What Are They Saying?

Look at this picture and fill in the balloons with what you think they might be saying. Your response can be serious or humorous. Submit your entries, and we will put the best answers online each week.

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What are they saying?
Picture by Drew Zimmerman from William B.T. Trego

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George: surrender
Soldier: never
[dhf, ] 12-08-2012

George: i have a confession i like the new englan patriots (crying)
Soldier: mee too
[aj, ] 12-08-2012

George: Oh no! Now you can't cross the Delaware with me!
Soldier: General Washington sir! A man ate my coat and now I don't have one!
[Elsa Nelson, ] 12-08-2012

George: You guys look tired
Soldier: No duh!
[Me!, ] 12-08-2012

George: Let's fight... Wait! Let me just check my phone.
Soldier: What is a P-H-O-N-E????
[Flash_Cat, ] 12-08-2012

George: Does anyone know where we are?
Soldier: Hold on. My IPhone's having a hard time picking up a signal. Oh-there we go.
[anonymous, ] 12-08-2012

George: Remember what von Steuben taught you, men!
Soldier: Sir, yes, sir!
[Bekahbug111, ] 12-08-2012

George: you ate my cupcake
Soldier: (no comment)
[anonymous, ] 12-08-2012

George: charge!
Soldier: run!
[gfrug, roiur] 12-08-2012

George: Don't shoot! I want to eat the cupcake first!
Soldier: Do you have one for me?
[Andrew, ] 12-08-2012

George: my quote bubble is white like the snow
Soldier: my quote bubble is red
[Charles Bonasaro, I am 6 years old. I love American History. Do you want to come over?] 11-29-2012

George: Let's fight for our country
Soldier: yes sir
[Paris Freeman, age:8] 11-29-2012

George: Start the war in 5,4,3,2...
Soldier: wait!wait!i have to go peee!
[anonymous, ] 11-29-2012

George: Lets fight for are country now
Soldier: Ya
[Rebecca, Age 9] 11-15-2012

George: now lets fight!
Soldier: for our country!
[shayla, ] 11-08-2012

George: no...we're gonna win
Soldier: were gonna die! :c
[Roderick and meriah, ] 11-05-2012

George: Dont die
Soldier: No promises
[Nathan, ] 11-05-2012

George: Hello are u trained
Soldier: No
[Nix, ] 11-05-2012

George: We have hoses, what now!
Soldier: Well, we have guns, what now!
[Bella and Allie, ] 11-05-2012

George: The army skills you learn here will pay off
Soldier: It's not worth it, we are all dying from disease
[Hunter farrimond, Colby Davis, ] 11-05-2012

George: We can can get through this! it may be cold but think about what could happen if we won'
Soldier: yeah
[anonymous, ] 11-05-2012

George: We will fight till them lobster backs are running home
Soldier: Yes sir
[Will k, ] 11-05-2012

George: Lets move men
Soldier: It's cold
[Hatch and Matt, ] 11-05-2012

George: You guys better fight hard!
Soldier: We will!
[paulina, vivienne, cameron, ] 11-05-2012

George: Lets make our way for Valley Forge!
Soldier: Some: YAA! Some: It's cold, I'm hungry, etc
[Andrea Magoon and Sophia Rodriguez and Lizzie Wellford, ] 11-05-2012

George: i have no friends
Soldier: no sir its ok you have us, even though we're going to die soon, but its ok its ok
[i dont know, ] 11-05-2012

George: What are u looking at?
Soldier: just wondering how ur boots got so shinny, oh, wait i shined them!
[sarah, ] 11-05-2012

George: What are we fighting for again cuz I forgot?
Soldier: Ummmm....I guess for waffles?
[Jacqueline, 10, nc] 10-21-2012

George: Hey! What are yall doing?
Soldier: Well....what do you think I'm gonna do?
[Jacqueline, 10, nc] 10-21-2012

George: Wait, are you Allies or Axis?
Soldier: What type of time period are you in?
[Maggie, 13] 10-21-2012

George: Sometimes you have to do things bigger than yourself.
Soldier: Onward
[April, ] 10-21-2012

George: whats up red coats we will win
Soldier: we are not the red coats we are the lobster backs
[bennett clay seyhan, ] 09-30-2012

George: were's valleyforge
Soldier: i dont know
[sophia, ] 09-25-2012

George: hey...wanna play something...? like symon says?...ok i got a good one, symon says piont ur guns up..
Soldier: well ok....
[Maria Torres, 14 yrs old at fulmore middle school.] 09-25-2012

George: you are cool
Soldier: meeee
[lulu, 13 age ogden,ut] 09-15-2012

George: hello kids.
Soldier: Who are you calling kids you baby
[elizabeth, ] 08-16-2012

George: So what is this war about again?
Soldier: ummmmm........... I don't know........ mabe.......... it's for waffles........
[hi, ] 06-06-2012

George: ok men lets move
Soldier: why does he get a horse and we get a bloody foot?????
[seth benz, ] 06-06-2012

George: lets destory the british once and for all!
Soldier: why is this man yelling at us?????
[seth benz, ] 06-06-2012

George: win our ffffffrrrrrreedddddooommm!
Soldier: ya! !
[US amarica, ] 06-06-2012

George: hi
Soldier: hi sir
[alejandro, ] 06-06-2012

George: the redcoats are comimg the redcoats are coming
Soldier: isnt that paul reveres line
[david sawvel, 11 years old] 06-06-2012

George: Red + Socks= Red Socks
Soldier: HEY! George Washington Socks
[Arianna, ] 06-06-2012

George: Hey! We are going to win? WE WANT FREEDOM! Am I right troop? "Totally"You want to fight?
Soldier: Your on brother =)
[Arianna, 10 age] 06-06-2012

George: Man IM HUNGRYYYY..!
Soldier: Hey wanna go to Mickey D's later on after we warm up?
[Lymea Lock, 13 Sagianw Michigan Bow Peeps Lol] 06-06-2012

George: you shall never say die!
Soldier: Yes but I`m on the last level of Angry Birds.
[Andrew, ] 06-06-2012

George: We want our independence now
Soldier: No
[Jessica, ] 06-06-2012

George: What you eating????
Soldier: My army breakfast! What'd think shag?
[Peddy D, Age:8 Adele's biggest fan B'day July 16.] 06-06-2012

