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I think that during this time of war with the alkida and other things the flag, in our hearts stands for the very hope of life andlove itself while most people ignored the flag before it has now become a symbol of peace in our hearts and for prayer for the families of the people that died on the attack of September 11 which is another day that will live in our hearts forever but in memory not as a time of peace but war.And I think this site is a constant reminder of the September 11th attack on the twin towers which we will never Roosevelt once said "A day that will live in infamy forever"
Mewfive, age 12 [12-17-2001]

Elden . Allen [12-12-2001]

When I see an American Flag flying anywhere, as when I was a child and now middleage, it always gives me the same comfort as when my sweet mother used to take me up in her arms and hold me tight. Since that tragic day in NY the flag and all she has withstood down through the centuries has become even more dear to me.
Judith A. McKibben, Middletown, OH [12-05-2001]

I think the flag gives me strength and courage. I live near the pentagon and i visited it, its horrible. GOD BLESS AERICA
james, maryland [12-02-2001]

I think that people need to respect the earth and the people in it.
Victoria Geesey, age 13, I live in Abbottstown [12-01-2001]

I am studying the flag right now and it is so amazing what the flag stands for. To me it stands for Life, Freedom, Love, Happiness. Our flag can never be burned because we are the citizens of America!
Jennifer, 13-Visalia, California [12-01-2001]

Please pray for my friend Elise and her father. Her father died on Sept. 11, 2001
Ruthhie Morrison , I'm 10 years old [11-28-2001]

The flag stands for peace, freedom, and liberty... I am in keyboarding class so i can't right more.
Sara , 14 [11-28-2001]

I lived in england for 7 years and we would study about the flag very seldomly because we had hostination.when i moved to america 3 years ago i had to catch up on my american history.but now thati am in america i can write what the flag means to me.
anonymous , 11 navare ,florida [11-28-2001]

I think at a time like this, the flag is so important in everyone's life.Being a New Yorker and everything, Sept.11 was hard. I think the flag helped us through these times.
Andrea , 10 n.y.c,ny [11-28-2001]

We are still such a young nation but we have encountered much hardships and success. I'm very proud on what this nation has achieved in so little time. We are an excellent example for this planet to follow. We are not perfect but pretty close to it. The Betsy Ross presentation was great and very informative. I was a history major at the University of California at Santa Barbara and I love this stuff. Lets take pride on what we are doing in the Middle-East and support our efforts. Lets hope our troops come home soon. Happy Holidays Everyone!
Bobby Sanchez [11-28-2001]

Because I grew up in and am still living in Japan, I never studied American History like most USA high schoolers do. I feel ashamed to say this, but it is the truth: I do not know the national anthem, and I do not know the Plege of Allegiance. I can only point on a map where 7 out of the 50 states are, and I can only name 8 of the presidents...I don't even know how many there were/are all together. Although I am in this ignorant state, I love my country and would beat up anyone who tries to diss it! Because of my lack of knowledge, I believe anything I hear about American History. So when I found this site, and read what it said about the colors of the flag, I was confused. It said nothing of what I heard, which was this: The blue was the night sky, with stars shining bright to lead George Washington and his men across the Delaware River. The white was the snow, and the red the blood of the wounded and dead splattered across it. The flag contained these colors to commemorate the soliders who fought for their country to the death...or at least, that's what I was told. Is that not true? I am confused....
April S., An American living in Japan. [11-22-2001]

When you say or men and women died for this flag everyone thinks oh yea great. No one knows what it like to see you buddy die and see a FLAG on his coffin. September 11 was a tradey that all thoes people died but no one treated our dead from the wars like they did after September 11. People are showing the flags all over which is great but no one teaches people how to display our FLAG. You don't ware it on your head, The newspaper in Phila. made paper Flags and put them in the paper and they were all wrong, the field of blue was on the wrong side. So now we thousands of Flags all over wrong. You don,t nail or tie a FLAG on the side of a house or building. Presendent Linclon in his Getteyburgs address the night before said, Never keep our FLAG from flying FREELY.The world series for the last two years carried the flag out on the field level with the ground. Absolute Discress, here our news people and baseball people discress our FLAG on national TV. There are flags laying on the Hi-Way, on streets and people just walk on them, throw them in the trash. Pins should be worn on the right not over the heart. Everyone says Oh they changed that. I try and keep up with any changes with the Libary of Congress but I have never seen anything about this. If you known of a change please show it. Why can't the TV do a 1/2 hour show on how to fly our FLAG instead of someone getting killed on the shows. Thank you
Tom [11-22-2001]

I think Besty was a very strong person in her pride. Durring the war, Besty made the 1st flag of the American ways and i think she is very very happy on what we all wrote about her. And even when we forget about what she has done you can always look at what happened the day of September 11,2001. That was a big big problem for all of us and for the poeple who lost their loved ones.
Jessica Ernst , 11, Abingdon,Maryland [11-22-2001]

I think the flag is beautiful!!!!!
Julie Ann felts [11-22-2001]

I think it was great of Betsy Ross to make such a great creation. It shows strength, power, and justice. And as long as flag is waving AMERICA will never die and neither will I.

