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pretty cool
jennifer [12-18-2000]

I really enjoyed this site!! I will hope to visit this site again. I will use it in future academic reasons so that i may benefit from history to the fullest.
sam hamilton, none please [12-14-2000]

this is a relly helpfull sight thanx
crystal reeves, athens ga [12-14-2000]

Deb [12-13-2000]

Several years ago I was informed that I had an ancester (Richard Stockton), that signed "The Declaration of Independence". Since then I've been doing a little research to find out how I'm related. So far I've found out that It's my moms great Aunt. My mothers great aunt also has a copy of the "Declaration Of Independence". Today I'm browsing around to print articles on Richard Stockton for my sons history report. I thought he would be more interested in sharing this information with his classmates. Thanks for having so much information. Hopefully some time in the future thier will be additional information on other family members and pictures. Like for instance, I did learn that one of Richard Stockton's siblings married another signer of "The Declaration of Independence. I read that at the college I'm attending and don't have that info on me at this time. If you have any additional info on "Stockton and Wife & siblings", I'm very interested in learning about them. Thanks again for this wonderful website.
Jacqueline McAllister, Fl. Age 30 [12-13-2000]

Me and my class are studying the revolution
Chelsea heck, 11 Maumee ohio [12-13-2000]

This website was very helpful on completing my report for American History. Thank-you for providing this information.
Jessica, Gasport, N.Y. [12-12-2000]

I really like your website!
Ashlee Marie Gourdine [12-12-2000]

Jim, Baltimore, MD [12-12-2000]

James T. Parrish, Baltimore, MD - Age 45 [12-12-2000]

Excellent site. I am looking for more information on Lyman Hall, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence since he is in our family tree.
Thomas Barrtholomew, Metamora, Mi. [12-12-2000]

this site helped me w/ a lot of my history homework.. thanx
Kay [12-12-2000]

i think this is a very helpful website! it helped me a lot with my report.
Tammy, i am 13 years old [12-12-2000]

I would like to sign the declaration
Danielle Boone, Hi [12-12-2000]

This site ROX
Gina Cadalbert [12-05-2000]

I found this site very helpful. I had to do an english report and this was my refuge. Thank You!!!
John Smith, Hi [11-29-2000]

ERNEst [11-29-2000]

great job
ellen [11-29-2000]

I am greatful for this sight for which there is so much information, way to go!
mario flores, fontana ca 27yrs [11-27-2000]

this is a cool site!
SaDiE NoNwEiLeR [11-27-2000]

I am the grand daughter, about 6 generations, of Charles Carroll.
Peggy Stephens Ruth, Melboure, Fl [11-25-2000]

My Grandma did a family tree, and it turns out that Josiah Bartlett is one of my very great uncles.
Michelle Smith, Michigan [11-25-2000]

John Mitchell, Manchester, NH [11-25-2000]

George Ross (signer) is my 7-Great uncle. Am looking for more information on the family.
Leslee Siefert, Michigan [11-25-2000]

hey this sight ROCKS
Taylor Cuny, 14 [11-25-2000]

Brandi Marcum [11-20-2000]

you can't live in the past, so why study it?
Jessica, Rednecktown, USA [11-20-2000]

I have been searching what I can find on Robert Morris, because he is my 6th great grandfather.
Dara Green Wingate, missouri [11-20-2000]

ThOmAs JeFfErSoN Is KoOLiO LoL J/K
SaRaH, TeMpE, Az 13 years old [11-20-2000]

great site !!!
Mike Rickman [11-20-2000]

I got a lot of info off this web site!
leslie, ~*A.z*~ and Im 13!!!~*~* [11-20-2000]

I am a history student at the university of south alabama, and would like to be knowledgeable of histoy.
theodore pantaallion [11-20-2000]

Thanks a lot for this website, I think this is a very cool website because you can study the real thing without going through the Civics books that don't tell you anything!
Trenise Boston & Kanika Farlar, Woodbridge,VA [11-20-2000]

i think that your site is very helpful to kids that need information for essays, reports etc. You guys gave me all the information i needed. thanx a bunch a crunch!
nicole, Massachusetts14 years old [11-20-2000]

sarah [11-20-2000]

Well this is really nice, but i`m more interesing because i have to take History Regents in a few months. Great site,
Dritan Jarani, 20 yrs old N.Y. Queens [11-14-2000]

