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Thank you! God bless...
Alexander Calapini-Solberg, Oslo, Norway [01-13-2013] »»»

Destiny, mo [01-13-2013] »»»

I thought this sight was very well done and no doubt I learned new things and expanded on my prior knowledge. I will come back to this site in the future for fun and reference. Thanks!
Frederick Steinhauer, Middletown, Rhode Island Age:17, History buff [01-13-2013] »»»

A great document that humans have created!
Sethumadhava Kurup Thelappurath, Fairfax,VA [01-13-2013]

Amora, lansing [01-13-2013]

The decloration of independance is rly important let's jst say if we never made it or signed it the life today would be madness.
cameron, age 11 michigan ithaca [01-13-2013]

Ms.Louise Page [01-13-2013]

I think that the declaration of Independence was the best document ever written because it gave our country it's Independence.
Dalton Orwig, Red Lion PA 17356,age11 [01-13-2013]

Helped me learn
Viola, 13, Wi [01-13-2013] »»»

i need help finding date of battle for proclamtion of 1763 and generals in charge of each army thanks i need it today plez and thank u for all ur help
johana pink [01-13-2013] »»»

jerome [01-13-2013] »»»

connor [01-13-2013]

I highly appreciate the detailed and comprehensive information of the beginning part of History of the United States. I especially appreciate that you contained all the biographies of the fifty six Signers of the Declaration of Independence. I am amazed at the perfection of your website! Thank You, Ryan
Ryan, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. [01-13-2013] »»»

Dear Bill,The more I get to know you the more incredible you get, you are A Strong Example of what a True American stands for. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and a whole lot more.....I bought my Dad, who is also a true good American citizen two of your books for Christmas, and plan to have them all. Sincerely, God Bless You and THE U.S.A.
kelly [01-13-2013]

My grand-father told me that I was related to Matthew Thornton and I am trying to trace my roots so I can have a record of it so I can pass it on to my child.
Jason Brown, Rogers [01-13-2013] »»»

Mac [01-13-2013]

I love historical sites and this seems to be a good one. However the war time line was a bit sparse. There was no mention of the Penobscot exhibition at all and a bit more on world events always helps to add context. Watching Freedom First on PBS tonight and wondering how many of the decaration signees were Masons, anyone know?
Ross, Canadian [01-13-2013] »»»

This site is very useful.!
Ann [01-13-2013] »»»

Simon Khan [01-13-2013] »»»

What is inscribed in the Declaration of Independence?
anonymous [01-13-2013] »»»

pretty useful. It could look nicer
Adreana [01-13-2013] »»»

Great website, very informative. Wish more people would pay attention to what this document says & means. Thanks
Julie Van Boxtel [01-13-2013]

Ich liebte diese weiset viel. Gehen Hesslians!
Hanz Roesler [01-13-2013]

i have to rewrite the declaration in "english" as my teacher puts it
anonymous [01-13-2013]

I like this website cuz it's totally chill dudes
Jenessa, Jenessaland [01-13-2013]

holaa como estas? yo soy muy bien!
Guataluape [01-13-2013] »»»

you lied! there is a secret message on the back of the Declaration! you have to use lemon juice!
bobby, thats not actually my name [01-13-2013] »»»

very good site that helped me
Button Whipple [01-13-2013]

We want freedom.
Britney Gay, 32425Bonifay, Florida [01-13-2013] »»»

i want to sign the declaration of independance
william booth [01-13-2013] »»»

good info! :D
Me [01-13-2013] »»»

shyann [11-29-2012] »»»

interesting i like it soo............... wooooooowwwwwwwww
anonymous [11-29-2012] »»»

Thomas Jefferson wanted to be remembered for three things, not two: Author of the Declaration of Independence, founder of the University of Virginia, and author of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedoms. All three are on his tombstone. Hard to believe you left the last one out of his bio!
Jenn [11-29-2012] »»»

I love teaching the Declaration of Independence to juniors. I then have them write their own declarations. Fun and interesting to read.
anonymous, Mt. Orab, Ohio [11-29-2012] »»»

We grow neither better nor worse as we grow old but more like ourselves.
Cheap Ray Ban [11-29-2012]

wonderful website!
Conny, Florida [11-29-2012] »»»

It really helped me with my history project.
Maria Parmeter [11-29-2012] »»»

joe hernandez, camp pendleton [11-29-2012] »»»

I'm free
Bridger McKay Riggs [11-29-2012] »»»

johnny tremain [11-29-2012] »»»

I found this site while researching for an assignment, and stayed for the personal enjoyment of researching the origins of the founding document. Thank you for the pleasure of knowledge!
Sara, Bay Point, CA, 33yrs, sudent [11-29-2012]

i am related to samuel adams :) for real not kidding my great grandma matzen told me
anonymous [11-29-2012] »»»

I was just googling random stuff and typed in "the Declaration of Independcene" and this site was the first link so I clicked it and I think it is interesting, VERY interesting
Ashley [11-29-2012]

This should go to every teacher who shall need to teach about an unsung hero.This will be in the gradebook students give teachers in their reportcard,too!
bella milanese, Rural Retreat 10 female 5th grade [11-29-2012] »»»

I cry everytime I read the Declaration. I just cannot help it. The pride I feel everytime I see Thomas Edison's signature knocks me backwards.
Lovie & Rebecca Hron, New Orleans, La. age 23 [11-15-2012]

I cry everytime I read the Declaration and was named after yours truely Thomas Jefferson.
Thomas Roy [11-15-2012]

