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Lisa, science projects [12-27-2002]

ben franklin is one of my heros like henery ford thomas edison and john kennedy
william grayeski, 51 bellevue ave penndel pa 19047 [12-24-2002]

i don't likke you beting me on checkers
zahria [12-22-2002]

i like to look up ifo on benjaimn franklin reports
angel blevins [12-22-2002]

Phase Sequencer <--- who here in Jacksonville invented this electric device?
Stacey [12-18-2002]

jorge gomez, 19 [12-18-2002]

ben frankiln rocks!
Annabella Lewis, 26 years old, Portland, or. [12-18-2002]

i think that he is really hott
michelle, nothing [12-18-2002]

he was a good man
Mike Hagan [12-18-2002]

I used the short biography for my homework, and gave you credit(of course). I think it really helped a lot, but where is the stuff about electricity and matter? ~Ari
Arianna, New Jersey [12-18-2002]

I think he is cool! I am reading a biography about him and it is interesting. I love the Web site.
Aly Hobert, none [12-18-2002]

For A Language arts report
Joey R, Sandpoint,Idaho 12 [12-18-2002]

I loved the quick bio it has really helped me do my Benjamin Franklin project I now respecthim the way other people who know him do.
Kaitlin, 10 years old [12-18-2002]

we would not be anywere with out him
sarah, 18 [12-18-2002]

I will definitly have my students check this site out! It's a winner!
JKarp [12-18-2002]

Emma [12-18-2002]

I really liked Ben. He was a great person to know
Bob, I'm 9991/2 years old [12-15-2002]

Thank you for running this site. It is very informative and entertaining.
Larry, Augusta, Ga. [12-15-2002]

very informative and useful
Krysta [12-15-2002]

I think this is a nice research area for anything you would like to know about Mr. Ben Franklin
Joanna, Brownsville, TX [12-15-2002]

This page is so awesome so can you send me moree info about Ben Franklin? Thanks
Krissy [12-15-2002]

It was very informative and interesting to watch and things i didn't know about him then i knew when i came on this website
joseph [12-14-2002]

kool i guess !
Leslie H., im 13 and i like to meet new people [12-14-2002]

When did Benjamin Franklin invent his item?
Christina [12-14-2002]

Ben Franklin is cool. I am doing a biography on him. Trying to get information from the internet. Thank you for this web site.
patrick hazel, 8 yrs [12-14-2002]

benljerman is crazy!
trevis henze, i am 15.oshcosh, wisconsin [12-14-2002]

ishtar doskocil [12-14-2002]

Forrest [12-14-2002]

Good site
joe, 18 years [12-14-2002]

Good site. Lots of research info.
Ben, 14 [12-14-2002]

I am doing a report on Ben and I wanted to know if you had any really good pages about him.
Megan, 13 [12-14-2002]

nick [12-14-2002]

I love ben f! visit my site at www.freewebs.com/sky_light
Blake, 11 [12-14-2002]

I loved the page almost as much as I love Mr.Franklin. The quotes were great; I hope you will add more in the future.
Leyna, 22, AZ, Ben Enthusiast [12-14-2002]

I really enjoyed the information you had on Benjamin Franklin. It helped me to get to know him. I'm really appreciated that he had invented electricity. Without it we wouldn't have a lot of things we have now.
jesus rodriguez, 11 years old [12-14-2002]

This a great website for kids. I got a lot of information for Benjamin Franklin. You have provided this wonderful site. I think this will help kids and people with their work and mine. If you know any other web sites about Benjamin Franklin please contact me at ponystaraz3@aol.com. I still know this will be the best website of all though!
Jenni, school: ventana vista grade:5th [12-14-2002]

Very nice web site and keep up the very good job!
Leeann, My web site is http://lilromeo2you.tripod.com/otown [12-14-2002]

It has a lot of info.
Jose, Edinburg Texas [12-14-2002]

I am doing a project on electricity so i came here to get some help.
Heather Perry, I am 13 I live in Milo Maine [12-14-2002]

Can you email me a picture of where Benjamin Franklin lived?
Melissa Thornton, 37,Irvington, [12-08-2002]

Rodrietta Hopkins [12-07-2002]

This site really helped with my speech preparation on the life of Ben Franklin. He was an extremely talented man and would be hard to ever duplicate!
Public Speaking Student, Kentucky [12-07-2002]

Just found this web site yesterday, really like it. Plan to peruse it all.
Bill Wilkes, Age 50, Mt Airy, MD [12-07-2002]

With true printing programs being removed in the high schools (anything without a computer is not technology, print me 10,000 copies from your ink jet printer)people do not understand that printing is a very important part of their life. Go to the store and purchase something without a printed box or label. I would like to see more information about Franklin the PRINTER!
Dennis Dougherty, Instructor, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology [12-07-2002]

I really enjoy this web site a lot. Brian Mckelley
Brian McKelley, 45 years old, I've been in printing for 30 years, and have been teaching graphic communications for 20 years at Canton McKinley High School (next to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio). I have abrother who has been teaching graphics for 26 years. [12-07-2002]

I, personally, think that he was a smart man
teril, 14 [12-07-2002]

A wonderful web site. I recommend it to the groups I speak to as Benjamin Franklin. I have been concerned for some time that our children are not hearing about our early heros and Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Sam Houston and others. Thanks for your great efforts in this effort.
Harry Benson, 76, Houston Tx, retired public school teacher and school administrator. Board Director Museum of Printing History in Houston. Ben Franklin has been my patron saint my elemnetary school days. I portray Benjamin Franklin here for schools, libraries etc. [12-07-2002]

Brian heiland, age 11 [12-07-2002]

karina gonzalez [12-07-2002]

Jessica Leweis [12-07-2002]

yo whats my dawgs dis is a good site i could find all my info on site thanx guys. HOLLA HOLLA
Steve [12-07-2002]

Patricia Bailey-Jones, Bryan TX [12-05-2002]

Delicious little site. Most informative. Love the Ben Latte pic! ;)
turtlefrau, Las Vegas, 32 [12-05-2002]

I wanted to know about how Ben Franklin found out the lighting rod, and about bifocals.
Trish [12-01-2002]

ben was a brillant man
Regina, none [12-01-2002]

Katie [12-01-2002]

Benjamin Franklin was a great man. He was man that was very smart. One day I hope I can go down in history like him.
Yesenia Flores, age-18 [11-27-2002]

Ben's "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." seems most appropriate today. Thank you for this resource.
Brett Binns [11-27-2002]

windtberg [11-27-2002]

je suis entrain d'étudier benjamin franklin et je le trouve très intéréssant je le trouve fantastique
sallard pauline, france [11-27-2002]

very informative. got lotsa info.
hiral, mumbai [11-27-2002]

he was a interesting person to learn about
andrea molina [11-25-2002]

brittney crippin, 13 [11-25-2002]

He scares me!
Kim, 13/f [11-25-2002]

kool site, my book report is about him, thx 4 da info.
cc, oklahoma [11-24-2002]

your a great site for sore eyes. ha ha
lizz Fatone, 18 years old [11-24-2002]

In my school we are doing an alphebet book on the American Revoloution.This website is veryyyyy helpful.Also Ben Franklin is cool.
Linda Thomas, 10 years old, Rowlett,Texas [11-24-2002]

I really enjoyed my trip. Fun, games, and very informative. Thank you.
A.M. Peterson, Spokane, WA [11-23-2002]

It is always amazing to me to see such talented man whose ego still allows him to compromise when necessary, change his mind with new evidence, and have the wisdom necessary to put his country above himself. I have no doubt he could never be elected in todays world.
Ed Whitehead [11-21-2002]

i auctally have a question. what was the date of when benjamin franklin invented electricty
kevin bennett, none [11-21-2002]

