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I have enjoyed taking a walk back in time. I know my fifth grade students will benefit next year.
Sharon Fontenot, Lake Charles, LA USA

My parents just got bvack from philidelphia This is a wonderful tribute to the founder of our flag
John Blanks, Nashville TN

Dennis Easley, Wylie, Texas 75098

Each year I open the school year discussing flag etiquette and care with my fifth graders. This year we are going to reproduce flags found throughout our country's history to display in the hallway. I am open to any suggestions about teaching ideas or web-sites which may assist in making this lesson even more meaningful to my class.
Michael Pinto, Otterbein, IN U.S.A.

I really enjoyed your site! I was looking for information on the US Flag to put up a web site about it, and found yours through AOL. Well Done!!
Steven Ringler, Vineland, NJ

I would like to see a portion of the homepage devoted to helping young children (early elementary) learn about Betsy Ross and the flag.
Rebecca Kronthal, Reston, VA

Most excellent page. I've spent a great deal more time here than I'd planned....congrats to the designers! They are getting the results they promise. SB.
Stephen Brockelman, Green Valley, NV, USA

I have examined your pages with great interest, especially the flag timeline. I am surprised to find what I consider to be a substantial omission: the first recognition of the American flag by a foreign government. This took place 14 February 1778 in Quiberon Bay, France. John Paul Jones was in command of the USS Ranger, an 18 gun frigate. As I recall, Jones was somewhat miffed at the French because they only gave him a salute for a ship's captain, and he wanted a commodore's salute. Also interesting about this is at least one witness stated the flag had red, white, and blue stripes, rather than only red & white. If you'd like I can provide a more detailed bibliographic citation for this information. I know that American ships had received earlier recognition, but from my readings, this was the first recognition after Congress passed Adam's resolution fixing the design of the flag. Your pages are very informative and enjoyable. Congratulations. X-Sender:
Jeff Svare, West Bountiful, Utah

Valerio, houston, Texas, USA

Gary M. Watanabe, Wahiawa, Hawaii

Shannon Sevey, San Luis Obispo, CA

Hope to visit this site in person, this summer!
Kari Klassen, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Travis D. Ross, louisburg KS.

America is a great country to live in and we must cherish our freedom at all times. Look at our flag and think of our liberty. We should be truly grateful to all who fought for our freedom which we enjoy today.
Cindy Furnare, Morgan Hill, California, United States of America

Spirit American Flag what I stand for America
Robert F. Strohmeier, San Jose CA 95120-3935 USA

Trivia: The American Flag colors are Blue, White and Red - not Red, White and Blue. It was poetic license that allowed F. S. Key to rearrange them as he did. I am seeking a place to purchace a cotton bunting flag. What are the correct proportions for Old Glory Thank you, Keith

Crissy Dahl, Concord, California

We are coming to Philadelphia on July 14, 1996. My family is really looking forward to it! Thanks for the information on the internet.
Julie Swadley, Fair Grove, MO 65648

I love your flag page. But I do not base my life around the flag. I have other things in my life that are just as important to me as the flag if not more important. I respect my friends 100,000,000,000,000,etc... times more than the flag!!!
chi chi, Berea, Kentucky Madison county

I am a fifth greatgrandson of Elizabeth Griscom. My family line runs from her daughter Clarissa. My Greatgrand father is George Seller who is on her family Tree.
Ernest W. Chaplin Jr., Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034

God Bless the men and women of America who have lost their lives defending this flag and the freedom it represents.
Ron Sullivan, Manassas, VA

I was looking for information on displaying the American flag and practices to show respect for the flag. I just happened to visit this page in my search.
Paul Klepac, San Jose CA

great! wonderful information. it sure is nice to be able to read such nice information.
bobby mack, west columbia, sc.

Enjoyed the page. We need more eductional information.
Kevin J. Virgin, Atlanta, GA USA

Sandra Jones, Las Vegas,NV,

I love our red, white and blue. GREAT, GREAT PAGE!!
Rickey R. Heckman, Chambersburg, PA 17201

Ronald McGarvey, Brigham City, Utah

Roger Grinnell, Portsmouth,RI

From: To:
Kara Berry, Dallas, Tx.

i would like to find articles on the internet outlaying the proper etiquette to fly a flag and how one can learn ahead of time when to fly the flag at half-mast. I am a disabled vet from the persian Gulf War. I would like to Continue to continue to honor my country by flying my flag the proper way.
dave ramsey, baraboo, wi

A good source of info, especially on how to make a 5-pointed star!
Chris Trucksess, Ridley Park, PA

K..., Kansas

Very informative & well done!
Frank Marinelli, Marlton, NJ

Barbara J. Feldman, San Diego

Your page is well done and I wish you success in bringing American histroy to hte internet.
William R. Noel, Louisville, Ky

Francie Braithwaite

Thanks for all of the great info. I am a teacher of older adults, and this will make for a very interesting unit.
Mary Burns Prine, San Diego, CA

...let us not forget the "cost" of the liberty we share today.
Walt Schmidt, Massapequa Park, Long Island, New York

From: "Mary Lou Clegg" Organization: ACPL To:
Robin Hale, Hinesville, GA, US

Howard Sanford, Henderson, TN 38340

Teresa Crissman, Lillington, NC, U.S.A.

