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I really love what Betsy done for us it really means to everybody.Our flags kept changing before you know it is diffrent from long ago and today if in the futere ever changes it will be the same.
Betsy Gutierrez, Im 10yaers old CA Rosevile [12-28-2004]

I have read some very good comments above. However, I believe that the webmaster needs to do a better job of eliminating the communist writings, downing the President and this country. Try to locate them by web identification and have them turned over to authorities as communist, denouncing there US citizenship, and traders to the country. As for the few that will take the time to read this, if you feel the way I do, Love your country, the display of this countries flag, and support the commander and chief “ the President” whoever he maybe. Then I and the other free Americans thank you for your support. If you do not like your country, your flag, or the President my suggestion to you is. Contact your local congressman tell him/her that you would like to denounce your US citizenship, go to a local transit place, purchase a ticket and leave this country, so that the freedom my father and the many other fathers and mothers that have bleed and died to provided is not anymore taken so lightly by you. This freedom and not your liberal, antichrist ways is what put that flag, that pledge, and that statement in their places. Leave the currency that you have in your possession behind also. Because if you do not support this country that was founded on GOD and the principles of the King James Bible then you do not need to have our money which states In GOD We Trust. While I am preaching, to the many congressman, judges and any other person in a high position that supports the removal of the Ten Commandments from the court house, the words In GOD We Trust from the US currency and the words One Nation Under GOD from our pledge. Then you too need to board a transit object and get out of the country. This nation was founded by Bible believing, God-fearing people that left England because they where persecuted for believing in God and the freedom to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Yes I agree to disagree that not all things in this country are great like welfare for persons to lazy to get a job, abortion and the many other things that elected official do and say however every night before I lay my head down and sleep under the blanket of freedom that is provided for me by the men and women who died to preserve it. I say a prayer for the President, the many people in charge of the country, that He will grant them the strength to change the things they can, the courage to accept the things they cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference between the two. You too need to pray and ask GOD to provide this. I hear people all the time say GOD Bless America. Well GOD as blessed this country ever sense 1972 when America allied with Israel. That is the only reason this country has been as blessed as it is today and if we do not get our eyes off ourselves and back on GOD we to will be as the Israelites one time were in bondage to the Egyptian people when they thought they did not need GOD and built their tower of babble. GOD punished his chosen people so why would he not justly punish his second choice of people. Yes we the gentiles are a second choice according to the book of Acts when God said “For the heart of this people (Israel) is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes have they closed; lest they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them. Be it known therefore unto you, that the salvation of God is sent unto the gentiles, and they will hear it”! I thank you for reading this and allowing it to be published to your web page.
A.Paul Couch, 26 Years old, Claremont,N.C. [12-28-2004]

I think Betsy Ross is amazing! She contributed a lot to our country by making the flag. Whenever I look at the flag now, I think of her and how much she did for our country.
Gretel, age 10 [12-19-2004]

I personally think that this web site is just simply amzaing! I too love the American Flag and I, myself am also proud to be an American. I am just like so many of the others that didn't have a clue that there was so much involved with the American Flag Etiquette, Rules and Regs. Yeah we learn as small children the "simple" things about it, but never did I imgaine that there was this much. I found this website very helpful and very resourceful when flying the US Flag. I have always been a "patrotic" person, but I can't tell you what it feels like to have your birthday now be in memory of thousands that lost their lives to the selfish ignorance of others in the 9-11 disaster. I was born on September 11 and now because of those creatures of darkness, I forget it is my birthday because it is a constant reminder of the darkest day of my life that will NEVER be forgotten at any anytime. That day is a very bitter one for me because it is the first real big tradegy that I have experienced at a mature age to understand what it means and the impacts that it has on my life and the nation as a whole. God bless our troops overseas and fighting for our freedom. Because without freedom and unity as one UNDER GOD our country has nothing. And yes I repeat UNDER GOD. Afterall, that is what the USA is all about. God Bless the Men and Women of the USA and God Bless Our Troops and their Families! AMEN!
Chris Webster-Morris, Age 30 Odon, IN [12-15-2004]

i honor and respect betsy ross for making the first official UnitedStates flag because without her who knows without her our flag could have bunnies on it lol im doing a report on Betsy Ross and there is a lot of stuff about her i didnt know and if some off yall did im sure you would too
ashley, 12.yrs [12-15-2004]