I saw the PBS document on Benjamin Franklin's life on TV the last two nights. His life was astounding and he gave so much it puts most of us to shame. He deeply effective me in a positive way to go on with my life. My mother recently died of pancreatic cancer, she was an idea woman and my sister and I were very close. He had the courage of his convictions and I will never his quotes, energy and will to live and give to the people.
Judy Halgren, Golden Valley, MN [11-21-2002]

good site! it really helped 4 skool
Anyonamus [11-21-2002]

cool and fun
jingle bells, 10 [11-21-2002]

i never saw the website
amanda [11-21-2002]

cool man!
tara [11-21-2002]

your webpage is a good website
John Beach, 15,M,boro,Siegel Middle [11-20-2002]

I need to know what ben thought about american independence and british rule
Danny Modras, 14, dayton ohio [11-20-2002]

Enjoyed PBS series and learned a lot about a man that we mostly know for the "KEY" and the Declaration of Independence. Schools did not dwell on his life which would have been very informative
Walter Shorter [11-20-2002]

Great site, I am using material on Franklin for a group that I run at the Day Treatment program that I work for and this is perfect. Thanks
Marjorie Neal [11-20-2002]

I think your website is great. Especially for reports!
Zachary Szabo [11-18-2002]

larry smallwood, fireman macon ga. message: great site have ;interest in ben franklin as fire dept organizer. [11-17-2002]

tara bright, message: [11-17-2002]

matthew [11-15-2002]

Great site of Benjamin Franklin! Thanks!
Billie Van, 17-F-California [11-15-2002]

john [11-15-2002]

This is an awsome sight i love the games and information! but i would like more pics
Taylor Durham, age 10 [11-15-2002]

i luv ben and i want to lean more about him
Taylor Durham [11-15-2002]

celest [11-13-2002]

what is your invention
kevin jones [11-13-2002]

Your site is a good one, but you need to add more things to the site.I was looking for a picture of Ben and I couldn't find one.
MacKenzie Pruett, 11,Evanston, 11/13/02 [11-13-2002]

Hi I am doing a report, just looking for pictures of his inventions, can't find any so bye!
Bob Shawwa [11-13-2002]

cool and fun
stephanie, 13 [11-13-2002]

just looking for pictures thank you
nicki petty [11-11-2002]

Do you have an idea of why he never was President of U.S.A.?
Jose Burboa, México [11-11-2002]

i want to know the contribution of franklin in electricity.
imee, i want to know the contribution of franklin in electricity? [11-10-2002]

I think this is the best website ever.
mya johnson, 13, conroe, [11-08-2002]

nice site
Mitchell [11-08-2002]

cool site
Tyler, Grand Blanc [11-08-2002]

he is a grat man and I have to do a report on him
molly cole, 16,denton TX [11-06-2002]

here to learn abou t Benjermen Frantlen
AshleyFaul, 13/houma [11-06-2002]

jose [11-06-2002]

I'm doing a report on Ben Franklin for school. I live in FL. This site will be used as one of my sources.
Eddie, 12 yrs [11-06-2002]

Manoj kondrakunta [11-06-2002]

Love B. Franklin. A good and inspiring man.
K. Short, Utah [11-06-2002]

I think he was cool and he was a nice guy.Thats what I think of him.
Kim [11-04-2002]

ann fowler [11-04-2002]

Erin [11-04-2002]

Ben was a great guy is what i think. He did many things to people. I am doing this project and it is on him and i found out what kinds on things he did.
Jessica, 12 years old, go to Indian River, In 7th grade [11-04-2002]

I liked his saying "A penny saved is a penny earned."
Ben Kannenberg [11-04-2002]

when was he born
Elizabeth Hill, When was he born [11-03-2002]

Elizabeth Hill [11-03-2002]

i have to do a project on u so i've come to ur web sight
Tara Huffstutler, moundville,alabama [11-03-2002]

This web site rocks!!!!!!!!!
Isela de la Cerda, 10, Houston,Tx [11-03-2002]

Skeeta [11-01-2002]

kewl name.....benny
jaime [11-01-2002]

please update this website bcuz us students need info about this wise famous person so please share your knowledge about him to us or have a gallery of pics of him that'll be most thoughtful of u
karen, i needed a picture of ben on a 100 dollar bill and all i got is this.... [11-01-2002]

I read Benjamin Franklin by Philip Abraham. Benjamin Franklin used a key with a kite to learn about electricity. The book is where I found the website.
Julian Acker, 6 yrs., Wisconsin [10-31-2002]

I think it is WIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anna [10-31-2002]

it was a great help but need more on the long arm
Caitlin, 13,new york, new york,Bob [10-30-2002]

B Franklin Rocks
Ben Meyer [10-30-2002]

Ben Franklin is awesome sent me some great pics k? tootels
ashley, 13, Kansas City [10-30-2002]

we used this site for our project on Ben Franklin. we are in fifth grade.
lauren &kelly, age 10 &11 [10-30-2002]

i think ben franklin is a cool guy so send me some information about him like his bibliagraphy thanx shiloah w/b
shiloah, creswell [10-30-2002]

great website helped me a lot w/my project on ben franklin!
jenn, age13, clayton,DE [10-30-2002]

Sarah Lowe, 12 [10-30-2002]

Ben is the man! I learned a lot from his virtuous thoughts and sayings! He sure can play checkers!*
Lexi [10-30-2002]

I have a report to write in my vacation about Benjamin Franklyn and this is my web site to goto.
Jacob Alvarez, 13,HP,7822 Seville ave#B [10-29-2002]

i want a picture of Ben Francklin many piture ok about history bye.
aida, 13 [10-27-2002]

This is a wonderful website to use to create a scavenger hunt when studying Ben Franklin. My students loved it!
M. E. Egbert [10-26-2002]

logan [10-25-2002]

I have a social studies paper to write. This has been a great site to get information for my report!
Ben Hale, age 13 [10-25-2002]

what was it like to be Benjamen Franklin
Kristen, age10 [10-25-2002]

Ben Freanklin Rocks my world!!!!
Allie Carr, 16 from Boothwyn, a suburb of Philadelphia [10-24-2002]

i'm doing a report type thing on benjamin franklin and he's...cool...yeah that's it
Tiana, 13 [10-24-2002]

Wow! I really used the quick biography! i needed to get tons of info for a school project due in two days and thanks to the quick bio i got more than enough info and got an A+!!! Thanks you Webmaster for making this site!
Shelly a.k.a puppy princess, 12/f/mass [10-24-2002]

I am going to visit your print shop and hope to see you, Henri, James and Sarah there. Bye. John
John K., I'm 4 and I like Henri [10-24-2002]

ivan, 15 years old [10-24-2002]

Amanda Montiel [10-24-2002]

Joan Shea, Yo Ohio [10-21-2002]

jennifer [10-21-2002]

Ben Franklin is a great inventor and has a great time line.
Courtney, I'm 13; Baton Rouge Louisiana [10-21-2002]

I think Benjamin Franklin is very secretive and lazy!
John Adams, very old [10-21-2002]

I look up to Ben Franklin a lot and i am really glad that there are websites that i can get info from - thanks mary salloum
Mary Salloum, age 16 [10-21-2002]

i need to know some information on electricity invention
thomas jamison, what he invented [10-20-2002]

Benjamin Franklin and I shore the same birth date. I have always found his life interesting and educational. I am doing a telecommunications course and one of the assignments was to search the internet for web sites, and of course, I searched for... you know who.
Shirley A. Grant [10-20-2002]

what i think about him is awsom
aralis, no [10-20-2002]

Very Iteresting Information that I never new!!!! Thanks and Aloha
Thomas Perri, 45 Honolulu, Hawaii [10-18-2002]

what did he do dearing his life that was impotrant like eletric stuff and the stove and what else???????????
Ashley, no [10-17-2002]

