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As a hospital corpsman in Vietnam, I can still see our flag draped over the coffins of hundreds of our nation's youth -- the faces of the next of kin being presented the flag in honor of their country's respect for their sacrifice. Yes, I love history, but I've never told anyone or shared the pictures I carry in my mind. Thank you and God bless.
Peter W. Brunner, Warwick Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 50 years old

Long live liberty and democracy.
Beijing, China

As a Republican candidate for the 19th Senate seat in Delaware, it deeply saddens me to see our flag desecrated. Just to think of all the brave men who have given their lives for it and those that die each day just to be in the country that flies this flag makes me very proud to be a citizen of the United States of America. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
Mike Zeglen, Milford, Delaware, United States of America

Our flag stands for a Nation that has fought for the rights of the people, no matter whether they're Americans or Foreigners. When a Foreign country is in trouble, who steps in to help? America. My father fought in World War II and my brother fought in Vietnam. They did what they believed in. Freedom for the people! It's a downright dirty shame that our flag is desecrated by individuals who are uneducated as to what our flag stands for. A friend of mine belongs to a Vietnam Veterans Organization whose insignia is an American Flag with the words "These colors don't run". America doesn't run from trouble. We fight for our rights. God Bless America the Beautiful!!!!!
Kathy Collins, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, age 40 (over the hill!)

She built the first symbol of our independence. She is the first American seamstress. As a seamstress and costume designer I have the utmost respect for this great American lady.

I love my Flag and I'm proud to be an American.
John J. Woodruff, Grantsville, Utah

We have so much to be proud of here.
Richardson, Texas

I loved this page! I never learned anything about Betsy Ross in school. She sounds like a really cool lady! I think I would have really liked her!
Darl D. Large, Mt.Pleasant, Michigan, age 33

In some history books it says that Betsy Ross may not have actually sewn the first American Flag; however she did sew flags at some point.
Lisa Jicinsky, 13 yrs. old, Wisconsin

We visited Betsy Ross's House this summer on a historic tour of Philadelphia with Cedarville College, which is located in Ohio. Just wanted to say that we loved it!
Joey Decker

This page was like I was standing right next to Betsy Ross. It's filled with so much information.
Anonymous 2/4/96

Thanks for giving my great great aunt a place on the net.
Bryan Ross, Scotts Valley, California

She gave us a symbol to state our liberty.
Puerto Rico

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and I made my own American Flag just like Betsy Ross did. I believe that Betsy Ross made the first flag.
Blair DiGiacomo

Our Founding Fathers, specifically Ben Franklin, had very close ties with Native Americans. The foundation of our government is based on the Iroquois government. This is why the stars on our flag were originally designed in a circle. Also, the red and white stripes were intended to represent a unification of Indians and whites. Somehow, several important historical facts have been forgotten!!! People are free to decide for themselves about the truth, but I hope the next time you hear the National Anthem and gaze at the American Flag, you'll think of these things and your heart will lead you to a greater understanding of what America is supposed to be about. "Let Freedom Ring!!!"
Erik J. Weiser, St. Paul, Minnesota

I am proud to be an American and Christian. We recently installed a 35 ft flag pole at our Baptist Church with the Christian Flag
Franka Malmberg, Reidsville, Georgia

Since I descend from one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence I feel the more information we have one our founding fathers and mothers the better to understand what this country is all about. A great page to a great lady.
Anonymous 2/6/96

Great page. Well done. Good to see people still holding strong to our heritage and history.
Vincent Kody Dixon

I wonder if green would make a better canton color, along with gold stars to symbolize the freedom and values that our country represents, but then why worry about the artistic design of such a classic symbol of an honest environment?!
Ray C. de Intinis Jr., Italian-American, Pennsauken, New Jersey

I always appreciate people who have contributed to the ideal of freedom

This is a great place to find the history of our great flag. Thank you for placing it here for all to see.
Joe Whitehead

From the time I was a child, I was told of being kin to her so I have had an interest in her history. I had heard the opinion that her creation of the flag was a fable and was pleased to read the rebuttal of this in the text about the flag. This is more detailed than any information I have read. I visited the Betsy Ross House in 1980 and was very impressed with it. I am thrilled that it is being preserved and will remain a part of our heritage. Thank you very much for this presentation.
Richard W. Griscom, Morristown, Tennessee

My flag has always been special to me. I am 43 years old, and I still get tingly when I see her. But lately, I have found that there are many forces out there, wanting to destroy her. After studying a great deal of law, I have discovered, that there is a major difference between our current flag (50 stars) and "Old Glory." Old Glory is the flag of the people, one nation, under God. The federal flag (50 stars) is the flag of the federal government. If you do not understand this, you had better read the Declaration of Independence and learn that we are governed by the "laws of nature and nature's God." Next we need to read the Constitution for the United States of America and we will all learn that the federal government has extremely LIMITED JURISDICTION as noted in Article I, Section 8, Clause 17. Once you understand, you too will see "Old Glory" and the (50 star) flag in a whole different light. God has blessed America. May God continue to pour His blessings upon us. Read II Chronicles 7:14 ["If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." -webmaster].
E.H. Lindsey, North Carolina

This visit was very enlightening. We thought we knew, but now we know. This was our first use of the internet and though it took us a little while to get here, it was well worth it. Miranda really liked the knowledge she gained and we both enjoyed cutting out the five pointed star. Thanks again.
Miranda L., 5th Grade, and Earl B., Oil City, Louisiana

God bless America and let's protect her flag. Support an Anti-Flag Burning Amendment.
Donald E. Ferguson, Galveston, Texas

I thought I had better sign my name to the guest book. My name really is Betsy Ross and I get teased about it all the time.
Betsy M. Ross, Keosauqua,Iowa

Down South here we have a lot of controversy as to whether or not the Confederate flag should be flown over government buildings and be part of official state and local seals. Personally, I'm against it, but I would like to hear what you Betsy people think about it. Thanks.
Saul Caplan, Safety Harbor, Florida

The flag is cool.
Jennifer O'Neill, Arlington, Texas

Great flag and a great lady for a great country
Frank Laroche, Rockledge, Florida

Three cheers for Betsy Ross
Marie Sammon

The American Flag is the symbol of this great "one nation under God" that so many have fought for and died for. To use the Flag for any other purpose is to denigrate the sacrifice of all those who have gone before us.
Richard J. McMillan, age 50, Merritt Island, Florida

The flag is the symbol of honor for me. It represents the sacrifice that everyone who has come before me has made. I joined the Navy and became a medic to honor that sacrifice.
HN Eric S. Walter, 25-year-old Hospital Corpsman USN, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

WOW!! What a fantastic home page. We love your hot links. Thanks Betsy for our flag and for this neat Web site.
Mrs. Faris 5th Graders, Buda, Texas
Click here for picture of Buda (note name on water tower) -Webmaster

The woman who made first sewing on the Flag is most respectful. But I don't think that all of Americans are patriots, do you?
Anonymous, April 30, 1996

My thanks for those who died defending our flag.
Richard N. Laughry, Slidell, Louisiana, USA

I love my country and my flag. Even after all these years, my heart still skips a beat whenever I see the flag unfurling in the wind. What it stands for is sacred to me. When I think of all the people who gave their lives to protect our country and our flag, I feel saddened whenever I see any type of disrespect shown to either. God bless our country and our flag and the men and women who lost their lives to protect it.
Peggy Decker Meador, 45 years old, Cedar Hill, Texas

I think this country was a lot more free before the white man came. We didn't need a flag to show everyone we were free!

