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I love the information that is here my daughter who is 10 had to do a project and this really helped us alot with information. It was nice that I didn't have to pull alot of book out or go to the library. Thanks again.
Sue Phifield, Hatboro, Pa [01-01-1998]

It was very informative in helping to confirm some information that has been part of a family rumors over the years, that we are related to John Ross's family. However, he and Betsy Ross never had any children. It did confirm that information. I only wish I was able to find more information on John Ross and his family. Thank You.
L Oughterson, Elmira, NY USA [01-03-1998]

Meghan Atkins, Okemos, MI messag = [01-04-1998]

peg hartman [01-04-1998]

The Iconoclasts & the United States Flag Commission insist that the story of Betsy (Griscom) Ross has no basis in fact. I have read "The Truth About the Betsy Ross Story" Robert Morris, ISBN 0-9601476-3-2. I'm convinced. My wife is a DAR and I am a SAR. Robert G. Parvin, President, Samuel Huntington Chapter, Ohio Society, NSSAR and Deputy Governor, Ohio Society of the Order of the Founders and Patriots of America, Retired teacher, honored scouter.
Robert G. Parvin, Painesville, Ohio [01-04-1998]


Enjoyed the tour very much. Thanks
Barbara Johnson, Middletown Il 62666 [01-05-1998]

Joe Woodbury, Lake City, SC [01-06-1998]

Thank you for the great info on your web. The students at our small school are doing a living history unit on the Revolutionary Era and your info will be most helpful. We will be attempting the 5 pointed star with one snip. Aloha from Hawaii! Cynthia Weiss and students from Kauai Arts and Science Academy.
Cynthia Weiss, Kilauea, Hawaii [01-06-1998]

John R.Wright, Charlotte ,North Carolina [01-06-1998]

Chan was here 98 of January loveing see
Chan xiong, St.paul MN [01-06-1998]

We need a picture of the flag of the 13 colonies.
Lionel Perret, Alexandria, LA, USA [01-06-1998]

Joe Woodbury, Lake City, SC [01-06-1998]

Courtney Fullingim, Petersburg, TX [01-07-1998]

Laura, georgia [01-07-1998]

This hame page has been very useful in aiding me with my report. It has given me all the info I needed. Thank you, mo man
Alan Seipt, Lansdale Pennsylvania [01-08-1998]

Thank you! This was a big help with my school project Brittany 1-8-98 Annunciation.B.V.M School
Brittany N Reeve, McSherrystown ,P.A 17344 [01-08-1998]

Your page was terrific!!! I am really interested in the information that you supplied me with!!!
Yolanda Barber, Baltimore, Maryland [01-08-1998]

Dear Host, I am a student of Kingsbury High School. I loved this web site and all the interesting facts included!We are doing a scavenger hunt amd found a few good questions in this site. I applude you for a job well done!! Sincerly, Wendi Perry
Wendi Perry, Memphis,TN [01-08-1998]

Just Learning About American Flag
Zackery T Noel, McSherrystown P.A. 17344 [01-08-1998]

I liked your tour very much. I am homeschooled and am studying America. Becky age 6
Becky, Virginia [01-09-1998]

Kayla Kelley, Lake Jackson,Tx.77566 mes = [01-10-1998]

very informative,idid not realize how much research was available, will be sure to visit if ever in the area. i am new to the web so im really searching. thank you so much for this tour.
yolanda patti, bridgeport,ct.06606a [01-10-1998]

I have'nt visited the site yet,but, my dad says, we are going to vist the Betsy Ross House very soon! Thanks for letting me take a close look today. Lauren A. Bolden
Lauren A. Bolden, Philadelphia,Pa. [01-10-1998]

Katie Schlaak [01-10-1998]

Very Nice
Danny Killay, Guilford Vermont [01-10-1998]

school work, thanks for the help!
LYNN THOMPSON, Fort Hall, Idaho [01-10-1998]

Hello, We enjoyed the tour and the facts about Betsy Ross. My pupils and I are very much interested in American History.It is a pitty that one cannot order a copy of the Declaration of Independence by mail from your giftshop. We would have ordered if it had been possible.But thank you for the tour! Sincerely yours Christa Werner-Koljo Rosenlund 8041 441 91 Alingsas / Sweden
Christa Werner-Koljo, 441 91 Rosenlund - Alingsas / Sweden [01-11-1998]

What's with all those birds in the courtyard?
Rodger J. Holst, Haddon Heights, NJ [01-11-1998]

This really helped
Courtney, USA [01-11-1998]

Sara Carlson [01-11-1998]

My husband is active duty Navy stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. For Pearl Harbor Day this year, we went to the Memorial and purchased an American flag which had been flown over the Memorial that day...a very special day. What a treasure is freedom; the right to do what we ought to do. Thank you to all those who value the freedom our flag represents.
Daniel's Jennifer, Hawaii [01-11-1998]

It's A Grand Ole Flag, A wonderful tour and well done thank you.
Barbara Myers, Mantua, N.J. [01-11-1998]

Terry rowe [01-12-1998]

Brandy Nelson, Palmyra,MO [01-13-1998]

Trey, Palmyra Missouri [01-13-1998]

This is a nice site!!!!
Jolene Appleby, Elizabeth,IL USA [01-13-1998]

We liked your trivia.It would be better if you put more questions in it.We also liked your virtual tour through the house.We were glad we found this.You will recieve alot of e-mail from Bush Elementry. Sincerly, Emmit Smith Bush
Emmit Smith Bush, Idaho Falls,Idaho [01-13-1998]


Very interesting sites for history buffs, like me.
Audrey Erika, Ft. Wayne, IN [01-13-1998]

you gave me a lot of information to help with my report on betsy ross. Thank You.
Mia Roberge, manchester NH [01-13-1998]

Mary, Jacksonville,FL America [01-13-1998]

Ellen Johnson, Tuscaloosa, Alabama [01-14-1998]

Rita Richey, Indianapolis,Indiana [01-14-1998]

this is a really cool site, I got all my homework done in a min!!
Shantel Haralson, Palmer, Alaska [01-14-1998]

Darlene Mohlsick, Roseburg, OR [01-15-1998]

The Stars and Stripes is truely the ensign that represents freedom for this world.
Ben Stacey, Watford,Hertfordshire,England. [01-15-1998]

Hello Everyone!!!
Ricky Donelson [01-15-1998]

Sherry Meagher, Bakersfiel, California [01-15-1998]

This Sit is ok but it needs more INF. about betsy Ross! All it has is has is about the flag, I want to know about her life!
Shea Amoguis, Anchorage, Ak [01-15-1998]

hi, i'm in 3rd grade i had to do a report on Betsy Ross and i got some great info (THANKS)!
Kristen, Bay Village Ohio [01-15-1998]

I am a fifth grade teacher and we are studying the history of our nation. This has been a great site for my students to visit. We enjoyed our visit here.
Jeanne Johnson, Idaho Falls idaho [01-15-1998]

Betty Smith, Idaho Falls,Idaho [01-15-1998]

Thanks for this page, I'm sure that those visiting it can learn something. Many of our citizens do not know the flag laws. I am proud of our flag because it represents each and everyone of us. It stands for our country and who is the country? Its people. I just wish that on days to fly the flag at half staff, we could get everyone to do it, most private citizens think it only applies to federal government building and military post. So you see some at full staff and some at half staff. Just remember when you see our flag, please also think of the thousands that have died in the service of our country under our flag. LONG MAY IT WAVE.
CSM(Retired) Theron L. Johnson US Army, Killeen, TX (home of Fort Hood) [01-15-1998]

Dalena Little, PA [01-16-1998]

Brooke and Brittany Gaunt [01-16-1998]

I read a biography about betsy and i liked it thats why i came to this page!!!!!
MATT, LIVONIA,NY [01-18-1998]

Straberry, Wisconsin, U.S.A [01-18-1998]

This flag stands for everything I WISH OUR COUNTRY STLL BELIEVED IN
Seth A Stennett, Okinawa, Japan [01-18-1998]

It's wonderful to be able to visit historic places such as this on the internet. Keep up the good work!
Cynthia E. Koerner, Haddonfield, New Jersey [01-19-1998]

I love the American flag. Whenever I listen to the national anthem, I always look at the star in the top, left hand corner.
Jennifer A. Bloom, Bangor, Michigan USA [01-19-1998]

