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2005 Declaration Guestbook Entries: November-December

larry [12-22-2005]

yall need to get a better picture of the Declaration of Independence so get to steppin
anonymous [12-22-2005]

great site
Ashley from CMD, 13 [12-22-2005]

nate benzin`, atl [12-22-2005]

id like to seee the decleration of independence
dominic, i live in london im 10 [12-22-2005]

I really liked this sight because I finally figured out what the declaration said and all the men and women that signed it.
bradley harlow, harwood texas 18 years old [12-22-2005]

Great site that provided excellent background information on the signers of the declaration. Thank you for the assistance in my continuous efforts to discover my heritage.
SrA Travis Stockton, Shaw AFB, SC ... age 21 [12-22-2005]

THIS web site is very educational for students even parents yo lean about the thirteen colonies.thank you for help me with my class work.thank a million.
baby gurl, I go to new prepratory middle school [12-22-2005]

very interesting but i didnt find anything on th 13 colonies could improve a little, over all awsome!
anonymous [12-22-2005]

Annemarie Mutholam [12-22-2005]

give us more info. on the declaration of independence!
moshera [12-22-2005]

I realy learnd a lot about the Declartion of Independence. My teacher gave me a good graed. I realy like history it helps me with my churh. Thank you for your program.
Eduardo Perez, Fort Morgon, Colorado (age 14) (I live) 127 Bretwood (Iam amale) [12-22-2005]

Our Declaration of Independendce is a very profound document and it should ever remain and defend.
Mrs. A. Cardona, Chicago [12-22-2005]

I think that this website needs to have more exciting thoughts about what went on there. People need to know what actually happedened without falling asleep. So just spice it up a little bit.
DarakalovesChristopher [12-22-2005]

this is a great site and this is soo helpful
felicia, califorina 15 [12-22-2005]

Thanks for preserving our heritage
Danny Clubb [12-22-2005]

This is a real good information site for school, thank god it is here!
Theresa, i am 13, i am a female, and i live in la crosse, Wisconsin [12-22-2005]

Thomas Jefferson legacy is the most important asset in US democracy. Congratulations for the web. Good bless america and Jefferson
Luis, Barcelona, SPAIN [12-22-2005]

Kaylee Brook Lightfoot, Brunswick, Ga/ [12-22-2005]

HI, idk [12-22-2005]

the declaration means a lot more to me now than when i was in 1st grade-7th grade because we are learning about it in history and i'm in 8th grade now and i'm suprised at myself that at this age, how interested i am in it..... i'm glad thomas Jefferson approved and final drafted it on July 4, 1776.
kari, ely, ia [12-22-2005]

Great learning site.
Bill, Educator [12-22-2005]

Tiffany, Batavia [12-22-2005]

Execellent site even for someone like me who is still in the process of learning the history of our great country.Thank You.
Mark O'Connor, Sacramento,CA...42yrs old [12-22-2005]

this site helped a lot. im doing a 'press release' and a reinactment on the declaration and the events that led up to it that i will have to present before my class this wednsday. i was nervous because i totally didnt understand it, but this site was organized and used plain english. thanks.
J, Atl, GA age 13 [12-22-2005]

History is so interesting. I love learning about the past and all that people have done for our independence especially.
Jerolyn Seaborn [12-22-2005]

I like how you can see a lot of imformation about the Declaration of Independence and the people who signed it.
Alexandra, 11 years old [12-22-2005]

Um... what can I say? It's the declaration...
Reversial, [12-22-2005]

dased [12-21-2005]

I Love To Read About History Of My Country So I Gather As Much As Information I can.
Yamini, Illinois,Oak Forest [12-21-2005]

thank you very much for this information. it is very informational and easy-to-read.
anonymous [12-21-2005]

A great site. now if the usa would live up to its creed, that ALL people have the right to LIFE, Liberty and the persuite of happiness. this nation would be a lot better off.
James Spirit Wolf Gordon [12-17-2005]

This is an awesome website! I love reading about the Declaration of Independence! Thank you very much for letting me learn about U.S. history!
Mason Burr [12-16-2005]

I am actually Australian, but I have come to live here in America with my family for a few years. But what I wanted to say was that I had a homework assignment to answer a few questions about the Declaration of Independence, such as, "who was the main writer?", "When was it written?", " Where was it written?", and "What was its purpose?". I wanted to let you know that your site had all the answers, and I was able to get my homework done quickly so I could go outside and play in the snow! Thank you! Sincerly, Veronica B.
Veronica, city: Stirling, N.J. age: 12 7th Grade [12-16-2005]

I think this site is nice and easy because I am sick with the flu and my report on The Declaratoion of Independence is due Monday and it is Friday and I'll be gone sat and sun. But your web site got me done with my project in less than 15 mins so I just whant to thank you for making a quick and easy web site.
Shelbi Holtkamp, (Primghar IA age 10) This is for a project ! [12-16-2005]

Geoff Massey [12-16-2005]

sam, spring texas 15 [12-16-2005]

I am a scretary at Sawdon High School in Grand Ledge, MI. I had a student in the office working on a class assignment & we had no other resource to look something up at the time so we did a search on the internet and your website was first to come up. What a great site! Very helpful and easy to navigate! Thank you for your help!
Mary ann Eveleth, Grand Ledge, MI [12-16-2005]

Thanks for this great info. I used this for my school project and im hopeing I get an A++!
Bri Bri [12-16-2005]

kari, Torrance, CA age:13 [12-16-2005]

kasey, well i play soccer and i m geting a bad grade in social studies! [12-16-2005]

Matt Ditmars [12-16-2005]

I use this website every report homies
ZACHARY [12-16-2005]

My family originally settled in the Royal Colony of Virginia. Mary Ball, the mother of Geo. Washington, was also a family member. Accordingly, I have more than a passing interest in colonial America.
Arthur Lloyd Ball [12-16-2005]

im the best 10 year old archeoligist
katie loukota [12-16-2005]

this website is cool for studying the declaration of independance
t j, iowa [12-16-2005]

that the declaration was a really important bill
kate, 9 [12-16-2005]

Can you help with socail studies about the new jersey plan & the virginia plan
Ashley meehan [12-16-2005]

well this site is very appealing to people. it has great facts and it can really help you out with finding information. but it seems sort of boring! theres no colors or anything that can really atract you but otherwise its a great site!
JEN [12-16-2005]

Full of good information, interesting web site.
Alejandro Barrantes, Hometown: Costa Rica, currently in LaGrange, GA. [12-16-2005]

you guys are doing a bad job
goerge [12-16-2005]

john r dickinson [12-16-2005]

anonymous, hoover,ala [12-16-2005]

This site helped me so much with me my report. We have been learning about the Decleration of independence for years but i needed to know the events that happend and the people that signed it, and this site was easy accses. thank you so much for your help.
Ashlyn [12-16-2005]

thank god for tis website if they didn't have this website I wouldn't know what to do
check book [12-16-2005]

If they were trying to get independence then why didn't they just tried to get the slaves free?Also if the people that had power why didn't they just mension the slaves they wouldn't like if someone whipped them, but of coarse that wouldn't happen to them they are white.I'm just saying if I was around back then and white with power and a man I would of said something because just treating another human being like that is just wrong. If I was a slave I would of ran so fast they wouldn't be able to catch me
Jasmine Duarte [12-16-2005]

John, :p [12-16-2005]

the declaration of indeppendence is a way of us being free
shannna garner, idaho falls id, age 16 years old [12-16-2005]

Great Uncle signed this document, part of the family history.
R. Jeffrey Wolcott, Chicago, IL [12-16-2005]

i think the declaration of independence is the hottest thing since i pods and hollister mini skirts..:)
martha [12-16-2005]

akeheta, hopi [12-16-2005]

very informational & colorful
pahana, hopi [12-16-2005]

where was it signed
ken, in [12-16-2005]

you guys are doing a good job keep it up
Mary Jo Fraser, poplar bluff missouri 14 [12-16-2005]

im learning about john hancock and i want to learn more about him
salina, john hancock was in the war [12-16-2005]

Erin Klutz, Lincoln.N.E [12-16-2005]