I think Betsy Ross was an incredible woman. To make the first american flag. It brought unity to our country. She must have felt reall y good to do somwthign that imortant.
Lauren [11-29-2004]

I am glad that Betsy Ross had made the first flag because if she didn't we would not have a flag now in days. The flag stands for freedom and is what we have. We would probebly still have freedom if she haden't made the flag,but I am glad she did. Every time I look at the flag I will remember that we have a flag because of Betsy Ross and that will never change. She made 13 stripes because of the 13 colonies,she made 13 stars because of the 13 colunes/ states. I am not shore but I know that as I am growing some place in my heart I will remember her, the first flag, and all the things in her life from this very own website all about Betsy Ross/ Elizabeth Griscom.
Chelsea Wiener, 9, Manalapan,N.J. 07726 [11-29-2004]

I think that it is a great thought just to imagine the American Flag waving way up there in the sky. Betsy Ross was a great woman and a huge contribution to our American Revolution. Though she didn't design the flag, the world wouldnt be the same without her.
anonymous, washington [11-29-2004]

It reminds me that soldiers have die for freedom
jeff [11-29-2004]

I think Betsy is a very special and talanted. The flag is very special and should be treated with honor. I thank every one who has fought in the war when I see the flag. Thank you all!
Ashley, 10 boise,Idaho [11-29-2004]

I'm glad Betsy Ross made our American Flag. If she never made our flag we would of never had our Country's Flag. Our country is free and that is a symbol of our Freedom.
Megan Hager, 13 Bethlehem Pennsylvania [11-29-2004]

i feel good to see the flag and know we are free
kyle [11-05-2004]

I like the flag that Betsy Ross sewed. She did a real good job on it. Her flag that she sewed reminds me of her. It also remindes me of the war and when she sewed it during the war. I think that it looks real pretty up there in the blue sky. It is a beautiful flag.
Kara, 9 [11-04-2004]

I'm so proud to be an American because of the courage of all of the soldiers that have died for our lives.Plus,in language class we get to write about what the flag means to us.Also I'm proud to be an American because of all of the pride,courage,respect for our country.
Anonymous, Arkansas [11-04-2004]

Im proud to be an American and have the freedom that we do! God has blessed this country!
Kirsti, 17 [11-04-2004]

I think this website and the flag are so cool . I love this country and I love the big, beautiful flag.
Tegan Harris, Age: 12, City: Belding, State: Michigan [10-27-2004]

Well I just want to say that I am in love with our flag and our country! I am so proud to be an American! I am grateful to Betsy Ross for sewing our first flag, and I like to think that in some way we are related! President Bush rocks! God bless America! Spreadin the Good News † 3 nails + 1 cross + 4given!
Shelby Ross, 13; Goodyear, AZ [10-24-2004]

In all honesty I do not understand the pledge or aligence. I find it to be hypocritcal. The words, indivisible, liberty, and justice are all used too to describe a country in which these things rarely take place. Ive never seen a bum in the country of America have the same liberties or be given the same justice as a man of higher wealth. Also, the fact that in my highschool the pledge wasnt even said until after September 11th, brings me to believe the American flag is a symbol of fake patriotism. Im sure it give worried wives and sickly veterans comfort and some sort of hope, but for me it's nothing more than a waste of energy to get up and recite every Monday. I understand that the flag may be taken for a symbol of freedom and I don't denounce anyone who fought for American freedom, after all my father is a Vietnam Vet. But, instead of forcing young adults to pledge aligence to a country in which they have no input until age 18, and a country that looks at them with disdain and hoplessness for a future, why not let them chose where their aliances go?
Anonymous, Student, CA [10-22-2004]

