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Rick Knox, Lake Zurich, IL [06-29-1999]

I teach a Sunday School class for 9 to 12 year olds and for the July 4th Holiday I wanted to start the class by talking about the American Flag and give some information about it and how inportant our freedom is to us. Your website was a great source of information and very easy to get around in. Thanks!
Diane Turner, Blairs, VA [06-29-1999]

karen johns [06-29-1999]

I am a librarian trying to answer a soldiers questions. I have not found the answers, yet, and am hoping you can help me. 1st. On a federal flagpole the truck is supposed to represent the 'shot heard 'round the world', why and how does it represent this? (I am begining to suspect that the gentleman means the ball and eagle on the top of the flagpole.) 2nd: What is the truck made of and what is each substance supposed to represent? 3rd: Why is the flag folded into a tri-corn hat shape? Is it to honor the HATS worn by soldiers of early America? If you can help me with this patrons questions, I would really appreciate it! I have found the answers to many of his questions, but these 3 are eluding me. Thank-you!
edye pinheiro, Yakima Training Center, Yakima, WA 98901 [06-24-1999]

STEPHANIE MONAHAN, boynton beach, florida [06-24-1999]

Thankyou for the information.
Anayvelyse Mossman, New York, NY [06-24-1999]

Ernie Williams, essex [06-24-1999]

Dont know if im somehow related Im 25 yrs old direct descendant of Anthony Joseph Ross (italian)
Tracy Rambo, Cleveland,OH U.S [06-24-1999]

Wonderful site. Plan to share with other teachers.
Linda T. Fears, Halifax, Virginia 24558 [06-24-1999]

tyler, knoxville,tn [06-23-1999]

Betsy Weaver, Lynchburg,VA [06-23-1999]

Several years ago I visited Betsy Ross's home and enjoyed seeing it again on the computer. I hope to return some time.
Glenda Wright, Bloomington, IL U.S.A. [06-23-1999]

In Boy Scouting we teach scouts to respect God, America, it's flag, and the people who fight to keep America free. It's great to find a site that helps us do just that. Great site!
Boy Scout Troop 536 c/o Jay Kempinger, Milwaukee, WI. [06-23-1999]

Boy Scout Troop 536 [06-23-1999]

I am currently tracing my family tree. It has been passed through the generations I am related to Betsy. I am excited to find out more
Tricia Hoover, Royal Oak MI USA [06-22-1999]

Jordan Mack, memphis, Tn [06-22-1999]

Christopher Blocker, memphis, Tn [06-22-1999]

Bretton Bush, memphis, Tn [06-22-1999]

Jacob Uthe, memphis, Tn [06-22-1999]

John McClung, Huffman,TX [06-22-1999]

Bradley Herring, Bristol TN [06-21-1999]

Searching for descendents of MARTHA ARMSTRONG FRAKER, Pompei, Washington Township, MI, daughter of WILLIAM W. ARMSTRONG. Have much information to trade. Cynthia
Cynthia, USA [06-21-1999]

Jenny, St.Paul MN [06-21-1999]

Your web page is breathtakingly beautiful. God Bless America God Bless the Veterans of our country and God Bless our most beautiful flag! I wrote to you just because I love living in the most wonderful country in the world. I appreciate being an American citizen. My father is a disabled Veteran of World War II and he always taught me to love my country. I have always loved American history and the story of our most wonderful flag. Thanks for a beautiful web page. Sincerely, Linda
Linda Lilienfeld, Baltimore, Maryland [06-21-1999]

Paula E. Sienko, Conshohocken, Pa 19428 [06-21-1999]

anonymous, LAREDO, TX USA [06-21-1999]

i had to find out how to fold a flag. my father in law passed away mom wanted it stored in a triangle glass box . now i know thanks to this website .ps it will make her happy again thanks web master .. mrtwister58
mark green, fla charlotte co u.s.a. [06-21-1999]

I give Betsy Ross an Esteemed amount of credit for coming up with such a unique design for a country's flag. There is no other flag even close to it.
Sarah Horn, Milwaukee, WI [06-21-1999]

Jean Buskirk, Newark,DE 19711 [06-21-1999]

william sweat, gordon ga. [06-21-1999]

Collecting ideas for a social studies unit plan... great idea! Thanks...
Megan Murray, Rochester, NY [06-21-1999]

Hello Betsy, I am trying to get some infomation on a print I picked up at a antique shop. It seems to be a print on canvas, showing G.Washington, Robert Morris, George Ross, and Betsy Ross with the title "BIRTH OF OUR NATIONS FLAG". It was presented to "Franze ?????" of New York, N.Y. by the AMERICAN FLAG HOUSE and BETSY ROSS MEMORIAL ASSOC.for aiding in the preservation of the birthplace of our nations flag. Has a raised seal numbered 8539 and has a copyright of 1911 I would appreciate and help or a point in the right direction. Thank You John Ramos
John Ramos, Sparta, N.J. [06-21-1999]

