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gladys b. nedry [06-29-2003]

Very Helpful information! Thanks!
Cheryl Crist, Denver, Indiana [06-28-2003]

David Graves, Moore, OK [06-28-2003]

I wish I could find a copy of my mother's birth certificate as easy as I found a copy of the Declaration of Independence.
Margarette Carter, Columbus, Ohio - 65 Years [06-27-2003]

Patty Purcell, Maryland [06-27-2003]

I just want to know more about the declaration of independence! Thank you!
Erica, 11 [06-26-2003]

Patricia [06-26-2003]

all of my life i have been told that i am a direct decendent of john morton. would love to have more information about him and his family.
elizabeth ririe, st. pete florida [06-24-2003]

Joe Kellett, former Marine - 10 years - 1958/1968 [06-22-2003]

Now that I have read the comments by others, many by youthful readers, I think I need to expound just a little on sometimes overlooked significance of the Declaration. Abraham Lincoln put it succinctly, "There are two principles that have stood face to face from the beginning of time - one is right, the other is wrong - and they will ever continue to struggle. One is the common right of humanity, and the other is the divine right of kings." Jefferson's Declaration turned the world upside down. It rang the death knell to the divine right of kings by stating that governments derive their powers from the consent of the governed and that all men are created equal. Thus political power no longer came from heaven. The Declaration set the stage for the first secular government in history, and, when our government was formed, it was carried through by separating the institutions of religion from those of the state. Every religion was given equal footing and no favoritism. This is the principle which has facilitated the remarkable success of religion in the United States - as compared to its languishing state in the Old World. This topic (expanded upon of course) would make an excellent topic for a student's paper.
Charles Sumner, Nashville TN [06-22-2003]

I appreciate the excellent information provided here. I am somewhat appalled by the misspellings and errors in the commentary. In the text by Jefferson, I understand that he may have (by our standards) also made some errors; however, I wonder whether some of them were made by the transcriber. I will offer to improve the commentary, but without access to Jefferson's original information, I would not attempt to alter the text you present as his.
Charles Sumner, Nashville TN [06-22-2003]

has been rumored i have william williams and william hooper in my family tree,have no proof
deedee nicklas [06-22-2003]

I am looking for something I read once and didn't save. It was a very short, like maybe a few paragraphs, statistics regarding the signers of the Declaration of Independence showing how much they sacrificed for their country. Does anyone have that?
Belinda [06-22-2003]

i used your site to do a paper on the signers of the declartion of independence. it helped a lot.
jessica parkhurst, 16 years old [06-19-2003]

Bryan, 11 [06-18-2003]

great site but I'm still searching for the heritage of the signers. I have heard that more welsh signed than any other nationality. Trying to find info on same.
gail olwyn jones [06-18-2003]

Thanks for the information that you have here. I was working on a sermon for the 4th of July and your sight was able to help me prepare my message for Sunday.
Louis, Lemoore NAS Ca [06-18-2003]

I just wanted to say this iz a kool website i really like it.I did a report this year about our solar system and i made a book about it and i got all of my facts and things off of this website so thank u.
Beth McSwain, douglas georgia age 9 [06-13-2003]

You have a great website. I learned a lot abou my ancestor.
Valentina Wolcott, I am related to Oliver Wolcott [06-13-2003]

This helped me understand my history project on the events that led up to the revolutionary war. Thank you for your information.
George Plankman, Atlanta, Georgia, 14 [06-12-2003]

bob olsen jr, dumont,nj 07628 23 years old [06-11-2003]

lindy [06-11-2003]

Direct descendant of William Hooper,NC. Great-Grandmother, Fannie Hooper, Northampton Co, grandmother, Betty Hooper Pope, pls send any info you have about Hooper. Thank you
Marie Pope, William Hooper/NC Signer descendent [06-10-2003]

I think the Declaration of Independece was very imprtant for thousands of people who wanted to be free, but couldn`t say anything because they didn`t want to be punish by the soldeirs
perla g. [06-09-2003]

Carl [06-08-2003]

i really liek this site maybe because i like wars. i think they are interesting
angel davis, girl [06-08-2003]

I like your website a lot. It helps me some. I memorized part of the declaration: When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earht the seperate and equal station to which the laws of nature and natures God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind....ETC! I get good grades
Alisha, I am wayyy too cool for you! tee hee gotta say hi to Tiera, Lauren B, and more! [06-07-2003]

jeannie, chi [06-07-2003]

april wingard [06-06-2003]

I think this website helps so much!
Kara [06-05-2003]

I love the money
Ria Parker, cool [06-05-2003]

This is a cool web site it gives good info bout stuff !
BoB [06-05-2003]

related back through history to george ross john ross rebecca ross thomas sleek
jean barefoot berkey, pennsylvania barefoots [06-05-2003]

Sights like this one help to educate people of a time in which tyranny reigned and few were willing to take a stand. Thomas Jefferson and the other signers of the Declaration are an inspiration and make us proud to be Americans. Should ever a time such as this arrive again, we can only hope for the bravery and intelligence to assert are "inalienable rights" and rise against tyrants of our time. This sight is Great!Thanks
Tyra, Colorado Springs,CO Age: 25 [06-05-2003]

ashleigh, covington, 19, [06-04-2003]

Larry Daniels, Irvington/16 [06-04-2003]

I love this site
Rennee, 15 [06-04-2003]

I enjoyed the page, especially the biographies. Supposedly my family branch of the Taylor's are descended from George Taylor that signed the Declaration. I myself have not traced the line, but it's an interesting possibility anyway.
George Taylor, III, Colorado Springs, CO Age 44 [06-04-2003]

I get a lot of imformation from yahoolagins and get great grades!
Alicia Snuggs, LongBeach age 11.5 (half) [06-03-2003]

your site has some good stuff but man i need you to get some info on Laura Wolcott for my project :(
Alisha [06-03-2003]

i hade to do an essay about the decleration i got an A thanks to this web site!
emma gonzalez, 12,cal [06-03-2003]

This is a great site
Joshua, age ten, male. [06-03-2003]

Wonderful and informative
Jenna Borek, Perry, NY; 9 years old [06-03-2003]

that's cool
lili, 11 [06-02-2003]

This is very neat site. I found some helpful information here.
Matt, [06-02-2003]

I have to do a report on john hancock...but no site had it. I went on yahoo search, and found your was easy to find my stuff i needed
Jeff, im 11 [06-01-2003]

My father's name was john morton my son's name is john moton, my name is john morton. my father was born in scottland, and was the same kind of man . mybe we are related ?
john c. g. morton, surrey b.c. canada [06-01-2003]

At age 68 I find my brain is still alive: a great web site! I've also had the pleasure of working in and exploring Liberty County from whence Georgia's Lyman Hall came.
Bob G., Black Mountain, NC [06-01-2003]

Great site, really useful thanks a lot guys your pretty on to it. This site is so essential for history assignments.
Larelle, Auckland,New Zealand [05-31-2003]

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gabby, i live in the united states [05-30-2003]

great site it was very helpful to me . im 10 years old and i got an a on my project
mimi, oceanside [05-30-2003]

I am 12 years old and I am doing a project in computer science about American symbols. I chose the Declaration of Independence. Your site is very informative about it! Thanx! ~Amber~
Amber Salley [05-30-2003]

I am 52 years just want to learn more about our united States
Linda Helms, Ironton, Mo. 63650 [05-30-2003]

great stuff
donovan [05-30-2003]

My mother's family came from New York and then went to Delaware.
Emily Jett Haynie, William Floyd is my great-great-great-great -grandfather [05-30-2003]

Declare your Independence with the "Declaration of Independence'!
Aubrey, I'm 18. [05-29-2003]

paige [05-29-2003]