Garth K. Graham, West Chester, PA

Kyung-Geun Song, Suwon, Korea(south)

Arnie Muscovitz, Lowell,Ma

Linda R. Carpenter, Brandon, FL

Ralph Haas, Manor, PA

Read about this site in NY Times. Contacted it for the Flag Etiquette section specifically, but am finding it all interesting. I live in an apartment complex where little American flags are often stuck into flower pots and even the ground. It looks terrible, yet I am accused of anti-patriotism when I mention such displays as inappropriate (and tacky). As president of my coop, I will enter aspects of your Flag Etiquette section into our House Rules. Thank you very much!
Betsy Bowen Wrenn, Stamford, CT

Enjoyed your information on the flag and Betsy Ross. My wife and I have a traditional 4th of July party on Lake Wylie. We barbeque a pig, have activities for the kids, and have a pretty decent fireworks display after sunset. I try to post interesting or humorous notes at the dock or on the deck. Folks enjoy reading after a couple of cold ones. It also makes for nice conversation for some of the new invitees. We expect about 100-120 this year. I think they'll enjoy some of the trivia & facts I found at your site. Thanks & have a great 4th of July!
Tim O'Dell, Columbia, South Carolina

"She's a grand ole flag, she's a high flying flag ". I've never been in the service, but I sure do apprieciate all of the men and women who have served and continue to serve. It is their dedication and service that makes this (USA) the greatest nation in the world. THANK YOU !!!
James Caulfield, Basking Ridge, NJ

I have read over your Betsy Ross page and found that there was no mention of Robert Morris. As you know Robert Morris was the chair of the flag committee and came to Ms Ross to commission her for the work. Can you please mention this fact in your page and help keep Mr Morris alive in the memory of Americans.
Robert Morris, Westtown, PA

Rodger D. Turner, Bismarck, Mo. USA

Vera Lucia Buchalla, Eckerd College, St.Petersburg, FL

it sure is nice to know something like this is out there..... thanks,
pete litteral, reedville, virginia, northumberland

How inspiring to think that a woman sitting in a small house in Phila., sewing bits of material together to form a flag could have made such a profound impact in the history of our country. Then again it really was all the small contributations make by ordinary citizens that created our country and helped it become the great country it is today.
L, Gilbertsville, Pa. USA

Rochelle l. Sollenberger

Charles Connolly, Bensalem, Pa.

Al Penko, Cleveland, Ohio USA

marlene herzog

Susan Machemer


I would like to have some information about the flag. First I would like to know why there are two different flags dis- played. I see one with gold fringe and one without so please could you tell me what the difference is. Thank you
dan burba, orlando, fl 32837

Noma,Yuko, Tokyo Japan

Richard J Ronk, Fairfax Va

I wish to express thanks for the education my daughter and I received visiting your site.We are a homeschooling family that finds resources on the web such as yours, infinitely valuable. Sincerely, Bernadine Joel
Bernadine Joel, Naugatuck, CT, USA


Alan Jochem, Escondido CA

Richard Shephard, Leisure City,FL.

Thanks for this page: My mother's maiden name was . . . Betsy Ross.
Stephen C. Meier, Los Angeles

This is the first time I have visited your page and I am very impressed. Keep up the good work. Ken....
Ken Goodale, Vista, CA, USA

John Schatzinger, Ramona, Ca.

Denny E. Tisdale, Merritt Island, Florida

Jean Nostrand, Plainsboro, N. J.

Nancy Adams, Edison, NJ

I was very happy to find this page. I'm a Middle School librarian and my eighth grade students are assigned Betsy Ross as a Revolutionary War topic for research. This will help us tremendously!
Alana S. Banaszak, McDonald, PA

Jim P. Wise, Houston, Texas

Great source of info for my kids.
Deyva Whitfield, Austin, TX

Thank you for helping me to remember what July 4rth is all about. During the cookouts and the golf, I will pause to reflect on how great this country truly is and what a priviledge it is to live here.
Peter Constant, Louisville KY

I have enjoyed the patriotism of this site... how appropriate for the holiday! Thanks.
Nancy R. Halbert, Route 3 Box 201 Sulphur Springs, TX 75482

Great patriotic web site
densch, Miami, Fl., USA

I thought this site was GREAT! (Read about it in our local paper) Only one problem -- I couldn't seem to access the "etiquette" information?!
Kristine Quart, Encinitas, CA 92024

L Brazell, Concord, NH

Our city became internationally recognized during the unfortunate Iranian Hostage Crisis. For each day our fellow Americans were held hostage our city erected one American Flag. All 444 American Flags fly every day at the Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Hermitage, PA
anhel, Hermitage, PA 16148

Thomas E. Anderson, Lafayette,IN 47905

Enjoyed your page tremendously. A warm glow comes over me as I read such great thoughts about our beloved flag. I often wonder about the psychology that transcends those thoughts and why we are so overwhelmed by them?
Charles A. Adamson, Lawton, Oklahoma (USA)

Judy Bullard, Beaverton, OR

John Bruce, Simpsonville, SC 29680-6246

I'm glad someone has enough reverence for those who died preserving the flag to have it honored with a home page of its own.
Charles J. Grant, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Texi Waterman, Olympiz, WA USA