I am doing a project.. i need info!!!
rachael [10-17-2002]

This was very interesting. Thank you for sharing it.
Edna Buchanan [10-17-2002]

this website is awesome! Ben is my hero!!!
claire w.w. [10-17-2002]

chris schlachter [10-17-2002]

i got some pictures off this site they were great
staci, hi [10-16-2002]

jess, jess [10-16-2002]

hi! I´m a 14 years old boy and i´m doing a project about Benjamin Frankling in school and I could use some help..LIke facts and stuff... // Kalle
Kalle [10-16-2002]

Hey Ben you are really kool to bad you are dead
anonymous [10-16-2002]

Cassandra Palmer, 10, [10-16-2002]

i think ben franklin is a extremly inteligate man especially when it comes to the kite experiment.how did he have the courage to do such a scary thing? what a brave man.
brianna, 11 [10-16-2002]

i want to know were he was born
bianca [10-16-2002]

I think your webpage is great and it is obvious that it contains many great facts.
Bailey Walton, Student at LFMS [10-16-2002]

i would like to see and to write to my videotape the legends of electrician key of dr franklin.im from greece,especially from thessaloniki
george, greece [10-16-2002]

I like playing the games on this website becuase i live in a retirment home and I am very board there! This website keeps me occupied.
Lyndsay, 87 [10-16-2002]

whem did he develop the light bulb?
jkyle, 74 [10-16-2002]

angelo maltos [10-16-2002]

I read his quotes, and found them to be very wise and usefull.
Dan B, 16, Sophomore, Green Bay, WI [10-16-2002]

Could you tell me anything about his school life?
Cdk, I'm ten [10-16-2002]

ahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahhahahaha please put my name on the list but i like4 this website
zachary perkins, 13 [10-16-2002]

I like this website becaus eit really helped me with my assignments for my computer class! thanks a bunch!
Jennifer Cheney, 12 North Branch Michigan 48461 [10-16-2002]

put more about bifocals
kristina, kristinarules2002@yahoo.com [10-16-2002]

ruth torres, age13 warner springs [10-09-2002]

I enjoyed visiting the city that I grew up near. I'm from Delaware county. I was looking for the bust of Franklin that is coated with pennies that school children donated. Can you tell me where to find it? Thanks for a great website.
Kathleen, 54, Jacksonville, FL [10-09-2002]

Chelle B. Schuelke [10-09-2002]

Kristina Padilla [10-09-2002]

I have a book of Ben Franklin's Memoirs, written by him. It looks like he also signed it. Is there a place to see a sample of his signature? Did they make signature "stamps" back then?
Nan [10-09-2002]

I am in eigth grade, and in an acedemically talented class. right now I am doing a stack on various patriots from the Revolutionary time period. I believe that all people should be informed about the great people of our that time period. If you could please send me some info. on various patriots, or even just on Ben Franklin I would be very thankful.
Kim, 13 yrs old, and very interested in the revolutionary time period [10-07-2002]

He was awesome and did so much for his country. We owe so much to him!
ana [10-07-2002]

je veux plus developpe
samih hwalla, age 15 ans ville tripolid [10-07-2002]

ashley barnes [10-07-2002]

Lynden Ody [10-03-2002]

christine [10-02-2002]

Collecting information for a science report.
Lakesha [10-02-2002]

ashley [10-02-2002]

paolo [10-02-2002]

crystal [10-02-2002]

cole, none [10-02-2002]

hope this helps
laura [10-02-2002]

michael, 13 osawawtomie [10-02-2002]

thus page is really cool . it gives you information about him and other cool thngs....
Kaci Dawn Peaden, 11, bellarthur northcarolina [10-02-2002]

i think this page is really cool. it is really nice
marquita, iam 13 years old [09-30-2002]

Erica, Age:13 years old [09-28-2002]

chris borgna [09-28-2002]

tex [09-28-2002]

This is a great web site about a wonderful man worth remembering. I also like the "lite" tone and so would have he (Mr. Franklin, that is!). My thanks, Mike Egan
Mike Egan [09-28-2002]

Tonya [09-28-2002]

Thanks for helping with school.
Hayden Kemp, age:9 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba [09-28-2002]

I wish that ben franklin was still here.
LaKeya Barbee, 12 elyria [09-28-2002]

cool site
Dez, I'm at school [09-28-2002]

anna [09-28-2002]

cool webpage
brittany, 11 [09-28-2002]

leica [09-28-2002]

it was cool
keke [09-28-2002]

ben frank is kool
kayla n, i ma daddyz gurl [09-28-2002]

I have heard tha Ben Franklin invented a device to electrocute chickens, is it truth or fiction/
Earle Connors, college park, maryland 56 yrs old [09-28-2002]

wendell white [09-28-2002]

thanyou soooooooo much! your site has helped me finish my project ! thanyou again~!
dannielle, no [09-28-2002]

Wonderful site!
Michele, 36, Murrieta, CA [09-28-2002]

If there's anything I've been grateful for good ol' ben for, it'd be his 13 virtues. I pride myself with the completion of any virtue I use everyday, they've shaped my mind into a positive, confident way of life. I feel like i am a better samaritan and other ppl notice it as well. GOO SHIIE
Rigoberto Beata, 18, Los Angeles [09-28-2002]

john [09-28-2002]

Great interactive information! I've consulted your site several times while working on a companion website for the upcoming PBS series, Benjamin Franklin. We've provided our users with a link to The Electric Franklin and are wondering if you might link to our site -- http://www.pbs.org/benfranklin/ Thanks much!
Erika Stenrick, from Twin Cities Public Television [09-28-2002]

Dont hate cuz im great!
Qt wit'da Booty, 16~ [09-28-2002]

yeahhh byeee
YO mamma!, nopee [09-28-2002]

purplegirl13 [09-28-2002]

What did you do to become popular
Erin Taylor, I have a question [09-13-2002]

jazz sapphire [09-13-2002]

Can't believe there is so much information available! This is awesome!
Shelley Sanchez [09-13-2002]

reginald [09-13-2002]

i am the collest person ever
megan, i am cool [09-13-2002]

this guy is awesome and witty. ill probably end up applying some of the same basic meanings into some of my poetry.... he is just AMAZING with words.
william, 17, usa [09-13-2002]

great site...keep up the good work
Tom E. Roy [09-13-2002]

we are using this site for a school project. thank you very must.
connie morris [09-13-2002]

yesenia zarco [09-06-2002]

i'ts cool
Maggie, 12 [09-06-2002]

megan mikolajczak, 12 menmonee falls 53051 [09-06-2002]

mr.franklin we enjoy your sight holla player
reginald and quintell, 10@11 [09-05-2002]

What an amazing man! Most philosophical and though not true to his own adage, surely it applies to almost everyone. WE could certainly use a man like him in this century!
Carol Campbell, age:40, country:QLD Australia, occupation:schoolteacher [09-05-2002]

I'm doing a science project and my teacher picked me to do Benjamin Franklin.
Tiffany, 12 years old [09-05-2002]

Franklin was great. I wrote about him (in Dutch).
Hans van Muiswinkel, Delft, Holland [09-05-2002]

philip [09-05-2002]

really good info
Alyssa Martinez, 12, Florida [09-05-2002]

be good do good
satyam, 24,i am from bhopal in india,n i am an computer professional [09-05-2002]

I like the site. But I think that it is lacking something. Maybe like his newspapers. I am doing a school newspaper. (only for my Journalism class) I need info on those days. Maybe if you had that it would be better. Jymme
Jymme, 15 Female from Kansas [09-05-2002]

would like to trace his family tree
randy franklin, 41 y/o St Petersburg, FL [09-05-2002]

krystal, victarin [08-26-2002]