This is geat
Mikayla, Renton, WA [12-16-2005]

I thought it was very helpful information
anonymous [12-16-2005]

it was a great resource for my american history report and my teacher liked and recomended this web site for some help for me. thanks again whoever made this web link
anonymous, WBL,MN...age 13 on for patriot report on john adams [12-16-2005]

i love this site its great i became a good girl because of it
leslie, 13 [12-16-2005]

this web-site is perect for all research on the revolutionary war.
Yves, 14 [12-16-2005]

the declaration is so cool i also learned that there are no messages on the back of the declaration so that was just a lie. But I love learning about the declaration and I hope to learn more about it.
Cassidy Wilson, Bloomington IL i am 11 years old and i am doing a report on the declaration of Independence for school I am in 5th grade and I go to Colene Hoose school [12-16-2005]

In my Social Studies class we had to learn part of the DECLARATION we also had to learn the americans creed,the 1st amendment,the rights of the americans and much more.
Mackenzie, columbus,OH 10 yrs.old 5th grade [12-16-2005]

Kewl! I guess, I mean I am 14 so this stuff is kind of boring! but anyways buh bye
Brin, Hope 14 [12-16-2005]

I love this website.. it has LOTS of good information and its quick and easy to find.
Jessica [12-16-2005]

its a wonderful site for nerds
anonymous [12-16-2005]

i Like totally lioove your site
Moo [12-16-2005]

I like this website it helps me with school projects
qwerty [12-16-2005]

where does it show adams stepping on jeffersons foot
mike [12-16-2005]

why did they make the declaration of indpendence anyway
christina, 17 [12-16-2005]

hi :)
Ashley [12-16-2005]

waz popin /n/m/h/j/c u kno how we do.......
SHANELL TYLER, chilli [12-16-2005]

the moose is loose
anonymous [12-16-2005]

anonymous [12-16-2005]

this website really helped me find a lot of information about the declaration 4 my project i had in history class
kyle willis, new waverly, tx [12-16-2005]

great website
Kenneth A. Anthony, Arkansas [12-16-2005]

This sight was very helpful. It had a lot of useful information.
Courtnee, Colorado [12-16-2005]

I really like this site because i learned about something new!
Ebonee [12-16-2005]

ben franklins hottt!
kelsy [12-16-2005]

i ma a femal and in school and this is for a project. i did not intend on being here. this is a really boring site!
allie [12-16-2005]

Thomas Stone, a signer is my Uncle. I am decended from my Mother's family, Stone. I have extensively researched this and have been to Habre de Venture in Maryland, Thomas Stone's plantation. His and his wife Margaret's grave are located on the property. It is a very interesting place to visit and I plan to go again. When I was there in 1983 it was still under renovation. I like to receive and share info on the Stone family.
Wayne Nash, PO Box 125, Rainbow, Texas 76077 [12-16-2005]

Enegree [12-16-2005]

my name is april my faviorte color is blue and im fine
april snipes [12-16-2005]

your web site forgot george washington
p, 19 [12-16-2005]

great site
anonymous [12-16-2005]

Brittany Lockman, Brownstown IN (age 15) [12-16-2005]

facinated to find out that 13 0f the sinatories of the declaration were of wels ancestry
john roberts, wales united kingdom [12-16-2005]

Very good
Arianna, Kansas City [12-16-2005]

sean grow, Forestpark, Georgia [12-16-2005]

i think this is cool
Ashley Trumbo, im 13 [12-16-2005]

Shayla [12-16-2005]

albert eduardo [12-16-2005]

Dania [12-16-2005]

I really like it a lot but there was no book report stuff on The Declaration of Independance.
anonymous [12-16-2005]

I am interested in history, especially our beginnings
Jim Walker [12-16-2005]

My report is so much easier after looking at this website. We have to decorate a coffee can and put 5 things inside, plus an oral report and a written summary. Thank you, this website has given me at least 20 ideas.
Kevin, age 9, Anderson, SC [12-16-2005]

its a pleasure to read this great thing that made America!
josh buff, hickory, N.C. 15 [12-16-2005]

i thought this web-site was very interesting. it helped my with my homework wit no trouble @ all
Aderieanae, A student at Southmoreland Jr. High School [12-16-2005]

I think it's a wanderful website to learn about our history
courtney [12-16-2005]

excellent site
anonymous [12-16-2005]

Enjoy this site!
Loky@Taiwan, Taiwan [12-16-2005]

i don't have any thought cause i don't know who write the declaration of independecs.
farrah, i want to know who write the declaration of independence? [12-16-2005]

i really like the message that thi ssite gives to people my age
Tylecia, Ferguson [12-16-2005]

yo cybers i'm doing a 500 word report on what happened to the people who sign the declaration after they signed it. Anyone have any ideas?
little bit, age 10 [12-16-2005]

You should get a list of the Bill of Rights on your website.
anonymous [12-16-2005]

This is a very nicely designed site and I appreciate the historical accuracy and details that are given. I have my students go to this site for information and report writing. My students also like the way information is presented and the friendly way they can navigate through this site. Thank you and God Bless America.
Don, Retired US Marine, Special Education Teacher [12-16-2005]

I have enjoyed reading both the old and new of the Declaration. I am glad that they left the part in "appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of out intentions" It is sad that that it seems that the word of God or anything connected to God is being taken out. Rather it be in our schools, or issues on our money. I feel that we must take a firm stand on this issue and carry on those powerful words. Thank you
Chuck [12-16-2005]

thanks for helping me out with my A.P. U.S. History review project!
Chelsea, 16, Independence Missouri [12-16-2005]

this country rules
Marina Frazier [12-16-2005]

this page sucks
james parker [12-16-2005]

Misty Blair, 15 [12-16-2005]

ROBERT I. ASHBORN, castaic, ca. by way od boston mass, and waterbury ct. [12-16-2005]

the declaration of independence it's the topic that i have to present to class On next Monday (hehe!) oh i love this site.... anyway i couldn't explain me in the easy way yetttt...let me read bi
sathiya, bangkok [12-16-2005]

i luv this site <3! it's the best, for everything i need for my projects is's absalutely wonderful
camille, torrance, california [12-16-2005]

ur web site it really didnt help me i need more imformation so put some more on! or else...............later
Bob [12-16-2005]

i think the web site is good for kids for learning
Ronique Howell, 10years old [12-16-2005]

i need help with a school project
anonymous [12-16-2005]

the declaration rocked thanks for signingit
jeremiah lowe, bowdon ga 14 [12-16-2005]

it wass cool i just wanted to sighn the guest book
Drew (cant tell) Hanson, no,no,no,?,no [12-16-2005]

DenoseDonaldson [12-16-2005]

i love this site because it is so easy to use and veary good for projects that you only have like 10 min to do it in... i just want to thank you for creating this web page
alicia, i am a femal and i am in school and this is for a project [12-07-2005]

If you guys have a good web site separating the facts from the fiction from the movie, "National Treasure", then if you could post it, I would appreciate it so much.
marksman1515 [12-07-2005]

Great site, got a lot of good information
Jonny Brennan, age : 15 [12-07-2005]

I found this sight very helpful. I am writing a skit on the Declaration and needed some quick info. This gave me everything I needed to get the work done! THANKS! &:>)JULIE
julie, louisville,ky [12-07-2005]

i love this site it helps me with my homework all the time!
Bree Johnson, 11 [12-07-2005]

i really like the site!
paul [12-07-2005]

I like this document
Chris E., I live in The USA [12-07-2005]

I think history is importent. And that no one shopuld forget it. Thats why I have a 97% out of a 100%.
trevor phillips, longtown, OK [12-07-2005]

alex drivdahl [12-07-2005]

I really enjoyed using this sight. It has provided me with many helpful facts for school projects or just for fun. I love the pictures! Thank You
Brian, 13 [12-07-2005]

2 short [12-07-2005]

I discovered a replica of the Declaration of Independence that was produced by a bank in 1940. It is made of brass over tin and needs to be restored and I wanted more history on the Declaration. This is a fabulous web site and my undying thanks to those who are responsible for it's creation.
David L. Munsterman, Lawrence, Ks, 50 years old, self taught historian [12-07-2005]

