carolina [07-02-1999]

I've worked for the Government and feel proud to still be a part of - - I've always been very patriotic. My Father served in the WWII and he is VERY VERY proud to have done so - I've received some of my patriotism from him!
Carol Knipp, Alexandria, VA [07-02-1999]

What a Beautiful message and web page---Nothing could be finer than to live in Carolina in to Celebrate the birth of our Nation!!! Betsy Ross is my kind of Patriot!
Rosemry Taylor-Whicker, Greenville, South Carolina [07-02-1999]

Thanks so much for the information, some of it I was familiar with, some was new to me!
Alecia Johnson, Knoxville, TN [07-02-1999]

My friend has asked me to find out about a certificate she was given as a little girl. It was issued by the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association in 1923 to a Wava Culver of Montpelier, Ohio. It is a series T certificate #18360. She would like to know about it and if it is of any historical import. Anything you could tell us would be most appreciated. Great site and thank you in advance for your time.
Stephen B. Bacckus, Dearborn Heights, MI [07-02-1999]

Recently an Internet friend of mine visited me and the United States for the first time. One of the things we did was visit the Independence Hall area. One stop on our tour was the Betsy Ross House. I have lived in the Philadelphia area for over 21 years and it took an Englishman to get me to Betsy Ross's house. I have emailed this link to him so he can so he can see where we were.
Laurie Ellen, Philadelphia, PA USA [07-02-1999]

I was just delited to open your web site. I printed it and will give a copy to my grandchildren. I was proud to read it and know my history. Thank you.
Carmella Fawver, Milford, Connecticut [07-02-1999]

I enjoyed the info. on our flag. Most things I knew but some things I learned. Thanks!
Helen J. Gustin, North Vernon, In. U.S.A. [07-02-1999]

Betty Stiles, Des Moines, Iowa [07-02-1999]

Mary L. Turner [07-02-1999]

Pat Rozier, Valdosta, GA [07-02-1999]

Richard Wagner, Pittsburgh, PA 15210 [07-02-1999]

Nicole Whisman, Fort Polk, LA [07-02-1999]

I remember the flag in parades in my home town and often wish that we could go back to the times when everyone respected and loved the flag because it is a symbol of this great country. I still get stab of pride and gratitude when the flag passes in review.
Kathy Almquist, Sierra Vista, AZ [07-02-1999]

I have been to Betsy Ross House only with elementary school tours. This site is a great idea for people who are unable to actually do the tour of Philadelphia. I am glad to see the house has been better restored than the last time I saw it many years ago, at least 30 or more. I just read some of the things other people had written. Some make me proud, others make me cry. People are so bitter and confused. My generation fought the Viet Nam War. There is so much controversy regarding that battle. It all really makes no difference in the long run. The men and women who died for us should be honered no matter what others thought of the battle or its outcome. We have more freedom and rights than any other country in this world. I love America and the things it has tried to stand for. We are not a perfect nation but we try. I find my self crying everytime my son or someone else plays "Taps" for the Veterans on those few days we set aside to honor so many lost lives. People should look around at other countries before the make such fuss over the USA and its flag. True the flag actually is only cloth but it is the ideals we must remember always. If people would just close their eyes and open their hearts to humanity there would not be so much trouble. War never settles anything it just takes lives.
Suzanne R. Datti, Sea Isle City, NJ [07-02-1999]

I am a College Student and this page has really helped me a lot with my History Reports and Homework. Thanks Loads
Barbara Jean Jackson, San Jose, CA. United States [07-02-1999]

Just signing guest book! Good information here, and as a teacher, I have enjoyed it. Thanks.
Kirkland, Carla, Waco, TX [07-02-1999]

I went to war, voluntarily, to defend my country during the Viet-nan War. I will volunteer again if my country needs me. The flag and the eagles are the symbols of our country fight for freedom.
Tomas Birriel Carmona, 5301 La Cieniga St., San Antonio, Tx 78233 USA [07-02-1999]

I am happy to see a home page on the Flag. Would you please print the list of proper flying of the flag? It makes me sick when I see the flag being displayed incorrectly. Most offenders are businesses that have several poles in a row and all the same height. Thank you for this page. A personal opinion on people that burn the flag in protest to something. I have no problem with anyone who wishes to burn the flag in protest as long as his a__ is wrapped in it.
Keith Schrader, Dayton, Ohio [07-02-1999]

Carlene Carpenter, San Jose, CA [07-02-1999]

Thank you for taking the time to make this 4th of July such momentos one! As we begin the millenium it was a perfect addition to our heritage!
Marilyn Huddleston, Canyon, Texas USA [07-02-1999]

