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2007 Declaration Guestbook Entries: September

Lord Frederick North was a reflection of the tyrany of King George, but I still have to do a project on him anyway.
TJ, Virginia Beach, 15 [09-29-2007] »»»

I love history some times i try to only read history books no matter what anybody says.If the library teacher says to put the history book back i fight and say no no no no no no no.I love hisory so much.I wouldn't do anything else in my spare time.Iwish i could only read hisory books.history is awsome.
kelly L. isbill, This is a good site to research social studies projects. [09-29-2007] »»»

i think Thmas Jefferson is a bold man and i would liketo say...i pledge!
Mia Cox [09-28-2007]

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clayton, hurley wi [09-28-2007]

The Declaration has been an inspiration to everything from the French Revolution, to the Vietnam Declaration of Independence. It makes me proud to know that my country is based off of such an amazing piece of literature and I hope that it continues to inspire many more countries and people!
Katie, Truckee, California [09-28-2007]

John Hancock was here
anonymous [09-28-2007] »»»

i thought that the declaration of independence was a storng opion about the things back in the day about the king of how he injored the comment and the problems in his country and it was a strong and bravery and that they were willing to die for there rights and independence
lianet, tampa, 14, [09-28-2007] »»»

I really needed help on an 1,000 word essay and this website had really helped me out a lot!
Chartyi Carter, 15 [09-28-2007] »»»

i like the declaration of independence! "we hold these truths to be sef-evident,that all men are created equal,that they are endowed by their creater with certain unalieable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of hapiness.--that to secure these rights goverments are innstituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,"
mirielle [09-28-2007]

it helped me finish my project so i could spend the weekend with my best friend!
CAITLIN, alabama [09-28-2007]

I thought this website really helped me on my history homework.
Jennifer Slade, Sullivan, Indiana, 16, [09-28-2007] »»»

goege washington is the best because he is my idol!
mayra, i love gorge wshington! [09-28-2007]

umm welll yeah well i like john hancock cause hes got a cool signuautre
anonymous [09-28-2007] »»»

natephia kelly, Burton [09-28-2007] »»»

One of the most important, world altering documents in human history. A model countries and people across the globe. Just reading the Declaration is an inspiration and provokes thought and reflection. I'm proud to be an American.
Chris Vierrether, St. Louis, MO [09-27-2007]

Hey Im learning about this and i think it is amazing! I agree with Jai.
anonymous [09-27-2007] »»»

i know that john hancock is part of my family.
shannon hancock [09-27-2007] »»»

This website helped me a lot
Jacqueline Manu, 16, Alexandria, VA [09-27-2007]

43 bunny boo [09-27-2007]

i wish i was around for the declaration
jack potsmok, city: chi town age: 24 [09-27-2007] »»»

I think the Declaration was very helpful and I think that because they introduced the Declaration it saved us from a bunch of wars to come even thou we still have a lot of wars that have happened in the past but it probably cut down on them so thanks to the Dead Presidents!
Jai, 14 [09-26-2007] »»»

I think the Declaration of independence was very important.It stated that we can have a free nation.
anonymous [09-26-2007]

What the hell is the declaration of independence????? lol
Chris Rueter [09-26-2007] »»»

im soooo happy that im here n america n free!
orneza, ft,myers,14 [09-26-2007]

i like pie cause its really good
manuel gutierrez, i like pie [09-26-2007]

i love history
freeman, anoka [09-26-2007] »»»

Hi I'm Alex.. You don't know me but I know you because if you look at this I can find you. hhhhAAAAAAhh! SEE YOU SOON! <33 I'm a stalker.
Alexxxx<33, skdih [09-26-2007]

I think that the Declaration was a very big part in Earth's world today. Without the siging and the compromise of what people had done, we wouldn't be living how we live today. Even though Great Britain is still a United Kingdom they aren't living by horrible rules that the king of England were giving them. I count that the Declaration of Independence should be known to each and every one of us. Kids in middle grades can't really understand what they were talking about in the Treaty but they do know it was fair and honest. You don't have to live the way that people want you to. If it were up to me i would have started writing a treaty also. I am just happy to know that people can be very smart but also people have feelings.
Natalia, 12 Years Old [09-25-2007] »»»

Krissa Victor [09-25-2007]

I am a freshman at Kalkaska High School In Kalkaska Michigan In my Civics Class we are studing The Declaration of Independence So i just want to study a little bit and i saw your website on google
Peyton Swonder [09-25-2007] »»»

brittney morales, 18 years old [09-25-2007] »»»

i like the decleration of indepence b/c it did a lot to the world
Ana, chelsea Ma 02150 [09-25-2007]

i hate school!
TALAFINADIO, mississippi [09-25-2007]

The Declaration of Independence, i think,was and is very important because of carring democratic elemets within.
Elchin Imanov, Azerbaijan/Baku [09-25-2007]

it was great
annie robinson, astor [09-25-2007] »»»

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h{amber}ger, hi i'm 13 [09-24-2007] »»»

Samantha, I'm 13 from fl. born and rasied here! [09-24-2007]

i think it was wrong how they did you'll i know they did don't you think about how they did you'l people .the white they did the white people good put not .use black people
Delnesha Hamiton, forrest city [09-24-2007] »»»

I think you are smart write back
darnekia buchanan, Forrest city Arkansas/11 [09-24-2007]

darnekia buchanan, no [09-24-2007]

Jessica [09-24-2007]

anonymous [09-24-2007] »»»

great website keep the good work going
breadin mcabe [09-24-2007] »»»

Deborah Wilcox, Decendant of William Williams For Connecutt [09-24-2007]

Thanks an ton... This helped me a lot on my Social Studies project!
anonymous [09-24-2007] »»»

this is a great site and it has a lot of info that is helping me with my project. thank you!
CAROLINE [09-24-2007] »»»

I Will Need It So Bad
Isabel Hernandez-Zinzun, Isanti,12 [09-24-2007] »»»

bert [09-24-2007]

kathryn goodman [09-24-2007]

My great grandmother was a member of the Daughters of the Revolution. I would like to find information about joining the Sons of Liberty but am having difficulty finding any info. If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.
Christopher Bramman [09-24-2007] »»»

The declaration is our country's most important doc. We must keep this perzervered! p.s. global warming is happening, here and now!
Jula, The dec. of ind. is my favorite history subject [09-22-2007] »»»

i wanna say hi to everybody! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
nancy, hi [09-22-2007]

dias is stright but not inersesting lol na just kidin but its a ok spot lolololololololololololo,.oloololololoolo
santana, newyork [09-22-2007] »»»

