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90 percent of your story is true, but you forgot to confirm your facts, a joint resolution of the United States Congress has no jurisdiction outside of the US territorial boundaries which ends 9 miles off its shore line. So, the question is, how can a US joint resolution acquire a country that is over 3000 miles outside of its territorial boundaries? Hint ( YOU CANT ) according to US laws and International laws.........And there is no treaty of annexation. So is Hawaii really the 50th State? Or is Hawaii an occupied State?
anonymous [12-01-2014] »»»

Tim mead [11-26-2014]

Rather weak. You didn't mention that Lincoln had the 13th Amendment put on GOP platform, or not. Nor did you mention some Northern Congressmen wanted LIncoln arrested if he even SPOKE about ending slavery as a condition to end the war. Nor do you mention that many in the North wanted to end the war, and keep slavery. Nor do you mention that McClellan did the honorable thing, and refused to say he would end the war and let slavery continue, as the South was ready to do. To me those were the big issues
Mark DC, Morton [11-26-2014] »»»

I think that this website is very helpful it provides a lot of info
anonymous [11-26-2014] »»»

i really don't get why they have to have a big fight over the "the bill of rights ' please explain
anonymous [11-26-2014] »»»

Jackson "rightly" threatened force to enforce the tariff? It took another thirty years of that kind of thinking to heat up the inevitable clash. Who's to say what might have happened if Beauregard never fired on Ft. Sumter.
L.M.T. [11-26-2014] »»»

The dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were just horrific. The decision to drop the bombs would have been just mind-numbingly hard. Unfortunately it was one of the moment in American History that really defined us and showed that we were not afraid to take a stand, but also that we would do only what was necessary to protect our beloved nation.
TI [11-26-2014] »»»

PieLover, i love pie! [11-26-2014] »»»

candy [11-26-2014] »»»

jh, 23westminster [11-26-2014] »»»

i love this
zendaya, my age [11-26-2014] »»»

Tyler [11-26-2014] »»»

I think they fought for the wrong reasons :3
Ferny [11-26-2014] »»»

this is a very cool site for kids i love love love it
breyonna, i like to play basket ball [11-26-2014] »»»

There is a factual error on your account of the 1824 election. You state that the House of Representatives had to choose between the top 2 candidates. In fact, 3 candidates received votes from the House: Adams had 13, Jackson 7 and Crawford 4. Clay was the 4th of 5 presidential candidates, and so, as you indicate, was not eligible to receive votes in the house. And here is the relevant section of the 12th Amendment: The person having the greatest number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed; and if no person have such majority, then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President. But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote;
Peter Mains [11-26-2014] »»»

This is so bias! To be honest, we might never know the truth of the Boston Tea Party because they're two sides with evidence, but one truth.
FG, 13,ct [11-26-2014] »»»

Puritan life stinks
anonymous [11-26-2014] »»»

it was awesome
LEFRM [11-26-2014] »»»

GKM, Age: 11, location; Colorado [11-26-2014]

seems ok
l, 53 [11-26-2014] »»»

great website
mk [11-26-2014] »»»

I looked this information up while watching the TV series Manhatten. Thank you for the information. It was insightful.
jfd, 66 [11-26-2014] »»»

K.B, fairveiw but origanly Enid [11-26-2014] »»»

very helpful tnx :)
ch, 13 [11-26-2014] »»»

Some information is wrong. Roosevelt did not go against Taft.
fm, 23, usa [11-26-2014] »»»

Republican motherhood was a big step for this time period. Thats one thing I dont think people give credit to. Yeah it's not much but hey it was better than thier previous roles where they did sort of the same thing but didn't recurve any credit at all.
Taylor Winter, Minnesota [11-26-2014] »»»

I think that women played a vital role in society, and it's good to hear that the people started to realize it in this time period. I do think that women should've received more respect, but things were actually starting to get better for women from past experience. It is really interesting to hear about how certain people like Abigail Adams was a big advocate for women's rights & what she did to influgence others.
Haley A., Minnesota [11-26-2014]

I think women were in the right place for this time period and for the developmental process during the reollutionary war. Women did serve a major purpose especially during these "motherhoods". Now I also think thhat although they have a lower rank tham perhaps men, they should have been recognized more for these duties.
mmokhtary, Minnesota [11-26-2014] »»»

I respect those American women who stood up for themselves. Many men thought that it was the woman's job to educate the children. Well, how are the women suppose to educate them if they themselves don't know that much. Thanks to people such as Abigail Adams, who pushed for equal rights, women are know thought of more equally. Women started to find it easier to speak up for themselves. If they wouldn't have, the Seneca Falls Declaration would not have been put into effect. As I read this article, I was prided in how far our country has come in subjects such as women's rights and slavery as well.
E Donabauer, Minnesota [11-26-2014] »»»

The article is a good, short, informational piece to read.
Rsowada, Minnesota [11-26-2014] »»»

*thumbs up*
LSolarz [11-26-2014] »»»

I believe that "Republican Motherhood" was very beneficial when it was altered during the American Revolution. The first American female academics were founded in the 1790s which led to many women gaining the respect and education that they deserved as citizens of the U.S. Overall "Republican Motherhood" was a huge step for Americans for creating men and women equal.
MS [11-26-2014] »»»

liala [11-26-2014] »»»

