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Betsy Ross was a great contribution to our country and its beginnings. I enjoyed the tour of her home and the words to go along with the pictures were very well written. I felt like I was really there.
Ashley Wright, Vernon, NJ [04-30-1999]

Shane Pinto [04-30-1999]

This is for Jason Mendez. Mr Mendez isn't it great to be an american! You can say anything you want thanks to the freedom of speech. And who was it that gave us the ability to say what ever we want to who ever we want? Jason, have you ever been to China? or Russia? how about North Korea? Have you ever stood post at a forward operating area spending holidays away from friends and family in a strange country? Imagine not being able to organize protest groups. Imagine having soldiers quartered in your house. Imagine not being able to practice the religion of your choice. It's hard to comprehend, because we are so used to these freedoms, we have become oblivious to them. Jason, when you burn a flag, you spit on the sacrifices and the acheivements of the great patriots of this great nation from George Washington, to Abraham Lincoln, to Martin Luther King. You spit on them and their graves. Jason you sleep under the very blanket of protection we provide and have the nerve to question the reason we are providing it. I wish you would enlist, get a rifle, and stand post. I wish you could see what I've seen. I know for a fact when you got back to the good old USA and see Old Glory flapping freely in the wind, a tear will swell up in you eye. God Bless America!
G. Webster, vandenberg AFB CA [04-30-1999]

Looking for a web site that has Red Skeltons version of the Pledge of Alliegence.
J. E. Thompson, San Antonio, TX, USA [04-30-1999]

I have lived in and around Philadelphia all my life. It wasn't till recently that I went to the Betsy Ross house with my son to do a school project (I had been there many times before myself) This time I seemed to get so much more from the visit then in the past. I now can talk to Robert about the flag, Betsy Ross and her life. I also helped him figure out how to make a 5 point star with one snip of the scissors. He will inturn show his class how to do the same. He will also do a presentation on the Betsy Ross House and a poster to entice people to visit the site. This is all part of a project for school. I was very happy to be able to live so close to such a historic site. In time Robert will learn so much history from the place where he lives. We are proud to be Americans and live in the city of so much history.
Fran Franchi, Delaware County, PA [04-29-1999]

Me and my friend Nat wish we could meet you
max gold, katonah,NY [04-29-1999]

Thanks for having a web page i can go to. I really needed something about flags for my jr. project
frances Drake, Vancouver Washington [04-29-1999]

Colin Bailey [04-29-1999]

I really like your inernet site. It really helps me with my homework. I'm glad you gave the thought to make this inernet site. What gave you the idea to make this e-net site. My sister is doing a report for school on Betsy Ross. She watied till today to start it. I t is due towmarrow. You gave us all the info we needed. Kelly Hoffman
Kelly Hoffman, Littleton, Co USA [04-29-1999]

My second grade class really enjoys this site!
Cheryl Johnson, Oakland Terrace Elementary School [04-28-1999]

Very Good Information to give to my 9 year old for Her school project.There were a lot of facts even I did not know. Thank You.
David L. Ford, Chester, VA. USA. [04-28-1999]

Just wanted you to know that I will be using some of the info about Betsy Ross's life in a presentation at our school Pioneer Day. Thank you for having this page.
Elizabeth Lang, Littlestown, PA USA [04-28-1999]

Thanks for the star cutting instuctions. We always knew the women were smarter!
Kendra Schaffer, Veneta, Oregon [04-28-1999]

I am 8. I am learning about Betsy Ross for school. I really liked seeing her house and learning about her.
Meghan Williams, Michigan [04-27-1999]

My friend Megan Brown is doing a Famous American Report on Btesy Ross.So I got some information on her.
Melissa Brincks, Lawler Iowa [04-27-1999]

Great web site!!
Gary Soper, Tigard,OR 97224 [04-27-1999]

I am in the 4th grade. I will do a report on Besty Ross. I will also have to dress and be her for my report. besty Ross
Gabriel Duplantier, Harvey, Louisana [04-26-1999]

Thanx!!!!!!!Thanx to you guys, i got an A+ on my report, and now i have straight A's!!!!!! Thanks a mil!
Phillip H., CS, Fl. [04-26-1999]

Phillip h. [04-26-1999]

hi am doing a report
Adrienne, St. Louis [04-26-1999]

Hi there this is just 4 fun but the flag is wonderful and i mean that
Dawn Best, olympia, WA 98503 [04-26-1999]

Gail Toerpe, Milwaukee, WI 53207 USA [04-26-1999]

how big was the flag (feet)
Lucy, Not telling [04-26-1999]

It was a great tour and I loved it. I'm glad I'm visting it in real life.
Toni Haubrich [04-26-1999]

I thought the tour through the house was MAGNIFICENT! Thank you.
Nicholas Tavare, Deniar California 95316 [04-26-1999]

I really enjoy your web site. It gives a lot of information about Betsy Ross and how she made the American Flag. My classmates are learning about her right now. I liked the tour of her house, but their were not enough words! Other then that, It was great! Please e mail me back!
Erika Smith, Denair CA 95380 [04-26-1999]

i am writing a paper about besty ross
b, ca [04-26-1999]

were can you find out more about her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jesscia, ca [04-26-1999]

I enjoyed the virtual of Betsy Ross. I hope to one day visit Philadelphia and engulf myself in its history!
Angela Greb, Azle, Texas [04-25-1999]

I am writing a paper at school about Betsy Ross! Your web page is very helpful and interesting! I am in the third grade! Thank You!
Emily Fleming, Stafford,Va. [04-25-1999]

Hello to all my friends. Great learning about Americans,huh? All my love, Laney!
Laney McMillan, London, England [04-25-1999]

Kellie James, Sydney, Australia [04-25-1999]

Melanie James, Sydney, Australia [04-25-1999]

I loved the virtual tour of Betsy's house. It was really nice to see where she lived and worked on our nation's flag. The biography was very helpful in my school report. Thanks for making such a great site!:)
Erika Lee Turner, Santa Monica, California [04-25-1999]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross. I enjoyed it and found this interesting.
Megan deLorimier, Clifton, Va [04-25-1999]

I love America!
Joel Lane, Lexington, Kentucky [04-25-1999]

This site is great 4 reports!!!
Devin Nikole Jones, West Monroe,La,USA [04-22-1999]

i had to do a research paper for school and i picked betsy ross. this webpage gave me some good information!!!! thanks
Amber, missouri [04-22-1999]

I am 6 and I had fun making the stars like Betsy Ross did. Thank you for showing us how to do it.
Hannah Williams, I live in Michigan [04-22-1999]

I am in charge of the ELKS Lodge, Flag Day Service and am using you site to gather information for the service. I was also born in Philadelphia and grew up in Glenolden so I am quite familiar with the Betsy Ross house and Independence Hall. Would appreciate any help you could give me concerning the flag and early history of our country.
Charles A. Bryce, Lake Havasu, Arizona [04-22-1999]

This Is a cool web site
Elisabeth Watson, Springfield Illinois [04-22-1999]

Danielle Davis & Jeanette Sassaman & Jessica Wallner [04-22-1999]

I enjoyed your presentation of the life and accomplishments of Betsy Ross and the American Revolutionaries. Keep up the good work. Thanks!
Steven Canfield, Fullerton, CA [04-22-1999]

tristan fish, albuquerque, nm [04-22-1999]

Ben Wroblewski, Kings Point, NY [04-21-1999]

TIM, JACKSON VILL ILL 62650 [04-21-1999]

Melissa, Colorado [04-21-1999]

Conrad Carrenard, Hempstead NEW YORK [04-21-1999]

Question is / I had read about, What the red, white and blue represents! Why are there 7 red stripes and 6 white stripes ? Does this mean anything? Thank Your time! Jim
James Imel, Indianapolis, Indiana [04-21-1999]

Please send any info you have on betsy Ross and and pics you have that are good cuz i have an upcoming slideshow project to put together for my English class. Thankx a lot. Jackie
Jackie Chan, hudsonville, Michigan [04-20-1999]

I think Betsy Ross is an extraordinary person, not only in her contribution to the U.S. Nation, but to her unique intelligence to the advancement of our countrie's heritage, through out her many beutiful techniques!
Jehrika Summerhill, killeen, Texas [04-19-1999]

JoleneRLR, Ferndale,MI.,Americ [04-19-1999]

allison whitener [04-19-1999]

Alex Turner [04-19-1999]

excellent Betsy Ross biography. I used it for a school project!
BuZzY, Michigan [04-19-1999]

I find Betsy Ross a very interesting lady and I enjoyed reading all of the information about her.
Chantel Reynolds, Martinsville, IN [04-19-1999]

THERE is this wax musume and I am Betsy Ross and I love it HERE

Erin Rudat, Placentia,CA [04-19-1999]

Betsy Ross' life seems pretty interesting after reading about it. I thought it was pretty neat..
Erica, North Carolina [04-19-1999]

Molly, ohio [04-18-1999]

it was very informal i guess
Carolyn Dumsesr, where i live [04-18-1999]

I go to the Besty Ross Arts Magnet School in New Haven Conn. It is a magnet school and very strict. I know that you didn't create it but it is in Her Honor -- Besty Ross
Shirneil Varrin, New Haven CT [04-18-1999]

I am a second grader at Poquoson Primary School who is doing an essay on Betsy Ross for a class project. Your web site gave me a lot of neet ideas. I liked the tour of Betsy's house and the quote page. I hope I will get to see her house in person someday. Thank You, Kelly
Kelly Organski, Poquoson, VA [04-18-1999]

Need to know if any existing geneology has been prepared by descendents of Betsy Ross that are available. I am told by my mother that we are related through her father's family: Henry Ross Taylor, of Barron, Wisconsin. I don't know more, but am searching. Would be grateful for any help or leads.
Nancy Clock, Marin County, California [04-18-1999]

Thank you for a wonderful web site.
Phyllis & Michael Lorenz, South Dennis, MA. 02660 [04-17-1999]

I am doing a report on Philadelphia, and decided that this would be cool to add in there
Samantha Bricks, Gulf Breeze, Florida [04-17-1999]

hi betsey guess what i did . I just did a bography on you . it was cool gotta go
tressa fox, kalamazoo,mchigan 490009 [04-17-1999]

High Guys, a lot of greetings for all af you from Germany Jürgen Kampmann
Juergen Kampmann, Hannover, Germany [04-16-1999]

WE are the coolest people in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I, Kate, would like to make a shout out to Bein and daisy I, Randi am saying HI to Carly and Tina, and Jackie!!!!
Randi and Kate, Glen Rock, NJ [04-16-1999]


Hello, hae a good day.
Sherry L. Wells, Melbourne, FL [04-16-1999]

will you please give me a summary about betsy ross?
brittany [04-16-1999]

this page was very helpful for my school report about Mrs.Ross Thanks-Jessica
Jessica Marie gragg, madison,Wi [04-16-1999]

this is cool.
Andrew, Wyoming [04-16-1999]

I like this
bob [04-16-1999]

We loved your site and we even more loved going to your house.
Sabrina,Krystal,Alyssa, NY [04-16-1999]

I was doing a report about Betsy Ross and I found this site. It was so helpful! THANKS for making it.
Jamie Miller, Hillside, IL, U.S.A. [04-16-1999]

I am required to write a five page essay on the American Flag. This web page really was great help!! It had a lot of material that I thought I would never find. Thanks a million!!!
Tracie Hernandez, Carlsbad, NM 88220 USA [04-16-1999]

This needs more info like about STAR SPANGELED BANNER and more............
Kristin Pinnix, U.S.A. [04-15-1999]

I used the information on your sight for one of my speeches in the Noncommisioned Officers Academy. GREAT STUFF!!!
Michael Montgomery, Holloman Air Force Base, NM [04-15-1999]

