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As an American teenager, I love pizza, movies, and all the other luxuries of today's society.But I understand that this is not all there is to life. Life is who you are, not your social standing. Life is about who you love and who you hurt and making amends of mistakes. Life is about learning of the people around you and helping them out of tough times.Life is about the history of the people who made it possble for you to be in such a wonderful time period. We live in America, with technology that was only dreams in the past. We can fly, we have automatic gadgets to do our chores. We have new ocupations due to our great wealth. But in the excitement of all this wealth, we have lost sight of some very important parts of life. We no longer care for our fellow man. We use guns to shoot people down in cold-blooded murder. Fear gripes us that our very existence may be destroyed by the use of weapons of mass murder.We have no heart left for pride for our country. Our chief officials are corrupted. Pride that was commonplace just 6 decades ago is lost upon the children of today. True, we have the Fourth of July and everybody recognizes America as a great nation, but we, the population of America, take al this for granted. There are refuges from war ravaged nationa across theglobe who dream of being an American, because to them it still means being free. But the Americans, we are no longer thankful for all the blessings we have.The same is true of Texans, but not to such a vast degree. People in History, famous ones, yes,but even people who we do not know, fought for the opportunity to install pride for a new nation. Thousands of men go unidentified,true men with hearts filled with a purpose. Many, many men shed their blod for America, so that their children and grandchildren might have a better life, and a hope for a future. But now, generations later,we dishonor those men who lost their lives and shed their blood for America by not being Patriots. If we want to, the Flag gives us an opportunity to salvage the scrapes we have left of the TRUE American dream."Life, Liberty,and Justice for All." But the question is this. Will you do it? Carrie McGee,14 December 1, 1999
Carrie McGee, I am a 14 year old musician in Mesquite, Texas. [12-02-1999]

Writing as an Amertican citizen born abroad, it seems as though many of you who were born here take a great deal for granted. To be poor in this country is bad enough, but to be poor elsewhere in the world is to be totally without the very basics of life. Water that is fit to drink, safe living conditions, the ability to really choose what to do with your future is not determined by who your parents are or where you were born. The flag is a symbol of great freedom of expression, sacrifices and liberties that should never be taken for granted.Let's not forget ,the right to vote which people in South Africa worked so hard to attain ,should never be taken lightly as demonstrated so recently in local elections here in Pa.America is the best place to live on earth, let's take care of it.
Theresa Dinunzi, 40,Reeders Pa. [11-23-1999]

The flag of this country has been a great and comforting symbol for its citizens throughout its history. My family has fought in the War of Independence up to and including Desert Storm. Not once did my family ask what was in it for us, because we always knew that we were fighting to protect our family, country and ideals. We have had our problems in this country, but not anything that cannot be fixed. It takes involvement and interest by its citizens and the passing on of these virtues and traditions to our children. My oldest duaghter brought me to this webpage because she is doing a report in school on Betsy Ross. It is the mark of a great society where everyone, young and old, can share their opinions on a subject and not fear anything. We all can learn a lot if we take the time. This last item was written in a Beetle Bailey cartoon for King Features Syndicate, Inc. in 1976. I have had it posted on my bookshelf thoughout high school, college and marriage. Evertime I read it, I Thank God that I am able to live and prosper in a free society. " This flag, symbol of the hopes of man, this cloth of dreams for freedom, justice and opportunity, its stars like beacons guiding us through shoals of adversity, its stripes like wounds of struggle. The good in it cannot be had for nothing, though, like any garden, it must be tended, like any loved one it must be held. Hold high this flag and keep its promise bright, for in it lies the best hope for all of us.
Rick Flynn, 38, Washington, Indiana [11-23-1999]

I grew up during the Vietnam War. My house was often a battle ground. My older siblings loudly criticized and voiced hatred for our government and its decision to continue the war. My father, a WWII vet, would loudly defend Johnson and our leaders. However, on the fourth of July, things were different. All in our house paused to thank God for bringing us to a country were we could live with the ten basic rights, as written in the constititution. In my house, I learned through example, our country, right or wrong.... what's right, leave. What's wrong, fix. But never give up fighting for a better country. To me that's patriotism.
karen m., 41, Richmond, VA [11-11-1999]

I had to do an essay on the flag, which I thought was going to be a boring waste of time. I sure was wrong! This website has given me a number of things to think about, be proud of, and share with others. If you haven't already, I suggest that you read two things if nothing else fron this website. Those two things are: 1)Thoughts for the 4th of July, by Lynn Fetterolf, and 2)"I am the flag of the United States" by Alan Deyoe. Those are the most interesting things I've found on the site.
Ashley, 13, Georgia [11-11-1999]

What does the American Flag mean to me, well it stands for the liberty of this country. I think it mean a lot depending on your point of view. The Flag is just a flag but it has meaning that is hard to understand. I just think it important but i don't know how to explain. What does Betsy Ross mean to you, well i don't know, so i can't say how i feel or what it means to me.
tommy xiong [11-11-1999]

Despite the fact that I have little knowledge on the subject, the American flag means a great deal to me. It is a symbol of our freedom and our independence, and that is something that should never be taken for granted.
Chelsea Fuerstenberg [11-11-1999]

The American flag means many things to me. It's a symbol of our freedom and independence. No one knows for sure what the colors of the flag stand for, and everyone has their own opinion. I think of the colors as the red being the blood America shed for our freedom; blue represents the oceans we had to cross, and the long journeys taken and those still ahead; and the white stands for everything being fresh and new. If it wasn't for Betsy Ross the Americain Flag would not exist. She helped Americain's feel proud of their heritage and brought us together as a nation.
Becky [11-11-1999]

The American flag is a representation of a dream made reality by people who fought for it. All the other countries of the world who say we don't deserve the things we have only have one thing their mind, ENVY!
Brendan Ireland, 15 [11-11-1999]

It is a symbol of our libery and independence.
Jonathan Parham, 15, Cottage Grove [11-11-1999]

To me the american flag represents what we strive for in our lives. It reprisents all that those who have given their lives for, the American way, the longest lasting representative democracy in history. This government usually (not always) tries to make America a better place to live. It doesn't matter if you agree with me or not. We ask this country to give its all, and all it asks us to do is give our all like those who went down fighting to preserve it, I see the flag is a daily reminder of this.
Eli Lopez [11-11-1999]

It took me hours to read the letters sent to this page. I enjoyed every minute spent here. I came to this site looking for wallpaper that I could download for my computer screen of the American Flag. I am new to the use of computers and stumble upon sites by accident. This is the best site I have been since my search for American Flag wallpaper began. I am a very proud American, the Flag and what it stands for is very important to me. I know there are others out there who feel as strongly as I do but to sit here for hours and savor every word that was written brings such honor to our American Flag and tears to my eyes. Jack Canfield the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul should publish a book on What The American Flag Means To Me, maybe someone should E-Mail him the idea, I`m Sure it would be a bestseller!! To those who came before me to this site I Thank You for making today a day to remember. If anyone can hep me locate American Flag Wallpaper for my computer I ! would appreciate your help....Thankyou..A PROUD AMERICAN.
Toni LaClair [11-11-1999]

I think Betsy Ross means a lot to us because if we didn't have her we wouldn't have a FLAG. And the flag means a lot to us. Thank you much. Candace Aparicio
Candace Aparicio [11-04-1999]

The current flag and what it represents, the identity of a land of individuals who place their personal interest above the public good, and who politically legitimize the exclusion of marginal groups for the benefit of re-assuring their own private group identity, should be destroyed. In its place, a new flag, representative of a new society based on an inclusive infrastruce in which each group of individuals plays part in contributing to an overall social goal should be created. But, I guess, we first have to come up with the society, huh.
Jose [11-03-1999]

In our modern world, I personally believe it is foolish and naive to bow to the flag of a nation that represses its people. America is no longer a country based on freedom (if it ever was), it's more like one large corporation that robs from the poor working class and gives to the rich. We need to quit worshiping America and its hypocritical principles, and for once make some real progress.
matt deapo, 18, St. Bonaventure,NY [11-03-1999]

I think that was the best Internet story I have ever read yet. I also would like to learn more about it.
Dell, ### Vallejo C.A. [10-26-1999]

I have read some of the thoughts here. Quit downing each other and get back to the subject at hand, "What does the flag mean to you?" What it means to me is "FREEDOM" Many people have put their lives on the line to help us get this freedom, and now we are just giving it back (most unaware-Goals 2000). My uncles fought in the wars as did many of your relatives. The Flag stands for the Freedom of the United States of America. It is a shame that most of the schools in the U.S. don't even say the Pledge of Allegiance. Some have one day a week they say it and it it over the intercom. Let's get America back. Forget about the United Nations. One World Government. Let's get America Back. We are losing our Freedoms and some don't even care. We say the Pledge of Allegiance because: to Pledge means to give your word,it is a commitment; allegiance is you are commited to one certain thing. Just like our marriage vows we are commited to that ONE person. But now we make it so easy to dump that person and find another one. I am afraid that is what we are doing when we don't even teach our children to say the Pledge of Allegiance. We are dumping America and getting another- the United Nations. LET'S GET AMERICA BACK!! Many people died for our freedoms, let's not just give them away.
d.r., age 34 Ohio [10-13-1999]

Boy, I love how easily the rabble are aroused by things that I say. It makes me feel so important! Why does everyone in here waste so much time concerning themselves with what I write? Who the heck am I? All I know is that it is a lot of fun to see so many "grown ups" digress into the foolishness and stupidity of name calling, making fun etc. just because they are so intolerant of other political views. I understand that it is very hard for many of you to hear what many others think about the flag that differs from the foolish blind faith and patriotism that fills this room sometimes. I have similar difficulty with convincing my 3 year old cousin that it really ISN'T good for you to stick metal objects into the electrical outlet. At every stage in life, sometimes we just don't know any better. I think you all should be so embarrassed and ashamed of yourselves for the way you behave. You get so angry and try to be so hurtful of people who don't agree that this country is perfect. All I have to do is put in a little rhetoric from communists or maybe quote an anarchist and everyone blows their lid. Oh well, I think I've incited enough online cyber-riots on this page for a lifetime. I'll leave you all (the blind angry patriots) to your collective blindness, as I seek other web pages to post left or right-wing political statements to elicit irrational responses. Take care!
Jason Mendez [10-11-1999]