George: were gona die
Soldier: oh yes you are
[Marcus May, ] 06-06-2012

George: Hey! Whar's up?
Soldier: Nothing. Ehh! What are you doin here?
[Arianna Arriola, ] 06-06-2012

George: ! !
Soldier: Don't backfire on us !
[anonymous, ] 06-06-2012

George: "Keep watch for the Redcoats, person!"
Soldier: "I'm not person, I'm Avery! And it was Aydin's turn to watch for Redcoats not mine."
[Lucie Lottes, age8] 06-06-2012

George: what are you doing here?
Soldier: you smell bad - get away from me
[Fred, I am 43 years old. I am a single man living with my grandma in my mom's basement. No Joke.] 06-06-2012

George: hay soldier!
Soldier: hay is for cows and horse like you
[travis, age 10 likes cats] 06-06-2012

George: go away!
Soldier: no you??????!
[anonymous, ] 06-06-2012

George: where's the bathroom?
Soldier: over by Independence Hall
[anonymous, ] 06-06-2012

George: We will win the war for our country!
Soldier: Than lets go to war!
[Sahil Shaik, age: 9] 06-06-2012

George: What's your name, soldier?
Soldier: king george!
[Riofly, ] 06-06-2012

George: "Surrender or die!"
Soldier: "wait can we do this later,cuz im hungry
[anonymous, ] 06-06-2012

George: fight
Soldier: i am hugrey
[hope, ] 06-06-2012

George: ok! lets win this war for : TOM PETTY!
Soldier: lets rocknroll!
[willy may a tom petty fan, ] 06-06-2012

George: stop the british
Soldier: stop it stop the british
[Ta'Tiyana, 8] 06-06-2012

George: Hi, What are you doing?
Soldier: You know what I'm doing! Now get a move on!
[Alyssa, I'm 8] 06-06-2012

George: I think that I'm in the wrong war... I should be in the American Revolutionary War. You guys look like those Confederate troops in the American Civil War.
Soldier: Uhhh, no, you are in the Revolutionary War. But how do you know that there's a Civil War?! That's nearly 90 years from now!
[GhostBusters, Over 160 and still going...] 06-06-2012

George: I'm going to listen to the Beatles...
Soldier: Hey, don't forget MEEEEE!
[John Lennon and Paul McCartney, I used to be 20] 06-06-2012

George: hey you there noo dont shoo oh to late
Soldier: noo shoot george hes ugly
[tj gormz, ] 06-06-2012

George: hey you no not you the other guy yay you i like pie
Soldier: ummmmmmmmm i think i like tocos
[daniela, ] 05-01-2012

George: Hey I am trying to watch a movie
Soldier: what movie
[anonymous, ] 04-30-2012

George: destroy the French
Soldier: Wait what
[anonymous, ] 04-30-2012

George: "Guys, use ninja disguise, TREE"
Soldier: "Where did they go?"
[Aidan Park, ] 04-30-2012

George: Hey
Soldier: Hey
[Emma, ] 04-30-2012

George: I'm tired of this horse. where can I get a Toyota?
Soldier: Right by Safeway.
[A fan, ] 04-30-2012

George: "Hey is it just me or do I look like batman?"
Soldier: "Just do the batman & sing the batman theem song" nananananananana BATMAN!
[nunya, 4-24-12] 04-30-2012

George: You look cold.
Soldier: Did you throw that water balloon at us?!
[A fan, ] 04-25-2012

George: don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!
Soldier: But I can't even see them!
[cookie, ] 04-25-2012

George: As Patrick Henry says, "Give me liberty or give me death!"
Soldier: Wait!I don't want to die!
[cookie, ] 04-25-2012

George: man it's cold
Soldier: duh!
[reagan lowden, age:10 alabaster alabama] 04-25-2012

George: Man,you look ugly in that uniform.
Soldier: No,your uniform is ugly!
[Justin, 8] 04-25-2012

George: hi i am the doctor
Soldier: delete! delete!
[rebecca, age 9, doctor who fan] 04-19-2012

George: okay now you have to go i told you to do it before the war started
Soldier: sir,i have to go pee
[ivy, age 9] 04-19-2012

George: Okay. Now, remember what I taught you to say?
Soldier: "This. Is. SPARTA!"
[Hannah, ] 04-19-2012

George: Hey Fred, What are these guy's doing here?
Soldier: exterminate!
[Becky, Age 9] 04-19-2012

George: i think we sould just bomb the british!
Soldier: yes yes good idea! lets do it!
[anonymous, ] 04-15-2012

George: I have a horse and you don't Ha!
Soldier: Curse you
[Rainbow, ] 04-15-2012

George: Steady Men.
Soldier: Ready Aim Fire
[jake, 8] 04-15-2012

George: You look fetching in that coat. Did you get it at Macy's?
Soldier: No, I designed it myself, trade ya for the horse!
[Big Momma Kim, MA transplant to CA 45 with a 5th grade doing a Revolutionary War project] 04-15-2012

George: put your guns down, we surrender.
Soldier: but we havn,t even started fighting yet!
[anonymous, ] 04-15-2012

George: exscuse me, but are we making peace here, or just standing here?
Soldier: mm, well, to tell the truth, I realy don,t know!
[cayla marino, Age 8, and likes to tell jokes.] 04-15-2012

George: do you want to fight now or later at 3:00pm
Soldier: yea sure. lets fight all week exexpt sundays thats our brake
[Maria Martinez teamed up with Wasserman Foundation to support the classroom project ''Art and Technology Print Masters'' at DonorsChoose.org., ] 04-15-2012

George: we come in as a family and go out as a family
Soldier: fire!
[sydney, 10] 04-07-2012

George: is this the real life, or is
Soldier: stop you're making me cry
[me, hello] 03-31-2012

George: 4 score and seven years ago-
Soldier: ahhh they're shooting in our direction
[awesome, I am awesome] 03-31-2012

George: I am going to Florida for a tan.
Soldier: Then... Who is going to lead us?
[Kidflash, Florida's Siblings.] 03-31-2012

George: once u enter the war there is no turning back
Soldier: so i should go potty now?
[devan, ] 03-28-2012