I think Betsy's house is really neat!Her kitchen looks old, BUT COOL!
Emily Ackerberg, Montague MI. [06-21-1999]

JAMES M. MARSH, OAKHURST. CA 93644 [06-21-1999]

I think your site is really cool. this is the first time I have ever been here.
anonymous, Hollywood Florida [06-21-1999]

robert burket, georgetown, ohio 45121 [06-21-1999]

Found your page on a link from the WWW.DAV.ORG wep page. At our meetings we have a few questions that come up in regards to the displaying of the flag. Thanks for the info. Charlie PS: Hurry up with the store.
Charlie ECHOLS, San Diego, CA. [06-19-1999]

What a wonderful Web Page for students, colorful and lots of information.
Mrs. Harriet Robbins, Tavernier, Fl 33070 [06-19-1999]

I am currently researching my family history. It was handed down to me by my great-grandmother, that Betsy Ross was a great-great-grandmother to her. This web site as been very helpful in getting me started on my quest to unveiling the truth. Thank You !
Robin I. Hatton, Mannsville, Oklahoma [06-19-1999]

I am an elementary art teacher and used your site for info to share with my students for projects relating to Flag Day. Many thanks and God Bless the USA!
Joann, CT [06-19-1999]

nancy damon [06-19-1999]

I miss the US and see it from an entirely different light here in Singapore. I'm asked many questions (mainly about Clinton) that I can't answer but the pride I have in the US can never be broken. I've learned to love to the fullest and appreciate all I have. These are a wonderful people, but miss my US of A terribly. Good to see this web page and all it stands for.
Jill Kratzer, Singapore [06-19-1999]

As an organizational leader of our community 4-H club, I try and have an educational lesson at each meeting. From your web sight, I have found so many intersting facts about the American Flag that will be our July lesson. Thank yo so much for the information.
Patt Welsh, Kearneysville, WV [06-19-1999]

My students enjoyed visiting your web page today. It helps to see where people lived. Betsy seems more real now.
Nancy Pearsall, Second Grade Teacher, Manchester, NH USA [06-19-1999]

amanda o'dell [06-19-1999]

I viewed the American Legion web site and their Flag Code shows that the Flag shall be flown at half staff ALL DAY on Peace Officers Memorial Day, (it doesn't say when that is)by order of Public Law 322, 103rd Congress, Second Session, Sept.13,1994. By doing this, in my opinion, is to relegate Memorial Day and all of those that died in the Service of Thier Country to an inferior position. I would welcome any comments on this subject. I don't believe that this change has been given any publicity and am shocked that the Veterans groups have not picked up on this.
Lewis E. Clanton, Lumber Bridge, NC 28357 [06-19-1999]

Yvonne Jackson, Olalla, Washington [06-19-1999]

Arthur L Hardy, Akron Ohio U.S.A. [06-19-1999]

I am an "Army brat" by BOTH parents, and a Staff Sgt. in the U.S.Army Reserves. I am very proud to serve our country and show honor to the flag. I am not afraid to admit that I get a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye usually when I am standing while the flag is being raised, or lowered. The song that touches my heart the quickest is the sound of double bugles playing "Taps"...
Fred Paul, Marble Falls, Tx. [06-19-1999]

I'm looking at your web site because I am doing a report on the American flag and this site has been very helpful. Thank You, Matthew Hardesty
Matthew Hardesty, Lansing, New York, United States [06-19-1999]

Great site!
Dawn, United States [06-19-1999]

It's a Grand Old Flag"
Shirley Warren, Washington [06-14-1999]

During a recent ceremony, several flags from our past (i.e. Pine Tree, Betsy Ross, 48 star, etc)were paraded and recognized. Are these flags given the same honor as our 50 star flag? I think so but not sure.
Robert Ardary, Pascagoula, MS 39581 USA [06-14-1999]

As a new teacher I am always looking for points of interest. If there is any additional FREE information that you could sent me about the flag or Besty Ross I would appreciate it.
R Barbee, CorneliusNC 28031 [06-14-1999]

This is cool!! I never knew some of this stuff!!
Sally Mays, Romulus, NY [06-14-1999]

Ms Bonsor's first Grade Class, Nashua, New Hampshire [06-14-1999]

