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2004 Declaration Guestbook Entries: January-May

i love this site and love our country and hope supreme court will not take god out of this document like they have everything else. why are they allowed so much power?
elizabeth simon, i I AM S PROUD AMERICAN 74 YRS OLD [05-30-2004]

i love the declaration of independence, fought in world war 11 came home in f air shape and am grateful to be an american.
John S Simon, 79 yrs old [05-30-2004]

bob, newhamsheir,28,fat [05-30-2004]

Thank you for allowing me to read and think about what this nation was truly build on. Keep up the great work! God Bless Everybody. T. Sanchez
Traci Angeles Sanchez, Stockton, CA./age: 42 [05-30-2004]

craig schrotter [05-30-2004]

jim [05-30-2004]

FREEDOM is not free.
john raccasi [05-30-2004]

hi wat up im havin fun chekin out wat the declaration of independece says
angie, a world of darkness [05-28-2004]

i luv this website its my favorite. Go Massillon Tigers! I'm from Ohio.
aaron berbari, massillon is the best at football [05-28-2004]

Snoop dog, Sidney Ohio [05-28-2004]

I'm doing a report on the signers of the declaration of independance and you relly need some stuff on their childhoods as soon as possible please
Areona Roy [05-28-2004]

i think the declaration of independence a great work in the world. i like it very much, and i hope it can lead human forever!
ceaser [05-28-2004]

Is anyone else related to Authru Middleton? Please contact me at
Lauren Middleton Williams, nj [05-28-2004]

Wow! I got an A+ on my report! Thanks for giving me the info I needed!
Heather, age 10 [05-28-2004]

in the best and i think i am really pretty.
lisa, Australia [05-28-2004]

Every time i read the declaration of independence i have trouble understanding the words in it. can you please send me a copy of the words what they mean.
Alice, Age=10 [05-28-2004]

Heather, Hi, I am 10 and used your info for my report. Thanks to you I got an A+! [05-28-2004]

Very nice and useful website. Please visit my website! :)
Webmaestro, Miami,Florida [05-28-2004]

mack, O,Fallon [05-28-2004]

I have to do a report on Samuel Adams and I thought it would be cool to sign this.
Emily Abbott, Walpole,NH [05-28-2004]

this is so cool! i happen to be rlated to "JAmes Wilson" (my grandpa is even named after him) and found it very interesting ot learn about some of my ansesters! thanx very interested
Very Interested [05-28-2004]

I have a learing disabitlite and I am trying to get my ged how dose someone study on Declaration of Independence thank you for your time.
Kim [05-28-2004]

Bob [05-28-2004]

I would like to learn more about history.
Jane Chang [05-28-2004]

thanks for makeing this website i had a really big history assignment about the decleration this really helpled
anonymous [05-28-2004]

This site was very helpful when researching Roger Sherman!
anonymous [05-28-2004]

kkjui [05-28-2004]

James R. Freeman, Atlanta, GA [05-28-2004]

I think that this is a good websit.Thank You for your survis.
Valentina Rodrigeuz, San Jose c.a 11years old [05-28-2004]

Seeking information on believed ancestor Robert Morris, signer of the declaration.
G J Struble, Pensacola, Fl. [05-28-2004]

I believe that the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights are the most important and significant documents in the United States history.
keisha, age 14 [05-28-2004]

nicole, Kingston New Hampshire 13 [05-28-2004]

ufuoma agarin, laurel, 8, family of 6 [05-28-2004]

i love your site !you should put something in about his personality.
melody [05-28-2004]

Thank you, I just wanted to give a greeting and tell you I like your website very much.
beijing [05-28-2004]

anonymous, San Diego,California 23yrs.old [05-28-2004]

cleveland shelton [05-28-2004]

This is a terrific Web site! So much useful information for educators and students alike!
Judi Riley, Skippack, PA [05-28-2004]

why didn't george the declaration of independance?
Martin woo woo, hanover park,usa [05-28-2004]

Great site ! You really are taking it to the next level.
anonymous [05-28-2004]

Stacie [05-28-2004]

I'm supposed to write an editorial on the declaration of independence, and this site gave me so many things to know about the declaration of independence, I now know exactly what to write. I reccommend this site to every single student like me.
Leah, 11,New York, 5/18/04 [05-28-2004]

Cloe Reynolds, I live in Cerritos, and im 18yrs [05-28-2004]

i am going to do a report on it
luis cuevas, 14 years old henderson middle el paso,texas [05-28-2004]

I just want you to know that my hobby is the History of our Country
Tommy Ullman, Barnegat, NJ [05-28-2004]

I used the site to print out the text of the Declaration in preparation for a speech I am giving July 4.
John H. Franklin, Peterborough, NH (age 66) [05-28-2004]

Dominique, I am 11 AIlive in P.A [05-28-2004]

Lee, I Love Cats [05-28-2004]

Great Work! Too Good for me!
anonymous [05-28-2004]

very kewl
Brianna [05-28-2004]

became a citizen in 1995
Gisse Keller, Richardson, Texas [05-28-2004]

i had to go to a lot of sites to find thomas stone and i found it on this site and i had exatly all the information in needed thanks whoever made it possible for me to find it thanx!
Alyssa ` [05-28-2004]

I just completed a book report on Thomas Jefferson and this Declaration site really helped.
Liam [05-15-2004]

This is a good website. It helped me find a lot of information on the Declaration. Thanks for putting this website together...
Carly, California, USA 13 [05-15-2004]

I'm related to Philip and Robert Livingston.
Kelly, Related to Phil and Robert Livingston [05-15-2004]

i think all the people who sidned the declaration are really great people. i saw the movie 1776 and i loved it. i loved every bite of it.
kaitlyn, 11 [05-15-2004]

kaitlyn, 11 [05-15-2004]

Great site for children to use for book reports.
Cindy Weaver, Maryland [05-15-2004]

This is a very interesting site! Lots of good info. ^_^
suzi, 14yrs old [05-15-2004]

Dustin Suggs [05-15-2004]

Does anyone know what congress did to make the "Income Tax" legal? if you do please E-Mail me:)
help_me_please [05-14-2004]

this was a realy helpful site.
melanie, united kingdom " london" age 10 [05-13-2004]

Sabrina Ogden [05-13-2004]

I am an avid history buff. I really enjoyed this web site.I learn something new every time I read about our early history. Thanks for putting it all together.
harold thacker, age 54 Radcliff Kentucky [05-13-2004]

It is very dangerous but you have my signiture
Bri [05-13-2004]

Hayley, 13 cuba IL 61427 [05-13-2004]

Chelsie, 15 [05-13-2004]

thank you very very much for this site i need to study this paragraph: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long so thank you for providing this site
bob, L.A california [05-13-2004]

Very hard to understand I think you can do beter
anonymous [05-13-2004]

Alexandra Lynn Johnson, my age is 11 [05-13-2004]

Sarah kim, cerritos 11 [05-13-2004]

I think this is a grat web site.
Johnnyray [05-13-2004]

I think this is a grat web site.
Nicole [05-13-2004]

jim [05-13-2004]

i thank you for making this website because i love history! love is all i can say! i also love my social studys teacher she has taught me well! thank yu s very much.. sean-e-boy
sean mcgowan, allen, texas [05-13-2004]

