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2007 Declaration Guestbook Entries: December

Michaela Cranford, ok [12-31-2007]

Darlene L. Rivera [12-31-2007] »»»

Jennifer [12-31-2007]

After watching both national treasure movies i was fascinated with the history of our country. Starting with the Declaration of Independence. This is a great website and i learned a lot.
Rachel [12-31-2007] »»»

i think every one should have world peice
drashay spadafore [12-31-2007]

i came here to find out where the declaration of independence is kept. im watching national treasure
Jane, wyandotte michigan [12-31-2007] »»»

You will never be more thankful for our christian forfathers and our freedom in America until you visit Washington D.C. and realize how blessed we are to live in America. Our Nation will not be truly Independant, until, it is Dependant on what is was founded on, GOD. God has given us the Liberty to choose, and may we as a Nation choose not to only have a Declaration of Independance, but also declare we are Dependant upon GOD........I am not only worried about where our country is headed, I am worried about where you are headed. If you are not 100% you are on your way to heaven please call 702-647-4522 and someone will be happy to tell you how to get to heaven. When in doubt-seek help. Seek help America-only God can give it.
anonymous, Las Vegas Nevada [12-31-2007]

This document along with the Constitution are as meaningful today as they were when Jefferson penned them over 230 years ago. They call us to the challenge of creating the highest level of civilization yet achieved, may we some day live up to the Divinely inspiring values set forth in this document.
Roger L. Fontana, Urbana, Illinois; age 52; veteran USAR Military Police Corps [12-31-2007]

c shaw [12-31-2007] »»»

Lauren [12-31-2007]

Moved by the quote from your country's Declaration of Independence (made by the actor Nicolas Cage in National Treasure I), I wished to read the entire document, curious to know what the 'long train of abuses and usurpations' had been. As a resident of Quebec, a Canadian province with a thirty-year old separatist movement, it's natural to be curious about what our American neighbours found to be sufficient cause for separation. Your well-constructed site made this inquiry quick and pleasant. I very much enjoyed reading Tomas Jefferson's account. I would have enjoyed more information on how the British public reacted to news from their colony, especially Jefferson's Summary View of the Rights of British America, which must have been a bombshell! I'm told the real thinker who prepared the philosophical ground for the Revolution was Thomas Payne, and was surprised to not find his name in the 'related information' section, although I did appreciate the very succinct biographies, (especially George III!) Interesting that the British Parliament, not the poor mad idiot wearing the crown, seems to have been the culprit behind the abuses and usurpations. Present-day Americans should remember how the sway of commercial interests upon government led to the abuses they themselves took up arms against in the past, and reflect on the insensitivities of their current government's foreign policy. I certainly have a feel now for events as they were lived out by your country's founding fathers. Their calm, determined rationalism in the face of tyranny is one of the shining lights of the Age of Reason.
anonymous, from Montreal [12-31-2007] »»»

All of History is about goverment trying to bind the people to taxes in one way or another, then & present. The Decaration of Independence was just a way to tort, give credit, then debt, a way to collect thought the courts. to be able to take your belongings & property. loan sharks then, sub prime now, takeing advanage of the poor then & sub prime Now...........
Peter, The Real Truth [12-28-2007] »»»

The best Independence Day I ever experienced was made special by a speech given by one present in which he shared the history of the immense personal costs incurred, misfortunes attended, and ignominy suffered by various named great men of the time and original signers of the Declaration of Independence. I wish that I had those words with me now so that I may practice them in order to deliver just such a speech myself on this coming Independence Day, 2008! I sincerely wish to carry on such a most excellent rememberance of service and sacrifice as our founding fathers and their greatest supporters endured for the sake of our future generations of Americans! WOuld someone reading this kindly take it upon themselves to guide my efforts for the sake of our great country, now, and for future generations of Americans to come, please? Thank you, fellow Americans, and I remain, Respectfully, N. Bykowetz [new resident of] Donora, PA.
GySgt. Nick Bykowetz, U.S.M.C.(ret), Donora, PA; age 57; veteran of three wars. [12-28-2007]

i think that the president of the us should probably make the world a better place by taking away guns from kelsey
Kelsey, 9 [12-28-2007]

this is a very nicewebsite
zack, 14 [12-28-2007]

