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People that desicrate our flag should be put in prison. Flg burning or descritation is not FREE SPEECH!! Free Speech is talking or words nothing more nothing less.
William Bracken, Lehigh Acres, Florida [06-30-1998]

Jennifer Hession, Rockville, Maryland [06-30-1998]

Bonita Oberster, Austin, TX [06-30-1998]

Laura Williams, San Diego, CA [06-30-1998]

Billy Isbell, Woodbridge VA [07-01-1998]

Keep up the good work.
Victor Johnson, Oak Ridge, TN, USA [07-01-1998]

I enjoyed the website on B. Ross. It was very informative. I had been looking for July 4, activities to use in summer school. Thanks. DeBorah D. McCray
DeBorah D. McCray, Gainesville, FL 32609 USA [07-01-1998]

Thank you for providing me with comprehensive regulations on the display and treatment of our American flag. This information will be used in an editorial addressing these issues for our July 1, 1998 issue.
John T. Toler, Warrenton, VA [07-01-1998]

Cathy Acker, Saegertown, Pennsylvania [07-01-1998]

Wonderful Information! Tank You!
Natasha Strickland, Fairfax, VA [07-01-1998]

Thank goodness for people like George Washington,Betsy Ross, Thomas Jefferson who saw the "big picture" of America.
Patrice, Charlotte NC [07-01-1998]

I enjoyed this site and tribute to Betsy Ross tremendously. I love and respect our flag and all it represents. Thank you for sharing this with us.
Cathy Adams, South Portland, Maine USA [07-01-1998]

Norma Larshus, Arlington, Washington 98223 [07-01-1998]

I thank God and my parents for being born in this great country of America. God has been so gracious to this country and she has been a blessing to the rest of the world. I pray that she remains faithful to God and obey His precepts the way our forefathers did.
Rev. Joseph Cortese, Bronx, New York [07-01-1998]

Thanks for this web is difficult to find information about Betsy Ross. I am glad you made this site. I am a teacher who would like to teach my students about her.
Heidi Blafer, LA [07-01-1998]

Wonderful! Thank you for this site...and the background information. I'm using this for a brief but hopefully inspiring speech in my Toastmasters Club in Sacramento on Monday (July 6).
Alan Smith, Sacramento, CA [07-01-1998]

It was great browsing this page. It had alot of good information of the American heritage and what the Flag stands for. All Americans should visit and get a bit of their history.
Anthony Mateo, Fresno, California [07-01-1998]

Nice page. I also make u.s flags. also custom flags.
carol k., fenton, michigan 48430 [07-01-1998]

I am researching Betsy Ross, who has been a lifelong heroine of mine since eighth-grade history in 1964. As a student of Mr. Hill's class at Harvey Lewis Jr. High School in San Diego, I asked if I could portray her in costume. Little did I know that 34 years later I would be preparing to portray her as a famous woman in the educational programs sponsored by Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills, California. If my script and presentation are approved, I will again portray her for school children and adults. What an honor! I also was able to share my love of her in 1993 when I brought my children to her home. My eight-year-old daughter loved the cat statue in the back yard and said that the visit to her home was the highlight of her trip to the East Coast. Can anyone help me find a replica of the original flag? I will need it as a prop for the presentation. I will also show the visitors how she made a perfect five-pointed star. Thank you so much for having so much information. I especially liked the thoroughness.
Deborah F. McIntosh, Newhall-Valencia-Santa Clarita California [07-01-1998]

Enjoyed the tour. Thanks
Becky, James Creek, PA [07-01-1998]

I love this web cause you have all the info you realy whot. And humm, Happy independence day in hearly. ;o) Peace -xxx-
Bruins, Gatineau,Que [07-01-1998]

Paul Colvard, Galena, KS. [07-01-1998]

How anyone could distroy the flag and get away with it, is beyond me. My father and other good and solid men and women fought and died for what it represents. It stands for our freedom and it is our "colors". (That is for those who are into the colors of their group) It is the symbol of who we are as a country.
R.B., White City Or [07-01-1998]

Betsy Griscom Ross -- rules!
Dan Griscom, Reynoldsburg, Ohio [07-01-1998]

berta ferguson, clarkdale,az [07-01-1998]

FERNANDO MARTINEZ, Lima -Peru [07-01-1998]

Mrs. G. LaMore and Joy, Toronto, Canada [07-01-1998]

marla volpe, smithtown, ny [07-01-1998]

Thank you for having this site, I needed the information to teach to a Sunday School Group on a lesson about the Flag.
Barbara Yarn, Vancouver, Wa. [07-02-1998]

LINDA FIELD, LAUREL, MD [07-02-1998]


I can't believe the amount of people who don't even salute the flag when it goes by.
Maureen Hansen, Wallingford CT [07-02-1998]

Diana Moore-Girouard, San Jose, Ca [07-02-1998]

bette, Boston, Mass [07-02-1998]

Sarah Spillman, Austin, Texas USA [07-02-1998]

I have always thought I was Betsy Ross in a previous life. I cannot sew at all in this life.
Belinda Blalock, Fort Worth, TX [07-02-1998]

Kevin "Harry" Hopkins, Citrus Heights, CA (Sacramento County) [07-02-1998]

I thought the tour was great. --Very interesting, too! Thanks! Terri Roberson
Terri Roberson, Starkville, MS [07-02-1998]

Carelle Karimimanesh, Palo Alto, CA [07-02-1998]

The Fourth of July represents FREEDOM in a REAL free country! This may sound pollyannaish, but it IS the IDEAL that has been aspired to for the last 200+ years. We, THE PEOPLE, have let a bureaucratic nightmare run rampant over our world and our souls. For God's sake...for the sake of our children, STAND UP and take hold of the reigns of the "beast" while we still are able. This is YOUR country, not "The Government's".
Angel, MS Gulf Coast [07-02-1998]

Thanks, a really nice page. Keep up the good work.
Robert W. Aniba, San Diego, CA [07-02-1998]

davigil, Los Alamos, NM USA [07-02-1998]

We have been there but did injoy your tour!
k sprecher, TArpon Springs FL [07-02-1998]

D Dawes, Madera, CA USA [07-02-1998]

Does anyone know of a pattern of the Betsy Ross flag? I am in love with our flag and would love to make one for myself.
Andy Bailey, El Paso, TX 79912 [07-02-1998]

Thank you for a wonderful experience on the net. The music, the information and the historic knowledge published for our consumption and use is greatly appreciated. You are bookmarked and will be visited constantly and greatly appreciated. Your web site makes us so very much more proud of being Americans.
Sandra Gilmore & Jerome Marconi, Nashua, NH [07-02-1998]

Sandrine Cochard, Augusta, Georgia USA [07-02-1998]

William C. Castan Sr, Philadelphia, PA. [07-02-1998]

Pat McIngvale, Huntsville, AL [07-02-1998]

What FUN!!! Thanks for the red, white and blue information!!
Jane Church, Hayward, CA, USA [07-03-1998]

This is a great Independance Day tribute. Our family took the time to read the Declaration of Independance, about Betsy, etc. - something we hadn't done in many a year. Thanks for this wonderful page.
Judy Raymond, Trenton, Michigan [07-03-1998]

Bobby T. Hood, Greene County, MS [07-03-1998]

Anthony Sablan, Dededo, Guam [07-03-1998]

The Flag is allways flying at my home. Excellent Web page...very informative.
David Does, Ramsey, NJ 07446 [07-03-1998]

Laura, Washington State, East Side [07-03-1998]

Great site. I really enjoyed learning about the creator of our flag. This is a great site for teachers to use with their students. Thanks.
Tim Baranoski, Chambersburg, PA USA [07-03-1998]

Enjoyed the many July 4th messages very much. It would be great to repeat annually.
Harry Lake, Dayton, OH [07-03-1998]

Christy Sansom, Denton, TX [07-04-1998]

Betsy Ross Is My Greats Grandma.... GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Jacquelyn Gale Wilson, Brunswick, Georgia, United States [07-04-1998]

I feel that regardless if Betsy made the flag or not shouldn't matter. What does matter is what "OLD GLORY" stands for. The men and boys who gave their lives to protect us, this land, and our loved ones, our Freedom and democracy of our Great Country. That's what "OLD GLORY" stands for. So, it doesn't really matter if Betsy Ross made the flag or not. All I know is that I am proud to be an AMERICAN. And PROUD of our COUNTRY. Sincerely
Linda Kunz, Walker, Louisiana [07-06-1998]

Wake Up America
Lord it breaks my heart / To see this country die. / I'd like to see America / Still be "one nation under God." / But it's sold out to corruption / And become a great big lie. / You meant great things,oh Lord, / For a people who'd follow you. / America began right, / But turned aside as she grew. / Her gods are pride and power now, / Her conscience is clothed with greed. / She thinks she's rich and almighty, / Lord,not seeing her nakedness or her need. / I pray, Lord God, / America will remember and repent, / And not blaspheme your Holy name / For the judgments you have sent. / I pray that she will / Realize you want her to awake / That you are now,in mercy,offering your hand. / Lord I know from your Word, / You'd love to heal this land. / I remember the words / To a song I oft times sang / It echoes in my heart you see, / Lord, for now it means so much more to me, / "America, America, / God shed His grace on thee..."
Donna K. Duke, Montrose, Colorado [07-06-1998]

Celeste Leslie, Chula Vista, CA 91915 [07-06-1998]

Mark Nichols, Montrose Co. [07-06-1998]

Happy Birthday America 7/4/98
Teri [07-06-1998]

Michelle Zimmerman, Atlanta Ga [07-06-1998]

I just love this page!!!! What a great way to celebrate the 4th!!!! Keep them coming!!!!
Diane Carnahan, Michigan [07-06-1998]

Very Enjoyable!!Enjoyed the dolls in the gift shop.
Janice Plisko, Hibbs,PA [07-06-1998]

Jason Lande, Brooklyn Center, MN USA [07-06-1998]

Barbara Stamp, Salem, Ohio USA [07-06-1998]

Thank you so much, for taking the time and trouble to post the information on flag etiquette and flag folding. I was shocked to find out that my wife of 30 years, had no idea of the proper way to handle, display and show respect for our flag. Your web site not helper her, but refreshed my memory from my old Boy Scout days, as well.
Vernie D. Kirkman, Orleans, IN 47452 [07-06-1998]