Women wanted to be treated equal and they had to work for it.
dsoltis, mn [11-26-2014] »»»

this is very good site bc it has lots of info on American history.
ztr [11-26-2014] »»»

Women were instrumental in the United States obtaining their independence. It is too bad their contributions did not equate to more power until much later. The right to vote for all women was not achieved until 1920. I guess Republican Mothers had to wield their influence through their husbands and children.
MWalz, Minnesota [11-26-2014] »»»

I think taht this was very informational
journey, 13 [11-26-2014] »»»

My ancestor was on The Liberty, which came after The Mayflower. I have a copy of the passenger list but now can't find any more info on the ship. Where can I find more info?
Patty Williams, Williams [11-26-2014] »»»

rj, i love me [11-26-2014] »»»

andrew, 14 billings public schools oklahoma 74630 [11-26-2014] »»»

yuxi, arcadia high school [11-26-2014]

RE: 3a. The Mayflower and Plymouth colony. So, sad that whoever wrote this, wrote from what seems to be a humanistic-secularist point of view. These peoples' first intention was to be ruled under the Word of God not themselves as your text reads.
M. Leach [11-26-2014]

this war was between the two super powers,which are Soviet Union and United States of America
alu-wyzer, 1996,libode [11-26-2014] »»»

I really like this site I can find almost anything that I need I was watching a video on the New England Colene's so I look up the New England and it suggested this site so I like it so far haven't checked every thing out yet but I will soon thanks to who invented this site and id like more information to lean more about the U.S. thanks and have a wonderers day peace out dug
andrew, Billings Oklahoma age 14 [11-26-2014] »»»

I like it NOT
the cool guy, 14 [11-26-2014] »»»

I was watching a video and just had to look this up
andrew, 14 [11-26-2014] »»»

I think the new England clones where cool
andrew, 14 [11-26-2014] »»»

I was looking at the trail of tears article and I would like to point out that about 15,000 Cherokee natives traveled the trail, not "over 20,000. Sorry to be rude but you really should change it.
A.P.S., Age:13 [11-26-2014] »»»

Osages, pnas [11-26-2014]

zainab alfawadi [11-26-2014] »»»

good informatoin
faith evergast shnitzel [11-26-2014] »»»

I loved this page and its information, including the links. I would love to have the same page in Spanish!
SILVIA KEARNEY, Female 54 yo nurse, I've lived in Akron,OH,USA for 20 years now, but was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. [11-26-2014] »»»

I had a hard time seeing why it was the turning point, you said it was but what effect did it have otherwise. Other then that the website was a great help to my report.
Second2God [11-26-2014] »»»

its crazy how the purtians wanted everybody to go to church if not they will be sent to jail they was to strict and force people to go not really giving them time to think about do they want God consider thier savor
breanna wood [11-26-2014] »»»

i bet this country wouldn't be in debt if we still owned the land
anonymous [11-26-2014] »»»

i think i would love it, 18 years old [11-26-2014] »»»

Dear Sir/Madam: Thank you for this wonderful site on US History. Could you please write up notes on how original colonists during slavery times (b/n 1513CE to 1865CE) split the lands? Was there a feudalism practice during that time? LANDLORDISM is Feudalism. It came from Europe to early american soil. It also existed in India, when LORD WARREN HASTINGS ruled as a Governor or Viceroy from New Delhi. Slaved dalits (Untouchable category of caste system) were treated very similar to how black slaves were treated by those feudalists who owned lands, etc w indentured labor practices. I would appreciate it much, if you could set up a search (for topics) in this website at the top right hand side please. Thanks again. w regards, V
V [11-26-2014]

UNITED STATES CONGRESS (AUG. 26, 1785) : "Resolved, That the early, unsolicited, and continued labors of Mr. Thomas Paine, in explaining and enforcing the principles of the late Revolution by ingenious and timely publications upon the nature of liberty and civil government have been well received by the citizens of these States, and merit the approbation of Congress" This resolution was passed by a unanimous vote. - A shame on our nation this is not known today. - Read COMMON SENSE and THE CRISIS by Paine and dozens of biographies and hundredths of testimonies. And his influence to establish Democracy instead of having Kings was felt around the world. - "History is to ascribe the Revolution to Thomas Paine." - ( A letter from John Adams to Thomas Jefferson )
Jack Makens [11-26-2014]

cool facts
jose [11-26-2014] »»»

I think that this is a great piece espeicially the chickens
qua [11-26-2014] »»»

i wonder what really happened to them
hbf [11-26-2014] »»»

I home school my son. I had a difficult time getting historical information for him to learn until I found your site. thanks so much for all the work that was put into this site.
GGT [11-26-2014]

E Daigle [11-26-2014]

smart idea to use a native american language for codes
hbf, 13 [11-26-2014] »»»

I have come across a clerical error in section 39 e; "Pulitzer increased the daily circulation of the Journal from 20,000 to 100,000 in one year". This should be Hearst instead of Pulitzer.
Amanda [11-26-2014] »»»

add more about the musicians like Louis Armstrong lolz x3
d.g, im italian x3 [11-26-2014] »»»

Gw, 10 [11-26-2014] »»»

FLP [11-26-2014] »»»

give more informtion
ka [11-26-2014] »»»

This site helped us with our reaserach. Yay.
Luke and M(addy), 26 [11-26-2014] »»»