I like the flag so, God Bless America. Betsy Ross is a great person. I don't know much about her though. But I would like to know more.
C.J. Farrell, 11 years old, New Jersey

The flag is really cool. Betsy Ross is a great person and she lives about only 1 half of an hour away. I don't know much about her though. But reading this article gave me a few ideas. Keep up the good work Betsy!
Heather Wnorowski, 10 years old, New Jersey

Enjoyed the information about the American flag. I am proud to say that I fought for freedom under it in Korea in 1951. Was wounded two times but I am happy to say that I returned home to raise a wonderful family. But some of my friends never had the opportunity that did not return. I hope God is watching over them on this Memorial Day weekend.
Arthur Smith Jr., Chelmsford, Massachusetts, May 26, 1996

Thank God for your work! Your efforts to preserve and promote respect for the American Flag is very commendable.
Robert McArtney, Lackawanna, NY

Democracy and freedom are alive and well. May we all remember the spirit that formed and made this country great. Remember also "that last full measure of devotion" given by so many. Remember!
John T. Walton, Abilene, Texas

Great page! Thank you from all Americas wherever they are all over the world.
Ashley Frederick, Beaverton, Oregon, good 'ole USA

The American Flag is the icon of freedom.
Neil Maloney, Aurora, Illinois

I like history, so thanks for the opportunity to learn about a very inspiring woman. I did not know anything about Betsy before.
Kartar Benson, Tacoma, Washington

Betsy Ross was a hero of our independence. By mistake or by design she helped shape what our country stands for.
Chris Gatchell, West Des Moines, Iowa

America is a great country to live in and we must cherish our freedom at all times. Look at our flag and think of our liberty. We should be truly grateful to all who fought for our freedom which we enjoy today.
Cindy Furnare, Morgan Hill, California, United States of America

I love your flag page. But I do not base my life around the flag. I have other things in my life that are just as important to me as the flag if not more important. I respect my friends 100,000,000,000,000,etc... times more than the flag!!!
chi chi, Berea (Madison county), Kentucky

God Bless the men and women of America who have lost their lives defending this flag and the freedom it represents.
Ron Sullivan, Manassas, VA

We were honored to have participated in holding the largest U.S. flag, on June 14, 1996, at Chrissy Field, San Francisco, California
Colburn Family, Danville, California

Let us not forget the "cost" of the liberty we share today.
Walt Schmidt, Massapequa Park, Long Island, New York

The flag represents more than just our country. It represents our love as a nation. We must NEVER dishonor the memories that our ancestors have fought and died for. This statement is important because if we forget, then our ancestors would have died in vain. During the 4th while you are watching all the nice fireworks, remember that your sons and daughters are what the flag means -- the future.
Cadet Ensign Joey Ehst, Anaheim California

Betsy Ross is my great, great, great, great, great grandmother. Did you know we tell the story of her having red hair, blue eyes, and pale white skin? I am a professional storyteller and will be telling her story at a patriotic festival this July. I've always believed the story (of course!) and appreciate your analysis. It's a great American legend, and she is a great American.
David Matlack, Silver Springs, Florida

Read about this site in NY Times. Contacted it for the Flag Etiquette section specifically, but am finding it all interesting. I live in an apartment complex where little American flags are often stuck into flower pots and even the ground. It looks terrible, yet I am accused of anti-patriotism when I mention such displays as inappropriate (and tacky). As president of my co-op, I will enter aspects of your Flag Etiquette section into our House Rules. Thank you very much!
Betsy Bowen Wrenn, Stamford, CT

"She's a grand ole flag, she's a high flying flag." I've never been in the service, but I sure do appreciate all of the men and women who have served and continue to serve. It is their dedication and service that makes this (USA) the greatest nation in the world. Thank you!!!
James Caulfield, Basking Ridge, NJ

How inspiring to think that a woman sitting in a small house in Philadelphia, sewing bits of material together to form a flag could have made such a profound impact in the history of our country. Then again it really was all the small contributions made by ordinary citizens that created our country and helped it become the great country it is today.
L, Gilbertsville, PA, USA

Thank you for helping me to remember what July 4th is all about. During the cookouts and the golf, I will pause to reflect on how great this country truly is and what a privilege it is to live here.
Peter Constant, Louisville KY

Our city became internationally recognized during the unfortunate Iranian Hostage Crisis. For each day our fellow Americans were held hostage our city erected one American Flag. All 444 American Flags fly every day at the Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Hermitage, PA
anhel, Hermitage, PA

Enjoyed your page tremendously. A warm glow comes over me as I read such great thoughts about our beloved flag. I often wonder about the psychology that transcends those thoughts and why we are so overwhelmed by them.
Charles A. Adamson, Lawton, Oklahoma (USA)

I'm glad someone has enough reverence for those who died preserving the flag to have it honored with a home page of its own.
Charles J. Grant, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

My flag is waving outside. With pride, my husband and I fly it. This is a wonderful page. My husband is a veteran of WW2 and we strive to inspire patriotism in others.
Mary Freeman, Bells, TN

Happy Independence Day! It's still Great to be an American!
John D. Jacoby, Merced, California

There are 233 of us here, wintering over in Antarctica. We are just starting to see the glimmer of sun again. The first official sunrise is August 20, 1996--we are looking forward to it after 2 months of darkness. We do not have fire works here to celebrate Independence Day but celebrated by sharing the information from your home page with others which served as wonderful reminders of what the Fourth of July stands for.
N. Farrell, McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Your page on Betsy Ross is outstanding. I enjoyed reading all of it. I hope Mr. Mike Zeglen of Milford, Delaware who is running for the Republican senate seat, keeps in mind that many women also died defending our flag.

Hi. Just thought I'd drop in and Wish You a Happy Fourth of July. Last year I was in Kodiak Alaska at this time and helped them with their Fourth of July Picnic and Barbecued all afternoon. I miss not being there this year, so I am wishing you a Happy Fourth of July. I have enjoyed your home page very much.
Lena Gauvin, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Whenever I see THE AMERICAN FLAG, chills run up and down my neck and spine. God must have choose Betsy Ross because no other flag in the world has every given me that same feeling. This country was founded by persons such as that. We might not like the changes that we are seeing today in our country. We will all die someday. But if anyone is still standing to lift her up, our eyes and prayers will be to God that Our Flag and His Flag is still there.
Tom Brewer, 50, Smyrna, Ga.

The American Flag has many names. The best of these names are the colors Betsy Ross chose - The RED, WHITE, and BLUE - Old Glory. God continue to Bless America.
John P. Tonge, Riverside ,CA USA

Hello and happy 4th! I am so glad that so many people are as proud and glad that my Great-Great-Great-Aunt Betsy made the first American flag as I am. My entire family has for years been very sad that she has fallen from recognition. But thanks to this home page we know that others still hold the pride that my family and I do!
Shannon Stoer, The Colony, TX

I always get a thrill throughout my whole being when repeating the pledge to the American flag. Since I belong to Kiwanis and DAR I repeat the pledge at least 5 times a month. I am proud and thankful to be a citizen of the United States of America.
Celene Eliason, Nora Springs, IA, USA

Glad to see that you are keeping history alive for those of us that still think patriot is a good word. God bless your efforts.
Tom Trahan, Pittsburg, CA

My father was killed in Okinawa one month before my birth. My grandfather and uncle also served our country. When I was sixteen I served as color guard during parades. One Saturday I was carrying the Oklahoma flag in a parade and as I glanced toward the crowd to be sure our row was straight, my eyes fell on an older gentleman. He stood motionless with his hat across his heart, his eyes fixed on Old Glory as it passed. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he watched the Grand Old Flag pass. Volumes went unspoken in that brief moment. I have never forgotten that sight nor the lesson it silently taught me. Today, my eyes remain fixed on the flag as it is presented and I raised eight children to do the same. Often, I too shed tears.
Toni Pickle, 51 years old, Kingfisher OK

Thank you to all who gave your lives and service to preserve my rights and freedoms. To the people who trash our blessed servicemen and woman, instead of wasting your energy on that, just move, and take Clinton and the rest of your spineless cowardly Non-American whining lazy butts with you!
john t. kobin, 34 proud american

I am so happy that my sweet loving daddy took me to the Betsy Ross house! I'm so happy that Betsy Ross made America a flag!
Amelia M. Alft, Marshalltown, Iowa

To be wrapped in the Stars and Stripes is to be wrapped in the love of every American who every lived. To be wrapped in the American Flag is to be wrapped in God's respect for mankind.
J. Mickelson, Camden, NJ (47 years old)

Display the flag and you display patriotism. Display patriotism and you display pride. Display pride and you display responsibility. Display responsibility and you display the flag.
bwjackson, Jamison, PA USA

The flag is a great symbol of freedom to me. If the stars and stripes was not in existence, I would not feel as patriotic as I do today. God bless the US!
E., Many Countries, Many States, Many Towns

In 1976 our Camp Fire Girl group was learning about the United States flag, how to handle one, respect what it stands for and how it was created. I wistfully said, "Oh, we should make one, too." I was not serious, but our leader Millie Groves and the assistant leader, my mom Georgia Larson thought it would be a great idea. We could learn many skills etc. from making it. It was all stitched by hand and, if I remember right, it was a copy of the 1776 flag. We presented it to the then Governor of Utah. It was a great experience for us in too many ways to count.
Dawna Martinez

I have moved many times, and to places much different from the last. But one thing remains the same. The symbol of my country. Everywhere I go, the Stars and Stripes are always the same.
Ashley, Delaware, age 11

I think the flag is important because every country has one. It represents America well. It's even mentioned in our national anthem! "and the flag was still there"br> Cornelia, Louisiana, age 12

Thanks for helping me enrich my children's education. Living overseas, we feel we have to work harder to give the children an American identity. You have made my job so much easier.
Karen Dean, Taipei, Taiwan

I think America has become full of hypocrisy. I don't mean to urinate on your parade, but flags symbolize a division of cultures. Pride is a sin. Try to be humble and see life from someone else's eyes. That is the American way.
Hanna Stevens (I'm only 16!!!)

