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i am doing a 7th grade project on betsy i think she is great to do for anyone looking for a project on an historical person as you can see there is so much info ......... i think she was an amazing person for history to have and i think she did a lot and i dont think history could live without her she was and still is an amazing person and is real in sooo many ways
kaitlin, im related to her [12-21-2005]

I think that Betsy is a wonderful person.She was encoraging to the people that thought that they would not win the war.I belive that she invented the American Flag not only for herself to look up to,but for all Americans.So every American can look up and say"...and I'm proud to be an American were atleast I know I'm free..."
yo [12-21-2005]

I like the American flag is the best flag in the whole universe
shanei williams, Raleigh NC [12-21-2005]

I think Betsy Ross is an amazing prson. You can never truly know so much about a person until you research on them.
Kelly, Alabama [12-16-2005]

I am doing an essay on Old GLory, and I figured that our flag represents freedom. When Betsy Ross was sewing our flag, she took some red for the blood we shed, she took some blue for all of the loyalty, she took some white for our purity and she took some of the stars from the sky to show our 50 states. Betsy Ross is a wonderful woman. A woman with a beautiful heart. On eday I would like to be ike her and make a difference in our society.
Christine Son, 11/Cerritos/student/6th grade [12-16-2005]

LIVE FREE OR DIE! Keep our troops all over the world in your hearts and on your minds.
Sam Blair, 24, Akron Ohio [12-05-2005]

Betsy Ross was a GREAT american. She contributed so much to America. we are the best country on the globe. I am a military veteran and a patriot.. When I see idiots burning flags, it makes my heart ache. I have been in several countries and have seen the way others live. Anybody that says bad things about us should leave and go to one of those pitiful countries and talk bad/ God bless the USA Scott. 43 US Army retired
scott p., central georgia [11-21-2005]

Betsy Ross was a smart woman with goldan hands she was a poor widow with a big heart.
Melissa, po [11-21-2005]

The U.S.A ROCKS!. I appreciate Betsy Ross.She made the very 1st flag and she ismy hero.
CHICKIDY, 11 5th Ms.Martinez [11-09-2005]

It means hope, encouragement, and more
lindsay, Sacramento [10-27-2005]

i love betsy ross, i did a project on her in the seventh grade and because of this site i got a 100!
texaschic10 [10-27-2005]

I think that she is a good person to make the flag for our crounty!
Haley Carlisle, 9yrs old/EllijayGA/ [10-27-2005]

betsy ross was a brave strong woman to elope and start her own business. she was very smart, too. she was very good a sewing (duh!) and did a great job on america's first flag. if you don't apreciate betsy the you don't apreciate our country and freedom!
anonymous [10-27-2005]

As much as I would like to discuss some of the other comments posted on this board, I deem it unnecessary in light of the patent ignorance on display. As such, I wish to indulge the readers in some perspective with my following excoriation: Betsy Ross had about as much to do with the production of the "first flag," as one respondent put it, than I did with the creation of the question mark. It is a sad day when individuals guided by flag-draped patriotism perpetuate misinformation that has refused to give way to modern scholarship.
Demosthenes, 26. United States. [10-26-2005]

There is currently some controversy concerning Betsy Ross and the making of the first flag. We have been taught in history that Betsy Ross was the maker of the first flag; now people are trying to say that she did not make the first flag but only a copy, or revision, of a flag she had seen. People have a hard time with facts that seem to make up our history, never to be satisfied with what we have. We all have choices on what we can believe and being citizens of these great United States lets us make these decisions. I choose to believe that Betsy Ross did make the first flag. I choose to believe that George Washington did throw that silver dollar. I choose to believe that we are the land of free and the home of the brave. I choose to be very thankful that I am an AMERICAN. Thank you, Richard R.
Richard R., age:43 born:Concord,NH reside:Lake City,FL [10-26-2005]

I lieu of the way certain "celebrities" have used the flag and the City of San Francisco lowered a "Tie-dyed flag" upon the passing of Jerry Garcia (from the Greatful Dead), I have a question: I assembled a display of all 50 U.S. Highway Patrol patches, in alphabetical order with the flag as the backround. Affixed to the bottom of the frame, is a placque that states "AMERICA'S FINEST FIFTY". I'm certain that SOMETHING about it will offend someone and it PROBABLY violates flag ettiquet, but in lieu of the wat some people treat the flag and the way some people (and Nations) treat the United States, I think the use is completely appropriate. If anyone wants a copy of the picture, e-mail me @ and put in the subject line "Patch Display"
John B. Delaney, Los Osos, Ca. 93402 [09-28-2005]

i care so much about the flag and our country
HOT ME, 13 az phx [09-28-2005]

