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2003 Declaration Guestbook Archives: July-December

The war against terror is dangerous to freedom itself. Anyway, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Pieter, Amsterdam, The Netherlands [12-27-2003]

I'm realated to Josiah Barlett the second person to sign the Declaration of INdependence,from new hampshire. HAve proof too!
Chelsea Nored, 13yrs old [12-27-2003]

i am also a direct desendent to several of the signers. it blew my mind.
anonymous [12-27-2003]

dianne stokes porcher [12-27-2003]

My uncle's wife, Georgia Stone, was supposedly descended from Thomas. I'll have to dig to find out.
Kenneth H. Robinson, San Diego, CA [12-27-2003]

mike [12-27-2003]

i am french and i enjoyed visit your website, i wish you a merry christmas
gilles [12-27-2003]

happy holidays
samuel klugh [12-21-2003]

Theodore R. Culbertson, Murphy, N.C. [12-21-2003]

thank God for the declaration of independence
looney, 15 [12-21-2003]

If is wasn't for your site, I would've gotten an F! Thanks soo much for making it!
Jen, age 13 [12-21-2003]

i wish to spread peace
Terrell Daye, dumfries, 10 years old [12-21-2003]

liked it
sata [12-21-2003]

history......its just history
Rachel Reinbold [12-21-2003]

thank-you this was helpful
Mindy, 15 [12-21-2003]

U should have a graphic gallery
jack [12-21-2003]

Steven [12-21-2003]

brenton [12-21-2003]

thanks for putting up such a helpful website, i used it for a school projedct in Digital Graphic Design, nice to know that i can look up info on a nice site like this one, THANKS!
Damian Bressan, Toledo,OH---18yrs.old [12-21-2003]

kersti chait [12-21-2003]

This is an OK website if you are looking for a good website to look for a lot of imformation on the Declaration and all but otherwise this ebsite needs to have some more PIZAZZ...
Amamda, 13 years old [12-21-2003]

Lauren Beach [12-21-2003]

I think I'm really stupid.
Garrett Lightfoot Lee, Hartfor, 29 [12-21-2003]

i thought that the information about the declaration of independece was very good. i love the info and the pictures
sara barclay, Bowling Green 17 [12-21-2003]

I just found out that John Witherspoon a signer of the declaration of independance is a relative of Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon. The actres in Legally Blond. Her fathers name is John Witherspoon as well
Rendi Armstrong, wsmr,n.m [12-21-2003]

very helpful for project
josh, 13 years old [12-15-2003]

It really means something to me.
anonymous [12-14-2003]

Omgosh your website was SOOOOOOo helpful thanks for making it!
Holly [12-14-2003]

i think that website is really cool to start learning about our american history.thanx
justin kuhn, washington ch [12-14-2003]

i really like the interesting facts about the declaration of independence.
justin kuhn, wash ch, 13 [12-14-2003]

I am doing a project on debate wheather i go along with what acts here brought on the colonist or not. so i am either a loyalist or a colonist! well i m a loyalist.
Kayla [12-14-2003]

janelle [12-14-2003]

I enjoyed reading the info. on Francis Lewis. I am a descendant of Francis Lewis. I am also a member of the DAR through my ancestor.
Helen H. Hirtriter [12-14-2003]

Carly [12-14-2003]

I think that this is cool Nice dudes alright g2g This roxs my sox
anonymous [12-11-2003]

Rachel, descendent of Thomas McKean [12-11-2003]

this site gave me exactly what I needed for my history project
Patrick, East Brady, PA, 14 yrs. old [12-11-2003]

Erica [12-11-2003]

Johnny, 11/spokane WA/ 4 dogs [12-11-2003]

Hello You!
Naruto! [12-11-2003]

I dunno know much about history!HeHe
Shauna, Boyne City 2003 [12-11-2003]

I would really like to see it.
Jenelle Smith [12-11-2003]

its very informal great for history reports.
Jessica [12-11-2003]

i think that this is a very good web site. i think that you people that have the actual documents that they used to write the declaration of independence ! if you want to know what i think?
anonymous, im 13 [12-11-2003]

Thanx 4 ur info!
Cindy E, 13 [12-11-2003]

awesome site i got socails homework and it helped sooooooooo much
anonymous [12-11-2003]

it is a very osum thing
chris skeldum, fargo, ND [12-11-2003]

sweet site dude
anonymous [12-11-2003]

I think this website is the best and it's cool! HEYY!
Kalisy, Arizona [12-11-2003]

It was long,but it was kind of cool.
anonymous, Topeka [12-11-2003]

i like this page it is fun!
Brenna Johnson, 16/from texarkana,Texas [12-11-2003]

Hey, your website Mrs.Fuentes is real cool cause you get to learn about many important people who signed the Declaration of Independence.Well,g2g Bye! LOve AlWayS, Adriana Ramirez the BAND FREAK!
Adriana, Brownsville,Texas 78521 14 yrs. [12-11-2003]

very kewl site with gr8 info put, maybe more pics into it though- Thanx
Justin, ca 14 [12-11-2003]

We have a great school system. The school name is Breckinrindge County Middle School. It's a great school and there are loving people who go there. Everbody is very giving and they treat others with respect.
Kate Sebastian, Harned, Kentucky, Age 14 years-old [12-11-2003]

Hello. I came upon your site while researching the events surrounding the actual vote and signing of the declaration. I am confused by the statements on page 3 of "Jefferson's Account" in which he states that all members present signed (on the fourth). I have read several biographies in which the historians state that the declaration was not actually signed untill the approved copy was engrossed, that only Hancock and Thomas (Sec) signed. Can you help clarify this discrepancy...? Perhaps a scan of the source. Thank you so much for your help. Sincerely, Jayne
jayne ollin [12-11-2003]

You should post pictures that can be seen close up and printed freely
Amber, Louisville, Ky age 13 [12-11-2003]

I wonder how many teachers of the authors of so many of the comments below will be able to inform their students that the Declaration of Independence is practically a dead letter. The Republicans, the Democrats, the advocates of the welfare state and other collectivist programs have nearly killed what the Founders created. Compared with Congress, George III was a nice guy.
Edward Cline, Yorktown, Virginia [12-11-2003]

!. >> ~*~*I <33 Kyle*~*~<< . ! Oh yea this site rox my sox!
aLli [12-11-2003]

I want to say that this site was very useful and who ever made it thank you it help me on my social studies project. <33 Alli <33
Ally, Canton 13 years old [12-11-2003]

Thomas Dowling, Dublin, Ireland [12-11-2003]

i just thought that i would drop a line and tell you guys thax for the site it has helped me out a lot with my us history work and stuff thanx again! :)
Gloria [12-11-2003]

Nicky Bernard, age-34 [12-11-2003]

i am single
chad sutton, age:10 Okeechobee, Florida [12-11-2003]

Hey GREAT SITE! i'm in 8th grade and i use it a lot for reports and projects. keep up the good work
Daniel [12-11-2003]

Excellent, comprehensive site. This is what history should be.
Kiarra Parker, History Student [12-11-2003]

An invaluable document, so clearly written, so frequently ignored and contravened. Especially, that individual rights are inalienable and that the purpose of government is to protect those rights. Instead, we have governments, local, state and federal, violating individual rights on a massive scale. Even before Ashcroft (and Reno), though he has put us in the express lane to full-blown fascism. If he had been in power in 1984, Orwell's predictions would have been fulfilled on time.
Joe Wright, New York City [12-11-2003]

thank's for putting this out it helped a lot. ! :)
chelsea, age 13 [12-11-2003]

Kena, Tacoma,Wa 17 [12-11-2003]

I love this website. It gives me all the information I need, and it is to the point. Thank you for the service
Sarah [12-11-2003]

Dillon Honicky [12-11-2003]

thats kool
Manduh [12-11-2003]

Emily [12-11-2003]

Drew [12-11-2003]

Tavious [12-11-2003]

anonymous [12-11-2003]

really enjoyed this site
daisy bowers, memphis, age 11, 6th grader at The Hutchison School [12-11-2003]

Jeffery, I too am a Contreraz [12-11-2003]

i used the information for a social studies and it was really helpful
kathy ayal;a, 13 [12-11-2003]

helped me with a school paper on John Hancock that i had to write for Mrs.Macrae's 1st period english class.
laurin, 14 [12-11-2003]

Janet T. McClain, Indianapolis, IN [12-11-2003]

This cant be any more confusing!
Letizia [12-11-2003]

This period of early America is. to me, the most interesting. It is fascinating reading about our breakaway from England and our own Revolution. It is also intertesting reading autobiographies and biographies of men like Franklin, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, JQ Adams as well as Paul Revere, John Marshall etc.etc. Thanks for your great website. Gar Petersen
Garland Petersen, Tea, South Dakota [12-11-2003]

Signers George Read and Thomas Stone are my 4th generation grandfather and uncle.
Lori Stoyanoski, 5th Grade US History/Math Teacher in Moore, Oklahoma [12-11-2003]

i am doing a report on the declaration of independence i find it very interesting!
Erica, 12/fl/f [12-11-2003]

Gary Fischer, 13 [12-11-2003]