I love S.S.
Stephanie L. Nelson, East Windsor, NJ (12) [12-07-2005]

Kellijean, Maybee, MI 48159 age: 12 girl [12-07-2005]

you need to put lesson plans for socail studies on here so the teachers can teach about the declartion of independence. Iam a teacher and i would like to teach about it. Thanks, Ashley
ashley, 30 female missouri [12-07-2005]

Yuntao [12-07-2005]

Margarita Martinez [12-07-2005]

Wow i mean i love the declaration but its one big gripe list
Billy Burke [12-07-2005]

hey thanks John Jay even though u cant read this
polly, Columbus, Ohio [12-07-2005]

Our is pure facts and common sense. Organization and reliabilty is written all over ushistory.
Ryan [12-07-2005]

I think that the declaration of independace should be updated because we the women have rights now also everyone has free rights. The good thing is that the constition is updated, but i also think that declaration should be updated and have our new president sign it. I think that Bush also should not sighn it because i personal think he is a bad leader to our Countary. He is killing all of our younge soldiers. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Teresa
Teresa [12-07-2005]

do you like to chat to people well we learn a lot about you at school
kristina, i'm only 11 years old i live in waldron ar [12-07-2005]

Whats sup ppl who read this. This is a very good source of information this website. I just want to say hello George W. Bush! Whats happening!
Kathleen M., 15 [12-07-2005]

I have found out that I am a descendant of William Hooper. How cool!
Douglas Bruce Sheldon, Bakersfield,CA [12-07-2005]

i thought it was a good source of info which helped me on a report
daniel, 15 [12-07-2005]

I want to know what the Revolutionary War had to do with the Declaration of Independence, PLEASE
Shelby Avant [12-07-2005]

this is a great site to look up anything you need to know about the decleration
seandra [12-07-2005]

Marissa [12-07-2005]

do you like your job?Can you sign me in the declaration of independence.
Marisa, no [12-07-2005]

This web site is boring!=)
blah [12-07-2005]

Thank you a lot you helped out a lot on this high school essay
Constance Frazier [12-07-2005]

angelique, 10 years old [12-07-2005]

Kaitlynn Marie Lucas [12-07-2005]

thanks for every thing!i love the stuff it was so great after i saw the moive"nationl traser" t
EVIL, 12 [12-07-2005]

Michael J. Robinson [12-07-2005]

I'm Doing A report And This REALLY Heiped Thanks
Savannah Jo [12-07-2005]

I thought this is a very good reference site for a lot of my homework. Thank You!
Nikki, Highland Middle School, 8th grade, love history, live in Highland, Il. [12-07-2005]

William Hooper, signer of Dec. of Independence from N.C. was my great x6 grandfather. I believe I have a picture of him, and his niece.
Justin Stephens, Ft. Oglethorpe, GA 26 years old [12-07-2005]

it was........... interesting...
meghan ruddlesden, 13, West Virginia [12-07-2005]

I hav no idea
Curly, nothing [12-05-2005]

i just wanted to say whats up George Washington
Lindsey Atkinson, optional [12-05-2005]

I think that all men should be created equally
Haether Mize, optional [12-05-2005]

it's totally cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
sean Tiburon [12-05-2005]

This is a good resource to look at.
Christopher Pennell, Age 14 [12-05-2005]

i want to know why did Samuel Adams want to sign the Decloration of Independence and who inspired him to do so
kaitlyn, age-13 city-sandy [12-05-2005]

How do you site the Declaration of Independence in MLA style?
Shane Herman, Iraqi Freedom Veteran and now student [12-05-2005]

i am a student in high school and i am soo thankful that i found your web helped me a lot
Chelsey [12-05-2005]

Kamille, Las Vegas,NV 12 [12-05-2005]

victoria, Wuh Sup [12-05-2005]

we want to learn about rev. war
heatherandamanda [12-05-2005]

GIR! [12-05-2005]

i am in the 6th grade doing a project on the declaration of independence. it was quite interesting. had no idea what took place until now.
KEILA BREWTON, pensacola,, florida age 11 [12-05-2005]

This really helps me with my US History homework
Amanda, Texas, 14 Years old [12-05-2005]

hello! this is a problem! i couldnt find where to find like a search box 4 this website,and i would think it would help if you had on! ok well thanks 4 ur time! good-bye
anonymous [12-05-2005]

this website is good b/c i have this crazy history teachers hoo do these really long projects and i can never find info on the topics and this website was exactly what i had planned on finding thank you so much!
CaRoLiNe, 7th grade [12-05-2005]

i love history!i really want to see the declaration of independence and all the other history sites
inez presley, smithfeild va [10] [12-05-2005]

Diego Lara, Oxnard, CA Age 22 [12-05-2005]

To whoever made this site and keeps it up- THANK YOU! It is WONDERFUL. I really love it. It has such a richness of information about my favorite subject- the American Revolution. I never dreamed there was such a delightful website...I could sit here looking up different things for hours and hours.
Hannah K. K., US citizen living in Spain [12-05-2005]

jamie [12-05-2005]

The Declaration of Independence is a Really good way to tach kids about stuff they hav never even heard about.
caitlyn [12-05-2005]

i want to sign the declaration of independence
makayla, 12 [12-05-2005]

i love history!i really want to tour some of the famous land marks. and really want to see the declaration of independence
inez presley, smithfeild va [12-05-2005]

It helps me with my homework
anonymous [12-05-2005]

alexa, fujian,china [12-05-2005]

The Declaration is very important because it states that we have freedom.
Uniqua Cooper, Lawton,Ok 14 [12-05-2005]

I think that this website is very cool!
Evan Gentes, Good Hope [12-05-2005]

Saw "National Treasure" Must now visit our National Treasure"
Wm. Whitaker [12-05-2005]

Thanks, this site is really interesting. Loving history!
Stephanie, Holland, Drunen, age 16 [12-05-2005]

This is a great site for kids to come and look at how their country started. It's very educational.
Kristin [12-05-2005]

How old was jeferson when it was the declarationb of independencen
Cindy saucedo, 12 [12-05-2005]

timeekqua [12-05-2005]

Desmond Brock [12-05-2005]

This has been a huge help on my research Thank you so much
Wes [12-05-2005]

this is a great site
mike, none [12-05-2005]

darreen miller, age 25 [12-05-2005]

shaye connolly, age33 city goshen [12-05-2005]

Thank you for haveing this website.because I need this info. for H.W
Hello [12-05-2005]

pretty good!
yeah boy, phx, az, 16, [12-05-2005]

Brock Evenson [12-05-2005]

Many people don't know the declaration of independence.Whats wrong with the world?
ashley [12-05-2005]

quentavious [12-05-2005]

This is an good web page. At school i'm doing an Tv bulletin on times in History and i got assigned the Declaration of Independence(we have to act like we're there while they're signing and creating it.
Thomas Jeffereson, (12-1-05) [12-05-2005]

this is aN EXCELLENT website i give my compliments !
waaris, 11 years old [12-05-2005]

Everything our great nation should be is firmly entrenched in this wonderful document.
Dr. William Hilleary, Born in Maryland-Residing in Texas [12-05-2005]

great rewiew
Paul, Clinton twp. MI i am 35 [12-05-2005]

i really like your web site it was really useful because i had to do some research about the declaratory act if you still have info about it please send it to my email yeahadriana
adriana [12-05-2005]

I think that the Declaration of Independence was a good document because the colonists needed there freedoms and not ruled by other poeple
Amber, Dallas TX, 14 years old [12-05-2005]

i need help for a history project
natalie turley, im 13 [12-05-2005]

danny, detroit 15 [12-05-2005]

No country in history gave its people such a great start and means to keep its freedoms. May we study our history so that we know just what we need to protect. God Bless America!
Craig Arnold, Corcoran California age 43 [12-05-2005]

Great site im going to use it for A long time!:-):-}:-]
Christian, Gilbert az [12-05-2005]

I am related to Abraham Clark who signed the Declaration of Independence. I know he was from New Jersey and had 13 children.
Natalie S., Montana [12-05-2005]