I was there 10 years ago and have decided to redo all the video's of that area,so i'm looking for site photoes of philly and new england area so people can see in more detail what I saw.I,ll be inserting these shots inti the video
barry gray, melbourne, Australia [05-28-2003]

Dude we landed on the moon!
Brad Pitt [05-28-2003]

Marine Depot Aquarium Supplies, Anaheim, CA [05-28-2003]

Very interesting site..I have enjoyed viewing all I can to discover info on my several times Great Uncle, George Walton from Georgia! Thanks for the information!
char, Florida [05-27-2003]

Hello there! Id just like to let you know, that your site is great. Keep smiling.
michi, munich, germany [05-27-2003]

this guestbook is it u can sign mine too if u want
Tracey, 13, va [05-27-2003]

You know it's a good electronic resource when people from grade school all the way through to graduate level work (that's me) are making use of it. Great job!
Michelle Swanson, Bear Lake, Michigan [05-26-2003]

cool site
C_girl [05-26-2003]

paige [05-26-2003]

I love American history,I'm also an employee of John Hancock Financial Services. Its,people like John Hancock and Sam Adams that has made us a FREE Society,may it continue.My wife,Ruthanne was also born in Quinsey,Ma.1956 Robert Scott
Robert L Scott, Age 66,Pekin,Il.61554 [05-25-2003]

The most comprehensive & a wonderful site containing information on the United States of America.
a. j. scaran, Major, USMC, Ret'd [05-25-2003]

great web page
Christopher, massachusetts 11 Westford [05-24-2003]

I have looked up the history of Charles Carroll of Carrollton and I have found that I am related to him in my fathers side of the family befor my father was Charles Carroll He grew up in Carrollton as well he was my fathers father. I just want everyone to know on who and what i can become I look up to Charles in everyway I am going to try to be just like him on studing hard and working to fulfill everything that he has accomplished.
Alexander Reed Carroll, I am the Great Great Grandson Of Charles Carroll Of Carrollton [05-23-2003]

This website is sweeeeet! Needs more stuff about George Washington!
John Im [05-22-2003]

The only reason I visited this site was cuz it was a class assignment. But who knows, I might have learned something
Chasidy Gregory, NC age 16...... [05-22-2003]

I am looking to close a link in my Clark ancestry. My great grandmother was Mary Emma Miller Burns. Her Mother was a Clark Miller. That email will be good after 6/10/03 until then, write
Mary Burns Holmes [05-22-2003]

send me information abut thomas jefferson!
Danny Correa [05-22-2003]

jade [05-22-2003]

hello chuback
tera, hello [05-22-2003]

give me liberty or give death
shakira smith, suffolk va. 13 [05-22-2003]

JohnI Im [05-22-2003]

this website is a great tool for both students and professionals, my students are reciting historical speeches, and have found several good speeches on this site
Mario A. Cruz, History teacher in Eagle Pass, Texas (EPHS) [05-22-2003]

Hello, im Vanessa 15years old and iam searching for my dad, all informations that i have are in my homepage. Please take a minute and read it, maybe you can help me! Here is my homepage:
Vanessa, Germany [05-22-2003]

This seriously is my name.
Matthew Thornton [05-22-2003]

this site it sssssoooo cool and great to use!
emma [05-22-2003]

i really thank you because this site really helped me on this social studies project. you gave me all the things i needed to do this project thank you for your help.
no tell, nope [05-22-2003]

Thanks so much this helped me with my homework
Alisha, 1 dog, Pearl [05-22-2003]

i think i liked how you had the declaration of independence oh please send some stuff if you have any thing about the revolutionary war and more about the decleration of independence
cheyenne coggins, meeteetse,wyoming [05-22-2003]

This website has been really helpful to me and my classmates. We each chose a person from the Continental Congress, and needed iformation. Thanks for helping a sister out!
Minerva Ramirez, Lake View Terrace [05-22-2003]

you have made a impact on america
elijah jamerson, milwaukee, wi 53206 [05-22-2003]

Taylor, age :11 [05-22-2003]

Vrany [05-22-2003]

good site
terrence, mi 9th [05-22-2003]

I gotta give u my props for helping me a lot in my HUGE history project on the Declaration of Independence...This website is SLAMMIN'...Do what you do, and thanks for making my project a success, wit all your thoughtful help and ideas...Keep going... Oh ya! I also gotta give my props to all the people who signed the Declaration of Independence, and especially my man, Thomas Jefferson, for writing it in the first place... I wouldn't be living here in America today with freedom, if it wasn't for all those people included in the Declaration of Independence... Mahalo so much,peace, and ALOHA!
Azalea Ellazar (know me? well, u should...), Kalihi represent...Don't mess wit us, 'cause we'll blow u into puffs... [05-22-2003]

I am a historian in Monticello New york while I was researching the rich,very famous history O f Monticello New York,I am reminded of the first Royal Kingdon,People seem to think of Royality as in England..No dont be mistaken its right her in Sullivan county,WHich was once called Ulster County..Queen Anne and her heir walked on the soil of this very still regal town.(WHich in fake is called still the British Commonwealth)..What I like to add is right befdre the signatures in the declaration of independence,the signers,They were obligated to take care of the divine providnece which is Monticello New York and the Hardenbergh patent.King Hardenbergh ..GOd himself has walked on the holy grounds of Monticello New York..Iam a witness..Very divine ways we still go by in this part of the worlds..The most holiest place in the World...
Pamela Bracey, Monticelo New york [05-22-2003]

i have been reading the Declaration of Independence and it is quite interesting. i got a copy or fake one from the truman library. i like what they decided to put in it.
kortney, 12 age [05-22-2003]

i am just happy that they got it aii to gether...
shiloh hepler, ca. 29 palms age:12 [05-22-2003]

i love u all
thomas gbenga, lagos [05-22-2003]

if you guy(the founding fathers)are going agaist slavery WHY do owned your own slaves???? HUH? WELL?....
kevin, MN,Crystal,13,Sandburg middle school [05-22-2003]

angie, age 11 [05-22-2003]

This is a tight website its given me a lot of info for the signers of the decleration of independence.
Josh, 11 years old [05-22-2003]

Josh keim, Rock island, IL [05-22-2003]

Your site helped me a lot. It is awesome
Katie [05-15-2003]

this is a good website and i have learn a lot while here
anonymous [05-15-2003]

I think this web site is ok. There could be a lot more done with it though
Kate Weigand, age-12 [05-15-2003]

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maria godejohn this E-mail is moms, Alls I want is a lot of informa [05-15-2003]

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lauren [05-15-2003]

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Lisa Harrison [05-15-2003]

i like this site a lot!
michal, 5 [05-14-2003]

i like this site!good fast reseach!
casey7777, 50 [05-14-2003]

Rachel Reasoner [05-14-2003]

Thanks for letting me see the declaration of independece (even though I couldn't read it)Peace out
Peaches, 13yrs [05-14-2003]

It was a nice page and givez a lot of info so you can do your home-work and other stuff like that thatz why its KOOL!
Amanda, 5-12-03 [05-14-2003]

samuel h. is my relitave
daysiy [05-14-2003]

you should have more info on william hooper... i have to do a paper on him and he's not exactly famous and this wasn't exactly helpful but oh well... im sure the rest is great i havent really looked at it though
sylvia [05-14-2003]

i have a copy of the declartion i was womdering were would i have it to look at it
kayla [05-14-2003]

Lets just all get along
Tod, md [05-14-2003]

im doing the Declaration of Independence for my school for an essay... The 2nd most important event in history.
Ryan Hay, Topeka, 14, [05-14-2003]

I was wondering if anyone anymore 411 on the two signers: Robert Morris and Lewis Morris.
anonymous [05-14-2003]

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Zachary Cornett, cleveland,va 13 [05-14-2003]