George: this is what you get for asking me how much i way
Soldier: it is a question please answer!
[anonymous, ] 03-28-2012

George: Do you wanna start the war now or what?
Soldier: Sure but first do u wanna a cupcake?
[McKayla, ] 03-28-2012

Soldier: we are out of twinkies sir.
George: no!
[anonymous, ] 03-28-2012

George: men go get me cheese burger from bk and a diet coco-cola
Soldier: ohh myy ggooosshh a cheese burger can i eat it
[jay, i love baseball and im 3] 03-28-2012

George: i have to go potty
Soldier: men! i have one more bar onmy phone an im gonnadie watch
[chase, i love baseball] 03-24-2012

George: oh my gosh where gonna die
Soldier: men! im a women ywho looks like a man
[jay, ] 03-24-2012

George: I texted you
Soldier: Omg
[anonymose, ] 03-23-2012

George: hey! what are you doing? march!
Soldier: i will i'm just waiting for march
[nollo michealangelo divinci, 11 i have a frog named jaba!] 03-23-2012

George: Guys, my cell phones not working, must be low bars out here!
Soldier: Sir, eh, what is a cell phone?
[Angela, 16, South Dakota high school of Music] 03-22-2012

George: let's fight! !1
Soldier: we're ready!
[kyleigh, I am 10] 03-13-2012

George: Hi! I'm Billy Bob Bob Billy!
Soldier: Oh yeah? I'm Billy Bob Joe!
[Gordon, I'm 85 and that doesn't mean I cant be cool!] 03-13-2012

George: come on men move it!
Soldier: Yes,sir!
[Albigence, ] 03-09-2012

George: hello my name is george washington
Soldier: hello
[anonymous, ] 03-09-2012

George: what does interpertate means,what grade are you in.
Soldier: i don't know what interpertate means and i am in kindergard
[anonymous, ] 03-08-2012

George: Come on and let's go fight these guys or let them surrender from the war.
Soldier: We would never want to surrender from you old,wrinky nasty men.
[LeChett Sharnyce Harvey, ] 03-08-2012

George: hello we will be fighting you soon
Soldier: nah
[makenzie, ] 03-08-2012

George: Only 15 more miles, men.
Soldier: Men? I'm a woman disguised as a guy.
[anonymous, ] 03-06-2012

George: relax men, shoot when ready, or die!
Soldier: Thanks for the memo!:(
[Kayla, Ohio, It RULES!] 03-06-2012

George: Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!
Soldier: I thought that was at Bunker Hill.
[Kayla, ] 03-03-2012

George: what are you guys waiting for?shoot them
Soldier: What? I cant here you over the banging
[Katie, ] 03-01-2012

George: Men, you have fought bravely and for this I thank you!
Soldier: How about a raise? I got seven kids to feed.
[Misty, Los Angeles] 02-29-2012

George: move it peeps! back to work!
Soldier: What are you gonna do mister, sit around eating popcorn?
[Annoymus, Hola!] 02-29-2012

George: Fight or surrender! We won't give up!
Soldier: Never! You're going down. Bye - Bye!
[anonymous, John Singleton Copley (Hi Mrs. Jackson. Do you know who I am?] 02-29-2012

George: Wat r u guys doing?
Soldier: Doin' wat we're supposed to do, walking. Y do u get the horse?
[g5jj57675h, ] 02-25-2012

George: do you listen to rap ?
Soldier: yes, could we play on the computer ?
[Geraldine von houck, a girl age 9] 02-23-2012

George: we will die..... RUN FOR YOUR LIVES !
Soldier: You heard the man ! RUN FOR LIVES! AAAAHHH
[Geraldine von houck, age 9] 02-23-2012

George: This is impossible. You've read the history books. We've already fought at Brandywine and we rest over the winter.
Soldier: Well, we are supposed to see your bloody footprints in the snow, but I don't see that,either.
[Hi, Mrs. Jackson are you reading this?, My project character is John Burgoyne. Do you know who I am now?] 02-23-2012

George: C'mon peoples! We got work to do! We have WAR here!
Soldier: Yeah! C'mon guys we have to train for the WAR!
[Zarina, age:10] 02-23-2012

George: Lets go to and tea party and map out are area
Soldier: yeah lets partay!
[Jadeya, I,m 7] 02-21-2012

George: we must take Cornwalis.
Soldier: take him we shall your exulintsy
[anonymous, ] 02-20-2012

George: We will be... VICTORIOUS
Soldier: Yeah if we can kick some English booty.
[Yo Mama, ] 02-20-2012

George: We come in peace.
Soldier: What are you all soldiers doing??? FIGHT!
[Braulio Narranjo, ] 02-17-2012

George: will we win the final battle
Soldier: duh we will wil in yorktown they are going to play the world turnd upside down
[anonymous, ] 02-17-2012

George: ready men lets open fire
Soldier: men lets go get a big mac
[Dalton, ] 02-17-2012

George: You guys are amasing!
Soldier: This guy's fooling around. Ready,aim,FIIRREEE!
[Nathan, ] 02-16-2012

George: come on lets go home and get all dressed up for drakes consert
Soldier: I'll get my gold chain
[anonymous, ] 02-14-2012

George: Let us FIGHT!
Soldier: ok. its fine with me- NOTTT
[jade thewst, age:12 live:anaheim,ca] 02-14-2012

George: Do you have any grey poupon?
Soldier: Check my haversack.
[Rickiej, ] 02-12-2012

George: Do you know the way to San Jose
Soldier: To the right, to the right, to the right
[Lady j, ] 02-12-2012

George: for the people!
Soldier: ya for oprah!wait people,i thought we were still going for oprah
[madilyn, ] 02-11-2012

George: take this and that
Soldier: we will never surrender
[anonymous, ] 02-11-2012

George: We have almost won the war
Soldier: We will kill all your men
[anonymous, ] 02-10-2012

George: omg lets party i am going to drakes consert who wants to come with me
Soldier: i love drake lets go for it
[alysea, 10 years old i live in san leandro hi] 02-08-2012

George: everyone pay attention!
Soldier: Srry but mine is at mcdonalds
[Ur mom is at war, I'm 10 yrs old NOT XD] 02-06-2012

