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Eric W. Totel, Dayton, OH

Kalia Kuligowski, Orem Utah USA [01-12-1997]

This is a very cool web site.
Michael Pelaez, Hialeah, Florida [01-12-1997]

Betsy Richards, Holland, PA [01-12-1997]

Courtney L. Kozeluh [01-12-1997]

Adreanna Tarwater, Hill AFB, UT [01-12-1997]

This section is really interesting and I believe it is a good idea. I'm an Activity Director at a local nursing home and I am always looking for different projects etc. to do with the residents.
Monica Brose, Lebaon, In. USA [01-12-1997]

Cheryl Nelson, Santa Monica, CA [01-12-1997]

Lynda D. Slotnick, Franklin, MA 02038 [01-13-1997]

I am just beginning to trace my ancestral roots. I believe I am related to Betsy Ross.
[no name given], Yorktown, VA [01-13-1997]

Some of my family members claim that I am related to John Ross Betsy's first husband. My mother's maiden name is Ross.
H. Knox [01-13-1997]

What did the British flag look like during the American Revolution? [It looked just as it does today -Webmaster]
Danielle, Fort Wayne, IN [01-14-1997]

I learned a lot. I used it for homeschooling and we had fun with the star activity. The funny thing is that the first time I tried it I folded it wrong and, with one cut, I made a perfect six pointed star. I'm happy to be an American and I believe that God will continue to bless us if we live "under God."
Marsha Owen, San Jose, CA [01-15-1997]

Thank you for having this home page. My daughter needed to do a project about someone that changed history and this sure does that. Once again thanks and keep up the great work. We also had a great time touring her house.
Randy J. Slaughter, Webster, Texas [01-15-1997]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Leif Briddle, Lavergne, TN [01-16-1997]

My nickname is Betsy!
Jessica Frenette, Berlin, NH USA [01-17-1997]

Phil Weil, Adelaide South Australia [01-18-1997]

I am a fourth grader at Swarthmore Elementary School. I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. Thanks for having this page.
Katie Besch-Hart, Swarthmore, PA [01-18-1997]

Cool Star!
McNally Family, Eastampton, NJ [01-19-1997]

Jessica, Maryland [01-20-1997]

Claire Field, Beaconsfield, UK [01-20-1997]

Is there any information on Betsy's children and her uncle George Ross and his family? [We're investigating --Webmaster]
Robert Zimmerman, Manchester, Missouri, USA [01-20-1997]

I am doing a school project. I am portraying Betsy Ross in my fourth grade class's wax museum! This was a big help.
April Vaughn, Jamestown, Indiana [01-21-1997]

I think Betsy Ross is very interesting. I am doing a report on her for my history class. It has to be 6 pages long and I have found a lot of information from these web pages!!!! Thank You!!! HI Mom!!!(I always wanted to do that!)
Stephanie, Long Island, New York, USA [01-21-1997]

We loved the tour and we will visit Betsy's house in Philadelphia real soon.
Erica & Julie Serpico, Moorestown, NJ [01-22-1997]

Don Haas, Edmond, OK [01-22-1997]

This site is really well put together and informative !
Stuart Jacobs, Belgium [01-23-1997]

I'm doing a report for school (third grade) on Betsy Ross. Your Web site is a wonderful source. Thank you!
Trella Rath, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey [01-23-1997]

We are looking for information on Betsy Ross. We appreciate your computers information and we think it is cool.
Jeremy Quarles, Marietta, Ga. 30062 [01-24-1997]

Al Sears, Alamogordo NM [01-24-1997]

Carolyn Turner, North Canton, Ohio [01-24-1997]

Joyce Wilson, Harrison AR [01-25-1997]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I am looking forward to learning much about her and her life.
Madeline Kate Nonnenberg, Rocklin, California [01-25-1997]

Your web site is very interesting. I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my 4th grade history project. We are also dressing up as our history project subjects. One neat thing I plan on doing is passing out copies of how to cut the five pointed star in one snip to my classmates. Thanks!
Elizabeth C. (Liesel) VanOrsdale, Morgan Hill, CA [01-25-1997]

Thank you so much. This is the best thing I have seen on the internet. My favorite room was the bedroom. My brother says the cartridge room is the best.
Fiona, usa [01-26-1997]

As a U.S. History teacher and a stars & stripes lover, I appreciate you putting this site together! Thank you. It was a lot of fun to look at and refresh my patriotism.
Beth Seabreeze, Alexandria, Virginia [01-26-1997]

Tabitha Kissee, Fayetteville, North Carolina [01-26-1997]

Jason and Bubba, Vinland N.J. [01-27-1997]

I used the "Betsy Ross and the American Flag" story to write a report about the Colonial times in my class. I think I'll get a good grade.
C. Deal, Rancho Cucamonga, CA [01-27-1997]

Hi, we enjoyed your home page!
Samantha Corinne, Billings [01-27-1997]

Jaycee Ryan, Anaheim, CA [01-27-1997]

Enjoyed it.
Guylene Wood, Blacksburg,VA USA [01-28-1997]

Liz Stroik, East Lansing, Mi. [01-28-1997]

Mary Lou Skinner [01-28-1997]

Cameron Kates, Cherry Hill, NJ [01-28-1997]

Crowley Public Library, Crowley, TX 76036 [01-28-1997]

Your internet site is very informal. I'm ten years old and I didn't have a single problem using or understanding your site. Thank You!!
Jennie Butler, Kansas City, Missouri,U.S.A. [01-28-1997]

"Betsy Ross made the first flag for the United States of America!"
Rachel Hansen, age 4 1/2, Palo Alto, California [01-28-1997]

Floyd Landry, Mobile Alabama [01-30-1997]

Barbara Hudson, Norman,Ok [01-30-1997]

As a Vietnam Veteran and 4 years touring the world in the US Navy, I can say that no matter what country I visited, the good old USA is by far the best in every way. I fly the American Flag every day and belong to VFW Post 4668 here in LaSalle. I have a deep appreciation for all our forefathers did to make this country great, and all those who served then and now to protect our rights and freedoms, and liberty for all.
Duane Bokus, LaSalle, Illinois [01-30-1997]