I think the American flag is beautiful!
Kathy, 13, Massachusetts [10-22-2004]

I think Betsey Ross was a very Creative woman.The idea of the stars and stripes and what they represent were very patriotic on her part.
Joyce Lynch, England [10-22-2004]

I think Betsy Ross was an amazing woman. She was a semstress who put her gifted talent to use in a very special and patriotic way. She diligently worked to create a magnificient work of art. The flag represents the unity of our nation. furthermore, the flag symbolizes that everyone is equal regardless of race, creed, origin,and sex. She gave our great country something to be proud of, to worship, and to hang high not only in good times, but in times of dismay. I think GOD for blessing Betsy Ross with the talent to create something so monumental, I think GOD for blessing this country with Betsy Ross, and I think GOD for being an American. The flag gives everyone of us the peace of mind in knowing that THE UNITED STATES IS ONE NATION UNDER GOD THAT PROVIDES LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.
VANESSA, 36 philadelphia, pa. [10-22-2004]

Our Soilders are doing great over in Iraq. And the truth is that most of the Iraqies want us over there.
Shawn, 10 years old ALpine, California [10-08-2004]

I think that it's amazing at what the true " patriot of philadelphia" Betsy Ross has done for our nation!
Jordan Gamble, 12 N.Ft.Myers [09-29-2004]

Jenna, I'm 12 and i couldn't be any prouder to be an American! [09-29-2004]

i love america and the flag
angela [09-29-2004]

i love the american flag my great grampa was in korea and world war 2
candice jones, 14 anderson in [09-19-2004]

i think that just seeing the american flag brings the hope and joy out of being american i love waking up every morning to see the flag proudly displayedin the sky I am so doamn glad to be an AMERICAN so should everyone else!
Lisa Gentry, 19 south carolina [09-16-2004]

I Love Our Flag!
Taylor Harrelson, 14 May 31,1990 [09-06-2004]

There have been many times in my life, that just to see our American flag brings tears of pride and gratitude to my eyes. Even as a very young child at local rodeos, there was a churning within me I really didn't understand untill later in life. Within the last few years, I was told by my 87 year old mother that we are decendants of Betsy Ross. My Grandmother's name was Abagail Ross, but if Betsy had only daughters that wouldn't be right. It doesn't affect how much our American flag means to me. I have even decorated my "log cabin" home in an American theme. If anyone has any info that could concur my relationship to Betsy, please e-mail me. thanks and God bless America.
BOBI hAYES, 40 yrs old,Love Montana, told I was a decendant of hers [09-06-2004]

When I see OUR FLAG,I think of the freedom I have to live my day to day life the way I want to! I think of all the people that fought to keep OUR freedom! OLD GLORY unites us all--WE ARE AMERICANS-WE ARE FREE AND WE ARE PROUD AND WE ARE BRAVE! As the daughter of a veteran, I was taught as a small child how to properly handle the flag and respect it, as a Brownie Leader, I am now teaching my Troop all about this great country and all of its rich history. People have their Rights to speak their opinion on our President, however I find it disrespectful when people make The President (ANY OF THEM)the butt end of vulgar jokes. Speak against one American-Speak about US ALL! As I read all of the comments, I am really surprised that many of OUR young children have more on the ball than a few of the older people! GOD BLESS AMERICA, SUPPORT OUR TROOPS AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT--GET OUT!
Francine DiNucci, 36, Long Island, NY [08-30-2004]

I love the flag. I just bought a Betsy Ross flag, and I cannot wait to display it. I definitely prefer it to the 50-star flag of today, as I think that the original flag represents the true spirit of America. I am also highly disgusted by clothing that flamboyantly displays the flag, and even more at gas stations and fast food places that have well over 20 flags flown in the air all around the property. I refuse to eat or fill up at such places. Respect the flag, dont use it for commercial purposes!
James Erickson, libertarian! [08-30-2004]

