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Patricia Galindo [04-28-2005]

I think this sight is totally awsome!
DeAnna, My age is 11, I live in Falfurrias,Tx 4-27-05 [04-28-2005]

Azita Pardom [04-28-2005]

This is a really cool site. But then again it is kind of boring just reading this.It's also great for learning things about you.Well GTG it means Got To Go. BY
samantha, 11 falfurrias texas [04-28-2005]

patty [04-28-2005]

lisa [04-28-2005]

Temisha Hansen [04-28-2005]

Johnny [04-28-2005]

He is a great electrifying man he is my favorite
JD Malick [04-28-2005]

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm let me think, i lllloooovvvveeee this realy cccccccccccoooooooooooooollllllll website. its the boooooooomb digity. its the best of the best. its the #1website about history (duh) coolie
jessi, age 11, falfurriasT.X. [04-28-2005]

This is cool but I can't play any games
Tanya Perez, 10 yearsold [04-28-2005]

i love this website!
jessi lee johnson, 11,falfurrias,t.x. [04-28-2005]

i think BEJAMIN FRANKLIN was a cool guy
noah alva, bakersfield [04-28-2005]

This website helps a lot thank you this project wouldnt be done w/o your help once again thanks.
Meghan, 12 [04-28-2005]

i would like to know more about ben franklin i'm his fan number one on his list i wanted to be his wife for life already
treva phifer, 18 years marlin tx, [04-28-2005]

Ryan Thompson, age 13 Bigfork,MT [04-28-2005]

Ben is the greatest
Eirc, 13 years old [04-28-2005]

you need more info
Corey Shane, 17 New York [04-28-2005]

dont worry be happy!
Ernie and Bernie, we live in jamaica [04-28-2005]

i like franklin
mel [04-28-2005]

Chris [04-28-2005]

I think that your page is excellent and was a great resource for a science project:)
Jillian Steele [04-28-2005]

kevin autran [04-28-2005]

Jesspin Hardy, 10 [04-28-2005]

I hate history
Leea, hlbj [04-28-2005]

I Lve Ben Hes hot
REbecca, jjjjj [04-28-2005]

To be tuthful it was crap
Soapy, Co. Derry [04-28-2005]

i really like ben franklin. i am especially interested in the silence dogood letters. he was a remarkable man. if only we were sure he was a christian!
Grace [04-28-2005]

are you hare
marquita LEWIS, 10 [04-28-2005]

whitney [04-28-2005]

yuna golden, 19 Alabama letterwriter [04-28-2005]

Amanda Laake [04-28-2005]

i wanna thank you for inventing stuff
gabrilla saldana, 9 brownsville [04-28-2005]

I had to do a proget on someone who change the wold for or helped the wold in a good way.
Brad Smith [04-25-2005]

I sense a strong kinship with Ben. I am commencing a study of him in hope of finding guidance for my own life.
Charles Colhoun, Austin, Texas [04-25-2005]

ben franklin is awsome!
KAITLYNN REEVE, 10 years old [04-25-2005]

This was totally lame... but it did help me on my Social Studies project! It was alright...
Jessie [04-25-2005]

Looking up info for a novel and found what I needed. Always inspiring to read about those that think hard and persevere.
tony smith, 50yo, Melbourne Australia [04-25-2005]

levaquin [04-25-2005]

I'm in the 10th grade and i'm doing a research on Benjamin Franklin and i came to this web site to find some things and i found some amazing this. And I think this web site is off the chain.
Matesha Jones, I'm 15 and I live in Demopolis, Alabama. [04-25-2005]

i need info on ben creating the fire deparpment
bobby palen [04-25-2005]

this page could help my project!
ny, none [04-25-2005]

I've lived near Philly all my life and know Ben Franklin the man and what he has done for the country. They don't do him justice in most history books, besides he so darn interesting. The women must of thought he was cute.
Darlene Webster, I was born and raised in New Jersey, but now live in Richmond VA [04-25-2005]

I hate history!
anonymous [04-25-2005]

Emily [04-25-2005]

This Is great info fo kids
lilme, This10 [04-25-2005]

kool site
Mario Santis [04-25-2005]

hey i like this guy hes cool
Ceaira, 13 [04-25-2005]

Was wondering if you had any poems on Benjamin Franklin
Olivia [04-25-2005]

xzz, asl u? [04-25-2005]

Ben Franklin is a very intresting person to study!I knew a lot about Ben Franklin,but then I learned more.
lindsay, 123 [04-25-2005]

Im writing a essay about Ben Frankiln
Luke [04-25-2005]

i hate your site it is horrible my site is better than yours and im 13 years old
greg olsen, no [04-25-2005]

i think it is geat ut more pictures
cassie clark [04-25-2005]

My hero
Frank Batista, murrieta,california [04-25-2005]

brenden [04-25-2005]

cool site
tyler schultz, 6 yrs., buffalo grove, il [04-25-2005]

