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Betsy Ross is a independent woman who is very brave and different from other women during that time. she is a great person.
Rachel Cronin [12-17-2007]

I Think it is Pathetic how officials say that the flag should never be flown upside down during political unrest! Now is a time when our Country needs to be on alert more than ever. Go see Recognize that the Upside Down Flag is the Universal Sign Of Distress!
Mr. and Mrs. Joe American [12-13-2007]

My grandpa, Elliot Ross Turner, from Quakers, supposedly was to be from the Betsy Ross family tree. It was just hear say to me as a kid, but it would be nice to find out if it's true.
Michael Hicks, Interest in geneology [12-03-2007]

I think Betsy Ross is great for sewing are flag I love are flag I love all the colors and etc.I am doing a project about the American Flag.
stormie, brunswick,ga [11-21-2007]

Personally, I don't think any one should say whether Betsy Ross made the first flag or not. If someone believes she made the first flag, wonderful! If someone thinks she didn't make the first flag, then that is cool as well. And if you do want to voice your opinions, you should say and/or write it kindly and in a civilized manner. What I do happen to notice though is that, the ones who say Betsy Ross didn't make the first flag are the ones with the arrogant attitudes. I know it is possible to state your opinion/fact in a nice kind way; and if you can't do that lets just follow the rule: if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all! That rule should fix everything.
Kayle, Liberty, Missouri [11-14-2007]

i think it is so great for what they did to give them freedom so i believe they should be honored with great respect. think about it so many of us have forgotten how much blood and work was shed for the freedoms and many of us take highley forgranten i love what they did for us we should give them more honor then we do i thought that everyone should know that
nickey smith, tennesse14 7+great niece of betsy ross [11-08-2007]

What do you feel like when people say bad stuf and do bad stuf to the flag?
ADDISON, 10 [11-05-2007]

As a child of immigrants...From Italy turn of the last century I feel an obligation to stand up for what America is all about...freedom of opportunity..this has been my lifelong work to honor my parents choice of America...from attending college 8 years at nite,teaching for 30 years and also working at a local historical site for almost 40..all the best
Nino..USA, NYork [10-30-2007]

I can't believe how cool Betsy Ross is.
Andrea, 23 [10-29-2007]

Betsy Ross ROCKS!:}:}:}:}:}:}:}:}:}:}:} She is sooooooo important to american history.
Emily, Ocala Florida [10-03-2007]

Being from Philly,I hung out here a lot...actually I use to hookie school all over independence hall.[ go to school; all because I did doesn't mean you should..OK; you live the life God gave you]. I use to go through the tours to waste time as they took tour guest after tour guests throught the house and around the buildings that I have went around 30times before[ha, ha, ha]. when I was younger I hated history because it was old and it was theirs so to speak as I never felt then that I was apart of it or was even accepted by it. Now that I am older[40yrs old] and am involved in business and politics, History is paramount; as I study all facets of it and marvel about what I uncover and what I don't. Betsy is cool and the flag as a symbol alone is Ok too, however one should pledge alliengence to God first NOT to a flag or to the republic for which it stands! if this is one nation under God ....God's allegiance should have been FIRST not second! truth is true..................[john 17:17] and all I can speak is Truth! As an American I am saddened that noone from any generation has brought this forth showing me once again that man left to himself is evil and will destroy whatever is built again to his own peril. mark b richardson sr., philly born and an amerian citizen [my rights & freedoms were given me by God not the constitution; for this document should only define what God has already given man!]
Mark B. Richardson Sr., City of brotherly Love...I'm still waiting to see that too!...STOP the Hypocracy please [08-31-2007]