Kevin Klein [11-15-2012]

i like this website
anonymous [11-15-2012] »»»

Hola hola hola
Knish [11-15-2012] »»»

anonymous [11-15-2012] »»»

I use this site to to verify questions and to constantly learn different things.
Sweet Pea Leapheart, Age: 61, Winter Haven, FL 33884 [11-15-2012]

I like this website!
Bob Tra [11-08-2012] »»»

Thanks to all of our armed forces. Because of them we will still have our independence. They are the backbone of our country. Our president should appreciate them more and help them a great deal more than he does. Our country should also stand and help them also. They are all HEROS
Kim SassaMartin [11-08-2012]

that was really ood
anonymous [11-08-2012] »»»

I was using this site so that I could get an A on a Declaration of Independence essay. This site will help me get through high school history class.
Leah, I am a golfer king to be professional in the next few years! I am using this site for my history class so I get an A on my essay! :D [11-08-2012]

Morgan turnbull, 15 [11-08-2012]

hi im on the internet with no punctuation
hello my name is, 2513 years old [11-08-2012] »»»

Looking for information on James Wilson.
Diane, Wyomissing, Pa [11-08-2012] »»»

great site and good knowledge for teacher to refer to student in 3rd grade important info. ield trip later this year to phila.
diana wambold, delaware home school teacher [11-08-2012] »»»

This really helped me on my French/Indian War essay. Thanks. :)
Jack Johnson, 12 [11-08-2012]

kewl this helped me lots
hannah [11-08-2012] »»»

This is a very helpful website it helped me a lot on my History Fair Project.Thank you guys so much
Erika :) [11-08-2012] »»»

This helped me a lot thanks.
Kayla [10-24-2012]

kool heelpeed with my us history home work
addison [10-24-2012]

ths is kewllll
bailey koon, hi [10-24-2012] »»»

Harry Climer, Southaven [10-24-2012]

I am fascinated by US history. I am extremely interested in the Declaration of Independence and this website is amazing. I can see what the Declaration says without having to fly to Washington DC to see it in a museum.
Kayla [10-24-2012] »»»

E. Terri Wilson [10-24-2012]

where sam adams live?
joseph love-vensky [10-21-2012] »»»

cray cray
Cray Cray [10-21-2012] »»»

Bonelle Robbins, hmmm [10-21-2012]

i copied the declaration of independence for bonus points in social studies
hannah walker, 11years old holland tx [10-21-2012] »»»

mike, york,ne age-53 [10-21-2012]

i think it was very cool an yall should keep it up there for every one can see cause its very nice an i like this web sit it tell you a lot of stuff thats what i think
jazmyn, cincinnati oh [10-21-2012] »»»

i think that was pretty bad what happen out thre thats very sad an that what i think i would not do a day out there how can yall..
jazmyn, nothing [10-21-2012] »»»

I am The Great Great Great great or more granddaughter to the best Pres. ever god Bless i wish the govt today are you kidding ME Fight For FREEDOM GOD BLESS AMERICA MY HOME
teresa Lynn Frost [10-21-2012] »»»

Diana [10-21-2012] »»»

great website... looking for kid friendly site to link to lesson plans!
anonymous, Clinton [10-21-2012]

Kiara Short :), 13 [10-21-2012] »»»

desi [10-15-2012] »»»

i really like it
Shania, 16 [10-15-2012]

i think that this website is awesome! it has all the info. i need for my assignmeants, worksheets, class projects, and much more! thankyou for making this website! :)
niyah moss [10-15-2012] »»»

Im in the middle of writing a paper about what i would tell my founding fathers and this site has helped me a lot
Josie, age 13 [10-15-2012]

Alexis Inzunza, tucson,az 18 age. [10-15-2012] »»»

Lindsay Bayles, Provo, UT 18 [10-15-2012] »»»

Than you for your excellent website Arnaud from France
Arnaud [10-15-2012]

William hooper is related to me Tiffany hooper I have proof ! Traced back through my blood line and my uncle who does this for a living He is my great grandfather
Tiffany, San Diego [10-15-2012] »»»

very informative intresting
Dj Williams [10-15-2012] »»»

very informative intresting
Dj Williams [10-11-2012] »»»

Really awesome website. Im gonna buy this declaration - looks pretty cool!
Nadia Fox, Sacramentto, CA [10-07-2012]

aweswome website !
Allison, Georgia [10-07-2012] »»»

it was a great site
Chakenya, Columbus [10-07-2012] »»»

Tyler Early, Columbus Georgia 16 [10-07-2012] »»»

john thomas [10-07-2012]

Jordaniel Morris [10-07-2012] »»»

im very glad that we are one in a nation so grad. god bless this great nation.
Chase Hamilton, i am an american :) [10-07-2012] »»»

i like this informational site.
Jwane [10-07-2012] »»»

This is for a grade...
Trey Edwards, Columbus 16 [10-07-2012] »»»

very useful
Quinten [10-07-2012]

without the decorlation we wouldnt have our freedom like we do now.
hunter Adams [10-07-2012] »»»

Kayla Malone, C-Town [10-07-2012] »»»

That was nice.
Taylor E, How are you doing today. [10-07-2012] »»»

its a great website
Kyle Johnson [10-07-2012] »»»

Bianca Rayford [10-07-2012] »»»

Kelly Beumer [10-07-2012] »»»

Tahira Menendez [10-07-2012] »»»

I found the information on this site very helpful.
Jessica Crawford, Columbus, GA [10-07-2012] »»»