the american flag that Betsy Ross made means that we are free
chelsey , age 8 [11-22-2001]

the flag is an important artifact of the olden times it is now the most important artifact in the u.s it is also flown in not only the U.S it is flown in germany,iceland,etc. it the only thing keeping the U.S in order during what has happened since 9-10-01 THANK YOU
robert , kiefer,74041.ok.14 [11-22-2001]

the american flag means a lot to me at this time in my life. with the terrorist attacks every american sould be proud of the flag and the country. Betsy Ross made that flag for a reason to support the U.S. and to let other countries know that the americans are here and will not leave without a fight.
Rachel Holmes , 12, Red Oak, IA [11-22-2001]

I think all of what has happened lately to the U.S. is very cruel. What they did was uncalled for. They shattered many hopes, dreams, and lives in one act of distruction I have and will always be proud to be an American. Through all of our hardships we have pulled together and been stronger than before. So I believe that we should all be pround of who we are, where we are from, and to think of all the people we have lost to tear our nation apart. Thank you for all your time and consideration
Lacey , 13 Tn [11-22-2001]

i feel sorry what happened to those people at newyork. i once wanted to go there but now that what happened i dont want to go anymore. when i grow up i want to be astronomer but we cant tell the future. i wish this did not happen that the world trade center fell. i hate osma bin laden i wish he was blown up in those two towers instead of those people. that is all i can think of now god bless you all and the united states of america.
juan m. romero , i am 12 years old i live in a small town in texas called sanbenito. [11-22-2001]

Im go to school at Armstrong and im doing a night of the notables project and its when you study a notable person Im doing betsy ross and I want to put even if you arent going to armstrong and have to do this project you should you about your country and what everyone did for us to make our country better how lucky we are for all the notable people that have helped this country or world a better place you learn about people that helped the world. It is also very fun and one night is just for you and who ever wants to come gets to come and you dress up as your person I have it next week it is so much fun the flag colors are know my favorite colors now atleast after I studied betsy ros they are noe there the worlds colors and they should be everyones favorite colors if you live in north america thats what I always say protect your country and treat the envirment good too thats what I think so just think about that and maybe that will change your mind to like it did mine some kids in other countries have to work all morning and night and only get 2 dollars per month and they have to sew rugs at even the age of 3 I would rather live at school we have a really good country
Hannah , 10 dallas [11-22-2001]

I'm proud to be an American. I'm proud to raise the flag every morning in my school. I love my country. I'm glad that I live here better than anywhere else in the world.If it weren't for Betsy Ross,the flag would be different. Be thankful. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!
Laura Martinez , age 10, Miami, Florida [11/5/01] [11-22-2001]

I was sitting in spanish class looking at the clock when the principal comes on the announcements to speak of this national tragedy. Half of my classmates got up and left thinking their parents had been killed because they worked in D.C. This is the most frightening thing that has ever happened, and it makes everyone reaize how important our country really is. Before the attacks you would see an occasional American flag or two but now they are on almost every house. It is really sad that it took something this tragic to make everyone see that the United States is a wonderful country where we can be free and united as one. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!:)
Jessica , 14, Maryland [11-22-2001]

The flag means a lot to me now more than ever. Before Sept. 11, I thought it was just something I had to say a pledge to every day. Now I believe it is a symbol for our country which tells us to be strong, have faith, and believe in our president.
Heidi Arnold , 11yrs.,PA (Hellertown) [11-22-2001]

I strongly feel that America is something to be proud of due to the accomplishments we made. Bessy Ross made a great accomplish because she was a lady of courge to make a flag and not knowing what patterm it is supposed to be in and i feel her flag is outstanding and if i had to pick i would raise her flag every moring on Hughes Middle School flag pole because I adore it.
Erica , 14yrs old Longbeach I like Micheal 2001-2002 [11-08-2001]

The American flag means a lot to me, now more than ever our country can look at the flag and say, i am proud to be an American. I am one of those people.
Samantha , Spokane, Wahington [11-08-2001]

To me the flag means liberty and freedom with our rights never taken away. Now, more than ever, I am proud to be an American.
Christopher Sneeringer , age 13 [11-02-2001]

I was in Long Beach Island, and there was a memorial service for the victims of the September 11 attack. And at the very beginning of the service, amist burning candles, the flag was raised up high and everyone just started cheering. It was amazing. I never expressed more American pride than I did there. It so intense.
Nick , 13, pa [11-02-2001]

I'm a very proud to be apart of this wonderful unity of the United States. I am proud to live here other then somewhere else in this huge world.
Elizabeth Rooney (Liz) , Im 14 years old & I live in New Oxford PA. [11-02-2001]

I am very proud to be an Amercian. I think that everyone should fly the flag, especially since the event on Sept.11. I think this is great that everyone is flying the flag. Saying the Pledge of Allegiance is great.It tells about all the values of our country.
Casey Lawrernce , I am 13 years old and I live in Abbottstown, PA 17301 [11-02-2001]

I am very proud that our country is free. Thanks to Betsy Ross we have a wonderful flag, and its colors mean everything our country is about. GOD BLESS THE USA!
Jenny Bell [11-02-2001]

I think that Betsy Ross is a very strong and couragous person.She created our American flag and it is in a great use right now.And the saying that is refered since the tradgegy is "UNITED WE STAND!"I think this is a great saying to describe how we our a whole country united as ONE.
Jessica [11-02-2001]