George: We come in peace.
Soldier: Watch out! It's a alien look alike of george Washington!
[Random person, ] 02-06-2012

George: Does this horse make me look fat?
Soldier: yeah!
[Gray, 12] 02-03-2012

George: lets fight so I can get a life time suply of pie!
Soldier: i want strawberry!
[Mica, I am 10 years old.] 01-31-2012

George: lets fight for british
Soldier: YAY BRI... wait what?
[hmy, ] 01-31-2012

George: This is england's land
Soldier: hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahjahahah
[meme, jhohohiuyfdfhfytod] 01-31-2012

George: how come you dont have a horse?
Soldier: because im exersizing
[anonymous, ] 01-31-2012

George: Alright men, lets win this war for Oprah Winfrey. FOR OPRAH!
Soldier: Yeah! For Opr...... wait who?
[Dev Dhruv, age 10] 01-30-2012

George: Pwned
Soldier: like a boss
[anonymous, ] 01-26-2012

George: Surrender or i will smack your booty.
Soldier: Please anything but that.
[Ryan, ] 01-25-2012

George: Wow, ain't they got a big group of men
Soldier: ha-ha! we have caught u washington! surrender!
[jess, 12] 01-25-2012

George: hold your horses
Soldier: but sir you're the only one with a horse
[ahsl, ] 01-25-2012

George: Give us our freedom or we will give you death.
Soldier: We will not unite!
[anonymous, ] 01-25-2012

George: Don't fire 'til you see the whites of there eyes.
Soldier: We see the whites of there eyes can we fire
[anonymous, ] 01-25-2012

George: baconnnn is awesome
Soldier: yesssssssss
[Allie Jane, ] 01-24-2012

George: Yo dude stop pointing that gun at me
Soldier: no
[j.m, 100000000000000] 01-24-2012

George: go get me a dog
Soldier: yes fine
[Phillip, ] 01-24-2012

George: butter side down!
Soldier: butter side up!
[toast!, ] 01-19-2012

George: OMG it's Justin Bieber!
Soldier: yeah REAL mature real mature
[hi my name is bob, ] 01-17-2012

George: hi
Soldier: hahahahahahahahahaha
[Jade, I am 8 years old] 01-16-2012

George: Don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes
Soldier: But sir, they're all wearing sunglasses
[Siobhan, I'll tell you a secret, I'm 10 but that's not my name, my name's Shelly] 01-12-2012

George: surrender or else
Soldier: or else what? hit me with hot dog? ya know george were getting to old for these threts y dont we just put our troubles behind us kk
[AJeasy, ] 01-12-2012

George: we will win...we wont loose....now who wants a cookie chicken nuggets and a chocolate shake
Soldier: yeah...yeah...we do!
[jajajajajajajajaja, ] 01-12-2012

George: were is molly pitcher at
Soldier: she is feching a pitcher of water
[jacey.veach, 11] 01-12-2012

George: Do we really have to fight at 4am in the morning? [yawn]
Soldier: well, we could just come back later at 4 PM. [scratches back]
[Personal, ] 01-12-2012

George: OMG! Yellow snow, my favorite kind of snow!
Soldier: Don't, just dont.
[giveme$5imbroke, ] 01-12-2012

George: tonight is taco night
Soldier: no it's pizza night
[I like potatos, I wont tell you wierdos] 01-09-2012

George: Wierdo's!
Soldier: Losers!
[Bertha, 5th grade] 01-07-2012

George: Put those guns down or we will kill you!
Soldier: Do it then, I'm not scared homeboy.
[Miguel, 5th grade] 01-07-2012

George: can i have a taco
Soldier: shut it twinkie we dont have no tacos
[Joey, ] 01-06-2012

George: ehem..... Gentleman i am the spy
Soldier: i wil crush your head to a little pea

George: serender or die
Soldier: never
[reenyroads, ] 01-05-2012

George: back off or pay the Price
Soldier: but this isn't the story G..g whats your name again?
[ArtGX, 12] 01-05-2012

George: we come in piece
Soldier: what are you an alien
[courtney, ] 01-05-2012

George: yo! home skillit biscuit!
Soldier: what up home fry!
[pretty presley, 11] 01-05-2012

George: Im going to mcdonalds what do you want?
Soldier: I want a double cheaseburger just hold the lettace
[simons awesome, simons the best] 01-05-2012

George: hello my strange people
Soldier: ok hi
[ryle, ] 01-04-2012

George: come on!
Soldier: ffffffiiiiiigggghhhhttttt!
[bob!, ] 01-04-2012

George: umm hi can i have a cheese burger.and some french fries with a chocolate milk to drink thanks
Soldier: THIS IS NOT MCDONALDS! but okay :)
[im not telling! nice try though, ] 12-26-2011

George: Can a guy get some bacon here?
Soldier: I agree!
[Lindsay Wilmarth, 10,Benson,AZ] 12-16-2011

George: Soildiers!You may be tattered and worn,but you are my pride!
Soldier: Thank you,sir!We can win this thing!
[Lindsay Wilmarth, 10,Benson,AZ] 12-16-2011

George: i am ssssooooo ollllllddddd
Soldier: yeazssss u r
[michaela, ] 12-12-2011

George: i love justin bieber do you.
Soldier: yes i do now stop taking about it.
[isabella, ] 12-10-2011

George: hey i want to go to the mall and get a new powdered wig can we do this some other time
Soldier: this is a war not a play date
[callula, ] 12-10-2011

George: i hate justin bieber
Soldier: well i love him
[terry, 11 hull mass] 12-10-2011

George: Come on soldiers!
Soldier: Wait.. Will this be done by 6 am because my favorite show the Nanny will be on
[Brielle, hull] 12-10-2011

George: Lets do this!
Soldier: Fire at WILL
[Hudson, ] 12-10-2011

George: This means war!
Soldier: You may have a horse that can trample over me but I have a bunch of guys with rifles!
[Zoe, ] 12-10-2011

George: Everyone Get out there and FIGHT!
Soldier: yeah! lets win this!
[Marcus, ] 12-10-2011

George: were not here to fight were just to get food.
Soldier: oh every soldier put your guns down.
[isabella, ] 12-10-2011