Nick, Marlborough [05-13-2004]

i love the declaration, i wish i could be a social studies teacher so i can learn alll i can bout this amazing document. I wish i could have signed it myself Thanks Sincerely, Connor
connor williams, Allen Texas [05-13-2004]

hamada, n/a [05-13-2004]

ian [05-13-2004]

Supposed to be kin of my grandmothers I am trying to research family history. Just wanted to see I have a lot of oldpictures and I wanted to see if one was him
Dorothy Thomas [05-13-2004]

i think that the people that signed the declaration of independence really care for us and they did a great thing. REST IN PEACE HOMIES.
ashley singleton, 10 years old washington /district of cloumbia. [05-13-2004]

great informative site about the declaration of independence and about the people who signed it.
colin radburn, auchinleck,scotland [05-08-2004]

Dara D., Philadelphia [05-08-2004]

umm yeah. iam gonna get the Declarations of Independenece tattooed on my arm. for my bf.
kristy, Thousand Oaks,CA 1age 14 [05-08-2004]

Michael A. Carroll, Glendale,AZ., 55 yrs. [05-08-2004]

Does anyone know where I can get a replica of the portrait with all the signers seated and standing around the table - Washington in the center??? My great(x2) grandfather was John Hart! Thanks for any assistance.
Marsha Youngblood, Independence, Missouri [05-08-2004]

it really good
Yolanda, Hartford, 33,CT [05-08-2004]

i love the declaration of independence and if you have any information on it or any history stuff would you please send it to me??? thanks, claire
claire, rockmart----16---- [05-08-2004]

Great information, very useful!
April Hickson, 16 years old [05-08-2004]

it is awsome
elizabeth, clinton [05-08-2004]

this helped me pick a lesson to teach the kindergarten students
brittni, age 23 [05-08-2004]

I found a copy of the declaration of independace behind an old picture years ago.Could it be worth anything? It is still folded the way I found it.Thank you.
mary [05-08-2004]

A great reminder of how our wonderful freedoms came to be and the wisdom of the men behind this document!
Danielle Birkhead, Little River, SC 55 yrs. old [05-08-2004]

Absolutely excellent,and with excellent links,pics and copies. Wow is all I have to say, well that and excuse ALL of the sentence fragments, but then again, it's not a test. Thank you. I am keeping this in the favorites folder
June, History teacher-middle school [05-08-2004]

anonymous [05-08-2004]

Great site I really enjoyed all of the information
anonymous [05-08-2004]

I think that that war was the coolest
The Patriot, Laredo T.X 67yrs. [05-08-2004]

Marques O'Neil Duggans [05-08-2004]

you made a mistake on the page that is titled sugar act. the mistake that you made was in the sentence that follows: under the Molasses act colonial merchants had been required to pay a tax of six pence per gallon. when in deed it should been written under the molasses act colonial merchants had been required to pay a tax of six cents per gallon.
nati [05-08-2004]

who is the editor?
sharon [05-08-2004]

this site is very helpful
Denisha Wilson, Orange NJ [05-08-2004]

very helpful website!
claire, franklin! [05-03-2004]

claire, franklin [05-03-2004]

juanita [05-03-2004]

Great Site! I have been very interested in the Declaration of Independence most all my life. Esspecially since one of the signers, George Walton is an ancestor of mine. Kin to me by my great grandfather, W. T. Walton, on my mother's side. He would often speak of George as being a cousin.
Rhonda Hogan [05-03-2004]

I think this is really cool.
Lindsey [05-03-2004]

cool, good way 2 skip class by playing on the computer, but don't tell my teacher she thinks it's educational
Mary-Kate Amato, 2 days [05-03-2004]

Chelsey Wisdom [05-03-2004]

this is very ineresting
Jessica [05-03-2004]

Annamaria, age 15 [05-03-2004]

this is a great cite for information. keep it up!
anonymous [05-02-2004]

I think this website is cool and helpful when you are studing the Declaration of Independence!
Kristina Bobo [05-02-2004]

your site is so nice. i love the graphics. keep up the good work.
janis [05-01-2004]

i like the declaraation of independence it was a really good idea
heaven, ozark 10 [05-01-2004]

i would like to know more about the declaration of independence futher than the books i would like to know every last details!
Jasmine Kennedy, cincinnati ohio and im 15 [05-01-2004]

make a better web site
callie, stanton mi 10 yrs [05-01-2004]

Jennie [05-01-2004]

its very educational for kids
dixie [05-01-2004]

line [05-01-2004]

this is an awesome website but there was parts i didnt like about it too try making it more colorful and make it stick out more
sally [05-01-2004]

I likw toplay soccer
missael, Newton, 12 like to play soccer [05-01-2004]

This place is good for reports.
Kim [05-01-2004]

It is a cool webby but ONLY for school projects.
anonymous [04-29-2004]

i like doing reasearc on the declaration of independence
Dina Andrews, phoienx [04-29-2004]

I had great ideas about law making.
Jasmine Hines, E.Stroudsburg,11,PA,18360 [04-29-2004]

derek spiker [04-29-2004]

i think we should not have war
colton, supply [04-29-2004]

Fantastic website!
Ann F., Wisconsin [04-29-2004]

very well done work guys
jr, [04-28-2004]

You guys helped me big time w/ my lang. paper
Kelsey [04-28-2004]

Your site needs a printable version of the Declaration.I agree with anonymous, age 11. So you should!
anonymous, hi [04-28-2004]

Hi !
debbie [04-28-2004]

you are super
nicole, 8yo,everett [04-28-2004]

I had a dream about a month ago that I was at the Boston Tea Party and Patrick Henry came out from the crowd, raised his hands and shouted, "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!" Then I was in Independence Hall and witnessed the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I feel our country is on the wrong path and that our government needs to go back to its origins and examine where we are and what we meant to be. We need to go back to the form of government our forefathers set forth for to be. We are far from it and going farther down the slippery slope. We don't need career politicians accumalating their own power, we need term limits with men that have vision for the what's best for the country, for everyone, not for pork-barrel spending on pet projects and political favors. We are in trouble and in dire need of change! I am asking for the Providence of God Almighty, in Whom we Trust, to sovereignly intervene in our government and in the moral decay that we have fallen into. Most Sincerely, Gail L. Maimone
Gail L. Maimone [04-28-2004]

Tyler [04-28-2004]

This is just what I need for my report.
Ben [04-28-2004]

It was awsome !
Rosita Goen, age:10 [04-28-2004]

Where is Thomas Jefferson's signature
Nichole Dawn Short, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City [04-28-2004]

Hi we are taking the TAKS test today and i was getting some last min. studing done but it is kinda hard to do so you need to put the day it was signed on and the year on the front page i think! The TAKS test is the Texas Assesment of Knoledge and skills and we have to pass and i have got a lot of information on your web site that will help me thank you!
Amber, Fort Worth,Texas 16 years old [04-28-2004]

i think george bush is nuts im a new zealander
john ogston [04-28-2004]

kiara, 10 [04-28-2004]

This site is ok. It helped me with a project, but it needs more info.Sorry! :- (
Kelly, 10 years old.I live in Easton,PA [04-28-2004]

Thanks for helping me out! The info is laid out nice and orderly. It helped me write a report on Thomas Stone and Charles Carroll of Carrollton in a snap! Mrs.Saltern, my history teacher loves this site too! Thanks again!
Kelly C., I love horses, but not so much history. [04-28-2004]

