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RE: Peter 9/5/2003 Ahhhh Peter,how easy it is to be a malcontent or never-do-well. The board has had many of them, and most more intelligent and articulate than you. Your contributions to society and the world are (let me answer that for you; complain, complain, complain)??? Thirty-one and so worldy and knowledgeable; if you can't store much more in that indoctrinated brain, remember this, for whatever you perceive our faults as; The US and Britain are the two of the most benevolent countries on the planet.
I.M. redwhiten'blue, American [12-21-2003]

I think America is a great country we just need the right Government to support it. If you think about it you arent really free if you have rules to follow under the Governments laws and not our own not Americas.
Allison, 13 [12-21-2003]

I was reading the words of the others before me, and I read Kat who stated that she was an atheist. Kat, if you have a problem saying the pledge because of your personal beliefs, just don't say "under God" but don't stop saluting the flag and don't say "under Canada" I think that is just you being a smartie pants. Respect our nation, Respect our flag, Respect those who fought and continue to fight for it every day. Because of that flag, you are able to be an Atheist. So pledge your allegence to the flag and be proud to be where you are. I hope you and other people who disagree with the current pledge read this and just use their personal discretion and leave the "under God" part out when you say and don't discriminate against those who "choose" to say the pledge with "God" left in it. I also want to send a thank you to my veterns who gave me that option to "choose"
Megan, 21and proud to be an American [12-21-2003]

I'm proud to be American, just like everyone else should be! We live in a country that has more freed om than any other. We can say what we want, listen to the music we want, and we don't have to worry about being killed for it. What really makes me mad, is when people use their freedom of speech to say bad stuff about the country, and the people who serve for this country. Without those people serving in the Army, Navy, Marines, Peace Corps, and every other group that serves for our country, we wouldn't have those freedoms we take for granted.
Stefanie, 13 [12-11-2003]

I am proud to be an american.I think that all those who fought in the wars must love the country as much as I do.A few of my great uncles fought in the world war 2 and died.I love this country and I always will.
hayley, a proud american 10 years old [12-11-2003]

Your a grand old flag/ Your a high flying flag/ And forever in peace may you wave/ You're the emblem of the land I love/ The home of the free and the brave/ Ev'ry heart beats true for the Red, White, and Blue/ Where there's never a boast or a brag/ But should old acquaintance be forgot/ Keep your eye on the grand old flag. God Bless America, The God of liberty and justice for all. I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands. One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Don' Tread On Me!
Robert A. Partain III, Patriot, Anchorage, Alaska [12-11-2003]

i think that every one should stand up for what they belive in even if it is agenst the flag or the u.s. because we should have pride in where we come from. remember that america is about freedom and it is a melting pot of all contries. we came here to get away from the discrimiation from other contries but now look what is happening to the land of the free and the home of the brave.
danielle, cuyahoga falls 12 [11-25-2003]

Freedom, Peace, Liberty, and Love. That is what I think the United States and the flag represents.
Rebekah, 14 and proud to be an American. [11-25-2003]

the flag is a symbol of hope and freedome it should fill you to the brim with pride
jack [11-25-2003]

God bless AMERICA. I just became an America and you can believe it is one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life. I thank the framers of the constitution for making it posible for me to be an American. I am taking a class in American Govt. After some reseaches, and reading what America and American went through to gain its independence, and in making sure our freedom is protected. I even applaud Francis Scott Key for writing the Star Spangled Banner, that really describes America. Despite its oppositions, despite fighting wars to free other nations from tyranny, despite bombs falling and bursting in the air, our flag will continue to fly and wave like it did in the morning that prompted Mr. Key to write the Star Spangled Banner. GOD BLESS AMERICA THE HOME OF THE BRAVE !
Sam Okonofua, 35, Fort Worth. Texas (American!) [11-25-2003]

In God we trust Thats an American. The Flag is our simble of our country that we are proud of and leave to our children. We thank God for freedom of speach. This country was formed by the Bible quotes and standerds. Thank God for our for fathers who stood up for us and gave us this great country. Steven Hugh Francisco Rochester New York. D.O.B. 010351
anonymous [11-22-2003]

I love America, but I hate the Pledge of Allegiance. I'm an Atheist, and it's not right for teachers to force me to stand up and say something I don't agree with. So, since 6th grade I've been saying "Under Canada" instead (not because I'm Canadian, but because the U.S. is geographically under Canada). Some of my teachers have a problem with that. A classmate recently informed me that I'm going to go to hell, ect. Another told me that they'd pray for me. How sweet. Someone else told me that I was dishonoring the memory of the people who died on 9/11, which I definitely don't want to do. On the other hand, I don't see how that would offend them, not really. What I want to know is if I'm actually dishonoring the flag. Is the “Under God” stuff really important? And I was looking at this site, and it says those words were added on 62 years after the original pledge was written. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong, but I don't want to get in trouble either...~Kat~
Kat, 13 year old teenager in America [11-17-2003]

