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Flags are very wonderful. I love to see them flying in the wind and I love to see them laying in the dirt. NO matter where they are i love them. I like to make love to them whenever I see them. What a beautiful symbol. I love our country and everyone in it. God Bless us evryone!
Paul Bond Jr., CA 15/hispanic male [12-27-1998]

Well, how many Americans are proud of their nation and flag tonight?!? Once again we have bombed a country that doesn't have the chance of defending itself. Not only that, we're doing it with cruise missiles! We're violating the UN Charter (to be fair so did bush in 91 but no one seemed to care), acting with only the British on our sides (as usual, and some ally! All 10 planes they've committed!). The rest of the Security council and most of the General Assembly (as usual) are against us. But we're big bad USA! Out to impose our will by force on the weakest nations on earth! There's a word for that. Bully
Jason Mendez [12-18-1998]

The flag means freedom and glory of all people!!!
Andrea & Jenna, 13 [12-15-1998]

Well, I guess Robert from Texas believes that everyone should love the country at all times, no matter what. Compulsory patriotism! A virtue of the vicious. He very simply analyzed what constitutes freedom of speech and obviously doesn't have a clue what freedom of speech is. It does NOT have to be simply from the mouth. Spending money can constitute freedom of speech (See the Supreme Court case Buckley vs. Valeo). And don't forget Robby, the first amendment also includes freedom of expression. So I can express dismay at my countries actions by burning a flag that I BOUGHT! So it would belong to me, and I can destroy any property I own (isn't this country great!). Also, you assume that burning the flag is an expression of hatred of the nation and the people who live here. Said who? And how do you know? Someone burning the flag may be trying to protest the governments actions in a particular foreign policy area (like bombing Sudanese pharmaceutical factories) or the f! act that the government cuts welfare for the poor and weak and expands it for very profitable corporations. One final point, just because people live here doesn't mean they have to love it. And nowhere in the constitution or any federal law does it say that you have to love it here to live here.
Jason Mendez ( [12-14-1998]

In response to one of the entries here by (Darren Brumfield, Las Vegas, NV [09-18-1998]): I believe in this country and believe in the freedoms that the flag of this great nation represents. Our flag is a symbol of freedom and strength. I believe that the right to free speech is not a valid argument to burn the flag. Burning or desecrating the flag is wholly a protest against this country and the beliefs of the people. Freedom of speech is by mouth and not by committing an act of destruction or (in my own opinion) an act of treason in nature. A Constitutional amendment to make flag burning against the law would be fine by me as it does not make one love the flag out of fear of a law but only would be the next step in protecting a symbol that so many people love and look up to, in this country and in many others. It is a preposterous idea to think that a law would make one love the flag out of fear. I do not know where one could get the idea that making flag burning against the law would make the flag more sacred than his/her right to free speech. A law would only serve to protect this symbol of freedom. Flag burning is damage or destruction to property, speech is not. Burning the American flag is a symbol of hatred towards this country (and its people), the very country that guarantees the right to speak freely. The flag is a symbol I am proud to look up to and would be proud to defend at any time, whether it be war, or to protect it from people that are willing to disgrace and destroy it. One last note: The constitution is NOT what makes the flag what it is today. The PEOPLE have made the flag what it is today: soldiers, doctors, construction workers, storekeepers, every person that lives in this country (and has lived and died for this country) and strives to make it a better place for all of us are what make this flag more than just a rag. Always remember what this flag symbolizes and think about what our forefather's went through to give us the freedom we have today before you ever think about burning or destroying the American Flag, "Old Glory"! NOTICE!!!: "The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning." THE ONLY LEGITIMATE REASON TO BURN THE FLAG!!...from flag etiquitte and law. (Think about it, if this is the only real reason for burning a flag, what are the people that burn perfectly wonderful great flags doing it for? The flag they burn is fitting for display, so I would have to conclude that they are only burning the flag to show their own stupidity and ignorance and to show that they do not love this country).
Robert, 30, Texas [12-14-1998]

I wonder how the 56,192 that didn't come back from Viet Nam would feel about the Viet Cong flag flying at full mast next to the American flag at Ford Motor Company World Headquarters in Dearborn. The half million of us that are still here (and our families)will do our best to make sure that sales of Ford suffers dearly while that Viet Cong flag is up and long after it is taken down. Semper Fi.
Eric Jensen, Viet Nam Vet [12-14-1998]