I think that Betsy Ross was terrific. After all of her husband's deaths she still did all that she did. What an amazing lady.
Betsy Ross (Yes it's true) [09-28-2005]

I am a descendant of a patriot that fought in the American Revolution and I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. When I see our first flag, I think of the bravery of George Washington and his troops fighting to win our freedom. Betsy was a patriot and should be commended for her bravery and sacrifice (loosing 2 husbands during the war). She gave us all a beautiful gift in the first flag of the United States.
Donna Nowak, 50 yrs old, Colorado Springs, CO. [09-28-2005]

When I see "Old Glory," the Stars and Stripes, our nation's beautiful flag, I think of freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of expression, and freedom of assembly. I see us a great independent nation comprised of fifty states, each with its own unique beauty. But the American flag unites us as one people, one nation under God. We help each other in times of emergency, total strangers providing their fellow Americans with food, shelter, clothing, money and supplies, whenever there's a flood or tornado. We stand united in the defense and protection of this great nation and have defeated all of our enemies who sought to claim our hard fought freedom and destroy our republic. And shall continue to do so with determination, bravery and resolution to win. I think of the sacrifices of our farmer and townsmen patriots of '76, their resolution and bravery facing the Redcoats at Bunker Hill, their freezing in the cold snows of Valley Forge and their final victory over the British at Yorktown. Their sacrifices and heroism is recalled every time the flag is raised high. I think of the brave men and women who have so freely given their lives for our country, so that we may be free and independent. I think of the tremendous good that America has done for mankind, the billions of dollars in aid and food we have given to those less fortunate throughout the world, to fight starvation and disease and drought. I think of the men and women who serve as law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics, rescue workers, and in the military, who risk their lives day after day, night after night, to aid and protect their fellow Americans and keep us safe and free. And with that, I thank Almighty God that I am an American citizen, who is blessed to live in this free and beautiful land, and for the sacrifices of my fellow Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors, and Coast Guardsmen, who died to keep us free. May God continue to bless America, and may He bless the soul of Elizabeth "Betsy" Ross, patriot, seamstress, wife, mother and good decent Christian woman. PS - I'm an Elk and a Knight of Columbus (Fourth Degree)- We love America!
Denis McGowan, Dad, Husband, Soldier, Police Officer, Patriot [09-12-2005]

The american flag to me means freedom in many ways.Betsy ross is one of the greatest person on earth for making our beautiful freedom flags.God bless the USA.
Corey, 12/Bethel/USA/BOY [09-12-2005]

I think Betsy rules because she made a flag for AMERICA.We americans are thankful for that.With out Besty america wouldnt have a flag.Besty if your looking you ROCK. Kasey August 19 2005
anonymous [08-19-2005]

Flags rule! I love flags! No matter what country, the flag incites a spirit of nationalism and pride. Though we don't and shouldn't need a flag in order to incite these feelings in ourselves. However, Betsy Ross was some seamstress. I must give her credit for creating such a detailed design. The American flag is one of my favorites. My favorite national flags are as follows: Great Britain, Denmark, and Japan for it's dynamic simplicity. But the flag that truly is the most special and should mean the most to every citizen of every nation is the flag of the world. If you have not seen or heard of it, you should look it up because we are ALL citizens of the world and should unite as such. It seems that today too many people are too caught up in their own countries and nobody thinks about nations other than their own any more. We need to become more tolerant of other nationalities and stop being prejudice. I'm sure that Betsy Ross would agree. We already have enough prejudice within our own societies, it's saddening. God bless the WORLD!
Student, age 22 [07-19-2005]

i think Betsy is wonderful woman ever.......... and american flag symbolizes an absolute freedom....... but i just wonder why indonesia can't????
DINA SARI, indonesia [06-30-2005]