I think Besty Ross was very thoughtful. If it wasn't for her we would not have a flag. So I am glad that Besty Ross did what she did. What is really sad, is that she died. Sincerly, Maegan Mcvey.
Maegan Mcvey, Austin, Indiana, AGE [06-14-1999]

Today I have raised the flag that covered the coffin of my son Jacob Finley Siratt III who died in Vietnam on July 19, 1968. (This is a correction to the one I just sent.)
Lois Grisham Siratt, Santa Maria, California, USA [06-14-1999]

Jim Yemma, Wisconsin [06-14-1999]

Heather B., Hartwood VA. [06-14-1999]

Please keep telling the world about our great nation and what OUR FLAG means!!
Harry J Foster, Lititz, PA [06-14-1999]

Greg Pin, Danbury, CT [06-14-1999]

Emily Steele, fredericksburg VA [06-14-1999]

Deborah S. Robbins, Millville, NJ [06-14-1999]

I am trying to find out how my wife is related to betsy ross i think she married a porter
chuck morley, downey, ca. [06-14-1999]

Sandy Harper, Grand Prairie, TX [06-13-1999]

I'm a teacher. Some of us(teachers)were discussing the symbols of the flag in preparation of Flag Day. We were all a little fuzzy on the details, so I decided to do a little research. Thanks for the answers! PS....It's nice to know that even the Continental Congress, made it hard for us to know for sure. Even George Washington only left a legend!!
Phyllis Ann O'Connell, Long Island, New York [06-13-1999]

Monica [06-13-1999]

What a great site!!!
Laura Showman, Denver, CO [06-13-1999]

Hi, Boy! Love this! Keep up the good work!
Grooovvy & Karla Magee, Houston, Mo. 65483 [06-13-1999]

Great information. I found it to be very helpful in a college repot that I have been working on. Thanks
E.K., Virgina [06-13-1999]


I am reseaching the American Flag for several reasons: 1. my own interest that my father develop in me from a very early age; 2. to teach my Girl Scouts about the flag and it's meaning; and 3. I am hoping that my Girl Scouts will develop a badge to be submitted the Girl Scouts of America for consideration to be placed in the badge book at a future date. That you for this opportunity to discover more about this important American symbol. CRC
christine r. cambray, pelham, new hamphire [06-13-1999]

This is a great homepage, my daughter is doing a biography on Betsy Ross.
Charlotte Ouellet, East Haven, CT USA [06-13-1999]

Very nice site. Thanks for the tour.
beth, mt hood, or [06-13-1999]

This website is very Awesome, It helped me learn about Betsy Ross and her making the flag
Amanda Denning, Centerville Utah 84014 Davis County U.S.A [06-13-1999]

What a wonderful web site!! It will be so much help to prepare speeches and educate children & citizens about the flag since I'm President of the VFWLA. Thanks so much.
Cathy Beers, Manheim, Pa. [06-13-1999]

Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts about these issues. I have been studying the history of America because I want to be a citizen. And so I am very much interested on who sewed the flag, having learned what each item on the flag represents. I bow to Betsy Ross, for her wonderful work of sewing and probably help designing the flag of America. To me, the flag of America represents its beginning and the history of its origination as I have learned. Now that I know what the stars, and the stripes stand for I appreciate and respect it even more. When I see the flag it reminds me of the forefathers who came here seeking for religious freedom; people who were courages; people who yearned for freedom; people who were willing to accept changes and to start a new life in an unknown place. I love the freedom and the protection this Country offers me and my extended family. I truely honor the flag and respect what it stands for. And I pray that God will continue to bless America in its role of keeping peace in the whole world and providing economic aid and food to the poor Countries.
Uinise Maopa Pauli, 1000 Garden Street, E. Palo Alto, CA 94303 [06-11-1999]

I think this is absolutely wonderful! I was re-educated about our flag and learned new facts as well. I have told many of my friends about this site---especially my service club-- Altrusa. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
Beau Stocking, Burbank, CA [06-11-1999]

ShannonFletcher [06-11-1999]

Great wed site...I teach eighth grade humanities and was looking for information on flags for flag day! THANKS!!!!
Lori McMullen, Truckee, California USA [06-11-1999]

Shannon Hill, Loveland, Ohio [06-11-1999]

Alison Robertson [06-09-1999]

shane p, nj [06-09-1999]

Thanks! Enjoyed the info!
Mke Miller, San Diego, CA [06-08-1999]

Thank you for such a wonderful site. We homeshool our children and I found your site very useful in doing reasearch on the flag and Betsy Ross for the upcoming 4th of July holiday.
Kimberly Busby, Yosemite National Park, CA [06-08-1999]

