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2004 Declaration Guestbook Entries: June-September

Does anyone have a genealogy on the Hewes family?pa rticulary from Conn. and New York?
Dorothy S. Pittsley [09-29-2004]

This is a great website for students. Thanks!
Jennifer, Oxford AL 18 l [09-29-2004]

I think that the Declaration of the Independence is a good idea because it gives us an augment of different varietes of freedoms
James Paul Ragan, 14 [09-29-2004]

Great website on john witherspoon! best one i been too! i love history! first something happens, then later something else happens. so sequential!thank you first guy for writing history down! LETS STUDY!
Lindsay [09-29-2004]

this is a cool sight, it is awsome
anonymous [09-29-2004]

i have nvevr been here so i cant relly say any thing um sorry!
sabrina, 13 [09-29-2004]

mrs.richardson i enjoyed reading the declaration house i know that is some good info.for my son and others to learn and others to learn
ms.white [09-29-2004]

chris [09-29-2004]

have more pictures please!
Shaquanda [09-29-2004]

ben [09-29-2004]

francis lughtfoot lee is da bomb
cassie, 14 [09-29-2004]

learning rocks! wooooooooo!
Jimbo Deany [09-29-2004]

gabrielle herman [09-29-2004]

My daughters (through my husband) are direct decendents of William Carroll Crawford (signer of TX Decl of Indep) and relative of Charles Carroll, signer of US Declaration of Independence, but I don't know how William and Charles are related.
Vivian [09-29-2004]

i think this site is cool
nina, 14 [09-29-2004]

this web site helped me a lot with my report i tink is really awsome
anonymous [09-29-2004]

we the people
andrew viveros [09-29-2004]

i dont realy thik this needs to be here because why do we have to learn about an old peice of paper
anonymous [09-29-2004]

Gabriella Romano, Napoli, 30 years old, I'm studying to become an English teacher [09-29-2004]

Thanks for the information. I needed info on Roger Sherman, one of the "lesser known" signers. This website was very helpful!
anonymous, phoenix [09-29-2004]

This site is a great resource and guideline to help others to understand history more stiptical. If anyone needs a guideline on anything that has to do with history this is the web that anyone needs to go!
white ramir [09-29-2004]

Samantha [09-29-2004]

nice thinfgs and it gave me a lot of info for my world history projecct thats due on novemer 3 2004
Bradon White, age 14 tn [09-29-2004]

I am really angry that my name and my friends name never should up in the guestbook. This website was pretty good. But i think it could be better. JOHN DEERE RULES!
Liz Langevine, Stafford Springs CT [09-29-2004]
Kevin [09-29-2004]

a very important time in american history
poppy hall, age 12 salem,mass and phoenix,arizona [09-29-2004]

Great website.. Very helpful! Thanx
Rachel, Age 14, Texas [09-29-2004]

this site really helped me thanx
nikki makae, colorado springs age.14 [09-29-2004]

I think that the Declaration of Independence was one of the best things that happened to our country.
Tiffany [09-29-2004]

Joshua faraji [09-29-2004]

i think the dec. was awsome
bobby lamoureux, nothing [09-29-2004]

My opinion on the Decleration of Independenc is that... it is absolutly fasinating and really educational and its unbbeliviable that we were able to get ahold of this document.
Liz, Stafford Springs [09-29-2004]

Well my opinion on the declaration of independence is.... well actually my real opinion is i have no idea what im even talking about,. i dont understand all of this stuff. seriously i dont understand one thing about it .. sorry i tried sounding smart
Tiphani, Stafford Springs [09-29-2004]

this wb page needs more ibformayion about lord north but other wise it is a good web page.
Haley [09-29-2004]

Wow your website really hellped me out with my oral report that I had to do. thanks lots
Bridgett Bloom, 14 [09-29-2004]

OMG you guys are like so crazy dude
Hope, 14 [09-29-2004]

jessica, rockford,13 [09-29-2004]

this is the best site of amreican History
Joe [09-29-2004]

Great sight. I am a teacher and I appreciate finding this resource!
Danielle [09-29-2004]

hi i am courtney and i read the declaration of independance i want to tell you that you did good.
courtney molnar, 10 years old [09-29-2004]

zach [09-29-2004]

im doing reshearch and foun lots of data i geet an a in soail studies 197% THANKS INTERNET
jana, az [09-29-2004]

Did Carter Braxton have any syblings, if not children? My friend was a relative of his and I have a crazy quilt that comes from his family.
Lois Lockfeld, Carter Braxton [09-29-2004]

anonymous [09-29-2004]

it was very intresting
bobby joe, age:13 State:New York [09-29-2004]

what a site! as a non-tradtional college student, i have a discovered a new souce of which i will be willing to utilize for research, or other class projects. as a future teacher, this will a site that i will use as a vehicle for discussion. great work!
dan, age 37, manchester,nh [09-29-2004]

America must use every tool in its arsenal to defeat Islamic Jihadism, be it well trained patriotic young men, fighting in the field,or nuclear weapons to destroy said field. God probably doesn't love warring among his children, but God surely loves to see his children free. May God bless us, and may freedom prevail.
frederick doffing II [09-29-2004]

Kathleen Calsbeck [09-29-2004]

A bit of information to pass on. John Witherspoon was Homeschooled! Peace, Kathy
Kathy Parra [09-29-2004]

Wow they nailed it on the declaration
Bob The Builder [09-29-2004]

I liked your web site because it had a lot of the imformation i needed.
laura [09-29-2004]

sandy [09-29-2004]

Ashley [09-29-2004]

I thought it was pretty cool! I wish you had more information on here like what taxation without representation meant, info on the Stamp Act, Quarting Acts, and Tea Act it would be very helpful if you could add something like that! But other wise it is a really cool site but not very informational! "Taxation without Representation is treason." that's the full quote...that should tell you what it means. but if it doesn't, the colonies were "virtually represented" by the british parliament and that pissed them off...they wanted to elect their own delegates to represent them. anyway, the DOI is sick...god bless those forefathers.
DannyTaylor, 15 yrs old [09-29-2004]

I enjoyed this if you can imagine.LOL! I am doing a history project on this subject, so it helped a whole lot. Thanx!
Sarah, I am 14 years old [09-29-2004]

Robert McClellan [09-29-2004]

a very good tool when studying the declaration of independence
lucy, 19 [09-29-2004]

jessica o., 14 [09-29-2004]

neat site
anonymous [09-29-2004]

hi nice to meat you
maria [09-29-2004]

dennish clork [09-29-2004]

nikki magee [09-29-2004]

Angelica Star Merkley, 17 years of age [09-29-2004]

I really like this website. It helped me write a paper on Jefferson.
Charley Nicole Edgemon [09-29-2004]

griff [09-29-2004]

I could be related to both Lee's.Francis and Richard who I am studing.
Amanda, Sumner [09-29-2004]

sarah p, yorba linda 13 [09-29-2004]

would like info: James Wilson's wife's name? and son's name? thank you
Jean Wilson [09-29-2004]

nice site regarding the declaration of independence. i find it rather interesting after reading the complete document with out alteration. that the majority of the things that where signed for that night have just been accomplished a couple of years ago. if you think about it its been about a 228 years ago that it has taken the united states as a whole about two centuries for parts of the declaration to come true. to actually give the laws of nature and of god to african americans, woman, etc. i wish that more people would find this site be it out of curiosity, accident, and come to realize what i have come to find. thank you Santana
santana, jose, 15 [09-29-2004]

Great site very informative!
Alex, 16 [09-29-2004]

hi i like america--a kid named bob
declarationdude [09-29-2004]

Has very good information! Found almost everything I needed for my project!
anonymous [09-29-2004]

yamile, hialeah [09-29-2004]

Cool site for looking up stuff. A-Town Foreva
Jin Le, Age 14 [09-29-2004]

I just love this site but what i don't like is that it does not include any African-Americans I find thar offenses please be polite and include them
Sam I AM, atl, f.i.l.a. forever i love atlanta [09-29-2004]

i love history
jose, georgia [09-29-2004]

it's a great site a bit boring but it's all good
Kathy Nguyen, lilburn,13, sing,in dance team,likes to have fun [09-29-2004]

I like this site for projects and stuff. Keep up the good work. A-town stay down.
Jimmy Tran, Age 13 [09-29-2004]

Sam I AM, atl forever i love atl [09-29-2004]

julie [09-29-2004]

I like this website as a place to do projects having to do with the Amercian Revolution. Keep up the good work!:D
Jimmy Tran [09-29-2004]