I am doing a report on Ben Franklin and was looking forinformation.This reprot is for my homeschooled group that meets at my church every Friday.I haven't found a website with so much on it about only Ben Franklin.Thank you for making this website!
Justin, 13 pennsylvania [04-25-2005]

Kinda short and needs some more work
Austin Boomgarden, 16 years old, Iowa [04-25-2005]

Andrea, 11 years old Tolstoy,SD [04-25-2005]

i think this web site is great to use as a project!
michelle mcinnis, mississippi [04-18-2005]

gret [04-18-2005]

this is a good site to get information from. i have to do a report on ben and im allowed to use one internet site and i choose this one. Thanks for getting so much usefull information. You even have more then the book that my teacher picked for me to get infor out of.
michael sondey, 16, clinton township, MI [04-18-2005]

I like this website! It's cool what do you think???
Rachel [04-18-2005]

Nicholas Maglaras [04-18-2005]

Erin [04-18-2005]

i don't care about it i just have to do this rubbish for my homework
mc massive [04-17-2005]

benjamin franklin is the greatest inventor of all. i have to do a paper about him for my social studies class.
Louella Milord, age: 13 [04-17-2005]

When we were in Valley Forge at the banquet Ben made a real good speech and we had our picture taken with him. Our Grand Children thought it was the real Ben Franklin and still be around. I surely hope I can have the pleasure of speaking to you again when you come to St.Louis.
Frank Ruxlow, We attended a meeting of the LCI (L) FLOTILLA 24 [04-17-2005]

helen [04-17-2005]

oh, my gah! your web site is like sooo kool! i just love it! thanks 4 everything! Monequa<3
monequa, 16 [04-15-2005]

I liked the website
Dylan Adkins, 12 (age) [04-15-2005]

Wow! I never knew all the amazing things that Ben did. Its pretty neat! Im in 8th grade, and im learning about the Revolutionary War write now and I have to do a report on Ben, and i didnt think that Ben did so many things! How neato is that! haha
Dominiqu, Minot, North Dakota [04-14-2005]

lexi, age 9 [04-14-2005]

i love it
sam [04-14-2005]

when did benjerman franklin invent the bifolcals
bryan, 11 [04-14-2005]

Cool Idea
Josh Brown, 11, Royal Oak, Michigan [04-14-2005]

I think Ben isn t cool
Chris, 9 La Vista [04-14-2005]

Body Jewelry [04-14-2005]

i really like yore site:d i love it how did you doing that?? well i really want meet yoy so bad! byee i love you so much mwahz
ana, okays [04-14-2005]

I think they should make new biographies about like John Cena,G-unit, and Eminem
Arianna, Detroit [04-14-2005]

bootie [04-13-2005]

nyani [04-13-2005]

tweet [04-13-2005]

um............... hi
i don't know [04-13-2005]

Benjamin Franklin was a very incredible man.....
Steffen, Denmark [04-13-2005]

anonymous [04-13-2005]

Nick is cool and was here.
Nick [04-12-2005]

Phillip Ramos [04-12-2005]

you should put larger pictures of franklin on your website. otherwise it is okay. you might want to put more information on the site because i am doing a report on franklin and i need a lot of information. thank you for listening to what i had to say and sorry i couldnt put my email address
lindsey [04-12-2005]

tara himes [04-12-2005]

donna clarke [04-12-2005]

anonymous [04-12-2005]

I have been to Ben's house in Philadelphia. It was a wonderful experiance. He was an astounding man.
Bill Meeks, California [04-12-2005]

i thought it was good
tom, 15 [04-12-2005]

would like to see more essays and more about the 300th birthday of franklin
marilyn revere, 55 year old college freshman [04-12-2005]

Bengamin Franklin was interested in won of the things I like most,SIENCE! (It is almost as cool as reading!)
Erica Knight, Age 11 And atends the best school ever!(Westland Elm.)Southe Jordan, Utah [04-12-2005]

I think Franklin was a great man to invent electricity. Everything that he couldn't do he found a way. and something to invent to make it easer to have or get to.
Kari Louise Boyd [04-11-2005]

lillian, 43 years old [04-11-2005]

I found your site with my younger brother Christian I was originaly helping him with a school project I think your site is an excelent website very good I especialy like the Ben show thank you we really enjoed it.
Alejandra, 18yrs, 9yrs [04-11-2005]

morgan [04-11-2005]

hannah [04-11-2005]

need more info this website
maggie, i love elvis [04-11-2005]

i like your website so much i want to be part of it
Nathan, 6 years old [04-11-2005]

Great site, but not enough info.
Ally [04-11-2005]

ben franklin is so cool
arika [04-11-2005]

Awesome WEBSITE!
SAMANTHA BROTZMAN, 10 female salisbury [04-11-2005]

Awesome WEBSITE!
Valerie, 10 female salisbury [04-11-2005]