Evan Miller, I know you're only 14 and I should go easy on you. But I need to point out a few things. One, you don't believe in freedom. You believe in freedom for people who agree with you. That isnt' freedom. The communist party operating within the united states HAS BEEN UPHELD AS LEGAL by the supreme court, an institution that knows a heck of a lot more than you do about the constitution. Second, you obviously don't know what communism is, its roots, or what its supposed to be. Soviet communism was not true communism. It was a right wing perversion of it (like our oligarcy is a perversion of true democracy). Third, since you think the communists are unacceptable because of their beliefs, what beliefs do you feel are acceptable? And who are you to judge for the rest of us anyway? I'm smart enough not to vote for them, but don't think you have the right to decide that for others. PS - The communist party's presidential candidate in 1996 got more than 10,000 votes. ! Afraid your freedoms are in jeopardy?
Jason Mendez [12-14-1998]

It brings me alot of joy when I see the flag. I don't know why.
Betsy Anne Williams, Age: 10 Bayfield, CO [12-12-1998]

I was educated the first 8 years in a two room schoolhouse in S.E.Mo. Every morning when the teacher called class, the first thing we did as a group was place our right hand over our heart and recite The pledge of Allegiance. Needless to say, as school children we didn't realise the effect it would have on us today as parents. I am the father to 3 wonderful kids in our local school district and am very disappointed that recitng The Pledge is completely overlooked and not a part of our kids daily education. I've read many wonderful letters written on this site by our youn people and it makes me proud that they at least have a grasp of our symbol of freedom. As a family we attend many of our schools sporting events, and am appaled at the lack of respect or show of dignity displayed during the offering of our National Athem. On the other hand seeing the majority of spectators, young and older alike wko remove thier cap and cover thier heart does send a chill through me because not a day goes by that I don't thank the God in Heaven for being one of fortunate ones to have surviveda war in which I wondered if "today would be my last" I am eternally grateful to share my views as well as the other letters I have enjoyed on this site. Keep up the good work, and God Bless America and all of You Rick Sanders Poplar Bluff, Mo.
Rick Sanders, Poplar Bluff, Mo , age46, Vietnam Veteran[2tours] [11-30-1998]

america is a new greedy little place. we do not care what happens to each be proud for this civilization is very stupid. there is nothing to be proud of. america the continent is beautiful, the people who contaminate it is not. Humans are a disgrace
anonymous [11-30-1998]

I have always enjoyed learning about Betsy Ross, even as a young child. I am very proud to be an American, and enjoy the freedom that our flag symbolizes. Tomorrow 11/18/98, I am playing the part of Betsy for 3 history classes in one of the Christian Schools in our area. This will be my second year. I am very impressed with the information that you have shared with me. Thank you. Sincerely, Freda Whisman Cathedral City, Ca.
Freda Whisman [11-17-1998]

After doing a report on her I think she is a real hero to our country and that all kids should know and respect her for what she has done. Every time I look at a flag I remember her and after all think of how much she has done for us. Without her our flag would be square, have 6 points, and the stars wouldn't have been in a circle. So think about how much one single women has done for such a big country, and if I ever hear someone say all she did was sew the flag, I don't know what I would do, because that is complety wrong. I won't ever say good-by to her because every time I look at our flag I will remember Betsy Ross.
CHRISTIE SHIELS, Age 11 voager Middle School [11-06-1998]

How do you think Betsy would feel if she was alive now and saw all our American flags now being sewn overseas in sweatshops just so rich corporate executives can save a few bucks? (Remember, they want to hold down everyone's compensation but their own.)
anonymous [11-06-1998]

Nothing in the world rivals the pride and honor represented by the stars and stripes. But while the flag stands for liberty and justice for all, there is an important piece of the puzzle missing. This nation has been blessed by God for allowing people to worship freely, and for the foundation of this country on the principles of the Bible. This is by far the greatest nation in the world, but if we continue to allow our political leaders, both republican and democrat alike to disgrace the authority given to them by the American people, this will change. The more pressing issue, however, is the lack of morality that pervades our society. We allow the slaughter of unborn children to continue, while those who would speak are persecuted by the pro-choice crowd. Immorality runs rampant throughout the nation, in our homes and in our government. If we allow this downward trend to continue, the beautiful red, white, and blue will stand for nothing more than a nation who let God's blessing go for the sake of pleasure. I am one Proud American who does not want to see this happen. God bless the U.S.A.
anonymous, 17, Maryland Heights, MO [10-30-1998]