Love the sight I think you should start a TV show really helped me get the info I needed!
Wannina Gate, 91 [05-14-2003]

This was a very helpful site for my research.I will use this information as a reference
robert morris iii, gary in [05-14-2003]

Henry, 13 [05-14-2003]

Declaration is cool!
Jim Bob [05-14-2003]

my mother was a full blooded Adkins my dad was Hopkins on his dads side and Stanley on his mom's side
Joyce Hopkins Adkins MARITAL Branham, looking for ancesters that came over on the mayflower [05-14-2003]

Ronnie [05-14-2003]

What is anti sociel slavery - society
anonymous [05-14-2003]

I like this site
Leeanna Johnson [05-14-2003]

Oh, that our schools would teach it.
Robert Pappas, Gulf Breeze, Fl. Age 63 [05-14-2003]

I thought that this site reaaly helped i loved doing my report on this site
Katie, Camarillo,California [05-14-2003]

cool sweet aswam
Allie, I am a girl [05-14-2003]

kimberlee, sons of liberty [05-14-2003]

Brian Spence [05-14-2003]

terri downs [05-14-2003]

I have 5 original documents (Land Grants ) signed by Harrison when he was gov. of Virginia. Looking for parties interested in historical signed documents.
jim odham [05-14-2003]

justin, 15 years old [05-14-2003]

i am looking for a society for people who had ancestors who fought in the french and indian war,my roommate had an ancestor who did.
Bryan Bradford, columbia,missouri [05-14-2003]

i think this is a great web site and so dose my mom
Taylor T., 10 yrs old n.y. [05-14-2003]

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amanda, 10 yrs old [05-14-2003]

i think i love this web site but you can make congas of the usa easier to read
samantha, orange park,12 [05-03-2003]

My mother just passed away it I've been doing a lot of thinking about her. Her maiden name was Nancy Wolcott. She was related to Oliver Wolcott, but I'm not sure of the lineage. Some day, time permitting I'll do research to trace us back. She was also related to President Hayes.
Diane M. Price-Nizza, Brooksville, Florda [05-03-2003]

Phyllis Graff Jory [05-03-2003]

It was a very good site. I got the information I needed.
n/a, n/a [05-03-2003]

bilisuma [05-03-2003]

Yo, you helped me get an A Thanks dudes
Sabrina, Los Angeles [05-03-2003]

Clary Delarosa [05-03-2003]

great website with very useful informantion
Susan Whalen, boy scout leader teaching citizenship in the nation [05-03-2003]

thanks for all of the information on John Adam
joslyn verbeek, Vassar, 13 [05-03-2003]

larry, no [05-03-2003]

I am doing a report on you and it is very cool
Stephanie C, 10 [05-03-2003]

this website is very good but not enough info what i was trying to find wasnt in here it shows how bad u need info thats my opinion..... thanks for giving me the time ... i suggest a lot ioof things but ohh well
amanda, new jersey [05-03-2003]

Tanine Mara'ye Johnson\ [05-03-2003]

This was a very helpful site for my research project on John Hancock! I will definitely use this site in the future!
Alice [05-03-2003]

I enjoyed learning about an old relative Robert Morris. My graet granmother was Clara Morris we are some how related. If you have any more infomation about we are related please send it me. thanks
Nicole LaCasse [05-03-2003]

This is a very cool website
gtg, age 14 [05-03-2003]

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heater huecker, i am handicapped but i can do what other people does. [05-03-2003]

I think that this sight should seperate the dates of the 'Declaration Guestbook', so it won't be like a huge mess of words. Otherwise, 'tis great!
Unholy Species, Vancouver [05-03-2003]

gabriela, 10 [05-03-2003]

i love this site. It help me do my report for school. thank you a hole lot. Thanks, Shana
shana [05-03-2003]

My thoughts about this web site is that it is an exellent source when you are doing a reasearch on one of those signers! I would recomend it to everybody.
Veronica Bacong [05-03-2003]

The Christian heritage of my grandfather and many of the other leaders of our great nation is especially wonderful to know in these days that we are living in.
Sandra McKean Landi, 8th generation grand-daughter of Thomas McKean [05-03-2003]

We will use this information as a reference for school papers. My daughter is 10 years old. Thanks
natasha clark, Alexandria, VA [05-03-2003]

nicole callahan, port st. luice age;8 [05-03-2003]

Earl Gregorie, 48 [age] [05-03-2003]

Jamie McCorkle, I'm 10 Live in Pasadena Md and have 4 other brothers and sisters [05-03-2003]

i think that you did a realy good job on this website
sam [05-03-2003]

cansandra, pennsylvania [05-03-2003]

I have a friend whose father, a Dickinson, was descended from John Dickinson (1732-1808), a member of the Continental Congress, and I wanted to know more about him. Thank you for so much information at your site. I recently taped one of Bob Villa's TV programs that I knew I would not be able to view at its scheduled time. I plan to send the tape to my friend, for during it Villa visited Winterthur with a film crew. The docent pointed out that the two gold- brocade-covered sofas on each side of the fireplace in the parlor were from John Dickinson's home! I regret that I am not descended from any of the Declaration of Independence signers, but am sure two and possibly more of my ancestors fought in the Revolutionary war. One of my husband's ancestors fought under Washington and one of his sons went on to be one of the co-founders of Elizabethtown, KY. Among my ancestors are the Black Douglases of Scotland, and John, son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, whose line goes back to Rollo the Viking...One of my stepmother's ancestors came over on the Mayflower.... Fascinating subjects, history and genealogy. Thanks!
anonymous, Age 85, Nashville, TN. [05-03-2003]

Outstanding resource. I recommend for inclusion the following eloquent expression of the principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the related documents (and those that followed): Mr. Justice Jackson, for the Supreme Court in 1943, in the case of West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette (involving a compulsory flag salute): National unity as an end which officials may foster by persuasion and example is not in question. The problem is whether under our Constitution compulsion as here employed is a permissible means for its achievement. Struggles to coerce uniformity of sentiment in support of some end thought essential to their time and country have been waged by many good as well as by evil men. Nationalism is a relatively recent phenomenon but at other times and places the ends have been racial or territorial security, support of a dynasty or regime, and particular plans for saving souls. As first and moderate methods to attain unity have failed, those bent on its accomplishment must resort to an ever-increasing severity. [319 U.S. 624, 641] As governmental pressure toward unity becomes greater, so strife becomes more bitter as to whose unity it shall be. Probably no deeper division of our people could proceed from any provocation than from finding it necessary to choose what doctrine and whose program public educational officials shall compel youth to unite in embracing. Ultimate futility of such attempts to compel coherence is the lesson of every such effort from the Roman drive to stamp out Christianity as a disturber of its pagan unity, the Inquisition, as a means to religious and dynastic unity, the Siberian exiles as a means to Russian unity, down to the fast failing efforts of our present totalitarian enemies. Those who begin coercive elimination of dissent soon find themselves exterminating dissenters. Compulsory unification of opinion achieves only the unanimity of the graveyard. It seems trite but necessary to say that the First Amendment to our Constitution was designed to avoid these ends by avoiding these beginnings. There is no mysticism in the American concept of the State or of the nature or origin of its authority. We set up government by consent of the governed, and the Bill of Rights denies those in power any legal opportunity to coerce that consent. Authority here is to be controlled by public opinion, not public opinion by authority. The case is made difficult not b ecause the principles of its decision are obscure but because the flag involved is our own. Nevertheless, we apply the limitations of the Constitution with no fear that freedom to be intellectually and spiritually diverse or even contrary will disintegrate the social organization. To believe that patriotism will not flourish if patriotic ceremonies are voluntary and spontaneous instead of a compulsory routine is to make an unflattering estimate of the appeal of our institutions to free minds. We can have intellectual individualism [319 U.S. 624, 642] and the rich cultural diversities that we owe to exceptional minds only at the price of occasional eccentricity and abnormal attitudes. When they are so harmless to others or to the State as those we deal with here, the price is not too great. But freedom to differ is not limited to things that do not matter much. That would be a mere shadow of freedom. The test of its substance is the right to differ as to things that touch the heart of the existing order. If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein. If there are any circumstances which permit an exception, they do not now occur to us. We think the action of the local authorities in compelling the flag salute and pledge transcends constitutional limitations on their power and invades the sphere of intellect and spirit which it is the purpose of the First Amendment to our Constitution to reserve from all official control.
anonymous [05-03-2003]

