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I am only 12 and I really learned something when I visited the Betsy Ross House Virtual Tour. It was very interesting and fun. I am going there this summer and I am very excited. Now I can prove to my friends that Betsy Ross was a real person!
Brittany Brewton, USA [06-02-1997]

Thank you !
Joni Hull, Armagh, PA [06-02-1997]

Malcolm M. Cutting II, Louisville, Kentucky [06-02-1997]

We are studying and looking for information on the american flag. We are a first grade classroom.
Mrs. Oakley, Biggs, California [06-03-1997]

I am visiting your city in the first half of July. See you later
Eddy Lebon, BELGIUM, EUROPE [06-03-1997]

Debbie Michelucci, Plattsburgh, New York [06-03-1997]

Lindsey Middleton, 201 Penn Street, Camden, New Jersey [06-04-1997]

Gina Carpenter, Ann Arbor, MI [06-04-1997]

Your home page helped us a great deal with my son's homework! I learned some interesting things also! Thanks!
Patrick Huey, Lafayette, co. [06-05-1997]

Great, lots of information
Richard Thomas, Newport, RI USA [06-06-1997]

Thanks - I really enjoyed reviewing this on the day before Memorial Day. Keep up the good work!
Roy Huffman, Tucson, AZ 85731 [06-06-1997]

i am glad i found the betsy ross homepage. i enjoy it very much. thank you for having it available for us.
keith tuttle, london kentucky [06-09-1997]

Alyssa Edgar, Mt. Pleasant, Mi [06-09-1997]

Great Wedsite. Keep America - FREE Thanks alot... ...and have a Great, 4th of July
Evalyn, San Ramon, CA USA [06-10-1997]

Beth Jones, Nikiski, Alaska, USA [06-10-1997]

Came across this site quite by accident, but found it very interesting. Thanks!
Annmarie Cannizzaro, Staten Island, New York [06-10-1997]

Nancy Ingham, capistrano beach, california [06-10-1997]

As a retired elementary/middle school teacher, I appreciate the availibility of educational sites such as this. Is there some type of a directory available of other historical sites? It would be an valuable asset to educators and particularly the vast numbers of home school parents, who would appreciate knowing about these excellent supplemental historical sites.
V G Whittlesey, Greensboro, NC, USA [06-10-1997]

Hi. We are a Core Knowledge Foundation School. We are thrilled to find information on Betsy on the Internet. I was sad that when we called about a tour of the Ross House, the person we talked to said that second grade would not be interested and besides we can't prove that Betsy made the first flag. Well, my second graders were fascinated by Betsy's story. We read "A Flag for Our Country" by Eve Spencer. The children said, "They can't prove she didn't make the flag either!"
Sandy Ferguson, Kenmore Elementary School, Elkton MD [06-10-1997]

I really liked your hint on cutting a 5-pointed star. They didn't teach that in education classes. I teach learning disabled children (middle and high school) they really appreciate it when I can take names they know and make something fun for them to do. I think that this next school year we'll all be Betsy Ross and make our own flags!
Laura Brown, Columbia, SC USA [06-11-1997]

jennifer stark, rockford, il [06-11-1997]

Betsy Ross's Homepage and other information about the American flag proved to be very informative and of great use to me. Thank You!
Tamika Washington, Huntsville, TX [06-11-1997]

This is too much good information. I am not doing a report on the Betsy Ross, but I really enjoy your site!
Fernando Salazar, Mexicali Baja California, Mexico. [06-11-1997]

Your home page was very helpful while trying to determine the proper way to display a flag on an interior wall of our church for Flag Day. Thank you, Rick Burns Scoutmaster - Troop 34 Peachtree Presbyterian Church Atlanta, GA
Rick Burns, Atlanta, GA [06-12-1997]

Enjoyed the site. Great job. I have one question. What is the significance of the colors red, white and blue? I've heard different theories. Thanks.
Rick Pearce, Fort Worth, TX [06-13-1997]

Janice Daugherty, Orleans, IN [06-14-1997]

Richard Britton, El Paso, TX [06-14-1997]

Neal Banton [06-14-1997]

What a great site
J. Parry, St Paul MN [06-14-1997]

JR- USAF Ret., Tucson, Az. [06-14-1997]

Charlotte H. Osborn, Athens, AL [06-16-1997]

It is indeed a beautiful flag!
MARIA CRISTINA ALQUEZAR SERAFIM, São Paulo, SP - Brazil [06-16-1997]

Thanks for your efforts to educate the people and preserve the history of our Flag. Bill Atkeison - Vietnam Vet
Bill Atkeison, Mobile AL [06-16-1997]

beautiful just beautiful.
Michael G. Kinney, Sterling Heights, Michigan [06-16-1997]

Very interesting page.
Bob Conflitti, Sterling Hts. Michigan 48313 [06-16-1997]

Thank you for your Flag Etiquette page. It has informed me of very important rules for flying our flag. Great job!
Stephen Dunhom, Durham, NH [06-16-1997]

I don't know just how it is, but I have been told that Betsy Ross was one of our ancestors. This was supposed to be on my mothers side of the family. She was a Bartlett and if there is a connection it would probably be through one of her daughters or their children. The Bartletts lived in middle Tennessee. If I could know who her daughters married I might be able to get closer to establishing kin. Thanks
Leonard M. Wynne, South Pittsburg, Tn. 37380-1436 [06-16-1997]

Enjoyed your page.
Roger L. Sullivan, Richmond, VA [06-16-1997]

i'm new at the web browsing but was interested in finding something i could use in a social studies unit for first graders. this is really exciting!! thanks
carol aljets, Edwardsville, IL [06-17-1997]

Jennifer L. Schultz, Manhattan, KS [06-17-1997]

You did a very good job making this web site. I was really impressed with the animated image on how to fold the flag. I was searching for some flag etiquette for our company newsletter called SEMSPEAKS (the SEMS being for the name of our co.) and this is perfect! Thanks for the facts.
Jennifer Branscomb, Rockford, IL 61104 [06-17-1997]

Thanks very much for this excellent WEB site. I am a Retired USAF Master Sergeant happy to have served and held our country's colors high and will continue to do so till I Die!
Andrew Bryant Graves, Marlton, NJ [06-17-1997]

Allison Mann [06-20-1997]

As a native Philadelphian, I was extremely impressed by the photos and "virtual tour" of the Betsy Ross house. It's been many years since I last visited the house (in real life) and it made me feel very nostalgic for my home town. Wonderful work! Sincerely, Pat Martinez
Pat Martinez, Roy, UT [06-20-1997]

Renee Kessler, Harrisburg, PA USA [06-20-1997]

adam shepro, holden [06-22-1997]

Thank you for the fantastic information provided concerning the History of the United States Flag.
Penny Sims, Red Bay, AL [06-23-1997]

This web site is wonderful. EXCELLENT!! I enjoyed all of it. I was looking for some flag/4th of July facts to include in a military wives' newletter and now feel like doing a newsletter about The 4th of July only. I had no idea I would find all of this. Great job. I really love it.
Lisa Hersant, fayetteville, NC, U S of A [06-24-1997]

most interesting will be back to look more thank you
roxann burke, kendall park n.j. [06-24-1997]

Betsy was a hero.
Frank Morris, Harrisonburg, VA 22801 [06-25-1997]

kornet, john paul, philadelphia, penna [06-26-1997]

This site was simply outstanding. We don't get the chance to travel too often, and I have always enjoyed historical sites. It was great to be able to read and see all about Betsy Ross. Thanks!
Ruth Lyles-Roach, Battle Creek, MI 49017 [06-26-1997]

I'm very impressed with the information available on this site! Not only was it interesting and constructed well, it was fun (unlike other History web sites!)
Roberta Reed, Austin, TX [06-28-1997]

I'm 10 years old. I am going going to be Betsy Ross in Children's day in Stoughton, Mass.
Shana Plante, Mansfield, Mass. [06-28-1997]

Thank you for some excellent 4th of July material for my sermon. I love this page.
Rev. Dr. David H. Waser, Brooksville, Kentucky USA [06-28-1997]

I commend you in your endeavor. The preservation of our true history is of utmost importance.
Jason Knudsen, Wichita, KS [06-30-1997]