I used to think the US flag was pretty good but now, to me at least, Imperialism, war and George Dubya are what comes to mind. I am very sorry that a basically good country has such a messed up govt., political system and priorities. A good site for illustrating this is and a good movie is Farenheit 9/11. The freedom ended with the Patriot Act (summaries at which Democrat John Kerry voted for.
Lara, New Zealand [08-16-2004]

I am, and have always been 100% for this great country. I love our American Flag, our National Anthem and our Gov't. and President. I feel sorry for people like Ayra and Jack in Penn age 62. To them I say "what is your problem." People like you can take advantage of another of our freedoms. You can leave. Go to any other country on this planet, and I guarantee you will come back with a different attidude. Get a life! I am so proud of all the children who have written in and love their flag and the pledge that goes with it, as I also do.
Eunice, 75 yrs. [07-24-2004]

I've always loved our flag but after 9/11 it means so much more to me. When I see our flag in all its glory flying in the breeze it brings tears to my eyes and inspires thoughts of all the strengths and goodness in our Country and especially our freedoms and the men and woman in our military who put their lives on the line everyday to protect us.
Diann Shultz, Lebanon, Pa. [07-24-2004]

Having a patriot ancestor Jeremiah Carpenter who fought at the Battle of Point Pleasant on October 10, 1774 and a member of the Tennessee Sons of the American Revolution, it makes me proud to have such an ancestor and proud of our country and our flag and all the people who are still proud of it. What a great website! Ours is at
Douglas Carpenter, Cleveland, Tennessee [07-24-2004]

I love the flag. It stands for freedom, and courage. Also reminds us that we live in a free country, with the right to vote for who we want! The flag stands for and has been around for most of the history of our country. Johnny Cash's song about the "tattered old flag" comes to mind and expressed many of feelings about the flag in that song.
Jean Miller, Pennsylvania [07-24-2004]

I love our American Flag. To me it symbolizes the courageous fight for our freedoms by millions of Americans who sacrificed their lives on battlefields. Seeing Old Glory flying gives me a warm and proud feeling of being fortunate to live in this great land of ours. The flag reminds me of my freedoms that should never be taken lightly. I am reminded of our country's great history in obtaining and expanding this land of ours to which I say Thank God. I am proud to be an American and fly our flag with great pride and honor. Damn to those who defile it.
Maria Capolarella Montante, Pittston, PA age 70 [06-30-2004]

The US Flag represents many of the American values that its citizens appreciat and cherish but thanks to Bush the flag also represents our imperialistic behavior in other parts of the world.
Sarah, Philadelphia [06-30-2004]

When I see the AMERICAN Flag my eyes are full of tears I praud to be in USA and I deeply love this country Betsy,s ROSS creation have experienced by time and a new generation will enjoy and praud it Long live AMERICA,FLAG and PRESIDENT BUSH!
LARYSA ARTYUKHOVSKA, San Francisco [06-30-2004]

I grew up in Philadelphia. I remember walking through the Betsy Ross House as a child. At the time I think the cradle and dolls got most of my attention. Now that I am a mother, I realize Betsy Ross was just a modest woman, that made a beautiful symbolic design. I love the flag and all my American History stories. Francis Scott Key. I get choked up when I think of the ideals it stands for. There's none like it.
Angela, 44 years old [06-24-2004]

I can think of no better example of American pride than that of our wonderful flag. Our flag is a proud symbol of our freedom, and it also pays homage to those that laid down their lives in defense of our country. Since 9/11 my American flag has flown proudly in front of my home. It will continue to fly for as long as I live. To those that burn our flag in protest, I find it ironic that a symbol that exemplifies the freedom of expression would be subject to such degradation. Protest if you must, but why destroy a symbol that allows you to do so without penalty? It should be honored and preserved for that fact alone.
Peter C. Ekstrom, Over 40- [06-24-2004]