I am really interested in Edward Rutledge not only because John Cullum portrayed him in one of my favorite musicals, 1776, but because Edward (Neddy) Rutledge has an air about him that makes him very appealing. And he must have been very intelligent indeed to have been elected into congress at such a young age! Good job on your information. It helped me learn something new about Neddy Rutledge, of South Carolina, today
Mary Spinelli, age 15 from Cleveland, Ohio [05-02-2003]

Abraham clark is one of my ancestors, and i wanted to see if there was any info on him!
Ben [04-24-2003]

well i want you people who work to make his site please send me a lot of information of Declaration of Indepedence! thank you (send the information to my email) miya
Miya, none [04-24-2003]

it is a really good sit if you want to know more about the person of your project. im glad that some one really has a site that has everything about the history of the men we havent forgot.
Stephanie [04-24-2003]

i am very happy.
lonny, i like the city [04-24-2003]

It is great. Can you also send me a copy of Modern Interpretation of the Decleration of Independance. I need it for my Govt. class. Thanks
Bogal [04-24-2003]

On the signing of the Declaration of Independence you have left out one person and it is George Washington he goes under the state of Virginia because my history teacher told us and the reason he was not able to sign it was becasue he was off fighting in the war so if you could please put him under Virginia I would be more than pleased. Thank you. The 8th graders at my school are copying the Declaration of Independence and we are doing a lot more. Hey by the way you know how when John Hancock signed the Declaration and he put a doodle under his name what is that called? Well hey thanks for listening to me. Love Ginny Townsend
Ginny, I'm a 8th grader at Redwood school in Crescent City California [04-24-2003]

Lauren Middleton Williams, nj [04-24-2003]

nicole callahan [04-24-2003]

This a good web site find about our history
Samora, Richmond,VA [04-24-2003]

dont have links
Laura, thanks for the facts [04-24-2003]

Charisma Roberts, Independence, 11 [04-24-2003]

Lindsey, jeffcity 11 [04-24-2003]

I am a direct descendant of Edward Rutledge on my mother's side (the late Mary C. Andrews, nee Hooper).
Donald Andrews, IL; 34 years old [04-19-2003]

Claudio Oiticica [04-19-2003]

I thought that this link would be boring because it was for school but it was really interesting.
falin, I live in P.A I'm 13 [04-17-2003]

Corey Parchem, WA Shoreline age 11 [04-17-2003]

anonymous, Missiori 12,age [04-16-2003]

My 9th great grandfather, John Hart, signed the Declaration of Independence.
William Jett [04-16-2003]

What a helpful site. I'm in the process of a historical novel centered on the American Revolution. Much of the discussion an setting are reactions to the events chronicaled on your site. A very handy reference for me. Thanks!
George J. Bagot, Barnhart, MO [04-15-2003]

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I relly like this site because at my school right now we are studying about the Revoltioary War and we have debates with different topics. Your sight has most of them. Thank you
Seher, I live in Sunnvale CA. I am in Fifth Grade [04-15-2003]

Some pretty smart fellas.
Lester Miller, Thomasville, GA [04-15-2003]

Can anyone answer this question?The Arco gas station on the corner of Martin Luther King (MLK) and Bonanza is sporting a new, super huge American flag replacing the old dirty, ragged one that was put there a year ago. One thing struck me as being peculiar ... it has 24 stars and I forgot to count the stripes ... the question is: What do 24 stars represent? There were four down and six across. I mentioned this at the Post and nobody seemed to have an answer.
Liz, Reno, Nv. [04-10-2003]

You are very smart this is one of the best things that happened to the U.S.A.
anonymous [04-10-2003]

This is a great site. I had to do reports for school on Patriots & Founding Fathers so this site helped a lot.
anonymous [04-10-2003]

god bless the troops and god bless all of us.
donald r stephens, 109 jade ln. whitmore lake mi 48189 [04-10-2003]

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ok but could use more info of what they did
Nikita Alzamora, Union City nj [04-10-2003]

political science major;need to use this website for information.
april [04-10-2003]

The following passages taken from the "Declaration of Independence" could clearly be used to describe the status of the USA today: "...but when a long train of abuses & usurpations reduces them, (the people) it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government & to provide new Guards for their future security & alter their System of Government." "To prove this,let Facts be submitted to a candid world:""For imposing taxes on us without our consent.""He (the Government) has erected a multitude of New Offices, & sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people & eat out their substance.""He (the Government)is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation, and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty and Perfidy, scarcely paralled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation." When I read the Declaration of Independence in its entirety for the first time today, it seems as though it's time for the People to band together & write another one; calling our present-day Government to answer. I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who said the People would need to have a Revolution every 200 years in order to bring the Government in check, as he predicted that they would get out of control again. Need I say more????
Michaela, Age 51 [04-10-2003]

I think this site Rocked!
Earl, Maion [04-09-2003]

what dose the declaration of indepence say
Nneka [04-09-2003]

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I think that we should learn the whole thing so that we will know what they wrote.
Kaylan Polk, 14 Mathiston MS 39752 [04-09-2003]

I found this site helpful for my Social Studies Project on the American Revolution. Thanks a lot! :)
Amie, Canada [04-09-2003]

who were all the men to sign the declaration og independence
jimmy, 12 [04-09-2003]

the words that we mutually pledge our lives our fortunes and our sacred honor lies true in every american heart today as when it was written god bless america.
robert, north bergen new jersey [04-09-2003]

Very helpful. We talk about Founding Fathers, and this site helped us to get to know them. Thank you.
Phyllis Baxter, Grade 5 Teacher [04-09-2003]

I was especially pleased that this site was able to aid me in my research for an essay exam that I was taking.
Jessica, Florida 22 college student [04-07-2003]

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The website was vert useful for my paper and group presentation on the Townshend Acts. Keep up the good work....
Don Lake, Mt. Pleasant, MI, Central Michigan University [04-07-2003]

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A must for anyone interested in our country's origin and future! jag
Joe Giorgi [04-01-2003]

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I can't figure out how to finish my 13 colonies timeline and it's due tomorrw
Yesenia [04-01-2003]

If anyone needs indepth info about the declaration that's easy to understand this is an excellent site! well done :)
connor/cody [04-01-2003]

frome hooly brook school
graeme bertram, 17 [04-01-2003]

My great-to-the-8th grandfather was Benjamin Rush. I am inspired to read about the differences that one person can make in this 'ole world. I hope and pray that my life will serve to encourage and help those around me as my grandfather did so long ago; for I know that I will get to meet him some day in a place where all of history will blend into one Eternity.
Trina [04-01-2003]

i thing your wedsite is rea
bethel, Imy in the 5grand [04-01-2003]

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Rebecca Torres, 18 [04-01-2003]

direct decendant of signer william floyd
william floyd nichols, naturecoast fla. [04-01-2003]

I'm working on a project about the Declaration of Independence and I need your help.
Dancergirl, Arlingto, VA, 11 years old [04-01-2003]

this site helped me w/my report on The Declacation of Independence for my American History class. thanx a lot!
emily, chs,louisiana,14 [04-01-2003]

Are we losing our democracy?
Kevin D. Connolly, Saratoga Springs, NY (46) [04-01-2003]

