Answer key:

  1. Durham boats...only one may be in the boat barn or four depending on the time of year. 3 of the boats are put in the water around Christmas time in order to soak up water and swell for the Christmas crossings.
  2. Ferry House, Inn & Tavern
  3. Bridge
  4. Near this spot Washington Crossed the Delaware on Christmas Night 1776 the eve of the battle of Trenton
  5. 13 flags for 13 original colonies (states)
  6. today there are 50 states
  7. Gen. Washington...he is also on the dollar bill and the quarter
  8. Washington Crossing the Delaware on the Christmas Day 1776. No, it is the artistís idea of what happened, we know they crossed at night but there is light in the sky, the glaciers of ice would be sheets of ice . Emmanuel Leutze, 1851.
  9. December 25, 1776, right here at what is now Washington Crossing Historic Park