Hi yeah I think you should have more information in the signers because some of us have reports that are 75% of your grade for the whole year and I know a lot of us dont want to fail a report like I have! Thank you for listening to what i have to say.
Sapna, 13 [12-11-2003]

this is very helpful... thank you.
Jennifer, sc [12-11-2003]

Terrion Herring [12-11-2003]

This site has been very useful for prohects, etc. Thanks!
jennae, ca- 13 [12-11-2003]

yo this site really helped me with my history project and even though i hate history it kept me interested...keep it up
danielle, Tampa,FL [12-11-2003]

Jonathan Osoria, Kissimmee, 13 years old, student of Discovery Intermadiate School [12-11-2003]

I love to talk on the phone and read in my World History book and read about our Declaration of Independence.
Brittney Howell, I'm 16 years old and I stay in Aberdeen, Ms. [12-11-2003]

im glad independce happened
Briana Sandy [12-11-2003]

ashley hastings [12-11-2003]

great website it helped me a lot on my project....thank you
joey, 12 yrs old from richmond, ca [12-11-2003]

This site totally rocks for looking for info for Mrs.Forrest's history class.Rock on brother.
Corbin Hughes, Age:13 City:Valrico,Florida [12-11-2003]

rcahael mclain [12-11-2003]

I am trying to find out if I am related to John because my last name is hancock too.
anonymous [12-11-2003]

A lot of info
Bob, Okeana [12-11-2003]

i think that you should have something on the daughters of liberty because i have to do a project and i have been to like 100 different places and your the closest i've come so please take this in to consideration that a bunch
Babe, no thanxs [12-11-2003]

I am a law student and was looking at this site for some facts about the Declaration of Independance. The site was really helpful and had a lot of interesting things.
Kelly, Valley View, Texas [12-11-2003]

Kelly, Valley View, Texas [12-11-2003]

Great site! I´m currently working on a school project and this site has really helped me out. Thanks
The Dane [12-11-2003]

Thomas Lee Jefferson i so didnt know your middle name so i made one up i just think you are so fine and we you just so all mine
Earl Curl [12-11-2003]

I am proud to be an American. I am honored by the integrity of the men who spoke out for our liberties and freedoms. May the Lord bless them. Thank you.
Julia, Rockford, IL [12-11-2003]

brentya brown [12-11-2003]

I am to become an American citizen and am studying to know as much as I can about the history of the USA
Anand P. Singh, West Columbia, S.C. 25 yrs old [12-11-2003]

The Declaration Of Independence is an interesting article, and how it helped the pulic is what i was wondering?
Kayla [12-11-2003]

Cody Kelderman [12-11-2003]

i think that u are a hard person to find on the web
kathy uitts, iola,ks 66749 [12-11-2003]

mary chelette [12-11-2003]

The webside is very very good for my English homework! Thany a lot for your help!
Susanne, 15, Ilmenau, halloooooooooooooooo [12-11-2003]

anonymous, I Live In Tucson, Arizona. I Am 13 3/4 Years old [12-11-2003]

i think you need a small summary of what the declaration says.
anonymous [12-11-2003]

jaci [12-11-2003]

This website is the best! I was so excited to find this site. It probaly will be one of the best recorces I will have for my government project I was assighned. Thanx so much. Rock on!- a 7th grade student
anonymous [12-11-2003]

you need summaries with the lenthy part
orneta [11-30-2003]

I enjoy reading about the signers of the Declartion of INDEPENDENCE.
Rick Rutledge [11-30-2003]

i came to this website for a school project and i found a lot of stuff in here that was cool! and i am also very proud to be an American and live happy and free out of britains rule.GOD BLESS AMERICA!
alicia l., 13 California [11-30-2003]

We will be building a float with the signing of the declaration for your 2004 America gives thanks through the years. Parade in Plymouth ma. I'm the float Coordinator.
cheryl Birch, AMerica's Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration [11-30-2003]

i was looking for lewis lee my g-father,and found this not enough can be said about god,and what he stands for.
joyce l.keys, i love this site [11-29-2003]

peter strescino [11-29-2003]

hello these are my thoughts I would like some icecream today and george washinton rocks
Janine, utah [11-29-2003]

i think this is a really cool website i learned a lot from this site it really helped me a lot. thanx
brandon tromly, 9 florida [11-29-2003]

i think this is a good way to show the declaration of independence to little kids and teach them about the signers. this site also helped me with a school project! thanx a lot!
shelby tromly, 13 florida [11-29-2003]

I am so happy we are free from Britian's rule! God Bless America! Everyone should pray for our beloved country! This is an excellent web site! I had to do homework! (which stinks) Well, nice writing to you!
Kelly O'Hare [11-27-2003]

you need more pictures of our history for long time ago.
anonymous [11-27-2003]

There are no other documents that tell forever the virtues of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness and how to protect these rights than the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights. I at times regret our government has voted to dilute so many rights, and misinterpretations, as to weaken our moral fiber, give minor children undisciplined willful power over their authority figures,as to leave our country vulernable to ignorance,laziness, sloppiness, and selfishness to the point of total disregard of the spirit of intent these documents speak of. Where reelection is the primary goal and personal wealth and fame are the main agendas of most,not all, politicians, Not the welfare of the of the common good of all people, with no real regard to future generations as our forefathers so famously demonstrated and modeled with grace and honor.
Tamara Hannan [11-27-2003]

alyssa neidhart [11-27-2003]

I came here for a school project and it helped me out a lot! Thanks!
Jessica, kalamazoo, mi 13yrs old [11-26-2003]

You should have more facts! THANKS!
Paige Murphy [11-26-2003]

Cody Kelderman [11-25-2003]

i like it...
tiuate [11-25-2003]

faith [11-25-2003]

1 w@s l00k1ng h3r3 4 @ school proj3ct. le@rn3d @ l1ttl3. go1ng 2 look som3wh3r3 3ls3. L3ss th@n l1k3ly th3y @r3 go1ng 2 h@v3 @nyth1ng d1ff3r3nt.
#101570 [11-25-2003]

anonymous [11-25-2003]

this helped me with a paper that i had to do in three days thanx a lot
samantha, 11 [11-25-2003]

ich habe ne frage.ich besitze ein papier ich denke das original vom 4 1776 in congress ist ziemlich alt und zerbricht schon beim anfassen,mein vater hat es unter einer komode eingeklebt gefunden.gibt es das original schon oder ist es verschwunden würd ger erfahren ob ich das original besitze,ich habe auch ein paar bilder davon gemacht.danke für die antwort. Das ist kein scherz!
kalli, frage. [11-25-2003]

this is a good site for reports!
nms student, 12 [11-25-2003]

oooooooohhhh yeah
levi, pa [11-25-2003]

im a juggalo hater
Matt Marty, Pantsville Ky 34 Still in third grade [11-25-2003]

icp rules
Matt Marty, Pantsville Ky 34 Still in third grade [11-25-2003]

great information; john morton is a very distant blood relative of my family actually, quite interesting.
james, pennsylvania [11-25-2003]

For the past week in my history class we have been learning about THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDANCE,personally i think its very self-explanaitory and a well written document. iam enjoy it very much.
jennifer weatherwax, anaheim, 13years old [11-25-2003]

e-mail all you hot boys! this is a good web site
Brownie, I am 15 [11-25-2003]

this is one of my very, very, very favorite history website
Rico Dooley, Elkhart, Ind -13yrs, [11-25-2003]

It helped me a lot with George walton
Helen, I'm 14 [11-25-2003]

I am related to two of the signers cool huh
Victoria [11-25-2003]

this is a great site
kelly clarkson [11-22-2003]

why did the tea act affect colonist?
justine marroquin [11-22-2003]

well i am trying to find where the Declararion of independence is located today itseems like an easy topic but i just cant seem to find it~thanks
anonymous [11-22-2003]

I really like your website very educational
Judi, 13 [11-22-2003]

look at edward rutlege is my grandfather
james nolan [11-22-2003]

kool website for school!
Nicky, Amery [11-22-2003]

Please send me any biographies soley on Lyman hall. These biographies seem to be none exsistant. forgive me of my misspellings. Robert
Robert Scott [11-22-2003]

Gino a pino, cooooool [11-22-2003]

I thought this was a very educatitional site it helped me understand things a little better. This helps me to explain things to my students. Thanks!
Chantal [11-22-2003]

Thank You!
Mr. Muñoz, Mesa, AZ [11-22-2003]

maria [11-22-2003]

i love the U.S.A
Timothy Powell [11-17-2003]

chl wan-gyu, 13age [11-17-2003]

this site helped a lot 4 me 4 a history report on thomas nelson jr. . . . thnx a bunch
jazmyn, corona, ca 16 [11-17-2003]

Talia [11-17-2003]

This site helped me with my report. it also helps me with a lot of other stuff. I also have fun!
lindsi hunt, 11 [11-17-2003]

I'm doing a paper in school and needed some information. My mother was raised in South Jersey and talks about the Independence Hall Historical area all the time and how beautiful it is.
Lillianna Penton, Beaumont, MS [11-17-2003]

Lynn, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat [11-17-2003]

kyees [11-17-2003]

Champagne [11-17-2003]

