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CyberThoughts about Betsy and the Flag

What does Betsy Ross mean to you? What does the flag mean to you? How do you feel when you see the flag displayed? What is the importance of the flag to the country? Read what others have written.

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What Others Have Written

please help us bring our beloved country back and "wave the flag" gail whitright 860 347-6122
GAIL WHITIRGHT, [09-30-2012]

Well, the Betsy Ross story can't be proven with 100% accuracy, but you know, it can't be DISPROVEN either! It's a good story, I like to belive it, and besides SOMEBODY had to sew the first Stars and Stripes, why not Mrs. Ross? As far as William Canbys story, MY grandmother wouldn't have lied to me about something like that, so why would Mr. Canbys? It's like this folks, either you believe or you don't. If you don't, that's fine, but there's no need to mock those who do. If you do, there's no need to denigrate those who don't. By the way, I have a sister-in-law who's a college professor and so's her husband, both historians, and THEY like to believe the Betsy Ross story as well.
Wayne Antoniazzi, 58 Richmond Virginia [07-07-2012]

For the Curator, I have an 18x24 print of Betsy Ross making the flag presented to my grandfather on the 100th anniversary of the flag for making a sizable contribution, His name is written on it and there is a seal which I cannot read. There is also a 8x10 copy of the large print. Can you tell me anything about this, are you interested in them and do they have any value. Thanks George T. Byers 281 497 3599 14503 cindywood Drive Houston tx, 77079
George T Byers [03-11-2012]

See the final FAQ on the homepage

Why is the Flag Code so specific to the District of Columbia? I have several well-meaning friends who see no reason to comply if it only applies therein.
Hy Libby, Prunedale, CA [03-04-2012]

Washinton D.C. is not a state.

Betsy, thanks for saving my art project...and thank you for the flag...your gift to our country!
Judy, San Antonio, TX [12-31-2011]

hey thanks for writing all this stuff it is really cool and really helping me on my "Betsy Ross and the First American Flag" reserch report but now I need proof that it is true this assignment is really hard. UGGGHH I hate it but I have a lot to do. HHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM what to do what to do AAAAAAAAHHHHH
Marissa, I am 12 [12-02-2011]

I think that Betsy Ross is very cool. I really like the flag she made, which must have taken a while.
anonymous [11-11-2011]

I think that Betsy Ross is a fraud. She didn't make the first flag. That pigglesomething lady did. She is just taking credit for doing nothing.
Katie Jo [11-03-2011]

Mary Young Pickersgill sewed the very large (30'x42') Star-Spangled Banner in the summer of 1813. It flew over Fort McHenry during the War of 1812 (1812-1814) and was the inspiration for Francis Scott Key to write what would become our National Anthem. Pickersgill's flag today hangs at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. Her house still stands as a museum you can visit in Baltimore, Maryland.

I have been told the First Betsy Ross Flag flew at the Washington Camp grounds in Bouind Brook, NJ. Is this true?
Loren Langdon [11-02-2011]

The first Betsy Ross flag has been lost to history.

The tour was great
Alisa Jade Worth, 12, Winfield, Iowa [09-22-2011]

I feel bad because when I look at the flag i feel board and I don't have any thoughts about what it means. I have a flag report coming up and the winner gets a flag that once was flown over the white house. I realy want to win can someone help me.
Madilyn morris, age 12, i live in mississippi [06-01-2011]

Initially, I began a search for a government pamphlet I used during my active duty years (1972-1992). It was an incredible source of valuable information regarding The Flag of Our Great Nation and Customs, Traditions and it was Clear and Understandable concerning Usage. I beleive it was printed by our government, intended as a teaching aid, and it was free. I left it in the care of those I served with. Then, amoung the resources sites, I came upon this site, a genuine treasure trove of information about the U.S.A. Flag. As I researched the information provided by your site, it wasn't long before I discovered the information that I needed. With increasing excitement, I continued to explore your site, and came upon "Cyberthoughts", were I read comments from people who've visited your site in search for information, specifically about OUR FLAG and Betsy Ross. As I read the posted comments, it became clear to me, the wealth of free knowledge accumulated within this site was accomplishing your objective's, as so many have expressed it. I wish you and those who've willingly dedicated so much of their time and efforts to a worthy cause. Whoa!
Michael Lauer, Retired USAF, 55 yoa, Crestview Fl. [05-07-2011]

hi i thank its cool that you made the flag!
anonymous [04-14-2011]

