Sheep Shearing

Each year, the lovely ladies of the Thompson-Neely House, sheep that is, receive their annual hair cuts. See if you can answer some of the questions about sheep shearing and making clothing during George Washington's day in this crossword puzzle.


1 Wool is spun on this.

2 The sound a sheep makes.

3 Linen is made from this plant.

6 The time of year that sheep are usually sheared.

8 An item for your bed that can be made with wool.

9 What is done with a needle and thread.

11 Weaving is done on this.


1 A person who makes thread into cloth.

4 The name of a baby sheep.

5 How socks are made with yarn.

6 Like scissors, these cut the wool from the sheep.

7 This is what is done to the wool before it is brushing hair.

10 This is like fur or hair on a sheep.