Chelsea [09-22-2007] »»»

i was on here for a school project and thought i would say a few lines thanks for helpping out i got some relly nice info from this page bye!1
samantha [09-22-2007] »»»

this wed site helped me understand all the things about the signers and the helped a lot for my social studies class at turman middle
stephanieisaac, 14 [09-22-2007] »»»

Carolina Serrano [09-22-2007]

i liked this site
anonymous [09-22-2007] »»»

AWESOME site i had to do a report and this helped me a ton!
baller21 [09-21-2007] »»»

I really appreiate those important men in our history I like the fact that they expressed how important all men is created equal with the same rights looking this is a reminder. thanks
Mr. 410 charmles, Baltimore Maryland [09-21-2007] »»»

Steve Sanders, georgia [09-21-2007] »»»

Belinda Smith, High School History techer [09-21-2007] »»»

I love you
Cecy Imperial [09-21-2007]

Thanks for everything!s
Miles [09-21-2007]

this is a very detailable website
anonymous [09-21-2007]

i love dylan
jojo powell [09-21-2007]

history is awesome
charlie vargas, kissimmee [09-21-2007]

Nikki, age 16 [09-21-2007] »»»

Laurie [09-21-2007]

guest book
bob [09-21-2007] »»»

history is cool
destinee, 16 [09-21-2007]

Just thought I would stop by and say thanks for the memories. Looks like all is going well. Keep up the good work!
John Hancock [09-21-2007]

i think its kool.
Jen [09-21-2007] »»»

this website is the tits on ice. thanks, helped me do well on my paper due TOMORROW. eeeek.
Jenny & Jordan, Grand Valley State University [09-20-2007] »»»

Kool website!Luv the pics!Peace!Exactly how many total people signed the Declaration?!
Angela Huidekoper, Novato, CA, 12 years old [09-20-2007]

I love to read about our contrys history
Ryan ling good girl, Exeter CA [09-19-2007]

the declaration is cool
minimyer [09-19-2007]

lizzy lalla [09-19-2007]

it would be great if there were photos/portraits of the men who signed-it would be a great help with the project I am doing-thanks! it'll be too late to help me, but I'm sure there will be others.
Rikki [09-19-2007] »»»

this is a great wed site.
kasie ann parkewr, age11 [09-19-2007]

Yadda yadda yadda. The American Revolution sucked.
Greg Soderlund, Big Lake, 18 [09-19-2007]

i hate this web site it is a piece of crape
moe, 15 [09-19-2007] »»»

willow glen high school 3rd per. gov. [09-19-2007] »»»

the declaration is ther best thing that ever happened...
nene, big lake,mn,15 [09-19-2007] »»»

I am a desendent to Jedediah Smith (hunter for the fur trade, latter explorer of the west) My grandfather mentioned this when I was younger. Later when some years had gone by I developed an intrested and he let me borrow the family tree book. I took it to a copier and had three or four copies made. Later my grandfather passed away and his copy was not to be found. Since than I gave a copy to my father. I would occasionally read parts of it never reading it cover to cover due to it not being just one related family. Latter though as I was reading other parts I discovered that Benjamin Franklin was also one of the noted people. The tree mentioned the "Jedediah Smith Foundation" (JSF) I contacted them by Email (Dr. Clover) founded in 1957, also the year I was born. Eventually I had another copy made and it now is placed in one of the libraries at the University of the Pacific (UOP) the office of the (JSF) in the Sacramento area. I believe there are letters in the Smithsonian that Jedediah sent to the government on the geography of the land in the West. My son is attending the University of Pennsylvania. He is born on the same date (MMDD) as Jedediah Smith. Gary Smith
Gary William Smith, Lakeside, CA. [09-18-2007] »»»

i think this site is amazing, and that it is a great help!
Caroline, im from Washington, im 15, and im reaserching The Delaration Of Independence. [09-18-2007]

I am at the elementary level and would like easier level reading.
Linda Hocking, Rochester, N.Y. [09-18-2007] »»»

anonymous [09-18-2007] »»»

I have been expored by the declaration of independence, I truly believe that without this document america would not be what it is today,
loretta huthcins, Lexington park,md age23 [09-18-2007]

you should have key notes in it to help people find them it would be very helpful
anonymous [09-18-2007] »»»

loretta huthcins [09-18-2007]

i thought it was a very good site to go to at school good work on the site?
rena [09-17-2007]

Very inspiring and insightful. If you got a dream (whether big or small), protect it and then go get it.
Carina Geduld, South Africa [09-17-2007] »»»

William Neubecker [09-17-2007]

faye [09-17-2007]

i need help
anonymous [09-17-2007] »»»

A citizen of the United States of America from birth with all rights and previleges reserved and preserved under the laws of the land.
Thomas Wayne Whitenton [09-17-2007] »»»

I absolutely love learning about the Declaration of Independence. All of its history, and the way all the people felt was truly expressed. I'm very grateful that they had enough courage to stand up for what's right.
anonymous [09-17-2007]

This website needs to be made into clearer english. Anyone agree?
Sean [09-17-2007] »»»

Checked this site to answer a question for my granddaughter about how many people signed the declaragion of indeopendence. Site was very helpfull. Thanks.
Nancy Jean Hannak, Creekside, PA 15732 [09-16-2007] »»»

taeya davenport [09-14-2007]

Really it's an interesting site. All information on this site is represented for users. Thanks again!
Niki, Hemchir [09-14-2007]

This document is the most important piece of literature in our nation's history. If our forefathers had not created the Declaration of Independence, we would probably still be under British rule, or who knows where our country would stand today. The men who wrote the Declaration and fought for our country's independence were very brave men. Without their loyalty to America, our nation would not be what it is today. Those men not only fought for their freedom, but ours as well. Freedom is what makes the U.S. stand out from all other countries. We are very fortunate to have what we have now, even if it is not much because it's a lot more than what some people have in other countries. This document is the single most important document in America's history because it changed our future forever.
Drew Nelson [09-14-2007] »»»

cool. heyy. i heart brandie
michelle, your mamma [09-14-2007] »»»

I think this site is great!
Tesla Marie, Weir KS [09-14-2007] »»»

August Taylor [09-14-2007]

its wak
Melissa [09-14-2007]

america rocks
tim [09-13-2007] »»»