I think this is the best website to go to especially if you are doing a me.
Leigh (the hot dancing chic), 14 Louisiana [04-01-2003]

I like it here
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I am so pleased to see that American History is alive and well. As it states on the building that houses the Declaration fo Independence The United States Archives "Past is Prologue"
Deane Highby, La Plata, Maryland [04-01-2003]

I am working on a paper for university about the background of the american revolution and just wanted to know the exact date of the tea act, and now that I almost finished my work I found this fantastic site with all those useful little informations the well-established historians allways skip because they think everybody already knows. I didn't, but now I do. Thank you very much!
Katrin Mws, from Germany [04-01-2003]

I'm sooooooo glad this site is on the internet! Ths helped me with my school report, anyway. . .
l.a.k., age 11 [04-01-2003]

I thought that this web site of yours was absolutely brilliant, i am a complete history buff, i just cant get enough of it, i spend every spare minute, when im not playing chess or studying, reading books on american history, all my friends think im weird because im a new zealander, they think i should be reading up on New Zealand history, LOYAL, but i think that American history is so much more intriguing.
anonymous, I am very bored, cause we're in history and we're sposed to be looking up this stuf, riting loads of crap is so much more fun [04-01-2003]

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I think that our American history os very interesting. I'm only in 6th grade, but I would like to learn a lot more!
Sara Brown, Bridgeport, Tx. [04-01-2003]

you completed the information not in the school book. thank you.
anonymous, Boston, 16, [04-01-2003]

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thanx 4 havn this site. it has helped me and my sister many times. i have 2 do a biography on thomas jefferson and it really helped me find a copy of the declaration of independence THANX
Fallon, 804 Marly ct. newport,news,va age 9 3/4 [04-01-2003]

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Vicky, kansas 13 [04-01-2003]

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I have custody of my grandchildren. This site has helped my grandson with his school work. Thank You!
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I love this site. i love learning about the Revolutionary war and our country. "Who doesn't?!" Anyway this is great site to learn and this is great for my school papers and projects. An interested guest, Christine Stevens
Christine Stevens, Portland, 18, female [03-18-2003]

just wanted to view art clip on the declaration of independence
Tremain Mercado [03-18-2003]

i love the website! how do i become a mimber.. i'n doing a report over are FREEDOM and stuff like wish me luck
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I love history, and there is a lot I need to learn!
a person in a school, loves history [03-18-2003]

a great site for reasearch for any project on the declaration
Carolina Hernandez, Miami,Florida age 11 carrollton school [03-18-2003]

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I wish everyone would take the time to see how much more interesting American History is than the junk that we end up watching or reading nowadays.
Susan, Philadelphia [03-18-2003]

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I love this website. It is very educational!
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A fascinating and informative web site! I get so many ideas for teaching by visiting here. Thanks so much!
kevin mathews [03-18-2003]

Great site! Very well done indeed!
Tamara, Plymouth,NH [03-18-2003]

a while back some friend of mine send me a writing on what happended to the signers and their families, after the declaration of independence was signed. It was very powerful and I can`t find it nor I can remamber who send it to me, can anybody help me find it ? Thank you!
Carla Bambo [03-18-2003]

lauren iz da coolest stephen is too not tyler is weird
patrick, im a cool duuddeee [03-18-2003]

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alivia, 15 /f/nj [03-14-2003]

The declaration of Independence is an official statement of freedom.
laureen, Age:10 [03-14-2003]

thanks, i have a report due tommorow, and this was my one stop crash course
mat [03-14-2003]

this site is so helpfull that every time I need help on facts about history I come here.
Michael, utah, 14, [03-14-2003]

thanks for letting me visit your website and do some research on the declaration of independence.
john e. krawczyk, columbia.south carolina [03-14-2003]

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Thank you so much, because I have a ton a HW and I have like 6 history reports due tom. and now i only have like 2 left
Trinkish, 3/11-03 [03-14-2003]

Gov. Morris's contribution is great. However, Haym Solomon gave $600,000 of his money to the Congress to fund the War effort and was initially selected by Morris but instead recommended A. Hamilton to fullfill the position.
Dan Brunger [03-14-2003]

This site is very, very helpful. It is a easier and faster way in help with my projects in history class. Not to mention it is highly accurate and this site is very dependaple. I do recommend this site to friends who also need help in history class. THANKS!
Tor Ishida [03-14-2003]

This sight really helped me and probably helped a lot of other people.
jennifer [03-14-2003]

I have to write a news article on The Declaration of Independence that is 300 words long, AND due tommorow, and this site is helping me a bunch! Thank You!
You'll never know what it is!, 15, Naples [03-14-2003]

This site is so helpful! I found all the information I needed for my report in this one site!
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It is amazing that all this information is available with just a few clicks and typing 5 or 6 words. hopefuly this site will be visited by many Americans and foreign visitors.
J Powell, Mobile [03-14-2003]

i am doing a report for my history class and this website has helped me a lot but i would like to suggest that you should put more pictures like of people and other things love,vicci sorendernez
vicci, f/16/ga [03-14-2003]

The Declaration was so interesting, and im in the 8th grade and history is cool!
Raye, i love history [03-14-2003]

Studying genealogy of Richard Stockton, signer of D.O.E. Think he was my (greats) grandfather or cousin.
Joyce M. Butterworth, Bristol, VA 24202 [03-14-2003]

allysha stanton [03-14-2003]

Thank you so much for making this site. I have a history report due TOMORROW and this site has helped me so much. Thanks again.
Ben, Fla, 14 Procrastinator LOL [03-06-2003]

Katie [03-06-2003]

My girls and I just visited the Old State House Museum in Little Rock where the Declaration of Independence Road Trip was touring with one of the remaining 25 copies. It was very intersting. It has now peeked my interest in our nation's history and the gentlement who signed the document. Thank You for their bios.
anonymous, Jacksonville, AR [03-06-2003]

I thought that this site helped me find information tha I can't find any were else. Thank you for your help
J Dogg [03-06-2003]

Everyone should be reading the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution at this times as the current administration and its cronies seem to think that they are the "WE" and the rest of us are one big focus group. We have to take our government back!
anonymous [03-05-2003]

Kristen McKown, age 15, and I live in West Virginia [03-05-2003]

declaration of independenc rocks yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah!
anonymous [03-05-2003]

I would like to see a picture of what the original document looked like.
Nancy L Thomas [03-05-2003]

Good Site....
Who wants to know?, Hazleton, Pa [03-05-2003]

I think you should put who was involved in the Declaration Of Independence!
nikkie [03-05-2003]

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I love this website. In the past five to ten minutes, I've visited it about three different times, doing my homework in between.
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great sight. i love history! thanks for sharing with me and everybody else!
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I loved to find out about the Declaration of Independence. Wow!
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Caitlin, M-town [03-05-2003]

This web sight is COOOOOOL!
Andrew Martin, Sharrpsville,14 [03-05-2003]

Thank you for the thumbnail sketches of each of the signers. I have wondered about these folks but didn't have the ambition or energy to seek them out individually. Thanks. Ed
Ed Bridenbaugh, Raleigh, NC [03-05-2003]

The Declaration of Independence is a document of great importance. I think it is a subject that everyone should be familir with. The next time the subject comes up think about where we might be without it and share the question with others.
Dillon Shields, spotslyvania, Age 11 [03-05-2003]

Great site--very informative
Gary McCutcheon, Bridgeport, WV [03-05-2003]

I love this websight I was getting pitchures about the American Revolution and I came to this websight it has some good pitchures I visited the sight on, March ? 2003
Jade, 11 [03-05-2003]

these early documents gain importance as our country gains size and responsiblity.
William G. Bennett, Greenville, Mississippi [03-02-2003]

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Brianna Bartz, female,arcade ny [03-02-2003]