Loved your info on Betsy Ross — first of all — I am a soldier's daughter — my father fought in Korea — I am also a retired Sargent's wife — I am a proud American — I read about Betsy Ross when I was a little girl — and I loved the part that she played in our history — just being willing to sew a symbol that represents what we stand for — our freedom, our rights, our sacrifice for our speech — my brother has just returned from Iraq — if anyone does not cherish our freedom — then they should go where there is none — I am so thankful that my dad and brothers and husband's and grandfather's sacrificed for your rights and mine — they are the one's who gave us our voice — I go to the schools and do a cameo appearance of Betsy — to teach others that all of us can give something to protect what we know and love in this wonderful country of ours — as we see our flag wave — let us all think of ways to contribute to carrying on our blessed America's rights — God Bless America
Bertie Weik, 49 years old — Gainesville,Ga [08-15-2007]

Betsy Ross will always be one of my favorite people, not only because of her patriotism in sewing the first American flag, but also because I found out just recently that I am related to her. Since this is so hard for me to believe, perhaps someone can enlighten me and help me find out if I really am. I don't even know where to start. My immediate family are the Kleins, I don't know what the next family line would be. Betsy Ross, you rock!
Rachel H, 35, live in Minnesota [07-05-2007]

Betsy's first name was Sarah. My grandmother was names for her as her last name was also Griscom. She was a great great---niece of Betsy Ross. The father of Betsy and our ancestor were brothers. I have been very interested in all the stories and myths. Wish we knew all the facts. The simple biographical details only make me want to know more. If the story about her sewing the flag are true her decendants can be very proud. We can be proud of all the people who put their lives and fortunes on the line for the establishment of our great country. With all her faults she is still the beacon of liberty for all nations and the flag is the physical symbol of tha greatness.
marian, Union Bridge,MD [06-12-2007]

Betsy Ross was a woman and a loyalist to her beliefs. She sewed the Flag to help the new world and to show support to the war efforts, just like we do know. So if people think she is a heroneto them then let it be so, and to the others, she was a woman sewing yo make ends meat, than that is what you see. To me she was a woman of many things, wife, friend, hard worker, loyalist,and maybe a mother. that I how I see this woman of history.
Marilyn [05-28-2007]

This is our country's heritage. This is what our men and women are fighting for- it represents OUR freedom. Even if Betsy Ross did not make the first flag, her influence was upon it. Is it a coincidence that she sat in the next pew by George Washington at CHURCH? Does Mark, the history teacher believe in the "facts" presented in the news or tv shows? I would like to know what innocent minds he is indoctrinating. It is ok to question, but not persuade and push YOUR beliefs on innocent children. I would pull my kids from your class- you scare me. Also maybe Johnacina should travel to other countries to see how "average" people live and realize the sacrifices that were made for HER by our brave men and women who serve our country and protect our flag. How can you be a liberal at age 10 anyway? Do you have enough life experience? Be greatful we live in the best country ever. Protect it and be respectful of our flag and all it stands for! We need to realize what this country was founded upon and what our forefathers created in the Constitution. Please don't twist and rewrite and ammend, etc. We are a free nation under God. Thank you to Betsy Ross and her contributions!
Lori Walton [05-22-2007]

The Flag of the United States is an historically fascinating icon; it has undergone numerous metamorphoses since its inception, moreso than the flags of most other nations. Civically speaking, The Flag ought to be respected because it represents unity over chaos and harmony over fragmentation, and symbolizes triumph over civil war and social strife. Any national flag is inherently a symbol of social unity and harmony--and this is why I believe flag-desecration is ethically wrong. There are other, more literate and intelligent ways to express one's dissatisfaction with any government than desecrating a national flag. The Flag is, in sum, a symbol of diversity within unity--E PLURIBUS UNUM--and, in language and in law unity should always prevail over diversity--in times of war and in times of peace.
PETER CAESAR LOCASCIO, bicoastal New Yorker/southern Californian. [05-18-2007]