You guys have a great site it has helped me time and again on my history reports.
Alex, 12 [09-29-2004]

celeste cruz [09-29-2004]

If this website doesnt give me what i want, i will be mad!
danae mitzel [09-29-2004]

Sabrina, 17 [09-29-2004]

i love this freakin website its freakin sweet it has a lot of infomation on it omg i will always go to this website i love u whoever made this wesite im obsessed with it i LOVE YOU!!
jennifer jordan [09-29-2004]

Monica, nj, 19 [09-29-2004]

This Is a very useful sight to look at.!
Cody, Nothing [09-29-2004]

ERIKA J. Duran, Mission TX 19, MSU student [09-29-2004]

hey your site is very informational thanks for all your help
ella [09-29-2004]

i like this site
marie-claire, 2714 Carambola Circle North Age=12 [09-29-2004]

i think the declaration of independs is cool
eva smith, i'm turing 13 soon. [09-29-2004]

I teach US History and this is a great website for research information. Thanks for making it available for "free."
Kyle Roberts, Dallas, Texas [09-29-2004]

Thie is the info that we need for school and it really heips me a lot.
Chawnaa Odom, Roswell,11,none [09-29-2004]

absolutely loved it...need to do more on it
rebecca, Ohio...21 [09-29-2004]

this place is so helpful thanks for putting things in here.
anonymous [09-29-2004]

I thimk Lyman Hall I very cool All that he did for Georgia, I envy him.
Tsuki Himura, ~Kiki~~Meow~~roar~ [09-29-2004]

Do we have any woman presidents? If no, then why? Is there a reason why you won't let woman become president? If yes, then forget it. You need some female presidents literally! Woman can do anything MEN can Do!
Tsuki Himura, I'm not human [09-29-2004]

I was an otay site. Good information.
Jordan AKA baby j, Da ATL [09-29-2004]

Tsuki Himura [09-29-2004]

this page is not all that good it doesnt say if the people sre married or any thing
alondra, atlanta but born in mexico [09-29-2004]

no thoughts
Juli, no [09-29-2004]

sue, norcross GA [09-29-2004]

This is a very nice website and offers a wide variety of useful information.
Freddy, Georgia [09-29-2004]

What up homies
Baby J, 13, Tucker,Georgia [09-29-2004]

This kind of stuff is very interesting. I love to read about it and this is a great website to it on.
Brad Lewis, Effingham, IL 16 [09-29-2004]

if you ask me, wouldnt it be cool if we were stil owned by france, we coujld have tea time and everything, that would be so awesome! i mean, wouldnt you love to be all like, oh, franny, would you like some more tea and crumpets? and, we would have tea time at school and stuff, man, that would be so cool, we would be able to skip class because we would be all like, oh, mr. walker, in have to go to tea time, so i am going to skip your class, thanks! in knew that you wouldnt mind! and then we would be outside, and we would see our friend, susie, and we woujld be all likie, oh, susie, would you like to join me for some tea and crumpets, and then susie would be all like, oh, ofcourse, you are such a doll! that would be so cool, but i am kind of glad that we are free, now we can be all like, hey dude, want some pop? GLAD TO BE AN AMERICAN!
anonymous [09-29-2004]

I was bored one day and decied to look this up.Cool website.Mad digs.but how come there ain't no black s on here!Keep up the good work!
Usher Raymond, ATL, Georgia age:26 Male [09-29-2004]

I thought this web site is really nice for people my age and also for other people to.
Claudia Reyes, live in Atlanta age 13 [09-29-2004]

very good
abraham [09-29-2004]

I like this site because its easy to search for things and read.Plus I learned a lot about the man that my street and county is names after. Im proud to live in a neighborhood and county that is named after an important man.
Kim Nguyen, 13 years old, Norcross [09-29-2004]

I've learned a lot of things today. I learned about the person my county was named after and I also learned that he signed the Declaration of Independence, which I think he should be honored of, for making our county look good!This site is a good site! Keep up the good work!
Jamie Pham, 13, Girl, Tucker [09-29-2004]

Ok i dont really know what to write here but, it was a very interesting website. One of the best history websites i have been to! Ok well time to go back to class Bye
Brittany Leeper, Norcross, Ga [09-29-2004]

Brittany wilkerson, Lilburn,age 13 [09-29-2004]

This website showed me some very useful information!
Brittany, Norcross,Ga [09-29-2004]

Very helpful
Indira [09-29-2004]

I think this is a good source to learn the history of the United States.
Jarell Haygood, age thirteen [09-29-2004]

This website helped me learn the history of Georgia and other places in the United States.Thank you.
Luthmila Garcia, Age Thirteen [09-29-2004]

its a go0s sight to stroll on when you need info on anything about the declaration and wars.
Irving P., im 16 [09-29-2004]

I had to do a class assignment and this website really helped espsecially with the facts it gave me.They were all important. Simply using the first facts you had on the signers had half of my research paper complete.I was amazed and dazzled! Sincerly, AJ({=^;^=})
Aisha(Aissatou), Norcross, Georgia age:13 Female [09-29-2004]

Irving [09-29-2004]

this is a good source of info to find out about Georgia and other political events.
Tombo, none [09-29-2004]

kori hinds [09-29-2004]

it was awsome
anonymous, 34 [09-29-2004]

i agree with anonymous ( 9-16-04) ! THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE -we are not getting the truth from George Bush and his crew !
frannie, portsmouth, va, 23703 --83 yrs. old [09-29-2004]

declaration is proof:Founders beleived in God
thomas [09-20-2004]

this is great for reports and progects im sure a lot of people come here to get information so they can do thyre report.
Rebecca S., clifton CO age 14 [09-20-2004]

John Hancock is my Great Great Great Great Uncle
Billy Stevenson, California,14 [09-19-2004]

I'm looking up information on Charles Carroll, he was my great great great something... i'm not sure what yet
amanda, 17 [09-19-2004]

Great information/resource for all of us with many educational ideas and activities while teaching at home and/or in the K-12 classrooms.
anonymous, Miami, Florida [09-19-2004]

hello john hancock.
ashley petersen, n/a [09-19-2004]

A truly great historical writing, the collective genius of America's Founding Fathers. As with the Magna Carta, Western Civization (Europe and North America) at critical times always did what was right for the "people", resulting in free, creative and prospersous societies. Though, we, must always be vigilant in our guard of "human rights", lest the great work of Thomas Jefferson become undone. Western Civilization is by no means perfect, but I say to you look to the rest of world history. Thank you to the framers of the Declaration of Independence.
Thimothy W. Wilson, Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada. [09-19-2004]

I thought this sit was great! Like I needed help for some extra credit I was doing and this sight helped me LOADS! This sight is definately a keeper!
Mellyn [09-19-2004]

This was awesome! i chose 2 do some extra cedit for my American History class and this soght hepled me get the points i needed!Thank you very much!
Walker, 13 [09-19-2004]

Stephan Hopkins was an out standing delegate.
Danny [09-19-2004]

mike ocsbig [09-19-2004]

Rebecca Barmore [09-19-2004]

Enjoyed reading through your very informative site. Interesting to see that the Welsh were the largest ethnic group to sign the declaration - including Thomas Jefferson. What a pity most Americans I meet don't know of our shared histories. Perhaps this is due to the overiding mis-belief that England means Great Britain. It doesn't.
Gary Watkins, Porthcawl, Wales [09-19-2004]

This site has really helped me understand the declaration or indepence.
anonymous, Pontiac,Mi age 16 [09-16-2004]

I thought it was pretty cool! I wish you had more information on here like what taxation without representation meant, info on the Stamp Act, Quarting Acts, and Tea Act it would be very helpful if you could add something like that! But other wise it is a really cool site but not very informational!
Kristin Wiggins, 17 years old [09-16-2004]

oh my gosh the documents of the decaration of independence is so cool!
Danielle, wenatchee 31y [09-16-2004]

This site is incredible! It has really helped me with the project I am doing on the Declaration of Independence. Thanks!
Jessica, Kennesaw GA [09-16-2004]

I think tha my signiture should have been on thre but i thinkit is a god thing that we had The declaration of Independence.
Grace, Philadelphia [09-16-2004]

thank you!
anonymous, this is for an assignment [09-16-2004]

yo good job
anonymous [09-16-2004]

Arveeance Bryant, age 16 from suffolk, va [09-16-2004]

This website is great!
Mookie G, Chicago, IL. 60628 [09-16-2004]

Thankyou for helping me with the info i needed
Cassandra, 16 [09-16-2004]

this site was SOOOOOOOO helpful when i studied American History!
Morgan [09-16-2004]

daniel cylny [09-16-2004]