As being a Vietnamese American, I have read a few opinions written by veterans who fought in the Vietnam War. The United States were a generous nation to stand up to help Southern Vietnamese from Northern Vietnamese or communists from invading over the south. The war caused many loses and damages to the Vietnamese and most of all are the soldiers fought in Vietnam and to most American families who missed terribly about their sons far from home or would never come back again. The Americans inside the U.S had the right to express their point of views toward the Vietnam War. They held strikes against the government. Finally, the Americans withdrawed from Vietnam and several years later the communists invaded South Vietnam. Until now, I still tell myself should I still feel badly that the South Vietnam was defeated and my father was the S. Vietnam officer to against the war that it should not have existed in history and my family haven't have to immigarat to the U.S! . Time past,after I have came to the U.S. I have learned about the U.S Constition and it's government at school. I was allowed to learn or to do anything as I desired that I would never allow in my homeland. For now, I understand about the U.S and her people. The more I learn about the U.S history the more I learn about the real meaning of the flag of the free people. The more I understand about it the more I think that god made it possible to have brought me to the land of opportunities. I'm very sad for the people who involved in the war and for I'm now part sad and part happy that the war had made it possible for me being here in America and enjoy being here.
tran huynh, 15 [09-26-1999]

I think that the flag should be respected because it is agreat part of american history
Scott Russell [09-26-1999]

The American flag means a lot to me. You can see a lot if you think about it.
Pao Yang [09-26-1999]

The American flag is a symbol of liberty and justice. It represents the equality that every American has, all the rights that we have, and the independence of our country. It also shows the bravery of all the mens that died for our land. For every star shows democracy and every stripe shows peace! It's a symbol of "the land of the free!" Betsy Ross is a symbol of the United States of America. For without her, there wouldn't be a flag. "Freedom!"
Lily M., 15, Minnesota [09-26-1999]

The Flag is the sum of all fears and pride that America, the self made mighty power of a nation that she is, ever had the sheer guts to feel
Gibb Brown, age 16 [09-26-1999]

The Flag is the sum of all fears and pride that America, the self made mighty power of a nation that she is, ever had the sheer guts to feel
Gibb Brown, age 16 [09-26-1999]

I am a 10th grade student,in St. Paul MN. To me, the flag represents who we are as americans. It reminds me of the long struggle our ancestors endured, just to bring us freedom. A lot of people take it for granted, and never fully understand what the flag represents. It provides, for us, a look into our history, to remember our past. The flag would never had been made if they knew people wouldn't give it a second glance. But they thought the flag would give people something to believe in. And it does for me. It makes me proud of who I am, and proud of my country. And I believe in our flag. It provides a sense of hope, and courage. It basically says, don't give up, we didn't. They won their freedom back then, so we can win our freedom too. Freedom from dark thoughts, from depression, from disbelief, and from ourselves.
Erin Jambor, 16, St. Paul [09-26-1999]

Well, thank goodness, of late an intelligent presentation of the "other side of the coin" has been given (RE: Marc 9/8/99). I say this sincerely and not sarcastically. I would ask but one thing of you "Marc" , and that is clarify your political philosophy (Jason stated an obligation to speak for the masses). You open your statement with an honorable definition of the flag; then proceed basically to the negative (does the definition support your need, or does your need support the definition?). A cursory analysis of your 9/8/99 memo reads to the effect; you list like three to one, of wrongs to right with this country (including upholding ongoing slavery - you forgot economic discrimination). You use "depraved, unjust, tyranny, hypocrisy" in reference to this country and its deeds. Then there's the oft melodied "intolerance" word; the one so commonly used when a wrong cops out to a right. You conclude with an impassioned plea not to create laws which would stifle any minority opinion voices. As I've said before, "there are legitimate grievances with past and recent country actions"; these should be discussed and addressed, tho' no one should be grinding an axe of anarchy. I really do appreciate your presented viewpoints; there just seems to be a MISSING ELEMENT. In addition to the above concerns, I ask myself upon reflecting your memo; "Are you the person who will determine "when wrong to be put right?""
John Pearson, Vietnam Veteran [09-10-1999]

The flag is not the United States of America. The flag is a symbol of this country and as a symbol the flag has the honor of representing many things to many people, both good and bad. While the flag represents the honest deeds and aspirations of this country at the same time it holds an equal representation of the country's depraved and unjust deeds. It represents the ideals in the Declaration of Independence that are expressed by the words "all men are created equal," yet also represents the tyranny and hypocrisy of this nation that continued to uphold the institution of slavery for almost a century after those words were written. It represents the government that strove to build a strong nation, yet also represents that same government that forced the Indians to intolerant treaties, then broke every one of them. It represents the decent and kind acts of General Grant who bid General Lee's army to go home with their horses because plowing season was coming and those horses would be needed on the farms. It also represents the Americans at My Lai who, when confronted by a village of unarmed, frightened Vietnamese women and children, decided the best policy was to rape and murder them. It represents Ronald Reagan, who believed passionately about the ideals expressed in the Constitution, and it represents Oliver North, who figuratively trashed that Constitution by setting up a shadow government, lying about it under oath, and, when caught, wrapped himself in the flag, claiming his acts of deceit were patriotic. It represents Bill Clinton who has a good heart but lies and disseminates at every opportunity. It also represents Henry Hyde who condemned Clinton by saying that one "should never lie under oath," yet praised Oliver North by saying "sometimes you have to lie under oath." It represents intolerance which is bred from the fear of unknown or unfamiliar things or thoughts. The intolerance of one race by another, one gender by another, one religion by another. The intolerance displayed in 1921, when the neighbors of a Montana man named E.V. Starr decided he was not patriotic enough during WWI and must kiss the flag. When he refused, he was arrested and sentenced to 10 to 20 years for violating the Montana law against flag abuse. It is an intolerance expressed by one man, who, on August 22 on this website, while saying that the flag represents freedom also said if you did agree with his idea of freedom he was going to "make it the longest day of your life by kicking your A__ from one end of this country to the other." But the flag also represents hope and courage; the hope and courage shown by General McAuliffe who, when surrounded by the nazis and asked to surrender, replied "Nuts!;" and by James Meredith who, when surrounded by a mob of angry whites who threatened his life, continued on to become the first black to enter the University of Mississippi; or, most importantly, by all of us as we strive to make our country and our lives better. We are a nation of symbols and the flag is but one of them. I believe symbols should and must be used in symbolic fashions. I believe the person who honors his country by flying his flag proudly has as much right to express that idea as the person who disagrees with that country and burns the flag to express that dissent. I believe men and women have died not for the flag but for what the flag stands for, and that includes the right to disagree. I believe we must never be so afraid of hearing a dissenting point of view that we pass laws to silence those voices. I believe we must never be so afraid of the majority that we cannot stand up and say "No!" in those times when we found ourselves in the minority. Most of all, to me, I believe the flag represents what was best said by the American Carl Schurz: "My country, right or wrong. When right, to be kept right; when wrong to be put right."
Marc Scofield, Age 43, Tulsa [09-08-1999]

Aw jeeze, we need a "National Bolder". Don't get me wrong, different views and opinions make this country the greatest! I'd like to refer to "jenni's" 9/7/99 posting. You state you read all of the views (MANY of which were loathing and critical of your country) and PROCEED to criticize the "Vets" (for speaking their mind) and at the same time flatter your father (for his chosen silence or experiences). The Vietnam War was fought by a collection of folks, from many different backgrounds and values; he was but "ONE" of them. I can only conclude (by your written silence) that you are in agreement with the views presented by "boy Jason". Ergo, I look at your self stated qualifications, (these are YOUR words); pierced, dyed, punk, having everything on a silver platter........need I say more,,,,,YES, your choice of "superior, throw it in the face, talk crap, crazy government, even more screwed up" descriptives. At a minimum, your in the same "political BED" with Jason (that's fine, its your right). Five final thoughts; 1) Most importantly, before you criticize ANY Vet, be advised there was a sentiment amongst them that said, "Give us back the POW's or send us back." 2) I must ask, since you indicate you "thank " your father for the freedom "he" gave you; "why do you choose a personal visual image which can be interpreted as an insult to your heritage?". 3)If this is a "college assignment" you'd do well to express some freedom of intelligence (doesn't mean agree with me)or like Jason, get a note from your parents 4)No one has said they were "superior" or wanted to "throw it in anyone's face", including to you; you must have an inferiority complex. 5)I said it before and I'll say it again, "Thanks to ALL the Vets and Citizens" whom support this country (no one says its perfect, but it is the greatest).....GOD BLESS AMERICA (including Jason and jenni)
John Pearson, Vietnam Veteran [09-08-1999]

no matter what your opinions are, there is one thing that you should all say thank you for, and that is the fact that you are free to have an opinion . this flag that seems to be the butt of controversy, is a symbol of a great country. a country that has offered many things to many people. most of our ancestors arrived here, coming from many regions of the world, looking for freedoms to practice their beliefs in their god and to live in a country where they were free to do so. my thought is "god bless america" and all it stands for. we should all pray for our leaders, for them to have the wisdom on leading our country into the future of a world that is very unstable.
judy gustin [09-07-1999]

Ok, I have sat here and read everyone's views on the flag and freedom and the United States. I am doing this as a college assignment. Otherwise, I would never have come to this site and I would never have felt more proud in my entire life. I'm one of the little pierced, hair dyed punk kids that were talked about. I'm one of the teens that take everything for granted because it has been handed to me on a "silver platter". But just because I live like every other teenager in America today, it doesn't mean that I lack respect for my country or my flag, or my freedom for that matter. I will not lie, this site made me realize exactly what the United States flag stands for. I believe it has changed my view on life and freedom. But there are also those on this site that think they are superior because they fought in Vietnam or they have "been there, done that". Well, congratulations and thank you, but my father was in your place as well. He was a POW, he was nearly killed. But he doesn't throw it in the face of those around him that didn't fight in nam and he doesn't talk crap about the kids in america today. He has more respect for his flag and country than probably anyone in here, but he respects this country as a whole -- even today with the punk kids and crazy government. My father didn't fight for the world to be a perfect place. It never crossed his mind that everything would be perfect. But he is proud of the world today, for without the flag and the freedom, i'm sure we'd be even more screwed up, dont u think? We now have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press. For this, my father is thankful and doesn't see a problem with the way the youth of America express themselves. I have pride in what my father went through, in what all the vets went through and I thank God every night that it is not like that now. I thank God that he gave me freedom and that we have something such as a flag to remind us what a glorious nation we live in.
jenni, 18, arkansas [09-07-1999]