Ryan, Baton Rouge Louisiana USA [02-01-1997]

Erin E. Lee, Seattle, Wa. [02-02-1997]

Jared Fry, Wexford, PA [02-02-1997]

I used this page for an 8th grade research report.
Eva Christjohn, Oneida, WI [02-03-1997]

Alana Teplitsky, Manlius, New York USA [02-03-1997]

looking up something for American History.
nichole hughes, Shreveport,Louisiana [02-03-1997]

Our class is studying Betsy Ross. I'm glad I found this site.
Kyle Pula, St. Catharines, Ontario Canada [02-03-1997]

Bill Ross, Pine Valley, CA [02-04-1997]

Thank you for providing this truly educational and useful site because it is helping my friend do her report and she and I are very grateful. I am looking forward to coming back here again so that I may use this site for a future school projector report. Thanks again!
Kristin, California [02-04-1997]

We are working on a biography for a school assignment. We picked Betsy Ross. The "How to make a 5-Pointed Star in One Snip" is just the finishing touch we needed. Thanks!! :-)
Nancy Graham, New Jersey [02-05-1997]

Enjoyed web page. History "facts" on flag and especially the step by step directions to cutting the 5 pt star. Using it in class as a student teacher
K Machura, Hammond, Indiana [02-05-1997]

Thank you
Kari, Osseo, Minn [02-05-1997]

"We take the stars from heaven and red from our Mother Country separating it by white stripes this showing that we have separated from her and the white stripes shall go down to posterity representing liberty." - George Washington
Nicole Early, Elmhusrt, Il [02-05-1997]

Love that flag, I think it's great, it stands for so much more then a piece of material; it stands for freedom, peace, and the right to be an american, and who and what we are. Thank you America!
Renata La May, Muskegon, Mi. [02-06-1997]

My 10 year old son is working on a project for his Cub Scout den, and we found all the information we needed on your page! Thanks! Very interesting!!
Sue Bayes, Springfield, OH [02-06-1997]

Dear Betsy Ross, I am doing a report on you. I wish you were alive so I could interview you
sheena, lnybrook ny [02-06-1997]

lina [02-06-1997]

jacqueline barschow, wilminton, oh, usa [02-06-1997]

I came to your page to find info for a school project! I found all the information I needed here. Thank You soooooooooo much. It helped me out tremendously!!!!
Taren Starr Howes, Danville, Ca. [02-06-1997]

William O.Benton, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 [02-07-1997]

Kacey Alexander, Valparaiso, IN [02-07-1997]

I have done a lot of research on Betsy Ross. Betsy was a very famous person. I wish I was a good designer like her.
Jennifer Davies, Bridgeview Illinois [02-07-1997]

Luke King, Fairfax, CA [02-08-1997]

Great Pictures!!
Dana Ellis, Shingle Springs, CA ElDorado County [02-08-1997]

I enjoyed the report a lot.
Mychie Kathryn Kelly, Carbondale, Il. [02-09-1997]

I'm writing a report. Your page has really helped out!
Ms. Baker, San Benito, TX [02-09-1997]

Very nice page. Great insight into the history of the flag, the handling of the flag, and its maker. Keep up the nice work.
David Budnick, Monroe North Carolina [02-09-1997]

I have to do a report on Betsy Ross for school, and this page looks like it has all I need!!
Brittany DeNovellis, Redlands, CA [02-09-1997]

Research for a 4th grade report.
Kelly Dinwiddie, Virginia Beach, Va [02-10-1997]

I was just finding things about Betsy Ross.
Leon Kinsley, Bellingham Wa [02-10-1997]

D Luther, Seabrook, TX [02-10-1997]

Had a great time thanks
Daniellep, Broad Channel NY. queens [02-10-1997]

Jennifer Adams, Tucson, AZ [02-11-1997]

I was trying to find out how to fold and cut a 5-point star, which a math teacher had demonstrated to me years ago in a class on Pythagoras. My net searches on Pythagoras all came up empty. Then I remembered Betsy Ross, and voila! Your web page showing her secret for cutting the stars in our first flag. Yankee know-how beats Ancient Greek philosophy yet again. Cheers
Matthew Bates Christian, Boston, MA [02-11-1997]

Thanks so much for the web page you provide. It has definitely helped my daughter Kara with a fifth grade class assignment she is working on. Keep up the good work!
Pat Whitaker, Alliance Ohio [02-11-1997]

April Meggs, Marion IL [02-12-1997]

This is really cool!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam, US [02-13-1997]

I loved the tour!
J.P. great info!, UT, Salt Lake [02-13-1997]

We have visited the house in august 1996 when we were on holiday in the USA. The house and the history of the beautiful American Flag gave us an impression that we will never forget. Thank you for giving us the imformation we wanted to know about the American history and the history of the flag. We already signed your visiting book in the house and that was an honour. I hope we will visit you again sometimes!!!
Eric & Sylvia van den Bungelaar, Helmond NB (the Netherlands) [02-13-1997]

Erik, Bellingham Washington [02-13-1997]

Jayme Colglazier, washington, bellingham [02-13-1997]

Tommy Joe Lothamer, bellingham washinton [02-13-1997]

Flag burning is not freedom of speech. It is an insult to those who served in our wars. May God bless the U.S.A..
andy zenchak, Pittsburgh,PA [02-13-1997]

I think she did a good job designing the flag.
nina, Mo. St. louis [02-14-1997]

I really liked the "make a star with one snip"!
Yu-shan Kim, Detroit, Michigan [02-14-1997]

I visited Philly in 1994 with a friend from Tucson we went to the Betsy Ross house and had a great time. It was on the 4th of July the best day to go to Philly for a visit.
Bob Bush, Tucson Az. [02-14-1997]

Eric Doner, Walsh, Colorado [02-14-1997]