My class is currently working on a lesson in regards of "Women who changed America". Betsy is one of them.
Dachka Brown, Queens, New York [03-14-2011]

I think the flag symbolizes our freedom and our coming together as a nation. How would we be here now without a flag? What would the world be like?
Austin, Im 13 [03-10-2011]

i love betsy ross!
Fawn Isagel, i am 11! [02-16-2011]

Betsy Ross is my hero! She is a great person to remember and to think about!It's amazing how well she rocks WITH HER NEEDLE AND THREAD!I can NOT say how much I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE her!The flag is a symbol of MY freedom!
Noel, 9 Arizona [02-16-2011]

For those who were never taught the meaning of our Flag's elements: Red symbolizes the blood of those who died for us White symbolizes the purity of our purpose Blue symbolizes the heavens, under whose protection we are Stars symbolize the individual states that make up this great union It matters not who sewed the first flag. The only thing that matters is that it is a thing of beauty and the symbol of freedom seen around the world. It deserves your allegiance.
Charles V Potter [02-11-2011]

In response to a previous post; I am alright with the US flag being sold everywhere, and worn as a design printed on clothing and other articles, or sewn onto clothing. I even make some of these myself, but it's because as an American, I am honored to display our flag.
Sue Ross, 51 years young, Twin Cities, MN [02-11-2011]

The American flag means a lot to me because it symbolizes the strength and beauty of our country
Angela Williams, 13 ; Florida [01-28-2011]

Hell i am twelve years of age an the flag is brilliant
zhane [11-17-2010]

i lik betsey ross bcaz she is rely kol.
Betsey Ross #1 Fan, 7 [11-03-2010]

Betsey Ross is sooooo cool! She's like my 10+ great grandma! It's soooo cool!
Tanya Gomez, 12 [11-03-2010]

I don't see why people think someone else made the first flag. I'm related to her so I believe she made the first flag.
Alisha Tompson, 37 [11-03-2010]

I think that the flag is a symbol of freedom.
Ashley [09-30-2010]

The American flag to me represents unity and freedom. It looks pretty with its stars and stripes. Betsy rocks with a needle! SEW-OFF! hehe
BRENASH [09-30-2010]

The American flag symbolizes my freedom.
Sally [09-30-2010]

I like the flags with stars on them. Why would anyone think of putting a snake on the flag. What does a snake represent.
Daniel [09-30-2010]

Thank you!
TC [07-03-2010]

to disrespect the flag is to disrespect our country !
R. F. CLARK [06-22-2010]

I grew up in Bound Brook, NJ. I was told Betsy Ross's flag flew at the Betsy Ross Camp for the first time at that location. I do not know if this information is accurate.
diane, New Jersey [05-27-2010]

Betsy Ross has always been one of my favorite Americans. She is not only great because of her talent with the needle, but also for the fact that, in her day, she was one of the very few businesswomen anywhere, let alone Philadelphia. Although widowed twice at early age, Betsy kept her business running and was, apparently, very successful at it. So successful, in fact, that George Washington came calling to discuss the designs and sewing of the American flag.
Joan Wolff, Dresher, PA [05-25-2010]

I love America! Maybe not for what's going on right now, but what we'll be in the near future and of our past. Maybe Betsy sewed the flag, maybe not, I tend to believe she did, and a great flag it is. I served my country for 6 years in the Navy and do not regret my service or our HISTORY. I love America!
Robert W. Claypool, Minnesota [04-30-2010]

Mrs. Henretta Deelwater Carstens wife of JF Carstens from Germany. I WAS TOLD THAT BETSY ROSS WAS A RELITVE OF MY FAMLY
Marggi Mckinney, Walter V.Mckinney, Verne W. McKinney, Emma Carstens,(great grandmother) [04-30-2010]

I have an Anderson Brothers silk of Betsy seated with a flag on her lap and G. Washington with two others (Adams & Jefferson) to the left. I am looking for any info on this item. Have you seen it ?
anonymous [04-28-2010]