George: Are you going to watch the superbowl?
Soldier: we are about to get into battle and thats what you r thinking about
[anonymous, ] 12-10-2011

George: lets boogie
Soldier: lets get down with it
[mackenzie, ] 12-10-2011

George: Come on you girls FIGHT!
Soldier: WERE NOT GIRLS! but anyway we might as well fight though
[gracelyn, ] 12-10-2011

George: What do we say to those red coats!?
Soldier: rabble rabble rabble
[Kyle, Texas Teacher] 12-08-2011

George: why r u givin up
Soldier: beacause we have frosbite, we r starving and everyone is DEAD!1
[anonymous, ] 12-08-2011

George: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Soldier: your imposible
[jacob sdddxdxdx, ] 12-08-2011

George: Give up or die!
Soldier: I serve the King you traitor!
[Dathan, ] 12-07-2011

George: Now let's win this war! It's time for those stupid Red Coats need to lose! Everybody ready to fight?! You're such a baby!
Soldier: I'm not! I'm going to miss my favorote tv show and my friend's birthday party.
[Jacob De Jose, ] 12-07-2011

George: You will be defeated, Red Coats!
Soldier: Die you Blue coat!
[Dominic, ] 12-07-2011

George: yankees v.s.
Soldier: redsox
[anonymous, ] 12-06-2011

George: Alright Men lets win this war for Lindsey Vonn For Lindsey
Soldier: linds- wait who that?
[Lel Tone, ] 12-03-2011

George: Are you a red neck
Soldier: No you dumb nut i am a red coat
[Tanner, 15 powell, Wyoming] 11-16-2011

George: Okay, we're at the bat-
Soldier: let's just fight already! attack!
[Patrick Byrne, ] 11-14-2011

George: Off to war we go!
Soldier: Can we stop at McDonald's first?
[Bob Frank, ] 11-09-2011

George: Dont point your gun at me
Soldier: Men put your guns down
[cool girl, ] 11-07-2011

George: cool story bro.tell it again
Soldier: okk lets roast marshmellows too and we can all have story time
[anonymous, ] 11-03-2011

George: you are on my side right?
Soldier: of course we are! wait,are we?
[anonymous, ] 10-25-2011

George: dont fight
Soldier: well we are
[chantel, ] 10-25-2011

George: what are yall doing here ?
Soldier: we are here to have a war ! Chargeee !
[lily, ] 10-21-2011

George: Put up the tent
Soldier: uh oh, when you said pitch the tent I threw it in the lake
[Nick Dungn, 9,n,e] 10-21-2011

George: "Look at my cool horse!"
Soldier: "I wish I was on the Patriot's side."
[Burns' Blazing Bulbs, fifth grade class] 10-19-2011

George: exquese me but where are the british army? i belive we have a fresh can of butt woopin for them.
Soldier: uhh... uhh... that way sir!
[mckneaker, 1e] 10-18-2011

George: hay guise how do i get fourty-no?
Soldier: lern 2 play noob
[John Smith, The Best] 10-16-2011

George: hey wats up
Soldier: nothing i love you <3
[crazyateph, 6] 10-13-2011

George: Kami, Hami, Haaaaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhh!
Soldier: This isn't Dragon Ball Z
[anonymous, ] 10-07-2011

George: this is sparta!
Soldier: YEAHHHHH..................no wait this is the United States
[Cleopatra, ] 10-07-2011

George: I am looking for Becephulus
Soldier: Alex just rode away on him. He's heading to Macedonia.
[Angela, Greek] 10-07-2011

George: get on your horses now!
Soldier: ummm
[anonymous, ] 10-05-2011

George: soldier name a place we can eat.
Soldier: kfc yeah whoo yeah whoo love kfc give me some fri3d chick3n baby! barbies suck
[Sunny D, I am the own3r of sunny d] 10-04-2011

George: die
Soldier: no u die
[garrett, ] 10-03-2011

George: Go on, kick some English butts.
Soldier: But I have to go potty!
[anonymous, ] 09-30-2011

George: prepare to fight the PERSIANS!
Soldier: wrong war sir
[Jesse Love, 9, Quebec, Canada] 09-29-2011

George: we are the chapions!
Soldier: nuh uh!
[shelly, orlando] 09-29-2011

George: yo yo yo what up dog
Soldier: nothin much my homie g
[jessica, 17 nc wallace] 09-21-2011

George: fix me pot of stew NOW chef
Soldier: never we ran out of meat
[random person, ] 09-14-2011

George: we must stand our ground and fight
Soldier: bla bla that all i hear i will be over there see yu later
[anonymous, ] 09-14-2011

George: go king george
Soldier: Uhhh....
[savanah, 6 years old] 09-12-2011

George: we must fight
Soldier: do we have to
[goni, ] 09-12-2011

George: surrender
Soldier: no
[anonymous, ] 09-02-2011

George: You all know that I have trenchfoot?!?
Soldier: UGH! We did not need to know that sir. I believe that should be amputated!
[Natalia V., I'm 13 and I LOVE MONKEYS!] 08-30-2011

George: Hello, men!
Soldier: Okay sir! I guess.
[Ashton, ] 08-17-2011

George: Ah, gentlemen...the enemy is that way.
Soldier: Do you seriously think we're stupid enough to run AT the enemy?
[Mira, Born October 24, 1761] 08-16-2011

George: Hey guys, why should we do war when we can PARTY!
Soldier: Eh.
[Corandia B. awesome 1!, I still want that doctor Barbie! Peace!] 06-12-2011

George: Hey guys, do you like Barbies
Soldier: George, we're men!
[Colie-awesomest one,7 years old, baby!, I want a doctor Barbie] 06-08-2011

George: we must escape before the brittish find thee
Soldier: we must go fast general
[courtney, ] 06-07-2011

George: I think it's a good fiteing spot.
Soldier: It does looks like a good fiting spot lets set up.
[savannah, age9] 06-03-2011

George: You See This Hallowed Ground here !
Soldier: Yeah Yeah .. There will be a Sheetz here in a few hundred years
[anonymous, ] 06-01-2011

George: nice outfit,is there any for men?
Soldier: thank u.wait wat!
[Melani, 11 yrs old] 05-30-2011