This Is A Great Site...Thanx For All The Information!!!
Lizzy [11-14-2000]

i used this site to help with my AP US History course essay. it would be nice if you could add some peoples views on the declaration such as, "is this document and emotional plea or is it a strict demand." That would help out a lot when it comes to reports and general info.
shannon mixon, beloit , wisconsin [11-14-2000]

Spencer [11-11-2000]

i would like to learn all about the declaration of independance!
brittany, evoryting [11-10-2000]

This was a great place for me to find out more on The Declaration Of Independence. This is where I found mostly all of the information on the subject. I am taking an American History class which explains my reasons for reashershing such a topic.
Lory Anne, Ontario, Canada 16yrs school assignment [11-10-2000]

I ama a descendent of one of the Morris men who attended the Second Continental Congress. I am not sure which. I will do some research. I would love to know. My most immediate Morris family is from NorthEastern Missouri. Thanks for the profiles on the signers. I have been searching the web for such information. Best, Ronda
Ronda (Morris) Gillette, Encinitas, California [11-10-2000]

Im amt the great, great, great, great, grand daughter of Matthew Thornton! COOL HUH! I came to this sight to get info about him for a history essay that I have to do in my history class.
Maycie, Im really cool! [11-10-2000]

Melissa White, California, Humboldt State University [11-08-2000]

I mostly search for my children in school. So i need an educational reference. Im a serious history buff.
mary harmon, granville, ohio, 43023 [11-08-2000]

Thanks for the great info. It helped a ton!
Mandy B., 18, Shelbyville, IN [11-07-2000]

I think this is a great learning site for people of all ages. The Decalaration of Independence though written many years ago still has an influence on us today.
Christiana, Texas [11-06-2000]

American historty is one of the most amazing stories if a lifetime. It's real and full of passion.
kaloyan [11-06-2000]

stephen lieder, history teacher - basking ridge, n.j. [11-06-2000]

Bill Berkholtz, Burlington, WI [11-02-2000]

I looked up this site as I was told by my grandmother that our ancestor was Stephen Hopkins a signer of the Declaration of Independence and I wanted to find out more about him. How could I get a copy of the Declaration of Independence? I once had a small book with all the signers of the Declaration and their signarures that my grandmother gave me, but through the years it somehow got misplaced. This is a great site and I will come back here again to do more reading when I have the time very interesting. Darlene
Darlene Fitts [11-02-2000]

Roger Anghis [10-28-2000]

katrin lainpelto, sweden, 24 years [10-28-2000]

I am the fifth great niece of Thomas Stone-signer of the declaration. I would like to hear from anyone out there that may be related and how.
juanita fox, michigan 55 yrs old [10-28-2000]

Donna Grove [10-23-2000]

louis cappella [10-23-2000]

Robert L Tanner [10-23-2000]

I needed info for my DOI Essay, thanks for helping me!
Ian, None [10-23-2000]

This is what America is all about, the availability of this landmark document for all. I have obtained it for my U.S. history class. Thank you!
Michael Russo, 36 years old from Islip, NY. [10-18-2000]

very good you had a lot of information
mike, 10 [10-18-2000]

zakia bonds [10-18-2000]

i think that if it wasn't for the declaration of independence we wouldn't have such a great nation.
ashley johnson, the declaration of indepedence was a great thought [10-18-2000]

ashley johnson [10-18-2000]

We thought this site was so cool!
Mrs. J. Fowler, seventh grade American History class [10-18-2000]

This is a really cool resource for people to use and it is very accessible. Thank you.
Renee, I am a high school student [10-09-2000]

I have a family of Graffs (Graves) in my lineage that came form Berks Co. PA. They were: Father - Johann Sebastian Graff of Germany 1701-1802; Sons - John Jacob and Sebastian (Boston). I am trying to determine if the Jacob Graff of the "Graff House" fame is the same person known in my limeage as John Jacob Graves 1746-1832. Can you help with an answer, or provide a link that can? Thank you.
Kevin J. Miller, Knoxville, TN Age:36 researching ancestry [10-09-2000]

Descendant of Philip Livingston, signatory of the Declaration of Independence representing New York
Roger M Laing [10-09-2000]

The more I travel the world the more I find the world in the United States of America. I have been overseas in Sicily, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Africa only to find that everyone in the world uses the United Sates of America as a standard. Since relocating here in Northern Virginia (I was born and raised in Philadelphia), I have met more first generation Americans that are 30-40 year old. Naturalized citizens. (Soapbox) I am a proponent of immigration if and only if immigrants are prepared to renounce their present citizenship and accept American citizenship (Off Soapbox). I am looking for a copy of the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE suitable for fram-ing so I can present it to a co-worker who recently became a citizen of the United States of America. Please let me know if you can help.
Barnaby J Walsh, Fall Church Virginia 22046 age 38(9) Birthday 19 October 1961 [10-09-2000]