Ramsey, WI [01-19-1998]

Dear Betsy Ross, Thanks for making the flag it is very interesting.
Brittany, USA Fort Wayne,Indiana [01-20-1998]

Dear Betsy Ross, I think it is a great thing that you made the united states flag and i admire you very much.
alissa, USA,indiana,Leo [01-20-1998]

Hi my name is Nicole and i wanted to know how you died.
nicole graber, 15001 Klofpeenstien r.h [01-20-1998]

I am doing a bioghraphy on Betsy Ross. I half to dress like her and act like her for the hole day in school.
Renee Ryan, Peterson, Mn 55962 [01-20-1998]

suhani shah, marlton nj America [01-20-1998]

I needed information about Betsy Ross for a school project and found this page. thank you it is very helpful.
Sarah Leyhe, taneytown, md. usa [01-20-1998]

We enjoyed touring the house in December when we visited Philadelphia.
Robert Elmore, Cookeville TN 38501 [01-20-1998]

Stephanie Kichline, Gap, Pa. [01-20-1998]

betsy ross is awsome
molly dufeck, circle pines mn [01-20-1998]

thanks for the information I needed it for a report
shannon, ohio United States [01-20-1998]

Let freedom ring!!!!!!
Rhonda Thigpen, Albertson,n.c [01-21-1998]

This site is cool!
Britni Vida, Dundee, OR [01-21-1998]

shakendra, alabama [01-21-1998]

I visited your web page to obtain information about the meaning of the colors of the flag. Our Royal Rangers in our church are studying this. It was a surprise to see all this information and we really appreciate the time and effort that must go into this. Thank you.
Sheri Osment, Jacksonville, FL [01-21-1998]

Thank you so much because your site helped me complete my report for school.
John Jay McMahon, Plainville, MA 02762 [01-26-1998]

Hi,Ihad to do a report on Betsy Ross, and when I came home from school I realized...DANG I LEFT THEM THERE! So I went to this page and WALA!I didn't need my books anymore!Thanks a bunch! From, Katie
Katie [01-27-1998]

My 4th grade daughter wanted to know "who is Betsy Ross" so we looked up your web site.
Beverly Palmberg, Simi Valley, California USA [01-27-1998]

Tricia Anderson, McHenry Illinois [01-27-1998]

Great site! Really helped my daughter with her homework. Thanks
Richard Simpson, Columbia, Mo. 65201 [01-27-1998]

Thank you very much. I teach 8th grade U.S. history. Would like to have a collection of the most famous and popular flags used in American history. IF you have more information, would love to have it.
Ross Bartlett, El Cajon, CA 92020 [01-27-1998]

Very nice display.
Mike Sawmiller, Spencerville Ohio [01-27-1998]

A great homepage chocked full of vital historical information. Thanks.
Marian L. Gill, Avondale, AZ [01-27-1998]

I really enjoyed the the info. on Betsy Ross and the American Flag.
Michele Carr, Clermont, Fl [01-27-1998]

My Brownie Girl Scout Troop is doing a presentation on Betsy Ross for our annual Mall Day. Everything we need to know about her is right here at this site! Thank you.
Nancy Scheider, Manassas, Virginia [01-27-1998]

We're studying famous people and Betsy Ross is one of the people We've chosen to study. We are learning more about her.
Mrs. Darcy's Third Grade Class, Nathanael Greene Elem Sch., Liberty, NC [01-27-1998]

I am researching Betsy Ross' biography.
Colby Johnson, Santa Ana, CA [01-27-1998]

Lindsay Bowman, Murphys, California [01-27-1998]

Karl R Evanoff, Groton C.T. [01-27-1998]

Question? Why is their GOLD FRINGE around the borders of some flags, And not all FLAGS of The U.S. None of the Pictures Displayed show this GOLD FRINGING. Is there a law that PERMITS this Apparent DEFACING. I see no mention of GOLD FRINGE in the FLAG CODE Thank You For You Help with this Question
Gary Ross Stoy, Lancaster Pennsylvania [01-27-1998]

For a costume design project, I had to choose a famous historical figure who lived before WWII, draw them in their present time, then transfer them into two other time periods. I chose Betsy Ross because she is an inspiration to not only seamstresses, but to women everywhere!!!
Jennifer M. Zertuche, San Antonio, TX USA [01-27-1998]

this page was realy cool
Amber Twentyman, 143 Long rd. Tully N.Y [01-27-1998]

I had to do a report on the American Flag for cub scouts and the best place was Besty Ross'homepage. Thanks for your help with my project.
Adam Sheehy, Stratford, CT USA [01-27-1998]

Michael Caseley, Abington, MA [01-27-1998]

Kyle Miller, Gilbert, Arizona [01-27-1998]

I vi
Pete Thomson, El Paso, TX [01-28-1998]


Daniel and Sarah [01-29-1998]

c ya
Alicia [01-29-1998]

very informative site - thanks!
Jeff Gillingham, Murphys, California [01-29-1998]

I am in the fifth grade and doing a research paper on Betsy Ross. Thank you for the information. It will be very helpful in my report. Sincerely, Christina Kinney
Christina Kinney, Santa Maria, CA USA [01-29-1998]

T.J. Grandy, florid, Tampa [01-29-1998]

Brian Haynes, Jacksonville,Florida [01-29-1998]

T.J. Grandy, Tampa, Florida [01-29-1998]

This is a wonderful site!! I really never knew that much about Betsy Ross.
Nancy :-D, Renton, WA USA [01-30-1998]

I just love history and for my daughter's homework this site saved us a lot of time. Thank you
Angela Florea, NY [01-30-1998]

Cool page, but more pictures would make it better. Maybe more close-ups, and with better lighting. Lots of information!
Kevin Spier, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania [01-30-1998]

Do you know when the American Flag was first folded in the triangle?? Good site. I will recommend it to my scout troop
Tom Fletcher, La Porte IN, 46350 [01-30-1998]

HI Peoples
Matt Armstrong [01-31-1998]

Hey Peoples, How are you doing.
Aaron Kutsche, Grandville,Michigan [01-31-1998]

Tim Morton, Stevensville, Md [01-31-1998]

Tiasha Walker, Chestertown, Md. [01-31-1998]

Deneen Popp, Granby, MA [02-02-1998]

Please let me know of any further pages being added to this web site. I have learned a great deal of information that I had forgotten after graduating from high school 29 years ago.
Martha Cooper, Slippery Rock, Pa. [02-02-1998]

I'm an area director at a cub scout camp and teach flag etiquette and ceremony year-round. Your site is the best I've ever seen. I love the Flag Folding Graphic!!!
James Feuerstein, Bethlehem, PA & Eastern College, St. Davids, PA [02-02-1998]

Helping my daughter with a project for student-teaching.
Larry Anderson, Bemidji MN USA [02-02-1998]

I am doing research for a 5th grade project on the original flags of the United States. Thanks for all the information.
Susan Tritt, St. Louis, MO [02-02-1998]

Great site! I really enjoyed the virtual tour and got some great information from your site for my history class. I bookmarked the site for future reference, and plan to visit next year with my class when the wiring's done for our classroom computer. Thanks for a great site!
Carole Whitteberry, Fresno, CA [02-02-1998]

I think her house is so cool. I have been to her house already but I wanted to see it again!
Kristen, Lancaster OH [02-02-1998]

this page was realy cool
Amber Twentyman, 143 Long rd. Tully N.Y [02-02-1998]

Lacey, Nornan, Ok [02-02-1998]

Merril Joseph-Clarke [02-03-1998]

Having a 5year old going to school, and learning American history, helps me learn a whole lot too, about Betsy and others. Being from the West Indies, i didn't or was not aware of a whole lot of histories that I know now. If you any more infoprmation that can help please feel free to send me..
Merril Joseph-Clarke, Staten Island, New York 10301 [02-03-1998]

Melissa Coble, Albemarle, NC [02-03-1998]

Our computer class had to look up Betsy Ross and list three different things about her. You home page is pretty neat. Well, better go because we have to look up someone else. BYE-BYE Chesnee
Chesnee Vick, 25037 Stony Mountain Rd; Albemarle, NC 28001-8687 [02-03-1998]

The last stripe on the flag is just for Betsy and because that she is famous and she is the one you admier
K.J.C., FT. Myers Florida [02-03-1998]