I have never seen or heard of an act more courageous or more inspirational than the writing and especially signing of the Declaration of Independence. When I read this historic document, I am moved with patriotism, and I almost feel like a failure to my country. To know that these patriots laid their lives on the line for their and our independence is simply astounding. They knew very well the consequences of the action they were taking, and in signing their names were essentially turning themselves in to the British. To see John Hancock's proud, bold, and commanding signature at the bottom of the Declaration is an amazing testament to the passion and bravery that our forefathers had. It instills in me pride, makes me proud to be an American. Recognizing all that the signers of the Declartaion were risking makes me feel an obligation to be a good citizen and to do all that I can to make America the wonderful nation that the patriots had envisioned. In not doing so, I would be taking their sacrifice, and the sacrifices made in the Revolutionary War, for granted. The Declaration of Independence should make us all feel this way ; we have a duty, a responsibility to repay the signers, to fulfill the dream of the first American patriots and do all that we can to make the United States of America great.
Thomas Mann, Response [09-13-2007] »»»

This document is advanced for its time. The Declaration allows revolution(possibly could be from Mandate of Heaven in China) when a ruler/ government gets too powerful or does wrong. There is a lot in this document that is evident in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Also, the Declaration has 3 parts. The first is the actual declaration of independence. The second is the wrongs done by the king(why the people are splitting) and the third is the affirmation of independence. This has very many political implications for future government. Also, religion is mentioned in this document which I noticed.
Nicholas Jenkins-Neary, Louisville, Ky [09-13-2007] »»»

The best feature of this website is without a doubt the bio sections on each of the signers. I'm always awed by the courage that the signers of the Declaration possessed. When Jefferson wrote, "with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor," it wasn't a meaningless promise . If the Revolution had turned out differently all the signers would, in all likelihood, have been executed by the British. As Ben Franklin said, "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately". As a student I found the draft sections to be entertaining. It's always good to see that even great writers such as Jefferson don't get it right the first time around. Also, it's always neat to see what didn't make it into the Declaration.
Taylor Pospisil [09-13-2007] »»»

I like how the Declaration of Independence did not start out as a tirade. It began with a nice introduction stating the duties of a government. The unalienable Rights which are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness in my opinion were a perfect fit to this section. They have clearly and efficiently told the governmentís duties. My favorite part of the declaration comes when calmly state all the things the government of England has failed to do for them. This really drives home the points that were made in the introduction. It is then followed up by telling the English government what they are going to do. In this ending paragraph I believe that England at this point is already defeated in the war. When a group of people are this determined than there is no way to stop them.
Justin Coppola [09-13-2007] »»»

I thought that the beginning and the end paragraphs were very well-written. However, most of the middle section was just a long list of everything that the British had done to the colonists. It really puts into perspective how many valid complaints the colonists had against the king. I found it interesting how the king is continually refered to as like a tyrant because of the abolishing of the state legislatures. The first two paragraphs really seem to sum up why the colonists were fighting the Revolutionary War. It really puts into words why these men were fighting and justifies their decision to rebel. It forms the principles that the country comes to be built upon.
Sam Beavin, Louisville, Kentucky [09-13-2007] »»»

The first thing that comes to mind when I read this document is slavery. This is because the Declaration of Independence talks about all me created equal when slavery wasn't abolished until many years later. I also find it very interesting when the Declaration of Independence goes on to list the numerous acts of tyranny from the King of Great Britain. The writers give a good idea of why the thirteen colonies wanted to separate from the King. The writers also did a good job in expressing their thoughts to why they believe it was the thirteen colonies' right to be independent states. The Declaration of Independence talks about leniency toward the armed troops and a mock trial, which was used to get the troops who had killed the inhabitants out of trouble, which I had not known about. I would also say that the Declaration of Independence was well written and did a good job in providing reasons for the separation.
Brad Unroe [09-13-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independence, the backbone of our nation as a free and united states, is beautifully written, especially for the time at which it was written. It is straight-forward, exact, to the point, and for this to be done (disgracing Britain when Britain could very well murder one at that same moment for treason) is remarkable. The Declaration of Independence does a terrific job of specifically detailing the rights of all people (life, libery, and the pursuit of happiness). One may not think of the latter immediately, but by including it, it adds significant reason for the necessity of breaking away from Britain and their "tyranny." The Declaration of Indepence is so awe-inspiring because of the detail put into it and the danger that accompanies it. The Declaration of Independence is more than just a few lines simply stating that Britain was not doing a good job looking over the Colonies; it includes a lengthy list of the cruelty, carelessness, and lack of justice Britain held over the Colonies and their people. By including this list, Jefferson and all who had a job in writing this important document did not allow the British to call the Colonies' separation uncalled for and unnecessary. Including this list allowed the Colonies to stand up for themselves and defend their pride and beliefs. This national document is so outstanding because of its specific details used throughout it.
Anthony Meena [09-13-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independence, one of the most important documents in United States history, has a much more aggressive tone than what I originally thought. Thomas Jefferson really drives the point across: we are breaking away from British rule and this is why. He lays out a thesis: The king of Britain is oppressive. He then lists several reasons why. He always comes back to the fact that everyone should be allowed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Writing this was an extremely bold, yet extremely dangerous thing to do as Britain had the most powerful army in the world at the time. He was risking life and limb for the freedom of nation. Signing his name at the end showed a monumental amount of courage as the British could hunt him and everyone else on the document down by using their names to find where they lived. The fact that it was the rich, high society congressmen that signed this document shows that they had a great deal of love for their country and its people.
Van Kegel [09-13-2007] »»»

The language used was very sophisticated. This document reminded me somewhat of the sermon by Edwards concerning cruel monarchs. This paper is very convincing and persuasive and makes very well-written arguments. Similar to Edward's sermon, there was a lot of deadwood in the sentences, but this could have been added for emphasis. The arguments are presented in a very organized and relatively simple way. There is no ambguity abou why the States want to secede from their country. They made every possible attempt to avoid having to secede, but the government would not listen. In fact, it was Great Britain that drew the first blood, the so called "Shot Heard 'Round the World."
Ted Steinbock, Hilbert Honors English II-A [09-13-2007] »»»