Our flag is strong
And its history long
We've gone through a lot...
Click here to read entire poem
11-year-old E.Q.J. from Bakerfield

There are similarities between the Malaysian flag and the USA flag. So did you copy us or did we copy you all (just kidding). It must have been a coincidence! I think your history's real interesting! Thanks.
Chan Ai Sin, Malaysian living in Singapore

The flag is a symbol of purity, hope, and opportunity. It is what immigrants looked upon when they reached the land of opportunity; it is what a dedicated soldier looks to for comfort before battle; it is what all of us look to for inspiration.
John Dennis

There's only one thing to say, really. Keep the colors flying high, and God Bless America.
Gregory W. Swedberg

The US Flag has been special to me as long as I can remember. Seeing it wave on the breeze reminds me of the countless number who have given their all to keep it flying high. A 25-ft. flag pole in my front yard proudly displays Our US Flag. It waves over the home of a Vietnam Veteran who gave spent 3 tours of duty in a foreign land fighting to uphold the principles which that Flag represents. It flies as a constant reminder to all those who pass by that we are proud to be Americans. I am also very proud of a husband who staunchly defends that Flag even 25 years after putting aside a military uniform.
Linda Ward Meadows, US History Teacher, Cook High School, Adel, GA

The flag is a revered symbol, and the TRUE test of our freedom is to allow those who disagree with some aspects of our system to voice that displeasure in a symbolic gesture of desecrating the flag. We may not like it, in fact most of us loathe to see such an act, but we cannot just "talk" about being free, we must let our actions show the world we are free. The most difficult thing to do in a free society is to allow speech (symbolic or otherwise) that is most unpopular. THAT is the test of a TRUE free democracy. Those of us who love the flag and revere it must allow those who want to protest using a flag in an inappropriate manner do so...if we refuse them this right, then we are only eroding our true freedom of expression. The constitution was written to protect the minority from the majority. The next time someone uses "The majority of Americans feel..." argument in anything relating to the Constitution, think about why it was written. We must protect the most unpopular actions or speech in order to ensure our rights for freedom of expression and speech (symbolic or not) the next time we may voice an opinion or idea that the "majority" does not find popular.
Todd LaPlante, History Teacher, Palo Alto, California

If you guys really believe in what the flag stands for, let people be free to burn in protest. There is a lot of reasons to protest, and a lot of reasons to burn it.
Jason Mendez

I graduated from Marine Corps boot camp in August. I missed out on the July 4th celebrations. While all the Marines in training were sleeping one night I had to stay up and guard the barracks. I remembered, as the fireworks went off and the party sounds resounded in the background of Oceanside California, why I was in the Marine Corps. This being only my opinion, I believe that we have a distinct honor to live in the country we do. NO other country compares. Just take a trip to another country for a couple of weeks and then you will know what I mean. America is about quality of life. It's about freedom, pride and democracy. May we never live to see the day that our freedom is stricken from us because of our selfishness and apathy. The power is in the people to make the country what it is. The Revolutionary War was all about this. Men and women fighting for the right not to be persecuted for their religious beliefs, the freedom to speak freely, without fear. Part of the flag represents the price paid in blood for freedom. We could lose this freedom one day just like the Roman Republic lost to an Emperorship. We could lose our freedom the way Greece lost its power, from within. Yes the Greeks fell to foreign powers but only after they were not able to sustain themselves. Rome died from within. Are we going to do the same? Just remember the flag represents our freedom; the freedom to speak, to pray, to prosper. The flag is the symbol of freedom. Every time I see the burning of a flag on TV or wherever I die a little. If people can't show enough respect for the freedoms they've been spoonfed (few these days have had to fight or die for our country), why are we going to give our lives in order to save yours? Of course this is my own opinion but I wonder if any agree.
michael friel

Betsy would have been very pleased to know that her work would record her for all time in many different ways.
Gayle Gaudreau, Glastonbury, CT USA

Screw the flag of this sorry country, hang it upside-down, burn it, hang the Christain flag high above and do so with PRIDE!!!!
Matt Rony, Greeley, CO

I really wish I was alive when Betsy Ross was. She was probably a good looking lady and I'll never know it.
Brent Angelo, Charleston, IL

I am gathering information for a debate on our flag in my Current Political Issues class. This was the most resourseful page I found, and also one of the most inspirational. The poems and opinions voiced in this page gives me a new respect for our flag and our country together as a whole. Thank you for the help! "I pledge alligence to the flag of The United States of America..."
Megan Bauer, age 17, MN

I began to scan this page for info about the colors of the flag and their meaning. I found that white is a symbol of hope to the peoples of the world fleeing tyrany. The red is for the blood on the battlefields and in our veins that freedom has a price. The stars in a blue field signify the birth of a new constellation. A strong global symbol to all people yearning to be free. My flag and republic, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.
Fred Warner, Ford City, PA

In our city, Chico, California, a GIANT flag was just hung over a car dealership, Wittmeier Auto Center. It seems to have been a controversial move as many editorials have been sent to our newspaper. Some were critical, accusing the car dealership of commercializing our country's flag. Others applauded the patriotism and focus the flag brings to our hearts as we drive by. The General Sales Manager is a personal friend of mine and shared with me a letter that was sent directly to the dealership. It is from a precious lady that is in her 80's or 90's. She just wanted to put those persons in their place that have protested the beautiful flag as it may hang anywhere!
Kathy Bohlander, Chico, California

September 25, 1996 Hello, I have a question. Specifically, is the flying of the American Flag in front of your house a right, or a privilege. I ask this because I have the American flag on display, in front of my home, and my homeowner's association is objecting to this.
Jim Hebert, Gold River, California

An inspiration to other women.
Kathie Young, Lumberton, NC

Thank you for honoring our emblem of America. This symbol of history and respect is too often taken for granted. May you fly as free as the banner I fight for, I'd die for, because only here can something so simple be so majestic. Thank you.
Mike, St. Augustine, FL

The American flag was the first thing that caught my eyes as I entered through the immigration offices in St. Augustine. I did not know the value of it then. I now know what the American flag stands for and why it is honored and thought of so highly in America. But why would a country honor a flag that represents corruption?? Simple. It's not what America stands for now, it is what it took to put that flag up on the pole. The courage that placed the flag up there, the determination that has made it remain up there. I don't necessarily believe in what a lot of the American Government does presently, but it is what the Government is based on that I believe in.
Sanchez Rodriguez, Eerie, Indiana, 18

It makes me very sad when people have such a blind patriotism and devotion to the flag and our past. The only admirable and honorable part of our history has been the principles in which we say we live by; those in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Everything else has been a legacy of murder, slavery, hypocracy, greed and selfishness. I salute the flag, because it represents something higher than our corrupt government, and the governments past. But this "land of the free" routine is getting a little old. Everyone needs to reflect on our past. Are we really the land of the free? Sure, if you're white. There aren't many black people who would share this immense pride in our history, or our way of life today.
Jason Mendez, Boston College Student and free thinker

Even today, after spending 9.5 years in the military, I cannot stop the tears that roll down my face whenever I hear the National Anthem play and the American Flag waving proudly. America and the American Flag are still superior symbols of freedom and sacrifice. Freedom is the most expensive thing on earth and those people that enjoy freedom need to remember that it is not free but paid for in human blood and American lives no matter what conflict was involved. So to those of you war veterans who read this page: Thank you very much. "Let Freedome Ring!"
Paula Lang, 27, North Dakota

As the daughter, granddaughter and niece of Army officers I know the love and freedoms our flag represents. I thank all those who have protected our country in the past and will continue to do so in the future. As a teacher, I have the privilige to pass these beliefs on to America's children. I do so with pride and the utmost respect for our brave soldiers.
Heather Victoria Johnson, Blacksburg, VA, age 21

