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Edu-Blocks delivers quality educational lessons from a different perspective. Built for home schooling and smaller classroom environments, Edu-blocks provides content from renowned authorities wedded with supporting materials from experienced educators. These lessons are designed to help students develop their thinking skills using 21st century tools and are placed on a “schoolcial networking” platform where students can share their work with each others under a parent or teacher’s watchful eye.

Edu-Blocks understands that not everyone teaching a lesson is a subject matter expert and offers teacher guides and community to aid them in their teaching, while using the entire internet to enhance the experience,

As a company, we are committed to constantly improving through the thoughtful feedback from educators, parents and students. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Declaration of Independence is Edu-Blocks first lesson, but in the coming months we are committed to developing a full US history track that includes lessons in the following subjects:

  1. The Constitution (1781-1800)
  2. The Young United States (1800-1856)
  3. The Civil War (1856-1865)
  4. Rebuilding a Country (1866-1900)
  5. Becoming a World Power (1900-1919)
  6. Good Times and Bad Times (1920-1940)
  7. The World Power at War (1941-1960)
  8. A Social Revolution (1966-1980)
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