Many people remember Benjamin Franklin as the man on the hundred dollar bill, a president and for harnessing electricity. What accomplishments they were when you really think of him.
Stephen Sand, 50 [08-22-2002]

i like it
bryan [08-22-2002]

Caitlyn, 13,alabama [08-22-2002]

I love Ben Franklin!! The best portrayal of his was in the 70s movie "1776"
Margaret Lion [08-22-2002]

Clifford J. Ulzheimer, Age 86 [08-08-2002]

This is a good site to find out about Benjamin.
Kirsty Harford, I am thirteen and I am doing a social science project. [08-08-2002]

Hi, I found your site and spent a while here. It's quite interesting and informative...I'll probably visit again soon. take care, chris
chris, http://www.daytradingworld.com [08-08-2002]

Thanks, I'm research old brother Ben for curriculum development for high school students. Big help.
barbara herrick [08-08-2002]

This site is everything I need for a unit on Ben Franklin. Grade 3
Mrs. S [08-08-2002]

Benjamin franklin is a great man,he has also immortalised himself.I want to learn from his works and his life.
adigolo matthew, I am 21years old,I live in lagos,Nigeria.I am a student of the University of Lagos,akoka,lagos,Nigeria.s [08-08-2002]

i like the way u set out the web page this is the first time i have heared about u it is just that i am in electronic at school and i have to study on a electric inventor
daphine slade, 14,hamilton [08-08-2002]

daphine slade [08-08-2002]

My commendations go to all who helped to compile such an excellent resource on Ben Franklin. His efforts and achievements alike are listed in detail. The nomenclature for his quotes is the best I've seen thus far. THANK YOU for an enjoyable visit. I WILL recommend this site to others!
Donald Spanyer [08-08-2002]

this guy is kewl
fat boy, gillette wy. [08-08-2002]

this giveme a lot of ideas
Adriana [08-08-2002]

Very informative site
Bobby G. Royalty, Danville,Ky. [08-08-2002]

Love the way he cared and the way he thought.
Kirsty Harford, 13 years old A project on Benjamin [07-24-2002]

Larry James Jacko Jr. [07-24-2002]

i liked the book about ben franklin he is a inspiring man
Dennis Ochieng, 15 years, Africa, Double Joy Childrens Farm. [07-24-2002]

I did a report on Ben Franklin in 4th grade and he really interested me. I learned a lot, and I still remember some. He was bron on January 17, 1706 and he married Deborah Read Rogers in 1730. He dies on April 17, 1790 at age 84 of a desiese called... Gout, is it? I thinks so.
Kayla, I am 10 years old and I am going into 5th grade [07-24-2002]

I love the sight - I only wish it had an onsight search feature.
Rhonda Ragsdale, tx [07-24-2002]

benjamin, a great philosopher and person who ever lived!
Destini, n/a [07-24-2002]

j. r. [07-24-2002]

Charlotte Reed, Chester Pa [07-15-2002]

I named my first born son Benjamin after Mr. Franklin.
Stephen Bertz [07-15-2002]

kyle s [07-15-2002]

chris [07-01-2002]

Franklin was a great man and a great addition to the history of our country. Where would be without electric power?????
Sandy Chavez, 46 yrs., Winkelman, Az. 85292 [07-01-2002]

age 15 Plymouth
Shannon [07-01-2002]

Susan Barrett [06-26-2002]

I think he was a good man,but you have to understand he led to the destruction of my countrys great empire.Thanks!
Alex, brighton,england.15yrs [06-26-2002]

I grew up on Franklin; I lived in the Society Hill area of Philada; my mother worked for the Franklin Institute for several years (they even used me and my sister in publicity photos next to the Baldwin 60000 locomotive); my Scout Troop met on a site that he supposedly flew the kite on at 10th & Ludlow streets (I can provide a scan of our neckerchief patch in the shape of a kite); and I was always intrigued by his knowledge and worldliness.
Michael D. Candell, 48, Warminster, PA (phila. suburb) [06-26-2002]

yuanlu wu [06-26-2002]

Johnny, 21-12-86 [06-26-2002]

memorize "IF" by Kipling
Calin Schobel, Romania [06-26-2002]

What an amazing intellect for his time - so much ahead of everyone else!
Rich Edgerton [06-15-2002]

Wish you had a good pic of the bridge at night when it's lit.
Dr. Jean Hantman, 48 yo, Phila born and bred [06-15-2002]

karen cruz [06-13-2002]

ryan, 15 wilbraham MA [06-10-2002]

I really enjoy your website. And it is really helpful. I need more picture of Franklin when he was experimenting. (cartoon is good too) And some big picture of him too. If u have some can u please mail it to me.
Perry Zhang, High School Student [06-10-2002]

oscar [06-10-2002]

I like your sight, I am using some of his quotes for a college public speaking course.
Nancy, old, not not as old as Benjamin Franklin, Collegeville, PA [06-10-2002]

Denise Reza [06-05-2002]

Wonderful resource for students of all ages.
Susan Ecklund, age 57, Vancouver, WA, educator [06-02-2002]

I think you should create a page especially devoted to the 13 virtues and maybe create a game the kids can play to help learn them. Perhaps you could create a quiz to see how you are doing following the virtues and perhaps one to tell which you are doing the best at.
Hollijane Dailey [05-31-2002]

Alejandra, 15 [05-31-2002]

Ben Franklin ROCKS!!!
Michael Franklin, I'm 10 and I live in Sydney [05-31-2002]

ashley nelson, 10 years old New YORK [05-30-2002]

jamal anderson [05-28-2002]

the cartoon is very funny and well thought out
Greg [05-28-2002]

amanda s. [05-22-2002]

Nick [05-22-2002]

will [05-22-2002]

Nice web site!
Robert C. Dewel, Member of Friends [05-22-2002]

Emily [05-22-2002]

I need a good picture of Ben Franklin.
Taniqua Teasley, 10-Franklinton [05-19-2002]

Sophie, Ohio 10 1/2 [05-17-2002]

I think that ben franklin is a genius!!!!!
Pii389, waianae [05-17-2002]

This website has been sooooo helpful to me. I would tell anyone that has to do a research paper to go here.
lauren, 16,utica,Mi [05-17-2002]

lauren, 16,utica,Mi [05-17-2002]

Anna K. [05-17-2002]

Scott [05-15-2002]

Diana Poole [05-15-2002]

kody nicholson, ten [05-15-2002]

i want very good pics here of benjamin franklin for i can get an a plus from history class.
ricardo rodriguez, im 15 live in pa,allentown [05-15-2002]

find out what benjamin frankling and thomas edison invented
james, 13 [05-15-2002]

danyelle [05-15-2002]

Shauna [05-15-2002]

i need info on ben f. and the rev. war please send me some facts
kkk, hi [05-13-2002]

Nice web site
Adam C, I'm 12 [05-13-2002]

he was less than a god but more that a man
nick [05-13-2002]

Calina [05-12-2002]

Schuylar Reggi [05-11-2002]

charlene becker, Im 15 and i live in rice lake wisconsin [05-08-2002]

Daniel Smith [05-08-2002]

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Katie, I'm am 9 years old [05-08-2002]

omar martinez [05-08-2002]

jasmine garcia [05-08-2002]

This is a very well set up internet sight! I love it!
Stephanie Herr [05-08-2002]

I am writing an 18th century novel, based on our genealogy. Ben Franklin was researching and writing at that time and I am having my family (who also was married to the Folgers in Nantucket) work in Dr. Frnaklin's employ, undocumented. Although my novel is historical fiction, the part involving Dr. Franklin is fact. I will not copy any of your work in my novel. But I like learning about him.
Esther Starbuck [05-06-2002]