WOW! this is a wonderful website! I easily found all the information i was looking for. Keep up the good work. I'm planning on giving the URL to my other classmates. Thanks!
Martina Manfra, philadelphia, PA. age 12. [12-05-2005]

christopher.barnes, Richmond, Virginia [12-05-2005]

Carter Braxton Burks, Austin TX 20 [12-05-2005]

wow my teacher told me bout this site its well good
amit, england 13 [12-05-2005]

this site is great for doing school work and research.
David, 14 lwms in summerfield florida` [12-05-2005]

Is everyone there?
Julia [12-05-2005]

hello, your internet-webside is very interesting.
anonymous [12-05-2005]

aaron m,irelegwjdj [12-05-2005]

I feel that the declaration of Independece was a wonderful step for the United States of America. It shows that if we take the authority to do something and work hard it can get accomplished by many and doubted by few.
Ta'Nika Pope, Savannah Ga, 31404 [12-05-2005]

your love is like candy......artificially sweet.
Lyra Ravyn [12-05-2005]

Thanks for all the infomation you have provieded for my project on John Hancock!
Jennifer, Pelion, SC [12-05-2005]

Gonna write a book....
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Jimmy [12-05-2005]

Awesome site!
Jeremy, Anderson, IN [12-05-2005]

I am a direct descendant of James Wilson who signed both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitutio - consequently, I'm very interested in everything about him. Thank You.
Barbara White Koppel, Roseville, CA [12-05-2005]

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dear world, i want to know what samuel chase looks like. you should put a gallry of the people who signed the declaration. my class ushall explores the site and does reports for our founding fathers here. thank you, alexis
alexis, 5th grade [12-05-2005]

The declaration of independece is really long. Who was Thomas Jefferson.
Emma, Florida [12-05-2005]

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jerry w. hart, direct decendent of john hart [12-05-2005]

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I want to tell eveyone that Mr. Benjamin Franklin is my great,great,great Grand Father. he tought my family almost everything he could think ok. IN LOVING MEMORY OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. I love you.
Michael Pearson, mexico city, los anilas [12-05-2005]

Cool and informative website
J. Coleman, Omaha [12-05-2005]

this is the best website ever!
Michelle, Navarre [12-05-2005]

My Mother is a direct desendent of Oliver Wolcott Sr. General Of the Continental Army, and Oliver Wolcott Jr. Secretary Of the Treasury under Pres. George Washington.
John A. Christian, Desendent of Oliver Wolcott Sr. {Signator (Dec Of Ind.)} [12-05-2005]

Huck Huckaba, Petaluma, California - Veteran of the Vietnam war - US Navy [12-05-2005]

Thanks for putting all this info on this site it helps a lot for my school assignment. even though im from New Zealand i still think Amercian histoy is instreesting. Benjaiam Franklin Rocks.
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Michael, Manapouri, New Zealand [12-05-2005]

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Ben lickerman, 8, Takoma Park, MD [11-23-2005]

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Im going to be an archologist when I grow up. I love American History. And all history! I wish there was a treasure! That would be 2 cool!
Sarah, age 11 [11-23-2005]

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Patricia Lacasse [11-23-2005]

Im so glad we have the declaration. I cant even imagin the world today without it, in fact i doubt there would even be a world. The towel heads would probablly blow the world up!
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Shaunah [11-21-2005]

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Very enlightening to so many Scots signatories and others educated there.
brian w morris, Royal Burgh of Renfrew Scotland [11-21-2005]

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Becca, missouri student [11-21-2005]

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anonymous, The declaration was pretty much a letter to the king with complaints [11-21-2005]

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andrea, i am 10 years old [11-21-2005]

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I am doing a National History Day Project and would love help finding primary source documents on the signers and on the declaration. I anyone would care to help please e-mail me. I would love to hear from you. I need replys by February 11. Thank You
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Deirdre, Cathedral City 15 [11-21-2005]

i think that the decleration gave the us all the freedom we have today. god bless those who fought
anonymous [11-21-2005]

hi i saw this site. it is good. Doesnt the declaration have a preamble or somethig? Isn,t it like "We the People of the United States in order to form a more perftect union establish justice insure doemestic tranquillit provide for the common defense promote the general welfare,a secure the blessings of liberty, do ordain and establins this constitution for the United States of America" is that it beacuse we had to memorize it this year.
Hillaryu [11-21-2005]

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Hannah, Cedar Rapids [11-21-2005]

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Bob Finger nail, I'm 78 [11-21-2005]

george, goodbye [11-21-2005]

bob, i'm 345 [11-21-2005]

Kaitlyn [11-21-2005]

According to Samuel Adams Drake ninteenth century America Author the first shot was fired by a British Major Pitcairn which started the Revolution! The following is an excerpt from his book titled, "Landmarks of Middlesex Co. Boston published in 1876. "Major Pitcairn will always be remembered as the leader of the advanced-guard who fired on the provincials at Lexington and began the great drama of the Revolution! He always maintained that the minute-men fired first, which those present on the Americn side warmly disputed. This circumstance has associated Pitcairn's name with undeserved obloquy, for he was a brave officer,and a kind-hearted man. Of all the British officer's in Boston, he alone, it is said, dealt justly and impartially by the townspeople and their disputes with the troops. His men were warmly attached to him, and declared they had lost a father when he feel. General Gage sent his own physician to attand to him. The bullet which laid the gallant marine low was fired by a negro soldier from Salem Massachusettes. The regiment which he commanded arrived from England in the latter part of December 1774,in the Asia, Boyne, and Somerset. An interesting account of the day the Revolution started!
Mark, Major Pitcairn's shot heard around the world? [11-21-2005]

Great webste
Dylan young, PICKERINGTON OHIO 14yrs. old [11-21-2005]

Rubie [11-21-2005]

The Day of the Boston Tea Party 1773 By Samuel Adams Drake. Liverpool Wharf, then Griffin's,was the destination of the Tea Party of December 16, 1773. It was a cold wintery after-noon,when "just as the glorious sol was setting. On the Wharf a numerous crew, sons of freedom, fear forgetting, suddenly appeared in view." The three Indiamen, with their high poops and ornamented stern's, were lying quietly moured at the Wharf. They had been for some time under guard of a committe oftwenty-five from the grenadier company of the Boston Regiment,of which Henrey Knox was one. The Hatches were closed, and the vigilance took care no attempt was made to land the cargo. The names of the three shipss were the Dartmouth,Captain James Hull, The Eleanor,Captain Bruce,and brig Beaver,Captain Hezekiah Coffin. "The number of persons disguised as Indians was not more then seventeen, but the assessions form the old south, and the apprenticeslads and idlers, swelled the number to more than one hundred; as many as sixty went on board the ships. Each shiphad an attachment allotted under a recognized leader;Lendall Pitts was one of the Chiefs. Everything was orderly,systematic,anddoubtless previously concerted. The leaders demanded of those in charge of the ships the keys,tothe hatches, candles, matches, which were produced. The Dartmouth was first visited and releived of her cargo of one hundred and fourteen chests. As the chests were passed on the deck, they were smashed and nervous arms plunged them into the dock. The contents of three-hundred-forty-three chests mingled with the waters of the bay, and the work was done. It was low tide when the ships were boarded, and the apprentice boys, who formed the larger number of those engaged, in the affair, jumped upon the the flats,and assisted in breaking up and trampling into the mud such ofthe chests as had escaped the hatches of those on board the vessels. The tide beginning to flow, the whole mess was soon adrift. We give the names of the actors in the conversion of Boston Harbor into a Tea Pot, as far as known; Doctor Thomas Young, Paul Revere,Thomas Melvill, Henery Purkett, Captain Henery Prentiss, Samuel Gore, George B. T.Howes, Joseph Shed, John Crane, Josiah Wheeler,Joseph Urann,Adam Colson, ThomasChase, S. Cooledge,Nathaniel Green, Joseph Payson, James Brewer, Thomas Bolter, Edward Proctor, Samuel Sloper,Thomas Gerrish, Edward C. How, Ehenezer Stevens, Nicholas Campbell,John Russle, Thomas Porter, William Hurdley, Benjamin Rice,Nathaniel Frothingham,Moses Grant,Peter Slater, James Starr,Abraham Tower,Isaac Simpson,Joseph Eayres,Joseph Lee,William Molineux, John Spurr,Thomas Moore, S. Howard,Matthew Loring,Thomas Spear,Daniel Ingollsion,Jonathan Hunnewell,John Hooten,Richard Hunnewell,William Pierce,William Russle,T. Gammell, Mr MacIntosh, Mr Wynth,Elward Dolbler,Mr Martin,Samuel Peck,Lendall Pitts,Samuel Sprauge, Bengamin Clarke, John Prince,Richard Hunnewell Jr,David Kinnison,John Truman,Henry Bass,Joseph Mountfort, William Hurd,Joseph Palmer,Joseph Coolidge,Obadiah Curtis,James Swan,Mr Kingson,and Isacc Pitman. There are authorities who give Doctor Warren as a member of the Mohawk Band. Many incidents are related tothis event. It is said on the return from the wharf the band passed a home where Admiral Montague ofthe fleet happened to be,and that he raised the window and cried out, "Well, boys, you've had a fine pleasant evening for your Indian caper haven't you! But mind you have got to pay the fiddler yet!" "O,never mind!" Shouted,Pitts,the leader, "Nevermind Squire! just comeouthere; if you please, and we'll settle the bill in two minutes." The populace raised a shout,the fifer struck up a lively air, and the Admiral shutthewindow in a hurry. A powerful fleet lay in the roads,the troops were at the castle,yet not a move was made to arrest the work of destruction. This was taken out of a book titled, "Old Landmarks of Middlesex Boston" written by Samuel Adams Drake. This really brings the Tea Party tolife. Hope you enjoy this as much as i did.
Mark, Boston Mass [11-21-2005]