Ben franklin is a amazing man
ariks [04-11-2005]

can i be like u
johnna, 9yaers-old [04-08-2005]

you should be humphrey with me, cause i like love it, it sooooo much fun!
Humphrey, I love being humphrey [04-08-2005]

awesome!cool dudes!
danielle, 13 fayetteville,tn [04-08-2005]

i really like to think franklin for inventing electricty because i love to talk to people on the phone and online and if we did not have electricty then i would not be able to write this
olivia fuller, 14 f. [04-08-2005]

After reading this, I really want to learn more about Ben Franklin.Tis is a great biography on Ben Franklin.Now I really understnd it.Have a nice day. Thank You! -Naomi Alexandria Aguilar
Naomi Aguilar, age:11 city:Duarte [04-08-2005]

Just about the single greatest example of a modern day renaisance man. He set out to explore and master every facet of interest that was part of his time. And altogether admirable man with feet of clay, he made no attempt to hide his own frailties, in fact: he adapted a very wry attitude to his own weaknesses. Anyone who has read his advice to a young man knows that here is a man who does not hide, nor does he try to mask his own humanity. He was in the right place at the right time, and he was the right man for the revolutionary war period. Even today I can pick up something by Mr. Franklin and find something to shake my head in either admiration, or surprise that he could write the things he did given the times he lived in.
Fred Weiser [04-08-2005]

I really like ben because he invented electricity.
Sarah Dougherty, 10 years old [04-08-2005]

Gina Boland [04-07-2005]

i think hes a great guy with an interesting life
susan, 13 years of age [04-07-2005]

i LOVED your websites! U ROCK! **==
brianna, age11 [04-07-2005]

i guess this web site is ok but it could use some work like more infomation about ben franklin beacause all u talk about is how ur website is the best
cole mayers [04-07-2005]

yo watup homiie dog outie
brooke h. [04-07-2005]

Jessie, 11 Glendale [04-07-2005]

I think it is absurd that he was a Satanist. Very unique and imitable person. Wonderful guy
Sam Butler [04-07-2005]

JOSH [04-07-2005]

you are the best people
Vanesa, 12 [04-07-2005]

Ben Frank Roxs!
Amanda Nicole Martinez Perez, 14/Porterville,California [04-07-2005]

benjamin is so exiting!
kristal wilson, 12 years [04-07-2005]

caitlin Roush [04-07-2005]

I really enjoyed your information of the great Benjamin Franklin!
Casharell McGlown [04-07-2005]

i really liked this site me and my kid used it to do a project
john travolta [04-06-2005]

i hate science! but lil ben is cool
joanna rae, 16, minnesota [04-06-2005]

Hortensia Agosto [04-06-2005]

crystal zamora [04-06-2005]

karleigh hill [04-05-2005]

nan [04-05-2005]

Lots of info
Jeannette Teran [04-05-2005]

Hey! I think Franklin is the best to the project!
Alicia Baker, im 14,i live in Florida [04-05-2005]

i'll share all my things to pore people
gabriella saldana, 9 brownsville [04-05-2005]

Great site; Ben would be proud!
Will Fellers [04-05-2005]

Lee ann riddle, hi [04-05-2005]

Rebekah Algeri, 11 cincinati ohio [04-05-2005]

Franklin was amazing! Thank you!
Jeff Mitchell [04-03-2005]

HING HUINOKMLE, none [04-03-2005]

Do you have facts about the real Benjerman Franklin?
Madison, n.y [04-02-2005]

Ivanna gonzalez [04-01-2005]

I like Ben's inventions.
Ciara Day, Bunceton [04-01-2005]

Alexis, 9,Menifee [04-01-2005]

coty [03-31-2005]

rach [03-31-2005]

i am tryin to write a report on B Franky! And it's dew tomorrow and i only have one page! im doomed!
jordan, ??? [03-31-2005]

Benjamin is the craziest scientist ever, but the smartest.
Deana Sanchez, 14, Hartford [03-31-2005]

Extremely lnformative.
Joseph Goldman, 68, Brooklyn, NY [03-31-2005]

do u think me & cameron look good 2 gether Because i really like him and i really want 2 be togerther
Stephanie [03-31-2005]

Very Educational Site. I found a lot I could use for my daughter in 4th grade for her project on Benjamin Franklin. Thanks for a great site.
Lena, 46, Metairie, LA [03-31-2005]

i think benjamin franklin is and was facinating! before i started this research on him i though he was so boaring! but now after about 3 weeks or so he is very interesting to me!
Nicole Manson, i am 11 years old and i live in new london minnesota [03-31-2005]

hi franklin is cooool
alex [03-31-2005]

miguel [03-31-2005]

i think ben rocks!
KENIA, San Diego [03-31-2005]

This was alright it didn't really give enough information..... but it's kool!
Hilary Guzman, Houston, Tx. [03-31-2005]