My mom is helping me get information on Betsy Ross for a school report. This is very fun and interesting to me. My family and I did not know that Betsy made the first flag in Philadelphia. My dad thought she made it in the South. Also, we think it is neat that she sat next to George Washington and she was one of 17 children. My great great grandfather was one of 17 as well.
Kelly Anne, West Chester, PA [02-15-1997]

I enjoy the tour very much. I did not realize how much I missed in school 50 years ago.
Conrad A Bronner, Goldsboro, NC [02-15-1997]

I think this is great ... helped my daughter on her social studies project
Debbie, Romney, WV [02-15-1997]

No, I didn't make the flag!!
Betsey Ross, Seabrook, NH [02-16-1997]

I got all the info i needed for a report thanks to the info posted
Sean Carrighan, Jermyn, Pa [02-17-1997]

This homepage was a great source of information for my 4th grade book report on Betsy Ross. I can't wait to see her house in person.
Brian S., Westfield, New Jersey [02-17-1997]

I needed this information for a school report.
Sarah Austin, Claremont Ca. 91711 [02-17-1997]

Very interesting.
Sandra R. Schmoyer, Catasauqua, PA USA [02-17-1997]

This is interesting!
Stephanie Honerlah, Austin, Texas, America [02-17-1997]

Thank you for preserving our American heritage!
Lou Alfieri, Mechanicsville, VA [02-18-1997]

I am doing a Social Studies Essay in school. I used the Internet to find all about Betsy Ross. Thanks for the information.
Kristen Doto, Manlius, New York [02-18-1997]

Betsy (Elizabeth Griscom) Ross and I have a common ancestor, Andrew Griscom, who arrived in Philadelphia in 1680.
John Griscom, Conyers, GA [02-18-1997]

I'm doing a speech about Betsy Ross (I'm in the fifth grade) and this homepage is fantastic. It has really helped me find all of the information I need. It is interesting and very informative. That is exactly what I need.Thank you sooooo much!!!
Lindsey Watson, Front Royal, VA, America [02-19-1997]

Thanks for creating this page - it really helped me with my report. Thanks
Miss Katy Howard, Hornbeck, Louisiana [02-19-1997]

Great page. Found it very interesting and educational.Could be put to good use in the classroom.
D. Wilkerson, Yukon, OK [02-19-1997]

Cool! I'll keep browsing.
Valerie Eaddy Riley, Philadelphia, PA [02-19-1997]

I loved your web site! It will be a wonderful resourse for teaching my first graders about the US flag. Thank you!
Susan Dougherty, Watchung, NJ [02-19-1997]

Thanx for the help
Jeff Carse, Vancouver WA [02-19-1997]

I think that this web-site is a great education tool to people who like the American Flag. I also am doing a book report in 4th grade on Betsy Ross. We will be dressing up like our book characters and getting up in front of the class to give our report. The part that I look forward to is when I pass out the 5-point star in one snip project. I think that this will be a good book report for me because I love to dress up. I also love the American Flag. Thank you again for all your help. BYE
Nichole Dean, Lakeside, Ca - San Diego County - USA [02-19-1997]

Thank you for the information. I am doing some research on Betsy Ross for my school. I am in the 5th grade.
Lauren Blount, Lawton, OK [02-19-1997]

Sara Marie Susan Correa [02-19-1997]

Well Besty Ross was a very bright and good hearted person from what I have heard. Her flag was magnificent.
Sara Marie Susan Correa, Sac, Ca. [02-19-1997]

I was looking for some pages that had good digitalized pictures of flags. Thanks
G [02-20-1997]

Actually I'm Canadian, temporarily working here. I love the historic sections of the city. Great home page.
Shane C. Gabie, West Chester, PA [02-20-1997]

I'm in 5th grade, and doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Sharon Jimenez, Orlando, FL [02-20-1997]

Beverly Andrews, Powell Wy [02-21-1997]

Have a nice day.
Mike Hamilton, Catlettsburg, Kentucky [02-21-1997]

Would like to learn more.
Jerry Hawn, Riverside Ca. [02-22-1997]

I'm 7 years old and in grade 3 at St. Louise School. I have to do a biography on some American hero and I chose Betsy Ross. Thanks for all the great stuff!
Robyn Walsh, Issaquah, WA, USA [02-22-1997]

Rachel E. Herbolsheimer, Niceville, FL [02-22-1997]

DANI, Mooresville NC [02-23-1997]

Danielle Hobbs (Age 9), Newton IA [02-23-1997]

Jean Schwarz, Naples, Florida [02-23-1997]

I found your page very educational. I was looking for information about Flag Etiquette and was happy to find a lot of info. Thank you very much.
Melissa Sue Anderson, Ancramdale, NY 12503 [02-24-1997]

My primary reason for visiting is to assist my God-daughter in gathering information on Betsy Ross for a school report.
Steve Cucchiara, Woodbridge, VA [02-24-1997]

I'm doing a famous American Citizen project -- and am getting some information. Thanks!!!
Ann Daley, Palos Park Illinois [02-24-1997]

Looking for info on Betsy Ross. Niece will make a 5 minute speech in dress.
Tina Tillemans, Bishop CA [02-24-1997]

Alex Kostka, Lafayette, Ca. [02-25-1997]

I have lived in "The Beautiful Alabama" for twelve years and I couldn't be any more proud than I am to call it my HOME!!!!!
Karen S. Kent, Seminole, Alabama [02-25-1997]

I enjoyed your web site very much. I have visited Betsy Ross House.
Rosa Cummings, Marietta, OH 45750 USA [02-25-1997]

Please elaborate more on flag disposal ritual or formality. By whom? When private individuals do not have access to a veterans group. Thank you. You have a wonderful web site.
Terri Wells, Florence, KY 41042 [02-25-1997]

I am learning about Betsy. The tour through her house is the most interesting thing I have seen on the internet!
Eileen Murphy [02-25-1997]

Steven A. Templin, Rockbridge, Ohio [02-25-1997]

Great page, enjoyed it very much!
S. Dale, Missouri [02-25-1997]