Tim Buss, Macungie,Pa. 18062

winfoto, bensalem pa

Marie Fields, Colbert, GA USA

Thank you for the chance to know Betsy Ross better. Happy 4th

Mary Lang, Balch Springs, Texas, USA

Nice page.........I like the history of the flags.
Paul Feinstein, Bronx NY

Dr. Travis Tunnell, Little Rock, Arkansas

I stumbled across your page just before I had to go to work, so I haaven't had an opportunity to look at the page yet. I did add it to my hotlist though.
Carl Micola von Furstenrecht, Warner Robins, GA


David A. Anderson, Des Moines Iowa

My flag is waving outside. With pride, my husband and I fly it. This is a wonderful page. My husband is a veteran of WW2 and we strive to inspire patiotism in others.
Mary Freeman, Bells, Tn.38006

Orion Carlisle, Tallahassee, FL

Dana Jutras, Hudson, N.H

Being Independence Day, my neice and I were talking about the history of the flag. Wanting to learn more about it we took a little trip on the WEB and lo and behold we stumbled upon this terrific home page! Many thanks and keep up the great work! Have a safe and happy 4TH! Deb & Mel
Deb Vanhutton, Woodbridge, VA

Willis Moore, Barling, Arkansas, USA

It's the Fourth of July and I needed some info about flying the flag properly. Thanks for being here.
Jennifer Smith, Covington, Louisiana, USA

great page!!! enjoyed it!!
megan and kristen childers, memphis. tenn

Cheryl Manning, Dallas, Texas U.S.A.

I live in Georgia and love history(especially American history) and science. Thank you for putting this historical information to the Web.
Gennie Camp, Covington, GA, USA

God bless AMERICA!
Michael Ayers, Lusby,Maryland

Curt Trimble, Lancaster, Pa

Eric Shadden, Lubbock,Texas

Dr. Ajay Sharma, Tyler, TX

bill bruch, sab bernardino, ca

Carol Hinton, Spring Valley, CA. USA

Happy Independence Day! It's still Great to be an American!
John D. Jacoby, Merced, California

My great Aunt once told me that my family is kind to Martha Washington and to Betsy Ross.
Albert W. Holland, Lawrenceville,Georgia Gwinnett County

Interesting site. I downloaded info on flag etiquette-thanks!
Marv Nelson, Anaheim, California

Happy Birthday, America!
Richard F.X. O'Connor, Santa Barbara, CA

Sheryl D. Amick, Orange, CA

I linked here from Michael Reagan's Information Interchange home page at Thanks for a lovely way to spend the 4th!
Sheryl D. Amick, Orange, CA

There are 233 of us here, wintering over in Antarctica. We are just starting to see the glimmer of sun again. The first official sunrise is August 20, 1996--we are looking forward to it after 2 months of darkness. We do not have fire works here to celebrate Independence Day but celebrated by sharing the information from your home page with others which served as wonderful reminders of what the Fourth of July stands for.
N. Farrell, McMurdo Station, Antarctica

I have been very impressed with the entire cybertour and the area of Philadelphia. You have shown many of the good things that can be done on the internet. What a perfect place for one of the possitive examples of cybertech. Thank you
Karen Miller, Moline, Illinois

Enjoyed the Page on July 4, just beginning to explore...
Don Watson, Santa Clarita Calif

Ken Gilbert, Long Beach, CA

this page is put together so well! there is so much infornmation thank-you!
meryna brown, san diego, ca. u.s.a.

It is very humbling to know that a woman could be responsible for creating something that we as a nation treasure so much. Thank you for all of the hard work that goes into preserving her house.
Toni and Stacy Colomy Zieminski, Philadelphia

If you don't vote don't bitch;)
Dug Weider, Allentown PA

Hi, Just thought I'd drop in and Wish You a Happy Forth of July. Last year I was in Kodiak Alaska at this time and helped them with their Forth of July Picnic and Barbecued all afternoon.I miss not being there this year ,so I am wishing you a Happy Forth of July .I have enjoyed your home page very much. Lena
Lena Gauvin, Victoria,British Columbia,Canada

Great home page. I just bought a flag and wasnted to make sure we were flyinh it correctly. I found a lot of other interesting facts along the way Mel
Melinda , Irving Tx USA

Richard Delaney, Chicago

My flag is flying proud in front of my house today.
Linda J. Rinzel, Apache Junction, AZ

i don't have time to explore at this time. i will return and do so soon. keep you good work going.
p j fontanarosa, canton oh usa

Janet Ryan, Poulsbo, WA

What a great city and a great tourist attraction!
Frank Dolski, West Grove, Pa. 19390

Marc Duchaine, Standish,Maine

I am glad to see some real history on the internet, Well done!
Raymond L, Conger, Kennewick, WA

Cool Web site!
Mary Lee Luther, Broken Arrow, OK

I did not know this page even existed, this is a real joy, thank you.
roger brandt, burlingame, ca.

Medhanie Amare, SWEDEN

Kenneth S. Barger, Murrayville, IL 62668 (USA)

John Anderson, San Jose, Ca.

Daniel Green, Smyrna, GA

martin dohmen

Jimmie Storton, Arroyo Grande, Ca. U.S.A.