I am very proud and in awe of those Americans who show their love for our country through their actions, hard work and perserverance. I challenge all Americans to rise to the occassion and show your love for your country through a positive and productive way.
Mrs. Olges, Wentzville, MO [06-24-2004]

Sometimes, I think the flag is kind of tacky. All those stars and stripes-- sometimes I ask myself: couldn't we go with a solid color and a nice emblem maybe? But then, I see Old Glory waving above the track at a race or at a wrestling match, and I wouldn't have it any other way. What do you think? Feel free to email me with your views.
Kevin McGinnis, I've recently taken up knitting-- just like Ms. Ross! [06-20-2004]

I am so pleased that the Ross house and story is perpetuated. A little forgotten information that might be of interest follows. The "Patriotic Organization" celebrating in the picture is the Patriotic Order Sons of America, which is still alive and well. They also had placed the highest flagpole in the city at the Ross House, and it remained there until 1988, when others took over its care. Thought that you might like to know this, as well as that Betsy Ross' gravestone is now at the P.O.S. of A. Information Center in Valley Forge, PA.
Mildred S. Christian [06-03-2004]

I think that Betsy Ross was aperson who cared about her country. She created the flag for Philadelphia. And I think sha was a veryt talented young woman.
marquisha edwards, 13 years old, live in newark, student at Gladys Hillman Jones Model Middle School [06-02-2004]

I saw someone put that they are tierd of watching nascar, and seeing the racers and crew with their hand over their hearts during the national anthem, well i just wanted to say that those people are respecting their country and showing a ton of respect at that. I think it is a pleasure to have people in our country that respect the flag, the people, and this country SO MUCH.
Nicole, 12/f/fl (12, female, florida) [05-13-2004]

Growing up in a military family as well as being an Eagle Scout, I have a deep love for this greatest country on God's green earth. It always boils my blood to see someone treat the flag, and all it represents, improperly. For instance, at the University of Washington, there was a particular rally one day and I saw one of the members wearing the flag as a cape. What an insult to our country and all it stands for. We should all respect what our forefathers stood for and died for. God Bless America!
Daniel Kohlbeck, Seattle, Washington [05-13-2004]

when i see the flag it makes me proud to live in america and have people who care for me so much to go out and fight for our country
Miriah Kidd, 10,celina,texas [05-13-2004]

When i view the american flag i feel Proud to be in such a wonderful free country, Thankful for my wonderful life that america gave me that NO OTHER country could, and i feel encouriging . America is the best there is no other like it !
Paige, 12,Saugus Ma, Bms [05-08-2004]

I think to as some other post say we should keep history. The originol Plege HAD NO UNDER GOD part to it. i think if we have religous freedom then we should put in somthing else like 'Under the constitution"
annonomous, I love the U.S.A [05-01-2004]

When I look at the flag I remembered our country.It makes me feel proud to be an American.
Linh, 11, Phoenix, AZ [04-19-2004]

The section of your web site relating to the wearing of the Flag on the sleeve of clothing needs an amendment. The Flag should not be worn on clothing in my opinion unless you are IN UNIFORM in a forgien land. Then it should be worn with the field to the left on the right shoulder ONLY, Unless your are involved in an agressive action (WAR) then it should be worn with the feild forward, (symbolizes forward movement, no retreat)
Randall Horn [04-19-2004]

How sad, that Ayra has nothing to believe in. He might want to stop and consider all those who have died to defend his right to bad-mouth our flag, our president, and our country.
Sandy [04-08-2004]

When I see the flag to makeis me pround to be here and praud to be in a American .Thank god everyday that you live here because it is a prilg to be in the United States of America.God bless America !and god bless OUR TROOPS !
Marissa Miller, 14 Massillon oh [04-08-2004]

Betsy Ross was a great american citizen and made me respect the flag, but now i dispise it because George Bush has dishonored it and our country
Ayra, ____________ [04-03-2004]