What a privilege to live in such a God-blessed nation that is represented by a beautiful flag. Every country in the world knows our flag. It means liberty, freedom and hope to many. I am so thankful to our soldiers and their families that have lived their lives protecting our freedoms and our flag. I tear up every time I hear patriotic music and see our flag proudly flown. To hurl insults at or willlfully destroy the symbol of our great land is to spit in the eye of every man, woman and child that ever defended their land and families. What a shame that those who cannot see the blessings when they look on "Old Glory" try to destroy the patriotism of others who can. May she always wave.
Kathy Lerum, 48 [06-28-2005]

The Red, White & Blue of our flag is one of the most comforting things to see. I wish every American could spend some time in another country to really get an idea of what freedom we have, what advantages we have, and what real selfcentered people we have in America. God has so blessed America! Sometimes I wonder how much longer God will continue to bless people who worship themselves.
Faye Enzman, Meadville, MS 57 Yrs. [06-28-2005]

Be truthful now! Don't you stand a little taller and doesn't your heart beat a little stronger when the flag passes by followed by a marching band playing an arrangement of military music?
Tom Brewer, 75 years of age with 4 years in US Air Force as a B-29 gunner [06-17-2005]

I am retired Army. I am a 36yr Boy Scout and the Commander of the local Knights of Columbuw Color Corps and a past Lt Gov. of Kiwanis Rocky Mountain District. I am also a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam Wars.I have a special reverance for Old Glory. I often see our flag improperly displayed. But I have come to the opinion that ignorance not intention is the cause. Yours are the best list of Rules I have seen. Keep up the good work.
Donald H. Bartlett, I'm 75 from Colorado [06-17-2005]

I am retired from the Air Force and work with the Boy Scouts and I recently heard something that I had never heard before and am wondering if anyone else has. I was told that if the the flag touches the ground you are supposed to kiss the flag out of respect. Any thoughts on this one.
Mark Lee [06-06-2005]

Shayan Akhtar doesn't know any better. He's more interested in training to be a shahid
Jason Mendez [06-03-2005]

I have lived all these years because my high school history teacher, in mid 1960s, taught me incorrectly. He taught me that only the flag that flies over the United States Capital building can run 24 hr. per day. And because that is the only flag that can be out in inclement weather all flags that are purchased must have less than 50 stars, i.e. 49 stars. Teachers can distroy the minds of children. Eric
anonymous [06-03-2005]

I don't think people should talk negatively about our country, If you have nothing nice to say then don't say NOTHING!
Patriotic Princess [05-27-2005]

i love betsy for sewing our flag because she gave a lot of freedom to our country betsy is my ro-model i would love to grow up and be like her. may she rest in peace
medina, age 11 [05-25-2005]

i ha ve to do a report on Betsy Ross for a class assignment. so at first i was like boring but now i think it is totally cool! i have had so much fun learning about her! God Bless1
emika erin, i'm ten [05-25-2005]

This is an awsome site. I think this is very informative!
Lisa Valoure, Kansas, 44 [05-25-2005]

I have no beef with the American Flag, I am an American, but importantly, I am an African-American. The thing that upsets me is: In the virtual tour it states that there aren't any actual pictures of Betsy Ross and how she really looked, then when you get to the Memeorabelia section, the dolls look straight white. (We all know Betsy was Black) In my opinion, they could have left the dolls out.
Brenda Miller, 33 [05-25-2005]

I am going to be Betsy Ross in our school Chautauquas. My mom is making me a costume and replica of Betsy's Flag for the performance. She also went to the Betsy Ross House last August and brought me pictures of the Courtyard. That is why I chose to be Betsy. I love our Flag and what it means to me is freedom. Lots of people of ALL nations have died for our flag, making them true Americans and that is important to me.
Ravyn, age 9, Logandale, NV [05-25-2005]

I think Betsy Ross is inportant in history because she made the first flag.I never knew nothing about Betsty Ross until i got in 4th grade, and now she is one of my favorite history people.
Jose Reyes, 11, Grade 5, Lebanon,Pa [05-25-2005]

I think Betsy Ross is an influence to kids today they can learn a lot from her and be respectful the flag to some may be stupid but i respect the flag as of my father was in the army i am proud to sya that our flag is fredom is not stupid it our sign of american freedom
Kim, 11 Gratz Pa [05-13-2005]

I will be very proud to represent Betsy Ross at school. She is part of the American History and I'm proud to be an American and enjoy things in life that other people have died for.
Quelddy M. Castaneda-Mendoza [05-13-2005]