I think the flag is a very good way to represent our country. It is a good way to show how our country is united and one. It represents all fifty states and also shows the power of our country as one whole.
Nick , 12 [11-02-2001]

I think that Betsy Ross is an American because she made the greatest flag in the world.The flag symbolizes our country and what we stand for.It was the first flag to represent our country.
Justin [11-02-2001]

I am proud to be an American. I think that everyone should fly their American flag and respect it. I think that it shows a lot of support when people fly their flag because of what happened on Sept.11. We should all be proud to be an American.
Sarah , 12 years old turning 13 live in New Oxford PA go to Immaculate Conception School [11-02-2001]

The flag means that we are one nation under God. It also stands for our freedom and independence. After September 11 it means that we are independent and a true nation. All of my thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families of Septemder 11.
Kayla , 12 [11-02-2001]

Our flag represents freedom for all people in the U.S. I think everyone in the U.S. are proud to be an American. I'm glad our country is a free one.
colleen , 12 [11-02-2001]

I think that the flag is neat. All the all of the colours match perfectly. It resembles all of America.
chris , 12 [11-02-2001]

I think that you should fly your flag high all the time, not only when there is a tragity. If you are a proud American you should fly your American Flag proudly!
Emily , 13 years old, from Immaculate Conception School [11-02-2001]

Betsy Ross is an american e because without her we wouldn't have a flag.The flag is a beacon of freedom and I display my flag with pride. Just looking at the flag during the national anthem at this time is a powerful thing. Because of this I am PROUD to be an american!!!!
Tom [11-02-2001]

I think the American flag represents how free our country is. It shows how much we love and care for our country. When we fly the flag high in the sky it shows how much we want to save our country from war.
Loren McClosky , age-11 city-New Oxford state-Pennsylvania [11-02-2001]

The flag. It means so many things- peace, justice, love, freedom. To me it is a symbol of our nation and of our unitedness. The flag is a wonderful symbol. You should always keep those flags flying- through good times and bad. Red, white, and blue is all the way!!!!!
Abigail Stollar , Age:11 [11-02-2001]

I think that if you are an American you should be proud to show you are. Our American Flag stands for freedom. Americans are all free. That's what makes us different from everyone else. I am very proud to be an American!!!
Meghan Ginter , 11 [11-02-2001]

I think the flag is a very important part of our life. It means we are free and says what we believe in. I think Betsy Ross must have loved her country very much and she did a great honor by making the American Flag.Betsy Ross is a very memorable person. I think everyone should be proud to be an American.
Hannah , age 11 school Immaculate Conception School New Oxford PA [11-02-2001]

I think being free is very important. What Betsy Ross did was very thoughtful. She is very honored in our school. She is a very great woman.The flag means freedom to me.
Courtney Weaver , age 11 New Oxford PA Immaculate Conception School [11-02-2001]

i think that everyone that was born in the u.s.a. should be darn well proud to be an american!!!! i know i am!
******BRITTANY********* , age:14 city:anthony state:fl. [11-01-2001]

Because of the Horrible trajedy on September 11, being an American means a lot more. It's a life of Liberty! We are one nation, under God, indivisable for Liberty and justice for all. We have come together in a burst of patriotism for the love of this country, America. God Bless America!!!
Katie , age 16 [11-01-2001]

As a Veteran of the U.S. Navy, I Feel very Helpless! As a U.S. citizen I am very proud of the service men and woman from around the nation that have stepped up boldly to bring back the peace and free mind we as americans once took for granted, but will now treasure! GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Jeff Sweeney , 28, California, Ex-Navy [11-01-2001]

I think that as a nation we stand together no matter what happens. I am proud to have been born in America and to be an American
anonymous , Rudy Ismael Corrales age12 Dimmitt,Texas America [10-28-2001]

I think there should be a statue of Betsy. If it weren't for her I don't think we would have a flag.
Morgan Urbach , age:13 City: Richmond State: Virginia [10-25-2001]

I think that as a nation we should be proud of who our president is.That we should not be playing around any more we should be serious about what we do.This is not a time to play its a time to pray.Pray to God that we won't be crushed by these mad people.
Taylor Paul Noel , age:13 home:Abeville Louisiana [10-25-2001]

i think that its great to be free!!!
giang nguyen [10-25-2001]

I think our flag and country is so powerful! I'm Proud to be an american i do feel sorry for what happen on Sept. 11
Dana Sandoval , 12 Dimmitt TX [10-25-2001]

I thought that this was the best American Page that I have ever seen. I was deeply affected on what happened on September 11th and I am proud of our current president, George W. Bush. I see liberty and allegience in him!
Carrie Lynn James , 13, Jupiter, FL (America) [10-24-2001]

I can't believe what has happened to our country! But we will stand together. They hoped to break us apart, they just brought us together. I think it brings us together because we stop thinking about number one and start thinking about others. I feel our flag is a symbol of justice and freedom. Its a prescious gem to our country. I dont know what we would do if we lost our freedom and rights.
Samantha , age: 11 City: Garlic Capital of the World State: CA [10-24-2001]

