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Lightning Bolt

A Tribute to Franklin, sculpture by Isamu Noguchi

Bolt of Lightning...A Memorial to Benjamin Franklin
Isamu Noguchi designed this 60-ton stainless steel sculpture. It is 101-feet tall and marks the axis of Independence Mall and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. It is situated at 5th Street and Vine, in a vest-pocket park. The sculpture depicts a bolt of lighting, a kite, and a key at the base.


Isamu Noguchi plaque
Plaques within the park offer statistical information about the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and about the Noguchi kite.

View of Ben Franklin Bridge from statue
Caution is advised to anyone wishing to view the kite up close and in person. The intrepid art-lover must cross 4 lanes of traffic to reach the sculpture — an electrifying experience in itself.

Looking up at the Bolt of Lightning
As you look straight up the sculpture you can envision the kite flying high in the Philadelphia sky, attracting the bolt of lightning that changed scientific understanding of electricity forever.

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