Aalitah Bailey, Columbus, Ga, 16 Years Old [10-07-2012] »»»

Sophia Boyer, Age;16 [10-07-2012] »»»

Awesome Website
Donavan Vialva, 16 Columbus, GA [10-07-2012] »»»

Thank you so much for this great website :)
kristen [10-07-2012]

potato, 19, Georgia [10-07-2012] »»»

Love the links :)
Halle Davis, Age: 16 [10-07-2012]

exciting information.
skyy, choices leadership academy [10-07-2012] »»»

Willie Thrower [10-07-2012] »»»

signing just for assignment.
sierra horne, 17 [10-07-2012] »»»

Ramal Asim [10-07-2012] »»»

Shehzil Aamir [10-07-2012] »»»

The information was fairly well indeed. I have to say. Thank you!
Tswagg [10-07-2012] »»»

I like this website
Cutiebear, Dallas, NorthDakota [10-07-2012] »»»

Lovie Williams [10-07-2012] »»»

I have really learned a lot from this website and I am eager to learn more new cool stuff.
Sheccid Rosales, 12 [10-07-2012]

I liked the time line although I would like some information about the Declaration's life today.
James Emery, St. Francis. 12 years old [10-07-2012] »»»

OTAY. i be cool.
John Hancock [10-07-2012]

I have been trying for some time to find the Rev. War record for the death of my ggggggggg grandfather who died I have read in new jersey in 1780. he was born in 1747 in england.
Robert Thomas Tucker, Rev War [10-07-2012] »»»

mark [10-07-2012] »»»

i liked reading the info on your website
brandon harlow [10-07-2012] »»»

it could have been the colonists fault. they could have brought it on themselves.
anonymous [09-30-2012] »»»

its cool
dik, 1000 yrs old [09-30-2012]

I'm learning more of my family history all the time. I am humbled to have 2 grandparents sign our Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Rush & Richard Stockton. What an honor and a priviledge!
Adonis Dunn, 52 yrs old [09-30-2012] »»»

Super helpful webstite! Helps w/ note-taking and assignments...Thank you so much! Keep it up:) xox
Meows :), 16, New York [09-30-2012]

anonymous [09-30-2012] »»»

Nic\] [09-25-2012] »»»

Jim Sims [09-25-2012]

freedom,power,and our rights are awesome.
dakotah mccoy [09-25-2012]

Why are the signer biographies omitting the religious affiliation of the signers? Their faith was obviously important to them, and as important to understanding them as their work history or roles in the Revolutionary War.
Jay Brose [09-25-2012] »»»

Interesting site, clearly well informed and well written. I was surprised to see the french and Indian War described as "the final colonial war", as if colonisation and the conflicts which it caused stopped magically somehow after the American Revolution/War of Independence. Would be interested to see what other readers think.
Robin Thompson, Teacher, Lancaster, United Kingdom [09-25-2012] »»»

John Cogdon, Sunderland, England [09-20-2012]

always revise this article
andrew kuria wanjama, kenya police, UN Sierra Leone [09-20-2012] »»»

Susi Warner, mesa az [09-19-2012]

Would you please let all the McKean you know that THomas Mckean is NOT included in the National COnstitution Center in Philly as a signer of the Declaration simply because he wasn't there on the exact day of the signing. He was home attending to a sick wife ! His statue is also not in the Center.
Karen Remick, Philadelphia area [09-19-2012] »»»

There Should Be A Modern Version
anonymous, Punxsutawney, Pa [09-18-2012]

Wish I were there back in those days.
Melody Sirna, Milwaukee, WI [09-17-2012]

I hope to travel sometime in the next two years to the East Coast and if I am lucky enough I will get t see the DOI.
DEXTER T HILL, SAN PABLO, CA - age 58 [09-15-2012]

Heather Austin Andrew Sharp Destiny Miller [09-15-2012]

I love the fact that I got the chance to see it in person back in 1993 when I went to washigton D.C I will never forget that God Bless The USA!
Katharine nevada odom [09-09-2012] »»»

I love looking at it and im proud that I was born an American God Bless The USA!
anonymous [09-09-2012] »»»

Very helpful website. I do wish you would add some of their quotes, especially pretaining to their religious beliefs.
C. Michael Davis, Greenville, South Carolina [09-09-2012] »»»

Thanks for the info but please update your page on James Smith. You mention that he had an office in York, Pa where he practiced law. This is true. It was his office IN YORK that the Board of War met because the Continental Congress had fled Philadelphia when Howe's army took the city and was meeting in York from the end of Sept 1777 to the end of June 1778.
Dara, York, Pa [09-06-2012] »»»

Thank you for providing a very easy review for my homeschooling curriculum.
Denise Robirds, Montana [09-06-2012] »»»

As a research for my kid's home work, this is great thanks!
Silvia Quintanilla, Los Angeles [08-31-2012] »»»

Hello. This page is really helpfull for all. Thank you very much. :-) Lenna<3
Lenna [08-31-2012] »»»

John Hancock [08-31-2012]

I was doing some research on the Stockton's and this page on Richard Stockton, Signer of the Declaration of Independence came up. I hope his life wasn't in vain. Our country needs to get back to God as our leader.
Marilyn Stockton Martin [08-31-2012] »»»

I love this site!
Tiffany, Texas [08-31-2012]

i appericate all the information and keep on posting important things for HISTORY
Danellia Remerez, Winter Haven [08-31-2012]