The flag is flying at our house, my son is in the Marine Corps. Had my daughter in the Air Force and my eldest son in the Air Force. We are a family that serves, and I am proud of them. May we enjoy the freedom of this 4th holiday.
Shelagh Cummings, Pulaski, N.Y. USA [07-06-1998]

I learned a lot and especially enjoyed the directions for making the star!!
Christina McCullough, Mission Viejo, CA [07-06-1998]

Thank God for the U.S.A.
David E. Hardesty, Oakland Park, Florida [07-06-1998]

Patty Chappell, Spokane Wa [07-06-1998]

Shahida Benazir Shaikh, Karachi, Sind, Pakistan [07-06-1998]

Thank you for the great info. regarding Betsy Ross. I had been taught that her role in the flag was fiction. Thank you for the evidence supporting her. Bryon
Bryon Butler, New England [07-06-1998]

We visited the house in Philadelphia last year but this was the first time we saw it on the internet.
Nina & Amanda MacMullen and Mommy & Daddy, Hamilton New Jersey USA [07-06-1998]

God Bless the USA!
Edward Patton, Denver Colorado USA [07-06-1998]

Very interesting page, got some answers to flag trivia test that I needed.
B. Blake Shutt, Waldorf, MD [07-06-1998]


What a wonderful website, I love it!
Melissa D. Black, Cantonment, FL [07-06-1998]

Je to vyborne, zdravim vas.
Lubomir Klauco, Bratislava, Slovak Republic [07-06-1998]

Enjoyable web site.
Ashley B. Hart, Page, AZ [07-06-1998]

Pat Irvin, Akron, Ohio U.S.A. [07-06-1998]

Very nice web page.
Theodore Ditillo, Roanoke, Va. [07-06-1998]


Thanks for an interesting site for the fourth! And for the opportunity to wish America a Happy Birthday. I love my country and I love Americans...its just the politicians I have a problem with. Were celebrating today with friends, a barbecue and bluegrass music. Wishing everyone today a great holiday , fun, good company and a moments reflection on how great our country is.
VIRGINIA GUERTIN, fitchburg ma 01420 [07-06-1998]

I have always held a warm feeling for Betsy Ross since the day i learned of her in the first grade. Her story had touched me so deeply that I dressed as Betsy for Halloween the following year. I'm not sure if I enjoyed learning about a woman of history for a change or just realized the honor of creating the first flag. Either way, she is an important part of our history. Happy Birthday America!
Angela Antal, Texas [07-06-1998]

I read about your site in my local newspaper. As a person who works in education, this site will be very useful. I plan on sharing your site with those I work with.
Joyce Lueder, Chicago Heights, Illinois [07-06-1998]

Jenny Ludwi, Bellingham, WA [07-06-1998]

Thanks for the history lesson. My mom and I were talking about Betsy and George just yesterday.
Drew Dickensheets, Windsor, Mo [07-06-1998]

I was born on Flag Day. I am a proud, flag-waving citizen. I have a certificate issued to my grandfather, who was among the original donors to assist in the efforts to preserve the Betsy Ross House. This framed certificate has been displayed in the homes of our family throughout the years. It has special meaning for me! Thank you for your efforts to maintain this bit of our history!
Alice Carnrite Teal, Marmora, NJ,USA [07-06-1998]

We are learning about the Flag today. Thank you for helping teach us. Happy 4th of July.
Dustin Bowles, Lindsey Bowles, Chelsey DeZarn, Daryl Phillips, Dixon, California United States of America [07-06-1998]

Your Betsy Ross page is a very fine item for research & refreshing long forgotten school lessons. I used some of your material this morning in giving a talk at a formal flag raising ceremony. Thanks much Dan Saunders
Dan H Saunders, Roswell, NM 88201 [07-06-1998]

I thought your web site was very nice, I really liked it. Didn't know it was there until I read it in the newspaper today. It refreshed my memory, as it has been so long since I've been in school. Thank you I will pass the site onto my grandchildren so they may also injoy it. Thanks agin. Betty
Betty Wieser, Livermore, California [07-06-1998]

I was born in Philly and raised as a boy in Alantic City. I remember my Aunt Betty taking me to Betsy Ross's home in the year 1950. I was seven then. Thanks for the memory. Sparky
Sparky Cohen, San Jose, CA [07-06-1998]

Kevin Sanger, Happaugu, New York [07-06-1998]

I love our flag and its colors. It truly is a grand flag, that I am proud to display.
teri Rush, Placentia Ca. 92870 [07-06-1998]

What a wonderful way for those of us not able to visit in person. I was fascinated! Thank You.
Janis Whetstine, Clarkston, Washington 99403 [07-06-1998]

Donna J. Brown, Fryeburg Maine [07-06-1998]

I just wanted to say hi, and that I love the 4th of July and fireworks.
Katerina Stojmenova, Haskell, NJ, Passaic county [07-06-1998]

Your Betsy Ross homepage was very neat
Sally Steidl, Vancouver, Washington [07-06-1998]

Ligia Mejia, Marietta, Ga. [07-06-1998]

Lisa Chreene, Sparks, Mayland, art teacher, 26 [07-06-1998]

Thank you for helping to preserve history, and patriotism. I have three children and constantly encourage them to be American Patriots.
Jerry Baxter, Cosby, Tennessee 37722 [07-06-1998]

We both enjoyed your web page have a great 4th of July. May America remain the home of the"FREE AND THE BRAVE" have a wonderful summer.
William & Pauline Thurston, Kirkland, WA. USA [07-06-1998]

Your site was a bonus to our July 4th celebration! Just reading the articles renewed our sense of pride in our great nation!! THANK YOU.
Jim and Shelby Castlen, Pineville, KY [07-06-1998]

I enjoyed reading about this bit of history.
Joe De Baker, East Moline, Illinois USA [07-06-1998]

Mary Gallagher, Flower Mound Texas [07-06-1998]

Karen Morgan, Cortland, OH [07-06-1998]

History is wasted on the young. How much more I appreciate our history now; what a wonderful way to learn and recall what I didn't pay attention to years ago in school. Thank You!!!
Marianne J. Whitney, New City, New York, [07-06-1998]

I was here to gather information for a class to my Sunday school. It has been a big help and gave me some very interesting data. I learned from yur site. Thank you.
Paul Young, Cambridge, ID [07-06-1998]

the virtual tour was nice you should add more flag trivia for fun
Don Morse, gibbstown, nj [07-06-1998]

David Hirschfield, Canoga Park, CA [07-06-1998]

Daniel Newell, US Air Force stationed in Turkey. [07-06-1998]

Jay B. Day [07-06-1998]

Brian Howe, Hubert, NC [07-06-1998]

Very happy to find and access the information from your site! My brother and I were setting up for tomorrows 4th celebration and weren't sure of the prpoer way to display the flag vertically against a wall. Thanks for the help. I'll be back tin order to purchase a couple of flags at another time.
Mark A. Faber, Walnut Creek, CA U.S.A [07-06-1998]

Amy Graveson, Staten Island, N.Y. [07-06-1998]

James E. Petet, Independence, MO [07-06-1998]

Your Page Is Awesome! I love to look at history. I am still in high school and I think it is great that you have a page about this famous woman. Keep up the good work! Peace!!
Becky, United States [07-06-1998]

Mike and Mona Passignano, Denton, TX. [07-06-1998]

Great site. Very informative.
Joan Plantinga, San Jose, CA [07-06-1998]

Excellent site here. Not my first visit, but my first question. Would it be justified to fly the flag with the union down, to demonstrate your feel for a change, a sort of revolution. The government does things that everyone knows is wrong. Could this be a protest against these things? Thank you for your help. Once again, excellent site! P.S. One more question. Do you have any idea for the reasoning behind schools not teaching the role of God in the creation of this wonderful nation? Thank you, UA
United Americans, BA, MD, USA [07-06-1998]

I have found your site to be quite informative. I am pleased to see that material of this kind is available to add insight and to educate people as to the history surrounding our Nation's Colors, and what "OLD GLORY" represents. My thanks to you!
Scott Early, Past State Chaplain, Dept. of Ohio Sons of AMVETS [07-06-1998]

Colleen Hansen, Donna, Texas [07-06-1998]

Enjoyed you 4th of July information.
Jo Ann Buche, Iola, Kansas 66749 [07-06-1998]

Kathy Young, Newport News, Va. [07-06-1998]

I guess showing ones patriotism and resepect for OUR flag in public isn't a cool thing to do anymor., But no matter where she flies, how big or how small, new, tattered or worn she always flies proud. Great site, thank you so very much.
G. A. Ricchiuti, Canton, OH [07-06-1998]

Debbie Fleming, West Monroe, LA [07-06-1998]

danyelle forbes [07-06-1998]

Your web site promotes a feeling of patriotism with the splashes of red, white, and blue. I look for American History programs, especially during the time of the Revolutionary period, and have viewed your Betsy Ross section. I can almost hear John Phillip Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever" being performed by a great orchestra as I view your site. THANKS!
Joyce N. Truitt, Valrico, FL USA [07-06-1998]

Leslie Brock [07-06-1998]

We're going to Philadelphia next week and hope to visit the house. Thanks!
C. Gessler, Westerville, OHIO, USA [07-06-1998]

Great to visit right after the Fourth of July.
Claire jepson, Kirksville, MO [07-07-1998]

I visited Betsy Ross's house in Philadelphia and my sister and I thought it extremly boring although we usually like historical places.
Jillian K., USA [07-08-1998]

Afro-American History, 4th of July
Michael A. Rodgers, Moreno Valley, CA USA [07-08-1998]

I just got my webtv,so I am just getting to know how to us it. I did not get to check out all of your web page tonight, but what I did read will make me come back to read it all. Very good.
Otto Mielke, Tomahawk,WI [07-08-1998]

nice site.... thank you!
Royanna Borden, Liberal, Kansas [07-08-1998]

Debbie Davis, Midlothian, VA [07-08-1998]

I used this site to resolve a dispute between my two children, aged 7 and 9. The younger insisted that Betsy Ross was a legend and didn't actually sew the first flag. He said he'd seen a movie about it in school. The eldest insisted Betsy Ross was real. This dispute nearly came to blows. I appreciated being able to look it up on the Net!
Nancy Smith, Clifton, Virginia [07-08-1998]