I am very impressed with the braveness of these men to stand up and say what they believe. They wrote what they wanted, and why they should have it. They gave very good reasons for their rebellion and I think that they were right in doing so. this makes me proud to be an American and I can tell that these were not crazy rebels, they were educated men who thought long and hard about how to best write this. It is very well written and concise.
Patrick Finley, Louisville, KY [09-13-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independence is the most powerful work of writing in American history in that it liberated our great nation from the domination of Britain. We are able to live our lives as free people because of the tremendous courage of the 56 people who signed this document. Our founding fathersí love for freedom was so great that even though they could have been severely punished for committing treason, they signed The Declaration of Independence. It is inspiring to read about how they desperately wanted the freedoms that we take for granted today. We are truly blessed to be living in such a wonderful country. The Declaration itself is centered on wrongdoings of the king and the coloniesí rejection of Britain. The people were enraged with how they were being treated with the almost tyrannical British government. The king refused to allow the colonies to do anything freely, imposed heavy taxes, and kept the British military in America before they even went to war. All of these minor issues kept piling on until it became a major issue for Americans, who warned the British time and time again that they were fed up with the new rules. They were eventually so furious with the British that they wrote the Declaration of Independence. We should all be thankful to our founding fathers for writing this remarkable document because without them, we would not have the freedoms we do today.
Eric Brumleve, Louisville, KY [09-13-2007] »»»

I thought that this was a good piece of literature. The declaration was divided into three main parts. I think that Thomas jefferson did a great job of getting the point across and not using any "dead wood". This taught me that I should value my freedom because it could so easily be taken away. The piece does a good job of telling the rules and what we should live by. Thomas Jefferson does a good job of telling how everyone is equal and that our three Rights are Life, Libery, and the Pursuit of Happiness. He does a good job of getting straight to the point. The Declaration of Independence also does a good job of telling all of the things that the King of Britain has done wrong.
casey [09-13-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Indepence was extremely drastic for its time because it went against the accepted rights of a king to do whatever he pleases. The colonists were tired of the kings unjust taxes and tyrannic empire and declared that they would rather die than be under the rule of the king. Also, the constitution declares equality of all men which broke the accepted class system of their time. The constituion contains more than a few radical ideas that weren't accepted in their time but are now a huge part of our country. To some extent though the Constituion rambles on aimlessly about the kings bad deeds. This part, over half of the document, make most of the Constituion irrelevent to our time. Although mostly irrelevent to us, the Constituion is very important in that it encourages other peoples under an unjust king to revolt and form their own democratic state. The Constitution paved the way for democracy as we know it today.
Steve Manek [09-13-2007] »»»

I never really understood the restraints and oppression that tied the colonists of Early America down until I read this. The British King imposed far too much on the colonies' settlers for them not to revolt. After reading this document, I have come to realize how radical an idea of breaking off from one of the world's most powerful and influential countries and setting up a unique government system really was. It appears that those whose signatures are on this document felt safe, even through defying a great monarch. Creating The Declaration of Independence must have been tough. Ultimately, I believe signing such a contract was a statement of unwavering courage.
Nick Harshfield, Louisville, KY [09-13-2007] »»»

I thought that the wording of the declaration was superb.They worded everything they thought was unfair in a firm, dignified fashion. There are many ideas written in the Declaration that are now at the heart of the American society today. The men were very brave in signing this for they knew that if they were to lose this war, they would be hunted down and killed by the British. Also the insight that the writers showed in wording things certain ways was ingenious because they knew just what to write so that no one would be able to question this document later. One thing that i found interesting about the document is that the founding fathers refer to religion as part of thier reason for separating from Britain. They refer to him as "Creator" and they also go on to call him God a couple times in the begining of the declaration. I find this interesting because now the is a strict separation of church and state policy in the United States but our founding fathers saw it fit to put God in the Declaration. The use of God in the Declaration was probably to give the document more authority, but it does bring up the interesting idea that maybe separation from church and state wasn't a unanimous idea at first.
Ben Raymond, English E Period [09-13-2007]

The Declaration is an amazing peice of literature. It is the most important document of our country. Without it, we would be British right now. It is amazing that so many people banded together to fight for our independence. So many people had to believe in the same things, gather at one place, and have one person sit down and write what gained our independence. These people are real heroes. I wish that i could have been one of those men who did so much for this country.
Matt Knabel [09-13-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independence is a powerful statement of freedom. It shows us how we, as a people, are a free nation. Due to the King of England's tyranny and unfair rule, the people are obliged to overthrow this unfair rule and establish a new government. The King has committed many offenses against the people, and the Declaration tells us we are free from the Royal Crown. The Declaration also shows the main rights of every man: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It tells us that it is the right of the government in power to see that all these rights are met. The Declaration of Independence severs our tie with Britain, and we ought to be grateful to our founding fathers for having the courage to stand up against, at the time, the world's greatest super power and stand up for what it right.
Taylor Forns, Mr. Hilbert's B Period [09-13-2007] »»»

This site is great when it comes to finding out about America's history. I found this site very informative and it is also a fresh look at this country's history. This is miles better than boring old textbooks. If I were a U.S. History teacher, I would definitely use this site a lot. The Declaration of Independence is very inspirational to all of America. The history behind the Declaration is very interesting and should be taught in all schools. John Hancock wrote the greatest document of all time, and all the others involved were true patriots. I have great love for this country simply because it is a great one. More people need to realize that this is a great country, and we need to keep this country great. Thank you! This is a great site!
Alex Pierce [09-13-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independence is very important to Americans today. It reminds us how our country is supposed to be. It shows us what we don't want our country to be. It also shows us insight into the minds of the early colonial Americans. It is very well-written. It uses a very wide range of vocabulary and sentence types. Although it gives way too much information and is quit confusing.
Shawn Knabel, Louisville [09-13-2007] »»»

i found this sight to be very informative. It gives me an insight into the minds of our founding fathers and the ideas they had for establishing a just nation. I did not know that the declaration had such a developed list of offenses made by the King oe England. i also did not know that colonists were captured and foced to fight against their own people.
Matt Gaba, Louisville, KY-Hilbert [09-13-2007] »»»

My thought on the Declaration of Independence is that is very fair, almost too fair. It puts the rights of people absolutely ahead of all others rights. It says that people have the right to veto a governmental force if they feel the need to. None the less I like the Declaration and the thing I like best about it is that it says all people must be treated fairly. With the usurpations of the King of Great Britain, the Americans have had enough. The king was acting against the declaration and that was not the way the Americans wanted it. They separated from Great Britain and became a free and independent state. This left them free and able to enforce their own laws. Without this separation, the United States might not be a free country today. I believe this was an excellent move by the U.S.
George Nunnelley, Louisville [09-13-2007] »»»

I really liked this website. I have never read the entire Declaration and parts of it seemed foreign to me. However, I would come to this website if I was looking for information on the Declaration of Independence. I did not realize how many reasons were provided by the colonists for their declaration of independence. Also, I did not realize that the King of England regulated the population of the US. One thing that I did not like about this website is that some details of it are confusing.
Joe Cecil [09-13-2007] »»»