I love history that has to deal with the wars and anything to teach me more about my ancestors and famous important people like queens and kings and rulers, etc.
Monica, 15 [11-17-2003]

this helped my notes thanks
ak [11-17-2003]

HEY YALLZ ! I LOVE THIS SITE! its so coolness . it helped me a lot . my teacher *mr babberton* told me about it . and i just wanna tell mr babberton thank you so much sir . you dont even begin 2 understand everything that you have helped us with ( meaning me and this years senior class)also i wanna say . thank you!tou have made my life complete . heres all the people that you have saved : mia chelsea arin christian taryn a-lex korie derrick dave julie julie julie phantasha melissa amanda c hannah brad kk stephanie jj claire etc... thank you so much! and i also wanna say that the ramones rock! gabba gabba hey!so anyways i love u morrissey . ;)(wink wink) bye! -mia (i love you arin ! my lovah' boyah!
mia, im 13! and i rock [11-17-2003]

ok site
mindie kinsey, reeds spring 14 mo [11-17-2003]

matthew [11-17-2003]

Holly [11-17-2003]

bigfoot, tallahassee 27 [11-17-2003]

terrance [11-17-2003]

hey thomas jeffreson i am learning about u in school very intresting but u need more imformatin about u online! ~MiRaNdA~
miranda [11-17-2003]

more imfo on philip livingston
anonymous [11-17-2003]

Nice Website
anonymous, 13 [11-17-2003]

This sight rocks like the 4th of July. But i hope that you will add more to George Reads sight like where he died at.
anonymous [11-17-2003]

this is neat information to learn about history
ariah wooden, Tallahassee 11years old [11-17-2003]

I wish there could be a lot more websites to go to to learn new things could you send me a list of websites?
Michael L. Hunter Jr., Tallahassee,Fl. Age :12 [11-17-2003]

i think this is a great way to learn about our country!
kayla krause [11-17-2003]

i like reaing thee Declaration of Indpendence.
JazminCallahan, nb 10 [11-17-2003]

Krystal, 13 yrs old [11-17-2003]

I need to know about the constition.
Danielle, n/a [11-11-2003]

megan, im doing a history project this site helps a lot thankx! [11-11-2003]

i was really bored and i wanted to see my note on this list
anonymous [11-10-2003]

Lois Lehtimaki, near Atlanta GA [11-10-2003]

i love this site it is so fun and it helpes me with a lot of reports and answered my questions.
nadia, age:10 [11-10-2003]

This was extremely helpful for a Social Studies project.
..............., ................ [11-10-2003]

I am doing a report on John Witherspoon. I have found descrepancies in his birthdate and death date and place of each. I need to know his parents names, wife's name, and childrens names. Did he have a middle name? Is there another site that offers more extensive information? Thanks.
A. MacElwee, Hyde Park, UT [11-10-2003]

Helping granddaughter in 5th grade gather information on NJ colony years. The bios on the signers is great.
Catherine Dixon, sc [11-10-2003]

do you know a site where i can find tid bits of the declaration and explanations?
need help, 10 [11-10-2003]

I am doing a school project on the signing of the Declaration of Independence. My great, great, great uncle, William Hooper, signed the document. I am very proud to be related to someone who was involved in an important part of our history.
anonymous [11-10-2003]

I LOVE JAMES BLU 4 LIFE...! write me baby...!
lee lee arnold, greenville [11-08-2003]

the declaration guest book was very helpful to me and my peers both with our assignment...thanks a lot...!
lee arnold, greenville \19 years old. [11-08-2003]

wow this site has been a huge help with my history project! we had to write a 7 paragraph paper and tell about the 5 most important things that led to rev. war! and i chose the sons of liberty as one of them! as i was using your site as a source, i saw that you guys offered a guestbook! so im taking time out of my paper to thank you guys! great site! love yall!
lauren, mars! haha jus messin witcha ;-) [11-08-2003]

hi! We bob r doing a school project email mus.
BoB [11-08-2003]

wanderer [11-08-2003]

anonymous [11-08-2003]

The Declaration of Independence is really cool because without it we wouldn't have our freedom.
anonymous [11-08-2003]

Amanda [11-08-2003]

I like this website a lot..I need major help on my social studies project due toarrmow and my teacher is going to get mad at me and I haven't even gotten started..this sight really helped me out. U rock
Unknown, age:unknow City:Rhinebeck [11-08-2003]

the congres shouldnt of made any changes.
Haley,Kaycee,Ari, 10,9,10 [11-08-2003]

i think the declaration of independecnce was not as smart of a move as we though...although we are free in the sence of the word...we never will be....we will always be consumed by power
rachel, look for r c hayes...i'l be a famouse author [11-08-2003]

thisi is a very good sight when your doing a report on the declaration of independence and the signers of it
Josh Lucas, Virginia [11-08-2003]

This is a very great site! It has helped a lot on my History class play, as my roll of Caesar Rodney! =) Good Job!
KayLa, 13 Giles County, Virginia [11-08-2003]

I love this site and i am a geeeeeeeek!
Amy [11-08-2003]

This sight is good because it helped me with my little history paper we had to do.
Ashley Peoples, bloomfield, Indiana [11-08-2003]

this was a good site beacuse my 8th grade class all used this site to get the answers for our assigments soo thank you so much and i hope you keep it up.!
kimberly, indiana [11-08-2003]

Chris [11-07-2003]

I just wanted to add this to make the list longer
anonymous [11-05-2003]

Ithink that the Declaration of Independence was good for the colonist back then and I think it is good right know and I want to thank the Continental Congress for that 2nd meeting that they had for the colonist and that they made that document.
Ashley, Jackson Ms [11-05-2003]

i am trying to find some info on Benjamin Franklin and i can't any anywhere?!?!?!?!?!?! do you think that u guysd vcould help me please please please! Kristin
Kristin Shrader, no thanks [11-05-2003]

hey ho lets go ! this site rox!
joey ramone [11-05-2003]

yo . i aint feelin this site . u need more 50 cent yo . but its still coo' ... late
raul, 14 [11-05-2003]

i am trying to find some info about Matthew Thornton and i cant find any anywhere! Do you guys think that you could help me! :( thanx Kristin Shrader
Kristin Shrader, none [11-05-2003]

im very religous & not to interested in much other than my lord jesus christ but i find this very exciting
peter johnson, age 61,virgin [11-05-2003]

hello all. i am an elementary teacher and this site was great for my 6th graders . thank u much!-john babberton
mr.babberton, 57 [11-05-2003]

this site is really graet! it has helped me a lot with all of my research .. i love it and i have no idea what i would have done without it when i was workingon my research paper! thank you! i also just wanna say that arin is the best bf evah .. and chelselybab rox da howze . and i gotta go now so ill see ya later ! *mia(aka mialeebab)*
mia, 13 [11-05-2003]

his web-site with any history that you need to know.
Katie Bowling [11-05-2003]

I love History and I want to learn about the Declaration of Independance Please send me more information
jenna coffman, 9 [11-05-2003]

thank you for helping me with one of my most i nportant project
jennifer gonzalez, bronx ny 15 [11-05-2003]

matt [11-05-2003]

I'm learning about declaration of independence and i'm doing a report on it so I decided to stop by the guestbook. Thanks,Monique
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Awesome web site! I'm a junior and we are memorizing the declaration of independence. This help's with the History of it
Whit [11-05-2003]

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CaSandra Burno, Williamsport [11-05-2003]

sara [11-05-2003]

William Ellery, the signer of the declaration of independence, father was named William Ellery as well, not Benjamin, as is stated on your site.
cheryl Ellery [11-05-2003]

the declaration was a good thing
anonymous [11-05-2003]

HI! I think this needs more pictures!
Piklez [11-05-2003]

this gave me all the information i needed to finish a report for my american history class.thank u.
amber b [11-05-2003]

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jay daniels [11-05-2003]

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anonymous [11-05-2003]

The page on Patrick Henry said he died @ the age of 62, when he really died when he was 63!
Emily, im a 7th grader, and im right! [11-03-2003]

christian jordan, ga [11-03-2003]

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alyssa, gurl of allen meng [11-03-2003]

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victoria l ryan, age 51 [11-03-2003]

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ebony brown, So thing about James Madison [11-03-2003]

can someone tell me what happened to stephen hopkins as a results of signing the declaration of independence??? i really need your help!
leah [11-03-2003]

im a descendant of mr hancock my name is marshall van hancock, if u know who my dad is, email me, with my name and mr john hancock's name, u shud know, im a living pica history
descendant of john hancock [11-03-2003]

we the ppl of the united states, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, provide for the common defense, promote general welfare.........................
Rafael G., feel free to email me [11-03-2003]

Alyce Heidt [11-03-2003]

Descendant of signer Charles Carroll.
Edward J. Renehan Jr., North Kingstown, RI [10-31-2003]

tirzah, from dallas, texas; age 7 [10-31-2003]

this website was a really big help for my road to revolution gameboard! thanks.
chelsey [10-31-2003]

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bekah [10-30-2003]

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this site really helps for school reports on the American Revolution.
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Freddy Beasley [10-30-2003]

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Paul [10-30-2003]