I am taking a class with Ms. Tepps and Ms. Cunningham and they gave us this address. This is an excellent project! Very Impressive!
Cheryl Komenda, Vernon Hills, IL [06-08-1999]

Great information about the flag. Concise and to the point.
Robert and Patti Cook, Valencia, Calif. [06-08-1999]

Megan Heise, Homer City, Pennsylvania [06-08-1999]

Is anything special planned for the Betsy Ross House on Flag Day. I'll be in town then and was just curious.
Paul Ladd, Nashville, TN [06-08-1999]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and i just want to say thanks
stevie rogers, Everett Washington [06-08-1999]

mauricio higuera, usa, norwalk CT, 60 connecticut ave. apto. # 3 [06-08-1999]


I don't know how I got here, but I'll sign the guest book anyway!!!
Tara Donelson, Palmyra, MO [06-07-1999]

Fran Marino, Massapequa Pa;rk, NY, USA [06-07-1999]

Shirley Prudhomme [06-07-1999]

Kerry O'Connor [06-07-1999]

Alexis Wood, Portland, OR [06-05-1999]

This is a great site! I teach fifth grade, and so I have a love of U.S. History and flags in particular. I'm sure my students are going to be excited when we come to the lab to visit your site next week! Karen Clark
Karen Clark, Glendora, CA, United Statees [06-05-1999]

I am teaching a girl's club (Missionettes) and the girls are having to learn several pledges and I thought it would be good for them to know the history behind the American flag and why they are pledging allegience. Thank you for having this on the internet and I will visit again. God Bless you for your work.
Joyce Leatherwood, Austin, TX [06-05-1999]

Janet Ackerman, Apple Valley, MN [06-04-1999]

If someone can answer this I would appreciate it. I am currently writing a book on Betsy Ross and I have one question. How old were her daughters when she supposibly made the flag?
karen, usa [06-04-1999]

I really enjoyed your home page. It is amazing how little I knew about Betsy. Your flag picture gallery was wonderful. Thank you for sharing with us.
Karen Guthrie, Murray, Kentucky, USA [06-04-1999]

Ms.weiss [06-04-1999]

when writing a paper, it's not fun to find contradicting info, i think some ppl need to get together and straighten it out!!!!
kal, u.s. [06-04-1999]

Thanks for the great site! It's good to have just such a resource for learning about our history. We have a cultural heritage to be proud of unlike a country whose heritage is a penal colony (referring to the comment today from Australia).
Jeff Lendahl, San Jose, CA [06-04-1999]

we really feel that your yanky site is a wast of time!!!
matthew and scott, Australia [06-04-1999]

Thank you for your great site. We found it in the course of some student research. An ESL student of mine, a high school girl from Mexico, had to do a presentation on Betsy Ross for a history class. Our library material was very sparse. But we found a wealth of information on Ross and the flag here. The historic detail on Ross' life humanized her--in a way that the typical dreary school textbook cannot do. The one-snip star page is a nice activity. It is going into my teaching arsenal. My Hispanic student is on her way to becoming one of our finer citizens. Thanks for helping her acquire the cultural literacy she needs.
Ted March, Fernley, Nevada [06-03-1999]


Brian, Indiana [06-03-1999]

James, Clinton,Md [06-03-1999]

I learned a lot about Betsy Ross in your website. It made my research paper easier to do since I went into you website. COOL WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!
Samantha, Oxford,NJ,USA [06-02-1999]

HI! I did not know that hanging our flag upsidedown was a destress cry.
Anthony Kirchner, washington, NJ [06-02-1999]

Hi, have you ever heard the Name LOTHAMER, maybe in some other spellings, let me know !
MATTHIAS Lothhammer, North-Germany [06-01-1999]

please, u need to get bigger pictures
John Stout, Fremont Michigan [06-01-1999]

Just read an article about how the Betsy Ross story is unsubstantiated, then came here to hear the other side!
Dell Spires, Macon GA [06-01-1999]

Hey i think it is really cool that i could get so much stuff on betsy on this site!! brandon
Brandon [06-01-1999]

Lots of info. Add some learning games.Cool ones
Steve [06-01-1999]

Rodney C. Peck, New York [06-01-1999]

My students pledge the flag each morning, but they didn't really know why. So, this year we studied why the flag was important to us. This helped in getting them to stand up straight, put their hands over their hearts and show respect when saying the pledge. I didn't do this activity until late in the school year, I became concerned because of the lack of respect the students were showing when it was time to say the pledge. I think this has come about because they know the words but don't know what the words represent. This coming school year I plan start the year learning about the flag. so, I'm hoping to get a lot of information from this site. Shirley Jeffersonville
Shirley Webb, Jeffersonville, indiana [05-31-1999]