This is my second submission and I would really like this to appear on the page because it's very important.Yes there have been times when our government officials have made mistakes,and I do not deny it.I don't even deny that yes they have done many things that they have not informed the American people about.But why is this singled out on our country? Is there not chemical testing in other countries as well?I am not justifying this behavior,but the American people do have the power to change the way our leaders are behaving,we just have to take a stand.
evan miller, age 14 elverson,Pennsylvania [10-29-1998]

To me the flag of the United States represents our unity and strength,as I made my way through this site and read the comments that others had written,I noticed one in preticular,the one about the communist party,who did not have quote"rights or freedoms."Is in my opinion a good thing,because communism is the total opposite of the what this country was built on which is democracy so when you say something like that its entirely correct that a communist party would have no freedom in this country,because in turn that is exactly what a communist party would grant us if they were to come into power-a total lack of freedom.I would also like to add my concern about the hanging of confederate flags or "rebel" flags,I think that by hanging one of these flags it is a total lack of respect towards your country and a betrayel of your country and i think anyone who feels the need to hang one should go else where.Just like hanging an Italian flag or a United Nations flag above the American flag.
Evan Miller, age 14 Elverson,Pennsylvania [10-29-1998]


My whole school went on the Betsy Ross tour of her house today in our computer lab. Then I visited it at my own house and showed my family!!! It is great!!!
Emily McKenzie, Age:11 State:NC [10-29-1998]

Betsey Ross is a very interesting women. I was born in Phillidelphia just blocks away from her house. When I was little, we would pass her house every day on the way to my mother's work. My mother is a textile conservator, so I know how much time it must have taken Betsey to make the first flag. I admire her willingness to do a good deed for her country.
Sara, Age 13, Washington, D.C. [10-28-1998]

In school, I have to write a poem about the symbolism of the American flag. I never really thought much about what it symbolized to me. I knew the basic things: Liberty, justice, freedom, but not what it meant to me. After looking at this Web page I have come to realize exactly how important the flag is to me and what it symbolises to me.
caitlin, Washington D.C age 13 [10-28-1998]

I think that the American flag is a symbol of the countryies glory. All americans are proud of our victories as a country and we all show it through red white and blue. IO love you america! You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hilary, 12 years old [10-28-1998]

The flag is a powerful symbol. It stands for freedom, equality, liberty, and a whole list of other great ideals, but the truth is that I'm not always so proud to be an American and that the flag sometimes makes me sick. True, we can't take freedom for granted, but at the same time that flag that so many of you on this page are so proud of flew over our battle ships in the Bay of Pigs as their guns remained silent despite the fact that an expeditionary force of cuban-exiles, whom our very own CIA had trained, were slaughtered on the beaches of Cuba because they had no ammunition, ammuntion which we were supposed to supply. These anti-castro revolutionaries could not even use their own air force because we would not allow them. This is just one incident. We can never forget these attrocities. Our government has tested nuclear weapons, biological weapons, and chemical weapons (agent orange, mustard gas) on American soil. Do we realize how twisted this is? Mustard gas essentially melts a human from the inside out, sizzles the skin on contact. Ummmm, cruel and unusual punishment? I wouldn't wish such horrors upon anyone no matter what kind of enemy they were! If we didn't plan to use these things (which we have) then why on earth were we testing them? The list goes on and on. There is a lot to be proud of in America, but there is also a lot of guilt in being American. We're sitting here at our $2,000 dollar computers, wearing our Guess, our DKNY, and at this very moment you are reading this there are children dieing of hunger and disease... is this right? Do we deserve all these things because we're American and our fore fathers worked hard? Did the fore fathers of a starving somalian work any less hard? Do they not deserve this country as much as we do? Is capitalism REALLY as wonderful as we all seem to think it is? You absolutely have to question, you cannot have blind faith. Well, that's my comment, and I hope somebody reads this and realizes something. >
Mike Deamer, 16, Seal Beach, CA [10-28-1998]