On January 7, Jo from Arkansas wrote: "A question for those who say 'burning the flag' is freedom of speech. Is it freedom of speech to take a gun & kill another person? Is it freedom of speech to steal from others? Those who say so have a warped idea of 'speech.' 'Burning' is no more a form of speech than is 'murder'. or 'theft,' One who has no resources from the inside might resort to burning in order to attract attention to themselves. But PLEASE do not call BURNING a form of speech!!!!! Jo: let me just say you are falling into the trap set by those who are delibrately or anawaringly clouding the issue. It may seem odd to hear this but an anti-burning law has nothing to do with burning. If it did, than thousands of boy scouts would be in jail for burning worn-out flags. Burning is not the issue, it is the thought behind the burning. Boy scouts don't get jailed for burning the flag, but dissenters will be hauled away for burning it IN PROTEST. Alan Deyoe from Wisconsin wrote on August 22 on this website that the flag's "finest hour" comes when it is "torn in strips to be used as bandages for my wounded comrades on the field of battle." But a person who tore the flag IN PROTEST would be jailed. All around the country politicians ‹ both Democratic and Republican ‹ sport American flag-inspired clothing as an ostentatious display of their patriotism. Yet in 1968, Abbie Hoffman was arrested for wearing a flag shirt, and Gary Kasnett, a Kent State student, was arrested in 1971 for a having a flag pattern sown onto a pocket of his jeans. They wore theirs IN PROTEST. Flag desecration laws would assure that a dissident throwing a gallon of black ink on a flag IN PROTEST would go to jail, most likely on the same day that thousands of gallons of ink are rolled on thousands of flags printed on postage stamps by the Post Office. Oddly enough, the American Flag Code, adopted in 1941 specifically prohibits the American flag be emblazoned on any disposable item, such as paper cups, napkins, the Chicago Tribune, or ‹ the biggest violation of all ‹ the millions of postage stamps printed by the U.S. Postal Service. Who has gone to jail for those acts? No one, because no one did it IN PROTEST. You see, the law itself would be discriminately enforced. It will not be used to prevent the ACT of desecration, but use that act of desecration as a way to silence the THOUGHT behind the desecration. By saying this I don't mean to be advocating leniency for people who murder or thieve IN PROTEST. Maybe the criminal, in some sick sort of way, is using those crimes as a way of expressing whatever in the world they want to express. However, that doesn't override the fact they committed a crime that involved something they did not own: like someone else's life or someone else's property. People who burn someone else's flag SHOULD go to jail ‹ for theft and destruction of someone else's property. But a person who bought a flag at K-Mart with his/her own money shouldn't be jailed for using his/her property as a vehicle of dissent. For an really intelligent look at this issue, please see the Flag-Burning Page at
Marc Scofield, Age 43, Tulsa [09-06-1999]

I am a high school teacher in central California. I began searching the internet for something I could share with my classes on why we say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. If anyone has any thoughts, I'd love to hear them. I've read over many of the entries contained on this sight. I'd like to share my thoughts on what the flag means to me. Ever since I was a child, I've always stood in respect of the flag during the singing of the National Anthem or during the Pledge. I always place my hand over my heart. When I was young I did this out of habit. Now I do this for many heartfelt reasons. First, I do this out of respect for those people that I have never met who went to war to fight for my safety and to protect my freedom to live how I choose. Yes, maybe the wars we have fought were not always just, but the people who fought in them did so because they thought it was right. To them it was a matter of duty and honor. They were willing to die for me and for you!! How can we not respect that? When I see the flag, I see the sacrifice of those that I never knew. To me the flag is not a symbol of what our country is, but what our country can be. We may never reach the ideal of true freedom, but what an ideal to reach for! What an ideal to fight for!! It is an ideal that many before us have died fighting for!!! So, I stand. I place my hand over my heart. I give thanks to those strangers who I wish were my neighbors. I don't pledge allegiance to what has gone wrong in the past, but instead I pledge my allegiance to this dream that others have believed in. Yes, maybe I am foolish for believing that this dream could ever come to pass. If so, then so be it. Better a fool with a mighty dream than a cynic with only black dreams!
Gary Steingas [09-04-1999]

TO Jason Mendez/ Slave Owners: Don't forget to read all the writings of the Founing Fathers. Like some, Washington & others wanted to abolish it but knew it had to be done by a change of heart rather than tear a newly knitted fabric of a country apart. Didn't Washington free his slaves at his death, pay for their upkeep to do whatever after? I know there is more, I just don't have the racist's own words in front of me.
Doug T [09-04-1999]

Well Jason, your "National Rock" is cracking. Your showing signs of getting UN-DONE. Have an impartial party read your last two entries/ramblings. You are slipping; getting more defensive, and repetitive rhetoric (oh, there is some new plagiarism). Tho' you stayed away from most of my invites, you did tip your hand in the "credibility" area; we now know you had some real scary "international politics or history class" (WHAT credentials! Was it during the many years of Junior College?). Your also crawfishing, with your move to "2 million individuals"; whoa, it was "slaughtered peasants" before. Did anyone see any of those folks carring signs saying, "Shoot me, I'm an individual"? No, by rule they were showing signs of definite aggresive behavior, with weapons of death, AND lo' and behold displaying signs of symbolism and patriotism (Huh, symbolism and patriotism? This kinda puts them higher up the world's social respect ladder than you). Your assessment of "mean spirited" relating to words, shows your sheltered character; what the hell would you call someone shooting at you? To "ALL the other Vets" and "Citizens" in this forum and every where, who speak from experience and contribution; "Thank you, from the bottom of my soul". This country needs and is great, in having "the other side of the coin" intelligently presented; Jason, your a self appointed poor representative. If your going to insist on keeping this act up, please get a note from your Mommy. OR, try your rhetoric on the first "Biker" you find with a USA Flag and the words, "Try burning this one, you SOB!" (Don't do this until I can get the concession rights for your resting place (I also love capitalism); there'll be a lot of FLAG waving, dancing and spitting going on). Finally, "THANK YOU!" for calling me "ignorant"; considering the source, I take it as an honorable compliment.....GOD BLESS AMERICA !!
John Pearson, Vietnam Veteran [08-30-1999]

To respond to those who have posed questions to me. No country fits any sort of Utopian vision I may have for an ideal place to live. But why live with the illusion most "patriots" like you do who think that where they live has to be the ideal place to live. No matter where you go, there are reasons to be displeased in your government. Whether it be with the fact that money has the right to free speech and buys politicians, or wars violating human rights standards and principles, I have the right AND the obligation as a citizen in this country, to criticize such unjust policies. The second everyone becomes a brainwashed automaton who cannot criticize the government, we live in a tyranny. As for those who think the things I say are misinformation, then you never had an international politics or history class. My latest bit of misinformation as some more ignorant individuals have called it, is that Vietnam was an unjust war due to a variety of factors. Our government concedes as many as 2 million individuals died in Vietnam, most in South Vietnam. That is fact. Go ask your government, it's not misinformation. Vietnam was illegally split, in violation of the 1954 Geneva agreements dictating that the division of Vietnam along the 12th parallel was NOT EVER to be a political division, nor was it permanent. It is established fact that through our puppet, CIA supported military government in South Vietnam, we nullified the elections that would have unified North and South under Ho Chi Minh. It is fact (Read the pentagon Papers, if you even know what those are) that we began bombing SOUTH Vietnam in 1961. I happen to think that this is a disgrace to what the flag should stand for. As for my previous "misinformation", what he was probably referring to were the CIA overthrows of several democratically elected leaders such as Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala in 1954, Salvador Allende of Chile in the early 70's, Mosadaic in Iran in the early 50's, as well as the subversion of numerous democratic elections such as in Italy in the late 40's (with funds far exceeding, in absolute amounts, what rabid patriots accuse Clinton of accepting from foreigners. So it must be just as immoral right? Or its okay when we break the law?)...the list just goes on and on. As it would in any country since every country has done terrible things. Since I leave it to all of you to list all of the wonderful things about this country, I feel its an obligation of mine to provide the other side of the coin, so to speak, since no one else either has the knowledge or the desire to say anything but patriotic statements. But listening to how mean spirited everyone in here is about my statements (none of which are factually incorrect), maybe it is the "patriots" who have the problem. You claim to love America so much but have such disdain for any Americans who disagree with you. Think about it.
Jason Mendez [08-23-1999]