Joseph Belza, Louisville, KY [09-13-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independence opens with a preamlble, which explains why the colonies have overthrown their ruler. The preamble also explains why these colonies decided to become one separate nation. This document then goes on to say that all men are created equal and that we have certain unalienable rights that governments should never deprive us of. These unalienable rights include the right to liberty, life, and the pursuit of happiness. As soon as government fails to provide and protect these right it becomes the right and duty of the people to overthrow the government. This Declaration may well be the most important document in history because of how we still use it today. It is brilliantly written and serves as the basis for our country and sets the proper boundaries on our rights as people and those of the government itself.
Sam Seigle [09-13-2007] »»»

Whenever I read the Declaration of Independence, I get shivers down my spine. To think of the writing of such a beautiful document is amazing. The words Mr. Jefferson used were eerily amazing. I can't think of one thing I read that is more true and awesome. Writing the Declaration must have taken a lot of courage, but it would have taken a lot more to sign it. Knowing that by signing it you became a wanted man takes undaunted courage. The Declaration of Independence is more than just that, though; it is a commitment to freedom, unity, and mutual cooperation. "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of the Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor." It was a tough commitment, but a commitment well worth everything. We take freedom for granted; we should treasure it with everything we have.
Joseph Mattingly, Louisville, KY [09-13-2007] »»»

This document shows what people can do if they band together and get something done. With great determination ( a good bit of anger doesn't hurt either), it is possible for people to do almost anything. No one wants to be oppressed, but events like the American Revolution are few and far between.
Sam Medley, Louisville, KY [09-13-2007] »»»

This was the first time i have ever read through the entire Declaration of Independence. After reading it, it is easy to see why this document is so important to our country. I think the Declaration was a very bold, powerful statement of what those who wrote it or signed it wanted to achieve. I think everyone can learn something from reading it. The people involved with the Declaration were passionate about their beliefs and their goal of standing up to those who were controlling them. They took the intiative to make a change, and they ended up doing a great thing for their country. These are the kinds of people we can learn from. People who stood up for what was right.
T.J. Lane, St. X [09-13-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independence shows just how smart our founding fathers were, and is very inspirational.
Tom K [09-13-2007] »»»

At the time that this Declaration of Independence was written, the colonists were fed up with being ruled by the British. They wanted it firmly established that America was going to become a free and independent nation, even if it meant war. John Hancock was very polite and not fiercely attacking in his words. He used his multitude of facts to support the colonists' decision to break off from Great Britain. He named a number of unfair things that the British were doing to the colonists. He also mentioned some things that the British weren't doing, which also came to hurt the colonists. They believed that it was time for America to be able to function for itself. The British were too oppressive, and most colonists despised it. That is why they wrote the Declaration of Independence.
Jonathan Smith, Louisville, KY [09-13-2007] »»»

Matt Lohr, Louisville, KY [09-13-2007] »»»

This writing is terrific. Jefferson stated his opinion, delivered the facts and reasons, and closed. It was short sweet and to the point, which is odd but amazing for a document of this importance. This writing is one of if not the most important pieces of America's history. The document itself has so much importance to it. It makes the US a country and defines what we were built on. If this document had not been made, we might still be a part of Great Brittain. No one knows for sure what would have happened if the incredible people who sat down and thought this thing out hadn't done so. America was and forever will be based on these important values and rights.
Jeremy Weintraub [09-13-2007] »»»

These first few Americans were the bravest men of their time. They rebelled against the superpower of England. They even signed their names at the bottom, just so the English could know exactly who they were. These men were proud of what they did. They are American heros. There aren't many Americans today that would perform such a bold act as that for their country. Some people take it for granted that we live in such a great place. We need to learn that not everyone has a great country like ours to live in. We need to be proud of the fact that we are Americans.
Andrew Hill [09-13-2007] »»»

It is hard to believe that this country was started with the equivalent of writing a four page essay. The founding fathers simply said "Screw You, George" and started their own country. That can really give a person a sense of national pride. Just knowing that those who started this country were that straightforward and blunt with what was the most powerful nation really shows the strength of freedom. I hope that our leaders today continue to be as determined and as passionate about this country. This also gives me a whole new way of looking at the reasons for the creation of America. Though I knew that the people were mistreated, overtaxed, and abused, I never realized how horrible the colonists had it. Then again, their suffering might have been for the best. If they hadn't been mistreated, the might have never started the great country that is America. Even if they did break off but were not treated as bad, they might not have made America the same way that it is today. My belief is that America is centered around its citizens because the early citizens saw how bad the alternative was. Without their suffering, America might be a lot different today. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Travis Fiechter [09-13-2007] »»»

While reading the Declaration, I truly felt proud. I was proud to be an American and proud of these people who risked many things by creating the Declaration. I found the Declaration to be very interesting, not previously knowing to what extent it belittled the King of Great Britain. I did not know that the majority of the Declaration was facts about the king. It was interesting to see all of the things that the king did that upset the Americans. I realized that this was a very bold move for the people of this time. It was a shot to the face for the king and he could have hurt them with his power. They were very brave and now all Americans of today should be proud of that bravery.
Logan Ormerod, Louisville, KY [09-13-2007] »»»

After reading the Declaration, my views about it have changed because I thought that there were only a few major reasons why the colonies wanted their independence. I thought that the gist of it was wanted freedom of religion and things similar to that, but apparently this was not the case. As it turns out there were a large number of reasons as to why they wanted independence, such as the king obstructing government offices and forcing trade restrictions. One thing that I didnít know was that he kept soldiers basically among the civilians of the colonies without anyoneís consent. Before I read this, I thought that the Declaration was just a long explanation of government, but now I see it as sort of a complaint letter that a restaurant would receive. I now see that it really is a Declaration of the Independence of the United States, the United States declaring their independence over England. I see what a strict rule the colonies had at the time this was written, especially from a power hundreds of miles away. After reading this, I really can see that the U.S. had solid justification to revolt against the British.
Luke Newman, Lousiville [09-13-2007] »»»

Court [09-13-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independance is an incredible piece of American literature. It was written in such a way that Britain must let them be free, especially while surrounded by the specific circumstances. It is more of an angry letter to Great Britain and the King of England but nonetheless it is a document that is responsible for forming our nation. This document is responsible for our free lives for the past 250 years. The way that the document is put together is interesting. To make it look like they have a lot more complaints than they really do; they repeat many things in different words. They say many things about the acts and taxes agaisnt them, only they complain about each of them every time. Also, upon complaining about a very broad subject, they then go into detail about it and complain about every detail as well. The writers of this document though were brilliant in their own right and for fooling the King of England.
Kris Ward [09-13-2007] »»»