I have a framed copy of "The unanimous declaration of the thirteen united states of america.Presented as a plublic service in memory of our Nations Founders by Texas City national Bank,Texas City, Texas. Does it have any worth?
Russell, Magnolia, Tx [04-26-2004]

On this site for a DOI Report for SS.
Katie, 14, Omaha Nebraska [04-25-2004]

Good bio on James Smith; however, I also wanted to know his family history.
Lois Smith Weyer [04-25-2004]

cody [04-25-2004]

I thought your web site was very informational
Taylor [04-25-2004]

first time to see this great document;download and bring it home to read carefully;it tell us why men are equal and it is the basement of America
patrick wang, sydney/35 years old [04-25-2004]

dominic [04-25-2004]

I liked your site beacuse it gave me info on a projet THANK'S SO MUCH! ( :
anonymous, Nebraska [04-25-2004]

This site REALLY needs an easily printable version of the Declaration of Independence.
anonymous, age 11 [04-25-2004]

A great source of information
Barbara Wilson, Perth Western Australia [04-25-2004]

As not only a student of history - but also a lover of it - I have to say I would expect much more from this site. Especially when it is ran from an organization such as Independence Hall. I was really disappointed with the sections regarding the Pre-Revolution era (Sons of Liberty, Committees of Correspondence, etc). It seems as though these entries are not only light but also quite weak. Out of Five Stars I'll give One and a Half... Much better could be done with our very rich history. Sorry
Ken Cooper [04-25-2004]

I leared a lot for a school paper it was so help full thank you
brook, age 11 [04-25-2004]

I would Like to find more info on George Clymer
Jessica, age 13 [04-21-2004]

Vanessa [04-21-2004]

im 15 years old and i used this site to write a world history report.
michael warren, live in iowa [04-21-2004]

This has been a very helpful site for my info for MSU. I would like to thank the person(s) that helped build and keep this website into order, thank you.
Richard, Age 18 [04-21-2004]

The Declaration of Independence is really an amazing document. But it really is a shame that the people of our country take for granted everything that our founding fathers worked so hard to accomplish. I wish that the people of our wonderful nation would become more involved with our government. As a sophmore in college it amazes me to see how many people do lack interest in our government. I wish that everyone would take time to vote and become more involved. Because the people of this nation create our government, and it is the PEOPLES responsibility.
Natasha, Texas [04-21-2004]

Good info. Concise
Mike Bernhardt, Texas high school Soc. Stu. teacher [04-21-2004]

I'M HISPANIC AND I LOVE America because all the people who signed the Declaration of INDEPENDENCE FOUGHT FOR YEARS FOR FREEDOM AND Independence from British rule.America is so important because i was born there and raised there and i still live in America but don't worry i'm not moving. my class and i read a story today called the declaration of Independence by R. conrad Stein and we learned how it began, ended and the people who signed the important document (the declaration of Independence). New JERSEY MY LOVE, I'M FROM NEW jersey and that was one of the 13 colonies.i hope everyone reads my message, because i'm 11 alomst 12 in AUGUST AND I LOVE TO SING, READ, WRITE AND ACT. SOON I'LL BE FAMOUS! AND A BIG CELEBRITY! God bless America, land that i love!I'm Katherine Martinez and if you need advice on something like this, then i'm willing to help.Bye, thanks for listening and being consider and understandind.
Katherine, North Lauderdale [04-20-2004]

This site is really cool! I'm learning about the Sons of Liberty in my geography class and I didn't really understand some of the thing s that they did. I went on your website and now I get everything about them. The articles you guys have are awesome especially the page on the Stamp act. Thanks to whoever created this website now I know where to come and study for my next test! THANK'S!
Bryan Sharpe [04-20-2004]

Tamara Wilson [04-20-2004]

hi my name is mason and in the 7 grade i fugured out that i had an like 7 great genereation uncle that signed the declaration of independence and his name is Thomas mckean but i think his name (last name) was spelt different but anyways i like you're website
mason [04-20-2004]

Are you very, very popular on the internet or is it just that kids have to use this site as homework? Well, the reason I"m on here is for my purpose. I have to ask you a question from my assignment: "What was the purpose of the Committees of COrrespondence?" we're having this question as a test and i never found the answer! please help or send before Friday, April 22, 2004! If you could send it to me on my email: God Bless You!
Mai Vang, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota [04-20-2004]

your site is very informational and i learded a lot from it. well to tell you the truth i just cut and pasted it to my document. any way thank you
fredy jackson, im sometimes have homosexual intentions [04-20-2004]

special k [04-20-2004]

Dude, 12, surfer,skateboarder,scientist, [04-20-2004]

jacee, 11 [04-20-2004]

i am a decsendent of charles carroll of carrollton, i am proud of my 5 times great grand father, i am happy that he signes and u posted his pic and name and his bio on here, thank u very much, much luv to this site
shannon townsend, quapaw [04-20-2004]

Sonja Govey [04-20-2004]

What a great concept for a nation. Amazing
Niurka Palomino [04-20-2004]

The information is for my Grandson
Clara Musacchia [04-20-2004]

i have a real eye for the declaration of independence
christle pruitt, falkville 15 [04-20-2004]

I am still amazed ar the foresight of these men in 1776. We need them again in office.
Hallie Adams, Miami [04-20-2004]

your web site is totally awsome.
alexandra flores, I am 8 and i live in gauley bridge [04-20-2004]

I am a decendant of Charles Carroll
Brittnay Dalton, I'm a 14 year old from Rising Sun, IN [04-20-2004]

i really like your web site its cool!
Mandy, 11 [04-20-2004]

i thought this was a useful website! it helped me when i was researching on roger sherman! thank you
anonymous [04-20-2004]

Robert [04-20-2004]

I got an A on a project because of this website! :) Thank you whoever wrote this website! ;)
Sarah, Greenville, SC,14 yrs [04-20-2004]

this site sucks!
darius [04-20-2004]

this site rocks
hottie, 10, alb,nm [04-20-2004]

this web site helped me on my declaration of independance puppet play!
brittany, alb,nm,10 [04-19-2004]

This is a great informational webpage!
Dan the Man, i am cool [04-19-2004]

DJ Meyer [04-19-2004]

Caleb Dorn, none [04-19-2004]

this is a great sight to look uup info on us history
ryan welsh [04-19-2004]

i like your web sight.Its good for learning stuff about the sighners of the declaration of independence
miranda [04-19-2004]

dennis christian [04-19-2004]

Did a Black sign the Declaration of Independence ?
Wayne Felton, Detroit,Michigan [04-19-2004]

Lauren [04-19-2004]

Lauren [04-11-2004]

I used to have a replica of the Declaration of Independence growing up.... It was printed on high quality parchment paper and the only real difference from the real thing was the word "copy" finely typed on the bottom and the flawles look to the document. I also had a copy of the Gettysburg address and a copy a civil war map. I wish that I had kept theses replicas as they are a big part of my childhood but as i moved out to Oklahoma, I somehow lost them..I like that i can get on websites like this to see the eral thing though yet still long to get my hands on replicas like the ones I once had in my posession.
joe saunders, 28, oklahoma [04-11-2004]

I want to join.
biaca jackson, norfolk,68 [04-10-2004]

Drew Volz [04-10-2004]