George: I order you to get back to fighting!
Soldier: I'm sorry sir, but you just put us on a break 2 minutes ago.
[Harmony McMullen, ] 05-28-2011

George: its time to kick your soldiers back where the y came from!
Soldier: we're not going anywhere
[imane, 22] 05-24-2011

George: im awesome. u r not
Soldier: Fine then. ill fight for the king then.
[Nathen, ] 05-20-2011

George: didn't I beat you already?
Soldier: Hey Georgey!
[harrison moore, ] 05-20-2011

George: look and listen
Soldier: bob up
[jasmine, ] 05-20-2011

George: Hey, look at that huge Cabbage.
Soldier: That is not a Cabbage sir, that is our soldiers.
[Sid, ] 05-20-2011

George: Aw. The British are invading. Let me ride my turtle to tell the others. George Washington has to know about this.
Soldier: You are George Washington. And we're not invading, we're just having a picnic.
[Victor, ] 05-17-2011

George: hey there. you ready for war?
Soldier: one sec let me get my men in line so we can win then leave real fast.
[anonymous, ] 05-17-2011

George: Come on peps! We gotta win for the king!
Soldier: Dont ya mean for freedom?
[Ashley, personal info] 05-17-2011

George: what are you doing here??????
Soldier: just need to borrow some solders for our war that is taking place!
[anonymous, ] 05-17-2011

George: charge!
Soldier: What do you mean by charge? Ok fine how much.
[Delaney Weaver, ] 05-17-2011

George: what are you doing here um... what's your name?
Soldier: o.m.g. i am megatron hahahahahahahahahaha...
[bobbeh, ] 05-12-2011

George: Help Me! i am stuck on this horse
Soldier: Not until u give us a raise
[Bianca, ] 05-12-2011

George: Howdy! 'Yall come in peace? 'Cause it dun look like it.
Soldier: What?
[Madison Cook, ] 05-10-2011

George: HI peeps
Soldier: Yo
[hascjks, ] 05-10-2011

George: we iz gonna win ya red coated king followers
Soldier: yeah we are gonna win,for the king...whoops uh...i didnt say that did i?i ment george,the 5th,umm...ya know what its best i keap my mouth shut
[C4l3b, ] 05-07-2011

George: Its it is time my people that we fight for our indepence
Soldier: Yeah yayy! (chairing)
[Kim, 15] 05-06-2011

George: stay out of my life
Soldier: ooooooooooommmmmmmmmmggggggggggggg!
[emily, 9 years old] 05-04-2011

George: i have asked the french for help
Soldier: do you really think the french will help
[Gianna Santoro, ] 05-02-2011

George: thank you for being here today i just want to say....................I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL!
Soldier: What in the name of king gorge the III was that?
[yo mama, 10 awsomely cool] 05-01-2011

George: heyyy bobby we should have a party sometime you know after this is all over and stuff?!?!
Soldier: did i say you could talk to me! traitor!
[felicia, honolulu] 04-28-2011

George: To be indipendent or not to be indipendent that is the question
Soldier: whatever lets go home
[Matthew, ] 04-27-2011

George: Who the hell're you?
Soldier: Why, I'm you fifty years from now
[anonymous, ] 04-26-2011

George: the war begins on 3 1,2,,,,,
Soldier: wait tell my wife i love her
[bobby, ] 04-18-2011

George: wheres the beef
Soldier: bring it on
[bob, ] 04-18-2011

George: I want Peace in the world
Soldier: Well I want a wife that doesn't nag me all day. So you don't always get want!
[SalO, ] 04-15-2011

George: Heads up, don't back, scare them away!
Soldier: Oh you want to see who's going to win by flipping a coin, ok
[Skyler, ] 04-13-2011

George: don't shoot! i'm afraid of gunfire!
Soldier: who knew?
[anonymous, ] 04-13-2011

George: what are you doing here i thought you where going to the bathroom?
Soldier: no where playing hide and go seek!
[gabriela, i live in pa.] 04-13-2011

George: Man they are gunna be surprised when a bunch of farmers with pitch forks chase them back to England
Soldier: HEHEHEHEEHE lets see them try to tax are stupied tea agian
[Cleo, ] 04-12-2011

George: Hey, what will general Cornwallis say when he sees us coming up ti attack him?
Soldier: "Go get me my brown pants."
[anonymous, ] 04-09-2011

George: Hey who went to Justin Beiber`s concert??
Soldier: No, i don`t give a thing about him!
[Emily 211, ] 04-08-2011

George: You better surrender!
Soldier: HA HA I smell a war
[Emily T, ] 04-08-2011

George: We won the Revolutionary War!
Soldier: You are awesome Goerge Washington!
[Brenden, ] 04-01-2011

George: Ready to go to war?
Soldier: Bring it ON!
[Rhiann (ryan), ] 04-01-2011

George: Are you ready to kill the red coats
Soldier: Why in the heck would you ask that, when you know we are ready
[Jeff Cunningham, ] 04-01-2011

George: ready to fight
Soldier: yeah
[kim, ] 03-31-2011

George: When the British get Beiber Fever they sing "Oh Baby!"
Soldier: I didn't know British soldiers could have babys!''
[Raquelle, ] 03-30-2011

George: The British are the redcoats.
Soldier: Hey, why are you callin' them red before we beat them?
[Aidan, ] 03-30-2011

George: hahaha the british are crazy
Soldier: yea yea
[rudy, 10] 03-28-2011

George: Hey what's up?
Soldier: The British solider's lives?
[Janet Rockwell, 18, South Carolina, George Washington's relative] 03-28-2011

George: we come in peace!
Soldier: i thought you came on a pony?
[madison, ] 03-24-2011

George: old micdonald had a...
Soldier: war!
[madison, ] 03-24-2011

George: want my pony?
Soldier: it's a horse!
[anonymous, ] 03-24-2011

George: give me some soup!
Soldier: i won't give you no soup!
[me, ] 03-24-2011

George: lets fight but first tell me do you think im handsome
Soldier: yes yo are very cute
[flash, ] 03-23-2011

George: before we fight i have to go to the bathroom do you know where any are around here?
Soldier: yes as a matter of fact i do you go over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house thats what you have to do.
[lauren, 9 years old] 03-22-2011