Great site..Good info. A lot of history about the flag. Thanks
Curtis Jackson, Clearfield UT [02-03-1998]

As an member of the American Legion Auxiliary, I am very aware of the patriotism and believe in our flag and Betsy Ross. Keep up the good work and thank you for helping to educate the public on what our flag is and what it does. By the way, did you know that The American Legion was instrumental in getting the Flag laws, regulations and etiquette passed by Congress?
Judy Taylor, Mishawaka, Indiana [02-03-1998]

Thanks for the help with my homework tonight! Great web site!!
Rebecca Alshefski, Drums, PA [02-03-1998]

I did a report on you can you tell me about history in ca.
Smiley5837, California [02-03-1998]

I teach United States History to 8th graders so I am always looking for new web sites for information and inspiration. Your site is now on my bookmark. Thank you for preserving a part of our precious heritage. A heritage we must guard safely and never lose!
Cindy Steinborn, Auburn, Washington [02-04-1998]

cody chambers, carrollton, tx 75006 [02-04-1998]

I will be portraying Betsy Ross in our school's History Day on March 12.
Rebecca Hoerr, Canton, Ohio [02-04-1998]

We love your virtual tour of Betsy's House!! Thanks!!!
fourth grade teachers Bonfield Elementary, Lititz, PA, Lititz, PA [02-04-1998]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my fourth grade Social Studies class. We are doing a wax museum and I have to dress up like my character. It is really fun.
Allison Gilliland, West Middlesex, PA 16159 [02-04-1998]

I was looking for a picture of our first flag. This was the perfect place to stop.
Susie Matson, Greeley, CO, [02-05-1998]

john cameron ross, ontario canada. [02-05-1998]

I think you should make the tour more like you are walking through Betsy's house.
Tren, USA [02-05-1998]

I am a second grader and am interested in knowing more about the flag and Betsy Ross, thank you for the information provided. Maya
Maya La Rue, Fort Worth, Tx [02-05-1998]

I'm a school librarian in Newark, DE and couldn't find a Betsy Ross book. It was supposed to be here. Anyway, I used this to get info on Betsy's life, etc. for a teacher.
Fran Vanneman, Pennsville, NJ [02-06-1998]

It was a pleaent surprise to find info and pictures about Bettsy Ross. Pictures of the flaf
nancy saele, 5380 Telavåg Norway [02-07-1998]

I am trying to research my geneology. I was told there was the brother of President Buchanan, and the sister of Andrew Jackson in my lineage. I am curious. If there is any biography that you can send to me, I would very much appreciate your help. Thank You Mike Dehart
Michael DeHart, Fresno Ca. [02-07-1998]

Judith E. ware [02-07-1998]

Carol A Scott, philadelphia, pa [02-07-1998]

donna, kansas city mo [02-07-1998]

betsy ross is cool!!!!!!
brandy chapman, poulsbo washington!!! [02-07-1998]

I'm doing a report for 5th grade and found your site very educational.
Erin Tavaglione, Riverside, CA [02-08-1998]

I am in sixth grade and am working on a homework prodject on Betsy Ross. I hope the information that I find in your web site helps me.
amanda wambold, charlotte nc. [02-09-1998]

At school we're ceating a "Living Museum" and I'm Betsy Ross! Bye for now!
Katie Crimmins, Reading, MA [02-09-1998]

Thanks for the help with my research project !
Laura Kibort, Floral Park, N.Y. [02-09-1998]

ASHLEY HORTON, 817 Stonehill Drive, Sherman, IL 62684 [02-09-1998]

Stephen Wood, Atlanta, GA [02-09-1998]

Victoria Kuster [02-09-1998]

I am related to Betsy Ross
martha, newton ma usa [02-09-1998]

I was doing a research paper on Betsy Ross and I found the information that I needed and it was very helpful. Thank you for you web site it comes in very handy.
Rebecca R. Ortiz, Pecos, TX [02-11-1998]

As a little girl growing up, my grandmother would always tell me that I was related to Betsy Ross..............I dwelt on this for so long.........the only source I knew was my grandmother..........I always said if I ever have a little girl I will be priveleged to name her Betsy..........but instead I have had 3 German Shephard Dogs with the name of Betsy.......Oh how I wish I could link my geneology back to her.......but how, how do I begin......Thank You, Maureen
Maureen E. Lund, Fountain Green, Utah [02-11-1998]

Greetings from Espoo, Finland My son is U.S citizen by birth and is soon 21 years of age. Timo
Timo Korhonen, Espoo, Finland [02-11-1998]

We learned about Betsy Ross in school. We think that it is really neat that the flag still follows her pattern. Rachel (9 yrs.) wrote a report on her this year. She enjoyed it very much.
Sarah and Rachel Boaz, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA [02-11-1998]

LaRilda VanSandt, Centre, Alabama [02-11-1998]

zachary, peru maine [02-12-1998]

Nikki Thibault, Massena New York US [02-12-1998]

Jeff Hall, Anaheim, CA USA [02-13-1998]

Fairhope Intermediate School, Fairhope,AL USA [02-13-1998]

My First grade students loved this tour. Thank you for letting us tour her home.
Debbie Musgrave, Huntington, WV [02-13-1998]

I think that I am related to John Claypoole. I am trying to trace my history back and I am pretty sure that he is related.
Scott G. Sears, Ramstein Air Base, Germany [02-13-1998]

Liz Heller [02-14-1998]

I am a Kindergarten teacher at Flinn Elementary School. I plan to share this site with my students in our computer lab. We are studying symbols of our country as part of President's Day.
Judy Shivley, Charleston, West Virginia [02-14-1998]

M.Penassi, canada [02-14-1998]

adam polcak, stevensville, md 21666 [02-16-1998]

What a wonderful sight to explore!
Jackie, Manton, Michigan [02-16-1998]

Hi I'm a great,great,great,great,great granddaughter of Betsy Ross through her daughter Jane Claypoole.
Karen A. MacZura, Rancho Cucamonga, CA [02-16-1998]

Gary D. Streby, Beavercreek, Ohio [02-16-1998]

I will be particiapting in a pageant in March where I will be performing a monologue of Betsy Ross for my talent. This site has helped me a lot in costuming, backdrop, and ordering an authentic "Betsy flag". Thanks! Allison
Allison Williams, Cleveland, TN [02-16-1998]

I am 8 years old and enjoyed the tour.
Jessica Jordan, Billings, Montana [02-17-1998]

Excellent! I am new to on-line and this is one of the first places I've visited! I portray Betsy Ross in the Philadelphia area in a children's program called "The Story of Our Flag." This website will be added to my Study Guide as a "must-see!" I especially appreciated the compelling affidavits and the Point-Counterpoint. What a great resource - thank you!
Carol Spacht, Blue Bell, PA [02-17-1998]

Donna Cartwright, Biloxi MS [02-17-1998]

I thought that making the 5 point star with one snip was great! Thanks for sharing.
Emily Rainey, Hueytown, AL [02-17-1998]

thanks for providing this information. i have a report in the morning.
tasha smedley, syracuse, ut usa [02-17-1998]

As One of the newest Flags in the World, (200+ years old) I often wondered why I felt that Old Glory is the most beutiful, Then After relating this to a Friend, He said thats easy it's because you love it. Yes how simple!!!!
Tom Bailey, Pontiac ILL. [02-17-1998]

My wife and I visited the real Betsy Ross home last Saturday, an it is a pleasure to find you on the Web as well. My own Quaker roots were tickled as I saw these wonderful displays in real life.
Keith W. Drahn, Grantham, PA [02-17-1998]

Whitney Suarez [02-18-1998]

Tracey Stremming [02-18-1998]

I'm doing a project for social studies, and this site really hellped me. Thank you, Darice
Darice Allen, coral springs, Florida [02-18-1998]

I enjoyed this site. Thank you.
Dan Ondler, Oronoco, MN 55960 [02-19-1998]

I've enjoyed the "Betsy" pages. I am a distant descendent of the Griscom family, so it was especially interesting.
Judith K. Ford, Shepherdstown, West Virginia [02-19-1998]

Angela, Telluride Colorado, USA [02-19-1998]

It is a very helpful information, the information was requested by Luis Havas through the Cultural Attache. Thanks
Irma C. de Perez, Mexico City, Mexico [02-19-1998]