Tony Kay, Bloomfield Hills Michigan USA

Interesting site.
Chuck & Dulcie Ilgenfritz, Mystic, CT

I found this site to be very informative and interesting. Thank you to those responsible for putting it together.
Don Sinclair, San Jose California

Cathy McEntire, El Cajon, CA

The American Flag has many names. The best of these names are the colors Besty Ross chose - The RED, WHITE, and BLUE - Old Glory. God continue to Bless America.
John P. Tonge, Riverside ,CA USA

douglas e. craven, 1159c radar hill rd, honolulu, hi 96819

I think the Internet provides an excellent access to historical information. I would love to see American and world history become a frequently visited area by students of all ages!
Sandra F. Lewis, Garland, Texas

Knott family, Minatare, Ne.U.S.A.

R. Praesent, Kimberton PA

Heard your web page mentioned on VH-1 and thought we would come and look around.
lynn and chuck hamrick, columbia, sc

Great internet site! I'll pass it on to some of my friends who appreciate History...
Mark Breta, Cicero, Illinois

Marcus Bryan Sellers, State College, PA

Lynda Denaro, Summerville SC USA

Richard Lunn-White Wolf, Phila, Penna

Patsy A. Spittler, Hallettsville, Texas

Thank you for providing this page. I enjoy reading about historical events (and seeing them). Hope to visit the Betsy Ross House in the future.
Jim Souter, Round Rock, TX

Thank you
Jim Cady, San Diego

Bill Hillard, Salisbury, NC

Very Interesting,,,, and my wife enjoyed the Star
Dan & Chris Olson, Iron Mountain, MI

Great presentation! Thanks sorry I can't help about the words to the song. Robert.
Robert Goetjen, Bossier City, Louisiana

I am a decendant of John Ross.
Lansing Williams, Wooster,OH

Jenn Wademan, Philmont, NY, USA

David McKenzie, Sterling VA

Enjoyed reading about the history of Betsy Ross. Thanks for sharing!
Danielle Emmerthal, Winsted,CT.,U.S.A,

I appreciate your efforts to educate all Americans on our country's history. Thank you
donald j coleman, mt. pleasant, s.c.

Carolyn Jacobsen, Lynnwood, Washington

I always get a thrill throughout my whole being when repeating the pledge to the American flag. Since I belong to Kiwanis and DAR I repeat the pledge at least 5 times a month. I am proud and thankful to be an citizen of the United States of America.
Celene Eliason, Nora Springs, IA,USA

Thank You for having such a nice place to read and ponder Mrs Dino Bingham
Dino, Stockton, Calif

enjoyed your page
sal arrigo, ashburn ontario canada

I visited the Betsy Ross house recently on a trip to Philadelphia, PA. It was very interesting.
Matt Kinsey, Salem, NH

Interesting facts, but I was disappointed I couldn't access the etiquette section.
Linda Josey, La Habra, CA

mike waychowsky, dublin ca

Justin H. Bell, Bakersfield, CA.

I am a descendant through Jane Claypoole Canby, Catherine Canby Balderston, and Esther Balderston Jones. I eagerly look forward to exploring more of the site-- it appears very informative.
Thomas Christopher Jones, Houston, Texas

Mark Ross, Anaheim, California USA

Interesting topic. Good job..
David Willis, Wadsworth, Ohio, U.S.A.

Margaret Parsons, Missoula, Montana

I checked into this site for I am trying to find some things that may be of interest to my son and if he would ever have to do a research on this subject. I will definately point him to this direction...Job Well Done.
Bonnie Knox, Coatesville, PA 19320

suzanne sants, Chula Vista, CA

Kenneth Ingham, Shaw Lancs. U.K.

I am a fifth grade teacher! I am very excited to do a FLAG unit in class this year. Your homepage will be a wonderful addition to this unit!! Thank you!!
Kim Bohs, Battle Ground, IN

Helen Pearson, Philadelphia, PA

Glad to see that you are keeping history alive for those of us that still think patriot is a good word. God bless your efforts.
Tom Trahan, Pittsburg, CA

I'll be there to visit next Tuesday or Wednesday!
Tammy Wright, Blacksburg, Virginia

I am a teacher at a school named Betsy Ross Arts Magnet School. We are a middle school with an emphasis on the arts in New Haven, CT.
Patrick Velardi, New Haven, CT USA

marnie ann joyce, philadelphia, PA

David Sandeford, Arlington TX USA

dave gregg, elkton md.

Angela Melanson, Tofield, Alberta, Canada

Jan and Cory Groves, Bountiful, Utah

Liana Skye Peterson, Brooklyn, New York

ansley, thomasville georgia

Faith Ann McLin, Livingston, Louisiana

Sharon Scott, Plymouth, Indiana

davis r. dalby, va. beach, va.