John Keenan, i' [09-16-2004]

The Declaration of Independence is now useless and void where prohibited by law.......a far cry from what our forefathers intended thanks to the USA INC.
fred ervin, salem illinois [09-16-2004]

This is a very educational site, I hope everyone gets as much use from it as I have. Great to be able to read the Declaration in its true form.
Carri, Valdosta, GA [09-16-2004]

i love your site its the bomb
jd, maryland [09-16-2004]

my grandfather fought in the revolutionary war. he was married to catherine rush. did benjiam rush have children? catharin rush was also born in pa. any information would help.
kay comer, hemet ca. [09-16-2004]

Gen. William Floyd, one of the signers of The Declaration of Independence, was my gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-grandfather. I am very grateful for all of the patriots in my ancestral line, and of all they gave to the world we have with us today.
Marge Israel, Stockton, CA - USA [09-16-2004]

I would like to say that this website is very good with terrific information.
Paisley Palsa, 14, live in Monticello Arkansas [09-16-2004]

it's very organized!
ameerah, md, 15, [09-16-2004]

Great info. for a paper that I needed extra info. on the Declaration of Ind. Thanks!
Michael Barker, Phx, AZ age 16 [09-16-2004]

anonymous, 10 [09-16-2004]

I love this website.It gave me sooooooo much information!
Jones, Cocoa Beach [09-16-2004]

I don't realy like this website it didn't help me
karen williams age 10 1/2 [09-16-2004]

this webstite is awsome
none, Oakhurst,CA [09-16-2004]

this site has really helped me to get a clearer and more definite look about waht went on during this time. due to the fact that this is the subject i am studing in u.s history. so from me to you i thank you
michelle mcdaniel, auguusta,georgia [09-16-2004]

josh [09-16-2004]

As a direct descendant of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, it is a privilege to be directly connected to the one of the leaders and visionaries of this country. At a time when life was uncertain under British rule, and freedom was just a rumor, he along with many other courageous individualís like himself, stepped up and took their place in history as true Americanís. God bless this great nation of ours and never, take freedom for granted.
Ian, Houston, TX [09-16-2004]

Hey ppl! Thanx, this is a great place to go for history h/w, lol
Kaitlin [09-16-2004]

the site is very informative. i'm looking for penpals from the u.s.a so if ur aged between 13 and 16 u can contact me here
colin radburn, auchinleck, scotland [09-16-2004]

Informative website. Thankful to find photo of original Declaration for social studies project. Thanks for making it free! W '04
Matthew Torres, Temecula,CA [09-16-2004]

this is a coll site i guess!?!?
Kelleigh, 13 years old [09-16-2004]

I am looking for a poster of the declaration of independence with corrections by Franklin and Adams. If you know of where I could purchase one I would be very thankful. Also enjoyed the site and commentary. wade johnson
Wade Johnson [09-16-2004]

i like that the DofI made a huge change in the united states
nick wiebenga, im 13 and i love history [09-16-2004]

Tylor Rus [09-16-2004]

All very informative about the signers.It would be interesting to know how they would like our country now.We have a lot to be proud of but must share that success with them. Like us they have sacrificed much.
kenneth malchiodi, charleston,sc [09-16-2004]

Elizabeth Stensaas [09-16-2004]

Thank you so much for putting such a informative site together!
Kitty, Sand Springs, Oklahoma [09-16-2004]

This was a good reliable source that my sister Hilary (look down) showed me. I think that this guest book is cool. Vote for Bush.
Haylie Duff, I am 18, but I look 40. [09-16-2004]

I came here because Hilary told me how great it was. I was surprised that it was. I will come here for any assignments given to me, and I will spread the word around like Hilary has. Thanks for sucha great and reliable website. You can't find them like this much anymore. I think my friend Seymoure will especially enjoy it.
Haylie Duff, 18, but I look like I am fourty. I am uglier than Hilary. [09-16-2004]

this is a great interesting site
Catalina Matthers, 14 [09-16-2004]

This site really helped me with my homework
anonymous, Seattle, WA age 11 [09-16-2004]

I have been increasingly interested in what it means to myself to be patriotic, to be an American. Thanks for having this site for all to view. I will continue to use this site as a resource for knowledge and understanding.
Damon L. Kurtz, Ashland, Or. [09-16-2004]

This web site is very helpful to those who are doing reports on the D of I, and Thank You...
Christine Conner, I attened DTHS in Geismar, LA [09-16-2004]

Good.. well together site didnt help me for what i was looking for but over all i give it an 8 out of 10.
Opuim, Upper Michigan [09-16-2004]

Put more facts on Thomas Jefferson.
Kay, Republic 9 [09-16-2004]

awsome stuff on george read i did info using this web site for history project coollll
kourtney moore, 13 la red hair [09-16-2004]

I just thought you would like to know that Matthew Thornton is one of my great grandfathers. This is no joke, it is in my history book.
Gwenda K. Raabe, San Antonio, Texas 78223 [09-16-2004]

Helped me in a report I had to do. Really helpful
anonymous [09-16-2004]

perfect site for lerning of the declaration of independence
baron conor [09-16-2004]

I was in school one day, and we had to do this report, on our backround history, and I lookes up the information and family history tree form my fathers side and its goes to prove i am related to Charles Carroll, The last surviving member who signed the Decleration Of independance. Thanks Everyone For Havin This Web Site!
Alex Reed Carroll, Charles Carroll, Is My Great18th Grandfather [09-16-2004]

this site was extremely helpful. i was doing a project for school on the declaration of independence and it really helped me. plus it had fun facts to go along with it to add a little spice to get people's attention. i highly recommend this site.
shell, 16 [09-16-2004]

Very helpfull ln understanding americas history.
randy diaz, glendale,Ca male 26 [09-16-2004]

Leyva [09-16-2004]

I think this is cool.
Lindsey [09-16-2004]

I think that this is a very interesting website to go to. I is really helpful when you have a project theat is due on of the Declaration of Independence and you need a bibliography on one o the people
anonymous, Age: 14 [09-16-2004]

Hi, I have what I believe is a Dunlap but not sure if it just a replica or an original copy. How can I determine that? Thanks!
Anna [09-16-2004]

I like your web site it is great for info.
Sweet, 25 [09-16-2004]

Megan P. [09-16-2004]

I think we have come to a time in our country's development when we need to evaluate whether the judges, lawmakers and president are deriving their powers with the consent of the governed. I, for one, do not consent to the way this government acts in many ways. I would, if able to, sue the Supreme gods (court) because they have their own agenda and it is NOT to establish fact of law. Rehnquist has an agenda that has been acknowledged by commentators in main newspapers in this country including the liberal New York Times. It is time to overthrow this government and replace it. To set up a government that once again operates within the confines of the Constitution. One more thought: The men and women who serve in the military don't serve to protect this country's freedoms. They serve to protect the freedoms of those with money and influence. The poor of this country have no one to represent them and are truly cast aside without so much as a by-your-leave. Declaration of Independence, HAH! Who's?
anonymous [09-16-2004]

The American revolution to sum it up in one sentence was an unwarrented revoly, however, it was very well orchestrated which resulted in the great nation we have today.
Chris Vickers, Tampa [09-16-2004]

this websit is good and all but i need to kno benijamin middle name! If u could help me with that then that would be great.
Laura [09-16-2004]

I've been looking at the text of the Declaration as revised by Congress and have found what I believe is a typo. I've pasted it below. I'm not sure of course if opprobrium was spelled correctly in Jefferson's draft, but someone who knows can check. the opprobium of INFIDEL powers
Terry Heller, Coe College [09-16-2004]

Wonderful! One of my descendents is George Walton, one of the three signers from Georgia.
Meg McLeod, LaGrange, Georgia [09-15-2004]

Great site. I'm not an American by birth, only by a shared passion for liberty. The Declaration is--in a sense--for all of humanity and revered by many of us worldwide. May young Americans always live up to the ideals expressed here.
Keith, Australia. Very, very old. :o) [09-15-2004]

My mother insisted that Mathew E. Thornton was a realative of mine. Im trying to find out if this is true. She is deceased. However, it seems that with the information I have it is quite possible. I would like to chat with someone who knows the Thornton lineage/ connection to the Declaration of Independance. Thank you, Kim
Kimberlee Thornton Knauf, Cato, NY Age 48 [09-15-2004]

SI'm a student who appreciates sites like this one. Thank you.
Mary Rose, Fayetteville, NC [09-06-2004]