I am looking up for a book report
Alexandra Pantin, Miami, FL US [02-19-1998]

Courtney Anne Hayes [02-19-1998]

The virtual tour was really neat. It felt like I was really there. I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. It was supposed to be 4 - 5 pages long. I didn't have enough information on her, but now I do. Thank you!
Andrea Peterson,, 10 years old (almost 11), Belleville, IL [02-19-1998]

Jean Hollis, Jefferson City, Missouri [02-20-1998]

Researching topics of the American Revolution...Betsy Ross is the current search. Thank you for the web site.
Ed Mondragon, Cloudcroft, New Mexico [02-20-1998]

Maridele Neikirk, Hamilton, VA [02-20-1998]

Hello, I am only nine but you have the best information! See, I have to do a report on her. If you have any info, can you please send it to me? Thanks a lot
Mary O'Rourke, USA Chester County PA [02-21-1998]

Erica Lendi [02-21-1998]

I'm 7 years old and I'm learning how to read and I put the trampoline up with my daddy. I'm learing about betsy ross in school. How did she make the american flag by herself.
Ainsley Robinson, bakersfield, ca [02-22-1998]

Thanks Betsy!
Mallori McMichael, Louisville, Ky [02-24-1998]

I give annual American Flag presentations to third grade students and the additional information I got from your home page will greatly enhance my program.
Gloria Wright Smith, MODESTO, CA [02-24-1998]

Tessa, Nashville, TN [02-24-1998]

Charles Smith, ut [02-24-1998]

Joyce Siler, Raytown, MO 64133 [02-24-1998]

jennifer summering, gresham, or [02-24-1998]

I am only 9 years old and I don't have an Email yet! I have learned alot from this page. Thank you!!!
Janie Walters, Dallas, Georgia USA [02-24-1998]

Hi,I am 9 years old and I love to read about Betsy Ross and the the history of the American flag. I think it was a great idea to put this neat information on the internet. Kourtney Puckett, Fredonia Kansas
Kourtney Puckett, Fredonia Kansas [02-24-1998]

Jiji sumner, Morton,MS [02-24-1998]

Paula Smith, Paris, TX [02-24-1998]

Very Interesting.
Gretchen Worden, Yorktown Heights, NY [02-24-1998]

Carolyn Oddo, Phoenix, NY [02-24-1998]

This is the most wonderful page that I have ever explored on the Internet!!!
Michelle Robinson, Shelley, ID [02-25-1998]

Cydni Webster [02-25-1998]

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I was amazed at all the information that I had forgotten when I was in School,now that my Daughter is in Elementary School she is doing a biography on Betsy Ross.I was scanning thru the Web and came across her page,I found out information I never learned about,WHAT A GREAT TEACHING PAGE THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!
Bobbi Jo Merrill, Eagle River Alaska [03-02-1998]

By searching and discovering this WEB site, I can now be even more detailed in sharing the story about The Bessie Ross Hwy., located in Chicago at O'Hare International Airport. It is good to know we have a highway to our American history. Thanks! Keep up the good work and God Bless you all.
Rev. C.I. Spencer, Sr., Grove Heights, IL [03-02-1998]

One big cheer for our flag of freedom
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I was told by my grandmother that Betsy Ross was my 4th grandmother back. So I am researching to find out if she really is. I not sure as of yet.
Connie Mckinney, Lexington Ky [03-02-1998]

My wife and I came to your house last summer. I'd love to say what is really in my heart but it would be seem like a lot of corn. However, I'll try: God bless us I love this country. My wife died last summer after 45 year of marriage. Visiting Philadelphia was our last trip taken together. Thank you.
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I know we have the greatest country in the entire world. Where else could you submit opinions about your country. We have freedoms people only dream about. Our country has its problems but it is still the best in the world.
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I was about to be in your school but i moved so I wish to visit your school some day. My brother went to your school before. Thanks for listening and your school is great, I know cause my friends go there.
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I would be interested to know if anyone has a family tree for Betsy Ross. I have been told all my life that I am related to Betsy Ross on my paternal grandmother's side. I learned just today that apparently every first son in the tree was named Ross. I guess this makes sense since Ross was only her first husband's name. Anyway, anyone with any info please e-mail me at Millabreu@ thanks, Joan
Joan E. Miller, Beechhurst, New York [03-04-1998]

Betsy Ross's house is cool.
Margie [03-04-1998]

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Dear Ms. Betsy Ross. Hello How Are You? I'm Doing Fine. I'm Taking A Class In American History And A Research About The Famous Americans Who Were In The Revolution. I Wanted To Study About You Because You Were The Famous Woman That Would Stand Up And Talk Your Rights. Well I Better Go Bye. Write Back Josetta Roberts
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I have visted her house. I use to live outside philly. I think that she is a great women. I hope can learn more about her as I go through the internet.
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canby was a fake he made up the story for money you keep it up for the same reason! hopkinson was rejected only because congress would give sole credit and they didn't like what he was asking for in payment.
t farner, nj [03-10-1998]

I wanted to see the flag with the snake!
Charles French, Ward Cove, Alaska [03-10-1998]

K. ROBERT LEWIS, new london ct. [03-10-1998]

Michael "Perfessor" Engrisch, on the Importance of the "Stars and Stripes", as one of the Defining Icons of FREEDOM to the Whole World: "When you shall see this symbol depart from the Face of the Earth; then you should know that too many good men did too little!"
Michael "Perfessor" Engrisch, Phenix City, Alabama [03-10-1998]

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Where is Betsy's house in the United States
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I have learned to have more respect for our flag cause it symbolizes our freedom & love for our country. I'm proud to be an American. I love the USA. We need to remember our veterans that helped us keep our freedom. liberty. & our hopes & dreams. God has given us the prosperity for our country to grow. God Bless the USA!
Linda Durham, Murphysboro, IL. [03-10-1998]

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I have visited this site. It was a very helpful site. i have to do a report on Betsy Ross, for soc. st. and this site was very helpful for me, and it gave me a lot of info on Betsy Ross. Thanks so much
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I visited this homepage because I needed some info on Betsy Ross. I am researching a poet, T.C. Harbaugh, who wrote a poem titled "The Banner Betsey Made" which praises Betsy Ross for creating the American flag in all its glory.
Mary Christina Manning, Troy, OHIO [03-14-1998]

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I think it is really great that you have these kind of resources available for people like me who have a project to get done. I am doing my project on Betsy Ross. I am disappointed though that there isn't a whole lot of things like books and such to get my information from. I have to read a 100 page book on Betsy Ross which is part of the assignment and I won't be able to get that done because there isn't anything out there that can help me except people like you who put these excellent resouces of information up for everyone to see. If you can do anything to help me send me something to my e-mail address. Once again thank you. - Cathy Dusten.
Cathy Dusten, Kansas City [03-15-1998]

Thank you so much for all the information presented in your web site! I am doing a research paper on the life of Betsy Ross and I wasn't having much luck, information wise. Until I saw your web site. It was filled with tons of intresting and important information that will surely make my teacher think that I deserve an 'A'. At least I hope so! Thanks again!
Anonymous, California [03-15-1998]

I am 8 years old. I am doing a project on famous women. I have chosen Betsy Ross because I used to live on a street named after her. Also, she is my favorite famous woman. I know a little about her and want to find out more.
Cristin McPhilamy, South Riding, Va [03-15-1998]

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I was excited to find this site. For extra credit in Social Studies we had to find out the maker of the american flag and the year it was made. Thanks for making this site!!!
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I am 10 years old and am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school. I really got a lot of information from this web site. Thank You for all your help! BJ Rogers
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This is so totally awesome! I love the American Flag! It holds high honors in our family. Your stories are remarkable! Besty Ross along with our countries founding fathers were indeed inspired people of God.
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Wonderful Home Page. It gives me chills reading and learning about the history of our country.
Tacye Contreras, Los Angeles, CA, USA [03-18-1998]

I'm getting information on the computer for my CO-OP report on Betsy Ross. I love Betsy Ross and I love studying about her. I am 6 years old and I am homeschooled.
Rebekah, Philadelphia, Pa [03-18-1998]