Very nice web page.
Wil Bell, Fairfax, VA [07-08-1998]

Daniel E. A. Timm, Arlington, Virginia [07-08-1998]

Congratulations on a wonderfully put together presentation. I will love showing this to my granddaughter. I hope I can explain why this "Ross" cannot sew on a button and Betsy is making flags! Thank you for the tour, Elva Ross Jones
Elva Ross Jones, Dunbar, West Virginia [07-08-1998]

Deb Shelton [07-10-1998]

Karin Almendarez, El Paso, Texas [07-10-1998]

Never have a seen a more beautiful color than the Red, White and Blue. In my 16 years in U.S. Navy and all the years before and after I have Loved the National Ensign of the United States of America. Angered when I heard that congress said it was alright to burn the flag. I guess country music singer Merle Haggard said it best "Now that it's alright to burn the Bill of Rights guess nobody really needs old Uncle Sam" I DO! In my travels in the Navy I have been to places that hace really made me realize how much I have in this country, and how much it all really means to me. God Bless all those have fought and died for America, the Flag and to keep other Americans free. I believe that when our fore fathers were thinking of to represent our great country they came up with the Bald Eagle, Don't we now and haven't always soared above the rest of the world, After all we are the best. The Red, White and Blue (the colors that don't or never will run) I Love this country I! am very Proud to serve her. God Bless America. Thank you. Sincerely, PO2 Delbert D. Madison, USN
Delbert Madison, USS Bonhomme Richard LHD-6 [07-10-1998]

I am taking a class and I had to come to this site. When I start my lesson planning activity I hope to use this site for my students. Lyle Hedin
Lyle D. Hedin, Billings, Montana 59101 [07-10-1998]

I think this is a great service you provide to citizens of the United States. Keep up the good work!
Cor Pechtl, North Dakota, USA [07-10-1998]

Beautiful web site! A few years ago, my husband and I were very fortunate to visit Philadelphia, and Betsy's home, so it's been a treat to "visit" again. Touring this site creates an irresistable urge to redecorate with red, white & blue! Now I'm beginning to wonder: is there a virtual tour of Ben's home, too? Thanks again!
Chris Wyrick, Acampo, CA [07-15-1998]

I was born on the 4th of July and I really am proud of the American Flag!
Denise Sodowsky, Blackwell, OK 74631 [07-15-1998]

I enjoyed your site, I am a beginning ele. edu. teacher and am always looking for ideas!
Jennifer Jenkins, Rochester, Ny [07-15-1998]

Francisco N. Manallo, Beckley, WV [07-16-1998]

Hi, I just finished the tour. I love the web, I can now get our flags flown and handled the right way. Six months ago I didn't have a clue. Sad but true, now I am getting the best information and am sharing all that I learn. What a great service to every American. I am planning several ceremonies for the yacht club and this information gives me everything I need. Thanks sooooo very much. Sail With Attitude! Harriette
anonymous [07-16-1998]

Lisa Almond, Jax, FL [07-16-1998]

Great page! I can't wait to use it in my classroom.
Sallee McAnelly, Missouri [07-16-1998]

i like your site
kolin nathan cameron feagin, village mills, texas [07-16-1998]

Mary Beckley, Mifflinburg, PA [07-16-1998]

looking forward to a brief visit to phila. so great to find a page or ten on all the things I hope to see.
m. pagano, brooklyn ny [07-16-1998]

i enjoyed viewing the Betsy Ross house. I was born in Philadelphia and remember my parents bringing me to visit this historic site many years ago.
Josephine Modica, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. [07-16-1998]

Wilma Christensen, Marion, Indiana [07-16-1998]

Thelma McKay, Show Low, Arizona [07-16-1998]

Would a member of your staff email me as to the position of the 26 stars in the 1837 flag? Our village is celebrating its 160th birthday next month (August) and we plan to create a giant American flag cake (with cupcakes, to be sure!) to be shared by all who join in our weekend of celebration. I would like our flag to be historically accurate. Did they use a 6-7-6-7 arrangement, a 7-6-7-6, or did our forefathers get creative? Thanks in advance for your help.
Karen Schmitt, Long Grove, IL [07-17-1998]

Mary Hunter, St. Paul [07-17-1998]


maggie hanson, Bakerfield California [07-17-1998]

Please send me some info. about Betsy Ross. Thanks.
Jessica, Jax.Fl. [07-17-1998]


Betsy Ross is great!! I'm coming to see the house tomorrow...
Valdis Rigdon, La Fayette [07-18-1998]

Sentimental to me. My father was born next door to the Betsy Ross House in 1898. Now a parking lot. I have visited the site many times
Harold Yoskin, Pompano Beach, FL 33069 [07-18-1998]

Great site keep up the good work.
Tim Middleton, Richmond, VA [07-18-1998]

I've enjoyed your site. I hope to use some of the information in my class. Is the information changed frequently or could I get the same info later? If it changes I will know to copy what i need when iI see it. Thanks!
Barbara Phillips, Indianapolis, IN [07-18-1998]

Great info. Found the answers to all my questions.
Sally Heagerty, Pittsburgh, Pa [07-18-1998]

Darlene Eakin, Polk, PA [07-20-1998]

Denise Hager, Odenton, MD, Anne Arundel County [07-20-1998]

Proud to be an American. Proud to fly the Flag !
Shannon, Yorktown, VA [07-20-1998]

billy [07-20-1998]

Jessica Wright, Hermann,Mo [07-21-1998]

Joe E. Partridge, Clinton, Ms 39056 [07-21-1998]

My father used to fly all types of American Flags and in his honor and the American tradition I have purchased a pole and I am beginning to fly his flags again. Of course I am coming to this webpage to refresh my American history. Thank You for the lessons.
Ward Mankin, Tulsa Oklahoma [07-21-1998]

Jan Dienstberger, Ashland, Ohio 44805 [07-21-1998]

I am a member of The Jonathan Adams Society, South Carolina Society, National Society Children of the American Revolution. I have been greatly rewarded in visiting this site. Thank you. I am most appreciative.
Theresa Fuller, Lexington, SC [07-21-1998]

Thanks for the mini "vacation" -- enjoyed it very much!!
Peggy M. Mercurio, East Providence, Rhode Island [07-21-1998]

The Betsy Ross site is a very interesting one. If and when i ever get to Philadelphia, I will be sure to make the trip to see her home. This is real history.
Robin Graham, Gahanna,Ohio [07-21-1998]

Arlene [07-22-1998]

Karen Burden, Wilkes-Barre, PA [07-23-1998]

Jo Watkins, Collinsville, Ok. 7-22-98 [07-23-1998]

Debbie Parker, Portage, IN [07-23-1998]

heather sedran, sudbury, ontario, canada [07-23-1998]

My 91 year old father in law wanted information about the US flag. I have found exactly what he is looking for. Thank you
Diane Patten, Elmwood Park, NJ 07407 [07-23-1998]

My father, was the person who taught me to enjoy the american flag. I have ten siblings, and every year since I was born My father had hosted the annual 4th of July picnic to honor our independance. We have always flown a 13 star flag, and now that my father is gone, we continue the picnic, with over 100 family members in attandance, and aroung fifty misc. friends. So for at least 40 years that I know of The 13 star flag has been flying on the 4th at the same park thanks to a man born on July 1st, 1921, my Father Gene Hale. Thanks you for allowing me to comment.
Robin Hale-Decker, Lathrop, MO, USA, (Formerly Kansas City, MO) [07-24-1998]

William R. Driver, Jr., Crystal Lake, IL. [07-24-1998]

Harold Duby, Honolulu, HI 96815 [07-24-1998]

enjoyed your page Will order a flag in the not to distant future.
Frank Bailey, Grand Junction, Colorado U.S.A. [07-27-1998]

I enjoyed listening to the views mentioned on C-SPAN2 regarding flag desecration. My interest was held for a long time and I couldn't shut the TV off even though it was past 11:00pm. (I'm a mom of 3 and one is a newborn, so I'm very tired and no rest during the night). I hope citizens of our country continue to preserve the true meaning of our Flag and respect the issues surrounding it. I will teach my children the importance of believing in and honoring something that means just about everything to a true American Citizen- for without it where would we be?
Judith A. Magalhaes, E. Freetown, Mass. 02717 [07-27-1998]

Carla, Georgia,U.S.A. [07-27-1998]

I'm a fifth grade teacher and teach about American History. I was impressed that your plans are for kindergarten students. Actually, fifth graders can use some of the same ideas. I did not have time to read all of the plans. Our school will be online for the first time this school term (which begins next week for us) and I plan to use these pages with my class. I already have the social studies lesson plans page marked on my personal list of favorites. I was really surprised to visit again and find such exciting information. Thank you.
Christine Faircloth [07-28-1998]

Her house is so pretty and nice.
Laurene Uy, Walnut,California [07-29-1998]

This reminded my why I'm so proud to be an American! What an AMazing woman to represent an Amazing country!
Raechel Byrne-Grabarz, Seymour, CT [07-29-1998]

I enjoyed visiting this web site and learning more information about Betsy Ross. My family is related to Betsy Ross through her third husband John Claypoole and it is rare to find information about her personal life. Thank you for including information about her marriage to my ancestor.
Jane Claypool, St. Petersburg, Florida [07-29-1998]

I'm glad to be named after her!
Betsy, San Jose, CA, USA [07-30-1998]

I'm in search of a family I never knew. It appears that Rosehill in Lee county Virginia has a lot of answers for me but I can't seem to find it! I was told there may be a Bartley cemetery there but I still can't find it! If you have a moment.... I can help me with an address or map or another direction would you mind emailing me. I "appreciate" your time!
Deborah Bartley-Perry, California [07-31-1998]

I found all the information I needed with the exception of one thing. I need to know why the flag is folded the way it is folded. I was able to find out how to fold it but not why it is folded the way it is folded. Otherwise I found this site most helpful. Thank you, Pat
anonymous, Va Beach, VA , USA [08-04-1998]

Heidi Smith, Northern Illinois [08-04-1998]

After reading some stuff here. I learned The real meaning of the flag. It makes me proud to live in the U.S. now. I feel the pain of what it must have been like. I'm only 13 and a lot of this stuff I didn't even learn yet. Thank for making a difference in mine and other peoples lifes. Angela Carr
Angela Carr, 113 Hawk Drive,Evans City Pa 16033 [08-05-1998]