Brooke, 16 [09-06-2004]

i come this net just want to find something about the value of the declaration of independent but i am very disappoint
many [09-06-2004]

i think its kool
anonymous [09-06-2004]

This was like, so totally a great site. i'm telling all my boyfriends to visit it. love, hilary
hilary duff, i am ugly and 16 and an actor and a singer [09-06-2004]

if u can please send me a newsletter. Thanks, Beachbum
anonymous [09-06-2004]

Nicely written, good presentation.
Bill Hunter, Tujunga, CA 91042 [09-06-2004]

Thank you for the great site. Matthew Thornton was my great grandfather seven generations back.I find it infinitely interesting, and it fills me with great pride to be able to look back and see my ancestral heritage, as well as the fact that a direct relative of mine helped form our great country!
Allan D. Terrall, Portland,Oregon age 32 [09-06-2004]

this is a great site! i was curious about my ancestor (on my mom's father's side) charles carroll of carrollton and it was fun to learn about him. it was even better to read messages from others who are descended from him too! (robert e puscheck, 7/25, joseph e. sprauer jr, 7/4, and doris carroll, 7/4) this document is our essence...our declaration of our freedom of speech, religion, and our lives! it's so wonderful to be able to follow my path freely!
raven, sacramento, ca [09-06-2004]

Good information. May be related to several signer and am so pleased this is here for the young who take our county for granted.Could you list the clerks and other people who worked for the House of Burgress that were not so famous but equally of value?
Bond, Virginia [09-06-2004]

Thanks for making this information so easy to come by. We deeply appreciate the efforts you make in preserving and sharing our American democratic heritage. As homeschoolers, we appreciate the easy availability of such imporant information when it's time to study it!
Jennifer Wicznowski, Plano, TX [09-06-2004]

very helpful
jenn, 21 [08-31-2004]

lovely site i dey here
guy man [08-31-2004]

I am doing research on my ancestors. I am directly related to Edward Rutledge's brother, John, who signed the Constitution. Nice info. I especially liked the personal info. on each signer. Thanks. I will add this to my file.
Julie Hines, Gardnerville, NV [08-31-2004]

thats way cool that this info is shared all over the internet!
charlene, age 12 [08-31-2004]

Am supposed to be decended from the same Morton family as the Signer, John. It is apparently one of John's brothers. Does anybody know of a member or members of the Morton families of Philadelphia area settling up in the New England area?
Robert Morton, pa [08-31-2004]

May we always remember that our liberties to not come free and they who forget the past will be condmend to repeat it.
Charles Lovely [08-30-2004]

chenxing [08-30-2004]

kevin aicher jr [08-30-2004]

Ashton, I'm age 13 [08-30-2004]

brandon` [08-30-2004]

thank you for being there when i needed help. may the lord bless you and keep you in perfect peace.
william l dozier, asbury park,n.j. [08-30-2004]

Do you have a picture of all of the people who signed the Declaration of Independence. My ggggggggggrandmother's brother signature was one of them, George Ross from Pennsylvania. Thank You, Brenda
Brenda Suddath, Choctaw, OK. [08-30-2004]

When I go through down periods in my life it is always helpful to remember that my struggles are nothing in comparison to what has come before. In an Aristotelian sense, we owe our lives to our country, because without its existence, we would not be alive. Thankfully all the government asks from me are taxes - and patience.
Dan Roberts, Storrs, Connecticut [08-30-2004]

What a shame that the term "all MEN are created equal" doesn't read "all AMERICANS are created equal," and give children the same basic rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as those Americans of legal age. This is the last legal hurdle we face as a nation for those citizens who are born into freedom.
jay poynte [08-30-2004]

George Walton, signer from GA was born in Cumberland Co., VA. That fact is completely proven by his mother's residence at the time and his father's will. Also proven is the fact that he died after the codicil written by his father in the fall of 1749 when George was expected but not born yet. So he was born in either late 1749 or early 1750.
anonymous [08-30-2004]

Wow, This really helped out with my homework giving me the names of the Declaration signers. It will really help me in World Studies. Thank you.
Bridgett [08-30-2004]

Just stopped by to read up on some information! I was particularly drawn to the biographies of the signers. That is something I had never encountered before.
Coccinelle, tx [08-30-2004]

i love your website! u rock!
shelby haverda, i lin [08-30-2004]

hey i had this stupid teacher who wanted us to find out who signed it for north carolina....thanx so much...i get extra credit now. kisses to yall!
special [08-30-2004]

I liked the website it was interesting
Emily, 12 years old [08-30-2004]

chelsea, mesa arizona 16 yrs old [08-30-2004]

THis website helped me sooooooo much with my history homework! i love it!
charlotte cooper, san antonio tx. [08-30-2004]

This website has helped me w/ my school work today,im at school now!
Deidra, I am 15 [08-30-2004]

My mom, who is like one of those REALLY, REALLY, REALLY patriotic peoples showed me this site when I was around 9 years old. I was thinking what good will this website do me? It's not like I'll become president of the united states one day. Well, it turned out that my history teacher gave us this summer project about the declaration of independence! Who'd ever thought that I'd come back to theis website that I had absolutey no interest at age nine! Now, I've become very interested in the history of our nation, and... my mom is like, really happy and proud of me. But anyways, that's good for me. So, I just wanted to say: THANKS TO ALL OF U MAKERS OF THIS WEBSITE! I OWE U ALL BIGTIME! :-)
Carly Bowersox, Fresno, California, age 14 [08-30-2004]

This website is great. It provides A LOT of information, and it helped me with research on my history report. Thanks for creating this website!
Lesley Harman, Atlanta, Georgia [08-30-2004]

it is cool
jake swank [08-30-2004]

Looks like we are re-living history... when will we learn from it, instead?
marian parker, petaluma, california [08-30-2004]

sarah ortiz [08-25-2004]

This is a very good socers to use.
Jessica [08-25-2004]

This must be an ultra-conservative website. If you go to the Jefferson Memorial you will find that written in stone are the words "enalienable" not "unalienable" as the far right would have us believe. When Pompey was subduing Spartacus he was actually enforcing his "unalienable rights!"
John Elden Tipton, former Congressional Liason [08-25-2004]

What a wonder it is to be able to immediately turn an innocent question from my young sons into a discussion about the foundation of our country. I'm a bit ashamed to admit that this is the first time in my 42 years that I have read this entire document. Admittedly, my six- and four-year-old sons understood very little of what we read; I confess some of it was difficult for me too. Nonetheless, they sat still while I read the entire Declaration, including the states and signatories (this part they enjoyed very much). But it wasn't about comprehension, exactly - it's enough for me that they are aware of the document, its importance to them as Americans and world citizens, and that I was able to share the it with them. Thank you for making this experience possible.
Kimberly Cline, Penns Grove, NJ [08-25-2004]

Chanice, Lanett, AL 15 years old [08-21-2004]

Hey, I have a question I was told if you could prove the blood line relation to a signer of the declaration of independence ( in my case Benjamin Rush) your children go to college for free at the East Coast..Is this true??? Thanks a million
Christiane Rush, wa [08-21-2004]

this helped me do my homework. thanx.
they call me vina, sactown, kaLi, 13 [08-21-2004]

ibini samuel, 18 [08-21-2004]

Thank you for sharing this important document which we all take for granted and as like a great song we know the chorus "We hold these truths to be self..." but really very few have taken the time to really read and understand this important document. Thank you.
Paul D. Clark, Elizabethtown, KY 40 [08-21-2004]

This premise is the ultimate declaration of our government and civil rights.
Susan E. Smith [08-21-2004]

One of my great grandfathers is Matthew Thorton, who is the last signer of the Declaration of Independance.
Gwenda Raane, San Antonio, exas, age 52 [08-21-2004]

I will strive to do my part to be merciful and kind!
Graeme T. Duffy, Power and Freedom! [08-21-2004]

Thought I would look up some information on my distant relative, John Hart. He is one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, he is also from New Jersey
Carly, New Jersey/age 15 [08-21-2004]

great site
*Amina* [08-21-2004]

looking for my family tree concerning ROBERT MORRIS of which i am a decendent. my family are all from Morrisville PA.= WHO FOUNDED THE grandfather told us of the relation.
a. morris, family from morrisvile pa. and surrounding areas [08-21-2004]

I'm studying this subject, at Discovery Days, This is a great website!
Jenna [08-18-2004]

I have an old paper that reads the signing of the declaration of independence, It has all their signature's on it . How can I found out how old these paper is?
Patty Crandell, Dibble, Oklahoma [08-17-2004]

sale them in they use
Liza, 9 [08-17-2004]