Michael, 15 years old [03-31-2005]

Electric Franklin is very clever
Gin Teng, 10 [03-31-2005]

LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA pieces of me Autobiography
Suzie Addy, 13 detor vermont [03-28-2005]

Savana [03-28-2005]

i have adeam
laban, non [03-28-2005]

i am tyring to do a report on ben franklin.
robroy bogart, fire history [03-28-2005]

I love all the stuff you have about Ben Franklin.
ansley, age 15 [03-26-2005]

I love all the stuff you have about Ben Franklin, and I love all the games and exsperimens you have from him.
Amy, age 21 [03-26-2005]

i really like the games.
sam, 45 [03-26-2005]

Shenel Kondayya [03-26-2005]

I think This is a KOOL web site
crysta, 14 Gray [03-25-2005]

he was a great man and thinker
anonymous [03-25-2005]

Any of us would be lucky to be half the man that Ben Franklin was.
Jonathan (John) D. Ross, 30 years old, currently in Montreal [03-25-2005]

ya'll need primary sources!
gerald o'hara [03-25-2005]

I'm doing a biogrfe about you you are cool.
Camryn Mackenzie Russell, I'm 8 years old. [03-23-2005]

Did you have any kids
Anne - Marie, 13years,Springfield Ohio [03-23-2005]

Tori, schenectady [03-23-2005]

i thnk benjamin franklin is interesting to do a report on.
samantha hollenbach, im 10 y/old [03-23-2005]

Lannea [03-23-2005]

I like to think, ole Ben & I shared something in common. I was a printer for 43 years, starting out in hot metal and ending up with the computer which I wonder if he could ever imagine. We visited Philly last year & loved it, will return someday - hopefully! P.S. I took a picture of the Liberty Bell into Photo Shop and fixed it!
gene clemens [03-23-2005]

this was so cool!
ashley, i live in easton,pa [03-23-2005]

I was delighted to learn more about Ben Franklin. Hope to learn more about him. Nandakumar (xaxn2000@yahoo.com)
Nandakumar, 39, Male, Chennai, India [03-23-2005]

i love ben franklin he is my idol i want to be just like him. If i could i would marry that awsome hot guy! and i would like to tell u that my friend allison even loves him more than i do she tells me that she dreams about him and she loves him so much and she has posters in her room of him all over!
whitney [03-23-2005]

Brittany Mullins [03-23-2005]

i think ben franklin is the smartest person in our history because back then there wasnt a lot of knowledge but he seemed to fined away to create electricity which isnt easy. And if it wasn't for him there still may be no electricity.
Mike Mullen, im 12 years old [03-23-2005]

minnie ray darnell hyson 3321 pueblo st dallas, tx 75212 infomatio concering the history of franklin elect family. thank you, minnie ray-rae darnell - hyson - cameron c-c
MINNIE R CAMERON, child resident [03-23-2005]

i love wat he invented thanks ben for everything
emi gomes, boston [03-23-2005]

Just found your site, WOW, very pleased I found this site.
george [03-23-2005]

you should have a picture of the $100 dollar bill.
paige, 9yrs.old [03-23-2005]

YOu guys are needing a lot of help! So call me at 4560098.Thank you and have a great day
jessica Maniaks, 12, Raliegh, And I love horses [03-23-2005]

Sarah Gellar [03-23-2005]

I think you should add more stuff about B.J and things like that.Even though it is a preety cool sight you should really get into him t and what he did.If it wasn,t for hime where would the electricity be. Thank you for listening to me bye bye kelsey.
Kelsey Wilcoxen [03-23-2005]

Would like to thank you for very much for this interesting site!
remote [03-23-2005]

I Just Am Intrested in Mr.Franklin!
Victoria Bradford, 9,female! [03-23-2005]

um, yeah. i had to do an english report about Ben Franklin. it reali helped mi. thanx a lot!
nick, 13, nj [03-22-2005]

WOnderful. Wish I had access to costumes and such. My 14 year old has to do a "report" due this Wed and wants to dress like him.... thank you so much for the wonderful site.
Kandi Fritz, 40, Rhein Main AB Germany, US Air Force Spouse [03-22-2005]

i think its a good website and bibliography but its a little to detailed and complicate
Zac Toohey, 13, Melbourne, victoria, australia [03-22-2005]

send me your quest book
chukwujioke acharles [03-22-2005]

My Grandson is very inquisaitive. And this Site is great. So glad i found it.
Lisa Croston and Grandson Jake, Waynesburg, Ohio 44688 [03-22-2005]

I think this page has a lot of good information on it but think it could be improved by adding some more information on benjamin. Such as were he went to school, where he lived, all about what he studed and what his interests were.
Madeleine, - [03-22-2005]

Did Ben Ranklin have a pet mouse named Amos???????
Carlee, Allentown, NJ age 11 girl [03-18-2005]

i have never heard of him but i am researching about him now for a science project
anonymous, 12 [03-18-2005]

