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Privacy Policy

What Personal Information Is Collected collects information from our users at several different points on our Website:


On our Registration Page, we collect names, addresses, email addresses, demographic information and other personal information from subscribers who voluntarily enroll in the Program.

The information requested from subscribers includes basic contact information:

  • Name, address, email address of Subscribers
  • Number of students, if applicable
  • Grade level of students, if applicable

We don't accept subscriptions from persons who are under the age of 18.


A cookie is a small packet of information that we place on your computer's hard drive whenever a User visits our Website. For each visitor to our web site, our web server automatically recognizes the following:

  • the login e-mail address of the User
  • the host origin of the request (your IP address)
  • the referrer (where you came from if you arrived at our site via a link)
  • the requested document (the page you're looking at)
  • your browser type (e.g., Mozilla 3.6.10)
  • platform-dependent information (e.g., Win 98, MAC OS 10.6.4)
  • session data, which includes successful login. The state is closed upon closing the browser.

Subscription Orders

We do not sell commercial products online. We do accept subscription orders online to our Website service, but only from individuals, teachers and schools, using our Registration Page. Individual subscribers must be at least 18 years old.

"Talk to Us!"

We have placed a link on all pages of our Website that Users can fill out to send us their comments on the content of that web page. The form requests the User's name and e-mail address so that we can acknowledge the comment or, if the User sends us a question, we can respond to the question. The name and e-mail address of the sender are then deleted from our records.

How the Information Is Used

The information we gather from our subscribers on the Registration form is used to contact our registered Users about the services on our site in which a User has told us he or she is interested, to contact them about service issues and to notify them of changes or updates or announcements about the service. In the case of Institutional Subscribers, we ask for demographic information about the proposed student Users of our Website (numbers of students, specific grade levels). We use cookies to monitor the traffic on our Website so we can keep track of which pages are most frequently visited and to allow Users to go from subject to subject without re-entering ID information. We use the comments sent to us via the "Talk to Us!" form to help us evaluate our programs and to revise and correct the content of our Website.

We do not store or track any personal information about our student-Users.

With Whom Do We Share the Information

We do NOT share, sell or rent any information collected from our members to third parties, except that for subscriptions using a credit card we have to share name, credit card number and expiration date with the financial institution we use to process credit card orders. In the event that we are required to disclose information collected from our members in response to a subpoena or other legal process issued by a court, we will comply with the subpoena or legal process after giving notice to any members affected by it unless we are prohibited from giving such notice by court order.

Our Opt-Out Policy

Cancel Membership: A subscriber may discontinue participation in the Program at any time by submitting a termination request to

Changing, Correcting and Updating Information: Subscribers can update their own personal account information at any time by submitting changes at

Any questions regarding our Information Practices should be directed to

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