I am a decendent of Richard Stockton from New Jersey.
Carol Ann Stockton Matthews, Born in San Diego, CA, now live in Minnesota [04-10-2004]

Kyle Nelson Phelps, Odenton, Maryland [04-10-2004]

I thought this was a great educational site. It helped me learn so much. I love Anthony with all my heart and i always will! :) he means so much to me and i don't kno what i would do with out him. :) i love my baby!
Sara, age 13 [04-10-2004]

Really cool web site! This web site really helped me find information on the Declaration of Independence. Way to go! Keep up the excellent work-you are definatly doing a teriffic job!
dreamer75612773 [04-05-2004]

As a future teacher this is a great resource and very well organized and indexed. Thanks for providing this information in so accessible a format.
Jeffrey Tilton [04-08-2004]

do you have a lot of people sign in your guestbook?
Kim [04-08-2004]

i think this website is very informational! i got an a+ on a report thingy from getting info on this website! thanks!
alyssa [04-08-2004]

i like to play scooer with friends
missael reyes, newtonks 12 play soccer [04-08-2004]

i love this sight for all of my reaserch
anonymous [04-08-2004]

mark desmarais [04-08-2004]

Gia, Canfield [04-08-2004]

I think the declartion really helped us out a lot
Kayla Rhodes [04-08-2004]

In my s.s. book it said that the Declaration of Independence was signed on august 28 and not july 4th... is it right or did I read it wrong???
Kirsten [04-08-2004]

i want to know about the Boston Tea Party
JoAnna McPeterson, Colorado Springs CO. [04-08-2004]

School project
anonymous [04-08-2004]

This was a great site and I found everything I needed but I got a suggestion...You can make if you want tpo enlarge the picture, to click on it twice. Over all, thanks!
Maira Cortez [04-08-2004]

sure sure sure what eva
Kristen [04-08-2004]

i want to know more about world histery
tabitha [04-08-2004]

Glenn [04-08-2004]

Rachel [04-08-2004]

I am, presently, working in Bagdad, Iraq. This morning, one of our Local National security guards asked me for a book on American traditions, language and the like. The Declaration of Independence seemed to be the best place for someone who has never experienced democracy to start. I thank God for a site like this, where i can print out this important document, not only for him, but because I want to be more familiar, as well. Please, be thankful for the liberties that you have. And pray for the Iraqies, as well as we "expats". Thanks.
Stacey Ryder [04-08-2004]

Carrie lawrence [04-08-2004]

Katie [04-08-2004]

This was a great site and it helped a lot on my homework, so thanks!
Maira [04-08-2004]

I have a P.Revere bowl made by Shreve with "Sons of Liberty engraved on it. When was it made & why? It looks like it could be an Anniversary piece. Need help on this. Shreve will not look up their model number [807]. It's marked for the Boston area.Any help in this big World? E-mail me please.
Don [04-08-2004]

very educational
louise thompson, lakewood, wa [04-08-2004]

Fantasssssssssssssssssssstic website without this websiteI wouldn't be able to do my homework for history Thanks
Anonymous, 15 [04-08-2004]

great site [04-05-2004]

Cheri Candelori, New Jersey [04-03-2004]

i would like to trace George Ross's family tree to 2004.
aubrey ross, 10 [04-03-2004]

kimberly [04-03-2004]

I wold like more information on Robert Morris. I know I am related to him.
Nicole [04-03-2004]

ashley [04-03-2004]

Taylor [04-03-2004]

Rory, 10 VAPA Vista [03-31-2004]

"I Survived the Clay"
Aubrey, 10 VAPA/Clay Aiken Rocks [03-31-2004]

on the french and indian war page there is a misspelling in a sentence that says: "..were also widely contemptuous of colonials ho volunteered for service..." should the ho be he or who?
~*kristen*~, 13 [03-31-2004]

I am very pleased to find a website that allows me to view and print historical documents; Thank you!
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I have a question who were the names of John Adams Kids?
Lexi, 14 [03-31-2004]

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what made Thomas jefferson want to write a long doucument and why did he call it the Declaration of Independence.
Kelsey, Sterling hts.MI.10 1\2 [03-31-2004]

I still get excited reading the Declaration. Thos. Stone is a distant relative... Where is there honor & courage today.
Peter T. Mahlock, Fort Wayne, IN 49 yrs old [03-31-2004]

This is a good site to do researh on about the Declaration of Independence.
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i am a decendent of Samul Huntington and i love to find stuff out about him and i love to tell my friends and my teachers about it i always find it intresting
Robbie Parker, age12 Idalia CO [03-28-2004]

I have heard that one of the signers of the declaration had second thoughts and rejoined with the British. I was hoping to find some information on this topic here. If anyone has any information regarding this statement, I would muchly appreciate an email with whatever documentation you can send me. many thanks!
Richard [03-28-2004]

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This is a website that provides really good imformation!
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I really liked your sight! I thought it was really cool because i am related to John Hart of New Jersey who sighned the Declaration of Independece
Karla Thompson [03-28-2004]

shannon [03-28-2004]

Button Gwinnett was born in England around 1735. He came to America, residing briefly in Charleston, and in 1765 acquired a large tract of land in Georgia. Gwinnett enjoyed little success in farming or business, but found a footing in the revolutionary politics of his adopted colony. He was engaged in a long-standing political rivalry with Lachlan McIntosh, a soldier and leader who would attain highest rank in the Georgia militia and in state politics. Gwinnett was respected figure, however. In 1776 he was appointed commander of Georgia's continental militia (a post that he was forced to decline, owing to political faction), and also elected to attend the Continental Congress. Quite soon after he signed the Declaration, he returned home, where he hoped to gain appointment, once again, to the leadership of the Georgia militia. The appointment went instead to his rival. Gwinnett served in the Georgia legislature where he was involved in drafting a constitution for the new state, but also in strenuous efforts to destroy the office of McIntosh. The legislature adjourned in February of 1777 and handed control over the Council of Safety. Gwinnett succeeded Archibald Bulloch as president of the council soon afterward. He then lead an abortive attempt to invade Florida, in order to secure Georgia's southern border. That adventure was thwarted by Lachlan McIntosh and his brother George, and Gwinnett was charged with malfeasance. He was cleared of wrongdoing as he ran an unsuccessful campaign for Governor. Soon afterward, his honor challenged in public by McIntosh, he offered a duel. They met outside of Savanna on May 16, 1777, where both were wounded. McIntosh ultimately survived, Button Gwinnett died three days later at the age of forty-two.
anonymous [03-28-2004]

Have you ever heard the expression "sign your John Hancock here" when folks want you to sign your name? John Hancock was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence, and his signature is definitely the largest. Why did he sign his name so darn big? Maybe it was because he was president of the Continental Congress, which was the governing body of the original thirteen colonies. Maybe because he was the first to sign it, so he had lots of room. Maybe he was bigheaded. Only John Hancock knows for sure.
anonymous [03-28-2004]

This was a great experiance for me, and I liked it! I'm glad ya'll have this place open for people,and I am very happy Thanks, Sydney
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Sam, 13 [03-28-2004]