I had just returned home from Iraq after a 16 month tour with the 172nd Styker Brigade Combat Team when my mother had called me with a question about the beloved Flag. As it turns out the university she works at in New York (upstate) was hosting a languages from the world event and had the flags of all the nations represented there. But much to her dismay our own flag Old Glory was AWOL and the university refused to diplay her. I had just returned from defending this flag and was outraged. I lost friends, good poeple. I am asking is this right, in the USA can other flags be displayed and our own flag be left out. Could some one send me the regulation that covers that please thank you Erich
Erich Mattice, 36 years Fort Wainwright Alaska [05-14-2007]

I think the Betsy Ross house it really cool becuase you get to see that kind of that they used ack then and i cant belive they stillhave everything and i mean like philadelia! sao much stuff happens there and but yet nothing happend to the liberty bell,or the Betsy ross house not one ouunce of vandelism
miley, age 16,Los Angelas [04-27-2007]

There is no proof that Betsy made the flag.
anonymous, Rhode Island, 14 [04-27-2007]

Bets ross was a good lady but just an average person who just loved to sew
Tracy Mcgrady [04-26-2007]

I say the exact same thing as Courney Wills.
Charisa [04-23-2007]

you guys have no lives what so ever the flag is okay but she is no hero she is just an average woman. american people are not better or worse than anyone else PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST! wooo
johnacina, 10 Boston little liberal woooo! [04-20-2007]

the flag reminds me off the hard times for betsy and still she got through it
nikki, 12 [04-20-2007]

I think Betsy is an important and gifted person. I also think she did a phenomenal job on our American flag! If I was Betsy I would be extremely proud of myself. If we didn"t have Betsy who knows how the American flag would have been like. I did Betsy Ross for a school report.
Emily Berryman, age 9 I live in Lewistown, PA [04-17-2007]

i love the idea of the american flag
megan, 11 [04-17-2007]

It make me happy,safe,and strong
sherian, age-12 nevada [04-13-2007]

i think every one in the united states are lucky to be an american and to live in such a good nation.
selena huerta, 11 Irving [04-06-2007]

i Think the flag is very important because it repersants our country.(I DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT BETSY ROSS).
anonymous [04-06-2007]

it is so amazing to know about the creater of the first american flag in all of the u.s.a. if u ask some people who she is they come up with awsome stories they were told or they just found out but either way it is sooooooooooooo awsome then there are those people who dont know anything about Betsy Ross! i also think that it was awsome that she sewed the absolute first flag of the U.S.A and it only had the 13 colonies on it instead of all 50 stars now.
hannah mccall, 12, euless [04-06-2007]

I love that flag at all our games at school we sing the national anthem and my friends think its stupid but i an proud of our country and im glad to be an American!
Ashley, i am 12 [03-05-2007]

i think the american flag is an awsome way to support america! every time im at a rodeo i ride around holding the huge american flag! i love it! I also sing the star spangle banner at some rodeos! im all for america!
Brandie lewallen, im 14 and i love horse i also live in arkadelphia [03-02-2007]

i am so happy you made the american flag because we stand out to freedom!
Rebecca, 9, Ypsilanti, MI [02-13-2007]

I think Betsy did an amazing job on makeing the American Flag. She was one of the best and had gone through many hardships but she made it in the end. That takes effort, skill, and willingness.
Lindsey Carmicel [01-30-2007]

History gives us some wonderful stories. Sometimes, as is the case with Betsy Ross, the world being flat/Columbus myth, the Spanish Blowing up the U.S.S. Maine, and the Saddam link to 9-11 myth, are not based in the facts. However, irrespective of any research historians do, there will always be people too closed minded to look for and/or accept proof, and instead accept what they call "facts".
Mark, History Teacher [01-30-2007]

Betsy Ross rocks!
Laura, age:10,Lexington KY [12-27-2006]

i think she did sew the flag.. no matter what other people say! beleivers shall carry on the with thoughts that betsey did sew the flag! !
Anthony, 78 [11-29-2006]

