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i think every body should respect the american flag! ithink that because i have my own opinoin but i think every body should respect the american flag1 i hve grown up in a christian home but that does not meen i have to respect the americaan flag but i so! god bless! and have a merry christmas!
jackie, my name jackie, winchester,va, 10yrs. old, [12-22-2002]

I think Betsy Ross was a talented young lady. I am doing my history report on her. I have found lots of information about her family and etc. The american flag is a totally kewl understanding of being an american. September 11, brought us closer together. If it weren't for Betsy Ross, we wouldn't have any better way to show our patriotism!
Amber, age- 13 [12-18-2002]

I think Betsy Ross is a remarkable person, and I would have loved to meet her. I think by her living in America, she was just yet another remarlable person in a thoroughly remarkable country. Let Freedom Ring!
Haley, age 10 [12-14-2002]

When I was fourteen, a comment that I had written appeared on this page (It's in the 1998 archives).I wrote that radical parties like the nazi and communist parties should not be allowed to fly the american flag in this country... for the record, I was wrong about that. I just now remembered my comments because I was using a search engine to look up what information may be on the internet involving myself(i'm bordering on paranoid, i know). I read what I wrote and would I ever like to apologize for the comments that I made. Of course, I was only fourteen and full of the passionate patriotism that has shaped the person I have become.But that's no excuse. What does the flag mean to me now? To me, the flag represents what I hope the United States will one day become... the standard for peace and freedom in which the world will follow. If anything good came out of 9/11, it was a lesson in how we must treat our fellow man. We know what destruction comes from hate. It is now our mission as Americans to do everything we can to bring basic human rights and the pursuit of happiness to each and every member of our global community. I believe in America and the idea that our flag represents. It is my hope that we as citizens of this great nation continue to nurture the true American dream, freedom for everyone. God Bless America!
Evangeline Miller, Reading PA [12-14-2002]

The American flag got in my heart and needs to get in other peoples heart aswell.And it is the greatest flag in the world. Jamie
Jamie, 11,Huntingtown,proud of america [12-14-2002]

I believe that the flag is a reason for every one in our country to come together. If you are truely an American then the flag will mean a lot of pride to you! I believe that the terror attacks never brought down this country but brought us all together! I am proud to be from this country and everyone here should be. I don't understand what could have been going through BinLaden's mind! How could anyone hate a country as bueatiful as this. I LOVE AMERICA! and I believe if you are American then you should say the pledge frequently and pray for thanks of Betsy Ross
Emily, I am 12 and from kentucky (we are not hicks don't judge us) 12-10-02 [12-14-2002]

I believe Betsy Ross is a symbol of our country. People should take the US Flag serious and take the ettiquet serious because The Flag is also a symbol of our county to. People have fought for our country and the US flag to and it Still stands to this day now showing what a great symbol Betsy Ross was to US and our country!
Oscar, 19yrsold,Son of a vietnam vet [12-14-2002]

To me the flag represents freedom that was paid for with a very high price. Peoples' lives. Whenever I see or flag, I get goosebumps. I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! IT's the BEST flag in the entire world!
Vic Row, Maine, USofA [12-14-2002]

Haw I fill about the flag when I see it I fill good sometimes I even say the pledge of alligence in my mind. Its not fair that other people have the right to come and kill the people that we love I fill sorry for the people who did die.
shianne, 9 years old. [12-07-2002]

I THINK THE FLAG IS A PEICE OF YOURE HEART. Whenever I look at the flag it reminds me of Sept. 11. I think the people who killed all the other innocent people should stand up to justice. It's not fair what they had to go through especially the people who had to suffer most.
melissa, ninne yrs [12-07-2002]

betsy ross is important to me because she made one of the flags and thats very respectful to me.the flag represents our country anr our freedom and our peace
taylor, 8 years old [12-07-2002]

I thank Betsy Ross very much it hurts to think people dis the flag when actuly helped get our freedom!
Lexi, 14, New York City [12-05-2002]

i think betsy ross should be one of the most rememberable people in our lives. with all that she went through with her live she should be one person to remember for the rest of our lives. i think her idia about the 13 stars and 13 stripes to represent our colonies was a wonderful idia for our nations flag. i'm doing a book report about her because ireally think she did a lot for our nation. others may not think that but i do. you should show your respect and have atleast one american flag around your house. when we look at any american flag we should remember 3 things pride, peace, and ofcousre Betsy Ross. everybody in the united states should remember her.
Sarah, Age 9 LItchfield N.H 03052 [12-01-2002]

I think that waht Betsy Ross did was amazing.She made the symbol of our nation to us and we should all be gratful. She was an amazing woman who loved her country.She deservise to be reconized for everything she did for this country.She made the symbol of the United States of America.Were would we be today without Betsy Ross and all the other pepole who served there country in the Revolutionary War?As my friend pointed out earlyer we owe them or lives for there dedication to this great state.Thank you to all who fought inthe Revolution for our freedom!!!!
angel, age:13- 8th grade [11-18-2002]

I'm new to this site. We have computer time in school on Mondays and our teacher told us to go to . The first time I read about Betsy Ross in our history books I thought it was great that she made the flag. But now I think wow! Where would be today without everyone who fought to keep this country free? Betsy Ross was a great Patriot who showed us the meaning of the United States. Make sure when you see a flag you think of Betsy and know that just one lady can make a difference in this county and that men are not the only ones who do so many great things for our country. Just think! Something that we see everyday that means a great deal to our country was created by a woman! Thank you so much Betsy Ross for proving my point!
anonymous, age:13 8th grade [11-18-2002]

lindsey tuck [11-15-2002]

I think that everyone has there own oppinion. but I say that Betsy Ross did start the history of the flag and I think that we should show our respect to our flag,to our country,and to our freedom!even in the event of terror look to the flag and to the LORD GOD ALL MIGHTY!4 EVER pace everyone your all loved by the LORD and his children.
j. starr hull & s. kiss hull, 13&14,florida ooo...yeah!!!!!!! [11-08-2002]

I think the flag is a great symbol of our country. Although the flag we had before was great to I like the one Betsy Ross made better. I think with the 13 stripes represnting the original 13 colonies was a great idea, and everytime we got a new state we added one more star. Betsy Ross was a great American. I knopw some of you dont think so but I think she was. I think that you should always put your flag out and show your American pride especially with the war on terror going on. I know that my family always puts our flag out and hgave a whole lot of American pride. If you live in America you should to no matter what color, race or even age, you should be proud of the country you live in.
Katie, 13 Chicago, Illinois [11-04-2002]

I think this sight is very good I have to do a porject on Betsy Ross and it helped me. The flag mean a lot to me it means freedom, bravery. I am very busy so when I am on my way some where and I look out the window and see an american flag swaying in the wind in some ones door or in their yard, it makes me fell great to be an american and proud I get a great felling inside of me when I see an american flag. Espcially after september 11th that was horrible what happened but it is great what it cuased it caused everyone to be more loving and patriotic and really pay attention and it I think brought everyone closer together. And I think it is great that Betsy Ross sewd the first american flag but it is a shame we dont have the origanal. oh well it is very important to me and everyone around me and i am proud to be an american citizen. And you should to (if you are an american citizen)
can't say, 13 [11-03-2002]

Some of you really crack me up!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! How can some of you get on here and say you don't care about the flag or Betsy Ross? Have you read your history books? Many people gave their life for your freedom and the flag you so easy put down! Would you have the courage to leave your comforts of home and your family to put your life on the line for your freedom?? My grandfather did and he did it for my freedom and YOURS!! So don't dis the flag!!!! We are Americans and the flag stands for american freedom! Maybe you should go live in a country that don't have freedom then you will see how good you have it here in america! When I see an american flag I get a warmth in my heart, and i thank the men and women who fought so I could have this freedom!!!!! God Bless the USA!!!!!
Tammy Zweck, 30, Indiana The land of the free [11-01-2002]

I think everyone should wave their American Flag, and if they don't have one then i suggest they go and get one. I love being patriotic! I AM FREE!! I am so glad for it too. I am a firm Christian and I know that I have the freedom of religion of what I choose and I am glad for it!! So everyone stay patriotic!!! its AWESOME!! I am so "PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!!!! GOD BLESS THIS NATION!!
Bethany Weich, 14, Norfolk, Nebraska [10-30-2002]