Why is it that a few people can complain about the Pledge of Allegiance and the fact that we have the 10 commandments in a school or court house. Since when does the few tell us what we should do?? Millions of people of all religions want to keep God in our lives. Why can't the majority tell the few to go someplace else if they are so offended by any mention of God. We are the United States of America and we are here because of our desire to be free to pray if we want to. Our world is so messed up now because of the few people who took religion out of school. Our kids don't have God or his rules to guide them. I feel it is time we tell everyone that we want God in everything, WE are the majority!
Roberta, Cable, Ohio age 58 [03-28-2004]

were was the declaration of independence written?
anonymous [03-28-2004]

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I thought that George Washington signed the Declaration of Independence. ?????
Sarah Park, 10,Grapevine,female [03-28-2004]

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Derek Haitz, East Middle School Auburn NY [03-28-2004]

I think John dickinson is a good man not like i met him before but i really like him!THis website is good to i like it
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gregg deason, clermont florida [03-28-2004]

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Emily [03-28-2004]

I had to memorize the Whole Declaration for school. It means a lot to the united states and I Think that we should always abide by it.
Jeremy, West Jordan, Utah 15yrs old. [03-21-2004]

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I PROTEST THE TAXES AND THE ELECTION FOR THE PRESIDENT!Im happy that we the UNITED STATES have freedom and independece. but i'd like to know the answar for: why was it dangerous for the colonists to declare the independece from the Britain? and please send me an email with the answar 'cause i'm really dearching for it and good!
naila, chicago [03-21-2004]

it is a good declaration i hope one day i can write a great one like that.
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Jessica, Age 13 [03-21-2004]

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Cara, i am beautiful [03-21-2004]

i have to write a journal, maybe you should write fro a point of veiw of one of the people that signed that declaratio of independence, thankyou.
c-murda, pimp [03-21-2004]

To mr.Scott GWM Age 41 I saw your article and I have been around much longer than you and President bush is the best President in U.S. history you have the totally wrong idea. Mr.Bush simply thinks(me too)that gays marriages should not be allowed because God says the shouldnt.
Mark carpenter, Age-79 [03-21-2004]

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I thought that this website was a lot better than my text book. I couldn't understand the quebec act, and the proclamation of 1763 until I read this
Steven [03-21-2004]

Proud to be an American, Love the USA.
Marilyn Tillett Christine 3/14/04, My Mom came over from Germany, she is on the wall at Ellis Island [03-21-2004]

I promise to love my country
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i think the sight is neat from the declartion of indepedence to hancock's singniture. nice site peps.
Erin Scherfner [03-21-2004]

I think if we didn't have the Decleration of Independence that we would still have negro slaves,and we would still treat them like dirt
ashlei n.smith, ocala,14 [03-21-2004]

Very good source of info. The pages don't look like they were made for higher resolutions, at 1280x1024, the right side of the page has some of the blue, and some links (also blue) become hidden.. such as the "Next" link.
anonymous [03-21-2004]

Outside of religious texts, no other document in human history is as important or powerful. Let us never stray far from it's intended purpose.
Kester M. Kennedy, Jr. [03-12-2004]

Hey, I just wanted to say, Nice website AYE! yeah yeah...very cool. I'm really interested in this kind of stuff. But did you know AB+BC= ABC? you do..I will sign more..Okay, Buh bye
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my history class has been touring historical websites and this is a very informative one!
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I think that someone should rewrite the Declaration of independence so that it is easier to understand what it is saying. Since it was written so long ago it has words such as thou.
chaney, Nebraska [03-12-2004]

I think that is pretty cool that now if you sign an important document it is called a "John Hancock" That is cool that we refer to him!
Jessica, Age 12, Rochester, NY [03-12-2004]

Jared Jacobsen, Bena high school,sirra vista,AZ [03-12-2004]

Outstanding Site. Every American should read these pages and learn who true Americans are.
Don Murrow, Edelsfeld, Germany, US citizen 39yrs old [03-12-2004]

Is it time for a change or are we on the right path
Tony smith [03-12-2004]

good job with all that you did for us thank you!
nikita [03-09-2004]

I am preparing a short paper on Freemasonry and the American Revolution. Some Masonic historians would have us believe that Freemasonry was entirely responsible for the Revolution. Whilst I am aware that Freemasonry played a very important role in the structure of early American society and that many Freemasons were involved (on both sides) of the struggle for Independence, I am anxious to separate fact from myth. As a UK citizen, I wonder what might have happened had the British Government taken a more balanced attitude towards the grievances of the colonists. Undoubtedly, America would still have become independent (eventually) btu might it have become and remained part of the (British) Commonwealth? I would like to hear the views of US citizens and, particularly, US Freemasons. I would add that I greatly value the warm relationship between our countries.
Andrew McWhirter [03-09-2004]

holly, why was [03-09-2004]

that cool that thomas jefferson sighed so that the would not have to put on his glasses
katie [03-09-2004]

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i wonder if i could sign the declaration of indpendance, and every one in the world could sign it to!
brittany, it was actually written on July 2,1776! [03-09-2004]

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i love your books because they are so very very very very very interesting!you go man
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timothy.s.Adams 11th [03-09-2004]

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Jonathan Turk, History Teacher Phila. [03-09-2004]

Christina, 10 years old [03-07-2004]

Geneva [03-07-2004]

My brother-in-law just called me from South Carolina. He visited Thomas Heyward Jr.'s grave. He was curious to know who the plots around hime belonged to. The markers were badly worn and not legible. Do you have any information?
Dina [03-07-2004]

I need help with a school project and I need to understand the declaration in a fourth graders point of view
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Chantale Jenkins, 13 years old [03-07-2004]

I am very interested in the Declaration Of Independence because one person who signed the Declaration (Matthew Thornton could be part of my family because his last name is the same as mine and i Irish and he was born in Irland
Meghan, I live in Cincinnati,OH 45238 [03-07-2004]

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I think I am 7th cousin to Richard M. Stockton!
Ronald Dean Stockton, Durango CO. 81301 age 45 [03-07-2004]

Sandi Brooks [03-04-2004]

I am very proud of our founding fathers. With out them we would be speacking British. even though it seems boring . Just think about it!(=^-^=)
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This is by far the coolest site for Declaration of Independence information. I am really learning a lot about our country's wonderful rich history. Thanks for your efforts!
Ken Behm Jr, Tacoma, Washington [03-04-2004]

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You make george washington to great. He was a great leader but he also lied and coaxed sodiers with money. He was not a very nice man!
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I like your site, but ou should include what each of the states had to do with the declaration of independence. Thanks
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For a history project I have to write a page about each signer of the Declaration and has been a big help. Thank you!
Alice, age 12 [03-02-2004]

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My thoughts is that did it take long for Mr. Jefferson to write The Declaration of Independence?
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My teacher Mrs.m. used to teach We The People, but then it was canceled. I really likeed We The People.I really miss it. My class was going to have a congressionall hearing and help the community!Some people were glad,but my teacher was devistated. It's really!
nwf, Garden Grove, California, age 11,5 grade [03-02-2004]

Hi I am study about the Revolutionary War I need more info.
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Who wrote the Declaration of Indepedence?
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good website keep up the good work
sciyah (sia), Maryland Owings Mills (14) [02-25-2004]

As a criminologist, I never forget the wording of the Declaration of Independance. As a criminologist, I consistently remind others that: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." These words were used almost verbatim to create the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution. I also found out that I am a direct decendant of Geroge Ross, through my maternal grandfather. This site is exceptional!
Ben S. Purchase, Avon, CT; age: 26; occupation: criminologist [02-25-2004]