I live in Monterey Bay, California. One day right after September 11, 2001 I drove to LA with my family. My sister and I were counting the American flags from Salinas to LA. There was over 1,000! Streets were painted in the American colors. Terorists tried to weaken us, but they just made us stronger.
Nina Rosen, Age 13 Grade 8 [11-17-2003]

you should stand up for the flag/like the firefighters and police men do . show that your proud
Brianna g. A [brie], im 13 years old [11-17-2003]

I am a 26 year old Canadian living near Toronto. On the highways you see a lot of cars from Michigan, New York and Ohio. Most of them display the flag as in a sticker or banner. I know I am not American, but it fills me with pride to see people love their country so much. I get chills everytime I see the flag raised and the anthem played. God bless America, God bless Canada, God bless liberty!
Nathan Meyer, Age: 26 City: Toronto [11-08-2003]

I am an italian teacher, I saw this flag site and i found it really....interesting. American people have a strong patriotism. On the other hand here in Italy patriotism is not so deeply felt! What a pity! Bye
Lorena [11-05-2003]

When I look away from this land, I feel I have lost something. When I gaze back at this land and the symbol, the flag, I am filled with awe, compassion and courage to show others why our ancestors came here, lived and died here so that we may bear fruit for all the generations that will be coming here. I hope more citizens step up and become patriots.
Leonard Turnbull, 51 Elmhurst, Illinois [10-30-2003]

i think that people should really respect the flag!i don't think that people really think how important it is today. It represents our country,our freedom,our will,and the rite to say or think what ever we want!if you have any problem about my thoughts then email me!
Alexis, i'm 11years old and i live in michigan [10-27-2003]

What does the American Flag mean to me? It represents the best possible brand of freedom available in the world today. Every time I lay eyes on the flag it makes me proud to be an American and I thank GOD that I live in the greatest country in the world! It is just a damn shame that so many people take our freedom for granted. Also I think this is a great site. I own a company that sells flag cases for departed veterans online ( and in doing some research about the american flag itself I stumbled across this very wonderful and informative site. Keep up the good work and GOD BLESS!
J. McCabe, Corpus Christi, Texas [10-12-2003]

I have to say to Mr. Peter that the United States do not invade countries for their oil. Have you listened to the news lately? We are giving Iraq food and other goods. We don't really "invade" them "Mr. British". I'm not trying to tell you what to believe in, I'm just updating you on the latest news.
Lauren, 13, us [10-12-2003]

I am proud to be an American. Black people and white people come together and saythe pledge of allegice and sing the star spargled banner.
Jazmin, age 13 city chi-town [10-12-2003]

I LOVE U .S.because this couty is a freedom . blak and wrtie people come togeter . I love THIS STATE
kayla, 8 ny [10-01-2003]

I'm happy that all the people that created this site put all the effort in to it. The flag is something that should be honered and treated with respect for all time. I beleive that the flag should be saluted to all citizens of the U.S., in uniform or not. Thankx again.
Robert Armgardt, 14, Sturtevant, Wisconsin [09-20-2003]

As I began reading entry after entry here; to gain insight into the people behind the words written regarding their thoughts on America, The Flag, Freedom, Betsy Ross, etc; ....... I think the entries that touched me the most were those written by children. For the children believe what they are being taught in our public schools, and you can see it in their expressions of what they believe is going on in our country today. I remember that when I was a child attending public schools here in America, every morning when it came time to "Pledge Allegiance To The Flag", I stood without hesitation and took the task seriously. Even though I was just a child, I inherently felt that the task was serious business, and I sincerely felt an enormous sense of pride and fortune in being an "American", and I'd get goosebumps every day as I pledged my allegiance to that Flag. I bought into the whole story, hook, line, and sinker; as I see the children today are. Today I've got some fifty-odd years of research and learning experience under my belt, and even though I will still get goosebumps when I salute our Flag, I know that the Flag stands for a country that is no longer being run "By The People" and "For The People", as it was intended to be when it was created. When Betsy Ross created the first Flag to be a symbol of the first 13 states to join together to start the country to be called "The United States Of America", the ideals and entire set of ethics set forth at that time were indeed ones to be respected. For at that time, the rules that were put into place as to how to run this fine new country of "The United States Of America"; were rules that had "right!" on their side, and the rules did insist upon Freedom For The People, because it was so ordered that this country be run "By The People". That was in the year 1776. This is the year 2003. And, sadly enough, the country is no longer being run by the people living in it. It seems to be being run by people that are Americans by birthright, but not by definition. Because as we can read here in this website, our young and upcoming Americans inherently believe that America is a country that should be run as it was intended to be run as stated by Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, who are just two of the gentlemen who started America. Our youngsters of today are plainly saying, "America stands for Freedom," - as they should be saying - after all, it's what they observe that America should be. I personally think that Thomas Jefferson would roll over in his grave if he could see how the country he and his compadres created is being run today. In an entry written here on September 4th 2003 by an individual named "Michaela", a question was posed to all of us regarding this very same subject. She said that Thomas Jefferson was afraid that after he died and could no longer look after things to make sure our country was being run in compliance with his rules, that the new government would eventually become consumed by greed for money and power, and that "The United States Of America" would no longer be ruled according to the mindset and ideals and ethics that he and his men fought so hard to create. Sadly, our country is,once again, being ruled like it was being ruled by the British government over 200 years ago. It goes against everything the Flag originally stood for. So, in actuality, a new flag should be created, because I believe it is a real crime for our current day government to continue this charade behind the Flag that symbolizes a time and ideals and ethics that no longer exist. I have spoken at length to elders that I have met, and although they agree with me on all the above, they will state that America is still the best country in which to live; and even though our judicial system has become riddled with corruption all the way across the board, as long as one does not come under their direct grips, I am told that one can survive in this country far better that in any other. So, in an effort to retain the ideals and values and personal ethics of an American (in the true sense of the word), I renew my gratefulness every month for what I am blessed with. And I strive to continue to issue respect out to strangers by being kind and considerate - I reside in a big city where people by the majority are cold and uncaring towards each other; but I persist in doing what I do to "spread the kindness" instead of perpetuating the coldness by being unkind. It is catchable, for the other day I experienced the wonderful reward of observing a stranger I was kind to three months ago be kind to someone else, and they didn't see me. Now THAT'S something to be grateful for! So let's get the ball rolling by Sandra, Age 62 San Franciso, California
Sandra, Age 62 [09-17-2003]

