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2005 Declaration Guestbook Entries: January-March

Lisa Flowers, Peralta N.M. [03-31-2005]

this helped me with a project
anonymous [03-31-2005]

i had a lot of fun on your site it had great info that was very helpful
anonymous [03-31-2005]

i would like to know what exactly lead to the american revolution, could had been avoided?
anonymous [03-31-2005]

i think it is great having a site like this so that all students can explore history. I LOVE LEE!
Jill Grantham, Tallapoosa,17,love history [03-31-2005]

Jordan [03-31-2005]

This has really helped w/ social studies tests, homework, and studing!
Allie [03-31-2005]

I am trying to get info on William Whipple, I am a decendant and I am trying to do my family history. very interesting
Lynn, Missouri [03-31-2005]

If the signers of the Declaration could read the emails (grammer) they would shudder in their graves! We have not come a long way baby!
PAULINE A. WILSON, Temple, GA [03-31-2005]

i am a proud daughter of the american revolution.
PAULINE A. WILSON, Temple, GA [03-31-2005]

I'd like to laud and heap praises upon those responsible for this website. I'm currently studying for a test over 18th century US history, and this site has been extremely helpful. The layout is superior; information is arranged chronologically and thematically in such a way that research can be conducted efficiently and with ease. The content is superior, and the overall experience is simply beautiful.
Nathaniel M. Smith [03-31-2005]

IT is very cool
E Dog, 25 /Omaha [03-31-2005]

How are things in the colony? Good for you down with tyrants God protect the just
NIls Janson, London UK [03-31-2005]

This is the best website! It was easy to understand the imformation especially for my students!
anonymous [03-31-2005]

Thomas Jefferson rules
nate [03-31-2005]

I like your website. We are learning about the Declaration of Independence in social studies so this website is perfect. Thanks. I just wanted to learn a little bit ahead. And now I did because of you. Thank you.
Meghan [03-31-2005]

I would like to find descendants of John Hart the signer for my dna project at
Lewis Hart, John Hart, the signer [03-31-2005]

I thought this website was great.
Jessica G., Fayetteville, GA, age9 [03-31-2005]

keva krzysiek, chicago [03-31-2005]

Very good site! Well organized! I've been trying to gather information on an ancestor, William Floyd, and found much useful data here. Thanks.
Vernon Floyd, Texas [03-31-2005]

The Declaration of Independence rocks my socks.George Washington had big hips.
Bianca, FHS, Fairfield [03-31-2005]

i really like history and it was my pleasure to see this website and learn about the declaration on independence.
bkzthickness, ny, 15, high school student [03-31-2005]

a good, informational story on the signers of the Declaration of Independence!
Aly [03-31-2005]

this site realy helped i needed the declaration of independance and who sighned it.
jaclyn, canada [03-31-2005]

i am studying all of the Presidents of the USA Thanks Donald S
Donald, 15,Pasasdena MD [03-31-2005]

History is a stranges creature, with many a twist in the tail. In 1776 The USA declared independance from GB. Great Britain lost. 164 years later Britain stands alone against Nazi oppresion, who comes to our aid, The USA and together we defeat tyranny. 2003 together we restore freedom to Iraq. Like I said many a strange twist when mortal enemies become best friends. France & Germany can keep the EU, I feel safer with my atlantic cousins than euro trash!
Pete Lloyd, Cheshire, Great Britain [03-31-2005]

I love this site. I have to do a report for school, and this site helped me with all the information for the report. I also used this page fo rinfo. on a speech
Tessa, Michigan [03-28-2005]

Hey thanks 4 the info. I'm typing a paper in English. Luv, Rachel
Rachel, Horatio, AR [03-28-2005]

This is a good website! I don't want the congress document, I need the declaration of independence.
Tamira, California [03-28-2005]

i wont little kids the age 12 to be able to rule the united states
paris, pretty [03-28-2005]

kelle scott [03-28-2005]

Very informative web page. Placed it in 'my favorites' for reference.
tom kearney, ambler, PA age 65 [03-28-2005]

Hey plz send me mail lol
Jessica [03-28-2005]

I could not find the information who was the first person to sign The Declaration of Independence?
Xing Fang [03-28-2005]

I am of the blood line of John Witherspoon. I have been told by my Grandfather of my ties to John I am now passing them down to my son.Very nice site
Jeffrey S Witherspoon, Canton Ohio [03-26-2005]

love My hair and my parnets!
Olga A., 12, [03-26-2005]

I am very glad I came across this website.I teach History at my local Jr.High and this month we are doing a large project on the American Revolution causes.My students and I have found your website to be extremely useful for research.
Cassandra H. Siggine, Teacher [03-26-2005]

y was south nown fur slavery?
dallas, why did s.c. have slaves? [03-26-2005]

I personally came on this web site just to learn about my relative Thomas Jefferson and how he impacted on the United States of America. This is a really great web site for finding out about the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
Sarah Kate Gibson [03-26-2005]

This is a great site!
Darren [03-26-2005]

allison [03-25-2005]

Great document. It is exhilarating to read. May our country realize how far we have drifted from our roots. The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness has now become a culture of self-indulgence and death.
Paul Chambers [03-25-2005]

This pertains to all those that love our liberty. The following is an excerpt from the American Crisis, No. 1, written by Thomas Paine in December of 1776. Washington had the pamphlet read to all the units in his army. The words in brackets make this writing applicable to the current America Crisis facing our country. “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated. [The judges in our country], with an army [of civil officers] to enforce her tyranny, [have] declared that [they have] a right (not only to [legislate]) but ‘to BIND us in ALL CASES WHATSOEVER,’ and if being bound in that manner, is not slavery, then is there not such a thing as slavery upon earth. Even the expression is impious; for so unlimited a power can belong only to God… “I turn with warm ardor of a friend to those who have nobly stood, and are yet determined to stand the matter out. I call not upon a few but upon all, not on this state but on every state: up and help us; lay your shoulders to the wheel; better have too much force than too little, when so great an object is at stake. Let it be told to the future world that in the depth of winter, when nothing but hope and virtue could survive, that the city and the country, alarmed at one common danger, came forth to meet and to repulse it. Say not that thousands are gone, turn out your tens of thousands; throw not the burden of the day upon Providence, but ‘show your faith by your works,’ that God may bless you. It matters not where you live, or what rank of life you hold, the evil or the blessing will reach you all. The far and near … the rich and the poor, will suffer or rejoice alike. The heart that feels not now, is dead; the blood of his children will curse his cowardness who shrinks back at a time when a little might have saved the whole and make them happy… “Let them call me a rebel, and welcome, I feel no concern from it; but I should suffer the misery of devils were I to make a whore of my soul by swearing allegiance to one whose character is that of a [drunken], stupid, stubborn, worthless, brutish man. I conceive likewise a horrid idea in receiving mercy from a being, who at the last day shall be shrieking to the rocks and mountains to cover him, and fleeing with terror from the orphan, the widow, and the slain of America. There are cases which cannot be overdone by language, and this is one. There are persons, too, who see not the full extent of the evil which threatens them; they solace themselves with hopes that the enemy, if he succeed, will be merciful. It is the madness of folly to expect mercy from those who have refused to do justice... “By perseverance and fortitude we have the prospect of a glorious issue; by cowardice and submission, the sad choice of a variety of evils ­ a ravaged country… [life] without safety, and slavery [under the judges] without hope...” We need to be delivered from our bondage of slavery to these royal judges and be led back to our Promised Land.
Liberty [03-25-2005]

johnniea harrison, bronx,ny /13 yrs old [03-25-2005]

I love the U.S.A. and wanted to know more.
Faith Lind [03-25-2005]

logan [03-25-2005]

Jasmine, I visited this web site because I'm doing a presentation on the Declaration of Independence [03-25-2005]

this is a very cool site.this very cool for research.bye!
blah blah blah, calfornia [03-25-2005]

Heyyy this site has great info. Thanx! <3
Kate, Buena New Jersey [03-25-2005]

Gloria Butts [03-25-2005]

i think its time for you to add to your web site theres not a lot of info and you can barely read the declaration because the font is so small
Mike Mullen, im 12 [03-25-2005]

anonymous [03-24-2005]

anonymous, Los Angeles 95 years old [03-23-2005]

I am really intrested in the Declaration of Independence. I would love to sign your guest book.
Erica Morrison, Edinboro [03-23-2005]

francisco [03-23-2005]

frannie loves the web site so i do too
Stephanie, Oakville, 12, i love frannie [03-23-2005]

I really enjoyed this site, good and educational.
Pia, Göteborg, Sweden [03-23-2005]

If you are inspired by the US Declaration of Independence and would like to know more, this is the site to visit. It is clear, simple ans very informative.
Louise Oeri-Curry, Arlington, TX [03-23-2005]

i love you
delilah, I'm 9yearsolddecuater [03-23-2005]

john hancock was a maried guy
kyle [03-23-2005]

i like you
chyna, i'm 10 years old decauter [03-23-2005]

I love u guys
delilah young, Decaure [03-23-2005]

im doing reseach but its not a school prodject. im doing b/c i saw the movie national tresure im 9 years old im reading books and doing research on the computer i was doing research on this website but i saw the guestbook thing and i wanted to write this.please et back to me on this sicerley, Gabbie P.
Gabbie, im doing research [03-23-2005]

I need a picture of Thomas Jeferson.
Dj, age 11 [03-23-2005]

My class loved your site
Hailey Shupp, 10 [03-22-2005]

I think the the United States is the free country, and a safe country. I'm glad that the Presidents of the 13 colonies signed the Declaration of Independence
Katie Knight, Fairview, Ok. 16 yrs. old [03-22-2005]

i was looking up information on the daughters and sons of liberty, and i came across a web site identical to yours, and i thought that you might want to know about it and check it out...i wasn't sure if the same person wrote both or what, but i thought it odd that there would be two sites almost identical in its text...
jessica, kentucky [03-22-2005]

The declaration of indenpendence should never had happened, it sucks that all those people had to do that.
bush, 98 [03-22-2005]

sabrina [03-22-2005]

this is an awesome website. thanks so so so so so much
Stephanie, Oakville [03-22-2005]

hello dis is a great site. my all time fave! itz so cool i come here 24 hrs a day 2 meet old people from the decleration of independence
layomi, i am an amphibian [03-22-2005]

I thought this was an awesome and very educational sight!
Ashton Newman [03-22-2005]