My greatgrandmother, Katherine Middleton was a pioneer woman, a descedent to Henry and Arthur. My family has always been proud of that. I wanted to ask for help from that branch of the family, but now just want to say that I am proud to be a part of the history of this great country. My son is a sailor, just 21 years old on his 3rd tour around the world, doing his part to make it a safer place for all of us. I am broke, can't pay my bills, but my son is wonderful and I am sure Henry and Arthur would be proud of him, protecting this democracy that they fought for.
Kathleen Tufts, 50 [08-17-2004]

i like to visit usa becouse i like it am a new friend of this coutries that i love eat ; i like to now more about america my dream . at last tack all my respect . amad belalia
amad, i have ten yers ago;roud bounaama djelali 44340 algeria. [08-16-2004]

There is a re-awaking in America about the history of our great country and my son and I enjoyed reading and looking up things we were unsure of... Thank you for providing this information...
Debbie [08-16-2004]

Serving and future Presidents should thank their lucky stars that this document is not law of the land.
Glen W. Jeans [08-16-2004]

I am related to Francis Lewis of New york and would love more information about him or to find any of my relatives.
Sheila [08-16-2004]

Rebecca, Santa Fe [08-16-2004]

Scott T. Arlen, Canton, MI [08-16-2004]

Ashish Patel, Franklin, KY [08-08-2004]

an amazing document for all time and all people
Dr. & Mrs. Eugene P. Goldberg, Mt Dora & Gainesville, FL [08-07-2004]

To Anne Terry RE: Your Declaration of Independence. After reading your remarks I felt move to tell you that the original Declarations were printed on parchment on July 4 & 5 by John Dunlap in Philadelphia. Dunlap prited approximately 200 copies. Only 25 are known to exist today. If you have one of these copies, you are very fortunate, the last printed Declaration of Independence sold recently for a little over eight million US dollars.
Ranger Gus [08-07-2004]

America need statesmen as there were when America was a new nation. Today we have too many politican not enough statesmen
joe mc donnell, east meadow ny/age71/ [08-07-2004]

f s, potland, OR [08-07-2004]

April Hayzlett [08-07-2004]

My great-great-(great) grandfather, Richard Stockton was a signer of the Declaration of Independence from New Jersey If you are related to him, I'd love to hear from you. I'm trying to do a geneology on him up to my life and my cousins.
Carol Ann Stockton Matthews, Rochester, MN, originally from San Diego, Calf. [08-07-2004]

Edward Joyce [08-07-2004]

I visited this site because i am doing my fathers family tree. His mother,my grandmother Mary Maude hancock is a dirct decendant of John Hancock thesigner of independance. hoping tofind some information . Thank for your site.
mary reis, middleburg,florida [08-07-2004]

This is a wonderful site. We are going to be homeschooling our daughter and I've already got this bookmarked for her (she's only 2 now, but she's going to find out what America is supposed to be about). thanks again for all your time putting this together.
Brenda, Birch Run, MI [07-31-2004]

Abby Macbride, Montana [07-31-2004]

My sister has a Declaration of Independence on parchment paper that is very thin and delicate, this document was presented as payment for some work done by her deceased husband some 40 years ago, she still has it in a safe deposit box and recently remembered it. How would she go about having it looked at and is there any possibility that it might be worth anything. "She" is not computer friendly! and has asked my help in attempting to determine if it is worth the $1500 it was bartered with in 1952 or 1953. Can you direct us on who to contact that might be able to help us with this?
Anne Terry [07-31-2004]

Your site helped me sooooo much w/ finding the 411 on patrick henry. Thanx a bunch!
Miriam, Winter park Florida,age 15 [07-31-2004]

Richard J. Cronin [07-31-2004]

It is often easy to forget the men, women and beliefs that gave birth to our nation. I searched for this site out of curiousity, but read it all with great interest. LMT
Luis Torres, Weston, FL [07-31-2004]

Thank you for having this available to the public. It is a responsibility for every citizen to honor this and the constitution of the United States for all people, even the ones we disagree with, or loose these rights for ourselves.
Don Cable, Wichita KS [07-31-2004]

I want to assist my son in understanding these truths
Horacio Duran, Mesa AZ 85208::47 yold [07-31-2004]

anonymous [07-31-2004]

I think the information you have gathered and are willing to share is wonderful. Anything I can do as a "Daughter of America" I will. I am extremely proud to be an American and fully stand by our President.
Jennifer Hatfield Knowles, originally from Knoxville, TN now living in Waco, TX [07-25-2004]

Jefferson's condemnation of slavery, deleted by Congress, should be more widely known.
James J Patterson [07-25-2004]

I was thrilled to find out so much information about Charles Carroll of Carrollton as he was an ancestor of mine on my mothers side. Take care, Bob Puscheck
Robert E. Puscheck [07-25-2004]

thank you for this great site!
Tammie Blanchette, Titusville FL [07-25-2004]

You may notice if you read the whole thing that the Declaration accuses King George of setting "savage Indians" against the Americans. In fact, the revolution was largely inspired by anger at the Royal Proclamation of 1763, which granted some protection to native land. The colonists wanted no restrictions on their plans to take that land away from the natives, which they proceded to do once the revolution had succeeded.
Sean [07-25-2004]

Great site! Thanks
Jennifer, Destin FL [07-25-2004]

I hope you all visit historic Independence Hall in Philadelphia where you can see first hand the setting of the two famous documents that create the country!
Gus Rylander, U S Park Ranger [07-25-2004]

hey when was the declaration sined \?
Giselle [07-25-2004]

In Jefferson's original, the term he uses is "inalienable rights." And that is how I learned it. When was it changed to "unalienable rights"?
Jack Swanson [07-25-2004]

As an historian by college degree, but more by nature, I have been using this site for research. I will be writing an historical novel based on Samuel Adams and the other prominent figures of Boston. I have been delighted with the site. Brushing up on the details of the revolutionary period makes me proud all over again to be an American. It also reminds me of the irrefutable proof that we are a Christian nation founded on the principles of the Old and New Testaments. No modern day revisionist can wrest that fact from the hands of true historians if we don't let them. To God be the glory for the blessed nation we have been!
Elizabeth J. Lyke, Nashville, TN [07-25-2004]

I am a decendant of Steven Hopkin's
Lu [07-25-2004]

Thank you for what you are doing. It is so important that we understand the underpinnings of the freedom that we enjoy. To many of us are taking it for granted while those freedoms are systematically being stripped from us.
Marc D. Miller, Lompoc, CA. [07-25-2004]

William F. Pharr, 64, Pennsylvania [07-25-2004]

well done ease of use thanks for being here.
jessie martinez, la mirada,ca [07-25-2004]

Lu Turski [07-25-2004]

Todd Emmons, Excelsior Springs, MO 41yrs.old [07-25-2004]

I am a direct descendent and PROUD
kimberly Wolcott [07-25-2004]

Oh that Canada had such a document. Peace, order and good government is hardly a substitute for Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The very nature of the Declaration was that it was to limit the power of government from the potential tyranny of government. In Canada it was the Government who introduced the Constitution and imposed it upon the people and it is now the courts who deal with interpreting it. The contrast is profound. That so many great characters should have been brought together in the U.S. at that time remains amazing. To have a Thomas Jefferson or a Ben Franklin etc. would have been great but to have so many from such a small populace boggles the mind.
Bruce M Clark, Age 61. [07-25-2004]

i think that this web site is so not very good because it doesnt give me what i want.
anonymous [07-25-2004]

Janet Duncan Clymer Silver, Albany, OR ; Great, Great Great, Grandfather [07-25-2004]

My great grandfather, John Morton was a desendent of the John Morton who signed the Declaration of Independence. I am very honored! Thank you
Kathy Harris [07-25-2004]

Thank you!
Beth, 17 years old. Home schooled [07-25-2004]

Very educational
stephen gurican [07-25-2004]

My grandmothers maiden was Edna Mason and I had always been reminded that my relative was James Mason
Franklyn P. Jakob, resident of Addison, N.Y. [07-25-2004]

great site! our grandchildren in columbia, sc love it. keep up the great work. born in the usa!
mike haviley [07-25-2004]

Thanks for all the info- It's was great to refresh my memory- keep it up- Go USA!Gob Bless the USA sml
Stella ML, Sylacauga,AL,28 [07-25-2004]

Good site...I have a question...why was Vermont not a part of the original 13 colonies?
anonymous [07-25-2004]