I've enjoyed having the internet especially if I can learn about Betsy Ross. Thank you for letting me sign your book. Thank you.
Lacy J Rankin, Sebree, KY [06-30-1997]

I love the site! I'm all for history on the Net....I'm afraid it is one of the subjects that gets rushed over in our public schools. We should be proud of our country and its leaders. Thank God we had such enlightened fore-fathers. Thank God we have America today....
Eron, North Carolina, USA [06-30-1997]

it's great! I read a book about Betsy Ross, and this follows it up!
Abby Sisson, Lansing,Michigan [06-30-1997]

Enjoyed the site. Point-Counter Point on Betsy Ross and the Flag was well done and interesting. Thanks for share this information with everyone.
Don Bohnwagner, Sr., Atkinson New Hampshire [06-30-1997]

Very well done!
Sandy Brown, Old Lyme Ct. [06-30-1997]

Thank God for this country
Rubin Uffer, Yorktown Htgs., N.Y. USA [06-30-1997]

Enjoyed the visit. Never knew that there was a Betsy Ross House, but have seen some of the pictures in my old history books of the '40's. learn something new every day. Thank you so much for showing me. And the Americans of today think they have it "rough"!
margie cooper, Miami, Fl. [06-30-1997]

Good to find this homepage. Thanks for the facts and information about our Narional Flag. God bless America!! Syd Lock
Dr. James Sidney Lock, Opelika, AL [06-30-1997]

Hi Betsy. Where do you live? I want to be your friend. Please contact me as soon as possible. Your friend
samantha andrews, farmer city IL [06-30-1997]

Excelent..... I like
Pablo D. Tavarez, Egg Harbor Twp, NJ, USA [06-30-1997]

Great web site. Refreshing! So many web sites are useless and disgusting junk. I grew up back east and as a child we always vacationed in Philly (my parents were born in So Philly) We always toured the historic cities, like Williamsburg Va, Harpers Ferry VA and Gettysburg PA, always tell my children about it. My aunt lived in Philly, near Penn Center where the statue of Wm Penn is, I remember touching the Liberty Bell, I understand the public cannot touch it anymore. Enjoyed your web site. [You are still allowed to touch the Bell -Webmaster]
Barbara L. Goldman, North Hollywood, CA [07-01-1997]

DOUG JACOBSON, Georgia, USA [07-01-1997]

B Bloom, Scottsdale Arizona [07-01-1997]

Air Force Exchange instructor in Argentina. Will be giving an address to the Brigade in celebration of our Independence Day. Thank you for the information. Chau
Major Dave Brown, Mendoza, Argentina [07-01-1997]

Mary Mullis, Baltimore, MD 21229 [07-01-1997]

I like your Web page. It was very helpful to me in gathering information for a children's sermon for our 4th of July service. I liked your cyberthoughts and was glad to see so many positive attitudes about our flag and country. We need to teach our children the importance of history but not to take things out of history. Like God. It's amazing to hear some of the things our children are not being told about the founding of our country and the values and fundamentals that our government was founded upon. Thanks for having a site that offers so much in a fun way for our kids to learn about history and our country.
Dee Bowen, Georgia /USA [07-01-1997]

Bob Lyons, Sedona, AZ [07-01-1997]

Thank you for making all this information available. Most people nowdays do not know there are rules of behavior when dealing with our flag. I believe our local organizations could help by giving programs to their membership on these things. Thanks again for your site.
Gene Daniels, El Reno, OK [07-02-1997]

Orval Phelps, Randolph AFB TX [07-03-1997]

Thank you for the great information that you offer. I'm giving it to my host to use for coming holiday. Sincerely, Lamont Hollins KMVP radio
Lamont Hollins, Phoenix, Arizona [07-03-1997]

connie robbins, forest park, ga. [07-03-1997]

Doug Lybarger, Prairie Village, KS [07-03-1997]

Very nice page
John Stengel, Hamilton, Ohio, USA [6-2-97] [07-03-1997]

Very nice page
John Stengel, Hamilton,Ohio, USA [7-2-97] [07-03-1997]

This is a great and wonderful site. Full of knowledge and history. Now, I can tell my aunt who lives there, at least, I know something about Philadelphia, PA.
Kamon Srimanonukun, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia [07-03-1997]

Mary Lee Luther, Broken Arrow, OK [07-03-1997]

Best wishes for the 4th of July. Thanks for the information on this site. It will be very useful for my Cub Scout Pack.
Andrew Moss, Cambridge, England, UK [07-03-1997]

Great stuff! The editor of the Fort Jackson newspaper (wheree I work) asked me to write a story about the flag, and gave me some materials. But I had more questions, and your site answered them. By the way, there is one other place where the Amercian flag always flies: the moon!
Sgt Cliff Sees, United States Army, West Columbia, SC (Fort Jackson) [07-03-1997]

Penny Andracki, Phila Pa [07-03-1997]

It nice to see pages dedicated to historical subjects. As a history major (Minnesota, 1991), I like to take looks around at what's out there. Really nice page.
Robert E. Elliott, Montevallo AL USA [07-03-1997]

Loved making the perfect 5 pointed star!!
Taryn [07-03-1997]

It was good to read about Betsy Ross on the day before our Nation's Birthday. I enjoyed the information, and the picture post cards. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy 4th of July. Gloria
Gloria M. Angello, Oglesby, Illinois USA [07-03-1997]

As a great, great, great (cont.!) niece of Betsy Ross, it is nice to see a website devoted to her. I learned a lot! Thanks! I noticed that many people have listed themselves on this page as descendents of Betsy Ross. I am yet another. I enjoyed visiting the site and learning more about her. Great job!
Susan Kurth Clot de Broissia, Alexandria, VA [07-03-1997]

Thanks! It was wonderful and very informative!
Janie Strasser, Caldwell, Idaho [07-03-1997]

Debbie Clemence, Charlotte, MI [07-03-1997]

Patsy Coalson, San Antonio, TX [07-06-1997]

Family rumor is that we are decended from Betsy Ross, But I can't find the missing link! Have an ancestor born about mid-1800's named Alexander Ross, but this life story shows no male children-maybe a daughter married another Ross? Any ideas?
Theresa Pinckney, Gales Ferry, CT [07-06-1997]

I was born in Philadelphia. It was nice to be "home" again for the 4th. Thank you.
Janet Carmine, Lake Mary, Florida USA [07-06-1997]

This is pretty neat!
Kellie Vinal, Raleigh,NC [07-06-1997]

Robert Boyce, Daytona Beach, Florida [07-06-1997]

Happy 4th to you, Betsy!!!
Jack Miller, Bay City, Texas [07-06-1997]

John Davis, Greensboro, NC [07-06-1997]

Enjoyed the page!
Patricia Beaman, Greenville, North Carolina [07-06-1997]

Alan L. Hanson, Round Rock, TX USA [07-06-1997]

I loved your tour!!!
Natasha Khan, Atlanta GA USA [07-06-1997]

Today is the Fourth of July and we had a discussion about the proper way to display the flag. We looked it up and found this page. Glad to know that we were correct in displaying the flags. Thank you for putting this page together - I bookmarked it for future reference. Displaying the flag is a great way for Americans to show their patriotism. Keep them flying!
Susan Yeager, Sweet Valley, PA [07-06-1997]

Very interesting.
Janice Greenberg, Las Vegas, Nv. [07-06-1997]

Enjoyed the star pattern.
Roberta Spohn, S.A.Tx [07-06-1997]

Richard Gosselin, Clinton, Ma. [07-06-1997]

Joanne Eaton, Mission Viejo, CA USA!!!!! [07-06-1997]

Elisha Lofy, Elkhorn, WI [07-06-1997]

Good work keep it up very informative. Thanks. Viva the flag!!!!!
Ernest S. Giancola Sr., Irwin, Pa [07-06-1997]

Karen Jones McDeavitt, Painesville Ohio, USA [07-06-1997]

Kelli Reece, Plainview, Ar [07-06-1997]

Thanks for the very interesting articles. In an old trunk from a great-aunt, we have come across an American Flag with 42 stars. Since I know there are 50 States and for a long time in my life there were 48 states, when I saw the flag I just had to know when there were 42 states. Thanks to your site, I now even know how to fold the flag correctly, and much of the etiquette and rules relating to the American Flag. Fascinating!
Jackie Coulbeck, Ontario, Canada [07-06-1997]

