Some Ideas on Using Edu-Blocks

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All it takes are these easy steps

  1. Look over the major components of the Content (e.g. Introduction, Events Leading to the Revolution, etc.) that are arrayed on the right side of each page and will always be visible. Clicking on any of these major components will expand them to show each of the specific topics comprising that component. Go to that component simply by clicking on it. Recommended links that provide greater depth on the topic are listed below the topic areas.
    1. You then need to decide if you want to cover all the subjects or just a selection of them to meet your particular needs. The entire lesson could be completed in a week's time if you just want to concentrate on the big components, but the lesson can easily be used over three or four weeks by devoting a day or more to each individual focus area.
  2. Before assigning or starting the students on subject material, go to the Teacher Portal and read the Teacher Guide. This may be useful in helping you determine how much time you want to spend on a focus area as well as provide you with a suggested approach to teaching the lesson. To get to the Teacher Portal at any time, just click on your name, always shown on the top right of each webpage.
  3. Look at big project ideas and instructions for conducting them in the Projects Tab. Show them to your students as ideas on what they may want to do and present at the end of the study program.
  4. Assign the content for each day and prepare yourself by reading the content as well. You can choose to send each day's assignment to students via email or just communicate it in your "class."
  5. End with the Assessment.
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