You should have a search box so people don't have to scroll down and try to find it that way. the website would be much more user-friendly if it had a search box. Thank You
JC [11-26-2014] »»»

thank you
tyrone fracis, 16,lacey wa [11-26-2014] »»»

I think that it is good that we get to learn about all these things in U.S HISTORY. We neeed to know ore about i so we can know what happend
kaitlynn [11-26-2014] »»»

thinking about using this site as a resource for the high school students that I teach. In an assignment I am going to give them, a student will research one of the 13 colonies. There really is no information on Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Georgia, that I recall seeing.
philippians [11-26-2014] »»»

TT [11-26-2014] »»»

Are there any sites for testing or quizzes that go with this site? We really love the online text book but having a way to check our progress would be great.
Thouchin, homeschool middle school [11-26-2014] »»»

Love this site! Super useful to read up on any period in American history. Well-written and just what I've been looking for on the web. Thanks!
ktp, Ohio [11-26-2014]

rosa is a insperation
I.P, 22 [11-26-2014] »»»

Thanks for helping me with my essay, don't worry, you were cited twice.
Bianca, Student [11-26-2014] »»»

Carrie Corpening, Burlington [11-26-2014] »»»

ZH [11-26-2014] »»»

nathan [11-26-2014] »»»

howard freemanheyhowie [11-26-2014] »»»

Incorrect...Washington was a jr. Officer, an aid de camp, on the campaign of ft. Duquesne. The march was led by general Braddock who was killed after the route.
Rt [11-26-2014] »»»

i dont see a place to shar as in fb, but i think more people to know this information. i do not remember covering this in history. On the today show takei was speaking and i didn't catch but a few seconds of it which sparked my interest to read further.
hat, 49 [11-26-2014] »»»

Africans, not African-Americans, were forcibly brought to the colonies. To call them African-Americans is extremely incorrect. That label would only fit if they were born in the colonies.
ALC [11-26-2014] »»»

I am returning to college after raising children. I am using this as a refresher course for US History class. Thank you for your thoroughness. This site is very helpful.
Trina [11-26-2014] »»»

Very disappointed that there are no historians of color who have contributed to this site.
IM, Homeschooler of 4 [11-26-2014]

I was looking up the Scopes (Monkey) trial and came across this website. The first thing I saw: "When Darwin announced his theory that humans had descended from apes..." causes me to wonder what other inaccuracies are here.
JH [11-26-2014] »»»

It was good but i would like to know how they were freed.
QMZ [11-26-2014] »»»

Yuri Spilny, 77, [11-26-2014] »»»

A nice survey of the causes and effects of the most important events from our history, and yet, full of interesting details to help make the point. A great read!
ec [11-26-2014] »»»

Edwin Alfredo Serrano Rivera [11-26-2014] »»»

Cheese was very hard to come by (especially cheddar and blue cheese.)
Bernard Sallsarina-pina-trina, Location: China in Africa birth date: 2/10/1929. Hobby: cheese collector, maker and eager [11-26-2014] »»»

A true aspect of predestination not glorified immigration
DF [11-26-2014] »»»

Aditi Mishra, Delhi [11-26-2014] »»»

Mariah Mortimer [11-26-2014] »»»

Australians did this to Italians during the war 2. Do any ppl know if this happened to Japanese in australia
Mkp, Australian [11-26-2014] »»»

ML [11-26-2014] »»»

I am writing a report. I used this website for my report on The Battle of Saratoge. I need the information for work cited page.. I don't want to get in trouble for using your information.
Olivia, I'm 13 [11-26-2014]

Author Mara L. Pratt states that "the cause of the Revolution was Taxation without Representation". The Stamp Act was the main way the English used to take advantage of the American prosperous colonies.
Joel Unzain [11-29-2012] »»»

Bradford saved the colony from the first of many encounters with socialism(communisim) in the 1600's. Too bad we haven't the benefit of true journalism to reflect it honestly!
pjk, old enough to remember history be fore a liberal revision [11-29-2012] »»»

this topic potrays hawaii as a young island calling it "a young plum" when it was very advanced in agruculture and biulding
kkl [11-29-2012] »»»

i love the middle colonies nothing else!
d.w, io [11-29-2012] »»»

I think this web site is very cool!
f.b.w., new york 11 [11-29-2012] »»»

n j p [11-15-2012] »»»

nterest to your readers/viewers! Founded by Lincoln, chased by Butch Cassidy, and "railing" towards the future with new technology, the Union Pacific Railroad is celebrating a historic 150th Anniversary in July 2012! The lives of every American have been touched by Union Pacific for a century and a half - from California's agricultural economy to the settling of the west to the US global economy and more!We have video for you to share with your viewers/readers without restrictions/obligations featuring historic images, scenic footage, museum artifacts, along with the UP's modern, fuel efficient trains! You can access video to post on your website from our media access page: Or you can access video to post on your website/blog from our YouTube.Com page
Tom Semioli, New York [11-08-2012]

This website should definatly have the transcontinental railroad because that was prettyimportant back then!
HUD [11-08-2012] »»»