Clifford Maxwell JR., La Pine, Ore. [07-06-1997]

Most enjoyable. I am looking for information to use for a celebration at the Senior Citizens Center which I direct.
Margaret Kemp, Glastonbury, Ct. [07-08-1997]

We loved your site! And thank you, as a former US Navy enlisted :) !!!
Martino Lazzareschi, San Antonio, TX USA [07-08-1997]

Thanks for the great site! Being a direct descendant of Betsy Ross I appreciate all the good information. She was my gggggreat grandmother.
James Nicoll, Ventura, CA, USA [07-09-1997]

I bookmarked this one. Happy to see such patriotism!
Michael Florea, Vancouver, WA [07-09-1997]

Very interesting. I fly the Flag with glory and honor. I feel the Flag is all we have left in this country. Thank you
Ernest S. Giancola Sr., Irwin, Pa. USA [07-10-1997]

Pat Moran, Hamburg, NY [07-10-1997]

Dear receirver For now I just drop-by when I noticed this site at Visionx's Site of the day. I think that actually what is the best site if it not this on 4th July. It's has been so greate to -I think- whole world that there has been Indepence U.S. and still is. You have created Your's site truly interesting, lively and full of knowledge. Thank You for that and I'm sure to coming here also later. Have nice Indepence Days and my best to You from here under The Pole Star. Sincerely rauno söderholm writer
Rauno Söderholm, Sipoo / Finland [07-11-1997]

Very nice, Interesting.
david rowan, philadelphia,pa.,phila. county,USA [07-14-1997]

Thank you. The rooms are beatiful. It was very fun thank you again. In Christ's Love, Andrea
Andrea R. Brahmer, Melrose,Wisconisn [07-17-1997]

Belle Lee, PA [07-17-1997]

I love to sew and am very interested in the American flag. Our church has a birthday social every year in March. Twelve groups of women are responsible for a table of 16 named after a month. For March of 1998, I have the July table. Our theme is the American flag. This is a neat site to do research on the American flag. God Bless America!!!
Beatrice A. Christoff, Northampton, PA 18067 [07-18-1997]

I like the way you do words and pictures. Thanks for the tour.
Madeleine Brown [07-23-1997]

Hello, Just thought I would drop by. I am writing a novel and wanted to get correct information. Thanks for the neat info. Kathy
Kathy Halladay, Dayton, Ohio [07-23-1997]

Very well done. The history of the flags is interesting!
Rita Donnelly, Pittsburgh PA [07-23-1997]

Peter Stover Kuntz, Mays Landing, NJ [07-23-1997]

I`ve visited the Home of Betsy Ross several years
Otis Deffibaugh, Borger, Texas [07-23-1997]

Jeff Livingstone [07-23-1997]

Gerald L. Gulsvig, Camarillo, Ca. USA [07-23-1997]

I teach Fifthe grade at Edgewood Elementary school in Slema, Alabama, I have enjoyed visiting this site! I will be back!
Donna Holifield, Selma, Alabama, USA!!!!!!! [07-23-1997]

Great web site for the study of American history by my fourth graders.
Susan Harrison, Cape Coral, FL [07-23-1997]

Let freedom ring!
Anita Walton, Colwyn, PA [07-24-1997]

I was very impressed. This site will be a definite recommendation to our school's computer teacher for students use when we hook up to the internet. I found much information to share with my students, too. Thank you.
Linda Potter, Belleville, Illinois [07-24-1997]

Very interesting.
W. E. Moyes, Columbia, MO [07-25-1997]

janet r. ball, plattsburgh, new york [07-26-1997]

I enjoyed reading about Betsy Ross and the history about the American Flag. I will use your website and the information to enhance my students knowledge of American Women. Thank you!
Joan M. Duncan, Chicago Heights, Illinois 60411 [07-26-1997]

Brian Dee, California [07-28-1997]

This tour is very cool I wish it was for real.
Yessica Garcia, Lancaster CA.93534 [07-28-1997]

This is boring I want to go to go home
Mary Hovsepian, Lancaster CA [07-28-1997]

I teach 8th grade Social Studies and I know this will be a popular site for us this year. Thanks!!!
Bonnie Peterson, Rock Island, IL [07-30-1997]

Very interesting WebSite!
Clarence Neher, Lake Arrowhead, CA [07-30-1997]

My son is entering a "box parade" under the patriotic theme. Thank you for some interesting info. He is almost 6 years old and is the most patriotic person I've seen in a long time. His last name is Ross and our family tree has been traced back to Betsy & beyond. The box parade is part of Jasper's annual Strassenfest -- a celebration of our German heritage.
Lora Ross, Jasper IN [07-30-1997]

Love your site keep it on forever thanks.
keith tuttle, london ky. usa [07-30-1997]

Thanks, Betsy! Great website!
Dan Stephens, Conyers, Georgia [07-31-1997]

Congratulations on your page! It is really nice and well-organized. I've had a good time here!
Iwana Barbosa Taveira de Carvalho, Anapolis/GO Brazil [07-31-1997]

I have been to the Betsy Ross house and I love it. I think the Betsy Ross home page is a great addition to the internet.
Meredith Glacken, San Francisco, CA [07-31-1997]

Good resource for a teacher
Betty Moore, Chester, VA [07-31-1997]

I am a teacher and am planning to begin the year with a unit on flags and other symbols of communities. Any and all ideas are welcome!
Susan Bowdoin, Albuquerque, New Mexico [08-01-1997]

Robert G Langley, New Britain CT USA [08-02-1997]

visited the betsy ross house last week while in town for a convention. lovely spot!
sollie, carol, canton ohio [08-02-1997]

MICHAEL CARROLL, Wickliffe, Ohio [08-03-1997]

Richard Weyant, Imler, PA [08-06-1997]

I am a direct decendent of James Claypoole, Merchant, who came over with William Penn. I was also born in Stoke on Trent England in l944.
David Douglas Claypool, St.Paul Minnesota [08-06-1997]

ROGER E. SMITH JR. [08-06-1997]

Charlie Lasch, Palm Bay, FL [08-07-1997]

I love this sight! Every question that I had concerning the history of the flag was answered here.
Kimberly Fuller, Dayton TN [08-08-1997]

paid a real live visit to Betsy Ross house Aug 6th - am enjoying visiting again on the net
Aubrey Calton, Forest City NC [08-13-1997]

Neat Site! But my 12 year old son is having trouble believing that flag-pole sitters actually sat on flag-poles for as long as they did. Any more info on this?
Vince Dowdle Jr., Philadelphia, PA [08-13-1997] [We would recommend reading, "Fads, Follies and Delusions of the American People" by Paul Sann, executive editor, New York Post, published by Bonanza Books, New York, copyright 1967 -Webmaster]

Ralph Rosello, Silver Spring, MD [08-13-1997]

Gordon Prentice, Melbourne, Florida [08-13-1997]

Connie Bader, Bellmawr, New Jersey [08-13-1997]

We were thrilled to see a page for Miss Ross!
The Hildebrand Family, Northern Virginia [08-15-1997]

Well, I admire you a lot. I have read all about you
Kenia Naranjos, Santa Ana California [08-15-1997]

Very informative and enjoyable home page. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and have always enjoyed trips to Philadelphia and Gettysburg. Also am a retired member of the United States Air Force and now work with a Youth Sports organization where we proudly display the Flag on several occasions throughout the year. Thanks again for having a home page that proudly displays our Flag.
David F. Compton, Jr., Spokane, WA [08-24-1997]

My family, on my mother's side, can trace their heritage to Betsy Ross through Clarissa Sydney Wilson.
Elizabeth Schiller Bestor, Hayward, CA [08-24-1997]

Enjoyed my tour, particularly since it is unlikely that I will be going back that way anymore. Thanks.
Ken, San Diego, CA, USA [08-24-1997]

Sean Ousley, Martin, Ky. [08-24-1997]

Carlene Webster, Hopkinsville, Kentucky 42240 [08-24-1997]

Helen Doran, Randolph, New Jersey [08-24-1997]


bethany isaac, lancaster california [08-24-1997]