Bios just what I need for a DAR program. Would like to have pictures of all the signers if they are available. Help!??
anonymous, smithfield, virginia [12-28-2007] »»»

I think that you should see if there were any black man at the sighning. If you look on the two dollar bill,far left, there is a black man.Ckeck it out.
anonymous [12-27-2007]

Ever since I can remember I've been fascinated with the history of colonial North America. In 1989, I had the chance to come and study for one year (highschool) in the US. I learned english and really liked my US history lessons ;-). Went back to Belgium and couldn't not study Us history over here (sadly the course doesn't exist). Well I can't get enough of this website now… Keep up the good work and thank you for your efforts with this site. Manuel
Manuel Benoit, Brussels, Belgium [12-26-2007] »»»

Once upon a time in Hancock Mississippi a boy was found guilty and could do nothing about it. The judge was one sidied Legassee. What is one to do? His family is held hostage against legeslation branch od law. Barely on the edge of servival I hear the voice of John Hancock in my thaughts God be with us .
James Bianchi JR., SCA member small town boy [12-25-2007] »»»

This is what america should be.The men who wrote this are looking down on us right now with rage and sadness. What will it take for america and politics to realize that there screwing up and need to change!
Bryce Smith, New Mexico. 21yrs. old [12-25-2007] »»»

america forever!
Jessica [12-25-2007] »»»

it is cool web site which make help to my study
bhawnai, kathmandu [12-23-2007] »»»

I came to this site to read again the names of the signers of the Declaration Of Independence. I am currently reading Page Smith's 'A New Age Now Begins' an excellent history of the Revolutionary War, the great struggle which made this document possible. I highly recommend this excellent account.account.
Nix Hipp [12-23-2007] »»»

If somebody wrote something like this in contemporary America, or something of similar scope and philosophy, it would be dismissed - either as hackneyed or as unpatriotic. Thanfully, he was able to slide that crucial phrase through in the beginning: that all men are created equal. The world is not an inherently candid one, nor is it an inherently equal one. By imprinting these values upon the fledgling government, he ensured that its discriminatory and apathetic citizens are held at bay.
The Law, The Bench [12-21-2007] »»»

this was a very nice web sight you have it helped me out with my prodject and helps me understand things better
anonymous [12-21-2007] »»»

loopydoopydroppings, notin [12-21-2007] »»»

I was researching the American Revolution for school when I came upon this GREAT website! I found it to be very helpful and now have all the information I want. Thanks so much!
anonymous, Age: 10 [12-21-2007] »»»

will i be able to look at the questbook.
Jakeshia Booker [12-21-2007]

I am proud to be American. I thank you for the very valuable information about our values, our guiding principals, and our history. I always send my students to your site.
Alejandro Perez [12-21-2007]

It has been many years since I have read through the Declaration of Independence. I was motivated to do so realizing the present need to get more involved in our political process so that I may attempt to repay a debt that cannot be repaid to others who have strived to contribution to this great nation. The first and last sentences of The Declaration of Independence are so true and moving. I read through the entire document and was brought to tears upon reading the very last sentence realizing the risk and wit of these brave 56 men. I pray that we as individuals and a nation will so structure our time and finances to rise above our own preoccupation with our personal wants to participate in the needs of our still young nation. Our greatest present enemy is not a distant power but apathy within our own people. Therefore, I encourage all Americans to read through the Declaration of Independence and think about the reality of what our colonial ancestors were experiencing, seek to understand their motive and resolve to come together as a nation to solve a threat to our future posterity, and then be motivated to take a stand for what is right for this country. Those 56 brave men, the youngest of which was 26 and the oldest 80, put their lives,finances, and reputations on the line for the common good of this country. Let us follow their example and rise up as a nation of all ages in a common vow not to allow apathy and a rejection of the founding principles of this great nation to destroy us from within. God will continue to bless the United States as long as we keep our covenant with Him- "One Nation under God with liberty and justice for all"
Roger Swims, Atlanta, GA, age 48, [12-20-2007] »»»

This is a cool site. Trying to get detailed information for history report.
michael webb, San Diego, Ca [12-20-2007]

Can't wait to see the new movie i love the declaration of indepence
dopey from maryland [12-20-2007]