This is a really great place to go when you have a project due!!!!!!
Amber Wendt, New Haven ct [05-06-2002]

I was glad to see something here on a multimedia computer project I am doing for grad school.
Donald Coppersmith, Philadelphia [05-06-2002]

I really want to start through this program as soon as i can.
Tosha Brekke [05-06-2002]

Ben franklin was an awsome guy and i luv him!!!
I.D. [05-06-2002]

your web site is cool
nahum [05-06-2002]

your web page is o.k you should have games maby on ele.
kat, none sorry [05-06-2002]

What about Alexander Graham Bell and all the other inventors?
Guadalupe Luna [05-06-2002]

i think that benjamin franklin is so great that i am doing him for my biography assignment
ashley vilmer, 15, ellisville, mo [05-06-2002]

u r cind and some times forgetful,u r is nice. u like having friend's and u like helping people. by ur friends: Lacey and Leslie
lacey, 10 [05-06-2002]

Lucas, 15 Buffalo [05-06-2002]

Eli gomez [05-06-2002]

i like your website
jaslin, 11 years old [05-06-2002]

briana [05-02-2002]

noelle kellicker [05-02-2002]

We're looking up his quotes!
Mrs. Retallic's class [04-29-2002]

mikey devil, Hidyhoooooooooooo [04-29-2002]

What can I say? This page is invaluable! Much time and love went into this, and I'm thrilled with this page. It succeeds in presenting him as a human being. While other figures in history may be celebrated, none seem as approachable or honorable as Franklin. Keep up the incredible work! This site is in my Favorites forever.
Tyler Ternan, Las Vegas, NV [04-29-2002]

melissa [04-29-2002]

This is a great site for homeschoolers. Thank you!
Lori Alarcon, California [04-29-2002]

i think this is a very good site and has helped me very mutch in my project on Benjamin Franklin..........thank you very mutch.
Loukas Schafer [04-29-2002]

i think benji was cool
aj [04-27-2002]

I think that Ben Franklin was a very great and intelligent person.
Qadirah Wallace, I am 16 and I go to Belmont H.S. In Dayton, Oh. [04-27-2002]

I love you and i am doing a report on you.
collene, 9 tounton [04-27-2002]

i am doing this for a report and it gives lots og info
Shanice, I am 14 from brooklyn [04-27-2002]

you should give more info on benjerman franklin.
bajor, nothing [04-27-2002]

Ben Franklin was a very good man and very helpful in life.
stacey, age 11 [04-27-2002]

It would be most helpful if you would source your images.
Leigh Montgomery [04-27-2002]

This site is very helpful if youy want to find specifics on him.Especially if you need to type a three pg report on him!
Kayla Sampson, Age:11, Morgan Hill, ca [04-27-2002]

August Hernandez [04-27-2002]

I would like to know is you have teacher packets. I am teaching summer school and I need any information you might have and illustrations for a pictorial presentation.
Nancy S. Lewis [04-27-2002]

bens ausom because he invented most of the things we have in our homes
greg, 11 buda [04-27-2002]

He was a fantastic person.
Marcia Haynes, I am trying to find picturesand a short comment of Benjamin Franklin's inventions for my 3rd graders project on Franklin. [04-27-2002]

Ben Franklin was a very interesting guy.
Patrick Sherman, The Sherman Academy (homeschool) age 11 [04-27-2002]

anna louise lindbeck, i am 11 years old. [04-18-2002]

Sometimes I wonder what it was like when Benjamen Franklin was alive.
Rachel Cushing, none [04-17-2002]

yasmine leonard, i'm 14 i'm from ga. [04-17-2002]

i think that i love my hunnie bunnie n my suga plum!!! so yeah, we had to go to this website n i liked it!
babie cakes [04-17-2002]

I think ben franklin if so cool!! hes my new best friend! and hes really good at checkers! i love mike more though!
Ryann Nicole Appel [04-17-2002]

its great to do reports on famous people
sue, 13 [04-17-2002]

I think he's a cool guy!
Nicole [04-16-2002]

wade, atccskaluii;A [04-16-2002]

Matt Moss [04-16-2002]

I searching about connection of history USA pharmacy with Mr. Ben. Anybody can help me?
riena [04-16-2002]

This site was totally awsome. I have a project to do at school and it was very, very helpful. Thank you.
Frederick Christopher Herzog, 13 years old [04-15-2002]

I think ben was a very talented man eventing what we still use today like bifolklesand electricity these are some of my thoughts.
missy, hennepin school [04-15-2002]

rachel [04-14-2002]

my class is studing benjamin franklin and this site gives a lot of information in some parts of his life but i think this site could have a little more. Quote: the poor have little beggers none; the rich too many Enough not one -benjamin franklin
Brad B, usa 12 [04-13-2002]

thomas jones [04-10-2002]

When the American troops left the city of Berlin (Germany) a few years ago, our hospital decided to change its name to University Hospital Benjamin Franklin. This hospital was a gift of the American people to our city. The funds were raised by Ellinor Dulles, sister of the late American minister John Foster Dulles by means of a Benjamin Franklin Foundation.
Prof. Mario Brock MD PhD, Full professor and chairman, dept. of Neurosurgery, University of Berlin, Germany [04-10-2002]

I like the story of Ben I had to write a research about him and this website really helped.THANKS
Samantha, age:12;city:Springfield,Ohio [04-10-2002]

Kimberly Jo [04-10-2002]

Hi, I was reading this book I liked it so much it was about ben well thats all
Nadia Casillas, 10 Stockton, CA [04-10-2002]

My grandfather's name is Benjamin Arthor Franklin. His father's name was benjamin Allen Franklin. My grandmother has searched back to the original Benjamin Franklin's family tree, and can't find any proof that my grandpa is related to Ben Franklin.
Amanda Van Tassel, 13, Frederick, Maryland [04-10-2002]

Nick Boldt [04-10-2002]

Id like to find plans for building the franklin motor.
Ronbo, california [04-08-2002]

mike [04-06-2002]

I think more people should explore the kind of things Ben did.!!!!!!!!!!!!
can't tell, blah [04-06-2002]

Jose Garcia [04-06-2002]

Heather Martin, 13,Shreveport,La. [04-06-2002]

Franklin is one of the most important people in our history. He has made a lasting impact on everyone's life.
Elena Bach, 14, Texas [04-06-2002]

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your site! You've helped me with my project soo much! Keep up the good work and God bless!
Mandy B., Age 13, Philadelphia, PA [04-03-2002]

chris [04-03-2002]

Great Website
Emily Smith [04-03-2002]

Benjamin Franklin rules
Spewy Chewy, 8 price,Ut [04-03-2002]

This website is the best for anything "Franklin"!!!
A. Martin Graham [04-03-2002]

I thought your website was very good
Justin Lee Lira, 12,TX,Knippa [04-03-2002]

ashley, 13 tulsa ok [04-03-2002]

I just don't believe Ben could be so many things.
Jing Peng, 10 Rochester NY [03-30-2002]

its okay!
Nancy [03-30-2002]

pat pearman [03-28-2002]

I think that Ben Franklin is a checker player because he beat me every time I played the game and I also loved that lemon battery! It was cool. Thank you for make electricity because if we didn't have electricity we would not be albe to see anything at night or in the mnorning like at 5:00 a.m. or 5:30 a.m.! Thank you! Heather Walk, Port Matilda,PA
Heather Walk, 11 [03-28-2002]

Matty [03-28-2002]

Shlng [03-27-2002]

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shawn, my cat has fleas [03-27-2002]