I am the flag of the United States of America. My name is Old Glory. I fly atop the world's tallest buildings. I stand watch in America's halls of justice. I fly majestically over great institutions of learning. I stand guard with the greatest military power in the world. I stand for peace-honor-truth and justice. I stand for freedom. I am confident-I am arrogant-I am proud. When I am flown with my fellow banners, my head is a little higher-my colors a little truer-I bow to no one! I am recognized all over the world. - I am loved and I am feared. I have fought in every battle of every war for more than 200 years: Gettysburg, Shilo, Appomattox, San Juan Hill, the trenches of France, the Argonne forest, Anzio, Rome, the beaches of Normandy, Guam, Okinawa, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, in the Persian Gulf and a score of places long forgotten. I led my soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, I followed them and watched over them. I was on a small hill in Iwo Jima, I was dirty, battle-worn and tired. But my marines cheered me! And I was proud! I have been soiled, burned, torn and trampled on the streets of other countries. It does not hurt - for I am invincible. I have also been soiled, burned, torn and trampled on the streets of my own country. But I shall overcome - for I am strong! I have slipped the bonds of earth and from my vantage point on the moon, I stand watch over the uncharted new frontiers of space. I have been a silent witness to all of America's finest hours. But my finest hour comes when I am torn in strips to be used as bandages for my wounded comrades on the field of battle. When I fly at half-mast to honor my soldiers, my sailors, my Airmen, my marines, and - when I lie in the trembling arms of a grieving mother, at the graveside of her fallen son or daughter. I am proud. My name is "OLD GLORY." I share this with you as I am retiring from the military shortly after 20 years of service. I love my flag, I love my country, I respect the right of those to have the right to pursuit life, liberty, and happiness. For twenty years I was willing to take a bullet for your freedom, and will do it for another twenty. I don't think war is anything that anyone wants, but unfortunately, we have these folks like "Jason" and the "Artists" that are so fed up with everything because they don't seem to have everything in life that they WANT. The price of FREEDOM is NOT CHEAP. I was too young to understand Vietnam, I get irked when I have to deal with draft dodgers making a mockery of the system that I support and will support playing little political games to please others. I get tired of hearing people complain that guns are a problem. I have the right to bear arms. I will use that right to protect me and my family. If I find someone in my home that don't belong there, I can't just shoot him, lazy folks who need to steal will sue me for excessive force. So, why give them a chance. Then I hear the whining about the Nuclear ARMS, I been to the Arizona Memorial. It is a sad thing. I have NO SYMPATHY, when I see the results of the cowardly acts that were bought upon us at Pearl Harbor. I hear of the ARTS, how no one cares. Well, I don't like art, I get sick of my tax dollars being spent on idiots who think the crucifix soaking in urine is an expression of speech and ART. It is pathetic. I hear the uncanny noise of about sexual orientation, What a crock, what you do in the bedroom is your business, your weren't born that way. Face it, America is the greatest country around. I honor my fellow VETS, I have heard there stories during the wars, I have been led by some of the brave men who have been through them. Don't cry to me about freedom and the flag being a disgrace. If I ever see anyone burning the flag in my presence out of spite or protest, or hang it upside down out of bitterness (other then distress) I will promise you I will make it the longest day of your life by kicking your A__ from one end of this country to the other and then keep going where you can get your silly pathetic life on a boat to China or Russia, we don't need you. I have earned my rights, I love my country, I don't like feeding illegal immigrants, but people want to come to our country for the right to live the promised life. I will close with this. As long as draft dodgers are in the white house, and 2/3 of congress are non vets, and most of the generation X with their laziness, weird hair colors, disrespect, and insane body piercings can't cut it in the military, because they have had everything given to them on a silver platter. 8 out of 10 kids today when asked if they will give their lives for their country say NO. Well, you wouldn't have that right if the men and women didn't fight for YOUR FREEDOM that you carry today. Be proud to be an American, I am. I will never bow down to communist rule, but I won't tolerate lazy and inconsiderate people who have no respect for those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for each and everyone of you. We have freedom. I don't know what we will have tomorrow, but I tell you this much. Don't blame those who served and come to our country with love, commitment, honor and courage, if you don't like things, look at the lazy freaks who just talk. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts, because I don't know how much longer it will be there. God Bless AMERICA..... Alan Deyoe, Bremerton, WA [08-22-1999]

Jason. Is there a country in the world that fits your Utopian dream? If there is, why aren't you there instead of here?
Leslie Kirkland, 48 Minden, LA [08-19-1999]

Well, Mr. Jason certainly has opened my eyes on how lacking and disgraceful we are as a nation. Flag, eagles, existing virtues aren't justifiable to him. Its time we un-honorable vets and citizens wake up and repent. May I suggest, we; 1) foster and pass a Federal bill to create a "National Rock Symbol" - Coprolite would do well, (this symbol could cover the needs of those who crawl from under). 2) make Jason, Dean of all political science departments (excuse me Jason, your earlier ramblings came from school ("", is that B for Boston with Mommies and Daddies money or B for BozoU, where no original thought is taught?), you didn't fail this too by now?). 3) create a National Anthem to Jason, we could call it "FUBAR"...... On the more serious side. Going back over the "boy's" ramblings from early 98 to now; he doesn't express one ORIGINAL thought (excluding his self centered pity"). He recites the same old tired rhetoric and philosophies (so much for his education and freedom of speech), heard time and time again from the malcontents and never-do-wells. You should know your mentors (I promised not to rebut your misinformation, just adding to your imprinting) failed you in the "spit on" information. With this you need to know, having 20/20 hindsight, the nation/society realized it was proper to protest or disagree with the Vietnam War governmental policies and decisions........ however, it was also concluded that the treatment (spitting) on those servicemen/women was a disgrace by ANY measurement....These disgraceful perpetrators are like impossible to find now (Duh, I wonder why? hint: they have grown even more spineless now); though I know they existed, you are evidence of their gene pool...... I've been riding my HAWG for years. Most of my riding jackets have "VIETNAM VETERAN and PROUD OF IT" - in large letters (AND USA FLAGS) on the backs. I have NEVER had anything but positive salutations, victory signs AND - THANK YOU'S, (CAN YOUR THOUGHTLESS MIND IMAGINE THAT - THANK YOU'S!!) as responses to the jackets. Certainly although I often think of, I never get an action from one of your spitter ancestors or someone signing your IQ. I suspect when it does happen, it will be in the form of getting run over my back, at night (your kind of hero style). Open your ears, today those who disagree with government military action/decisions are quick to add; "but we support our military" (Duh, I wonder what this is an outgrowth of? hint: those you hero worship). If you have one free thinking brain cell or thought left, don't start your whining that people call you names, disagree with you, pick on you, your constitutional rights, whoa is me's, where's the tolerance, your in the minority, you have un-popular views, and all the other self defensive cop outs, you hide behind. You smirch of old rhetoric and plagiarism, the sum of which today, like you, is nothing significant; you deserve a "National Rock". You say, "you like to vent, it gets people so undone"; that makes me your worst nightmare. I don't get undone, I get done,..... like America was, is, and will be, folks like myself will be here long after you and your rhetoric are but food for the worms. Further, there are people who have legitimate grievances over their treatment; your pompous arrogant, caustic, alienating mouth does them but injustice when you say, "you speak for white folks or know/relate to blacks or peasants (your 8/12/99 letter from dementia)". So not to confuse you, I have spoken for myself, experiences as a Vet and American, Not anything for those of this family on "The Wall" (don't rhetoric that they died for your privilege to disgrace them). Their time/turn with you is coming. Lastly, come on "boy" Jason, will you VENT some ORIGINAL thought (with your age and wisdom, you have to have some first hand knowledge or experience to give you credibility - like a scary school yard or parental abuse story).... or are we going to get more of your mimicking, plagiarism, fantasies, and cop outs? Show the readers of this forum that it wasn't B for BozoU. I thank this forum and the Jason's of this forum, for awakening my slumbering patriotism.
John Pearson, Vietnam Veteran [08-18-1999]

You can lead a donkey to water, but you can't make him drink. I guess that what I've learned from this page is that the pride ignorant Americans have in this country (not the pride knowledgeable people have in this country) proves that nationalism is the virtue of the viscous. If the flag symbolizes freedom, equality, opportunity etc. then why is everyone so angry that those freedoms are extended to people who disagree with a governments actions? Just because I think its a crime that Eisenhower subverted Democracy in Guatemala in 1954 with a CIA sponsored, funded and organized invasion, doesn't mean I don't love the freedoms that I have under the Constitution. But lets not forget that our wonderful flag doesn't represent the freedoms of foreign nations from US aggression, just the freedoms that those lucky enough to be American have. That flag didn't protect the rights of Nicaraguan peasants numbering around 200,000 who were victims of a US backed terrorist named Somoza, a man FDR called "our SOB". It doesn't protect the thousands of Sudanese children who will go without necessary drugs because of an illegal US attack on their most important pharmaceutical plant last year. I never said living here isn't great. Well, I would hate to be black in this country, so I'll just speak for us white folks by saying its great. The only reason political freedoms are valued in any country, are when you have the right to protest the governments actions and badmouth men deserving to be badmouthed. Just because you gave service to this country, don't you think what you were asked to do in your line of service should count, be something noble? Think about what Vietnam was, and question why you should be so proud (cause don't forget, a lot of Germans gave service to their nazi government in an unjust war, and you don't hear their overtures of pride do you?) We illegally invaded Southern Vietnam, illegally divided it (in violation of the Geneva accords of 1954), used more bomb tonnage on Vietnam than was used in both World War 2 theaters, killed 2 million Vietnamese...and why? Because they were fighting colonial domination. Thank god for your service! God bless America! We are certainly more secure thanks to your wonderful service. And if you took part in that grotesque human rights violation, the invasion of Cambodia, even better! You think that service makes you such a hero, deserving of such gratitude. There's a reason people spit on you when you got home. The same reason that Nazi's were hung...the war was a human tragedy.
Jason Mendez [08-12-1999]

This is a great Web Site. I read a few of the posted letters from other visitors. First I would like to say Thanks to every soldier that served this United States. Being a vet myself I get a kick reading them still defending the distasteful comments made about the flag and the USA. I would like to tell all those people that have negative comments a few things.1) if you dont like it here LEAVE please.2) the USA does not surpress anyone, if anything you have more of a chance to be an artist, or any other profession here than anywhere in the world. You surpress youself.3) the American flag is the greatest symbol on the face of the earth. There is more to this flag than vietnam, or any other war. It is a symbol of a group of people that developed the most powerful country in the world. It is about sacrifice, many people gave a lot to this country. To read statements made by a spoiled "artist" make me sick. Do you even have a clue, look past your own self centeredness. I would bet that you have never sacificed anything in you whole life. 4) Be proud of your country, it is the best. Many people try to get into it every day. Why? Because they would rather be here then anywhere in the world. The janitor that cleans my offices is from South America. In his country he was a Civil Engineer, but he told me that he would rather live in the USA, making less money then to be the richest man in his country. Have a good day. Next time you walk by a flag stop and think about all the lives that gave you what you have today.
Chris Hall, 28, Anchorage [08-12-1999]