For a school project we have to do this thing called Tea at the White House. Me and my friend Jackie were chosen to be Betsy Ross. Is there anyway we can an old fashoined (13 stars)flag?(U.S.A.)
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Neat. Didn't see much and I really wished I got to see Betsy's house b/c the internet was busy. That is okay b/c I will come and visit next year. I'm having a hard time right now b/c my boyfriend just dumped me. It is a long story. I'm really a nice person. He just doesn't understand me tho. ... N/e way, this is neat. Thanks. :)
Michaela Coleman, Colorado Springs, Colorado USA [03-19-1998]

This is a great site. Our family is related to Betsy Ross somehow and I think it would be great to know how that lineage is actually traced back. Also, this site appears to be a great source of information for the Boy Scouts of America -- as they study the flag, it's meaning, how to handle and present it, etc. This site is a wonderful asset for information.
Scott Smith, South Williamsport, PA [03-19-1998]

Thanks for all the valuable information!!!! You've got a wonderful web site.
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I am in the first grade. I liked your information. The information was great about how to make a perfect five pointed star. I needed to know how many stars were on the first flag for my school project. I like the picture of Betsy's sewing room, it was cool. How people lived in those little houses is cool too! I liked the flag with the rattle snake. Thank you for providing this web site it makes learning fun.
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This is a good WEB Page to find info about Betsy Ross. I am very impressed with The Betsy Ross Homepage. (I still can't figure out how to make the 5 pointed star! Even with your easy directions!) It gave great information on her! Caitlin Herrion
Caitlin Herrion, Mount Laurel, New Jersey (Hartford School Student) [03-23-1998]

thanks in this room i got to get a flag and learn about the making of a flag thanks ker
keri, sorry not available to you [03-23-1998]

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We are supposedly related to Betsy Ross and have it documented in our family geneology. This is an excellent site.
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I was especially interested in researching references Betsy's third husband, J. Claypoole, who was an ancester to my maternal grandmother.
D. M. Nelson [03-27-1998]

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Your site helped me in a report I did for school about Betsy Ross. Thank you.
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i am 8 and learning a lot about flags with my dad.
anythony mckee, goshen,In [03-28-1998]

Keep up the good work. You are not alone. Brig. Gen William Chase says it much better than I: "One of my proudest moments was standing shoulder to shoulder with General MacArthur during the raising of the American flag over Tokyo. General MacArthur, standing erect, gave General Eichelberger, 8th Army Commander, the following order in a firm clear voice: 'Have our country's flag unfurled and in the Tokyo sun, let it wave in full glory as a symbol of hope for the oppressed and as a harbinger of victory for the Right.' One of our veteran color sergeants then raised on the flag on the pole on top of our embassy. Our band played the "Star Spangled Banner," and all ranks saluted and looked at the flag as it slowly unfurled and climbed to the top. A thrilling moment. One I shall never forget." Front Line General, William C. Chase
B. Rice Aston, Houston, TX [03-28-1998]

I am in the seventh grade and I'm at school now. I find your site very useful.
Shaunta Dixon, Baltimore, Maryland [03-31-1998]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross. I think she was really talented.
Christine Cannon, West Chester [03-31-1998]

Wonderful page for reference and information. I do a "History Cameo" Link and would like to use some of the information when I get to the Betsy Ross point in history.
Joanne Shukis, West Palm Beach, FL [03-31-1998]

I had to do a book report on Betsy Ross. I read Betsy Ross Designer of Our Flag, By: Ann Weil Her story was really interesting and I enjoyed reading it.
Matthew Hedrick, Charlotte, NC [03-31-1998]

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I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and a wax museum! I just wanted to know what she wore and where to find more things about her like in books, other e-mail addresses, things like that! THANKS for your help! -Niffer (that's my nickname)
Niffer Chang [03-31-1998]

I haven't been there since 1986, but I am planning on visiting again soon. You can't get the full effect unless you go, but this is a great website for people who will never have that chance.
Dawn Park, Philadelphia, PA [03-31-1998]

I am the co-founder of The Louisville Flag Committee the main purpose of which is to support an amendment to the U S Constitution to prevent the desecration of the greatest National Emblem ever created and flown, THE U S FLAG> WE HAVE A WEB SITE; www.angelfire,com/fl/Louflagcomm/index.html It has spaces for sign ins etc..It also has the flags waving. It also has our national anthem playing.Come and charge..Thank you all. And God Bless.
CAPT JOSEPH J FGLASHMAN USAR RET,, Louisville, Kentucky 40220 [03-31-1998]

Great site!
Jodi Bordeaux, Coos Bay, Oregon [03-31-1998]


Please where was betsy born city state country wherever
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I ador you for your talent of making our flag. Thank You!!!
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Distant relative of Betsy's.
John Griscom, Conyers, GA [04-06-1998]

How do you make a five pointed star with one cut?
Kristi and Lyn [04-06-1998]

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Thanks for this site. I am teaching a unit to 2nd graders about the symbols of America. I was having a hard time finding information on Betsy Ross. This site is an excellent resource.
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Visited the Betsy Ross House in February 1998 and then as I was writing up the report of my trip, I discovered this wonderful pictural trip. It allowed me to relive my visit. Thanks
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In my second grade class, we have to choose a famous American. I got Betsy Ross. I like learning about her. I'm surprised that she had 3 husbands. I wondered if she had any children. At first I didn't know anything about her. The only thing I knew about her was that she made the flag.
A.Easton, La Mirada, CA [04-06-1998]

this page was great in helping me with a project
lynne bennis, muncie, indiana, usa [04-06-1998]

I'm in second grade and I picked Betsy Ross as a famous American woman for a class project.
Justin LoSasso, Winslow Twp. New Jersey [04-06-1998]

Pavit Sabharwal, Old Brookville, NY [04-06-1998]

Very interesting information on this web site. It's too bad more people do not understand what our country has been through, such as the fact that we have had two or three central banks in the past, all of which were rejected by the people once they knew the damage such cartels do. The Federal Reserve is no exception and needs to go the way of the other central banks if we are to follow the advice of our forefathers and keep applying the principles set forth in our Constitution.
James R. Jaeger II, Devon, PA [04-07-1998]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross for my theology class. Your webpage really helped me out.
Emily Iker, Louisville, Ky [04-07-1998]

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I'm presently writing a report on the American flag and Betsy Ross. This page helped me a lot . Thanks!
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America is beautiful, thanks for the comprehensive site!
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Needed information on Betsy Ross for a neighbor girl for a school project. This was very helpful and filled in many missing pieces for her. We would like to see more on Betsy Ross early life, Schooling/education and such.
Doug Larson, Webster, MN [04-08-1998]

Planning to take a German visitor to Philadelphia to tour. Have not done the tour myself, and have lived in Delaware all my life (>40 yrs.)!
Rosemary Bell, New Castle, DE [04-08-1998]

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Tina Melone, Bensenville, IL [04-09-1998]

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This is my first visit, quite interesting and informative, keep up the good work. Patriotism is not dead.
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I am a second grader at Wesleyan School in Atlanta, GA. I chose Betsy Ross when I wrote my second grade report on a Famous American. She is one of my heroes.
catherine kenimer, atlanta, georgia [04-13-1998]

This site is fabulous. I love the page with the rules of the flag. Has answered a lot of questions.....
Karen Ravencroft, Juliaetta, Idaho-----USA [04-13-1998]

This is an interesting web site and a great tour. I was only able to see the outside when in Philadelphia on business. Thanks for making this available.
M. E., Baton Rouge, LA [04-13-1998]

Do you know if there is any ralation from the Guier family from Philadelphia in the 1830's an Betsy Ross?
Fernando Quiros--Guier M.D., San Jose, Costa Rica [04-13-1998]

AWESOME! The cyber-tour of Betsy Ross' home seems almost like being there. We may pay a visit to the City of Independence this year. And you've done a top-notch job with this web-site. Thanks.
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Looking for info on susan b anthony would appreciate your help! Thanx!!!