Andrew Siner, salem NH in Canada [03-27-2002]

i think that ben is GREAT!!
shinequa [03-27-2002]

i got a lot of info about him for my school project. Thankx
Lexa, 11 [03-27-2002]

how did benjaminfranklin die
mychiko, 15 Inlgewood [03-25-2002]

i think that Ben was a very smart man and he deserves to be remembered by everybaody. after all he did invent electricity. ben made a diffrence in everybadies life. i he was still alive i would thank him!!!!
Jennifer, im 11 going on to 12 i live in E.P. [03-25-2002]

ben franklin is a good person with lots of thougts to make the world a better place
camrah parara [03-25-2002]

I'm sure Ben would love this site.
Claire, West Virginia [03-23-2002]

I need two illustrations of ben franklin for a report.
Karin [03-23-2002]

I checked out your site because Ben Franklin is my 9 year old son's favorite person from history. My son has a history fair coming up and wanted to do something on Ben Frankiln for the fair. I have been searching a lot of web sites looking for information on Franklin's inventions, especially for pictures of his inventions.
Debbie Holman, I am a 39 year old mother from Florida. I have one 9 year old son who I homeschool. [03-21-2002]

RELATIVITY END! (see,www.tsolkas.gr)
Christos Tsolkas, Greece [03-21-2002]

Nice site....I am in class learning all about it!
Gina Miller [03-21-2002]

abouth benjamin, franklin life
jonathan larrea, 11years lod [03-21-2002]

Jaclyn Herbstreit [03-21-2002]

this is a fantastic website
Christine [03-21-2002]

I think that he was a great man adn that he was a great in the history of man
andrew whitson [03-21-2002]

i am doin a project for a fair called night of the nobles. i have a chance for a duke university if i do good enough on my sat i have to take in a month or so, and one of my most best focal points is history. i was to choose some one that contributed something positive to society . i think benjamin franklin is an excellent person to look up to and to research about. so for this reason, i have chosen to tell all about how much he means to this country and where we would be today without his discovery of electricity. sincerely yours, whitney b todd
Whitney Todd, im thirteen i live in london ky [03-21-2002]

I am currently taking an honors seminar on Benjamin Franklin. In conducting research for a paper I stumbled upon this site. I especially enjoyed the games section... :)
Jessica Jackson, Ohio [03-21-2002]

Maxwell Richard [03-21-2002]

Morgan Miller [03-21-2002]

I really think you need to get more pics of Benjamin franklin
Ashley Malinski [03-21-2002]

I think this is a really good thing what you are doing for us students
James Garvie, 14 lansing,michigan [03-21-2002]

What Year Did Ben Franklin Discover Electricity?
Jan [03-21-2002]

its the best in the would
Heather, 14,Tell City, [03-21-2002]

I looked at this website for a college project. Enjoyed it !
Mary B. [03-21-2002]

ashley [03-21-2002]

i think it's cool how Ben Franklin discovered electricity..
Erik Grundberg, im 11 years old, i like football, and i live in Anvik Alaska [03-14-2002]

i want to know about his boigraohy. not like chapters about his life. that is confusing. i want to know about where he was born, what it was like from him growing up, ect.
Andi Grundberg, im 13 years old and i live in Anvik Alaska [03-14-2002]

Great site.
irving, 72 years young [03-14-2002]

Ben was the greatest man that ever lived!!!
anonymous [03-14-2002]

In school,I'm studying Benjamin Franklin.
Dylan, age9,OakLawn,IL [03-13-2002]

ismael [03-13-2002]

I am looking for portable electric dictionary
Jaanus Hunt, 42 years old, come from Tallinn, Estonia [03-13-2002]

Julie Bittinger [03-13-2002]

Hillary Welsh [03-13-2002]

looking for aperson
Greg moore [03-13-2002]

Jenn Lowe [03-13-2002]

Julia, 14, miami, student [03-13-2002]

i loved this site!
Ian [03-13-2002]

i think you should have more presidents to search for
jordan [03-07-2002]

I thought that this sight gave a lot of info. I was here 4 a research progect,& I got everything that i needed! Thanx a bunch, Chelsea!
Chelsea Walker, Age: 11 [03-07-2002]

This site is X-tremely good for my report, but its kinda long.
Lindsay, 11 [03-07-2002]

dylan [03-07-2002]

i like this web page!!!!!!!!!!
john [03-06-2002]

How old is Ben?
Naithan Bohan [03-06-2002]

Nathan, 10 srb [03-06-2002]

it is good
anton [03-06-2002]

My, mom is helping me with an extra credit project. I think you are very interesting, thanks for the help. I,m 6.
Jennifer Stroud [03-06-2002]

ollie, 11 [03-06-2002]

your timeline reaaly helped me peice together the information i had. franklin was a funny smart great man! hey 2 every1 else here!!!!
Chelsea A., 13 years old in new jersey. my birthday was 2 weeks ago! [03-04-2002]

Dave [03-04-2002]

achilleas [03-04-2002]

is ok
axilleas, benjamin franklin and his help to science what we learn from him and his work [03-04-2002]

Ben Frank. was truly an amazing man. Electricty is truly a stroke of gtenuis
Abigail Rose, I am nine.I also think racism is bad . Although, I am white my first friend was black. [03-03-2002]

Am looking for saying and or advice from Ben Franklin on land ownership and or real estate. Would like to know where I can finds his thougts on this subject. I am told by a notable source that Ben Franklin recommeded to americasn bake in his time that buying land would be s source of wealth. I am trying to locate where that is documented.
Ernest H. Wassmann, 50, Kansas City Mo. [03-03-2002]

I have always been utterly proud to be born on the same day as Benjamin Franklin and throughout life have told both my peers and others that both Ben Franklin and I were born on the same day and after my death they will put my likeness on a $200.00 dollar bill
kathryn g. reed, my birthdate is January17,1948 [03-03-2002]

ithink old ben is very smart
alex [02-28-2002]

I thought your sight was very informative. I like how you put in the Decleration of Independence. There are so many people who are completely cluless about that type of thing. So keep up what your doing and I'll be back to check out more. Always, Kelli Taylor.
Kelli Taylor, 14 [02-28-2002]

its awesome in here
Lisa H, none [02-28-2002]

Chris [02-27-2002]

C.J. Davila [02-27-2002]

Priscilla, 6 [02-27-2002]

Lou NIles [02-27-2002]

I loved the pictures on this sight they were great for my x-tra credit project!
Sadie McCarry [02-27-2002]

when was he born
keith [02-27-2002]

katie [02-27-2002]

kyle, 14 tx [02-27-2002]

raven [02-27-2002]

Great educational ideas! Mr. Franklin will be a guest at Poplar Forest, Thomas Jefferson's retreat home, next month.
Tom Paciocco, Virginia [02-27-2002]

I love your site. It gave me lots of info for my school project. I especially liked the timeline.
Max Greenfeild, Ny,Ny [02-27-2002]

I'm doing a project on Bejamin Franklin.
Roman [02-27-2002]

An interesting man
Sophy, 12 [02-27-2002]

Relief Fire Co., www.relief501.com [02-27-2002]

i need to know what one of the quotes means keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards. thank you
lucinda jamison [02-27-2002]

Fraqnkin is cool
justin Long [02-27-2002]

john [02-27-2002]

My Grandfather has researched and found that I am Benjamin Franklin's great-great-great-great-great niece. Pretty Cool!!!
Kristen Hall, 12 Morganton, NC [02-27-2002]

I need big picture about Benjamin Frankling
monica [02-27-2002]

picture and his history
jane, 13,Tagbilaran City [02-27-2002]

This is a wonderfully informative site. My favorite quote by him is "The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason."
Dayna, http://www.intercom.net/~dayna/ [02-27-2002]

Doing research on Ben Franklin for American Lit class, I found your website to be very informative and diverse. Franklin was a great and complex man with much to teach even today's generation.
Jean Bernhardt, North Carolina [02-27-2002]

Matt Ste.Marie, 15, Student at Essex Vt. [02-27-2002]