I have read a few of the comments made on this web site and I agree with most of them. There are some which I feel are inappropriate, however, when I think of these it reminds me of the meaning of the flag to me. I am a veteran. I thank God I never heard a shot fired in anger, but it makes me proud to be associated with the men and women who have. These same men and women have protected the rights given us by the Constitution of the United States. Our flag is a representation of that constitution. It signifies all that makes America the nation that it is. The stars, the stripes, the colors, and the actual configuration of all the elements probably represented specific ideas and ideals at one time. It is unfortunate that we can't seem to agree exactly what they all meant at the start, but we should all agree that they mean something specific to each on of us now. We all know that the stars represent the states. There is one star for each state. There are thirteen stripes which represent the original thirteen states. There are seven red stripes and six blue. The white is for the purity of the heart of the nation, the integrity with which we should carry ourselves in our dealings with others, and the innocence, of those we strive to protect. Blue is the color of trust, wisdom, loyalty, and faith. As long as we have these, we have something worth protecting and holding dear. Red shows our strength, passion, determination and love. It is also, unfortunately, the color of war. Sometimes the last thing on the list is the one that drives it all home. When I see the flag, I am, again, reminded of all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can read and critique each other without fear of reprisal, so that we can walk down the street and not worry about being arrested because we don't like the current politics. I am reminded that we live in a country where all things are possible. I am reminded that I am an American and I thank God!
Les Curtis, 51y/o Thebes, Illinois General Contractor [03-27-2010]

Thank you so much for all the information presented here. I think all schools should study, more often, all of these very interesting facts you have shared, including all of Americas' history. Once again, thank you and God Bless this great country we live in.
Donald Priewe, Green Bay, WI [03-17-2010]

I'm doing a project in school,and I picked Betsy Ross as my person!
JULIA MOSER, age:nine Fairfax,VA. U.S.A. [03-17-2010]

I have heard that Betsy Ross did not sew the flag.
anonymous [02-15-2010]

I am an American currently living in Melbourne, Australia. An Australian friend of mine visited the west coast of America in September 2009. She was so inspired by the number of American flags flown by patriotic citizens. This led her to fly her country's flag on Australia Day (26 January) for the first time! Our flag not only inspires Americans but inspires our foreign friends as well!
Michele, Melbourne, Australia [02-12-2010]

Great-great-great-great-great-great-aunt Betsy and my other historical ancestors set the bar very high, I only hope to contribute to this great nation at a level even close to those that have walked before me.
Andrew M Decker, Penn Yan, NY [01-13-2010]

sonia moats, 76,camp hill, pa [12-03-2009]

this is what the flag means to me:
1. freedom
2. love of country
3. love for our troops
4. love for our troops who gave their lives so we can be free
DOROTHY STEVES BRUDERER, Jacksonville NC [07-17-2009]

Why on earth, do so many political groups, merchants, etc. degrade the flag code and violate its provisions by creating merchandise including t-shirts and ties, with flag images? And worse, why are these types of items for sale in every governmental gift shop in DC, including the Supreme Court's?
Judy Wise [07-12-2009]

the flag is the most greatest thing in life! when i see im happy to say i live in the united states! i think how many people are fighting just for us to have freedom! i thank them and everyone who sacerfice there life for us today!
anonymous [05-28-2009]

I'm doing a project for social studies and I have to pick five people to do and one of them is Betsy Ross.I have to say,she is very interesting to learn about.She made our very first flag that we're proud of.
Gabrielle Hays, 11 years old [04-21-2009]

I just want to sell the flag so that after a long day I can drive down the street and see the American Flag Flying High on either side of the street.
Ann-Dyson Carroll [04-13-2009]