Jason, The flag, eagle, war memorials, honor, valor, sacrifice, are but a few symbols or words that you will never be able to identify with. Why would I say this; you define yourself in your own words, to be lacking those values inherent, in order to relate to them. I said in my last communique, that I'd not dishonor the gentle heroes of this family, by rebutting your misinformation. I said you had a right to be opinionated. I didn't say you were correct of fact, nor did I imply you have somehow earned the right to be opinionated.....simply you have a constitutional right to voice yourself. Mercy, your choice of inflamitory words is well done. Then you ask why folks take exception with your "thoughts". I'll give you my "opinion" on why. You choose this forum, relating to symbols and values, you admit to not having (your constitutional right); then as a self defined TURKEY you lecture EAGLES. Finally, it is said of Vietnam Veterans, "All gave some. Some gave all". I conclude by your own words, you are a taker, not a giver.
John Pearson, Vietnam Veteran [08-12-1999]

If the flag stands for the right to be opinionated, why are so many people here upset about what I've said, and why are so many people bothered by the fact that I'm opinionated? Why did all you Vietnam vets slaughter all those VC villagers for my freedom and then tell me there is something wrong with my having opinions? I'd like to think we used more bomb tonnage on that tiny strip of jungle than in we did in all of World War 2 in every theater so that I would be allowed to voice unpopular opinions. Maybe if I go serve in a foreign war and help kill millions of civilians, bomb a 3rd world nation into the 4th world and destroy any hopes for its development, then maybe I can be counted among the defenders of our proud flag!
Jason Mendez [08-10-1999]

I would like to say that I came about this page while looking for famous women that were born before 1999 for an english assignment. I myself an half American and half Australian eventhough I live in Australia I still respect my heratige for America and am apouled at what some people think about their heratige. Even thought I am only 13 I know enough about America to say that it is a beutiful state and why some people don't respect it is a great mystery to me. Lacey Ford, Perth, Western Austraila, Australia
Lacey Ford, 13 years [08-08-1999]

Jason, its been thirty-five years since my time in "Nam", and still folks like you give me a real knee jerk. This family has relatives that adorn the "Wall"; I'll not dishonor them by rebutting your slanted "BS". Surely, I'm out of touch with the Navy today, but the one I served with over there, would have loved having you for entertainment. Some time and place down the path Jason, folks like myself won't be asking ourselves, "What did we stand for, or are we about?"........the FLAG is many things, its one of the things that gives you the right to be opinionated.
John Pearson [08-06-1999]

I feel that this is the greatest country on earth. When I see the flag blowing in the wind, it brings a great feeling to know that even though all things may not be perfect in this country, I can have all the basic freedoms that others just wish for. Try to live in another country and just hope to have even half of them. I've recently seen the Vietnam Moving Wall in our town. What an experience! When the flag went up and they played the music, there was not a dry eye there. What a great feeling to know that the flag stood for my country and because of all the veterans that had sacrificed their lives I, no one special,could live with all the freedoms that others just wish for. Long wave that wonderful flag!
Irene Heath [08-02-1999]

America is not about Freedom. It's a country that is based on lies. Speaking as a jazz musician and artist for 20 years, America has destroyed the lives of many a great artist. What are you afraid of America? Why must you suppress original thought? Why are schools and learning institutions nothing more than robot factories which teach people to worship the dollar? America will never support the arts, America supports greed and hate. Working a 9 to 5 job you dislike and supporting some greedy corporation is not freedom. America kills its artists and anyone who doesn't agree with the status quo. Everytime I look at the flag it makes me sick. We celebrate false holidays that support Colombus who when he arrived here raped, looted and killed the indians. It pisses me off that there are high schools still teaching false history. Many Americans are ignorant to the real facts about America. Star wars and the X-files is our culture, what a joke. Its ok to show someone's head being blown off in movies but sex is considered bad or evil. Here is some suggested reading which illustrates my point better than I can. THE PEOPLES HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, by Howard Zinn, I'm not sure if that is the correct author. MILES, by Miles Davis, Billie Holidays autobiography, anything by Henry Miller.
Jeff Marshall, New York, NY [08-01-1999]

I would like to say that the flag is a beautiful symbol representing, to me, the United States of America. I would like to say to Jason Mendez that I have read all that was written here and you seem to keep repeating that if you don't agree with "everyone" that you have to leave. Did someone tell you that you have to leave? You can stay as long as you like and are entitled to any opinions and feelings you might have, but all I kept hearing in all of your messages was that you were going to be asked to leave. Stay awhile and enjoy the freedom and the flag.
Tracy, Adult, NJ [07-16-1999]

Of course I would sign up if my country needed me. In fact I'm joining the navy next year. But if my country "needed me" to go kill 2 million peasants in Vietnam just because the majority of their country wanted to be under a communist leader, I wouldn't go. Vietnam was a tragedy to american ideals and the ideals the flag stands for. We illegally divided the country in violation of the 54 geneva accords, we blocked a nationwide election that would have unified the country under Ho Chi Mihn, we invaded and bombarded the nation starting in 1961...the list goes on. And for what? So our flag can represent freedom? How did doing what we did to Vietnam protect our freedom? It was an insult to the ideals of democracy and individual sovereignty that we say our flag stands for.
Jason Mendez [07-14-1999]

Jason, Is'nt it wonderful to be able to say what you please about our democracy? I am a Viet Nam veteran who fought in the longest war America has ever endured. I went and fought for those ideals that you use on a daily basis. Freedom of speech, freedom to assemble and the right to protest. I would gladly do it again if my country needed me. What I wonder Jason, is what would you do if your country needed you? By the way I was'nt on the fringes. I was a combat infantryman with the 25th Inf Div. I was wounded in battle when the armored personnel carrier I was in was hit with enemy fire. I was burned 45% second and third degree. I spent 6 months recurperating at Brooke Army Medical Center in Ft Sam Houston, San Antonio, Tx. I have carried these scars with me and will continue to do so proudly.
Bob Drake, 52yrs Born and raised in Phila. [07-12-1999]

Dealing with Irritations Constructively:

There once was an oyster whose story I tell,
Who found that sand had got under his shell;
Just one little grain, but it gave him much pain,
For oysters have feelings although they're so plain.
Now, did he berate the working of Fate
Which had led him to such a deplorable state?
Did he curse out the Government, call for an election?
No; as he lay on the shelf, he said to himself,
"If I cannot remove it, I'll try to improve it."

So the years rolled by as the years always do,
And he came to his ultimate destiny -- stew.
And this small grain of sand which had bothered him so,
Was a beautiful pearl, all richly aglow.
Now this tale has a moral -- for isn't it grand
What an oyster can do with a morsel of sand;
What couldn't we do if we'd only begin
With all of the things that get under our skin.

2 Cor 4:17 "For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory."

Laurie Sunderman, Portland, Oregon [07-10-1999]

Jason, do you read at all? I said and I quote . . . "However Mr. Mendez, no one advocated throwing you out. The question that still remains to be answered is, if you are so sick of American "insane fascist tendencies" why do you still live here? As a true believer in the ideal of equal opportunity and rights, I will not say you should leave, but as an American I do have the right to question why you are here." Duh! Same thoughts you give on your right to live here and enjoy the freedoms America offers. But, as I am as much a member of this community as you, I do have the right to question, if all I hear is negative attitudes toward our society, why you are here. I cannot and will not ask you to leave because of your negativity, only justify it and listen to the arguments against you.
Dave [07-10-1999]

I came to this page to look at the history of the Flag of the United States of America. I came here after a friend and I had a discussion, about how people no longer have a respect for this Symbol of freedom. It amazed us how many people during the National Anthem, remain seated, and do not remove their hats or place their hands over their hearts. It has become nothing more than a piece of cloth. It has become a useless rag. I came the the States from Canada when I was 9. And instantly fell in love with the pride Americans showed for their country. I fell in love with the Marine Corp and what they stood for. The Anthem, and The Flag. I can't believe that so many people have forgotten or no longer care what the Flag stands for. It is no longer taught in school, or upheld in the church. This is more than a another beautiful sewing job. This is the symbol that thousands of men and women have died for. It has flown proudly over every conflict this country has praticapated in. It has never once complained of being to tired or to cold. It has flown in the breeze to remind all who see it. We are free!!! Maybe to many have it to well. They take their freedom and rights for granted. Please tell me we have not forgotten. Please tell me all the lost lives weren't for nothing. Please remember to show honor to the Flag when you see it. Please remember to stand and uncover your head, and put your hand over your heart when you hear The Anthem. Remember the lives, remember the love, remember the Flag!! God bless the United States of America!!
Clayton A. Fowler, Yakima Wa, Age 26 [07-07-1999]

Dave, the fascist tendencies I was speaking of you exemplified perfectly when you suggest that I ought to leave because I disagree with the way our government conducts its business. Freedom is non-existant when it doesn't apply to the people who disagree with "the norm". In Nazi Germany every fascist nazi enjoyed great freedoms because they promoted the nazi ideals. But would you suggest that the german people enjoyed freedom? No they didn't, because freedom only has meaning when it applies to people who disagree with you. The flag doesn't represent a set of ideals and actions you must agree with to live here. And I never said I hated living here. In fact, I love it. Because I am allowed to say anything I want. So when the government overthrows and subverts democracies in Guatemala, Italy, Panama and El Salvador (among others), I voice my disgust because I have that right. THAT is what the flag should represent. It shouldn't be a rallying symbol of exclusionary thinking and a sense of false superiority. Power does not equal virtue. Dave, and anyone else who thinks this country is only for people who agree with them, you haven't the slightest clue what freedom means. And you could never truly enjoy it until you are among the minority who disagree with the majority. THATS when freedom matters.
Jason Mendez [07-07-1999]

the flag is not just stars and stripes but represents the dreams of the past reality of the present and hopes of the future let give the flag and the people who gave it to us our sincere salute and pray the god for the glory of America God Bless America
surender inala, 29 Yrs,Plano ,TX,US [07-07-1999]