Thank you for your work on this website. It has been very helpful to me in creating a narrative for Betsy Ross in connection with our "Let Freedom Sing" festival in the town of Parker this year.
Doug Richards, Parker, Colorado [05-31-1999]

This is a great web page. Thanks so much for your efforts. The flag takes my heart away and tear to my eye when its unfurled and flying, proud to lead the way in all things. I will recommend this site to others. In fact I am using this information for a sermon that I will preach this Sunday. God bless you all. Ron Vermeland
Ronald Vermeland, Holstein, IA [05-31-1999]

Ken, Baton Rouge, Louisiana [05-31-1999]

Robert Lee Leyerle Sr., Spokane, Washington [05-31-1999]

as a young girl i visited the ross home with my parents - it was a liberty trip including valley forge and independence hall - tomorrow during the children's story i hope to instill a love for our flag with the children by using my recollections and trivia from your page - thank you
rev. judith brown osgood, unitarian congregation of mendon & uxbridge, po box 392, mendon, MA 01756 [05-31-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy and this web page really helped me!!!!!
Erica, Connecticut [05-31-1999]

Thank-you!!!!! Thank you for making this site!! I needed to work on Betsy Ross for a report!!!!! It helped me a lot! Bye!
Steph, CA [05-28-1999]

I was wondering if there is any proper way of burning the flag for disposal purposes? I have heard that there is and would like to know if there is. You can reach me e-mail. I would like to have this information for my local VFW post. Thank you for your help.
Richard Efaw, Nelsonville, OH [05-28-1999]

Jean Salcido, Camarillo, Ca [05-28-1999]

HI!I'm D.D. Robinson!
Celeste Robinson, Belmont,CA United States [05-28-1999]

To Whom It May Concern: On Martha Stewart Living, May 26, she did a segment on how to fold the flag...and as she was folding it, she was giving the meaning of each "tricorn" fold. Unfortunately, her web site did not list you know these meanings, if so, would you please be so kind as to e-mail them to me. With Memorial Day coming up...I would really appreciate the info. (My husband is active duty Army). Thanks so much. Catherine Holcombe
Catherine Holcombe, Frederick, MD [05-28-1999]

nice site but you should make the tor actually virtual and make it go faster
Emillie D. Schlemmer, Pgh,Ge [05-27-1999]

May the luck of the Irish be with your website!
Erin E. Cummings, Ireland [05-27-1999]

Susan Cockerell, millington, tn [05-27-1999]

These facts are very interesting. They are refreshing to go over them again. I wish our current political representative would go over this stuff more often and remember what the Government is really about. This is good stuff for kids to learn. Stan
Stan Banks, Overland Park, Kansas 66210 [05-27-1999]

nicky hilts, johnstown [05-27-1999]

My husband is related to the Ross Family through Col. George Ross. Do you have any information about him and his family in Scotland?
Mary Briggs, San Jose, CA [05-27-1999]

Could you please provide books and more security, etc.? your fans
lauren , marketa, antoinette, richmond virginia [05-27-1999]

I was told that when the American flag is folded that each fold represents something important to us as Americans. Could you let me know what each of the 13 folds represents. I would like to share this with my family on Memorial Day. Thank you
Judith Bonniksen, Cedar City, Utah [05-27-1999]

hi i am heather thomas.
heather thomas, amsterdam [05-27-1999]

A very interesting site. Wish I had found it earlier we would have been able to clarify the position of the flag at our church.
Gail Moncivias, Clark Summit PA [05-27-1999]

This is a great webpage dedicated to the person who gave us the flag that symbolizes everything this country stands for and that makes this country great. My humble thanks and best wishes to all those whose efforts make this site possible.
Eric Maietta, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. [05-27-1999]

We are learning about famous women in Mr. Grant's reading class.
Brittany, Racine,WI [05-27-1999]

Looking for information for Flag Day
Marcia, California [05-25-1999]

Found your sight and gained some valuable information, regarding a geneology search tracing "HUTCHISON" I have a 1913 newspaper indicationg that a relative, Eliza Jane (ROSS) Hutchison was a niece of Betsy. Eliza's father was Jacob Valentine Ross - Brother of John Ross, Bety's 1st Husband. I have yet to find the relationship to my FAMTREE of Eliza's Husbands, Alexander P. Hutchison (1st husband who past-on) She then married A.P. Hutchison's cousin Alexander C. Hutchison.. So! You can see how confusing it is getting. I have a missing link somwhere between the two Alexanders & Eliza and my Great Grandfather Eugene Hutchison. Thanks again (Great Sight!) BH
BOB HUTCHISON, Owego, NY [05-25-1999]