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thank you so much. the website was very helpful. your are the only website with a lot of info on Richard Henry Lee that was worth using! thank you so much!
Jamie [03-02-2003]

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this is a very interesting website. I found that two of my descendents signed the Declaration.
ruth bursell, lewiston,idaho [03-01-2003]

I think this is a very good web site because i need to do a report on Patrick Henery for school
Lillie Buzek [03-01-2003]

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i think the declaration was a great idea! we acted it out in class and know how much work they went through! it took a few days! it was cool though! it really helped us to learn abput it!
Caroline, 12 years old [03-01-2003]

What a wonderful site! My grandfather always said we were decendants of Robert Morris, and the essay you have on him gave me a lot of information on him and his contributions! Thanks for having this great site!
R Gray, Prescott, WI [03-01-2003]

It was very educational to my whole group. We receved a lot of good information. THANKS FOR POSTING THIS SITE
Cy Hutson [03-01-2003]

i think this site is awesome i homeschool my daughters & this is a big part of my history teaching thank u so much for this awesome site. wanda mabry
wanda mabry, adkins tx [02-25-2003]

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Thanks for remembering a large piece of American history. I think as long as our people embrace the past as the way life used to be and the way life could have been. We will learn to humble ourselves. We must remember that we live once and what we do on this earth, in this country effects everyone else in the world. God Bless America and HIS loving people!
LoLa, NJ, 20 something, Student [02-24-2003]

This website was verry helpful. It helped me find information aboat The Sons Of Liberty for my history project.
Ian (The Bomb), Age: 11 [02-24-2003]

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i think this web site is very imformational but some parts can be too informational. like the proclamatoin of 1763. this has been a broadcast of tcby networking company
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please tell me who the african american pictured on the painting used on the back of the 2 dollar bill (8 a depiction of the signing of the declaration of independence) is.
dr [02-21-2003]

im doing a national history day project on the declaration of independence, and this site has been very, very helpful to me and my group members! thank you soooo much, you've been a great help!
Jessica, waldorf, md. age:13 [02-21-2003]

decloration is awsome I like Goeroe Washington I am so cool
Ashley, maple lake 10 [02-21-2003]

We theink that Benjamin Franklin, Samual Adams, Marcie Ottis Warren, and John HancockAre all wory brave.
Michelle and Becky, Michelle:Annandale, 11 Becky:Clearwater,11 [02-21-2003]

I think that John Hancock was a good patriot, and that he contributed quite a lot to the 13 Colonies
Kalynne [02-21-2003]

We think that John Hancock is a cool patriot!
Michelle and Becky, Michelle:11 Becky:11 [02-21-2003]

anonymous [02-21-2003]

I never thought this was that interresting but now I am very amazed at the history of our country
Kelley McMahan, Bluford [02-21-2003]

Please send pictures of Elbridge Gerry and George Taylor I need them for a report. I'm a fifth grader at Loma Vista.
Adrian Greenfield, 11 years old [02-21-2003]

great web site.
robert todd, military veteren [02-20-2003]

i never knew that thomas jefferson wrote the declaration of independence at "the Graff house". that freaked me out since thats my last name!
Jessica Graff, 16-f-tn [02-20-2003]

This article provided good background information for part of the "Citizenship of the Nation" Eagle merit badge.
James B, Hertig, Eagle Scout Merit Badge Counselor [02-20-2003]

when in the course of human events are people going to realize that the DoI is a bunch of bull??
anonymous [02-20-2003]

This site was extremely helpful in preperation for a written hisotry exam. The site is well organized, easy to navigate, and above all, very informative. Well done!
Brett E. Edmonson, College Station, 19 [02-20-2003]

Very informative site. I promise to come back. :) Samantha Williams
Samantha Williams, none [02-19-2003]

Great site, I can't wait to use it for school!
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Very informative. Very easy to navigate through the information. You find information here that you wouldnt find anywhere else.
Jeffrey Lowe, Ogden Utah 15 / Student at Weber High School [02-19-2003]

T. Elver Hill, Pinson [02-19-2003]

A very interesting site. I found out quite a lot about some of my ancestors.It is something to know a relative signed the Declaration of Indapendance
Ruth (Morris )Bursell [02-19-2003]

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this is a good site
Aaron Krusen, Camp Lejeune,14,like bmx [02-19-2003]

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Was able to get info. on an ancestor and signer, Stephen Hopkins. Thanks. R.Turner from Mississippi
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ash, 11 [02-19-2003]

I really like your website. It is pretty cool.
Sarah Jacobi, Bradford IN Age 11 [02-19-2003]

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America is the land of free and oppurtunity.....
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Maggie, p.a. 10 [02-13-2003]

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Ilove this website it has a lot of good information, Ilearned a lot of great information and I hope you can find some too!
Rennee, Rochester [02-12-2003]

Men of God wrote this document. I believe God led them to do it.
Brian S. Waters, Springfield, Ohio [02-12-2003]

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You need pictures! i need a picture for my report
Shea Merrill [02-12-2003]

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Karol Broomsex, Rice, 40 [02-12-2003]

Wanted to find out more info on Charles Carroll. I'm getting ready to move on to the property that is still owned by his family & will be living in one of the restored manor mansions that is well over 200 yrs old.
Kim, Ellicott City, MD [02-12-2003]

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This should be required reeding in our schools!
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Candance Riley, Ilive in Baldwyn MS I am 12 yrs. old. [02-10-2003]

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Thank you for the great information on the Declaration of Independence. It helped me a lot on my Research Paper. Thanks!
anonymuos, Age: 11 ; Attend North Shore Chistian School ; Hometown: Middle Island, New York [02-10-2003]

your info on john jay was really helpful. but it wasn't easy to find.THANXS!
elizabeth heyer [02-10-2003]

Nice site
Pickle [02-10-2003]

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Iam related to charles carroll and robert E lee from my mom but charles came from my great grand father
caleb carroll [02-10-2003]

hey just wanna say that you should put more info on William Hooper like why did he becom one of the signers of decleration of independence and stuff like that well thas bout it from me now peac out
JazZzY, 14, MI Detroit [02-10-2003]

you should put more info bout William Hooper
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anonymous, Maui, Hawaii [02-10-2003]

It is not an easy task to live in a country such as ours, much of our freedoms are taken for granted, and some, although hard won seem to be lost with such ease. A new class of Patriot will rise from all this America will be Stronger...
Bob, student of Industrial and Labor relations [02-10-2003]

this web site did not help me on my homework.......but holla bac
tweety, iam a cutie [02-10-2003]

It was really cool and thanks for the info on the Proclamation of 1763 and King George III.
Sydney, 11 yrs, High Desert, Calif [02-10-2003]

This site wass very helpful especially with my Social Studies Project
Bug Widge [02-10-2003]

I whant to learn more about the Declaration of Independence because I have been learning about it.
Breeannna Back, I'm 10 years old [02-10-2003]

it sould have his family tree
kasey smith, oakboro nc [02-10-2003]

I am the relative od Edward Rutledge
Colby Rutledge [02-10-2003]

i think that's cool how jefferson and hamilton argued because hamilton was a federalist and jefferson an anti-federalist. pretty cool to research. neato. well ttyl byby
jessi [02-10-2003]

It's really great to have a site where you can actually learn stuff Holla
Brittani, 13 Saylorsburg pa [02-10-2003]

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Lacey Bruntz, ness city,ks- 11yrs.- Like sports [02-10-2003]

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danielle, im 12 yrs. old [02-05-2003]

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Savanna, My age is 10 . [02-05-2003]

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Ashton, 10 [02-05-2003]

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Debra, Teacher [02-05-2003]

try to get more dates and times on when things hapened.
brandon bender, i am 11 years i live in castle rock i love school [02-05-2003]