There is a fine line between what the flag idealizes and what it represents in actuality. Is this the country that allows freedom of speech? Yes? Why? Because of the flag and what it stands for! We have that right to burn a flag. Is this self-defeating? At the same time, the act of burning of the flag stands for dissention. There seems to be a problem here.
Jason Haiges, age 20, boca raton, fl [10-04-1998]

I think this website is realy nice. I enjoyed these letters I think they did a realy good job I am proud to be a american and have a flag to represent our country.Thank you betsy ross for making such a cool flag.
Kurtis Long, Age 9, Astoria Oregon [09-24-1998]

What does Betsy Ross mean to me? Was she even real? Whether she was or wasn't, for me, she embodies the patriotic civilian in times of war. Not every one can be at the front line. Not everyone should be there. But we can all participate. Even those who don't believe in war or who don't believe in "this" war. There's still something you can do to show that you still believe in the ideals the United States of America was built upon. And what does the flag mean to me? It means the Union of 50 sovereign States. It speaks to me of courage and faith and integrity. It reminds me of Patrick Henry, "Is life so dear or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" It speaks of "We the People!" And of "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." When I see it, I'm proud. Not always of what I see going on around me, in the presidency or in congress or even in my own life. But pride in our forefathers who ratified the organic Constitution for the United States of America and the Bill of Rights.
Brunetta Lafara Lingg, Army Brat, "mature" female, Columbia City, Oregon [09-24-1998]

We want the freedom and privliledges but we dispute the amendments we like to get our cake and eat it too. if we would take time back to a more moral state we wouldn't have todays problems I'm not saying that progress is bad but when we take our history and delete the religion that they stood on to build america you take america away because we were founded by God fearing people who wanted the freedom to say I am an american and we take the pledge of allegence away from schools and we say one or many relegions are offended by this is outragious. I'm offended that we have taken our ansestors fight for freedom and mocked it by changing it to satisfy one's personal gratification,But I truely Love what every american did for our country and we must preserve our history even their relious beliefs letter for letter worsd for word. God Bless this country we musn't forget that.
Jose De Jesus, 28, Bethlehem,PA [09-22-1998]

Although I love my flag, I love my country and Constitution even more. If it were not for the Constitution (which GUARANTEES our freedoms from an oppressive government) the flag would be just another rag. I oppose the Constitutional amendment that makes it illegal to burn the flag BECAUSE I would rather honor the flag because of love for it than fear of law. I regret to say this, BUT IF there ever is a Constitutional amendment that changes the Constitution of the united States to read that I do not have the right to burn my own personal flag in protest to the actions of my government because the flag is supposedly more sacred than my right to speak, think or protest, I WILL BURN IT IN PROTEST OF THE LOSS OF MY FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESSION! MAY GOD BLESS AND KEEP OUR NATION, and may HE see to it that we return to our historical roots of freedom of the individual above security of the government.
Darren Brumfield, Las Vegas, NV [09-18-1998]

I am a den Leader for Cub Scouts, and we are currently learning about the American Flag. This is a wonderful web site, and I am glad to say there are five young men who are as proud of their Flag as you are! One of them mentioned that if you are feeling patriotic, and there is no Flag available, then look to the Moon and solute, and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Pretty amazing? Yep.... those are my boys!
J. Kindred, Utah [09-18-1998]

Well I believe in reincarnation, and i tried this thing where it supposively tells you who you were in a previous life, well it said that i was Betsy Ross . i know it may seem stupid or corny but that's what it says and it sort of freaks me out!
eileen, 15/f/california ..uum ...hello [09-06-1998]

I was glad to be named Betsy as it makes me feel like I am some part of American history. The Flag is FREEDOM to me and I am glad to live under its FREEDOM.
Betsy, Born in New Orleans, La Don't live there anymore do to health [08-31-1998]

Every time I see the American flag being burned on television by fundamentalist revolutionaries, I think of our flag at Tranquility Base on the Earth's moon, and think "Try burning that one, you primitive savages."
E. W., Age 30 [08-24-1998]