Bush wants this to read to say that "All men are created equal, unless of course you are gay or lesbian, then I have the right to limit your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness by not letting you marry your significant other,"
scott, gwm, 41 [02-25-2004]

proud to be an american!
Justin [02-25-2004]

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I love us this website makes everything so much eassiere to understand. Thank you son much I really appreciate your effort to make learning funner and eassier.
Nomazwe Gagai, School-P.S duPont / Age-10 [02-25-2004]

chelsea, im relatded to john hancock [02-25-2004]

roger sherman isn't reconized enough
js girl [02-25-2004]

He would turn over in his grave to know a intellectually challanged President in future had effectively torn up the constitution when his fathers creation attacked the United States and replaced it with the 'Patriot Act'.
William Wallace [02-25-2004]

Kim Altier, Sebring, FL 21 years old [02-25-2004]

Is Author Middleton related to Dolly Middleton?
Ashly Austin, Carrollton, KY. [02-25-2004]

I am learning about it.
Kaitlyn Wright, Age 11 [02-25-2004]

Hi all As you have my name & email contact, please send me information about Declaration Independance for my school assignment(s). To talk about Declaration Independance is new to me as I speak Te Reo Maori, the language of my New Zealand Maori Ancestors, and not forgetting the english language. But if anyone has knows all about Declaration Independance, please forward to me. Thanks a lot . . . Wayne Matiu Thompson
Wayne Matiu Thompson, Seeking Information for school assignment [02-25-2004]

I think that Abraham Clark is a very cool person i have to do a report on him in school because we are learning about the Declaration of Independance so our teacher gave us a signer and we have to find info. its the coolest thing ever i found a lot about Abraham like when he died and when he was born or his hometown state and things like that. I hope you liked talking to me Bye Big 4th Grader RoSiE
Rosie, age9 [02-25-2004]

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I am just learning to use a computer. I thought this would be interesting, and it is
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bubbles, age 9 [02-24-2004]

I think that this site is very well made. I have never been able to find out any information about my ancestor who signed the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Stone of Maryland except that he was a lawyer. Now that my class is learnig about the Declaration of Independence, I felt I needed some more information to tell my classsmates. I found it all here. Thank you for creating such a helpful site!
Michael, 11 Years Old [02-24-2004]

the declaration of independece is everthing to our freedom
brice, age:8 [02-24-2004]

Thomas Jefferson!
FootballHead, Green Bay [02-22-2004]

The words are to hard for me to understand. I would like a simpler form. (So I can understand it)
anonymous, I'm 10 yr. old [02-21-2004]

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Lydia, 10 Years old [02-21-2004]

i like it very much because it gives you helpful information. it rocks.
gage tindell, Pittsburg Kansas age-10 years old [02-21-2004]

I wonder what the signers of this declaration would think of todays politicians?
Joe Voorhees [02-20-2004]

To alow our elected officials to disect every word in the constitution and apply what they think it means is nothing less than abuse of power. The powers that be know full and well the intent behind the words chosen in theese documents.Return the power to the people.It is our country let it be free to any american.The laws of our country are not to control our people they are to protect our people from having our rights violated.
Damon DeWild [02-20-2004]

Does anyone know about Angeline Hopkins b. 1834 Boston.who is supposed to be descended from Stephen?
Lori [02-20-2004]

cool site
Damien Duggan [02-20-2004]

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LoliPop..DK, michigan [02-20-2004]

who was the last person 2 sign the document?????
sarah, 13 [02-20-2004]

omar, How the war started [02-20-2004]

i thinh it is very appropriate to have a website for the citizans of america to be able to look back and remember what people did for us to be able to live like we do now.
anonymous, tualatin oregon [02-20-2004]

your cool
bob, 69 years old [02-20-2004]

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ok... this is what i think... history is a bunch of FUNN! woo-hoo! (not really!)anywayz..
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help me find the life of the president john adams
katie hersey, pearson ga. 31642 [02-20-2004]

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Tyler, I love Blink-182 [02-18-2004]

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Hey Mom
Bryan McKinney [02-18-2004]

i go to palm valley elementary school. im in 5th grade. we switch classes and mrs.wood is ourhistory teacher. well any way we were split into groups and my group is doing Thomas Jefferson & the Declaration of Independance. can you help me and my group? thanxs a bunch -- lene thompson :)2+17+04
lene n. thompson, avondale,az /age 11/ 2+17+04 [02-18-2004]

I am related to Patrick Henry, who is a militia leader and I think he conquered Bunker Hill
l. n. t., Arizona, age 11 [02-18-2004]

hey you wrote an overall good report i am writing about Francis Hopkinson just one thing in the encyclopedia it has that he was born on October 2 i also read the same thing in other papers on the internet and in books that i have read except for this one i think you guys might want to change it. thanks for your time. [Our dates are accurate. -Webmaster]
anonymous, m.a. [02-18-2004]

I loved the things so far!
to cent, V.a. 10 [02-18-2004]

i think this is a great website! couldyou send me some more info to my mom's e-mail address,, pleasee!
christina, alabama [02-18-2004]

i need help!i need to know who signed the declaration of independence and what day and what date.
Sierra Lennon [02-18-2004]

I thought that this was a great thing and i loved it
Lynette Nicholson, Age 13 po box 42 Brayton IA 50042 [02-18-2004]

hey i think that it was a great thing to write because it set the americans free from the british those darn british
Odie Marie, Brayton,IA 13 short 4' ll" [02-18-2004]

Benjamin Rush is my ancestor that signed the document!
Katelyn Exstrom [02-18-2004]

Desiree' [02-18-2004]

The document is very long.
Dakota Mathis [02-18-2004]

high... this is a good website... this is the best
David England [02-17-2004]

My never ending thoughts and prayers to our ex-presidents who made America the land of the free and the brave... I will die for my red, white and blue... Strike and kill! "Prayers to all our soilders of America ! "
-- c. y., u.s.a. [02-17-2004]

Was Lewis Morris related to Robert Morris of NY who refused to sign the Declaration?
Ina [02-17-2004]

I was very happy to see my son's name signed in the guestbook, Seth DeMonte Love always your mom Carolyn DeMonte
Carolyn Jean DeMonte, Holly Ridge, NC [02-17-2004]

in good faith
colins, what is people [02-16-2004]

i am doing a project on Thomas Jefferson
ashlee, 11 [02-15-2004]

i love history i love learning about the american revolution and the independence and this site helped me out a lot and i love history it is my favorite in school
amanda, fredericksburg virginia 14 [02-15-2004]

Mr. Carroll is my ancestor, through my grandfather, William Murphy of Carlisle, Illinois.
Maureen Nolan, Decatur, Ga, ADD Coach [02-15-2004]

Im am searching for a copy af the Daclaration or other items of this nature. Pictures of Colonial America would also be of interest to me if you have any information on where i can find these things at i would really love for you to contact me !Thanks
Kelbi LAMBERT, can you help me! [02-14-2004]

I like the Decleration of Independeance.
ajp [02-14-2004]

This is a good website
Trey [02-14-2004]

Chuck Conrad, McKees Rocks PA [02-14-2004]

fhallon Neifert [02-14-2004]

I think Caesar Rodney must have been 27, not 22 in 1755, if he was born in 1728. What say you?
anonymous [02-13-2004]

i dident really find what iwas looking for...* but i found some stuff..* hehe. h
Emily Kelso, Hanford california [02-12-2004]