My daughter Lisa is doing a Biography book report for school and she picked Betsy Ross as her person to do the report on. This was great. We got all the information she needed to do her report. Thank you very much for having this on the Internet.
Cynthia M. Cutting, Castro Valley, California [02-25-1997]

This is a great page and I encourage you to driving on to make it known what the Flag stands for.
Michael Scott Raley, Quincy, MA [02-26-1997]

julie bockrath, hagerstown md [02-26-1997]

Dan Bailey, Alhambra Ca. [02-26-1997]

Very informative page. I'm assisting my 9-yr. old to obtain information for a class project regarding biographies of famous Americans, and this page has proved to be very enlightening :)
Sheila L. Miller, Bethlehem, PA, USA [02-27-1997]

Eric Angel [02-27-1997]

Your website was more than helpful to me. I'm sure with this extra info, my teacher will give me an A+!
Lauren Shaw, San Juan Capistrano, California, USA [02-27-1997]

I am proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free. And I won't forget the men (and women) who died, who gave their lives for me -- so I'll proudly stand up, next to you and defend Her still today, 'cause their ain't no doubt I love this land ---- GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!!!
Theresa Smith, Eau Claire, Wisconsin [02-27-1997]

mark johnson [02-28-1997]

This is a great site. I am planning a trip to visit family in Philadelphia and decided to preplan everything. The virtual tour enabled me to show my children what to expect when we visit. Thank you!
Karen Covello-Paran, Israel [03-01-1997]

Great Job!! Very educational for everyone!!
Jennette Garcia, Casper, WY 8 [03-01-1997]

Amber Westover, Mesa, Arizona, USA [03-01-1997]

Abby Axtell, Westminster,VT [03-01-1997]

Neat homepage !
Elizabeth S. Gault, Harrisburg, PA [03-01-1997]

My daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross for her third grade class. Thanks for your help.
Bruce Kelley, Altoona, PA [03-01-1997]

Hi, I'm looking for info on Betsy Ross. If anyone has any please send it to me by March 7th or the 8th. Thanks Bye :)
Jessica Nelson, Edina, Mn, USA [03-02-1997]

1. How old was Betsy when she sewed the flag? (Emily-5 1/2 yrs old) 2. Can you describe the clothes she used to wear; I am going to dress up as Betsy for my school project. (Grace-11 yrs old)
Grace Yu (11 years old) and Emily Brotman (5-1/2 years old), Los Gatos, CA [03-02-1997] [She was 24 in 1776; pictures at this site show the period clothing she likely wore. We answered them by e-mail, as well -Webmaster]

Your site has been a valuable tool in teaching about Betsy Ross. Thanks
Pat Hibbert, Haddon Heights, NJ, USA [03-02-1997]

Thank you for all the wonderful information on Betsy Ross flag-related topics. Nicholas had his first major report due (4th grade) and approximately 80% of our material was taken from this Website. As parents, we not only enjoyed it, but GRATEFULLY APPRECIATED the availability and quality of documentation.
Nicholas Lanford and Family, Duluth, Georgia [03-02-1997]

Diane Payne, Lynnville, TN, 38472 [03-03-1997]

I am very impressed
Anita Bath [03-03-1997]

Kyle Anderson, downingtown,Pa [03-04-1997]

Noelle Stack, Downingtown.Pa [03-04-1997]

Megan Cleverly, Annandale, VA [03-04-1997]

Whitney Henderson (age 7) [03-04-1997]

Hi! It's Jessica. I'm going to pretend to be Betsy Ross at school. Bye, Jessica
Jessica Wenzel, American Canyon CA [03-04-1997]

Ralph Stivison, Houston, Texas [03-04-1997]

I was very pleased with the Betsy Ross homepage. A co-worker was helping her son with a paper due related to the American flag. She asked me to see what was on the internet. Your page was very helpful. Thank you. P.S. Got a real HOOT out of the Burn the Burner of the flag homepage!
Dennis M. Gardner, Cape Girardeau, MO [03-04-1997]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross in school and I went here to get some information. I liked the tour of the house. I am in 5th grade
Krystyne Melicia, Seaside, CA [03-04-1997]

Thank you for your info!!!! Our children need to learn this history!
Stefanie Campbell, Phoenix, AZ [03-06-1997]

Andi Kaverman and Jason Markward, Ottoville, Ohio USA [03-06-1997]

April Rathbun, Houston, Texas [03-06-1997]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for famous women month. I found Betsy Ross interesting and the facts about the flag interesting too.
Vanessa Vidaurri, Huntington Park California [03-07-1997]

I'm glad I get to be you for Nite of the Notables.
Kathryn Payne, Moline, Ill [03-07-1997]

My daughter is doing a research paper on Betsy Ross. The pictures and information have been a great help. She has to dress up like Betsy. Do you know of any patterns that can be bought? We are also looking for her favorite foods. Thanks. The flag information was great.
Tina Smith, Stafford, TX [03-07-1997]

I am using this site to teach my Weblows Cub Scout den about their flag.
John Brennan, Milton MA [03-08-1997]

Im doing a paper on Betsy Ross for my 8th grade history class. I appreciate all the information.
Ellen Kline, Nacogdoches, Texas [03-08-1997]

Our teacher Mrs. Mathios wants us to find out who you are. I think finding out who you are will be fun.
Michael Brantley, U.S.A. [03-08-1997]

Katie Hall, Virginia [03-08-1997]

I am so glad I found this website. We are deeply involved in a colonial fair project and one of my girls will be Betsy Ross. We now have many additional ideas to make this presentation a memorable one. We are a fourth grade class in Holbrook, L.I. N.Y. Thank you again for creating such a wonderful and interesting site.
Valerie Callucci, Davenport, New York USA [03-08-1997]

Jennifer White, Trenton, NJ [03-08-1997]

Michael Barker, Virginia Beach, va 23455 [03-09-1997]

This web site is very educational from youngsters to adults. Keep up the hard work!
Hossein Sutton, Flint, MI [03-09-1997]

Cheri Stakely, Baton Rouge, LA [03-09-1997]

Brian and Shelli Garner, St. Amant, La, U.S.A. [03-09-1997]

