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Factors in the American victory over England in Revolution.

Q.1. I want to know what factors helped the Continental Army win the war against a country as powerful as England?
2. What function did the drummer perform for the British army druing battles?
3. What technique did the British use to win the Battle of Brooklyn/Long Island?
4. What side did most New Yorkers support in the Revolutionary War?
5. What was the goal of Benjamin Franklin's mission to Paris?
6. Why did the British try to gain control of Lake Champlain and the Hudson River?
7. What fort did the British have to conquer in order to gain control of the Hudson?
8. How did the British conquer that fort?
Sorry, there are so many questions to ask you because I have to do a report about it. Please send my as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your help
Tiffany, NJ

A.There are thousands of books out there on each of the questions you have asked! For information on the various subjects you have mentioned, I would suggest finding a copy of the book "The Encyclopedia of the American Revolution" by Mark M. Boatner. You will find details of the events, places and people to most, if not all of your questions. It gives a great overall view of the events of the American War for Independence. Here also are some other volumes you could look for at your local library:

To help start you off on your first question regarding the factors that helped the Contintental Army succeed over the "all-mighty" British army...there are MANY, and historians often differ in their views. Some to look for are the importance of the American allies (this ties into your question #5 regarding Benjamin Franklin's goal in France) France became an ally of the American cause — with much credit going to Ben Franklin for his role in seeking money and support from the King of France. The French provided money, men and supplies to name just a few of their contributions. It was because of French aid that Baron von Steuben came to America. There were other allies as well — Spain, for one!

You cannnot discount the role of the Commander-in-Chief, General Washington, and his important position in the success of the outcome of the war. . . but at the same time, the contributions of the various officers from the United States and other foreign countries was a factor as well. Then again, there would not have been any success without the soldiers defending their homes, families and country!

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