It sickens me to see America's youth pay no attention to the flag as it passes them in a parade or rises above the crowd as our national anthom plays. This thing that we call a "flag" is so much more than a few red and white stripes of material with a star thrown on here and there. Our flag has been through countless battles and has been the very inspiration for which multitudes of men and women have given thier lives. Our flag represents our freedom and our protection. Let us have the courage to protect our flag for generations to come as it has protected us in the years past.
summer smith, 17 [08-15-1998]

Proud to be an Amerrican and proud to be a mother of two sons in the US Navy. The flag brings tears to my eyes when I think of all that it represents. Especially, when I think of all the men and women who have died to defend it and our country. Please remember these people before you decide to desecrate the flag. We may not have a perfect country, but if you don't think it is a great one, then I invite you to go try living overseas in some other country for a while. You will love the United States forever more!
Shannon Ricles, Yorktown, VA [07-20-1998]

There should be a fine on people who have tattered American flags flying on their boats. There should be a fine for anyone flying a tattered American flag!
Jackie Singmaster [07-15-1998]

I was born and raised in Philadelphia and could see the Colonial flag flying over Betsy Ross's grave from my bedroom window. At that time she was buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Southwest Philadelphia. I, and my classmates, took care of her grave the whole time we were in elementary school. We would weed the grounds and put fresh flowers (usually from fresh graves) on her grave and kept it beautiful. She was our hero. In 1976, the Bi-Centennial Committee decided to move her grave to a downtown location for the tourists.
Linda Egan Flynn [07-03-1998]

When I look at the American Flag it reminds me of those who fought so hard for our Freedom that we have today. If Americans would only realize what the basis of our heritage was "Freedom" maybe then things will truly change. Christian principles and religious freedom are what our forefathers believed in. What America needs now is a wakeup call to pray for America so they will return to what their forefathers really believed in. God can only bless America if Americans truly accept His Word.
Elaine Evans [07-02-1998]

As a vet, I have seen men fall and die in the defense of our country and flag. With their sacrifice they have earned a place in the hearts of a grateful people and their country. Their final sacrifice and the service of we who carried on for them, is a testimony to the country and flag we serve. Those who would demand that they have the "right" the burn the flag as proof of their freedom as Americans, only have it because of those who have served with their life and blood, the very symbol they would burn. They have given nothing for their supposed "right to burn" and show themselves to be ungrateful and truly unamerican.
Daniel A.Menard, VietNam Vet [07-02-1998]

I think that the flag means more than words can express. Everyone has a differnt interpretation of the United States, but everyone can agree we are glad we are free. Texans get stereotyped just because we are from Texas. People think, "Oh, they ride horses, wear cowboy hats, and boots, Go to rodeos." But to tell you the truth, I don't think I have ever put on a cowboy hat in my life! I am country, but a true country person, is someone who loves the land, takes care of the land, and tells stories about loving the land. Trust me, I do not take for granted living in a small town, being able to wake up to the birds chirping, or see the deers. I don't want to wake up to a car beeping, or have to wait an hour and a half to get to school because of a traffic jam. The only type of traffic jam I get is when there is a funeral.
Brooke, Texas, 13 [06-21-1998]

When I was in the 3rd grade, I recited a poem about Betsy Ross. I have never forgotten it. I'll share it with you. I was dressed like Betsy and sat on a chair sewing a flag. My name is Betsy Ross.
I made the flag with 13 stars
With snowy white and ruddy bars.
Each 5 point star on field of blue
Like summer blossoms peeping through.
And when I finished it at a last
And saw it raised upon its mast,
I knew somehow that it would be
An emblem of true liberty.
And I recited that to an audience in 1942. She has always been a heroine to me.
Betty Flora, Clatskanie, Oregon...... [06-14-1998]

The flag means freedom to me. That is something most Americans just don't appreciate anymore. It is the same symbol of freedoms my grandfather fought for in Normandy, France on D-Day, and watched many of his peers die for. It is the symbol of the freedoms my uncles tried to bring to Vietnam and to Korea, and in turn watched their fellows die for. It is the symbol of my freedom to type in this message on the internet with getting thrown into prison or even killed for doing so. It is the symbol of the freedom some take to burn it. It is my heart.
Judy Taylor, Red Rock, TEXAS [06-14-1998]