As a native of another country which has been plagued with civil unrest and tyranny for the past twelve years, it is amazing to see how so many Americans take their freedom for granted. Try having to flee your own country because of threats to your life. Try not being able to go back to your house for fear of getting raped, killed, or watching the same happen to your loved ones. Try hearing that your father has been killed by people you call your fellow countrymen in the name of some cause they don't even know anything about. Try not even being able to go back to your homeland, although you miss your relatives, but cannot risk your freedom being compromised, or being denied the right to an education. If you think 9-11 or the sniper attacks was something, try living like this every single day of your life with nowhere else to go. Only then would you truly be able to appreciate what people like Betsy Ross did to contribute to the birth of the United States, a nation that welcomes all no matter their color or creed, and allows them a place of refuge from the terror of their former lives. God Bless America, and everything she stands for!!!!!!!!!!!
Yassah Lee, Palatka, FL [10-25-2002]

My thoughts of the american flag is that its overrated and I don't think i shoud salute it anymore... Even though we are american. I believe we put too much emphasis on the flag, after all we are FREE!! And I like rice cakes.
Graciela & Nikki, 17 [10-21-2002]

Thank you for preserving such a special part of our American history. The preservation of America is dependent upon the teaching of her history. Americans that do not have a knowledge or understanding of the history of their country, will find it difficult to defend her or her flag. Thus, the flag becomes just another piece of cloth. History of a country provides her citizens with roots, and all living things need roots to survive. As one who has taught the history of this great country, let me say it pains me greatly when I hear many express their dislike for history. Recently I heard our President, George W. Bush, express the thoughts that Americans do not know or understand their country's history as they should. He went on to say that this has to stop! For some time now, we have heard how important it is for math and science to be emphasized in our schools, so that our country may be a world competitor. I say unless our citizens understand the inheritance that they have received from this great country they can NEVER be a world competitor. Yes, math and science, as well as other subjects are very important. However, the heartfelt understanding of what our forefathers did for all Americans will keep her free to pursue the knowledge of all of the other subjects. Since September 11th, 2001, America has seen a resurgance of patriotism, very evident in our "flag waving". This has been wonderful! And now is the time for Americans to support their flag waving with learning and understanding their history, voting, keeping up with current events, and domestically,politically, and militarily serving their country. HOW SERIOUS IS YOUR FLAG WAVING?!!?
Jennifer Hall, Houston, Texas, U.S.A. [09-29-2002]

Remembering Sep.11 was hard for me and although my school wore red,white and blue not many seemed to know what those colors stand for,some not caring. That hurt just as much as the remembrance of the day our country finally came together,stood as one to give a new meaning to "One nation under god,with liberty and justice for all." That whole day through school and when I got home I couldn't help but think about what would happen, what had happened and how fast a year had gone by. I still remember just walking into class my friend came over and told me the terrifying news. I was so shocked I could hardly believe it and everyone was in an uproar. My teacher tried to explain what had happened, but was at a loss for words. This may sound harsh but in a way I'm relieved of what happened because now not just the U.S. is a better place but also Afghanistan and I feel we're reaching one step closer to world peace.
Kc P., 11,MN, 6th grade [09-28-2002]

I am doing a report for my school on Betty ross I think that that she should be a hero to everyone since the flag in 1776 the flag still stands we will never forget what happend to the terrible tragedy that hit on 9/11 but let us not forget for what our flag stands for and may we always be free for USA is the greatist country of all I am a proud mother of 4 children and recently the mother of a baby lost to sudden infant death syndrome but i tell my kids daily what America should mean to us all and let us proudly wave our flags god bless America
Sara Adams, age 32 Denver Colorado [09-28-2002]

i cannot explain the feelings i have for this beautiful flag i love this country just like i do this flag. when 9/11 came along it made me mad and sad as well. i learned more about this wonderful country. and i hope men over seas read this cause they and police, firefighters, and volunteers are the true heroes of this country. the cowards who done this will pay for what they done and justice will be served. thank you for giving your time to read this. and remember BE FREE
Jared, london Ky,13 [09-13-2002]

Well I am from Mexico but I always respect the flag of U.S.A and the country. I consider that the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag is symbolic for us right now. This country is like my second Nation and I always help other Mexicans to show respect to the flag because it is symbolic for us. I think that the one that represents us is the FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! UNITED WE STAND AND GOD BLESS AMERICA I always said in my mind for ever.
Victor Casarez, I'am 16yrs French Camp, California [09-13-2002]

i am writing to you a a us citizen born and raised as a mother and as a navy wife. when 9/11 happened my husband was out at sea doing sea trials i was driving down the road on base. i stopped in the middle of the road and cried. i cried for the people who died and for all those affected by what had happened. i cried for my children because i had to explain that we are not as safe as we had thought and i cried for my husband not knowing if or when he was comeing home. i had and still have my Flags flying high at my house in my yard in my windows and on my truck. they were there before and will continue to be. i watched the ones on my truck start to age and fall apart so i take them down when they do and i fold them up and put them in a box and save them. my husband came home a week later than expected after 9/11 the kids delt with the tragedy and now daddy is gone once again out at sea fighting for this country. they can try and take the pledge out of school, my children will still say it. you cant take something away that means so much to us to all of us. its like takeing the apple out of apple pie, it just wont be the same. if you dont want to say it or hear it them go out of the room until its over, thats how i feel about it. im only 29 and have been saying the pledge since i was 5 what do i know.there was a case in fl this week were parets tried to make it so the pledge was taken out of our schools here they lost needless to say. there kids have the right to leave class when they say it but as a bard member stood up and stated i will resign before i allow that to happen"makeing the pledge no longer spoke in classrooms". .. i feel the same i will pull my three children out of school and home school if they ever do it...thanks for listening signed, a proud navy wife uss george washington
danielle, Fl./Va. [08-22-2002]

I've always been loving America (and being patritic) because of my two ancestors that died at Andersonville Prison in the American Civil War. The American flag has always meant for me as freedom, but after September 11 Terrorist Attack happen (becides just freedom) America is also THE HOME OF THE BRAVE. It will always be the home of the brave as long as we keep our PROUD AMERICAN FLAG flying high. So whenever we see our NATION'S FLAG, we should be thanking our PROUD AMERICAN TROOPS every day that are helping us protect our FREEDOM and BRAVERY.And GOD BLESS AMERICA.
Becky Shayda, 13 yrs; York, PA; becoming a U.S. Soldier within 10-15 yrs. [08-12-2002]

Nay, Mr. Jason (RE: 8/8/02) not because I agree with you, and not because I admire you; but, because you said something plausible. I thought your entry (dated above) flowed until you jumped on the socialist bandwagon, starting with the "welfare" comment. I agree the Constitution has been tarnished (and not just a fascist value - it's pretty hard for anyone to justify free speech as represented by a crucifix in a can of urine.) Yes, the government certainly far exceeds the original scope of the framers; some would call this progress. I believe Ashcroft's "sunset new powers" aren't anything but necessary changes to fit the sandbox that the foe wants to play in. Come'on, no one is knocking on your door. With your reference to the Constitution, government and welfare, I remind you "nowhere does it charge or authorize the government to be "benevolent". You surprised me with you entry. However, just instead of criticizing (even if you think it's constructive), why don't you offer some solutions/resolutions ? God Bless America and THE FLAG !!!!!
I.M. redwhiten'blue, American [08-09-2002]

Wow, what a stir Jaime Fernandez has caused. While its always refreshing to hear someone with a point of view away from the norm (something "I.M. redwhiten'blue, American" is quite familiar with me enjoying), I was rather surprised that she seems to think Zinn's book is the only history book out there, and she says she's a history teacher. While I agree that Heir Ashcroft and his domestic spying plan (among others) go a long way to further degrade the Constitution, I wonder if the history teacher prefers the world envisioned by her hero Marx. The nature of power, especially political, means Governments by definition are never moral or selfless entities. Until it was ruined, the greatest aspect of the Constitution is that it gave powers to government that were so limited in their scope that it wouldn't be possible for Government to usurp the rights and privileges of the weak for the benefit of the powerful. The problem isn't the United States as a country, or any other country for that matter. Its more of a problem system of government. Imagine the hypocrisy of a government that says its illegal to buy sugar from Cuba because they are communist country, but encourages the sale of supercomputers to Beijing and calls the backwards dictatorship of Saudi Arabia an ally. Or cuts welfare for poor people while giving tax credits to profitable companies while they lay off workers. The problem isn't with our way of life, but with a government that is involved in aspects of our lives it shouldn't be in to begin with. A truly free people would and should be able to freely associate economically and politically. But thatís just a fantasy at this point. Although I don't necessarily find myself in bad company, since that was part of Washington's inaugural and farewell addresses.
Jason Mendez [08-08-2002]

this is a good site but no one wants people to the truth about history y not tellem what the first flag was made of HEMP!!!
ELIJAH, from the nati [08-08-2002]