Nikki Sith [05-11-2005]

shayan akhtar you r so wronge the flag is awsome were ever u r from is stupid me and nikki dont like what u say so u are so wronge and we like are country!
lord rune4 [05-11-2005]

The American flag is important because it means that we have freedom.
Stephanie, age 7 [05-11-2005]

This is for Shayan Akhtar.... I am so sorry that your parents didn't teach you to have respect for other people, as humans, who they are and what they stand for..Take off our skin and we all look alike underneath...We are ALL made in God's image...I am a Native American, of Nez Perce decent and PROUD of it....Do you live in the US? If so, go home to your Country and leave mine alone.
Sleeping Deer, age 41, Logandale Nevada [05-11-2005]

I was not born in the United States but i have grown to love this country. Betsy Ross and all of those people who contributed thanx. Thanx a WHOLE LOT!
Avery Madden, Brookline,Massachusetts Age 14 [05-05-2005]

"america is a stupid country. americans are idiots. The color white on the american flag must stand for stupidness and impurity. Shayan Akhtar, 13 AMERICA IS NOT STUPID AND I'm sure that the flag isn'teither but you are! By the way, What SMART country are you from? Do the colors on its flag stand for morons like you?
patricia, 25 [05-05-2005]

This site is the BEST! Betsy Ross is my Hero.. I love how she made the first American Flag even though she lived in a time when women weren't treated as fairly as men.. Betsy Ross if you can here me ******YOU ROCK******
Lucifer Kelly, *****14, Walled Lake, Mi***** [05-05-2005]

i think Besty Ross is a great influence on each and every child and that maybe when they get older they will maybe make a flag just like she did.
Bleynda, 10,texas [05-05-2005]

Betsy Ross is a person who made up a really great flag. what the flag means to me is that we have freedom and we can belive in any thing we want to
Jaici Ahnberg, 12 Hortense, GA [04-28-2005]

I loved this website soooo much! The American flag is a symbol of freedom. Its people are not afraid to do what is right.
****Rebekkah Flanigan****, ****14, Novi, Michigan**** [04-25-2005]

The American flag is the best thing that happened to America.Betsy was smart to do five pionts not six. Six pionts on a star would look wierd.
jordan, 10yrs. old, nahunta ga [04-25-2005]

I like the American flag because it has pretty colors. There are a lot of people in the United States of America but not all of them appriciate the Flag! I think that they should! I know that I do.
Larua Beth, 12, Marysville [04-25-2005]

Ilove when I say the pledg of aligence.Because I get to look at the flag.
Jenny Jones, murfreesboro,9yrs.old [04-25-2005]

My dad was in the army so we basicly honor the flag with every ounce of respect we have. This rox
Jacob Miller [04-25-2005]

Iam doing a report about Betsy Ross.I think Betsy Ross was a very good role modle for us.When you research someone like her,you will like to leave the same imprints as Betsy Ross.
Rebecca Annta Ramlackhan, 10 Years old From Winter Garden Fl. [04-25-2005]

America helps people so does God if you pray every meal,everyday,and night then ask Jesus (God) to come into your heart then when you die you will go to Heaven whereyou will live in a mantion and walk on streets of gold and toutch gates made from pearls Love God forever.
Elissa, age 11 Alabama Montgomery (04,12,1994) [04-17-2005]

The American flag is a symbol of freedom. Its people are not afraid to do what is right. It's a pity Europe isn't the same, we are too afraid of our own shadows and wrap ourselves up in red tape. I'd take America over Europe any day!
Lilian Harris, Reading, UK [04-17-2005]

I'm now doing a report on Betsy Ross in my history call reading about her amazeing stories on how the flag was brought upon a thought and who sewed it was really cool... i wish i was related to her and could sew with out hurting myself.
Kayla, 14,Porterville, Cali [04-13-2005]

I think Betsy Ross did a wounderful job making the American flag. It's good that Betsy Ross was paid to make the flag and other flags. She made the United States proud for making the first American flag.
Kelsea, 11 4-12-05 [04-12-2005]

"america is a stupid country. americans are idiots. The color white on the american flag must stand for stupidness and impurity. Shayan Akhtar, 13 / Jeddah,KSA [04-11-2005]" Shayan, for whatever reason, please find a different place to vent your anger. Thank You
Ella [04-12-2005]

"america is a stupid country. americans are idiots. The color white on the american flag must stand for stupidness and impurity. Shayan Akhtar, 13 / Jeddah,KSA [04-11-2005]" ********Judge ye not who be not judged*********
anonymous [04-12-2005]