Serena L. Robinson, San Francisco, CA USA [07-02-1999]

A very interesting website that is very informative. I will pass this on to other educators and students. This is really great information for a US History class.
linda h. farmer, goldsboro, nc 27530 [07-02-1999]

Growing up in Phila., I was lucky enough to have visited all of the historical sites many times. Now, I'm learning the history of the ancient indian tribes. back to 2000 B.C. There is so much to learn in our wonderful country. and so much alike people are.
Ruth Wenzel, Salt Lake City, Utah [07-02-1999]

A retired U.S. Navy man and retired CIA person, who loves this country and has and always will protect the American Flag and what it stands for.
Sid Kramer, Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida [07-02-1999]

This was a Great virtual tour that was given. As a child we were taken there on a Field Trip from school. It was great revisiting the place again. Thanks, Vicky
Vicky Villanueva, Paterson, New Jersey [07-02-1999]

Ilove my flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lowell barnett, leesburg,ohio USA [07-02-1999]

Loretta Brown, Middlesboro, KY [07-02-1999]

Ron E. Patterson Sr., Newark, Delaware 19713 [07-02-1999]

Thank you-spectactular
Bill Miles, Ft Myers, Florida [07-02-1999]


sharon racer, OLATHE, KANSAS [07-02-1999]

Enjoyed the tour.
Cynthia Gawlitta, Milwaukee, WI [07-02-1999]

This is a cool Website Betsy Ross you did a good jod on your web site c-ya Kristina
Kristina, Denver, NC [07-02-1999]

I am originally from Reading, PA. I have taken many visitors to see the Betsy Ross Home in Philadelphia. I believe it is a place every American should visit sometime in their life. Of course,along with that, a must see is the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.
Mariln M. Paris, Palm Coast, FL [07-02-1999]

Thank you for the information on the flag. Today I talked to quite a few adult people, and I asked them if they knew what the colors in the flag stood for. Most of them had no idea. In visiting some of the schools in our area, I found that not all of the class rooms are displaying the flag. Most of our young students dont even know the pledge. I do think it is time for the adult americans to stand up and stress the importance and respect of the American Flag. Thanks again
Paul E Grant [07-02-1999]

Madeleine Dalton, Budd Lake, NJ [07-02-1999]

Have you ever heard of the Betsy Ross Foundation? My friend has a framed certificate signed by John Quincy Adams (Idon't believe it is the president) dated in the late l800's. Supposidly if you made a donation to this foundation you received a certificate. any help you could give me would be appreciated thank you Betty
betty wrobel, plainville ct [07-02-1999]

William R Hawkins, Snellville, Ga [07-02-1999]

Very interesting site. Lots of good school information. Spent hours brousing. Thank you.
Ruth Brent, Summerville, S.C. [07-02-1999]

Enjoyed the visit...wish the pictures were clearer or bigger.
S Aloi, Tx [07-02-1999]

Nice WEB site. Hope to actually visit during mid-July when family from Oregon are visiting.
Marion L. Rice, Maple Shade, NJ 08052 [07-02-1999]

Heidi Rockett, Sunnyvale, CA [07-02-1999]

Hi!I go to Burnett Elementary the tour is GRATE
anonymous [07-02-1999]

I am retired Army Chaplain....I never can find enough information about the flag....especially proper behavior when in the presence of the flag.....thanks for all your efforts. Franklin
Rev. H. Franklin Pierce, Brunswick, Ga [07-02-1999]

Great history of the flags
Stephen N Dart, Toronto Ontario Canada [07-02-1999]

I came here to help my sons with a cub scout project. We learned a lot. Thanks.


In today's daily newspaper there is an article that states that the Star-Spangled Banner was made by a Mary Pickersgill and her daugher in Baltimore in 1813. This web search is conducted to find information that validates what I learned in grade school: Betsy Ross made the flag. On the way to the office where this terminal is located, I questioned two people about this controversy, both of them female. I received two different answers - one said Ross and the other said Mary.
bessie l. morrissette, gulfport, ms [07-02-1999]

This is the first web site that has held my interest for this long. Very good site.
Kenneth Sutton, Spokane, Washington [07-02-1999]

this looks like alot of fun to explore with my kids. thanks for the great site. dw
dianna wilson, Villa Rica, Georgia [07-02-1999]

Scott Fleming, Blanchester ohio 45107 U S [07-02-1999]

My daughter has a patriotic theme at summer camp this week. The information was very helpful and informative to us. My daughter was also able to learn a little about our flag and the lady who 1st gave it to us. Thanks!
April Teague and daughter Heather, NC [07-02-1999]