Great site! This is a very info site and I need it for a report. I know i will get an A+! Thanks!!!
Daisey"Psyduck"D., Near SF,USA [04-15-1999]

Bethany Elyse Pfeiffer, Boonville, Mo. [04-15-1999]

This isn't the best page in the world but it is about our history of the United States of America so it is important to me!
Nikki Lux, Tabernacle,NJ [04-15-1999]

I really like this page because I am Doing a Revolutionary War unit at school.
Kayla [04-15-1999]

Great web site! As Director of the Kentucky FFA (Future Farmers of America) Leadership Training Center, I visited your site to stengthen our instructional material on appropriate Flag Etiquette. We have about 3,000 program participants come through the Center during the summer months and many more during the school year. Oh, because of the Kentucky (15th State) ties to the "Star Spangled Banner," we have ordered said historical flag (15 stars / 15 stripes) to use to get participants interest and build pride in our American Flag and heritage. Thanks again for your great web site! Pete
Peter B. Dreisbach, Hardinsburg, KY 40143 [04-15-1999]

Jesica Schultz [04-15-1999]

I did a report on Betsy Ross last year and I never saw this book but it really helped me do my class report. Thanks
Julie Luong, huntington beach, california [04-13-1999]

Freedom with the Bill of Rights. In other words, to live and worship in the freedom that our fathers & forefathers fought to preserve for the people of and throughout our history of united states of America. God Bless all who have fought & served that we shall be free to choose and be united as "The United States of America.!"
Mary-Jane B. Hart, Linden, Pa., USA [04-13-1999]

our school is doing a reinactment of the revolutionary war. i will be betsy ross :>
Kayla Colvin, colorado springs co 80906 [04-13-1999]

Joshua Kreisler, Corona,Ca [04-13-1999]

Dear , What's up?not 2 much here! you to write more about you.
Robin Player, Lake City S.c [04-13-1999]

Thank you for a wonderful article!! We needed research for a Third Grade "multicultural" project----we are Americans!!
Helen Hewitt, Sugar Land, TX [04-13-1999]

Can you provide me with information on Betsy Ross' Family Tree. My Families tree goes back to George Read(one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence). I believe that there is a connection between the Read family and the Ross family through Gertrude Ross or/and George Ross. I would very much appreicate any assistance. My Great-Great Grandmother had (my father has it now) a certificate of membership to the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association Founded June 14, 1898. It is noted as Cert. No B issue date 1899 in the name of Mary B.Read (her full name was Mary Baker Choate Read). Thank you for any help you can offer. Barbara Read Sears
Barbara Read Sears, Sylvania, OH USA [04-13-1999]

i am working on a school project. I have to write an autobiography on the life of Betsy Ross.
Kristen Douget, Mamou, La 70554 [04-13-1999]

Samantha, Springfield,Oh [04-12-1999]

I am trying to obtain information about the "Betsy Ross Society" My mother in law was a member about 1900 or so. Please let me know if there is abything left of this organization Thank you; Will in Phoenix
Wilson Roberts, Phoenix, AZ, USA [04-11-1999]

I did a biography report on Betsy for school and this site was very helpful.Thank you.
S. Cale, Illinois [04-11-1999]

I loved your site. It was informative and very well presented -- colorful, easy to follow, etc. Thank you.
Diana, Washington DC [04-11-1999]

Glenda Riggs, Lima, Ohio USA [04-11-1999]

What a great site. I found things here that I didn't know we even had like the The American's Creed. The American Flag means so much to me just to know that we live in a country that is free and do not have to worry about too many things around us and this country is stable. I believe we need to get the young children to learn and give more respect to the flag than they do. With this belief, I was able to convince my Service Unit to let me teach the I Am An American patch to the girls while we were out a Service Unit Campout Weekend. We showed the girls the proper way to destroy the flag at our Saturday night camp fire. Just standing there and watching the flag go through the procedure of destoying brought goose bumps to me and when the flag was placed in the flag and it started to melt a COLD chill hit me and stayed a long time. But I am proud to see so many girls wearing that patch because maybe we will be able to get more people to honor and respect the flag when they see it. Thanks for your hard work God Bless America Margaret Tracy San Antonio, Tx
margaret TRacy, San Antonio, Tx 78250 [04-11-1999]

My uncle Jack served aboard the USS Lexington in WW11.(John Hendrick). He was a radioman/gunner on dive bomber and torpedo planes. His captain was Charles Fisher killed in action during Kamikaze attack. He also served on the Saratoga and Intrepid[.Anyone out there remember "Jackie"?? Martha
Martha Brennan, Phoenix, Arizona [04-11-1999]

I did a report on Betsy Ross for my whole class! I love the Betsy Ross Page.
Hillary Neal, Sequim, Washington [04-11-1999]

I am doing a ptoject on Besty Ross! I need you to put more on this page. Thanks Meghan
Meghan, Pittsburgh Pa [04-10-1999]

Carrie Witherell [04-10-1999]

I am the president of local Betsy Ross fan club.
Goebel, Adam, Albq, N.M. UNITED STATES of AMERICA!!!!!!!! [04-09-1999]

Eric Talin [04-09-1999]

I'm very interested in Americam history and this web page has helped me.THANKS A LOT
Kerri Foley, So.Boston,MA. 02127 [04-09-1999]

I just wanted to say that I just visited Betsy Ross's House this past Tuesday and I thought that it was magnificent. My mother was as astonished as I was when we walked in and saw that it was very sterdy considering how old the house is.
Armybrat, Near Washington D.C [04-09-1999]

Do you have a picture or garphic of a flowing Betsy Ross flag (the one with the 13 stars in a circle0 I am doing a painiting of the American Revolution and want to include a flowing flag thanks
SHEP, Maryland [04-08-1999]

Heather, norwood,ma [04-08-1999]

useing for a report for school
carleton turley, olney md usa [04-08-1999]

Patricia Ladnier, Brentwood, Tennessee [04-08-1999]

I would like to know if anyone has any information on William Weeden (I)married to Sarah Sands both from Maryland. William Weeden signed the Oath of Fidelity and Support in Maryland during the Revolution. Hopefully someone has jinformation on the above
M. Weeden, Houston, Texas [04-08-1999]

Sam Johnson [04-08-1999]

Miranda [04-08-1999]

mark miguar [04-08-1999]

Betsy Ross is my great,great,great aunt. Your sight is very informative. Great job!
Margaret Watkins, Lincoln University, Pa [04-08-1999]

Thank you for your information.It was very useful for me.If you wish you can join to my club.To do this you must see the following address in the internet: I'm looking forvard to having a short note from you
Mamuka Kakhniashvili, Tbilisi,Georgia [04-08-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and your site has helped me a lot. Thank you so much. ~Lindz~
Lindz, Irvington, Ny [04-08-1999]

LENORA Y. AGOSTO, westville, in 46391 [04-08-1999]

the web site is great
kyle, MA [04-08-1999]

very nice
Kim, aston [04-08-1999]

Jacquie Collins, Gastonia, NC [04-08-1999]

I just wanted to confirm some thoughts as facts. Thanks.
Grace Harris, St. Petersburg, FL [04-08-1999]

Gary G., Peabody [04-08-1999]

This site is awesome! I am 10 years old and I'm doing a biography on Betsy Ross. This site gave me so much information! Thaks a bunch!
Eric, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania [04-08-1999]

This site is awesome! I am 10 years old a
Eric, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania [04-08-1999]

Keep it waving high and proud!!!!!!!
Ellen, Meriden, CT [04-08-1999]

I think that this is a great site. It gave me information that I can use in my classroom to give my students a general idea of who Betsy Ross was. As well as an the importance she had in colonial America. Thank you for having this great site.
Eileen Woehr, Haddonfield, NJ 08033 [04-08-1999]

Anthony Hansen, Santa Fe Springs, CA [04-08-1999]

Using this website for a school report. 3rd grade.
Melissa Higgins, Virginia Beach, Va [04-04-1999]

Thank you for providing this wonderful tour of Betsy Ross's house and workplace. I never wanted to go to Philadelphia - and now I don't have to.
Betsy Gross, New York [04-04-1999]

Karen Mielke Springer, Phoenix,Az. [04-04-1999]

Good ole Betsy Ross, I have been called her all my life. Thanks for the web site. It is put together very well. Betsy would be honored I am sure. Betsy Randolph
Betsy Randolph, Edmond, Oklahoma [04-04-1999]

I understand that the stripes represent the 13 original states (colonies). I have also heard that certain stripes represent certain states. Such as: the second red stripe from the bottom represents New Jersey. What stripes represent which states in the order from the bottom to the top?
Charles Liller, Riverview, Florida [04-04-1999]

ashley levesque, houlton,me [04-04-1999]

thomas ross, newport news,va [04-04-1999]

danielle, watervliet,ny [04-04-1999]

Beverly Bynum-Wright, Norfolk, VA [04-04-1999]

This is a wonderful website. There needs to be more education of citizens about our flag and how to display is respectfully. This may work better than amending the Constitution to protect the flag from those who want to use our flag as a statement. We can not pass laws that make people more respectful.
William Beteta, O'Neill, Nebraska [04-04-1999]

Mrs. Cash's Second Grade Class, Waynesville, Mo. [04-04-1999]

Thank you for your web page. I will be giving a speech about the American Flag in May 1999. Do you have any suggestions for presentation information?
Cheryl Brewer [04-04-1999]

Information I should have been taught in school. Great website!!
B. Michael Pearson, Delray Beach Fl. [03-30-1999]

We are doing a wax musuem at school and I'm going to be Betsy Ross.
Amanda Gordon, Russellville, AR [03-30-1999]

Terri S. Bond, Tulsa [03-30-1999]

Searching the family of William Hopkins, 1726, died Palmyra,NY. My grandfather, George N. of Sodus, NY, and great-grandfather Byron A.
Constance Hopkins Tilley, Bloomfield, NY [03-30-1999]

To whom it may concern, I would like to say that this is a great idea to have a guest book for your web page users. I am doing an essay for one of my 11th grade writing sample for my MEAP test. Please write back. I think this is a wonderful site.
Jesse, Dearborn Heights, MI [03-30-1999]

KCastle, East Amherst, NY 14051 [03-30-1999]

I really enjoyed this website, a lot of information for my kids.
Rita, Houston, Texas [03-30-1999]

CARMEN [03-30-1999]

GGGRREEAATTTT website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kristin Scott, Mansfield, Ohio [03-29-1999]

this was great information for my fifth grade report on betsy ross
emily lawrence, sacramento, ca [03-29-1999]

I'm using this page as a reference for a Theatre Arts project.
Andrea Wittrock, Shelby Twp., Michigan [03-29-1999]

Hanna Sanborn, San Marcos, TX USA [03-29-1999]

I really like this webpage.
Lauren Berka, Kansas City, MO [03-29-1999]

Miguel A Camacho, Ardmore OK Courty County [03-29-1999]

We are taking a class trip to Philadelphia. I wanted some background for the trip.
Erin M. Andrade, Gambrills, MD [03-29-1999]

Alexandra Michaels, Atlanta , GA [03-29-1999]

I loved this web site it like give me all the info I needed for my project plus more! Thanx a 1,000,000
Laura hinrichsen, BC ,Canada [03-29-1999]

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that at my school we are doing this thing with Historical people and I'm Bestsy Ross! At first i wasn't really interested in her but now that I wrote a monolog and now we are going to act it out at my school, I loved it. She is so interesting. I really thank my teacher for making us do this becouse now that all the other students are doing their characters and I'm doing mine we learn a lot!! Well i just wanted to let you to know. Maria
Maria, N.J [03-29-1999]

i'm just looking through all the information about betsy ross for my english class. our assignment is due tomorrow and we have to write about 1 woman in history and tell all about where she lived. etc... i think betsy is a good choice because she made our beautiful flag! i hope i get a good grade on this paper:)
jen, mayfield,p.a [03-29-1999]