I'm new to this site, and I have read bits from each of you. The reason we all get the opportunity to express ourselfs is due to our right as Americians and our way of life. The flag is just a symbol but, it is our symbol. We have fought, died and had much hardship to our way of life and self government and the rest of the world can kiss my a--. If you do not belive in the way of Americia then get out. Try to have this freedom in other parts of the world and see how long it takes before you get a knock on the door. People have the right to expression and I do it by displaying the flag daily. I have done this all my life and will continue reguardless of how others might judge. This is our right as free Americians! I'm tired of supporting the rest of the world. Billions of dollars spent on what. So we can have our flag burned and spat upon. Bring them on. But oh yes, we are living in Americia and yes you have a right to do so - I almost forgot that we are living in Americia with freedoms! I am going to tell you a story and if this does not move you then you should consider finding your way of life elsewhere. Next time you listen to taps you will know what it is all about. We have all heard the haunting melody of Taps. It's the song that gives us that lump in our throats and usually tears in our eyes. But do you know the story behind the song? If not I think that you will be pleased to find out about its humble beginnings. Reportedly it all began in 1862 during the Civil War, when Union Army Captain Robert Ellicombe was with his men near Harrison's Landing, Virginia. The Confederate Army was on the other side of the narrow strip of land. During the night, Captain Ellicombe heard the moans of a soldier who was severely wounded on the field. Not knowing if it was a Union or Confederate soldier, the Captain decided to risk his life and bring this stricken man back for medical attention . Crawling on his stomach through gunfire, the Captain reached the stricken soldier and began pulling him toward the encampment. When the Captain finally reached his own lines, he discovered it was actually a Confederate soldier, but the soldier was dead. The Captain lit a lantern and suddenly caught his breath and went numb with shock. In the dim light he saw the face of the soldier. It was his own son. The boy had been studying music in the South when the war broke out. Without telling his father, the boy enlisted in the Confederate Army. The following morning, heartbroken, the father asked permission to give his son a full military burial despite his enemy status. His request was only partially granted. The Captain had asked if he could have a group of Army band members play a funeral dirge for his son at the funeral. The request was denied since the soldier was a Confederate. But, out of respect for the father, they did say they could give him one musician. The Captain chose a bugler. He asked the bugler to play a series of musical notes he had found on a piece of paper in the pocket of the dead youths uniform. This wish was granted. The haunting melody, which we know now as Taps used at Military funerals, was born. The written words which accompany that familiar melody are as follows: Day is done, Gone the sun, From the lakes, from the hills, from the sky. All is well., Safely rest. God is nigh. Fading light, Dims the sight, And a star, gems the sky, gleaming bright . From afar, Drawing nigh, Falls the night. Thanks and praise, For our days, neath the sun, neath the stars, neath the sky, As we go, This we know, God is nigh. So next time you hear a bugler play these notes, take some time and stare at that beautiful American Flag that we wave and wear, and think of all our soldiers lost for Her care.
Brian, California [08-08-2002]

I don't like the American flag. It shows no honor to what I believe in. I believe in living the way my family did during the civil war, and so on and so forth. My family is strictly southern, and if I had the choice the old Confederate Flag would fly right alongside the American flag.
Anonymous, ky [07-24-2002]

Mr. Leggett, I'm on record as saying that this site is educational. I certainly found your referral to site "" was that. I wandered around that site for several hours. Sadly, I didn't find the "truth" you referred to. Understand that I could present plenty of character witnesses that would more than smile if someone implied that I am religious. Nor, would I fit your "Church's" definition of an "atheist". I found some intelligent statements and viewpoints at the site. And as I am fond of saying, "some of those passed the sanity test". However, some very fundamental questions/thoughts remain in my mind; a)Nowhere did I find an explanation of how something comes from nothing (not even the "Big Bang" essay, really explains this). b)Einstein's, "Science without religion is lame." is more likely a defensible position than those of the intellects expressing their views/conclusions at your referral site. c) In Vietnam, I had the opportunity to hear more than one "Agnostic" crawfish on their bets. I suppose you could argue these individuals were not true "agnostics", but atheists"; MAYBE, but then I wonder how do you know you won't crawfish under like conditions? Also, I guess I can understand some insecurity of wagering an earthly mentality against eternity. I have one last thought/question for you, "why would you suggest that the "truth" could be found at a site which has the stated disclaimer of, "WARNING - A caution to visitors - This site deals with the doctrine of Apathetic Agnosticism in a combination of total seriousness and sophomoric humor. It is up to you, the visitor, to determine which is which." and further, a stated philosophy of, "We don't know and we don't care." Anyway,I thank you for pointing me to the site, I found it interesting and entertaining. I'm sorry to reiterate that I didn't find the "truth" that you referred to. And, now after all this, I'm wondering "what the heck has any of this "agnostic" stuff got to do with the flag ?" GOD BLESS AMERICA and THE FLAG
I.M. redwhiten'blue, American [07-11-2002]

i think the flag is honorable and we should salute it frequently. i thank betsy ross for giving it to us.
brandy, 16, usa [07-10-2002]

Folks, we're blessed to have this site, it is educational. I personally think it supports the "cause and effects" of five decades of "liberalism" and the more recent "political correctness" frenzy. Hey, that's all right by me, I'll call it progress. However, anarchy and socialism in some outspoken youth here gives some food for thought; "like everything's ok (nothing needs to pass a sanity test), it's free speech". Free Speech is precious, and everyone must be allowed to their opinions and values; what impresses me is how easily it exposes personal discontent (you can feel the loathing and hate in the words). So we encourage exposure to all views in hope of broadening knowledge - then we get things like references to "Howard Zinn" as civic gospel. Zinn is so far left, "socialistic" doesn't describe him. Referring to "Zinn" for a civic/social reference is like referring to "Readers Digest" for nuclear physics technology - and this from a history teacher? Certainly under the name of "free speech" and "political correctness", we now have tyranny of the minority opinion run amuck. I don't care about dotting the i's or crossing the t's historically - the simple fact remains; "all (good or bad historically - I don't defend or justify any of the bad) had to be as it was, for us to be now the greatest nation on the face of the earth". What was done, was done, and here we are today. Myself, having served, I have a special affection for the flag (believe me it looks a whole lot different when your under real stress). More so, I have a special camraderie with others who have done so also; a feeling that no "Jason" or "Jaime" will ever experience (why do I suspect Jason and Jaime are maybe the same DNA?) Oh well, as I've said before, "let'em keep ranting, it's free speech, no sanity test required, and it reminds me that their out there and on the loose". GOD BLESS AMERICA and THE FLAG.
I.M. redwhiten'blue, American [07-10-2002]

I cannot believe you people. What a bunch of sheep, all blindly following the herd. Look back to the begining of this list for a letter from a history teacher. Her name is Jamie Fernandez. Really read this article, slowly and try to understand the FACTS she is trying to put forward. The pledge of alliegence was originally written sometime in the late 1800's by a german man, the founder of a youth group which would one day become the boy scouts. He wrote the pledge to be both religously non-denominational ( agnostic ) as well as country neutral. He wanted it to be a pledge that any boy, in any country, no matter what his belief was to be able to salute his flag. During Hitler's rise to power he co-opted this group to be the Hitler Youth. They said the same basic flag pledge ( in the begining ) until Hitler came up with someting more focused on his Megalomaniac standards. In the U.S. as more and more people used this same pledge, more and more subtle changes were made. In 1954 president Eisenhower added the 'under god' phrase. I am an agnostic, so I find the 'under god' phrase, wrong headed and silly but, tolerable considering everyone's silly little beliefs. for an agnostic viewpoint, see or if you can stand the truth....
Godfrey C Leggett, Retired Mobil Oil Control Systems Technician [07-10-2002]