We are all familiar with the Dunpal broadsdes, but I have never seen a Goddard copy with signatures. Does anyone know of one and where it is?
Frank M. Vizza [07-25-2004]

This is a good sight for children my age.
Sammie, 10 [07-25-2004]

do the desendance of the people who signed the declaration of independence entitled to a free education?
anne pope, education [07-25-2004]

this item should be read more often by more people
brian collins, 48 y/o Saugerties NY [07-25-2004]

Great site.
Penelope Frulla, Chicago, IL [07-25-2004]

I am proud to be a Cylmer.
Donna Clymer, Tucson, Arizona [07-25-2004]

Have found 3 generations of the Hart family in Auburn Ill.John Sterling Hart and looking for a link to England
Lou Ann Hart, Ftt.Worth,Tx .Real Estate Broker [07-25-2004]

Freedom is not Free, it never has been.
Pam Warren, Grand Ronde, Oregon, USA [07-25-2004]

I found this site to be quite informative but there are some errors. I think you need to proofread the information again for accuracies(sp). One example is the narrative on Thomas Nelson Jr. Born in 1738, died 1789, I calculated his age at about 51. The end of the narrative says he was 53 when he died. Confusing information makes one take double takes. I do love this site as it has been informative on the whole.
Val [07-25-2004]

My husband is from Dublin, Ireland and will become a U.S. citizen on 7/9/04. I would love to give him an "official/seal" copy of The Declaration as a gift - where can I buy one? Thanks - love your site!
Deanna Murphy, Torrance, CA [07-25-2004]

donald m kelly [07-25-2004]

Lezlie Bolander [07-25-2004]

I think this is a great site. I volunteer with 5th grade students at a local school and use resources such as this to help educate the kids about our nation's beings and history. things they don't get from textbooks.
James L. Robinson, Korean era Veteran [07-25-2004]

very informative. especially like the biographies of the signers. Thanks for sharing.
Gene [07-25-2004]

anonymous [07-25-2004]

D Mosley, Joplin, MO, 72 [07-25-2004]

i have found an old copy of the declaration of independence in my things, it appears to be some kind of a print. How many copies were made of the original? do they have any value? It is falling apart. how can it be preserved?
bill [07-25-2004]

my mother, dar, shows that a Fulton was present at the signing of the DofC and was proven to have fought in the revolution. where can I find out if he was present or those who were present at the signing? thanks
william S arms [07-25-2004]

Lyman Hall is a distant uncle of mine. I have looked for information about him before, but this was the best source. Thanks!
Vickie, San Diego, CA [07-04-2004]

It would be wonderful if the Declaration of Independance were instilled in all our children in elementary school. It is important that we all have total allegiance to our country and know that, with its faults, it is based on God's principles. It IS a Judeo Christian country and should not be taken over by multi-culturalism. I say this as the decendant of slaves and Cherokees!
June D. Perera, Centreville VA 60 years old [07-04-2004]

I am a student of God, am African American proud to be an American citizen. I want to know God's mind for American. His pattern is set and described "in the beginning".
Taquilla Hamilton, New Orleans, LA [07-04-2004]

In this moment my country have very problems is divided and don't want that,but I hope find union and freedom again very soon and live in peace. Congratulations by your independence day.Thks
maritza freites, caracas venezuela [07-04-2004]

This is an excellent site. Thank you!
gsj, Grand Haven, MI [07-04-2004]

I hope that as a people we can continue to do justice to the miracle the authors, editors and signers created. And also that we can appreciate this gift and responsibility.
Chris, Neversink, NY [07-04-2004]

I am interested in finding further info on Joshiah Bartlett
JoAnn Bartlett Parker, Salt Lake City, Utah [07-04-2004]

71% of Republicans consider themselves "patriotic," while among Democrats the affirmative responses fall in at about 42%. Now what we need is a man-on-the-street poll that asks whether the person surveyed is 1) an atheist or a believer, 2) followed by the inquiry whether s/he usually prefers R or D politics, and 3) whether s/he has ever read The Declaration of Independence and, if so, how long past was that reading. Yet, above all, I'd like to see governmental officials -- elected or appointed -- take on revisionist "readings" of the First Amendment in light of language of those who drafted and approved The Declaration of Independence. Steadfast, Friends.
Russ Williams, Living fine letters [07-04-2004]

too good for words,thank you
thomas&janie cheek, po box 251 goldston nc 27262 age 62 [07-04-2004]

It is refreshing to remember that the foundation of the birth of the country was based on an intense belief in a Divine Power. As a nation, have we forgotten we are only caretakers of what God has provided to us?
James Newman, Sanford, North Carolina [07-04-2004]

Thanks for bringing the history of our great nation to life. Your site is wonderful - keep up the good work!
Courtney, Rocky Mount, NC [07-04-2004]

A very interesting website. One cannot absorb it in one sitting. I plan to come back often to learn as much as I can about the drafting that great document and those people that risked their lives by signing it. Thank you for providing all of this important information. The Declaration of Independence is the essence of what America is all about. It is important especiallly now to go back to our roots and understand what we are supposed to stand for.
Gerald Stollman, West Bloomfield, MI [07-04-2004]

I wept when I read what Congress had deleted in the draft presented to it. God Bless America.
jb, age 48 [07-04-2004]

I really enjoyed visiting this site. There was lots of good information to instill pride in our country, and admiration for our founding fathers, their dedication, and their sacrifice on our behalf. We owe them a debt of that can best be paid by living a kind and decent life, and by teaching this history to our children. I wish more was shared in our schools. To that end this site is invaluable. Thanks!
Tom Yates, Layton, Utah [07-04-2004]

I woke this morning eager to celebrate this country's birth of independence. To get started, brewed a pot of coffee and grabbed the Sunday morning paper hoping to read some great history and articles of our independence. Oh, how I was disappointed. Our paper had two pictures of floats in our electric light parade (which is the day before 4th of July) and a lot of complainers of fireworks. Absolutely no history articles of our Independence Day. Pretty sad. So, locating this site on the web was a great thing. Now I'm going to read some of these articles to my children this morning, because I do not want to reaise a generation that has forgotten the power of the birth of this nation and what it means to the world. I think we will start working on our own celebration of Independence Day. Watch for a website that will help promote celebrating our patriotic holidays. We have to get these celebrations back before the citizens forget. Make this the best celebrated 4th of July of your life.
JoeD, Las Cruces, NM [07-04-2004]

joe h morren, Colorado City, TX 79512 [07-04-2004]

.... (we) hold them Enemies in War, in Peace, friends. A good thing to remember as our nation fights to protect itself and others in this time of terrorism and trouble in the Middle East.
M. Lovitt, Mother of two sons in the Armed Forces. We live in a great nation, folks-- one which MANY others have made sacrifices for over the past 225+ years. [07-04-2004]

aj [07-04-2004]

anonymous, Austin, Tx ; age-36 [07-04-2004]

i really enjoy reading your info.right me back thats great sincerily robin.
robin lovitt, age 31 hesperia calif. [07-04-2004]

What a great resource. I'll us the info to write a little play for the grandkids to perform at the family barbeque. We all need reminded what the fireworks are for.
Shellien, Twin Falls, Idaho [07-04-2004]

This was absolutely great! Terrific info and easy to get. Thank you
Rev. Victoria Triano [07-04-2004]

All it takes for Evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Fighting the good fight! God Bless the USA
The Batsons [07-04-2004]

Fascinated by the stories of those who signed. These were never taught us in school!
Jesse C. Perkins, Wetumpka, Alabama, Age 72 [07-04-2004]

we found a copy which we belive is a orginal copy of (in congress,july4, 1776)the unanimous declararation of the thirteen states of america
pat comer, we found a copy [07-04-2004]

Thanks for this great site. We must get back to the roots of our country and began worshipping our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY again. We must or soon be a third world country.
Lana, ky [07-04-2004]

In my opinion, Mr. Jefferson was one of the greatest Americans who ever lived!
Richard Boyd, Salem, Virginia [07-04-2004]

thank you
nancy, wichita,ks [07-04-2004]

The patriotism of our founding fathers was not lost through the generations. My paternal grandmother was a poll clerk for years in Pensacola and having quite a wealth of information regarding family history, passed much of it on to me. I have always felt a deep connection with my roots and I am proud to be an American. I am also decended from Thomas Garnett who came from England on the "Swan" and settled in 1608 in what was known as Elizabeth City. I now have served twenty years as a DOD civil servant in the accounting field in Kingsville, TX.
Sandra Zelius Dorsett, Born Pensacola, FL 1940, direct decendent of Geo. Ross through Paternal Grandmother Florence Waggener Zelius, whose grandmother was a Ross from Russellville, KY [07-04-2004]