Wooooo 'Merica!
Colter [08-31-2012]

wish all our policos could read and learn these truths that OUR country wad built upon
henryjoe, waldorf [08-31-2012]

Dennis Derx, Bloomington [08-31-2012] »»»

I am writing a novel centered around 1777 and the boston area.This site is a wealth of information for research. Thank you.
Wayne Lane [08-31-2012] »»»

Watching Liberty Kids on PBS
anonymous [08-31-2012]

My 90-yr-old neighbor had shown me the Declaration of Independence text, so I got curious and it seemed to look like what you have here. It must be a reproduction of some sort.
Cecilia [08-20-2012]

keep history alive!
Katrina Rahmel, Toledo, Ohio [08-20-2012]

As a kid I cried when I read the DoI, US Constitution, Bill of Rights... even the words in the Statute of Liberty. At this age I am on an iceberg going out to sea and know it never legally happened.
Gary Makus, NJ retired [08-16-2012] »»»

Every couple hundred of years a man comes along that changes how we see things here on earth. It just so happens that at the time of the signing of the declaration of independence, there were several men of this caliber at the same place at the same time.
Jason Jarrard, costa mesa [08-02-2012] »»»

When I read this I feel more and more we are loseing our way. These men were truly led by God.
Kent Norton, Douglasville, Georgia [07-30-2012]

A teacher is like a candle he burnt his body and give shined light to others -S R RAKARADDI
Shivabasappa Rakaraddi, Place-"India,karnataka,bagalkot,bhagavati", job-primary teacher [07-30-2012]

John Adams was a remarkable man!
Brad, CorsicanaTexas [07-26-2012] »»»

The relation between student - student and teacher -teacher is like a bluetooth but relationship Between student and teacher is like internet which covers hole world
Navaneet Rakaraddi, Age-19 city-BAGALKOT,KARNATAKA [07-24-2012]

Thank you for all this wonderful history to study, Do your home work!
sharon anderson, Dodgeville Wisconsin [07-24-2012] »»»

george egan [07-24-2012] »»»

Thank you Lord for peace enjoy in you!"Hallelujah,amen for grace too around the world with the waters of life in glory and in love of God with thanksgiving and in faithfulness,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden
keijo, södertälje [07-24-2012] »»»

God Bless America.
John Hart, Columbia, SC [07-16-2012]

What a wonderful site! Very informative. I am using the founding fathers whom have signed the Declaration of Independence links to make quizes with my friends online. Thank you for this site.
Christa Talbott [07-12-2012] »»»

anthony waters [07-11-2012]

Korene Clopine-Seaman, Peoria [07-09-2012]

Christopher Hayden [07-09-2012]

This site is good but very vast.....there should be some briefer descriptions in more orderly manner
Carla Johnson [07-07-2012] »»»

Doing research on husbands family history. my husband is a direct descendant of one Richard Stockton of New Jersey,who's signature is on the declaration of Indapendance. Found a lot of helpful information.
SUSAN WILSON, Lebanon Missouri [07-07-2012] »»»

The flame burns in my heart for the great men that God saved to come forth and put together our great constitution. Liberty and freedom are ours if we are vigilant and take time to kneel down with gratitude to God for being blest to live in this free land. May we study the candidates for the supreme office of the President of the United States and elect a valiant God fearing man like our for fathers that gave everything they had for our freedom and those gallant men and women that have shed their blood on foreign land to keep us free. Patricia Chambers
Patricia C. Chambers [07-07-2012]

nice site, very informative.
Rob [07-06-2012]

FREEDOM IS NOT FREE GOD bless these United States !
Anthony Schafer, Dickinson, TX [07-05-2012] »»»

GREAT website offering a wealth of information. Very easy to follow! Thanks! Enjoyed reading & using this site very much.
Christine Hartley [07-05-2012] »»»

Great resources and information to know about the history of the Independece od America.
camisetas personalizadas [07-05-2012]

Fantastic site, great presentation... thank you!
Jason Mahakian, Los Angeles 44 [07-05-2012] »»»

Everyone should read this. Not just in school but as an adult.
Ron Paterimos, 55 yrs ol [07-05-2012] »»»

John Cloninger Jr, Hickory, NC age: 41, married [07-05-2012] »»»

Thanks for this website...I will be returning often to enjoy this wealth of information.
Joanna Schmidt, Whiting, NJ [07-05-2012]

Sarah Wang [07-05-2012]

William Hooper was my 7th (or there about) Grandfather.
Anita Hatch (MacDonald), I am 57 years old, born in Dorchester Ma. [07-05-2012] »»»

Proud to be a patriot
Judge Douglas Smith, Las Vegas, nv [07-05-2012]

Thank you for this site. These are strong words for times like these we need to read and nderst and this mor today than ever before
David Roberts [07-05-2012]

Randy's [07-05-2012]

Happy 4th of July America. May we continue to have our freedom and be blessed under God's will.
tayleej, Fort Mohave, Arizona USA [07-05-2012]

Thank you for your site, it's such a valuable resource.
Gina Roberts, Fairhaven [07-05-2012] »»»

Margaret Burges Taylor, Native Texan, Patriot, Freedom Advocate [07-05-2012]

A moving, striking document that Americans will celebrate this week and for many they can not enough describe it or know it words. That is dilemma. Celebrate freedom without really understading the document that forumulated the ideas.
Donad Hapward [07-05-2012]

Thank you for the repository of information you have collected and formatted herein.
Shane Hutchison [07-05-2012] »»»