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randall irvin, 12 years old [09-13-2007] »»»

I have never actually read the whole document and I feel like I know more about it now. The right of freedom is something often taken for granted, even though the colonists fought very hard to obtain this right. I can't imagine how different our lives would be without this important document.
Peter Redmon, Louisville, KY [09-13-2007] »»»

My first reaction after reading the Declaration is that the people who signed it were very angry at the king. It probably took a ton of courage to sign it and put themselves out there and say that they were against the king. My other immediate thought is that they had enough be able to confidence to say that they were able to start their own country away from the king. This must of seemed almost arrogant at the time but their confidence was well justified. This whole thing can be defined as one huge profanity to England and its taxing king. I don't think that I would of had the strength and courage to sign such a document. This document honestly makes me proud of being an American and proud of the founding fathers for creating this country. I am stunned by their bravery and I hope to lead others by my example as well as they have for many Americans.
Nolan Bryant [09-13-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independence was a very brave statement made by very brave men. It was not rude, but presented a viewpoint and information to support itself. It was to-the-point and clear, and was clearly well thought out. It made some very interesting points about government- specifically, about how government should be replaced if corrupt. If I had been the king of England, I would have been very concerned.
Alexander Thomson [09-13-2007] »»»

The desire for the new nation is just amazing. This is very kool.
Jonathan Selvage, Louisville, KY [09-13-2007] »»»

I liked how the Declaration talked about certain inalienable rights. This reminds me of the Mandate of Heaven, an ancient Chinese practice which gave the people the right to revolution if the king was a bad king. I liked how the Declaration lists the offenses of thge English government, so the readers would know exactly what the injustices were. All in all, this is a wonderful document.
Spencer Sheryak [09-13-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independence tells us how we are no longer part of the once horrible tyranny of the British Crown. It gives us an identity as a free people. It lists all the crimes of the King and says because of these crimes that we are free to establish a new government without foreign rule. This Declaration tells us how we are to be citizens to the new government. We longer have need to follow England and be punished under the crown. We are now a free country and we are a free people.
Taylor Forns [09-13-2007] »»»

This document is very well written. It uses many large words that are hard to understand, but it has an opening, a body, and a closing. I just don't understand why some of the words are randomly capitalized. The writers of this document knew that every person was entitled to three inalienable rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They wanted to have freedom from Great Britain, and they were going to do anything to get it. They showed their dislike of the king when they wrote down all the things he was doing wrong. They stated the ways that they thought it should be. Then, they closed with a sort of vow. All the men who signed the document, vowed to be held responsible for their own doings.
Nick Schenk, A Period HR #115 Mr. H [09-13-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independence surprised me because it says a lot about what the king of England had done wrong and these reasons are long and involved, but seemed to repeat after few paragraphs. Thomas Jefferson also does a lot of complaining about the British, even though the colonists were ethnically British. The Declaration does make a good point of justifying the colonists' reason for rebelling.
Jake Fish, Louisville, KY [09-13-2007] »»»

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The Sons of Liberty, Come visit the Sons of Liberty of Today. [09-13-2007] »»»

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anonymous [09-13-2007]

The founding fathers of the United States saw the injustices of Britian and decided they had to act. They were being unjustly taxed and oppresed, and they, unlike other people in the past elected to rise up and overthrow the tyranny. The Decleration of Independence is an enduring work. The truths listed first, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." These are the basic priniples upon which our lifestyle is built, and has allowed us to grow as we have. The signers of this document saw it as their obligation to rebel, and without that belief we might still be a colony of Britian.
Miles Tichenor, Louisville, Kentucky [09-13-2007]

I thought this is a very special work of literature. It was the basis for our government and country. It was amazing how the men that signed this did so knowing that if caught; they would be killed. I believe this document is a great act of patriotism. Some Americans today wouldn't take pride in their country like these men did, so we should all look up to them. This is also important because it shaped America into what it is today and without the Declaration, we might not be free peoples. I also love how this document was written because the language is very poetic and I believe it would "speak" to anyone that read it. This one document gives us our rights as well. It is important never to forget the rights we are entitled to.
David Payne, Louisville [09-13-2007]

This document was very well written. It uses some big words, but I don't understand why some words are randomly capitalized. What's the point? I noticed something I never knew before: this document was basically telling the king of Great Britain, and all other readers, what the king was doing wrong, how he was being an oppressive ruler. It said that there were three inalienable rights: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. They wanted their freedom, and they would do anything to get it!
Nick Schenk, A Period HR#115 Mr. H [09-13-2007] »»»

This document is such an important piece of American history. It is the article that states that of nation is free. Freedom is the base of our society today. We, as United States citizens, live our lives with the ideas of freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition. The reason our country fought for its independence was because it was restricted and oppressed by the British. We need to live our live in the present day within the ideals of our founding fathers. We must be open to change and take drastic actions if necessary. If one is demoralized, he needs to fight for his freedom. We must remain united as a people to maintain our liberty.
Joseph Belza, Saint Xavier High School Louisville, KY [09-13-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independence is broken up into three different parts. The first part is what the colonists believed an ideal government should be like and why. The second part of the declaration told of all the wrongdoings of King George. It was the longest section. The third and last part is kind of telling the British that they should of seen this coming and should have responded to their other petitions. The overall declartaion was very well written and persuasive. It not only declared the colonists' independence, but also stated why they had the right to declare independence in the first place. One thing that surprised me was that it was interesting to read, unlike most literature written at that time.
Jonathon Kuo, E-town, KY [09-13-2007] »»»

This document seems to be attacking the King. This probably is because the king went against his own rules and laws. Jefferson and the writers of the Declaration are really fighting against the king an appealing to the other people. Their views are very British actually. The view of representation in parliament and the rule of taxation without representation are also wrong in British culture. The colonist originally wanted to be British citizens, not independent states. The original gripes were actually pretty childish. The colonists had originally gotten a free ride until Britain stated taxing them, which they then called for representation. Unfortunately, the only way to get the equality was to become totally independent from England. This, I believe was a great move. This blazed a trail to the America we know today, and it formed the democracy we have. If it had not been for this fateful document, the oppressive British rule would probably still be here.
Michael Berger [09-13-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independence is one of the most, if not the most, well-written pieces of literature in American History. I love how the main piece of the document is a list of the wrongs the Brits have done to the colonists, and i love how that list goes on and on. This method is effecteve for getting their point across to the English; it is a nice slap in the face to them as well. One thing that confuses me is the random capitalization of words that appear in the middle of sentences.
Max McKiernan, Louisville, Kentucky [09-13-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independence is a very inspiring document. It gives insight to what the writers were thinking and what visions they had for this country when they were writing it. It provides guidelines as to how all people should be treated. It is a perfect example of standing up for what you believe in, and it is proof as to what that can get you: freedom. The Declaration of Independence also gives guidelines for running a democratic government and emphasizes the duty of the people to keep it just and fair. The Declaration is a great document made to represent a great country.
Will Kennedy [09-13-2007] »»»