I am curently an life boy scout and I am working on my eagle project My project is a flag retirement ceromony for the local cummunity of berling hts I was wondering if you would have any information on the topic Thank you
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I had to do a report on Betsy Ross for my History class. This web page gave me ALL the information I needed!! I really appreciate it!!
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I would like to find out about way she decided to make the flag. Also about her life style
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My daughter is studying the American flag and its history for her 3rd grade class. I was just looking for some interesting web pages to visit and get information from, so she can visit you at a later time. John Barron
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My 4/5 class is researching people who lived during the colonial and Revolutionary War time. It is nice to have a web site about a person so famous, yet so little has really been known about. The information will be valuable to my students.
Marilyn Krause, Everett, WA [04-21-1998]

I teach 6th and 7th graders at Youree Drive Middle School. We participate in a program called character education. This month is Citizenship Month. Therefore, we felt it important to discuss the history of the flag, and why it should be inportant to us still today. This website is an excellent source of this history. It is well done and informative. I enjoyed visiting this site very monthe. I thank you, and Youree Drive students thank you.
Christy Palmer, Shreveport, Louisiana [04-22-1998]

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I am in the 7th grade and doing a book report on Betsy Ross. I'm really glad to find this website for pictures and ideas on an oral presentation of the book report.
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I am doing a computer project featuring Betsy Ross. Your website information is fantastic and I really enjoy reading it! Your site where people write concerning their thoughts on freedom and the flag is very interesting!! Thanks for a great site to visit!
Jennifer M. Oravecz, Millersville, PA United States of America - and PROUD OF IT!!! [04-22-1998]

Thank you. I am doing a report for my women's studies class on Women in Media. Seems as if the United States "flag for which it stands" is everywhere - Thank God! Michelle
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I visited the Beatsy Ross House on a field trip. I didn't know that Betsy lived in Widow Lithgow's House or that she had gun powder in her basement.
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carol beatty, philadelphia [04-27-1998]

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I am a teacher and think this is a neat web site for learning about the flag and its history. My class answered questions for prizes using this web site as their source of info.
Linda Schlageter, Los Altos, CA [04-27-1998]

i would like to know more information bout her child hood.......what she did........and especailly what kind of education that she got...thankyou........
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I'm a student at Fenton High School. I love history so much I watch the History channel all day. If I could get some more information on this subject I would just love it! So I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
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I enjoy learning about history of all years & of the changes in time. Some good & some bad. I hope to be able to view this site in person some day but if I can't thank you for being able to this way. Nikki
Nikki Campbell, Hermiston, Ore. USA [04-30-1998]

Your tour is very well done it brought back many memories it has been over 50 years since i last visited this location . Thank you for a very fine tour.
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Besty Ross was a great artist. She was tha bomb!!! She's the girl, that know where she is from. YOU GO GIRL!!!!
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As the proud owner of The World's Largest Flag ( my thought's are "May She Always Fly High And Free" "Ski" Demski
"Ski" Demski, Long Beach , Ca [05-11-1998]

i am glad that you made a pretty flag b/c if you didn't, then we probably wouldn't have one today. love, sarah b
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I think this web-site is really neat-o! I only have one question for you, though.... What is a vexillologist?! Thanks for letting me sign your guest book and I will be going now to finish my internet scavenger hunt in Mr. Cleaton's Computer Technology class! [The answer is on the homepage under the Frequently Asked Questions section -Webmaster]
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This is just what I needed to help me complete my report.
tasha, Munich, germany [05-12-1998]

Born and raised in Philadelphia. 1600 block Germantown Ave. Retired U. S. Marine. Retired in 1975 after 20 years. Nice to read up on my old birthplace and all the changes going on. Keep up the good work! I visit once in awhile when I can and notice all the changes and improvements.
John P. Burtyk, Reynoldsburg, Ohio [05-12-1998]

Do you know who designed the flag? According to a document I have, it was Capt. Samuel C. Reid of the US Navy. Also do you have any information on John Ross, who his parents were or who any direct ancestors were. The reason I ask is I am supposedly related to both the designer and maker of our flag, but I haven't been able to tie them in to our family history. Thanx for any info or direction you have.
Richard Reid Harvin, Fountain Valley CA USA [05-15-1998]

I am doing genealogical research as I am related to Betsy Ross and enjoyed the additional information to my roots.
JOHN P. AGERS, PHOENIX, AZ [05-16-1998]

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I really liked your web sit it had a lot of good info on Betsy Ross we had to do a book report on someone and pick her i got a lot of info from it thanks alot for putting this together
Reberta Swiss, France [05-18-1998]

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Great website. I will be visiting the Betsy Ross house in person this week. I am glad that I visited the website first, because, I learned a great deal about Betsy Ross. Now my visit will mean more. Thank you. I can't wait to see it in person.
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I just want to say that this helped me on my English report. I really enjoyed the tour of her house. I plan to visit her house when I get out of high school in 2 years.
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The flag is a important part of the USA's history and should be remembered by all Americans
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I just came here for my little sister to find her a picture of Betsy Ross who she is portraying in a couples days at school. Now that I've been here I think that this place is pretty cool, especially since I'm more or less a history buff.
Kat, USA [05-21-1998]

Excellent site... It would be good if you could add a picture of the 1952 stamp made from the Weisgerber painting.
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I am going to be in a parade and I am going to be Betsy Ross. I couldn't find a picture until I looked here! Thank you sooooooooo much!
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Hi! I am 11 years old and I am doing an interveiw book report on Betsy Ross. I was looking for information, and I found this. It is really cool that you have this Betsy Ross guest book. I give my thanks to whoever thought this up. Please right back.
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It is really nice that the history of our nation is so easy to find and read. Thank you!!!!!
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Our State Society has a very nice web page, but new state officers need to be updated. I commend whoever is responsible for our web page.
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Very interesting I love anything connected with the history of our country.
Ruth Stanley, Keizer Oregon [05-29-1998]

I was told that the flag is flown 24-hours-a-day, rain or shine, at 7 government mandated locations in the U.S. I believe the Alamo and Pearl Harbor are two. Can you tell me if this is true and, if so, where does the flag fly round the clock? Thank you for your help.
Judy Umberger, Miami, Florida [06-01-1998] [The answer is Here! -Webmaster]

I have a children's theatre, soon to perform a patriotic play about Nathan Hale. I will use the Betsy Ross flag because it is the most traditionally known for that period, but thank you for your information about other flags which are really more authentic for the period.
Caroline M. Grow, Enciniltas, CA [06-01-1998]

Very nice site. Very insightful. Reminded me how beautiful our flag is! :-)
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I am a member of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution and am interested in programs about our flag. Every June we try to have a program relevant to the celebration of Flag Day, which we faithfully observe every year. Thank you.
Pegge Flannery, Mansfield, MA 02048 [06-01-1998]

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I have seen the Betsy Ross home and gone to the Episcopal Church some years ago.I saw the pew where George and Martha sat. I am just starting on the web-this one looks tops to me!
Warren P.Stewart, Kent,WA. [06-01-1998]

It's is nice but I don't know whats the flag stand forand what is the meaning of the color.
jemmy kang, Texas , San Antonio [06-01-1998]

How can you bury a person in three different places?
hHannah Marshall [06-01-1998]

I was researching the Flag for a presentation on Flag Day and am quite pleased to read your information on the origination of our Flag!
David M. Dafoe, Oswego, New York [06-01-1998]

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I remember visiting Betsy Ross' house when I was a little girl over 30 years ago.
marianne maki, Thousand Oaks, Ca [06-04-1998]

an interesting program. americans should read it.
a.j.pelliccioni, ebensburg,pa 15931 usa [06-04-1998]

Wonderful information. The local Republican Women have in the past held teas with historical themes.(Tea with the First Ladies,etc.) This year they are having a tea with Betsy Ross for Flag Day. I have been asked to be Betsy Ross, so this website has been extremely helpful.
V, Henderson, Il [06-04-1998]

I liked her house and hope I can come see it in person one day. I think I already came though thanx for the tour. I hope to find more informatio about her house and the flag she sewed. I know I would never be able to do that and she had lot of work and she didnt let anyone down. well thanks for the tour Bye!
Caity Fox, Morisville Pa [06-04-1998]

While there many problems in this country, there is no place I would rather be. People from all over are beating on our door to get in, people who are always downing this country should realize that in many other places they don't even have the right to do that. Long may the flag wave over this nation.
j.r. polachek, perkasie pawhile [06-04-1998]

Wonderful information, attractive graphics, well laid out site. I am going to place a link to this site from mine in the near future when I make a list of helpful sites for school kids researching our American history. My site URL is listed below.
michelle Blevins, CALIFORNIA [06-04-1998]

Miss Marshall [06-05-1998]