thhis site is straight up gangsta
bill [11-21-2005]

Bipasha [11-21-2005]

This website is amazing.. i have to do a huge newspaper thing for social studies and this has like everything.
ally, Alpharetta, Ga [11-21-2005]

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Colonel Rich Whitaker, Carlisle, PA [11-21-2005]

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Dalton mowers, none [11-21-2005]

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Sierra Mowers, none [11-21-2005]

this is one of the stupidest thing i have ever done in history class. u must delete this website as soon as u can... ppleeassee save me..
Sabrina, washington state [11-21-2005]

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anonymous [11-21-2005]

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haha [11-21-2005]

Great Website but get a picture with the signings, then it would be perfect. :)
Zack [11-21-2005]

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craz-j, 13 [11-21-2005]

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michael l [11-21-2005]

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Thanks For the Picture and Information
Thomas Mason, Cleveland,AL 15 [11-21-2005]

shanise hancock, ft. [11-21-2005]

David C. Bartko, 4423 Beta Ave. Down Newburgh Heights, Ohio 44105 [11-21-2005]

i love these people
Jon Leu, 15 [11-21-2005]

I don't think that the declaration of independence was clear enough, for all people to undrestand. And the thoughts of a WHITE man to have such thought of equality is not making us black people happy, but making them the white people. So my thoughts of the declaration, it should be re-done and yet an black should be allowed to write it and, for once an black man or women for president.We need to get dunb people like bush out of the office and never let any one else like him in again.
Zakia, Landover [11-21-2005]

yeah! Declaration Of Independence
hazel, allen,tx [11-21-2005]

The men who wrote the Declaration of Independence were very brave to put themselves up to death for their county.
Malaika Hankins, Hurricane Katrina victim [11-21-2005]

the declaration of independence is really long
reema [11-21-2005]

It helps me a lot for my research
Jorge [11-21-2005]

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I would like to get information on a 3rd grade reading level for them to comprehend their required readings. However, I will be able to modify your info for them. Thank you!
Sandy Giles, I'm working with seven classes of disable students. They have to read and comprehend The D of I. [11-21-2005]

I think that the declaration of independence was the best thnig that had happened to some people. i think that the person who wrote it is a wonderful person because it told the people the rights that they had althought not many people liked the rights i think that they were okay for that period of time.
shelbie, i am thirteen and i go to ritenour middle school. [11-21-2005]

chelsey lennae voelker [11-21-2005]

chelsey lennae, no [11-21-2005]

Herbert M. Sandler [11-21-2005]

this had a lot of awesome info.
morgan [11-21-2005]

Eric m snyder, age=11 [11-21-2005]

Great Site but in the signers part where all the signers are listed out Josiah Bartlett's name is sprelled wrong (under New Hampshire) In this world right now there are 4 very important things to me: My Family My Girlfriend Alicia Soccer Lacrosse
Wes H., Blue Bell, Penssylvania (7th grade) [11-21-2005]

I am a decendent of Charles Carroll of Carrollton
Lori [11-21-2005]

I am proud to be an American where at least i know im free and i wont forget the men who died who gave that right to me and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today 'cause that ain't no doubt i love this land GOD BLESS THE USA!
Tammy [11-21-2005]

im so screwed im in 7th grade and i watched 1776 and have 2 rite an essay on it can any 1 help
amanda [11-21-2005]

I think that you need to have some more information on people like John Dickinson. But other ten that you sigh is great.!
Rashel, Soap Lake [11-21-2005]

I nedded this for my social studies class and i think this will help a lot
saul, meneces,rockville,md [11-21-2005]

On Wednesday Nov 9 2005 the Procecuting Attorney for Paulting Co. OH sent me a letter stateing that I was in violation of the Special Purpose Flood Damage Prevention Resolution and would have 30 days to come into compliance or they would be fourced to take remedial action. I am deeply disturbed with the condition of government as is stands today but it give me great comfort to read the Declaration and imagine what it must have felt like to be among those brave individuals who felt compelled to stand for the beliefs at whatever cost. It makes my heart race and feel alive when otherwise I would feel alone and hopeless. My father was in the Navy in WW II fighting for the freedoms they treasured and for this I am forever proud.
Ed Scarbrough, Grover Hill, Ohio Age 47 [11-21-2005]

Ya did a cool job keep up the good work. I learn something
Ashley [11-21-2005]

I want to find out my other ancestor who signed the Declaration of Independence. I'm working on a Girl Scout booklet called ABOUT ME & MY HERITAGE. I have two of them who are Richard Henry Lee and Francis Lightfoot Lee. I wish you had a family tree so you could trace down ancestors.
Traci Tolles, Carmel, CA [11-21-2005]

i liked this website because i saw a lot of things i never know before!
Jamieson, Winnipeg, Manitba,Canada [11-21-2005]

i would like to know about the brittish action aboet the proclamation of 1763
alicia hill, 15 [11-21-2005]

were you married samuel adams?
amelia, age [11-21-2005]

You should have more information on here.
Romy, Columbus, Ga. [11-21-2005]

Im 9 years old and in the 4th grade, and im doing a report on the declaration of independence. thanks
Savannah Gilkey [11-21-2005]

I'm doing a National History Day compotition and was wondering if anyone would care to help out. I'm in the 8th grade and would realy appriciate if relatives of the signers would e-mail me informationon them. I also have to do an interview of some one related to the signer(s) and would appriciate for someone to voluntier. Thank You, I would be elated.
Becca, Missouri [11-21-2005]

Is John Hancock buried in Pasadena Md ?
Paul Reeves, Pasadena, Md.21122 [11-21-2005]

I hate the Doi it is hard to reachreach stuff.
Bobbie, puyallup, 14 [11-21-2005]

omg i saw this 4 yr old girl on opera that knew the entire declaration of independence BY HEART!
meeeee [11-21-2005]

hi im i think mayb some of my friends r looking at this..btw its yael from rambam!
yael young, baltimore [11-21-2005]

yes i'm the ex-wife of michael douglas rogers jr he got remarried again and moved back to springfield ohio and i'm trying to get in touch with him i've done everything that i could to find him in that certin area so could you at least try to help me out with this ? thank you chasity rogers
chasity rogers, looking for my ex-husband micheal douglas rogers jr [11-21-2005]

