What's Included in the Lesson

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Edu-Blocks are designed as to be totally self-contained lessons on a specific subject, suitable for homeschool learning. In this case the lesson is on the Declaration of Independence and why Thomas Jefferson said it was "intended to be an expression of the American mind."

The lesson has six components that are simple and easy for the homeschool teacher or parent to use. They include for both teachers and students:

  • Content, including videos and purpose-written text and relevant pictorial images assembled by one of the well-recognized authorities on the American Revolutionary period. The content is designed for computer learning and viewing, sized for an iPad or other tablet computer, but capable of being used on any computer;
  • Key questions, embedded in the content so the student can focus on the critical areas of inquiry;
  • Fun to do mini-activities, made part of the content to get students minds going;
  • Carefully vetted links to supporting websites and materials. Frequently these links go to primary source materials, that in some cases may difficult to read, but bring the colonial period alive;
  • Projects for students to do that use 21st Century tools, including computer animation and presentation tools;
  • Assessment — a test at the end of the lesson that helps you and your student know that they have learned the subject material

But for the homeschooling parent or teacher, we also provide:

  • A Teacher Guide for each lesson area that gives you learning objectives, preparation requirements, key words in the lesson, handouts and specific recommendations on how to approach the subject with students;
  • The ability to create and post assignments — Teachers have the ability electronically send assignments to students mailboxes;
  • The ability for you manage one student or several — We provide the ability for a teacher to add or subtract individual students to a "classroom;"
  • An option to share — the teacher and the teacher alone can allow their students to post and see the work of other students taking the lesson;
  • The ability for the teacher to toggle between the teacher guides and lesson materials — you can get from the student lesson material to the relevant teacher guide for that material simply by clicking on the box on the right of the webpage that says "Teacher Guide" or "Return to Lesson."
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