John Nihen, Forest Grove, Oregon, USA [06-06-1998]

I never see the American Flag without getting goose bumps and calling her a pretty lady. The best in the world! Am supposed to be related to Betsy Ross, on my dad's side of the family and have started looking aback into that.A lovely and much appreciated Web page. Jean Branstiter
Jean M. Branstier, Brenham Tx. [06-06-1998]

Caroline just portrayed Betsy Ross as a part of her 3rd grade library assignment and liked learning more about the life of Betsy Ross. We also like your web page information!
Caroline ARNESS and Kelly Gardner, Indianapolis, IN 46208 [06-06-1998]


great site. my first grade teacher told me about the site. thank you.
laura serrat, 7 years old, plnntation, fl [06-07-1998]

As a retired US Air Force Veteran(24 yrs) this page brought back many memories of my time in the service. Also brought a few tears for those that didn't make it back.. Have started a home page which will feature a section on POW/MIA's. May the Eagle soaring in the heavens continue to watch over you and guide you daily with peace, prayers, and gentle winds blowing love towards you.
BEAR, Vallejo, California [06-07-1998]

Found your web site address in Country Living Magazine
SBudai, COFound your site [06-07-1998]

I am 12 years old and in the 6th grade. In our school we have "Famous American Day". We have to choose a famous american and dress like them and do a presentation about them. I chose Betsy Ross because she is everywhere that you see the flag. I think it must have been a huge honor to be chosen to sew the country's flag. I really liked the tour of the house and if I ever get to go to visit Philadelphia I will go and visit it for real. thank you for the information on this page to help me do a good report. Jessica Seavey
Jessica Seavey, woodland, ME 04694 [06-08-1998]

I find your page very interesting, well presented. Thanks!
David Bemus, Great Valley, NY [06-08-1998]

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David McColgan, Seaford NY [06-09-1998]

I am using the story of "Betsy Ross" as a sermon illustration to coincide with Flag Day. Thank you for this outstanding information.
Rev Shirley Pudney, Rochester, New York [06-09-1998]

The flag is symbolic of not just our country but the people within.
Louise Mixson, Graceville, Florida [06-09-1998]

As I look back through the years, at the wars my ancestors have fought in, from Captain Robert Poage of Virginia, in the French & Indian War, through the American Revolution, the Spanish-British War here in Louisiana 1779, the War of 1812 both on the East Coast and the Battle of New Orleans, the US Civil war, the Mexican War, WWI and WWII (my father fought in both), I'm especially proud of their collective patriotism and courage. I think of these defenders of our country every time I see "Old Glory" flying freely in the breezes. Surly their knowing there were partiots supporting them, the likes of Betsy Ross, their families and friends, etc. gave them strentgh and courage to carry on.
Robert Paul Adams, Baton Rouge, Louisiana [06-09-1998]

Diane McGuire [06-10-1998]

As a member of my town's Historical Commission and teacher of American Literature I am especially interested in sites that broaden the awareness of all people to our nation's history. Your site is colorful, interesting, and diverse. I especially enjoyed your Betsy Ross connection and the star with one snip. It worked! Thank you for keeping America's history alive and active.
Diane McGuire, Raynham, Massachusetts [06-10-1998]

emily goodrich, montrose,pa 18801 [06-10-1998]

Good site.
Bob Cartee, Spartanburg, SC, USA [06-10-1998]

Thank you for the very nice tour, if I ever get the chance I will visit the real home of Betsy Ross
Jo An Newby, Blaine, WA [06-10-1998]

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Lovely and informative site
(Mrs) Bobbie H. Middleton, Bay City, Texas, USA [06-11-1998]

Hi: I typed in 4th of July crafts and games on the infoseek search engine and found your homepage listed. I have printed the information. It will be very enlightening to my mentally retarded audult clients.They need to become aware of who sewed the first flag. I found the history of Besty very intereting as I do family history research on my own family lines. Keep up the good work. I am very impressed and learned things I didn't know especially about Besty!!! I am a thereapuetic recreation technician and am always looking for ideas for my education classes.
Sharon L. Dodson, Spanish Fork,Utah. [06-11-1998]


Sarah, silver spring MD [06-11-1998]

Good web site!
Adam Stephens, Knoxvile, Tennessee 37920 [06-11-1998]

Line from Denmark [06-12-1998]

A wonderful page! As commanding officer of the Seventh Regiment of U.S. Infantry (1810-1850) Living History Association we own several stands of Colors. Of these we are very proud. Three are full scale reproductions of the National and Regimental Colors (6'x6"6" from 1808-1851.) We also have constructed, by hand, no machine work, a 26 star American Flag in the grand star pattern. It is 13' on the hoist and 21' on the fly. It has flown on the banks of the Rio Grande, over active duty Ft. Leavenworth, the Alamo and the Texas State house among others. We believe it is the largest hand sewn flag currently in use in the U.S. Over 700 man hours went into its construction. If anyone has any information to verify our claim it would be appreciated! Thank you again for making this wonderful page available. Sincerely yours, Steve Abolt 7th U.S.I. Living history Assoc.
Steve Abolt, Ft. Worth, TX [06-12-1998]

Mrs. Quinn's first grade clasw, Springfield, VA [06-12-1998]

We hope whatever we get we will like. It's going to be fun. Please give us something good! from, BCL
BCL, ValleyCottage [06-12-1998]

Eric Lemmon, Lompoc, CA [06-12-1998]

Dear ?, I read the poetry and I think some of it sounds really neat, Sincerely, Susan McFarlane
Susan McFarlane, Shelton, Washington [06-12-1998]

Charlotte Wilcox, Sunrise, Minnesota [06-13-1998]

I think Betsy was a true American, and wish all young adults could visit this page. I hope to be a true leader of America someday, and to add stars and strength that Mrs. Ross laided down.
Justin Luna, Lake Mary, Florida [06-13-1998]

Outstanding and informative website!
Dyan Dillion, Tampa, FL [06-13-1998]

This Sunday, I am a leader for a Flag Day Ceremony sponsored by the Lost Pines Chapter, NSDAR. This will be the third year for us to do a ceremony on Flag Day. I was checking your site to see if there was information I wanted to use. The site is very nice.
Kay C. Wesson, Bastrop, Tx [06-13-1998]

Informative and interesting site.
Don Veronneau, New Bedford, Massachusetts [06-13-1998]

enjoyed the tour.
marlene felton, nashville tn. [06-14-1998]

This a wonderful and informative page which I will use tomorrow in my Flag Day celebrations with my children. Thank you so much for it.
Judy Taylor, Red Rock, Texas [06-14-1998]

Davis E. Campbell, Waynesboro, VA 22980 USA [06-14-1998]

William R. Bassett, White Oak, Texas, USA [06-14-1998]

Thank you for putting suchly a nice message together about our wonderful country and flag.
Karon Kielas, Galesville, WI [06-14-1998]

It was great! I wish all pictures could be enlarged.
Rachel C. Gonzalez, Lexington, Kentucky [06-14-1998]

I love all this information being available. We are homeschoolers and always looking for sources of information. This is great!!!
Melody Goff, Bellingham, WA. [06-14-1998]

Myke, Kent,NY14477 [06-14-1998]

I am in kindergarten at Miss Guggino's class. We are currently learning about the American Flag. 1
Sara Schneider, 31 Stonehurst Lane, Dix Hills, NY 1746 [06-14-1998]

thought i'd sign your book ... a site that honors a great symbol... possum }:)
Todd Robinshaw, Waltham, MA [06-14-1998]

Tom Long, Redding,Ca. [06-14-1998]

I am looking for a story told by Red Skeleton about what "The Pledge of Allegiance" means. I heard this once and it was so touching. I would like a copy of it and can't find it any where. I could really use help!!!
Mary J. McKenzie, Sandy Hook, Mississippi 39478 [06-15-1998]

Betsy Phillips, King City, CA [06-15-1998]

It's great to see that so many others love and respect the symbol of our nation. More sites such as this one are needed to help instill in our younger generations the respect for this great country of ours. Thank you Betsy Ross!!!
lawrence dertz, chicago, Il USA [06-15-1998]

jan appel, amsterdam the netherlands [06-15-1998]