I've been looking for a story about patriotism and our flag entitled "Our Flag Speaks To A Young Man". I first read it years ago as a youth and would like to get a copy. If someone could direct me or send a copy, I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to share it with my children.
Randy Jacobs

I was browsing the Web for information about Betsy for a young friend of mine who is in the hospital. I scanned the thoughts about the flag and was about to give up when I read a few interesting ones. The flag is truly symbolic of American history however the freedom it represents is what needs protecting, not the flag. It doesn't matter if people desecrate it or hang it upside down (I did when I was eighteen and protesting the Vietnam War) the flag will always be representative of what we feel at any particular time in history. Don't hang on to your righteousness so tightly that you can't hear what others are saying, even if you don't like the delivery. Protest is part and parcel of our legacy so don't come unglued when others participate, at least they are expressing an opinion. Really, it's okay to let your freak flag fly!
Damiana Uberuaga, Boise, Idaho

Even if our flag is burned down every day, we all know that it will always exist.
Darren Yang, 16 years, Fresno CA

I think that even though all of us live in the U.S.A., we all have a little (or a lot) of predjuice inside ourselves. Also we all need to remember that the flag is a rememberence to let the hate out at the right time & place. We need to learn to not take the hate out on someone else.
Laurian Horowitz, age 10, N.J.

I'm a member of the US Air Force and a Cub Scout Den Leader. As the third generation in my family to proudly serve in the military, I know what the flag means to me. As a Scout leader, it's important for me to try and explain the importance of the flag to my Den. This page has given me everything I've been looking for to give my guys a sense of the history and pride behind our flag. Thanks.
Tony Bothwell, Minot Air Force Base ND

I am PROUD to be an AMERICAN and I am pleased to see your web page presence on the Internet. I am a veteran and a member of the American Legion which supports preserving the meaning and dignity of the American Flag with the Flag Alliance. Please visit the American Legion page or search the web for Flag Alliance to learn more. Sincerely, George Zimmerman
George M. Zimmerman, Goldsboro, NC USA

Besty, you are so cool I would like to ask you just one question, "How old are you?"
Brian Freeland, West Laurens High, Dublin, Ga.

The American Flag is the symbol of ultimate sacrifice. We as Americans owe our freedom to those who cared enough for our freedom to risk their lives in battle so that we could gain freedom, the term that defines our great American Flag.
DeeAnn Nuckolls Carringer, 27 years old, Brasstown, NC

As an American citizen living abroad, the flag has new meaning to myself and my family. Tomorrow, as part of International Week and my children's school here in Prague, I will be teaching about Betsy Ross and the American Flag. I enjoyed your information -- it was a fantastic resource for me here in Eastern Europe. Thank you for your help in teaching children from all over the globe what our flag means to America and its people.
Peggy Briggs, Prague, Czech Republic

Several friends and I have debated the issue of flying our flag, especially on July 4. Whereas I argue the case of respect and patriotism, they feel times have changed and view it as a material object with no justification -- especially on July 4 -- and the failure to fly our flag at any time does not reflect a lack of love or respect of our country. It's at times like these one wishes they could communicate with our forefathers.
Bridgid Mary Courtney, Houston, TX

Betsy Ross was an interesting person. The flag means freedom. We should NEVER disrespect the flag, EVER!
Amanda Price, 10, Pennsylvania

Looking over your lovely web site, I think Betsy Ross would've been pleased with her presence on the Internet.
Katie Moore, Marin County, California

I really am one true American patriot. I love our country, and its great history. I really like cheering up people from other countries, about what it is like to be in a country whose flag represents the great and proud times in our past. That is why, I'd greatly like to become President in the future, and cheer all people in all parts of this great world, not just about America, but about all peace, and freedom, and the happiness we should all enjoy! It is the respect of this great nation, to appreciate all countries, and show our honor and glory about our past. Betsy really help show how we really were a country, she did this by showing that we were ready to make a symbol of the people's dreams for freedom and liberty. The flag we have, represents the free world, and I respect my country so much that when I think of the great men we have flourished, I get tears in my eyes. One more thing -- "Give me Liberty... Or give me death." --Patrick Henry. I really hope all people from other countries respect America to full kindness. God bless America, and the World!
Evan Johnson, 13, Albany, Oregon, United States

"I really am one true American patriot. I love our country, and its great history. I really like cheering up people from other countries, about what it is like to be in a country whose flag represents the great and proud times in our past." [previous message -Webmaster]
Whoever wrote that is a real rocket scientist. What the heck are we teaching our kids? Our great history? Like slaughtering of the Native Americans? 250 years of slavery? Funding death squads in Central and South America? Starting revolutions against democratically elected governments and installing dictators? Biological warfare on US citizens? Wow, this is indeed a proud history! Its a good thing we have a "one true American patriot". A real patriot can admitt the truth about our past and reject the evils of it. Why don't we send this "american patriot" that I quoted to Guatemala, or maybe Cuba, to "cheer up people in other countries" about how well our free and just country has treated them! Or, if you can find a Native American (We've made it a little difficult to find them), try cheering him up about what a great country this is! Our education must be nothing more than an indoctrination, because every child in school is taught what a great place the US is, and what a wonderful history it has. It may be a good place to live now, but I take issue with the "wonderful history" part.
Jason Mendez, New York

Keep up the good work. Our people have forgotten the proud heritage left by people like Betsy and the Founding Fathers.
The Big Sky Patriot, Billings, Montana

Thank you for constructing these pages. They are an inspiration and sorely needed in today's US society where pseudo intellectuals attempt to seperate Americans from their roots.
Robert Pappas, Gulf Breeze, Fl.

The day that it becomes a crime to burn the American Flag is the day that the American Flags fails to represent what it was originally made for. I proudly fly the flag on the front of my home for all to see. That is my right. That is how I choose to display my pride in the country that grants me that right. The day someone's right to free expression (including the right to burn the flag) is taken away, that is the day I will take down my flag in shame. As for now, I fly it proudly and hope that the day never comes when one group can force me or anyone else to do what they wish.
John Rudderow, Marlton New Jersey

I have a done a research paper on her and found her life to be full of wonderful things. I find her to be a kind hearted person full of love for our country.
Jonathan Cowen, Brownsville, Texas, USA

When I see the flag, I am reminded of how important my everyday rights and liberties are. When I see the flag, I am reminded of the thousands of American soldiers, from Bunker Hill to Normandie, men who gave everything so that we can live our dreams. When I see the flag, I am reminded of how beautiful and vast my country is. When I see the flag, I am reminded that only in America, can one go as far as his or her dreams and work ethic will carry them. Most importantly, I am reminded that in America, it is the people, not government who protect the flag, and who have made it the symbol of the greatest nation that has ever graced the Earth. I love you America. Thank you. God Bless.
Philip Hartley Steuber, age 21, Los Angeles California, student @ USC

Thank you for all the information on Betsy Ross. I really hate to hear people try to make it sound like she was not responsible for the flag, or sometimes even had nothing to do with it. I think we need to keep our heritage intact. Thanks again.
Dick Groves, Salt Lake City, Utah

I think Betsy was as great as Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
Sarah Twomey Mercurio, Concord MA

I proposed a legislative recommendation to the Nebraska Legislature to consider group salutation of the U.S. flags on school ground by sing the national anthem. Some people did not think it should be done at all. Some thinks the school should initiate the efforts. But for years now, no one has done so. Many argue that love for America can be had without my request for group salutation. I wish it is so, but it isn't. Many do love our country and respect our flag, but many do not even know why the flag exists. I believe by having group salutation of the U.S. flag on school grounds on a periodical basis,i.e., weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annually would help in the school teaching of our American flag. Do you have some information that can be useful for my testimony before the state legislature. Thanks for anything you can provide. Lormong Lo 6103 Curtis Avenue, Omaha, NE 68104. 402-571-2737.
Lormong Lo, Councilmember, Omaha City Council, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

The flag is a great feature. Betty Ross was a great person, she is wonderful. To us the flag is very important. We are very proud it is in our country, USA. Thank You!
Samantha Dallefeld and Meagan Cummings, Humble, Texas 77346

We think that Betsy Ross was a great woman and represents the political women today. Long live Betsy Ross and Bob Dole
Sara Karsten and Janelle Piffer, Zeeland, MI, U.S.A