After reading this for the first time, I am in awe. It is amazing what people had originally done for this country to make it what it is today. The Declaration is wonderfully worded; though written over two-hundred years ago, Thomas Jefferson has a much larger vocabulary than I do! Our country is still based on most of the concepts in the Declaration. As I read through the document, I noticed three main sections of The Declaration. The first section was about Equality. All men are created equal! The second section was about the mistakes of Britain's government and/or king. The final part of it was the closing and statement of independence. Here, Jefferson throws it all together and states that we are our own country, we don't need Britain anymore.
Kyle Haas, Planet Earth; ; [09-13-2007] »»»

This was extremely well-writtend and well-represented. I now understand how much that our indepence meant to our fore-fathers. This Declaration also stated how unfair the British were. The reasons that John Hancock had to create a document such as this were great. These people felt very strongly about receinving independence, and it is shown incredibly in this document. If these people would not have created this document and risked it all for indepence, then life would surely be diffent. There would absolutely no freedom and extreme taxation. I am glad to have read this because I was actually unsure about what the Declaration of Independence said myself. Reading this document has given me a true outlook on how our fore-fathers viewed freedom and how badly they desired it.
Paul Heintzman, Louisville, Kentucky [09-13-2007] »»»

What an awe inspiring document no matter how many times I read it I feel overwhelmed. Oh where are such minds now, we could use them! Thank you for your website.
Jo Ann Withington, Phoenix, AZ [09-13-2007] »»»

Reading this document was very interesting. It seemed to be divided into three parts: the introduction, a list of complaints, and then a very long second to last sentence in the conclusion. It's interesting to look upon the document that decided our freedom. I also find it interesting that the King of England is only mentioned by name once. I was also surprised by some of the complaints. "He has plundered our seas, ravaged our coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people." I had no idea that the King had committed these horrible crimes. Also, "For depriving us in many cases, of the benefit of Trial by Jury:" I see no reason why the King should deprive this benefit. It seems that the King is unwilling to give even the most basic freedoms to his subjects.
Kevin Zeillmann, stx [09-13-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independence is quite a magnificent document. It describes the peak of our foundersí patience with Great Britain. As it states, the then-current ruler of the colonies was accused of committing many offenses against the people. The people had enough and wanted their freedom to rule themselves. The people wanted an end to foreign rule, and a native leader to step forward. The colonists fought long and hard, and this document is the culmination of their dedication. The Declaration of Independence is a very straightforward and persuasive letter of resignation.
Sam Dicken, Louisville, KY, St. X [09-13-2007] »»»

Paul Heintzman, Louisville, Kentucky [09-13-2007] »»»

I have to think back to writing a paper for my English class last year. After proofing my paper, the teacher said, "Itís a little wordy and we could make you get the point across in just a few sentences..." Well, at least I didnít write the Declaration. The document was very verbose, but very powerful. The colonistsí opinions were very strongly expressed, as they offered numerous objections towards the tyrannical rule imposed by Britain, ranging from taxes to quartering of British soldiers and unfair trials. They offer numerous, yet great examples to why they wish to secede and become their own, independent nation. Of course, we must also honor the men who would give the thoughts of the people form despite the consequences it posed. The absolute audacity of the idea to create such a document would scare any given person, but our founding fathers were not to be assuaged, a truly admirable quality. The support from every other colony only bolstered their resolve and pushed them to take action after numerous refusals by the unfair king. Finally, the document would send a message to all: we are free. Inspirational in both, context, writing style, and the author(s) or the document, the Declaration of Independence is no doubt a defining Historical and Literary treasure that shall be proudly preserved and taught for years to come.
Andrew Stairs, Louisville, KY -- Mr. Hilbert, H ENG II -- E [09-13-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independence was an incredibly bold statement for the colonists to make. They called out one of the supreme powers of the world, the Bristish. The majority of the document is spent listings of the wrongs the British government and how unfairly they were treated, incredibly gutsy. It is apparant that the colonists are not afraid of what the ruling English might think, even though their lives are truely in jeopardy, which is astounding courage. For a legal document, the wording is incredibly eloquent. Jefferson writes with such an artistic feel that it makes the Declaration a true piece of literature. The Declaration of Independence has such a firm, unshakeable prescence that it inspires. I am incredibly proud to be a citizen to this country our brave forefathers founded
Aaron Brink, Louisville, KY [09-13-2007] »»»

The United States Declaration of Independence, an act of the Second Continental Congress of incomparable significance, asserts political independence and provides a general philosophy of government that justified revolution. The document, adopted on July 4, 1776, was dedicated to the proposition that liberty was in the hands of American people. In the wake of September 11, this founding manuscript reminds me that I owe my freedom to the valiance of several men who audaciously revolted against tyranny. Moreover, it serves as a paradigm of republicanism, the ideology of governing a nation with civic virtue. Composed and promulgated over two hundred years ago, the Declaration of Independence continues to represent the unique principles of government that this nation exhibits. In addition, it epitomizes the human right to rebellion in the presence of totalitarianism or other oppressions, a right that has been denied to humans throughout history. Furthermore, it is evidence that the combined efforts of citizens have the capability of yielding drastic repercussions.
John Steinbock, Louisville, KY [09-13-2007] »»»

I think this document is just about the most important in our nations history. If we had not created the Declaration of Independence, we would probably still be under British rule. Freedom is an important thing to me. It's what makes the United States unique. Some countries are not as fortunate as us and not all citizens are free like all men and women in the United States are. I couldn't begin to think about myself living somewhere where my freedom was extremely limited like it is in some places. It would be terrible, and this is why im proud to be from the United States where I am a free man.
Logan Bond, Louisville [09-13-2007] »»»

I thought the declaration to be a explaination more than anything else. it told intentions of the United States, but mostly was a list of complaints directed toward the king of Great Britian to justify the revolution. All it seemed to do was give the Americans written down concent for their revolt against the king and country.
mark Barczak [09-13-2007] »»»