Thanks for this site. I have taught federal government on the college level, and was amazed at how little my students knew about these cherished documents after high school! I wish all Americans would read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Then we might not have so much misinformation circulating about them and what they say.
Joanne Fanizza, Attorney at law, Farmingdale, New York [07-05-2012]

Thank You!
Tim Baran [07-05-2012]

For evil to prevail, it is only necessary for good men to do nothing.
Allan J. Novak, Veteran, Citizen & Patriot [07-05-2012] »»»

Dan Simon, 45 male Peoria Illinois [07-05-2012] »»»

Every elementary school child should be allowed to study the history and bios of the signers. The Declaration of Independence should be the first thing studied in detail as part of the history of the United States.
David B Taylor [07-05-2012]

Thank you for having this site.
anonymous [07-03-2012]

Very interesting. Thank you
Janice Chinnery, Christchurch, New Zealand [07-03-2012] »»»

Thanks for your website. Yahoo Voices! recently published my poem honoring the signers of the Declaration of Independence. You can view it here:
Karen R Hammond [07-03-2012] »»»

i really like our Presidents and historical leaders-i look at pbs broadcasts here in winston-salem NC. i am most interested in national history since and including The Revolution...
debra milestone, i am a American history 'BUFF'.-winston-salem NC [07-03-2012] »»»

If we could convey the meaning to our young the fiber and freedom of this great nation is held together by this Document and without it will slip back into the slavery and control of big government.
Alan & Gloria Stickle [07-03-2012] »»»

Wow- I am so happy for you!
Inge, Johannesburg South Africa [07-02-2012]

Thank you for providing this very special website. I will be reading the magnificent Declaration to my family and friends, whoever will pay attention, as I have for many years. May GOD bless the United States of America once again!
ROBERT M TORTORIELLO, Stratham, NH [07-02-2012]

Lucille Ferry [07-01-2012]

I wonder what the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence would say about us today and how they would view what has become of their beloved dream?
Al Bagocius [07-01-2012] »»»

I would like father information on family tree of these 3 signers
John Murdock, I have been told that I was a descendent of 3 signers Payne and both Lees [07-01-2012]

This is a great website thank you
Warner L. Jones [07-01-2012] »»»

I believe that it was a great document that gave us our freedom
mookey baldwin, Tuskegee, AL [07-01-2012]

Thanks, I share the Declaration of Independence with my Email list every july 4th. Thanks for making it available.
Dennis Purvis [06-28-2012]

Thank you for maintaing this site.
Jo Dean [06-21-2012]

Does anyone know how I can find out details of a distant relative who died in the French Indian way-1755
Ross Price, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia [06-18-2012] »»»

Am realted to Lyman Hall, interesting info
Cathy [06-18-2012] »»»

History is awesome!
Kyle, Houston, tx [06-18-2012]

Excellent site. Wish I found it before tonight. I will return very often.
Bonnie K Dunton, President of Milton NH Historical Society [06-15-2012] »»»

May we seek forgiveness of God for the debts we have incurred as individuals and as a nation against each other and against Him.
Frank Stanley Knasinski, Jr. [06-13-2012]

Great blog, I just can't keep myself from coming back over and over again! Best regards, Dennis
Dennis, Venlo, 35 [06-12-2012]

God bless these brave men for their dedication to a purpose in which they believed and literally many gave their lives and wealth.
Betty Holsenbeck Gercken, Jacksonville, FL native of GA born 1928 [06-12-2012] »»»

My interest is of Samuel Adams and his political opinoins. Mr Adams belonged to no political party in those days and in the later part of life thought to be a Jeffersonian Republican. I am looking for proof of his ideals. I am also a 2nd cousin 9x removed to Samuel Adams.
David Dellinger,!/AmthemofRevoultion [06-12-2012] »»»

Think good thought and smile
Navaneet Rakaraddi, Bagalkot [06-06-2012]

I like the fact you have a search botton
lady bonbon [06-06-2012] »»»

Nick Pruitt, Oceanside, Ca. age 56 [06-06-2012] »»»

I love history!
Lacey Rhone, age 12 [06-06-2012] »»»

Good accounts of the signers. I work as a genealogist for the local Sons of the American Revolution and we had some one who claimed Thomas Lynch. Now we know.
Frederick James Nord, New Smyrna Beach, Florida [06-06-2012]

looking at our family tree
Jennifer Nelson Popp, Loxahatchee [06-06-2012] »»»

important document. relatives of jefferson should take pride
anonymous [06-06-2012] »»»

document patriontic and well written. well it is jefferson
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This is a good resource, but would be much better if there was more information regarding their faith, that would subsequently give the context for the founding documents.
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Thank you all, for your hard work and dedication to keep our history in place. May God Bless you all.
Robert Dwain Livingston, Riverside, CA [06-06-2012] »»»

What a treasure trove of marvelous information!
Charlene Stauffer [06-06-2012] »»»

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Am. Direct descendent of Thomas Nelson, historian and son Of loris gaynell Nelson Thomas. I would like to connect other Family members.....we were on both sides. My great grandpa Was James Thomas Nelson of al. Inf. civil war.
Paul f. Thomas, Helena, Alabama [06-06-2012] »»»

it was understandable
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This is a very good website for information on the declaration of independence. Thank you for your information i will tell a lot of people about it. PS:thanks your freind Preston wedekamm
Preston wedekamm [06-06-2012]

i think this an extrodinary document and after all of these long years of having this is amazing. this document should be well kept under security. if it wasnt for this document this world wouldnt be like it is today. thank you t.jeferson! and handcok etc.
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Thank you for such an all inclusive, informational site. We appreciate finding true history that has not been "edited" or misconstrued. My children will devour all this information. "We the people" need to know what our history is so that we learn from it and work not to repeat the mistakes of it!
Vicki, Homeschooling in Wisconsin. Praise the Lord! [05-22-2012]