From the Quebec Gazette, Aug 10, 1775 Transcribed as written (Bunker Hill, as it is now called) BOSTON, 26th of June, 1775 This town was alarmed on the 17th inst. at break of day, by a firing from the Lively ship of war; and a report was immediately spread that the rebels had broke ground, and were raising a battery on the heights of the peninsula of Charlestown, against the town of Boston. They were plainly seen, and in a few hours a battery of six guns played upon their works. Preparations were instantly made for the landing a body of men; and some companies of grenadiers and light infantry, with some battalions and field artillery, amounting in the whole to about 2000 men, under the command of Major General Howe, and Brigadier General Pigot, were embarked with great expedition, and landed on the peninsula without opposition; under cover of some ships of war, and armed vessels. The troops formed as soon as landed: The rebels upon the heights, were perceived to be in great force, and strongly posted. A redoubt thrown up on the 16th at night, with other works full of men, defended with cannon, and a large body posted in the houses of Charlestown, covered their right; and their left was covered by breastwork, part of it cannon proof, which reached from the left of the redoubt to the Mystick River. Besides the appearance of the rebels strength, large columns were seen pouring into their athitance; but the Kings troops advanced. The attack began by a cannonade, and notwithstanding various impediments of fences, walls &c. and the heavy fire they were exposed to, from the vast numbers of rebels, and their left galled from the houses of Charlestown, the troops made their way to the redoubt, mounted the works and carried it. The rebels were then forced from other strongholds, and pursued till they were drove clear of the peninsula, leaving five pieces of cannon behind them. Charlestown was set on fire during the engagement, and most part of it consumed. The loss they sustained, must have been considerable, from the vast numbers they were seen to carry off during the action, exclusive of what the suffered form the shipping. About a hundred were buried the day after and thirty found wounded on the field, some of which are since dead. About 170 of the Kings troops were killed, and since dead of their wounds; and a great many were wounded. This action has shown the bravery of the Kings troops, who under every disadvantage, gained a complete victory, over three times their number, strongly posted and covered by breastworks. But the fought for their King, laws, and Constitution. Quebec Aug. 10 There are many letters from Boston which assure us, that there were killed about a thousand of the rebel army, that they lost seven pieces of artillery, and a quantity of ammunition, and that among the killed were Colonel Gardiner, and Doctor Warren, President of the Provincial Congress; and after his Majesty's troops had obtained the victory, about a thousand of the rebels laid down their arms, and gone to their respective homes. Extract of a letter from a general officer at Boston, dated July 3. In the action of the 17th ult. the 52d regiment behaved so well as unenvied to gain the praise of the whole army, for their noble, cool spirited behavior that day, which may be equalled, but never can be out-done by any set of veterans on earth; in the midst of a heavy fire from the lines, being sixty yards distance, the men made ready to fire, but being thought to far off, on beating the first part of the General, recovered their arms very cooly, and march'd within twenty paces of the redoubt and lines, gave their fire, rush'd on instantly, and with their bayonets, got over the entrenchments, drove all before them, and made their way to the entrance of the redoubt, killing and putting to flight, all who came in their way, thereby clearing all obstacles to their followers. The loss of brave men were considerable; the Major, Captains Davison, Addison, and Smyth, Lieutenant Higgens and Ensign Graham, dead; Captain Neilson, Lieutenants Crawford, Thomson, and the Hon. Ensign Chetwynd, wounded. The victory was a dear purchase to the fifty-second regiment; nothing but the cause they were engaged in could console for the loss.
Brian, Real history from people that were there. [11-08-2012] »»»

Thanks this website helped a lot.
anonymous [11-08-2012] »»»

this was areally cool and helping site
la diva, 23 [11-08-2012] »»»

I may have heard of the Sand Creek Massacre years ago, but nothing of its particular slaughter of the real AMERICANS who were here on this land FIRST! I started to search for a Indian/White man war that happened at this time, because my family is lead to beleive there may have been at least ONE small Indian girl survivor of this shameful, disgusting, action on the part of the Calvary in the U.S. Army. That one small girl was believed taken by my ancestors (Casper family)and raised as their own. If this was true, that the Good Lord that she is now passed and hopefully never heard of this atrosity committed on these AMERICANS.
G.J.T., I am a 64 year old white woman from Utah & retired teacher. [11-08-2012] »»»

This site is very informative.
SLM, Turner [11-08-2012] »»»

I love this site because it helps me with my projects I really need to get done! :D
Taylor Smith, 13 [11-08-2012] »»»

This site helped me really well. Thank you! I wil be sure to
brittanie, age:14 [11-08-2012]

this is really interesting....
anonymous [11-08-2012] »»»

This is the most informational website I could find doing this last minute is not as hard as I thought
Charity S., 13, Kansas City, Misouri [11-08-2012] »»»

it needs a map with a lable ponting to the landing site
trhd, .L.a ca [11-08-2012] »»»

It Was INTERESTING i will show this to my students.
Makayla Buck, 25, Genger road, [11-08-2012] »»»

I think that the idea of making slave codes was ridiculous. They were scared that the slaves would rebel so they made a list of new codes and laws. But if the slaves were going to rebel what made them think that breaking these new codes would be out of the question, like they were going to attack and kill the slave owners but these simple new tasks that were no longer allowed would be something that they would follow and obey these new rules. I think that making these rules would only in rage the African Americans even further and push them to rebel.
A. H [11-08-2012] »»»

thanks for this article it was my first bibliography it really helped me understand my topic telivision in th 1950sand transformation of american entertainment thnx a lot keep writing you have great info :)
national history day girl [11-08-2012] »»»

my thoughts on this is that why did so many Americans dislike television what was the reason they did build it for if no one liked it
as, houston texas [11-08-2012] »»»