Thank you for all the information my son is doing a report on Betsy Ross for his second grade class. Our local library only had one book, I can not believe all the information I was able to get from just visiting your site. Thanks again from a mother trying to help her son out.
kathleen d, Hudson Mass [03-29-1999]


Very informative.
Brenda, Belleville IL [03-29-1999]

Thank you for the help on my homework. This web site has more information that I will actually need.
Sarah Amiotte, Portland, OR [03-29-1999]

I am delighted to see such a wonderful site in the hands of the children of our globe! We should all study the history of this great nation as well as that of our world. My students and I have found some of the information they have been curious about this year. My fourth grade is incharge of the flags at our school. They are proud of their duties and perform them very well!
Ilah Breen, Eureka, CA USA [03-29-1999]

Thank you for the tour! I toured the house in '63, brought my then 3 & 6 yr old sons in the early 80's. I picked up a paper on how to cut a star at that time I long sence have lost the paper and memory has failed but now I know again. I also can take my 10 yr old daughter on the tour even tho I can't travel to Pa. Thank you we'll be back!
Deborah, Stillwater, MN [03-29-1999]

good info.
wes/chance cross, midland texas [03-29-1999]

My granddaughter need information on Betsy Ross for a school project. It took me a little while to find the information she needed. When I did locate it I was please to find the information I think she is looking for. This is a part of the internet I beleive to be the most important. Tobe able to provise school children with information when they need it. Thank You for having it avaible to the school children.
Dulude, new bedford ma [03-29-1999]


It was great to learn about facts of our great flag and how it originated. My son is in the 2nd grade, and needed info on the flag. I'm a strong supporter of our flag, and was disappointted when the Senate didn't pass the bill for decradation of our flag.
Guy Drebing, Princeton, FL [03-29-1999]

I think we owe a lot to the people that sacrificed their life for this country and it's flag. Burning the flag is like saying we dont care for lost their live's and their families for the freedom we now have.
Vanessa, Santa Ana, CA [03-29-1999]

Great web page!!!! From betsy ross's biggest fan!
Lisa, Centreville,VA [03-29-1999]

Debbie Savittieri, Red Bank, NJ [03-29-1999]

I just entered the sight but It already looks interesting!! Kepp adding!!
Candra Shadle, Ft.Belvoir,VA,United States of America [03-29-1999]

Marge Myers Weems, West Hills, CA [03-25-1999]

trying to find out if the fringe on the american flag has any special meaning.
margaret Hazelwood, henderson kentucky [03-25-1999]

I would like to know were and when the frist flag was made. I would also like to know by who and were the fag is now, or whats left of it.
Morgan Ferguson, Kokomo, Indiana [03-25-1999]

Thanks a lot!
J'anito [03-25-1999]

We plan to visit the site at the time of Easter break.I have three children ages 10,12, and 15. We are looking forward to visiting.Thank you, Dawn Budd
Dawn Budd, Cape May Court House,NJ 08210 USA [03-25-1999]


My father is tracing our family tree and thinks we may be related to Andrew Griscom who left England to West Jersey in 1680 and was Betsys Gt grandfather. Maybe you have traced betsy's family tree and can provide some more information Nice web site, best regrds from the UK.
Gary Robertson, Staffordshire England [03-25-1999]

I believe that the American flag is a very wonderful representive of our country and what it means!!!
Megan Davis, Rush, KY United States [03-23-1999]

I fell sorry for Betsy because a lot of her husband's died!!!Boo hoo!!!But don't worry Betsy people have been takin' care of your house and a lot of people think you are really cool, Like ME! Well gotta go now and finish up my project before my parents start yellin' at me BBBYYYYYEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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We are seventh grade students at Sacred Heart school in Racine,Wi.We are studing the Constitution and we came across your site and we really enjoyed it. Thank You!
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I will be bringing 100 fifth grade students for a walking tour of the historical sites in Philadelphia on March 30th. We are looking forward to seeing Betsy Ross' house as well. Let's hope the weather is clear and beautiful on that day.
Janis L. Batsch, Allentown, N.J.80501 [03-23-1999]

I loved the fact that you have the pictures of her house!
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Charles Williams Jr, PA Stewartstown [03-22-1999]

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I was very interested in all the pictures of her bedroom and especially the kitchen. I will soon visit her house so I can see it for real.
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In the midst of my genealogical research and came across this site.
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I have come on to this website to do research on Betsy for a Women's History Month school project. I really like this website and hope it stays around for a long while. I especially like the virtual tour. Thanks, Brian Brua
Brian Brua, Brandon, SD [03-22-1999]

I am trying to find out where the original Betsy Ross flag is - is it on display in a museum?? please help, if you know
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Allie, england [03-22-1999]

I greatly enjoyed the virtual tour of Betsy Ross's house. My class at Mountain View Middle School is doing a woman's history project, and I'm doing Betsy Ross. I love old houses that have been restored and I also loved the virtual tour of Mrs. Ross's residence. If I ever visit Philadelphia, I'll try to visit The Betsy Ross House. I think it is a great idea to have a virtual guided tour. Other historical places should have these, too.
Tabitha Taylor, Goffstown, New Hampshire, U.S.A. [03-22-1999]

My grandson, who is only in the first grade, was assigned to "write about a famous woman." Your site helped a great deal. Thank you!
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this website helped me a lot on my roport
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Thank you for having this information on the computer. It really helped me with finding information on Betsy Ross. I honestly think I will get an Aplus on my social studies report. From Rebecka Sprowl
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I'm a third grade student and we are studying about Betsy Ross and this was real interesting. Thanks so much for all the information. Thanks again
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I'm in 7th grade at Ketron Middle School and in my english class we are to pick a role model that if they were still alive today how would we continue their life. I picked Betsy Ross because she had a very interesting life. I think of her every time we do the Pledge of Alliegence.
Danielle Mayo, Kingsport, Tennessee [03-17-1999]

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This has really helped get my kids interested in learning history. We did a unit study on Betsy Ross. Finding out how to make the 5 pionted star with one snip interested them so much. Thank you.
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My 4th grade grandaughter, Holly Hayden, is doing a report on Betsy Ross and since her family does not have access to the Internet, she asked me if I could locate information for her report.
Virginia W. Pawell, Sunnyvale, California [03-16-1999]

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I love what you had about Besty Ross!But I wish you had more will or can you get more info.
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Do you have any information regarding small hand-made silk American flags made in the mid-nineteenth century by one Sarah M.Wilson, purportedly the Great-Grandaughter of Betsy Ross?
William Griset, Reading, MA [03-15-1999]

I went to the Betsy Ross house on a class trip.
Kierstan [03-15-1999]

i enjoyed your web site, my 5 year old homeschooled daughter wanted to know what the colors on our flag stood for (we have been studying country flags) and this web site was a welcome one. keep up the good work.
Michelle, troy, illinois,usa [03-15-1999]

This was very helpful for my report. Do you know how long it took her to make the first flag? Also, do you know how she died? Thanks.
Brooke Combest, Phoenix, AZ [03-15-1999]

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Melissa, New Jersey [03-15-1999]

A great site. one question: I notice that it is customary to display the flag during daylight hours, but it can be displayed 24 hours a day "if properly illuminated during hours of darkness". What is "properly illuminated"?
Warren K. Bilstein, Ukiah, CA [03-15-1999]

This page is stellar!
Denny R., Palmyra ny U.S.A. [03-15-1999]

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Betsy Ross rules for USA
juan lucero, roswell,new mexico [03-15-1999]

At school I've been learning about Betsy Ross. I learned that George Washington wanted her to make a flag for our country.
Gina Ficarra, Long Beach, CA Age 7 1/2 [03-15-1999]

I am doing a constituion class for school and I thought that I would do a projct on the frist American flag made by Betsy Ross. Thank you for the imformation that you have given me. You have done a wonderful web site for people to learn about thier contries flag!!
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Betsy Ross is my great, great Aunt!
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I am in the 3rd grade and am researching Betsy Ross. It helped me a lot
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Very interested in hearing from other Stivenders around the country. There is only our link to the name is this area. Please feel free to contact me!
Evie Stivender Thompson, Newton, Texas [03-11-1999]

hi i love this web site it is my fav. it rocks majorly cool dude if u have any a any awsome info. about the american revolution pppppppppplllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssssss e-mail it to me i love the american revolution see ya
melinda rekelde, harlingen, Texas [03-11-1999]

Hello. We are in a play and we would like some information (preferably pictures) about Betsy Ross and George Washington. You would be helping us do well in the play we are in. Please help! CS&VS
Celestia & Vicci Stone, Jacksonville, FL [03-11-1999]

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This is a wonderful website. Keep up the good work. I have a research question for you. Do you know if Betsy Ross received any payment for sewing the American Flag and if so how much money did she receive. Thank you Elaine Gormish
Elaine Gormish, Bensalem, PA [03-10-1999]

Great Job on your web site! If you are single E-mail me!
Christine Karambelas, Shoreline,WA [03-09-1999]

Where can I get a copy of the Weisgerber painting????
Trent Marion, Crowley, TX [03-09-1999]

I think i have visited this site before because I am doing an instructional syatem for education on Philadelphia and i was lookin up information about Betsy Ross on here. Very helpful, might I add. Keep up the good work.
Ashley Pietropaolo, Wynnewood, PA 19096 [03-09-1999]

My son, Michael is recently arrived to tour Valley Forge and all its Historic richness with his 125 other classmates. This gave me the opportunity to be with him in spirit and to be able to discuss what he saw while visiting. Thank You
Diane Sandman, La Canada, CA [03-09-1999]

I think betsy Rosss life is great.
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Thanks! I had to do a HUGE report on the American Flag and I got almost all the info. from you guys!I'm going to tell my friends and other people who need more info. abot your COOL website! THANKYOU!!!
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Melissa [03-09-1999]

Good job I like your web page! I hope to return soon and see my name in the guest book! ~Calli~
Callista [03-09-1999]

I am a descendant of George Ross and Betsy Ross. If you could point me in the direction of resources to aide in my geneology efforts, it would be appreciated. Thank you, Denise Johnson
Denise Johnson, Issaquah, WA [03-09-1999]

jennifer, michgan [03-09-1999]

I can't wait to show your website to my kindergarten students who are learning about Famous American Heros. It has been fun exploring it!
Diane M. Schneider, South Riding, VA 20152 [03-09-1999]

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I am studying Betsy Ross!
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I am writing a report about Betsy Ross for my 5th grade class. Thank you for all the information...
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If you have any information could you please send it to me? I am doing a reaserch paper on Betsy Ross and it would be great if you could help me out with this. Thank you so very much!
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Ariel and Betsy, Homosassa Springs [03-09-1999]

I was trying to find descendents of Betsy Ross to see if one of her granddaughters married my great-great grandfather, John Sansregret. His wifes name was Betsy Ross.
Darryl Sawatzky, Lac La Biche, Alberta, Canada [03-09-1999]

Betsy Ross was really cool. Can you give me some info on her before April 8?
Victoria [03-09-1999]

I am here to find out information on B. Ross for a school report.
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As a homeschooling mom, I am truly grateful for the time and effort you've so clearly put into your webpages on Betsy Ross and the American flag. I, myself, am of Cuban descent, and am always shocked at how little native-born Americans actually know about the proud and eloquent history of liberty and honor that the American flag represents. Very often, however, you don't truly appreciate what you have until you see what it's like to lose it. I pray that one day the Cuban people will know the freedom that we as Americans take so much for granted, and I hope that God will continue to bless this great nation with the same ideals that made it the finest experiment in democracy ever conceived.
Jeannie C., Chesapeake,Virginia [03-08-1999]