i think it stands for freedom and justice in all people
vanessa [09-13-2003]

The US flag is a symbol throughout the world of economic and military oppression. The freedom you cherish so much is being denied to millions throughout the world by your government. Yours and my standards of living - the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the items in our homes - the vast majority are sourced from and built in poor countries. Why are they poor? Because the only people the US and other nations permit to run those countries are those prepared to sell their natural and human resources on the cheap. Rich Westerners get even richer at the expense of the world's poorest people. The US topples governments, arms rebels, carpet bombs and invades countries - all in pursuit of money. Read some books on economics and the role of the US as 'world policeman' since the end of WWII. If you're still proud after that then consider the fact that young men from your country and mine are dying for oil. Then consider the fact that your country is being run by the guy who lost the election. You might not be able to see the truth on your TV set, but you'll find it on the internet, if you're prepared to look. Do a little less flag waving and a bit more thinking.
Peter, 31 British and not proud of it [09-05-2003]

Just having become an internet user and being a retired history teacher, this web site was a natural for me to visit. I'm only sorry it has taken me so long to use this technology. What a help it would have been when I was teaching. The flag is a symbol of what this great nation stands for and seeing it flying makes me both proud and grateful that I live in this country. The USA is far from perfect, but we are a work in progress and hopefully we can learn from our past mistakes and move forward. No matter how bad our problems may seem they are still ours and our situation is better than any others elsewhere. Many complain about the USA but you don't see them leaving to live elsewhere. Why? Because they really do like it here. They couldn't complain in other countries like they do here. One has to learn to be thankful for the liberty our forefathers have given us and for all those who fought and died to keep if free for us. So let the flag wave high and free to remind us of all we have. It makes me proud to be an American. I only hope I can be a good representative of my country and my God.
Esther Fisher, Toms River, NJ [09-04-2003]