Thank you for the tour ! I enjoyed this tour because I just finished a report on Betsy Ross.
Katherine Miller, Indianapolis,Indiana [05-25-1999]

My daughter needed to do a research paper on her favorite Revolutionary War character and she choose Betsy Ross. Thank You so much for your wonderful, interesting information. We were on our way to the public library and stopped here instead. Your sight was easy to find and move around in. Again, thanks for making her history project come alive!
Terri Lewis, Kansas City, MO [05-25-1999]

My daughter was doing a project in school where she had to list how the U.S. flag has changed over the years. Your web page gave us exactly what we needed. Thanks so much!
Kari Neil, Mission Viejo, California [05-25-1999]

We liked Betsy's house!
Mrs. Kathy Coffman's Kindergarten Class, Sandy Hook Elementary Scchool, Strasburg, VA [05-25-1999]

I think how you people put a web page on the American History of the American Flag is very very thoughtful. I think that that was very thoughtful because now more people will respect Flag Day. Now that they know how much history is behind the flag and Flag Day. So that is what Iwanted to write for to explain how good of you people it was to make this web page.
Breana Bishop, Johnstown,N.Y. [05-25-1999]

I teach second grade at a school that has an alternative calendar. We go to school during June and celebrate Flag Day. I was getting information on Betsy Ross and loved the tour. I will tell others about it.
Patricia Robinson, Texarkana, Arkansas [05-24-1999]

i love America!!!!!!
Bunny Young, Singapore [05-24-1999]

This is a great web site. I am a teacher, and I plan on using this with my kids. Thanks.
Michael Wakefield, Culver City, California [05-24-1999]

Great site!!! May the red, white and blue continue to bravely wave!
Ruth Rodgers King, Jonesville, LA [05-24-1999]

I'm writing for my 6 year old daughter who will be playing Betsy Ross in a school graduation play in June 99. I came to the site to get more info on Mrs. Ross's life so I could read it to Audrey before the play.
Audrey Wood, Antrim, NH [05-24-1999]

I think you should add in five or six of her journal entries from some of the most important times of her life.
Erin Feldman, Las Vegas, Nevada [05-24-1999]

mikewalbourne [05-24-1999]

I am a librarian and this is a very useful site regarding information about displaying the flag and proper etiquette about the flag.
Carol Richardson, Bridgman, MI [05-24-1999]

YOU GO BETSY!!!! :) :) :)
Melissa and Callista, California [05-22-1999]

Your information on the flag is the best I have seen anywhere on the web. You should be proud of your site.
Richard W. Blackford, Fullerton, CA [05-22-1999]

Thank you for the info. on ( Flag Etiquette ) I have one qustion to ask? is there a law to protect the US.Flag from being defaced? I have a neiber how has his flag on a pole 30' high. The flag has his picture on the flag. I call are mayor and thay told me it was his flag and he could do what ever he wanded to do with it. IS THIS TRUE Thank You Reuben: E-mail address
Reuben Carder, Michigan city In. 46360 [05-22-1999]

I am related to Betsy Ross!!!
Erin Collins, pitman,new jersey [05-22-1999]

I loved your site. I do have a suggestion - it would be very helpful to have a section on the proper way to discard the flag by burning. None of my Girl Scouts knew that the only way you could discard of the flag was by burning.
Terry Harper, Warner Robins, GA [05-22-1999]

Hi, I went on this program at school and I had to share the computer, when I was on this. But when I went on this program at home, now, I really liked it. Most of the time I can't go on what every I traid to go in one of these program. So I am very happy. On May 19, 1999 I went to Philly. All of the things I sawed there was on this program. Thank-You for this program.Please write to me, because I want to hear all about this. thank you. O by the way I was wounder if you can give me informatin on the 13 colonies, who founder it, what people lived there, what year, where the founder came from,and the reason the founder found it. Thank you again Love, Jaclyn Smith
Jaclyn Smith, Piscataway,N.J. U.S.A. [05-22-1999]

i'm doing betsy ross for a project in school
margaret [05-22-1999]


Tabitha Vanburen [05-22-1999]

Flag Ceremony: We have a Girl Scout brownie troop who will be performing a flag day ceremony. We are looking for something different to do this year. We have been performing this ceremony for many years. We will have a flag rising outside the building. Then we usually do some readings and sometimes a small skit inside the building. We have done flag foldings, Betsy Ross skits, sang flag songs. Any new ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Marie Crocker, Athol, Mass [05-19-1999]

chaya mushka, loisiana [05-19-1999]

amber piette [05-19-1999]