The soon-to-be Americans had a very long list of complaints against Britain. And I must admit, they had every right to be angry, because the king did indeed do some unnecessary actions against our country. Thomas Jefferson also made some pretty good points on why we should be a free country, one of them being when he calls the king of Britain a tyrant. Thomas Jefferson also had a very unique style of writing. I like his use of capital letters to emphasize certain words that would not normally be capitalized. His word choice was also very interesting. He used words that made the paper more credible.
JP Spence, Louisville 15 [09-13-2007] »»»

I beleive that the list of King George's mistakes appears to be almost a mature form of whining. I am patriotic, but the list continues so long, that the point, being made in the beginning, seems to disappear in the amount of deadwood in the body of this passage. This is very persuasive however. The amount of evidence is so great, that King George himself must have thought that he had done something wrong. The extensive list becomes boring but it is interesting to know that the Founding Fathers could recall such a vast list of annoyances.
Cullen Rooney, Louisville, Kentucky [09-13-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independence was a strive for independence and a new government. I find it interesting that if it were not for those people, that America could still be under British rule, and the people may have been denied some of the rights we have today. This displays the right of people to overthrow their current government if it is not doing its job properly. I admire the courage and zeal displayed by the creators of our country. Anyone who signed the document knew he could have been accused of treason and severely punished. Despite this, they were not afraid to sign this to create freedom for themselves and future generations. I hope Americans today still would display this courage in a situation like that.
Anthony Johns [09-13-2007] »»»

I love this because it was written and signed by men who knew that if they were captured, they would have been executed. This shows unbelievable patriotism. I think more people should look to these men's examples. I'm not saying become radical "terrorists" like they were considered by the British, but everyone should take pride in their country like these men did. I also like the beginning of the bill of rights that gives the people the right to overthrow a corrupt government. This one of the greatest pieces of literature in American history because without this our nation would not stand as it does today.
David Payne [09-13-2007] »»»

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I have to look on here for a school project which was about the preamble, and this site sure did suprise me with all the history on the Declaration of Independence.I will deffinetly be back.
Morgan [09-11-2007] »»»

I just wanted to write that this site is very easy to navigate through and I will recommend this to all my friends. I encountered this site while assisting my son on his school project. I must say that this site saved his project and could possibly save other of his classmates. Mariam :)
Mariam, New haven Connecticut [09-11-2007]

I was looking for information for my son's school project when I found this site. What a Blessing! Thank You VERY MUCH for continuing to run this site. I found the information highly educational. I guess I never really read the whole Declaration before now. What's truely amazing to me, is that so many people take this Freedom for GRANTED. Lest we forget the lessons of history we will be doomed to repeat them. No one can right the wrongs done to certain groups of people, rather it is up to each individual person to show their pride by becoming the best they can be. Freedom is not FREE, each generation has to pay the price to KEEP OUR FREEDOM. Our founding fathers knew this to be true and many did indeed give their lives for this nation. I for one will be eternally greatful for their sacrifice and the sacrifice of ALL who pay the ultimate price for our/my freedom.
Ruby Fogwell, Iowa 40's [09-10-2007] »»»

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Parker Waltz, Indiana [09-10-2007]

Actually, I had a grandfather, many years ago, around the time of Daniel Boone( which has nothing to do with the framers of the Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution ) His name was Elisha Walden, and you can look him up.When Daniel Boone was bewildered for several days in the wilderness of the Cumberland Gap, Elisha showed him the way through. But you will not find him in any history books. I love history.You can look him up and write me if you wish. Thanks,An avid history fan
anonymous, Galveston [09-08-2007] »»»

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I am wanting to know if anyone on here knows anything about any of the 25 copies that were passed out after The Declaration of Independence was written. I have a friend that has one of those copies I believe an it does state the date on it july4,1776. And the paper has not be preserved as it was stated. Does anyone know who would even like to buy this or knows how much it might really be worth. I believe it is one of the orginial copies back then. I am hoping someone knows more about it that we do? Help anyone. She wants to sell it?
glenda ledbetter, Haileyville, okla. [09-08-2007] »»»

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The Declaration of Independence rocks my freakin socks off. Its the greatest thing to happen since freakin sliced cheese.
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i am very fasinated with the declaration of independence. Is there realy anything on the back of the document like the movie says so? I would like to know.
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This site is so great for kids and teachers that need to learn this stuff or want more stuff to teach the kids.So mostly this site is so good for every one!
Angel, 13 years old [09-06-2007] »»»

this website helped me out with my school project about john adams. THANKS!
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i really love this web site i already shared it with over 100 people so i hope you refer it to everyboby mikali E. M.
mikali, fishers in 10 years [09-06-2007]

you helped me with my homework!
max, china [09-06-2007]

It is indeed tragic that most of the offenses catalogued against the British Crown are in play more than two hundred thirty years later, but we lack the knowledge to understand them, the vision to see them, nor do we have the stomach to stop them. God help us.
Melanie K. Wooten, University Park, Iowa [09-06-2007] »»»

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Boris [09-06-2007]

I found a photo of Zina Huntington and Christina Thank you for making mother happy, she was pleased to learn about her relative Samule Huntington, maybe he WAS the first president!
Cynthia Randall [09-05-2007]

cyril [09-05-2007] »»»

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McKenna, Mesa AZ. 9 [09-04-2007] »»»

Amazing how it all started with this paper and what we have gone through to get where we are at. Never forget the past or we may have to start over.
anonymous, Ohio [09-04-2007]

I thought that our Declaration of Independence as just a document saying for the British to leave us alone and that we are our own country. It is much more than that. I never realized how unfair and cruel the British were to America. They were almost tyrants over us at times. This document stated everything that they did wrong, which was a lot. It definetly did declare our independence, but in a much more powerful way than i ever thought.
Silas Boyle [09-04-2007] »»»

We just attended the music circus and the play was called 1776. It was about the events before the declaration was signed. This was very enjoyable.
Fran, Sacramento, CA. [09-03-2007] »»»

I am searching for a genealogy of John Hancock. It has been wispered through the family that we are related. however, I do not know much of my family tree to do a successful search. Are there records of John Hancock's family tree that I could search backwards?
David Hancock jr, Bally PA [09-03-2007] »»»

i love history
melissa, no [09-03-2007] »»»

I am so thankful that I was born here in America. There is no greater place to than our Country.
Cheryl Welch, Houston, Texas USA [09-01-2007] »»»

CA$H, az 29 [09-01-2007] »»»

Thomas Nelson was elected to serve in the second Continental Congress taking the place of Patrick Henry who had elected not to run. Had Henry run again, he would haved been one of the seven signers of the Declaration of Independence from Virginia in place of Thomas Nelson.
John Dandridge Nelson, Thomas Nelson, a signer [09-01-2007] »»»

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