What does Betsy Ross mean to me? It is written that Betsy was the individual contracted to construct the 13-Star American Flag for Jefferson & his boys - and it was to signify the first 13 states that came together to form a union (ie: the "United States") - and initiate their separation from the Government which ruled over them at that time and told them what to do, when to do it, with whom, and where (but not why!)......this ruling Government that the states wanted rid of being: The British. It is also written that they wanted rid of this ruling government because they were being ruled in ways that were unfair, at a personal level as well as a financial level; essentially, the British Government had gotten way out of hand and was consumed by greed for money and power; subsequently, the people being ruled suffered greatly at the hands of this Government; they had no personal privacy rights, and they had to give up a lot of their money to the Government, just because the Government said they had to. So, Jefferson and his boys said, "Wait a minute! We're not going for this anymore! We want the money we earn to be our own so we may spend it as we like! We want our lives to contain the freedom from your rules and regulations so we may do with our lives what we so desire! We want to rule ourselves - we want a type of Government that is ruled "By The People, and For The People", not one that is ruled "By The Government and For The Government"! So, we're writing a new set of rules and we are declaring our independence from your greedy ruling for once and for all! (ie: the "Declaration of Independence"). So, Jefferson and his boys did just that; and it started a war of course, (ie: the "Revolutionary War"); but they emerged victorious and formed the "United States of America" with the first thirteen states. So, they commissioned their confidante, Betsy Ross, to do the stitching of the flag to represent their united-ness and thought it quite appropriate for the flag to contain one star for each state that had come together at that time, which numbered thirteen. Since then, as each successive state decided to join up with the rest of 'em, another star was added to the flag to result in what it is today. Whew! Now, folks; there's a flip side to this coin, and I'll try and keep it brief: Jefferson issued a warning when he wrote the "Bill of Rights", which is a document that contains all the rules and regulations that Jefferson and his boys wanted to go by. (And it was a cool & groovy way to run the show). The warning he issued was this: "I believe that after we die and are no longer here to make sure that everybody sticks to the rules and regulations we're laying down here; well, I'm afraid that after we die and as time goes by, that things could change as other people get hold of the reins and become the ruling government. In fact, I'm so afraid that greed for money and power will creep back into it that I suggest that the people will have to have a Revolution every 200 Years to keep the rulers in check. Because it is in that amount of time that I predict the Government will get out of hand and no longer be running the show, "By The People" and "For The People". They will be doing things like taking ridiculous amounts of money from all the people and calling it a "Tax" so they can get away with it. And they will be doing things like controlling people by confining them for next to nothing but calling it a "crime"; just so they can get away with it. So, I strongly suggest that every 200 years the People form a Revolution to bring things back to the way me & the boys are setting them up today." This was the general idea Jefferson conveyed at that time. I respectfully suggest that anyone out there who has never read the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights to do so. Or, if you haven't read it in a long time, kindly do so. Then, ask yourself this question: Today; in the year 2003; are our United States being run according to the rules and regulations in Jefferson's Bill of Rights? Or, does it seem as though he may have been right about the ruling Government getting out of hand and becoming consumed by greed for money and power by the time approximately 200 years has gone by? I know clearly what my answer is. Then I ask you all this: "Where do we go from here?".......... I remain; Michaela, Age 52 An American born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the year l951.
Michaela, Age 52 [09-04-2003]

i think that betsy ross is a very nice person to make the american flag and is very talented. The american flag is a symbol for love and peace and freedom. It has 13 tripes wich all stand for the 13 colonies and 50 stars that stand for the 50 states
Alicia, i'm 11 years old and i live in america [09-04-2003]

At times it can be hard to believe that the nation has came to this, sure you pray every night and cry rivers of tears hearing something has happened to one of your beloved family members but come on people we need to show no FEAR! At times like this we need to remember that we need to stand proud and tall together because if we don't what example are we setting for the future of america like me? That's why i decided to be an attornie because i don't only want to help people but i want to make it safier for us and you maybe if i can keep on going with my perservience i can achieve this and i really want it, so if i can just make 1 smile i'll me happy! As for the flag i stand tall with respect and liberty,at school i push my chair in and place my right hand over my chest and with the other hand i place it behind me. i not only think that that's respect but it shows that i'm remembering what has happened so far. I hopefully want to join the army and if i get reccuded then i will and i'll try my hardest and if i die i know that i died for my country!
Vanessa, phoenix,az age: 11 [08-29-2003]

the american flag stands for nothing more than death,war,hate, and simply "im better than you"
mat, Phoenix [08-28-2003]

As School Administrators, we recently established an Emancipation Proclamation in Computer Ethics via Church & State wherein "HIGH-TECH LYNCHING" would be trafficked as being an UNJUST PRACTICE under the "HEAVENLY-HONORABLE STARS" of the AMERICAN FLAG, especially when used as an "UNUSUAL and CRUEL REPRIMAND!" ___________Via THE HONORABLE Dr.(s) Frank & Cynthia Statham-Spearman of Ft. Valley, GA, The International KING and QUEEN of the ROYAL HIERARCHY of COMPUTER ETHICS
Dr. (s) Frank & Cynthia Statham-Spearman, Fort Valley, Georgia [08-20-2003]

My love for my great USA comes to the surface everytime I see a Red, White and Blue American Flag blowing in the breeze. I have displayed a flag in my front yard since September ll, 2001, because I have to let everyone know how much I love my country. God gave us this great land, and we have the responsibility to DESERVE it by being loyal, true and good citizens. Thank you for this wonderful website. Its a treasure.
Pauline MCConkie Derhak, Salt Lake City, Utah [07-10-2003]

As a descendant of Betsy Ross... I am especially honored that she is so wonderfully, thoughtfully and creatively remembered. This is a wonderful site-Thank You.
Leslie Gollmitzer Criswell, Shreveport, LA [07-02-2003]