Lakshmi Dattatreya, Summit, NJ

CharlAnn Gregory, Weldon, CA

Melinda Bue, Kernville, CA

jack meoff

Mattie Hunt, Canton, GA

Joanna Alper, St. Louis, MO U.S.A

Bob Hall, North Platte, NE

Kalia Kuligowski, Orem Utah USA

anita osborne, celina, texas 75009

Annette Lorenz, Cupertino, CA

Athena Doughty, Dallas, TX 75284

Ben Caudill, Kalispell,MT

Bill Poulos, Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Christa Ochocki, Sioux Falls, SD

christine and rob, little silver, nj

Clarice West, Pinehurst, North Carolina

Colleen Nau, Jacksonville, Florida

cwoodward, canaan nh usa

Danusia Pringle, Belchertown, MA

David and Betty McCormick, Winchester, VA

Debbie Manegre, Seneca, SC USA

Dexter Idlewild, Pennsauken, New Jersey U.S.A.

Earl Trout, Philadelphia, PA US

Ed Sutton, Cinnaminson, N.J.

Erin Burke, Aldan, PA Philadelphia area

Fern Entrekin, Honey Brook PA 19344

Fred .A., Secane,Pa

gem akleman, suffern, ny

Glasl Franz Josef, Austria

Jaimeson Montroe Winstead, eaton rapids, mi 48827

Jan Morse, Huntington, VT USA

JEAN STISE, Beverly hills florida

Jessie, Long Island, NY

Jim Cook, Agawam, Massachusetts

John J. Woodruff, Grantsville, Utah

John Mateyk,

John W. Gibson, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Joseph A. Guidotti, Philadelphia. PA USA

Katherine Nielander, Pensacola, Florida 32514

Kathleen Gwin, Wilmington, NC

Kathy Clark, Niagara Falls, New York

Kathy Collins, Philadelphia, PA

kris graham, wayne, pa

Lawana Powell, Marthaville, Louisiana

Lora Harber, Erial, NJ USA

Loralee Crookston, Woodbridge, Virginia USA

marissa alavarces, staten island ny

Mark Card, Pacific Wa USA

Micah Walters, Mt.Sterling, KY 40353

Michael Coder, Auburn, California, U.S.A

Michael May, Wauwatosa, WI USA

mike zeglen, milford,de United States of America

Mrs. Kaufman's Fifth Grade, DeSoto, Missouri

Nikki Morgan, Oceanside, CA

Philip Herbig, Junction City, KS

Ralph Marino, Glendale,Ariz. USA

Robert Schmalzbach, Ben Lomond, California

Sheri Wilhelm, Leesville, LA

Stephanie and Tim, Bellingham, Wa

ted washington, San Jose California

Terence Johnson, Austin, Texas

Tiger Schwontkowski, Calgary, Alberta Canada

Tim Dare, Damascus, MD

Tom Daley, USA

Steven Ratcliff, Martinsville, VA

Carol von Brandt, Anderson, Ca

Joseph G. Bannon, Gloucester Twp. NJ

Donald A. King, Blackwood, New Jersey, USA

Bill Patterson, Drexel Hill,Pa

Timothy D. McCrohan, Amherst, New York

Ann Godin, Northampton, MA

Alan Boriskin, Lafayette, CA

emily edwards, Granville, Ohio 43023

Nicole Eisenach, Menasha, WI

franka malmberg, reidsville, ga 30453

Arlene Baker, Haddon Twp. High School, Westmont, NJ, USA

LT Col Michael Hampson, Norfolk Virginia

Earl S. Bethel & Miranda Larocca, Oil City, La.

GySgt Summerfield, G.D., Okinawa, Japan

brian kamery, clemson, sc

Billie Kelley, Five Islands, Maine

lolly O'Brien, Princeton, NJ

Lynn Swain, Philadelphia, PA

Erica N. Bacich, 6525 Dorcas St. Phila. PA 19111

oshel mckinney, America

Ian Fitzpatrick, 109 Shady hill Dr,Chalfont

abigail stenzel, Mapleton MN

Roberta Kelly, Voorhees, NJ

Andy O'Neal, Huntigton WV 25704

Mrs. Faris 5th Graders, Buda, TX

Edward Eubanks, Minneapolis, MN

Kimberly Lamp, Southeast Missouri State Cape Girardeau, MO

Donald E. Ferguson, Galvestn, TX

Dan Griscom (related to Betsy Griscom Ross), Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Jeff Rigg, Eaton, Colorado, USA

mario seixas, sao paulo sp brasil

Claire Anne Weiss, whitefish bay, wi usa

Marge Gagliardi, Ridgecrest, CA


I'm trying to find some information on the Original Daughters of Independence.
Herbert Vandenberg, Park Ridge IL.

David Nettleton, Lock Haven, PA

I like your page. Thanks
Aric Passmore, Selinsgrove Pa

Callan is working on a project for school, writing a paper on a historic Pennsylvanian. The information about Betsy Ross here on the web is fabulous and should allow her to write a great paper! Thanks.
Callan Leigh Burns, Lewisburg, PA 17837

One of my most cherished moments was visiting the Betsy Ross House with Michelle Phillips of Philadelphia.
Brian Perry, Arlington Heights, IL

Down South here we have a lot of controversy as to whether or not the Confederate flag should be flown over government buildings and be part of official state and local seals. Personally, I'm against it, but I would like to hear what you Betsy people think about it. Thanks.
Saul Caplan, Safety Harbor, FL