I am a seventh grade student researching information on our flag.
Michael Dean Kromenacker, Raleigh, NC [08-24-1997]

Winifred Eaton, Pa. [08-24-1997]

On July 4th 1987 I took the "Oath of Allegiance" on behalf of my then toddler daughter. The V.P. Fair Committee, on behalf of the City of St. Louis, gave my daughter an American flag welcoming her as a new citizen. This flag immediately became one of the families most prized possessions. We display it proudly every holiday.
Frank J. Petruso, Florissant, MO [08-25-1997]

mel lloyd, Dallas Texas [08-27-1997]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and here to learn more about her.
Rodriguez,Iris, Cecil Ave Jr High,Delno CA, [08-29-1997]

In school I had to reaserch Betsy Ross! She is a very interesting person.
Taylor Fullingim, Fort Worth,Texas [08-31-1997]

Pamela DechaU, Aiken, S. . [09-01-1997]

As a descendant of Betsy Ross thru her husband (Claypool) just wanted to let you know that I'll have a ball looking thru this site. Thanks! Joanne
Joanne Smith, Spanaway, Wa. [09-01-1997]

I live in the town were, legend has it, the Stars and Stripes were first flown. During the time Washington was encamped here. Does anyone have any proof of where the flag was first unfurled? Our tradition tells us that the first flag did NOT have the stars in a circle....but rather the thirteen stars were in a more random manner.
Joel F Shapiro, Bound BRook, NJ [09-02-1997]

Great page for research. I belong to the DAR and it is nice to know that a web page is dedicated to preserving our American heritage.
Jean Henry, Mansfield, Oh [09-03-1997]

James Hall SR, East Patchogue,New York [09-03-1997]

Catherine Smith, Springfield MO [09-03-1997]

I wish the pictures could be larger. The information is very thorough, and still interesting in 1997. Keep up the excellent work.
Dixie L. McCann, Beaver, PA [09-04-1997]

anne craig, check va [09-04-1997]

I'm an american living abroad and really enjoyed looking at these pages and plan on looking again, I can now show my two daughters how to do a perfect 5 points star! Thanks a lot!
Janet Jephcote, Falköping, Sweden [09-05-1997]

I visited Philadelphia this summer with a graduate class from Immaculata College. The Revolution in the Delaware Valley. I want to return again....It's very inspiring to stand on the actual ground I've read & studied about all these years....We have different perspective out here in the West. Everything out here is "new"...Like only 100 years old!
Charmaine Piane-Dame, Missoula, MT [09-06-1997]

Markayla Wagner, Anchorage, AK. [09-08-1997]

Ricky Freeman, O'Fallon Illinois [09-08-1997]

Eugene David Bichlmeier [09-08-1997]

Nice web page. Very informative.
Ernest S. Giancola Sr., 185 Kennedy dr. Irwin,Pa. 15642 [09-08-1997]

Susan A. St. Peters, Temecula, CA [09-09-1997]

Greetings from Southern California; I was doing research for my son's school, Redeemer Lutheran in Perris, CA, and I found your website. I am very impressed and was able to find pages of valuable information. I for one am very proud of the United States and our flag. I am second generation, and my 91 year old Father fought in World War II. Thank you for the use of your website and the vast information that I was able to download. I will be returning as more information is needed and I will also spread the word of your website location. Thank you, David K.
David Kasad, Lake Elsinore, CA, USA [09-09-1997]

This is a great tribute for the flag.
Iora, Southeast Texas [09-09-1997]

Hi , my name is Aneize. I am in 3rd grade. My best friend is Callen. She is 8, I'm 9.
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I am a teacher and I am looking for infomation on the flag and on the Pledge of Allegiance.
Patricia Ann Graham, Livermore, CA 94550 [09-15-1997]

I was born in the same town in WV. Amazing Women !
Jack Berthyj, Clearwater, Fl [09-15-1997]

I am pleased to find your information on the web. I will be sharing this information with my Girl Scout Troop. thanks!!
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I really learned a lot about Besty Ross House. Thanks a lot!
Zie-Hae Park, Seattle WA [09-16-1997]

I am a part-time college student who started my higher education later in life (I am 41.) One of the courses I am taking this term is public speaking and I have to give a short speech that will make people remember my FIRST name. What else could I do but make reference to Betsy Ross and the first flag of our country.
Betsy Clark, Jacksonville, FL [09-17-1997]

I saw the illustration of the five-pointed star in the NCTM's MATHEMATICS TEACHER. This is a very interesting activity and quite easy to do.
Kim Dodds, Beale AFB, CA [09-17-1997]

JOSH C. HEER, SIMI VALLEY, CA. 93063 USA [09-17-1997]

Betsy Ross was a person and a good role model.
Alan Barnes, Cartersville,GA [09-17-1997]

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This is a great site it's very useful for projects and other things. THANKS
Lanie Arceneaux, Rayne, LA United States of America [09-17-1997]

I see lots of things on the Net. I think yours is the most interesting. One thing I suggest is that you include the history behind the flag like when the U.S.A. had two flags!
Brown, Shawntae, Arlington, VA [09-18-1997]

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I think to my own heart that this is a good flag to a country
Toua Thao, St. Paul, MN, [09-18-1997]

When was the flag first made and why was the flag made in the pattern it was?
Alk [09-18-1997]

I think this web site is the most interresting place i have been in so far. i like the idea of the flag.
christal mcmurray, st.paul mn [09-18-1997]

hope to visit in October:)
Velma Nile, Mount Shasta, California [09-20-1997]

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I will be visiting the area in early November and look forward to seeing the house.
Betsy Ognenoff, Milwaukee, WI [09-20-1997]

Your site is very informative. I loved the questions section.
Bill Griscom, Lancaster, PA [09-21-1997]

Excellent tour. Felt like I was there. Can't wait to visit Philadelphia.
, Chicago, IL [09-21-1997]

thanks for having me!!
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God Save the King!
Joseph Tyson, Bellport, NY [09-21-1997]

Hello, form Fredericktown, Ohio -- home of the great Luke Perry! Well, have fun at this awesome website. AMERICA ROCKS!!!
Jayna Ray, Fredricktown, OH [09-22-1997]

My homework was to find the first person to sew the American flag. My mom said "let's look on the internet". We knew we needed to search Philadelphia since so much history happened here. We searched for flag and found the Betsy Ross homepage and it told us that she sewed the first flag. We did not get a chance to visit the Betsy Ross home when we were in Philadelphia last year. But we will next time!
Sarah LaFountain, DALLAS TX [09-23-1997]

Great site.....The Bass Family, Delran NJ
Debra Bass, Delran, NJ [09-24-1997]

Very well Done.
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I am a wonderful person.
Betsy Ross [09-25-1997]

i think you should put a big full picture of the original flag that betsy ross made.
ashley glover, bakersfield, Ca [09-25-1997]

Looking for information on Betsy Ross for a young friend of mine. Thanks for the excellent tour and presentation.
Dan Lovely, Norwalk, IA [09-26-1997]

I think that having this website is a great idea but I would really like to visit the cobblestones of the Colonial days. But History is my favorite thing in the world and I love to hear about it and see it. So thanks for having this website.
Summer Michelle Miller, Camden, Arkansas - United States of America [09-28-1997]

I just discovered this site. I have been reading the biography of Abigail Adams and Passionate Sage re: John Adams. Am Rev. site is very helpful with highlights and significant facts. Thank you. Ken
Kenneth A. Goodwell, 2030 Chester Blvd. Richmond, IN 47374 [09-29-1997]

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Great page!
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I am applying now for citizenship. This visit was truly most rewarding. Three cheers Old Glory!
Divina Gonzalez, Woodside, NY [09-30-1997]

great page
William E. Beach, Charleston, SC, USA [09-30-1997]

I love the tour of besty ross's home because i can't go to phila to see the real thing. But the tour on this page is just like me being there.
kristina stabler, hammonton,nj [09-30-1997]

Every Halloween, we have a theme. This year we are going to dress as people from the American Revolution. Costumes, find the type of food for the potluck and have contests about the American Revolution. Betsy Ross of course was the first person picked by one of our developers. We are a software company. Because of our theme, everyone has been doing research on each of their selected person and it is amazing what we don't know about the American Revolution.
Fran Johnston, Bellevue, WA [09-30-1997]