Just a few quick thoughts on what I have just read. Please have the intellectual courtesy not to dispute the opinions of others, unless you have some proof based on research not feelings. Feelings and facts are quickly confused. If Betsy Ross did not make the flag (no one I have heard said she had anything to do with the design except the substitution of the five pointed star for the six which Washington preferred)who did and what proof do you have for your opinion? I personally wish that more of the lovers of flag and country would consider voting in any and all elections. I am a judge of elections in my neighborhood and quite frankly very few educated and free thinking, responsible people are voting. Over 80% of the voters in my district were over 70 and vote the ticket the local party boss tells them to vote. How do I know? They come in with their printed materials and if names are not in the place on the ballot that jives with the sheet they are leaning out of the voting booth and asking for directions or clarification. They're exercising their rights and that's ok but it would be reassuring to see young people with a mind of their own, who have educated themselves on the subjects at hand taking up where these patriots have left off. Please parents exercise your right to vote and take your children to the polls with you until they are old enought to vote. Take a neighbor or friend and show them how to register and how to vote. Discuss your opinions on the candidates at the supper table and show your children how to think as a patriot( a man or woman who loves their country more than themselves) Please do not think that they are educated in school to do this as we were. It is not considered appropriate in most schools. (YOU can teach people about abortion, alternate lifestyles, child abuse and other subjects that would make my mom blush in the public schools but not about voting) I am a flag waver but not because its cool or ok with the neighbors but because I have studied what it was like to Thanks for listening.
Barbara Kastner, Pittsburgh Pa [06-22-2003]

There is no law that says we must all fly or display our flag remember every country has one. Our country is the oldest constitutional democracy. The stars and stripes basically remained the same since june 14, 1777.Stars are added according to when they entered the Union. As a Korean war veteran, I can proudly say the flag was comforting to see flying over our base camp.South Korea is now a free democracy. Our W.W.11 vets kept our country from being over run by the Japanese, and Germans. So our flag down thru the ages is a freedom flag,never conqured by a hostile nation. we have the freedom not to fly, burn it in the street, stomp on it, REMEMBER SOMEONE DIED TO GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO DO THAT.
George Natale, kOREAN WAR VET AGE 73 Babylon l.i. NY [06-14-2003]

Hey Jamie, California (05-30-2003). Not wanting to start a fued but I agree with YOU on your reply to Anonymous, ky [07-24-2002]. However, I can't put much into what Anonymous, ky [07-24-2002] had to say. If he or she can't print their name and add their email address then he or she has NO GUTS. Actually, I'm from Kentucky and am quite proud of both the North's and South's history. It was part or our nation's growing pains and no appologies should be needed from ANYONE. Just love, forgive and go on. By the way, if Anonymous, ky [07-24-2002] replies to this, you can be sure their name will not be their REAL name.
Reggie Morgan Jr., A proud Patriot from Barbourville, Kentucky. [06-06-2003]

Thank you for theese great web site,im from Germany,but I like America,I was there last year and I enjoed!America is a real great Continent!Sorry for my bad english!Thanks,love Lisa(15 years old)
Lisa Finck, Hamburg,Germany [06-05-2003]

Thank you for this web site. For several minutes now I've been sitting here trying to find the proper words to express my love for our flag and the heartfelt meaning it has to me. So far I have not thought of any words that could come close to the greatness of that love. This happens in only two other instances for me and that is when I try to describe my love for God or my love for my wife. Simply, there are no words great enough. I can tell you this. In the past, many of my family and friends gladly gave up their lives or parts of their bodies for Freedom’s sake and the Idea that formed and made this great country of ours. And so, so very many more of them have and are still yet freely placing their lives in jeopardy for the sake of God, their families, our country and freedom. May God bless them, as there is no greater love that they could offer than that of their own lives. There are so many other things that instantly flash through my mind whenever I see our flag. Far too many thoughts to put to paper for the moment. So my thoughts are still too overwhelming to find the proper words to describe the meanings our flag represent to me. With all our problems and trials as our country continues to grow, I am thankful for our National Ensign and think this flag represents the best. For the above reasons I do get a bit perturbed when I see the flag displayed improperly. I know that there is no disrespect intended by most of the improper flag displaying. And for this single reason I am very thankful for this web site. By using this site I can help my friends to honor the flag the way they intended. Sincerely, Reggie Morgan Jr. (A Patriot.)
Reggie Morgan Jr., Age 60 years old - Retired - from Barbourville, Kentucky. [06-04-2003]

I Love my country and flag.. I am proud to be an American,, the Greatest Country there is..God Bless America
Caroline Helton, my Bluegrass State of America [06-03-2003]

To me Betsey Ross is the creater of our symbol, the American flag. The flag is the symbol of our country. The Red, White, and Blue sort of explain some of our country. It is how we tell the other countries a little bit about our country. When I see the flag it makes me feel proud, and it reminds me of the wars, and brave, and amazing things that some Americans have done, and are doing, and can do. I'M SO HAPPY THAT I'M AN AMERICAN AND THAT I LIVE IN THIS AWSOME COUNTRY!
Christian Marr, 19025 Talon way Jupiter Fl. 33458 Age:11 [06-01-2003]