Ben died when he was 85, not 84 because his birthday was in January, and he died in April
skylar Sanford [03-18-2005]

thank you
chris carlson [03-18-2005]

I thought it was the best web site i have ever been to about ben franklin. Oh, yea it is the only web site i've been to about ben franklin. LOL. how funny is that. it made a real inpact about how i think of him it was amazing and wounderful. it was well cool. As us 11 year olds call it. thanks for putting this web sit togher. i bet a lot of other people could say that. THANK AGAIN! Alex
anonymous [03-18-2005]

it was a great show fer
anonymous [03-18-2005]

i liked the decleration of independants. it was great. I hope you know that i liked this web site it was an awsom and contributing web site. i liked his movie.
anonymous [03-18-2005]

Brian Chandler [03-18-2005]

he was a great man
alyssa, 16 [03-18-2005]

I think Benjamin Franklin was a thoughtful and gifted man.He was the person who made THE DECLERATION OF INDEPENDENCE for uor freedom.
Angel, 11 Newport Oregon [03-18-2005]

whrere you involved in the slavery in the constitution
marlene valverde, 10 dodge ks [03-18-2005]

jenny staton [03-18-2005]

i'd like to be ben franklin, he is awsome. his head is on the 100 dollar bill, that is totally cool
barbra, i am 10 [03-18-2005]

i love it
stephanie, 10 [03-18-2005]

Benjamin was one if the best scientist in the world.
Austin roberts, 12 easton Pa. [03-18-2005]

I am doing a research paper on Benjamin Franklin for class. I had alwasy come here for info, as I love American History, but this has to be the best yet. It is very helpful! Thanks! =)
TJ, 14, Massachusetts [03-18-2005]

monique lewis [03-18-2005]

how many people know Ben Franklin
Taylor Price [03-18-2005]

I never knew that I could learn this much this website. You guys should make one about Jackie Robinson
Josh Eichacker, 11, Minnesota [03-18-2005]

when was Ben Franklin married?
Taylor Price [03-18-2005]

I like all the cool stuff you put on this website
Josh Eicahcker [03-18-2005]

he was the best person ever onthe planet.if it was not for him we would not have electriy
stephanie williams, 10 dunn [03-18-2005]

Josh Eicahcker [03-18-2005]

Christina [03-18-2005]

chris cussimanio [03-18-2005]

thanks for the electic its helpful
macy, 12/brandely [03-18-2005]

he sounds like he was a really cool man and i think he is one of the famous people who are dead who i would like to meet.
chelsea [03-18-2005]

i think ben is cool cuase he introduced electricity
Eric [03-18-2005]

I love this pearson he is so great i just i could fine a lot about him because i am trying to make a poster of Ben Franklin he is really intersing
Brittney White, 11 Toledo ohio [03-18-2005]

jcob [03-18-2005]

KIM [03-18-2005]

I hate you your dumber then a box of rocks
kenzie hilsen [03-18-2005]

jay phillips [03-18-2005]

im doing research for school and this site is the cool!
jj [03-18-2005]

Enjoyed reading about Benjamin Franklin and his inventions for daughters school invention report.
C. Frank, Topeka- age 47, and age 8 [03-18-2005]

what did he do beside invent things. i need to know qeustions about him
corinna christensen, about what did benjiman [03-18-2005]

I think napoleon dynamite is so awesome.I like Ashlee Dove is hott.My friends Are Phillip,Jacob,Bently
cody E, age:9 City:Scottaboro [03-18-2005]

he was great
randi [03-18-2005]

I am doing a report on Benjamin Franklin
Olivia [03-18-2005]

Bri [03-18-2005]

that was greatg a had a report on him and i got an A
kiely [03-18-2005]

I love this site I whish I could be just like Ben it must of been sad when he died because everyone loved him. I hope that's what my funanal like! Love, Jessie
Jessie Henderson, 11 Lake City Florida [03-18-2005]

wut was his significance
mike ingram, etc [03-18-2005]

I want to know what Ben FRanklin invented with details
Patty Gulbranson, Danvers [03-18-2005]

it was good, but there should be more info like stuff about him n the revolution
Jen, 14, Vienna [03-18-2005]

email me for i can know all the importtant stuff ben fraklin did bye
CHirstian, email me [03-18-2005]

ryan sua, 13 villasis pangasinan [03-18-2005]

hj [03-18-2005]

anonymous [03-18-2005]

Angela [03-18-2005]

Molly [03-18-2005]

I think Ben was a great guy and helped this contry.
Kevin, 8 (age) [03-18-2005]

Lorenzo Lanza, 11 yrs. old, Spring, TX [03-18-2005]

maria [03-18-2005]

what are we doing
anonymous [03-18-2005]

e-mail me thank you
vinesh, 9,london [03-18-2005]