Hello, I am 10 years old and studying Betsy in my class just reserching her Matt
Matthew Bailey, Garland Texas [09-30-1997]

Enjoyed our visit to the Betsy Ross house. It's nice to be able to visit and participate in history from afar. We view our visit as a tribute to a woman whose place in history is firmly etched into history. If you have any additional information, please share it with us at Columbus State University. CSU School of Education 4225 University Avenue Columbus, Ga 31907-5645
Rosa Stanback and Heather Parsons, Columbus, GA [10-01-1997]

Melissa Markert, Derry, NH, USA [10-01-1997]

Very impressed. My daughter Esha is in 2nd grade. She just started learning about US flag and the history behind it. So she asked me to go the internet site and look up informations for her. I am glad I did. Very nice job. Enaxi Parikh
Enaxi Deepak Parikh, Lake Jackson, TX [10-01-1997]

This is a very good website. We are using it for school at the moment. The pictures are really clear and can help you understand more. We wish you would put in more info about the flag.
Becky and Jane, Wisconsin [10-02-1997]

I thought this page was very user friendly, I am new to the internet and I can get lost pretty easily!!
Traci High- Mills, houston,tx. [10-02-1997]

Thoroughly enjoyed your page. My daughter went to Penn. last year with her 8th grade class. So it was neat for me to go in here and at last see some of what she has seen, and something I hope to see someday. thanks again Debra Hansen
Debra Hansen, Cove, Oregon USA [10-03-1997]

Janet M. Dishon, Salem, VA USA [10-03-1997]

I am doing research on the flag for Miss Winer's 4th grade class at Orchard Hill School in Montgomery Township, New Jersey. I wish everyone else who is doing research happy findings! My class is going to be really happy when they see all the information I have found at your web site.
Sarah Singley, Skillman, NJ [10-04-1997]

We recently found a certificate which showed that my husbands great grandfather contributed to the Betsy Ross house. Although it has no monetary value, it holds a special place in our house because it connects our family roots to a small part of history, and preserving it for generations to come. The flag to me is a symbol of the freedom and the choices we have, that came from the sacrifices and hardwork of our forefathers.
Margaret Hadley, Clayton, Delaware [10-04-1997]

Phillip Napier, Somerset, KY [10-05-1997]

I loved your site. I love history.
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Hi, I would just like to say that we need more people to believe in our country and actually realize that there is a great deal of value in our flag. People seem to take our freedom for advantage. Tina
Tina Lacertosa, 3110 N. 34 St. Hollywood, Fla. USA [10-09-1997]

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May the flag always fly high and remind us of our independence!
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Came to research the American flag for American History project -- thanks!
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Hi, I'm a homeschooling mom looking for information for my kids on the American revolution.
cindy newton, newton, nc usa [10-11-1997]

I wrote a few comments on the guest register, for the virtual tour of The Betsy Ross House. I would like to add here, that both my wife and I are Veterans, and we feel very strongly about our country, our freedom, what it takes to preserve that freedom, and the Flag which flies so freely like every American. It truly breaks our heart, and then angers us, to no end, to see anyone desecrate our most cherished National Symbol. We truly feel that anyone showing disrespect for the Flag, is also honestly showing how they feel about themselves and the people around them. Your page dedicated to the rules of etiquette, and the law are very helpful. If Americans, and people not yet citizens of our country, would take the time to read this page, I'm sure quite a few will be very surprised, and I would be amazed if a lot of them didn't change their attitudes to the Flag, what it represents, and their handling of it. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for your continuing efforts with this web-site. I only wish we could contribute more than our thoughts, but we are both disabled and money is a constant concern for us. We will pray for you, all Americans, and all peoples of the world, for a lasting and just peace in liberty. Gary & Carol Maki
Gary E. Maki, Tampa, FL [10-12-1997]

Rachel Albano, Omaha, Ne [10-12-1997]

The only reason I'm here is because my teacher is making me sew the original American flag,and look up stuff about its stupid history!
Maria Seta, Cincinnati, OH [10-12-1997]

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Great Job, I'll use this sight in teaching my class (Kgn) about Betsy Ross as one of our heroes.
connie Romano, Montclair, NJ o7042 [10-13-1997]

Angie Marquez, San Diego, CA [10-13-1997]

Actually i hate to tell you but Betsy Ross didn't make that first American flag so don't give her credit for it because she didn't do it!!
Jamey Bing, Paradise Valley Arizona [10-13-1997]

Carol DeMartino, Cocoa, Florida [10-13-1997]

i really enjoyed learning about besty ross i have to do a Social studies report on her and this really helped. Thanks A lot!
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This will be a great site for my son to visit. He is in the 5th grade and they are studying American history.
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I like your home page! I am using this for my US History class. I am in fourth grade. Thanks for helping make my class more fun.
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Tim Halvorsen, 536 Miller Hall UM, Missoula, MT [10-15-1997]

Fantastic, informative site, though some travel guides now seem to be disputing the Betsy Ross legend. Of all of the travel-related historical Web sites I've seen, the libertynet stuff in Philly is heads and shoulders above any other.
Alexander Jokay, Chicago, Illinois [10-15-1997]

This web site is a very good site and very educational.
Rosa Lee, Washington [10-16-1997]

Tony Aylsworth, Wadena Ia [10-16-1997]

Greetings from the "Cherry Capitol of the World"
Betsy Ross Allen, Traverse City, MI USA [10-16-1997]

A very nice website to visit. I enjoyed it very much.
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This Website is amazing, very informative.
David Suprapto, Jakarta, Indonesia [10-19-1997]

I really found your sight interesting and a contiuable learning experince for readers.I feel though that it would be even better nif there are more pic. of betsy ross.
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Laura, woodstock ga [10-21-1997]

I am in the first grade and have chosen to read and write about Betsy Ross. We are celebrating Great American Day at our school this week. I will dress up as the Great American I have chosen for our school program. This information will help me on my book report. Thank You.
Victoria Sherrod, Conroe, Texas [10-21-1997]


Great flag site! I especially enjoyed the pictorial timeline of the flag. I was searching for such pictures for my son's school report. Thanks Mel
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I've enjoyed the wonderful facts I've learned off of this link.I will definately come back to the site. Thank You, Jennie Fraker
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This was the perfect web page for our home school project! The "star with one snip" worked!
the Knoshaugs, Aurora CO [10-24-1997]

It was a very nice tour through a piece of history.
Darlene Music, Melbourne, FL USA [10-24-1997]

I really liked Betsy Ross's house. I think that it would be cool to visit her house sometime. bye bye
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James Shirley, The colony, Texas [10-25-1997]

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I'm helping my daughter research a project on Betsy Ross. This site is a great source of information. Thank you very much for providing this information and making it easily accessible.
Jim Walch, Newcastle, Washington USA [10-27-1997]

Hello from Jacob

Do you know why the colors of the flag were chosen to be red, white and blue? I need for homework. Thank you

My 2nd grade daughter is doing a paper on the early settlers. She chose to do her report on Betsy Ross. The information contained on your web site will be very useful to her. She has to dress up as Betsy Ross on the day she gives the report. Any suggestions?
Liane Pratt, Washington DC [10-27-1997]

We are in History 201 and studying the 13 original colonies. We are at the Middle Georgia College, Dublin Campus and have enjoyed seeing the history being made in color and almost live. Thanks for the information.
Gloria Bowen, Dublin, GA 31027 [10-27-1997]

Hugh American History fan. Beautiful Site. I own a typing company on the web named Micro Minuteman. Visit ... we wold love to hear from you.
Peter Wolent, Abington, Ma 02351 [10-28-1997]

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I think this is a wonderful page that allows a touch of history to be brought to life in my own home. Thanks! :)
Scott Knight, Antioch, CA USA [10-28-1997]

Carly Knapp, Greenville, south carolina [10-29-1997]

Although not related, I always felt that "sharing" a name (my maiden name) made me feel closer to American history.
Ellen Ross Goldstein, Milwaukee, WI [10-29-1997]

Hi. I really enjoyed this homepage. thank you for making it. :)
Erika Sims, Unites States!! [10-29-1997]

Robert L. Gleason, Alexandria, VA, USA [10-29-1997]

"Betsy Then and Now"

Betsy wove a flag so dear
That it stirred passion so true;
The colors, so strong, fly all year,
Long live the red, white and blue!