"america is a stupid country. americans are idiots. The color white on the american flag must stand for stupidness and impurity. Shayan Akhtar, 13 / Jeddah,KSA [04-11-2005]" WHOEVER WROTE THAT NEEDS TO APOLOGIZE
the staff [04-12-2005]

"america is a stupid country. americans are idiots. The color white on the american flag must stand for stupidness and impurity. Shayan Akhtar, 13 / Jeddah,KSA [04-11-2005]" Who ever wrote that had better take that back! If you dont like our contry, fine! But DO NOT INSULT US!
Anna [04-12-2005]

The flag stands for freedom, and nobody can take that away
Emily, California [04-12-2005]

america is a stupid country. americans are idiots. The color white on the american flag must stand for stupidness and impurity.
Shayan Akhtar, 13 / Jeddah,KSA [04-11-2005]

HALEY. [04-11-2005]

I think that the American Flag is the coolest because we get to be free! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Angelica, age 16 [04-07-2005]

I think the flag is very importain to our nation and country. The thought of Betsy Ross sewing the flag is breath taking.
Elizabeth, about the flag [04-01-2005]

i think that besty and me are alike for the simply fact we both are well she was a single mother cause her husbands died
Bueatiful, 17 a single mother my babys dad died during pregnacy i am very thankful to besty ross for making the first flag becuase now we have something to reprsent our freedom to do what ever our rights are im thankful to god because my child means the world to me [03-31-2005]

Hello, in class we are reseaching some famous people and Besty Ross is one of them. Of course I didnt get her, which I wasnt happy about!. But I have researched her a little bit, and I personally think that she is a wonderful lady, and that she was thoughtful to do that. I am so glad that I can be FREE with that flag. I am sure America is a lot better than Iraq or someone in the war right this very second just for us, the AMERICANS! (I like how we do pledging in school every single day in the morning, also) !BE GLAD TO BE AN AMERICAN!
Emily, 11 [03-31-2005]

We love the flag so much, we've joined a group to put up the tallest flagpole in the world to fly it. See It will honor all those of the US Armed Forces. Join us
sam hurst [03-31-2005]

I luv hearing all I can about Betsy Ross I did a speach on her in school. Whenever I pledge to the flag I think of how great it must have been to be Betsy Ross also known as Elizabeth. She lived a long and amazing life. It would be great if there was just some way I could go back to the mid 1700s and be with her. It must have also been hard on her haveing been married 3 times with all 3 husbands dieing and having lots of kids and some of them even dieing. But it was awesome makeing a speach on her and reciting in in front of my school. I luv to hear all I can about her so if any1 reads this get ahold of me at thanx for taking the time to read this. With great respect Elizabeth Tormey
Elizabeth Tormey, age:13 Location: New York [03-25-2005]

When I see the American Flag I feel independent.
Betsy Roberts, 8,Wales, [03-18-2005]

Betsy Ross mean a lot to me cause with her not making the first flag we will never had what we called freedom to represent it.The flag mean a lot to me cause when i stand up to say the pledge of alligance i think of besty cause she was the one who made it.And it makes me think how special she is to our country.when i see the flag hanging from some where i look at it and take a glance and close my eyes and saying to my self i thank betsy for everything, to make this flag mean something to our country not just to abuse it.The importance of our flag to stand out what our elders did for us to make the country stand. Now we dont have to talk any more, only thing we have to do is raise our flag in our hands to make people realize what this flag means and what we tryin to say.Thank you for reading how i feel about the flag i take this very serious about our history.
Zanaya, age 12 city brooklyn [03-18-2005]

Whenever I think about the flag I know that I am lucky to be free old glory has gaven me that oppertunity that god is watching over the flag that is watching over me whenever I think of the flag I think of the people in the war that have risked there life for me so that our country will not be harmed!
Lauren smith, age-10 city - middleburg [03-18-2005]

I think shes really cool! I guess I think that because I like old fashion stuff! I aloso picked her for someone to act like in frount of my class!
kami, Sibley I.A. 10 [03-18-2005]

america's better than here....... trust me
Anon, Iraq [03-07-2005]