Hi, none [03-18-2005]

A. ROBERT SMITH [03-18-2005]

im writeing a biography on ben franklin and this place has lots oh info on him!
melody, 10,ca [03-18-2005]

I just love learning about history! I am also doing a speech for school about a great time in american history and have choosen Benjamin Franklin. He's so cool!
Amber Triplett, 13, Fayetteville NC [03-18-2005]

very nice website ...
john craig, none [03-18-2005]

marlow, 13chicagoill [03-18-2005]

He did good for science. thanz to him we don't boil to death in Summer.
sabrina malik, 16, west yorkshire [03-18-2005]

i am in eighth class a.p. history, and your website really helped me to better understand the life and acheivements of our only founding father to sign every historical document of his time. i thankyou again, and wish you the best of luck in your studies ~*caroline*~
Caroline, 13, Kentucky [03-18-2005]

did he invented the stove or did he not
adam wright [03-18-2005]

Iam tring to find information about ben franklin
Jessica [03-18-2005]

well your website is great but i think you should add like a ds version because im looking for report info and this is good and all but you could improve
emma, 4108572259 [03-18-2005]

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anonymous [03-18-2005]

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bob [03-18-2005]

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Leo, Melbourne, Australia [03-18-2005]

i think this website helped me so much with my colonial reports on benjamin franklin. thank you so much!
Lindsey Pattschull, im 11 i live in Lake Elsinore California and i go to Withrow school next year i will be in terracada middle school in 6th grade [03-07-2005]

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someone, personal [03-07-2005]

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Lizzie, age: 15, city: Gary, Indiana [03-07-2005]

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meagan, 12,yukon,oklahoma,female [03-07-2005]

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Kristen, 9 [03-07-2005]

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dee, 10 [03-07-2005]

Looking for two aritcles by B Franklin "In Priase of Older Women" and a piece he did on the 'declining state of current American youth. How do I find these? What is the second one called? Please help. Thank You, Rita Ann Freeman
Rita Ann Freeman, Need info on.... [03-07-2005]

what are all his inventions
Jessica karen M. [03-07-2005]

wiggyway, yigee [03-07-2005]

Bob [03-07-2005]

Benjamin Franklin I think is a really cool guy. All of the inventions that he came up with are amazing. My favorite invention is the bifocals. I think that cutting two pairs of glasses in half to amke one pair was a grreat idea and sucess.I hope when i grow up i can be like him.
Elaina Lefevre, I am 12 years old and live in Vermont [03-07-2005]

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kymberly [03-07-2005]

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Tiffany Zayas, 11, New London [03-03-2005]

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Kayla Kenney, 10, Oak Creek, WI [03-03-2005]

Franklin' accomplishments and inventions are still unmatched with anything yet in the past five hundred years. His electrical invention is the hub for all in technology that has engulfed our life today. As the lights continue to burn with ever invigorating strenght and energy so will Ben Franklin here and in eternity. Bravo Ben.
Abdul.H.K.daboh, Upper Darby,PA [03-03-2005]

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anonymous, Southern California [03-03-2005]

Morgan [03-03-2005]

I think the web site is cool. I'm doing a report I had some choices and I picked Benjamin Franklin.
Chelsey [03-03-2005]

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sam, i am 14 years old [03-03-2005]

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dony, 10 [03-01-2005]

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carolyn burnham [02-28-2005]

After I read the short biography on Ben Franklin, I was wondering what bifocals are. If you ever read this, please consider writing a little about bifocals and about what Benjamin Franklin looked like when he was young. Please also put what his personality, strengths and weaknesses were for people who have to do assingments when you have to find out about that kind of thing.
Helen Xu, 10, Scarsdale,Ny [02-28-2005]

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Self, 20 [02-28-2005]

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Ryan [02-28-2005]

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William R. Journey, Ohio Age 67 [02-28-2005]

Am looking for the citation of the "original" biography (written in the mid to late 1800's) of Franklin by James(?) Sparks. Sparks was from a South Carolina family, I believe. Help!
Hilary Stephenson, over 50; Arlington, VA [02-28-2005]

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I came across your website when researching Ben Franklin for my son's second grade book report. This website is very informative and user friendly. I love it! Never thought it would be this easy and interesting to learn about such a great man. Things sure have changed from the drudgery I endured as a young student seeking information. Keep up the great work!
Sharon Zimmerman, 35, New Milford, NJ [02-28-2005]

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Hillary, 14, belvidere, IL [02-28-2005]

Robby [02-28-2005]

I need to know.... how frequently was Benjamin Franklins magazine, The General Magazine and historical chronicles for all the british plantaions in america, was published. If anyone knows please email me back at Alyssababe21@msn.com . thanks!
Alyssa [02-28-2005]

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Dolores [02-21-2005]

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Shelby [02-21-2005]

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Mei Hui [02-21-2005]

madison [02-21-2005]