Whilst researching my family tree,I was amazed to find that I am directly related to WILLIAM HOOPER[Born june 28 1742,member of continental congress 1774-1776!
linda booth nee HOOPER, manchester, england. [03-22-2005]

i am learning of this and the revoloutionary war, I think it is important
INUYASHA_2 [03-22-2005]

darian [03-22-2005]

Jennifer [03-22-2005]

cisssy [03-22-2005]

Bob Marley is cool!
anonymous [03-22-2005]

stanesha [03-22-2005]

Joshua Walker, Kansas [03-22-2005]

I like this website a lot and especially the Declaration of Independence
Ceasar Yates, Englewood, NJ [03-22-2005]

Tammy Santillan [03-22-2005]

this site is awesome i got a lot of info for my report! I got an A+ Yeah thank you so much
Booper, lady/man [03-22-2005]

nice web site
theresa, uyk [03-22-2005]

My family is related to Richard Stockton, Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Would like to hear from other family members.
KeeKee Schuh, Dayton, OH [03-22-2005]

Thank-you so very much.I am Mary Lulind,and i am related 2 Mr.Harris Hancock...i am telling u my sincere truth,i am related 2 John.I like this website,and please e-mail me back at the shown adress...thenku,luv Mary~
Mary, k [03-22-2005]

i think it is helping me with my report
anonymous, wilmington [03-22-2005]

I love to learn about history someday I will be a lawyer.
Ashley, 13 [03-22-2005]

It was useful info
Briana Reardon, 10 [03-22-2005]

why are there so many extraordinary spelling mistakes on your website?[e.g. delagates,dispite,conscensious etc.?]
anonymous [03-22-2005]

mary brown [03-18-2005]

just doing a little research for our daughter's family tree report. lyman hall is a relative. thanks
louise hall-kozentis, michigan [03-18-2005]

anonymous [03-18-2005]

i liked your website it was a little boring and try to have more pictures it makes it more interesting and some music if possible?!?!?!?!?!
Betty Buns [03-18-2005]

want to now how many people on the guest book by today
ashley, marysville,CA [03-18-2005]

Our elementary school used this site to research the declaration of independance. Thank you for the great source of information.
Sam Sanchez, Laredo, TX [03-18-2005]

You should put a search box
louis, I am cool [03-18-2005]

delroy, winchester 13 [03-18-2005]

jackie [03-18-2005]

I like this website
Kevin, Vacaville [03-18-2005]

Descendant of Joseph Hewes.
Mark E. Tootle [03-18-2005]

great website
brenton [03-18-2005]

I used your website for my civics project and I got 95% Thank You so much!
anonymous [03-18-2005]

I have lived in Queens my whole life and there is a boulevard named after Francis Lewis and I never knew who he was! It always bothered me that no one else knew either, but thanks to this website, I have finally found my answer!
Melissa Klein [03-18-2005]

very helpful page and it was easy to find the facts i needed
heather, age 16 [03-18-2005]

i like this waebsite
amber klassy [03-18-2005]

It gave me some interesting fact about the people who sign the Decleration
Elizabeth [03-18-2005]

like it but need more info bout
holly [03-18-2005]

anonymous [03-18-2005]

chelsea ruffin, phil pa 19143 [03-18-2005]

thank you
dawn [03-18-2005]

I would love to hear from others that are related to Dr. Benjamin Rush
Martha Kenny, I am 74 and a relative of Dr. Benjamin Rush [03-18-2005]

Elizabeth DeVoe, La Mesa, CA [03-18-2005]

who were the people in charge of the declaration of Independence?
Rita Murguia [03-18-2005]

I'm doing a report on Thomas Jefferson, this web site did so much for me.God bless this website and America! Peace Dude!
chaya, 10 years old [03-18-2005]

Hey People!
Sophie [03-18-2005]

I love us history
Britney Paul, None [03-18-2005]

Great page for research purposes. Thanks!
Tanya Baker, Butner, NC 35 years old [03-18-2005]

steve [03-18-2005]

I have just read your Declaration for the first time and was impressed with it.May your nation always be the home of freedom and good will. Sincerely Frank Duquette
Frank Duquette, Hamilton,Ontario,Canada age:48 [03-18-2005]

i don't know who cares about past...we have to live in the present,,,,crazy people, dunno what to do and put this pages. this is a waste of time jajajaja
joseph [03-18-2005]

i like this
anonymous [03-18-2005]

hey, this is what im talking about
miguelq [03-18-2005]

i dont like the declaration of independence at all, its wack
angel, 19 [03-18-2005]

robert livingston [03-18-2005]

I did a paper on the Declaration and it helped me a lot.
Savanna, 15 yrs. old [03-18-2005]

great site about American history!
maria, oxnard, Ca [03-18-2005]

I thought are country was never free but right now I do!
Melinda Lewis, Seville 34 [03-18-2005]

Virginia [03-18-2005]

Lois S Parker, Greenbrier, AR [03-18-2005]

We should never forget the Declaration of Independence!
Jo [03-18-2005]

i am tired and this website is not helping any.
bored [03-18-2005]

ok so im doing this project 4 school and i NEED to get maps of the french and indian war, british territory before and after please help me??/
Mrs.Welling, age:11 [03-18-2005]

this is great 4 school!
k roo, 13 [03-18-2005]

We thoughtit was excelent resource for our children! thank you!
The papin Kids, Detroit, MI [03-18-2005]

thanks for the info on john hancock
nathan [03-18-2005]

Thomas Jefferson was a great person becuase he was interesting.
Emily, Tampa, Florida [03-18-2005]

kuel site!
michelle, pennsburg, pa [03-18-2005]

It's the best site i've looked at.It has really helped me because I am doing a report on the Declaration of Indapendence
anonymous [03-18-2005]

I found a copy of this document on a basement wall in York Pennsylvania. I was wondering how I could find out how old it is and if it is real. To view a picture go to Any help would be appreciated thanks
Mike, York Pa age 52 [03-18-2005]

good and learnfull site
rajen jangali, dutch [03-18-2005]

this site helped me a lot because this is just what I am learning in school.
babygirl33, 14years old 8th garde [03-18-2005]

bob munster, mount moriah-quitman lodge [03-18-2005]

It's written about liberty, life, and happiness. That is important for all people on this earth.
Neeraj Ramachandran, Westford, 6 yrs [03-18-2005]

i think that the declaration of independence is super de duper
joe furdon, boston,87, [03-18-2005]

jerris nelson, flint mi 63 years [03-18-2005]

This site is better than my textbook.
Annie [03-18-2005]

i thought that this inparticular websites was one of the greatest resources and help me pass the 8th grade thaanks jacob finney.age-14 tri-county-north middle school
anonymous [03-18-2005]

I dont like this site at all it doesent tell me anything that i need for my report!
HALEY, hi [03-18-2005]

sam cunningham, san antonio, tx. [03-18-2005]

kewl sight!
Juliette, dude [03-18-2005]

Tiff, love to do gymnastics [03-18-2005]

It was so nice. it felt that i was there sighning the Declaration of Independence
Shantel [03-18-2005]

William Whipple is my grandma's great great great grandfather. He signed the declaration of indempendence.
JAcquelyn, I am a 14 year old 8th grader . [03-18-2005]

This website was a great website. I found all the information I needed for my report on Samuel Adams!
Nikki, age 11 [03-18-2005]

Very informative!
anonymous [03-18-2005]

I really liked your paper.
Ashley Fogle, 11 going on 12 [03-18-2005]

All Americans should read this and discuss with friends, family and neighbors at least every 4 years.
anonymous, Montgomery, AL; 49 [03-18-2005]

I am in awe of the glorious power in our historical documents.
Chardi Jensen, Covington, WA [03-18-2005]

If you were someone you are not what would you do? See one of my thoughts were why were you the first to sign the Declaration of Independence?
Chelsea, Fox Lake 11age [03-18-2005]

your site is awesome you defnitely helped me with my homework, but i think your site should have pictures
harkiran gill, 10 my birthday is in 6 days [03-18-2005]

I have a copy of the declaration what is written of parchment paper. Can someone tell me if it have authentic value or commercial value.
Annet Smit [03-18-2005]

carina [03-18-2005]

i am weird
Britt [03-18-2005]

hey my name is vania how are y
vania [03-18-2005]

Wow this is a great site!
Dommineque [03-18-2005]

is there a map on back of the decloration of independence
anonymous [03-18-2005]

Sarah, Pagosa Springs, Co [03-18-2005]

wheres thomas jeferson
sean, bismark [03-18-2005]

i want to lots about the stamp act
kaitlynn, basehor kansas [03-18-2005]

I loved this it helped with my project
anonymous, 11 [03-18-2005]

I got an F on my paper! You are so mean!
John Johnson, This is so bad! [03-18-2005]

I would like to be a son of liberty
anonymous, 9 [03-18-2005]

i like this site
anonymous [03-18-2005]

this event in history is important a we need to appreciateour rights as citizens
cody, 12 [03-18-2005]

Kimberly [03-18-2005]

Thanks for the information needed to get an A in social studies.
Brandon [03-18-2005]

I love history and particulary in the origin of the peaples that signed the Declaration of independence where theyr family came from if you can post on the web. Thank you.
Frank Di Maso, Chatsworth Ca. 67 [03-18-2005]

Geore Washington the II, phoenix [03-18-2005]

This is a cool website. good job to you dude
Pookie, I'm punk [03-18-2005]

celso, albq 15 [03-18-2005]

He was a grate man
Loretta kelty [03-18-2005]

I am doing a report on Philadelphia for school. Thanks for the information.
nick, age 9, philipsburg, pa [03-18-2005]

This is the only on-line connection I oculd find for you Mr. Purvis, after seeing your name and address as source of information for Thomas Amsden (born in New York state) and Lydia Chapman. I am anxious to make further inquiry. Gloria B. Ishida
Gloria Bauer Ishida, living in Japan; Bellevue, Ohio, etc. roots [03-18-2005]

I love history and the declaration of independence is great.
kshithij shrinath, Sunnyvale, CA ; 8 years old [03-18-2005]

I love u
anonymous [03-18-2005]

i think that thomas jefferson is a very good man 4 writin the declaration of independnce!
chrissey, livermore ca age 15 [03-18-2005]

he is my great ansester of myne and my parents told me that he looks like my grandpap without a wig.
joshua sherman, lake mary 12yearold [03-07-2005]

Very nice site. John locke (who I'm researching), his words really had a big impact on this document and this society.
Kyle Porpotage of the Isles, Fairfax, VA 17yrs [03-07-2005]

well organized
andrew miller, troy, mi 13 yrs. old [03-07-2005]