I think that there are many terabial thing that happened on September 11, 2001 but, there is only one good reason this happened is that it brought the USA people together! I walk down the streets and I see cars pass by with American Flags on them, I see houses with great big beautiful American Flags on them, I even walked into a store were there were no American Flages in the store because they were sold out!
Laura , 11 years old , I live in PA [10-22-2001]

For me, the Flag of the United States of America will always represent FREEDOM and UNITY. No other place on earth will ever be HOME for me. In these days of terrorism and biological arms threats having the flag flying instills a sence of unity and peace for me and I should hope for others as well... So please display your flags and show your support for our Great Country and never forget those who have given their lives, with honor, for our and pride for this precious FREEDOM..... We will overcome any obsticle place before us. GOD BLESS AMERICA......
Robert Coleman , 43, Summerfield, Oklahoma [10-21-2001]

"Old Glory" stands for all that we are today and have been. The colors: Courage(RED),Hope/Purity/Truth(White), and Liberty/Equality(Blue). They represent the tolerance and the respect that we have for each other and our unyielding desire to keep it that way,...Forever!! Sometimes, it is easy, other times, it is hard!!! This country has a kind of relationship that makes US so unique among the nations of the world. This relationship cannot be found anywhere else, but here!! ......That is why, we as Americans pledge our allegiance to "Old Glory"!! God Bless U.S.All!
Jeff Oyler , 29, pa [10-20-2001]

America is the best country ever, I belive. We have had no civil conflicts for years, and we are one of the few that have freedom. If other people can't appreciate that, then i dont know why they should say anything. We stand united, only divided do we fall.
Davi , Seattle, WA [10-20-2001]

Oh say can you the dawns early light what so proudly we hailed by the twilights las gleaming. When you hear that what do you think of? liberty? freedom? justice? proud to be an american?
Stacie , Las Vegas Nevada [10-17-2001]

I am very proud to be an American. We are made of all different type of people. The flag is important to me because it states our freedom and Betsy Ross means a lot to me because she made it.
Jackie [10-17-2001]

I just want to say I have always been proud to be an American. I think this was instilled in me at an early age. I remember when i was in grade school we always started off the day by saying the pledge to the flag, sang a patrotic song and said a prayer. It's too bad they still don't do that. I hope this feeling of patritoism that is sweeping the country never goes away, i love it, I have always felt this way. It is too bad it has taken such a catastrophe for us all to feel this way. I also hope people keep praying, for it is going to take God and all his power and Blessings to bring us out of this! We have been such a sinful nation, God has his way of getting our attention. We should be on our knees! If we all stay prayerful God will bless us out of this. God Bless America!
Patsy Henderson , Mt. Vernon, Texas [10-13-2001]

The flag is a word of feedom. Iam proud to be a Amrican. When I got home from school on September,11 I was freeked so my dad was like ge out my guns. But he was just kiding. I feel realy sad for the people who are hurt so I am going to take all of my bottles and take them to the store and get money and going to give it to them. GOD BLESS AMRICAN
Courtney Guernsey , Dryden, NY 13053 [10-12-2001]

what does the flag mean to me, well to me it represants justice, freedom, courage, hope, unity, triumph, love, honesty, respect, pride and home. the past the present and the future, america the beautiful one nation under god!
L.C.VARGAS , 45 yrs, Mesa, Arizona [10-12-2001]

The Pheonix rises slowly, carefully, sadly, from the ashes, is our pride
Andrea , 13 Sunnyvale, CA Resurrection School [10-11-2001]

I think the American flag stands for freedom. I think it stands for faith. I also think it's a sign that we will NEVER give up, because of a Afganistan terrorist. We will stand strong and free for as long as we can. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!
~*Amber*~ , 13 From California [10-10-2001]

the american flag is always a glorious sight--it is great to see so many americans displaying her in their gardens and on their porches--we should always do this-amidst tragedy or not!!does anyone know if any of betsy ross' direct descendants in america --surely with 5 surviving daughters she must have some great great great grandchildren some where---god bless america!!!
PATRICIA MORRISSEY , age 50-cincinnati,oh [10-06-2001]

When I woke up on September 11th, I thought of it as a regular day. Go to school, have fun, do homework. I heard the T.V. on and went to my mom and dads room. They ussually don't watch T.V. in the morning so I knew something was wrong. I asked them and they told me that the WTC collapsed. I didn't know what they meant. I didn't understand. I didn't know how important the building was until now. Thousands of innocent lives were gone, and some kids like me had lost both or one of their parents. I am glad that I was not killed. Almost everyone knew someone who died, whether they were in the planes to the firemen. The past month I have learned many things. I understand how bad it was to do such a terrible thing. I am sad and think of September 11th about every day. I think it iss a coincidece that the day was 911. Here in LA the police number is 911. I hope everyone should display their patrisom, such as waving flags, or praying to god. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
Ava , 9 October 15, 1991 California [10-06-2001]

Considering the impact of the cowardly terrorist attack of Sept 11th and how overwhelmingly the citizens of this great United States have rallied to our flag, isn't it about time that the U.S. Senators join the members of the house and FINALLY support penalties against anyone that desecrates our national symbol. Freedom of speech does not mean desecrating the flag that I fought for and never will. I want to see a roll call of Senators that will NOT support this effort. I hope I am not alone in feeling this way.
Alex J. Neil , 68 years old, retired banker, Korean War Vet [10-06-2001]