Dare I say, dare I pray,
That the banner o'er every American crag
Will return, one fine day,
To Betsy's fine old flag!

Here's hoping that we return to the 13!
Edward Mooney, Jr., Lancaster, CA USA [10-29-1997]

I think Ross was an industrious and interesting person of her time
migee, L.A. [10-29-1997]

I am 8 years old and am writing a report for my class about Betsy Ross and the flag. Thank you for your web site. TEDDY LEONARD
Teddy Leonard, Austin, TX [10-30-1997]

This page was a lot of help for my American Revolutionary War report on Betsy Ross. This was the only page on the internet that I could find about Betsy Ross. Thanks again.
Tamara Tisler, California, U.S.A. [10-30-1997]

Visited this site to help my grand-daughter with a project for school concerning Betsy Ross. Your information was excellent and will contribute greatly to her work. I've also visited Betsy's house several times and enjoyed each visit.
Art Rinschler, Englishtown,Nj [10-30-1997]

Thank you for this informative website. I especially enjoyed the section on flag ettiqute. I believe the American flag should be treated with the utmost respect at all times. Once again, thank you.
Stephanie Sverdrup, Wisconsin [10-30-1997]

I have been researching Betsy Ross with my daughter and your site seems to be the most complete. Thank you for all your help.
Erica and Christina Paine, Ivanhoe California [10-30-1997]

Thanks I helped a friend with hoomework!
Sarah Hart [11-03-1997]

How suprised I was to find this page! Yes, I am kin to John Ross. We had a family geneology book that took our family even further back than Betsy. We lost our copy of the book but I hope to find it . I'll know it when I see it because it has my oldest daughter's name in it. Great to see this site! Karen Ross Karlik

Thanks a lot for all of the information, I really appreciate it. I had to do a famous persons' report, and I picked Betsy Ross, and I must say that your information was the most valuable, and entertaining. Thanks to you, I got an A+. Thanks again.
Justin Barnes, Stateline, NV [11-04-1997]

Melissa Cradic [11-04-1997]

I have been to Betsy Ross's house before and enjoyed it.
Melissa Cradic [11-04-1997]

Your pages are very interesting!
Michele, Pa [11-04-1997]

This was really a cool site. I will let alll of my friends know that if they use the internet this is the place for American History!
David Phillips, Conway Arkansas [11-04-1997]

Thank you for having Betsy Ross on the computer. This is a great tool in learning about the U.S.A. Michelle Rosanna 11/04/97.
MICHELLE ROSANNA, CONOVER, NC 28613 [11-04-1997]

Hi I'm Jessica and I had to do some work on this site and thought I would sign your guest book. This site is really pretty interesting and I enjoyed it a lot! I'm taking an internet class at my highschool and we have to do assignments on different web sites. Well hoped you enjoyed my message. Truly Yours, Jessica Gidday
Jessica Gidday, Arvada Colorado [11-05-1997]

Thank you! Enjoyed the tour! Would like to visit in person some day!
Bill Perryman, San Antonio, TX U.S.A. [11-05-1997]

My 8-year old granddaughter is portraying Betsy Ross as the famous woman in history for a book report. I wanted to get some thoughts for her costume. How great to find a page for her. Carol
Carol A. Chaklos, Milledgeville, GA 31061 [11-05-1997]

Hey. Love the flag! Nice work Betsy!!! Hang Loose Dudette! :)
7th and 8th grade girls, @Outlook Pubic Schools, Outlook, MT. USA [11-06-1997]

I think it is very nice that someone has made this contribution of history to her for all those who have reports due in less than a week about Betsy.
Ashley Haire, Pelican, Louisiana [11-07-1997]

Surfing on Internet and finding your page. Best wishes,
KARMEN TAVÈAR, 6210 Se˛ana, SLOVENIA [11-07-1997]

Hi! I am a college student doing research on the Revolutionary War's music. Thanks for the great facts and picutres!
Shelley Snider, Charleston, Il 61920 [11-07-1997]

We are planning a visit to Philly. Your web site was a good jumping off point for us! Thanks!
Kathy Pagano, Hazlet, NJ USA [11-07-1997]

Barbara Knight, Wilbraham, MA [11-07-1997]

I am a First Grade Teacher and looking for sites to enhance our social studies curriculum. Thanks for a great site.
Deanna Cantin, Slidell, La [11-08-1997]

Lindsay Duncan [11-08-1997]

thanks for having this site, i really needed this info.
gina, rhode island [11-08-1997]

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Thank you Your information helped me in doing a report.
Jessica Lawlor, East Cheltenham Free Library [11-10-1997]

Great web site!
Allison Holtzendorf, Gainesville, Florida [11-10-1997]

Dear Betsy Ross Homepage, I am 10 years old and in fifth grade. Our teacher had us pick a famous person to write a report about. I chose Betsy Ross but had trouble finding information about her. My dad helped me find your page on the Internet. I was very surprised at how much information there was. We had to dress up and pretend that we were our famous person for the whole school! I cut a five pointed star just like Betsy did. I have not found out my grade yet but I hope it's an "A". Thank you for helping me with my report. Someday maybe I can come and visit you and Betsy's house.
Ashley Harrington, Coarsegold, CA [11-10-1997]

I've been doing reseach on my genealogy and Betsy Ross happens to be a distant cousin. It was really nice to be able to find information on not only her accomplishments in life, but also about her family, marriages, children, and such. As a distant relative, I want to thank you for keeping her spirit alive and telling her story. However, it is a little disturbing to me that there are no pictures of her and no one is sure what she really looked like. Oh well, I guess there has to be some mystery when dealing with history. Thank you again, Melinda Mae Lamping 913 E. 11th Davies Rm 220 Ellensburg, WA 98926-7635
Melinda Lamping, Ellensburg, Washington [11-10-1997]

Marta, AHS-St. Paul [11-10-1997]

D.J. Williams, 1462 Iglehart St. Paul MN 55104 [11-10-1997]

Sexxy Davenport [11-10-1997]

I hope I will have, in the future, as soon as possible time enough to visit you again and, better more, to visit really your city! Good luck, have a nice day!
Alberto Flisi, Merano (Bolzano) ITALY [11-10-1997]

Thank you for all the help for me to do my report.
Amy Arblaster, Slippery Rock, PA [11-10-1997]

I'm using this information for my book report. Thanks for the Internet for easy access on this information. I'm a 5th grade student @ St Patrick School
Valerie Sajor, San Jose CA [11-10-1997]

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Hi, I sending this from school in civics class. I'm really enjoying learning about my rights. I'm glad we have them.
Amanda Hanson, St.Paul, Minnisota, USA. [11-11-1997]

Mr. Hill [11-11-1997]

Bethany Terry, Cincinnati, Ohio [11-11-1997]

michell jashona clay [11-11-1997]

Found this site through a magazine. Thought it may be a good source of information for school related topics.
L. See, Winchester,VA [11-11-1997]

Thanks to all people who contributed to our freedom. If it hadn't been for the war we would not be free from England. Thank you Betsy Ross for making our flag! Let freedom be heard. God bless the USA!
Brandy E., southern minnesota [11-11-1997]

I found the information I was looking for. Thank You
Ralph L. Wirtel, St. Louis MO 63123 [11-12-1997]

I support a law against flag burning. I also would like to find information on where to place the flag on the platform.
Peter D. Messina, Pittsburgh, PA USA [11-12-1997]

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Miranda Ward, North Salt Lake, Utah [11-13-1997]

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I was delighted to find such a wealth of info for one of my student's social science project. I can't wait for her completed project.
D.P., Georgia [11-13-1997]

God Bless America
Jason Byers, Santa Clarita CA U.S.A. [11-13-1997]

Darcey Hauck, Rice Lake, WI [11-13-1997]

Angela Kelley, Ricardson, TX [11-13-1997]

Emily M. Kirk [11-13-1997]

jason, saint paul ,mn USA [11-13-1997]