Thanks for this information. I'm doing a book report on Betsy Ross for my 4th Grade teacher.
Cynthia L. Myers, New Providence, PA [03-08-1999]

kathy williams, columbia, mo 65201 [03-08-1999]

Great site... have enjoyed all the information Best of all it makes me feel good that people like you have the same appreciation for the country and the flag... Too bad we don't have more of it here in Canada..
Bob and Carol Carlaw, St. Catharines , Ontario Canada [03-08-1999]

Your webpage was very helpful. I am doing a paper on Betsy Ross and I found exacty what I wanted right here. I needed information on her life and that is what I found! She was very interesting to learn about and I enjoied learning about her!
Michelle Jones, Pa, USA [03-08-1999]

Thanks for the info.
Nicole, ILLINOIS [03-08-1999]

Learning about the American flag, and Besty Ross, is a great pleasure for me and my 3rd grade child and she is doing a book report on this topic and I think it is going to be the best one yet. Thank You Belinda
Belinda Valentine, Brooklyn NY 11219 [03-08-1999]

Tom Murin, N.J. [03-08-1999]

What is the meaning of the "Ball or Eagle" on the top of the flag pole?
Tom Murin, N.J. [03-08-1999]

My family has traced my genealogy to when my ancestors sailed to the New World at the beginning of the 17th century.Betsy Ross is a descendant of those people. In tracing my family's history, my family has come to the conclusion hat we are, in fact realted to Betsy Ross. To be exact, I am her great, great, great, great, great grandniece. My grandmother's name is Betsy Ross Winegard Decker; the last person in our line to carry that name. There are two reasons I looked up this site. First, I am doing a paper on Betsy Ross for an English class in college, and I needed more facts on her life. Second, my mother tried to trace mine, my brother, and my sister's ancestry back, (on our father's side) but we had missing links, and I was curious if there would be other people in my distant family looking for this information, too. If anyone does have any information, feel free to contact me. Thank you very much.
Kate Elizabeth Decker, Penn Yan, NY [03-08-1999]

matt, usa [03-08-1999]

We are learning about Betsy Ross and the American flag.
Mrs. Rondeau's Class, Charlottesville, Virgina [03-08-1999]

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AMELIA, Bainbridge Is WA [03-08-1999]

Thanks for all the info....i had to do a report on Betsy Ross and it will have a lot of neat stuff in it now Sincerely Samantha
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She has the first American flag on her house. I like her house.
Danielle Olander, Langhorne, PA [03-04-1999]

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bryan c. ross, bishop, ga [03-04-1999]

Thanks! You have such great information here! I'm a 5th grade teacher and I was looking for something just like this! I have a group of students who are interested in doing some extra credit by researching the history of the flag and teaching a group of 1st graders what they learned. Tomorrow, I'll show my students your web-site. I know they will love it! You should have 10 new signatures in your guest book tomorrow! Thanks again!
Beth Gardner, Columbia, MO [03-04-1999]

I am doing research on my husbands Ross side of the family. I am wondering why Betsy kept the last name Ross? I know that she had been married a few times, but I thought she had remarried after Ross and wondered why she didn't take the last name of her new husband?
Tina Ross, Jackson,SC [03-04-1999]

Your flags are pretty cool!!!!
Michael Lee Flores, Memphis Tx 79245 [03-04-1999]

Best place to find info for my third grader's first school report..."Betsy Ross" Sure beats the local library. Thanks!
Steve Mefford, Fairfield, California [03-04-1999]

I am in 3rd grade. I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. Thank you for all the great information. Bye
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I am writing a paper about Betsy Ross.
Lindsey Patterson, Orlando, Fl [03-02-1999]

I remember as a young girl growing up in N.J.with my mothers family lives just out side of Philly, ridding the tram in and taking a tour of Betsy Ross,s home and the other historical sites. I am glad to found this sit and share it w\ my kids! We are planing a trip up that way come Aug. my kids insist that we visit the home in person. Thanks for bringing back great memories!
Nettie Griffin, sandy springs , south carolina [03-02-1999]

I have been told that Betsy Ross only delivered the flag and had nothing to do with the sewing or design of the flag. Is this so?
Leticia Kuhn, Van, WV [03-02-1999]

Slawek Waskiel, Maple Shade NJ USA [03-02-1999]

R. W.Dones [03-02-1999]

Dear Betsy Rose, How are you doing?I am fine.Do you have childern?I like the flag that you made it was pretty.Where do you live?
Breadca Lor, syracuse New Yory [03-02-1999]

Sue Lee, syracuse, New York [03-02-1999]

I think you need to do more on The Boston Tea Party. If you have any more information on this, please e-mail me with references and sites. Thanks.
Tiffini Shafer, Shell lake, WI U.S.A [03-02-1999]

The website is extremely interesting and contained much useful information for my daughter's social studies project. The pages are attractively designed with appropriate links. Well done!
Julie Sandorfi, Port Jefferson, NY [03-02-1999]

I wish i could see her i read her biogriphy. IT WAS GRAT!!!!
Alison Tribe, Boring Or Usa [03-02-1999]

I'm looking forward to looking through this website. The study of Betsy Ross has been added to the first grade curriculum here in Virginia. I hope to find lots of info and ideas, and possibly age-appropriate reference materials.
Jan E. Van Schoick, Poquoson, Virginia [03-01-1999]

my husband was just wondering why we have the colors red and white and blue this was the only place i found it thanx
robyn [03-01-1999]

This was very educational for my children and myself. Thank you!
Celia Leib, Rockledge, FL USA [03-01-1999]

My 3rd grade daughter is doing a book report (biography) on someone who was or is famous.
Renee Becker, Novato, CA [03-01-1999]

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My daughter Elise is using this page to get info for a report she is doing. Thanks.......Scott
scott fix, Lancaster, Pa. [02-28-1999]

I teach 5th grade so I thought I check you out for information for my classroom.
nancy stidman, visalia CA [02-28-1999]

I've enjoyed the tour of Betsy Ross home. I am collecting thoughts on a research paper, due the 1st week of march 99 and found this information to be very informative, Thanks again for the tour. I am looking forward to visiting your home in person one day, and not over the internet.
D. Berry, houston, texas [02-28-1999]

This was very informative for my daughter who was doing a report on Betsy Ross..Thankyou
Michele Achilli, Los Gatos, CA [02-28-1999]

Loved all your information about the American Flag. It really helped me with my social studies project. Now I'll get extra credit!!!!!! Thanks!
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Samuel D Adagbon, Mesquite Tx [02-26-1999]

Today 13 students from Mrs. Olmedo's class, Oasis Elementary School in Thermal ,CA, visited Mrs. Ross's House. We liked the tour very much. It is very interesting to come and visit such important person's house. Thank you.
Marta Olmedo, Ca USA [02-26-1999]

David J. Rohlman, Sandwich, Illinios [02-26-1999]

i like doing the five pointed star you should put more crafts on the american flag!
Sarah, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A [02-26-1999]

I wish that I would have a great year in high school and that I would get all A+++++++++
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This was very helpful in researching a report for my daughter, Great site, keep up the good work.
Lisa Fowler, Laurens, SC [02-26-1999]

Amanda Mahilo, Ohio [02-26-1999]

I saw Isaac Ross and Betsy's together and I am trying to prove my lineage to Isaac who fought in the Revolutionary war from NJ.
LaVerne Busey, Lexington, KY [02-26-1999]

Debbie, Latrobe Pennsylvania [02-26-1999]

Lauren Kreauter, Deatsville,Alabama 36022 [02-26-1999]

thomas m. obrien, minersville,pa. [02-26-1999]

David Grover, Hattiesburg, Ms [02-26-1999]

I have been researching my family tree and it has been said that our family was related to Betsy Ross. When I did a search on the name "Hermann" this sight came up. Looking for Frank or Charles Hermann from Sweden. Karlyn Neel
Karlyn Neel, Oakland, CA [02-26-1999]

HI! my name is Amber. I was wondering could you please send me a single picture of the first thirteen colonies flag.
Anwhitlock, Nashville,Tn U.S. [02-26-1999]

anonymous, Chicopee, Massachusetts [02-24-1999]

Miranda Martinez, Yuba City, CA [02-24-1999]

Michael Kevin Marcus, Coeburn, VA [02-24-1999]


Betsy I really like your house. How could fit all that stuff in your house. I wish I could learn more about you. My teacher says I have to get off the computer
Brittany Stathes, Cumming GA 30040 [02-24-1999]

Martha Jones, Union Grove,Alabama [02-24-1999]

I am doing a report for my 5th grade class.Thank-you for the information!
Sarah Perez, Santa Fe Springs, Ca. [02-24-1999]

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Michelle Fisackelry, Vicksburg, ms [02-24-1999]

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We enjoyed your web-site (My daughter, age 7) and I love to sew and quilt so this was an interesting site for us. Thanks for your hard work.
Lana Stutzman, Jackson, TN [02-23-1999]

We are learning about the American Flag in our 2nd grade class. I liked the tour of Betsy Ross house. I printed the home page to share with my class.
Samantha Jo Keyes, Bradford, Pa. U.S.A. [02-23-1999]

I found good facts for my fifth grade research paper. Thank you.
kristie lenarduzzi, knoxville, tn [02-23-1999]

I got to visit this site because I'm at home with the chicken pox. And my class is studing this at school.
Jenna Sommer, Marissa, IL [02-23-1999]

I need a photograph of Besty Ross
Chief Lozen, Lisle, N.Y. [02-23-1999]

My class liked this sight s and will come back
Reed Elementary, Tacoma, Wa [02-23-1999]

The tour was very interesting! My family and I are planning to visit the Betsy Ross house very soon!
Rachelle [02-23-1999]

brendan [02-23-1999]

Looking for facts to share with head start children.
Kriste Tingen, Richmond,va [02-23-1999]

Did a search to find your site. Wife and I are working a school project for granddaughter. Story of five point star is neat!
Jack N. Simpson, Knoxville, TN [02-23-1999]

Nicole, Aliso Viejo [02-23-1999]

I think it is so cool how people can get on the internet and find all this cool stuff out!
Megan Elizabeth McDowell, St. Joseph, Missouri [02-22-1999]

Thanks for the great info. I'm a Daisy Scout leader for the Girl Scouts of America and my little scouts enjoyed learning about a great American lady who contributed so much to our history. The pattern for the 5 point star was super.
Debbie Lindsay, Buckley Washington [02-22-1999]

Dee Cochrane [02-22-1999]

I am the current protocol chairman for the International Training in Communication organization. I am grateful for the flag protocol you demonstrate here. We have clubs all over the world, and it is often difficult to find the right answer. Thanks for providing it!
Stephanie Booth, Seaside, CA [02-21-1999]

Paula Sabo, Brownsville, PA [02-21-1999]

I liked this site a lot. There are very interesting things to find out about Betsy. :-}
Carrie E. Krebs, Tulsa,Ok [02-21-1999]

Betsy Ross was one of my ancestor's. My mother's maiden name was Ross. I'm glad that in one way, I was able to see her home. Thank you very much for that.
Marthella McCabe, Klickitat, Washington [02-21-1999]

I liked the tour.
MATTHEW PARKER, Vidalia, GA [02-21-1999]

Hi! My name is Hannah. I'm at this page because I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. See, since a couple weeks ago was Patriot's week, we had to choose someone who was an important Patriot. And I wasn't too familiar with Betsy Ross, and I wanted to find out more about her and the history of our flag, so I chose her. I couldn't find much about her in the library or the encyclopedia or, even the CD-ROM encyclopedia. So I came to the internet. I never thought they would have so much on her. Thanks for dedicating such a great(and very helpful)page on the person who (supposedly) sewed our first flag. I know, the historians are stubborn and they say that there is no actual proof of this, but I believe it. There is one downfall, though. See, when I used the encyclopedia, it said some things that the internet didn't say, or said something the opposit, so I don't know which one is true. I wish they would proove Betsy actually sewed the first American flag. It would make it a lot easier for me. I'm sorry this message is sooooooo long, but when I start typing, I just can't stop! Hannah S. 5th grade
Hannah S., South Carolina [02-21-1999]

That was cool that she made the first flag here. I think that was great.To bad she is dead. I would like to meet her face to face.
Lindsey Dailey, Tacoma WA [02-21-1999]

i just needed some info about her and your guys' address thing, whatever it's called came up. hopefully you guys have the stuff i need for my report. if you don't thanks anyway.