September 11, 2001, everybody was going to work and school, just like normal. I know. I flunked my math quiz, I made an A+ on my English test. Nobody in the 7th grade knew what had happened. When i found out, I was shocked. I had visited the World Trade Center towers, and they were awsome. They were huge. And to think that they were brought down because of two hijacked airplaines? Only later did i find out about the pentogon. I held it in...until I could watch no more of CNN. I cried. Who would do this kind of thing? Just wake up one morning and say,"Ok,I think I'll attack America today and kill hundreds,mabey thousands,of innocent lives." Oh, sure, they probloey planned this attack,but still! Think,those innocent people,crowed in an elevator in WTC#2, knowing that there building would be attacked. And they knew that it was hopeless. The people on the airplanes,they knew the whole time. IMagine how hard it was to tell there loved ones, there wives, there husbands, there brothers and sisters and daughters and sons and grandchildern goodbye forever. And the people who did something about it, they died in the end too, but they saved thousands of lives. The hurt that America went through, it was terrible. The policemen and firefighters, they've worked so hard and they too, lost thier lives. As I absorb all of this, suddenly CNN goes to a picture of people in Afganistan and Pakastan celebrating....WHAT?!? It made me even angier. What right did Osma Bin Laden have to come and attack our country? The next day,I heard about a man attacking a muslim and killing him. How dare he be called an American? That's just what the terriosts did in my opinion--blamed us for there problems and try to take us down. We need to be the better people--and not blame the muslims living in our country. They are Americans too, and they were hurt just as bad as us. I may be only 12, but i know what is wrong and what is right. What was wrong was that they came and attacked us. What was right was that we held our he
~*Kimberly*~ , 12 [10-03-2001]

The american fleg means freedom. Men and wemon of all nationalities that come to this country have the freedom of religion, spech and to vote. The reason why we faught for freedom is that so all people can remain free. Freedom is a good thing because if we did not have freedom we would be ruled by the government. When I view the flag i think of liberty, freedom, and pride.
Julie Hewitt , 11 [09-30-2001]

Since the 11th sad events have happened. America is a strong country. We won't let other countries or people ruin it. United we stand, dividied we fall.
Caroline Liberty , I live in Houston, Texas [09-30-2001]

I live here in Taunton Massachusetts, by choice. I live in our cradle of liberty,which all Americans should have been taught in school. When I see "OLD GLORY" I am glad and proud to be blessed by God to be an American. There is no other country like America on the face of the Earth and never has been, that is recorded in history. I hope we will never forget what we represent to the world, freedom to live our lives in peace. Now in the face of a national tragedy we must all band together and remember just what and who we are. We are the hope of this world and where ever our beloved flag flies, she is our promice, our hope our love, and our future. Thank you for allowing me to express my thoughts here.
Beverly DeForde [09-29-2001]

When I see the American flag I thinck it stands for liberty and Justis and FREEDOM! You probably know how much were gratful to be free from slavery or any kind of bad thing.
Kelley , 10 Miami [09-27-2001]

The American Flag is a symbol of our unity and freedom. As of September 11, 2001, we were shocked by this terrifying attack. We proudly watched our flag continue to boast our reverence and fortitude. We are a strong, united, and free people. We are America. So, wave your flag and show your patriotism. God Bless.
Angela Kosie , 30, Cleveland [09-27-2001]

The American flag is a symbol of our country, our freedom, which thousands have given their lives for. A symbol not to be idolized but one to be honored and respected. In the notes I have read above you truly see where each heart is, which is truly American in heart as well as in birth. American in heart is by choice, American by birth is not. The flag is OUR symbol of OUR great nation-- The United States of America! One nation under GOD bless America!
Carol Fields , 54 Housotn, TX [09-27-2001]

When I see the american flag I see the colors of red, white and blue; I see stars and I see stripes; but it is what I "hear" when I look at the flag that moves me. For what I "hear" are peoples stories. I hear the battle cries of the men and women who have carried our flag into battle, I hear the cries of families weeping over the loss of a loved one who died defending our great nation, I hear the voices of immigrants who have come and who now cry tears of joy at being able to call America their home, I hear voices of patriotic songs being written and rewritten by composers until they were "just right" and then those songs being sung by men, women, and children alike, I hear voices of people pledging their allegiance, I hear men and women crying when they look at the flag because of its splendor and beauty in all that it stands for, and yes, sadly, but ever so faintly, I hear my flags pain caused by those who have and who continue to dishonor her and all that she stands for and represents. I hope you will not only look at our flag but also "hear" it.
Tammy [09-26-2001]

The Famous Besty Ross flag is by far my most ever favorite flag for design and is my first choice always for a flag. Up here in good ole New England especially leving next door to historical Concord, Massachusetts the Besty Ross flag now is being hung around everywhere because of September 11th. I was surpised at how many people own a Besty Ross flag. Its so AWESOME her flag.
Leah Adams , Boston [09-26-2001]