I love Whitney Cole!
Joseph Girgente, 13 [11-21-2005]

very informative site, accurate information too. I have a distant relative that was a signer of the Declaration, it's exciting to be able to see some of the stories of the great men who helped form this country. I am proud to be an American!
Kimberley George, Rialto, CA [11-21-2005]

i love learing about american history i wish i could be there when all of the important people sign the document and is it true can someone really steal the declaration of independence like in the movie National Treasure?
jake flores, i live in san clemente, california i am 14 and i really like learning about the declaration of independence [11-21-2005]

Donn Bacon [11-21-2005]

this was a very cool site
Jeren Gendiez, Cheyenne Wyo. 16 5ft6 and single [11-21-2005]

korena [11-21-2005]

jordan williams [11-21-2005]

Dude you guys rock
peach cobbler, I'm cool [11-21-2005]

my thought is to be like yall when I am 21 but I am just 11.
Robbie Gonzales, I like to play football [11-21-2005]

I wish National Treasure was true because it's cool
dd [11-21-2005]

My ancestor fought in the Revolutionary War!
Derek jackson, age 10 [11-21-2005]

Huntyr bliss Messick [11-21-2005]

christian cantu [11-21-2005]

Why do you have a guestbook? I want to be like ya'l when I get older
Olivia Franco, 11 years old and a girl [11-21-2005]

I think it is great that you guys did something for our country.We could always count on yall if yall where stil alive. your hero, Huntyr Mesick.
Huntyr Mesick, I am a very organisesation person [11-21-2005]

My thout is to be like yall
Robbie Gonzales, I like to play sports [11-21-2005]

Brent Morris [11-21-2005]

Huntyr Mesick [11-21-2005]

As a decendant of Charles C arroll of Carrollton, I am happy to say that this website is really great!
Rebecca Carroll [11-21-2005]

Tiani Fuentes, From Sydney Australia [11-21-2005]

This really helped me on my social studies
anonymous [11-21-2005]

Wow! This REALLY helped me with my history homework! This is a grat website!
anonymous [11-21-2005]

You need to have inromation about the Declaration not just what it looks like!
anonymous [11-21-2005]

brandy, 10 [11-21-2005]

Lots of information not found in our elemetary text books. Thank you.
Christine [11-21-2005]

Heidi [11-21-2005]

ya why do we study dead people... any one no how to cite this place?????
Alex, 14, ga [11-21-2005]

Tis is a great site.... the only thing i could not find was to cite the page for my research report...Alex
Alex Hanson [11-21-2005]

its kool
Haze, Bone [11-21-2005]

hi..i am doing a report on the Decloration Of Independance!..for Social Studies. it is very interesting to find out what is actually on the document..well, bye!
hey! [11-16-2005]

samantha, n\a [11-16-2005]

i love this site
bnv [11-16-2005]

Sarah King, Belding Michigan 13 Years [11-16-2005]

nice site! helps me with PPT in history!
brianan [11-16-2005]

Kenya Achete Jones [11-16-2005]

i like that idea
Tiffani, 17 [11-16-2005]

mike jones [11-16-2005]

i like the declaration and i was glad it was made.
amanda, gary,18, [11-16-2005]

i think the usa is a wonderful place
judy, Newport, RI (13 years old) [11-16-2005]

your web site is very useful to use for school project!
VALENTINA [11-16-2005]

I really liked this website. It gave me all the answers I needed for my book report!
Richard Greenfield, age 11 [11-16-2005]

Lacey Neikirk, St. Augustine Florida 11 years old [11-16-2005]

I think that this website is very useful because it has a lot of infomation.
ju yong, age 10 [11-16-2005]

this is some useful information. it has helped me in my u.s history class. (11th grader) from New york city
latina [11-16-2005]

ICE [11-16-2005]

Students in history had to choose a hero of the American Revolutionary War. This group chose John Hancock.
cecilia bias [11-16-2005]

I really like reserching the decloration of independence! I have to do a project on it for school.
Allie, 9,Missouri [11-16-2005]

Magnificent website! Will recommend to friends and family--especially to our grandchildren. God bless.
Rolfe and Johna Kiehne, Wentzville, MO [11-09-2005]

I just wish i could have seen the signatures on the bottom.
Farrah Schiiller, Ironwood,Mi [11-09-2005]

I believe that this website is very helpful. I am a college student and I am doing a review on the important documents of the gov't and of course, the Declaration of Independence is very important
Travishia Pickens [11-09-2005]

kayce [11-09-2005]

Kim [11-09-2005]

Great info. It's very informative and precise.
Student, San Jose [11-09-2005]

Amen, my teachers are almost never letting us talk or write about anything we want like God in important documents like the Decleration or the pledge! Great Site!
Agood Nicefriend, 13 [11-09-2005]

This website is pretty interesting, especally Matthew Thornton. GO IRELAND! :)
Meagan Gibson, Freeport Maine 13 [11-09-2005]

If someone colud be so kind i am looking for a person by the name of Samuel Howell... i am in homeschoola nd nmedd to learn about him for a report but i cant find anything about him except his family tree and stuff like that . i need to know what he did and why he was important around the time of the Dec. of if anyone knows where i can find these things or if you know them please contact me by email. thatnk you danielle
Danielle, Cherryville, NC, 16 [11-09-2005]

This site is realy great and it helped me a lot with my English homework!
Johanna, Köln, Germany, 16 [11-09-2005]

Wuss UP!
Dimples [11-09-2005]

Movie National Treasue inspired me to go to this site
Rev, age 14 [11-09-2005]

You need more information.
Ryan, Gainesville, FL [11-09-2005]

father: raymond william hooper-(sisters) mildred-evelynn-(brother)robert i have been told all my life ther is a family tree somewhere tracing to signer of declaration of indpendance want to find it for my children.
JEAN EVELYN HOOPER(MAIDEN NAME), born oregon-65years young- [11-09-2005]

i really like this place it really helped me with my history project
katrina, pleasanton ca [11-09-2005]

Thx for the help w/ my History Project!
Michael Tribbet [11-09-2005]

If u had a better picture u could tell Pennsylvania is misspelled...go ahead say it, THIS GUY HIS A HISTORY NERD!
anonymous [11-09-2005]

thank you for helping me on my american history project! you really helped.
phylicia [11-08-2005]

Great idea
Bruce London [11-08-2005] have nothing on his contributions during the Philedalphia Convention!
Mindy [11-08-2005]

LISSA, houston [11-08-2005]

i think this site is hadakalakalakalicious
Hadakalakalaka, Ferndale [11-08-2005]

Yoh should have the Revoulutiomary war In your events and thing since it had to do with the decleration of indipendance
Jeane, 12 years old 7th geade St.Aloysius School [11-08-2005]

this is a cool website to look for info you need for school
Ashlie, Bonney Lake 15 [11-08-2005]

Melissa Agnostak, North Potomac, MD///13///8th Grade [11-08-2005]

i love the declaration iam learnin about in school now
jermey kunis, cumberland md [11-08-2005]

I am a descendant of Matthew Thornton. Where are the rest of you?
Barbara, Washington State [11-08-2005]

stevevnmontano [11-08-2005]

Samantha Amey, 13,female,8th grade [11-08-2005]

this was a very helpfull and educational site. We enjoyed it a lot. also not all people from texas are hillbillies
eighth graders from crownover middle school, corinth, texas [11-08-2005]

i would like to see the decerulation in person the real thing!..not the fake one!..they should have it out all the time!and they should do mantiance on it every 1-2 hours.but that is what i think!..but is it true like in the movie national treasure the doccument is lowerd in to 100 ft renforced cement vault?..i have been wondering about that!
kellen [11-08-2005]

I think this website is a great website because of all the information about colonist and explorers,I really think this is a great website.
whitney hansley, wilmington,NC [11-08-2005]

Corndawg Burns, I live on the streets 80 [11-08-2005]

it was a good history web.
Billy Bob Thorton, Mt.Pleasant Age= 80 [11-08-2005]

need more orignal pictures of his old home before it was rebuilt
anonymous, somewhere tn. [11-08-2005]

this website is a learning expirience for all ages
Joseph Brown, Hampshire,TN [11-08-2005]

cool site
JCH [11-08-2005]