Enjoyed looking at the house.
Jonathan Smith, 854 Montera Lane, Boulder City, NV [02-21-1999]

i teach children about our american history and betsy ross is one of the characters and i do the "trick" with the five pointed star. they love it.
D MCCUMISKEY, SI NY [02-21-1999]

This information will be used for my report in my 6th grade class. Thank you, Brittany
Brittany Andrea, Jacksonville, Florida [02-21-1999]

Cindy, Miami Fl 33165 [02-21-1999]

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Christine Le, Huntington Beach, California U.S.A. [02-21-1999]

My 1st gradd daughter is dressing up as Betsy Ross during her school's God and Country week. Your information was very helpful. Thanks
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It is cool.
Krystal Franqui, New York [02-21-1999]

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I have 80 scouts in my pack and one of my goals is to teach them about Our flag and about patriotism. Thank you for the information you provide.
DON ORTEZ - CUBMASTER, BSA - PACK 381, New Braunfels, Texas, 78130 [02-21-1999]

I am a fourth grader at Kendall Elementary school where I am studying about Betsy Ross. I think she was a facinating person.
Whitney Baker, Marion, In. [02-21-1999]

Whitney Baker, Marion, In. [02-21-1999]

Good information about a copy of a painting you depict of Betsy Ross, G. Washington,R. Morris & G. Ross
J.H. Henderson, Annapolis, MD [02-21-1999]

My Daughter was looking for Famous Americans. She Wanted Women, and thought of Betsy Ross. Everything she needed was within your page (or links). Thank you for helping my 8 year old with one of her school projects. PS. Sorry about the first posting. My 2 1/2 year old hit the enter key.
Tim Jones, Charlotte, NorthCarolina [02-21-1999]

you're the best, Betsy
brittany gallo, worcester ma [02-21-1999]

I think Betsy Ross has guts
Danielle, Ohio,columbus [02-21-1999]

I am studying Betsy Ross in my first grade class. Thanks for the information
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This web is awesome, thank you very much. It is good to see the interest in the early american culture. As a future social studies teacher I will continue to use your web page. Thank you!
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gail brumett, spring hill, florida [02-21-1999]

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While going through my father's, Vincent Libassi, Korean War mementos, I found the flag that covered his casket when he was buried at Arlington National Cemetery - 1951. He was killed in Korea August 3, 1950. I wanted to ensure that this flag was presented in the proper fold. I found your website when searching for the correct procedure. Thank you and God Bless America.
Nancy Boyd, Kemah, Texas [02-21-1999]

Carla Yust [02-21-1999]

T Weber, Suisun, California, USA [02-21-1999]

Do you have any info on Betsy when she was a child & do you have any other pictures of her?
megan, forsyth,IL,U.S.A. [02-21-1999]

Thank you, i needed this information for homework. We didn't have time to go down to the Betsy Ross House.
Jasmine Cuffie, Philadelphia, PA [02-21-1999]

I am a student at Carrollton County Middle School in Kentucky
Charlie Miller, Bedford, Ky [02-18-1999]

I think you shouldn't ask where people live that will scare some people and they won't come back: ) Other than that this is wonderful one suggestion though youy should have a picture of the american flag, like the backround. Thanx~us
Sarah and Chrissy, NY [02-18-1999]

I enjoyed touring the house and visiting the website.I teach fifth grade, and my students will be doing reports on important persons beginning next week. One of them just took a visit to Philadelphia and visited The Betsy Ross House. We will use Betsy Ross as a springboard to get them started on their reports. She and her works will be an interesting subject to use as an example. We have just studied the American Revolution.
Sarah Rudd, Panama City, FL 32401 [02-17-1999]

I plan to use this website with my first grade classroom. We are learning about G. Washington and the flag. I plan to take the children on the tour! Thanks for making my job easier and more exciting for the children!
c. Hanlon, browns Mills, New Jersey [02-17-1999]

I apprieciate Betsy Ross because of her courage and knowledge. She was a great tribute to history.
Jodi Smith, Taylor mill, KY [02-17-1999]

Joe E. Partridge, Clinton, MS [02-17-1999]

I had to do a report on Betsy Ross for school. I found this web page and it saved my life. I hadn't a clue who she was or what she did that made her so famous.I got everything off this web page!! This rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Becka Bicer, Ashburn,VA U.S.A. [02-17-1999]

I'm in fith grade and I am doing a reasesrch project on Betsy Ross. I am not alowed to give my addrss or E-mail address.
Sammy [02-17-1999]

I was looking to see if there may be any info on the Shelton family, from Virginia?
deborah dale, glendale, arizona [02-17-1999]

Terry Roberts, Brunswick, GA [02-17-1999]

I am researching for a granddaughter who is too young to use computer for a paper she has to write in 1st grade on an Americian historical character. She choose Betsy Ross. You have the most information of any one site I have found. I haven't found a picture of just the flag yet. Thanks for all the help.
Louise Spikes, Mobile,Alabama [02-17-1999]

I like the home page
Aamanda, Kenmore N.Y. USA [02-17-1999]

Very informative and interesting pages. With Memorial Day and Flag Day coming up, I've been looking for information I could put in a Veteran's Club Newsletter. I wish our senators and representatives who do not want to vote for the amendment for protection of our country's Flag would read all the messages written here by so many young people.
Jackie Poppleton, Albany, Oregon [02-17-1999]

I am trying to show a relationship to Betsy Ross through Elizabeth Ross Hall b. London, England 1835 - would appreciate any help - - Thanks :)
Karen O'Neal, Foster City, CA [02-17-1999]

Your my idel
Mallory Dukeshire, Port Clinton OH. [02-17-1999]

Our thanks (FF Sauerbier & I) for your work - Mike's daughter is portraying Ms. Ross @ school & your information and images have proven invaluable - thanks!
Michael L. Painter, Missoula, MT, USA [02-17-1999]

This is for a school report
sheppard, Texas [02-17-1999]

Nicole Scharbach, Quincy, Wa, 98848 [02-17-1999]

I love Betsy. She is awesome!!! She is pretty
Josh Tidwell, poway [02-16-1999]

I am related to Betsy Ross (she would be a great-aunt 4 generations back). Anyway, I came across this web-site as I was looking for information on President's Day to present to my Kinder- garten classroom. I, of course, now have this site bookmarked. Thank you for such good, historical information about Betsy Ross.
Corie Manglos, Barron, Wisconsin [02-16-1999]

I need some info on the history of the United States Flag.
Lewis Krack, Princeton Il. [02-16-1999]

I love your site! This week we are studying famous americans and this page is a great learning tool for us.
Julie Zeigler, Little Mountain, SC [02-16-1999]


Joan Willenbrock, Wentzville MO [02-15-1999]

Carly McGeever [02-15-1999]

Paula Szemis, Buenos Aires. Argentina [02-15-1999]

Thank you for maintaining this site for the future of our young leaders.
cub scouts weblos 1, pack 40 den 7, Bakersfield,CA [02-15-1999]

We are learning about the American Revolution in school. It rules!! We have American Revolution Journals where we write secret letters and stuff. Chelsey: My name is Kristina Rachel Adams. Brittany: My name is Abbigal Ann Adams. Were sister for the journals. Our father and mother (in the journals ) is John & Abbigal Adams. Your sight is pretty cool! Were looking up flags of the Revolution and were going to paste or glue them in our journals. Our teachers name is Mrs. Hazelberg.
Chelsey M & Brittany W., Mayville, WI USA [02-15-1999]

Thank you for contribution to the U.S.
steven cox, Rockford,Illinois/america [02-15-1999]

My class is doing a play about George Washington. We have a section on Betsy Ross. I hope our play turns out great.
Lisa, Voluntown ct [02-15-1999]

Melissa Umberger, Glen Burnie, Maryland [02-15-1999]

When I got this homework on Friday for Social Studies I thought, Uh Oh, It will take all day just to find one answer to one question. And here I am Sunday night, with a half page of homework. I go online and there's your page!! -KelMay1
Kelly Malinski, Butler,PA [02-14-1999]

Thanks for a great page! I will be putting a link to your page on mine: C-ya soon! ...Barb...
Barb, Drexel Hill, PA [02-14-1999]

Rebecca, Ashburn,VA U.S.A. [02-13-1999]

I' m really interested in history and finding information on family members The names are Dubt, Walker, Slaugtherbeck ,Sliverwood , Bodi , Benore ,Perry, Flake and Wagamanif any of these names are found please replay Thanks Thelma
Thelma Cutcher, Port Clinton , Ohio 43452 [02-13-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross in school.
Andrew Norton [02-13-1999]

ann chisholm, quitman ar 72131 [02-13-1999]

Its nice to see that my ancestor has such an informative web page. Cynthia Ross
Cynthia Ross, Hillsboro, OR. USA [02-13-1999]


Rachel Hancock, LaGrange, GA [02-13-1999]

this website helped me out a lot with a history project i had. thanks. Rachel Gonzales
rachel gonzales, usa [02-13-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. If you have any information you could send me, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
Leanne Kauffman, Columbia, Pennsylvania [02-13-1999]

Hi I am Katie Overson. I am Doing a project on Betsy Ross. I think I did a great project on her. I have leanerd a lot about her. That was Katie Overson's message.
Katie Overson [02-13-1999]

her husband is my ancestor and I was hoping to find more info on james and john
Jamie Barley, p.o 326 petersburg, in 47567 [02-13-1999]

I found your site very instrumental in helping my nine year old daughter with an understanding of who Betsy Ross was and how she contributed to the US. Thanks!!
Catherine Guilford, Columbia, MO [02-13-1999]

I am a computer teacher at Baker Elementary for grades K-5. We are celebrating "We Love America" during the month of February. I am taking my classes on a tour of the Betsy Ross home. Thank you for making this available for our students! Carla Ross Baker Elementary
Carla Ross, Acworth, GA United States [02-13-1999]

I like the stuff about Betsy Ross. Thank you
Amanda [02-13-1999]

I enjoyed the visit very much. I'm always looking for more material for Resource Room. And this tour is great!
Alma E. Aperlo, Hacienda Heights, CA [02-13-1999]

We're trying to learn about Betsy Ross in History for a project. Your website rocks especially the virtual tour of her house!!
Alison Hasbargen and Megan Hoffman, Rhinelander, WI [02-13-1999]

vicente juarez, greeley [02-10-1999]

I had a project for my school and I choose Betsy Ross.
amanda russell, ft washington maryland [02-10-1999]

Enjoyed the website, helpful for student information.
Maggie Gutierrez-Perez, Miami, Florida USA [02-10-1999]

I really enjoyed visting Betsy Ross's house. I am studing Betsy Ross in my class. I will be playing a part of Betsy Ross in a video for my classroom, on famous people in History. I am in the 3rd grade, and attend Martha P. King Elementary School, in Boulder City, Nevada. Thank you, for letting us visit! :) Your Friend, Shaelyn Taber
Shaelyn Taber, Boulder City, Nevada [02-10-1999]