Betsy Ross, the seamstress of the first American flag (or so it seems, there is slight evidence that she might not have been) was born in Philidelphia, Pennsylvannia to a Quaker family. She was the eight of some odd brothers and sisters and attended a religeous Quaker school where she learned how to read, write, and sew. When she grew older she was apprenticed in upholsery, and grew up to own her own store with her husband. Over the course of her lifetime, Betsy Ross had three husbands, in case you were wondering. Two died in accidents I believe, and one died of illness. About her flag sewing: it is said that George Washington came to Betsy Ross with a design for the first flag. America needed one so its ships could be distinguished from neighboring ones. America needed a FACE. He came to Ross because of her widly known sewing skills. She accepted the challenge, added her own personal touch to the origional design (five pointed star) and it flew in the last battle of the war of 1812, and by the morning it was still there. This inspired Francis Scott Key to write the poem that is now our naitional anthem. Betsy Ross has givin us a symbol for our country that will last a life time. Our flag is a symbol of liberty and freedom. THAT'S why having an American flag is important. But, mind you, she may NOT have sewed the first flag. Her story remains the most likely, but it is told by her grandson, and that's the only reason we know of her tale. I would look into this if I were you. It makes for interesting perspective.
Rachel Molina [03-22-2009]

she was freakin awesome
Bella Cullen [03-03-2009]

I am doing a speech for school called the Woodman speech, competitors come from all over our great country. the theme is a "person who has touched many lives" can you guess who i chose? Betsy Ross. Not only did she sew the last stitches of our flag while cannons were bieng fired all around her, she was and still is a hero for all women. Betsy was brave, headstrong, yet caring, and friendly. i dont care if you say she didnt sew the first flag cuz guess what- im not going to lsiten to you-not even if your a stinkin Social Studies teacher!
Claire, 12, and in omaha, NE [02-27-2009]

i think betsy ross is such an isperational women i think she is so cool
shantel, 14 michigan [02-26-2009]

my thoughts about the american flag is that it is a very appropriate symbol for our country. the colors symbolize freedom and the stars how many states we have, i have a poster of the american flag in my room and i look up and thank God every day that we have such a great symbol for our country. Thank You, Jamie P. Holtham
anonymous [02-17-2009]

I am a drect decendent of Betsy Ross.
Robyn Etchinek [02-11-2009]

I honor the American flag. It is the most beautiful flag in the world. As a former civilian Prisoner of war in WWII,the sight of it fills my heart with pride. I find it difficult to see it in tatters on a flagpole, or unlighted at night. It symbolizes to me the grand history of this nation and the meaning of our great Republic. I do not care for people using the flag as clothing other than a pin. I guess I seldom think of Betsy Ross. I learned about the tradition of her in school. My favorite flag is the one which flew over Ft. McHenry in 1812. And of course, the one that was raised in Manila after the Liberation when the Japanese flag was taken down in 1945. The American Flag. Oh, long may it wave. O'ER THE lAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE!
Shelah [01-18-2009]

Find great pleasure in research and reading history on your website. THANKS!
Jim McCarty, 69 years old/ Rt. 1 - Bx 1700 - Hermitage, MO 65668 [01-11-2009]

Please see my tribute to flag and country titled, "WE LOVE AMERICA - THE ANTHEM OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM!" It is on
Mark Hall [01-09-2009]

I found this website very useful. I am doing my finial project in English III on Betsy Ross. I was great to see inside her home and learn about her life. It amazing to know that she was the 8th of 17 children.
Alley [01-07-2009]

BETSY ROSS DID NOT CREATE THE FIRST AMERICAN FLAG! Get it through your thick skulls you propaganda spewing LIEBOTS!
Joel S. Williams, Jingletown USA [11-20-2008]

The story of Betsy Ross is a myth. Must we continue to allow Betsy Ross to represent the role of women in American History? We should focus the attention on women who actually made a significant contribution to our country, not on a woman whose story was created as a 19th century tourist trap. To all of the young women who read this, do not do anymore "history" reports on Betsy Ross. Also, borrow all of the books about Betsy Ross from your local library, and never return them.
Ben, Pittsburgh, PA Social Studies Teacher [11-07-2008]

Does anyone have an up to date family tree of Betsy Ross. I am related in some way. My daughter is doing a report and this would be of help to her.
cindy conrad [11-06-2008]

We have just recently aquired a flag hand made by the grand daughter of Betsy Ross. I am having toruble finding someone to not only value it but check its originality. If some one cane help me I would love to hear from you! Betsy Ross sounds like a woman of good character who endured a tough life and she is a history icon of America! K~
Kathey Collins, Colorado [10-30-2008]

i LOVE america!
Clint, tREMONTON [10-08-2008]

Being a member of the Honor Guard/Color Guard locally I am proud to say, well done Betsy.
James, Piney Flats,TN [10-01-2008]