Dear Betsy Ross what did you want to be when you were a small kid? Did you have fun when you where a kid? What was your favorite food? How did your parents work? How did your parents earn money for you to live? How much did your parents get paid? Were you a slave just joking. From, Joel
Joel Parker Brewer, 16614 Sth 39th Way Phoenix Arizona [05-19-1999]

Hi.We're going to Phillie tomorrow, May 19 for a class trip. We hope it is a nice place, not boring. We're from M. L. King School. We're 11 years old.
Sarah , and Andrea, Piscataway, NJ [05-18-1999]

amber mastrobattista, pa us [05-18-1999]

Very interesting!!! I have learned some new thing about our FLAG that I didn't know. I will be back for more info to pass on to others.
Georgia, Gloucester,MA [05-18-1999]

I have visiyed this site for Night of the Noteables, I have noticed that others have to do the same thing and have done a good job.
Sara, Medford,Oregon (5\17\99) [05-17-1999]

This is a really cool site! I learned a lot! My Mom is gonna take her students to your site!!!!!
Wiest, PA, 19609 [05-17-1999]

I will be visiting soon and look forward to looking at history.
Ralph H. Perrego, 53 Noyes Ave , Swoyersville, PA. 18704-2201 [05-17-1999]

That was a great tour!!! I hope you get a lot of visitors! I have learned a lot from your tour!!!!
Kim Haney, Colorado Springs, CO [05-17-1999]

It was a great Web site.
Jennifer O'gaffney, modesto,CA,USA [05-17-1999]

Tory, Illinois [05-17-1999]

I enjoyed your website and got a lot of information for my school report. I am in fourth grade.
Rachel W., USA [05-17-1999]

I think this is a cool Website!! It's neat you can order a Betsy flag!! Thanks for helping me with my school report!!
Carrie Ann, Mission Viejo, CA [05-17-1999]

Hello! Would just like to tell you how much we appreciate you site! It is wonderful, very informative! Thank you for providing such detailed information. It has been a tremendous help with my daughter's homework. We've added your site to our list of favorites for future reference!
Kim Synowczyk, Sylvania, Ohio [05-17-1999]

yitz, closter [05-17-1999]

Blake Miller, New Underwood, SD, Mead [05-14-1999]



I'm athird grade student studing Besty Ross. Thankyou for the information.
Whitney Vaughn, Houston,Texas [05-14-1999]

hi I'm a kid how is doing a repoert.
J OAKES, orlando fl. [05-14-1999]

Donnie Welborn [05-13-1999]

Sara Rotundo, Utica New Yourk [05-13-1999]

Alexandria Laniewski [05-13-1999]

i am going to make a flag to hang on my wall and i need to know what the measurements of the blue section are as to the legnth of the flag, i know that it isn't half the size but it looks to be maybe over 1/3 of the flag if you cAn help me i would really appreciate it thanks a million p.s. i really like betsy's flag and am thinking this is the one i will make because i also enjoy sewing
marcia, natrona heights, pa [05-13-1999]

Your homepage is fantastic and very interesting. We hope, that we can visit your nice city next time. We enjoyed the trip through the Betsy Ross House thank you and good by!
Monika Elzer & Marcus Tremmel, 67105 Schiffertadt Germany [05-13-1999]

Can you help? I remember as a child my father singing a song about Betsy Ross to us kids. He can only remember the first 2 lines. It starts like this: Betsy Ross lived on Arch Street near Second, Her sewing was very, very fine. No one seems to know the rest of the lyrics.
James Smith, Central Pennsylvania [05-13-1999]

Monika Elzer & Marcus Tremmel [05-13-1999]


tonina stango, nj [05-13-1999]

Chris cumno, nj [05-13-1999]

Ms. Jones's 3rd and 4th grade class, Country Club Hills, IL [05-13-1999]

Jabin Magargle [05-13-1999]

Hello Willy
Jeremey Garman, Hulett Wy [05-13-1999]

Thanks for such an informative and helpful page. I was looking for the colors of the American Flag and what they mean. Just thought since this was a very helpful and informative internet page you should be commended. Too many pages are trash. Thanks again.
Sandy Planck, Lexington, KY [05-13-1999]

Enjoyed your site; Was looking for a nice picture of Betsy Ross for a school project. Hard to find! Thanks for all the other info.
Kim, Connecticut [05-10-1999]


Dear Betsy Ross, I know your dead but i want to tell you this. I just did a radio brodcasting tape on you for school. You were a very interesting person in you day. You seemed very brave and modest. I look up to you very much. I want to tell you that your flag is still waving today. You make me proud even though you an adult. From, Candice Connolly
Candice Connolly, NY Pelham [05-10-1999]

I came here to find information for a report and now I have almost all of it.
Brandi Martin, Baton Rouge La [05-10-1999]