Many teenagers and young people today have little if no appreciation for our country. The lack of patriotism seems very prominent in my mind. Is it because we are so secure with our country that it is put into the back of our minds? As teenagers are given bad names and reputations, this reflect back at America as a whole. Maybe our patriotism is shown through other ways to seem non conformist and as individuals, for we no longer burn the flag or draft cards in protest, but try to establish our own identity and leave our own mark on society. America's generation x wants to let america know that it is proud and honored to be part of the greatest country in the world. We will do whatever it takes to defend our way of life, the only true freedom we will always have.
Justin Luna, 18, Univerisity of Florida student [06-13-1998]

The American means so much to me. Whenever I walk by it or see it, it reminds me that many people have given their lives for this wonderful land of opportunities. It reminds me also of our forefathers; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. As they stand guard over our country from the top of Mount Rushmore, I hope they're proud of what we have done and gone through. It reminds me that no matter what our country went through, the flag would still be waving on the pole proudly. Even though it was tattered, torn, and smudged from battle, it was still flying through the air. Every morning when we sing the "Star Spangled Banner" and say the "Pledge of Allegiance", I stand proud and respect the flag. When someone doesn't stand up or talks during it, I feel very bad. People have actually died for the flag just so you and I can live a life of freedom. So the next time you sing the "National Anthem" or say the "Pledge of Allegiance", stand tall and show a great deal of citizenship. Remember that the American flag is an important part of our lives and let's all be proud to be Americans!
Blaine, Winner (1st place) of the "What the American Flag Means to Me" essay contest at Mill Creek Elementary School [05-20-1998]

The American flag is very special to me. I like it. It has thirteen stripes for the first colonies. I love it and it is good to me. It means a lot to me because I live in America. In closing, I love the flag!
Jessica, Mrs. Adams' Class 2nd Grade Class, America's oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida [05-20-1998]

The American flag is a flag that I know that won't be beat. Because we have the best weapons and we have a lot of people. To me the flag means freedom. I'm glad that I live in the USA! Because I am free I can go wherever I want! Because we are supposed to be free, I love the USA! I'm glad that I was born an American. In closing, I am lucky that I can go anywhere.
Cullen, Mrs. Adams' Class 2nd Grade Class, America's oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida [05-20-1998]

The American flag is red, white and blue. Blue means persistance, on the Great Seal. White means purity. To me, the flag mean that I live in America. I'm proud of the flag. The flag is beautiful because it has stars. I'm glad to be in America. I'm thankful for the flag. It's wonderful for the flag. Finally, we fight for our country so that people can live here.
Danael, Mrs. Adams' Class 2nd Grade Class, America's oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida [05-20-1998]

The flag is important to me because Betsy Ross made it and she is a pretty cool woman. If she didn't make it then we wouldn't have a flag today that looked the same as it does now. So when I see the flag, it reminds me of good ol' Betsy.
Sarah Berkowitz, [05-11-1998]

I am a second grade teacher who loves my country and flag. Each morning at our school the whole school population says the pledge to the flag and then sings a traditional American song via the PA system. This year the music teacher and I have spearheaded a patriotic project for the whole school. The children were taught more songs and their histories. The songs were then recorded and broadcast over the PA system during the morning exercises. Once a week fifth grade students read a message about American history over the PA system. Once a month a voluntary patriotic project was given to the student body. Projects included essays, posters, mobiles and dioramas. More than half of the students usually participated. There was a great deal of encouragement and support from parents. A winner was chosen at each grade level for each project. Everyone has been enthusiastic about the emphasis on patriotism and American history.
Gloria [05-07-1998]

America is for a long time going to stand as a symbol of freedom from prosecution, prejudice, and a land were you have a right to stand up for what you believe in. And that's why we needed our flag to show other nations that we bring all that to the party.
Red Hot, pa [05-06-1998]

We believe that the flag shows our bravery, our liberty and our freedom.
Tom & Danielle ages 13&12 [05-06-1998]

The flag is a symbol of all the best of American values: freedom, equality, opportunity, bravery, and human rights. Whenever I am at an event where the flag is displayed and the national anthem is sung, I am reminded how fortunate I am to live in America, and that I must never take all that we have for granted.
Linda, St. Joseph of Cupertino School, CA [04-30-1998]

Flags are really cool.
Anna Heiden, Age:14 North Fayette Middle School,West Union, IA [04-24-1998]