I recently had to do a report on Betsy Ross for school. All I ever really new about her was that she made the first flag. I was amazed to find out how much I didn't know about her. She really was an interesting person. I am very glad that she made the first flag which stands for liberty, justice, and freedom for all.
Bethany Anderson, I am 12 years old and I am from Ponchatoula Louisiana and I am proud to be an american [03-31-2004]

Betsey Ross will always be wonderful American citizen.She will be in everyones heart forever!
Savanna Robinson, age:11 city:Jacksonville,Fla. [03-28-2004]

The Flag should keep it's phrase "One Nation under God". Because, it hasbeen there for a long time and this man's issues are just coming now? It is not fair that he can hold control over every one's freedom he does not have to say the pledge,But us who would like to have our freedom of speech and freedom of religion should get it. Just as he gets his.
Mickey, 12 years old [03-28-2004]

As I look back on what has happened in the past, I am so thankful for what i can offer to people now..Betsy Ross was one of those people. She thought of others while at the same time thought of herself in a way that others didn't...If it wasn't for Betsy Ross we wouldn't have the amazing flag we have now..She put effort and did her best in what she set her mind to do...She had a thought on something and accomplished it..I respect her dearly..
Lindsi Smith, 13 years old [03-21-2004]

I have grown up with a love for the American flag because it has meant so much to my parents. I really enjoyed learning about Betsy Ross and her amazing talent on creating such a beautiful and lasting symbol of freedom. God bless America!
Zoe, age 9, Lakeville,MA [03-21-2004]

I (for one) am really tired of watching NASCAR race team members stand facing the flag with their HAND OVER THEIR HEART during the playing of the National anthem bfore each race. That is proper during the pledge of allegiance, but who started it during the anthem. I realize that they are "good old boys" (not intended to be derogatory) but are they really that stupid? Why doesn't NASCAR distribute literature to each team teaching them the proper protocol?
Jack in Pennsylvania, Age 62, patriot, proud american. [03-21-2004]

My understanding is that there were other American flags sewn before Betsy Ross was asked to sew one. That would make the story about Betsy's flag being the first American flag a well-spread myth.
Chris Woodcock, Raleigh, NC [03-21-2004]

she was a nice white lady
shawn71, oh cincinnait 71 [03-09-2004]

I think Betsy is very encouraging to me. She thought she could do something,and did it.
Kayci Zinkgraf, 11,5th grade [03-02-2004]

My mother ans I are working on a report for school and found this site after readig what others wrote I wanted to say how wonderful Betsy Ross was for sawing the flag for Col. George Washington and the Continnental Congress. This flag represents the Colonials independence from England and also stood for the colonies fighting together. On July 4,1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed. The Thirteen Colonies became the thirteen United States of American. Thank you So much Besty!
Amy Lyn Klaas [03-02-2004]

I'm studying Betsy Ross,I knew she was a wonderful citizen! But I never realized that Betsy had such a hard life .when I think of her I"m glad I'm an American cause at least I know I'm FREE!
angela jong, age10 lakewood WA [02-25-2004]

you have made a very pretty flag for the united states. i am sure you will insper a lot of people who want to be inventor's when they get older. thanks for you work from a student in sixth grade i think the flag stands for our home and ware we live and stands for god who gave us live

I think Betsy Ross is a great person who made a HUGGGEEE difference in our country. I think she should always be remembered as the mother of our country. May gods blessings be with her always! :>)
Alex, 11 girl new york new york [02-21-2004]

i think betsy ross made a huge difference to the american flag. She gave us a flag representing our unity,freedom, and liberty.
sammy, 10,san diego [02-20-2004]

I think the flag shows unity to our country no matter where we come from or our backgrounds. The flag makes us all equal.
Briann Feldewerther, 19/ Miami Florida [02-18-2004]

I have been robbed, flying the battleflag of the Federal Government. Today I just received the Civil flag of peacetime and hense, will fly no other. I am under civil authority.
Merl Webster, Bowling Green, KY. will be 70 in November [02-15-2004]