Kim Turner, Richland WA [05-09-1999]

What does American heritage mean? What does "America, My Country, My Flag: Whatn Do they Mean to me" mean?
Steve Zhou, Philladelphia, Pennsylvania [05-09-1999]

Thanks for the helpful information about Betsy Ross.
Chris Thielen, Seattle, WA 98103 [05-09-1999]

There is a family story that Betsy Ross is a relative of mine. I have been trying to trace the family history but it ends with my aunt Druillard being a member of the DAR but no paper work exists. If there is a family tree information that I can trace to either say there is a link or no link exists would be helpful. Can you help? Please email your response. Thank you, Ms. Margaret Lee Boyless nee Wurth
Margaret Lee Boyless nee urth, Tucson, Arizona 85745 [05-08-1999]

I'M IMPRESSED!!!!! I want to find some skit information for some kids to do for church. They were totally clueless about who Betsy Ross was, or for that matter, anyone elso associated with the 4th of July or the importance of a flag. If anyone has any info about Betsy, or any other person associated with the flag that would be suitable for a skit, please notify me. Thanks a bunch!
Kristin Stephens, Bowling Green, IN 47833 [05-07-1999]

I am seeking information about Betsy's daughter, Clarissa. Did she marry a John Trimble?
Bernice J. Willadsen, Pennsville, NJ [05-07-1999]

I am doing a school project on Betsy Ross, am going to dress up like her, and tell my class about her life. like her and tell my class about her life.
Arianna LiCalzi, Ridley Park, PA [05-07-1999]

I just think that it is really cool to have a tour of where Betsy Ross lived and where she made the flag. You don't see that anywhere else. I think that is what makes it so much more interesting because it shows everything.
Nicole Scharbach, Quincy, Wa [05-07-1999]


very interesting!!
Linda Warren, Delaware, OH [05-06-1999]

I really like your website. All i wanted was how Betsy Ross influenced the American Revolution. Bye-Bye!@#$
Amrita Sukhi, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. [05-06-1999]

thank ye
cacile assdas, luisiana [05-06-1999]

BECAUD [05-06-1999]

Did Betsy Ross have a daughter, Clarissa Ross? Did Clarissa marry John Hastings & then James Trimble (b. 1755)? If so, then I believe I can trace my ancestors back to Betsy.
Bernice J. Willadsen, Pennsville, NJ [05-06-1999]

Michelle and Debbie Naab, North Royalton, Ohio [05-05-1999]

Proud to be an American and glad that I vivsited this website. I am the Americanism Chairman for the American Legion Auxiliary in my County and in my Unit. I am collecting information for a Flag Day packet I am putting together for our local elementary schools. This website has been very informative. I take great pride in my Country and my membership in the American Legion Auxiliary, which is the largest patriotic women's organization in the world. Looking after our Veteran's is a top priority with our organization, but promoting Americanism and helping our children & youth are also big projects of our organization. The next time you hear the words American Legion Auxiliary, you will know who we are and what we stand for.
Chrystal, Carthage, New York USA [05-05-1999]

Proud to be an American.
Pat Van Lenten, Newfoundland, NJ, USA [05-04-1999]

Julie, Amanda, Chanelle, Browns Mills N.J. United States [05-04-1999]

Amber Clark, Roanoke [05-04-1999]


I'm doing a book report on Betsy Ross. I am in the fourth grade. Thanks for all of the information. I'm sure it will help!
katie baker, usa [05-04-1999]

BRodgers, somewhere, USA [05-03-1999]

I am related to Betsy Ross. i know so many things about her.
Joey Rucker, Ohio [05-03-1999]

carmen [05-03-1999]

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Buff Daddy, Sacramento CA [05-03-1999]

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Buff Daddy, Sacramento Ca [05-03-1999]

I was just on here for some info for school. It was very helpful!
Megan Govel, New York [05-03-1999]

Megan, chardon Ohio [05-03-1999]

Larry and Mary Reed, Valrico, FL 33594 [05-03-1999]

Enjoyed this site. I am currently writing a report for my fourth grade class on Mrs. Betsy Ross. Thank you
Christina Lauren McWhirter, Asheboro, N.C. 27203 [05-03-1999]

I really liked that tour of Betsy's house THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kimberly Wolf, Ashley N.D. USA [05-03-1999]

Valdimar Guerruo [05-03-1999]

Matt Suttmiller [05-03-1999]

It was a nice site
Katlyn [05-03-1999]

I really like your website because I like to learn about our flag. I plan to visit sometime. Bye!
Lorilei Michelle Alley, Harmans, MD [05-01-1999]


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