Henrik Overvad, Viborg/Denmark [03-11-1997]

Thanks for showing me how to fold a five point star!
Maggie Daniels, Wauwatosa, WI [03-11-1997]

Thank you for helping me with my report. I can not wait to visit the "Betsy Ross House".
Katie Stapleton, Mountaintop, Pa. [03-11-1997]

Dante Fedeli, Stamford Connecticut USA [03-12-1997]

I am 12 years old and doing a report on women in the Revolutionary War. I picked Betsy Ross. My mother says we are a desendant on her grandmothers side. We love to sew in our family, so maybe we are! I am having a hard time finding enough information to do a whole report on. If you can help, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
Aimee Prevallet, Clifton, Virginia [03-12-1997]

Thank you for all of the great information. I am utilizing your web site as a start for my youngest sister's research on Betsy Ross. I've had the opportunity to visit the Ross home/museum in Philiadelphia several years ago and this site even brought back a few fond memories of the trip. Thanks again.
William Andrews, LeRoy, NY [03-12-1997]

As a native Philadelphian, it was really nice to go back and visit. You did a good job!
Sandy Bush, Israel [03-12-1997]

Hi! Our fourth grade class is doing a unit on the American Revolution.We are also holding a colonial fair on: March 20, 1997. A friend of mine named Ann Denning is playing the part of Betsy Ross. After she was informed of this, she has become very interested in her. So has the rest of our class. The class and I would like to learn more information about her. We would appriciate it if you could grant our wish. Thanks Again!
Rachel O'Donnell, Holbrook, N.Y. [03-12-1997]

This is a very nice site -- my daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross and this should be extremely helpful. Thanks
Carl Brenner, Kimberton PA [03-13-1997]

Rachel M., Corralitos ca [03-14-1997]

Emily Kate Gyure, Crown Point, IN [03-15-1997]

I really liked this web page.
Rebecca Wasinger, Russell Ks, USA [03-15-1997]

My daughter Amy Lund is doing a report on Betsy Ross. Amy and I throughly enjoyed our visit to the Betsy Ross House. We are hoping to visit in person this summer. Thanks again
Joanne Lund, Milan, Michigan [03-16-1997]

Kaylen, Alaska [03-17-1997]

Donny-Matt-Louis, Vineland New Jersey [03-17-1997]

I really enjoyed the internet tour of the Betsy Ross home. The pictures was in excellent condition. Thank you for making this opportunity and home page for everyone with computers to see.
Flossie Doetsch, McMinnville, Oregon [03-18-1997]

Very informative. I have three children, we depend on the net a lot for information that is totally erroneous in Encyclopedia, or informative, due to technology and new discoveries.
Valerie Cooke, Manassas, Va. [03-18-1997]

Linna Sewell, New Haven, KY Nelson County [03-18-1997]

ana p. xacur, manassas va [03-20-1997]

No commnets. Yet.
Adolfo Romero, Corpus Christi, Tx [03-20-1997]

This is a cool site to help with reports for school. It helped me.
Scott, Victorville, CA USA [03-20-1997]

I enjoyed your sight, I am in the 2nd grade and I was Betsy Ross in a costume party. Thanks!
Elizabth Gabany, Hartford CT [03-20-1997]

J. R. Sparks, Phila., PA [03-21-1997]

Very interesting bit of history. My own family have a long heritage of Ross's, my mother's name being Leith-Ross. Her line goes back to about 1500 and come from mostly the Forbes family, who were descended from the deForbes family who came over with William the Conquerer in 1066. My Ross's came from the Aberdeen area on the east coast of Scotland, and were a very prominent family of landownwers and "Provosts" in Aberdeen itself.
Alasdair W. Macqueen, Dundee Scotland [03-23-1997]

The tour of Betsy Ross' house was fabulous. It is a great educational tool.
Diane S. D. Hanlon, United States [03-23-1997]

We have enjoyed browsing your site. The illustrated history of the flag was exactly what my 6th grade daughter needed for her report on the American Revolution; we downloaded it and printed the flags on our new color printer. Thanks for your help!
David Carhart, Bloomfield NE [03-23-1997]

Glen & Wendy Hollander [03-23-1997]

Glen & Wendy Hollander, SLC UT [03-23-1997]

travis Ross, Louisburg KS 66053 [03-23-1997]

I loved the tour of the house! Thank-you for putting it on- line!
Elizabeth Koch, Hamburg NY USA [03-23-1997]

Interesting site, which I found by accident. Hopefully I'll visit next time I'm in the US.
Kelli White, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia [03-23-1997]

This is a really cool page. I really admire Betsy Ross, and am glad someone is honoring a woman who made a difference to our country!!! Long live America!!!
Stephanie Wheeler, Santa Barbara, California [03-23-1997]

I am a girl who loves Betsy Ross.
Fastlizard [03-24-1997]

I am 11 yrs. old and in 6th grade at St. Luke's School in Beavercreek, Ohio. I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school. I like reading about her. I have an older sister named Betsey. My sister has a Betsy Ross doll. I am looking up information on Betsy Ross on the internet. I was happy to find the Betsy Ross Home Page! Thank you!
Marysusan O'Hara Johnson, Beavercreek, Ohio [03-24-1997]

I am 5 years old and learning in home school about the U.S. flag.
Sandi Curlee, Pflugerville TX [03-25-1997]

I really like the flag that Betsy Ross made. it's real cool!
Dennis Curlee, Pflugerville TX [03-25-1997]

Excellent! I enjoyed the tour immensely!
Gary K. Thomas, Connellsville, PA [03-25-1997]

Stephen Lewandowski [03-26-1997]

I read about this interesting website on the American Girls website (Pleasant Company)
Julie Paterson, Los Angeles, California [03-26-1997]

Christy Davies [03-27-1997]

Karen Bolton, Sierra Vista, Arizona [03-27-1997]

I am doing a school report of Betsy Ross. I'm in the fifth grade and love history. We even have dress up like our report subjects.
BRIANA DROST, Quartz Hill, California United States of America [03-28-1997]