We can understand how if two people love each other their Quaker belief does not allow marriage_Thank-Goodness for Change in our Times!
ERIC MORROW [04-16-2008]

yea my teacher is makin me do a 6 page report about the american flag yup its kinda hard but cool because i'm learning =]
Gloria, 12,Houston,Tx [03-26-2008]

i beleive betsy ross deserves to go down in history becuase in my class we are doing a report about betsy ross and my cool teacher Mrs> Whaling thinks that she is so cool. she made the first flag and she deserves her credits and she rules. if betsy ross never lived our country wouln't have a flag to wave in the air. besty ross is a great part of history and she deserves her oohs and awes. that's what think. you can try to fight with me but i will hold my ground with my opinoin. amerra. j webster-yaqui p.s. that's the truth
amerra webster-yaqui, age: 11 city ronan,montana 5th grade [03-18-2008]

I've "heard" thru the grapevine as well as delving into my ancestory that "Betsy" is related. Oh how proud I am of that, and no more said I'm just a "twig" off a good old famiy tree and tryig to update same.
BARBARA PARMELEE, 80 yrs. young! [03-18-2008]

In my fourth grade class we had to do a book report on a Revolutionary war icon. I chose Betsy Ross. Here's what I believe: George Washington made the first SKETCH of the flag. He did not sew it. I REPEAT: HE DID NOT SEW IT! He showed the sketch to Betsy and as Betsy did most, put her own touch on it. She changed the 6-pointed stars to 5-pointed stars and made 7 red stripes and 6 white stripes instead of 6 red and 7 white. After George agreed with these changes, Betsy sewed the flag...SO BETSY MADE OUR FLAG!
Alyssa, age 9, Braselton, GA [03-04-2008]

betsy Ross made the A merican Flag. She is amazing! ^-^
Gloria Lee, age 9 [02-25-2008]

Does it really matter if Betsy Ross sewed the very first Flag? I am outraged by the media who dismiss her because they say she did not actually do that? The likelihood that she sewed an american flag during the 1770's is huge, guys. Who cares if it was the first one?? Her life itself is a symbol of american feminine endurance and bravery and if she is associated with an icon like the american flag it makes sense because the flag stands for the same things. She was an entrepreneur and maintained her own business during a revolution being played out in her own city. She married and buried three husbands as well as several children, I believe? How sad and hard is that!She kept going though. She was kicked out of her own Quaker church and lost many friends and family. She kept going. She hooked up with the Fighting Quakers again and supported the revolution any way she could. She even had to house the British soldiers, the enemy, in her home while maintaining her life and rebellious aspirations. She believed in her new country and fought for it alongside her husbands, family and fellow citizens of the city of Philadelphia. What are you doing in your life compared to hers? I am humbled by what she accomplished in her life with or without sewing the first darn flag!
Kris Parker, Fabric artist in Philly [02-20-2008]

betsy ross is an amazing person.she is soooo cool.
kylie, age 8,New Jersey [02-15-2008]

I love Betsy Ross, I believe with all my heart that she made the first american flag. GOD BLESS AMERICA! BETSY ROCKS, BUT GOD RULEZ!
faith, I am 12 yr old and I live in sulphur springs, TX [02-13-2008]

betsy rocks!
Throper, I am 12 yaers old I live in Saly Lake City, Utah [01-31-2008]

the flag represents justice, liberty and humanity. It means faith, courage and strength. the word god is a word that we see all the time. it relates to many of us and we dont even realize it. We need courage faith and strength to acheive what we think seems impossible. The soldiers in iraq are terrified and yet they still go on protecting us and our country because they believe and they know god is beside them. THe flag symbolizes people in our country and what they have done for it. god grant that I may spend eternity in my land of the free and the home of the brave. May I shall ever be known as old glory theflag of the usa. and there will be no barriers or obstacles that will stop this country from forever being free!
HAyley williams, i am 12 [01-17-2008]

Man, she had a dang important role in america!
Madi [01-12-2008]

I think she is a great independent woman and has great love for the country.
Julianna Perez, age,9,city,Plainview [01-09-2008]

i think she was so kool and from what she did i will alwas look up to her !go betsy
kayla, 16 millbrook A.L [01-09-2008]

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