I came here looking for an answer to a trivial question (from the radio). Although I didn't find the answer, I did see the directions for cutting a 5 point star out of paper and thought it would be a fun activity for the Girl Scout Brownie troop that I have. The trivial question, by the way, was "Besty Ross was the only human honored for this". Keep in mind that these type of questions from the radio station are pretty silly, but worth $100! I enjoyed reading about Besty Ross and the American flag! I also discovered a nice site for more history info ( that will be useful to my two children, if they ever need to look up historical info. Thanks for info!
Debi Courtney, Henderson, NV 89014 [06-15-1998]

We liked the tour of the home of Betsy Ross. We learned a lot from your website.
Mrs. Delk's class, WOODBRIDGE, VA [06-15-1998]

Stéphane Morin, granby quebec canada [06-15-1998]

Super GREAT page ... I love it! Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it, and also to tell you that I intend to put a link to your page from my homepage for July. Check it out then at "" I'd also like to ask permission to please borrow the wallpaper on this page for my July page. Thank you in advance .. and thanks for the Betsy Ross info! Jennifer
Jennifer Cooke-Rabig, Douglasville, Georgia, USA [06-18-1998]

Trina Clair, New Berlin, Il. [06-18-1998]


Ellen L. Cleghorne, Los Angeles, CA [06-18-1998]

Thanks for a great website!
Yvette Podlogar, Highlands Ranch, CO USA [06-18-1998]

I love our flag, it is truly the most beautiful and meaningful part of our country. Is it proper to wear a flag printed on a Tee Shirt? I have one that says God Bless America and the flag is displayed, is that wrong?
TRISH, FLORIDA [06-18-1998]

Great homepage! Keep up the great work!!!!!
Patricia Jongkind, La Porte,IN 46350 United States [06-19-1998]

Ross Bartlett, El Cajon, California [06-19-1998]

Tina Ross, Jackson, S.C. USA [06-19-1998]

I only wish that all young people were taught respect for the American Flage and the values and principles it stands for. My late Father-in-law was an American Legion member in our town. He had a flag route. On all Holidays, the American Legion members placed flags in front of business in our town. He had the downtown route. My youngest daughter was only 4 years old. She started riding with "grando" on his flag routes, as he picked up Flags. I can only imangine the conversation they had for the next 4 years. Molly now has such a respect for the flag it is unreal. She will tell anyone in a second how special that flag is and what it represents. I am so thankful that she had these lessons from her grandfather. It was a special bond in their relationship. Last year the man who now does the Downtown route was going to be out of town on Flag Day. He mentioned in front of Molly that the flags might not get put out. It seems the Boy Scout that had agreed to put! the flags out did not have truck. She promptly voluteered me to drive her dad's truck so those flag would be out. I loved it.
Janis Bryan, Minden, LA. [06-21-1998]

Truly inspiring and a beautiful work of art. Thanks for sharing! Have a glorious 4th.
Frances Nettles, Houston, TX [06-22-1998]

Nancy Benson, Roanoke, Virginia [06-22-1998]

thank you for making this tour availible for my daughter and me. It is nice to be able to see this part of History even though we can not afford to visit in person. Some day in the next four years or so, I hope to be able to bring her to this wonderful place.
D. Smith, Millington, TN [06-22-1998]

Dee Hunter, Souhport, NC [06-22-1998]

Michelle Double, Ellettsville,IN [06-23-1998]

Susan Soldano, Deer Park, NY [06-23-1998]

I think the photo tour is wonderful! I sure hope to someday visit Betsy's home! Thank you for a great and educational website!
Shawna [06-23-1998]

I've just come across your page - I must say I find it interesting, therefore I intend to use it in my EFL classroom in autumn.
veronika, Ljubljana, Slovenija [06-23-1998]

Janice Entwisle, Cartersville,Ga.30120 [06-23-1998]

Thank you for this interesting and helpful site. I am a councelor at the YWCA program here and you have really helped me with my lesson plans. Thanks alot, Crys
Crystal Acosta, Topeka, KS, USA [06-23-1998]

Merlee Adkins, Aurora, Indiana [06-23-1998]

The July 4th page is TERRIFIC -- Your extra efforts shine through your pride in the good old USA! Thanks so much and keep up the good work.
Pat Kujawa, Buffalo, New York [06-23-1998]

Judy Guffey, Honolulu, HI [06-23-1998]

Thank you so much for this web page!! I had a project for one of my classes this summer and this web page saved me a lot of time and effort. I had to review Betsy Ross and Patrick Henry and present it to the class. Thank you again.
Misti Powell, Nederland, Texas 77627 [06-23-1998]

Checked out your site as a part of implementing our new social studies curriculum. Fun place to look and learn!
Jeff Watson, Ames, Iowa [06-24-1998]

Andrea Cox, Lake City, FL [06-24-1998]

David Booth, Phoenix, AZ [06-25-1998]

Demko, Edgewood, WA [06-25-1998]


I'm looking for a short monologue that I could perform as Betsy Ross. If you know of a source, please let me know. Thanks!
V.A. Puffer, Vincennes, IN [06-25-1998]

I'll be visiting the Betsy Ross house next month and can hardly wait!
Sharon Royer, Canton, Ohio [06-25-1998]

wonderful site
k canady, omaha, NE, USA [06-25-1998]

Dixie R. Bradbury, Norway, ME 04268-0678 [06-25-1998]

We found your website to be very helpful. My nine year old daughter was gathering information for a report on Betsy Ross for her church organization--AWANA She was trying to earn her patriotism badge and decided to write about Besty Ross. The house tour was the best part. We probably won't be able to come that far to see the house in person. So, your pictures were very helpful, as well.
Looraine Fields, Spring Texas [06-25-1998]

Loved your sight!! I used it to make a "worksheet" for my children. Using your site they have to 1) answer several questions 2) make a 5-pt star and 3) copy their favorite "flag" poem. Keeps them busy and earns them computer "game" time. Thanks for all your work!!
Catherine Lamb, ShaoXing China [06-26-1998]

darlean lewis, abington, MA [06-26-1998]

Many churches have a large production every Christmas or Easter. My church, Temple Baptist Church, has a large production near the Fourth of July. In 1999 a central part of that production will be around the flag. Your site has helped in the collection of information for that production.
Glen Reece, Chattanooga, TN [06-26-1998]

lindsey moore [06-26-1998]

I'll be visiting Philadelphia soon and decided to look up some information. I impressed with all the information on your web page.
Nancy Kinchen, Louisiana [06-26-1998]

Andrea May, Winter Haven, FL [06-26-1998]

Neat pictures! It helped me immensely with my "Women in History" collage!
Anonymous [06-27-1998]

Sylvia Simms, LaPorte, Tx [06-27-1998]

I love America and our beautiful flag. I like to fly it when I have company, or just for me, in addition to the traditional days. I thank God for our free country, and pray that we never have war on our shores. I wish people would be happy to be just Americans, and stop all this divisive garbage about what heritage of Americans they are. I notice they don't go back to those places and find out how awful it would be to live there. They are generally the dregs of society, and are mooches on welfare. I say, send them back where they came from, and be done with them.
Sara Lemon, Louisiana [06-27-1998]

We now live so far from home in England and it is a delight to come across American patriotism on the web. Thanks for bringing me a little closer to home.
Carolyn Simons, Solihull, West Midlands, England [06-28-1998]

This history will come in handy. I am a Boy Scout Leader and we are currently learning more about the flag. Thanks
anonymous, TN [06-28-1998]

I'm exploring your webpage, for information on the making of the flag. I am teaching a summer school program and thought the kids would find it interesting to know more about the flag, and design, etc.
jill stoller, tillamook, OR USA [06-28-1998]

Martin J. Williams, Decatur, IL. [06-28-1998]

Very interesting pages. Found out alot aboutIndependence Day for met teach my Brownies and Guides.
Vicki Cornish, Bratton Fleming, Barnstaple, Devon, England [06-28-1998]

This is a great website.
Sharon Cooper-Kerr, Columbia, Maryland, United States of America [06-29-1998]

Thank God for the USA and our Flag. What happened to the law as a kid as I was that you couldn't desecrate the flag it was a federal offence.
ralph A. Peterson Jr., Henderson, Nevada, Usa [06-29-1998]

cheri johnson, suisun city ca [06-29-1998]

Proud to be an American!
A. Lutz, Springfield, MO U.S.A. [06-30-1998]


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