Freedom, pride and justice for all I love our flag and have a lot of respect for the work of Betsy Ross, who put a lot into it all. A woman who was determined and met Mr.George Washinton, Another great man with wonderful ideas. All my prayers and respect to those heroes and there family. "God Bless this nation and America."
Linda k. Mill , Round rock,Tx [09-23-2001]

The terrorists make me sick, and so do the murders who are killing inoccent Arab-Americans. They are just as bad as the terrorists and shouldn't be Americans in the first place!
Maggie , Coloado [09-22-2001]

"How do you feel when u see the American flag?......" I have thought about that for a while now and i ahev came to a conclusion, when i look at my flag i feel protection, freedom,last but least, i feel sadened by the tragedy that occured sept 11th. I give my regards to any one who has lost a loved one. I am proud to be an American because i know as well as anyone else does they might of hit us hard but we will stay strong NO ONE can take away our patriotism!!!! ONE LOVE= U.S.A 4EVA
SaMaNtHa AsBuRy , RePiN' B-MoRe [09-21-2001]

Betsy Griscom Ross, in my opinion , was certainly capable of creating our nation's flag. She was a maverick, a person of strong convictions. What a time she lived through and what stength and courage she must have had. She followed her heart and married whom she chose to. I have no problem with seeing someone of her character asserting herself with the likes of General Washington, promoting flag designs. After all, she was in the flag-making business.
August West [09-21-2001]

The American Flag stands for liberty and for all that fought to defend it--so we can enjoy such liberties.
usalover , female, 45 [09-21-2001]

I am proud of our country and the privileges women have here,that they don't have in other countries. We are blessed. I think our flag is beautiful,but sometimes all the guidelines about our flag and it being a living thing,make it seem like idolatry and I feel that others will agree with me. God bless America!!!!
Laura , 36-Texas [09-21-2001]

I respect Betsy Ross and the flag she made.She was a great woman.May America's flag wave high above our country!
Lauren and Richard , 11 and 12 Illinois [09-19-2001]

When we think about America we think of freedom,patriotism,and honor.We thank God that i am an amrican.The flag is a very important symbol to this country. We thank God for people like Betsy Ross that took their time to make the American flag.God bless America.
Arika Pavloff and Adam Sadler , age11,DuQuoin,Il. [09-19-2001]

I love my flag! Long may it wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave.God bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cherith , age11 DuQuoin, Illinois CFS [09-19-2001]

When i hear about the terrism it makes me mad. I also makes me mad when people don't respect the flag.God bless America.
DEV2001 , 11, du quoin il. ( southern illinois) [09-19-2001]

I don't know if I can consider myself lucky or not, but I was able to watch much of the television reports Tuesday. Two days later I am still stunned.

Though an understatement, this catastrophe is much different than any other we have ever bore witness to. Many have compared this attack to the unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor. It may have been just as devious but at least the Japanese selected a military target.

Another difference I have noticed is that usually we are able to quickly see the personal aspect of such tragedies. This one was so catastrophic that it wasn't until nearly forty-eight hours later that news agencies were finally able to show the nation and the world the faces of the dead and of the grieving loved ones, many of whom still carry the flicker of hope, continuing to frantically search the many hospitals and aid stations. We are now hearing the recorded messages of Americans who knew their death was only moments away, Americans calling loved ones with one absolutely final "I love you".

We were finally able to see the faces of the thousands of heroes, every single one of whom seeks no personal glory and who right now feels quite the opposite of heroic. The real heroes were the firefighters, police officers and emergency medical personnel who bravely fought the current of literally thousands of people fleeing a catastrophe of enormous proportions. We saw the names and faces of those who unselfishly entered the two buildings. Hundreds entered the buildings intent on saving lives, only to lose their own.

We also witnessed the carnage at the Pentagon; the result of an attack on the symbol of American military might worldwide. Thought to be as secure as the White House, Department of Defense personnel sat at their desks and walked the corridors secure in the thought that they were safe, even from all out war.

I am both a police officer and a military officer. I recognize this as a crime against all of humanity regardless of nationality, color of skin or religion. Through investigation we must ensure responsibility is laid at proper feet. We must not lower ourselves to the level of these slithering heathens and kill every snake that rears its head from the dung heap. Once identified, the police officer in me wants to stand them before the world court where every man woman and child may look them in the eye so that these cowards may see the reflection of their own flames of hatred.

Many have called for a declaration of war. As a military officer I too stand in this moment of intense hostility, ready and eager to deploy. I am reminded of the saying "Revenge is best when served cold". Call upon me, Uncle Sam, and I will seek frigid, unbridled revenge and take an eye for an eye. On the other hand, most of us know what can happen if we run off half cocked. I understand the need for restraint.

Secure in the knowledge that we have properly identified the culprits we must carefully select and locate our targets. If we can not stand them before the world, we must attack with such overwhelming strength, resolve and accuracy that in a blinding flash and puff of smoke we blast the bastard and his followers off the face of the earth.

Patience is a virtue American society rarely demonstrates, but now we should more than any other time in history. We must first take care of ourselves. We must bury our dead, comfort those left behind, lick our wounds while holding hands and come out of this stronger than ever before. We are Americans. Don't tread on us for if you do, we assure you the inability to do so again.