George: I want to play wizrd101(its a rely is a web.......
Soldier: Dude like todaly me to.
[Jj, ] 03-22-2011

George: I hope we can fight for freedom.
Soldier: Well, we'll have to leave soon if you don't win this war.
[Jeremiah, ] 03-22-2011

George: Hey guys can you like move i mean i know we are aginst you but i will love you like forever
Soldier: oh sure man but we have to be best friend like forever now
[kaycie, ] 03-18-2011

George: Don't look at me like that!
Soldier: while your trying to win the war for someone who is not even born yet
[Heather, ] 03-18-2011

George: What the heck are you doing here.
Soldier: Well we're here to see if there's any trespasing around here.
[Clyde, ] 03-14-2011

George: Give us liberty, or give us death!
Soldier: Yeahhhhhh! Let' fight for freedom.........!
[Chase, 10 years, Valley Forge, Pa and in 4th grade] 03-14-2011

George: The new kid in the army is cute
Soldier: really!?????????????????
[Teitzie Marion, ] 03-11-2011

George: ccoooooooobbbbbrrrrrraaaaaaaaa
Soldier: g.i.joe
[brett, ] 03-11-2011

George: I hate Bieber fever!
Soldier: Me too!
[anonymous, ] 03-11-2011

George: Can we start the battle yet?
Soldier: Not now, game seven of the World Series is on.
[Papa, ] 03-09-2011

George: I really like cheese
Soldier: Me too!
[anonymous, ] 03-07-2011

George: Give me liberty or give me...
Soldier: doughnuts
[leo-pard, ] 03-04-2011

George: No, I do not want to fight!
Soldier: Well, we are ready to go whenever you are
[Elizabeth FREMGEN, age 10, 5th grade] 03-04-2011

George: I'm so proud of you. You're all my hero
Soldier: We will fight for our freedom because we love our country.
[jordan, ] 02-26-2011

George: hey i thought i told you to go find general corn wallis
Soldier: no thanks i dont like corn
[cobby, ] 02-24-2011

George: Do you like my hair I tried to look like Robert Pattinson today??
Soldier: Absol-freakin-lutely!
[awesomest person ever!, ] 02-24-2011

George: Hey! what are you nincompoops doing here?!?
Soldier: Wh-what did you just call us?!?
[Tway Tway Win, ] 02-23-2011

George: did you hear zanessa broke up
Soldier: no OMG what
[anonymous, ] 02-23-2011

George: did I say somthing
Soldier: evry man for him self and fire
[terrence, ] 02-17-2011

George: Come on! Let's move!
Soldier: Can't we wait a little longer?
[Daniel, ] 02-16-2011

George: You're goin' down!
Soldier: No, you are!
[Amber, Melbourne, FL] 02-15-2011

George: i love eggs
Soldier: i like pie
[rae, ] 02-14-2011

George: Anybody hungry!
Soldier: I am!
[Boby, 72, Mexico] 02-14-2011

George: How Many Times do I have to tell you not to call me George!
Soldier: Plenty times George. Whoopsies
[Marian Farknove, Age 11 ( in about 2 days 3 hours)] 02-12-2011

George: I think Jusintin Beiber is cool!
Soldier: That sounds good!
[Joey, 85, California] 02-11-2011

George: You are going to bake me a pie
Soldier: No!
[Bob, Iam 20, Boston,] 02-11-2011

George: Where's your laptop? We need it to google the British Soldiers.
Soldier: It's right here General Washington Sir.
[Liz Bartom, ] 02-11-2011

George: i would show you war
Soldier: bring it on
[juan'daniel, ] 02-11-2011

George: hey pointing is rude
Soldier: you have a shiny sword
[luke, ] 02-11-2011

George: Are you bie?
Soldier: well yes i am is there a problem
[Jasmine, ] 02-09-2011

George: Is that a bomber flying over head?
Soldier: I think i just **** my pants.
[knife, ] 02-09-2011

George: Alright I know food has been on short supply but seriously the cheez-its were mine.
Soldier: yeah they tasted good.
[Patrick, ] 02-09-2011

George: Did you hear, Justin Bieber is dating Salena Gomez!?!
Soldier: I know! She is way to good for him!
[Lexi, Age 11] 02-07-2011

George: onward
Soldier: but it's cold
[anonymous, ] 02-04-2011

George: The Super Bowl is this weekend. Let's sit back relax and let the British win!
Soldier: I've covered the chips and soda.
[Emmaline, ] 02-04-2011

George: soldiers be prepared for war we shall over come during the condition were in we shall be the victors!
Soldier: let it begin
[kenny, I am 12] 02-04-2011

George: your tiny people
Soldier: no your ahh crazy
[andrew, ] 02-04-2011

George: Anybody seen the new Naruto Shippuden yet?
Soldier: Yeah it has zombies of fallen shinobi I hope we don't end up like that |:(
[Emily BIGGEST NARUTO FAN, gaara is my fav] 02-02-2011

George: lets fight buros
Soldier: well then
[raquel, 14 get off my back] 02-01-2011

George: why isn't your gun loaded?
Soldier: oh this thing? i just use it to hit people now.
[shawn, ] 01-31-2011

George: does my hair look ok?
Soldier: yes sir!
[katy, ] 01-29-2011

George: theres a new show on tonight
Soldier: cool. is the tv inveted yet?
[corvin, ] 01-29-2011

George: who chopped down the cherry tree?
Soldier: you did!
[corvin, ] 01-29-2011

George: Lets fight now men!
Soldier: In 10 minutes! I want to listen to my favorite song!
[Elizabeth, ] 01-29-2011

George: let's go fight!
Soldier: after you pay my taxes!
[zoar, ] 01-29-2011

George: today we fight for freedom and liberty
Soldier: yes sir we do
[anonymous, ] 01-29-2011

George: does enybody need to do buiseness in the woods
Soldier: yes sir i have been diying to tell you
[matthew, ] 01-29-2011

George: Hey, who wants ice cream
Soldier: I do I do I do
[caroline smith, ] 01-29-2011

George: lets litsen to justin bieber
Soldier: yeah ! lets listen to him he rocks
[mackenzie, ] 01-29-2011

George: i am tired lets stop the war and party
Soldier: ya i want a ipod
[Blaze, ] 01-29-2011