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you put some good things on here that teaches kids a lot
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Am proud to be an american, but I believe we need to revamp our constitution, not the declaration.
Maria Perez-Roman [05-22-2012]

Thanks for the information; my research paper sounds so much more credible and insightful with the extra history background!
Chelsea Sonnenberg, Olympia, WA [05-22-2012]

what is the influence of the Declaration of Independence to the modern people? How does it affect American's lives nowadays?
wanghua, Beijing, 20, [05-22-2012]

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I love america. we have such a awesome history.
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i need help on finding who wrote tye declaration of independence
amanda, georgia [05-22-2012]

I need to know who signed the Declaration of Independence! :) :]
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The writing of the declaration was very important. Freedom is!
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Try rewriting the Declaration in your own words. It helps to understand it SO much better.
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I trying to identify 3 most important or interesting things about your Georgia constitution?
Mary Black, Valdosta, Ga [05-01-2012]

Let Freedom Ring.....!
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i really liked the declaration of independence
gladys romero martinez, 16 and married [04-30-2012]

In the course of discovering my lineage to the Sons of Liberty, I find this website informative.
Mike Angelo, Morristown, Minnesota, 54, retired army [04-30-2012] »»»

Our Declaration of Independence in conjunction with our Constitution are the keystone upon which we have built our Republic. It is heart breaking to see what has happened to our much revered documents in the last century continuing through today. We will have to fight for this to abate.
Debbie Smith, North Little Rock [04-30-2012]

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I really think that the Declaration of Independance is written very well, I am in 5th Grade, and we are learning about the Battle of Lexington and Concord and French and Indian War, and I thought I should write my opinion about the Declaration of Independance, I really like the people back then, and the soldiers know that are fighting for our freedom! I want to thank them all!
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Muthukumar, Male,51 years old, from Madurai, India. [04-19-2012] »»»

The words written in the original Declaration of Independence by the signatories, are as relevant in the twenty first century as they were in 1776. Those words will forever evoke a sense of purpose and justice wherever mankind is found in this universe, for eternity.
Jerzy Tadeusz Michalowski, London, England [04-19-2012]

being born an American 42 years ago I never really cared what it was like to be an American. What has come over me I dont know but I am damn proud.
Charles Ballard [04-17-2012]

that it doesnt give the informatin right about the daclaraton of independence its not what i'm or other people are looking for do better please with your information
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i think benjamin franklin is a great inventor
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This is a good site to see an example of this Declaration. This is a good site to visit especially if you're learning about it right now.
Chloe, Michigan, 10 &1/2 [04-15-2012] »»»

"George Washington naming Benjamin Franklin Republic" 130 135 137IQ Rossetti/Hilbert
Mark Richard Hilbert(Rossetti Richard Mark), Glen Ellyn, Illinois [04-07-2012] »»»

hey people
allison [04-07-2012] »»»

nice info very interesting pictures and timelines perfect for my project
coco [04-07-2012]

Will not use your site in the future. I see that you have scrubbed any content about the founders religious leanings from their biographies... Not good.
David Landro, Buffalo City [04-07-2012] »»»

interesting reading when you actually take the time to do so.
J Reuscher, Supply, NC [04-07-2012] »»»

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I think the Declartion of independance was a very importan piece of our history. The people that were involed in the Signing of this were importan to for example a john Adams and Benjamin Franklen signed it people like that. so overall if this was not part of our history today it could still be like it was back then.
Kyle [04-07-2012] »»»

The Declaration of Independanc is a very imporant thing. Tough it doesn't peake my intrest it is intoresting to hear about.
Tessa [03-31-2012] »»»

The Declaration of Independence was a big step for America, and i'm so glad that our founding fathers came together and made the right decision of peace.
Makayla [03-31-2012] »»»

This is the ultimate statement of freedom. Lets not forget what our country did for us in the past, and help it to keep these freedoms that so many have fought for. Its great to be a American
Lila Hayes, Woodland Wa 55 yrs [03-31-2012] »»»

I enjoyed learning more about john Hancock the role he played in The American revolution and the other signers of the Declaration of Independence.
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Megan [03-27-2012]

I think the Declaration of Independence was a positive implementation. Anything that secures the rights of all people to be treated equal & to live freely in happiness & respect is a very good thing!
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I wish it had more information about where the rights came from.
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The Declaration of Independence is a important part of history and I wonder what it would be like if it was never made.
Emmaline [03-22-2012]

The Declaration of Independence was and still is a very important to America. John Hancock played an important and very obnoxious part in the Declaration of Independence.
Jenna [03-22-2012]

kylie [03-22-2012]

I don't understand why John Hancock signed his name so big compared to others.
Hunter [03-22-2012] »»»

I think that without the Declaration I don't know how the United States would be or if it was even named that!
Kyle [03-22-2012]

I am glad to be a part of a coutry where evryone is free.
Tyler [03-22-2012] »»»

I believe that the document was a statement for and of our freedom.
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I think that this document is one of the most important documents in the history of freedom.
ERIC, apples! [03-22-2012]

The Declaration of Independance is awesome!
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This document inspired many things and really made a change in this country,even the world. Who knows what the world would be like without it.
Jordyn [03-22-2012]