Great site for students!
Dorothy L. Conover, New Port Richey, FL [03-07-2005]

this website is a life saver
anonymous [03-07-2005]

Sandra [03-07-2005]

This site helped me on my school project!
Morgan, Virgina [03-07-2005]

I was always told that Robert Morris was a relative (not an ancestor) but I never read anything about him. I'm 75, isn't that shameful?. There is one thing that puzzles me however. I was told that he was from Wales and this article says that he was born in Lancaster, England. I've been to Wales 2x and the name of Morris is very prevalent there. Oh yes, my fathers first name was Morris.
H. Nelson, Indianapolis [03-07-2005]

enjoyed the site. very interesting material. i wish that all young people would get turned onto U.S. history and sacrifices made for them by reading these type sites. Thanks. God Bless America!
terry hollar, hickory, nc 50 yrs. old [03-07-2005]

whats up
nina, new york [03-07-2005]

When will the united states goverment stop committing treason against it's own people?!I stand to be reconized as a free born to this soil american! I will die fighting to stay that way it is my right given to me by god and declaired by my for farthers.So to all who wish to police against the liberties of the american people to opress like england did before you to lie cheat pilfer and prosper off of our sustance PISS OFF!
allen f. dubey sr. [03-07-2005]

a picture that you can read
zachary [03-07-2005]

Kaity, 15205 [03-07-2005]

Your website helped me on my history project. thank you!
Anna, Bakersfield [03-07-2005]

this is a really great sight for kids to study the declaration of independence. Thanks for putting it on the internet.
Denise Bowles [03-07-2005]

who is involved
courtney, age11 [03-07-2005]

How many times did John Hancock get elected for governor?
anonymous [03-07-2005]

Where is the Declaration of Independence? Washington D.C. or Philidelphia?
Joe Gogola [03-07-2005]

very educational. thank you.
William [03-07-2005]

I think this is a document that all Americans should read from time to time to remind us of how we got to where we are now and that Americans have been sacraficing since the beginning of this great county.
H. P. Griffith, Jr., Navarre, Florida 68 [03-07-2005]

God Bless America!
Katie [03-07-2005]

God Bless
anonymous [03-07-2005]

i like this place
anonymous, hi people [03-07-2005]

This web-site helped me out a great ordeal with one of my history projects. I was lookin' for Gerry, Elbridge and you told me a lot about him... Thanks..
Kelly, Age - 15 [03-07-2005]

this was a great help to my essay. thanks for all your informaton on the declaration of independence.
anonymous [03-07-2005]

Ryan, 13 [03-07-2005]

y do u onli have 1 paragraph for the currency act but have like 1000 pages on everything else
noelani, chicago illinois [03-07-2005]

This site is super sweet and it helped me on my homework and whatnot. I would only visit it ever again if it helpled me on my homework. Otherwise it is pretty boring. Peace out ya'll, I love you.
Harry Johnson, St. Maries, IDAHO! [03-07-2005]

God bless America!
Rosemary Herrera, 27 yrs old from Phx, AZ [03-03-2005]

anonymous [03-03-2005]

Great site.........we must never forget our foundation...Geo
anonymous [03-03-2005]

Who was Thomas hutchinson And is inportant to use
Alison, leander [03-03-2005]

Cool site---.....WEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
anonymous, staten Island [03-03-2005]

You helped me with my homework!
Patrick E. [03-03-2005]

Samantha, 1 [03-03-2005]

you should have a picture of the declaration
chris [03-03-2005]

lacey wehunt [03-03-2005]

g dog to tha 3rd [03-03-2005]

yes, thats a young guy from africa also hopes to be nigeria-american in future,i wish long life of george bush because is a man of his words he stand very well to serve his contry in justice,i pray to have that kind of family like his,i love him i dislike those who hate injustice,God continue bless him and i yours sincerly Austine.
austine [03-03-2005]

kool site!
Sophie, 12 years [03-03-2005]

i think you have done a great job on publishing the world incyclopidia because theres lots enformation people need to learn from your book!
venera, i would like to learn more about history! [03-03-2005]

Thanks I love your website.
anonymous, Peoria,IL i am 9 [03-03-2005]

the declaration of independence is a timeless document which holds the united states independence. it is so powerful but yet it is just a peice of paper with a few scribles.
chelsea, washington 13 [03-03-2005]

i think im realated 2 thomas mckean
luke mckean, i live in ny [03-03-2005]

I love the Delcaration of Independence.
anonymous [03-03-2005]

Its a shame that school children are not instructed in the price of freedom
Thomas Hoffman, Trenton NJ [03-03-2005]

kaeleah [03-01-2005]

Thanx for the Stuff on Samuel Adams! I like it!
anonymous, Age 11 [03-01-2005]

i love learning about the past of our lovely country and the men that once fought for it
bethany jones, wellston ohio i am 15 years old [03-01-2005]

I like this Website... very educational, espeicially about John Hancock
anonymous [02-28-2005]

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The K' Man..., s*vile B.C [02-28-2005]

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melissa, phila. age-13 [02-28-2005]

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Alexandra Ledin, Wisconsin [02-28-2005]

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Zakkery [02-28-2005]

Great Reference Tool! Keep it Up!
Jackie, Lemoore [02-28-2005]

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Elizabeth Balido [02-28-2005]

Cool info:-)Really helps with homework. It's great to have lots of history right at my fingertips.
Gloria Li, 11 years [02-28-2005]

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This place doesn't have anything
anonymous [02-28-2005]

Kim Lawson, South Carolina [02-28-2005]

This is really cool and i think that it would be better if you told more information about the decloration like why we wanted our independace -Kristy-
kristy [02-28-2005]

I'm interested in the Declaration of Independence.
Kim Heinrich, wentzville mo [02-28-2005]

this website helped me a lot.
lacy d., my age is 11 [02-28-2005]

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Nissee, vvvfdqqq [02-28-2005]

Hello. I am a high school student doing a report on Benjamin Harrison. I found this site and took notes, as would every other student. I soon found out that the information is incorrect. This, I think, is the information for William Henry Harrison, his grandfather. I compared this information to other pages and indeed it is wrong. I would advise to correct the problem. Thank you for you time.
Lisa, Pennsylvania, United States [02-28-2005]

Good article, except for a gross error...Jefferson wanted to be remembered for 3 things, not 2, the third was this He was the author for the Statutes for Religious freedom of virginia...all three are on his tombstone. [02-28-2005]

I think this website is really cool and interesting. It makes things fun to learn about! I like the pictures and the links.
Kelly [02-28-2005]

I think that your site is wonderfully done. I have recieved a lot of good information about the Declaration and the fathers of our country who signed it. Keep up the good work.
anonymous, Fresno [02-28-2005]

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anonymous [02-28-2005]

We are studing the Declaration of Independence and enjoyed this site.
John Swan, age 11 [02-28-2005]

This is probably the most dynamic document ever written(short of the Bible). Mr. Jefferson was most likely the purest genius who ever lived.
Richard A. Boyd, Salem, Virginia [02-28-2005]

oh my gosh this website wasy way helpful to my history project! sweeet jackie!
erin [02-28-2005]

I learned a lot from youir site to get me an " A " ON MY REPORT!
Brianna, From St.Paul, MN [02-28-2005]

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Michael Thomas Stewart, Mandeville, LA [02-23-2005]

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I came here because of my history class, but i left with much more, i really like this site. i've learned so much, some i would never have even thought about. next time i am ever studing yhe declaration of independence, this is going to be the first place i go!
Suzanne Miller [02-23-2005]

The reason why I used this website was to do some research on the Declaration of Independence. In libray class we do little skits and my group and I wanted to be well prepared for it. Our skit was going to be about the story of the Declaration of Independence. This website has really helped me a lot! It has tons of useful information. Thanks for your help!
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ben ladik [02-23-2005]

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Kirsten, Carmi IL [02-23-2005]

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Maxie Rosenbloom, Battle Creek Middle school, St. Paul Minnesota [02-23-2005]

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I like History
Chella [02-23-2005]

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I really thought that this site was helpful, especially because I have a project over the Declaration of Independence due in a few hours. I do wish, however, that you would make some of th information easier to read, by making a KEY FACTS link or something...
anonymous, Houston, TX [02-23-2005]

this site is nice, i mean really nice, but think about adding some famous quotes to share. Because if you dont know your history, you dont know anything about your time!
abby, spokane, Wa. age 10 [02-23-2005]

your site rock share some more
sara, 11 yr. [02-23-2005]

I "signed" the geust book back in oct. in '04. i haven't had the time to see if it was in yet now i did and it makes so special to see it up there! What i wrote was so corny too! Hey, so is this!ha ha peace out! :)
Katie J., Wilkes-Barre, pa 14 yrs. old [02-23-2005]

Brock Mueller [02-23-2005]

this is a very good web site
daisy obregon, santa ana 17 years old [02-23-2005]

The Information that you lack on George Taylor can be found at "", or at the main branch of the Easton Public Library.
Debbieann Michelle-Paige St. Pierre-Smith-Stackhouse, Proper Information on George Taylor [02-23-2005]

Murphy, 6 [02-22-2005]

Ellie Pinkelamn [02-22-2005]

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anonymous [02-22-2005]

There are remarkable similarities to the Woolcott family of South America than left England in the 1800's,including accomplishment, professions, acdemic bents, First Names, e.g., Henry,. PLEASE CONTACT ME, Would like to start a Woolcott (Wolcott) historical network, or at least cousin's club.
Jeanet Woolcott, Woolcott ("Wolcott") family from Peru! [02-22-2005]

anonymous [02-22-2005]

it was not very good because it did not contain the imformation I wanted
sara [02-22-2005]

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Chad Smith, Tyrone 14 [02-21-2005]

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Hi my name is Don My mother is Shirley A Wolcott She Passed away in December of 1988 Her was Robet WolcottThere Decends of Oliver Wolcott If you could send me some information on the Declaration of indendendence Thank you!
Donald A Whitiing, PoBox 413 chesterland Oh [02-21-2005]

Sam Huntington was Kin to me. Are family ( Tree ) goes back to him. Jim. Huntington
Jim Huntington, effingham,il [02-21-2005]

Chad Smith, Tyrone 14 [02-21-2005]