Betsy Ross sounds pretty cool. I like your guys' flag, too. this site really helped me with my project. We had to do research on another country's flag. I chose America
Queensland, Australia [03-07-2005]

i thank its cool she made the flsg if she dod not we would be pledging to the wall
age 10 city lexiton kentuky [03-07-2005]

When i see the American flag it reminds me of freedom,fight, and faith. The freedom bcuz of what the soldiers and patriots and all the pioneers did for us. With out them America wouldn't be. fight bcuz it reminds us of all the hard battles and raging wars we had to, as one nation, go through and achieve. Lastly faith. the flag gives me faith to believe that America is the greatest nation in the world! WE WILL ALWAWYS BE ONE NATION UNDER GOD,INDIVISIBLE, WITH LIBERT AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!
14 [03-07-2005]

I was given a project about Betsy Ross and I am a true hearted patriotic American.And I love Betsy Ross' website about herself,her family,and her friends.It is sooo amazing that she made(sewed)and did the first American Flag ever made in History.She is sooo lucky to make the wonderful,beutiful,colorful,and most patriotic flag in World History.
I am Ten and I live in Birmingham,Alabama [03-01-2005]

I love the American flag and I am very patriotic. I am doing a report in school and had to pick a famous American. I choose Betsy Ross. She has been very interesting and since I love America, the flag and living in America and learning how we are a free country makes me so proud to be an American. I will always be proud to be American
katie-michigan, 7years old [02-28-2005]

I didnt really know much about Betsy Ross until I read this home page because we are writing a paper in social studies and I picked her. Reading it and yalls opinions and views makes me realize how great and wonderful she really was! thanx a ton!
Whitney Johnson, 13,Ramer TN [02-28-2005]

I already know that Betsy Ross made the first flag. All it takes is a lot of researching. Nobody else may believe, but my great-great-great grandfather was around when she made the flag. H eknew people who were friends and relatives to her so that is how i have my evidence
Jenny Nguyen, 20, Miami, Florida [02-21-2005]

When I look at the American Fag I feel free and loved. The flag should always be respected and cared for.
Andi [02-17-2005]

I love Betsy Ross! She made our country a whole and she is just so outstanding. I love this country so much I could bragg about it. I have never really realized how great it was! The USA is so cool and whenever I know think that I am apart of it, I feel so fortunate and lucky!
Caroline, J.C. Sawyer Elm., 10 years old [02-15-2005]

I don't care weather or not we have proof that Betsy made our first American flag. I am living in the United States right now and all that matters to me- that I have somewhere to belong to that's free. I honor the statements that Betsy's grandson, William J. Canby, made at a meeting of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in 1970 (over 94 years after this event took place).
Anna Montgomery, Age 11 boulder, Co. SHJ school [02-09-2005]

the american flag means a lot to my family.because most of my family serves or has served in some branch of the they have to stand by it and protect it.thanks to betsy ross for making this flag that we now protect with every bit of our hearts.
lora, 13 [02-09-2005]

hello this is going to be quick but i would like to share what the flag means to me is a lot of things but i only have time for a couple. the flag means to me is freedom, comfort, love, and peace. also i am doing a report on the creator of the flag(betsy ross) and the great flag. when i think of the flag or see it i think of betsy ross. also the flag can give me rememberess thoughts of the back in time, and now. it makes me think of ww2,ww1,the fightingin iraq, and any other war that happened or is happening.well ive gotta go but that is my info about the flag.
LINDSEY MENEOU [02-08-2005]

i love the flag. i am so patriotic. i have a flag in my bedroom and a lot of people ask me why i have it there and i tell them that i have it there because my gadpa was in the airforce in ww2.
Ruthie, 13 yrs old, stafford springs, CT [02-07-2005]

I was born in this wonderfull country, and freedom mean a lot for my family, Betsy Ross was a great woman, thanks for our flag
ariel marie [02-07-2005]

the flag means a lot to me because it represents FREEDOM to me. it makes me think a little more because my dad is fighting the war right now. it makes me relize that i am blessed to be in this nation and for all the people that have and are fighting for us. that is what the flag means to makes me think of all the sacrifices people have done so that i may be here typing this message.
Amanda [02-03-2005]

Betsy Ross was an extremely wonderful person. She sewed the beautiful piece of work that represents our country. I am proud as an American to be shown by the three great colors RED, WHITE, and BLUE. Thank you Betsy Ross.
Chris Goodrich, 11 yrs. old (just about 12) [02-03-2005]