I came to this site looking for answers to questions about our flag and its maker Betsy Ross then I got to reading what other people had to say about our country and our flag I won't get into name calling and who said what but to all the people that do not have enough respect for the raising and lowering of our flag and the playing of the national anthem to stop walking, talking,and face the flag or the direction of the music playing I hope there is enough people like myself if we ever have to fight for our freedom again and not the people with no respect for they are the ones who would rather sell our freedom for personal gain for freedom does not matter to them I always have time to remove my hat or cap place it over my heart and be thankful that I live in a country where I can show my respect for our flag and my country If you people would stop long enough to think you might like our country better. I have had my say and now you can have yours I feel better now
Ray Campbell, Mt Holly NC age65 Korean Veteran [07-04-1999]

I just read most of the comments sent in about their thoughts on the flag, America, etc. I fully agree with many of those who words are printed. God Bless America. I never see the flag without thinking how proud and thankful I am to live in this country. I don't understand all those who are trying to destroy our country, i.e.: hackers, bombers, etc.
J. C. Harrington, Ellenton, FL - Age: 74 [07-03-1999]

A nation who forgets its past
is doomed, will never last.
A land whose people have no care
for tradition and honor;
belittle their flag and mock all its meaning
will soon lose the freedom of which it's a symbol.
We now enjoy
the hard won liberty given by those who died
holding the tattered remnants of our nation's flag;
whose last sight was Old Glory streaming.
If we have no care or thought
for those brave men who fought
to guarantee our rights
even to besmirch the honor
of the Stars and Stripes,
all their glory will be wiped away.
So, please, I ask you, on this day of memory
promise to those who lie beneath the earth,
you will protect the banner they held dear;
their pride and honor you will revere
by showing respect for America's flag.
Fly it proudly! Watch it dancing through the clouds.
Keep its meaning clear to you.
Hold it dear to you,
that beautiful standard of red, white and blue.
And when you see it on display
Be proud you're a citizen of the U.S.A.
Lynn Fetterolf York, PA [07-03-1999]

Well folks....there will always be the "Jason Mendez's" who enjoy all the benefits that our great country has to offer, yet spew the negative that they so ardently seek to find. I will pledge my allegiance this 4th of July, to the flag of The United States of AMERICA, and give God thanks that this nation is still the greatest nation in the world.
Laurie Sunderman, Portland, Oregon [07-03-1999]

America, the Flag, the American Bald Eagle. What do they mean to me........? I'll tell you. When I look apon the Flag, the Great Red,white, and Blue, I see freedom. I see a nation founded on the principles of the living God. I see a New Nation founded on the principles that ALL men, and women, ARE created equal. I see a nation that was founded to give men the ability to live good produtive lives, to assail at whatever God given gift they had and to still Love their fellow man. I look at the Star and Bars and a see a nation of morals. Of neighbors helping one another, not being afraid of saying 'hello'. This may just sound like a cliche', but it is true. I'm proud to be called an American. Not so much for the way things are today, but for what it is supposed to represent. Though I wasn't born until 1960, I can't help but think on the the way things were, or the way I heard they were, in the 1950's when things were more innocent. When people still Loved the Flag, when most were still patriotic. Apple pie, baseball, families going on country rides together, picnics in the park, Sundays in Church. I think on the time when fathers and mothers were proud to see Johnny in his crisp new military uniform, going off to protect our nation and her heritage. People who were not afraid to say that they were straight, in any and all meanings of the word. I think of George Reeve, as Superman, with the American Flag waving proudly before him. People actually crying and a nation in shock at the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I see women being honored and respected for being house wifes and mothers. I see freedom, and morals, and strong family values. God, and Country. A Government "For the People and By the People." I see a people proud to say " Yes, I'm a Christian." I see people proud to vote and stand up for what is right. To help those in need. The founding of welcome wagons and saturday night dance. I see kids being kids. I see people loving their children and wanting the best for each other. I see a people who would care for others before themselves. THAT IS WHAT I SEE. That is what The Flag means to me. GOD: BLESS AMERICA, AND I PRAY THAT YOU BRING HER BACK FROM HER BACKSLIDDEN WAY. AMEN.
Kenneth Rogers [07-03-1999]

I grew up reciting the Pledge of Allegiance everyday in school and I fail to understand a lot of these messages prior to mine, as I don't believe racism, etc. is really realted to the flag itself. Every Country, State, etc. has its own flag which was to show its individual symbolism. I am proud to be American and American is every person of any ethnic background that resides in the USA. As for those of you that are beating up Betsy, the US and the horrible results of various wars, it's too bad you can't separate those ideals from the flag itself and what it itself represents to most Americans.
Wendy, Bay Area [07-03-1999]

All of you talk of the men who died for this country. What about the civilian women and children who died, particularly like my ancestors in Cumberland, PA. Women and children scalped and butchered, the young girls sold into slavery (or worse). Their grand heirs smuggled slaves thro Ohio to Canada, they fought at Vicksburg and Gettysburg on the same day, one didn't survive. My grandmother never knew her grandparents BOTH were casualitiesof the war that should have (but didn't0 erase Americas original sin-one man owning another. And if the war dead could talk to us, they would tell us they didn't die for three colored poieces of cloth-some died for ideals, and sadly some died because they were just sent to a slaughter party and didnt know why. We need health care, eductaion and tax reform, and we deal with clowns who play with a flag amendment.
PATRICK, much wiser attorney then what I used to be [07-02-1999]

Chris Pittman [05-14-1999] please read the book "Stolen Valor". you will the come to believe that all that agent orange, ptsd, and homeless vet stuff is bull. I am a Viet Nam vet and I don't have any of those problems. Neither do any of my friends that are vets. It is all a hoax perpetrated by people like Jason. We Viet Nam veterans are intelligent, successful, and contributing memebers of a society that we were and are proud to serve.
Al Thompson, 55, Portland OR [07-02-1999]

The American Flag is the symbol of the freedoms available in America that are not available in most countries (like China and Viet Nam) today. It is the symbol for freedom of speech available to ill-informed village idiots who should stop watching TV and movies and read a book written before 1960. It is unique in the history of the world that a nation allows people to openly lie and distort to prove a point. The CIA, the FBI, and the Armed Forces of the United States never did any of the things that your friends in the media have accused them of. Oliver Stone is not a historian. He is a weaver of falsehood and disinformation. Having served in the Marine Corps and had the privelege to bear that flag in awards cermony; I have a special feel for the flag. It's unforunate that some are so filled with hate that they will never experience that deep, abiding affection for the flag and the respect for all it represents. That was not an American tank that a Chinese student stood in fron of to protest the absence of freedom. Al Thompson (Sgt. USMC - Viet Nam 1965-66)
anonymous [07-02-1999]

How long is the myth of Betsy Ross the naval flag sewing person having sewn the first flag going to last? The first recognized flag was the Grand Union, selected by Washington in 1775 and displayed January, 1776. Recognized by Holland. Flown on the Continental ships and found on various plates, paintings etc. See the well researched movie REVOLUTION with Al Pacino and you will only see the Grand Union displayed..
Col. C. D. Kass (Ret.), District Constable-Arkansas, 70 years of age, Baxter County [07-02-1999]

Perhaps some people need to slow to and think about what is being said. Mr. Mendez makes a great point. A democracy (or Constitutional Republic) is worthless with equal protection of the rights provided. A well known French man had a much better grasp of society dedicated to freedom when he said, "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to my death your right to say it." (Voltaire) However Mr. Mendez, no one advocated throwing you out. The question that still remains to be answered is, if you are so sick of American "insane fascist tendencies" why do you still live here? As a true believer in the ideal of equal opportunity and rights, I will not say you should leave, but as an American I do have the right to question why you are here. Oh, and by the way, one half of WWII was fought because of a direct attack on American soil. Sounds like a war fought to protect the Bill of Rights to me.
Dave [07-02-1999]

People sometimes get too uptight about our flag. It is a symbol of many things we believe in but it is still only cloth. Flag burners only destroy one piece of cloth, they can never change our ideals and principles. I am proud to be an American and cry for all those who have given their lives to defend our rights, and I thank all of them. We are not a perfect nation but USA is a great place to live and raise a family. My grandparents came here from other countries and had to struggle. They made their way to freedom and loved it here. People tend to spend too much time hating race, creed, color etc. If only we could learn to close our eyes and open our hearts this would be a much better Nation. Prejudice hurts all and damages so many things and people. Learn by our mistakes, forget about any more wars, they only kill and never really solve the problem. Peace is a great life, we don't need to sacrifice anymore soldiers. I am of the Viet Naim generation and think it is so sad they way our boys were treated on their return. It all was not their fault, any of the things that happened. They put their lives and bodies on line for our freedom. All veterans deserve a BIG Thank you from all of us. ! ! Visit other counrties and you will have a better ideaof just how lucky we are in America. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY.
Suzanne Datti, Sea Isle City, NJ [07-02-1999]

The burning of our Great American Flag is a slap in the face and I would like to know "where to people get the thought that they have the right to burn the flag? Do they realize how many men fought for us to have the freedom that we have? Do they realize that a lot of our men are still suffering from the wars that they fought so hard in?? We lost a large # of great men who fought and gave up their lives for us to be free... LEAVE MY FLAG ALONE:
Barbara Jean Jackson [07-02-1999]

I believe truly with all my heart that we as Americans are the luckiest people on the Earth. I also believe that since we are so lucky and blessed that we should honor the symbol of our country that allows us to have those freedoms and rights that make us blessed. I agree that the destroying of our flag is a slap in the face to all Americans that love our country. Think of the many that have died for that flag. How could anyone destroy what many have died for and not feel no regret? No one has the right to discrace the dead, and burning the flag discraces those who have died for it.
Evan Miller, Age 14 Elverson, PA [07-02-1999]

We all can thank God for: The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Long may she proudly wave. Besty Ross....truly an American Icon. Pray that we all can honor the flag and the woman that created it for our great nation.
anonymous, CT [07-02-1999]

we all come from different background but the one thing we have in common is the country. our country right or wrong left or right straight or crocked its all our country. we all have become complacent with what our country is and we forgot that she said give me your tired your hungry and your poor. the richer get richer off the poor tired and the hungry how soon they forgot how they got rich. I have always believed in america but today I believe in the people who have come here for better or worse. let the freedom ring.
ESTHER, california [07-02-1999]

I think it is important for the children to learn about our country because our country is very important , and also our patirisam
Cindy Brady, i love america [07-02-1999]