Jerry Johnson, Huntsville, Alabama [02-10-1999]

Very nice site!
Kelsey and Chris Clark, Peachtree City, Georgia [02-10-1999]

i like your web page
shyanie kumar, texas,coppell [02-10-1999]

I think Betsy Ross' flag was great even if she didnt design it but most of all I think she should get all the credit because she sewed it.
Lacey, woodinville washington [02-10-1999]

I had a project for my school and I choose Betsy Ross.
amanda russell, ft washington maryland [02-10-1999]

Enjoyed the website, helpful for student information.
Maggie Gutierrez-Perez, Miami, Florida USA [02-10-1999]

wuz up! american people!
rose bijarro, flatrock michigan [02-10-1999]

Maybe it would be fun for Ketki to be Betsy Ross. Tom feels sorry that Betsy's husband died. Tom wants to make an American flag. Sincerely Yours, Ketki, Tom, and John (the typist)
Tom, Ketki, and John, Nora Elementary School [02-10-1999]

This really helped with my history fair project. Thanks!
Kristin Finley, Bloomingdale, New Jersey : United States [02-10-1999]

Hi, My GSUSA is doing the "Women In Time" Patch, and we choose Betsy Ross as one of the women to do. We need some info b4 March 6. Can you give us any info or websites we can go to? -Thanks Kiara
Kiara Ospa, The Poconos, PA USA [02-10-1999]

We have enjoyed the Betsy Ross web site very much.
David & Joyce Peterson, Yerington, Nevada [02-09-1999]

vicente juarez, greeley [02-09-1999]

I really enjoyed this web site. I would love to go to Betsy's house one day. I think it would be very interesting to experience it since I am in the sixth grade and am learning about the history of the world. I am a 12 year old boy. I have seen serval different places such as Paul Reveers' house and the church in which he got his signal from.
Michael Turenne, Frankfurt, Germany [02-09-1999]

I really enjoyed the virtual tour that went through the whole house. It was a weird experience for me because I felt like I have been there before. I am an A and B average student and you can be sure that I'll try to come one day. It might be a little hard to go on my own because I'm in sixth grade but when I'm in collage I'll try to go. When I come I will try to buy a flag. This is an interesting website and I will try to spread how good it was around.
Donal McRae, Frankfurt Germany [02-09-1999]

Bill Pritchett, N. Richland Hills, TX [02-08-1999]

Betsy Ross played an important part in American History.
Kenisha Smith, Inglewood , CA [02-08-1999]

Kayla Narvaez [02-08-1999]

I am doing a report over betsy ross could you help me. Please write me back.
Amy Nicole Madewell, Sparta TN,38583 [02-08-1999]

Julie Moravec, Hugo [02-08-1999]

josé ioskyn, La Plata, Argentine [02-08-1999]

Emily, SANTA CRUZ , CAL [02-08-1999]

I am writing a report on Betsy Ross for my fifth grade class. This site provided a lot of information that was very helpfful. I enjoyed reading about her and about our flag's history.
Alanna Rodrigues, Nacogdoches, Texas [02-08-1999]

Helping daughter with report for 3rd grade. she has selected Betsy as her topic and character for the west u elementary wax museum. Glad to see the website....started to panic until then. She will dress up and portray her in addition to her research paper. Suprised to learn that Betsy may not get the credit for the flag......I learned in school she did it all.....Kinda like the Thomas Jefferson revisions going on....even in the Montecello tour. Thanks., houston, tx [02-08-1999]

Betsy Ross made very good flags. Girls rule!
Katie Zion, Marietta, Georgia U.S.A. [02-08-1999]

I enjoyed this website very much. You can learn so much about your past. Go Betsey!!
Keri Lewis, Kalamazoo, MI [02-08-1999]


This is really cool! Yeah Betsey!!
Anne Miller, Kalamazoo, MI [02-08-1999]

I am helping my grand-daughter with her class project.
Bill Hires, Columbia, MO [02-08-1999]

A very interesting page. The DAR Chapter, of which I am the Regent, recently acquired a Betsy Ross flag and I am happy to know more about it. Thanks very much.
Margaret Day Grant, Diamond Bar, CA [02-08-1999]

This is a great site. I will encourage my fourth graders to visit here!
M GORDON, Corning, NY [02-08-1999]

Does anyone know anything about the "Strickland Clan" from the Oxford, Pennsylvania area? I cannot find out very much about them. Can someone help me, please?
Ms. Bonnie S. Strickland, Biloxi, Mississippi [02-08-1999]

I found this site very interesting.
Pam Butler, Sanford, Maine [02-08-1999]

Laurie Reynolds [02-08-1999]

I really like this place.If you have any more information please send it to me.I am doing a research paper on Betsy Ross's life.
Laura, america [02-08-1999]

Ken Wendt, Katy, TX [02-08-1999]

Very good web site.
Philip A. Gillis, St. Clair Shores, MI [02-08-1999]

In school we read about her i did not like the first flag. I want to sew the next flag LOL. I would like to talk to you some time so please e-mail me thank you
Angela Brown, Syrcuse NY [02-08-1999]

you go girl(i meant betsy smarty) ;)just kidding
lindsay thorsen, florence, italy [02-06-1999]


Kevin D., Milwaukee, WI. USA [02-06-1999]

I had a homework project to do for my class. I'm in second grade and mom has helped me along with the Internet. I have learned so much and so has mom. Thank you.
Nicholas Okula, New York [02-06-1999]

Isn't Betsy Ross the woman who made the falg?
Lauren Gray, Bealeton,virginia [02-06-1999]

I am working on a project about historical buildings and monuments. I would like to include Betsy Ross' home in my report. Please tell me where I could find more pictures of the outside of the house, maybe all four sides. I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you.
Colleen Kuby, Des Plaines, IL [02-06-1999]

I am doing a project on pioneers of the American Revolution. I am going to be Betsy Ross, and I have been doing a lot of work on it. This project is for my Gifted and Talented class. I have had a lot of fun doing this project.
Nicci, Nichols [02-06-1999]

I like your webpage.
Stephanie Bumgarner, milton wv [02-06-1999]

Groovy Man
Angel Graham, Alma, Arkansas [02-06-1999]

Aminda [02-06-1999]

Great Job
Sandra Love, Ft. Bragg NC [02-06-1999]

this page is very interesting. when i found it i was looking for down-loadable clip art. it would be nice to be able to link over the images of your flags to my microsoft word program. i am adding this sight to my daughters list of places to visit. thanks
teresa hessel, wichita, kansas [02-06-1999]

Michelle Durant, G-ville,Florida [02-04-1999]

my ancestors were original americans i mean on my mothers side they were the original owners of the stamford lands came over on the mayflowerthe cater's and the varney's.on my father its thurman perry and newby original settlers in tennessee and they wre soldiers in the civil war flora newby
flora newby, spring,texas 77373 [02-04-1999]

Allison Dorton [02-04-1999]

Karen D. Smith, Columbus, Georgia [02-04-1999]

mimi, providence ri [02-03-1999]

Looking for research for a homework assignment on Betsy Ross. Really enjoyed your page.
J. Stevens, Pineville, LA [02-03-1999]

Gerald D. Henkemeyer, Belton, MO USA [02-03-1999]

nikki b., america [02-03-1999]

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Lauren Dodrill, WV [02-03-1999]

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Diana Reichert [02-03-1999]

I love being an American!!!
John Holmes, Johnson City Tennessee, U.S.A. [02-03-1999]

This is an excellent site! I have found it very difficult to get information on Betsy Ross at the local libraries. This site has it all. I am sure I will be visiting here often.
Bill Hudec, Jr., Sagamore Hills, OH [02-03-1999]

Love your page, really great!!! The grandsons have learned a lot from this page. Thank you for making it so complete and easy to use.
Ann Mitchell, Ohio [02-02-1999]

Nicole, Marysville PA [02-02-1999]

I had to do a report at school and deceided to do it on the first flg that Betsy Ross made. I went on altavista net search and I found this site. it was nice that it was that easy to get into.
Michelle, Clarks Summit PA USA [02-02-1999]

Dani, Hiram,Georgia U.S.A. [02-02-1999]

Hi! My name is Veronica Alba. In school I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross. You have helped me by giving me one of your pictures of Betsy sewing the flag. Thank You, Veronica Alba
Veronica, Canyon Country ,CA [02-02-1999]

Kristen, california [02-02-1999]

I really liked the homepage!
Jenna, Boston [02-02-1999]

Kelly, Abington,Mass.,U.S.A [02-02-1999]

Hi!I'm looking up Betsy Ross for a project,so far I have nothing!!! It's for a thing called Awana's. You see I have to do a 1 page report.(at least 127 word's) So if you have anything please contact me!!!
Tayler Savanna Gibson, Keller,Tx. [02-01-1999]

Anthony Hook, WI [02-01-1999]

becca tim [02-01-1999]

We read the story of Betsy Ross' life and we are curious as to why she was buried several different times. My 3rd grade daughter has to read a biography and make an oral presentation in the first person. She has chosen Betsy Ross. We thought it would be an interest fact to tell that she's been buried three different times, but the natural question would be why. Could you tell us or point us in the right direction to find out? Thank you.
Jo McCann [02-01-1999]

dear betsy, i love to claen up amirica
shelly, leeds,alabama [02-01-1999]

thanx for the info....i needed it for an assignment..but there is still one question that i didnt find Why was the flag originally made was it because of a honor our people ...actually i saw it just cant find it what im asking is if youll tell me why or give the page adress its on..plzzz thanx for the information sicerly, Kathy Richmond
Kathy Richmond, Joplin,Mo [02-01-1999]

You have a nice web site!!!
Mark Smith and Amber Pinkal [02-01-1999]

Bradley Schipper, Flowery Branch GA. [02-01-1999]

barbara griscom foreman, cocoa florida [02-01-1999]

i looked up adkins ancestors and got here
jan adkins [02-01-1999]

Thank you!!! My daughter is doing a Social Studies report on the American flag. You had what we were looking for.
Ina McHenry, Harrisville [02-01-1999]

nlsny, no thank you [02-01-1999]

Why did the first flag have circle stars?
caitlin rooney, Sherman oaks [02-01-1999]

i am interested in the surename bellflower i seen there was a bellflower in your guest book
w. bellflower, alabama [02-01-1999]

michelle & josh, columbus, ohio [02-01-1999]

Rebecca Giles [02-01-1999]

DEANA HOUGHTON, SUMNER, WA, 98390 [02-01-1999]

sherry sansom turinsky, rockwall texas 75087 [02-01-1999]

I will be teaching a mini-course to a group of 12 kindergarten throup 2nd grade students. If you have any ideas on good projects, please let me know.
Pat Bunting, Alexandria, Virginia [02-01-1999]

Can you send me info on the flag before February 5th
Shawn Artis, Camden, Illinois [02-01-1999]

Lauren Baldwin-Wulle [02-01-1999]

Ann Griner [02-01-1999]

Very well done. more historical info could be helpful!eg: dob parents what she liked to do any schooling...... also more info on the flag woulg be helpful
Amanda, Germany,Ramstein [02-01-1999]

Great Site!
Emily Burke [01-28-1999]

I love this site!!!!
Marisa [01-28-1999]

Donald J. Widmann [01-28-1999]

I ahve seen Betsy's house before! I think it is cool. I love going to historical places and learning about it!
Ashley, ohio [01-28-1999]


Jessica Perry, Fairfield, CT [01-28-1999]

very good work, please keep up and pass along our American history. Thanks
Mario , Alaine &, Mario B. Chiarani, Baily, Colorado U.S.A. [01-28-1999]