I have to many thoughts to type out! Thanks for your understanding. Sicerly, The mickster
Makayla, I love to read about the Declaration Of Independence [11-08-2005]

after the declaration of independence, what did the colonists need to do? please post it i have know idea what they needed to do!
Aishlyn [11-08-2005]

at school i was learing about the declaration of independence and i just watched the movie national treasure and i think that the maisons are real and there is a you think that there is all of those clues.
mikayla, 10 [11-08-2005]

I thank God every day I was born in this country and cherish it's foundings.
Tracy, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA [11-08-2005]

This web site has really helped me with a project.
Ylianna Gonzalez, i am 13 [11-08-2005]

can you give me a intepretation of the first 2 par. in the Declaration of Independence?
Kaylah Allen, n/a [11-08-2005]

i like this website because i saw a lot of things i never know before!
nick, 13 [11-08-2005]

I love this website!
anonymous [11-08-2005]

I think that this website is AWESOME!
Josh, live in georgia [11-08-2005]

very intresting,it helped me on my school project on the revalutionary war.
hannah [11-08-2005]

Here in Oregon elections are overturned not by rule of law but by political preference. Our property rights have been swept away by the stroke of judicial pen. Our legislators and judges have forgotten that they serve us and not we them. Government has no rights less they be granted by us. The Declaration and the Constitution limit government powers so as not to infringe upon the inalieable rights of the governed. Yet in a recent Oregon ruling the judge stated that the people have not right to control government as she ruled against a measure passed to protect our property rights. The Constitution is the ancient landmark to keep our nation on course, and now it is defined out of existence. Perhaps we need a new Declaration of Independence to right the wrongs that our government has brought upon us.
Gary Biazzo, Oregon City, Oregon age 52 [11-08-2005]

Suspect I have a geneology link.
Alan Morton, Toronto Ontario [11-08-2005]

quinkea, memphis [11-08-2005]

i want to know if you have any more info about the declaration of independance because i'm doing a research report on it for school. it 's do nov.21 2005
Taylor Miller, My address is 3530 miller ave 33852 Lake placid Fl [11-08-2005]

Though humans are primitive and we Andalites better, i like it.
Aximili-Esgarouth-Isthil Nolars [11-08-2005]

I enjoyed reading the page about John Hart, because I am related to him somehow, I dont know how to trace it. I've been trying to find out some info about him, and this really helped.
KK, 11, Dallas, Tx [11-08-2005]

I think that the decleration of independence is something really cool and i saw the movie and it was a really good movie and i hope that you people that dont understand it will try to understand it and i am only in the seventh grade at the amigos school and i hope that you can take us to a field trip to go look at the decleration of independence and it will be great if we see it then we learn more from it.
jennifer bedoya, Philidelphia [11-08-2005]

Great site! Well-organized. Good bio's on key figures. Thanks!
Tom Jaggard, Social Studies Teacher in Refugio, Texas [11-08-2005]

I believe we as people do not fully comprehend what the Declaration of Independence represents in our lifestyles as we see fit, and I would like most of all in the future if the Declaration of Independence is so important to fellow Americans, why not teach it in our professions as did the free masons. But I really do not see it happening in the near future when everyone is looking to receive the almighty dollar in replacement of freedom.
Earl, stevens point, wi [11-08-2005]

I really think that the declataion of independence is really cool
anonymous [11-08-2005]

This site is awsome! I signed this Declaration Guestbook last year and I can see it! I'd like to say "Hi" to all my friends, Pam, Miranda, Heaven, Ashley, Jessica, Christine, Sarah, Anthoney, AND, my crush... Andrew Shroder. Oh, and I would like to say hi to my soon-to-be neice Mercedes, Hi baby! Oh, and my cats, Cleapatra, and Duchus, and my mom and my sister and brother! HI EVERYONE! Ha, ha. LOL(laugh out loud).
Rachel Siford, 13, Caribou, Maine [11-08-2005]

Wes, Just a interesting peice of History [11-08-2005]

this site helped me so much for my history class!
anonymous [11-08-2005]

This site is great! just what i need to help me in history :)
anonymous, California, age: 13 [11-08-2005]

Victoria [11-08-2005]

this place is so tight.
kaitlynn [11-08-2005]

I'm a decendent of William Hooper.
Mrs. Vicki Coward, Nashua, NH [11-08-2005]

Hey, this ia a raelly cool site...easpesilly for someone who needs 2 do a history project. ~TaLeah~
TaLeah [11-08-2005]

i want to see the real writing of the declaration of independence but bigger letters
teresa, indian trail 38 [11-08-2005]

i normally do not like history but this is awsome we are learning about this in school but my teacher Mr.delany dosent know that!
diamon, cumberlamd md age14 [11-08-2005]

I love the way they organized this internet page.
Henry Williams IV, Phoenix,Arizona [11-08-2005]

Matthew Trahan, I am from Norwich, Connecticut [11-08-2005]

wats up u guys
anonymous [11-08-2005]

this page is awesome!
Ryan [11-08-2005]

althouhg i dint no u..u r verry cool..haha i am doin a thing in Social Studys bout u i am writin down ur info and we have 2 do a presentation! so yea
Chantel LaPorte, Edmonds Washington [11-08-2005]

i think that the laws arent fair at all because theres so many reasons.
stephanie, faribault minnesota 55021 [11-08-2005]

i dont understand even what the topic is about so i cant have any thoughts about anything like that
Marissa, age 14 city san luis Co [11-08-2005]

they provided good informaton that wold help the people know more about their state and who did what but they could of provied more information about the schools thats named after them in south bend indiana
k dizzle, 17 [11-08-2005]

when i went on this site i couldent find a lot of information on my topic for college it was hard for me to get it done. i think you need to reserach some more information on the past and add it to some of the subjects that you have down in the site.
peter MCcoy, 27years old [11-08-2005]

ELISHA WHITE [11-08-2005]

This site is really cool! And its very informatinal! Great work guys!
anonymous [11-08-2005]

very helpful! thanks!
Samantha Vela, Edinburg,Texas [11-08-2005]

This is a very geat place to look up facts. i always get A's when ever i ook on hear! you rock!
pamela [11-08-2005]

this was a good idea
brittany, hi im 12 [11-08-2005]

This web site is very cool.
Melissa E., Garland,TX. 14 years old [11-08-2005]

this is a perfect website for my project. i got everything right! it's wonderful. i love it. this is where i'll come for all of my geography activities!
DEBORA PIERRE, norton, massachusetts~ 13 years old [11-08-2005]

after working in the united states back in 1990 i have been interested in knowing more about the history of the united states,from the war of independence to the civil war and onwards. i also think some american's attitudes need to change in relation to the world at large, but i do think thye united states has wondered away from the days of the founding fathers
robin linstrom, belfast, northern ireland, 34 [11-08-2005]

I love Whitney Cole!
Joseph Girgente, 13 [11-08-2005]

I think this is so cool and I want to say hi to everyone and to have a good day!
Cindy Gonzalez, Springfield, 13, Oregon [11-08-2005]

i love whitney
bob, 56 [11-08-2005]

Ana [11-08-2005]

i really like the declaration of independance i guess i dont really know!lol
jessica, tiffin, turning 14, and im short lol [11-08-2005]

Very useful site for research. I perform a totally ad-libbed show. So I update my knowledge all the time.
Dale Reynolds, Thomas Jefferson impersonator, based in Los Angeles. [11-08-2005]

It's a real good website it helped me a lot
Cierra, Indianapolis,IN [11-08-2005]

i like this page stupid
anonymous [11-08-2005]

it cought my attentoin and i didnt mind reanding the info and i have a verry short attention span
karson snellen, moore,ok,13 [11-08-2005]

Roger Rudacille, I'm am 12 I live in Apolo [11-08-2005]

Roger [11-08-2005]

it was very good and i like it wellgot to go
CODY BARDO [11-08-2005]