I had to do a report on thomas Nelson and I was glad to fing your sight with a lot of usefull information
Jessica [10-09-2000]

have a copy of the "declaration of independence" and would like to no the value.
hank [10-09-2000]

hey cool site
ryan, blah [10-09-2000]

This is a very informational sight for people who have to do american history reports or any reports that have to do with history Robin
Robin Nicoll, Ocala, FL 34479 [10-04-2000]

On the great grandfather back several generations list is James Smith who was one of the signers. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the information I have received from this sight: and others, about him and his family. If anyone else is in direct decendency, please contact me. Thanks for doing a great job.
jane johnson, my lineage is through James Smith [10-04-2000]

jane johnson [10-04-2000]

I love this site. The original reason I had come here was to find out if there is actually a reason why John Hancock's signature is so large on the Declaration of Indepence, and it is so "the English Ministry can read it without their spectacles". But, this time, the thing on my mind was about Connecticut and the fact that it is the "Constitution State". I learned that the State had the very first Constitution which wasn't what I had thought. I thought that Sherman, at the Constitutional Convention, wrote the "Connecticut Compromise" which is what gave us a two-house Federal Government and made one house for the Senators and one for the Representatives. I didn't find any information about a Connecticut Compromise at this site or the other site I have that lists the biographies of the signers, so I am wondering where I got the thoughts of a "Connecticut Compromise" from and if it did actually happen. Can you verify that there was a "Connectcut Compromise"? Thanks so much for the site! I do love it! Stacy
Stacy Patterson, Enola, PA [10-04-2000]

i have a copy of the declaration of independence compliments of sertoma club of tulsa please tell me something about it. i was told it was worth money.maybe?
dude52 [10-04-2000]

I used this website for information in a U.S. History class
Ryan Goodrich, Durand, WI [10-04-2000]

Wonderful website! Thanks!
katy frampton, age 22, student MWSC [09-27-2000]

I am researching the two dollar bill an notice that one of the faces on the back of the two dollar bill was shaded. Some say that occured because the was one african american who signed the Declaration of Independance. Is that true? and if so, what was his name...
Mike Newman, Atlanta [09-27-2000]

i would like to know how this all started. And also ruffly how many people were involved
erin, vicksburg, mi. 14 8th grade [09-27-2000]

Isabel Leone, Teaneck, Nj [09-27-2000]

Ali G, england rules [09-27-2000]

The Key Phrase: "with a firm reliance on the protection of Devine Providence."
Chris Van Buskirk, Salisbury< Maryland - Teacher [09-27-2000]

Your site is very informative.However there is still afew questions i'd like answered.where can i go to find the answers?
roncie kline, N.P.R. Fla. [09-21-2000]

I think this website is awsome, especially because I'm taking US History at school. There are so many detailed things here that I can apply to my schoolwork. It's great!, and it was only a click away!!
Cecilia M. [09-21-2000]

Really wonderful Stuff!!!
Bill Bradbury, Tyngsborough, MA [09-20-2000]

I love this site! they have good stuff aobut us history.
Krunal Patel, Tennessee [09-17-2000]

ok i'm in ap us history and i think history is so cool sometimes it's sorta boring but i like it a lot cus i always get good grades so yeah but anyways i think this site has a lot of useful information......
mariah, 16 years old [09-14-2000]

it was very helpful
Mindy Deiwert, Greensburg In [09-14-2000]

Great site!
Tony Accardi [09-11-2000]

I am very interested in the signers' consequences. My history teacher, Jerry Bethune is a history fanatic. He would love to receive some information on this subject.Thank you.
Debbie Kay Bunch, 16 years old--Hayti High School--MO--63851 [09-11-2000]

I'm looking for lesson plans and info to connect the Virginia Sols in Social Studies. Your site is great!
Cheryl Cross, art teacher [09-06-2000]

Kathleen M. DeRosa, restore god in our schools [09-06-2000]

i went to this page because my ansestor, William Ellery, signed the Declaration of Independence so i wanted a copy.
danielle [08-29-2000]

Great site! Very helpful for students like myself!
Angela, Wisconsin, 17 [08-29-2000]

frank ross russel, secane pa. [08-29-2000]

billster suster, i'm 25 years old, i love history, yeaaaa [08-22-2000]