J.L. McAnear [09-19-2001]

When I was six years old, (I am now 43) my mother taught me how to sew. I drew an American flag on a cloth dinner napkin and then sewed the outline red, white, and blue. I used embroidery thread to fill in the outline. Next, I sewed the flags of each and every state of our great country. May God bless America, each and every state!
Michael A. Massaro [09-17-2001]

Our hearts will forever be with the brothers and sisters we lost September 11, 2001. I may not have known any of them, but I will never forget them or their families!
Pennie McDonald [09-16-2001]

Long may it wave!
Klinton Spilsbury [09-16-2001]

I don't think anyone has yet to come up with a better tribute to our grand ole flag then Francis Scott Key. During the War of 1812, Francis Scott Key aboard a British Warship, witnessed the British bombard Fort McHenry for 25 hours. Our National Anthem is a retelling of this event, in which Francis Scott Key describes how the Flag was an inspiration to those who witnessed the battle and a sign that Fort McHenry along with our country was "still there." Many have suggested that our national anthem be changed to "America the Beautiful", that the "Star Spangeled Banner" glorifies War. These people do not appreciate what it took to secure the very freedom they now enjoy. Freedom, which our country's flag symbolizes, was bought with a price, that price was the blood of countless Americans who thought the ideals of freedom and democracy a worthy sacrifice. The words of this great song are a self-portrait of Key himself and the essence of his spirit. That spirit lives on, it lives in me and in everyone who truly loves this country. To me the the American Flag is almost a holy vessel. It symbolizes the highest form of civilization this world has ever known. But more fundamentally, it symbolizes the love and honor of men like Key and the many others living and dead who have loved this country. I love this country, and its flag. God help me I do love it so.
Robert Anderson , New York, Ny [09-15-2001]

I almost bought a Betsy Ross flag. I did some research and found out about how the British Union Jack's crossing pattern evolved into the first OFFICIAL flag of the US. TRADITION might hold she made the first flag but historical documents say no. George wasn't even near her house on the now revised 'about June 1' unless he flew a jet to her house in 'secret'. Betsy Ross was a historical figure and she should be honored for giving us an appreciation of the first flag, whichever we chose to be correct. The evolution of the various flags with the Union Jack's pattern were: The continental colors, GW's headquarters flag, the flag on the USS Ranger, first flag recognised by a foreign power, the Francois Hopkinson documented flag and the first OFFICIAL FLAG of the US. Check it out. Can all these flags and the US embassy all be wrong? The plus sign(+) pattern over an 'x'(X) pattern is unmistakable. Where is any circular star pattern on any colonial historical flag? Where is any 1770s to 1780s period painting of the Betsy Ross flag in any painted battle scene? Remember, painted circa the 1780s. The original GW flag still is on display at Valley Forge. I have found none and I have looked. All I see are paintings of Betsy's flag after the grand son told the story in the late 1800s. Surely someone painted a battle scene with her flag in the late 1700s. I compiled all these flag patterns in one place for you to decide if the Hopkinson pattern seems most likey or unlikely.
Paul Beauregal [07-05-2001]

Betsy ross was a very strong person she wouldn't let anybody down she did us the biggest favore made us the AMERICAN FLAG and everybody loves her for that
Heather , 14 years old [06-28-2001]

let freedom ring and may old glory fly forever as a sign of hope and freedom.
ROSEMARIE GUERRERO , san diego california senior citizen [06-28-2001]

When I see our nation's flag waving in the Oklahoma wind, I see her (the flag) shining in all her glory. She waves in that wind watching over our nation. She sees all the faults, all the accomplishments, all the good and all the bad. But she continues to wave to remind us that our goals are attainable, our faults can be fixed, and our good shines through with hope for the future. I love the snapping sound the flag makes in the wind. It's like a mother snapping her fingers to remind us to stand tall, be proud of who we are and who we will become and to be mindful of our actions, because her ever loving eye is watching over us.
Dodie , 45 yrs. old / Oklahoma / USA [06-20-2001]

What I think about when I see the American flag I think about a bunch of stuff like how stupid it looks. I like the Mexican flag a lot more. At least their flag means something valuable.I mean the mexicans go out for about two hundred years looking for some omen or something and our - ancestors just come out of nowhere and call this land home! I also think that saying the pledge of aligence is really gay because all you saying is that if some country comes to bombe us or something that your going to go and fight them. That's like saying "I'm going to go take on Hittlers army one on a thousand"!
Max Turner , age-13 city-The Dalles [06-06-2001]

our society is a very blessed one in that we have freedoms that are not provided in other countries. as a vetrain i have been able to travel abroad to other countries and see our true benifits. sure our country has its down falls but we are a young nation and we are still learning. the ability to pledge our allegence to our flag is a blessing. thank heavens for betsy ross. "second" in our great state of tenn. we have the privledge of having a state rep. from the city of memphis that refused to stand during the pledge of allegence at our state capitol. she actually belives that the stars and stripes is a flag of hate. the people in our communitys need to understand that the confiderate flag seemed to be the flag of hate. if her intention are to deface and denounce our great flag, maybe she really shouldn't serve our state nor should she recieve the benifits this flag provides hes. we need less hate in our country and we sure do not need our state officals generating it.
Dave , age 32 city Dyersburg Tenn. [06-02-2001]