I loved the information!
Michelle, Utah [02-21-2005]

through research i found that 56 men signed the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE but on o film i have also seen called NATIONAL TREASURE they have made a very noticable mistake they have said that the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE was signed by 55 men which at the time i belived until i was told to do a report for my history teacher about the historical document i had put that 55 men signed the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE which resulted in myself losing the required mark to continue with the history lessons next year in which i will be in year 10 even though i found that the final mark was very high i still feel that the loss of having history lessons is extreamly unfair as it is one of my favourite subjects i feel that it may cause a disturbance in my fellow class mates for most of the also put this in their roport and did not aquire the adiquit mark to continue history lessons next year.
becky, 13 [02-21-2005]

I am sooooooooo COOL, 10 yers and live in maine [02-21-2005]

I would like to know what John Hancock's middle name was and his fathers,grandfathers names.
Rebecca Hancock Pierce, Salisbury, MD [02-21-2005]

Thank you for making something that people could follow up on Yours Truley Jaron T. Walls
Jaron Titus Walls, lancaster 11 [02-21-2005]

The Decaration of Independence was a great idea John Hancock
anonymous [02-21-2005]

shaterrica jones, spartanburg 9 [02-21-2005]

Dear some one I need some informatoin on Tomas Jefferson. Caan you help me???????
shiloh martinez, pueblo,i am 9 [02-17-2005]

Thomas was the best president of all times.
Violet Baudelaire, montana [02-17-2005]

Great information. I am a scout leader and will find this very helpful as I teach young scouts about our history. Thank you!
Damon Riddell, Glen Allen, Va [02-17-2005]

taylor& brooke, rice lake 12&13 [02-17-2005]

thanx for the help
Sam, Age 11 [02-17-2005]

The revelutionary war was amazing and helped us be amaricans.
Samantha [02-17-2005]

Roger Sherman imfomtion
Jake, Chanute [02-17-2005]

I'm a 10th generation grandson of george read and i was wondering if you could give me a family tree on him my great grandmother was a read and we are related to him i was told can you give me a family tree for him her name was constance read
trevor bassett, stevensville mt [02-17-2005]

Doing research for an American History class, thanks for the great info!
vns [02-17-2005]

Okay well i have no idea where i am on the internet right now but i am trying to find something on the Declaration of Independance for this essay i have to write and i can't seem to get what i need i clicked on this site hoping i would find something on to help me with my essay but it seems that this site isn't the one i am looking for so. I hope that i will be able to get this done!It's like 12:26 in the morning and i am really tierd and i have other homework i have been working on this project all day! I should pretend like i am sick tomarro so i don't have to turn it in! That would be great but i really have to catch up on all my other stuff! Okay and i think that i should hurry this up so i can finish this project of mine!o wait i see i think that i did come to the right web sight i dunno i can't use the internet worth crap!Yeah thank you for your help i guess!
heather [02-17-2005]

I am honored to be a direct descendant of John Hart, one of the Declaration's co-signers.
anonymous [02-17-2005]

you need to have more info about the signers of the declaration of would make my life a lot easier
katie, cumming GA [02-17-2005]

kristy [02-17-2005]

I think this sight is very helpful, but i thinl there should be a part that paraphrases each paragraph!
Miyars, Lancaster [02-17-2005]

Thank you sooo sooo soooo much for making this web site! I have a seriously hard project due by friday and this has made it soooo much easier THANK YOU!
Brooke, Richlands NC [02-17-2005]

thanks for helping with my HOMEWORK
Michael, age 9 columbia,MD [02-17-2005]

The original idea is brilliant. I'm sorry to see times have changed people and their ideas. We've become a society of individuals who have lost the concept of caring, sharing and looking after one another.
Ieke [02-17-2005]

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Mother of two decendants of James A. Smith; David Wm. Smith born 8/23/90 and Alyssia K. Smith 5.8.92
Christina Drenske, Pittsburgh, PA [02-17-2005]

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Courtney V., Age-13 [02-17-2005]

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griffin williams, rockport [02-17-2005]

i live my life because of our declaration. and ilive to honor our constitution. who doesnt? no really who?
BU3 Michael Lane, springfield or. age 36 [02-17-2005]

This is great. Wish there was a better picture of the "Declaration" - But being so old I supposed this is the best that there is.
Jooyce [02-17-2005]

A must-see for every American, to be reminded of the difficulties, as well as the bravery of the Founding Fathers. God Bless America.
Paul Hodges, Virginia [02-17-2005]

Tadam Mergener, Midlothian TX. age: 11 [02-17-2005]

i learned a lot from this website thanx for the reference.
meagan, 14 [02-17-2005]

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how many men signed the declaration of independence?
Nathanial Glass, 14 [02-17-2005]

Great site! as a future teacher I think this is a great resource to teach children about the Declaration of Independence
Cindy Ammons [02-17-2005]

The Nova PBS special got me interested in using Yahoo to search for this web site very interesting well done
Greg Gibson, 49 years/Somerville NJ [02-17-2005]

wow. we do have rights in this country even if the polictians think they can tell what rights are. they take us for granted and need to do right by us no matter what they believe. our rights come first and foremost before their wishes,demands or needs.
marsha wesley [02-17-2005]

i need some info. on the Quartering act and this website doesnt have a lot. Please get more in soon. i have to do a report on it.
Someone, a age [02-15-2005]

i think that the declaration of independence is great i think that thomas jefferson did great onit too. this is amazing that someone could think of something like this.
Janna Bryant, Virgina [02-15-2005]

the declaration needs to be longer
danielle collins, pulaski,va 12yrs. [02-15-2005]

Thank you for helping me with my homework
Mae Mae, age11, Eddy, Texas [02-15-2005]

Maegan [02-15-2005]

There was not enought info. in her about george taylor.
Patricia, Sallasadburg [02-15-2005]

The declaration of independence is a horrible document
nicole Behnke [02-15-2005]

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That was the best thing that happend to America
Doggy Lou [02-15-2005]

the d. of independence is soo cool...i loved how they stole it in that one movie.
Natalie [02-15-2005]

I think the Declaration is very cool you can learn a lot about history and my teacher loves your websit
David Johnson, West Fargo ND 12years old [02-15-2005]

how was john Adams vice prsident
angel, melvourne [02-15-2005]

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Lisa, 15 [02-15-2005]

I enjoy history very much. I found this site informative.
Joshua B. Cole [02-15-2005]

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I have a midterm tomorrow of the French and Indian war! I'm soooooo scared! Somebody help me!
caroline, Tennessee [02-15-2005]

I would like to know about Benjamin Harrison's childhod.
anonymous [02-15-2005]

i am doing a report on the declaration of independence and this is helping a lot
anonymous [02-15-2005]

Brandy, 13 Hilliard justin wilson's gurl friend [02-15-2005]

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christina bowman [02-15-2005]

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sophia, ionia high [02-15-2005]

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Awesome Person, 16, Armore, Ok, [02-15-2005]

This site is really good if you have a report over the the Declaration. It touches bases on just about every aspect of it. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Cassi [02-15-2005]

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adam upton [02-15-2005]

I loved your site, and I'm sure that it'll bless the life of many others people like it did for me.
Keith sammi, usa [02-15-2005]

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I have a 1776 call to arms and don't know what to do with it..i need to realy know if its real.
Travis, racine [02-15-2005]

Simone Griffin [02-15-2005]

I enjoyed being able to read, and learn more about one of my ancestors. he is my great, great, great grandfather.
Sheryl Wolcott, lake county, florida [02-15-2005]

Merci beaucoup pour la qualité de votre site. Bonne continuation ! Léa
Léa [02-15-2005]

i am related to Thomas Nelson .Jr thank you for taking your time to lisen to me
Emillee Nelson, Cairnbrook, PA 15924 [02-15-2005]

This is a very cool website! Thanks! It helps me with my school work! -Mike
Mike [02-15-2005]

Landen Spiering [02-15-2005]

I am a direct descendant of Richard Lee, one of the signers from Virginia. In doing a family tree, I discovered this wonderful fact. Thank you for displaying this site so that others may know our great country's history.
Linda Lee Cole, Albion, IN [02-15-2005]

kristy [02-15-2005]

Thanks for all the info you have supplied me with in order to summarize my history reports! I also want to take a trip to Philadelphia and Washington,DC to follow up this wonderful history of our country!
Janice LaFleur [02-15-2005]

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harold bricks, investment analyst,tour consultant [02-15-2005]

Wonderful site, and what a magnificent historic document. It's wording show man's ability to think and progress.
Richard Gary Scott, Northern Ireland [02-15-2005]

I have been told that Lyman Hall is my great great uncle. I'd like to look into this. Any suggestions?
Dr. Nancy Hall Cagen [02-15-2005]

I think that this site is really boring and that you should spice it up a little .. lol
Kelsey, 17 [02-15-2005]

dogs rule 67 [02-15-2005]

Cindy Johnson [02-15-2005]

finaly,after 4 web searches i've found a site with the whole declaration &:P
emmy, 8thgrade [02-15-2005]

Allison [02-15-2005]

loved all of the rooms in arcives mueseum
sarah nathan, 11 years old. live in n.c. [02-15-2005]

Kelly Williams [02-15-2005]

Declaraion of Indepedence shows that America should be a Christian nation, and that all people are created equal. This should include unborn children, so abortion is wrong. It also shows how the Christianity of the president helps hold this nation up high.
Gavin [02-15-2005]

molly, 11 [02-15-2005]

and I LIKE TO SAY WEEEEEE! [02-15-2005]

I really don't like George Bush, I love John Kerry. I wonder what it was like to sign the dec. of indi.
Avril is the best!, nunya biznuss [02-15-2005]

seamus perry [02-15-2005]

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sam belton [02-15-2005]

I have no desire to see the movie National Treasure but I do have a feeling it could be a little bit true. I mean if it was a map or something that would be hott.
Soccer Player, 13 [02-15-2005]

i love John Handcock he's so kool it's grate i love school
Alison D [02-15-2005]

i loved it!... jk... i like how it made today but i could never read the WHOLE thing!
jen d., hmm... none that i can think of! im from maine though! [02-15-2005]

I wonder if Avril Lavigne has read the Declaration of Independence.
Olivia, Nunya Bizness [02-15-2005]

The Declaratin gives a lot of info but it's boring to just sit there and read it.
Searra E [02-15-2005]

We are learning about the Declaration of Independence in school. We are each assigned a part of it and it is a cool document. I am excited to learn more about the forefathers of the United States.
Slivo [02-15-2005]

Cool pictures declaration sSICK!
some random guy [02-15-2005]

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Jen the best person ever, it don't matter how old i am cuz im the best! [02-15-2005]

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anonymous, Baktimore [02-15-2005]

