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Numbers ... arrived, deserted, remained, died, length of enlistment

Q.I know that exact statistics are hard to come by. However, I'm trying to track down information on the following:

Pat Davies, Canoga Park, CA

A.Exact numbers are incredibly hard to find. The numbers come from muster rolls, payrolls, discharges, orderly books, diaries, letters and enlistment papers, newspaper articles and etc. These materials are spread across the country in various repositories and even then, the most they provide are estimates with a small percentage allowed for a margin of error. Original documents are the best sources for information. Even then you get some disparity in their remarks. (See the answer to your question #2)

1. Number of soldiers that arrived at Valley Forge on December 19, 1777.

2. Number of soldiers that deserted during the encampment at Valley Forge. 3. Number of soldiers that remained at Valley Forge until the troops moved out on June 19, 1778. 4. Number of soldiers who died during the Revolution. 5. I have found several references to the short term enlistments common in the Continental Army, but no information on the actual length of service. How long were the enlistments?

SAS, Courtesy The Valley Forge Historical Society

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