The flag is cool.
Jennifer O'Neill, Arlington, Texas

Toni, I made it to your page!!! It looks really cool. I look forward to working with you on the Flag Cake. I'll talk to you soon.
Mark Newman, New York City

great flag and a great lady for a great country
frank laroche, rockledge, fl

karin kovacik

Today is my frist day to send a message. I am in the fourth grade.
brittany coulbourn

Three cheers for Betsy Ross
Marie sammon

Tim Gladney, lexington, ky

McArthur O. Hill, Jr., Cedarville, Ohio

tricia ballassona

i hope to see Betsy Ross this summer
holly flite

I was at Betsy Ross when I was in fourth grade
Caitlin Doyle

Need info on the proper way to display an American Flag on an automoble or motorcycle. Thanks, Richard
Richard J. McMillan, Merritt Island, Florida

Greg Scoggins, Houston, Texas

Thank you for such an informative home page! The past ten years I have really gotten interested in history. We lived back east for 4 years. During that time we died visit Betsy Ross house. I did not know her back ground then. Send me any information regarding Betsy Ross Memorial Society. Thanks!
Kim Frain, Anchorage, AK USA

We just discovered your home page and we like it.
Free Library of Philadelphia staff, Philadelphia PA

Luis Bello, Hialeah, Florida USA

Thanks I am writing a play for our church group to do at end of june or first of july your page helped.
chet rainey, middletown ohio

I haven't been to your house yet but I want to go I can't wait until I go see it. Jessica Brooks
Jessica Brooks, Birmingham, AL

Very good could stand a little more history on Betsy
Minnie McClain, Bellefontaine Ohio 43311

Dennis j Turton, great falls mt

I think the Betsy Ross Home Page was terrific. My daughter, Jaime, was able to obtain every piece of information she needed for her History report here. From information to write a wonderful, interesting and special report to how to cut the stars for her arts and crafts project. It's this part of the Internet that I think is extremely worthwhile and important.
Carol Barnes, Laceyville, PA

Rebecca Smith, Hopkinsville, KY

The page was very informative. I grew up in Philadelphia and haven't been to the historic section for at least 20 years. I think, during my next trip home, I'll reacquaint myself with historic sites in the area.
Timothy McCool, Leucadia, CA

Roland Weissbarth, Berlin, Germany

Edward F. Smith, Beaver Dam, Kentucky

Hi. I'm Brittany and I'm cool!
Brittany Waldow

Dear Betsy Ross Guestbook: Great information... will be visiting in May.
Alicia A. Basemann, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Betsy Ross was my friend in 1880 I'm now 127! Hope to see her in Heaven
Caroline Skinner

This was a very nice experience. Being from Philadelphia I grew up in the shadows of many important sights including the Betsy Ross house. Now through cyberspace my daughter can visit the same sight. Thanks
Doreen Zemble, Portland,Or

Hi, I've been to Philly last month, to adopt a little boy, born in your city. We're very proud that he - Mitchell Jeffrey - has become our 5th family member. We visited the Liberty Bell and since Mitchell is Afro- American, we think that this visit is very symbolic. We will return in December for the finalization court hearing. Philadelphia was the first city we saw in the USA since it was our first visit ever. Our impression: just excellent. Best, Ed Mantel.
Ed Mantel, The Netherlands

Edith Elliott, Goode, VA 24556

Thank You
Lynne Maxwell, Rt. 5 Box 557C Waco, Tx 76705

I'm looking for information about Betsy Ross for a 4th grade report. Thanks for the information!
Mary Colleen Cassidy, Woodstock, IL

My wife Phyllis' (nee Moore) family has always believed that they were related somehow to Betsy Ross, and my recent research has led me to a David Ross, born about 1812, married to Jane Livingston, who had a daughter Jane Ross, born 1825. Jane married Elijah Reeves, who is my wife's maternal great-great- grandfather. Do you have any genealogical data on Betsy Ross that would help us confirm or refute the connection? Any help would be appreciated. In the meantime, thank you for a very informative site.
George Bruggeman, Redlands, CA

Could you please tell me where the original flag that Betsy Ross is famous for is on display? I've tried the Smithsonian & other museums, but no luck. Thanks for your assistance. This is a fantastic site. Barry Howard
Barry A. Howard, Morristown, NJ

I was searching for any information on Betsy Ross; my 11-year-old daughter is playing the part of Betsy Ross in a production at school. Megan wanted as much info as she could, so needless to say I was very impressed with this homepage. I found myself feeling very fortunate and blessed to be an American. Thank you for your work and your devotion in bringing information to the Internet.
Rick Hulslander, Sachse, Texas

I love this page it's great.
Nicole Hartman, Pittsburgh PA USA

This is a great sight. I enjoyed it a lot!
Cheryl Patterson, Pearland, TX

Luciano esteve aqui, e tentouvender UNIMED
Zimmermann, Criciuma - SC - Brazil

I would like to thank the people who put this page together. I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and you guys helped me a lot! Thank you.
Travis, California

June Hamlin, Ville Platte LA

r. fried, danville, in

Devan is a 4th grade gifted education student who is doing a research project on Betsy Ross. She will present her research in front of judges. Thanks to the Internet, she was able to obtain lots of information. Stacey is her mother and has only printed out information from the Internet for her. Devan has put in 5 months of hard work in and her mom wishes her lots of luck on her project.
Stacey & Devan Caton, Corydon, Kentucky

Diane Morris, Owensboro, KY

Luke, WA

Samantha Sahagian, P.A.