I have a 94 year old friend who was raised in Jacksonville North Carolina. One of her cherish memories is attending a one room school house in Jacksonville back in 1916 and reciting a poem about Betsy Ross. It went like this: When Betsy Ross sat in her easy armchair Sewing the white stars in their places She did little know how their numbers would grow With little bits of color red, white and blue Ane yet it stands for the best of lands The red and white and blue Can anyone tell me who wrote this poem and where I can get a copy?
Stephen Howell, Delaware [02-14-2004]

I think the flag proves who we are no matter where our ancestors came from.
Mariel W., a 14 year old American [02-08-2004]

All of my life I have been happy with the Ross flag of America. NOW I discover that we have been cheated by the flying of a battle flag! From this day on I shall fly the American Civil flag of peacetime under Civil authority. Anyone who flys the Federal/military flag is placing themselves UNDER FEDERAL AUTHORITY!
Merl Webster [02-08-2004]

Although I am a Canadian, I was born and raised in the U.S. I was presented with the flag from my brother's coffin as he served 35 years in the U.S. armed forces. I display the flag in it's triangle plastic case proudly with my brother's medals attached to it and a picture of my father in his Sea Bee's uniform on. Both my brother and my father served under this flag and I rever it's symbolism. I am 1/16 Cherokee and 1/32 Delaware and in the native culture symbolism is important. Our flags (Canadian, American and all 'free' countries) symbolizes the freedoms that we enjoy, the democracy that we live under and the loyalties that we have. Fly it, revere it and honour it. Our forefathers gave up their lives for freedom. I can say no more.
Colleen Naqshbandi [02-03-2004]

i think betsy is awesome! the flag means so much to me! my mom was in the army and tells me a whole bunch about the flag! bestsy is special to me because with out her we wouldn't have anything to give allegience to! thanx!
SAMANTHA BAKER, rather not [02-01-2004]

i think the flag means they are supporting us and that god is looking down on us and it shows that we care!
DEMITRIA, 13 Thibodaux [02-01-2004]

The american flag makes me happy and proud to befrom this country.
Gabby [01-29-2004]

the flag is very important and i dont really know how to explain why
Alyssa Follyes, Cleveland OH [01-29-2004]

I think Betsy Ross is a really great person. She gave something to our country that I feel no one else counld give us. She could of told the state that she didn't want to make the flag for them but she didn't she took her talent and did something so wonderful for our country. She made our flag because she wanted to do some good for America and I thank her so much for what she did for our country.
Samantha B., 13, Keosauqua, Iowa [01-26-2004]

I think that the flag is representing us as a whole. And I'm proud to be an american.
Summer Wilson, 14, Brinkley (Brinkley Jr. High Majorette) [01-23-2004]

my thoughts about the flag is that it serves our country right and it reminds us that we are all family
Kyara Wright, 14 years of age [01-23-2004]

I think that the flag stands for freedem and lots of it. That is why we have rights to do almost anything we want.
Kate Bailey [01-23-2004]

Ive thought about it and people came here for religious freedoms. So there is a lot of religions out there and they all belive in some type of god. So why shouldn't in the pledge or on money it should talk about God. When we say one Nation under God we should all just think of the god we believe in. Everyone remember in "God WE TRUST" -Alyssa S.
Alyssa, 13 California [01-23-2004]

i beleive in god so i think its fine that betsy put "under god". if you dont beleive in god then thats your problem. dont say the pledge. i think that with out the pledge we wouldnt be able to dipend on the flag at all. when you see the flag i all ways remember pledge. she helped a lot in america i think personaly. the pledge has a lot of information about are country and flag. i under stand how people say like are children should not have to say under god in the pledge, but think about it do you want to make a history of the flage go away. i think i would want it for ever . and thats my thought on betsy ross
kelly, 15 [01-23-2004]