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i am doing a reporte on jefferson and i need more facts on him. PLEASE help me and am a very good kid and awsome
Mackie, illinios [02-15-2005]

Good site... I got a lot of info for my 10 page research paper for english over the Declaration of Independence due TOMORROW!
Cassi, Ardmore, OK 16 and lovin it [02-15-2005]

Great Site.
Wanda Jackson, Demopolis Alabama 49 [02-15-2005]

This link can give you more of the story of the Revolutionary War. John 8:32 [02-15-2005]

Your website is interesting, but you should add some more info.
p.j. [02-15-2005]

i miss my old teacher mrs. engerski!
nancy engerski's former student [02-15-2005]

This was a great site! There was tons of exceptional information and this was my most visited website for my Declaration Project. Thanks.
Nycole Copping [02-15-2005]

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anonymous [02-15-2005]

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cellest [02-15-2005]

I think this is an awesome place for homework, especially when it comes to Social Studies terms!
Kristy, 13 year-old loves history [02-15-2005]

i need help
Kay-Lee, 777095 [02-15-2005]

I think John Hancock was interesting.But I need to know if he was maried or not or had kids or a brother or sister or a mom.Owe and JOJO the singer stole my name and nickename and first name.Her first Name is Joanna and her nickename is JOJO.
Joanne orJoJo, age 11from Indiana [02-09-2005]

im really happy for the decaration of independenc4
ashlee, 11 years old [02-09-2005]

I love your sight for my history homework!
Danielle, age:11 city:Norco [02-09-2005]

I love learning about how we came to be.
Hassanies, B.P.T C.T age:11 [02-09-2005]

it was great 4 finding info 4 my homework!
kristin, hendersonville,13, [02-09-2005]

the movie "National treasure" mentions that 55 people signed the document and when I read the declaration of independence I learned there were 56, it's a shame that movies give wrong information.
ana maría delgado montalvo, monterrey, nuevo leon mexico, 49 anos english teacher [02-09-2005]

robert treatpaine [02-09-2005]

Thank you for preserving our history in such an accessible manor.
Nancy, Mesa, AZ [02-09-2005]

Im working on an American History project. This site helped me find everyone who signed it, and any other informationg I could possibly need. Thanks Briana Horn 14 Medicine Lodge Middle School Joshua Axline Purple 3 American History Class
Briana, I am 14 years old. [02-09-2005]

delcora huggins [02-09-2005]

I think sites like this are great. I would like to know how many countries were influenced to revolt by the Declaration of Independenc?
Gordie Harris, I am currently student teaching an 8th grade social studies class. [02-09-2005]

i think thissight is very extravagant and elegant
gwenitria [02-08-2005]

I think you should have more about how it led to other events and how it evected other people Write Back Jackie
Jackie Malicki, McComb 16 45858 [02-08-2005]

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adam, witchita kansas. 07 [02-08-2005]

hey i think you should put more information on there. Brandy Wilkes
Brandy, 13, Hilliard FL [02-08-2005]

I think that you should have a place wher we can sign the declaration of independence.
maeiah thompson, lemoore ca, 11 years [02-08-2005]

This website is awesome! Keep up the great work!
Kim [02-08-2005]

your site is very helpful but is that stuff in national treasure true? if it is what hapened to the treasure? really curious. great site though very very helpful for my history project
natalie, newyork [02-08-2005]

this website is very informative and educative. but i'm wondering is there any other story behind this declaration of independence cos i just watched national treasure and it got me really wondering . pls mail me if u can and give me some more info. i really think america is a great country. God bless America
bidemi [02-08-2005]

i saw a camercial in the superbowl about it, it was ok
Jo [02-08-2005]

i relly don't care what all you losers think about the country it sucks any ways and i agree with cortney the contrey is going to the dogs
big R dogg, alama [02-08-2005]

I think that eery body should have the opurtunity to see and experience to read it. because everybody should see what started everything
Ariel Hickson, My age is 14 [02-08-2005]

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Trey Dogg [02-08-2005]

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anonymous [02-08-2005]

As a freelance writer, currently writing a book for young people, early American and early Canadian history have always been of tremendous interest to me. Recently, after seeing the movie "National Treasure", I was searching for info on the Liberty bell which led me to this site. I will return often - very interesting.
Maureen Wright, London, Ontario, Canada [02-08-2005]

I love the enternet
Jacob [02-08-2005]

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blaise,cohn, california [02-08-2005]

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Thank you very much! It was helpful!
Dee H. [02-07-2005]

Lori Fluker, Spangdahlem AB, Germany [02-07-2005]

Was this written by a man?
Tom Sellick, Liquids are wet [02-07-2005]

Honestly, who cares about the Declaration of Independence? I mean, I get that it's the "foundation of our country" and all that stuff, but what's the point of studying it? Our country seems to be going to the dogs anyways? Besides the old farts that signed it are dead, so it's not like they can make a difference in our lives anymore. WHO CARES!?!
Courtney [02-07-2005]

hey, i like your web! It helpedme a lot for my project in school! Thanks again
Abigail [02-07-2005]

I think this is a great web site. It is helping me find a lot of information on my history research paper.
pink, austin, tx (14) [02-07-2005]

Before the Super Bowl, there were several speakers who read from The Declaration of Independence. It was moving and made me very proud of our country.
anonymous [02-07-2005]

OK website, but you need to put in his accomplishments in as a section.
Alex, Florida [02-07-2005]

patrick [02-07-2005]

dave, granville, ohio, 36 yrs. old [02-07-2005]

I had to do a report on Roger Sherman for my U.S. History class and this site really helped me out Thanks
Aubrey Gourd [02-07-2005]

dear, jessica rhodes, greenwood s.c. i was wondering if you could contact me! i think we are both related to charles carroll of carrollton. you signed this guest book 1/27/05.
Kelsey Taylor Brandt, albuquerque,NM age 12, [02-07-2005]

Okay, I just want to be a good friend and say that on February 3, Molly Dixon DID NOT write that. A disgrace to all human beings that (unfortunately) is in our Geometry class wrote that. Sorry, D did that, Molly! Sorry, everyone else, that you had to waste 2 seconds of your life to read that! By the way, D, famous has is spelled with an M. It's faMous, not faous! Again, sorry everyone! Love ya'll!
Chloe Harren [02-07-2005]

you are geat n da decoratio off indepently
bibo, butfar, sandiego [02-07-2005]

I'm extremely moved by the document. My fourth great grandmother was a sister of James Smith, a sugner from PA.
Arthur L. Postance, age-67; Waynesboro,Pa [02-07-2005]

it's been a while since reading the d of c. it will not go so long without my attention again. i get goose bumps when i read it! proud to be born in philadelphia 44 years ago, and proud to live in new hampshire now. "live free or die" . god bless these united states of americal!
michael g connell, twin mountain, new hampshire [02-07-2005]

Erin [02-07-2005]

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Eric Ramirez [02-07-2005]

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anonymous [02-07-2005]

I'm from Poland but I like your's site. Is great.
Leszek Marciniak, Poland 16 [02-07-2005]

Learning the words for Social Studies test in eighth grade
Jeanie (Rob), parent of 13 year old [02-07-2005]

i love how you chaned the united states and how many different presidents changed th world too.i am really happy that i live in this happy and national country.i hope you all had a wonderful holiday and all holiday should be great too. thanks
Maria Nadeem, Tulsa, OK [02-07-2005]

moin nadeem, age 6 [02-07-2005]

I hate this website and you to.
Josh, 2159carrlolina 34 [02-07-2005]

You should show a picture of he real Decaration of Independence and tell where you can find it.
paula, 26935 Hollywood, califorina, 48 [02-07-2005]

how come my messages don't show up?
anonymous [02-07-2005]

thomas Jefferson was a guy that wrote it right?
anonymous [02-07-2005]

joeanna mort [02-07-2005]

Brittany Higginbotham, Fayetteville, GA 13 [02-07-2005]

jeff is kewl so is ur mom!j/k
d, d [02-07-2005]

Conspicuously absent from your "related information" page, where you write "Here are some different resources to help you understand what led the United States to declare its independence from Great Britain" is any mention of Thomas Paine, or of his January 1776 publication of "Common Sense".
Albert DiCanzio [02-07-2005]

John Hancock wrote his name the largest on the Declaration of Independence for the colonist freedom and Independence!
Kelsey, 10 [02-07-2005]

Good and interesting website. I hope to return visit it
Roy Casty, Naples, 44 years [02-07-2005]

I first learned of John Hart, one of the men that signed the Declaration of Independence when I was in 6th grade.
John Hart [02-03-2005]

John Edmonds [02-03-2005]

i am a direct desendant of charles carroll of carrollton. if ny body else is let me know.
Kelsey Taylor Brandt, albuquerque,NM age 12 [02-03-2005]

I think that they should have put rights for women to do more that what they do know.Men think they own every thing that they touch encluding women.We should be able to do just about the same as men.
Elizabeth Savage, Cambers county,Alabama 13years old [02-03-2005]

how did thomas jefferson write such a long paper for the declartion of independence.
jenny barsdow, kansas, age : 18 [02-03-2005]

u guys don't have good research
andrew [02-03-2005]

I love to read about what happen in the old days. Caitlyn Garcia
Caitlyn garcia, Coolidge [02-03-2005]

staci [02-03-2005]

im an ancestor of arthur middleton
mary middleton, richmond,virginia [02-03-2005]

Hello, I want to know that when the Declaration of Independence was signed.Year and day please.
Ivan [02-03-2005]

i love the Declaration of Independence
Maureen, Bloomington, 18 [02-03-2005]

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e'lan, i love going online.i use it all the time for report.i will not use a book) [02-03-2005]

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Jennifer crowson, age 14 shepherd texas [02-03-2005]

I love ur site...i used it for my history report and found everything i needed... SUGGESTION: put pictures in of the documents, people, etc...PEACE OUT< YO!
Hokulani, i m a history geek in secret-SHUSH [02-03-2005]

jen [02-03-2005]

WOW! You learn something new everyday....
Kelli, Cleveland, Ohio [02-03-2005]

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Leon Case [02-03-2005]

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jessie gilly, 11 years old [02-03-2005]

i love this website its awesome its cool
chris, 32 [02-03-2005]

This site really helped me for a speech on a great time in history. Thanks
Tommy, 14 [02-03-2005]

i think this is good my project is due and got all my info off of there holla back at ya girl i am hold it down at west orange high school ~1~ Bill
Bill [02-03-2005]

great website / i think more americans should learn about our declaration of independence
car 24 [02-03-2005]