I am a distance relative of two signers and feel closely tied to our Founding Fathers. My admiration of these men is beyond words
Mary Rose-Lian, Texas [11-08-2005]

ya thx 4 helping me on homeeeeeeeeeeework.........hyper if you are what you eat, and you eat a banana, then you eat another banana, does that make you a cannabal?
Chuchie [11-08-2005]

I like how you organized the website and how you make history come to life in a way.
veronica, Long Beach,Ca. 13 years old [11-08-2005]

I think that John Adams was wrong to not stop slavery for once instead of skipping the topic. Even though the Congress didn't stop slavery I still think that history is cool because you get to find out new stuff and it's all true!
veronica gomez, Long beach 8th grade [11-08-2005]

I really find the declaration of independence is very interesting. me and my frind have to do a project on it!
Allie, 9,Missouri [11-08-2005]

I love the Declaration of Independence!
EMB [11-08-2005]

i luv da declaration
tammy lim [11-08-2005]

this site has some good info for my project
brooke, 13yrs.-8th grade-ohio [11-08-2005]

I think that the colonist wanted liberty from the birtish
marco garcia, john hancock always signed big [11-08-2005]

this iformation is good
anonymous, 13 [11-08-2005]

Iam a political science major and I am intrigue at how the these very words are changing to mean something else in the eyes of the miniority population. Are we as miniorities protected from the elite in America?
Cynthia Jones, Fresno, California [11-08-2005]

I love the Declaration of Independence.
nicky Salyers, 19 years old [11-08-2005]

Lee Hancock, Winchester 13 [11-08-2005]

This document is one of the most prominent declarations ever,it by far is the only one that i think has real true meaning and a strong argument..............Thank You Thomas Jefferson, you made me proud to be an American!
B C L, 16, Female [11-08-2005]

Great web page to help me on my report on Benjamin Rush!
Anton Walker, Poway, CA 13 years [11-08-2005]

Robby Terrel, Wabash, Indiana [11-08-2005]

who was the last state to sign the declaration of independence? Rhode Island?
Juneesha Sacagawea Jackson, Hartford, Connecticut, 14 [11-08-2005]

i hate soc. studies and everything about it
anonymous [11-08-2005]

i thought the declaration was the same thing as the constition
anonymous [11-08-2005]

this website is very educational to the young and older people in america
Tinkerbell [11-08-2005]

Why did it take almost 100 years to rebuild that house?
Christopher Burns, Baltimore, Md age 31 [11-08-2005]

Very intertaning web sight.
HANNAH REYNOLDS, Im 12 [11-08-2005]

austin [11-08-2005]

tori george, age:11 [11-08-2005]

very informational for students grades 7-12. recomended! thankss! =)
atay <3, age 14 grade 8 [11-08-2005]

thomas Nelson Jr. is my Coisin
Emillee [11-08-2005]

this is a great site for students to get information off of to write any papers or whatever. it helped me write and american experience paper in the 8th grade. i recommend it to students in grades 7-12. thanks. <3
anonymous [11-08-2005]

Thaddeus Stanford [11-08-2005]

You know how John Hancock signed his name the biggest so the king would read his name first? So if the declaration was given to Brittian, then how do we have it here in America? Did they make a copy? Did Brittian send it back? If somebody knows, write back. It is a question that me and my class has been wondering about for weeks!
tjones, texas [11-08-2005]

Jackie Lum, Los Angelos [11-08-2005]

could you tell me more about declaration of indpendence
liza velez, 19 [11-08-2005]

Very useful site for teaching students about the Declaration.
Kari Barnett, The Woodlands, TX Student teacher, SHSU student [11-08-2005]

asley [11-08-2005]

i wish you had more info on the reaction of great britain and europe during the sighning of the decleration, other than that it is a great sight i'll us eyou for later assignments. thanxth**!
A. K. A sktlz*, grade 10/11 -home schooler [11-08-2005]

Our class came to the media center with our American Government teacher who loves Government & Economics. I really like the organized information for the website.
Erika, Tallahassee I'm 17 H.S. senior [11-08-2005]

This site is very interesting and very cool
Wendy Thompson, 15 [11-08-2005]

Awesome site. lots of good info.
Jill Wendy, Texas [11-08-2005]

this is a hard website
kaylee [11-08-2005]

brad [11-08-2005]

thanks, you helped me a bunch.
Emily, 13, Nebraska [11-08-2005]

Stefanie Weaver, Florence,MS...13....U.S. History...Mr .Hampton 8th grade [11-08-2005]

I wish people still talked like that its so beatiful and well thought out i am a true lover of american history and to be witness of all that history must of been a dream because I couldn't think of anything better!
Christina, 14, Cresco Iowa [11-08-2005]

Rebekah [11-08-2005]

I found just what I wanted
mike doyle, avon ct; age 11 [11-08-2005]

i think that this is a wonderful thing bc without it we would hav no rights and men would not be equal as they r today so i thank thomas jefferson
MYSTERY MAN [11-08-2005]

I learned a lot of info.
anonymous [11-08-2005]

Your examples of cowards for not posting my comments. Fake it the rest of your lives.
c [11-08-2005]

I'M doing a project in us history class,and the project is about what contribution did patrick henry in the USA.
anonymous [11-08-2005]

I would just like to say thank you for helping me find out more about my great(7 times)grandfather,Carter Braxton.
Kennedy [11-08-2005]

This is OUR legacy for dissent and Liberty to think as we damn well please. And it was written on HEMP paper as our founding fathers were not afraid of Marijuana. Semper Fidelis
Wesley Ellis, Portland OR (a.k.a. "Little Beirut") [11-08-2005]

was very educational and had all the informaton I needed
nikki, 17 [11-08-2005]

How did the signers feel knowing they could be killed doing so........
Laneasha, Seattle,Wa. [11-08-2005]

i watched natinal truse and thought the Declartion of Independece
logan c. lindsly, age:11 [11-08-2005]

This is a great web site because we are doing a big project on the Revolution War.
Robinson Jr.high School, Toledo,Ohio [11-08-2005]

JACOB PIATT [11-08-2005]

Very informative. Very nice. Never read the Declaration of Independence before until now.
Q. Nathen Hammons, Oklahoma [11-08-2005]

Thank you for the Information about are America history. From Jesus Christ Supreme Judge of The world. Ancient Free & Accepted Honorable Order of Melchisedec Philadelphia True sons of Liberty in God we Trust Hebrew Chp 12 vers 23 God Government
kurt D. White-Lawsun [11-08-2005]

I love,History! I'm a history freak, and your web site, has given me, lots of Information! History ROCks! See Ya,
Anonymous, Oregon [11-08-2005]

now that u did my research project for me (yah it was THAT easy) can u do my english too?
megan [11-08-2005]

what is declaration of independence?
eva, 9 newyork [11-08-2005]

great site 7 will be visiting it again, especially as I note that THREE Irishmen were amongst the signatories. One slight error, however, in the biography of James Smith it gives his place of birth Dublin and the biographical entry states that he was born in Northern Ireland. Now I don't want to get too P.C.but Dublin isn't in Northern Ireland!
Liam McAlister, County Cork, Republic of Ireland [11-08-2005]

That is super cool I want to be someone important like the men who signed the Declaration of Independence.
Mario, 13 [11-08-2005]

Im doing a project on him and this was very useful
Lindsay [11-08-2005]

I think the Declaration of Independence was very informative. This web site gave a lot of much needed details and is a great web site to surf on. Thank you for your amazing page. Yours Truely, Russell Wright
Russell Wright, Highland Park,16 [11-08-2005]

hello i like history.but specialy i like the Declaration of indepndence i need to know about everything. thanks Declaration
ahsankazmi, united kingdom [11-08-2005]

i like to read books he he
anonymous [11-08-2005]

hey i love this website its sooo cool i learn a lot about history and knowledge that comfirms my religion
melissa [11-08-2005]

who is Bejamin Franklins parants?????????
kylie [11-08-2005]

i know some things about the declaration of independence.
BRITTNEY, no i don't [11-08-2005]

Hailee Leishman, Clinton,UT. 2005 12.5 [11-08-2005]

Why do we study about dead people
Brittany, Texas [11-08-2005]

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