Im looking for pictures on Benjam Franklin for a projent I have to do.
Ciarra Liles, Age,11 Denver,Colorado [02-27-2002]

Emilie, 9 years old nj Brick [02-27-2002]

lori Wolf` [02-27-2002]

j mcloughlin [02-27-2002]

fred prillaman, 5 cuyahoga falls ohio [02-27-2002]

put a section about how he grew up
Benjamin Dodson [02-27-2002]

I think that you should have tons of pics. of Benjamin FRanklin.
Jessica Robinson, Connersville Indiana 12 years old [02-27-2002]

Great. I liked the Fish and Vistitors quote- convinced me to cut an upcoming vacation a day shorter than originally planned. Good Advice. -Tschetter
Matt Tschetter, 23 Washington D.C [02-15-2002]

Get pictures on ben franklin and the kite experiment(not in Motion)
Olivia [02-14-2002]

i'am doing a reacerch report on him He is cool
Lizzie Bellman, Age 11 StillH20 55082 [02-13-2002]

I need some of his inventions for x-tra credit
Nathin [02-13-2002]

i like this website but i can't find anything here or when i search the web about the electricity he invented
Kishan Gopal [02-13-2002]

go ben, go franklin go ben, go franklin
grand master C, 13 az [02-13-2002]

Franklin is cool too.
Tiffany, im cool [02-13-2002]

karlee, age:9 [02-09-2002]

I think Ben Franklin was a great man I just dont now all the facts about him and I want to now more about him
Diamond Peel, 10 years old Live in PA [02-08-2002]

Ben is cool and a smart!
Shelbie Wheeler [02-07-2002]

maureen horst, merced california [02-07-2002]

email me some inventions
bam [02-07-2002]

I am giving a Bible Study on the Book of James...Be doers of The Word and not just hearers. I am including some of Ben's sayings in my lessons. He was wise and still able to bless us with his wisdom. What a gift! Thanks for sharing Ben with us,In Jesus, LuLu
LuLu [02-07-2002]

I have always admired his work for a long time.
Loretta Bray, 222 Tunison White Hall ILL 62092 age 19 [02-07-2002]

I think franklin is a very interesting person. I did a report on him for my scinece
Heidi [02-07-2002]

This site helped me a lot with my project for 4-H. I made an open circuit board, where I'll conduct an experiment for viewers to see which elements are conductors of electricity. Your site helped with my speech. Thanks a lot, Cody
Cody Ruggiero, age 10 [02-07-2002]

What year did he descover electricity
Eric Toombs, 10 years old Glen Ellyn [02-07-2002]

hi, whats your newest movie? how old are you guys now. Do you like acting. I wont to be an acter wqhen I git older
amanda morrison, 13, Canada [02-07-2002]

Make these pages more colorful!!!
Patty-Ann Copperfield [02-07-2002]

i am seaching for information on him for a school report
Miesha, ............. [02-07-2002]

He is a big part of this country ans this website is great. God Bless America!!!!!
Constance Watts, 15, melb, FL [02-07-2002]

carrie [02-07-2002]

I think that this site is great, i got a lot of stuff of the site for my Benjamin Franklin Project. I know i'm going to come on this site again.
Poonam, grade 12 in india [02-07-2002]

Benjamin Franklin was a good man during his time. He put forth a lot of effort and he tried his best at whatever he did.
Jason Jackson, 17 years old [02-07-2002]

Megan [02-07-2002]

benjamin franklin is cool
matt Boettcher [02-07-2002]

his theories were very inlightinng to younger childern to influnce them to do better in life
anonymous [02-07-2002]

MaTtHeW, 10,corona, [01-30-2002]

I teach American history and civics to immigrants who are preparing for their examination with INS. I am so happy I found this website and plan to use it often.
karen parks, palm beach county, florida [01-30-2002]

I thank he was a very loving man
Jessica Robinson, 12, Connersville [01-30-2002]

jasi, 19 [01-30-2002]

mel [01-30-2002]

Dennis [01-30-2002]

I need to know what it was like before we had electricty
Madeline Henson [01-30-2002]

School project where I had to report on Ben Franklin. Very interesting.
Cathleen Stanley, 8, Louisburg, North Carolina [01-29-2002]

I would like to know is it very neet there!
Austin, 9 Marion,Indiana [01-29-2002]

P. Pavlich [01-29-2002]

he is cool
caity, 36 [01-29-2002]

sara, 15 l.a. [01-29-2002]

Le'Vern Howard [01-29-2002]

Very, Very, Interesting
Pauline Gonzalez, Corpus Christi, Texas USA [01-26-2002]

mikiel [01-26-2002]

i think he was a very good inventer and if he was never an inventer we might not have many of the things we have today
rayanna peace [01-26-2002]

he invenited electriciti with a kite
rebekahgarmon [01-26-2002]

bemjamin franklin made biyfocales,and he was important
rebeca m [01-26-2002]

He invented bifocals so you can see faraway at the top and close up at the bottom.
whitney d [01-26-2002]

He was a great inventor.he was very friendly
johnm [01-26-2002]

He was a very good man. He wrote some very good articles.
Sarah Jane [01-26-2002]

erin [01-26-2002]

I'm trying to find a full picture of Benjamin Franklin. Where can I find one?
Debbie Thurber [01-26-2002]

jenny, 12 [01-26-2002]

It is a great website that gets you info about Ben Frankin fast!
deserae, 10 [01-26-2002]

I was absolutely dumbfounded by everything I've learned about Franklin in just 20 minutes worth of reading. He is by far one of the most interesting and admirable men that I have known of. I think he is one of the greatest of role models!
Brittany, 16, San Diego 11th Grade [01-26-2002]

We love it!!
Mr. Murphy's Class [01-26-2002]

tel me what he did for my project
Julie, student [01-26-2002]

I'm doing a report on him and I find so nice picture on him
Jesmine walker, 16,New Orleans [01-26-2002]

This website is quite fascinating; however, I read something recently about Benjamin Franklin having sold slaves out of his shop. Is this true?
Jeanne Milliard [01-26-2002]

I'm looking for a short play for fourth graders to present at a science fair. I would like to do something about Ben Franklin, and was thinking there may be something from the perspective of the book, Ben and Me. Any ideas?
Nancy Natoli [01-26-2002]

I am a retired music teacher.When I was teaching we presented a musical about Benjamin Franklin.
Mary H. Clemmons, Crestview, Florida [01-26-2002]

Joe Howley, Thornhurst, Pa [01-26-2002]

I really liked this site. I got a lot of information for my project on Ben Franklin.
Joshua Bravender, 13, New Orleans Louisana [01-26-2002]

that page was really interesting,there were things that I forgotten, and things that I never knew.
Joseph Bennett, Los angeles, age 57 [01-26-2002]

I have become very interested with Ben Franklin lately. I am curious about the rumors of Ben Franklin being with lots of women. He seems to be a very ethical person- a role model for Americans.
shaul gromer, 36 from New York [01-26-2002]

just discovered today have broesed on line for about 1 year. ben franklin has always been a history stand out. i grew up rural - attending the one room school for all eight grades. recalling a story from the reader. seems a mother and daughter lived in philadelphia. it was winter and the fire place wasnt heating well.their good friend mr franklin called to visit.he recogonised the problem.procuring some iron he was able to modify the fire place into a more efficent wood burning stove. i believe that to be true. how ironic as i bask this day with a modified steel fire place insert ttat i should discover this page.
royce c henson, 68 10/30/33 springfield mo bs.edu. lover reading [01-26-2002]