The colors of red, white, and blue spell freedom for me and for you. The emblem of peace and liberty, our country's flag shows we are free.
McKenzie, Pal 5 Reading Highlands Elementry La Grange, IL

As an American veteran our flag means so much to all in my family. My Dad defended our flag during WW II, I defended our flag during Vietnam, and both my sons have defended our flag during Operation Desert Storm. Our Flag represents our country which has offered so many opportunities to follow my dreams.
Brian C. Heckman, age 53, Greenville, Ohio

The Flag was first made when George Washington wanted the country to unite under one symbol. We also united under it for both world wars, and many other events. That's what it was first made for and that's what it means to me: My country's symbol. It reminds me of how lucky I am to live in a free country and to get an education and many other privileges. It also reminds me of how I can do anything I want, even if I am a girl and how a lot of girls have to clean the house in other countries. I hope it reminds other girls of our privileges and influences them go for their dreams, with their heads held high.
Kate C, 12, Oxford, Ohio

I love posting messages here! Every day it seems that one more blind patriot and indoctrinated American has something silly to say on this page. My favorite is the one who wants it to be law that there is a group saluting of the flag and singing of the national anthem. I wonder what he would do if he had someone like me as a kid in a school there. What would you do Lormong Lo, Councilmember, if after your fascist law of compulsory patriotism passes I refused to take part in your group salute? Don't think you'd be able to do much, since historical precedent in the Supreme Court would be on my side. I'd take pleasure in being the person who helped get rid of your law. As for everyone else, I don't know what to say. Red White and Blue do NOT spell freedom for me and you. We don't have a Democracy, we no longer have a legitimate Republic, we have an Oligarchy, and where does this illusion of America being so great come from? If you go abroad with this blind patriotism, foreigners will give you a real lesson in American history, since they seem to know it better than us.
Jason Mendez, Free Thinker

As a youth growing up in the 20th century, it is difficult to truly express my own appreciation for freedoms. In a country based on simplistic ideals of serving God, your family, and your country, it is hard to tell a group of high schoolers just that. But Americans should be proud of their achievements, and remember any injustices that may have occurred, and use these mistakes as learning tools. If we focus on the past, nothing good will come. I will clearly admit I will be proud to be classified as a "nerd" because I love my country. But 99% of those who criticize my country have probably never seen the Star Spangled Banner at the Smithsonian, or gone overseas, or worked a mission trip in poverty stricken areas. I am most honored to be in that 1% who spends a Friday night working at the DAV or volunteer at a local Camp Fire group meeting to teach flag etiquette (yes, I am a Camp Fire kid, too). Thank you for providing another website for those "nerds" who aren't afraid to show their admiration for their homeland and learn more about U.S. history. Only by preservation can we continue to be a strong and united country.
Sarah Reidy, age 16, Tulsa, OK

Being involved in sporting activities (playing and coaching), I am always moved to those tears that form in the corner of my eyes whenever the flag is displayed and I hear the National Anthem. Why? Because together, the flag and the anthem are a strong reminder of the lives given on our behalf -- I have freedom now because someone else gave up his/her life fighting for this nation. Only greater is the sacrifice of Jesus, the Christ, for the entire race of Adam (He paid the sin debt we each have.) May we teach our children respect for our flag (and anthem) and the unforgettable, undeniable greatness behind each symbol of freedom!
Karon Cowart Baumann, 33, Ocala, FL [01-09-1997]

I am not sure if you can help or not. I am really upset because my post office seems to have no regard for the respect of the Flag. They keep it up in all kinds of weather. Once when I complained about it being up in the rain the lady told me rather rudely that she didn't want to take the chance of getting struck by lightening and that I could take it down if I wanted. I told her that is what she was getting paid for and then I went home and called the main post office and complained to them. Well the lady at the main post office was very helpful and she did take care of that situation. But now it seems they think they can keep it up all the time. I was under the impression that the Flag is to be taken down every evening but our post office is now keeping it up 24 hours a day, probably because they are too lazy to put it up and take it down every day. But I believe if you can't do it right then you should not even have the priviledge to fly the Flag at all. I have written the President an email on the subject but I don't know if that will do any good. I am planning to send every Representative and every Senator in the US a letter on the subject just to try to get someone to listen and help. The only reason I haven't done it yet is because I have been sick, but I am going to try to do that tomorrow. This is really ridiculous. Every time I look at the Flag I think of how many men and women have fought and died so that we may be free and have the honor of flying that Flag, and these people can't even go by the correct etiquette. It is a shame that they have such disrespect for Betsy Ross and all of our fore fathers and mothers. They really don't care. That is what is wrong with the world today. People don't care. Well it has to stop somewhere. The only way we can make it better is to take care of problems like this. I guess maybe I sound silly but I can't help it....I am a very patriotic person and I believe in what this great nation of ours stands for. It makes me ill to think that people who were born in this country could have such little love for it. I would do anything for my country ... I just wish I knew how to take care of this problem. I could talk for hours on this subject giving a real patriotic speech the only problem is that people like that wouldn't even listen. I appreciate your wanting to help. I hope you can. Maybe you know of a good way to go about it. I don't know maybe you will just think I am making something out of nothing. But if you do want to help and you do know of a better way to go about it....something that will really get people's attention, please let me know. I will be eternally grateful for what ever you can do to help. Thanks so much
Faith Ann McLin, Livingston, Louisiana 70754

We are always moved to tears when we salute our flag and sing our National Anthem. WE LOVE OUR COUNTRY AND OUR FLAG. WE ARE PROUD TO BE AMERICANS!!
Angie, Ashlee & Tyler Stannard, Fresno, CA [01-14-1997]

I love this website! It really broadens my view on our heritage and our country. I think that if EVERYONE knew that this nation was founded under God and the principles of freedom we would all be much more enlightened. As a homeschooler and an on-fire-for-God Christian, I believe we should stick to the morals that this nation was founded on.
Evie North, age 14, Tulsa, OK [01-15-1997]

Well Evie North, I wish we did stick to the morals that this nation was founded on. Then we would have abolished slavery in 1776. We also would have honored treaties made with Native Americans. We wouldn't have destroyed, murdered and jailed dissident leaders and movements using illegal methods. Nor would we have funded death squads who murdered tens of thousands in Central America. I can go on and on. But it's a waste of time in this country. Because students in the United States haven't got a clue about American history. And not a SINGLE person has written anything intelligent yet. Oh, sorry. ONE exception. And it's a history teacher. Thank god at least one person in this world has a brain.
Jason Mendez, History Student [01-18-1997]

"Our flag stands for a Nation that has fought for the rights of the people, no matter whether they're Americans or Foreigners. When a Foreign country is in trouble, who steps in to help? America." - One of the first few people to write on this page said that. Let's analyze that statement. We have "fought for the rights of the people" huh? I see.... like the blacks! Oh yea! I forgot! "When a foreign country is in trouble, who steps in to help? America" Oh yea, I forgot how we stepped in to help South Vietnam by removing any hint of popular rule and putting in a puppet dictatorship. Oh yea, and when the people wanted self determination in South Vietnam, since they were "communist," we decided that they were better off dead. The truth is, folks, we help people when it helps the Corporate bottom line. But we don't care about Haiti, didn't care about Vietnam, or Korea, or Cuba. All we care about is money. Did you know that Haiti (which is a starving nation), exports 32 times as much food to the US under Clinton than they did under Bush? Some embargo, huh? But it helped the Corporate bottom line since they own most of the land there. I like coming to this page to blow off steam about our pathetic education system, and our indoctrinated masses who think they have a clue about America, what it stands for, and what its intentions are.
Jason Mendez [02-09-1997]

The Flag is Beautiful.
Suzanne Elizabeth Nichols, age 10, N.J. [02-17-1997]

I don't think the flag is that special. It's the country that's special. I think some people give the flag too much respect. I do like the flag, and I think it is very beautiful. I just think the country itself needs more attention.
Abby Axtell, Westminster, VT [03-01-1997]

As an American, I believe that we are failing to do our duty in this country. This nation was built on Christian truths and we are not following the steps of our forefathers. Let's come together as one nation for God. We are the country that God wants to bless. We must humble ourselves before God and once again be one nation under God. PRAY HARD!!!
Sid, Age 15 Haskell, OK [03-07-1997]