"everyone should think what our founding fathers would think of this nation now." That was written by anne-ology below. What so called patriots say the flag represents today isn't what the founding fathers would approve of. They were mostly slave owning, but all were wealthy land-owning oligarcs who declared that "Those who own this country ought to run it" (So said a beloved founding father madison). Today, thanks to student activism, unions, workers organizations and general public awareness and involvement women have the right to vote, workers have the right to unionize (and have a stronger bargaining position against the 2% of shareholders who own 75% of the companies in this naiton), a more secure right to free speach, a more integrated society, public education and health care (to some extent) and a middle class society (but not for long thanks to globalization). This would shock the founding fathers completely, who came from a world where they were designing ! ! a nation of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich.
Jason Mendez, NJ, USA [06-29-1999]

I would love to have some info on Betsy Ross's ancestry (specifically the Geigers). My family is related to Betsy on my mother's side of the family. Can anyone help?
Richard, Society Hill, SC 29593 [06-01-1999]

My life would be without hope. I redpect my country and our flag. I respect Betsy Ross.
no name [05-27-1999]

I think that the falg is telling us something besides Betsy Rosses name. Its telling people how she feels and what she is thinking. Maybe the flag is telling people what to do in problems or saying "yes, or no." Nobody knows but themselves. Everyone thinks differently.
Krystina Franciosi, 11, Toms River [05-19-1999]

Seeing the American flag displayed brings me a deep feeling of shame. Nationalist pride is far more pervasive here than anywhere else in the world. You know, it's a funny thing: the Confederate rebel flag, so offensive to some, was simply a military battle emblem and never flew over slavery. The U$ flag flew over slavery for decades! People act like those fighting for freedom are fighting for the flag. What about the thousands of Native Americans slain in their attempts to keep their land from flag-waving U$ troops? Or the university students of the 1960's, massacred during peaceful protests by armed soldiers? Or journalists held as political prisoners in our star-spangled jails? It brings a tear to my eye to see the flag flying high... painted on cruise missiles killing civilians in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Sudan... I visit with dying soldiers in VA hospitals and have been good friends with several WWII vets. You get a whole new appreciation for Old Glory when you talk to a Gulf War vet, afflicted with a mysterious communicable disease that the government caused but will not treat or even recognize. Or a Viet Nam vet, sickened by Agent Orange, stricken by Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, left homeless when he learned too late that the flag he was fighting for would not fight for him. I have a special respect for veterans but a special disrespect for the flag that ruined their lives. So this is freedom, is it? When we have a higher rate of imprisonment that any other country in the world? When censorship goes on in the media every day? Where inner-city minorities are being shot by police for no reason? Where the "war on drugs" is producing more deaths than drugs do? Where the difference between the yearly incomes of whites and blacks has not improved since the 1960s? I love this great land of "freedom" where all people are equal... as equal as they were in the Third Reich! All this flag-waving jingoism is total garbage. The U$ flag is a lasting symbol of oppression. If there ever is a place where freedom is a reality and not just a myth pounded into our heads from birth, I guarantee that the Amerikan flag will be nowhere in sight!
Chris Pittman [05-14-1999]

I love our flag if not for the patriotism shown by those in this country we would not be free. Yes the bill of rights was not established until after the revolution, But was it not our coming to America because we wanted freedom. Freedom to be ourselves, freedom of speech from oppression in the old world and freedom to practice the many religions that are prevalent in this country. I had someone I know tell me that we should not be loyal. But I took an oath to protect our country from all enemies foreign and domestic and I would if I were recalled but at 47 I don't think so I have also been out of service to long. GOOD BLESS THE USA.
Gail Moncivais, Vietnam Era Vet Clark Summit PA 47 [05-13-1999]

The flag is a symbol that we should cherish - our forefathers were Christian men who built a foundation which fostered growth for our country for many years; everyone should be required to read our Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and their history of our country which describes their thoughts when forming this nation of ours. Without this knowledge, there has been much false information - everyone should think what our founding fathers would think of this nation now.
anne-ology [05-04-1999]

I think that the flag is a part of all our lives.
Katlyn Dansand 11 Liberty,IN [05-03-1999]

I think the flag is a huge part of who we are today. We should be proud that we have the flag it makes us different from everybody else. We are the United States of America and we are proud to be free and the flag helps tell people that.
Ashley Roberts, 13 years old Monroe, Michigan [04-29-1999]

I have lived in this country all my life. I owe my feedom to the men who died to help preserve the American way of life. Democrary is a beutiful thing. Without it, we would be slaves. Maybe sometimes we don't get what we want, but that is life. Don't blame the sytem, blame yourself. Chances are you didn't try hard enough. Fall down, get gack up again Soon the images of the fallen will fade from our minds as so many other things have. We will not remember or choose to remember. The world will get up, wipe itself off, and continue to turn. one thing will never change, democracy. This word we hold so dear to our hearts. This keeps us in school instead of out working in a flied. This lets us write what we have written. This lets us express ourself in any way we please. Please, respect my nation, I'll respect yours. 4/26/99
Mark Chaump, 16, patriot [04-26-1999]

It's BECAUSE the flag is a symbol of America and freedom that it should not be illegal to desecrate it. Anyone who desecrates an American flag is making a crude, stupid gesture, but the right to make such gestures is what the flag stands for. I venerate the flag and those who have fought under it, but the moment we take away the right of someone to express his opinion, however repulsive to most of us, that's when the flag stops being a symbol of freedom and becomes just a piece of cloth. The power and sanctity of a symbol are only as strong as the reality that it represents.
anonymous [04-16-1999]

As a young child, I grew up in the tradition of parades on Flag Day and going to the cemetary on Veteran's Day. We recited the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in school and I loved our flag. When the young men were leaving from our AFB at 1000 a week for Korea, I grieved with everyone else knowing there were those who wouldn't be coming "home" again, just as my family and I had grieved during the other wars and conflicts which had gone before for those who didn't come "home". Ours is not a perfect world, nor are we perfect people. I forget whether it was Peter or Paul who said, "Those things I ought to do, I do not and those things I ought not to do, I do." It amazes me how we all throw 'right', 'honor', 'justice', 'fairness' and other such words around and presume they are synomous. They, of course, are not! No one man, no one rule, or law can suffice for all situations. But we have to keep trying and changing until we finally get it right! Like Paul K. from Calif., I too noticed Mr. Mendez seemed to appear regularly among those who comment. Mr. Mendez, I thank God that although we may not have the democracy as defined by Mr. Webster, my people have, are, and will continue to fight to the death, if necessary, for your right to denigrate the symbology of the flag or what-have-you. You seem to be well informed, and yes, many of the things you say are true. I, however, feel that negativity in itself is wrong. I think each of us needs to search our hearts and then do something about changing the laws, if necessary, protesting the wrongs, and trying to work for a positive solution. Change comes slowly. Ask the Indian. Ask the black man. Ask a woman! O.K., so maybe different factions weren't fighting for the "flag." Who cares what semantics you want to argue? In my mind the flag is our country, and our country is the flag. If the symbol makes it quick and easy for me in my busy life to compile all that data and all those feelings, so be it. She is MY country and it is MY flag and I love them. God Bless them both!
Sally Newstrom, Palm Bay, FL Adult [04-16-1999]

I think every one should be proud of our country and flag. I think this is so because if you remember in school you learn about the people who made this country free. That is what the flag stands for. So people should stop vandelizing our country's flag and other things that stand for freedom. I may sound corny for saying this, but people should really stop doing this.
Ginny Winslow, 11 years old [04-13-1999]

Ohmigosh, I'm such a nerd writing on a history web page! I was/am (im not finished) writing a research paper on betsy ross. if i dont write it, i get a c in us history, so im working on it. but anyway, as im researching, i find all these people who seriously care about all this. it's amazing. i mean, i care about stuff too... mostly god. and then my friends and punk rock and whats up in my tiny part of the world. but i mean, people who care about stuff they dont have to! stuff they cant change. i guess thats what makes you guys grown ups, and me a kid. maybe ill understand when im older. god bless america, i guess.
Christine Farmer, 16, yucaipa, CA [04-04-1999]

I have no idea why Mr. Jason Mendez keeps responding to this page, and the messages posted. The purpose of this page is to say what the flag means to you. It seems that he keeps getting sidetracked, and talking about only negative things. For once I would like to hear him say something positive about our country. I have a great deal of respect for all who have fought for our country. If our country is EVER attacked, or at war, I WILL DO ANYTHING, NO MATTER WHAT THE COST TO DEFEND IT. I pray to God, that if the time ever comes when this great country fails, that I will be long past dead. I would not want to exist, nor ever see the country I love so much perish. GOD BLESS AMERICA
Paul K., 16, California [04-04-1999]

Ali, 10/Ohio [03-29-1999]

Today I felt sad for no particular reason. I felt sorry for myself because my life is not as I planned. Tonight I found this page while gathering information for my daughter. I am grateful because thinking about our flag, our country and our ancestors made me realize how lucky I am. We take so much for granted and expect that our lives will be happy. Everything is relative and comparing my life with people in other countries woke me up to reality. Our flag is a symbol of many things, but most importantly, it is a reminder. Our flag flies to help us remember that responsibilities go hand in hand with rights. Thank you for waving a flag for me today.
Jenny Herrera, Texas [03-25-1999]

While I was reading the other measages, I saw one from a kid named Justin and I totally agree that no one should be messing around while you say the pledge but you have to understand that some people "just don't care". But I bet they would, if tomorrow they have to take cover because of a bomb. It is very unfortunate that they do that but at least YOU know how to respect your country!!!
Julia V., 13 [03-25-1999]

In every movie about this country, the Flag is always the certerpiece. The Flag bearer was at the front, with the calvary or the foot soldiers, It flew from the war ships. It was displayed in government buildings. What an inspirational piece of cloth. I collect them, and in my collection is the 20-star, 1818 Flag. I am so proud of it and want to display them this 4th of July, including my Civil War Flags. With each Flag, a sign will indicate how many fought in that war (3 million in Civil War), and how many died. The Fourth of July will never be the same for those who see my flags. Stand up. Stand up. Stand up as she passes by. Those goose bumps you have, riding piggy back up and down your arms and spine, are generated by the love and devotion we have for that Grand Old Flag!!
Thomas L. Loll [03-25-1999]