I feel that when we as a nation need inspired leaders, they come forth. Th Revolutionary Era and the Founding of our National government are two through which great men acted, and Franklin was indeed one of those. I am deeply humbled by their work, by their diligence, by their vigil and I pray that we today may be worthy of the gift they have bequeathed unto us: Freedom.
Alan Tompkins, 58 yr old; Poughkeepsie, NY [01-26-2002]

great project, I really did enjoy this site.
Sudnj Uwah-El, los angeles, ca [01-26-2002]

What a wonderful person he was. This site is terrific! Everyone should read about him, this explains why he's on the 100 dollar bill!
Nancy Kline, age 53 from PA [01-26-2002]

Incredible man of quotes
Greg [01-26-2002]

My juniors are recreating Ben Franklin's 13 Virtues research in self-improvement.We'll see how they do after one month!
Kia Conrad, I'm and English teacher at East High in Madison WI. [01-26-2002]

i need information on Ben Franklin's childhood and education
Tyler Bell, 9,powder springs,ga.,research for social studies [01-26-2002]

This has been one of the finest websites I have accessed.It should be an inspiration for other endeavors.
Harold Melsheimer, 74 yo retired Gynecologist M.D. [01-26-2002]

What can I say, the guy is timeless. His insight into human nature is right on the money as is his enormous practicality.
Vicki Milunic [01-26-2002]

Love this website! How can I directly E-Mail these to someone?
patsyharper, 46,richmond,texas [01-26-2002]

Isn't life itself a risk? If so, shouldn't then courage be a pre-requisite for achievement?
Michael H. Ashworth, uncertain about a few things [01-26-2002]

wanting pictures of a lighting rod that Ben Franklin made for a school project.
Alison Wiginton, age 11 Rienzi, MS 38865 [01-25-2002]

Very entertaining and informative site!
Babs Holm [01-19-2002]

I am a Master Electrician. My company name is Domestic Electric. Benjamine Franklin is interesting. Thank you
John M. Konieczny, Huntington, WV. [01-19-2002]

I really like this site. I had learn quite a bit of his famous quotes. It's interesting to read the wisdom of this great man, to learn his humanity. I am sure I am going to read more often his quotes; perhaps,to try to live by them.
Lupe, Michigan, 52 original from Perú. [01-19-2002]

I was glad to see that the life,times, and works of Mr. Franklin included his love of GOD and country. Let it be noted; our founding fathers obtained the freedom to worship without setting the parameters we see today. It is indeed a sad day that such a powerful country we have limits the occassions and where we can speak of GOD. Thank you for painting the image of Mr. Franklin for us to see. I was looking to find what his thoughts were as Postmaster General.
B Wolfe [01-19-2002]

My son has a book report to do on Ben Franklin. When he does the book report my son has to dress up as Ben Franklin.and I think thats great.
Laura J. Delage, 45 Lawrenceville Ga 30045 [01-19-2002]

Keith Walters [01-19-2002]

This is so neat. Be sure to tell your friends about it!
Jennifer Steward, 35 Georiga [01-19-2002]

fabulous interactive site. Will share it wth my students.
Linda Peist [01-19-2002]

Ben has been an inspiration since i first read about him,as he seemed the most enlightened and least assuming of our forefathers.. his brilliance is such that it has withstood the test of history and time..he was a memorable human and we would do well to have one like him in every generation.
Will D'Emilio [01-19-2002]

francee underwood, 43 yrs. aaf lives in memphis,tn. [01-19-2002]

I love to read quotes of the great men who made the history that fasinates us today
Robert J King, 78 Spring Valley Oh. [01-19-2002]

ben was a wise old man. i wish we had another ben franklin today.
fred g. deer, cart, nc 27513 age 71 [01-19-2002]

Kristi Nowlin, age-33, from Fort Worth, Texas, USA [01-19-2002]

skip hitchcock, colfax, ia [01-19-2002]

I'm interested in the Wisdom of Ben Franklin and the Poor Richard's Almanac. And, it's refreshing to see how those topics still apply today!
Jacinda Gill, from Virginia [01-19-2002]

Hubbard Jones [01-19-2002]

Whitney Abadie, New Orleans [01-19-2002]

"Do as I say and not as I do." could be applied to old Ben.Buy what he said is tried and true. Best to all!
Lois Sheridan, Las Vegas, Nv. [01-19-2002]

ben franklin was an amazing man, he was so prothetic in his quotes alone, that he helped me stop and think about my own life.He inspires me to contemplate, which is hardly true of anyone other than God and his "book" the Bible which I have read passages from and from time to time it brought some emotion with it but also fear that I really torn whether I really 100% believe. Did he "drink"? Well I do.
Ccrider.com, 47/richmond,texas [01-19-2002]

great man very wise
robert C Lantrip, age 53,san jose,ca [01-19-2002]

Why wasn.t there a national hokiday for Ben?
Rob Real, Nutley,New Jersey,54 [01-19-2002]

I have been a fan of Benjamin Franklin as long as I can remember.
Mickie Brundage, Oklahoma City, OK [01-19-2002]

I am at present reading David McCullough's book on John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin is a key subject in this book. Good reading.
Agnes Maher [01-19-2002]

jeremy burns [01-19-2002]

i would like to get some infomatin on franklins life
earli, 11 [01-19-2002]

Jose Chavez [01-19-2002]

i want to know about benjamen franklin
Billy Tiller [01-19-2002]

this is great but you need justa list if his inventions and what each thing does not so much about his time line or his autobiograghy. got it? good thanks!
rachel [01-14-2002]

benjamen franklin was amazing he was so amazing he even got the king to love him too!
andrew, 14,sf, [01-14-2002]

great web sit.Ilearnd a lot
crystal haroak, 19,buffalo missouri [01-14-2002]

I think that Franklin was a wonderful man.
Brittany, Atlanta,GA [01-12-2002]

kristen vaughn, 8 boston [01-12-2002]

electricity is cool.
Darci Brenneke, 11, Ft. Wayne, 1-12-02 [01-12-2002]

Eureka! I was helping my 4th grader get started on History fair. She picked Ben Franklin as her topic. I wanted something more "exciting", but then discovered this website. I've become a Franklin Fan!! Thanks for such an entertaining, informative website. We are having a blast!
Susan Morris [01-12-2002]

pauline mckendree [01-12-2002]

Mia Smith [01-12-2002]

May, 10 Mesa,Arizina [01-12-2002]

Dylan, 9-10 Mo [01-12-2002]

cool this site is awsum
bob, 39 [01-12-2002]

Justin Rhodes [01-12-2002]

elizabeth ford, 13 bowling green ky [01-12-2002]

Ben Franklin was a very fasanating person. He should be remembered. I really am insterested in him. Allison C. White
Allison Clark White, Age:9 City: Roxboro N.C [01-12-2002]

I Think Hes Cool. HE helped me with My social Studies Fair. Did he Invet The Kite TOO? I Hope I WIN!!!!!
Cassie, Jan. 7 2002 [01-12-2002]

We learned about you in our class!
Alexandra,Hannah,Ardiana,and Anastasia [01-12-2002]

Darci Brenneke [01-12-2002]

aseette lalaine, im 10 yrs old [01-12-2002]

hip cool like
elisabeth [01-12-2002]

bob [01-12-2002]

Great website. My best friend is a descendent of James Franklin and I have shared your information on the Courrant with her. I'm putting together a field trip for my neice's school (from Massachusetts) and will recommend strongly to follow the inventions/contributions of Benjamin Franklin.
Andrea Haddad [01-12-2002]

I enjoyed this site, especially the fun and games!
Christine, 11th grade [01-12-2002]

i was searching for pictures of benjamen franklin for my school project when i came across this guest book. I didnt see that much of it so i cant make any thoughts/suggestions.
lauren [01-12-2002]

i need some info about him to get some extra credit. thanks
chuck [01-12-2002]

Nimfa Y. Gungob, 44 yrs old from Philippines [01-12-2002]

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