My thanks for those who died defending our flag.
Richard N. Laughry, Slidell, Louisiana, 70458-2217, USA

Wonderful page! Very unique! I have a link to it from my homepage!
Flora Deter, Sacramento, CA

Thank you for establishing this site. It has aided me in my endeavor to paint a portrait of Betsy for our "God and Country Day" celebration at my church. I am considering purchasing a Betsy Ross flag, and would like more information.
Kathy Fierro, Barstow, CA USA

I liked making the stars. And learning about Betsy Ross.
Courtney Berger, Scotch Plains N.J. U.S.A.

To do fifth grade school projects, how can I download the picture image? John.
John Millward, Norfolk VA

A great page, and a life saver. Just today my spouse asked me for information on the flag for a Flag Day project at the Anchorage Veterans Hospital. Many thanks.
Emory Walker, Anchorage, Alaska

Love our flag.
Harris J. Danos, Cut Off LA 70345

Philip D Calabrese, West Chester Pa. Chester

Karen Cappone, Wheeling, WV

Planning a family for this July 4th to visit Betsy Ross' house, specifically, and then see Philadelphia and spend a week in the area, camping. Any information you can provide would be appreciated.
Pamela Curtner, Hilliard, OH

Kathleen Zaccagnino, Port Chester, NY 10573

Great looking page!
Dennis Kane, Drexel Hill, PA

Great information page. Need more like this.
Richard K.Peterson, Liberal, KS. 67901

Thank you so much for the BUDA photos. What a thrill it was to go on the internet and see our beautiful city. The kids were really amazed. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I just hadn't had the opportunity to connect with the kids and find the time. Keep up the good work, you're an inspiration to me (Sydney Bradfield) the computer teacher. Your interest in our class and follow up is just what we need to spur us on to communicating with the world.
Mrs. Faris 5th Grade, Buda, TX

I can't wait to visit again when the restoration is completed!
Samantha Hansen, Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Very informative page. It was enjoyable to read. Thank You
Donald E. Ross, Oceanport, NJ

Steve Lichtensteiger, Convoy, OH

Thank you for all of the great information. I plan to use it in a challenge with a friend who claims Francis Hopkinson as the originator of the first official American flag.
Fran Harrison, Cornwall, NY

Thanks for the "journey." We'll be baaaaaaaack!
Barbara C. Munger, Connecticut, USA

Alberto R. Young, Tucson, Arizona

I have enjoyed your page. The flag rules are very informative as well as attractive. Thanks a lot! Peggy
Peggy Mason, Salem, Ohio

as an elementary educator, I interested in the on-line information available to users. Thank you for some useful information!
JoAnn G. Bush, Emmaus, PA

My 4th grader, Alexandra is building a project concerning Betsy. I am indebted for your assistance.
Allen Gilmore, McLean VA

I just went on a field trip there today. It was really neat!!! I was mad because of Betsy Ross house! It was really neat but there was no mancins the very day she left it!!! it was very hot too!!!! the mint was ok.
Jessica Ann Serpico, E.Stroudsburg PA USA

Hi, we are happy to see Betsy on the Net!
Sister Sally Daly, Phila., PA

I am doing an oral presentation on Betsy Ross, if anyone has any information that would be useful to me please e-mail it to me, I would be very appreciative.
Kara, Roxboro, NC

Buddha Qualms, Michigan

Roger T. Durbin, Blissfield, MI

sharon warren, florence, al

nancy draper, florence, al

Kevin D. Raub, Killeen, TX

Enjoyed the information about the American Flag. I am proud to say that I fought for freedom under it in Korea in 1951. Was wounded two times but I am happy to say that I returned home to raise a wonderful family but some of my friends never had the opportunity that did not return. I hope God is watching over them on this Memorial Day weekend.
Arthur Smith Jr., Chelmsford, Ma.

Thank God for your work! Your efforts to preserve and promote respect for the American Flag is very commendable.
Robert McArtney, Lackawanna, NY 14218

Mr.and Mrs. W. Watson Straub

Rebecca V. Maylum, Springfield, VA

You were the only web site we could find with the instructions for Memorial Day flag flying to tell us half mast vs full. Thank you.
B. Chappell, Rockford, IL

This is a great idea for a site.
Dawn Hamlett, Dallas, Tx. USA

Michelle Spencer, Westwood, California

Great idea. I hope that you can expand the content and include much more on flag etiquette etc.. I came here looking for information and found most of it. As a Vietnam veteran I am glad to see web pages that explain and tell about our flag and it's history. As you know, most veterans are the strongest supporters and enthusiasts of the flag and what it stands for. Thanks Larry Aubin
Lawrence A. Aubin, North Uxbridge, MA

Looking for the Boy Scouts -- Doing a program regarding the Flag and its history. Thank you for this home page.
Gil Jones, Knoxville, TN

My daughter had to dress up as Betsy and know a few facts (1st grade). We found out about it the night before. I searched on Yahoo and came up with your home page. Thanks. It was a life saver. Quite interesting too!
Tom Pusateri, Raleigh, NC