Brachtl Eva, Salzburg Austria Europe [01-28-1999]

amanda guardado, santa maria, ca , usa [01-28-1999]

you told me to sign if i visted so i'm signing......
Audrey, Missouri [01-28-1999]

The Betsy Ross house is an incredible experience to visit. My family was fortunate enough to tour this home in the summer of 1998. It was very interesting as was the whole historical area there in Philedlehia!
Jan Brandtmeier, Menasha.Wisconsin [01-28-1999]

I was wondering if anyody new wich room the family tree was in?
Sarie Trimmer, Roswell GA U.S.A. [01-28-1999]

Kenyata Goldston, Midland [01-28-1999]

Bonny Acklin, Barnard, MO [01-28-1999]

MAX WATSON, Monroerville, AL [01-28-1999]

What a fascinating website! Thank you for the highly educational information on a great historical figure. I felt a special affinity for Mrs. Ross, because I also sew window treatments and home accessories. I could only hope to have similar strength of character if faced with the same kind of adversity she was.
Patricia Cramer, Eugene, OR USA [01-28-1999]

h he hel hell hello hell he h
Brittany, Evant,tx [01-28-1999]

what was the saying on the "Rattlesnake Flag"?
anonymous [01-28-1999]

I really appriciate your flags
Vicki DeBow [01-28-1999]

how are you all doing?
amanda [01-28-1999]

Cindy Krug, Palm Habor, FL [01-28-1999]

Jose Melendez, Los Angeles, CA 90063 [01-26-1999]

Some of my fifth graders are doing research on Besty Ross. We are looking for information and a good research question to use. Any suggestions?
Chris Carlile, tiverton, r.i. [01-26-1999]

Miranda Doan, Merrill, MI 48637 [01-26-1999]

I am in 5th grade and I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Amanda Annis, Canton, Ohio [01-26-1999]

I have signed in before and asked some questions. I want to tell you that I no longer need the answers. I finished my reserch so I won't be needing the answers.Have a nice day!
Miranda Reid, Ackerman,MS U.S.A. [01-26-1999]

I think it is great thing for Americans to care about the our nations flag. It also helps me as a senior in high school to learn more about the flag. Also for my paper that I am writing about the Flag.
Amy Swartzwelder, Effingham,Illinois, [01-25-1999]

Steph Czimer, Lemont ,IL [01-25-1999]

Cool Site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amber C., Dexter,Ny [01-25-1999]

Hi, I adore flags, i think they are so cool and great. When i grow up i want to design flags for people. I just have to say Betsy Ross was a great American citizen, I <3 her. I have been to her house 7 times and the tour is never boring. Dont you love Betsy Ross too? Write back From, Betsy Ross Fan
Mike Mercuri, Fort Washington PA [01-25-1999]

I had to look up information for a project for school! I am writing a childrens book for my history class and your site was very helpful to me! Thanks a lot, Alexandra Elliott
Alexandra Elliott, Pikeville, Kentucky, USA [01-25-1999]

Great site.
john coiner, Kennesaw, Ga [01-25-1999]

Where can i find your picture?
Jessica Hall, Holgate,Ohio,USA [01-25-1999]

christine, cleve. ohio 44125 [01-25-1999]

Hi, my name is Bree. IN American Studies we get extra credit if we come up with someone in teh history book that we're realted to and find out how we're related to them. Well I'm realated to Besty Ross bbut i don't know how. Could anybody help me? If you have anyinformation of how i could find out please let me know!! you can e-mail me at Thanks! Bree
Bree, Chattanooga, TN [01-25-1999]

I found this site most helpful on a school project. Thank you for the interesting facts.
Sara Bostick, Illinois [01-25-1999]

We're are studying Betsy Ross in my school and the reason I picked her is I thought she sounded cool!!
Leah Butler, Portland Oregon [01-25-1999]

Thanks for having this homepage. It helped me find a good picture of the Betsy Ross flag for my friend Erin
meaghan boland, ballwin, nissouri [01-25-1999]

Thanks for your web-site. It was a homework assignment. I really enjoyed reading about it.
Chelsey A. Owens, Grundy, VA. USA [01-25-1999]

I am portraying Betsy Ross in a Wax Museum assignment for school. I enjoyed learning about Betsy Ross and seeing the pictures in your website.
Laura Bunting, Pleasant Grove, Utah [01-25-1999]

This page gives a lot of good information. I am doing a paper on Betsy Ross and I could not find anything. Then I came here. This gave me a lot of the information I needed. Thanks!
Mary Catherine, Virginia [01-23-1999]

v. bailet, cullman, al [01-23-1999]

As the American flag represents each and all of us as Americans, so Betsy Ross is also all of us. As she sewed the flag, each of us could have also done so. As individual citizens, we all have the capability to make a difference. Whether that difference be large or small, we all have the opportunity to do so each and every day. It is individual citizens who have fought and died, or fought and came home to a country that was ultimately made stronger for each effort put into the fight for freedom. We are all Betsy Ross, or could be, in our own unique way. We all make a difference.
Cindi Personette, Boise, Idaho [01-23-1999]

Very good! The photos are very informative. Thanks for the tour.
Garry McCain and Grace McCain, Calera, OK [01-23-1999]

I teach American History and Government-will have my students check out your site. Thanks a lot for your work.
Pauline Bradley, Calumet, MI [01-23-1999]

Melissa Colins [01-23-1999]

Jodi Brandenberger, San Bernardino, CA, USA [01-23-1999]

Clarence J. Simpson, Seattle, WA [01-23-1999]

Andrea Helminak, Maumee, Ohio 43537 [01-23-1999]

I would like to know in terms of history and/or battle-why was the flag not flown at night? Also, is the flag taken down in the rain out of respect or another reason? Thank you for your help with these questions. Some how we got into a discussion of the flag and night flying and I made some reason up why it was taken down at night and I want to see if I came any where close. Thank you again, Jody Williams
Jody Williams, Chas. SC [01-23-1999]

I really never knew who made are flag till now. I am now kinda closing my report on Betsy Ross and I think that she was an amazing person.
Missy B., Yakima Wa Usa [01-23-1999]

good work.
gtp, jolon,calif [01-23-1999]

Thank you for the information and God bless America!
Michael John Zaharris, Newport,Minnesota,United States of America [01-23-1999]

cara blubaugh [01-22-1999]

Jerry Feltis, Grand Forks, North Dakota [01-22-1999]

Susan Short, N.Wilkesboro, NC, USA [01-22-1999]

RYAN, Gretna Va. [01-22-1999]

I am hoping to find material that is suitable for primary grade children... kindergarten and grade one. That's not always as easy as one might think with all the resources on the internet!
Francine Castagno McCarthy, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA [01-22-1999]

Excellent site! I am adding your site to mine, Chris' List of Political and Government Links at
chris webber, Puyallup, WA [01-22-1999]

Kristyn A Medlock, Orono Me [01-22-1999]

I like your site it was very interesting and informational
Marybeth [01-22-1999]

Laura Harrell, Fresno, California [01-22-1999]

Room 102 [01-22-1999]

Thanks for the info. My 8th grade language arts class is using your site to learn about the flag in order to write the American Legion Essay, "Old Glory - Our Symbol of Freedom". They are also studying the constitution. Your site is a nice resource. D. Tolles
Mrs. Tolles, Rushville, IL [01-22-1999]

This web site is so helpful! I had a report due tomorrow over Betsy and this web site helped very much! Thank You
Melissa, Woodward, OK [01-22-1999]

I've visited your area and found it all so very informational, interesting and just great! There is so much history in the East.
Opal Stokes, Monticello MN 55362 [01-22-1999]

Ann Burkly, Marietta, GA [01-22-1999]

Jenna Jeter, Bainbridge, GA 31717 [01-22-1999]

I am wondering why the flag is always folded into a triangle when it is taken down a put away. Thank you Stan
Stanley McCarter, Shelby Montana [01-20-1999]

Kellie Buck, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin [01-20-1999]

Chelcie Crawford, Knoxville, Tennessee [01-20-1999]

I think your web site is the best!!!!!!!!
maria, timonium, md [01-20-1999]

This is my first time visiting but I really anjoyed seeing a look at the past. Hopefully I will have another chance to visit the website. One thing I really enjoyed about it was the tour of the house.
Linden Gibbs, Brewton,Alabama [01-19-1999]

Wes Smith, Athens, Georgia [01-19-1999]

Stacey Roebuck, Fremont, CA [01-19-1999]

I enjoyed this website.I'm doing a report for my third grade class and this was very helpful.
Rebecca ann Nichols, Waltham, ma [01-19-1999]

Phyllis Thompson, Hueytown, Alabama [01-19-1999]

I am a descendant of Betsy Ross and I am very glad to find information here on the internet. Maybe someday we will be able to find other descendants via the internet. My grandparents have even made a miniature house (well, its over 3 feet tall...but still a miniature) that is the exact replica of the Betsy Ross House, even down to the exact number of bricks used for the home. Perhaps someday it will find its way to the Betsy Ross Museum.
Niki Ghofranian, Livermore, California [01-19-1999]

This is an awesome site. I learned a lot about Betsy Ross!:)
"MISS WINGS", Paris, France [01-19-1999]

I am doing reserch on Betsy Ross. I think she was very skilled being able to sew the American flag. Did she have to have help? Did she invent the American flag? If she didn't, who asked her to sew it?
Miranda Reid, Ackerman,MS [01-19-1999]

Megan Orfield, Adairsville, Georgia [01-19-1999]

I found your page while looking for quotes involving the flag. This information is for my Son's school report. He wanted something special for his Gad,Flag and Country speech.
Liz Block, St. Marys,Oh U.S.A. [01-19-1999]

Lindsay, Florida [01-19-1999]

I was looking at the page and saw an interesting painting there with Betsy, Mr Ross and Washington. Is there a history of that painting anywhere?? Flaglady
Linda Cunningham, Winchester, VA [01-19-1999]

Look for info on Bartholomew Alexandra Laird, Born around Brookhaven Mississippi Thanks, Linda
Linda Breakfield, Destin, Fl [01-19-1999]

I'm glad you made this website, I find it very helpful! Sincerely,Laura Ganssle:^)
Laura Ganssle, Maitland,Florida [01-19-1999]

LaTrisha A. Lowery by Charles O. Lowery, Jr. (father), Chattanooga, Tennessee [01-19-1999]

thank you i have an essay to do about Betsy Ross and this was quite helpful.
KrisC [01-19-1999]

Just to think of it my great great great and so on grandmother was her sister and I wrote one of her books. I also have one of the cloth certains she made. i also have a pianting of her signed by her and the artist.
Kimberly Ross [01-19-1999]

KATIE MILLER [01-19-1999]

Looking For Descendents Of Ryan Toler, Father Of Deroma Carl Toler Of Arkansas From The Mid To Late 1800's.