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What a wonderful web site!!!
Laura Franklin, Prosperity,SC [08-06-1998]

I'd be interested in anything you would be able to send me to help with my American history classes for 8th grade.
Vicki L. Derr, Damon Tx. 77430 [08-06-1998]

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This is a really nice page. The american flag has an importance to me. It is always in my heart!!
Tiffani walllace, Sparks Nv [08-06-1998]

Evan Fishman, Towson, MD USA [08-07-1998]

Grew up in Philly and always enjoyed visitng the historic district. Now from Nebraska I can revist them from my computer and introduce friends to the history of our nation.
Frank Bracken, Omaha Nebraska [08-07-1998]


This page is a terrific help. We will pass the address on to our trrops who are learning about flags and planning ceremonies.
Girl Scouts-Wilderness Road Council, Lexington, KY USA [08-12-1998]

Was pleased with the information I read. My granddaughter starts school this year and I know that things like this will be very helpful to her in later years.
Cathy Smith, Rushville, Indiana, United States [08-12-1998]

I wanted to let you know that i put a link to your page on my website so that people may learn more about historical figures.
Rusty, Minneapolis, MN [08-12-1998]

I really enjoyed this page. As the author of The Ode To The Flag, it was extremely enlghtning. Please visit my site where I will add a link to this page if it is alright.
Linda Cunningham, Winchester, VA [08-13-1998]

I am glad to see accurate history on our great city of Philadelphia. Thanks alot for this great resource.
Jim, Levittown, PA, USA [08-13-1998]

I'm a 3rd grade teacher looking for ideas to go with my unit of study on the American flag.
Desiree Dillon, Oceanside, Ca [08-13-1998]

Great site! I teach American History and have chosen this site for my students to explore! Thanks
Linda Thompson, Colorado Springs, CO [08-13-1998]

Hey! Besty are we related?
Tina Ross, Jackson,SC USA [08-16-1998]

Loved your Betsy page. On my homepage I am taking a virtual tour of America this year. This week I'm visiting Penn- sylvania, mostly Philadelphia. I featured your web site. Thanks...
Linda Foster, Spokane, Washington [08-24-1998]

Charlene Martin [08-24-1998]

My family enjoyed touring Betsy's house during our vacation to Philadelphia last year. I recently discovered this web page and find it very informative. I plan to have my Cub Scout group use it while working on their citizenship badge.
Teresa Russett, Fremont, CA [08-24-1998]

JoAnn Lebowitz, Levittown Pa [08-24-1998]

I am related to Betsy Ross and am very interested in learning more about her! Do you know anyone else who is related to her? Thanks!
robin wilson hall, atlanta, ga [08-24-1998]

great site--the first flag i bought to display from my home was a betsy ross.
rosie, bluffs, illinois [08-24-1998]

There is a lot of blood that was given so that we can still fly our colors. The eagle is our national bird, but it is a crime if you kill one. It should be a crime to burn our flag. It has more meaning than an eagle. Good luck to all flag supporters.
Walter Shaffer, New Windsor, NY 12553 [08-24-1998]

Christopher M, Ross [08-24-1998]

Harry Hopkins, No. CA [08-24-1998]

Ashley, Sod,W.V.,U.S.A., [08-24-1998]

I am using this site to show social studies teachers what wonderful learning opportunities await students in cyberspace. Thank you for your wonderful site!
Bonnie Cole Hobson, Harrisonburg, Virginia [08-24-1998]

Your pages are very interesting and educational. All Americans should visit Betsy Ross page and learn to respect our flag today like we did when I was young. I have the American Flag and a USMC flag flying on the front of my house this morning. Semper Fi! Don
Donald J. Pursley, McKinney, TX [08-24-1998]

This had just the information I was looking for. Thanks!
Lynnette, Beaumont, Ca [08-24-1998]

Being a native Philadelphian for the first 35 years of my life, I visited the Betsy Ross house only once. I now live in California and have been back "home" 5 times in the last 30 years. I have had the great pleasure to take my grandchildren (3) to visit the Betsy Ross House. I hope that I have given them a view into our history. No matter how far away you move or how long you are gone, you always remember "home" and all the history that helped Philadelphia become what it is today. It is with great pride that I call myself a native Philadelphian. If my company hadn't moved to California, I would still be living "home".
Rocky Martralli, Ventura, California [08-24-1998]

This is so Cool!!!
Kelie Stocking, Montana [08-24-1998]

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Very interesting, Enjoyable for all. Thanks.
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Great site, keep it up!!!
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It was an interesting sight to be able to see all of that on a computer screen.
Melissa Angela Surgick, Stockton, California [08-25-1998]

Betsy Ross was a very brave and interst woman
Sherry Jo Loftis, Lafayette [08-25-1998]

I love america
Kimberly Bennett, Georgia [08-25-1998]

It's great to know that some people have taken the time and to putting together a wonderful website about our Nation's first flag. GREAT JOB!!
Allen J. Guttormson, Grand Forks, ND [08-27-1998]

Valerie, Mt. Vernon, Indiana [08-27-1998]

Dixie Duke, Tuscaloosa, Alabama [08-27-1998]

I appreciate the web page. I recently spent several months deployed in the sands of Kuwait. I remember waking up every morning to the inspirational sight of the Stars and Stripes flying over the kabal (base camp). Our flag means different things to different people. I'm proud of what it means to me.
Wayne Sodowsky, Fort Stewart, GA [08-28-1998]

This site helped my son answer some home work questions on the flag. we will return when we hvae more time to check out the house of betsy ross and also have it bookmarked for further information
Shelly Ehrmantraut, Umatilla, oregon [08-28-1998]

Love anything red, white blue or Americian.
Donna J. Cook, Geneseo, NY [08-28-1998]

As a kindergarten teacher, my children are just learning The Pledge. I can't wait to tell them about the 5 pointed star and cut one for them.
Becky Fama, Beckley, WV 25801 [08-31-1998]

Today my wife and I were picking up my daughter up from school and there were two fourth graders taking down the flag and trying to fold it. They were having a hard time because they forgot how to fold it so they were laying it on the grown and I went over and showed them what to do and what not to do. I am a veteran so I do not like to see people or kids miss using the flag,also another veteran came over and thanked me for what I had done and told me she was going to talk to the principal about what had happened. Any way I just thought I would find some information about our flag and pass it on to the fourth graders and also show them what to do. Thank you for listening to me and if anyone can add some information about the flag I would welcome it thank you. Bob
Bob Bridgers, Belle Fourche,South Dakota [08-31-1998]

this site is cool, and I can't wait to have my fifth graders visit it. Very informative.
Donna shortt, Festus, Mo. [08-31-1998]

I am working on a friends genealogy who is a Griscom descendant. I would be happy to compare notes on the Griscom line.
Gil Abar, Benicia, CA [08-31-1998]

P.J. Fenstermacher, Charlottesville, VA 22903 [08-31-1998]

The tour was wonderful!! It was just like being there myself. I hope many visitors will enjoy it as much as I have!!
Kathy Varner, St. Thomas, Pennsylvania [08-31-1998]

Needed to find out the meaning of red, white and blue for a homework assignment - thanks for the assist.
Lisa Volonte, Chicago, IL [09-01-1998]

Having become over the past 3 years one of those "non-traditional" students, I am reveling in having so many wonderful doors of discovery opening to me. This is certainly one of the gems. I am taking an Introduction to American Studies course this term, and this will definitely be one of the web sites I come back to for reference material.
Sherry Blake, Lancaster, PA [09-01-1998]

This will help me greatly teaching Japanese students about our flag.
Susan Kelly, Osaka, Japan [09-02-1998]

Kevin Logan [09-04-1998]

becca, Oklahoma [09-04-1998]

I enjoyed Touring Besty Ross' Home on the Internet I Hope Some Day I will be able to see her home in person
Rachel Campbell, Tullahoma, Tennessee [09-04-1998]

Glad there was a Betsy! And wasn't she lucky that she only had 13 to sew back then?
Diana De Haven, Colorado Springs, CO [09-04-1998]

First of all, this is a GREAT site. I visited Philly a few years ago and went to the Betsy Ross house and several other sights. It was enjoyable and interesting to visit then as it is now in this way. It makes me happy to know that invaluable pieces of history are preserved and made available for future generations. Secondly, to Rocci Hildum (07-06-98): Lighten up and thank God you live in this free country however flawed it was or still is!
M Kirkland, Largo,FL [09-04-1998]

Just doing a little research on the house. My Great-Great Grandfather Charles Philip Mund was the last private owner of 239 Arch st. before selling the house to the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association in 1902. Bill Arnold
Bill Arnold, Libertyville, IL [09-04-1998]

Thank you for this informative and educational page! It does help with schoolwork. :)>
Angelic Song, USA [09-04-1998]

I am enjoying visiting you online very much. Judy mahoney
Judith A. Mahoney, West Roxbury, Mass. [09-04-1998]

Christine Erickson, U.S. military serving in Germany [09-06-1998]

This is a really cool site!
Kristen, Texas Dallas [09-06-1998]

Very nice home page. I have never been in the house, even though I viisted it, from the outside only, on a walking tour during the Boy Scout Jamboree at Valley Forge, in 1950. Plan to see it in person, in the near future.
William F. Amey Jr., Ambler, Pa. USA [09-06-1998]

Becky Fleming, Elkridge,Maryland [09-06-1998]

Look forward to visiting the museum
Lucy Kordelski, Reading Pa [09-06-1998]

I'm a Fifth Grade teacher and I think this site is wonderful!
Raleen Cox, Olathe, KS [09-07-1998]

Just stopped by to look for the words to patriotic songs for my kids in my first grade classroom.
Sandie Ellington, Willingboro, NJ [09-07-1998]

Autumn Welch [09-07-1998]

Just an assignment for government
Kelli O'Neil, United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD [09-08-1998]

My grandfather was Andrew Ross who died in 1940's. He used to tell me I was related to the original Betsy Ross. Have been trying to check out our genealogy but haven't been able to get far. Enjoyed looking at the Betsy Ross page. Unknown what my grandfather's two wives' surnames were. His children were Earl Judson-Parker Ross, Thomas Ross, Carrie Ross, Daisey Ross, and Thomas Ross. Any info on my family tree would be appreciated.
Betsy Ross-Voorhees, Herkimer, NY [09-08-1998]