Betsy Ross was my hero in the 6th grade. I wanted to be an American legion just like her. I dreamed of designing my own flag for my country. As a 12 year old girl, I loved Betsy Ross. Still today, I love what she stood for, and I love the fact that she was a seamstress and look how far she went with that calling. The Lord God has a calling for each of us and we need to listen to the Holy Spirit to hear that calling. I am a housewife who also happens to be a rancher and a mother of a 12-year-old son. I praise God for my profession, because I am teaching my son to love his country and the people like Betsy Ross have made America the country of freedom. We as a people need to continue to work for our freedoms. There are some people who would have you believe they want what is best for the largest number of people. This is called socialism and Betsy Ross was not a socialist; she obviously was into her own free-enterprise business. George Washington must have known she was a quality worker. She was not supplemented by the government, she built up her own business by doing a good job at her profession. I wish there were more people like Betsy Ross who would be willing to work for their business reputation. In the ranching business, we work hard for a good reputation, and we are free enterprise workers. God bless this United States of America and the people who are trying to hold onto the freedoms that our forefathers fought and died for.
Dallas K. Mayer, Hooker, Oklahoma [03-09-1997]

Lindsay Ninfo, I think she is cool [03-20-1997]

I am an elementary school teacher. At our school we begin each day by playing the Star Spangled Banner over the intercom and then a different student each morning leads the entire school in saying the pledge. All classrooms participate. But I am saddened by what I see as I look around. There is such a lack of respect for our flag. Some students do not stand at attention, look around the room, or whisper to a friend. Many of our young people are not being taught respect for our flag at home and in our communities. Parents, please teach your children respect for our flag and what it stands for both by word and by example. If we can teach our children respect for our country and flag, maybe that respectful attitude will carry over into the rest of society as well. I would love to know if anyone knows of any materials that exist specifically for teaching about the flag and respect for the flag to elementary students. I am impressed by some of the comments by kids I have read here. Let's each do all we can to spread that respectful attitude to the leaders of tomorrow.
An Anonymous Teacher [03-23-1997]

To me, I don't understand some of the things about Betsy Ross. The things that I do understand is pretty Cool!
Nicholas J. Miranda, Age: 11, Bakersfield, grade: 5 [04-07-1997]

I came here to get information for students because we still require they know things about the country, state, and flag to get out of 8th grade and high school. I am happy to see a place for self-expression, but sad for some of the responses and comments. Only here could I have accomplished all I have against the odds that have been placed before me. I just hope to help others realize they too have opportunities in this country and should access them in order to improve their lives and our nation. This is a wonderful resource. Here's to the red, white, and blue!!!!
Mila Malone, more than 21, teacher, Centralia, IL, USA!!! and proud and happy of it! [04-10-1997]

I love our country and our Flag -- the only Flag that stands for freedom. I am a Christian American Patriot and proud of the Flag; and America means so much to me. I get sad when I see people disrespect our Flag -- like not standing when the Flag passes by in a parade or taking their hats off during the Flag salute or the Star-Spangled Banner. Please let's all respect America And our Flag. God Bless
Heath Love [04-14-1997]

The first flag is really important to me.
kris, 9 years, ogden, utah, U.S.A [04-21-1997]

The flag is what others, outside the U.S., see as either evil or opportunity. Once anyone has ever been to the U.S., they will surely be different in their attitude. If positive before, the flag will always be a reminder to them how much better it really is. If negative, leave this country after visiting Virgina and see if one is not moved by a feeling of hospitality and tolerance. God bless all who come her and see THE Flag.
David Garrett, Richmond, Virginia [04-27-1997]

A literacy circle of students at one of our elementary schools are reading the Biography of Betsy Ross. It is wonderful and we enjoy it immensely. We will be going "on the net" in our computer lab next week and go through Betsy's house etc. What a wonderful educational service you have given us. Thank you very much. On a personal note, our family is visiting the Philadelphia area this summer and I am so excited to see Betsy's house and all the other wonderful sites in the historic district. We Americans have so much to be thankful for. Bless your hearts for giving us this historic valuable information about the founders of our great country.
Linda L. Knuckles, Reading Specialist, Reedsburg WI 53959 [05-20-1997]

I just happened upon this site while conducting research for a project and feel compelled to add my opinion. For me the flag represents the ability for this site to exist at all. It also represents the freedom of those of you who are reading this brief message to also have the ability to voice, type, email, or fax your opinion with no fear, even if I disagree with it. I think it was Voltaire (whom I am about to misquote) who said, "I may not support your opinion, but I will defend to my death your right to express it." The flag represents that freedom.
Richard Cridland, age 54, Viet Nam vet, son of WWII vet [05-24-1997]

I think the flag means freedom
Sarah Shoulders, Allen Park 10 years old [05-26-1997]

The American flag makes me proud about who I am.
Brittany Brewton, 12 [06-02-1997]

I was always curious about the history of the American Flag. And this page helped me a lot. Thanks a lot.
Meghana Shinde, NY. 23 [06-02-1997]

I am very proud of my country and the fact that both my husband and myself served in the army during the late 1960's at a time when the popularity of serving in Viet Nam was at an all-time low. I still get goosebumps when I hear the National Anthem and see our Flag waving and I get a very personal satisfaction of knowing we did our duty to help in some small way to preserve the dignity of our country in honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to make this country free ... even for all those who don't appreciate it ... mock it ... turn their back on it ... and disgrace it. I wish however that we could educate people in showing that respect in small ways such as removing your hats and standing ... holding your hand over your heart, etc. ... when the National Anthem is playing and the flag passes by. So many people think it isn't necessary ... but it shows so much more than respect ... it shows love for a country that has its problems but gives us so much more than any other country in the world. It is a way to honor each other and show respect for those who gave their lives so we can be free ... something that we all take for granted. Until we start respecting each other ... we will continue to struggle with overwhelming problems. It saddens me to know that our children are not being taught this respect so they too share the patriotic feelings that so much of our history deserves. In teaching respect for our country maybe we can teach that respect for each other and that when we need to stand together ... we can do it with love and honor.
Susanna Freeman, Akron, Ohio [06-04-1997]

Jason Mendez, are you still out there? I appreciate your letting off steam about the education system in the U.S, especially related to history. But it is getting better. I see 4th graders who recognize that history is an interpretation of events, and not necessarily the "real truth" But I honor the flag for all of the good that has happened in its name, while still recognizing the bad, the corrupt etc. Life has both - we have to recognize both in history and in life today to expect positive change in the future. I honor the flag for the promise of the future, and for those who believed in it enough to sacrifice life for liberty - even if some of those causes might have been unjust, the sacrifices were still made. The individual human gave a life for a strong belief. You have to respect that! To me the flag represents freedom and responsibility. Freedom is never free, and responsibility is never easy.. But despite its many faults, Jason, that you can let off steam in this country without fear.
Cindy Boyer, Rochester, NY, History Museum Educator [06-10-1997]

It seems to me Free Thinker that you spend too much time playing with you computer, maybe you need to get involved with some outside activities and maybe you will get some respect for your country, flag etc. Yes, this country hasn't exactly been a role model for freedom for all. But remember The early Americans came to this country to escape a harsh rule. Perhaps thats how your family got here. The original settlers were British. Not Black, Asian, Latino or whatever. Why they wanted slaves I have no idea but yes it was wrong. But the time has come to stop punishing all white people for the crimes our forefathers brought. If this is what is happening then all black people should be sent back to Africa and the all latinos back to Spain and us Anglos back to England. The point is no Countries are perfect, if they were why would everyone come to the U.S. ?
Lo Bridges, Northern Pennsylvania [06-22-1997]

I don't know what to say to Jason Mendez; we are from different worlds. I left school at 16 to join the Army during the Missles of October, 1962. I don't remember talking about it much to friends. I was certain that we would soon be defending our way of life again, and I just had to go. The most poignant thoughts expressed here are the brief ones. The speechmakers, the orators, the puffed-up, overeducated gasbags will always be sounding off. The best thing about them is that they aren't usually very effective people...just noise and nonsense. I wouldn't trade one young airman, marine, sailor, soldier, or guardsman for a thousand Jasons. For a hundred thousand. I have raised three wonderful sons to value our way of life, to respect our flag as the symbol of our freedoms, and to hold their tongues when ignorant. Listening to Jason makes me feel very fortunate to have my sons. We love this country, and we revere its ideals and symbols. This we hold very separate and distinct from the corruption and frailties of men and government. 7/2/97
St James, 51, Bremerton, WA [07-02-1997]