Interesting how the winners of the war got to write the history as they saw it. Like to see the truth about how the free staters brought in 1000's of familys from the Northeast to stack the deck also.
skp [11-05-2012] »»»

i love your books so much joy hakim make more for k12 ok
anonymous [10-21-2012] »»»

this was a very helping site
cjg, i like dogs [10-21-2012] »»»

He is a very smart man with a huge imagination and he was a fighter. Hes seems very strong and responible.
Marla, 14 [10-21-2012] »»»

i have always been interested in history, this website is so massive, I it will be an exciting 'project' to read #pumped up!
Blake S, 13 [10-21-2012] »»»

I studied the Nam war as we South Africans were fighting the Soviet backed Cubans in Angola.We were stopped 10 miles outside of Luanda.Political reasons.I think that the war in Vietnam was not lost by the military,but by the Politicians who were at the mercy of the Press.The Liberal movement applied the pressure (Hanoi Jane),comes to mind and many other celebrities who wanted to show what good human beings they were.Hanoi Jane should have been tried for treason as should so many others.My country was handed to a communist freedom fighting organization with the help of the Liberal brigade.Now I realize that some of my buddies died for nothing at the age of 17 years old.Others lost Limbs and some are bolted together with metal after driving over land mines.The list goes on.What the hell were we doing? We were told that the enemy was bad and we were fighting for Democracy,now we have Communist thieves plundering the country.The liberals? They have emigrated to Australia, England The USA and many other countries,because they would not live here.Now Vietnam was a war the USA fought where you were compelled to fight with one hang tied behind your back.The Commies were gutter fighters and the US had to fight according to the queensberry rules. Liberal Americans are like that.Maybe you could send them here so that can see how destructive they are.America is under attack again,this time it is right there in your back garden At the risk of sounding arrogant GET RID OF OBAMA!
L M Bentel, 55 years old South African veteran Angola 1975 Sargent [10-15-2012] »»»

I am South African served in South African Defense force as conscript in 1975 to 1977.I was a Sargent at the time of my discharge from the Army.In 1994 the government who sent us to war in Angola 21 years before handed our country over to a Black Communist movement.All that we had fought and believed in was thrown under the bus.The guys who died and those that were wounded were just forgotten by a bunch of gutless politicians.
laurie bentel, Male 55 years old Conservative. South African [10-15-2012] »»»

this class was fun :(
Cj [10-15-2012] »»»

crown ink [10-07-2012] »»»

This site is vary slow but interesting
John [10-07-2012]

hostory is awesome
cmt, 13 [09-30-2012]

this made me understand more about the topic
Ricardo [09-25-2012] »»»

I think.....History should include the National talk to your vegetables day and when it was instituted. Just a thought...
anonymous [09-25-2012] »»»

organised labor in united states aid better economy for american today
jimoh shina muhydeen, 25yrs, Nigeria [09-25-2012] »»»

clay massa [09-20-2012] »»»

Love the heading of your page on Teddy Roosevelt. Nice to see that the Progressive label is not just owned by the democrats as they now believe
Ron W, 58 Bennington, Vermont [09-19-2012] »»»

put more stuff for the colonies
anonymous [09-10-2012] »»»

My sister actually believed and shared this information as she researched when I happened in the 80s..., I have not forgotten this as it is the deal breaker for me as who to vote for in this next election... Conservatives are focuse on the deficit which they have consistently created.. I am so tired of hearing them talk out of both sides Id their mouthed!
Rose [09-07-2012] »»»

and what has changed? i'm an l.a. escapee.the indians did not fare any better with the spanish. we have had a long history of treachery and truce breaking. the current politicians would fit right in!
C HUDSON, age: 64 location: ozarks [09-06-2012] »»»

I was inspired by the story of rosa park and was by the horrified by the fact that normal civilians were treated this way.
JM, 21 [09-06-2012] »»»

i thought that this was a verrrrrrry interesting read. thank you for your existance ;D
kh, i live in uranus [08-31-2012] »»»

I agree with AJM about George. He was a much more significant figure of the time than it seems now. I think it is good that you mention him actually, but it deserves more attention, especially since you didn't really find the essence of what George was saying and the issue that he brings up is more important than ever, given the debt collapse built on housing speculation and the fact that there are more empty homes than homeless people.
NJB [08-31-2012]

Claude Davis [08-31-2012] »»»

U.S. History must not be taught without referring to the popularity of Henry George. It is criminal. Many have neglected the topic previously, but it cannot be forgiven of those who research him in sincerity even cursorily. Consider the sentiments of John Dewey, the father of American education, arguably, on Henry George as he relates to public education.
AJM, Georgist and physiocrat [08-23-2012] »»»

good information, but some questionable sources. much of the information have never been scientifically proven to be correct, need to add that. other than that, great source and website to get key information from. Helped me greatly on a project!
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Ana Cecilia, Guadalajara, México [08-07-2012]

These programs were wonderful ..... if misused....or corrupted....that is the fault of the those who knowingly and willingly made such transgressions....
Mary Kenny, teacher [07-16-2012] »»»