I found your site very informative and will be sharing it with my Cub Scout Den. Thank you!
T Sirles, Houston, Texas [09-08-1998]

beautiful site
Carisa Powers, Houston,Texas [09-08-1998]

The flag is cool. Really cool.
Carisa Sindelar, Houston, Texas [09-08-1998]

Kimberly Brown, Grantham, Pennsylvania [09-08-1998]

I looked up the info on Betsy Ross for my grand-daughters, and her mother and I are impressed with your tour and the information you have created on the web site. Thank you!
Kathy Davidson, Meridian, ID [09-10-1998]

Linda Anglemyer, Lanham, Md. 20706 [09-10-1998]

Sheila Turunen, Beach Park IL [09-11-1998]

I found all of this quite intresting. I have recently found out that my greatx5 grandfather was Betsy Ross' first husbands brother. I didn't realize we had such history in the family! Thank you so much for this site.
Kristine Laird, LaGrande, Or. [09-11-1998]

i am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school and found your site very useful!
tonic1384, oh [09-11-1998]

I think this is a great idea, is there such a thing as a BETSY ROSS FOUMNDATION, Keep up the GREAT WORK - JOE
Joseph P. Collimns, Boston, Massachusetts [09-11-1998]

glade to visit this place need to info all children of the flag and get rid of the draft dodger in the white house, he has ,cause more shame on the president of this country and low respect for our, flag.
j.d. johnson, central city, ky. usa [09-12-1998]

This is a great website! Thank you for it! I am a Cub Scout den leader & we're doing a project on the flag! Your website is giving me lots of material to share w/the boys!
Cyndi Olsen, Antioch, California [09-12-1998]

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This is a very imformitaive site I like it
Brandy Phy, Coal Township PA [09-13-1998]

My visit was very pleasant. I enjoyed and learned much. THANK YOU for providing it. Leonard Sitongia.
Leonard Sitongia, San Diego, CA [09-14-1998]

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Pattie Stivender, Lexington, KY [09-14-1998]

Hi, it was really nice seeying and reading all this. Nice house, it's way cool!! Love frim Chuly Pelle
Chuly, London [09-15-1998]

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thanks for finally making it easy to find history info
brian tennyson, philadelphia [09-15-1998]

misty and judy [09-15-1998]

Enjoyed the tour. Thanks for making it available. Terry Byers, Muleshoe, TX 79347
anonymous [09-15-1998]

Have visited Philadelphia with my grandchildren and been to the Betsy Ross house. My dad had told me that Betsy and George Ross were ancestors but unable to confirm. Have verified that Isaac Ross fought in the Revolution and is ancestor. Have not been able to confirm Isaac's parents of David & Experience. There may be a connection through that. Great story that some want to discredit.
Kenneth L. Ross, Sr., 16 West Lake, Nashville, TN 37205 [09-15-1998]

lee, USA [09-15-1998]

hi, iam lissa and I'mstudying Betsy ross. Thankyou so much for making a Betsy ross home page sicerly lissa shipman
lissa shipman, america colorado [09-15-1998]

carrie and adrain [09-15-1998]

This Room Was Very Helpful For Me. I Was Able To See What Betsy's Past Was Like. It Also Helped Me On Her Biography Report. Bryan Carstensen
Bryan Casrstensen, Cudahy, WI [09-15-1998]

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All my life (I'm 354 now) every teacher, every college professor decided to give me Betsy Ross as my Historical Figure project. Just wanted to see if any new information has been discovered. I couldn't think of a better American to be named after
Betsy Jones, Pittsburgh, PA [09-16-1998]

Excellent site!
Ann Valder, Des Moines, IA USA [09-17-1998]

This is a COOL Web site
Shawn Shelton, Alma,AR Alma MIddle School [09-17-1998]

After a recent visit back to my home town in NJ, I learned that Betsy Ross had stayed in the house where I grew up. A book "Betsy Ross the Griscom Legacy" is out with a picture of my grandparents house and the story of Betsy Ross staying there. I was thrilled to learn of this as I have always had a special admiration for Betsy and our Flag.
Connie Sheppard (Maiden Name), Born in Stowe Creek, NJ [09-18-1998]

Bill Neff, Whitehall PA [09-18-1998]

i like you web site iam here for a school project
kat, rockford mn us [09-18-1998]

Right now our class is studing about the colonies, and about the revolutionary war.Each student had to do a report about an important person. I got Besty Ross, and right now I'm trying to answer so questions about her.
Koy Saechao, Cottonwood, CA [09-18-1998]

Well, i'm a A+ student and I find this website very interesting and I Love It.
Lindsay Ryan, Cottonwood, CA U.S.A!!!!! [09-18-1998]

Great! I am doing research for one of my elementary education credentialing classes and found this site. Very helpful. When I begin teaching, I will use this site.
Cynthia Alexander, Bellflower, CA [09-18-1998]

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My daughter is doing a project on Betsy Ross. She will enjoy visiting this website. I have been impressed with all the information available.
Penny Welch, Bellingham, WA [09-19-1998]

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Thanks for the honour of the visit, may the stars ever burn as brightly, Frank
Frank Callery, Dublin, Ireland [09-22-1998]

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I really liked your web-site!A ESL teacher in Germany
Marlene Kayen, Freiburg, Germany [09-22-1998]

This information will be helpful for my cub scouts (WEBLOS) citizen badge. Thanks, G.Weeks
G. W. Weeks, LITTLETON, COLO 89128 [09-22-1998]

Great Web Site! I wish there were as good a site for respect and courtesy for the National Anthem. I am appalled at the horrible renderings I hear even at national events. When the Flag Desecration ammendment comes up again, it should add musically desecrating the Star Spangled Banner to it as well. The Ross House is a place I missed on a research trip some years ago. I am glad to see it in cyberspace. Thank you.
William A. Martin, Portland, OR [09-22-1998]

Ali Vogt, Central Sq. New york,U.S.A. [09-22-1998]

I am Betsy Ross in an upcoming play at school and I wanted to do some research. I am in the Fifth Grade.
Jenny Lee, Walnut Creek, CA [09-23-1998]

Great historical information. Our family is studying U.S. History this year. We plan on visiting the east coast during October, 1999. Thanks for your help!
susan dalke, Brentwood, California [09-23-1998]

Gregory J. Spuches, III, Liverpool, New York [09-23-1998]

Thank you for letting us visit Betsy's house. We liked her flag. We are in first grade and are looking at houses. Have a nice day!
Ruth Assmus, Madison, SD [09-24-1998]

I plan to use the information in a Family and Consumer Sciences class when we study our family heritage and begin sewing.
Shelley Holm [09-24-1998]

Nicole Moore, Alliance,Ohio [09-24-1998]

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The information provided was of great interest and provided my children with much needed data for home work etc.. Thanks ! Jim
James Palisi, Holiday , Florida [09-24-1998]

The site is great- Keep up the good works-When the budgets has a few extra $ we will share it with you. ENJOY
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Selma Luco, East Bernard,Teasx [09-25-1998]

did she really make the american flag . i do not think she did. i like your web page it is really cute and patriotic. bye bye, shannon
shannon, montgomery alabama [09-27-1998]

GOD Bless America
William Bracken, Lehigh Acres, Florida [09-27-1998]

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Honeymae Surmillon Fke, Chula Vista [09-27-1998]

Starting to lean more about are country.This web site was very helpful.
Katie Small, Fleetwood Pa. USA [09-27-1998]

Is my understanding that flag code has been changed and there is no longer a difference between the placement of the Flag of the United States of American when on a platform or on the floor level. The flag is always placed to its own right.
Jane Johnson, Norfolk, Virginia [09-27-1998]

I am a history major at Valley City State Univ., and a vetran, former Marine now in the North Dakota Army National Guard. I found this web page to be packed full of wonderfully useful information.With a military background I discovered that I knew many of the facts, but many do not and I am very diturbed by this. These are foundations that our country was built on and should be known be americans to biult and promote patriotism. I want to personaly thank you for this page it is wonderful.
Jason Iszler, Valley City, North Dakota, USA [09-27-1998]

harold ferringer, rochester, new york [09-27-1998]

Diana Masem, South Vienna, Ohio [09-27-1998]

danny, boone,NC [09-27-1998]

monty larrew, colorado [09-27-1998]

In doing extensive genealogical research, have found out Betsy Ross is a muli-great grandmother. Have been trying to add "color & personality" to genealogy. This infor will certainly help. Thank you.
Lynn Beatty, Kingman, Az. [10-01-1998]

Colleen MacEachen, Missouri [10-01-1998]

Thanks for such a great web site on Betsy Ross!
Anne Bull, Lexington,S.C. [10-01-1998]

hi, I was looking for a repor for school on betsy rosses life. I found a story, but not a timeline. can you tell me where to find one?
Ashley Proffitt, Louisville KY [10-01-1998]

Thank you so much for the information you provide. Our cub scout den (Pack 123/Den3) is studying citizenship this month. I was unable to contact VFW or American Legion locally. Your site is a blessing. Thank you.
Kay Earls, Winter Haven, FL USA [10-01-1998]

this is a really cool website
paul gerhard, toronto ontario [10-01-1998]

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I am 7 yrs old, I am doing the USA adventure, so I found your site. I have a flag. You have a flag. Goodbye
Jannah Horvath, Bremerton Wa [10-01-1998]

A very nice web site...informative and easy to read...a good source of historical information that my daughter will reference in her 5th grade report on Betsy Ross (along with other sources of information). We will also be checking out your other historical topics. Thanks!
Richard Boykin, N Richland Hills, TX 76180 [10-01-1998]

isa connor, hickory , nc, 28602 [10-01-1998]

I am writing a report for school on Betsy Ross. This page has been a great help! Thank you. AJW
A.J.W., Rising Sun MD [10-01-1998]

I was able to learn a lot of things about the flag. Thank you
Candice Chamberlain, Dickinson, North Dakota [10-01-1998]

I loved the tour and I will tell my mom
Luke Reed, 4850 Greenvalle RD. Watertown TN. 37184 [10-04-1998]