Today is the fourth of July. (Not only the 221st birthday of The United States of America, but it is my father's birthday as well.) I live in Staunton, Virginia, the home of the Statler brothers. The Statlers used to sing every fourth of July, attracting people from all over the country and all over the world. One year, I met a boy from China, who waved around the American flag Harold Reid, one of the Statler Brothers, gave him. When I think of the American flag, I think of him, coming to see, as he put it, his American hero. Hip, hip, hurray for Besty Ross.
Erica Garber, age 14, Staunton, Virginia, [07-06-1997]

When I was younger (not too long ago) I was quite "anti-establishment" and hated America because that was the hip thing to do. I look back on those years with embarassment now. I have since gone to school and spent time in the Peace Corps. (Costa Rica). I now know why this flag means so much to us (most of us) in this country. My heart now flutters when I ponder the flag the Statue of Liberty (One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen) and hear America the Beautiful sung. There are so many wonderful places to live in this country and I for one am glad to be here!! I would also like to add that in my opinion the national anthem should be changed to "America the Beautiful", its a much prettier song.
Ryan Aheriman, 23, WISCONSIN [07-06-1997]

While I am an American with an African ethnic heritage, I dearly respect and love our Country. Twenty-years ago, I was in Newport, RI training to become a Navy Chaplain. I am grateful for the unique cyberspace opportunity to write this message. The United States of America to me is the greatest country in this world . We have done with triumphs and tragedy created a reservoir of opportunities to reach the moon and Mars. I would have and shall always be prepared to give my unqualified loyalty, fidelity and life for our Flag and Country. As a disabled veteran, I beg those who read these words to understand that America has many layers on its birthday cake. To be African-American is not to be Anti-American. Our great country is as one writer suggest a "salad bar". At this salad bar is French, Italian dressing as well as oil and vinegar. We shall remain after 221 years, one Nation Under God.
G. B. Easley, Nashville, TN [07-06-1997]

I've traveled through Poland, UK, Canada, & Mexico. All this travel has given me a real appreciation for the USA. Everywhere people envy us, even while they are picking us apart! There has got to be a reason...
SueChar, visit me at [07-06-1997]

My parents were immigrants from Cuba. They came here in 1926 and raised 9 children. They believed that it was the greatest gift to be an American. They both became citizens because my father said, "if we were to live in America we must be American". They loved this country and taught all their children to love it. The Flag is displayed at my home with the greatest respect. It should not be worn in any shape or manner.
Annie (A First Generation American- Thanks Pa & Ma) [07-06-1997]

A reply to Jason Mendez: Jason, I would agree with you that Americans have made three great mistakes in our history; the destruction of the American Indians, slavery, and the internment of Japanese Americans during WW2. However, while one should certainly learn from the mistakes of the past, one should not wallow in them forever. The American flag represents some of mankind's noblest ideas, but they are difficult to live up to. The flag symbolizes this by representing a promise for a better future. This promise is not only to, and for, Americans, but for many millions of people around the world. I wholeheartedly agree with your right to free speech and I find it ironic that you do not see that the American flag is a symbol of that right. Had you lived in the Soviet Union you would only have had the right to be imprisoned for that kind of remark. You said many students do not know the truth about American history. I think they know not to dwell on the mistakes, but to try to better implement the promise the American flag represents. Many of my black friends would agree. The United States is not perfect (what nation is?), but I am confident that all intelligent Americans, like yourself are still marching to that distant destination. (They probably carry the flag in front of them too.)
Brent Harrelson, 29 yrs. old, from TEXAS [07-09-1997]

I am very proud to be an American, and though many people don't realize it because I just turned 17, I recognize how important my country is and I am proud to live in it. My father was stationed overseas in Germany when I was 5 and my family lived there for 5 years. I have also lived at Fort Ritchie in Maryland. My Uncle works for the Pentagon and my sister and I plan on working in careers as law enforcement officials, whether it be in the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the State Police. I recently won the Daughters of the American Revolution award for an essay of American interest. I am happy that I am an American and I hope that other young people realize how very lucky and important we are in America.
Aimee Pirritano, 17 female Philipsburg Pennsylvani [07-14-1997]

The US flag has good meaning on paper, and I do respect American history before Viet Nam. But since then, this flag lost his meaning. It was the turning point for USA. As I see in this page, people still believe in their country and blindly show their false pride generated by the IMAGE government is working on day by day. They say that some people should have more education in order to understand the pride of being american. I believe that to be proud to be an american, you need a hell of a lack of education. What they teach in school and american history books is the shinning side of the medal, but there is another side. A side you don't want to see, and they don't want you to see. The one where there's the corruption, the manipulation, the gimmicks and lies, the dark side. The dark side of the US is growing up and even if most of the people will still believe in the greatness of their free country, US leaders are still sinking the ship. Of course you can still be proud of it, you are free to dream. I believe that the idea behind America is a nice and respectful dream, but people shoudln't mix theory and reality...and work on reality not dream and image.
McD, Canada [07-14-1997]

I visited Philadelphia and Betsy Ross' house when I came for a math conference in 1996. Seeing Philadelphia and all the historic sights only hightened my patriotism more. I still get choked up when facing the flag and sing our national anthem. Thank you Betsy Ross for creating a wonderful symbol for what America stands for: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Christine Ackerknecht, 3/4 multiage teacher from Williston, Vermont [08-03-1997]

I, too feel a great pride when I see the flag. I spent several years in the Army and feel that everyone should spend time in the service to help our country become stronger and better. I enjoyed browsing through this page on Betsy Ross. Being a special education teacher who this year is teaching Middle School SDC students US History, I found this page very educational for all concerned, including MYSELF!!!
Sally Davis, Apple Valley, CA [08-04-1997]

This land was free before the european men. We didn't need a flag to show how free and wonderful our land was.
Singing Dove [08-24-1997]

CocaCola, McDonald's, DuPont Chemicals, Make money fast, Ab-Flex, America's Funniest Scrap Videos, VietNam, Slavery, Bill Clinton, Soap operas and justice to sell ... nuff said.
Mr Noodle, 20, Canada [08-26-1997]

To me, the American flag is a cool reminder of what our country stands for. I think that if someone wants to burn a flag, it mustn't mean much to them. So too bad for them. Burning the flag is just plain burning the flag. People seem to think that if you're burning the flag, then you're burning what it stands for: freedom, liberty, justice. I don't think so. If someone really felt that the flag represented their freedom, would they burn it? No! No one is against their own rights. If someone burns a flag they're burning exactly what it means to them: absolutely nothing. If they find no significance in the American flag, that's their own problem, not mine. So if you want to stomp all over the flag or burn it, go ahead. As for me, I choose to salute it.
Miranda Moreno, 16 years old-St. Louis High School - St. Louis, MI [09-03-1997]

Personally, I don't know what the American flag means to me or what Betsy Ross means to me becase I don't know her and the American isn't my flag.
Mabel Tetteh, 16 years old, st. paul [09-18-1997]

My flag means a lot to me. It fills me with pride knowing that other countries recognize it. We might be a minority and all but our pride will never end. Because "GANAS is all we need". So, I believe that we should stick together, because someone from upstairs is watching us. And I'm just not directing this to my mexican people, but to all the cultures throughout the world.
Monica Quinones, 15, St. Paul, MN [09-18-1997] [GANAS is a Hispanic youth group -Webmaster]

Hello, to me the American flag means and stands for all the hypocracies that our government is made up of. Some say it stands for freedom, so if we agree with that, why do we burn it? Well, let me ask you: if it stands for freedom then why don't we have the freedom to burn it anywhere we want?
thea fuerstenberg, 16, St. Paul, MN [09-18-1997]

The american flag means unity
nate martin, St. Paul, MN [09-18-1997]

The flag means nothing to me at all. To me, it is just a flag representing the United States, and that's all.
L, St. Paul, MN [09-18-1997]

I feel that the stars on the flag represent all the people in the world. I feel that Betsy Ross was a hard worker to sew the whole flag.
Maria Bennett, St. Paul, MN [09-18-1997]

The American flag means to me glory, hope and unity for Americans. To me, Betsy Ross is a true American and a great creator.
Jeffrey Norris, 16 St. Paul [09-18-1997]

The American flag to me is a reminder what our country is all about. My words are out just like me. peace out with much love
Emma Rand, I'm 15, I live in St. Paul MN [09-18-1997]