As a member of the "flag presentation staff" of the Department of NH Disabled American Veterans, I find your page most useful. The information contained is used at schools in the area when we present outdoor, indoor and state flags to the area schools.
William H. Thomson, Manchester NH 03102-4630 [11-13-1997]

Jayme Naples [11-13-1997]

I enjoyed your website very much--one of the best I've visited. I am a "Rev War" enthusiast, and a re-enactor. Keep up the good work.
June Brilliant, New Jersey [11-14-1997]

I will pass along the information of this homepage to the teachers in the Columbus Public Schools - Columbus, Ohio! Wonderful information for teaching the students in the elementary.
Ellie Hall, Gahanna, Ohio 43230 [11-15-1997]

I am Studying the flag
Cassy Rediske, Norwalk,Iowa [11-15-1997]

Rachael Elaine Fox [11-16-1997]

I'm writing a social studies lesson plan that will allow the students to use the Internet. This site was very helpful!
Melissa LaPrairie, Mt. Pleasant, MI [11-16-1997]

Enjoyed the tour. We would enjoy having her in our sewing group today!!!!!!
Agnes Neal, Kernersville, N. C. USA [11-17-1997]

I am going to be Betsy Ross for my school. We will be having colonial days. Thanks for the information.
Erynn H., orlando, fl [11-17-1997]

Great page for teaching third graders!
vicki olive, dothan al [11-17-1997]

Laura Snelson, NYC [11-17-1997]

I am looking here for a report.
Amanda D., unlisted [11-18-1997]

I loved your page, I read the whole page it is packed full of information. If only more people took as much pride in our great country, it would be a better place! Thank you for your fantastic page.
Nate the Great, St.Paul Minnesota [11-18-1997]

Nikki Landis, St. Paul, MN [11-19-1997]

Brooke Steele, St. Paul Minnesota [11-19-1997]

Great web site. Good info. Thanks.
Jim Conger, Memphis, TN [11-19-1997]

Thomas Early Brown III, Pennsylvania [11-19-1997]

Arthur Jefferson, McConnellsburg, PA [11-19-1997]

This is a amazing website with lots of info!
Amy Her, St. Paul, Minnesota The United States of America [11-19-1997]

I find your site very informative and useful. I hope you especially keep the site about Betsy Ross for awhile. I haven't had a chance to look at it too closely, but I would like to use it when we study the flag in my first grade class with my students.
cobb, Buffalo,WV [11-19-1997]

I'm doing a project on the Revolutionary Period for my English class and I found some interesting information about the flag. Thanks.
Brian Rizzo, Boston, MA [11-19-1997]

I love Besy Ross she was so cool in the old days because she made the first flag.Thank You
Leann, Paicines [11-19-1997]

I think that Betsy Ross is great to study. I hade to do a report on her for school and it was fun. I thought that it be like any person I have made a report on but she's diferent. I just wish she was here today to tell us more about her. From, Andrea Cabrera
Andrea Cabrera Moreno, Golden, Colorado [11-19-1997]

Andrea Cabrera Moreno, Golden, Colorado [11-20-1997]

David Mendez Arlington Senior High St.Paul MN

Visit me at
Andrew Kandels, Saint Paul, MN, USA [11-21-1997]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. I found alot of information. Cool website!
Heidi Knobbe, Karla Baumert, and Heidi Meiergerd [11-22-1997]

Christina Schultz [11-22-1997]

This is a nice web site for my history class. thanks for all the help.
Luke, United States [11-22-1997]

Niki Lacktorin, St. Paul, MN U.S. [11-22-1997]

Hi I'm Jessica. I'm F
Jessica, USA [11-22-1997]

Meagan McConnel, Missouri [11-22-1997]

I'm a teacher and intend to take my class to your site. This is great.
Mrs. Nancy S. Miller, Still Pond, Md 21667 [11-23-1997]

My aunt was Sara E Ross. She lived in St Joseph,Mo. We understand she was related to Betsy Ross. My wife and I have visited the Ross castle in Scottland several years ago but due to reconstruction, we were unable to obtain any information. My mother was, and my sister is now a member of the DAR. Thank You WK(Bill)
W K Weisenborn, Lakewood,co. USA [11-23-1997]

My teacher told the class that we are all to do an oral report having to do with something in History. One look at the flag and I knew I was going to do my report on Betsy Ross. She is a very interesting woman and I know I will enjoy doing my report on her. Have any INTERESTING info on her? I mean stuff like, "Did you know that Betsy Ross was born the first day of the week, first day of the month, first month of the year, 1752? (Sunday, Jan. 1, 1752)"
Mary Mangan, {Near} Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA [11-23-1997]

I am looking this information over for a book report.
Ashley Burkett, N.Canton,OH 44720 [11-23-1997]

Dreema Carter, St. Paul Mn United States [11-24-1997]

well i dont like the ameircan flag and I thnik it shoul be burn because this contry dose not silibzse freedom this plaace dose not even like black people and this is comeing from a white person opion
Anonymous, mn [11-24-1997]

What a great page and super info. Thanks for sharing it all with the rest of us.
Lori hoffman, Columbus,Ohio [11-24-1997]

The site was great. Keep up the good work!
Bill Foecke, Holt, MO USA [11-24-1997]

Hi. I have a webtv and we have folders to save our things in. We get to name them and I named one Educational and I found this site and it would be perfect for the folder. I have done this so when people come over they can just link directly to your page
Angela, Louisville Ky [11-25-1997]

Hi, how are ya? Great! Goodbye!
Katonya Alexander, St.Paul, Minnesota [11-25-1997]

Hello I think the flag is very important to us all.
Tonisha, St,Paul Mn [11-25-1997]

I am doing a junior thesis. I just wanted to thank you for all of the information that was in there. You have really helpred me out alot. Thanks again
Trisha Cox, Benton, AR [11-25-1997]

Glad that this page exists. This is the first time I have visited the site and will come back to it again soon. Thanks.
Harriet Faye Brinkman DAR, Lincoln, Nebraska 68512 [11-25-1997]

I remember visiting the Betsy Ross house back in the sixties when I was a child living in the Philadelphia suburbs. So many of your photos brought back wonderful memories for me. Keep up the good work.
Pat VanInwagen, Granby, CT [11-25-1997]

DJ Johnson, St.Paul , Minnesota [11-26-1997]

I visited the Betsy Ross house when I was in Philadelphia Pa a couple years ago. Very, Very interesting place! This is a great web page. Thanks this is wonderful for my kids....
Keely D. Dearinger, Kennewick, Wa [11-26-1997]

From this homepage, I know about US Flag. Thank you.
San San Muliawan, Jakarta, Indonesia [11-26-1997]

Betsy Ross was a creative woman, and inspiring to us all! The woman behind the man is worth learning about and discovering her life. GREAT JOB!
Kimberly A. Davis, Stockbridge, GA USA [11-26-1997]

I am trying to locate an address where I can write to Lt. Col. Paul Tibbets. Any help would be appreciated gratefully. Thanx Mavric
Jim Hanner, waterloo il. [11-26-1997]

Sara Bray, Hermitage TN, USA [11-28-1997]

Thank you for a beautiful web site, I'll be back another day when I have more time. I love all the flag postcards.
Mrs. Lynn White, Ozark, AL 36360-1902 [11-28-1997]

I would like to see more female patriots. I am 8 yrsa old and I enjoy reading about successful females.
Courtney, Redondo beach Ca [12-01-1997]

Our 4th grade students are writing an essay, "What the American Flag Means to Me." The information from your web site will help the students with their essay. Thank you for all the information!
Jane Osborne, Library Media Specialist, Bristol, Virginia [12-01-1997]

We really like Betsy Ross. We like her sewing. We sewed like Betsy Ross in our classroom. We took the tour and thought it was great! We are learning about Betsy Ross in our class. Thank you for making history come alive!
Mrs. Sanders Class Second Grade, Charlottesville, Virginia [12-01-1997]

Bethany Terry Beyersdorf, Tupelo, MS, USA [12-01-1997]

Lindsay O'Brien, Goffst [12-01-1997]

I really liked going to the web page. I Found everything I need for my report on Betsy Ross. I tried sewing a little flag for my brother's project but I couldn't. Kuv, Katherin nguyen
Kathy Nguyen, Boston, Ma USA [12-01-1997]