Hello, I would like to say thank you for hwlping me so much with the research that I had to do for my history project. it has helped me greatly and I shall return often to finish my assignments
Christian Schneider, WSHS florida [08-22-2000]

""great job""
Donna Ford Mitchell [08-22-2000]

Deborah Filbert, Pittsburgh, 37, female, married 2 children [08-09-2000]

Dr David Lundberg, School of International Studies [08-08-2000]

Great site, Would like more info on Graff house. original site? where was Jefferson staying before he moved here? Why would anyone raze this structure?
Janet L. Kayhart [08-08-2000]

It's very interesting to find so much information about this topic. Thank a lot for let us to get them.
Victoriano Barragán, Guadalajara, Jal. Méx. [08-02-2000]

Love this site...THANKS!
Elise Larsen, Tulsa, OK [07-31-2000]

I grew up in Brooklyn, Independence Towers, a public housing project. I lived on Clymer Street.(name sound familiar?) It amazes me that the teachers of the local school did not take advantage of our location. The street names were all of the signers of The Declaration of Independence. I did not learn that from school. In teaching the politically correct history, we have lost our American History. It was what once bound us together, it is now what tears us apart. No one, save the myself and few others it seems, is American. They are ________- American, although they were born here and receive the benefits of such, or even more popular just ________ (Fill in the nationality), still having been born here, etc.. Yes, even those who have become naturalized citizens, supposedly swearing allegiance to our nation, do not claim to be American. I see no responsibility to the honor of United States Citizen, only the greed of knowing you have close ties to a very rich uncle. My thoughts, I still get teary eyed during the National Anthem, I still get goose bumps when listening to patiotic music, am proud every generation of my family has served in the Armed Forces since showing up on these shores, and will always claim just American, thats good enough for me.
cassie wieder [07-20-2000]

Keep up the good work.
Phil Bernacke, Avondale, AZ [07-14-2000]

I would like to find out more information about Francis Lewis. Where do I look?
Linda Lewis, Oaks, PA [07-10-2000]

Please send me more information every month. Thank You!
Bobby Robertson, Peoria,IL. Age 12 [07-09-2000]

I'd like a kids site about this!
Drift Roberts, Peoria,IL. Age 8 [07-09-2000]

As a LIBERTARIAN and U.S History fanatic I found the site and document to be very imformative as well as enjoyable to read. Amazing how similar the 'Kings' rule of the times seem to linger today!
William A. Voss, 46, Dayton, Ohio [07-07-2000]

Bob Deen, Jacksonville [07-07-2000]

Sonia Zenns [07-06-2000]

I find the facts gathered here very informative. Unfortunately, missing the fact that almost ALL of these MEN loved and died for JESUS CHRIST as Christians believing like Americans (in GOD WE Trust? , , remember that?). IT is interesting that this omission is so prevalent in USA today. GOD goes out and guess who comes in? We will loose the America they loved so dearly. Try singing the Hymns they wrote and sang if you can find them. Because I love Jesus Christ as they did I can't sing most of them because its too hypocritical. Look at what is in office, the highest ranking position in the world. May GOD still bless the USA! [but it is not looking like it any more].
Bugs Yexley, Casey, IL Age 48 and I love Jesus Christ as 90% of all these signers of American Independance DID TOO! [07-06-2000]

i want all the info on the declaration of independence
carlene rose [07-03-2000]

dan2marcie [07-02-2000]

I am a former Marine, as well as the son of a retired Marine, and I worry sometimes that the children of this generation don't know enough about the founding of this great country. Sites like yours will help us inform of things they are not getting in the school systems. Thanks.
Tom Maloney, Dawson, Ga. age 42 [07-02-2000]

These men who in many instances were welloff risk all to sign the declaration.Many were lawyers.Would todays rich and powerful take the same risk?
Bill, Peoria,Il Age 72 [07-02-2000]

Penelope McKean Camp, Descendent of Thomas A McKean [07-01-2000]

Thanks for the great site and resource. I shall return!
John Travelstead, Bartlett, IL [07-01-2000]

Enjoyed my visit to this site.
Jaye, From Essex, UK age 45 [07-01-2000]

Great site. I was looking for a Toastmaster speech subject. What better than our Declaration of Independance.
Cathy, California grandma [07-01-2000]

Happy 4th, 2000!
Jeff Jean, California [07-01-2000]

Most idealistic document ever created by man but not followed by our government nor citizenry. Model for all but not realistic for all cultures.
Leo H. Doyle DDS, Lansing,MI age 79 retired dentist, veteran of WWII & Korean Conflict, [07-01-2000]