Thank you. This will be very informative for my fourth graders. Children today do not understand the meaning of respect for their country and its flag.. It is the duty of the education system to teach them.
Mary Bogren, Paxton,MA [10-04-1998]

Darlene Cook, Kings Mills, Ohio [10-04-1998]

I enjoyed the virtual tour. It's been many years since I've been to Philadelphia and I am looking forward to taking my children there this November. The Besty Ross House will surely be on our list of places to visit.
Polly Rollinson, Wanchese, NC [10-04-1998]

I'm proud to live where a woman made our nations flag
anonymous, iowa [10-04-1998]

Henry R. Timm, Kankakee, Illinois [10-04-1998]

This is very helpful with school work,Thanks for being here for the Kids (and Parents too)
Larry Seglinski, Baltimore, Maryland [10-04-1998]

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I think your web page is perfect for kids who have to do a report on Betsy Ross.
Keri-Anne Panara, Rome, NY [10-04-1998]

I am impressed with the page. I frequently visit this site for historical information that I am putting together for school presentations at grade levels 1-7.
Karri Walter, Traverse City MI [10-05-1998]

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Betsy Ross was a cool lady! Came across this site when I was looking for info on Betsy Ross, I'm using this info for an assignment. My teacher told the class that we needed to pick a historical person, do a report and dress up as that person for Halloween. Thanks for the site!!!!
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The tour was very interesting. We should be proud of our flag and for what it was intended to stand for. FREEDOM. In spite of the problems in our country and the immorality that abounds, may God continue to bless this land and shed His grace on us. May Americans turn back to Him.
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Thorne in yorkshire England was the birthplace of Benjamin Canby. I am researching the family history. Anyone who can provide additional information as to history of Canby family please contact me. I understand that Betsy Ross married a Canby.
edward john Mcgarry, thorne, doncaster. UK [10-21-1998]

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First let me say that this is a great web site, and I really enjoyed reaing it
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I found this site searching for the surname Pudney, as a previous signee had that name-I would appreciate it if the Rev, Shirley Pudney could get in touch, on purely Genealogical grounds! Having said that, what a great site-even for a Limey! email me at
Neil Pudney, Caterham, Surrey, England.!!!!! [10-21-1998]

I enjoyed your web site. I hope to buy a flag at a future time. :-) Pete
George Peter Mergener, Knob Noster, MO USA [10-21-1998]

I will make sure that I visit the Betsy Ross House with my children, especially having just taken your visual tour. There are a lot of people living in this city, myself included, who sadly have never visited this important landmark. I am looking forward to visiting!
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Your website is very interesting and informative. I now have the ability to make a five pointed star. I will share the information I gained when I give talks to students and adults for the VFW
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My school is going to vist you in the next couple of weeks. Dr. Anand is going with her class as well as Miss. Raso is coming with her class too. My class is going in the next 4 weeks. We are coming to see the house that they signed the Declaration of Independence. I look forward that you give them the time of there life. I want you to have a sit ready for Dr. Anand and Miss Raso so they can take a break form the kids.
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I think that the public schools should be teaching our children the Flag Etiquette. I have talked with some people and some didn't even know how to flod a flag. And some said that they they knew they taught this in boy scouts and girl scouts. I think we need to get more in debth with it in our public school system. My father served in the Army for 32 years, and he is the one that taught my brothers, sister and me. I work for our school here in Belt and I take our flag down every day, and another puts it up every morning, and I was shocked when I came in one day and another had taken it down for me and did not know how to fold it. I did show this person how. I asked around the school to find out if this is taught and it is not. I think it should be taught in every school. thank you flora b. edwards
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My son is doing a report on the flag. One of the questions is "What is the regulation size of the American flag"? We have looked everywhere and cannot find one definitive answer. We have an army size, a marine size, a parade size. One person told us that it was 36" x 20" which does not fit the proportions required for the flag. Can you help?
Karen Rotelli, Baldwinsville, New York [11-06-1998]

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I think Betsy Ross is a great person I have learned so much about her from this web site. I am doing my report on her. Love, Chloe Bastian
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We are on our way to vist Besty Ross's house. We have about 40 at a time for our trip fro Phill. We look froward to meeting you at our stop. Please give my teeachers a break because they will have a lot to do.
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Thanks for making some history of the Revolutionary War on AOL. It makes it really easy for me and my friends when we do our reports for History. It is also very interesting and factual. Thanks again. -Lila
Lila Fowler, New York City, New York [11-17-1998]

My grandmother claims that we have family ties to Besty Ross. I'm trying to find if this is true. The only thing I have to go by is The names George Ross married Ida Myers. They had a child Virginia Worley Ross (b. 1889/d. 1929). If you have any infor on who Besty parents or any other trace to the Worley family are it would be greatly appreciated.
Pam Gurreri, York, Pa [11-17-1998]

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I love learning things about the history of our flag.
S.Smith, South Carolina [11-20-1998]

I really enjoyed the brief time that I spent looking at your page. This is an excellent site for people to look at in a time when good pages are desperately needed.
Marianne Andrews, Sulphur, OK [11-20-1998]

feeling more patriotic reading the information provided etc
Tanya, Las Vegas, NV, USA [11-20-1998]

This is a great site. I am using it to research a report for school.
Sarah, La Crescent, MN U.S.A. [11-20-1998]

She is very interesting.
Brenda Dirkschneider, Howells, Nebraska [11-20-1998]

Louisville Cardinals Rock
Adam H, Louisville Ky [11-20-1998]

Kami Roberts, Wakefield, Nebraska U.S.A. [11-20-1998]

Thank you. But try to keep it more organized
cara [11-20-1998]

Great site. Lots of good information.
Nancy Wells, Melbourne, FL [11-20-1998]

Robert M. Williams, St. Louis MO. USA [11-20-1998]

Joan [11-20-1998]

Joanna Sifuentes [11-20-1998]

Jessie, Houston tx United states [11-20-1998]

I'm 10 years old. I'm doing a school report on Betsy Ross. I think she was a very nice lady. She was very interesting to learn about.
Nora Miller, Thousand Oaks Ca. [11-20-1998]

Angela Serrell, Schenectady, New York [11-20-1998]

I am descendant of Ross family from Pennsylavania. Have strong reason to believe we are related to John Ross, Betsy's 1st husband. Am trying to pin down relationship between John & George Ross, whom I suppose was with Gen. Washington when they asked Betsy to make a flag. I've read 2 versions: that Washington needed a battle standard, or that the Continental Congress commisioned a flag & had George Ross, Robert Morse, & Washington as the flag committee. Any help there or or with Ross's descendants would be of help. Thanks. Dan Miller
Daniel A. Miller, Fishers, IN [11-20-1998]

your cool
Amy Cheesman [11-20-1998]


Ricky, Bunnell,FL [11-20-1998]

Great web site.
Maddy Simms, Baton Rouge, Louisiana [11-20-1998]

Megan Lindblom, Mesa, AZ [11-20-1998]

this gives me a lot of information on Betsy Ross thank you soooooo much it teaches me a lot of things about the flag
Ashley Mickle, West Des Moines,Iowa United States of America [11-20-1998]

Can you give me information on the history and symbolism of Fringe used on the ceremonial flags? I was referred to your site for this answer. Did the Flag in1820 set onnPikes Peak have fringe? Why?Thank You
Bendera, Garden Grove CA,USA [11-20-1998]

The Flag links were every helpful. I needed some information on the flag for my Scouts. Thanks, Bill
Bill Pate, Enterprise, AL [11-20-1998]

Cool Site
Melissa Harthun, perham, Minnesota, United States [11-20-1998]

I am doing my term paper on Betsy Ross. My teacher said a famous American person and I thought "How much better can you get ?" Oh well. Bye.
Shanna Boles, Sebring Florida [11-20-1998]

I did a biography on you
Ashley [11-20-1998]

Thank you for you web page. It is very educational and helped my 7 year old daughter do a school report and project on Betsy Ross.
Randy Osborne, Ocala, FL [11-20-1998]

Third grade daughter had famous person project "Betsy Ross". Learned great deal and will remember it. Thanks for being here with all your important infomation.
C S Rickard, Thomasville, NC [11-20-1998]

I love the flag
pat provo, south lyon michigan [11-20-1998]

I love The United States
Tracy Gunter, siler city, n.c. [11-20-1998]

This is a great site. It was very informative and I learned some things about the flag that I did not know. My husbands' grandfather was Thomas Ross. We have often wondered if they could be related to Betsy Ross.
Kathy Hutchins, Donalsonville, Georgia [11-20-1998]

Chanda Word, Thornton, Arkansas USA [11-20-1998]

Tim LaFeve, Grand Rapids, Minnesota [11-20-1998]

Wonderful web site.....needed information for a child's school project....found everything in one place....thanks!
Jane Peters, Mount Holly, NJ 08060 [11-20-1998]

I would like to know who Besty Ross stole the pattern of the American Flag from. Was it The First City Troop or the Minutemen?
lisa fetters, philadelphia [11-20-1998]

Bobby Ray McKinney, Winter Haven Florida USA [11-20-1998]

This is a really neat website! I am a college student studying to be a teacher. We are required to come up with several lesson plans; I plan to use information from this site to do this. I also really like the star cutting technique. Thanks!
Sandy Cross, Bristol, Va [11-20-1998]

i think betsy ross is awesome i really look up to her and am proud of her for what she did
i dunno, i dunno [11-20-1998]

i would like to say that this is a very historical home page and would like to congratulate you all for such a memorial page
jim bunning, ft.wright ky, 41011 [11-20-1998]

I am the Best
Sammy Sosa, Chicago, IL [11-20-1998]

Just surfing around looking for info for my daughter, so she can do a social studies project.
Tracey Stickles, Martinsburg, WV (Berkeley County) [11-20-1998]


jan Hurst, Pennville, IN [11-20-1998]

I saw this web site mentioned in an article I read in magazine while waiting at the doctor's office. American history, and cutting paper that's right up my alley-- I teach Art! Thanks for the great instructions! Jan
jan Hurst, Pennville, IN [11-20-1998]

You have a great site with information constructed to aid in preparation of a school presentation. The American Flag has very special meaning to me as I observed its position in numerous places around the world during my military career. Thanks you for a commendable service.
Colonel James E. Gilliland, Dallas, TX [11-21-1998]

