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Rebus Letter

Here is the translation of the letter shown enlarged at the right

Brittania to America

My dear Daughter I cannot behold without great pain

your headstrong backwardness to return to you Duty in not opposing

all the good I long intended for your sole Happiness & being

told that you have giv'n your hand to a base & two-faced Frenchman I have sent you

over five wise men the greatest of all my children to put you to rights &

hope you will listen to them & mind what they say to you

they have instructions to give you those things you

formerly required so be a good girl discharge you soldiers and ships of war

& do not rebel against your mother rely upon me and do not trust

to what that french rascal shall tell you I see he wants to

bring on an enmity to all unity between you & I but listen

not to him all the world takes notice of his two faces.

I'll send him such Messages from my great cannons as shall make

his heart repent & know that one good or ill turn merits

another. NB let not hate take too much hold of your heart,

I am your friend & mother.

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