I think Betsy Ross is really creative. The flag looks increadible. The flag stands for pride and unity but I also think it repersents independence.When I see the flag I feel really proud.
Iman Abdallah, 12 years-old city:Palos park,IL [11-29-2006]

i like you betsy ross because if you wernt alive the united states of america would not have a butifull flag. from:kimberly sencion
kimberly, age,10,city,cumberland [11-27-2006]

Betsy Ross did not sew the american flag, bor did she design it or come up with the design for it. I pity those ignorant people whom believe that she did. MAYBE if you had done a little research you would find out that she is nothing but a storyteller.
Tiffany, Wasington, D.C. [11-19-2006]

thanks besty for making our flag without you we wouldnt have a flag to resapent united states!
fdsfsfsfsfs, goodyear [11-17-2006]

I think Betsy Ross will always be a great person to remember by all the help she did for the usa.
cassandra newton, garden grove ca [11-05-2006]

thank betsy ross for the flag i love it
anonymous [11-05-2006]

it looks like she was rich she had a really big house! And i think that because that we woudnt have the flag if if she wouldnt have made it!
amanda, homewood, Alabama [10-31-2006]

I think she is one of the greatest woman in history. SHe is the one that devloped are flag and if it was not for her we could be having this weird flags and I like the one we have
Alana, age13 Wisconsin 10-27-06 [10-28-2006]

I think Besty Ross is a strong independent woman. I think no other person could have an honor to make the first American Flag.I also think she is a wonderful roll-model to the kids around the world! Way To Go Besty! I thought it was such a honor to sit one pew away from George Washington. That was amazing!
Julie Klopf, Yuba City, CA, [10-25-2006]

this site has more info for my project than any book or encyclipedia at my school had.every book i looked in had the same facts and nothing about early life and schooling. good thing this site does cause i have to complete 30 notecards
jeseca [10-08-2006]

Betsy is very strong and goes through her tough times well. This site also gives me a lot for my report on wonderful Betsy.
Emilee [10-05-2006]

As a ex-marine and vietnam vet, I am quite fond of our flag, it gave me hope, courage while boxed in some foxhole dodging ammo thrown at us during firefights. Oh Yeah! this marine is brimming with pride for the "old stars and stripes" And a big "Hoorahhh! to the people who created our flag, may they rest in peace.
William R. Hunt, 54 YO Harrisonburg, VA [10-05-2006]

Betsy Ross is a great lesson in history. Im doing a report on her and i wrote 700 words about. See i new women can do thing in history
Talia Case, 13, Oklahoma the best state ever, and single [10-05-2006]

Every nation and all the world's people recognize the stars and stripes of the United States without being told; and the flag stands over looking the world from the moon. If only Betsy Ross could see it now!
Tezie Smythe, Dutchess County, NY [09-18-2006]

Please delete the quote from Jesse Jackson. For obvious reasons I do not equate his stature and past actions significant enough to be idedtified with the history of our nations flag
Craig Warner [09-18-2006]

I came across the perfect 5-Pointed star while searching for information about origami. I tried to cut the star and succeeded. Betsy Ross was a genious, finding this amazing solution to one perfect star.
Dr. Batsheva Gillat, Educator of 35 years. [08-24-2006]

Was it Betsy or Mr. Hopkinson who actually designed the flag? Honestly, I don't think it matters! It seems that Betsy had her shop (the obvious place to do the job) and Mr. Hopkinson had the idea. Maybe Gen. Washington didn't really want any one to lay sole claim-figuring it belonged to all of America. What great people those early pioneers were!
Roland Cook Jr., 41 years of age Nitro, West Virginia. [08-22-2006]

It cannot be ignored that there is the objective FACT that Betsy's second husband, Joseph Ashburn (whom she had known from childhood), came from a family with an ancient coat of arms that had a stars and bars motif remarkably similar to Old Glory. See: This would provide probative evidence and credibility to Betsy having had significant input in the ultimate design of the flag.
Scotus [08-07-2006]