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Julia Cantu, 12years old,rosenberg,tx [10-30-2003]

This is a great website. I used it on my COnstitutional Cause & Effect project for school. I'd recommend it to any other student with a similar project. Thank you for providing me with valuable information!
Grayson, 13 [10-30-2003]

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Whitney, n/a [10-30-2003]

AngelaDeloresWalker, Atlanta,GA [10-30-2003]

I was looking for ancestry information. My father tells me that his ancestor is Mary Quick who is related to John Hart. Do you have any ancestry information?
Deirdre Wortendyke Hebert, Pensacola, Florida [10-30-2003]

Jonathan Lopez [10-30-2003]

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rebecca s., 13 years old [10-30-2003]

I would like to thank you for having this great wed page.
Victor Aguilar, Northridge, CA. [10-30-2003]

even though i am a younger adult i feel that the declaration of independence is a key roll in the forming of our present government and with out it and the founding fathers we would no be able to lead the world in technology or anything else for that matter
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Shaun Spradlin, Riverside, Ca. age 13 [10-30-2003]

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anonymous, Richmond va [10-30-2003]

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RenneCayetano, 13 ca [10-30-2003]

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Angel, Rowlett 13 [10-27-2003]

I didn't ever understand what the Declaration of Independence ment, and I still don't!
Alissa, Santa Ynez, CA [10-27-2003]

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jesse, naples [10-27-2003]

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paul silva, californa,lakewood,13, [10-27-2003]

The information this website provided on Benjamin Harrison is completely inaccurate. For one: Benjamin Harrison never lived to sign the Declaration of Independence!2nd: It was his grandfather who was William Henry Harrison. And And for the biggest part: only common sense is needed to know that it isn't possible for the 23rd president's son to be the 9th president! I mean Duh!
sonja, north carolina, 13 [10-27-2003] The information we provide is accurate. President Benjamin Harrison is a descendant of the signer Benjamin Harrison. -Webmaster

michael, age 14 [10-27-2003]

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Richard, Lubbock, Texas 79412 [10-19-2003]

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Bryan Smith [10-19-2003]

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Michelle Schantz, Belgium, 13 [10-16-2003]

why was it signed on the 2nd by some and the 5th by others ? So my question is why was the fourth picked?
alex [10-16-2003]

i need dr.samuel prescott!does anyone have info. on him?!?!?!?if u do e-mail me!
amanda [10-16-2003]

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Jorden, 13 male Cali.Mod. [10-16-2003]

The site if very helpful, however i am having difficulties finding the index by state of the signers of the declaration of independence. if you could email me i would appreciate it, thanks.
Kaelan L., Don't post my mail address [10-16-2003]

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Julia Peter [10-16-2003]

This website helped me to write an analysis on the Declaration of Independence
Haralson, Ashley [10-16-2003]

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Vanessa L. P., 14 [10-16-2003]

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Sally Maryanne Jefferson, 19 years old [10-16-2003]

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Tasha, Dearborn Mi.13 Stout middle school. [10-13-2003]

very helpful links! :-D
Alexander S., San Marino, California, age 13 [10-13-2003]

I am extremely thankful for the declaration of independence. If it weren't for it, i would probably be known as a servant or slave...thank you George Washington :)
Runner For Life, Va [10-13-2003]

thanks for the help with my essay.
courtney rebecca cronan [10-12-2003]

This website helped me do a report on two different signers of The Declaration of Independence. Thank you for all the info!
Bkb player, Missouri, 13 yrs. old [10-12-2003]

I;am a direct decendant of Robert E. Morris and I am glad my family can be part of history. I am looking for more information on Robert E. Morris and pictures,it would help are family tree.
The Davis family, Okla [10-12-2003]

I believe more people should read this.. its a key to our future. I am not Dorky!
Bubbles [10-12-2003]

This web site was very helpful. I needed info for history.... this worked great!
Katy, 13 [10-12-2003]

Just wanted to let anyone who may be interested know, I just finished Jeff Shaara's "Rise to Rebellion", and I would very highly recommend it to all interested. Thanks!
Jim, central Florida [10-12-2003]

This is a wonderful and educational website. This is a must for all school aged children and adults.
Angela Yvette Lewis-Bennett, Dade City, FL 33523 [10-12-2003]

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wILLIAM V. ODEN, Posy,Tex 67 [10-12-2003]

This is my ancestral grandfather, jodish Bartlett I would like to find out more on the family Thank you
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anonymous, 10 [10-12-2003]

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A.G., age: 12 [10-12-2003]

Great Website! It was very informative and helpful. The Declaration of Independence is awesome and huge part of our history. Thanks for making a great website that helps make history even more interesting.
Ashley Buckland, Portland, Oregon [10-12-2003]

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kita, 17 [10-12-2003]

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brittay, 14 years old [10-12-2003]

We are learning about this subject in histoy. I am extremely bad at history so this site really helps.
Stephanie [10-12-2003]

with all the controversy surrounding separation of church and state and the blatent attempt to remove any reference of God (the Creator) from this great land, I am hoping for an in depth study of the document and the men who designed it.
R. Contreraz, Chesapeake Virginia [10-12-2003]

I think you have good experiment, and i'm doing a good research about you.
Shannetta Johnson, Houston Tx. 77007 18 yrs. [10-12-2003]

Taking my students to see the Declaration of Independece. Each one will wear the name of a signer. This site was great for the biograpical information they will need!
Lisa Parachini, US History teacher, Peoria, AZ [10-12-2003]

i love to be able to find out things of the past, like who realy sinded the declaration of indopendance, and things like that
amy francisco, age 14 [10-12-2003]

Josh Keiles [10-12-2003]

you should put William Floyd`s (not the football player) mother and father`s name and a lot more stuff about Floyd
lolo, im 11 years old [10-12-2003]

i thought this site was very hard. i couldn't find what i was looking for. That is not what I look for in a good site.
anonymous [10-12-2003]

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e.niel [10-12-2003]

Robert E. Morris is my 6th great grandfather. Would like to know if the Morris House really exists.
A. Wickham [10-12-2003]

very good artical
jessica, none [10-12-2003]

I have been trying to find a site where I can buy a copy on the D of I since I recently found out from a cousin that we are related to two of the signers. Please help me find a place to buy a copy suitable for framing. After reading the bio's of the men that signed I am very impressed with their courage and wisdom. Wouldn't it be great to meet them? Obviously it's impossible, but... David McClough's book on John Adams, no relative, is a marvelous read. Check your library or buy it, it's still in print.
Theodore V Adams, Hackettstown, NJ/age 70/ related to George Clymer and George Taylor, My Mother was aTaylor [10-12-2003]

Leah, From Germany [10-12-2003]

A proud descendent of George Ross (PA)!
Rebecca Zimmerman, Richmond, VA [10-12-2003]

yeah i would just to tell y'all taht i'm very fanastate with your site
Eric B [10-12-2003]

I like it a lot
Kandas Alcover, Bridgeport Connecticut [10-12-2003]

I think that you should show their signatures more, and stuff like that.
J Bennizzle [10-12-2003]

I love this website! I was preparing for a difficult History Test and all the information I needed was right there. Thank you so much for making history easier!
Lori Loesch, Ogden Utah age 25 [10-12-2003]

My teacher is making me do a report over Thomas Stone and I can not find anything about him. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME!
Thomas Gerald Hubbard Jr, Blanket, Texas, 18 [10-12-2003]

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Devon Halbert, Winter Springs FL age:13 [09-29-2003]

well- i'm doing a report on the dec. of independence and this web-site helped me SO much! i found it and got all my info off of it! THANKS SO MUCH! ~ Megan
Megan K, Gilbert, AZ age 13 [09-29-2003]

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Amber Lee, Matt, N.Y [09-29-2003]

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chelsea [09-29-2003]

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Seth DeMonte, Coconut Creek,Fl. AGE:14 [09-29-2003]

I would like to receive any additional information on my realtive that signed the Declaration of Independenc my Dad and Brother are both named after him "William Williams. Please mail me any information to the following address: Penny Williams Eleuteri; 1021 USHWY 206 Apt. A15; Bordentown, NJ 08505. Phone number is (609)298-2004. Thank you please write to me with any and all information you may have.
Penny Williams Eleuteri, Bordentown, NJ 08505 [09-29-2003]

amber meadors [09-29-2003]

this was helpful in my studies,and i thank you -Me
Tyler Arnwine, sTUDENT [09-29-2003]

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Seth DeMonte, Coconut Creek,Fl. AGE:14 [09-29-2003]

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crystal, marana 16 [09-24-2003]

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Breanna, What is Independence???? [09-24-2003]

i really like this web site its a good one to use when iam looking up information for school and other things. thanks for letting me use it
Noel Closs, Walton, N.Y. iam 18years old [09-24-2003]

I am a direct decendant of Thomas Mckean and was just doing research on family history thnx for the info! =)
david, Aloha OR 17 age [09-24-2003]

Have a nice day!
Jamie, Valley, Alabama [09-24-2003]

I have been very interested in the start of our nation recently. Please send me info about these men and the declaration. Sincrely, Karyn Bowman
Karyn Bowman, east moline,16 [09-24-2003]