Hey Anonymous, ky 7/24/02: You HAVE the choice, go ahead and fly that Confederate flag below the American flag - that is what freedom is all about! My dad was very southern and he loved the confederate flag until the day that he died. BUT he also understood and recognized the importance of the American Flag - " nation under God...". He fought in WWII, taught us to be proud Americans and still held on to his stuborn Southern pride - and we loved him for it. But, he would have been the first one to make sure that you stood up and showed respect to the American flag!
Jamie, California [05-30-2003]

betsey ross rocks! She was brave enough to make the first flag.
kathy, nothing [05-27-2003]

I think the flag means a lot and everyone should repenst our freedom because some conutries doesn't have that now.
aj, 14,west haven, [05-25-2003]

I think that everyone loves the american flag. So do I! I also think that we are all greatful for it!
Cammie, 11 [05-14-2003]

to my mother; american by choice, she gave me freedom and liberty through birth. my birthday, november 11th, the day we celebrate each year by displaying the flag in honor to all who have served. the valiant, men and women, who fought and aided to protect our blessed land. to preserve freedom for all. to help the oppressed free themselves from tyranny. there are heros, leaders, and people who are truly inspired to do what is needed. for betsy ross and the 5 pointed star, i feel she was insprired. she knew how to get approval, by demonstrating the ease of how to make it quickly. i am always amazed by what we can learn after the fact. but it certainly takes courage and conviction before the facts pan out. thanks to the leaders we have today, president, george w. bush and british prime minister, tony blair. these two forged forward so that another country has been able to break the bonds of tyranny and may enjoy a chance of freedom for its future. i am proud of the red, white, and blue. the country she represents, the cost of freedom she reminds me of, and the history of the 50 states she represents. may she ever wave aloft and free. to remind all, of the priveleges that have been fought for, to be thankful in our hearts for our country and states, united, we live in.
JOY L. OGILVIE, 44, first generation american [05-14-2003]

when i see the flag hanging in the air i think about the national anthem and how the flag stayed standing at the end of the war when thoughts like that pop into my head it makes me feel special i think about how the country was doin at that time and if it was at all the same as the times we have now i think did they ever get to have fun or was everything always serious
lindsay henderson [05-14-2003]

I think that MARY PICKERSGILL should get the credit for making the flag even though most people think that Betsy Ross made the flag I think VERRRRY different!
Kacie Ann-Howland, age: 10 of: South Burlington,VT 4-29-03 [05-03-2003]

freedom Peace Love
Kristina Dowers, 15 Anderson IN [04-24-2003]

I was born on flag day and I thinkl the flag is an important part of my every day life. I think the flag stands for whaty America is, a free and united country!
Bre H., 12 Mequon WI [04-24-2003]

In my 40 years of life, I have seen our flag fly through times of great accomplishment and through times of great tragedy and conflict, and to me it is a symbol of great comfort and strength as well as promise. I have travelled extensively within our great nation and no matter how much the landscape changes, or the faces of the people change, over it all I always caught a glimpse somewhere of our great national symbol, the red, white, and blue, of our American flag. It is a symbol of unity, valor, and pride. It is a symbol of our way of life, the promise of our children and the pride of our people. It is a symbol of the blood spent in freedom's cause, and the covering comfort of the greatest nation ever to have existed in the history of mankind. We as Americans are held together, in a sense, by the constellation of our flag's stars and are protected by its mighty and majestic stripes. I love my country and I love our beautiful flag and I take great pride in it. God bless our great nation and forever may our flag bring comfort to its people.
Robert Kuntz, Cincinnati, ohio-proud American [04-22-2003]

I think the American flag symbolizes what the United States is all about. We are one nation united together. We have strong belifs and always come out strong.
Allison Stefanski, age 10, Westerly RI, 02891 [04-17-2003]

I as was reading through all these comments they really touched me. I am currently a junior in college and I'm going to be a teacher. I have been using this site in creating a lesson plan for one of my classes. It is wonderful to see all the comments from such young students...I think that people take for granted just what a child can do, they're amazing.
courtney [04-15-2003]

I think that the flag represents how we will fight for our rights no matter what will happen. We stand together like a pack of birds. We will do what we have to do even if it means dying. We are proud to be an american and we will stand up and tell everyone that. After the 9/11 attack we need to keep living just like we always did we need to think about the tradgedys that might happen.
Kristin, 10 [04-15-2003]

I am very proud of the American Flag. I am a Ross and am related to Betsy Ross. I am very proud of her and to know that I am related to someone like this from our country's history. Thank God that we live in a country that we can voice our feelings and thoughts. May God always keep blessing us.
Nicole Ross-Michadick, West Leechburg, PA [04-15-2003]

The American Flag is a symbol of our nation. And I love it for that
Cassie, age 11 [04-15-2003]

I think that the flag represents terrorism pain and anguishment I am not patriotic
Nathen, romulus michigan [04-09-2003]

i like the flag and i wish it was a law 2 have one.
alayna jones [04-09-2003]