Earlier on this page Aaron Corbitt suggested that in the last 20 years we've lost so much freedom, and our history is being replaced by a behind the scenes socialism. Well, in the last 20 years, our history has undergone a revision because of the gross omissions in the classrooms. Did you know that America has used taxpayer funds to overthrow democratically elected governments throughout the world? I bet you didn't. I used to think I had a clue about US History, until I got to College. If you want to read about real US history, this so called behind the scenes socialism (which happens to be reality), read a book called "Lies my teacher told me". And another thing, what freedoms have you lost in the last 20 years? What can't you do now that you could do before?
Jason Mendez, Socket Rientist [04-22-1998]

Allow people to burn the flag, then you can speak to me about the land of the free.
Jason Mendez, [04-22-1998]

My birthplace is Philadelphia, PA, and I remember always being taught the importance of being "respectful and grateful" for the many freedoms we have in America. In answer to your questions: 1. Betsy Ross represents to me a caring yet patriotic individual who expressed her pride and love for America through the contribution created with her own hands - our country's flag "Old Glory". 2. Our country's flag symbolizes to me the ultimate sacrifice by many human beings who gave their lives so I could live a life with freedom from oppression and domination. 3. The sight of Old Glory gives me a warm, yet strong inward feeling of pride and love for this country. 4. Old Glory represents the importance of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - which can only be obtained in a free society. "God Bless America! Land that I love. Stand beside her, and guide her. My home sweet home."
"CJ", Redlands, CA [04-19-1998]

I found this Betsy Ross webpage while looking for an "Uncle Sam" clip art piece. This page is very informative. As a Girl Scout leader, I am helping to plan a Service Unit event in which the Girl Planning Board chose "Celebrate Old Glory" as the theme. After that theme was chosen several months ago, I was recently attending a Troop Camp Training for leaders, when quite by accident a "long-time" GS leader/trainer was there to cook for a large group in another location of the campground. We learned from this great lady, Rusty, how worn and tattered flags are disposed of. I never knew that this honor is granted to Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Our area council had been given a huge flag (flown over a mall or car dealership or something)to dispose of, and after our campfire gathering late that night, we had the privilege to witness the burning of that old flag. It was a heartfelt ceremony not all who attend this training get to witness. We sang patriotic songs, as well as old hymns such as "Amazing Grace" and "How Great Thou Art" as this one flag that represented our country and all who died for it, went up in smoke. I must say that I have a renewed respect for all that I have learned about the flag in recent months. Thank you for providing this page. Suzie Capers, Co-Leader Troop 3008 SanJacinto Girl Scout Council Houston, Texas
Suzie Capers, 36, Spring, Texas [04-19-1998]

I love my COUNTY & my FLAG. When I see our FLAG fly with the wind, I thank GOD that I am in our COUNTY. What upset me when I see a dirty FLAG flying in the wind. There should be a law . "NO DIRTY FLAG"
Helen Luecke, 2660 Old Robinson RD Waco,Tx. 76706 [04-13-1998]

I have long been a student of U.S. history and I find most people these days do not really care what the flag stands for anymore. There is an entire generation of individuals who have spent the last thirty years trying to destroy everything the flag ever stood for so they can replace it with a behind-the-scenes type of socialism that most people would never want to believe exists. But it does exist, and unless we all start to pay attention to what is really going on in this country we will lose all of the freedoms the flag used to stand for. And we can start by turning off the T.V. and get down to the library or bookstore and read about how things used to be, how much freedom has been lost in just the last 20 years! WE cannot allow the current wave of complacency to continue! And one more thing, go out and buy a good quality flag set and display it EVERY day. Holidays are not enough to get the message across. I can only hope that the parents and grandparents of today's children will not allow this generation to lose interest and respect for our country and her flag. Mine did not.
Aaron Corbitt, I am 25 years old and I live in Santee, CA [03-18-1998]

The American flag is a symbol of the many faceless men and women who have given their lives in many wars to preserve our most precious gift - freedom. To them, we owe our deepest respect and gratitude.
Thomas H. McManus, Philadelphia [03-02-1998]