I just wanted to let you know that Betsy Ross is an interesting woman. I have to search some information about her. Well, I just wanted to say HELLO!!!!
Ella Mae Bersabal, Glendale, California [11-21-1998]

i wish i could help make a betsy ross flag
joel sowder, winfield kansas united states [11-21-1998]

I wrote a report on Betsy Ross for an essay contest. Your information helped. I'll let you know if I win!
Lindsey Wallace, LaGrange, GA 30241 [11-21-1998]

Shahida Benazir Shaikh, Karachi, Pakistan [11-21-1998]

Great site...keep up the good work!
Steve Peterson, Clarks Summit PA USA! [11-21-1998]

COLIN O'DONNELL, SHOREHAM, NY 11786 [11-21-1998]

The adults of my family have been challenged by the kids/grandkids in the family for an answer to this question: We all admit the 13 stripes represent the original colonies, but what do the colors red and white represent? I found your web site very interesting, and am bookmarking it for future reference. Thank you.
Debbie Masarik, St. Johns, MI [11-21-1998]

Thank you for the pertinent and valuable information!
Kristie Stauffer, Orem, Utah [11-22-1998]

This site is great! I am a Girl Scout leader and this information will coming handy to teacher the girls about our flag and it meaning! Thanks!! :)
Sandra Proffitt-Marsteller, Alexandria, VA [11-22-1998]

Iam 9 years old and I am doing a report on the American Flag, I Think you have a really cool wed site.
Alex Aker, Atkins,Va. [11-22-1998]

Don Stacy, Lakewood, New Jersey [11-22-1998]

Thank you
Carol mazur, schiller park, Il [11-22-1998]

"Betsy Ross was one hell of a woman!"
Brooke Lites, Detroit, Michigan [11-22-1998]

Hey, I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross. I am just a kid and my family does not have a computer. So I do not have an E-Mail adress
Amanda L. White, Aiken, SC. [11-22-1998]

William M Rhea, collierville Tennessee [11-22-1998]

An excellent presentation of important information. Thank you.
Dennis Casteen, Chesapeake, VA [11-22-1998]

megan patton, zion il. [11-22-1998]

D. COOPER [11-22-1998]

Jolene Adkins, Farmersville, CA [11-24-1998]

This is a great page she is was a great woman and I hope everyone will remember her for what she did thanks alot jessie
Jessica Lynn Lester [11-24-1998]

Kristin Karr, Lubbock, TX. [11-24-1998]

I am interested in finding informaiton on the Betsy Ross watch. My step mother received onr form her grandmother. She received it for her 16th birthday in 1906. We are curious to know the value and the amount produced We would be greatful for any information that you may have. Thank you for your time. Becky
Becky, Clifford, MI [11-24-1998]

Thank you. Needed to make a five-pointed star. The only place we could think of to find how to do that was from reading about Betsy Ross when we were kids.
Dennis Malarkey, Richmond, Virginia [11-24-1998]

great page!!
katie ewart [11-24-1998]

Anna, I'm 10 and live in Maryland [11-24-1998]

Well, they had great info because i was looking up info for my little sister for a report and it had some great details that i couldnt believe! WOW!!!!!
Kristen is my name! [11-24-1998]

Just looking for info on Betsy Ross
K. Shelton, Greensboro, NC [11-25-1998]

Thanks for the very informative site on our flag. This site will be used in classroom teaching for various subjects-history, math, etc.
Martha Bolick, Granite Falls, NC [11-30-1998]

Jenn, Trumbull, CT [11-30-1998]

Tanya Milo [11-30-1998]

Kansas Padley, Pensacola,Florida [11-30-1998]

melony kirkish [11-30-1998]

Thanks for a fine page. I needed a list of the rules governing dispaly of the US flag because some residents of this homeowner's association appear to be neglecting the flags they have on display (turning to rags in the weather). Your page has answered many questions. Thanks again! I'll probably place a link on our homepage to your flag page.
Allen Alchian, Monument, Colorado [11-30-1998]

As public relations officer of American Legion Gateway Post 357 I applaud your historical visual pictures of our country's flags. I intend to download some of the pictures and tell others about your work to keep people informed about the flags of our country. Thank you, Harold D. Macking
Harold D. macking, St. Petersburg, FL [11-30-1998]

Greta Ralston, Suffolk, VA [11-30-1998]

A most thoughtful and fascinating site. I hope to see Betsy Ross' home in person one day, where a dearly-loved American patriot lived and created history. I am a descendant of hers, and you have made her come alive for me. If anyone has information to exchange, she is my 5th Great-Aunt on my father's side. My Grandmother was Myrtle Mann Ross Cottrell from Kennett, Missouri, born 1888. I'm attempting a geneology. Thanks, Alice Stordal
Alice. C. Stordal, Memphis TN [11-30-1998]

thank you for making this web site it was very interesting and it helped me a lot in my report I had to do for school
Leah [11-30-1998]

I'm studying Betsy Ross for a project at school. This site really helped me a lot!
Alicia Day, St.Augustine FL [11-30-1998]

Ryan Brantley, Charlotte, NC [11-30-1998]

jonna petti, staten island n.y. 10309 [11-30-1998]

Great tour!!! We wish were there for real.
Bryan Reed, Birmingham, AL [11-30-1998]

took the tour. really liked it. We liked seeing so many of the rooms in the house.
Kristina Kelley-Johnson, North Branch MN USA [11-30-1998]

research for a school project on Betsy Ross
holly smith [11-30-1998]

This is a terrific page. Thank you so much for putting it together. As an eighth grade American history teacher I find it very useful and informative.
Kathryn Seifert, Brenham, Texas, USA [11-30-1998]

I'm looking for a picture of the flag of Bunker Hill I am a school teacher and I am using the pics for a lesson plan on the American Revolution. thank you for your help. :)
Kim Kosc, BENSALEM [11-30-1998]

what a nice site to visit.
Bobbi, Honolulu, HI [11-30-1998]

I am a fifth grade social studies teacher surfing some great historical sites. Just dropped in to see how my students can learn U.S. history in a more interesting way. Hopefully by January, our class project website will be up and running. We are sending a bear across the country to meet Americans in all walks of life and learn about their part of our country. Our "cyberspace Sammy" will have his new friends e-mail us. The address should remain the same as my personal web page:
Beverly Key, Stockbridge, GA [11-30-1998]

Carissa Lidster, Lewisville, TX 75057 [11-30-1998]

It is an honor to sign your guest book. As a 2 tour veteran of Vietnam, this is a neccessity for all of us to pay tribute. Keep up the wonderful work and God Bless each and everyone of you Happy Holidays 11-30-98
Rick Sanders, Poplar Bluff, Mo [11-30-1998]

Go Betsy, Go Betsy! YOU GO GIRL!!!
Jennifer [11-30-1998]


This is a great site. I found all I needed for my biography on Betsy!
Tara, Chandler, Arizona [11-30-1998]

My daughter Sara wanted to do a report on the first flag and Betsy Ross. This sight has been invaluable to us and it also has been educational for the entire family. It made the experience fun. Thank you so much! Kim
Kim & Sara Shupert, Ft. Thomas, Ky [12-02-1998]

This is for a project
Lindsey, Chandler AZ [12-03-1998]

Ricci [12-03-1998]

Thank you so much for having this information on Betsy Ross.It really helped me on a report I had to do for Soc. Studies.I got all the information I need right here.THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!
Jessika Canterbury, Nampa,Idaho USA [12-03-1998]

Nice site,learned a lot...
Tuan Tran, Houston,Tx [12-03-1998]

Heidi [12-03-1998]

I think this is a great site if you have any information that you could give me that would be great. I am doing a history paper and I have to "interveiw" Betsy Ross So I am trying to find out as much as possible! If there is more information that is not here I would greatly appreciate it if you could email me back before December 10,98 Thanks a lot Jen Furman
Jen Furman, Windsor VT [12-03-1998]

Debbie Lunsford, Hendersonville, NC [12-03-1998]

THis is great for my report on Bunker hill
shayna Bentkover, worcester MA [12-03-1998]

A student finding out about Betsy Ross.
nayalie [12-03-1998]

Thanks for the help. son has a project on the American Flag.
Richard J.Howell, Santa Rosa,CA 95403 United States [12-03-1998]

I liked this website and Besty Ross' house.
Jessica, Texas [12-12-1998]

I like learning about Betsy Ross with my favorite Soicial Studies teacher,Mrs. Kempf.
Alisha, Windermere Elementary Phlugerville,TX [12-12-1998]

I can't believe that Betsy had a fireplace in her bedroom! I mean, a fireplace-in a bedroom-that's crazy! Especially the gift shop, a gift shop in a house?, weird! But I bet she made a lot of money off of her gifts!Betsy is really interesting to learn about,I guess because she made the first American flag!
Erin Elizabeth O'Brien, Pflugerville,TX....America [12-12-1998]

THank -you
Cara Allen, w.Swanzey, NH [12-12-1998]

This is a great use to me to know about Betsy Ross.Please email me
Laura Saldana, Orem,Utah [12-12-1998]

reefef [12-12-1998]

AMY COBLE, TULSA, OK [12-12-1998]

Hi, I am glad that i found this sight becuse i needed stuff on Betsy Ross for history which is do in like a week from yesterday. I hope to find enough stuff on her. Thamx for having this sight...
Jaime, U.S. [12-12-1998]

personnally I find burning of the US flag repugnet, however it is a peice of cloth and if another american wants to show their displeasure of our goverment and those people in power by burning it I will be the first one to stand up to defend their right to do it. And dare any one to try to stop them. But as with every right there is responsiblity, when they are done with their statement of displeasure,ie burning the flag, I will have respond to my personnal disgust and kick their butts.
Craig L Whetstine, lapine AL [12-12-1998]

Where is the original flag made by Betsy Ross. Is it still in existence and if so, where is it? Thank You
Theresa Dyer, Pittsfield, Maine [12-12-1998]

Dear Someone, I was wondering about betsy Ross. When was betsy ross born and died i could not seem to find it. I had to do a project on the history of our flag and i menchiend Btsy's name because she designed the flag. i think betsy Ross is a big input in my life now tAT I LEARNED ABOUT her. I hope you write me.
Erica Friedman, Virginia Beach.VA [12-12-1998]