I think the United States of America- flag represents a tranquility and righteousness, reliance on our fellow men. Reverence. And my family and I are very grateful for this country and what it represents about us, as Human beings, and we are also very thankful that we have a nice colorful flag, and the beauty and justice and distinctiveness about it that Betsy Ross created.
Hanta Thomas, I am 12, In Brussels, Belguim and an American citizen [04-01-2003]

When I see the flag blowing in the breeze I feel proud that I am an American and the things that we are going through in the present times really make me think about how lucky we are that we are free and not imprisoned for no reason. That we are not inslaved and we can make our own choices. We are very lucky that there are people in the world that are like Betsy Ross was and that there are people out there that are willing to risk their lives for the chance to keep that freedom.
Stephanie, Storm Lake,IA [04-01-2003]

i think the flag represents love, freedom, and peace and thats why othe countrys try so hard to take that away from us,,, im thankfull for bety ross's creation of the flag because after the september 11 accident i think some of us need comfort and thats what the flag is .. "comfort"
jessica newsome, im 15 yrs old i ive in cullman alabama [03-18-2003]

I am doing Besty Ross for my history report and this site has a lot of GREAT information. You have done a wonderful job on this site. I am very inspired by Betsy. I would like to become the President some day, and all of these great people are helping me! I am very proud to be an AMERICAN! *Abby*
Abby, 13 years old; Freeport, Illinois [03-14-2003]

Hi. what i think about the american flag is pride,peace, and freedom.what i think about Betsy Ross is a wonderful spirit because betsy is a wonderful person.i was in this site because iam doing a school report on woman's hitory.and iam doing it on BETSY ROSS.
Rosmery Rodriguez, 10yrs,New York NY 10031 I AM AMERICAN! [03-14-2003]

I think the flag is honorable and we should salute it frequently. I thank Betsy Ross for giving it to us. I shall salute it always even though I may be hispanic I salute to it & shall respect it.
Marisela Palomo, 13,South Waco,TX [03-14-2003]

I think that Betsy Ross is a great person.I feel happy and cherful when I see my flag.I have a great respect for my flag and Betsy Ross.
Kimberly Hom, age 7 Chula Vista [03-05-2003]

Betsy is a really nice person.she tought pople to respect the flag. Without Betsy there would not have been a flag.She is a really great person and she she respects the flag and other pople so we should respect the flag and we should respect her to.I think Betsy should be proud of herself for being a terrific person and teching pople how to respect the flag.
Caitlin, age 9 [02-24-2003]

I think that Besty Ross has to do with a lot. cause of here we have the american flag . American has cange a lot so has the american flag but the thought behind the flag has never changed and eather has who sewed the 1st american flag. We shpuld be pround to be american. I am only a 12 year old girl but thats just what i think.
Ashley, 12,havard IL [02-24-2003]

Someone once said..."It's the soldier not the reporter that gives you fredom of the press. It's the soldier not the poet that gives you freedom of speech. It's the soldier not the campus organizer that allows you to demonstrate. It's the soldier whose coffin draped wth the FLAG that lets the protesters burn the flag!"
Carol [02-19-2003]

Thank you for this wonderful site, I have a special intrest in the flag and respect towards it. I am an artist and have painted a oil painting called mourning glory, it is dedicated to all who love this land and its freedoms. The flag is an honored part of the painting and represents, heavens influence in protecting the freedoms we cherish. I believe we live in a very special land, a promised land, and that if we are to continue to enjoy the freedoms we hold dear,we must honor God, and hold in reverence the great founders of this nation and principals of freedom that they established. The people of America are a noble people, and the world is looking to us to set the standard of freedom. I hope that our example will be one of honor. I commend all those service men and woman who are now defending our freedoms.May God bless them and this glorius land......I hope we'll all ....never forget-always respect!
Ranae R. Lee, 41,Mt Pleasant, Ut. [02-15-2003]

betsy inspired me save my life to if it wasnt for her i wouldnt care about the american flag and what it stands for she is an amaxing fantastic women who cares about her country
geordan atencio, 13 phoenix arizona [02-12-2003]

betsy created the most important thing in america, our flag! america wouldnt be america without her.
TJ, tampa florida [02-12-2003]

According to section 8 Respect for flag subsection d.The flag should never be used as wearing apparel... It brings up a question. Why have the distributors, designers, clothing and apparel makers, hats, t-shirt and handkerchief companies, magnets, pins and jewelry companies and all of the other distribution companies disregarded this rule on behalf of making a profit on the marketing and selling of the American flag during the patriotic rush after September 11th? Isn't it hypocritical for the government to allow this type of distribution for profit of an American Icon? Wouldn't it even be considered against the law to even wear such items disrespecting the American Flag also referred to as a "living thing"? I ask this because if this flag means so much and requires such distinct, demanding and descriptive rules, shouldn't these rules and regulations be up held no matter what the circumstances? If this country feels so strongly about how the flag is treated, why have we allowed it to be used and discarded so violently?
Kathleen [02-12-2003]