Our Flag stands for freedom for all. Just as America stands for freedom for all. I have been to other countries where freedom is not part of the vocabulary.God Bless the U.S.A.
Crystal Mihalik, 10 Upland, Ca. [02-11-1998]

The flag means freedom, life, liberty, justice for everyone that lives in the U.S. jason, 15 Saint Paul MN [11-13-1997] Well, I guess that would include people like Leonard Peltiere, Mumia abu jamal, and countless other political prisoners in the UNited States. Was there life, liberty and justice for the American Communist Party in the 1940's thru 1960's? Nope. Was there justice, life and liberty for the Black Panther Party in the late 60's and 70's? Nope. Was there life, liberty and justice for the American Indian Movement? What I'm trying to point out here is that it seems to me the only people welcome here to express their ideas are the ones expressing patriotic ideas as opposed to dissenting ideas. If you don't allow dissent, you don't have true freedom of expression and speech. Otherwise, in Iraq and in the Soviet Union and countless other tyrannies you would have had freedom of speech and expression. Since when do those countries ban the right to say how much you love your leaders, form of goverment etc? "If you're not for the freedom of speech for your enemies, you're not for the freedom of speech at all" - Noam Chomsky
Jason Mendez "" [02-07-1998]

I love venting. It gets people so undone. Like "St James, 51, Bremerton, WA". He's my favorite. He doesn't say he has a single thing wrong with a point I've made. His simple mind can only tell me I'm pretty much worthless and call me a few names. Especially striking is how he says the ideals are more important than the actions of a nation. I could care less if you have wonderful ideals and intentions, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Hitler had good intentions for his people. He even managed to make a better standard of living for the German people. Great intentions, but his actions were perverted. Our cherished ideals of liberty, freedom and equality are great to have. But if all they are are ideals, then we might as well not have them. If we claim one of our ideals is democracy, tell me why in Guatemala, El Salvador, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, Italy and countless other countries we have either overthrown democracies and replaced them with dictatorships (Guatemala being the best example of that, or subverted the democratic process to the point that it is absolutely meaningless (Italy being a great example of that). All of you people who feel that ideals are what is important are mislead. Actions define who were are; as individuals AND as a nation. When a pro-life zealot murders people outside of abortion clinics, it doesn't matter that they had high ideals of preserving life because their actions contradicted their ideals - they killed. So you can talk about our ideals until you're blue in the face, but if the pattern of behavior remains the same (anti-democratic, anti-freedom, anti-human rights) in our dealings with other nations, then essentially we are no better than the soviet union or any other tyranny. Another thing I would like to point out to St James. I'm so glad you love our way of life. Its great here, if you're white and at least middle class. But look how we treated places like El Salvador. Where were our lofty ideals back in the 80's where US funded, organized and traine
Jason Mendez [02-02-1998]

I think that this page is b/c it shows many differtn aspects of the flag and i think that anybody that decerates the flag should die keep up the good work and "God Bless America Again" Charlie Daniels
Tony, age 17 and AMERICAN [01-18-1998]

I believe that since the American Revolution and the War of 1812, our country and our fellow Americans have fought for the right for our flag to fly proudly over our nation. When we burn it or desecrate it without proper ceremonies, we are making a mockery of the United States and all the young and old soldiers who died for it. We should be proud, that flag is not just a piece of cloth; it's our nation and our rights. In a sense it has a life of its own. When you desecrate the flag you throw our beliefs away and your saying that you don't want freedom. I think flag burners need to stop and think before they pull out their Zippo's and light the flag up. They should be ashamed, because I'm sure that everyone in the U.S. has had someone in their family die for this country and for that flag, and it disgraces EVERY American soldier that has fought for it.
Rachel Conaway, 16 years old, Imperial, Ca. [01-13-1998]

When I see the American Flag it makes me proud to be a Puertorican American because in our country there are many kind, loving, and caring people, but it also makes me sad because of all the cold hearted murderes and hatred. I reacently had a close friend killed by a hit and run, its not like it never happends because you see it all the time on the news but you never really care, so I guess you could say knowone in this world really, truley cares. In conclusion the American Flag is very powerful because it represents this cold hearted yet loving place called America. Betsy Ross, well As far as Im conserd she's just another part of history.
Angela Sacarello, 15 yrs, St. Paul Minnesota, Arlington High School, 1-4-98 [01-05-1998]

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