This would be great to sell as a history book for homeschooling
Ashbelle [07-03-2012] »»»

The real story of Thanksgiving is that the colonists were starving because they were organized as a commune. Bradford saw this wasn't working and went to a private property system, which saved the day. See
David Aitken [06-20-2012] »»»

this was very helpful THNXS ;)
jiavonna [06-06-2012] »»»

You may want to expand on what you say on the war of 1812 page. Like what happened in it i.e. burning of the White House, occupation of Ottawa, etc.
J.C.H., Canada [06-06-2012] »»»

i dont like the stamp act i cant bbeleive that they did that if they wanted to get money they should work for it
stacy, 54 [06-06-2012] »»»

I think that was not exactly what Roosevelt did. he came up with isolationism policy in order to make America prosper
M.T.N, 25 years [06-06-2012] »»»

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maybe they died out from disease like the rest of the native americans
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There is no clause in the constitution on "separation of church and state." It states that the government will NOT support a state religion. Like many countries in that time period one had to join a certain religous group to live in that country. Like Mexico when Texas was part of it required all immigrantes to be of the Catholic faith. So it was before the revolution in 1776, many colonies required one be a Quaker or of the Church of England, etc. That is what the admendment is for, and NOT a separation claus.
CDM [06-06-2012] »»»

Wow, i never knew that this battle would change everything! I am certainly shocked, yet amazed! I love to hear about bloody battles, especially the ones that have history behind it.. :)
Daisy ramirez, 14 [06-06-2012] »»»

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DEAR PEOPLE(anyone) im a student in samoa natioal university.. As atending school we are studing history about the acient years of the europeans and the growing on human-kind in the world, we also study the origin of countries in the world. So we have lack of resources to do these research, i would like to ask anyone for help. I would like to know more about "discuss the impacts of the european imperialism on the americas" it about the beging of the new world, you can identify the negatives and positive. This could be a grate help for me if people who kown abot this can give a try; or visit me on facebook... yours faithfully.
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Hi i am a huge history enthusist and love thinking about the what if's of history. i have been pondering a scenario in my head and my gut tells me that i am right haha but then we all think our gut is right... but it is this... we all know and it is accepted fact that the vikings came to the new world, colonized, explored, and exploited North America some 500 years before colombus... but to what extent? vikings were known to travel massive distances in their ships, but we assume that once they got to the new world they stopped at newfoundland and didnt go any further... but i think thats crazy! i postulate, based on the reconstructed vinland map( that they made it as far south as the yucatan penninsula. if we say that the river going inland is the saint-lawrence river going to the great lakes... then florida is a small bump just before the gulf of mexico... albeit the map is unrealistic in my interpretation for size it works enough for me to continue my thoughts. but what fuels my fascination is the legends of the aztecs, of bearded white men coming to visit. where else would aztecs see bearded white men? it is too much of a coincidence for me to pass lightly. just because archeology has not the physical proof does not matter to me. archeology was not there to witness history therefore it cannot be definitive, postulation and assumption have been the sciences greatest assets, while old thoughts recorded in books that remain unchanged are its greatest enemy ( and a great asset as well ;) ) but old ideas die hard and are not easily changed. they limit our range of thought and hinder us from exploring the possibilities. look to how far the vikings sailed ( the meditteranian amoung other far flung destinations) and from greenland to mexico doesnt seem so absured. science to me just like any establishment, fears change, for change gets rid of the old established ideas ( and the people paid to uphold those old ideas) and brings in the new. now its all postulation based on circumstantial evidence, but where did the beared white men that the aztecs spoke of come from? is it really that crazy to consider? or are we too wrapped up in old ideas to still teach that columbus discover the new world? ( greenland was a vassle to the scandinavian kings, had maps of its location, colombus only had to ask the norse where america was!)
Jacob J, San Diego [03-13-2012]

Some of the facts are wrong. Brooks said, before attacking Sumner, "I have read your speech twice over carefully. It is a libel against South Carolina and against Mr. Butler, who is a relative of mine." Also, Preston Brooks was not restrained. He conspired with a fellow Congressman, Laurence Keitt, to prevent interference. When other Senators moved to aid Sumner, Keitt produced a revolver and said "Leave them be!" Sumner, who had been seated at a desk that had been bolted to the floor when Brooks attacked, ripped the desk from the floor and staggered away, blinded by his own blood. Brooks pursued continuing to beat Sumner with the cane. Sumner collapsed unconscious but Brooks stopped only after his cane broke.
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yeah i think it was wrong for the U.S to annex hawaii. that was i island and yall did not have the right to do that. Thats just my opinion though but im sure many hawaiians feel the same i know my parents do.
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LS, Alabama [02-21-2012]

Dear mg from Missouri- Though the internment of Japanese-Americans was unjust and completely against all that our nation stands for, it was definitely not "just like the holocaust." Japanese-Americans were not targets for extermination like Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, or other groups. Yes, they did lose their property in many instances, and they did suffer a temporary suspension of some of their civil liberties, but they were never victims of a "Final Solution." You need to do some extensive study into the nature of the Holocaust, as well as the history behind the internment of the Nisei during World War II. As for the website, it is fantastic!
mm, Wisconsin [02-19-2012] »»»

This web cite is really helpful for everybody thanks
b l, california [02-17-2012] »»»