My maiden name is Betsy Ross so I am very intrigued by her legend !!! I would love to know how I could be more involved. Betsy !
Betsy Ross Burke, West Chester, pa [07-02-1999]

Hello & God Bless! Remember who we trusted in to give us freedom. In God We Trust. God Bless again, Lauren (age 20)
Lauren Halvis, Washington Twp, NJ [07-02-1999]

Bonnie Thomas, Lawrence Kansas [07-02-1999]

Margaret Thomas [07-02-1999]

I used to live in Philadelphia. I visited the Betsy Ross house on a school trip, and after my children grew to teens, we went to Philly to visit and show them some of the history of our country. It's a great place to go, and not just with the kids....
charlotte blake, bangor, maine [07-02-1999]

marcus, Binghamton,New York [07-02-1999]

your story was very good one I hope yall make some more.
Ana Huerta, stephenville TX [07-02-1999]

This is a very good sit yall need to make more of this good sits from.Ashley
ashley gaskill, stephenville TX [07-02-1999]

by by by by by by by by by
Joe Black, Lingleville,Tx [07-02-1999]

Mrs. Doni Ulman, Vancouver, Washington [07-02-1999]

Thank you for such a great webb site. We are doing a patriotic skit at our church this Sunday,(July 4th) and I was looking for material, on Betsy Ross. You have filled the bill completely. This info. will be used by the lady that poses as Betsy Ross. There is no doubt in my mind what-so-ever, that she was truly the one who sewed our first flag. Keep up the good work. I am to be Benjamin Franklin, and have found much additional info. on him as well. I am a veteran of the Korean war, and love my flag and country dearly. I too get a lump in my throat when the flag is displayed, and when taps are played.
Galen W. Seaman Sr., Linden, Pa. [07-02-1999]

What a wonderful informative site for the family! Thank you. Stop by & see my 4th Of July page when you get a chance: YEAR ROUND HOLIDAY GAMES FOR KIDS, FAMILY & CLASSROOM
Sheri, Michigan [07-02-1999]

What is the official size of the US flag?
Sheryl, USA [07-02-1999]

thank you for the email.
DAVID FLAWS, east windsor ct. [07-02-1999]

Great site.
John S. Hicks, Warwick, NY 10990 [07-02-1999]

Crystal Craft [07-02-1999]

I was looking for some good information to use in our Pilot Club meeting about our " Flag" I was glad to be able to get these great facts to use. Thanks
Shirley Wilkes, Hartsville,S.C. 29550 [07-02-1999]

I have always wanted to visit Philadelphia and after seeing this virtual tour and others on the website my conviction is increased! My children are at the age where I think they would appreciate the history here! Thanks and continue the good work!
Deborah Flathers, Kansas City, MO [07-02-1999]

Great site. I have long been a Civil War Fan. I was looking for any connection to the War via my last name and found your site I had long forgotten about Betsy Ross' contribution to our independence. Thanks!
Bill Ross, warren Mi [07-02-1999]

Your site is wonderful. God Bless America!!
Jennifer Neal, Martinsville Indiana [07-02-1999]

What a wonderful website; it's terrific to just click on to soooo much interesting history - especially about Betsy Ross -- I'm originally from Philadelphia, PA. Please visit my ArtWorks website at:
Jane K. Anderson, Los Angeles, CA USA [07-02-1999]

I wouldn't want to live anywhere else but the Good Ole USA.
Deborah Whittinghill, Hopkinsville, Ky. 42240 [07-02-1999]

Deborah Whittinghill, Hopkinsville, Ky. 42240 [07-02-1999]

Great site, I liked the questions. They were easy enough to answer, and I wanted to know the answers too!
Angel Watts, Jonesboro, Ga USA [07-02-1999]

I am a great lover of red white and blue especial the flag. enjoyed the tour...
nancy dungan, arma kansas usa [07-02-1999]

great site....i teach 2nd grade....will have students visit this next year
Norma Hidalgo, Lafayette, Louisiana [07-02-1999]

learned lots, liked the 5 point star
Sharon Monroe, Forrest, Il. [07-02-1999]

macnobeth, romel koordinatebze sheidzleba thqveni signalis migeba centralur evropashi.
talikadze nugzar, Zilina, Slovak republik [07-02-1999]

Deneen B. Rose [07-02-1999]

I visited Philadelphia and Betsy Ross' house yesterday. I was surprised to learn that Betsy Ross' third husband was a "Claypoole." Now I am going to start looking in my family's geneology to see if I am related.
Summer Claypoole, Baltimore, Maryland [07-02-1999]

This is neat it's like an information station or something.
Nicole pinnelli, Cicero, NY [07-02-1999]


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