Seeking geneological info on my surname. Would like to here from anybody that has done research. I go all the way back to "Christopher".
Dennis D. Dickensheets, Willow Creek, CA. USA, 95573 [12-12-1998]

mia smith, 5 dorathy grace rd. saugerties, ny 12477 [12-12-1998]

Hi. I am da bomb.
Kae, Viginia [12-12-1998]

i am doing a project on the flag and the answers were right there!! you helped me out alot thankyou so much!!! but i do have a question how many times has our flag beeen changed????????? please hurry, i need it by monday it is friday now. but i also need it in my report so hurry
Alli Marconi, Portsmouth NH USA [12-12-1998]

I was wondering if you could tell me what material the original flag Betsy Ross made was made out of???
Terri-lynn, Whitney Point, Ny [12-12-1998]

the one, clovis, ca. [12-12-1998]

Jackie Bell, Baltimore, MD [12-12-1998]

Sarah, TEmpe,AZ USA [12-13-1998]

minnie gates, waukee Iowa [12-13-1998]

Thanks for the interesting information
Susan Peterson, Naperville, IL [12-13-1998]

oy the spice girls are on the telly!
malia roxane, London England [12-13-1998]

I am trying to find out what the red white and blue represent or stand for.Thanks for the help
Sarah Griffith, Las Vegas Nevada [12-13-1998]

I would like to remind readers to always respect the flag, and especially the freedom it represents. Many men and women died to keep our country free. Don't insult their memory and the dignity of our flag by purchasing and using products that disrespect the flag, such as 4th of July paper plates and napkins, etc. Thank you.
Lisa Ostrowski, East Brunswick, NJ [12-13-1998]

I'm looking for a good, clear picture of the 13 star flag. does anyone know of a link where I can find one?
Jan Boss, Bainbridge Island, WA [12-13-1998]

Great site. My son and I are sewing a flag as part of an 8th grade history project. Your information is invaluable. Thanks so much. Beth
Beth Cotten, Houston, Texas [12-13-1998]

Charles George James Ross U.E., Peterborough, Ontario, Canada [12-13-1998]

Sebrina Butler, Ocala, Florida [12-13-1998]

Thanks for helping me get an A+ on my report!!! :)
Kelly Ann Funk, Carmel, Indiana [12-13-1998]

Diana turner, kcmo [12-13-1998]

Sally Wilson, Gresham, OR [12-13-1998]

Do you know the name of Suzanne Satterthwaite's husband? I visited her home some 40 years ago and enjoyed it very much. Thank you for this tribute to an American Lady.
James R. Satterthwaite, Leesburg, FL [12-13-1998]

Lea P, California [12-13-1998]

Ashley LaRue, Williamsoport PA [12-13-1998]

You guyes did a good job!!!
Adam Bostian, Hanover, PA, USA [12-13-1998]

Good Page
Cody Wentz, Brodbecks,Pa [12-13-1998]

joey [12-13-1998]

Thanks for all of your helpful information, my daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross and your web site gave her lots of much needed information!
Donna, USA [12-13-1998]

Loved this site. It was full of info and very knowledgeable. After reading this site, I bookmarked it for my son and neices and nephews. I know they will enjoy it. I am proud to be a U.S. citizen and this site only made me prouder. Thanks!
patricia williams, rome, georgia [12-13-1998]

this is the bomb of bombs of atomic bombs
Virginia, na [12-13-1998]

Jennifer Lynn Nadzan [12-13-1998]

LoriAnne Kobulinsky [12-13-1998]

You did a wonderful job. I really enjoyed visiting your site and visiting Betsy Ross's house. It was really neat.
Terry Gann, Sam Rayburn ISD [12-13-1998]

My first visit and printed some info for my Sister to discuss at an upcoming DAR meeting. Many thanks for providing all the information. When I have more time, I will return and review more. Thanks again.
Jim Brashear, Scottsville, KY [12-13-1998]

Kathy Mcclanahan, Salina kansas [12-13-1998]

karla nelson, cedar Falls Iowa [12-13-1998]

this is for my son to learn
Jim Beck, san diego [12-13-1998]

I was wondering if Betsy's flag is the flag in the painting "Washington Crossing the Delaware"? Or if it was not completed at the time he crossed the Delaware?
Annetta Haley, Frazee, MN [12-13-1998]

Were trying to find a picture of a flag, but oh well. Good web page.
Lana [12-13-1998]

ashleigh, Glenside,Pa, U.S [12-13-1998]

This web page gave me more info on Betsy Ross than I was able to find in any encyclopedia. My dad helped me get on-line. Once I was here it was easy. I am doing a project for my seventh grade history class. This is a good web site.
Tiffany George, Shrewsbury, Ma [12-13-1998]

This has been helpful for my report on Betsy Ross for school. I am in the 5th grade. I like the way your site looked. The information is helpful.
Chelsea Wellborn, Nashville,TN [12-13-1998]

jean [mielke] iddings, ranson, w.v. 25438 [12-13-1998]

Catie [12-13-1998]

Erica Birile, Cinninati,Ohio,U.A.S [12-13-1998]

jill ross, troy, texas [12-13-1998]

My fourth grade class enjoyed your site very much.
Joe Matson, Lower Burrell, PA USA [12-14-1998]

Samantha Lee Bell, Concord, Cailfornia [12-14-1998]

Randi Weaver, weatherford,tx,usa [12-14-1998]

This site is wonderful! I am a teacher who no longer teaches due to a disability. I wish they had sites like this when I was in the classroom. My children would have enjoyed it immensely!!!
Pat Gasda, West Mifflin, PA [12-14-1998]

This is a really neat website! I am a college student studying to be a teacher. We are required to come up with several lesson plans; I plan to use information from this site to do this. I also really like the star cutting technique. Thanks!
Sandy Cross, Bristol, Va [12-14-1998]

andrea niklaus, so.williamsport pa [12-14-1998]

Debbie Barnett, Midwest City, Oklahoma 73110 [12-14-1998]

Betsy Ross-Voorhees, Herkimer, NY [12-14-1998]


Your page was helpful for a cub scout project we had to research the history of the American flag! Thank you!
Debbie Temple, CT [12-14-1998]

I believe the flag means that the 13 strips meam the 13 colonies. The red for the blood Amercian shed fighting for independence. The white for purtiy and the blue for justice, perserance. It should be a honor for us to live here.
Julia Ott, Lebanon, PA, U.S.A. [12-15-1998]

Mrs Doubtfire, Scotland [12-15-1998]

Jacklyn Brown, Jamestown,TN [12-15-1998]

Brooke Davis, Jamestown,TN United States of America [12-15-1998]

Hi! I came across this website by accident. But I'm so glad I did! I've had 4 brothers in the military, 4 in the Army and 1 Marine. They have served our Country well! And I am extremely proud of the them. Every time I heard patriotic songs and look at our American Flag and get so emotional... I can never hold back my tears from streaming down my face. I truly love the American Flag and admire Betsy Ross' masterpiece! God Bless America, now & forever!
Susan Douglas, La Habra, CA. [12-15-1998]

i love rose
char [12-15-1998]

Carol Albin, Norwalk, IA [12-18-1998]

Teresa Crosby, Baxley, GA 31513 [12-18-1998]

I am doing betsy ross for a project and I think she is an incredible women. I can't believe that she got picked to do the american flag.
lindsey peet, mn [12-18-1998]

Thank you for your information. I am doing it for my Boyscout report on the American Flag.I think our freedom is special and needs to be honored at all cost. I'm 8 yrs. old and am working on my Wolf book in Scouts. Thank you.
D.J. Dominguez, Rochester, MN [12-18-1998]

I was looking for some information on the American Flag for my grandson and what you have here filled the bill better than anything else I've found. Thank you!
Lavern Wasson, Mechanicsville, Maryland [12-18-1998]

Stacy, Brookfield Ma [12-18-1998]

Meghan O'Donnell, Shoreham,N.Y. [12-19-1998]

We should have a site regarding our flag and people should see this from all walks of life, We are Americans be proud of it.
angela, florida [12-27-1998]

I am taking my Grandson to visit the house, as he has never been to Philadelphia. I plan to show him many historical sites.
The Blizzard Family, Ambler, PA. 19002 [12-27-1998]

Joanne Ashton, Lisbon, Oh. 44432 [12-27-1998]

Very interesting survey of historical facts behind "old glory". But the CAS. flag and history is missing.
John C. GUERIN, BORDEAUX 33000 FRANCE [12-27-1998]

Brianne Rogers, California [12-27-1998]

Nancye Wilhelm, Jackson, Alabama [12-27-1998]

k. ross, ire;land [12-27-1998]

This is really neato!!!
Kassie, New Baden, IL [12-27-1998]

Betsy Ross had a more interesting life than I thought.
Katie R., MA, usa [12-27-1998]

kevin pratt, andalusia,alabama, usa [12-27-1998]

I have been hosting a site that supports a petition site ( and have recently turned my attention to our great Constitution, and its impact on our daily lives. I love the flag, the pledge, and the freedom that its colors represent. I honor those who died and gave thier service willingly to protect those cherished freedoms that we often take for granted I feel that in these recent times (late 1998) we have seen an erosion of the basic fabric of our nation by the one elected and sworn to uphold the constitution. I hope and pray that the leaders of our great nation have the dedication and diligence to see to it that NO man ever succeeds in trampling our Constitution. I just read it again tonight, and it is a well crafted and excellent document that demands our alligence. I for one will strive to uphold it as a citizen who knows my rights and loves my freedoms. We have a great nation, but what will we the people allow to become of her? Long may she wave, may freedom reign supreme.
Nathan Pizzo, Santa Clara, CA [12-27-1998]

Great information for my son who needed to write a report something pertaining to colonial times in america before the 1800's. Even if he does not use it, I found it very interesting. Thank you.
Paula Jones, BlueRiver Oregon [12-27-1998]

The sooner the Senate deals with the impeachment of President Clinton, the better for the country.
Richard J Smith, Litchfield, ME [12-27-1998]

sarah cato, st louis, mo [12-27-1998]

Suzy mulfinger, State College, PA [12-27-1998]

info on betsy ross
Mike guttentag [12-28-1998]

daniella keenan, bear.delaware [12-28-1998]

Robin Barry, Fullerton, California [12-29-1998]


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