I am searching franklin family history to help my wifes' family rebuild their family tree. They have told me that they used to have the family tree which traced their heritage to Benjamin Franklin of note. They can no longer find it. If you read this and can help, please email me. Thanks
mark lewis, Yr. 2005-48 yrs. old. Louisville Kentucky [02-21-2005]

I was just trying to find some facts abt Franklin for my physics poster. Unfortunately there was inadequate information abt him and his inventions for me to add on to my poster. More information on Franklin would be nice.
Boaz, 15 yr old, Melbourne, Year 11, S'porean [02-21-2005]

I think Franklin is respected by many many people.For many reosons like, one he almost made electricity.Two, he did very many expiaments and always secseded every time.I am one of Franklis many fans.
Stephanie Roe, 10,Folsom [02-21-2005]

I found - in honour to Dr. Franklin - an mathematical equation to obtain the protective angle of the Franklin rod. Angle = f (h, R) h = height of Franklin rod R= radius of the rolling sphere
Angel A. Reyna, Electriccal Engenner.,70 years old; Buenos Aires, Argentina [02-21-2005]

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Courtney Walford, 14 [02-15-2005]

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Bernice [02-15-2005]

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monty, MN age 24 [02-08-2005]

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bob, 11 espanola [02-08-2005]

I'm doing a research paper on Ben Franklin, He's cool, becuse of how he helped our country. One thing I didn't like though, was his idea to use the Turkey as the state bird.
James Beining [02-08-2005]

Researching genealogy. Joseph Pratt married ---Folger. I have Benjamin Franklin Pratt's on my line. So glad to have found this site on Google so I can continue to find the line. Thank you so much. sd
Suzanne Myrl Pratt Dean, Roseburg, OR [02-08-2005]

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pipa, 24 years old, Jefferson City, Missouri [02-07-2005]

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destiny macias, 16/sa/f [02-07-2005]

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destiny, im 10 and I live in Chicago [02-07-2005]

mary, grand rapids 44 onieda st. [02-07-2005]

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Steve Hightower [02-07-2005]

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Joshua, 12 pennsulvaina [02-07-2005]

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Sara [02-07-2005]

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W. Adamson [02-07-2005]

jose,joeyand bryan, 13,13,12 [02-07-2005]

I was wourding did he go to jail when he did something wrong.
Kayla, Lake City MN [02-07-2005]

He was a great man. May he never be forgotten!
Daniel J. Snyder, Newberg, Oregon [02-07-2005]

My relatives were there during those times. I have great admiration for Ben Franklin and his associates of those times. Their greatness will never be surpassed. Their knowledge, skills, architect,ingenuity, and common sense will forever be a great mark for mankind. Any group of men could not have done any better at any time since.
Louis Pike McCasland Jr., age 68 Castroville, Texas 78009 [02-07-2005]

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Savannah F., Rancho Cordova [02-03-2005]

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ashley [02-03-2005]

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Teresa [02-03-2005]

I am sociologist from india
godbless, it is well [02-03-2005]

he was a great patriot and a real asset to american history and the people of his day. i'm really proud that he is an american and that i am one too.
christine, 12 f jamaica, new york [02-03-2005]

Can you tell me how many times Mr. Franklin attempted to discover electricity before he actually achieved his success? Thanks -
Colette [02-03-2005]

History Channel RULES ok RULES. Your website sucks what did he invent huh
Will, 12 [02-03-2005]

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hillary, 13yrs [02-03-2005]

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Deborah Kang [02-03-2005]

Benjamin Franklin is one of the great geniuses of history. Founding Father, scientist, statesman, inventor, philosopher, printer, author, and much more, Benjamin Franklin is one of the towering figures of human history. I am in awe of him. As we all should. It is my dream to make an epic movie about his life.
Alexander Bernal, New York City [02-03-2005]

My school have a project about Ben Franklin.
Amy, 15,Houston,student [02-03-2005]

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Georges Grijseels, 51, brussels,belgium [01-30-2005]

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Colin, I'm 11 years old and i whant more infer maseshin about Franklin [01-30-2005]

A great American inventor,inovator and history.
abdul Daboh, 36,Philadelphia [01-30-2005]

Doug Atkinson [01-30-2005]

about when he was born.what kind of things did he do' what did he do when he was in philadlphia' what kind of jobs did he do' I wonder if he worked at a soap shop' what childhood did he live in' did he make up eletricity.
RaveanSingleton, Ben Franklin [01-30-2005]

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kelly, lowestoft [01-30-2005]

Jocelyn Clemente, he was the one who invented the bifocal glasses [01-30-2005]

Favorite BF quote: They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. The world could stand to have another Dr. Benjamin Franklin but I'm not sure there has been or will be another such man. He was quite remarkable.
M Cronan, la, ca [01-30-2005]

Jonathan [01-30-2005]

Christopher [01-30-2005]