Appreciated the valuable information on your web site.
Norman T. Bright [07-04-2004]

The most important and elequent document ever written.
Michael Moore, Virginia Beach [07-04-2004]

James R. Craig [07-04-2004]

Relative of Charles Carroll of Carrollton.(Signer of the Declaration Of Independence) "God Bless our country".
Joseph E. Sprauer Jr., Rhinebeck New York [07-04-2004]

What a wonderful site! Thanx!
Terry Kornegay, Peterstown, WV. [07-04-2004]

James Simpkins, Wife & I are history majors, I'm a So. Baptist Pastor in California [07-04-2004]

God Bless America!
Peggy M. Wilson, Whitley City, KY 42653 [07-04-2004]

All Americans need to petition to their Senators and Congressman concerning this Great Document. In order to protect our American borders, language and culture, we as patriotic Americans need to live & abide by The Declaration of Independence. May God Bless America !
Frank Gervasio, Born in Chicago IL 1946 [07-04-2004]

Anne Drake [07-04-2004]

Iam excited, im[ressed and very grateful you did this site for the Declaration of Independence and its history!
Arlene [07-04-2004]

This is for Buddy Reed who signed the guest book, I would like to contact you, as my late great-great-grandfather was Councilman Reed of the Easternband of Cherokees in N. Carolina.
Doris Carroll, A member of the Reed family also [07-04-2004]

A member of my family signed the " Declaration of Independence," I never enjoyed politics until I started my ancestry backgroung. I'am proud to be a part of Charles Carroll's family.
Doris Carroll, Logansport, Indiana 57 years old [07-04-2004]

As in the case of Jaqueline McAllister (guestbook signer 12-13-2000) Our family tradition also holds that Richard Stockton is an ancestor on my mother's side. This is supposedly verified in the Gibbons family bible (Mom's maiden name)which I have never seen. But it remains a family tradition to honor his memory as a part of our 4th of July celebrations. So to you, Jaqueline, and to all my fellow Americans, Happy Independence Day!
James N. Williams, San Diego, Ca. [07-04-2004]

IN GOD WE TRUST, ALL OTHERS ARE SUSPECT! I would sincerely hope that all those who oppose God in our every day life will one day wake up and realize that without God, we can do nothing. This nation was founded on Christian morals and we should pray that those Christian morals/attitudes prevail over the selfishness of others. God Bless America and our people!
Jan, Green Bay, WI - age 52 [07-04-2004]

Thank you for this site! So wonderful to have all this historical information in one spot. I heard that not everyone actually signed the Declaration because of a bad epidemic of the munchies. Is that true?
Diane, Fort Collins, CO, age 54 [07-04-2004]

I just wanted to thank you for offering such an informative site. My colleagues and I work in radio and we used some of this information for a program we aired today in regards to the D of I and other historical points of interest and controversy. God bless you!
Christina Evans, Pacific Northwest, 26 yrs. old [07-04-2004]

It's really cool that you cna look up this info. here
Elizabeth [07-04-2004]

We truly live in the greatest country in the world! Let us not squander what the Lord has blessed us with.
Laura Bryson, Tennessee [07-04-2004]

Paul Lintz [07-04-2004]

joel [07-04-2004]

Thankyou for Making America F R E E
Trevoi Crump, Oakcrest Elementary [07-04-2004]

Thank you GOD For this opportunity to celebrate the 228 anniversity of the birth of this Nation,the United States of America.In JESUS name I Pray
John J Wynn,Jr, Red Bank,NJ Born 1934 in Lowell, Mass, [07-04-2004]

I am very thankful for the 56 signers of the declaration of independence and the freedoms they started in our united states of america.And I know that God was in every thought of the original men to make our nation a free nation " one nation under God" I praise our God through Jesus Christ my savior for the U.S.A. and the freedoms we enjoy for the last 228 years.Thank you founding fathers for your hard work.
Kathy Ruiz, san diego [07-04-2004]

I believe in our government,in its freedom and rights,and in our God. I believe we should take this time to thank a nation that has given so much to so many.And to the men and women who fight today to preserver our way of life.
virginia bissell, decendent of William Whipple [07-04-2004]

Thank you I am preparing a message for Sunday worship on the religious life of the signers of the Declaration of Independance. A number of them were Deists. None were anti-Christian. A number of them were Bible believeing Christians. John Witherspoon was an ordained minister of gospel of Jesus Christ.
Randy Ardis [07-04-2004]

Great website God Bless America One Nation Under God
Pat Gill, Live in Missouri...Native Texan [07-04-2004]

i had to stare at your screen all day
Skye White [07-04-2004]

Your web site helped me prepare for a sermon on July 4th. THANK YOU! Our nation has been blessed because it was esablished on a declaration of truth. Our Godly heritage as a Christian nation has been evident from the beginning.
Kevin Vanderlaan, Decatur Il. [07-04-2004]

Your info on George Walton lists his birthplace as Prince Edward Co. Va. and then goes on to say in the body of the information that he was born in Frederick Co., Va. He was born in either Prince Edward Co., Va. or perhaps its adjoining county, Cumberland. Thanks
Larry Williamson [07-04-2004]

David Albro Andree, Lexington, KY Age 73 [07-04-2004]

Greatest document ever written, except the Bible.
James Marlow, Burson, Ca 95225 [07-04-2004]

anonymous [07-04-2004]

this is soooooooooooooo cool! oh um can't read the DOI
alice [07-04-2004]

this is a good site!
abby, 13 [07-04-2004]

I am glad that God has given us a free country and am thankful for the many men who have died to keep it that way.
Shawn Coleman [07-04-2004]

Thanks for helping me with my newspaper
Shayna [07-04-2004]

this is a great website. we used it in my history class while we studied the great americans. im glad that you typed it up so we could actually read it.
sara, wisconsin, 15 [07-04-2004]

The anniversary of our Declaration of Independance from Great Britain is only two days away and I sit here contemplating the birth of our nation and the first major statement by its fledgling government, the Declaration of Independance. This statement, issued to King George III of Great Britain, holds so many concepts that apply today to President George W. Bush of the United States of America. George W. Bush is guilty of almost identical abuses of the public trust as King George III. Let me illustrate: He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good. King George simply didn't submit to the laws that he imposed upon his people. President George has refused to testify under oath to congress or congressional committees in order to circumvent having the law apply to him. He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures. King George made the leaders of the colonies travel to Britain to get anything done. President George has had documents printed in the middle of the night for immediate vote upon them in the morning before any can read them and has very often governed the country from his ranch in Crawford Texas where few can have access to him. He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people. King George dissolved the houses. President George created "Free Speech Zones". He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary powers. Guantanamo Bay. He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance. President George has swollen the size of our federal government to its largest size in history, even without including the military buildup, and turned a massive budgetary surplus into an unprecedented deficit. The resulting economic slowdown has caused over 300 million people to lose their jobs. He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power. Again I say Guantanamo Bay, but this time I add his disregard of the Geneva Conventions and International Treaties which the legislative bodies of this country have ratified. He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation. President George has worked to make us all subject to the whims of large corporations such as Enron, Halliburton, MCI, and many others. He has protected the leaders of these companies from prosecution and has called for special laws to be put in place to further protect them in the future. I would call the new U.S. Tax Code "pretended legislation". For depriving us, in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury. Once again might I say, Guantanamo Bay? No, it was not just foreign citizens held there without trial, it was U.S. citizens as well. For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences. Well, perhaps the offences were not pretended, perhaps they were, but sending U.S. Citizens to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is certainly transporting them beyond the seas. Had they actually been tried, or even charged for that matter, then we could have determined if the offences were pretended or not. For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments. President George has abolished many valuable laws with the Patriot Act, including protections against illegal search and siezure. He has fundamentally altered the forms of our government by removing all transparency that would allow us, as citizens, to know how decisions are being made within the executive branch of our government. In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.
Mark Randol, usmc (1987-1993) [07-02-2004]

i am betty i am looking some one that is nice and good to do business with thanks.
betty, abidjan [06-30-2004]

I am a descendent of John Hart of New Jersey. John married Deborah Scudder. Thanks for the info & picture of him.
R .Stout, Reno County, Kansas [06-30-2004]

Very good - however I would like to read what happened to each of the signers! God bless the USA! Especially in these difficult days!
Ben, Blackfoot, ID [06-30-2004]

the declaration of independance is a very important document
Travis, Etters 13 [06-30-2004]