The website was very helpful for my social studies project.
blaine, 13 [02-03-2005]

I think you should show pictures of the Declaration of Independents
Jasmine, Baldwin Park [02-03-2005]

katlain, 11 [02-03-2005]

I'm eight years old and researching Thomas Jefferson for a school project. He is a very interesting man.
Timothy Rens, Paducah, Ky [02-03-2005]

I think it was a good website.Especially about John Hancock.I got a lot of information about my person.But I hope I find even more for school.Thank You.
Joanne Bryan from Indiana. [02-03-2005]

good facts, but John Jay did not outlive his partners in the Federalist essay. James Madison died in 1836 and Hamiltion in 1804.
anonymous [02-03-2005]

Its ok but your subject is boring
Josh knight [02-03-2005]

this is cool
anonymous [02-03-2005]

Lisa Jones, Dallas, TX [02-03-2005]

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tony, 20 [02-03-2005]

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Jonathon Thumper [02-03-2005]

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Keith, Corona [02-03-2005]

Your site is very informative
c.j. [02-03-2005]

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Laura [02-03-2005]

You need to tell who wrote the site and all that for students who need this as a reference for their papers in MLA format.
Megan [02-03-2005]

I lovedc it
reghjws [02-03-2005]

This helped me a lot for my social studies project!
Nancy Engerski, Carol Stream,IL [02-03-2005]

Before I went to The Constitutional Center, I never noticed how much our country went through. I've read books, of course, I've written out reports, but the show they had there made my mind jump to a conclusion. The things that actually happened cannot be put into words that we say everyday. I can't describe it..... No one really can. But I am glad that people actually think about our history and make sites of it, or it wouldn't really be known. Thanks for making this site. It really means something to me, even if I am only 10, I have thoughts.
Raieh, 10 years, Smart Kid [02-03-2005]

Great people in the world!
kunjie wang [02-03-2005]

Important subject for my study in the School of Law from the Open University in The Netherlands
Hendrik P. A. Boogaard, Harderwijk, The Netherlands [02-03-2005]

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kc [02-03-2005]

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Catalyst4Christ, [02-03-2005]

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Gibralter Poopi, i'm super straight [02-03-2005]

this is a good sight but there is not enough information for a high schooler like me to do a report.but if you have any more can you Email me at Thankyou Denise
anonymous, detroit, michigan [02-03-2005]

I'm doing a project on the Declaration and this wesite really helped me.
Olivia, 11 [02-03-2005]

I know the declaration of independence by heart, i love this faous document and wish i could have my own personal copy.
Molly Dixon [02-03-2005]

I think the declaration of independence is really about America's well being and outstanding from other contries because they don't have declarations of independence's because they don't have well being like us.
Fatima Rainey, 12 New York City [02-03-2005]

jaylan, hoover/10 y.o [02-03-2005]

Kelli E. Baker [02-03-2005]

i think you should only put the important people who signed the deleration of independence
stephanie, state:ohio age:14 [02-03-2005]

thanxs for sharing this info about the declartion of independece i was really going crazy looking for this stuff and ur the website to go to next time i have something to do for history
sammy, mercedes texas 16 [02-03-2005]

I can finish my homework now! Thanks!
Snickerdoodle, 10 [02-03-2005]

I recomend this site to everyone!
Shelby, ky [02-03-2005]

i'm very intersted in the u.s history
andy de coninck, ingelmunster belgium 18 years old [02-03-2005]

you need the 23rd president in here. actually all of the presidents
noneya [02-03-2005]

I am him for social studies and i really think your awsome and i want to learn about you more!
Brenna, Marion [01-30-2005]

Great! Really helps with homework.
Erin, 10 years [01-30-2005]

Jim Ellison, Paradise, California [01-30-2005]

i wonder how many days it took jefferson to write it?
jessie, no [01-30-2005]

i wonder how many days it took jefferson to write it?
jessie, no [01-29-2005]

How many declarations of Independance were there? I have come to beleave ther were as many as five, is this true?
Jon C. Burton, Naples FL [01-29-2005]

Deidrea Williams, St.Joseph La, 16 [01-29-2005]

sara [01-29-2005]

I'm doing a project on the Proclamation and this website has helped me a lot.
Emily, I'm 13 from Burlington [01-29-2005]

i am doing a project and this is good info my person is samuel adams
Tami stuart, Wrangell, ak [01-29-2005]

Josh, Sherwood Park, 13, [01-29-2005]

Your website is cool,but Patrick Henry's speach is too long
Sarah [01-29-2005]

i love history
arlesa artison, memphis,tn 10 [01-29-2005]

Best web site ive been on so far i am writing a school report im in 6th grade
Jonathan Bryner, Ohio [01-29-2005]

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Thanks for helping me with my history project.
Cedric, Sumerduck, VA [01-29-2005]

I think that is very wonderful that it is here. It can help many people around the world with many differnt things. Like me I am doing a research report on this on this.
LaSette, Houma,11, [01-29-2005]

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Angelica Jusino, age: 11, 6th grade [01-29-2005]

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buttah, ny.ny [01-29-2005]

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Dakota Stultz, lewisville ar age 9 [01-29-2005]

Really great site, good information. BYE!
Stephanie, Age 13 [01-29-2005]

I am doing a project on Tomas Jefferson the signer of the declaration of independence. I would like you to give me 10 pages of infomation that anwers these questions: who he is, why they were there, what did they do during the rev_, and after rev_. Thank you sincerly melissa ann marchman
melissa marchman, I am 15 turning 16 this june [01-29-2005]

You helped me a lot!
Sunjay Gupta, Stony Brook, N.Y. [01-29-2005]

This website was really helpful for my US History class in College.
Maranda, Lexington, NC [01-29-2005]

The sight was great, I do lots of research and that it was awesome.
Codie [01-29-2005]

I can't believe so many people signed the Decloration of Independence. think it was cool.
Stephanie, Austin.TX [01-29-2005]

Ammonie Newkirk [01-29-2005]

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cheyanna manners, saltburg;10 [01-29-2005]

This website is cool it is awesome i love history
Nevin, Chicago, 11 [01-27-2005]

i love the indepenence!
Megan [01-27-2005]

Wow, I recently discovered that I am related through my grandmother (Ola Hooper), to William Hooper! If I have any relatives out there, please contact me with info.
Anna Hughey [01-27-2005]

I diss like George Bush but love John Kerry
Ron Killon, PittsburgPa 34 [01-27-2005]

this is a good website for information on like all history and stuff! Thnx,sidney
sidney, hey wats up?! [01-27-2005]

Great Website!
anonymous [01-27-2005]

this is the best site to help people on there history homework!1 thank you SO much
Jordan, 10 [01-27-2005]

Just watched the movie "National Treasure" and it jogged a memory. What is the document in the lower lever of the Independnece Hall building (it could be the hall of congress)? I always thought the Declaration of the Independence was kept there.
Christin Hornbaker [01-27-2005]

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anonymous [01-27-2005]

I did a speech on it
AMartin, Missouri [01-27-2005]

Nicole [01-27-2005]

The declaration shines as a beacon to the oppressed peoples of the world.
David John Denton, Laindon,Essex,England. 55 [01-27-2005]

Dis site is off da Hook!
Colin Schuylet, 13 [01-27-2005]

I am a 7th grader doing a project on the consequenses of spying during the American Revolution. About how many spies were there during the whole war and how were some of them killed?
c., age 12 [01-27-2005]

Really good sight a lot of info
max [01-27-2005]

this site thought me a lot about patrick henry
scott cole, delco'north carilina 13 [01-27-2005]

my nana anna carroll has written information that she is related to charles carroll (declaration of independance)
jessica rhodes, greenwood s.c [01-27-2005]

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scott cole, i am 13 [01-27-2005]

Cool site used it for research!
Joshua, 14 Yrs Old [01-27-2005]

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danielle, 14 [01-27-2005]

Julia, California [01-27-2005]

dacy, Bangore [01-27-2005]

nice site I enjoyed it a lot edward is my great-great-great-great-great grandfather very well put together site I liked the information trying to find out more on family history this was a good example to show my own kids
chris rutledge [01-27-2005]

Amelia D Laird [01-27-2005]

I am doing a project in school about the Declaration of Independence. I can't find any info about it. Would you be able to point me in the right derection for a website? I need help!
erin, Florida [01-27-2005]

bob, no [01-27-2005]

i think that it is cool that my family is realted to john hancock somewhere along the line
Brittany Hancock [01-27-2005]

i needed to make up a fictional charactor related to this topic i could not find names. i could of used someones famous daughtor or something but i cannot find anything.
inca walson [01-27-2005]

kayla, 13 [01-27-2005]

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hi, hi [01-27-2005]

Natasha [01-27-2005]

this site is very useful. :-)
teayra, 13 [01-25-2005]

Thank-you for helping me learn about the history of our Declaration of Independence.
Caleb, age 8 [01-25-2005]

I grew up with Paul Revever he was a GREAT man!
billa [01-25-2005]
Keit, corona [01-25-2005]

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glen potter [01-25-2005]

I love this wwebsite and that you guys are awesome!
Lauren, I love Pink! [01-25-2005]

Cool website
anonymous, I'm 11 [01-25-2005]

hi im brianna and im doing a report on the signing the declaration of independence
brianna [01-25-2005]

Looking for Alvin Taylor of Virginia
Lloyd J. Taylor, Enid, Oklahoma [01-25-2005]

I love your website! I think it's really helpful to fifth grade social studies homework. I am competing in a school speech contest and am writing a report on The Declaration of Independence. I already have a lot of helpful info from your site. Thanks a lot for your help!
Holly, I'm 11 years old and I come from Waukesha, WI [01-25-2005]

hey i am doing a play on the declaration of Independents so if you have any good informason e-mail me at Thank you Jamie.
Jamie Fitzgerald, Smithville,Mo 64089 [01-25-2005]

i think that american history is boring and think its worthless .bring out the mexican history.
Liz, 14 i love martin [01-25-2005]

this website was very informative, thank you...
christine, 15 years old [01-25-2005]

Sammy, New Jersey [01-25-2005]

thomas jefferson was a great man he was concidered a tradior to britan but thats ok because he wrote the decleration of independece
sara, 10 [01-25-2005]

I am sorry to say this but I think History is so boring exspeacially with my teacher shes no fun
Jackie Malicki, McComb 14 [01-25-2005]

Patrick B. Rose [01-25-2005]