As an NRA Member & Devout Patriot, I thank you for your site. It was GREAT!
Bill Mortlock, Illinois [12-20-2007] »»»

great website needs more pics though
anonymous [12-20-2007] »»»

Alexias, Memphis Tennessee age 13 ABOUT TO TURN 14 ON JANUARY 5 2008 [12-20-2007]

I "heart" History
Nina, Fourteen years YOUNG!, Fishers. Indiana, Fishers J.R. High [12-19-2007]

it was a good thing to learn about,,
BREONNA BRITTEN [12-19-2007] »»»

I think that this website is great because it tells you great facts.
matt, age8 [12-19-2007] »»»

i luv this site
amber, usa [12-19-2007]

Great information on the Declaration of Independence. Helped my children figure out their work, and complete homework. Thanks!
Nick R. [12-19-2007] »»»

Could've said the suthors who wrote the paper for bibliography reference
Colt, 45 [12-19-2007] »»»

thank for givin us independs
jonny, Riverside [12-19-2007] »»»

This website is fascinating!
Ellehcim, My residence is located in Clayton and the reason of me visiting this website is to gather information for my fifth grade report. [12-19-2007]

my class is doing the revolutionary war in SC
lauren [12-19-2007] »»»

i would love to visit the declaration of independence original document
leann smith, fort worth 34 [12-19-2007] »»»

A very fine website on the greatest of all American documents. Good work to the publishers and thanks for the helpful and scholarly organization.
JoToP [12-19-2007] »»»

this website really helped me on my term paper for english and american history
rae, 13 broomfield colorado [12-19-2007] »»»

This wesite is really helpful for history projects!
Julia, i am 13 [12-19-2007]

im doing a project on the declaration, this site could be a little more useful but it was good.
izabela, 13 [12-18-2007]

kool im bored yea
Colton [12-18-2007]

ery, eye [12-17-2007] »»»

I am pleased to visit your site and i would like you to give me a friend mate who likes US. Thanks a lot and sorry for my poor english i am just learning.Sincerly
Edwige Asseman, Côte d'Ivoire,25 years [12-17-2007] »»»

writing a paper..needed the source..thanks!
anonymous, Farmington.. age 17.. [12-17-2007]

Hi i liked the declaration of independence because i had a fallinr grade but when we got on that subject my grade has increased a lot so thanks for inventing the Declaration of Independence!
Kanitra Cartwright, 818 Cotton Ford Rd. Apt. 71 [12-17-2007] »»»

I think that your site is a real
Govard Smith, la, ca [12-17-2007] »»»

eure seite ist einfach nur klasse ich hoffe ihr macht weiter so ganz liebe grüsse
doris [12-17-2007]

This site is wonderful! It's very informative! I recently became interested in the history of our country (sadly it wasn't sooner) after purchasing a small book about the U.S. Constitution. I was on the internet just surfing for U.S. History info and found this site. I thank you truly, for this site! It makes my learning an enjoyable experience teaching me what every American should know about their country.
Cassie, Covina, CA 31 [12-17-2007] »»»

how long did it take to write the decleration of independance??? who wrote it??? why did they write it???
gabby smith [12-17-2007]

I LOVE this webpage! It has really helped me in writing research papers! Thank you!
Charley Lucille Edgemon [12-17-2007] »»»

I was writting a report on the declaration of independance and i found this site cery useful.
kara, stevens point WI [12-17-2007] »»»

Not Really ggod
Isaiah, none [12-17-2007]

I was told that I was a direct decendant to George Walton, signer of the Declaration of Independence, now I would like to find out for myself. My grandfather had told me this before he died. Can anyone help me?
Marilyn Bailey, Logansport, IN [12-17-2007] »»»

I think history is rally exciting thing to learn. My favorite is the American Revolution. I think the declaration of independance is a really great document because it declared our independance
kylee, Utah [12-17-2007] »»»

Would like to know if your website is updated periodicallly.
anonymous, Davis, CA -University Freshman [12-17-2007]

nicky [12-17-2007] »»»

My favorit line of the declaration is "He has plundered our seas, ravaged our coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people."
Christopher [12-17-2007] »»»

Lisney [12-17-2007] »»»

Bob, That Jhon Hankock is a very mean person [12-17-2007] »»»