Hi. I wrote before on the guest book. I just wanted to say that it was a fun tour and I can give you a full report on Besty Ross. I think it's great kids can learn from these tours. I think it's wonderful you can put neat things on the internet for me and others. Hope I'll come and visit some time. Bye.
Taylor Adams [03-28-1997]

I like your tour. Someday I will go tour it. If it wasn't for the Betsy Ross homepage I would never know that there was a special building dedicated to Betsy Ross.
Renee Wilson, Guthrie Center, IA [03-29-1997]

What a wonderful treat! I wish they had something like this when I was in school. Thank you so much.
Lynda Kramer, Boynton Beach, Fla. [03-29-1997]

Jenny Andrade, California [03-29-1997]

What a wonderful resource! I am teaching Colonial History my 5th Grade class -- they will love making the 5-point star. Thanks for your information.
Annamary T. Fellner, Union, MO USA [03-29-1997]

Hi, I like your homepage!
Stephanie Lynne Brecht, Kutztown,PA [03-29-1997]

james w. Smith, Wartrace TN [03-30-1997]

Great stuff! See you in person on April 2-3 1997!
Joe, Vicky and Dylan, Jacksonville,Florida [03-30-1997]

Elaine Laird, Southern California [03-31-1997]

We enjoyed this sight very much, very informational. Thanks.
Roger and Sharon Coolen, Unity, Maine [03-31-1997]

I thought the tour was informative and very useful
Sharon M. Boyle, Philadelphia [04-01-1997]

Jessica M. England, Stilwell, Okla [04-01-1997]

Michelle Countiss, Baltimore MD [04-01-1997]

I'm from Colombia, Cali and live in United States for many years. I'm a Christian from United Pentecostals Church. I found your address in the yellow book inter. Bye, God bless you and your family.
James Nieto, Houston, Texas [04-01-1997]

Sherry L. Polk, Huntsville, Alabama U.S.A. [04-02-1997]

We found valuable information on this home page. Our daughter is doing a flag speech in school and this page had all the information anyone could possibly hope for. Thanks for making our work so easy and informative.
Sherry L. Polk, Huntsville, Alabama U.S.A. [04-02-1997]

I'm working on a school report for Betsy Ross. Looking for info.
Emily Guerra, Sandusky Ohio, USA [04-02-1997]

James H. Kidd, Newark, DE [04-02-1997]

It was a decent sight. It had a lot of info for my daughter Tia, for her report.
Denatia Batmio, Brookyln [04-03-1997]

Danielle, Brewster, NY [04-03-1997]

Hi. Are you good at chatting?
Sarah [04-03-1997]

i enjoyed the webpage
Cassandra Loyas, Clifton, NJ [04-04-1997]

Even if she was not directly responsible for the creation of the flag, Betsy Ross certainly always has and always will stand for it. She is in the great tradition of Uncle Sam -- a great, original, almost mythological American folk hero.
Joseph Waldman, MI [04-05-1997]

L. Hall, Edgewood, ky [04-05-1997]

I'm doing a project on the United States flag
Megan Grace Epperley, Pembroke VA [04-06-1997]

Great page - thanks for all the info!
Kevin Sedlak, Chatham, NY [04-07-1997]

Michael L. Lomuscio, Poughkeepsie, NY [04-08-1997]

Very nice web page
Missy Landhoe, USA [04-08-1997]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross in school. It is really hard!
Stacy Lowell, Pennsylvania [04-08-1997]

Sylvia Fellows, Anaheim, California, USA [04-09-1997]

tina, janesville,wi [04-09-1997]

Thank you for the information. I used it for my school project.
Laura E. Smith, Palmer Lake, Colorado [04-09-1997]

I love this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Trottier, Altamont, N.Y. [04-10-1997]

Laura Humphrey, Southern California, USA [04-10-1997]

This page has been so helpful to me. I'm so glad you have it. I am in the fifth grade class at Koinonia Christian School, and it is good to see our Christian roots in early American history.
Laura Humphrey, southern California [04-10-1997]

Vincent DeFeo, New Haven,CT [04-10-1997]

Hi! I'm from Virginia. I was at the Betsy Ross tour of the house today. Also on the internet. Bye!:) P.S. The house was neat, and we went there on a field trip from GBE
john [04-10-1997]

Hi Betsy Baby! What's new up stairs?
Mary Grace Temorieero, Lynbrook NY [04-11-1997]

Hey Betsy Sweetheart! I love your new Idea. That "American Flag" thing! Good Luck! Please write back.
Elisa Beers, Lynbrook NY [04-11-1997]

Steven Jennings, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [04-13-1997]

Mary McDermott, Delray Beach,Fl. [04-13-1997]

Betsy kicks! Yee haw!
Zach, Fargo, ND US of A [04-14-1997]

Thank you for the information, it helped me a lot. Hopefully I will be the one in my class that gets to do a report on Betsy Ross.
Amanda Lightfoot, Chattanooga, TN [04-14-1997]

anna and molly [04-15-1997]

I will be accompanying a group of 125 students along with other teachers from Bangor Area Middle School on April 23. Just surfing the web for more info to make our field trip more interesting.
Robert Curtolo, Roseto, Pa. [04-15-1997]

My students and I have enjoyed looking over this page. Thanks for a job well done!
Gale A. Campbell, Clover, S. C. 29710 [04-16-1997]

I did a play about Betsy Ross and George Washington and I was Betsy Ross.
Natasha Hobbs, California, USA [04-16-1997]

Betsy Ross is a distant relative on our genealogy charts!
Russ Brown, Glenwood Springs, CO [04-16-1997]

May 1, our 4th grade class from Norwood Avenue School will be visiting Philadelphia. We are looking forward to our trip. I will be taking my class on the virtual tour of Philadelphia through the Internet prior to actually going. It will be interesting to see how this internet experience will impact on their actual visit. What a great opportunity! Thanks.
Patricia Condon, Northport, NY [04-16-1997]

GERALD DUNMEYER, St.Petersburg, Fl. [04-16-1997]