My grandfather a few times back was John Penn, a signer from North Carolina. I've often wondered if he was ever a guest of Jeffersonn his little suite. Wonder what pushed Jefferson to conclude his document as quickly as possible -- a desire to get back to his bride or those darn horseflies.
anonymous, Asheville,NC; retired history teacher-journalist [02-12-2004]

these ppl that signed it were great men and its hard to find correct info on them and u need to create bigger pictures of the men.Thank u
Torey, 14 [02-11-2004]

I want to be rich
David McKibbin Jr, Lantana,FL. 8 1/2 [02-11-2004]

This sight is super!
anonymous [02-11-2004]

Cool site.
Rob [02-11-2004]

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It was really helpful for the History project I had to do. I will Pass this site on to younger class men fo rgood info on the Declaration of Independence
TerriAnne [02-11-2004]

how many kids does john hancock have?
joy, stockton 11 california [02-11-2004]

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courtney [02-11-2004]

anonymous, i enjoyed this site. [02-11-2004]

This is a great website on history.
Roberto, age 14 [02-11-2004]

William Whipple is my fourth generation grandfather. I can't believe that I found this site! History rocks!
Kevin Kelly, Cayuga County,NY [02-10-2004]

i am doing a project on john dickinson
anonymous [02-09-2004]

Declaration of Independence ROCKS!
Lindsay [02-09-2004]

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leo, whoohoo [02-09-2004]

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adadwtfr, zXZzx [02-08-2004]

Since I was fourteen year I have looked up to the Founding Fathers and all around the birth of US of A. I must say that I am a bit proud to be countryman to John Hanson who was the person which was elected to run the assambly. Len in Sweden. Write back, I love US history.
Lennart Carlson, Kalmar Sweden [02-08-2004]

To my students in the scavenger hunt: Does anyone know where the originally signed D of I, Dunlap Broadside is located?
BJ Bortz, Houston, TX [02-08-2004]

I love history. It feels good to know about your culture! My hero is George Washington
Samantha, age 10 NY [02-07-2004]

I work for a High School in Florida, and yesterday we had the honor of having one of the originals displayed in our theater for all to view. It was a wonderful experience to see how preserved the document actually is.
Emily DeCubellis [02-07-2004]

I really like history and I think that this is a great site about this perticular event in history and i am a desendent of Sammul Huntington I think it is really cool to learn about this and about him and i love to share that he signed it and I am related to him
Robbie Parker, Idalia Colorado [02-07-2004]

Sammul Huntington is my Great,Great,Great Uncle and i wanted to learn more and i think it is cool so do my classmates
anonymous, Colorado [02-07-2004]

I was raised at Mabie, WV (the west side of Rich Mountain) Randolph County. Edward Hart, son of John Hart, the signer lived on the east side of Rich Mountain at Beverly, WV. I am a decendant of John Hart the signer through Edward Hart. Edward's daughter, Susannah,is my gggg(4th-generation)grandmother through my father. I am also related through my mother-fifth generation. I am so very proud to have such a rich ancestry. I want to find out more and I have been working on that when I can. Sincerely, Cindy Reel
Cindy Currence Reel, 114 Barbour Street Coalton, WV26257 [02-07-2004]

Who is William Williams
Kayla Scott, City Park School [02-07-2004]

i love this website it helps me with my social studies homework and i like to read about people in our history i love this place thank-you for making this place fun and exciting
robin, 19 [02-07-2004]

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you know a lot about the world
mary [02-07-2004]

I learned a lot from your sight
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Matua Faamafi [02-07-2004]

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Frank E. SIMONS, Burlington, NC [02-07-2004]

May you please put information on The Decleration of Independence on why it was important.Thank You.
Lizett, 13 [02-07-2004]

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jessica, Humble [02-07-2004]

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anonymous [02-07-2004]

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Kirstie Shirey [02-07-2004]

you should think of putting like um...................... maybe like who was on the committees of correspondence some people would want to know that
leigh [02-07-2004]

brianna [02-07-2004]

Lauren Middleton Williams, ancestor of Arthur Middleton [02-07-2004]

I own a document with Roger Sherman's signature on it, and I learned a lot from your site about this remarkable man.
Jason Howard, Brooklyn, NY [02-07-2004]

Awsome web page, i love ya all
Kristina, 14 female cali [02-07-2004]

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Taylor [02-07-2004]

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Emily, 10 years old, Indiana, [02-07-2004]

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Mary [02-03-2004]

I really like the kind of info you give on Patrick Henry. It is very helpful. I think that you have very good facts and a good picture. I think that you should have some more pictures and maybe make the info part a little longer. Like I said I love what you do. You really help me with my classes.
smiley [02-03-2004]

I think the declaration needs more work it should be more detailed we are learning it in ss class and its enuf protection of dicrimination
wazuop, ssssssssssss [02-03-2004]

This site is really helping me understand The Declaration of Inddependence. And ps thanks for helping
Raegan, New Braunfels [02-03-2004]

I love Franklin!
Taylor [02-03-2004]

iynjog76, a.z., 20, [02-02-2004]

theresa lewis [02-01-2004]

There have been a lot of changes lately at Independence NHP and I wanted to inform the Webmaster that the tourist info for the Graff House is inaccurate. Hours of operation depend on the season, it is usually open daily but the hours are limited. The number to call for information of visiting the Graff House or Independence Park in general is 215-965-2305. One other thing, the Graff House has been formally renamed as the Declaration House, just an FYI. Thanks!
anonymous, Park Ranger at Independence NHP [02-01-2004]

I would like to see more of the labelings...... thanyou
anonymous [02-01-2004]

This is a great sight for kids doing a history project!
anonymous [01-31-2004]

Sarah, Ohio, Age 11, 2004 [01-31-2004]

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gooober, asdf [01-31-2004]

Tyler [01-31-2004]

Excellent & informative! More pictures would have been great...non the less the info is spectacular!
Sonnie, Wisconsin [01-29-2004]

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molly mane [01-29-2004]

hello everyone i came on this websight bc i needed some extra help on finding some historical people and i was jusr wandering if you possibly could put some information on the man named robert livingston
anonymous [01-29-2004]

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bailey [01-29-2004]

I think that Jefferson and the 4 others who were appointed were good men and made the right decission separating themselves and the colonists from the Kng
Andrea brown, I'm 13 [01-29-2004]

You should have more pictures of the people.But over all it was a good website
anonymous [01-28-2004]

what would be a good paragraph to tell my teacher about where the declaration of independence was signed \
Taylor, 11 [01-28-2004]

this wed helped me on my re port I got an A++ !
nichy [01-28-2004]

I'm writing a report on the Declaration of Independence for my 3rd grade class.
Katherine, Whately, Massachusetts [01-28-2004]

kirsten klietz [01-28-2004]

Flaca [01-28-2004]

patrick dutton [01-28-2004]

A friend claims to have a handwritten version of the Declaration of Independence, inherited from his grandfather. He lives in Queensland Australia. I have no idea how many were produced. but is it possible one found its way to Oz? BTW - he also claimed the latest 'copy' was auctioned for $8.5m US. Can anyone shed light on this? Regards Dick
Dick Garner [01-28-2004]

This site really helped me out on my hiStory fair. i just wanna give a special thancx to the people that made this website.. *kisses*
mimi [01-27-2004]