Ashley Chittum, New Port Richey, FL [12-01-1997]

erica fuentes, tucson, az. [12-01-1997]

My 9-year old daughter and I enjoyed your homepage. She is doing a report on Betsy Ross and your site is quite informative. Thank you for helping my daughter understand history and actually view images covering this historical period.
C. Rivera, San Diego, Calif. [12-02-1997]

Bridgette Milb, Danville, KY [12-02-1997]

I think Betsy Ross is a really great person. I'm doing an essay on her right now and I hope I learn a lot about her. I also like how you put the tour together!
Melina Gracia, Chandler, AZ [12-02-1997]

Harold Musselwhite, Statesboro, Ga. [12-02-1997]

You saved my life I needed to find out what the colors meant. Thanks for saving my life.
Becky Hirsch, Co.Denver [12-02-1997]

Your program is helpful and enjoyable keep updating it!!
Sabrina Morton, Hartville Oh [12-02-1997]

I am doing research on Betsy Ross for my granddaughter for her first oral presentation. Karen is in third grade and already has a special interest in colonial times.
M. Deen Kanely, Bel Air, MD [12-03-1997]

Isaac brown, phila pa [12-04-1997]

Ashworth Middle School, Calhoun, GA USA [12-04-1997]

Keva, CA [12-04-1997]

I think Betsy Ross did sew the first flag and that it is not a popular legend.
ellie [12-05-1997]

Our flag shows a symbol of our freedom and the right to happiness, and we appreciate Betsy Ross' true patriotism!
Three men and one tie, Rochester, Il [12-05-1997]

We think that this is a really neat homepage to talk about Betsy Ross. We also think she did sew the first American flag and don't believe the rumor that she might not have. Thanks for listening Jennifer Shelly jill
Jennifer Shelly jill, Rochester [12-05-1997]

hello everyone! How r u 2day? Were at school, working on a project.
Ris and Sara, rochester jr high [12-05-1997]

Hi. In our school we recently wrote a historical letter to Betsy Ross from George Washington asking her to make the flag. She agreed to. No one really knows what really happened, if she made it without anyone telling her to or did it because she had to either way it doesn't matter. Thanks for your time. Traci & Krista
Krista Traci, Rochester, Illinois [12-05-1997]

We love the Betsy Ross homepage, it is very interesting. What we would like to see are live video footage of the tour. It would make it allot more fun. We live in Rochester, Illinois. Where do you live?
Michael S. Michael K. Peter m>, Rochester, Illinois [12-05-1997]

We think Betsy Rocks, and we can't wait to learn more! We will come visit again vey soon
Tiffany and Cristina, Rochester Junior High School [12-05-1997]

Crystal Wiggins, Azle, Texas United States [12-08-1997]

Sara Ross, Carlisle PA [12-08-1997]

I was looking to see who designed the first American flag, and got my answer. Thanks.
Billy McMurry, Bassfield, MS [12-08-1997]

I love the star. My students and own children have worked very hard to perfect it!!!
Joy Pendley, Madisonville, KY (Hopkins County) [12-10-1997]

Thanks for the info, I am doing a report for school. I am in the 8th grade at Oak Creek Intermediate School.
Vanessa Torres, Oakhurst CA [12-10-1997]

lets stop our politicians from printing their pictures or slogans on the back of "flag postcards" they only end up littering the streets and we end up with pictures of our flag along side all the other garbage to be kicked about, walked on, spit on etc. Perhaps its just me but when I see this it makes me mad as hell.
Angel M. Baez, Trenton, N.J. [12-10-1997]

AMANDA ARRIAGA, Houston,Tx America [12-10-1997]

I think this is a great site. It's neat to see what Betsy did for our country. Betsy was a great woman and I honor her. Thank you.
Jennifer Sterling, Van Wert,OH [12-10-1997]

alfred and eleano [12-13-1997]

Ben Wentworth, Westhampton,New York [12-13-1997]

Lee Vang [12-13-1997]

I homeschool, and this is really helping me with my girls' social studies lessons. It has a lot of information that is easy to read and well put together. Thanks, Sue-Ellen Barclay
Mike & Sue-Ellen Barclay, Scobey, MT U.S.A. [12-13-1997]

Carolyn Butler, Westerville, Ohio [12-13-1997]

Hello from Arlington
Lee Vang, St. Paul, mn. 55117 [12-13-1997]

Paul Jost, Attleboro, Mass. [12-13-1997]

Hi! Howdy friends. I'm learning about Betsy's life. She was an interesting person
courtney schisser, houston, tx [12-13-1997]

Kelly Hutchinson, Deland,Fl [12-13-1997]

Thanks for the great info on Betsy Ross. It's just enough to complete my history report!
Emily Willis, Sewickley, PA [12-17-1997]

I don't have much to say.
michelle filippelli, Toronto,Ontario CANADA!!! [12-17-1997]

I loved your page
Jason Kahn, Chicago,IL, USA [12-17-1997]

Hi. This is a really neat site. I never knew she was so cool.

i love your page i learnd so much from it thank u
tommy bond, chicago,il hoffman est [12-17-1997]

I think the virtual tour of Betsy Ross' house was really neat. It held lots of information on Betsy Ross' house. I also liked the room which she sewed America's first flag. Thankyou, Jason
Jason, Liberty, Missouri [12-17-1997]

I loved the house tour. In shool we are learning about the revolution and we have to write a report about somebody that did something important in the revolution and I picked Betsy because I like what she did for america. I have a question why didnt people ever found out how she looked?
victoriya, baltimore maryland [12-17-1997]

Nancy D. Morrison, Holbrook,MA 02343 [12-17-1997]

K.S.M. [12-17-1997]

I am doing research for a social studies project on famous women during the Revolutionary War. I find Betsy interesting because I also love to sew.
Natalie Hart, Cozad, NE [12-17-1997]

Kristen, PA [12-17-1997]

Just stopping by. cool web page. Later
Evan Schuit, Schaumburg Illinois, U.S.A. [12-17-1997]

Stacey Rockers [12-17-1997]

I love all history and just wish I could see it for real. It was great!!!
Pat Pruitt, Arkansas [12-19-1997]

whats up all at Betsy Ross I'm a ninth grader in Arlington and was just righting to say High.
Dan Rupprecht [12-19-1997]

It is a great Home Page! Our elementary students are excited about history when they can get understandable information about famous people for their biography reports. THANKS!
Kaye Petersen-Lincoln School-Cache Co. Utah, Hyrum, Utah, Cache County [12-19-1997]

Sarina Baston, Shamburg, Illinois [12-19-1997]

You Rock!!!
Betsy Ross, Las Vegas [12-19-1997]

I visited the Besty Ross house when I was 12 years old. It was alot of fun "walking back thru that period of history. It was fun to visit again. I may not have been there in person, but via the net, is great!!!
Mrs. Anita Westfall, Columbus, Ohio [12-22-1997]

David Clapp, Fairfield CA USA [12-22-1997]

Sue Ladage, Brentwood, MO USA [12-22-1997]

Kat, Ohio [12-22-1997]

Very nice site with lots of good info.
Todd Johnson, Frederick, Maryland [12-22-1997]

Monique Kennard, Portland, Oregon [12-25-1997]

Jenny Smith [12-25-1997]

The tour was most interesting and informative.
Rebecca Whorton, Jefferson, Louisiana [12-25-1997]

Sara Beachboard, Lompoc, California [12-25-1997]

Steve Raslich and son Eric, Linden, Michigan 48451 [12-27-1997]

Norman Brookshire, Commerce, GA [12-28-1997]

I'm interested in the American Revolution and have enjoyed your site very much- thank you for the tour, Mike Barry
Mike Barry, Marengo, Illinois [12-30-1997]

Proud to be celebrating another new year under our flag!
Matt Williams, Logansport, Indiana [12-30-1997]

I enjoyed the Betsy Ross Page very much! I am very interested in Betsy Ross because she was a Claypoole and so am I! My sister was named Betsy Ross Claypoole in her honor. Thank you for this informative page!
Carol Lynn Claypoole, Paoli, Pennsylvania [12-30-1997]


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