Impact of SB 850 on Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission

2009-2010 Budget

The budget adopted by the Senate in SB 850 would have a devastating effect on the programs of PHMC as well as place in jeopardy the historical assets held in trust for the people of Pennsylvania. The additional reduction of $4,457,000, added to the reductions proposed in the Governor's Budget, represents a 25% cut in PHMC funding. This translates into a loss of 118 positions or 38% of PHMC staff.

SB 850 also eliminates $6.8 million from Keystone Fund, further devastating the Commission's ability to provide for essential repairs, fire and security protection and essential needs for more than 450 buildings and their associated infrastructure managed by PHMC. These buildings contain several million museum artifacts and archival collections that together with landmark structures are the historic treasures of the Commonwealth. These tangible remains of the cultural history of the people of Pennsylvania are irreplaceable and would be subject to fire, theft, vandalism, mold, water damage and deterioration from lack of maintenance.

The following is a summary of the impact that these reductions would have on PHMC and its programs.

State Museum of Pennsylvania

Historic Sites and Museums

Archives and History


Historical Marker Program

Preservation of Historic Buildings, Museums and Collections