Oliver Wolcott [12-17-2007] »»»

I love this website it is so organized I wish I was like that this help me a lot on my history homwork tHANX!
Adeyinka Adu, Orlando FL 13 [12-17-2007] »»»

it is cool
justin [12-17-2007] »»»

This website could use more information.
Desiree [12-17-2007]

emily [12-17-2007]

i think it's pretty cool that because of this document, millions of people are free, or may become free. and that the men that singed took the time to write it out...i mean what would have happened if they just gave up? america would be nothing like it is today.
hannah [12-17-2007] »»»

robert, fontana [12-17-2007] is a great research tool. I would advise anyone who wants to research the American Revolution to use this website. Signed, Nathaniel
Nathaniel Meade [12-17-2007] »»»

i like history i am studing declaration of independence
justin, pocatello ID age 15 [12-17-2007] »»»

adrien [12-17-2007] »»»

i like the declaration of indepebdece
Xavier, 14, Texas like to play fottball [12-17-2007] »»»

hi, i am diong my project on the Declaration ipof Independence and it is really cool! my gret great great great great great great great great great great great granduncle!
john jefferson [12-17-2007] »»»

Im using this website to continue the education of my children as is required by parents who homescool their children
Dan Dobe, Weare NH Age 44 [12-17-2007] »»»

rose siciliano [12-13-2007] »»»

Caitlin, Kaplan [12-13-2007]

hi i am doing a project on the Declaration of Independence and so far it is really fun. I am su[rised that just for this document that now the colonies had become a free and independent nation!
anonymous, no [12-13-2007]

This website is awsome
Kevin [12-13-2007]

i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove to read the declaration of independce as my pasttime ireread over and over again i have it memorized word for word...
Brittany, I am 83 and i live in bikini bottom, spongebobville [12-13-2007]

i love history and the Declaration of Independence is one of my favorite and most treasured artifacts. ---Krystal D. Bazilius
Krystal Bazilius, belton t.x [12-13-2007]

It was interesting to find out in formation on my great, great, great, great, great maternal grandfather, Oliver Wolcott. I can use this to make history more interesting to my students.
Scott Campbell, Livingston, CA, Teacher [12-13-2007] »»»

I think this website is really informational!
Jamie [12-13-2007] »»»

I like the way Thomas Jefferson put the words together on the Declaration and I can't believe how many people think there is a treasure map on the back of the Declaration of independence leading to a treasure belonging to the Masions.
Aynsley Hermanowski, The Declaration is one of the most amazing artifacts in American history. [12-12-2007]

every time I read this document I get a feeling of awe. To so boldly write a sign this document in fear of treason was quite remarkable. Thanks to our forefathers for their vision and courage
keith bashaw [12-12-2007] »»»

angela cunningham [12-12-2007]

i like history
lola, barrington ri,02806 [12-12-2007]

Lyanna, Lexington 17 [12-12-2007]

I have learned a lot about the Declaration of Independence and I hope to learn more about it!
Marissa, New Jersey 10 years old [12-12-2007] »»»

paul delluomo [12-12-2007]

Glenn Irwin [12-11-2007]

i think the declaration of independence was a good idal.
betty davis [12-11-2007] »»»

it was very cool
Robert Jenkins, great falls [12-11-2007]

Hi, my name is Tieg Brown and I am related to Stephen Hopkins.He is my great great great great great great granfather.
anonymous [12-11-2007]

Bob [12-11-2007]

anonymous, this is an educational place for children [12-11-2007] »»»

I used this info for a school project on the Declaration of Independence.
chelsey [12-11-2007]

this rocks!:)_:>
roonie, kaesha .s. gerhart [12-11-2007] »»»

alexis walker [12-11-2007]

i think this is a bunch of GREATNESS
Ryan [12-11-2007] »»»

Phenomenal site with TMI to go over at moment, but will be great for at least one of my upcoming courses; and is an excellent site for learning about what makes this/our country so great! I'll be back (sooner than later)!
VAWOLF, Fairfax, VA, 39 yr old returning student, new major [12-11-2007] »»»

clent eastwood [12-11-2007] »»»

Hi! I'm sooo old i can barely push the buttons on the computer and my grand daughter is doing a project in high school on the decleration of independence this month. This website really helped her. Thanks! -Grandma Betty
Grandma Betty, 99 [12-11-2007]