What would life be like now if the Declaration of Independence was never written?
jackie [03-22-2012] »»»

The Declaration of Indepennce sparked many movements thorughout history involving rights. Without it, life would be very different.
Sophia [03-22-2012] »»»

I liked it. The language in it was confusing. It wouldnt be if we still used it. Other than that i loved it. It was very informational and helped me learn about my history because my social studies teacher isnt good at it.
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The Declaration of Independence was simply amazing.
Cassidy [03-22-2012]

The Declaration of Independence was a MAJOR event, and I don't know how I would be living right now without it!
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The language was very old and alittle but harder to understand becuase of the kanguage.
Rachel [03-22-2012] »»»

I thought the Declaration of Independence is full of interesting facts and stuff.
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i liked it how John Hancock was the president of the congress
Austin [03-22-2012] »»»

The Declaration of Independance was, and still is very important. If our nation didn't have the couragous people that wrote, and signed it, the United States of America would not be free. We would be under British control. I am extremly happy that we have independance.
Kaylee [03-22-2012] »»»

I thought that this website was very informative.
Dakota [03-22-2012]

Hello. We learned about the Declaration of Independence in Social Studies. I think it is very interesting. I wish I was their to see the people, and see what is was like. I would love to see the document in person. I would also like to see the room that they signed in.
Megin [03-22-2012] »»»

I thought the Declaration of Independence was a very moving piece of writting. It explains very well and understandable of how independence was important to the colonists.
Kayla [03-22-2012] »»»

The Declaration of Independence changed this world and all the people in it.
jacob [03-22-2012]

The Declaration of Independence was a long thought out piece of writing, that freed colonies from the King.
Marissa [03-22-2012]

i think this is fine peice of liberty and freedome at it shows how we are able to make are own choices and are own rights
dean [03-22-2012]

I think the Declaration of Independence, is one of the best events that ever happened in history. If it wasn't for that we wouldn't have much freedom, and happiness.
Brooke [03-22-2012] »»»

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This is my first time reading The Declaration of Independence,iam so amaze of what i was reading. to know that my rights,to pursuit my happiness, and liberty.
Willie James Farrington, Atlanta,ga age 54 [03-21-2012] »»»

I believe in what these patriots that sighned the decloration stood for and wanted
Gareth Jones, Blackpool England [03-21-2012]

People don't talk that way anymore. I wish they did.
Alicia [03-21-2012] »»»

it informed me very useful
jimmy [03-21-2012] »»»

i think this document give people rights.i think it helps people like me form another country feel welcome.
gabby, 18 [03-19-2012] »»»

I am related to Jossiah Bartlett on my grandmother's side: Vinvela Butt Dencer
cindy zapf [03-19-2012] »»»

I was surprised to find how long NY resisted joining the majority to sign the Declaration of Independence. They never did vote for it, they abstained! American history is so fascinating. I've been watching the mini-series "John Adams" on VuDu and it's both brilliant and moving. I'm so proud of my country's history. If only we would live up to those ideals instead of the crass commercialism that dominates our nation in the present time.
Karen Bauer, New York NY [03-19-2012] »»»

i luv this website its descreptive and very well done even though im 11 i luv 2 learn luv it keep up the good work thanks
gracey k howe [03-19-2012]

I am doing a abc book on the revolutionary war and this site has really helped me!
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Had it not been for my English class and the theme "The American Dream" I would probably never have thought of visiting this site. I'm glad I did! Despite the fact that U.S. history is so relatively short compared to that of my own country, it's interesting and intense. Love is hereby sent to Linda and Jim in Lubbock, TX
Mette, Denmark [03-14-2012] »»»

great to see this site up and running
David Decker, Edgewood MD [03-13-2012]

This is a great site. I do agree with Bobbi Vandewoestyne. It also helped with my homework...LOL Well i am in 4th grade and it is expected of us to learn this
Anonymus [03-13-2012]

I visited your page on the Boston Massacre. Although it was good it didn't really have that much on the topic. had a lot more to do on the topic and a little about the detail topics.
Riley [03-13-2012] »»»

How was Patrick Henry involed with the Declaration of independence
Breanna, it needs more information no affense [03-11-2012] »»»

breanna, i liked it it needs more information no affense [03-11-2012] »»»

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What an awesome site. Thank you. I am part of an American family that were neighbors of George Washington, and American pioneers in general. Thank you so much for all of your work.
Mira Schnebly, Scottsdale Arizona [03-05-2012] »»»

life was great back then
Virginia McKinnon, West Bloomfield, Michigan [03-04-2012] »»»

Very Good Site. Just my 2 cents: Do You believe you should correct your title? There is a difference between: 1. The Want, Will, and Hopes of one People ... and ... 2. The Want, Will, and Hopes of the People. One People Out of Many When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people (not a people, or all of the people, or a majority of people) to dissolve the political bands which have connected them (the one people) with another (their King, their own British brethren, and the rest of the colonist who were faithful to the King.), and to assume among the Powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's GOD (GOD of Israel: Not Lucifer, Not Buddha, Not Mohammad, Not Animals, Not Rocks, Not Crystals, etc.) entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of Mankind requires that they (the one people who is the one particular people) should declare the causes which impel them (the one particular people) to the Separation.
Rosalee Pearson - Stone, Nashville, Tennessee [03-04-2012]

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luv the declaration of independnce
VALERIE MOSBY [03-04-2012] »»»