I think betsy ross has played a very important part in our past. Without the flag we wouldn't have anything symbolizing our country. We would be nothing without any symbolization us, our country, or anything that we have worked so hard for. I am one of those people that our very proud of our flag. On 9/11 we wouldn't have anything that symbolizes all that we stand for.
Melanie, Rochelle, Illinois age: 11 [02-10-2003]

It is my understanding that the majority of U.S. Historians agree that Betsy Ross did not make the first flag.
Christiansen, 76 yerars old [02-10-2003]

I really like our flag because I think that I live in the best country in the world.The flag is a seable of our great country,and how we fought through every war and never falled.In my openyun I think that we will never fall but that is my thought. But one persons thought can change a lot if thay make it realaity. Just like George Washington and The First Continental Congress did that is what I think.
anthony morrow, Im 15 I live in America [02-10-2003]

My name is Monika, I am one of these people who emigrated from teir country to America. I am 100% Polish, but now I am an Ameican. I love this country and I think it is neat, even though I miss my firends in Poland sinece I left 2years ago. I think that we Americans should Owe a lot to Betsy Ross since she is the person who designed our Ameircan Flag, I truly belive that we should have a national day for in the day of her Birth day Jan.1. every year. So You should be Proud to Be an Amrican
Monika Duda, age 14 Seven Hills Oh Proud to Be and American [02-03-2003]

I think that we shoudn't be pushed back by 9/11.Those terrorists can knock down a few buidings but we must stand tall.We can't give in!If we give in it's a sure thing they'll win.We can't let that happen.WE can't just sit here and let them knock us over like pins!We are Americans!They may take some buildings...some lifes.But we can't let that set us back.We must fight for what we belive in!Like our Freedome,our Independence,our Life.No one could do this alone,and thats why I'm telling you this...because you need to know.Remember they can't call themselfs terrorists if we don't fear them.We are tall.We are strong.We are Americans! These terrorists can rob away our monuments,our wepons,even our lifes!But they can't take our Hope.And as long as we have that...we can't lose.
Tia Peck, age:10 [02-03-2003]

I think it is cool that Betsy Ross made the flag.It is even cooler to be named after her. You know my birthday is on June 14 and that is Flag Day and Betsy Ross made the flag andmy name is betsy.That is very cool.
Betsy Waltman, 13 years old Denham Springs, LA [02-03-2003]

I used to live in Philadelphia, PA, am trying to move back hopefully to live in Center City and am job searching in your area. My Question is why is the house haunted by evil spirits. I had encountered a demonic presence in the basement of the house and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that I had used, sent that spirit to flight out of there. Did anyone dabble around in the occult to get the house haunted. I read a little history of it being haunted. Can you let me now why?
Ravi Sehgal [01-31-2003]

Betsy ross has nothing to do with 9-11
Brandy, 12 ohio [01-31-2003]

I think we should honor Betsy Ross because she desinged and made the American flag. We also should respect her because she is older than us. You should at least know the pledge of allegence because that shows you love America. I am proud to be an American!
regina, 8 years old, California [01-21-2003]

I am a homeschooled fifth grader doing a report on Betsy Ross.My grandmother was on one of the Twin Towers the Friday before they fell and my grandfather died very close to the Fourth of July. Being schooled at home, I was one of the unlucky ones to witness all of September 11th on t.v. We are a very patriotic family. Last Christmas, we decorated our house red,white and blue and flew the flag year round--all thanks to Betsy Ross! Our neighbors made fun of us because our house was celebrating July 4th all year. We even sent letters to the firemen in N.Y. to show our support. We just finished studying about the Declaration of Independence which makes me proud of our founding Fathers and to have freedom and live in America!Kellie Klocko age 10
Kellie Klocko, chicago,Illinois [01-17-2003]

Iam glad that Betsy Ross made our flag.The two twin towers went down so did the U.S.A's flag went down to.
Michelle, Age 11 Windham N.H [01-17-2003]

This is a really cool website and I enjoyed it a lot and THE PEOPLE WHO FOUGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM <<<< THANK GOD THEy did
Emily, 13 [01-09-2003]

i may be 12 but everything yall saying is tru we fought to have freedom so we better love it and our flag shows that we are proud to be who we r
Zane [01-08-2003]

hi anonymous ky. 7/24/2002 i'm southern born and bred and i love both flags old glory and confederate each one have thier place in our history our families fought and died for freedom and the right to live our own life with out being bothered but then we have to always remember that we want all people to be free, freedom is not just mine but all who can get to this great country may god bless you and your family and all that you strive for . chuck jennings
CHUCK JENNINGS, carthage, mo. jasper co. [01-02-2003]

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