William Treadway, Dandridge, Tn [04-16-1997]

josie brown, woods cross, utah [04-17-1997]

The flag rules. America rules! Go USA
Joseph J. Ritrievi Jr., Pennsylvania [04-17-1997]

I had a report on Betsy and I am happy that I recived all this infomation. It helped a lot!
Lauren Hartong, Bridgewater, New Jersey USA [04-18-1997]

Dear people I studied Betsy Ross
Naomi, Watertown [04-18-1997]

alaka teague, Tahlequah, Oklahoma [04-18-1997]

Larry Shong, idwell Ohio [04-19-1997]

This is a great source of info on Betsy Ross, especially if you have a 5 page report on her due tomorrow!! Thanks a lot!
Melissa, West Newton, Pennsylvania [04-21-1997]

Delia:I think you guys have a great thing happening here, so keep it up! Amy: I have been coming to Betsy Ross house since I was 4.this is the first time I did it on the Internet and I think it is great.
Delia & Amy where here [04-21-1997]

One of my neighbor's children was doing a report on Betsy Ross and this came in so handy. Saved a trip to the library! :o)
Debbie Kelperis, Stow, OH [04-21-1997]

I am in the 2nd grade and needed info for a research topic. Thank you very much. I enjoyed reading about Betsy Ross at your website. Thanks Again, Sara's Dad
Sara Stanton, Oil City, Pa. [04-21-1997]

Whitney Mercer, Jupiter, Fl,33458 [04-22-1997]

Thank you for your collection of flags. I was able to print out the flag I need for my report!
Dillon P. Simms, San Jose, California [04-22-1997]

I work for the County Library and am pleased to have this website on the Internet. We get a lot of questions about flags and now that I have bookmarked it, it will help with my job. Thank you so much.
wilma parete, Brook Park, Ohio 44142 [04-22-1997]

I really liked the tour. It was really nice. I will come back and vist some other day.
Hollie Mowell, South Vienna, Ohio [04-22-1997]

I love this page. I am an 8th grade history teacher and will use this!!! THANKS
John-Paul Saindon, Bakersfield, Ca. USA [04-23-1997]

I wonder if Betsy ever pondered the thoughts and feelings her sewed together pieces of material would bring. Or that her very name would bring instant images of our flag draped across her lap as she sewed followed by that same flag flying FREELY in American air and over American soil. God Bless and Protect us all. Thank you Betsy and all our founding fathers (warts and all) for your heart, insight and farsight and devotion. Etta G.
Etta Gail (McMillan) Cooper, Tulsa, OK [04-23-1997]

Hi there Betsy! Gena here! Have a great day!
Gena A. Fena, Richmond, Virginia [04-23-1997]

Butch Aucterlonie, Clay, NY [04-23-1997]

Craig Davis, Oklahoma City, OK 73105 [04-23-1997]

Thank you for educating people about respect for our national flag. we homeschool, and this is an invaluable web site.
beth, burlington, vermont [04-26-1997]

Sabre Dixon [04-27-1997]

Tony Kornrumpf, Lookout Mountain, TN [04-27-1997]

I learned about Betsy Ross in school. I am in the first grade. Thank you for this web page.
Sarah Jansen, St. Charles, Mo. 63303 [04-28-1997]

John K. Hertel, Westerville,Ohio [04-29-1997]

Cija Vaughn, Paducah,KY [05-01-1997]

Caroline Aldemir [05-01-1997]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I got the most info online. Thanks for putting history online. I love coming online now to look at the people back in the 1700s, 1600s and 1800s. I also love looking for other info online about history. It's my favorite. Thanks again!!! Love,
The History Person [05-01-1997]

I enjoyed your page. I am currently working on a brochure for veterans day. This page gave me some ideas
Darlinia A Coker, Jena, La. [05-01-1997]

Really love your page ... I think it's great. I'm starting a page on the USA ... and hope it will be as nice as this one is.
Claudette Letendre, Maine [05-02-1997]

charlene brazzeal, valrico, fl [05-02-1997]

I am in grade 9 and we are studying America's history in Social Science. One of our assessments is an oral, on a particular American person. I was assigned the job of studying and researching Betsy Ross. As I found hardly any information in Encyclopaedias and other such things, I turned to the Internet, where I found (gladly) the Betsy Ross Homepage. All my troubles and worries were solved! I could get to work writing my oral, as I had more than sufficient information on Betsy Ross. Thanks a heap! I'll have to send you an e-mail on the mark I receive! Once again...Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Emily Gilhome, Brisbane QLD, Australia [05-05-1997]

Your site was as delightful as our tour of the city!
Theresa McCollum, Turbotville, PA USA [05-06-1997]

I was looking for information on proper ways to display the flag. This page was very helpful. Thanks for being here.
Lindy Duree, Lakin, KS [05-07-1997]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross. Thanks for the information on the subject.
Kim Gottlieb, newtown pa [05-09-1997]

great information.
sandra taylor, enfield, ct 06082 [05-09-1997]

My daughter is in the second grade. She was tasked to write a biography on someone who made a difference in our lives. We found a lot of very useful information on your website. Thanks <:{) Dianne and Ashley Dorris.
Dianne Dorris, Chula Vista, CA [05-12-1997]

Thanks for your part in this page, the info I got was to help a young one with her book report for school. Thanks again
Vince Brunetti, Scranton PA, USA [05-12-1997]

Kelsea Devlin, Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania [05-12-1997]

John Boese, Milwaukee WI [05-12-1997]

Chrystal Conklin, Kingston, New York [05-13-1997]

I like all of the pictures you have. They are very interesting! I enjoy the facts and stories. From, Heather Gale
Heather Gale, Elk Grove, California USA [05-13-1997]

Stephen Fall, Parsons, TN USA [05-13-1997]

Just visiting.
Jason Parrish, Salt Lake City Utah [05-13-1997]

Found this interesting since I am visiting in your area next week.
Ann Soby, Arlington Heights, IL [05-15-1997]