George: we fight for liberty and freedom
Soldier: lets show the red coats who was here first
[ty, ] 01-29-2011

George: ok men lets go get pizza! or tickets to go see usher or drake
Soldier: wait what about tickets to lady gaga LOL!
[luis, ] 01-29-2011

George: Hey, let's go to New York City to P.A.R.T.Y!
Soldier: Okay... can we order pizza to?? Let's get this party started!
[anonymous, ] 01-29-2011

George: Suuuppp dude! Whats up??
Soldier: Nothing much.Just had a chocolate.Thats something.
[allyza, ] 01-29-2011

George: Thanks for helping us with the war
Soldier: Your welcome hey lets go hang and have a tea party
[Miguel, ] 01-29-2011

George: hey,thanks for helping us win dude
Soldier: im not a dude,im a woman dressed like a man!
[Fah, ] 01-29-2011

George: Do you want to play pokemon?
Soldier: Yep
[Ethan, ] 01-29-2011

George: come on guys
Soldier: come on girls
[juan chavez, ] 01-29-2011

George: I rock.
Soldier: We all know you do.
[Marco, ] 01-29-2011

George: why are you just standing there a wars about to begin
Soldier: sorry captin wezz was tired
[makinna, ] 01-29-2011

George: come on lets go have some pudding :D
Soldier: we <3 pudding!
[BJ Mottelang, ] 01-29-2011

George: you guys did good out there
Soldier: yes we did
[Michael, ] 01-29-2011

George: i like chocolate pie!
Soldier: well choclate pie is horrible! :p
[lise, ../.] 01-28-2011

George: come on man lets fight like men to those woman who are scared
Soldier: were the men here your to scared to fight! hahaha
[Destiny, ] 01-28-2011

George: lets go fight
Soldier: wait first lets listen to music
[rachel, ] 01-28-2011

George: let's listen to usher
Soldier: ok and let's have a party
[jc, ] 01-28-2011

George: hey soldiers, you guys rock.
Soldier: thanks dude, you rock too.
[marisol.p, ] 01-28-2011

George: My soldiers are brave and we fight for america
Soldier: ahhh im scared!
[anonymous, ] 01-28-2011

George: thanks for helping us in the revolutianary war
Soldier: no problem next time u will make me breakfast
[luis, ] 01-28-2011

George: who wants to have war
Soldier: us,we do, bring it.
[nelson, ] 01-28-2011

George: thank you washinton
Soldier: you did a good job
[chara-ruth ward, ] 01-27-2011

George: Dude! Let's Dance! Forget Ypur Worries! Alejandro, Alejandro.
Soldier: Alright! PARTY! Yea! Join in everybody, Alejandro, Alejandro.
[Emma, ] 01-26-2011

George: are you going to watch the superbowl?
Soldier: weer about to fight in one of the most miserable conditions anyone could possibly think of and and your talking about the superbowl whatever that is
[anonymous, ] 01-25-2011

George: from this day to the ending of the world... we in it shall be remembered. We lucky few, we band of brothers. For he who today shed his blood with me shall be my brother.
Soldier: Ahh.. Shakespeare
[Freddrikk, ] 01-22-2011

George: go and fight the british
Soldier: no way
[anonymous, ] 01-20-2011

George: let the war begin! Yeah!
Soldier: why don't we all just share a crumpet insted of war?
[Zoey craft, ] 01-20-2011

George: soilders attack
Soldier: we will
[anonymous, ] 01-20-2011

George: this is america
Soldier: no it britain
[cooper aycock, ] 01-20-2011

George: Hey you guys,what to go hang out later?
Soldier: Sure,I'm up fo that.
[Jordan, ] 01-20-2011

George: i want war
Soldier: we will give you war
[anonymous, ] 01-20-2011

George: i cannot tell a lie you will all die
Soldier: thats what you think
[corbin, ] 01-18-2011

George: now u soldiers better fight like soldiers
Soldier: but george it is cold out here.why cant u fight too.
[haley, im ten and i live in florence,alabama and im a crimson tide fan.roll tide.] 01-15-2011

George: we have almost won the war
Soldier: we will kill all your men
[caitlin, ] 01-15-2011

George: give us freedom or give us death
Soldier: we give you death
[Brittany, ] 01-15-2011

George: wazzupdude
Soldier: u want somefood
[angelfine, 11] 01-15-2011

George: if u dont go by my rules i will kill u
Soldier: well u just have to do it
[jayla, i am 11 and live in nc] 01-15-2011

George: We are going to get owned =(
Soldier: Sure about that?
[lollugotowned, ] 01-13-2011

George: SPARTANS! What is your profession?
Soldier: Cashier at McDonalds!
[Jess Miller, ] 01-12-2011

George: Men we have almost won the war.
Soldier: Well half the men have died.
[Kaitlyn, 10] 01-12-2011

George: We must stay strong against the Lobersterbacks!
Soldier: We don't have any food and the men are getting discouraged.
[anonymous, ] 01-11-2011

George: Are u gay
Soldier: Why yes i am is that a problem
[KillerHand, ] 01-11-2011

George: *heavy breathing* LUKE, I am your father.........
Soldier: NOOOOOOOOO! wait, my father is right next to me.
[BlAckOuT, ] 01-11-2011

George: cod rock
Soldier: yeah it does
[anonymous, ] 01-08-2011

George: hi im going to crush you @ 5:00 PM
Soldier: no you won't cuz im going to kill you right now
[Matthew Ullery, ] 01-05-2011

George: Does anyone have an extra pair of gloves? Martha lost mine.
Soldier: Just cross 422 and the mall is right there. Bloomingdales is having a after Christmas sale.
[Joe, Valley Forge, PA (Keepin' it local)] 01-05-2011

George: hey you go set up the catapults
Soldier: ye general washington
[ThE sTeElEr, ] 01-05-2011

George: We are going to war! "BELIEVE IT!"
Soldier: man you watch waaayy to much Naruto George.....
[Emily, Naruto Fan] 01-05-2011

George: Alright men, lets win this war for Oprah Winfrey. FOR OPRAH!
Soldier: Yeah! For Opr......wait who?
[BlAckOuT, ] 01-03-2011

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