Benjamin Rush was my great, great, great, great grandfather. I love reading about him and his friends here. Ty for posting it.
Kimi Wiseman, Pittsburgh, Pa [01-27-2004]

I enjoyed the information, that was shared. It seem as if I was back there, during the Declaration Of Indepence
Shernita Stubbs & Devon Wells, Birmingam,Alabama, Age 15 & 16 [01-26-2004]

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anonymous [01-26-2004]

Ashlei Phillips [01-26-2004]

needs more pictures
steph [01-26-2004]

Hi, Wow ur page is so kool it takes me back into the old dayz when those famous writter were still living. I like some of patrick henry and other poem that they wrote oops got to bounce homies peace out hope u can send me some of patrick henry famous poem see ya.
Kayeng Vue [01-26-2004]

madison [01-26-2004]

bob [01-26-2004]

Madison Hoop [01-25-2004]

James [01-25-2004]

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I share what I read on this site with permanent residents seeking to prepare for citizenship and learn about our rich and fascinating history. Thanks!
Cynthia L. Roe, Providence, RI [01-25-2004]

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Hoyoung Kim [01-25-2004]

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James Eveland Jr., Berwick,Pa [01-25-2004]

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J Vanderslice, Missouri Age 13 [01-25-2004]

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Admiration!All i can say.
Ms&Mr Monteau (France) [01-25-2004]

We are studying the Declaration and it is very interesting to know about our history.
Alison -Rene Shimamoto, Big Island, Hawaii [01-25-2004]

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i think that u all have great info for young writer's
taushua, iam 14 [01-25-2004]

Teaka [01-25-2004]

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karsen layne adams [01-25-2004]

Interesting as I am trying to connect my children to John Hart as their Hart family is from Hunterdon Cty in NJ.
Marge Laxson, doing genealogy for my children [01-25-2004]

I thaught that this cite helped me out with my research that I needed
jeremy, 18 michigan [01-25-2004]

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Cuthbert [01-25-2004]

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Trish [01-25-2004]

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Hayden, Ben. Frank. really died in NY. by a miner heart attack when a bomb went off [01-25-2004]

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That's the best Web Site i have ever seen. EnjoY....
Rafael Cruz, DoMiNiCaNo, BrOnX, NeW YorK [01-25-2004]

Thomas Jefforson had great handwriting!
Chicki, Baltimore [01-25-2004]

hjw [01-25-2004]

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jjones, i like school. [01-25-2004]

My son had to do a report on one of the signers of the Declaration of Independents-Carter Braxton-your website was invaluable to us. We'll definetly use it again.
Cathy Cloidt, Florham Park NJ 07932 [01-25-2004]

Cathy Cloidt, Florham Park NJ 07932 [01-25-2004]

I love history,Hope you do too
Robin [01-25-2004]

let freedom ring
katie [01-25-2004]

Nice collection-helped in research
cj, Brown Deer, WI [01-25-2004]

melanie [01-25-2004]

aaron case, thanks [01-25-2004]

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stephanie [01-25-2004]

Thomas Jefferson has had more of an impact on the world than any other politician.
Ben Dickenson, Worthington, OH, 17yrs. [01-25-2004]

Dassondra Eikleberry, Norfolk,VA [01-25-2004]

i love this web site it gave me everything i needed for a social studies project on john hancock
warren [01-25-2004]

this was totally helpful for history project... the dude who made this must be a genius... Dude u roc mi sox.. totally >JP man!
jp, awsome dude! [01-25-2004]

This is a great source of information.
Nicole, Ohio [01-25-2004]

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Thanx for posting so much info on thomas jefferson! i got an a on my paper (don't worry-u were cited!)
Megan Trevor, Ca [01-25-2004]

Was looking up info for my daughter and i love this site it helped her a lot.
Robin Burton/Williams, Toledo,Ohio [01-25-2004]

Robin Engel [01-25-2004]

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amanda jefferson, express yourself [01-25-2004]

cinquetta walker [01-25-2004]

i think it would have been wonderful to have signed it myself.
Ashley, San Diego C.A. 92119 age11 [01-25-2004]

it's ccol! Tomas Jefferson is cute!
Agnus Pumpernickel, Shadwell,Virginia [01-25-2004]

I think that you should check you rinformation on the Sons of Liberty because Samuel Adams was a key participant and according to other sources actually founded the group.
anonymous [01-25-2004]

I Like this site I am doing a SS project and it is perfect for colonial america topics.
anonymous [01-25-2004]

i think u gyes need to have the dates on when the delecration of indapendance was wrote and signed ect...
none of youre bizness, smithfield,12,f, [01-25-2004]

This is a great site! It has helped me a lot with my report.
Emily [01-25-2004]

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Thanks, this helps a lot. We are doing 1776 at our community theatre.
Jim, Iowa [01-25-2004]

i think the declaration of independence is all right and is all true of what they say
emily kraus, hamilton il 14 [01-25-2004]

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I now know who Sherman was. Thanks
Rip van Winkle, 16 years old [01-25-2004]

this site contain many un-needed info, but the inportant stuff was missing. thanks a lot for making me fail computer class!
anonymous, Delaware, USA [01-25-2004]

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i love this website and learning about presidents. i have a report do so im on here! sike i hate this crap
sara, st.louis [01-25-2004]

michael miller, 16 [01-25-2004]

what does all men are created equal mean in the Declaration mean and what it meant most to the Americans leaders at the time it was written? How do you think the meaning has changed today and do you think it will chandge in the future?
Alyssa, 13 [01-25-2004]

i found out more info on lynon hall. he is related to me on my moms side.
??? [01-25-2004]

I think this site should include more information and the document itself. Then people would be able to read it and learn more information about the document itself.
anonymous [01-25-2004]

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dong [01-25-2004]

I am doing a report on John Hancock and this is the place to get the information i need!
Momo, 13 yrs old from Kentucky [01-25-2004]

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this has been a most helpful site full of information i hope it stays up and running. Thanks, a Student
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Weidy, West Unoin [01-25-2004]

It was a lovely page!
RebeKah [01-25-2004]

I think that Declaration of Independence is so sad and scary, but I think that the guestbook is cool to join.
Ellison L. Peacock, Kayenta, AZ (13)P.O Box 1504 [01-25-2004]

i thought this site was so totally cool! I love to learn, especially about the declaration of independence. This site so totally rocks.
ainokea Kamehameha, ainokea [01-25-2004]

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Laura, age 13/ Florida [01-25-2004]

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crack the egg 19 [01-23-2004]

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Doug Jones, down under [01-04-2004]

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i am related 2 john hart on my dads moms side.
anonymous [01-04-2004]

I think it would be helpfull for you guys to post some American Revolution facts. Bye the way, you are doing an awesome job with the website! Keep it up!
Alison [01-04-2004]

savannah wright [01-04-2004]

Charlene Bland Sepulveda, Thomas Bland was a relative I just found out also that he signed the declaration of independence [01-04-2004]

You may be interested to know that the Church in Down Hatherley, Glos where Button Gwinnett was born have recently aquired the site of the Rectory used by his father when he was rector of the Church. The discussion being held now are weather to investigate the site or turn it into a car park! I don't think this sort of thing would happen in the USA.
Rod Stevenson, ex inhabitant of Down Hatherley, Glos [01-04-2004]

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