Where do I begin with Ms. Fernandez? She who is offended by people appreciating that Americans have discovered that this country has provided them so many opportunities and the freedom to pursue their happiness. What is your problem, Ms. Hernandez with appreciating this country? Can I assume from your name that youchose come to this country? You continue to chose to stay in this horrible country? Your hatred for people who strive for success in making money is vileAnd I am a lower middle class person talking here. Who creates jobs? Let's get realistic here. Do you suppose we should limit the amt. of money people make? I don't have to hate people who have made money. How many people have gone from rags to riches in America? This country doesn't have to defend itself for the opportunity it provides. It is the best system in the world, the best economy. The economy in which other nations and people are reliant on. "White European males" which raped and pillaged this nation? Heck, all of North and South America is stolen from the Natives. Puerto Rico, Cuba too. I suppose we should all get the heck out? Go back to the Old World? You seem to have a problem with recognizing the good the United States has done? You need a history lesson. You need to learn that "freedom is not free". Many people have died and you rant on about past wrongs that people have died and fought for? You rail on in an insincere, opportunistic, harmful tone. Your disgust for this country is evident and your hypocrisy also. You do not do for your country, but rail against it for your own selfish purposes.
emma, NY, USofA [07-04-2002]

it took the 9/11 disaster for americans to again fly the greatest flag in the world. how soon we all forget how lucky we all are to live in a free country.the world is in such a mess. we must and we will keep the red white and blue flag of our great country flying high, lets not forget what it stands for....
GENE BOWDEN, 75 and a proud american [07-01-2002]

Perhaps we should be teaching our children actual American History instead of myths created be Betsy Ross's relatives. Why are we so afraid to tell our children the truth about American histoy? We are becoming an extremely ignorant society that is mocked in other countries for our lack of knowledge pertaining to our own past. I love America, but not because of the outlandish myths, but because each citizen holds onto the ideals that every person is created equal. It's probably time we start putting that into practice.
Joe Trabucco, Tampa, FL [06-26-2002]

I remember as a Child I had 4 brothers in the service, and my Mom would always have the Flag hanging on our porch, and in the Window she had a flag for each one of her sons who served in Air Corps,Air Force and The Coast Guard protecing our country. As a child I was so proud of my brothers and now a Grandson in the Navy.Our Flag is our strength to hold on to,I remember as a child in 1936,going to school, and the first thing that came out of our mouth as we came into our room was " THE PLEDGE Allegance" I pray "Yes" to our GOD, that no one person, could have the power to take GOD from it. "GOD BLESS AMERICA"
Pauline Adkins, 72 yrs old Monroe Ga. [06-26-2002]

Where do I begin? I am absolutely blow away with the unnecessary, over-indulgent, flag-waving, Bible-thumping rehtoric that has followed since September 11th, 2001. Even the date itself has become a buzz-word, part of the common venacular, "9-11." It's almost too much to stomach. Look folks, pick up a history book--I recommend "A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn--and learn some fun facts about this country. The United States is not, nor has it ever been, a nation "of the people, by the people, for the people." It is, and has been, a nation by the rich and for the rich. Plain and simple. I don't want to get off on a rant here, but the US isn't about liberty or freedom. It is about the upper 5% of the population becoming unbelievably wealthly and powerful off the sweat of the poor and working class. White, European males (and their decendents who we continue to vote into office every election year) have mangaged to rape and pillage this nation; beginning with the Natives and continuing into today. Listen, I believe in the country; I believe in the PEOPLE of this country: WE are America--the workers and middle class of this nation. Don't be sheep; put the flags down and reclaim this nation before we lose whatever civil liberties we have left (and with Ashcroft in office, its only a matter of time before we have none.) I'm tired of the sappy, God-oriented America-is-the-greatest-nation ever stories. Pick up a book, folks; we got our ideas from the French (the Enlightenment). Oh, and by the way, Betsy Ross is not a hero; it is purely an American propaganda myth started 94 years after her death by her grandson William J. Canby. In fact, the first flag was created by an act of Congress in 1777. The myth of Betsy Ross was created to promote tourism and generate revenue, especially for Ross' decendents. Wake up, America. Open your eyes and don't be led by the myths and legends of this nation. And in the words of one of my heroes, "Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to
Jaime Fernandez, 23 High School History Teacher [06-26-2002]

Since I was very young age my whole life I still now get shivers whenever I see the American Flag, I was lucky enough to go to the USA 4yrs ago and I couldnt believe how many flags are outside most homes there:) I bought myself a flag and bought it back to Australia with me, I feel so proud to see that Flag everytime I see one....God Bless America and Betsy Ross for making the first Flag that i feel give every American hope when they see this Flag. Even though i am not American and would love to be one I also feel same pride when I see it...
Vel Spriggs, from Western Australia [06-26-2002]

I am an American. A proud American just like the earliest of the newborn nation of the United States of America and Americans like Betsy Ross. A nation that has had faults(which are pointed out overwhelmingly at times), but has shed blood and sacrificed to fight for what's right in humanity and to get it right. And Americans(and the rest of the world too) need to realize it. In a mere 226 yrs. of a nation being born, the United States has built a legacy that allows people the openness to pursue their dreams, their happiness. It has defended everything noble in times of crisis and is something to be proud of. There is a great amount of good and it's why I am proud of my country and the flag is the symbol of everything American. It's a beautiful flag and a beautiful country. God bless America!
emma, NY, USofA [06-15-2002]

Last Flag Day I thought how insignificant our flag had become. Most Americans did not even know the date of Flag Day. It took a national tradegy for our flag to again become respected and revered. Because I share the same name as our flag's creator, the American flag always had a special meaning for me. It warms my heart to see it everywhere now and that most Americans proudly display it and have a renewed respect for what it represents.
Betsy Ross [06-10-2002]

Why do you like learning about our flag?
Ciera-Because Betsy Ross made it, and I like her.
Jackie-I like the flag because it's my favorite colors-red, white and blue.
Jireh-I like it because it's beautiful!
Kimberly-I like the stars!
Julie-It's colorful, and the stars stand for all the states, and it's beautiful. It's a symbol of our country.
Sabrina- I like the whole thing because it stands for our country.
Quataysia-I like it because it tells about the stars and stripes.
Chinenye-I stands for America!
Elizabeth-I like the flag because it stands for freedom.
Thalia-I like all the colors.
Yvette-I like the flag because the red stands for jesus' blood, the white is for purity, and the stars at night make you think about Jesus.
Daquan-I like the flag because I like the colors, and blue and white are my favorite colors.
Edwin-I like the colors and it makes me happy.
Abiezer-I love the stars and stripes because this is a good place to live.
Mrs. Riley's 1st grade class, Camden Forward School, Camden, NJ [06-05-2002]

Jason; WHAT ? You have a low tolerance for "fun"; that doesn't surprise me coming from a fifth "F" military dementia disqualification candidate. And please don't overstate your character as "perverted" (that would imply some type of intelligence). You step right into my analysis of you and your philosophy with your pathetic "Nam" rhetoric and then expect someone to respond to your "BS". Get real, you are ludicrous, you haven't ever stated anything worthwhile to respond to, and if you ever did, one would have to consider the source; there goes credibility. "SC of 6/16/00" tried intelligently and constructively to open your pathetic mind; obviously you couldn't comprehend even something meant to benefit you. Certainly, I can't intellectually do better than "SC". For myself, I don't see you as a fool because you don't agree with me, or I with you - you are a fool by what you say (your last rant on Nam is a current example). But I can tell you, you aren't hated, you don't anger most, because no one would waste a moment of their emotions on you. No, like other folks have tried to tell you, I feel there's just NOTHING about you to like, nothing worthwhile to respect. You obviously will never know any of the virtues of life. Certainly folks have written enough effort here to open your eyes; it's been futile. So I'll take the optimistic view on your anarchy, feeling it will promote patriotism as a backlash. Please continue to inspire others; open your mouth. Atlas, I bid you "adieu", warmly knowing that you remain as others defined you. Keep it up "Boy Jason", I know you make at least me feel good about myself, and mindful that you and yours are on the loose. GOD BLESS AMERICA, THE FLAG AND FREE SPEECH.......... And may we as a nation, always be charitable and mighty enough to watch over and protect the children and fools like "BJ".
I.M. redwhiten'blue, American [06-05-2002]

to Heather, we're all mad at bin laden but if we don't stand together and fight back what'll happen? We didn't win our freedom by sitting around a getting mad, we did something we fought for our freedom and pride, that's what the American Flag stands for, that's what our country stands for. When people get so mad that they say threats about bin laden and say horrible things they'd do to him if they captured him then they're just as bad as him, we can't let our anger control us like it does him. That's why we have to stand together be united and fight against terrorism, not give in to it. And yes Bin Laden should be killed.
kc, i'm 11 [06-04-2002]