I think the website is great it tells about are past history and shares many thoughts about what happened.
Jw, 11- PalmHarborFl [09-24-2003]

Hallo, I'm German and I have a Question. In the Article (Jeffersons Story abaut the Declaration ist a litle Foto "The Apollo Room of the Raleigh Tavern 1750". I want to know place, using and a little History about this building. Can you help me.
Aaron Rosenbaum [09-24-2003]

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mikayla, corvallis, 13, [09-24-2003]

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quinton battle [09-24-2003]

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Charles Carroll of Carrolton is my ancestor.
Barbara Kelly, Ft. Myers, FL 40 [09-24-2003]

It's an awesome site!
Taylor [09-24-2003]

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Amber Gray, Ocala [09-24-2003]

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Danielle [09-20-2003]

Richard Henry Lee is my anncester! My dads name is james herring and my aunts name is larieta herring1 i gave you those names because maybe you can find more information for me and mail it to me at[ Frisco,Dallas-or Frisco,Texas, 75034-zip code, address- 7404 Daffodil Way! Please send me stuff so i can learn more about my anncester! Thanx, Sara Herring!
Sara Herring, frisco,dallas 75034, i am 13 [09-17-2003]

I think this site needs more information on 1764.
Laura, age:9 [09-17-2003]

I visted the National Archieves some years back, I can hardly wait to see the new revise Archieves
John Spencer Foulks, Washington, DC [09-17-2003]

cool site i learned awhole
teri woods [09-17-2003]

i am very dissapointed of the pictures of sam adams because he doen't look like ANYTHING from the dude on the beer bottle! U LIARS
anonomus [09-17-2003]

what about lafayette???
kirsten [09-17-2003]

Chris Carrier, Dutchtown High School, 13165 HWY 73 Geismar, LA 70734 [09-17-2003]

does anyone know anything about the orders in council of 1763?! please please please e-mail me if you do!
Elaine [09-17-2003]

I hear that decendents of signers can get free scholorships is this true? I have grand children interested
Marjorie L Wilson, I am an indirect decendent of Benjamin Rush Decending from his great great Uncle John I think it interesting that another signer Richard Stockton was his father in law Marrying Richard's daughter Julia [09-17-2003]

andrea, california [09-17-2003]

why dont we use the declaratioon of independence. in the supreme court. why is it that we are taking god out of everything now. why dont we just take god out of the declaration of indpendence.
kyle wenzel, fl, 16 [09-16-2003]

I am related to Matthew Thornton through my paternal Grandfather (Beebe). I would love to see entries from others related to him. Thanks for the site!
Dane Thornton Mc Cleary, Hawaii. [09-16-2003]

very good site needed to re -herse the constitution and found it here thanks so much for your help. GOD BLESS AMERICA........
Tyler M LaVoy, Mesa AZ age 8 [09-16-2003]

Amber Dobson [09-16-2003]

This sight is awesome... Roger Sherman is my hero and I love him! thank you for creating this sight!
Patricia Joanne [09-16-2003]

My family is related to this person, we came out of Tipperary when the potato famine hit. I have always believed in my heretige and the proud name of Burke. I looked up our name in books to trace us back to where I should have been. My bio father worked for Warner Brothers for 20 years, my grandfather created the monorail in California and the material for artificial limbs. I have been an artist and computer person for years. I would love to go to Ireland and look at where I should have been if they would not have left because of the economic reasons. We had castles that I have never seen and truly miss. We were great land owners. If you look at old maps of Ireland you see the Burke name everywhere, I am proud of that but do not have a way to connect with people we should have known in this life. It is sad to walk this path and never see the people I love in my heart but have not seen face to face. All my blessings to those I may never see.
Mary Christian Burke, Bayville, NJ [09-14-2003]

I like to learn more about the Declaration of Independence. how they signit. Emily
Emily, omaha,16 [09-14-2003]

I have written our family history of the Harrisons. We are related to the signer of the Declaration, but don't know how to prove it. I went to see where it was signed and really enjoyed it so much. I need the family of Benj. the signer, his brothers and sisters. Maybe that would help me find out more about it. Thank you.
Margaret Paustian, Toledo, IA, [09-14-2003]

diana saucier, no [09-14-2003]

great site, thanks
David, wasington [09-14-2003]

Great webpage. I love these links.
Zuetta K. Pinkston, from Capt. Wm.Sanders Chapter, Port Arthur, TX [09-14-2003]

Was searching for information for my daughter's school report and came upon your site. Very informative. Thank you. Was also reading over some of the thoughts put down by visitors and became very upset at some of the incredibly ugly things people had to say, but I guess that's why they fought so hard to give EVERYONE the freedom to express their thoughts! Thanks again.
Cynthia, Texas [09-14-2003]

Did samuel adams die of alchohol poisoning did he ever have diarhea from too much beer
Jake Martin, ponca city [09-13-2003]

I thought that it was very educational and informative as to what I am learning about in school.
Chris Gebert, Ballwin, Missouri .....Parkway West High School [09-11-2003]

Alex, I love to dance. [09-11-2003]

Does anyone have a complete genealogy of Thomas Stone? I'm related and want to verify the details. Thanks
anonymous [09-10-2003]

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I love it! i am a true patriot and this is a perfect page for a home page.+*^*+.+*^*+.+*^*+.+*^*+.+*^*+.+*^*+.+*^*+.+*^*+.+*^*+.+*^*+.
Paul Singer [09-09-2003]

After all these years out of school, it just seemed that today's circumstances bring about a good time to restudy the Declaration and Constitution, as well as the Bill of Rights, and just thank our Awesome God that these men had the wisdom, intellect, courage, and faith to write the documents, yes, but then to live them with their time, toil, and treasure. May God bless them all. Dave Halloran
David Granger Halloran, Altamonte Springs, Florida [09-09-2003]

it was a interesting notion, a shining sight for soar eyes. i would always try to come here for historical reference.
sweet and tangy, kinston NC.18 [09-09-2003]

this web site helped me with my homework! Thanks so much you guys are great! ~Kurren
Kurren, I love everybody [09-08-2003]

i was looking for the preamble for a project i have i'm in the 10th grade . you didn't have it nor did u have the actual copy of the documents themselves so your webpage did m no good.
christine, fayetteville nc [09-08-2003]

Thanks for having this website. I used in for an Am. Lit report to compare to a movie we will be watching.
Kayla [09-08-2003]

Alicia Ramirez, Brandon, Florida [09-08-2003]

This was a really great website! It helped me with a History report that i had to do. I mostly just copied exactly what was written, and put it into my own paper! haha! Thanks anyway
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Peyton Vick [09-07-2003]

I like this site. The Thomas Jefferson excerpt shows what our founding fathers were really thinking.
ed bushak [09-07-2003]

I am related to Benjamen Harrison, and i cant find anyway other than my great grandmas word to prove it, so u need to update that!
Rachael Mielke, i am 14, and i live in Palm Beach FL. [09-06-2003]

cool web page so fasanated by it
shuan [09-05-2003]

I love the fire works on the 4th of July, I love to see our people show their pride, but most of all I love the freedom I have! THANK YOU, GOD BLESS US ALL!
Delphina S., Arizona [09-04-2003]

Paige [09-04-2003]

john hancok rocks
Ali, Fairfax 11 [09-04-2003]

kortni, 13/f/maine [09-04-2003]

Jacob Grass is my ggggrandfather and he fought in the revolutionary war as a new jersey volunteer he was wounded in the Battle of Eutaw Springs and became disable. What gets me its hard to find more on him in that war. I do know he went to Canada and married Priscilla Mills. Diana
Diana Saucier, Jacob Grass [09-04-2003]

Tyler [09-04-2003]

i think that this site is fantastic espcially for 5th - 8th graders for hisrory reports and also this is where ill come for my info. !
lillie linsay, age 10 [09-04-2003]

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Alfredo [09-04-2003]

I love this site! This is wonderful, chocked full of great information, and educational information. I love the page with the rough draft of the Declaration of Indepencence, showing the cross outs and rewrites in it. Keep up the great work, and if anyone reading this ever finds out who the father of John George Lee is who married Elizabeth Lowman, please send information! That line seems to have been lost in the shuffle of the USA.
Vicki Fotheringham, Homeschooling parent of the State of Oregon [09-04-2003]

I think your site is very imformitive and helpful. There is not one thing you leave out! Thank you for making it clear that this country stared off with people who belived in our rights and freedom for all. I am pretty sure those men would roll over in thier graves if they knew how America is slowly abolishing thier rights and fredom they fought so hard for, just so we do not offend any persons that do not belive we should have freedom of lifestyle or religon. Sorry if my God ofends anyone, but now I feel like oppression is in play here now that I am not allowed to pray in public, all becaus those foreigners whom bombed us is offened. If you do not like America or our Declartion or constitution, GET OUT! Save the freedom for those who Really belives in it!
Amanda [09-04-2003]

Nice Site!
skirts, [09-04-2003]

thank you so much i needed this information on the SOL and on samual addams (my uncle owns the beer thats why i picked the guy :) ) thank you once again hopfuly this will help me get my 97 in American History The Shaeff
call me.........shaeffer, Sarasota Florida 17 male [09-04-2003]