I appreciated this web page presentation--I know today we will have to fight hard to preserve these freedoms>
Cynthia A Stewart, St Paul,MN [01-25-2005]

weed [01-25-2005]

We liked your website, because it's very infmational on our history day project.
History Freaks, clarkton, 14&14, boy&boy, striaght [01-25-2005]

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anonymous [01-25-2005]

Rebecca [01-25-2005]

This Site has really helped me research details needed for a homewok assignment
Jeff [01-25-2005]

I am related to Goerge Walton
Piper [01-25-2005]

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anonymous [01-25-2005]

domenick [01-25-2005]

you lshold put more info on some of these people like who the wife was number of children and each of there names.
anonymous [01-25-2005]

kelsey terracina [01-25-2005]

brooke porche [01-25-2005]

Lyubov, I'm 10 years old [01-25-2005]

I was always told I was a direct decendent of Thomas Stone. However I was told Thomas Stone had no direct decendents that lived. Does any one have information on Robert Harris Stone 1820, James Stone 1787, or J Stone 1724. These are listed on my family tree. I am wondering how these people were related to Thomas Stone signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Karen [01-25-2005]

Alex Duea, St.Cloud, MN Age 14 [01-25-2005]

I think thats this website is really neat. I had an essay on The Declaration of Independence, and this website really helped me out. Thanks guys.
Katie, Louisiana [01-25-2005]

emiley [01-25-2005]

The decloration is and important day of history! It is very special!
Jill Mallam, Wymore Nebraska [01-25-2005]

kiki [01-25-2005]

I love social studies I am 11 and in sixth grade
CHristina [01-25-2005]

hello what they doe how arew u doing i lve the site and what ur doing pariotric
jasmine esquire [01-25-2005]

Thank you for making all the information on this site so easily available. To protect our liberty all Americans need to know and understand where that liberty came from and the expense of life and property that it cost.
Audrey Shiflett [01-25-2005]

Gilbert L. Myers, Austin, TX [01-25-2005]

Thank you for the clear explanation regarding the American Constitution and source of thought regarding Freedom; as a teacher this information is most welcome during my lessons for Dutch students. Sincerely, Arjan Peter van den Ende esq.
Van den Ende, Lavendel 1, 2951 DA Alblasserdam Netherlands Europe [01-25-2005]

I love history but the history of the United States is the best story, they sacrificed everything for the union.
shell, portage in [01-25-2005]

I have been told I am related to Benjamin Rush. My grandmother comes from New York and Pennsylvania. Her maiden name was Foster. How do I find the proper resourses to document this? foster.
Lillian [Fromer] Summerhill, Michigan [01-25-2005]

great site
anonymous [01-25-2005]

I am proud to be an American and like to read the Declaration of Independence.
Conner Smith, Rose Hill NC [01-25-2005]

it's a good webbie i guess
kara [01-25-2005]

Clara Manee [01-25-2005]

MaKenzie, bussey,ia i am 9 years old2005 [01-25-2005]

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babygirl, orl 15 sexy [01-25-2005]

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E. Borton, 15 [01-25-2005]

Michaela Merillat, #10 [01-25-2005]

I am related to charles carroll,one of the signers of the Declaration of Independance.
linda carroll nichols, ashtabula, ohio [01-25-2005]

Cynthia Solis, lynwood [01-25-2005]

Jared, Salt lake city, ut 22yrs old [01-25-2005]

i love history !
anonymous [01-19-2005]

Love History
Frankie, 11 years old [01-19-2005]

Domenico Nanci [01-19-2005]

Emliy, 13 y.o.a. [01-19-2005]

we researched 3 of the signers on the Declaration of Independence. We chose Lyman Hall, William Hooper and the famous John Hancock. Thank you for this information.
Libby, elementary school student [01-19-2005]

jason nielsen, los lunas [01-19-2005]

Heyy ppl I'm here for a school project this site is awsome it helps so much! Everyone in my classes should know about it!
Hannah, 13 yrs. North Attleboro [01-19-2005]

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Michael Clark, Our history is very cool.Thanks fo [01-19-2005]

Very interesting website. I am in love with American History, and I love this website.
Lexi, 14 [01-19-2005]

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anonymous, Kenneth Godden from Dublin, Ireland age 14 [01-19-2005]

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Steve Girard, 13,waukesha, [01-19-2005]

I really enjoyed researching John Adams.
paris, guntersville, al [01-19-2005]

Jessica Moses [01-19-2005]

i liked this site it was fun i learned a lot! thank you for this site
anonymous [01-19-2005]

had a lot of info i needed 2 answer questions 4 class but i wouldnt go here just to look if it was optional cuzz this sight is borring so is history
anonymous [01-19-2005]

This is a very educational site and is very helpful when studying for test on the revoultionary war
King James, canton 14 mi [01-19-2005]

I have a copy of The Unimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America. I think it´s written on parchment paper. I want to know of the copy is valuable
Annet Smit, The Netherlands [01-19-2005]

the decleration is a good idea
simon [01-19-2005]

i love social studies
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Iam realted 2 John Hancock
Ray, 15 [01-19-2005]

Great source of information for a school project
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hey thanks! you helped a lot on the outside information on my DBQ for social studies class
mp, 7th grade [01-19-2005]

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Elizabeth Martinez, San Jose CA 95116 [01-19-2005]

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Benitez, Isabel, San Jose CA [01-19-2005]

Please help me find out if my daughter is indeed a descendent of John Witherspoon.
Angela, San Antonio [01-19-2005]

My daughter was told by her father that she is a descendent of John Witherspoon. I am trying to help her find out about her family tree. Please help me if you have any information. Thank you.
anonymous [01-19-2005]

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This site was a great help for the essay I had to do.
Terry, Burlington, NC [01-19-2005]

george washington was a good President. he chopped a cherry tree that is in history.
jordan houston [01-19-2005]

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hello, 1 month old [01-19-2005]

This page helped me a lot
Alexis Barrett, Martinsville 12 [01-19-2005]

"We hold these Truths, when in the course of human events" Nobody speaks like that anymore... its a shame...
Alucard, Norway [01-19-2005]

1763 [01-19-2005]

Tell it to the World
Michael Sampson, Edmonton, Alberta [01-19-2005]

i had to do a project adn this really helped
Victor, Tucson,AZ [01-19-2005]

I wish I could visit yall and want to go to over there I've read a lot about the Revolutionary War and know a lot about it so E-mail me Bye-Bye
Miguel Maya, Spring,Texas [01-19-2005]

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i really liked reading about this document
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Hi il liked ur site. any people can e-mail me 4 ?'s! or anything else u want!1
Cassie, Indiana [01-19-2005]

i love this site, it's great for research for historical progects, or just to learn something new.
anonymous, 14 [01-19-2005]

Hello, I am doing a research project on the Declaration of Independence for my school. It's not just any kind of project, but a very big one. I was wondering that maybe you can help me out? I need information on if there were any "attempts to change the declaration while it was being made?" If you can post some information on this website about that, then it would be really helpful to me. If you do manage to post something after my report is graded, i can probably send you a copy of it. Thank you and I hope you will help me out!
anonymous, Maryland [01-19-2005]

im glad that we thought of the declaration of independence we deserve as much freedom as anybody else.
sonia [01-19-2005]

fiona and sahar, north vancity, bc canada [01-19-2005]

i was looking up stuff for my school project and got excellent photos.
angel, chesapeake 13 [01-19-2005]

I just saw the movie 1776 in school and it was very interesting. I've also seen National Treasure and I loved it. I love these two movies because I love American history all around.
Brandon Pechloff, Chicago,IL age 12 [01-19-2005]

i thought this site was good it helped me on my S.S project
chalice, manchester,ct 14 [01-19-2005]

This site is so historical
Lakergirl [01-19-2005]

meagan [01-19-2005]

wow it reads great i enjoyed reading the from the uk and i love the states and i took great pleasure in readin the bill that gave america its independance from this horrible country i have to call home. robert harrison.
robert harrison, im from nottingham,england.united kingdom. im 19 years old. [01-19-2005]

hi, minnesota [01-19-2005]

please add me to your guestbook
ashley stanford, i am 12 years old [01-19-2005]

This is a good site!
Lacy, 14 [01-19-2005]

You have left a very important original signer off of your web pages, Charles Thomson, the Secretary of Congress. He and John Hancock were the only two men to sign the Declaration on July 4, 1776.
Jonathan Reed [01-19-2005]

Cody Kelderman [01-19-2005]

thank you for this lovely life. whenever i feal hateful to the british, I go to this site
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Deborah, Age 11 [01-19-2005]

My family has already been told that we are related to a signer of the Declaration of Independence, Matthew Thornton. I have a Pedigree chart showing ancestors and descendants of Thornton. Do you know of anyone who can verify?
anonymous, nc [01-19-2005]

hi, farmington [01-19-2005]

Kimberly Brown [01-19-2005]

I Loved this site, a good resorce!
Shelby, Iowa [01-19-2005]

George Walton is my ansestor. this website was a great source to find out who he was. Who knew lineage is so cool?
anonymous [01-19-2005]

i am a 13 and a 14yr old and we are messed up in the head as all our teachers and our parents tell us....John Hancccok was our GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT UNCLE!it wa a very sad death {we killed him} oh well 1 down and millions to go! Bye
Jennifer and Sarah, 55841652654612551651»age [01-19-2005]

Barbara Hipp, age 10 [01-19-2005]

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anonymous [01-19-2005]

I think it is really cool how this web site shows the signatures and give information about the signers
Shaunice, Radcliff [01-19-2005]

you guys are the coolest.
mike N [01-19-2005]

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anonymous, suger act [01-19-2005]

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i had a history project and this site really helped me with that, thanks!
nicole, 14, illinios [01-19-2005]

Benjamin Rush is my 5th Great Grandfather and I really enjoy reading your articles about him. Thank You
Debra Ann Welch Granfield Sycks, Lebam WA [01-19-2005]

homework helper-thanksw
het, 99yrs [01-19-2005]

I'm glad it happened.
Savalis Mims, age 9 and a half Augusta, GA [01-19-2005]

I think the declaration was a great idea!
Sarah, Bensalem,9,19020 [01-19-2005]

Are school loves this site!
Ashley, Horse Heaven Hills Middle school! [01-19-2005]

I think the declaration has made an impact on my life especially since of my religion.
Jenna Perkins, Allentown, 14 [01-19-2005]

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I like the faces on the money it's so cool.
Jessica Ledesma, Dallas,15,milford school [01-19-2005]

Jessica Ledesma [01-19-2005]