You are doing a very good job. thanks for all the information.
Martin Tesselhoff, Boston, MA [05-17-1997]

E. Allen Browning, Jr. [05-17-1997]

Being a Navy veteran I have deep feeling because of friend lost in Vietnam.
James J Foley, Clinton Ct. [05-17-1997]

I'm 8 years old and need to do a school report about Betsy Ross and am trying to find as much information about her as I can.
Kayla Faith Griffioen, Pewaukee, WI [05-17-1997]

Thanks, I was looking for the information on making a star with one cut.
Stephanie Mahoney, Dewey, AZ [05-19-1997]

Thank you so much for a very enjoyable walk through history. I work with physically and mentally handicapped adults and have downloaded many of your articles to show them. I can't wait to show them how to cut a 5-pointed star.
E DeNino, Springfield, MA [05-19-1997]

God Bless America and Betsy Ross. 2LT Mark A. Spear Armor, Platoon Leader 1-12 Cavalry
Mark & Patricia Spear, Fort Hood, Texas [05-19-1997]

Caroline A. [05-19-1997]

Thanks for all the work you have done to get this on the WWW. Wish I had this when I was in school, but my grandchildern will get the use of it. My Hoosiers were the Hamshers and Franklins in Wabash, IN
Joann S Wilson, LaPine, Oregon [05-19-1997]

I visited the Betsy Ross House in 1994 and really enjoyed it. I hope to visit again in the future.
Greg Perry, Bristol Virginia [05-19-1997]

Chuck Ayres, San Juan Capistrano [05-19-1997]

this page is really useful. but it is long and sort've time consuming to read
alex beam, lafayette indiana [05-19-1997]

The flag has been special to me all my life, from Scouting through the Marines, and now as a veteran and Legionnaire. I have pledged to it, raised it, lowered it, saluted it, seen it at half-mast and upside down. I've buried my friends and brothers-in-arms with it, and seen it defiled and reviled both here and abroad. I hope, if no law ever passes against defiling it, a law will pass giving us immunity for what we do to those who dare. I found this site doing some research for a 3rd grade class on Betsy and the flag, and I sincerely thank you for one of the nicest sites I've ever visited.
Rob Powell, Rocky Mount, NC [05-20-1997]

John, Media, PA [05-20-1997]

Stephen, Havertown, PA [05-20-1997]

Showing my daughters their nation's history and that women contributed to its founding.
Miguel R. Alvarez, Vallejo, Ca USA [05-22-1997]

Thanks and keep up the good work. What you are doing is important.
Julie Webb, Clearfield, Utah [05-22-1997]

I'm doing a project for school on Betsy Ross. It's also a surprise for our parents. We will be dressing up as important people in history, and I chose Betsy Ross.
Danielle Rigo, Plymouth, MA [05-22-1997]

daniel millet [05-23-1997]

Very Informative & colorful. I came to this homepage to demonstrate various sites on the Internet available for kids. The age group of the kids that are viewing this page are of Kindergarden age at Wm. Cobb Elementary School in S.F. CA. I am a member of The Alliance of Black Telecommunications Employees, Inc. who came together in '96 to wire the entire school. We spent the entire summer of '96 accomplishing this task and have since been working on donations from managers of AT&T to fund the other equipment required to complete connectivity (ie. router, dsu/csu, hubs and RJ45 cables). Today we are holding a ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate the completion of this project.
James E. Alexander, Vallejo, CA. [05-23-1997]

Diana Caster, Auburn, CA [05-24-1997]

Jeffrey Lynn Breland, Buchanan Michigan [05-24-1997]

Great site! Enjoyed it immensely. Three other teachers and I are bringing our 4th and 5th grade classes to Historic Philadelphia on Tuesday, May the 27th. The information will be most helpful. Thanks.
Deborah Klinger, Quarryville, PA [05-24-1997]

All I needed was to know why the American flag is red, white and blue, as well as why it's configured the way it is. I searched the Library of Congress pages forever, but couldn't find out why. I found it so easily on your page. This is a great effort and tribute to Betsy Ross. Thank you so much.
Shannon M. Valcich, Tannersville, NY [05-24-1997]

Well done site.
Beaumont TX [05-24-1997]


Thanks For The Pictures. I enjoyed the sight.
Rebecca Warren, Des Moines IA [05-26-1997]

Sarah Shoulders [05-26-1997]

Thanks - I really enjoyed reviewing this on the day before Memorial Day. Keep up the good work!
Roy Huffman, Tucson, AZ 85731 [05-26-1997]

I'm President of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution. This is a wonderfully informative page. Congratulations on helping educate others about our heritage.
George Biles, Pittsburgh, PA [05-26-1997]

thank you for all your effort in protecting this part of our american heritage. jw
jan walls, woodbridge, ca.usa [05-27-1997]

Thank you so much for the information on the Betsy Ross homepage. Our church has had a July 4th service for the past three years and it has been my honor to organize the services. This year I want to do a service of the "symbols of freedom" and I plan on using Betsy Ross and the flag as one of them. The information on the page has been of tremendous help. Thanks again.
Larry L. Whiting, Wilmington, Ohio [05-27-1997]

i watch the history channel on the tube and just wanted to say thank you.
kenneth forbes, valley station ky usa [05-27-1997]

I am currently a student at Linfield College in Oregon, studying to become an Elementary teacher and found your website very helpful in developing a unit of study on the Revolutionary War. Thanks a lot! Sara Kelly :)
Sara Kelly, McMinnville, Oregon [05-28-1997]

Chase Rand, Camarillo, CA [05-28-1997]

Enjoyed very much...
JACK MILLER, Goldston, N.C. 27252 [05-29-1997]

I've just been asked to do a monologue as Betsy Ross in our church's patriotic presentation. This includes researching a costume, so I'm delighted to find that "she" has a homepage. I'll be checking it thoroughly. Thanks for all the information.
Jean Kolodziej, Nashville, TN [05-29-1997]

Thanks for the interesting tour. I enjoyed it very much.
Betsy Kinder, Pomona, California [05-30-1997]


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