Oh boy, yet another person who believes in compulsory patriotism. Name one war that was fought to protect freedom of speech, press and assembly. You can't. There isn't one. Revolutionary War wasn't for the Bill of Rights since it didn't even exist yet. 1812, Mexican War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Vietnam ... all fought for other countries, but never to defend our own. We got the Bill of Rights because of activism, not soldiers. We ended slavery because of activism, not soldiers. Women got to vote because of activism, not soldiers. The list goes on and on. Mass organization is what protects freedoms. Mass demonstration and organization brought an end to that foul war in Vietnam, not our soldiers (who shouldn't have been there in the first place). As far as the freedoms you enjoy ... the FBI and the CIA have shown their contempt for democracy with their disruption of assembly, irradiating pregnant women, using LSD in mind-control experiments, infecting people with influenza (causing hundreds of deaths), police brutality like the recent murder of an unarmed immigrant who was shot 41 times by undercover cops ... the list goes on. And would you like to know how these things are exposed? Because organizations bring these crimes to light, and press for laws so they never happen again. Another thing, and I've said this before and I'll say it again. Where in the Bill of Rights does it say that only people who love this country are allowed here. The entire purpose of having a system that allows dissent is so that there can be concrete action to effect change. Freedom of assembly and press are useless if they are only allowed when voicing agreement with the status quo. In fact, Jefferson felt that revolution altering the status quo should occur once every 20 years or so. By your arguments you're saying that Jefferson wouldn't be allowed to live in America when the Federalists were in power because he didn't agree with the direction of the country and talked down on the way America was behaving. The source of freedom is the people, not soldiers. They help protect it from foreign enemies, but the masses protect our freedom from people who think that rights are deserved only by people who agree with them. In Iraq, they can praise their government, they can praise their way of life all they want. When they dissent, they are exiled or killed. And that seems to be what you want. Kick everyone out of the country who doesn't agree with you. America is becoming a depressing place to live given all the insane fascist tendencies of our patriotic people. Your husband didn't fight for the American flag, he fought for America -- I hope! The flag is a symbol, so I shall leave symbols to the symbol-minded.
Jason Mendez [03-08-1999]

The American flag is important to me because it symbolizes all that we have acomplished. It shows the blood and sacrifice we have been through to become the great country that we are today. I for one am upset with the way people treat our flag. I sometimes wonder if they realize what men and women alike have gone through to get us where we are today. SO do me a favor and show a little more respect for the flag. Thanks :)
Jenna Mielke, Appleton Wisconsin [03-02-1999]

My husband is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who is now active in the American Legion Color Guard. This group of veterans give of their time to honor any veteran or veterans family who requests it for their veteran to do a military ceremony at the funeral or graveside of that veteran. It is done to honor a comrad who fought for the freedom we enjoy which gives some the right to spout bull about our country and flag. At each funeral the meaning of the flag to veterans is explained as follows:
The blue seal under the stars is the blue seal of freedom.
The stars represent the states from which veterans came to stand back to back, side by side willing to die for our freedom.
They came as strangers, left as brothers.
The white stripes represent the freedom we enjoy today.
The red stripes represent the red blood shed to keep us free.
This poem by Father Denis Edward O'Brien, USMC, says it all.
"It is the soldier, not the reporter,
Who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the soldier, not the poet,
Who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the soldier, not the campus organizer,
Who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.
It is the soldier,
Who salutes the flag,
Who serves beneath the flag,
And whose coffin is draped by the flag.
Who allows the protester to burn the flag?"
The next time you think you have a RIGHT to burn our flag, look around and think of the many who have died for what this flag stands for. If you must be foolish, burn your junk. Burning this flag is a slap in the face to every veteran and American who love this country. If this country is so bad, no one is begging you to stay, the borders are open for you to leave at any time. Give it a try. Bet a little time in these other "wonderful" places would change your mind. Do what you want, just don't think you or anyone has the RIGHT put down our country and the symbol of this country - OUR FLAG!!
Nancy Short, Virginia [02-24-1999]

I have learned so much from this website! Thank you! I Just wish that Betsy were here today to see all the great things that the people have said about her! She is a true sign of Liberty for our Country! I only hope that our Country doesn't Fall apart because of some of the people who could care less about the flag and its creator! I Know I care a great deal!
Rachelle Reese, Pennsylvania Age:15 [02-23-1999]

I think it is cool to have such a great flag. When I look at it all I can see if out countrys freedom. That is what the flag stands for, feedom. I think that we should think about that. This is what makes the U.S different from other countries. Our flag.
Shawna Smith, 14 [02-21-1999]

I love seeing the American Flag in all of its different forms through the years. I think it's really interesting. I think that, although Betsy Ross might not have known it, is very important to our country. Without her, our first flag might have looked totally different! I salute her and all the American Flags.
Gabrielle, age 10, NYC [02-08-1999]

When you look at the flag remember liberty and the justice that is ment for all of us and think what America means to you, to me, it means freedom
Candice Burgen [02-03-1999]

Tim Schauer, the "good intentions of our founding fathers"? Like the founding fathers who owned slaves like Washington and Jefferson? The founding fathers like Madison who said that "Those who own this country ought to run it"? Are those the founding fathers you are talking about? The racist slave owners and oligarchs who felt that blacks were only 3/5 of a person and the rich should run the country? You're right! GOD BLESS AMERICA! Maybe if you had an open mind, you'd see what I was trying to point out. Democracy is great, we don't have it (nor have we ever, nor was that the intentions of the founders), and real Democracy accommodates people who wish to burn the flag in protest. If you're not for the freedom of speech of your enemies, you're not for the freedom of speech at all. PS TIM, the USA isn't only reserved for people like you who have an ignorant love for their country.
Jason Mendez [02-02-1999]

The right to burn the flag is protected by the Constitution. However, those who burn the flag should feel ashamed. I agree that our government does not always do the right thing, but burning the flag represents a total lack of respect for the just ideals our nation was founded on. I am sure that many people who protest by burning the flag do not mean to oppose such things as freedom and justice, but that is what they are doing. People have to separate the evils of our government from the intentions of our founding fathers, and work to right injustices. Burning the flag does not do this; it shows that the protestors have given up on our country. There are still decent people fighting the good fight; we must not let the Mr. Mendez's get us down. Unlike democracy, the good intentions of communism have been proven a failure. Anyone who thinks otherwise is knowingly or unknowingly supporting evil. If the Mr. Mendez's hate America so much they should leave, and I ! will bet they will come to regret their decision. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Tim Schauer, 19, Virginia [02-01-1999]

America is a free country and The flag shows that.
Candy Miller [01-28-1999]

God Bless America! Thanks to that "unpopular" war in Vietnam, we have stood for the ideals of our wonderful American Flag! Like the murder of 2 million people, the invasion of foreign nations to dictate their domestic policies (South Vietnam) and the various war crimes directed at civilians. I salute all those Vets who are proud of the job they did over there, fighting for American values!
Jason Mendez [01-22-1999]

I am proud to be an American and a veteran of one of the most unpopular wars ever fought by this nation - Vietnam. Men and women, many of whom were just boys or girls, have risked their lives and given of themselves to fight for the American Flag and for all it means to lovers of freedom around the globe. When I see the flag flying high it brings a lump of pride to my throat and sometimes a tear to my eye. We in the United States take our freedom for granted. We live in one of the few nations where we are able to freely assemble, freely publish political commentary in opposition to the political thought of the reigning Administration. These are the freedoms for which so many brave men and women have given their lives, their fortunes, and their common honor to defend. Many were not lucky enough to be killed in battle and carry those scars and disabilities with them for the rest of their lives. They suffer on, day after day, for the rights that we hold so dear! I am a veteran, I love this country and would fight for her again if needed, but I defend the freedoms for which we fought, and that freedom includes the right to speak out against the things in which we do not believe. For many, that includes burning the flag in protest. It sickens me to see it, but it is one of the rights for which I fought, and for which I would gladly fight again. To stifle demonstrations, even those which are repulsive and reprehensible in that they include desecration of the flag, is tyranny. It is not unlike the tyranny that caused many to rally to the cause for independence, giving birth to the greatest nation the earth has ever seen. I love my flag and my country, and I respect the rights for which those two stand. God Bless America!
Bob Wessel, age 47, Washington, DC [01-20-1999]

Jo in Arkansas, what a Constitutional scholar! How is burning a flag, which hurts no one, and murder which ends another life, similar? They aren't.
Jason Mendez [01-19-1999]

A question for those who say "burning the flag" is freedon of speech. Is it freedom of speech to take a gun & kill another person? Is it freedom of speech to steal from others? Those who say so have a warped idea of "speech." "Burning" is no more a form of speech than is "murder". or "theft," One who has no resources from the inside might resort to burning in order to attract attention to themselves. But PLEASE do not call BURNING a form of speech!!!!!
Jo, in Arkansas [01-07-1999]

I think it is wonderful that she made the flag for us
rebecca and chelsea [01-05-1999]

I think that too many people have and are forgetting what the Flag of the United States means. I remember kids in my class messing around when we said the pledge of alliegence to the flag. IT really mad me MAD. I would tell them not to joke around but they just ignore it. People forget about the people who died for our freedom. They are too busy at work or in some bussiness. WELL YOUR NEVER TO BUSY TO RESPECT OUR FLAG AND COUNTRY!!!!!! The people who say they don't have time are showing no respect what so ever. If they were in the battle fields and saw there fellow brethren dieing they would show respect. I know it. My grandparents are vetrans of war and they show respect. They fly a flag and never put our country down. They hold it up high and will continue till the day they die. It is truly a sad thing when people forget about their freedom and how billions of people don't have their freedom. I do love my country and I love my flag.
justin, 13 California [01-03-1999]

Look at you! You Americans have things that you need, food, water, clothing, a roof over your head and a free education! What else could you possibly want?! Think about other countries all over the world! They don't have the things we do! We should be greatful for what we have, instead of focusing on our wants!
Britta Fitzgibbons, 15 Cedar Rapids, Iowa [01-03-1999]

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