I just found out that there are two national flags. One for our military government and one for the civil. The flag that we always see is the military flag. You will need to do some research to even find what the civil flag looks like. You can read about it here: It's part of our American history, so why doesn't anyone know about it? Richard McDonald says: "The U.S. government hasn't flown the civil flag since the Civil War, as that war is still going on. Peace has never been declared, nor have hostilities against the people ended. The government is still operating under quasi-military rule." Thought people might be interested in this part of our history.
Lisa [08-07-2006]

I,m proud to live in a city that is so rich in history! Where else can you find Betsy Ross, Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell, and so much more!
Sharon Kelly, Philadelphia Pennsylvania [07-05-2006]

It is a shame that our elementary children today are not being taught American History. Most of them cannot name the 50 states and do not know the capital of the state in which they live. When asked who the governor of their state is they say, "I don't know" or name the Mayor. What has happened to American education? It is a sad day that so much emphasis is put on other countries instead of learning about our own.
Ann [06-12-2006]

I think that she is a important part of history. If she did not make our flag we would not have one.
denetha, 11 schenetady,ny [06-09-2006]

I agree whole-heartedly with the comments made to this Shayan character, but it is an insult to the education of America when you try to insult someone else and you cant even spell simple words correctly. YOU are making Americans look stupid by sending these messages that are spelled incorrectly and are grammatically horrid. Give a little respect to the language and then continue your insults.
Ben Morrissey [05-30-2006]

"My country 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty." For those of us who had a proud and rewwarding career serving our country, no more needs be said.
Col William S. Tilton, USA-RET, senior citizen, Raleigh, NC 27613 [05-29-2006]

I don't much care for flags; I find ours to be a flase diety. Most everyone here should read up on Francis Hopkinson - he is the one who actually designed the US flag, as is made clear in the journals of the Continental Congress. I doubt many of you will heed my advice as choosing ignorance seems to be an aspect of patriotism here in the US. -cheers
Sean, Maryland [05-03-2006]

I think Betsy Ross was a great person she had a great passion to make our flag I definitly enjoy looking at her great masterpiece
Taylor Lake [04-30-2006]

Besty Ross should have been named "Mother Of America" Every Stitch was like giving birth to each American. God Bless America and the American Flag. Julie Krbec St.Louis, Misouri
Julie Krbec [04-28-2006]

the flag stands for the many ideas and people and causes of the us and i want to remember this!
Austin, 14 Michigan [04-28-2006]

I think Betsy Ross is a great person.She did a great job on the flag.She is an amazing person. THANK YOU BETSY ROSS!
Jazmin Martinez, 15yrs. Las Angeles,CA [04-08-2006]

I think Betsy Ross is a GREAT person! When I see the flag displayed I think WOW what she did to make that flag is amazing and how George Washington sat there and watched her make the flag.
KCLD, Taylorsville,Indiana [04-08-2006]

i think our flag is the best in the world !
kazia draganowski, age 6 [04-08-2006]

I think that having the flag represent the United States is one of the most wonderfull things that the United States has.
zaira arrieta gomez, 15 yrs./Moses Lake WA [04-08-2006]

Betsy Ross is an amazing person! It is really crazy that she went through three husbands and five children. It's really cool that she made the American Flag. Imagine how long that took!
Alexandra [03-20-2006]

I am 65 years old and even now when a parade comes down the street or people stand for the national anthem, I get tears in my eyes. I think there is no more beautiful sight in all the World than the Star Spangled Banner waving on high with a bit of a breeze holding it out straight for all to see. When you drive up to my home, one of the first things you will see 24 hours a day, seven days a week is the American flag. It is lit automatically as dusk comes by an automatic eye. When you come into my home, one of the first things you will see is a fiber-glass replica of the flag with a large eagle picture under it. Some days I find myself sitting just staring at the flag and thinking about what it means to me. I would protect our flag and our country with my life if it were necessary. God Bless American and the American flag.
Dale L. Burkett, Janesville, WI [03-20-2006]