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aaa, from Nifon=Japan [09-04-2003]

As I have said above I am sure I am related to Benjamim Rush. If anyone has any information on him could they please Email me. Thank you
Denise, Bromley England [09-04-2003]

Your site is quite informative. It helped me. Denis Coffee
Denis [08-30-2003]

Great site !
Benessere [08-30-2003]

I keep hearing rumors and saw a couple sites about standing arguments over the first president. Was it George Washington or Samuel Huntington?
David, 21 m alaska [08-29-2003]

george, 32 [08-29-2003]

D. C. Fitch [08-28-2003]

May we not forget what they fought so hard for, the way of life today as they saw it. Liberty and Freedom for all. May God bless all of those that put this site together and to all who visit this site. God Bless America....
John Roen, Big Spring, Tx [08-28-2003]

Very nice site
Dan [08-28-2003]

i'm proud to be a land surveyor because at least four of the us founding fathers have the same profesion with me !
didik wihardi, geodesi itb bandung indonesia [08-28-2003]

Felicia [08-28-2003]

I think it is great that someone, out of the whole enternet system, finally thought of a way to teach peolpe of America's and our history. Nice job.
Cassie Watkins, 226 Grand Ave, Poplar Bluff, Mo, 12 [08-28-2003]

Doing a little research on my lunch hour. I'm wondering why people get all bent out of shape when someone mentions GOD ! (Ten Commandments news story). It seems that GOD is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, and the last paragraph seemed to indicate that the founders felt that "Devine Providence" was behind them. Why does a country that was founded with GOD in mind, become so intolerant of the mention of GOD? Why can't our government acknowledge GOD?
Somebody 51, Somewhere USA [08-28-2003]

Intresting site.
Toni Pearson, North Carolina [08-28-2003]

Nice site !
giochi online [08-27-2003]

Hey, I think I was related to Arthur Middleton
Kati Middleton, Colorado [08-27-2003]

The history book I teach from mentioned that 2 of the signers were indentured servants. There is no mention of this in your index. Is there any way to know which two this applied to?
Becky Ryckeley [08-27-2003]

kel johnson [08-27-2003]

thanks a lot it helped me with an english paper!
Ami [08-26-2003]

Larry Bilderback, EWvansville,Ind. [08-26-2003]

I am tracing back my family tree and it seems that I am related to Benjamin Rush. Could you please let me have any information regarding this, especially his father and his grandfathers name. I would be most grateful. Denise.
Denise, Bromley, England [08-26-2003]

This in a few words can definitely be classified as an amazing piece of art work! Pure and Simple.
Lucie, tx [08-25-2003]

I'm a descendant of John Hancock! Does anyone have any information regarding a scholarship for descedants of the signers?? e-mail--> THANKS
Jessica, Claypool, Indiana --18 [08-23-2003]

Thanks for being here for us. God Bless America
Anita, Modesto, Ca. [08-22-2003]

I think you guys are really cool because you right a lot of different stuffs
Ivette Canez, city [08-22-2003]

Christine Nelson Johnson, Descendant of Benjamin Rush. Would like correspondence with other descendants [08-22-2003]

very good site, great for the kids to study and learn from
anonymous, Illinois [08-21-2003]

this is a nice site but i was kind of looking for the religions of these people as well.
lindsey [08-21-2003]

LOVE your site! Thank you. Using it to help my teenage grandson and I am learning all over again!
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Trying to determine what the five rights of a new nation are. Can you assist?
Leonard Meisel [08-21-2003]

OK, this site is really good and everything but I have found a slight problem with something. "1774 After the French Indian War the British Government decided to reap greater benefits from the colonies. The colonies were pressed with greater taxes without any representation in Britain. This eventually lead to the Boston Tea Party. In retaliation the British passed several punative acts aimed at bringing the colonies back into submission of the King." The part about not being represented in Parliament is not true. British law says that every member of Parliament represents every British subject so the Colonists were technically represented.
Amelia [08-21-2003]

hello,your site is so great.I like it very much. [08-20-2003]

hello,your site is so great.I like it very much., usa [08-18-2003]

I think American History is a bunch of made up crap to give the kids somthing to read.
Brian Mcgovern [08-18-2003]

aaliyah sanchez, new york [08-17-2003]

Taking into consideration self-interests and human nature the declaration of independence is a miracle.
charles vesper, age:65 city: easton state: md [08-17-2003]

I have heard recently that the only printer that was willing to print copies of the original document was a woman. I believe her last name was Goddard. Where could I find additional information about this very brave person. Thank You. Respectfully Yours, Dave Johnson
David A. Johnson, Born on the 4th of July [08-17-2003]

it is a good site
hawkman, virginia [08-17-2003]

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This site was very resourceful in my research for my US History class, great job, and thank you!
Jennifer [08-17-2003]

Great source for Revolionary War info. I wish I had more time to check out more. Thanks!
Veronica [08-17-2003]

It makes interesting reading. I hope some of the other readers take the time to do some other research on US history. It's not quite as staight forward as some of your visitors seem to think, judging by their comments. For example, I am amazed that Jefferson ( a signatory) for one, could talk of the freedom of men, when he "owned" a great many slaves. Fathering children by one of them, and even keeping those children in bondage as slaves. Slavery was not abolished in "the land of the free" until the 1860s, after it was abolished in Britain but just before Cuba and Brazil. Was it not the "proclomation line" introduced by the collonial government at the time to protect the lands of the native americans from land speculators, major ones being George Washington and Ben Franklin (signatories), that was a trigger for a declaration. Once independant, these laws were ignored and the land was up for grabs and the indians dispossessed. Some men were obviously freer than others! It goes to show that America, even then, was good at PR. There were a great many factors that led to the war for independance. It was not just a struggle for freedom, that is the naive "Hollywood" take on it. The war split communities and even families with many americans fighting on the loyalist side. Why did the continental army struggle to be clothed and fed in their own country if they were freedom fighters of the people? Was it true that a number of the members of that first congress acted as agents in the recieving of money and arms from France before and during the war,thus making vast fortunes in "commission"? And is it not ironic that the war was funded and, to a large extent, fought by the most oppressive regime in the world at the time, the "Ancient Regime" of pre revolutionary France? A lady of the time once said"All this talk of liberty, is just a change of masters". Were the earliest presidents elected by the people, or part of the ruling elite at the time, part of a select club. "I doubt if the oppressed ever fight for freedom, merely the power to oppress others"
sidney, England [08-17-2003]

We as men and women of this country should never forget what this nation stands for adn should always be handed down to our children and theirs. We should never forget that the cost of freedom has a great price and we should always remember those that paid that price.
Andres Juarez II [08-17-2003]

It's a very interesting site. Thanks a lot.
Eric, [08-17-2003]

Now these are real role models. Great site!
Pete, Kalamazoo, MI 28 [08-17-2003]

globalisation by samuel hungtinton
roslinda, selangor.20 [08-17-2003]

Thankful for American leaders
Lewis, Calgary, Canada [08-09-2003]

Richard Henry Lee also wrote and submitted the original Article of Confederation which preceded the constitution. Was probably Great-GrandFather to Robert E. Lee.
anonymous [08-08-2003]

Hi!your site is an interesting place,I found many things on it,please visit our site also, usa [08-08-2003]

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Lea Daniels [08-08-2003]

whera can i find information abour u.s. History?
Nelson Soto, California state [08-07-2003]

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oyaide ovakporoye felix, none [08-07-2003]

My G Grandmother was Abby Willing Johnson 1845 to 1888), daughter of Luke Morris Johnson and Anna Paul and a Granddaughter of the Morris's of Germantown, PA. She was also a cousin of Ava Willing who married John Jacob Astor in 1892. Iam looking for the decendent line from Robert Morris and Charles Willing to see if there are relationships with my G Grandmother. Also, I think there possibly is a relationship with Luke Morris and his wife Elizabeth Willing. Any help you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated- Ed Smith
Edward G. Smith, Age 75- Attended U.of PA 1946-50 [08-07-2003]

I work at George Read 2nd in New Castle, DE. George Read 1st house was right next door to his son's. Unfortunately, it burnt down in 1824.
Cherryn Sheldon, Wilmington, DE [08-04-2003]

I think this is a wonderful service you provide on the internet, I enjoy reading again about our beginnings here in the U.S.
cc, Beaverton, Oregon [08-04-2003]

I am very proud of my Ancestors for making us all free.Especially John Hancock.He Was A Very Great Man.After all he Has a Great Signature you gotta give him credit for that.
Ashlee Pahmiyer [08-04-2003]

it was signed on the second of august
Thomasjefferson [08-02-2003]

What a great document. We are truly blessed to have been born here.
Michael Galea, Calistoga,Ca. [08-02-2003]

great site.. perfect for my project for school.. especially enjoyed the links.. thanks!
cort, ny [08-02-2003]

I am doing a family tree and any information that I could get would be appreciated
Connie Jacqueline Adams Powers [08-02-2003]

I love reading about our American History it is very intreaging to me and now I am trying to learn as much as I can about it.
Diana higgins, Conroe Tx, 16 [07-30-2003]