Well it's been a while since I've been here. It's great to see "Freedom of Speech" alive and well. Three comments; a) Old Glory was out in all her splendor this past Memorial Day. b) The red in her reminded me that ALL our freedoms were bought and paid for, NONE came free. c) "anonymous (05-10-2001)" (any relation to D.P.W. 02-25-2001?) is well on the way to earning a degree of P.H.M.M.(although, if one writes redundently again we could create a new award, "the Larry, Moe and Curly trilogy trophy) ........ America, the flag, with all it's faults, you gotta' love'em; BECAUSE THEY ARE STILL THE BEST !!
I.M. Redwhiten'blue, American [05-30-2001]

as a young girl, my mother bought me a book about betsy ross and the american flag. i had lots of other books to read but that particular book was precious to me. i would look at the book for hours and imagine what it would be like to be besty ross and sew the american flag. i felt her pride with each page of the book. besty ross was my hero. i wanted to be just like her! in fact, so much so, i taught myself how to sew at the age of eight. i would sit at my mother's sewing machine and pretend that i was betsy ross sewing on the american flag. little did my mother know when she gave me that book how it was going to influence my life. i went on to sew for the public, my family, and now i sew for the "little angels" in the nursing home where i work as an activity director. i think of besty ross every time i sit down to sew and thank the good lord above that we have great role models to inspire us.
MELODY , 42, swainsboro, ga. [05-28-2001]

For me, the american flag is a simbol of the oppression that the USA provoque to other countries. The USA people say they live in a free country but their international politic never respect the freedom of other countries which may be more poor but have the same rights than american people. Because we are all human beings. A kiss for everyone, american or not. Please respect us.
Laur Task, 27 years old, from Spain [05-14-2001]

The American Flag stands for a great deal of things. Some as Americans we should be proud of, some as Americans we should not be. However, this flag is a symbol of a nation, which in a considerable short span of time (as compared to Europe and Asia). Has become the most advanced country in technology, economic stability, and political aspects the world has ever seen. With the vast diversity of its people this country has flourished and now sits alone as the world's only true SUPER POWER. When I view this flag I have a sense of hope, a sense of pride, a sense of all those who came before me, who died while proudly fighting for the ideology of our country. As an African American man, I see the red representing the blood of all its people from the bondage of the children of slavery, the hardships endured by the Native Americans of this land, to the bold moves and positions of men such as Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr. John F. Kennedy, Jr., that have either forced, or guided this country to live up to its principles, and it's doctrine that was set forth in the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. My heart grieves for those before me black and white who did not live see the days and the times in which I live in. America still has a long way to go before this country resembles what it can be, and should be. When All Americans regardless of what ethnicity that may be, will look upon each other as a brother or sister. When All Americans will look upon each other to see a persons character not the color of their skin. When All Americans will realize that everybody together has made Our America what it is today, by their minds, their hearts, and their blood. NO country is without its shortcomings from the poorest to the wealthiest, but America is my home. No one ethnic group can look upon this flag, and think that America is only their America. Brave and honorable men and women in all walks of life have given of themselves to this country. Whether they fought to prove that they too belonged to beReading through the other postings, on this page, and the archived postings as well. I think I must put another of my two cents in. Though I am proud of my country, even through some of the most horrific shortcomings it has had. I still think people need to understand some others positions of the American Flag. For example can any of you look someone in the face who has been persecuted, imprisoned, beaten, or even killed from another country, and tell them they should stand for their flag? Take into consideration a black person from South Africa, a Jewish Immigrant from Nazi Germany, a Korean from North Korea, and a Russian from Stalin's reign to name a few. You as many of them would revel in these people denouncing the flags of those countries. Stop and think, and learn of your own country's past. The last of the great countries to denounce the practice of slavery. The raping of the Land from the Native American peoples and tribes. The struggle and powerful efforts this country put up to stop and deny Black Americans, Japanese Americans, Native Americans, etc... the SIMPLEST, forms of freedoms under the law, which should, and was and is rightfully theirs, as any other American during periods of our nations past and in some cases present. Just because you stand for a flag, does not mean that someone else has to, or even should. Burning the American flag to me is something I WOULD NEVER DO, but to some, America does not, and never will stand for freedom. Why you may ask? Because America, to some, stands for bondage. America for some stands for promises never kept. America for some stands for imprisonment. America for some stands for a country with lofty goals, and high expectations that never seem to be in your reach, because America always pulls away, or keeps you on the outside looking in. As a History Major in college, anyone can tell you burning of a flag is a symbol of political and personal protest. As Americans, one right we have always held dear to our hearts, is Freedom of Speech and Expression.
anonymous [05-10-2001]

i think Betsy Ross is a very impotant person.she made the flag.She should be honored.
amber, 11 1/2 [05-05-2001]

We think Betsy was a very special woman in history and we should all give her credit. We should thank her for the flag.
Taylor Hansen & Jennifer Ross, Both are 11 Manchester, IA, 5th grade West Delaware Middle School [05-02-2001]

I think that Betsy Ross is honered by the goverment by using her flags in homes, on the sreet, on the moon...
Alejandro Cianci, I'm 11 years old [04-24-2001]

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