When the us put all those innocent japanese it was just like the holocuast. The us shouldnt have jumped to conclusoins. only 10 people were convicted of spying during ww2 and all were cacsion
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My American Heritage professor is very big on helping us save money, so he provided the link to a website to use in lieu of a book. While I was searching for it, I came across this site, and it is far more helpful than the site I was originally provided, the information is organized, and readily available. Thank you!
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Democracy: a new political system from Russia, without presidents, out of capitalism or communism. New, multipolar self-balancing model of government of 5 independent political parties with the movable centre joint decisions would put an end to ideological enmity and direct energy of party leaders to benefit whole society. CLICK
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Charles Sumner WINS! A great propaganda victory for the North anyways
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I would like to thank you for making sure the ancient and medieval worlds were not neglected as it is the case in most U.S. history classes. But I would like to see you do an entry on the Mississippian culture especially the Chakoria settlement of the Middle Ages (AD500-1500). I would also like to see an entry on the ancient copper mines of Wisconsin from the years 3000BC-1000BC. Thank you again for not neglecting the ancient and medieval times. It is so refreshing to see an American history website or course that does not start in 1492.
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i m students as well an aspirant for civil serverice exam. I have opted for US history : as öne of my optional subject for aforementoned exam. I found the American history exciting and am really fascinated to know the way forefather of this special state worked dedicately for its progress. I find this web resource very helpful becuse here in pakistan we have very limited excess to quality textbooks . Furthermore, foreign books are oo expensive to buy. This website is a god sent for me, indeed a pahacea. Thanks admin
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DJA, Teacher Middle School [01-12-2012]

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A.C. [01-09-2012]

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Bob n yang [01-09-2012] »»»

Your "history" of Puritans in America is soaked in cliches and utterly inadequate in its description of what was in fact a diverse group of people intent on reforming a society in England that was rife with excessive self-indulgence and which later sunk into civil war between the absolute monarchists and the Puritan parlimentarians. It's appalling that you would post this online as a resource for trusting children and teachers who do not have the time and resources to examine primary sources for themselves. It seems a deliberate attempt to denigrate a group of people who struggled and often died in the course of advancing ideals, such as public education and helping the poor, that have become core values in America. Anyone who has the time to examine early Puritan documents in the form of wills, petitions and church rolls will find that the role of women in Puritan society was much stronger and more influential than is stated in your website's analysis. I hope you can assign a better historian to provide a more accurate analysis in future.
JMF [01-08-2012] »»»

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Pickett's Charge. Pickett did not lead the 14,000 troops. He was only one of three generals who, under the command of General Longstreet charged the Union center on July 3rd at Gettysburg
anonymous [12-13-2011] »»»

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The Bill of rights no longer exists. Senate bill 1867
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i belive that abortion is a horrible thing. why blame the baby for the unsafe sex of the parents. its not ther fault that they werernt careful. the mother should just deal with there choise and have the baby. and they can always put the baby up for adoption. there are pleant of people in the world that would love to have a new baby. because a lot of wemon cant have children. im 13 and i already know that abortion should still be illigel. im pro-life and proud to be one!
K.L.L [12-10-2011] »»»

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who shot first the loyalist or the patriots
jm [11-30-2011] »»»

I social studies, my class is learning about the colonist's reaction about the Intolerable Acts that were placed on Massechussets in 1774. They formed the continental congress, and that was claerly stated, but not all of the colonies showed up even to that. Georgia could not make it, but luckily Massachussets could still make it. Also, this site, oh how great it is does not include the place where the continental congress took place, but I already knew that it took place in Pennsylvania. I have a random fact of the day. New York was actually the first U.S. capital, and there were many more before it permenantly became Washington D.C. That is why there is a statue of George Washington there.
Matthew DiCairano, age:12 [11-30-2011] »»»

What a wonderful site. Thank you to those responsible for helping a teacher build a DBQ U.S. history course complete with links to additional documents. PLEASE compile a site for World History.
Jason Pryor [11-29-2011]

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in the late 1800 europeans were looking overseas for places to sell their products because ?
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Thanks for the info..I had bought a kindle book titled "Blood on the Tracks"..while reading it I wasn't sure if it was an actual event..I learned more from this site about the "Great Upheaveal" of 1877. The parallels between that event and the Occupiers today on Wall street is fascinating.. and lends more irony, truth, to the old saying "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it" What a coincidence to be, unknowingly, reading that while empathizing, (joining) the Occupiers
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I was struck by the statistics for Antietam. More than 22,000 soldiers killed in one day! It's like seven 9/11s, except the population of the States was a fraction of what it is today, so the relative loss was so much greater.
Joe [10-21-2011] »»»

I think the slaves deserve the right to live and to have a life just as much as the "white man" who thought they were better than everyone. Just because you are a different color doesn't mean your different than others. Don't give up to BE YOURSELF.Because who you are is who you will always be!
Destiny D., 13 years old. Ilike art. [10-21-2011] »»»

Sarinapawz, a 13 year old who is old enough to know injustice when she sees it. [10-19-2011] »»»

am, austin wus here [10-19-2011]