This is a very informative, useful website. Thanks!
LouAnn Howard, Lincoln NE [07-30-2003]

I am a proud direct decendant of John Morton, as his 10th generation grandson. The price that he and others have paid for the independence we have today will live on forever! Amen.
Chip Robison, Tennessee [07-28-2003]

Thank you for you share of "American History"
sigfred p. [07-27-2003]

God Bless America Forever!
Mau [07-26-2003]

i am in class 9th of science group (biology section) i want to know that from where we get the important question for making ourself firstclass and for getting a+ grade. if we study 15 days in a month will we get first class grade
shahwaiz, karachi, [07-25-2003]

William H. Starr, Puyallup, WA age 65 [07-25-2003]

May God always Bless America
Jim L. Fisher, Crestline, CA. age 70 [07-25-2003]

Jim L. Fisher, Crestline, CA. age 70 [07-25-2003]

I think the declaration is an inspiration to America.Without it we would still be under the unfair control of England.
Peter Snell, Town:Manchester Age:9 [07-25-2003]

It is great to be able to understand the depth of the constitution as it is written here on this site.
katie, dana point ca 92629 [07-25-2003]

I think that the Decleration of Independence is no more than a re-hash of the scottish Decleration of Arbroath written many centuries before. Nearly half of the signers came from Scottish ancestry and i havent read 1 mention of this fact anywhere on the site. The Decleration of Independence owes a lot to the Scottish original. This wont get printed though..thanx for listening
steve, bacelona, old [07-25-2003]

After looking thru some of the information about the signers of the declation i know that some of the signers had a degree in releigon but i was not able to find it mentioned on your site. Was i missinformed about there education. If at all possible could u please let me know. Thanks Marc
Marcus Laseter [07-25-2003]

As a direct descendent of signer Carter Braxton as well as Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall, I am extremely pleased with the information provided on your site. Education is essential in preserving the significance of this historic day, and your site enables future generations to learn even more from our nation's history. I would also like to encourage other descendents of signers who visit to become members of D.S.D.I. (Descendents of the Signers of The Declaration of Independence). My brother (Douglas Marshall Braxton II), sister (Sara Braxton Keith) and I are lifetime members of the Virginia chapter, and it provides a wonderful acknowledgement of a family’s legacy for your children. In signing your guest book, I would also like to honor my father James Philips Braxton and grandfather Douglas Marshall Braxton in memoriam, as their lives were an extension of the life led by Carter Braxton... one filled with dignity, gratitude, integrity, sacrifice, and a never ending generosity to help others less fortunate and oppressed.
Karen Braxton, Direct Descendent of Signer Carter Braxton and Chief Justice John Marshall ; age 37; Atlanta, Georgia [07-22-2003]

would like to have a copy of the declaration of independance--phillip livingston was related to me
ina t. livingston, el paso, tx [07-22-2003]

hazel b, ligao city, 18 years old [07-21-2003]

Great page! - Siddhartha Rajput
Siddhartha Rajput [07-21-2003]

I always thought an account of American history would just about fit on the back of a stamp. I guess 4 pages on a website is about right. Seriously, nice site.
Jonnie England, uk [07-21-2003]

i'm looking for enlightment to pass on to my grandchildren
john m.lucas jr. [07-21-2003]

I needed a copy of this for my daughter who is studying about Franklin. It was quick and easy to find! THANKS!
Pepper, Oklahoma City, OK [07-19-2003]

Does anybody know the line of descendents from Charles or John Carroll?
Meredith Norris [07-18-2003]

Great information...thanks for making it available!
Cari Manry [07-17-2003]

It is very important in these days for us to remember how this couintry was formed and for what reason. Many people have forgotten and have allowed themselves to make statements of emotion and little fact. Both the declaration and the constitution are not known by most. Some things are in danger
Christian Thomas [07-17-2003]

Enjoyed the visit into this web site. I'm sure I will return often.
Douglas Pettit, Santa Rosa CA [07-14-2003]

My great grandmother was Nora Huntington. We are directly related to Sam Huntington .
Frances Abry McCaskey, Odell, IL [07-14-2003]

Again I find myself drawn back to your informative website. It will help me immensely in my speeches and quest to pique and stir the interest of our modern Americans in their founding forefathers.
Jerry Plantz, Lee's Summit, Mo. [07-14-2003]

where can i find my father naturalization papers, his name frederick allen maupin jr.
MAry Jane Maupin Sanchez, naturalization record [07-12-2003]

I am related to Mr.Clark and I would like to know who is responsible for this site and if they have any relation to him as well as me!
Jimmy [07-11-2003]

Yesterday I was given comp. tickets for me and my 15 yr.old son to see the document that Norman Lear had purchased at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Ca. It was wonderful event for us to witness. I thank everyone involve for making that happen. I hope more will learn about the history of that important document. God Bless us all, everyone, the whole world. Peace
Mary L. Patterson, Phenomenal I Am, Compton, CA, 47 [07-10-2003]

I was surfing the web for a history project and came upon this site. Great job with all the in-depth information and ease of locating facts.
Cindy Carter, Whitehouse, TX [07-10-2003]

I am on a quest to again infuse American History, espcially the pre revolutinary war period and those 56 heroic men who dared to put pen to paper and to say to a superpower "we have had enough." My poem 56 Patriots is one of 45 patriotic poems compiled in my book I Held The Flag Today-Words of Patriotism.
Jerry Plantz, The Patriotic Poet [07-10-2003]

Charles Kennedy, Samuel Adams Direct Decendant [07-10-2003]

I am a direct descendent of, John Morton. And doing research about the signers of the Declaration of Independence. My family and I feel very honored to know that we are the direct descendents of a Signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Emilie Gilbert, Marion, IN [07-10-2003]

I have enjoyed visiting your site. It's interesting and well-written.
Tina Llopis, Norman, Ok [07-10-2003]

I enjoyed your site very much. This will help my Grandsons in school. I will keep this URL in my little book of websites to keep handy.
Sharon Langham Henson, Denison, Texas [07-10-2003]

Robert L. Sanders [07-10-2003]

Oliver Wolcott is an ancestor of mine so having this appear on the computeer was like finding new genealogy information, very informative, and I copied this to add to my History of Oliver Wolcott.
Glenrose B. Englerth [07-10-2003]

Great site(s). Still looking for a few more answers.
Carolyn Bassett, Ft Pierce, Florida [07-10-2003]

I have to write an essay for my English class. This has been very helpful. Thanks.
alis, coral springs. [07-10-2003]

As a third generation military veteran with a grandfather who died in defense of our country, I thank God for our founding fathers. Their sacrifice has given us the Freedom to live in the Greatest Country on God's Green Earth.
Hugh F. Hutchison, Patriot Lane, Sacramento, CA [07-10-2003]

grandson jenny henry co monahan
james harrison sherman [07-10-2003]

I thought this was & is a great site! I remember studying about the Declaration of Independence & the Revolutionary War when I was a kid, but this was the first time that I read about the biographies of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. These men were true Patriots & by signing they put thier lives on the line. I'm truly greatful to these men who gave birth to this great nation of ours. God Bless the USA!
Joseph Baskinger, Haledon,NJ Age 74 [07-10-2003]

John G. Little, Jr., Dothan, AL, age 79 [07-10-2003]

I wish everyone would take the time to learn why and how the united states were created and why it must be protected
Russell Porterfield, Cape Elizabeth, Maine [07-10-2003]

Thank you allowing us all to read the document that brought this great nation about. We are all indebted to those who have shown the courage and dedication requored to defend these great ideals. My heart and prayers go out to the brave men and women who are now in Irag. My heart and prayers also go out to those in Irag who might be asking themselves if our founding fathers were talking about our current administration. God bless America and those who are willing to defend it.
Peter Friedrichsen [07-10-2003]

George T, Murphy Jr., Alabama 35180 [07-10-2003]

A great opportunity for Americans to learn a little more about their historic past .
mike crookshanks [07-10-2003]

george Trenton Murphy Jr. [07-10-2003]

Fred R. Pike [07-10-2003]

I am researching the signers for a talk to a group. This site was very informative and enjoyable. I plan to come back to read more later.
Ellen Lewit [07-10-2003]

I was moved by the movie "1776" that I saw today on the television. I found John Adams to be my new role model. If it wasn't for his persistance and commitment, we'd all be speaking the Queen's English today. For I too have a cause to fight to keep open our non-profit organization "The Somerville Community Computer Center." We are a group of volunteers who service the people of Somerville and the surrounding cities and towns and that no one should be denied the use of or the knowledge of technology for socio-economic reasons. A donation per person of $2.00 is suggested but not manditory. We have to relocate by August 31st and with no money or funding it's going to be an up hill battle. So I know exactly what John Adams felt like! We are a committed group to the cause. With commitment and persistance, all things are possible!
Pat, Somerville, MA 02144 [07-10-2003]

It is a sad fact indeed that no-one knows or even seems to care anymore what these men sacrificed for our freedoms today.
Mary Haviland-Maynor, Lancaster PA [07-10-2003]

A tremendous wealth of historical information. I feel as though I had found real treasure comming upon this site.
T. Rigney, New York [07-10-2003]