Women Of The U.S.A. When we look back at history, we can find things we didn't catch or see. That it wasn't just our men who made our country free, fighting our wars and winning the bleak. Outside the battles a lot of women prayed, that some day they would have their day. Betsy Ross sewed the American Flag through a winter's night, so Washington would have something resembling freedom in his fights. I believe that their is bravery, in the lives women lives that were past so easily. We finally recognize, that it's not just the men who get up to size. Women helped us become free, just because they wanted LIBERTY!
Samantha Brown, 13, Crowder, Ok [02-03-2005]

How thankful am I that God placed me here in the United States as a teacher? My father has fought in wars abroad, and I am so thankful that he survived so that I can be here today to sing the praise of the USA. My father was born to an orphan and his wife with next to nothing. He attended the United States Military Academy and defended the liberty of those around the world. Luckily he returned from war healthy in spirit and in body and has continued to bless children and grand children with love, security and liberty. Thank you Betsy Ross for helping to "illustrate" this through the creation of the American flag. God Bless America!
Mrs. C. [01-30-2005]

I wanted to tell you that I too love my flag, My father, and many other family members are buried under its glory. I appreciate what you are doing with this sight and think more people should be aware of their flag.
William Anthony Robinson [01-30-2005]

I think this site is great! I have to do a report on Betsy Ross and this helped me a lot! I got LOADS of info...i admire betsy ross for being such an inspiring women!
Sui Ling, 13, Honolulu Hawaii [01-27-2005]

I am teaching a unit on Patriotism in my 10th and 12th grade English classes. Students are making a flag by hand as a class - each class, one flag. They are studying the information I printed from this Website and learning about our passion for the flag. It is the best I can do for them. Thank you for the wonderful historical details and the flags to print out so my students can carefully produce authentic flags. Even the seniors are excited to be a part of the "Betsy Ross Project." They all finally know who Betsy Ross is. We must teach these future generations these details of history if we are to see them grow in the pride and respect for our courntry. Your contribution to that is very much appreciated.
Kathleen Hylton, Tehachapi, California [01-25-2005]

I think that Betsy Ross is an amazing woman and i respect her a lot, 'cuz hey she sowed the flag which stands for freedom.
Kayla, 14, tennessee [01-19-2005]

I think Betsy is a very creative person. Maybe if she was still alive, she could make me an Animal Crossing tee-shirt!
Ritz, 10,Hollister,California [01-19-2005]

The American Flag stands for sacrifice that the veterans had if you don't belive meask my grandpa and great grandpas.
Candra Garcia, 11yearsold,fort collins betsy ross' great times ten grandauter [01-19-2005]

betsy ross, thanks for giving us this such a wonderful flag. it has brought such much meaning to our world. betsy, you're "awesome"
A'MBREE MENNIEFEE, age 9, buford, ga [01-19-2005]

to any one who has read the bill of rights and the laws of u.s,a. -- the first ones 13 -- used the word of god to do both -- the lord or god helped from day one -by them useing the bible if under god taken out or someone dont like it --guess they have to use play money---all we do ever day is done under god he may do things you dont understand --but i my self know when my time comes -- god will be there 4 times i have been close --as a child 2 times as i am 68 -- and in 2001 died for 20 min,s --my heart --but god not ready for me -- you may not think flag & god go togeather but they do m - god bless us all barb piper -camp verde az
barb piper [01-19-2005]

I really love Besty Ross.And think that she is the best American woman EVER!I also think that America is the BEST country!
Caitlyn McNair, I am 9 years old [01-19-2005]

I think it is very neat. I really want to know what it felt like to sew the first American flag. I really admire Betsy Ross.
Abby King, age:9city:Fairview,TN [01-19-2005]

i think Betsy is brave just plan sweet and caring
michelle, *8**nc* [01-19-2005]

I am rather MORE than honored to be in America and with a flag that stands for so much more than freedom!It is so great to wake up knowing that I can be free to make my own choices!I am so so so so proud of my fellow Americans and my mother for showing me that you really can be whatever you want! I LOVE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!
Hollie Danette Blakley, 11 {almost 12} Reidsville,NC [01-19-2005]

I think the American flag stands for everything america has been through and fought for.I could not have thought of a better way to represent our country other than the,what we call today, American Flag. /Tyler Reichert / Katy,Texas /12yrs. old
anonymous [01-07-2005]

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