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I feel proud to be an American when I read the Declaration of Independence YA!
Anna, Clinton Twp age 15 [02-05-2003]

This web gives good info and it's fun to be on. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!
Karissa, age 10 [02-05-2003]

Thsi Website has helped me a lot. thanks!
David, 11 [02-05-2003]

what idiot asked if george washington signed the declaration?! anyways, amazing document and great site. the montecello is intruiging, you should all go. NOW! i don't see you moving...go NOW! you're not listening....get your hand off the mouse and get that butt up outta the chair and learn about our country's great father.
anonymous [02-05-2003]

denita johnson [02-05-2003]

were doing a report on the DO I and i need to learn abot john Hancock
lakeisa hill, norristown,pa 11 [02-05-2003]

I think that it was a good idea because I probably be speaking french right now
Lia Webb, I'm 10 years old and I'm writing a speach on it [02-05-2003]

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I think your website is extremly helpful to me. I always use this site when I do projects or just want information thanks.
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This is awsome....I have ancestors that are depicted here that I have been able to learn more about than I already knew. Thanks!
Pamela, Erie, MI 37 yrs [02-03-2003]

more information on the history and what it stands for and where it got singned
kk, coto de caza [02-03-2003]

I love my family.
Jaclyn Elizabeth Kalland, Wey.,MA. 02189 JEK 10 yrs. [02-03-2003]

I think young americans;especially at the elementary level of school;should be encouraged to relate to this part of amercian history and reap the benefits this document affords.
david m. rogers, born,claxton,ga.10/21/55 [02-03-2003]

Do you have a picture of John Morton?
Jesse Velsas, None [02-03-2003]

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Julian Holguin, El Paso TX, 11 [02-03-2003]

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You made a very good website. It helped me a lot on a project I have to do for school. Again, thank you for making this website, it's probably going to help a lot of other kids too.
Kyla [02-03-2003]

I thing that the Declaration of Independence is really great. It was a good thing to do. Im glad he wrote the Declaration. "We hold theses truths to be self evedent that all men are created equal (ect) -Erica Hatzell
Erica, New York,Im 9 years old,I go to Bolivar Richburg central school,My teachers name is Mr.Pruch and i am in 4th grade. [02-03-2003]

when i was looking for george read i hd to go to (2) different sites.
Pearlx, I'm 15 yrs [02-03-2003]

Christopher, Memphis,TN,17,Male [01-31-2003]

my roots originated from the country usa and i have been trying to find my ancestors for the past 11 years and i am so greatful for the site. i have discovered so much info about em and i shall continue to do so. thx aton
ava gardner, seattle,42 [01-31-2003]

Thanks for the help I was doing a last minute report and it was a BIG help so thanks- Deedee
Deedee Moralez, Thornton,Co [01-31-2003]

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ben ruble, elms- room 109 [01-31-2003]

Did george washington sign the declaration of independence?
anonymous [01-31-2003]

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Drew Tyler, post,tx,11 no [01-31-2003]

do u have a picture on George Read
Kelley [01-31-2003]

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christina, 10 years [01-31-2003]

this was a very important time in our counrtys history i should know i live for history
Brittany [01-31-2003]

I really enjoyed your site because it helped me a lot on the seminar we had last week! Thank you for creating this site! !~*Ashley*~!
Ashley, age:14 [01-29-2003]

I love your site. Thanx for helping me with my homework.
askjeeves.comuser, found this site at [01-29-2003]

Brandi [01-29-2003]

I think that this is a very well presented website, but i do think that they/you should add in why all the signers of the Declaration signed!
Elaine, I am sixteen years of age. [01-29-2003]

This is a wonderful website for my students. Thank you.
Michael Nelson, Teacher, Lynnwood WA [01-29-2003]

This was most helpful and interesting thanks
Cathie [01-29-2003]

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St.Rose School Perrysburg Ohio
michael [01-29-2003]

I LOVE GOD. I thank the people who fight for our country. GOD BLESS THE USA.
Jannina, New york,age 10 [01-29-2003]

marissa, Iwanted to see who sign the declaration of independence and read it [01-29-2003]

who likes thomas jefferson? i enjoy his hard work and struggle for a good society. y tu?
anonymous [01-29-2003]

Nick McReynolds, Edmond,O.K. [01-29-2003]

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bobby middleton, edmond ok. 11 4'8'' [01-29-2003]

Nick McReynolds, Edmond,O.K. [01-29-2003]

Hi. Would like to know if Stephen Hopkins who signed the Declarartion of Independence, is related to the Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower? Thank You Jessie
Jessie [01-29-2003]

Kelly, Texas [01-29-2003]

As a desendent of Dr. Rush's,I found this site informative and un-bias. Thank You.
Jon Christopher Rush, 40 years old,Atlanta [01-29-2003]

Emily (Leap29), 10 I'm on your site because of a shool project where we are doing a news cast from a time period in the revolutionary war. I'm in the 5th grade and go to Bellerive. [01-29-2003]

Danelle Murphy, Raleigh, I'm sweet [01-29-2003]

I'm glad we fought
zach, kittanning [01-29-2003]

morgan overton, 11 years old [01-29-2003]

Charles Carroll of Carrollton: COOL!
anonymous [01-26-2003]

ended up at website because of commemorative quarter. didn't know who caesar rodney was. now i know! also read button gwinnett's bio just because i like the name!
Jim Love, hopkinsville ky [01-26-2003]

I think that this program help people a lot because it help me out a lot
Nicholas Banks, Denmark,S.C.,16 [01-25-2003]

I had to write an American Government paper, this site helped me get the information that I needed.
Jodi [01-23-2003]

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i am glad you made this site. it helped me a lot with a project i am doing on july 4th. thanx love, lexie
Lexie [01-23-2003]

this was very helpful for my school work we are studying this in social studys
zach murphy, magnolia 13 [01-23-2003]

One time I called my teacher and pretended to be Thomas Jefferson and I told him to have a nice day and he thought it was really him. It was really funny and he still doesn't know that it is I, Kynsey Jacobs. Well the declaration is quite impressive and I really enjoy reading it and finding out what it means.
Kynsey [01-23-2003]

I would like to become a Social Studies Teacher
Gaby Lopez, 17 years old [01-22-2003]

what about john rutledge the delegate from south carolina
anonymous [01-22-2003]

tasha! [01-22-2003]

amanda [01-22-2003]

I thought it was very interesting and learned lots about American history Keep up the good work!Do chara go deo lig dom na eolas a fhaigheann tu i gceann tamaill slan
Meadhbh Aine Renolds, Dublin IRELAND age:14 [01-22-2003]

I think that America should not go to war. We are a stronger nation lets lead without violence!
Melissa [01-22-2003]

this sight gave the info I really needed for John Hancock
Angela, 13 from Arizona [01-22-2003]

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anonymous [01-22-2003]

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Brooke wade [01-22-2003]

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googlespleck [01-22-2003]

it was interesting to learn about Thomas Lynch JR My 3rd generation back grandfather. Would like to know more about him if I can
Linda, Robstown, texas [01-20-2003]

There wasn't that mush facts on the stuff
Kelsey, Carroll,iowa 11 [01-20-2003]

It was certainly brave for the president Jefferson to speak out for the equality of people. I have hard time to understand that such an intelligent person was in favor of slavery.
Kassiani Kotsidou, Woburn, MA [01-20-2003]

Iam doing a report on Patrick Henry. his thoughts inspired me to do a better report.
Jenelle McCubbin, Clyde [01-20-2003]

i was looking through the guestbook and i saw someone named john paul jones! now, who could that be? *COUGHmrjonesCOUGH*! actually, the DoI was really a great document, even tho the king may not have read it! i also find that ironic that george III was a bit of a nutcase!
a.j. [01-20-2003]

this page was good to get information from but... what would be even more helpfull is that you could give the causes and effects of these important dates in history!
Walker, nc 13 [01-20-2003]

this site is very educational
Alyson [01-20-2003]