I'm so glad that they made the declaration of independence.
Kat [12-11-2007] »»»

i thought it was kinda boring..but it was interesting. i got my 300 word american history essay off of a lot of the information here. it was a great help
rachellyn, 14, paynesville minnesota [12-10-2007] »»»

Megan, hey guys [12-10-2007] »»»

i just love my fans
Carrie Underwood, i love all yall back home [12-10-2007]

I like the Declaration of Independence.
Zach Mason, Boston, 21 [12-10-2007]

um very helpful in the process of typing a paper. thankyou
ari, female [12-10-2007] »»»

This is really cool! I am learning about it in school and it is very interesting! I like learning about this! There is a lot of information on this website
Unknown [12-10-2007] »»»

I love this website it is wonderful and very descriptive
anonymous [12-10-2007]

he is pretty funny my uncle talks sbout him all the time he visits and we have partys its lots of fun also im doing a project on the doi its a lot of stuff to keep up[ wih indeed
vanity chapprll, my cousin is david chappel [12-10-2007] »»»

Maria V. Cebollero, Mayaguez,P.R. 10 [12-10-2007] »»»

I would like to know mre about the declaration of independence
Brianna, St.Thomas [12-10-2007]

Very nice! All I can say is I got an A on my history report! :)
anonymous [12-10-2007] »»»

I think John Hancock was a very important person in our history
Colleen, Massachusetts [12-10-2007] »»»

Lauren [12-10-2007]

this is helpful!it really helped me with my history report
anonymous, Dallas,Tx [12-10-2007] »»»

my great great great great grandfather was william whipple
alison [12-08-2007]

Very Thankful fr your services.
Ven. Kevin Oneil, AmericanBuddhist Monk [12-08-2007]

good job
alex, none [12-08-2007] »»»

thank you for everything. keep our documant safe. let futer generations still have it.
Noah Rooney, paynesville mn, 7 [12-08-2007] »»»

omg lt dfm iltdoi hmb
keke, i love to learn [12-08-2007]

hey, i found this site very helpful for a school social studies project[: thank you very much!
Cat [12-08-2007] »»»

Is there anywhere, on the Internet, where I can find an image of something Robert R. Livingston wrote? I need to compare the handwriting with another document. Thank you!
Bill Sitler [12-07-2007]

aaron [12-07-2007]

I immigrated to this country in 1965. The land of opportunity. Every July 4, I make every effort to read this document. It is truly enlightening.
Dr. Lynn H. Elliott, Chico, California [12-07-2007] »»»

i think that the declaration was a veary good idea
Erin Rooney, paynesville mn [12-07-2007] »»»

you now england is better. haveing a king and queen is better then a prisdent becouse they know what they're doing
william hussey, slc 24 [12-07-2007]

ella, stuart, vasuch an important piece of history [12-07-2007] »»»

Lys [12-07-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independence is wack for the Black people because it still declares them as property in a way. It should be re-written so it is up tp date and fair for all that have the rights to be them selves and NOT Propertie!
Ellie, 13 [12-07-2007]

this website is so cool it really helped me with my history report
anonymous [12-07-2007]

this is helpful!
lauryn [12-06-2007] »»»

I wish there was more history!
Iankondrat, my age is 9 [12-06-2007] »»»

Well everytime I watch the movie I then come on this site there is just something special about the declaration of independence. I love this website it is so cool.
kat From Baltimore [12-06-2007]

This is a really cool site it gives so much good information for projects. I am making a tombstomb for Social Studies. The person I am making it for is John Hancock!
Ashley [12-06-2007] »»»

keisha [12-06-2007]

thanks for all u have done
domonique, love him [12-06-2007] »»»

i like tis web site it is nice and organized.i appreciate what you have done for you know that movie called national treasure?that movie is so rad.did they really play that movie in washington dc rite were this dacleration of independence is located?
ashley, flint,mi,48506 [12-06-2007]

i hate history
Dustin Harris, New Jersey [12-06-2007] »»»

History is my favorite subject, it is very easy
Jon HAndy [12-05-2007] »»»

this is awesome
anonymous [12-05-2007] »»»