I think she deserves a really big metal
Paxton, 11 Nesses,south carolina [03-19-2006]

I have to do a sa on Betsy Ross. And as you all know she was the one who gave the United States the flag. I am honer the flag everyday. I think she believed in her self. I think she did the very best to sew the American flag. I think the flag stands for bravey, courag, coperatoin, and friendship!
Alexis M [03-19-2006]

people who wrote that stuff about america just dont know what they have your free you have food on the table and a bed to sleep in be happy you dont have to run around looking behind your back worrying about war come on people your free and thank you betsy
american girl [03-19-2006]

three cheers for red white and blue
Leslie Moretta [02-26-2006]

i think that betsy ross was a very important person in history and she should be recognized more often
cassandra, 11 [02-23-2006]

What an inspiration for all women and all americans. Looking back at the times, she endured a lot and showed incredible courage. Women having "their place", still she persevered and continued her upholstry business without a man at her side. To have succeeded enough to raise her daughters without the help of her Quaker family is an accomplishment to be recognized in its own right. We feel even of it was not Betsy herself that made the first flag, she was a part of its design, and a continuing inspiration for our country. we are proud to be american and hope for a presidential woman nomination in our countries next election, it is overdue.
nanny k, lincoln,ca [02-23-2006]

I think the american flag is so important to us in the USA.
Emily, Gainsville, Georgia [02-23-2006]

I think th American flag represents all of the harships the USA has gone through and fought for. It makes me proud to have a flag with pure honer.
anonymous, Bobby/Ravensworth, V.A [02-09-2006]

i was looking in my history book and amendment 25 section 2 is talking about vacancies in the vice presidancy. well it says He or she talking about the president so why doesn't some girl get the courage to run?
megan [02-06-2006]

The flag reprents our country and the freedom we have fought for. Its a part of every american citizen.
Hannah [02-03-2006]

as i read thru all these thoughts and opinions i feel proud that we all share the rights we have. to express our opinons without being censored. our flag should remind us of these great libertys. we can honor betsy by showing our respect and teaching our children the same so the can carry on. to those who do not agree. well, i may not agree with your negative views but i'll defend your right to say them with my life... because it's all about liberty.
BILL DRAGANOWSKI, elmhurst ill [02-02-2006]

i think she's cool
jessica [01-30-2006]

i loved your poem and i definitly liked the song.i didn,t know. the flag of ms.ross was very pretty. well i have to go i really need to finish my project. sign out, shileizy tanda
shileizy tanda, 12,hieleah,fl,i am a ballerina [01-30-2006]

i like america and its rights for free speech. yeah free speech
Allie Rauch, 15 Spokane,WA [01-30-2006]

I think Betsy Ross is very nice. I am doing a wax museum for my school. I am being her. I LOVE THE UNITED STATES AND THEY ARE NOT STUPID AN I FEEL INDEPENDENT! I FEEL FREE!
Courtney Wills, 9, Rahway, New Jersey [01-30-2006]

I think that Betsy Ross is an Amazing women for standing up for what she believed in. and for making one of the first American flag's.
christene rawlinson, age16 lufkin,tx [01-30-2006]

Shayan: The beauty and strength of the United States flag and the United States in general is we can withstand your young comments of us being stupid, idiotic. and impure. Slur away, burn our flags, hate us if you matter what you do, we will still be here praying for you.
M. Williams, I am 50 years old and live in Michigan [01-30-2006]

I think that for everyone in America that the American flag sybolizes that our Founding Fathers cared about this land of ours and were willing to fight for it. Betsy became famous for a job well done and I think that she deserves the fame because she did something that will be remembered in this country forever. There is no greater honor than knowing that you did your best and that you are being remembered for it.
Hope, Martinsburg, West Virginia age 13 [01-30-2006]

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