Sheep Shearing


Costumed interpreters/demonstrator can share with your students a variety of informative sessions during this interactive experience focusing on the spring and our stars of the show, the Thompson-Neely sheep. The event is organized so that schools can spend as little or as much time on site as they wish. The only thing your group has a scheduled time for is the shearing. Otherwise, small groups of students with their chaperones wander around the Thompson-Neely section of the Park and choose the activities and tours they wish to enjoy which include spinning, weaving, open-hearth cooking, Colonial laundering and much more. (Other schools will be on site doing the same thing as you, so make sure you can account for all your school's students and chaperones.) This is a great way to introduce spring, seasonal living, animals, clothing production and history to your students. You can get your kids excited for the trip by tryin some of these ideas: introduce a new word a day that they will hear at the Park — linen, wool, shear, hearth, spinning, weaving; make your art activity drawing a picture of a sheep or felting wool; talk to your kids about the change of seasons and how some things happen only in the spring.

Fees and school size

$4.00 per student for the 2008 school year. Fees apply to children aged 3 and above. Pre-payment is preferable, but we can accept payment that day. Payment can be made by cash, check or money order. Checks and/or money orders should be made payable to "Washington Crossing Historic Park" and should be filled out for the exact amount as change for checks or money orders cannot be issued at the site. We can accommodate many sizes of groups during the day. Teachers should discuss their class sizes and opportunities with the site when booking.


One adult admission is free with every 10 students. Extra adults are $6.00 each. Chaperones and teachers are expected to remain with their groups during the sheep shearing experience


Sheep shearing is only two days in the spring, a Friday and a Saturday. See the special event section of the website for the current dates.


Children aged 3 to 10 years are great for this day, however, our younger students, pre-school through second grade are the ideal audience for the day.

Accommodations and Transportation

There are plenty of spacious areas of land for students to run and play or picnic on the lawn. To rent one of the Park's picnic pavilions, a separate fee is charged. (See rental section of the website.) Sheep shearing takes place at the Thompson-Neely House. The Lower Park tour and Bowman's Hill Tower are not a scheduled part of the day, but can be discussed when booking the group as an addition to the program. Washington Crossing Historic Park has a museum shop in the Visitor Center.

No food concession or gift shop is at the Thompson-Neely House. Field trips are scheduled for rain or shine, and it is up to the group to cancel or reschedule. (The sheep need shearing no matter what the weather, so we have tents and can easily accommodate groups if the weather is rainy.)