T0 Kayla Dorey, Everyone knows that Septmber 11, was a tragedy many people were killed and companies lost a lot of money. But don't you see what it's done? I'm not saying what happend on 9 11 was good but it brought us together, there was less crime amongst ourselves and we stood and still stand united and the American flag waves on.
Kc, i'm 11 [06-04-2002]

So you make fun of people who disagree with you? You presume to know anything about them? You do sound awful worked up by what I say. Maybe you didn't kill enough women and children in Vietnam defending our way of life, who knows. But if you get this excited about what people post to the internet (although I admit being a bit "perverted" in enjoying stirring up folks like you) and read years worth of archives, maybe you can redirect your energies to finding a cure for cancer. (Then you can give it to the hundreds of thousands in Vietnam that had Agent Orange dumped on them, in the name of defending the dictatorship of South Vietnam). And once again, I will point out that you do not factually counter a single thing I've said, you only rant because you disagree with me and think less of people with those types of views. So once more, maybe when you emerge from the rice paddies you could attack factually what I've said. I won't bet on it, and await your response (since what else would you be doing on any given day!?! hehehe....I miss the fun i used to have here!)
Jason Mendez [06-04-2002]

Boy Jason speaks, you little rascal. You employ "Inciting 101 tactics". Thank you for addressing me. I was worried you weren't keeping up. Based on other mis-information that you've posted, I doubt you tried enlisting. And if you did, I always like a good laugh - although I'm not sure that I could handle the reason your a medical failure. There are only Four F's, in your case they probably created a fifth "F"(ailure). In none of my entries herein did I ever suggest curtailing free speech - you need reading comprehension 101. I was just pointing out the difference between free speech and an anarchist. You are simply defined by your own entries as a mal-content or never-do-well; no one needs to take issue with your positions - they speak for themselves (In the case of a sincere personal rationalized position (Jean 5/22), I felt it appropriate (5/28)to offer a thought for consideration - my, my, it was such an angered response). Basically, the bottom line, you are a P.H.M.M., and are your own biggest nemisis, requiring no rebuttal. Anger I left back in Nam (I've read your Nam stuff, it is very funny or like your degree "P"=pathetic). You can post some more of your veteran/military thoughts, in today's environment you'll help create some more patriots. My thinking about an anarchist like you is a pleasure; it keeps me feeling productive and patriotic. Call me anything you want, it further shows your frustration, but I am all that you will never be, happy and successful (I suppose that I should add mentally healthy now also)in all my life endeavors. I sincerely appreciate you expressing yourself under the First Amendment to expose yourself and to remind me just how good America has made it for me. As usual, GOD BLESS AMERICA, THE FLAG AND FREE SPEECH.......... OH YEAH !!!!!! Keep up the good work reminding me that you are out there, it again makes me feel so good, believe me, "I don't want you or yours to shut up". I also love the "Fascist" tag, even if true, that is more desirable than a P.H.M.M. degree.
I.M. redwhiten'blue, American [06-04-2002]

"I.M. redwhiten'blue, American" PS - I was medically disqualified for the Navy angry boy When are you signing up?
Jason Mendez [06-03-2002]

For "I.M. redwhiten'blue, American", you sound very angry (as facsists usually are). So are you saying that you agree that only certain kinds of speech should be allowed? You didn't counter anything I said with a contrary opinion or set of "Facts", you just called me boy jason and said basically nothing I say makes sense. Well, state your clear opinion, make arguments for the restriction of free speech and why things should be that way (in clear contradiction to the letter of the constitution and the spirit of this nation) and we'll go from there. You'll notice how I made a point to say why I thought it was unintelligent to say that those who speak out against American policies are committing crimes against humanity. I didn't just say it to make fun of him and then "hide behind free speech". Although its a pretty worthy thing to "hide behind". Sure beats the alternative.
Jason Mendez [06-03-2002]

god bless america! just wanna thank bessie ross for all the hard work she did to make our country's flag. i mean, it was hard to get cloth, thread, etc. back then!!! most ppl only had 1-2 sets of clothes! she put a lot of effort into the flag that helped our nation become stronger, wiser, and proud with our flag. wave it with courage, strength, freedom. remember how we are free and will always be free.
anonomous, from the blessed NEW YORK state!!! [06-02-2002]

i am your flag. i flutter in the breze. i am always in frount when i take part in a parade. i am proud of the country i stand for. i have been burned. it didn't hurt to bad when those hippies done it but when the solgers that come home did it felt like heck. when a defender of freedon payes the ultimate price i am draped over his coffin and i am greatful of his sacrifice. i seen 9-11 and i wept. the country i stand for suffed a great lose. that day i flyed at ground zero i said a little prayer for the red white and blue. now i am being flown in afganistian whare more defnders of freedom are. we have had some casulties in the war. they paid the cost of freedom. GO GET 'EM BOYS! i am waching & praying for yal.
ashley go get em boys, cafax,nc [05-31-2002]

I just want to say that i really am upset about what happened on Sept.11, 2001. And after that I say more and more flags around my town and places I went. Besty Ross is kinda my row modle because she was the first one to ever sew the flag. The flag I think is more important to me and everyone because after that at school a boy was playing with the flag and my friend was all like you better put that flag back and if you drop it or make it touch the ground i will beat you up but he said it a little different but the guy that was playing around with the flag droped it and my friend went over to him and beat him up because that boy droped the flag on the ground. And that is not the reason why it is more important to me but I mean I belive more in what is going on and why we have a flag and what the purpose is of the flag. When I see the flag displayed I feel safer and it is like when I look at the flag it is as if I feel safer because of all the people that died for the flag are looking after us and well you know it is as if the people that died are our other grauding angels. The importance of the flag is that we can look at the flag and feel more safe and feel free. And that is basicly what the flag means to me. GOD BLESS AMERICA
Bessie Clark, 14 darrington wa [05-30-2002]

Betsy Ross is a good person because the flag now represents our country and our freedom from England. Also she made the flag but on another website it says there is no evidence that she made it and it makes Americans proud to be an American. The flag is an important part of our of the U.S. and I want to keep that.If I see an American flag that anyone displayed in there yard or they keep it in their pocket or something like that, I know they're like the people in New York, they love there country and I love it,too. September 11th was like killing the flag or to put it this way, taking the flag away forever or taking our freedom away and being slaves.
Kayla Dorey, I'm 10 years old,and I live in Orange, CT.I like softball and I pitch. [05-30-2002]

RE: Jean 5/22 - Just some food for thought. Romans 13:1-7: Let every person be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. Therefore he who resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves. For rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same; for it is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid; for it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath upon the one who practices evil. Wherefore it is necessary to be in subjection, not only because of wrath, but also for conscience sake. For because of this you also pay taxes, for rulers are servants of God, devoting themselves to this very thing. Render to all what is due them: tax to whom tax is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor. "ONE NATION UNDER GOD - or not if you so choose, it's a free country for choice." Again this was just food for thought, not anything I'd suggest everyone to take to the bank. - GOD BLESS AMERICA, THE FLAG AND FREE SPEECH
I.M. redwhiten'blue, American [05-28-2002]

I love the US Flag not only for what it stands for and I have surfed the website here and even at my age 64 I learned things I wasn't aware of,however besies e-mailing and telling you I enjoyed it,I wanted to add a little story.. I live in a very large condo community,we must have every nationality you could possibly name a lot of students attending college not too faraway,live among,middled age couples to the elderly, however most are all american by choice or born americans.After September eleventh they're is one US flag flying in thebreeze since that day on my balcony....only one. why is this so strange (I say wonderful) I am Canadian. (just a cute story don't you think )my neighbours think so this webiste!!evie
Evie, California [05-22-2002]