JOshua [01-30-2005]

franklin is great person that wht verybody knows i started learing about him this yaer in the electri{lesson} when i read abt him he is the best so this year i had an project to do and i decided to do on benjamine franklin i would like to know wht else he found out with out the ligthing hope i get the answer soon {before mondat pls}
nanditha nandakumar, i am from oman but an indian {city muscat}female [01-30-2005]

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adalet, i'm from the netherlands [01-27-2005]

how did ben invent the lightning rod.
Dustin [01-27-2005]

I like the quote where he says "Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead."
Heather [01-27-2005]

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Chabacca Howly, 25 [01-27-2005]

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jordon fugate [01-27-2005]

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Valasqueza Shumaacka, I am 7, from Jersey. I am pretty :D [01-27-2005]

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Sandra, 10 years old sherman TX [01-27-2005]

Grace Harker, age 20 [01-27-2005]

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lamisha, 16,sc [01-25-2005]

I have just completed reading another series of books and biographies of the Revolutionary Era and, as before, I feel Dr. Franklin stands as the Founding Father who deserves our highest degree of gratitude and approbation. His life's circumstances were not dissimilar from what most Americans today experience, and our nation as a whole would be better off if we incorporated more of "Poor Richard's" maxims into our personal and political lives.
John Polatz [01-25-2005]

What a wonderfully thorough site. Franklin was so complex and multidimensional that he can be hard to get a grasp on. Your presentation does him justice while providing the clearest picture without undermining one accomplishment!
Elaine Babiarz [01-25-2005]

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Ana Martinenz, Laredo, TX [01-25-2005]

Ben is so cool and the inventions are cool
Leona, 10 Nellis W.V 25412 [01-25-2005]

Why is Franklin on the $100. bill. I believed that only dead Presidents faces were printed on money. Please respond...Thanks
Winifred Adamson, Framingham, MA 01701 [01-25-2005]

Without this people in our country we can not enjoy the privilages that they contibute..we must salute and be proud for the people who made our country and the world a great place for all of us.
Olivia Marilyn, 21,Philippines [01-25-2005]

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Carol Burkhard, Niceville, Florida [01-19-2005]

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William R. Journey, 67 W. Portsmouth Ohio 45663 [01-19-2005]

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Hitzelkrieg, age 7 Slovakia, Russia [01-19-2005]

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Keith M. [01-19-2005]

Benjamin Franklin is my favorite Founding Father. He was a man of profound genius.
Alexander Bernal, 41, New York City [01-19-2005]

Heather, Orem, UT [01-19-2005]

Benjamin Franklin was one of the smartest guys to ever live on God's green earth let alone THe United States Of America!He was one of the most intuitive men to ever live!Thank God for men like him that helped create the world's first democracy!Heres to FREEDOM!Heres to one of our Founding Fathers!God Bless his Soul!Here is to one of the origonal Jack Of All Trades and a master of most!God Bless America!God Bless our troops that help to keep and protect our freedom!God Bless our President George W.(Walker)Bush and the rest of the Bush Family!For He is representing what our country was founded on;GOD AND LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!GOD BLESS DEMOCRACY!GOD BLESS US ONE AND ALL!PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST OUR ALLMIGHTY LORD AND SAVIOR!GOD BLESS THE OKLAHOMA SOONERS!GO OU SOONERS!
Eric Don Geiger, 34 years old;Longdale,Oklahoma [01-19-2005]

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Miriam K Duncan [01-19-2005]

A man of his day and beyond.Amazing how much of his writings are still relavant today.
Robert S Redman III, 53 today Barrington,NJ [01-19-2005]

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Richard [01-19-2005]

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George, 60 years old, Buenos Aires,Argentina [01-19-2005]

From my childhood to adulthood, my love for Benjamine Franklin has grown. I believe that he is the most inspirational person that I have ever studied. He was a leader of our country and still leads today. If you ever have any doubts about what you can accomplish in your life, just read the life of Benjamine Franklin, and it will truly inspire you to trudge on....
Sandra Fisher, Charleston,WV [01-19-2005]

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Bob Krukowski, Erial, NJ [01-19-2005]

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Ashley Storrs, Nothing [01-19-2005]

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May Xiong, i'm 10 years old, i live in Lansing, [01-19-2005]

I am writing a book and I am looking for writings by Franklin that detail his religious attitudes. In which of his writings does he detail his religious ideas? or letters? I understand he was a diest? If you can help, I would appreciate it, thanks - John
John Beasley, 50, Titusville Florida [01-19-2005]

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Hugh O'Donnell, Age: 60; US History teacher, retired; Board of Ed member, Hillsboro, Oregon [01-07-2005]

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Jolt [01-07-2005]

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Judy Alred, This is a wonderful way for my students to learn more about Franklin. Thanks for the articles. [01-07-2005]

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Ethan Nelson, age:10 [01-07-2005]

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