Michelle [01-19-2003]

you need more information, but good facts on some.
katy, 13 [01-19-2003]

you need to have something on the american Revolution!
MaryAnn, NEw York [01-19-2003]

I think that it was a very couragous thing for those 56 men to sign there names on the Declaration of Independence so we could haev freedom.
Ashley Barlow [01-19-2003]

I'm lean, I'm mean, I'm a muscle machine, I'm....a US history teacher?!
Duglas! [01-17-2003]

i really like this website because i study off of it and it helped me a lot. i pulled my grades up. in Social Studies my grade was 75 average and now my grades are 95-100 average i love this site very very very very much thank you for helping me i appricate it
Jessica, 13,elmont [01-17-2003]

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this site was ok but it needed more pics but i hope i get a good grade :)
Courtney, 14 [01-17-2003]

I was glad that I finally found a website on the Proclamation of 1763. All of the other websites were the actual Document by the King (exact wording)and that's not what I was looking for. I was doing a school assignment and needed something to base my notes on. Thanks!
b.h. [01-17-2003]

i think that when the people invented the declaration of indepence was right because we needed to limit the power of the king the government! :-)
anonymous [01-17-2003]

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daniel, meredosia [01-17-2003]

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Katy Unger, 15 years old [01-17-2003]

My Social Studies class is learning about is learning about the Declaration of Independence. We find your website very useful! xoxo Chantel
Chantel, Candia,NH, 03034 [01-17-2003]

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It is great to finally see this!
Erin, Age 12, CT [01-17-2003]

This was good for my class to get this information
Kendall Patterson [01-17-2003]

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anonymous [01-17-2003]

Thanx! Now I can put down the right answer on my project I have to do!
Mariam, Ankeney Middle School [01-17-2003]

I love the Declaration of Independence....Please send me some info on it and other US History events.
Heather, 13...I am a CHEERLEADER! [01-17-2003]

Love your site
Kristina [01-17-2003]

i love to reat the declaration it is a great independeced document
chelsea, comway SC [01-17-2003]

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I need to Know what the Declaration of independence really is
anonymous, Lahaina [01-17-2003]

some picture of the declaration of inpendce
anonymous [01-17-2003]

Nicholle Niemann [01-17-2003]

rahul [01-17-2003]

Great site! I am a descendant of George Read of Delaware. Are there any othre descendants out there?
Kirstin Reed [01-17-2003]

this site helped me with a recearch project on JOHN JAY! thanx again andrea
andrea, mattawan mi [01-17-2003]

Iqra, 13 [01-17-2003]

i love jhon hancock he has a lot of info on himself
kaylajo, highlands ranch [01-17-2003]

Hi! Im in 7th grade at Butler Jr High School. Mr Schwartz has assigned us a report on The Declaration of Independance. Thanx a ton for your help! but it would be much more help if there were more info! thanx again!
Tiffany [01-17-2003]

i am doing a progect,and i need some information.i have to do research on a signer of the declaration of independence....... bengamin rush. please give me more info. thanks! bye!
laurentate, Okc,Ok,.......... 12 [01-17-2003]

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dazmine, 11 [01-17-2003]

I luv Tom Jefferson
Larissa Leath, San Antonio [01-17-2003]

carson canales, 92 [01-17-2003]

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Allison Wells, Douglas,GA age 14 [01-10-2003]

HI! I'm in the 8th grade at West Coffee Middle School.Ms.Young, my teacher, assigned us a report to do on the Declaration of Independence. Thanks a lot for your help!
Naughty Chica, Douglas,GA age 13 [01-10-2003]

Hi Im in the 6th grade and doing a report on John Adams[the first]And I dont think this is enough info. and yes,this is a complaint!
Cristal Rubio, 12 [01-09-2003]

you have really helped me
allison [01-09-2003]

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George Walton, 231 years old [01-09-2003]

John Jay is the man! He wasa COLONIST!
ricky joyce, shs [01-09-2003]

Craig Dyer [01-09-2003]

This is a great document, it really means a lot to me. I'd like to thank the signers for risking their life just for freedom! Thanks again.
megan, Louisville, 14 [01-08-2003]

hey every one! The Middle township Middle school has a great social studies teacher! He is teaching us about the DOI (declaration of Independence) From ur students on the inviromentel team
anonymous [01-08-2003]

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doreen [01-08-2003]

thissite really helped the kids do their reports for history. Thank you for having it.
patty, ashtabula.ohio [01-08-2003]

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Hi fellow nerds!
Bob Jones, Nerdville [01-08-2003]

olivia [01-07-2003]

i think this a very interesting website I'm not the tye of girl that just comes on the computer to look at history stuff but ihave to do a report for history and to tell you the truth it's not as bad as i thought it would be
kelley, lakeport,13 [01-07-2003]

I love your sit it really helped me with my sociel studies project.
anonymous [01-07-2003]

The history of the American Revolution is lopsided towards WASP founders alleged to be White Anglo Saxon Protestants, whereas our revision as peace researchers tends to show bulk of European included nine Ulster born generals were from North Ireland exodus of Presbyterians fleeing Britain's Test Acts to conform, so WASP really means White Angry Scottish Presbyterians - from Ireland. Their determination to avoid America having a theocratic capital like the one they had fled led to the long debate on the Residency Bill, i.e where the President would live, and the great compromise - none of the usual places - but a virgin capital built in the bush. It has been copied in many other British colonies, Ottawa, Canberra, Abuja most recent, while Malaysia now following suit and we feel this might be solution to Ireland, Israel-Palestine, Cyprus. Religious and ethnic differences within a perceived country turn to harmony when the centre of power in not in either camp. All blessings. Irish Parliament Trust, Reg charity 328665
Paddy McGarvey, Cambridge, UK [01-06-2003]

how can mr jefferson write about all men being created equal if he was a slavebearer? i don't understand him esp. since he fathered sally hemming's child.
herman, 45, ga [01-06-2003]

Interesting site, especially the proposed Union between GB and Colonies. Good to see that you got rid of those nasty taxes with the help of those nice French.
Graham, Southampton UK [01-05-2003]

brandon guymon, taylorsville,ut,84123 [01-04-2003]

Thanks for printing the Dec. Of Independence. Exciting words, initiating an exciting country. I wanted to reread the Declaration, as I'm reading John Adams, by McCullough.
Paula [01-04-2003]

I like history and I enjoy watching the history channel and eating a big bowl of Chef mommy made it! I am related to John Paul least that is what I tell my history classes. It's all a joke....i always joke. Also I try to do the worm but I miss and land on my chest and get it all bruised. Anyway, US history rocks, even though I wasn't too interested in it when I did my undergraduate studies...but now I love it!
RavioliLuver, 25, md [01-03-2003]

thomas jefferson rox!
a.j. #2, nun ya [01-03-2003]

Retrop Narrisoh [01-03-2003]

Decendant of Geo. Ross. Nice to learn a bit more about him. Thanks.
Carl Olden, Portland, OR 51 [01-03-2003]

Carolyn Hooper Phillips, Houston, Texas [01-03-2003]

Great Source of information that all Americans should know.
Maxon L Goudy, 29 Hawkins Court; Weymouth MA [01-03-2003]

Liked the site. Lots of pictures for visual learners & info is easy reading, yet thorough.
Laura Brown, Teacher [01-03-2003]

Samuel Huntington was my 3rd cousin 6x removed. An interesting person.
Pat, Billings, Mt. [01-02-2003]

good site, resoureful. Thanks for being here for us history buffs, though I prefer the Civil War.
Allsyon, London, OH 13 years old [01-02-2003]

Justin [01-02-2003]

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