Hyejin Rhee [01-19-1999]

I really like seeing the inside and outside of the house. It was nice looking at a famous person's house. I think that this is a great site for other people to research on.
Heidi Nelson, Oshkosh, WI 54902 [01-19-1999]

Erika Lee Turner, Santa Monica, California [01-19-1999]

tell me all you can on besty ross and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
desfriends, N J [01-19-1999]

Denise Thomas, Woodward, OK [01-19-1999]

I am related to betsy ross and my grandmother's maiden name is ross.
cor [01-19-1999]

chuck hess [01-19-1999]

Christine Appling, Fayetteville,TN [01-19-1999]

CHELSEY [01-19-1999]

Brittany Q [01-19-1999]

Betsy Ross!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rules!!!!!!
Belinda Michelle Reyes, Mount Prospect,ILL [01-19-1999]

good job
andy marslett [01-19-1999]

Alicia M. Schnorr, Nekoosa, Wisconsin [01-19-1999]

I used this page to help with school THANKS
ALEX, weymouth [01-19-1999]

steven ellis, santa cruz, california [01-14-1999]

Laura Bielss [01-14-1999]

Kristin Alexander [01-14-1999]

This an useful place to find history of our flag. I would like to know the actual meaning from the colors. At the present time I am really confused. Can somebody help me with that. Thanks.
ERICK ARNALDO SUAZO, Providnce, RI. [01-14-1999]

Patrick King, Cobden,IL [01-14-1999]

would you seened me some facts of Betsy Ross. i am doing a product for my teacher mrs.ramsey's class. you bight know sarah my email adderss.
megan, hope ar [01-14-1999]

As a foreigner it is the first time I went so deep in American history. Nice work. Thanck you, Paul

Do you have any self pictures of betsy Ross?
pouch70, usa [01-14-1999]

Thank you for making the first American flag Betsy. I'm Krissy Gietzen. I'm in 5th grade at Eureka school. I'm in Mr. Reed's class. I am 10 years old. The reson I can't give out my address is because my parents say I can't. They would be very upset if I gave it out. I hope I can give this to you still From you'r fathful friend, Krissy Gietzen
Krissy, Sacramento, califoria, U.S.A [01-14-1999]

ARI, Salem Ut. [01-14-1999]

Allison, Salem Ut. [01-14-1999]

I LOVE flags!!!!!!
Caity Lazenby & Alexa McKee, Salem,UT. 84653 [01-14-1999]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross for my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Ramsey's class an I needed some information about Betsy Ross. Could you please send me some of these photos?
Sarah Turner, Hope, Arkansas,U.S. [01-14-1999]

How did you think of the flag?
Amber, St. Paul Minnesota [01-12-1999]

Nice web page
Rachel, USA [01-12-1999]

Natalie Allen, Bronxville, NY [01-12-1999]

Thanks for the info for use with my Webelos Cub Scouts!
Jim Peeler, Hickory, NC, USA [01-12-1999]

sandra meehan [01-12-1999]

Dru SEcrest [01-11-1999]

I really injoy it
Brittany Holt, Tzouanakis School [01-11-1999]

Andrew Ojeda [01-11-1999]

Alyssa Sewall [01-11-1999]

Kelly Lawrence [01-11-1999]

Johnny Messina [01-11-1999]

Adam Beeble [01-11-1999]

Andrew Boza [01-11-1999]

Brittany Davis [01-11-1999]

Norm Morris, Wellford , sc [01-11-1999]

CaTi, IL [01-11-1999]

Very informative web site. My daughter found lots of info here for a school homework assignment.
Tammy Hanse, Glasford, IL [01-11-1999]

Joel Armistead, Greenville, SC [01-11-1999]

I would love to find out more about betsy ross if that is possible!!! well........bye
Melissa, usa [01-11-1999]

I like your page, very informative!
Danielle Johnson, Wisconsin [01-11-1999]

I prefer not to give any more info. I hate junk mail. I am helping my neice research a paper for school.
Bob Holder, Western PA [01-11-1999]

CAITLIN HOLAHAN [01-11-1999]

Bill Martin, N. Pekin, IL. 61554 [01-11-1999]

ettsy Ross was my great,great,great
Sarie, Dallas Texas [01-11-1999]

Laurinda Campbell, Santa Ana, California [01-11-1999]

Patricia Waters Clendening [01-11-1999]

Sarah [01-11-1999]

Carl [01-11-1999]

Joey Augello [01-11-1999]

David Tockman [01-11-1999]

Mackenzie Stewart [01-11-1999]

Danielle [01-11-1999]

Jenny Maier [01-11-1999]

mary pickersgill made the american flag...duh
monica, ohio [01-08-1999]

kathleen riley, beachwood, oh [01-08-1999]

lisa kvaternik, florida [01-08-1999]

Pat Anderson [01-08-1999]

Lindsay Ronan, Carlisle, PA [01-07-1999]

Alex Frommelt, North Reading , MA [01-07-1999]

Margaret Mathews, Marrero, Louisiana Jefferson Parish [01-07-1999]

I'm related!!
Anthony Hook, Rhinelander, WI USA [01-07-1999]

Nice inforamtion. I've been doing some research on Besty Ross....apparently there is some connection! John Ross
John E. Ross, Columbus, Ohio [01-07-1999]

Thank you for the great information
Kayleigh Calandri, California [01-07-1999]

Madison Roberts, Merrick, New York [01-07-1999]

my sister has to do a prestaion on betsy ross and i was just loking for some ifo thanks
heather, PA [01-07-1999]

this is cool
Amber, Harrisburg,P.A [01-07-1999]

I loved the Betsy Ross site. I learned a lot of interesting things about her. And loved the vurtual tour of her house!
Holly Nelson, Jackson TN [01-07-1999]

Jessica dutcher, Endicott N.Y. [01-07-1999]

I love America - red white and blue - God bless America and the people - freedom, love, America, God
alicia swope, b-town pa [01-07-1999]

Adam Fichthorn, Tampa,Florida [01-07-1999]

Derick Ostrenko [01-07-1999]

Erin Decker [01-07-1999]

Great site!
K. Salm, El Segundo, CA [01-07-1999]

Brittany Brown [01-07-1999]

stephen Maniscalco [01-07-1999]

Jared Miller [01-07-1999]

MJ Logan [01-07-1999]

Eric Garber [01-07-1999]

Ashley Messerman [01-07-1999]

Kelly Sullivan [01-07-1999]

Riley Dickey [01-07-1999]

marybeth faulk [01-07-1999]

Tom Tobin [01-07-1999]

Kevin Karpay [01-07-1999]

I came upon your page while in search of information for my neice on a paper she is doing on Betsy Ross. This is GREAT. I can't believe how much information I was able to give her and her classmates. I am a big history nut myself but actually learned some amazing facts about the flag that I never learned. Please continue this great page. My son's school is in great need of a new flag and now I know where we can purchase one from. Thank you.
Martha K Ptomey, New Castle, DE [01-05-1999]

Have to do a report on Betsy Ross, found your homepage off of the Encarta Encyclopedia on my computer.
Macy, Tulelake, Ca [01-05-1999]

Since my name is Claypool (minus the E, which was dropped by one of my ancestors,) I was interested in knowing more about John Claypoole.
Jesse D. Claypool, 90 Aberdeen Lane, Pisgah Forest, NC 28768 [01-05-1999]

Lindsay Ralph [01-05-1999]

sean macy [01-05-1999]

Seth F [01-05-1999]

Lauren Davies [01-05-1999]

Nicholas Henriquez, Tampa,FL [01-05-1999]

Errin Walker [01-05-1999]

Lindsey Wendling, Tampa, FL, US [01-05-1999]

Fishman [01-05-1999]

Sage Graham, tampa, FL [01-05-1999]

Joshua Bocko [01-05-1999]

I'm here because I was told to sign the guestbook by my school, which is currently having us research the U.S. flag and state our own opinions on it. Very cool backgrounds, though. Heh. :) Nah, seriously. I'd dig the page if I had a lot of background on Betsy. Oh - one more thing - Buffy The Vampire Slayer Tuesday, 8:00 PM, on the WB
Kristen, Tampa, FL [01-05-1999]

Our flag is good. I wrote that cuz i had to.
Adam Hoyer, Tampa, FL [01-05-1999]

Hello, This is the first and only time I will visit your sight. The only reason I am here is for a class project Sincerely, You know who
Nick Libertiny, Tampa,Florida [01-05-1999]

Kelli [01-05-1999]

Niki Middlekauff, Tampa, Flordia [01-05-1999]

Ryan Misiak, Tampa, Florida U.S.A [01-05-1999]

Patrick William Norman, Tampa, Florida [01-05-1999]

Michelle Hale, Tampa, Florida [01-05-1999]

this website is very educational!! :)
Patrick Flugge, Tampa, Florida, [01-05-1999]

Ben Donovan, Odessa [01-05-1999]

Katie Drangle, Tampa, Florida [01-05-1999]

Jamie Ralph, Tpa,FL [01-05-1999]

I have been to the Besty Ross house and found it very edacational. I also find this edacational.
Katie, Hampton Va. [01-05-1999]

I used your information to teach a citizenship badge requirement to my Webelos Den. thank you.
C. Cullum, Grove City PA [01-05-1999]

I was looking for information to help my 7 yr old learn Social Studies with a little more flare. The web site was easy to locate and was filled with plenty info. Thanks.
debra, Meraux, LA [01-05-1999]

Dianne Beal, Hobbs, New Mexico [01-05-1999]

Jimmy Falor, Jacksonville Florida [01-05-1999]

This is the best site so far in discribing the flag especially for my history homework for school.
Sara, US [01-05-1999]

I thoroughly enjoyed this virtual tour of the Betsy Ross House. The website was very informative and i left knowing more about our early nations history. A fabulous site. Thankyou.
Brian Paine, Lebanon,PA [01-05-1999]

Hi. My fifth grade teachers are going to have us dress up as Revolutionary era people and tell about each person. We will go door to door at the school. I'm hoping to be you!
Anna Fudge, Hays, KS [01-05-1999]

I was looking for some information about the American Flag to use for my Girl Scout troop trying to earn a Jr. Citizen badge. We needed to learn all about the American Flag. Your site was wonderful and FULL of valuable information. I'm sure when the girls are done reseaching they will know all about it. Thanks
Val Reynolds, Muskegon, MI [01-05-1999]

becky Jordan [01-05-1999]

kelsey, jackson,michigan [01-04-1999]

I have to write an eight page report on the American flag for school. This site has given me more than enough information. Thank you.
Sara Lilley, Branson Mo. [01-04-1999]

This is cool. When I figure it out I can appreciate it more.
Don Hager, Charlotte,NC [01-03-1999]

Nicole Sencindiver [01-03-1999]

Enjoyed your web site. Great help in preparing my book report.
Katie Morgan, Gadsden, AL [01-03-1999]

Hi my name is Ellen and Iam in 5th grade. I am doing a project on Betsy Ross. I have a lot of lititure on her but no pictures. Can you please send me some pictures of her when she was a girl,teenager,adult,houses,and family. She seems very interesting to me so far. Please send some pictures of her by January 15,1999. Thanks, ELLEN BOLT
Ellen Bolt, 6 Celebrie Ct Kingsville, Md. 21087 [01-03-1999]

Ellen Bolt, 6 Celebrie Ct. [01-03-1999]

Is there any symbolism in the 5-pointed star?
Hope Norfleet, Richmond, Virginia [01-03-1999]

augusta davis, church road, va [01-03-1999]

I am a librarian and I didn't realize it would be so hard to locate a pattern for drawing the five-pointed star. I had tried star and pattern and flag but rec'd too many listings. Then I thought of the original story of Betsy Ross and General Washington. So I am glad you have a Homepage. Thanks!
Susan Vee, Florida [01-03-1999]

I am proud of who I am and of the USA!
Britta Fitzgibbons, Cedar Rapids, Iowa USA [01-03-1999]

I present Betsy Ross assemblies in elementary schools in costume and am on the lookout for small flags and stands and toys, money,etc. (reproductions of the time)
Phyllis C. Bachman, LaFargeville, NY [01-02-1999]

Wendy D. Cooper, Burlington, NC 27216 [01-01-1999]

Kari, Sandusky,Ohio [01-01-1999]

Hallie Lane [01-01-1999]

If any people have a poem on Besty Ross, may you please e-mail me with it. I need the poem as soon as possible. Thank You! Thanks much, Samantha C.L.
Samantha, USA, NEW YORK, BROOKLYN, MIDWOOD [01-01-1999]

Read about your site in the Birthday Mail from Soda Mail. Happy Birthday Betsy Ross!!
Ronda Collins, Virginia Beach, Virginia [01-01-1999]


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