I have come to realize that I, as a Chriatian, am not to pledge allegiance to the American flag, or any earthly flag, for that matter. The American Flag code says that the American flag is a living thing and should be honored as such. That makes it an idol, in my opinion. It isn't treated as a piece of cloth, designed and manufactured by humans. It is worshipped. And behind it is worship of this country. Yes, I am glad and thankful to be an American. But I serve God and God alone. I live in the USA, but my citizenship is in Heaven. My husband and I have decided to display both the American flag and the Christian flag in our yard, with the Christian one on top to signify that we are Christians first and Americans second. I think it is time Christians become totally sold out to God and not pledge allegiance to anything or person or entity on this earth.
Jean Sanders, Radically saved Christain [05-22-2002]

I think the american flag means freadom liberty and pride. It is beautiful to see the flag waving in the air symbolizing that America is a free place.
Erica Trofa, age:10 [05-17-2002]

Drushka; you are jumping off with the "leave it or against it" offense/defense cop out. Basically that's a 101 level course in the P.H.M.M. degree field. You obviously didn't take the time to read all "Boy Jason's" entries or the high level analysis of 6/16/2000. Then again maybe you did, and are a special someone (taking Webster's definitions)who can "disgust and respect" the same thing, explaining how you could liken anarchy to free speech.............. Oh, I really like the "Be American" touch - that's moving up the course level tactics. GOD BLESS AMERICA, THE FLAG AND FREE SPEECH
I.M. redwhiten'blue, American [05-13-2002]

I agree with Jason. I don't like the "Love it or leave it" argument or the "Either you are for us or against us" rhetoric. I think you can be disgusted by American policies but still have respect for it. I think it's our right and duty to speak out what we don't like about America. We are a nation of debaters and free thinkers. . .of all religions (we always have been) and all opinions (we always have been). Free speech strengthens our nation, even if it's negative against America. We are a free society. Speak out. Speak up. Be American!
Drushka [05-11-2002]

What goes around, comes around. Kinda' like the plague, always around. The infamous freedom fighter and speaker for the masses; Boy Jason P.H.M.M. lives. So your shocked and find another person's view "unintelligent" then hide as usual behind the "free speech" cop out again. What ever happened to your joining the Navy? Those who read this site only need to go back and read all your input, to conclude for themselves, who and what you stand for while hiding behind the free speech banner. For those short on time, read Steve Courter 6/16/2000. GOD BLESS AMERICA
I.M. redwhiten'blue, American [05-07-2002]

I just saw something rather shocking (and rather unintelligent if you spent time thinking about it). A reader on here said "I think that denouncing the United States of America,either through actions or words,should be considered a crime against humanity". So basically, the only free speech that is allowed is for those who agree with him, and who think this country can do no wrong. So that would make us about as free as Iraq, since to say good things about the state of things is all thats allowed there too. I wonder what we're over there fighting for if it isn't for freedom, because only allowing one type of speech is not liberty.
Jason Mendez [04-17-2002]

The US-Flag has the association of a multicultural country for me. A free country, but at the other side with so many problems. God bless America! America - humble yourself before your Lord and He will bless you. Greetings from Germany! Andre
andre, 25, RE, Germany [05-02-2002]

These girls have spent the last month earning the new Wave the Flag Try-it. They have spent time learning about the orgin of the Flag, the meaning of the stars and stripes. Why the flag is the color it it. We also spent a week putting together a collage using pictures that stand for America. They learned flag ceremonies, and why the flag is folded 13 times. We also have learned the proper way to fly the flag. They will be presenting their collage to the association in May.
Brownie Troop 862, Grades1-3, Renton Washington [04-15-2002]

i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free!and i wont forget the men who died and gave that right to me and i proudly stand up next to you and defend her still to day and there ant no dout i love this land GOD BLESS THE U.S.A!
a proud american, age 11 [04-14-2002]

i'm doing a report on the American Revolution, and i had 2 give it in the perspective of someone of that time peroid. i wanted 2 do a woman, so it shows how important they were, so i chose Betsy Ross. i'm sooo glad that i did because there is so much history about our country that i had no idea about. sure i knew what the stars and stripes represented, but what about the colors red, white, and blue? (u can find out on this web page!) the flag is a great symbol of our national unity and after September 11, that fact was definitly made known. what i dont understand, is why it takes a huge tragedy 2 make us realize how great our country is. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!
jaclyn, 13 years old [03-30-2002]

Again I am writing at this site because of all the wonderful things that are being said here.I know that September 11 was a big shock,and will always be to I said before, i think this website is a constant reminder of the twin tower attacks.I was so helplessly terrified to know that my godfather was so close to the attacks that I almost passed out.I am extremely grateful for this site because it hears us all out who are affected by this horrible event."A day that will live in infamy forever"
Mewfive, e-mail me if you want to chat about this [03-30-2002]

I am a very patriotic American.When I see our flag displayed I see a representation of freedom.I also see the cost of that freedom and think about the great debt of gratitude that all Americans owe to those who fought and died to preserve it.I think about the hell that our young men and women have endured,persevering in the face of insurmountable odds,driven by courage and pride to ensure that our way of life,our freedom,not be taken away-by anyone.I have few regrets in my life but one that I think about frequently is the fact that I never joined the military.On the verge of my eighteenth birthday I was in a recruiting office enlisting and decided at the last moment not to.I should have.In this way I could have helped pay back the debt.The love I feel for this country burns inside me like a bonfire.I fly my flag every day and put her to bed at night.And I didn't have to run out and buy one on 9/12.I consider the words of our National Anthem and The Pledge Of Allegiance to be sacred.I think that denouncing the United States of America,either through actions or words,should be considered a crime against humanity.God bless this great nation and her people.
Karl Shimshak, La Crosse, WI [03-23-2002]

i agree people died for a cause, the american flag. i served this great country 1995-1998, battle ship,uss klarking ffg 42. as an immigrant i respect this nation for its chance for individual to prove yourself. you are at loose ene d when you let good things pass you by, if i am to do it again, i will serve for 20 years without looking back. every state has its own fault, we have our, the flag is more than me and you.
akinremi thompson, 37,brookly,newyork [03-21-2002]

Junior troop 1566 from Delaware, Ohio spent a weekend at Camp Ken Jockety earning the new United We Stand badge. We did karaoke to patriotic songs, learned the Pledge of Allegiance in sign language, visited a veteranís memorial in our area, studied American symbols, and learned the correct way to fly and to dispose of a flag by having a flag ceremony and retiring an old flag. Our last badge requirement was to express ourselves about what our country, flag, and patriotism means to us. We have each written and discussed our answers and they are combined below. The flag stands for our spirit and is a symbol at war. It means liberty and justice. We are proud to be free Americans. We like being able to vote. Our country is important and gives us freedom of speech. Women and men are to be treated equally in our country. It is because our ancestors have fought that we have this freedom. We would be willing to fight too. God bless America.
Girl Scout Troop 1566, Juniors, Delaware, OH [03-21-2002]

I think the flag stands for freedom. What gets me mad is after 9/11 everyone started to fly a flag which is great, but the dumb stores raised the prices of the flags. People how wanted one had to pay that bloody price. I Love J.C.(P)!
Kristin (W), 13,Ohio [03-21-2002]

The story of Besty Ross is an American story that we know very well. It's our story, mine and yours. It's the story of a widowed businesswoman, an upholsterer, struggling to make it on her own and provide for her children. It's the story of opportunity, of a woman chosen to sew our first flag based on her ability to do the job. It's the story of triumph over adversity, of a woman going on with her life after losing two husbands in the war. It's the story of independence, of a bold woman breaking her Quaker and family ties to marry the man she loved, an Episcopal, John Ross. It's about equality, about a woman having an important role in the American Revolution. It's a wonderful story that speaks to who we are. Now, more than ever, we have a profound understanding of what our flag stands for, and that is freedom. We stand by it, we protect it, we hold it close. Thank you Betsy Ross for giving us this great symbol of strength and comfort, especially during trying times--our American Flag.
Mary Euerle, Herndon, VA [03-13-2002]