The American flag means to me that it stands for unity and freedom for all.
Richard Watson, St. Paul, MN [09-18-1997]

Well I think it was a great idea because every time you look at the flag it reminds you where you are and it reminds you that we are the U.S. and you should be proud to be where you are.
Christal McMurray, St. Paul, 15 years old [09-18-1997]

I feel this flag is what hold this country together. I'm happy that Betsy Ross made the flag. I won't go on and take up other peoples space to share their thoughts.
Shawntae Brown, Arlington, VA [09-19-1997]

To me, time is one of the most important things. Time always repeats itself. Besty Ross is very important because she made a symbol of freedom for us to look at. She left it up to us to keep it that way. I wish more people could see and understand the significance of that.
Bonnie Sue Pattengill, 18 from the boodox of Cobleskill N.Y. [09-24-1997]

Our Flag is just a symbol. But what a wonderful one!! Today everyone is caught up in "if it feels good, do it." What a shame. I feel our Flag needs the protection and demands respect. Without it you "feel good do it" type people may forget what country you live in. I would love to see some of the protesters protest in other contries and get away with it. What the flag stands for gives you the right to protest the way you do. Destroy it and you may lose your vision.
Tom Kovach, cleveland, ohio - 43 [09-25-1997]

I believe that Betsy Ross was the first to make the American Flag. I think that the flag that she made was beautifully crafted and deserved to be called THE AMERICAN FLAG.
Lori Patrick, 29 years old, Columbus, GA [10-01-1997]

Our flag is the most beautiful flag of all!
Kristen Williams, 24, Fortson, Ga [10-01-1997]

I believe that the general disrespect for our flag and country started when they stopped requiring foreign born people who wanted to become U.S. citizens to learn our history and demonstrate a basic understanding of the Constitution, as it was for my parents and millions of others before the disgrace that is our current administration relaxed the laws so as to swell the ranks who would vote for them.
August Giulianelle, Age: 70, U.S. Navy Vet., Melbourne, Fla. [10-04-1997]

I think that it is very important that every one should know about our freedom. That people died just so we could vote, but do all people vote? NO and they should vote.
Jennie Knott, 13,Lincoln NE [10-16-1997]

One cannot imagine the importance of the Flag until they realize the freedoms that it stands for. We, as Americans, are encouraged to question the Government we serve through our vote. We are allowed to disagree with anything we so please. We have the right to protest, to challange, and to test all things that are presented in the name of our government. This is known as freedom. Some peoples of the world cannot even comprehend this thought. This is what our Flag represents. The Freedom we enjoy as Americans.
Tom Gianni, Philadelphia born and raised - 48 years old [10-21-1997]

This is a wonderful page! It is the most informative I have seen. However, I feel that many people have been misinformed about the proposed amendment facing congress about the flag. I want all American citizens here in the U.S.A. to be aware of the proposed amendment that would protect the American flag from criminal descretion. The proposed amendment before Congress simply states, "The Congress and the States shall have power to prohibit the physical descretion of the flag of the United States of America." There is no conflict with the first amendment which states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or of the right of people to peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances." I think people need to realize the importance of this proposed amendment. Millions of innocent men and women have fought and given their lives so freedom could be. If we did not have this flag, or the icon of freedom, would we even have the freedom of expression? We need to honor and respect those who gave their lives for us to be the "land of the free." Vote yes for the amendment!
Lisa B., Age 18, Wisconsin [10-27-1997]

Such great information. Used the star cutting thing in a presentation and it was well received. Thank you.
Rosemary Stockle, Illinois [10-30-1997]

To me the flag means unity brotherhood.
jeremy bahr [11-10-1997]

I think the flag is full of crap. I read the others' opinions about people that died for the flag in war. They didn't die for the flag; the flag killed them. This is a horrible country that flourishes with racism, hate, and drugs. Everybody knows that. I saw videos in my school about america during the cold war, how they taught kids to "duck and cover" when the atom bomb came, like they'd have a chance of survival anyways. And we thought that was god's gift to americans, destruction? People wonder why this country is messed up now, and why the youth are violent and using drugs. The answer lies within ourselves. Still, I'd rather live here than in China or Somolia.
Blake Dotson, 15 [11-10-1997]

I think the flag stands for the good and also the bad in our country. There are many achievements that people in our country have accomplished. The flag stands for the rights that we have, and also the rights that we will have in the future.
Anonymous, 16, St. Paul, Mn [11-11-1997]

Really it doesn't mean anything to me. She means a lot to me and I like her and her beautiful flag.
peaches, st. paul, mn [11-11-1997]

I think the American Flag maens to me is Justice, Peace and freedom. Its what all the rights we have to be proud and happy.
Lee Vang [11-11-1997]

The Flag of 50 stars hangs above our heads as we say our prayers. It holds a secret about Betsy Ross that can never be told.
Anonymous [11-11-1997]

The flag means freedom, life, liberty, justice for everyone that lives in the U.S.
jason, 15 Saint Paul MN [11-13-1997]

Betsy, you gave us a symbol to look to for hope and pride! Thank you!
Natey G. [11-18-1997]

The flag shouldn't be an idol we look at to confirm our freedom, freedom should be in the hearts of the American people.
Nikki, St. Paul, Minnesota [11-19-1997]

To me, the American Flag represents our freedom from Britain and how we fought in the Revolutionary War, with bloodshed and the mourning over the dead, just so we can be our own nation to have a flag of our own, and to break away from Britains' way of life. When I hear the name Betsy Ross, I remember the lady who sewed our flag together, to show that we are free and we had established 50 states, which shows we have been successful in our country.
Amy Her, Saint Paul 11/19/97 [11-19-1997]

An undying pride and freedom symbol that has a meaning for each of us -- whether positive or negative.
David Mendez 15 yrs old St. Paul Arlington [11-20-1997]

To me the American Flag is not an object, but an emotion. An emotion not of hate, love, joy, or freedom but an emotion of all feelings. The flag is but a mascot, shining and showing our beliefs and thoughts without words, but with feeling and symbolism. To all the soldiers we say, to all the freedom, to all the Government, the peace, the hardship. The flag takes the blame and shines the success, and anything capable of its stratitude should be awarded immortality like it.
Andrew Kandels, Saint Paul, MN, Arlington High School [11-21-1997]

What does the flag mean to me? What you should be asking is: What does it mean to me at my age? Well right now I could care less about the flag. I don't wake up in the morning and say,"Gosh, I sure do appreciate the american flag." I know I probably should, but I have alot more things to think and worry about than something that doesn't mean anything to me at all. I guess it's just the age I am at. It's just that everyone says you should respect America and be happy to live here where it is a free country. The truth is, what is there to be so proud about. Look at what society is like. so many people are filled with hatred. They hate people that are different and people that have different beliefs. Why should we be proud of murders, rapists, and especially WARS! I guess you're thinking,"Who am I to express my opinion on something that most people care about. I'm just a young deliquent that has no idea what she's talking about." That was my opinion and you should respect that just how I respect all the others.
Niki Lacktorin, 15 St.Paul, MN 11/21/97 [11-22-1997]

What the American flag means to me? The American flags symbolizes freedom and independence. When I see the flag, Its really not a big deal to me. Its like I know what it means and what it symolizes but it does not really matter to me. Ask yourself this question. Are we really free? Theres still descrimination, violence, and rights being violated. So in a way we are only free when it comes to certain things. Thats how I feel. When the National Anthem is being sung, I pay my respects and sing along or not talk.
Dreema Carter, St. Paul Mn I'm 16 years old. In the 10th grade attend Arlington Senior High School. [11-24-1997]

The American Flag really doesn't have any sentimental value to me. If it wasn't for the slave traders than I probably wouldn't be here. The flag represents all those innocent people killed over nonsense. I personally don't have anything against Betsy Ross. All she did was create a piece of history! Thanks!
Katonya Alexander-M*A*C, 16 African-american female [11-25-1997]

The flag represents all America stands for. Thank god for vets. My hero is Lt. Col. Paul Tibetts. Can't believe there are Americans who hate him. God save us from do-gooders and protect our veterans. If anyone knows Paul Tibetts, give him my love. One proud American
Jim Hanner, Waterloo IL [11-26-1997]

The American flag stands for our country's pride as a nation. It represents every U.S. citizen as our trophy of love, commitment, and pride and every person who is apart of this nation should respect and cherish our flag.
Dan A. Rupprecht [12-19-1997]

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