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i think it is cool
george hernandez, tex [01-19-2005]

James Arthur Rush, Decendant of Benjamin Q. Rush [01-19-2005]

Andy, memphis,missouri,16,male [01-19-2005]

I am a Boy Scout Leader from Indiana and getting information for a badge we are working on. This is a very helpful site.
Maureen [01-19-2005]

I am unable to access the bios of the signers and i need it for a JROTC project that i am working on the the MILITARY OFFICERS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA-LOUISVILLE, CHAPTER. Could you help? Thanks. L
anonymous, louisville, KY [01-19-2005]

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meme [01-19-2005]

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Brody [01-19-2005]

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I really appreciate your site. It really helps me out this year, because I have US history. Thanx 4 makin it! =)
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youre website gave a lot of information about the American history. thanks for this website. bye
Angie, Alhambra, 13 [01-19-2005]

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amy, im 18 [01-19-2005]

i think that your web should inclue the decloration of independence.
Jordan Power, oldbridge [01-19-2005]

I think the Declaration of Independence is awesome! It got us away from Britain in a creative way!(No offence on Britain).
Melissa, age 12 [01-19-2005]

you have very great info the time line was great i also like you have a sign in book
Jessica, hawriver N.C 13 years of age [01-19-2005]

This site is grrrrreat. It is a great help with school reports thanx sooo much. K.T. from ohio
anonymous [01-19-2005]

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Bolvera [01-19-2005]

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Jacqueline Reitz, Colorado, 10 [01-19-2005]

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Gymnast, Gymnastics [01-19-2005]

umm it's a good resorce site, i guess....
Katie [01-19-2005]

we are one nation under god and if ppl try to take that out, we'll end up like russia! do u want that to happen? god bless america!
Katinka Inga Bogovininnahnah, i am 38 [01-19-2005]

This place REALLY helped me with my homework.
Badger [01-19-2005]

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anonymous [01-19-2005]

god bless america
g ferguson, billericay [01-19-2005]

jon cornelius, Poulsbo, WA age 53 [01-19-2005]

Reg:presentation on George Washington,how is he connected to the Civil War? Answer: His step-grandson is Robert E.Lee(Father is Light Horse Harry Lee)
Susan, Orlando,Fl [01-19-2005]

I had to do a paper on James Wilson. I never realized that the Declaration of Independence actually becoming a true Declaration rested all on him. That's kinda cool.
Amanda, Selma, North Carolina [01-19-2005]

I was primarily uncertain about the number of men that signed the Declaration of Independence so before I made any statements about it I went to the internet to make sure,now I know for sure who signed it from my state of PA.
Estelle Griemsman, I'm originally from Pennsylavania [01-19-2005]

Just writing a paper on Bill Moyer's essay, "Declaration In Our Times," and thought I better read up on the "Declaration of Independence" before commenting.
Elizabeth Kracht, Santa Cruz, CA [01-19-2005]

~!POOja NatHu [01-19-2005]

I thought its a great part of history.I would like to know if John Bowne or samuel Bowne were sons of Liberty? Let me know by email
William S Bowne Sr., S.I.N.Y age 47 [01-19-2005]

Well I think it is very interesting because he is my great great great etc grandfather
Ashley, 10 ma [01-19-2005]

hey my name is liz i used this website as a an information thing for my debate on the topic of the proclamation of 1763 and i think its cool how you can find all this info on all these things just on this website cuz freedom rox!
liz, New york, nyc [01-19-2005]

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gabby mims, chicago il [01-19-2005]

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Emily [01-19-2005]

heY! i have to do a presentation about George Washington...but still i don´t know if i shoul say something about the declaration of independence...shall I?does somebody know good pages about the life of george washington? bye....
Nana, Mannheim, Germany [01-07-2005]

Whtiney wickard, grand junction, my age is12 [01-07-2005]

Hey ime from MA and i am 15 years old, i love history and thats why i visited this website i love it, God Bless
Lubchik Kiforishina [01-07-2005]

I think that King George III was unfair
Joe, 9 [01-07-2005]

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james, 12 schenectady [01-07-2005]

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Johnahtan, Fresno,age 10 [01-07-2005]

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Alley [01-07-2005]

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the real admendments are the law and are violated everyday by this so called new admendments our actual war and the rights were won by winning the war to find out were treated the same with limted slave rights we won the the right to bear arm and the right as stated in admendment 2 never to be infrined that means never to be taken away or changed in any way at all number 1 states freedom of speech that mean i can talk at free will andnobody can tell me different but now they tell us no its slander bulls*.i wish to be contacted by you all lets make a move on our true rights were americans true americans treat us that way or get the f* out of america my address is milton schossow po box 374 truesdale iowa 50592
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bob [01-07-2005]

casey [01-07-2005]

I think that it is stupid to take "one nation under God" out of the pledge of alligance. That is why i am researching the first amendment. It talks about freedom of Religion. Can you help me with some info?
Abigail Bullinger, 11 years old [01-07-2005]

shippo [01-07-2005]

I really enjoyed this site. It taught me a whole lot and was fun to learn!
Alaina, Sandusky,OH [01-07-2005]

this is good because freedom rocks!
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anonymous [01-07-2005]

This site is awesome! We learn all about The American Revolution and this is the perfect site to go to!
Holly [01-07-2005]

This site REALLY helped me research for my role-play interveiw project on 1775-1778. Thanks!
anonymous, 9 [01-07-2005]

chase anthony caldwell, age: 13 [01-07-2005]

This link was my main source for a play I was assigned for history class about the signing of the Declaration of Independence.(What a boring project!)
Kelly, Licking Valley M.S., 8th Grade, Ohio [01-07-2005]

marquis wilsss [01-07-2005]

Katie, Albicurqi, NM [01-07-2005]

I am a descendant of James Wilson who was one of four that signed both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S.Constitution. I guess it runs in the family. I too, have been in elected office (on the local level).
Barbara White Koppel [01-07-2005]

in pennsilvania we learned only five people signed the declaration of independence and i think tomas jefferson was one of them
eileen, 13 [01-07-2005]

The Declaration of Independence is cool to learn about
Jordan Brewer, Knoxville, Tennessee [01-07-2005]

I really thought that the declaration was very good i also. It gave many people chance to look over their life an d to take an oath of freedom.And mostly be happy.So i think that the DECLARATION was a brillant idea!
jessica, tallahassee age 17 gade 10 [01-07-2005]

is there really a map on the back of the declaration?
madison schwartz, El Paso, TX, 9 [01-07-2005]

Are you going to make another movie
Sarah Bookout, El Paso, TX, 9 [01-07-2005]

this website is perfect for history homework. thanx a lot!
Crystal Gurrola, 14 [01-07-2005]

I had to do a heritage project for social studies, I am related to William Floyd.
Miranda [01-07-2005]

this is a good website for projects and biographys thanks much ChErRy
Cherry, 21 [01-07-2005]

I really enjoy coming to this website because it really helps me with my school projects and I also learn new history facts so Thank you very much.
Paola, age 13 [01-07-2005]

What is the deal with history?
anonymous [01-07-2005]

hey dudes!
Amber [01-07-2005]

Thanks for helping me with my social studies project on the Revolutionary War, it was very helpful. I especially like the timeline THANKS AGAIN
Kara [01-07-2005]

Hi I think this is a very good website with a lot of info. THANK YOU! It was fun surfing!
Tell [01-07-2005]

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I think this is a cool site and that it is helpful for school reports
Alise C, Louisiana [01-07-2005]

I do like the way the site is set up but the site could have a few pages on what world was like for the americans before the Declaration was made and the impact after.
katrina, in college [01-07-2005]

John Hancock seems like a really nice guy and I know he is but sometimes he gets into trouble buy other people and it's never his fault John Hancock was always a true leader to me.
Michelle, 23 [01-07-2005]

i think that it is so cool on how long ago this whole thing was made up and that we the people still fallow many or all of the rules it is just too cool lol well that's all
Kayla [01-07-2005]

Ariel Rauch [01-07-2005]

Good site -- I am a decendant of George Ross (PA) on my mothers side
Scott Middlemist, Denver, CO [01-07-2005]

This is great but you need more Pics.
Sally Jacob [01-07-2005]

hi im not an american citizen though i am married to an American WOman. i can honestly say and feel that every american is so patriotic, i just wish the british were as well .
Paul [01-07-2005]

hi im anna gold
anonymous [01-07-2005]

I am related to george clymer and robert morris from pennsylvania George Clymer- mom's side Robert Morris-dad's side
April, 12 [01-02-2005]

i think that the declaration was a good idea because it aloud everyone to be happy and take an oath of freedom.
simon, 13 london [01-02-2005]

Just wondered if anybody could send me info on how detailed the movie is to the exact history
hannah b, 17, great britain, mansfield [01-02-2005]

after watching National Treasure it gave me the idea to find out about the decleration of independence, i have read it but cant say i totally understand it, but love finding out info of this importance. Is there a map on the back on the decleration and has anybody any clue to where the treasure from the film is(National Treasure) thankyou hannah x
hannah, 17, great britain [01-02-2005]

I mean I just saw the National Treasure, and it makes me very curious! Could someone email me if they can find out a way to ask questions like these? At Thanks
Samantha Stark, Granite Falls, Wa. 98252-8003 [01-02-2005]

The greatest masterpiece of Mankind.
Willaim Lo, Hong Kong [01-02-2005]

um i really dont understand your website but i guess its cool lol and to all you who reads this iyayayayayayaya do you even like s.s. cause im bad at it and thanks for whoevers website this is it was fun talking to ya
gymnast, new york [01-02-2005]

I rally needed this for a BIG report for my ss class so thanx you for making this web site.
Rachel, age 12. grade 7th. [01-02-2005]

no shooting people & also more police!.
kate, washington dc [01-02-2005]

dont know
kate [01-02-2005]

Have the Government ever run tests on the declaration because of the speculation that it holds hidden secrets?
sl [01-02-2005]

we should all take time to read this once a yr at least. Greatest country in the world. Proud to be an American.
Jan, 63 yrs old southern born [01-02-2005]

This site helped me with my paper. Thanks
Julia, Grade 8 [01-02-2005]

Thanks your site really helped me and my friend with our school repoet on the Declaration of Independance.
Brianna, Female 13 [01-02-2005]

I come from the U.S, but moved here when I was seven. Now I'm twelve, and thos site is really good, with lots of links and tons of information. A must for all who wish to learn more about our nation!
Mallory, Oslo, Norway [01-02-2005]

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