I actually visited Mesa Verde, and spoke with a descendent of the Pueblos. Although it is common belief that Anasazi tribes are who lived in the cliff dwellings, recent discoveries are showing it is the Pueblo Tribes that inhabited these amazing structures. Not only is it "recent discoveries", but the Pueblo descendents have been saying this for YEARS, ever since these sites were discovered. Also, most people pronounce " An-uh-sah-zee " This pronunciation actually means "ancient enemy" "nuh-sah-zee" is the proper pronunciation of this term. Anyway, I enjoyed learning about this, I thought I'd share. Feel free to comment, I'm not an expert by any means. ~CDR
CDR, Female 20's [10-18-2011] »»»

I am dissapointed that I have not found anything about prohibition.I have located a Bootlegging Site-filled with Cob Webs-exactly as left possibly 8-to 100 years old.A Time Capsule!It has barrels, bottles, 1 with a Boston Label, a sugar sack from the old Domino factory labeled New York. I also have a tin lantern and a hammer from that era. It is incredible. A piece of history still intact.
Judith Iadarola Caron, Plymouth, MA. [10-18-2011] »»»

the battle of lexington and concord was my personal favorite battles,siding with the fact that it was one of the battles that won us the war
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i think that the witchcraft doesnt exzist anymore. anyone who believes in it or thinks that they are one well you are wrong because their arent any just saying for thouse who are acutally crazy about it
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daughters of liberty are men
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The Massacre went to the extreme of killing the Indians they were innocent expecially the infants and children. This is a very sad and cruel attack on mankind.
AM, West Tn [10-11-2011] »»»

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This site is awesome to use or the history fair! Thanks so much!
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An interesting view of Shay's Rebellion. It neglects to mention the farmers attempt to pay the debts owed with the local currency. Those to whom the debts were owed declined the currency as it had no value, instead requuring payment in gold or silver. The debtors only received the State produced currency for their labors, but were denied its use in the paying of debts. The State Courts found against the farmers and began confiscation of their farms. Hence, the rebellion.
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this is an Awesome site. A site in which a student or some one trying to find out about their history! but i think you should have people who experinced, family member that were part of this riot explain there emotins, their trauma so that we the students learn the different virsions and not only that the U.S wants us to learn. Let history be heard
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I feel that the Mining Bonanza brought a sudden wave of development to the U.S. It definitely had its positive effects, but I think that it also lowered the quality of the lives of those who spent their lives in search of valuable metals.
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This site is a very good resource for studying the different periods of the history of the U.S.A. I'm researching the diplomatic career of John Adams and have some questions about some of his correspondence from those years. Can someone point me to a specialist that can answer my questions?
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Why do you not have any information on the second canal built in the US. It was built in New Orleans, Called the Carondelet Canel went between Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississipi River. It exist when I was a boy living in N.O. I-10 interstate was build when it was filled in.
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Scott Rice, Northern-East U.S [07-12-2011]

How did the people vote with so many men at war? Did they vote?
Pat Newton [07-11-2011] »»»

There is current discussion about doing away with the Electoral College. If I'm understanding things correctly, Lincoln would have lost the 1860 election since he garnished only 40% of the popular vote. Something to think about. Just stumbled upon your site. Will enjoy revisiting it since I enjoy American history.
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what were the problems which faced black peole in the new world
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America never forgets about 54-40 parallel north line and Port Simpson (city). Of course yes, I read them on the websites. Why do not the school system in the USA teach students about 54-40 or fight history? I have seen that school system in Canada teach about 54-40 or fight history on the websites.
Ronovich, ga [06-27-2011] »»»

You do not know what you are talking about when you call TR an egotistical backstabber. He only turned against Taft when Taft betrayed Roosevelt and sold out to the corporate interests.
Lawrence Tagrin [06-20-2011] »»»

Am I correct in observing that there are no blacks among the historians indicated on the home page? I would think the omission of perspective in such a significant element in our history could only serve to reduce the impact of an otherwise well organized and inviting history of our country.
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We are looking for funding to invite additional historians. We would like to include a broad range of historians.

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I have studied American History, especially Modern American Military History for more than 40 years and I think this is a great site for some insightful historical data. I was checking out the section on the Vietnam War and there is a posting at a blog military history of the 20th century that has a great article written by Senator James Webb, ex Secretary of the Navy about his experiences as a platoon leader in Vietnam and comparing his experiences to the generations that remained at home during the war. I think every one should read that article to get a very personal opinion of the war.
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The site is excellent and I enjoy it very much. I grew up in western Illinois and made frequent trips with my parents to Navoo. Later, I visited when my college roommates were participating in an excavation. I learned that Joseph Smith and his brother were killed by an angry mob that stormed the jail in Carthage, Illinois. I have visited that jail.
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This site has been useful in assisting my adult ed students with their history lessons. Due to the lack of textbooks, this site has served as an excellent supplement for their graduation requirement.
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Love your site! I struggle with teaching US History to white, middle-class students, and you all have done a beautiful job of bringing perspective and objectivity to 'our' history. Thanks so much for giving me a 'place' to go!
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I love the concept of a free text. I hope you will revisit the piece on Rosa Parks though; she was in fact a trained activist and not just a tired seamstress, as your portrayal suggests. The Southern Poverty Law Center has an excellent film out on her that is free for educators (see called "Mighty Times," and you can find more about her political activism training at .
Ellen Bigler [10-28-2008]

put more hitery
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Just read the piece on the Land of Television. I like history pieces that talk about culture.
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