Patrick Henry is one of my Great Grandfathers. His grandson is Lamar Fontaine, who is my great grandmothers grandfather. My grandmother has an original journal (written in 1886?) by Lamar Fontaine.
Wendy Guyton, Ethelsville, AL [06-30-2004]

That is one beautiful piece of writing, law and literature.
Chuck Leonard, Linden, NJ [06-30-2004]

My family proudly pledges allegiance to "One Nation Under God!" God bless everyone! Happy 4th Of July! Deborah Hare Tucson Arizona
Deborah Jackson Hare, Tucson Arizona [06-30-2004]

I think that the declaration of independence is very interesting to me and it should be to others. Well got to go BYE
Danielle, Weston [06-30-2004]

ok web site but should and could be better
megan [06-30-2004]

This is a wonderful site. Thank you. My father recently stated that he thought it remarkable how at seasons in our history it seemed that a man or set of men whose character and attributes uniquely suited them to meet the test of the times always seemed to be available and willing to shoulder the burdens. Remarkable indeed, and from the very onset of the republic. God has blessed America. May we always merit the blessing and live up to our founding principles.
Lloyd W. Goldrick, 51, Albuquerque, NM [06-30-2004]

Knute Josifek [06-30-2004]

Thank you. I found this site very useful to preparing a talk/presentation at an assisted living facility.
Walburga, Colorado [06-30-2004]

Researching history of the signers for a skit on July 4
J Fred Hoge III, Lufkin Texas [06-30-2004]

Thanks for posting this information for all to see. May we re-discover our Godly foundation!
Buddy Reed, North Carolina [06-30-2004]

Great website
Alva & Lesley Shell IV, Pitts, Georgia [06-30-2004]

Superb.....informative, and better yet...inspirational. Roy Mumme
Roy Mumme, Professor Emeritus, Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, Florida [06-27-2004]

God Bless America & God Bless those men & women who serve to keep our Right to Freedom. Thank You
Sally Munsey, San Diego, CA [06-24-2004]

The Declaration is what made this country great. Let us remember it and stick to it! All Americans are equal and free to think, live, speak and worship the way they CHOOSE
Sonny Saggar, St Louis, Missouri [06-24-2004]

Thank you for hosting this web site
W. Rose, Thibodaux, LA [06-24-2004]

this is a really fantastic page. I found many information there. thanks bye
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Just passing by. Your site is very well done! Thanks!
deborah hare, Tucson Arizona [06-24-2004]

May God bless all countries that reserve the right of the individual to be free from opression.
Henry H McAuley, Belfast, Northern Ireland [06-24-2004]

This site was exceptionally informative for me. I played Stephen Hopkins in the musical "1776" this July and it really helped me forge the character for the stage. Well done.
Abbott R. Morgan, Tarpon Springs, FL [06-24-2004]

It is s'e best site. especialy p'or me. sanke you
zaccaraententonia, ashe 11 [06-24-2004]

Nice site... keep up the good work! =)
Jillian, Texas, 20 [06-24-2004]

Rev. Scott Hannon [06-24-2004]

I like the site but wish you had an area with trivia related to making of the documents. I work with alzheimers patients and that is one way to work with them and keep them alert for a bit longer.
Rita Renfro, Crane Mo [06-24-2004]

Great sight! This helped me with a display I am working on at Iona College's display case in Ryan Library.
Barbara Carlucci, New Rochelle, N.Y. [06-24-2004]

In your index of signers by state, there are 57 signers. Your list is incomplete.
Barbara Carlucci, New Rochelle, NY [06-24-2004]

Go Ms. Lester and Mrs. Schroepfer for getting me to be interested in the declaration!
Holly, 13 years old, Tallahassee [06-24-2004]

Great site and God Bless America!
Melissa, New York [06-24-2004]

I love my country so if you don't get out!
Ace, albany ny [06-24-2004]

More people should reread our countries documents, and try to get a better understanding of the way our government is supposed to work.
walter naughton, oklahoma city, oklahoma [06-20-2004]

Cool website, very useful!
Toby, UK politics student [06-20-2004]

Great website
Jayne Sparks [06-20-2004]

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tiffany C Andujar, I live at Mastic N.Y. [06-20-2004]

M. Shepherd, Texas, 46, former educator [06-20-2004]

Joan, Omaha [06-20-2004]

robin, age 14 [06-14-2004]

america rules.
tom [06-14-2004]

Would like to know if Mary Katerine Goddard actually signed the Declaration of Independence secretly.
Nora Flora Hall Weber, Oklahoma City, OK Age 71 [06-14-2004]

How come, when we have a legal document written in clear english and issued since 1776 and we even fought a war over it, and there are still politicians/lawyers that can't understand it?
Charles Bergman, Wiscinsin [06-14-2004]

Excellent Site. Well done display of our Charters of Freedom. Douglas Doane Editor
Douglas Doane, Patriot [06-14-2004]

great imformation!
alyssa [06-10-2004]

i need a picture of james wilson for homework! history rocks!
Jasmine Hall [06-10-2004]

I read Article 30 and it said,NOTHING in the declaration may be interpreted as imploying for any state,group or person ANY RIGHT to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimen at the destruction of of ANY of the RIGHT'S AND FREEDOM'S set forth herein.Art 4 had,No one shall held in slavery or servitude,Slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in ALL THEIR FORM'S. I SAY THEM Making scam law's so they can take more of OUR RIGHT'S AWAY so we can't do what we did do,Or have what we have,And how many,Is ALMOST like a slave.IT'S GETTING THERE. And article 12 said,NO one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy,Family,Home or correspondence.Nor to attack's upon his HONOR and REPUTATION.Everyone has the right'sto the protection of the law against such interference or attack's.
Ronnie Eaton, Hadlock wa 98339 Age 45 [06-10-2004]

J. Preston Spear, Hertford, NC [06-10-2004]

Emily [06-10-2004]

jasmine [06-10-2004]

Melannie Brodrick, Chadron-College Student-28 [06-10-2004]

thanks for the sons of liberty
anonymous [06-10-2004]

St. Luke's Lutheran Church [06-10-2004]

Norma Torrez [06-10-2004]

Lots of good factual informayion.
Mary, I'm from Canton, Connecticut, age 11 [06-06-2004]

how many signers were freemasons?
Ron Bart [06-05-2004]

I did a report on William Hooper and this site is O.K. BUT I wish it had more information.
anonymous [06-05-2004]

God bless us that we can live up to what we declare to be true!
Reverend Scott A Dempster [06-03-2004]

good Site
Hillza porfand, I am 21 [06-03-2004]

good! got all facts!
abbie kwok, 11 [06-03-2004]

Jeg synes det er bra og fint. this is on Norwegian.
Kari-Anne Melby, Norway, Oslo, 16 Śr, ŚÝś [06-03-2004]

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Cool site, it really heled with my history homework
Amy, 13 years old [06-02-2004]

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Were there many copies made of The Constitution and if so how many. My friend has what looks like an authentic copy and he has had it for over 40 years and it is in mint condition. Just like to know if it worth anything?
anonymous [06-02-2004]

why is the declaration of independence so important for the mankind?please give me an answer!
tina [06-02-2004]

Hi; Im doing a flap book of the events that lead to the revolutionary War. Great information. thanks. Kenneth Volk
Kenneth Volk, Oceanside Ca. [06-02-2004]

i really like this site because it helps with my american history class. i hope others like this site as much as i do. is there aboy whois 14 that uses this site as well
becky salgado, santa ana,ca, 13years,7family members [06-02-2004]

Thank you for your web site. May God bless you and America.
Lee, Joplin, MO [06-02-2004]

we're students studying about the Declaration of Independence and this site helped
Tameem and Ethan [06-02-2004]

my thoughts is that i think this would be a good source that all kids could used to pass the civics and history sol.
keyonda shananira tolliver, richmond,13 [06-02-2004]

Thank You! Sometimes in the cynicism and godlessness that coats everything today, it is easy to forget the awesomeness of the birth of this nation. I hope and pray that more and more people will find this site, and take the time to really reflect on what we have been given through the sacrifice of so many before us.
K.S.James [06-02-2004]

my name is brenda ross. And George Ross is related. To my famliy tree. He is related to John Ross. And Betsey Ross.
brenda, plymouth,ma [06-02-2004]

We have an obligation to remember from where our country came. Too many have forgotten the blood shed so that we can be free. Happy Memorial Day and may God continue to bless America!
Scott B. Kiefner, San Diego, Ca. [06-02-2004]

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