Excellent site. I particularly enjoy the biographies of the signers of the Declaration and the information on the Declaration House.
Ernie Lee, Jacksonville, NC [12-05-2007] »»»

Thank you for keeping History alive.
Sonja Arms [12-05-2007] »»»

Barbara Mashburn [12-05-2007]

omg this website SAVED MY LIFE! it has all the facts i needed to finish my report. thx so much!
caridee [12-05-2007] »»»

Cool awsome
Alexis Leon, Byron, il [12-05-2007] »»»

the DOI is so awesome
Kristina, Kingsport [12-05-2007]

well, this site over all was practically well but it would be better if you had a timeline for each specific person. It would be a bit of work for you guys but it would certainly be helpful!
Ferdinand Chan [12-05-2007] »»»

i love you
zach niehaus, i love you [12-04-2007]

i think this is a educatiional website because the images are so amazing and i found all the info i needed for my research report
delilah, 11 years old [12-04-2007] »»»

Love the information on the signers of the Declaration. Thanks for a wonderful site.
Julia Hobert, Atlantic Beach, FL [12-04-2007] »»»

My husband and family can trace their heritage to Oliver Wolcott and all the way to Henry Wolcott. How can I document this? I want to make sure the family history keeps being documented.
Christine Wolcott [12-04-2007] »»»

Nice site!
dick brown, Great falls, mt and im 68years old [12-04-2007] »»»

Jmaul [12-04-2007]

pretty awesome site
Dylan O'Dell, Speedway, IN, 15 [12-04-2007]

Thanks for the great resource. I used some of this information for my research paper in History. Thanks.
anonymous, Deming New Mexico [12-04-2007] »»»

this site is good for schools!
levi j witt, bend OR 97702 age 13 [12-04-2007]

let me tell u this site helped me with my homework
MARCATIES, 14 [12-04-2007] »»»

Thanks for the info
Rebecca, 11 [12-04-2007]

John Jay I am doijg a project on him in school
Emily Wallace, Exton Pa [12-04-2007] »»»

i was watchin a movie and heard the name charles charroll, so i decided to look it up and came across your website. when i was younger my grandma told me that she was a direct relative to mr. charroll. if u have any more information that would help me out to trace my family history please email me to maybe fit some peices together. thank you, specialist matthew coats illinois army national guard
matthew coats, im 19 from illinois [12-04-2007] »»»

This is a very informative, fascinating site. I am here to read the lessons and take the quizzes, but I am getting distracted with all the other interesting activities here. It is truly amazing how many people and how much effort went into the creation of America as a seperate, independent nation. Thanks!
Ian, I am 14 years old. [12-04-2007] »»»

madison hardin [12-04-2007] »»»

Josh sanders [12-04-2007] »»»

ERNESIA MASK [12-04-2007] »»»

tyana glenn [12-04-2007] »»»

D. M. Carroll, Elko, Nevada [12-04-2007] »»»

Willie J. Allen, Compton, CA. 90220 [12-03-2007]

This site is a really good site for informational projects, for the exception of it needing to update the timeline to have a better optional amount of years to go back to. I had the task of article about The Intolerable Acts, It wasnt totally accurate with the years but it need more information about each and every step...
Jordan, Upgradable [12-03-2007] »»»

Paul D. Mead, Eugene OR. [12-03-2007]

i want to lurn about it.
morgan, when it was made [12-03-2007] »»»

we are liveing in the templar knights country filled with hiden sercerts and messages every body doesn't think so but I do
william capet, slc,24 [12-03-2007]

we the people
kenneth smith [12-03-2007] »»»

i love this website:)
LORYNNE, dryridge9 [12-03-2007]

victoria [12-03-2007] »»»

Just an American who thought it was time to read this important document that she has for so long taken for granted.
Diane, Littleton, CO [12-03-2007]

cool beans
anonymous [12-03-2007] »»»

doing project for class and this was AWSOME!
bob, Valpo [12-03-2007] »»»

hey i want 2 kno 2 kno hoo wrote da thang
chelsea [12-03-2007]

Akinwande, Akure,Ondo state, Nigeria,16 [12-03-2007]

Anthony Julio, Chandler Arizona 19 [12-03-2007]

obut declaration
tony blanco [12-03-2007] »»»

survey for

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Declaration of Independence
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