Greene's Better Spot

Nathanael Greene
Charles Willson Peale, 1783, Portrait Gallery (Second Bank)
Nathanael Greene

When Washington, Nathanael Greene, and General Weedonn came to Iron Hill, Greene saw what he believed to be a superior spot for a line of defense. It was along the Christiana Creek. The creek was near roads and open country that would facilitate the movement of supply (or retreat). Woods offered protection and the Christiana was a better natural barrier than the Red Clay.

Washington disagreed. The commander did not think the Christiana would do as a main line of defense. Greene was miffed and told Washington that Red Clay Creek was no place to dig in because "you cannot hold your ground if they advance." In part due to the conversation, however, Washington did assign Maxwell's corps to Cooch's Bridge where they eventually did "have an opportunity of annoying them (the British) greatly."

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