Every day, I pray and thank God that I live in this wonderful country. It is so wonderful to know that I live in a free country. Some things about our country we take for granted, but everything about it we should be thankful for. In this country,we can believe in any religion we want, we can vote, we can go to school, we can speak freely, we have so many rights that some other people don't have. I am so grateful to live in this country. And the flag will always be our sign of freedom, liberty, and justice for all.
Stephanie Lane, i am 10, i go to hartly ele., i like to read [01-23-2004]

i'm am very grateful for the american flag because it is a symbole of freedom and it 's what what the troops are working fo9r And i'm proud to be an American!
Cynthia [01-23-2004]

First off, in answer to Kay, the young school-age child that wants to know is she in trouble for not believing in God and for not saying Under God when she says the pledge of Allegiance. Honey, study your history, whether the words were added during the original writting or afterwards doesn't really matter. What does matter is that one of the major reasons our country was founded was for the right to to religious freedom. Understand that as long as you do not force your opinions onto others than what you believe in or not believe in is up to you. However, I can almost guarantee you that any soldier that was ever in a war, in a foxhole, flying airplanes, or serving on a ship, when fired upon or when jumping out of "perfectly good airplanes" did pray to some almighty power so that they would come home safely to their families. So believe how you wish young one, but remember that in our country we have that right as long as you don't push your view onto others that believe in God. Now as to how I feel about this flag and our country. I'm a 47 year old widowed Mom with 2 fine sons. I'm also a Veteran of our US Army. My faith in our country is strong, my love for our flag is strong. We are leaders in the world we live in but what has made us leaders is the strength of our people, the willingness to serve and die if need be for our country. When 9-11 happened I was outraged not only by what had happened in NYC, Washington DC and Pennsylvania but I was also outraged by the way my children's school and school board handled the situation. The school board and principal virtually became ostrich's. They wouldn't explain what had happened to us to the school children, they wouldn't even participate in penny drives or ribbon drives. Stating in fact that a lot of our children are deprived financially. I told them that even those children need to understand and 1 penny wouldn't hurt the parents. I understood to a point since I was a welfare case manager at the time and many of the parents were my clients but even those parents that I spoke to agreed that they could come up with 1 penny if not more. they wanted to give, those school officials simply didn't want to get involved. Need less to say, my children changed schools. Now the school that they attend is proud of our country, our freedom, our flag and our soldiers. The fourth grade of that school is about to in fact begin a project to develop a pin for the Amvets post of which I'm an officer in. This program develops the students art skills and their patriotism. I'm proud that there's a least one school that's willing to take a step forward. As for me, myself, well when my sons asked if the Army came back and said, Mary we need you to return even though you've been out for 21 years, would you go? My answer to them is ALWAYS yes. We cannot faulter in protecting our homeland and our loved ones, not now or ever. My sons, I'm proud of them, though only 11 and 8, they currently wish to grow up and join our armed forces. I'm 100% behind them for I'm of the belief that we all, men and women, serve our country for at least 3 years. May God Protect our home, our flag and most of all those who serve her and us.
Mary N Triplett, Dade City, FL [01-23-2004]

Im gratful for the flag becuse it repcinets thet we are free and we can do what we wont and becuse that we have things sompeople dont and that is what the flag stands for to me. And I would like to thank Aberham licon for freedom and life.And I would like to thank God for puting me and all of you on this earth and giving us freedom and life as weii as long as we live we can still be with him.
brianna, im 11 spring city [01-23-2004]

i absolutyly love america it is the best country ever born & my complements to all of the info you supplied on the internet i am taking place in a civic oration contest and i choose the american flag
Jacob Lynch, no thank you [01-23-2004]

The United States flag (i.e.) old glory stands for freedom.if you need more proof i suggest you visit your local VA hospital & talk to some vetrans. this will give you a solid foundation about what our Flag means. wellain ( thank you ) dave slagger native american veterans assoc. of maine. p.o. box 133 frankfort maine. 04438
david slagger, native american veterans assoc.of maine [01-04-2004]

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