I love your 5 pointed star instructions! Hi Lynn!
Rachel Sandage, Portland, OR

Democracy and freedom are alive and well. May we all remember the spirit that formed and made this country great. Remember also "that last full measure of devotion" Given by so many. Remember!
John T. Walton, Abilene, Tx 79605-5638

I am looking for any regulations about the gold-fringed flag. Thank you.
Jonica Behnke, Evansville, IN

Hello, Please forgive me for asking a question which is horible off-topic. My mother wants to send flowers to a friend in Philly, and has asked me to search the internet for the name of a good florist. I have enjoyed exploring the excellent on-line resources of the Philadelphia area, but I have been unable to locate any information on florists. If you could e-mail me any information, I would be greatly in your debt. I would also like to compliment you on your beautiful web page. In college I wrote my senior thesis on the impact of women on the revolutionary war, and I am always glad to see people continuing to honor their valuable contributions. Thank-you very much
Kathleen Jones, Nashville, TN

Enmanuel Mena-Alba, Santiago, Dominican Republic

Outstanding Web site. My daughter needed a picture of Betsy for her 4th grade class. I got the picture and much, much more.
Chris French, Telford PA

Rachel Hershenson, Yardley, PA

Great page! Have been looking for a full sized? Betsy Ross Flag. Any suggestions on where we might find one, and soon! Trying to prepare a museum, in our small town, for FLAG DAY!
Kenneth L. Werning, Weeping Water, Nebraska USA

I am looking for a place where I could purchase a 3 foot by 5 foot Betsy Ross flag and possibly a Bennington flag. I would like a good quality embroidered flag that will be for display.
Roy L. Huffman, Waynesburg Pa.

I know of the song. I also sang it in grade school. I will check with my mother and also a few friends to see if they remember the words and music. Will let you know soon
Cathy Gilroy, Oak Harbor, WA

On Aug 8th my mom and I will visit the Phila Art Museum. I hope to see a lot of interesting things and I hope to see many pictures of famous people and photographs. Would you send me brochures about Phila and a map of Phila. Thank you.
Robert Stout, Manassas, VA USA

Gerry Reid, Flower Mound, Texas

George F. Malinoski, Watervliet, NY

Lori Henning, Worthington, Mn.

Looking for information on the symbolism of the flags colors. Why stripes and not a different formation? Why "stars" to represent the states?
Thomas Foulkes, Holland, Michigan

It's great to see educational web sights for children. Ya Hoo!
Melody Bell, Redwood City, CA

Jon Anderson, Provo, Utah USA

Ken Hastie, Tampa, Florida

Barbara Conroy, Holtsville, NY

I am a County Commissioner is Chester County, and I came across your home page as I was preparing a speech for flag day. I also happen to be an old friend of Bill Van Alen, who is/(was?) Chairman of your Board. Feel free to put me on your e-mail mailing list. Best, Colin
Colin A. Hanna, West Chester, PA

Thanks for the help. I am writing a book for first graders and one of the sections will be on Betsy Ross.
Drew Cassidy, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

I asked for an image of the first flag because I couldn't download it off netscape. NEVER MIND. I got it! Thanks.
Drew Cassidy, lancaster PA

Great page! Thank you from all Americas wherever they are all over the world
Ashley Frederick, Beaverton, Oregon, good 'ole USA

Loni Moore, Commerce, TX

I was looking for information as to what the three colors of the flag symbolized. Thanks for all the great information.
Jeffrey Moss, Moreno valley, California

I can't get enough of US History on the Web...keep it coming.
Lori Conroy, Willits, CA

Tommy Buzbee, Denison, IA

I am coming to Philadelphia on July 6 to see the Cezanne Exhibit and would also like to come to the Betsy Ross House. Can you give me directions from American Museum of Art, how far it is, if there is a bus to take and your hours on Saturday and Sunday and the latest one can enter the house on Saturday. Thank you
Diane Zotti, Arlington MA

The American Flag is the icon of freedom.
Neil Maloney, Aurora, IL

Dan McGinley

Thanks for being able to help me with my homework.
Jamie Bricker, Philadelphia

David Isabel, Alpine, CA - San Diego County

Mary L. Dolan, Philadelphia, PA

Deborah Callicott, Green Cove Springs,Fl 32043

Today is Stefanie Alyea's 16th birthday I was born in 1980
The Alyea Family, Wheaton IL USA

Inquiring about purchasing a small print of Betsy Ross. Please send info.
Dan Atkinson, Rogersville, MO

Jean Janos, Bayside

I would like to see more information of the development of our flag from the first flag of the colonies to todays.
William K. Jones, Bartlett, TN

We wave the flag proudly and are proud of your effort in the Cyber world. Keep up the good work and thanks for a great visit on flag day. Warren & Lee Ellis (age 11)
Warren L. Ellis, Taylorville IL

Ken Francis, Denver, CO

Debbie Gillen, Odessa Texas

I like history, so thanks for the opportunity to learn about a very inspiring woman. I did not know anything about Betsy before. Kartar
Kartar Benson, Tacoma, Washington

Betsy Ross was a hero of our independence. By mistake or by design she helped shape what our country stands for.
Chris Gatchell, West Des Moines, Iowa

K B Hoyt, Yucaipa, Ca


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