I grow up during and after the war. All my uncles were in world war II. I was in the USA and sat throught the black outs and the rationing and the hipe and believe me as a litte girl there was nothing more important then this United states and It's flag. We knew what it stood for and How valuable it is. WE plegde alligence to it and I could never give it up. We learned how to take care of it and fold it properly. My grandchildren never learned this and I think it is the sad for this country that our constitution and our flag have so little meaning to this generation and so do all the soldiers who gave their lives for us. Jane fonda really did a number on this countries new generation. They would give this country away and for what? I'm glad I won't have to live to see what our government and the gimmy people will be able to do because no- one cares to make a effert.
Beverly Lessard [03-13-2002]

We as Americans have slowly started to now move on with our lives. I don't want us to forget what happened. I doubt it is possible that we could but, it is not as big of a concern as it has been. I am glad that we have moved on but, we need to keep continuing to show our Patriosim. It seems like people after awhile no longer seem to care. There are not as many flags up as there had been when Sept. 11th first happened. Many people lost there lives. There are kids that no longer have parents anymore. How would something like that affect you or your kids? Think of how it must be for them now. Our government needs to find Bin Laden! Where is he? It it has almost been 6 months and still there is no sign of him. Are we just going to give up? We need to find him!
Jessi, 14 [03-07-2002]

I think the largest time the flag touched my heart was when the September 11 tragedy happened! I felt so bad for those who have died! At my school some of my friends and I had a bake sale and all of the money we made went to the Red Cross or the September 11 fund! We made over $800.00! I felt so good that I did a great deed! This coould be a way that you might want to help!
Rachel Caruth, 11 Northbrook Illinois [03-06-2002]

I think that the American Flag brings heart to a lot of people and it brings the best out of people. The flag makes me feel strong and independent.
Lizzie Hebel, I'm 11 and I live in Louisville KY [03-06-2002]

Ever since 9/11 everyone is putting up flags,but does there have to be a bad thing happen just to make people show the u.s flag i think not
Marie [03-06-2002]

For school one of my reports are to pick a hero. I was a reck thinking of who I should pick. Since it was around 9/11 I thought of my countries heros and heroines I came up with the idea that Betsy Ross should be my hero and when I read my report I hope all my classmates think of Betsy Ross as there hero too!!!!!!Ever since 9/11 any one who does as little as putting up a flag is considered a hero. tHATS WHY I picked Betsy Ross to be my Hero.
Tracy, age11,grade6th [02-13-2002]

I love our flag!!!Our flag has helped us throgh a lot of very hard and sad times,That not even i could servive through,but when i say those beautifull word to my flag,i know and feel it in my heart that i can make it through my flag not only stands for my state but also stands for the people in it and i love every single one but not bad people or my brothers!!!!!!!:] and if you were wondering how young i am,am only 10.and if you are a good person reading this right now than i love you to. the end!!
jessy bolton [02-07-2002]

I love the flag. it is very patriotic. I wish more people would take more seriose. i think every one should have a flag hanging in their yard or on their front porch.
Amy Brown, I love the U.S.A ! [02-07-2002]

I feel very strongly about saying my pledge of alliegence, and one thing that pushes my buttons is before the 9/11/01 attack the people in my homeroom calss would not even stand for the pledge much less say it. and even after the attack they still did not say the pledge but i guess they will learn that they could be in another country being beat or stoned or somehting like that if they disrespected there country like that.
Heather, 14/Hampton/Ga [02-07-2002]

Well anonymous [01-25-2002] I think you are wrong if people want to express their felings by puting up signsthe constituion and betsy gave tgham the right.
a, proud to be an american [02-07-2002]

Read a few rants on this site by some seriously disturbed people. So sad to see that they are so bitter, and have time to "bag" on this country. Please, do yourselves a favor and leave, start your own country and lets see how that goes. Will gladly pay for your one way ticket. (coach only) My e-mail address is included - please let me know what airline and date you would like to leave. This is America, you can leave. There are no guards at the borders keeping you in. But you wont leave, deep down you know that you are in the most free nation on earth. Where you have the freedom to make ignorant self serving comments and not be imprisoned or killed for it. The flag represents freedom, always has, always will. Thanks Betsy (and the other unknowns) for helping create such a magnificent symbol. (and forgive the malcontents, for they are not sufficiently challenged to make full use of their intellect).
Nelson Stansbury, Maryland USA [02-07-2002]

i just love betsy ross.she has so much sprit and always helping people in need.she just doesnt think about herself,she thinks about other people and always keeping other people happy.she was blessed with careful fingers so she could sow so little stitches.she went down in history for all the amazing things she did,but mostly she famous for making the first amer. flag.
B.H., age 11,tx,city-katy,1/14/01 briana herrmann [02-07-2002]

I just moved here from Europe, so the pledge of allegiance and other American customs were new to me. I have an idea of what America means to me now...peace,pride and a sense of patriotism
Thea, age 10 [02-07-2002]

I was never a patriotic person and I'm still not. I don't pledge the flag in school because i don't believe in what it stands for. I think it s great that we as a poeple are coming together as one. I love to hear all the nice things that poeple are saying and all the heroic things that have been done. Though i think it is so sad that such a catastrophy that happened on the 11 had to occur just to bring it about. For that i think our people are full of it and should have been doing those kind thing years ago. I mean, when all this stuff with the 11 is over, where will we be? We'll be basck to being the ungratefull human beings that we've always been.
Shawna, 16 [01-29-2002]

What the flag means to me: It reminds me that I am blessed.....where I live, the choices I make, the places I can go to.....I am free to be. To those that hate our government, try to remember that our government is not a perfect one but if you compare it to others around the world....hopefully you either, realize just how lucky you really are or you find the "ideal" government and you will move to that "ideal" country. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of wonderful places in this world and wonderful people from all walks of life....I for one am tired of all the whining and disrespecting....MOVE if you don't like the American Government...otherwise, clam up!!
sue, bristol, tennessee [01-25-2002]

Wednesday morning I heard on the radio that some Garbage Men reported finding 20 discarded American Flags. The question was brought up whether "Patriotism" is on the "decline". I think not!!! That afternoon I counted the flags that I could while I drove home from work. In a 23 mile trip I counted the display of the glorious Stars & Stripes 125 times. 49 of those American Flags were in the last 3 miles of the trip through mostly neighborhood streets. The American Flags were displayed on cars, in yards, in windows, doors, fences, businesses, flag poles, and 2 cities displayed the Flag on Banners attached to light posts throughout their town. I did not, however, count the number patriotic wind socks, bows, ribbons tied around trees, the red, white & blue lights on houses & trees, the use of Red, White & Blue on signs & businesses & vehicles, or the stars & stripes scarf worn on a young girls head, (No doubt to me a display of her patriotism, of her great love & pride for her country) As I counted the flags, I felt a warm feeling, a feeling of pride & safety & opportunity & union. Thanks to all who display the Flag of the United States. I say: "Patriotism is alive & well in the United States." As I already mentioned, I was driving so I couldn't take the time to look all around much, so I am convinced that there were more American Flags displayed that I did not see. It's likely that I missed half of them. That could mean that nearly 250 flags were displayed to Honor The United States on the few roads that I traveled. Imagine, how many fly over our neighborhoods, over our nation. I challenge those garbage men & all Americans to try to focus on the positive & count how many flags are flying high & with pride. Also displayed in our streets: "UNITED WE STAND", remeber though, the rest of it: "DIVIDED WE FALL" It is from God's Word & it is True! May you know God's Grace in this day and in all the days of your life!!! God Bless America!!! God Bless You!!! Amen!
Carol A. Tonne, Roselle, Illinois [01-25-2002]