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My ancestor was William Ellery and I was very pleased to read such detail about him and this important piece of history. This site is brilliant!
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it was a very useful website
logan [02-26-2012] »»»

I have no doubt that Thomas Jefferson was annointed by the very Holy Spirit of God. In very much the same fashion as were the writers of the books in the Holy Bible. Mr. Jefferson did us all a huge favor by respecting the consciousness or imagination in every individual regardless of origon on this Earth. Thank You Mr. J. And I ask each one of you, what are you doing to exercise our rights & freedoms in America today, in 'Our Generation'? We must exercise our Freedoms to keep them healthy for our children & their children! God's Love & Power, John 'Messenger'
John D. Briggs, Sr., Norwich, CT 54 Yrs [02-25-2012] »»»

Very informative website! Thank you for preserving our history!
Caitlin Schlesner, 32, RN USARMY, Texas [02-25-2012] »»»

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information on oliver barton regarding the declaration of independence
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I am currently taking a business class. Business Office Technology Class. Im taking Business Law! I love the history of our founding Fathers of the past, present, and the Future. We are a Blessed Nation.
Tony Brookshire, Chickasha, OK 73018 [02-23-2012]

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Carolina, Phoenix, Arizona, from 5th grade [02-19-2012]

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Frank Lockhart [02-19-2012] »»»

A descended of Thomas Lynch Jr.
William H. Davis [02-18-2012] »»»

One of the most monumental events in world history. Interesting to note how many people of Irish extraction were involved.
Nial Quinn [02-17-2012]

This people really knew how to do the right thing,that kind of people we need on this days to teach us
Antonio, Oakland CA [02-17-2012] »»»

Great research wwebsite for my report on Button Gwinnett. My 6th grade teacher graded it and loved it. :) <3
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Good Job
Joe [02-13-2012] »»»

Great,great grand father was secretary of war under President Lincoln.The family has been in the America sense 1635.I am an independant but have always voted Republican.A lot of our family are buried in Conyers, the old family church cemetary on Stanton Rd. & Route 20
Robert Stanton, Pooler,Ga. 69yrs old [02-13-2012] »»»

What a thoughtful thing you have done buy posting then Constitution and Declaration of Independence for all to read and grow with knowledge from.
Nancy E Plecenik, west mifflin, Pa 15122 [02-12-2012] »»»

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ROBERT HARDIE, centereach, ny. 11720 = age 61, [02-07-2012]

richard henry lee is my 6th great grampa
shawn brown [02-07-2012]

The Declaration of Independence was written as a set of laws to be enforced for the protection of the people against unlawful, unfair treatment and acts of tyranny by men with self made laws.
Monroe Baldwin, Forest Park, GA -30297 [02-07-2012] »»»

Patric Henerey [02-07-2012] »»»

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I needed information for an introduction of the FDA for a school paper, and came across this website. I thought I would try to evoke the thought of ‘Had the founding fathers foreseen that the signing of the Declaration of Independence had started the carving of a new nation? Could the founding fathers conceive the thought that they had laid the corner stone to what is now the United States of American Federal Government, in turn created other government funded agencies, helping the citizens, continuing the original thoughts behind the beginnings of the Declaration of Independence? Was Thomas Jefferson, concerned about his health, prompting the ill-tempered remarks regarding the stable and houseflies he pass daily, walking from the Declaration House, (Graff House), to the Declaration House while writing the declaration of Independence. I found the layout of the website and the contents very interesting. I came to find the weather conditions on 07/04/1776, and four hours later I am signing the guest book on my departure! I will let you what my instructor thought of how I connected the Declaration of Independence to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, or USFDA)!
Susan Roth, Allentown, PA [01-28-2012] »»»

thanks for having the D.O.I on the home page it made it easier for my report
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Who do I about a ditnal scaned copy of the declaration of independence. and I would like a price range if you could please. thank you for your survicic. your friend jose l. zapien
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so did a lot of people support the decleration and why
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i have a copy of the declaration with 2 mistakes still on it ... needed more information on it ... the cardboard behide the frame that it was in says keystone box co. out of pittsburgh pa. i believe it was from the 1800s could not find any information on the company my copy has been in this frame since then ....if you can help me find out more about it thanks
jean [01-22-2012]

We deserved a countryt for ourself without nosy Enlanders reading our personal mail and serching us with no reason. We deserved liberty!
anonymous, 10 [01-22-2012] »»»

With candidates for public office "playing the religion card", I hoped to learn the theology of the signers of The Declaration, but that information is not there.
Helen Eves, concerned voter [01-22-2012]

See your " Signers of the Declaration" topic. Grammatical error to be corrected."Each signer also has a short story of THEIR life". The word "their" should be the singular "his" ="each".
Helen Eves, retired classroom teacher; concerned voter [01-22-2012]

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I have in my grandmother's family geneology that her Great uncle was The John Hancock from the Declaration of Independence. Her maiden name was Alice Mae Kimball. Is there any one who has any information on this. She was born I believe in Appleton, Wi. If living she would have been way in her 100's. Thank you, Chris
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Umm just to inform you, in your Patrick Henry biography, you spelt 'academy" wrong. In yours you spelt it " Academe"
Joslyn, Hola! [01-12-2012] »»»

"academe" means "the people and work of colleges and universities."

i love this website! i could use it for my term paper!
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decendent ( soy ) Shermans of Yaxley Democracy is the real legacy of what the Sherman,s fought, be it country state or church.
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I am thankful to God for the wisdom of the founding father's in writing this document.
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