This is a very nice site and I have shared it with many friends.
Linda, Female, 56 yrs, Lafayette, LA [07-01-2000]

Thanks for the history lesson.
Annie Jackson, age 7 retired [06-30-2000]

Things have changed so much in my lifetime. I suppose every generation says that. Ours is a great country and is getting back to that a little
Bobbie, Denver, 66 years old. [06-30-2000]

when the human spirit is challenged we rise to the occasion...of course you need inspiration;so look at the beauty of our lands,seas,hills and dales. we have it all on a grand scale.they were inspired.i'm sure god helped! what i mean by that someone had to see the expansion to the west in a dream...thanks to the forefathers we live well.
dennis j. o'connor,iii, east longmeadow,massachusetts [06-30-2000]

Larry McDonald, 53 y/o in Joplin, Missouri [06-30-2000]

An interesting review. Done very well, learned a few things I hadn't known. Thank You. SDHall
Sheila D. Hall, Mukwonago, WI [06-30-2000]

This is the first time I have entered this site. I am interested in historical events and will delight in searching for some answers. This is a great place to go.
Judith Johnson, Shrewsbury, Ma [06-30-2000]

Knowledge of this nation's early strides to ensure that the people will remain free, inspires me to be vigilant as those who would threaten the preservation of this Republic abound in the Godless and ignorant.
Don Bell, Beacon, NY in historic, Hudson Valley [06-30-2000]

Glad to get informationon Button Gwinnett. He was from my wife's home town in England. (I would like to know the name of each person pictured on the back of the two dollar bill.)
Clyde B. Kennedy, Granada, Colorado - Age 81 [06-30-2000]

GREAT SITE. Thank you for all your hard work. I do wish that more historians would stress the fact that the majority of the "Founding Fathers" did NOT believe in a personal, prayer answering god.
Neil C. Reinhardt, So. Bay area if LA. 65 yrs old now [06-30-2000]

I visited the sectin on the Declaration of Independence. Although I realize that the signers are important, I've always been fascinated by John Dickinson, a delegate from Pennsylvania, who refused to sign the Declaration, but enlisted and fought the British anyway, while hoping for a reconciliation between the two sides. His story is at least as compelling as that of many of the signers. I was disappointed to find nothing of him in the section. The site is wonderful, by the way
Robert Reynods, 40, Tucson AZ [06-30-2000] [Please see -Webmaster

A very good web site. Am a Pennsylvanian by birth from Allentown and very proud of PA.
Charles Adams, Knoxville, Tn. [06-30-2000]

I am impressed.
Theodore C. Witt, Spring Tx. [06-29-2000]

I enjoyed the original picture of the Declaration of Independence and the bios on who all signed it. Happy Independence Day.
April Marrs, age: 19 - location: Tokyo [06-29-2000]

The children in my daycare was learning abour independence day, and the liberty bell. I was doing research on how the crack got in the bell, and much to my surprise, I even learned something new.
denise witcher, chattanooga,tn age 40,daycare director [06-27-2000]

very interesting
William Ruffer, Jonesboro [06-27-2000]

michael w tedder, st. louis mo. [06-27-2000]

michael [06-27-2000]

I haven't gone through the entire site yet, but from what I have seen...wonderful! Thank you for providing such a great source of information. Happy Independence Day to you. Annette Dick
Annette M. Lough Dick [06-23-2000]

I like your site, I have visited on a number of times.
Tom Davis [06-22-2000]

great for the kids-----of all ages!!!!
dale holman, centralia, IL. 41 [06-20-2000]

I really think this is a great way to educate my children about our History
Douglas Jon Harris, Torrance, CA. age 42 [06-20-2000]

really cool stuff
Mark Dearing, Mill Creek, Wa 98012 [06-19-2000]

We should respect all presidents.
brian.j.micsko, How the history G. Washington [06-19-2000]

This site was pretty "awesome" for me to see. Especially reading about the signers of the Declaration. One of my very distant relatives on my Father's side of the family was married to the son of John Hancock!
Colleen Brockett [06-16-2000]

It's a great page to understand what the Declaration of Independence is and who are the signers are. If anyone else knows of any great pages like this email me. THanks
Alan, Anaheim [11-09-1999]

The Declaration has always been a fascination for me. Thank you for preparing this website. I'll be sure to tell others about it.
Frank Macy, 35 from Missouri [09-03-1999]

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