What Bin Ladin did was extremely wrong and everyone knows it! If you were to look on the bright side, you would see that this has brought us together even more! He is a really bad man that killed innocent people and should be found and killed soon. I don't think it's right for us, the Americans,the GOOD guys to be fighting back. I mean,before you know it, Bin Ladin will fight back too! And if he bombs us again, more people will get killed. Who wants their relatives killed? Well, definately not me!!! My granda was already lost to cancer and i don't need another relative getting hurt or even killed!!!! I am mad at George W. Bush because I don't think he should be the one to decide whether or not we bomb Bin Ladin. It's our soldiers who will be killed at war,our brothers and fathers, and grandpas, and uncles and lots of other people who will be killed. I can't do anything because I'm just a kid who has no choice whether or not my relatives get killed. If I were the president, I would just try to kill Bin Ladin or leave this alone and secretly try to find him but I would not not risk our men getting killed. After all, Betsy Ross sewed the flag, and deserves credit for it but when she sewed this flag she wanted it to stand for love,peace,and happiness. Not for killing, and loosing lives, because she believed that we would do all these things like love each other, have peace among each other, and have happy lives. I mean sure,it will fell good to kill Bin Ladin,but will it feel good to kill him and to loose our men,the men who deserve to live just like you and me,they don't deserve to die trying to kill another even if they are fighting for America!! God would want us to try to make peace woth Bin Ladin even though that seems impossible, who can honestly say that they have tried to make peace with him? Huh! None of you! I don't blame you for hating him,but when you were or are in school, is there ever anyone who you think is just mean and impossible to get along with? Well,you don't just go bomb
Heather Blanchard, 5th grade at Carnelian Elementary 10 years old Alta Loma,CA [01-25-2002]

I think it is not good that right after Sept. 11 everyone started putting on their signs, God bless America. If they wanted that they would have done that before.
anonymous [01-25-2002]

I think that the flag symbolizes freedom more now then it has since Pearl Harbor. When I look around, there are flags everywhere - stores, houses, cars, and people. I see things like "God Bless America" and "Stand Proud." Firefighters and policemen are thanked and respected more and the shields for what they fight for are everywhere. Kids and adults alike are beoming more patroitic and thankful for what they have and are less greedy about what they want. We are coming together as one nation, a nation filled with love and unity. Thank God that we are - maybe now we truely can be the strongest nation in the world! God Bless America and God Bless the Americans!
Sabrina, 17 from California [01-25-2002]

The United States of America is the greatest nation that has ever, is now, or ever will exist. Why? Because it was founded upon the precepts set down in God's Inspired Word. We call it the Holy Bible. Read it, study it and incorporate in your daily life the principals contained within its covers. By so doing, you will live with Him, forever, in that house not made with hands, eternal in the heavns.
Dean A. Fullinwider, Major, USAF, Rtd., 69 years, navigated bombers around the world. [01-25-2002]

I am an American. And as most Americans were, I was frightened by the September 11th attack. Even though I live in California which is across the whole country from New York. I think that before this time the American flag was not given as much notice as it should have gotten. It was occasionally put out on display for Independence Day, Memorial Day, and ocassions of sorts. But even then not everyone put forth their Flag on display. But now everyone has their Flags out, showing pride for their country. I see bumper stickers and little flags on every car. And I see sighns that read: United We Stand, our family has one on our lawn. We have our American Flag out on display. My twin brother, James and I have a little American Flag on our scooter. Our family has been showing every bit of Patriotism that we can. And the American troops are searching for the heartless cowards that did this.That caused so much pain. So much death. So much fear in every heart of every True American. I have read heroic and painful stories. And of the brave firemen and policemen who risked their lives all the same reasons. To save the remaining survivors. To comfort people in need. To find the dead corpes to have a proper burial. Many died after entering the first tower while feeling full impact the blow of the second plane. And now as our alliance with other countries grow we begin to tower full height over Afghanistan and its people. Usama Bin Laden would rather kill himself rather than face what he did, what he caused, his fate and death. And I think that Bin Laden will not get the death that America wants him to have. But I believe GOD will punish him by sending him to Heck. Or maybe worse. But however He does it,Bin Laden and his fallowers will forever be trapped in a world so horrid and bleak. He shall get the worst punishment ever given. And I beleive America shall Prevail. * * * * * And our Flag shall be forever more a symbol of Hope, Pride, Patriotism, Bravery, and Freedom. It always has been and always will be.
Jenny Lyons, I am 10. [01-25-2002]

Our flag is nothing more than a symbol of oppreson and globolization and hatred to anyone that get's in our why! But let it be I am an American and to be Marine. First to Fight is a way to go!
David [01-25-2002]

I was born in Dryden, but raised in Indiana. I guess I consider myself "American-Canadian". I came back to Canada in 2000. The American Flag to me has mixed meanings. It was a symbol of my home for most my life. I saluted it in Boy Scouts, pledged allegence to it, and respected it and whatnot. I do not condone what those cowards did to those poor people in the towers and the Pentagon. And now the American flag is the symbol of hope for the world. My prayers are with the American, Canadian, and the British soldiers who are over there fighting that evil manifestation. God bless America. God bless Canada. And God bless the U.K.
D.J.Y., age:26, city, London Ontario Canada [01-14-2002]

when I see the American it reminds me that we are free and that woman have the same rights than men do
mercedes, age 11 [01-14-2002]

People may get angry at me for saying this, but I'm gonna say it anyway: I think September 11, 2001 has brought us all closer to God and to prayer. The flag has become a symbol of hope in Christ, and all of us pray fervently for those who lost loved ones that horrible day. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE CHURCH!!!
anonymous [01-14-2002]

Have you ever looked at our flag and really thought of what it stands for? When our country is depressed or discouraged we should think of our flag. The flag reminds me of the past, and of the many women and men who fought for the future. There are many amricans still fighting for the future and that is why i am proud to be an amrican.
anonymous [01-14-2002]

It has been know that Betsy Ross lived in Southwood Babtist Churches storage space when she was a young teenager. That just goes to show that you don't have to be rich, to be famous. Love Ya!
Amanda Martino, age 13, NJ [01-14-2002]

My Dad Has always Flown the Flag off our house Before the attacks during,and always, Forever.
Courtney Smith, Age 9 LK. Hiawatha [01-14-2002]

Before September 11, 2001 the flag meant freedom to me. After September 11, the flag still means freedom. The meaning of the flag will never change to me. How can a piece of cloth hold so much power? Simple fabric cannot, on its own do this. So then what makes your heart swell up with pride when you see this symbol fly in a stiff breeze? God Bless America and all she stands for.
Thomas Kemmett, [01-14-2002]

I am a poor american,the goverment takes 25% of my check. If I work overtime they take about 45%. Bin Ladin has the right idea I just wish he would just stick on f**kingup the goverment and leave the inocent americans alone. I don't hate anybody. The goverment don't care if I am poor they just take, take, take, take, take, and simply just don't care. The Romans did it to the poor people back in their day and the united states goverment is doing it today. I have always said "What go around comes around, full circle". the american people need to run this country not a goverment. revenge never brings redemption but the goverment says, in god we trust god says "if somebody sladps the sh** out of you turn the other cheek and let them slap the other cheek." the goverment does not believe in god they just believe in themselves. AS for the holy land god will protect it. we all must live in peace having someone hanging over your head like the us goverment. the us wanted this to happen, just like pearl harber they wanted it to happen. and that is my oppinion.
scott henery, 38,denver,colo. [01-14-2002]

I'm currently in the process of building an AP art portfolio, and my area of concentration is paintings/drawings involving Americans flags, reverence for the American flag and even desecration of the stars and stripes. Reading through these archives, I am simply blown away by the thoughts of little kids and grown ups. As a kid, I never said the pledge of allegiance while the rest of the class saluted "Old Glory." I wonder now, if I had been a kid after September 11th--would my voice be heard reciting the pledge of allegiance along with my classmates, my teachers, and the entire nation? I think so. The 'protesters', like I once was, who claim to hate America and patriotism have their reasons. If the American flag is to stand for all of America, it also stands for the hate, bigotry, and enslavement of so many long ago and even now. But after September 11th, Americans and the world don't salute what American stands for. They salute America--America not as it was or what it shall be...but what it IS. People don't say "God Bless what America stands for." It's all about here, now...uniting under God with our brothers and sisters. God Bless America!
JoJo Bernath, 17 years old, from Ventura, California [01-14-2002]

Wene I see our flag flying high something comes over me. The hair
J Rock, 34 lineman trowbridge ca [01-14-2002]

We all should thank Betsy Ross for making the American flag. She was so thankful to make the American flag. If I would make the American Flag I would make it look like red and white, then put the stars in the shape of the United States Of America!
Erin M Powers, age:9 city:Dover state:Pennsylvania [01-14-2002]

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