Carolyn Caldwell, Tallulah, LA, Clerk of Court, Madison Parish [07-10-2003]

Robert Reid [07-04-2003]

A good web site
James Hartsoe, St. Paul, Minnesota [07-04-2003]

Dr. Joseph E. Delgatto [07-04-2003]

David Campbell, Merritt Island, Florida USA [07-04-2003]

Never take anything for granted - especially your freedom. Happy Birthday USA
Cam Dahl, citizen [07-04-2003]

Happy Independence Day 2003 to one and all.
Steven Walker, Hollywood, FL. 33024 [07-04-2003]

So very proud to be an American, and to be able to view details of our Sacred Declararion of Independence on this hollowed day, and yet I sorrow that only a few in America will remember the significance of this day, and the the cost to the great leaders of our country that signed the Declaration of Independence ... "to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them ..."
Dionicio Quintanilla, Jr, 1214 Trinidad Ln, Garland, Tx 75040, born April 23, 1942 in San Antonio, Tx to immigrant parents from Mexico [07-04-2003]

JOSIAH BARTLETT would turn OVER in his Grave to Know that a "WEASEL" of a man? Named GARY G. KEITH has BLOCKED the Road to Smith Cemetery in 1996-97 where The Bartlett Decendents and OTHER GOOD AMERICANS are Buried ! I William H. Curtis Sr. have Been FIGHTING this ISSUE in a COURT of LAW? sence 1998 and STILL YET TO WIN our Road BACK !GOD BLESS AMERICA & the JUDGE? ~LONG LIVE PEOPLE like "Josiah Bartlett" !~ BILL CURTIS SR.
william hurley curtis sr., AGE 65 ~ 150 Waynesburg Road -West Alexander, Pa. 15376 ~ CHAIRMAN of "Upper" Smiths Run Cemetery - Located in "LEWIS COUNTY" Weston,WV where "JOSIAH BARTLETT'S" Decendents are BURIED along with MY > Ancestors. N est Alexander, Pa. [07-04-2003]

Should be read by all Americans on July 4th. This site would make an excellant book for all young Americans. God Bless the United States of America
John Albert Gregorio, Manchester, New Jersey 2003 [07-04-2003]

Theodore J. Redding [07-04-2003]

I enjoyed this site very much.
Daniel, Toronto,Canada [07-04-2003]

God Bless America
sonja lloyd hammar, plano, texas [07-04-2003]

r.r.g., El Segundo,Calif. [07-04-2003]

Greatly appreciated as no copy in our paper today.
Joy Davis, Sugar Land TX age 68 [07-04-2003]

Jay Hoogenakker, Urbandale, IA [07-04-2003]

On this, July 4, 2003, the Declaration could not be more important and more meaningful in our lives than at the time of its birth, perhaps even moreso now than ever. To all of you, of us, the people, congratulations on the conception, the construction, the application and the ongoing truths which are still and ever self-evident on this, our birthday.
Erica Zweig [07-04-2003]

My grandson, Mitchell Roberts, and I visited and read this today July 4th 2003
william Lyman Sale, Sarasota, FL/ grandpa, age 67 [07-04-2003]

anonymous, danville, virginia [07-04-2003]

God bless and protect the United States, her leaders and her people and may God restore a sense of unity, purpose, personal responsibility and honor to our our land.
Richard L. (Dick) Mayes, Age: 74 -- WWII Veteran of Regular Army and of Air Force Reserve -- Oklahoma City, OK [07-04-2003]

Happy Birthday America and may God continue to bless this beautiful country.
Cathy, 62 [07-04-2003]

I bacame a citizen in september 2000. Today, july 4th, 2003 I was thinking og the Declaration of Independence and a Google search led me to your website. Thank you.
alina, san diego [07-04-2003]

Thank you for providing this site. So many people are unaware of the freedoms and events upon which this great country was founded. If this knowledge is lost, then our freedoms will be lost. It is important for all citizens to become familiar with the history, laws, and important historical documents of our country.
Elizabeth, age 35; Colorado [07-04-2003]

While not a "legal" document, as political writing, there is nothing better. The principles set forth in it were worth the cost of revolution.
Andrew P. Palmer, Norwell, MA, 43 [07-04-2003]

My first visit, and on Independence Day. God Bless Ammerica.
William A. Rados, North Olmsted, Ohio (57) 4 Jul 03 [07-04-2003]

It may sound corny but the thought of those men fighting for my freedoms back then always brings a lump to my throat and fills my heart with pride. I enjoyed your website very much. Thank you.
C. Eddington, New Jersey [07-04-2003]

i found your site on the 4th of july. enjoyed reading the biography of one my distant relatives
Thomas E Lynch, alexandria virginia 40 [07-04-2003]

i was very interested in this site. I have always been into american history. Its too bad that the teachers today dont teach it to the children at a younger age. My son is going into the 9th grade and doesnt know about this stuff, its a shame. There is so much history in these united states!
carol Hess, wilkes-barre pa. 42 years old [07-04-2003]

Looking forward to going to Ringwood Manor later today for a reading of The Declaration of Independence. HAppy 4th of July!
Gerard M. Scheil, West Milford, NJ Age 51 [07-04-2003]

Happy Birthday America. Sitting here thinking of you all as I spend the day on the phone with the UK...
Michelle, Ex-Pat in Germany [07-04-2003]

i lost my husband a 20 year veteran, on july 4th.1984. this adds to this special day. i am so proud to be an american. thanks for this site. god bless america, martha hawk
Martha [07-04-2003]

Very imformative, interesting and highly recommened for all to read, especially the youths of today. I have made a copy of what I read and will pass this material to my nieces (ages 12 and 13). Thank you for making this information available to us.
anonymous, Dayton, OH; 61 [07-04-2003]

Good info!
Kenny, High School History Teacher, Boise, Idaho [07-04-2003]

i like anything that talk about west virginia history.
key [07-04-2003]

From my childhood, I recall reading a comic book containing the Disney story of "Ben and Me" in which the mouse Amos is the primary author of the Declaration of Independence (he whispers the words into Framklin's ear while perched in Frankin's three corner hat). Each time I read the Declaration of Independence, which is at least annually on July 4, I enjoy the image of those grand ideas coming from the pen of that feisty mouse! Was that story ever made into a cartoon film?
dock burke [07-04-2003]

I wonder if we had to fight for our Independence again, if we would be up to the challenge. Thanks to our founders for their courage.
Diane Bacon, Phoenix, AZ [07-04-2003]

I'am the Gr,gr,gr,gr,great grand doughter of Abraham Clark.
sharon catherine clark, manahawkin, NJ [07-04-2003]

David Fredericks, Who was the first signer of the DOI [07-03-2003]

Dena Smith [07-03-2003]

It STILL brings tears to my eyes and pride in my heart that I wish all would share....
Kim, Phila PA [07-03-2003]

I somehow wish that John Adams would have written the document. Perhaps it may not have been as polished, but when the man who writes your statement of independence from the mother country is a practitioneer of the most vile of all travesties, it certainly leaves a bad taste in our mouths.
J Logan [07-03-2003]

I will read this with my family on July 4th. Happy Birthday America
David B. Mitchell, J.D., Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md [07-03-2003]

God Bless America!
Bernadette, Tampa [07-03-2003]

Truly, these men were visionaries. We need another vision and more men such as these. May God guide us in these troublesome times that we are currently in. Only in the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ is there any true safety. HalleluYah!
Darryl B. McDowell, BC, Canada [07-03-2003]

Great site! I want to show it to my Son, he is a U.S. history buff. Thanks
Valerie Drinnon [07-03-2003]

We wanted our son to read the Declaration aloud for the 4th of July to start a new tradition.
Linda Swenson, Greenwood Ne [07-03-2003]

Excellent information. Very useful to me as the Honor Guard Commander for the Colorado National Guard State Honor Guard. We perform an annual "Salute to the Union" Ceremony at the State Capitol every Independence Day.
SFC Dale Carter [07-02-2003]

There is nothing in the Declaration of Independence about seperation of Church and state.
Jared Ryder, New Braunfels, Texas age:16 [07-02-2003]

I would like to see a vidio tour on the front page.
Mike Dummer, 12 [07-01-2003]

tight dude!
randy hauser, i like girls also i am 29 and living with my parents [07-01-2003]

i was told that my great great grandfather signed the declaration of independence and i have seen his name on it samuel hannah but can't find it here, would really like to go further. my grandmother maiden name is hannah her married name was chase, i will not give up.
ellen salley, cranston 43 [07-01-2003]

saw the play of 1776 it was fantastic very well done from actors all over the world, this made us wonder what more we could find so we came to this site and it looks like we may have found the right one, tx.
jenny [07-01-2003]

Heather Wilkerson, Carthage, Tennessee 23 yrs old [07-01-2003]

Helpfull information. Thanks
b carpenter [07-01-2003]

i like learning about history,so thanks for making this website
Nicole Callahan, 8 Port St. Luice [07-01-2003]

Needed information on signers for a monthly newsletter. What a blessed people we are!
Shirley, Colorado, Age 64 [07-01-2003]

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