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2011 Declaration Guestbook Entries: November-December

I was here.
Lori [12-31-2011]

great post Thanks for sharing!
carla [12-29-2011]

i think the declaration was a good idea
Kevin L.Heckman, Roscoe ILLINOIS 52 [12-29-2011] »»»

I like the last paragraph becuase it stated that the colonies had "a RIGHT to be free from the state of Great Britian". Intresting!
Diana [12-29-2011] »»»

Johan B., Brugge, Belgium [12-29-2011]

I think the Declaration of Independence was written to defend the self evident truth that all people are created equally and have certain rights.I think the meaning of it is probally for remembrance and freedom.
Lequisha Mosley [12-26-2011] »»»

HEEY! this web sight is SOOOO awesome...
anonymous [12-26-2011] »»»

devin m [12-26-2011]

Everyone deserves to be free.
Nikki L Waldron [12-26-2011]

Tammy Wolcott [12-21-2011]

The Declaration of Independence says everyone is created equal with rights to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." How have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights made it possible for Americans to enjoy these rights?
Sammhi, holbrook,az [12-21-2011]

william, you [12-21-2011] »»»

Well this site has a lot of information. Im doing this compitition in orlando that has to do about this war and everything. I got the part about the declaration of independence. The questions are Where did the founders get the ideas of a good govermant? Do you think these principles are valid today? why or Why not? and explain what makes a good goverment im hoping this site can help me find the answers to these questions
Angie, 13 [12-19-2011] »»»

An inspiring document even when read by an Englishman.
supersnake [12-19-2011]

Very Helpful
Katharine Roberts, Decendent of Elbridge Gerry [12-19-2011]

Clarice Jane Chaney(Stockton) [12-18-2011] »»»

did he have a large family
ernest jackson, desendent of william whipple [12-16-2011] »»»

The Declaration of Independence I think was the best thing. It gave more rights to more people. Let people do more of what they wanted to do.
Hannah Gabrielle Neal, prattville [12-16-2011] »»»

Can i get some more inforemation about Adams John
Anwar, About John Adams [12-16-2011] »»»

I love this website! im doing national history day and the topic is revolution,reaction and reform - and this fits my topic! :D
Jenna, 14 [12-16-2011] »»»

I really like this site for hw help! <3! Lol=)) :P =P
Lula Forbs, Illinois and Minnesota [12-15-2011] »»»

im working on the declaration of independence and this is how far i am when in the course of human events is it nessary for one people toto dissolve the political band which have connected them with: sort of far but test is friday!
Ashley, Illinois 12 years old [12-15-2011]

good info
millicent barber, alanta [12-15-2011] »»»

crystal [12-14-2011]

Very informative! Thank You!
Matt [12-13-2011] »»»

Declaration of Independence. intent It was indented for the people to have some rights over their lives money and land . Although we all need rules. Without them this world would be unbearable to live in. It also was indented for everyone to be treated fairly. But with greed in man's heart there will always be war. It was indented the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God. meaning I'll start again as I finished the last paragraph, Laws of Nature and of Nature's God. with God all thing are possible. I'll let it speak for its self. decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights. importance pursuit of Happiness. that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. my opinion that when man take his eyes off of self and puts in on God almighty the creator of the heavens and the earth everything else will fall into place . as the word of God speaks man should follow God commandments but choose to follow their pride
winnie stokes [12-13-2011] »»»

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness? You sure its not Life, Liberty, and Property?
Rob, Brooklyn, NY [12-13-2011] »»»

i love s.s
dana [12-12-2011]

This is so cool!At my school [Maude Rousseau]we're playing this game called "Capture",but only in the 5th grade. I'm John Hancock. I may write you more in a letter. Sincerely, Keara
Keara Bradberry, 2800 Woods blvd.#1208 Lincoln,NE 68502 I'm 10 Almost 11 [12-12-2011] »»»

this site is really good and resoursful i will keep using this site in the future.
Alexis Tarbox, Bronson, Fl. 32621 12 years old [12-12-2011] »»»

I liked this site. I really enjoyed being able to read the Declaration of Independance. After reading it I understood more about it. Glad I was able to read it!
Alicia [12-12-2011] »»»

Krisitna Brown, Lugoff [12-10-2011] »»»

The information on this website was very helpful while building out websites. thanks for the help!
Declaration of Independence [12-08-2011]

mary brickman, ohio [12-08-2011]

I think that how it should be but in these days we are still being treated unfair.
akiba [12-07-2011] »»»

Raichelle Rain Prejean [12-06-2011] »»»

christi cummings, 36,Fort Worth, TX [12-06-2011] »»»

ariella [12-06-2011] »»»

John Monsma [12-06-2011] »»»

Great site, well constructed and therefore, friendlier than most. Looking forward to completion of all pages and updated info...Thanks.
Web design [12-04-2011]

Annie [12-04-2011]

I am doing a reaserch project on the Decaration of Independence. This website gives me a lot of information. If I ever did a nother Histyan, I would go on this website. (:
lexus topper, I live in Florida. [12-03-2011] »»»

what is the virginia plan
anonymous [12-02-2011]

niqua [12-02-2011] »»»

this helped me on a really boring research report
anonymous [12-02-2011] »»»

candis miller, 17 highlands texass 77562 [12-02-2011]

I'm doing a project, and this website is the first thing I went to. Thank you!
corey, Avon,Ohio [12-02-2011] »»»

I looked up the declaration of independence. This website was extremely helpful. Thanks!
Horses101 [12-01-2011]

Kevin Ross [12-01-2011] »»»

Thank you, for the advance in learning. This is so interesting! I have always had a passion for history and an interest in The Declaration of Independence. As a youngster, to be able to read the document means much more than just ink on paper too me.
Holland [12-01-2011] »»»

hiiiiii i'm leonnard and this website helped with my boring history project!
leonard [11-30-2011] »»»

Great website, it is really helpful for the historical information.
Sujit [11-30-2011]

gave me all the acts
anonymous, high school [11-29-2011] »»»

anonymous, narnia [11-29-2011] »»»

Mary Ann Gibas, Manitowoc, Wisconsin USA 28 Female [11-29-2011] »»»

helped me on a history foldable
anonymous, middle schooler [11-28-2011]

thanks. geat site. helped me research for my history project
anonymous [11-27-2011]

Proud to be descendant of Gov. Thomas McKean
Luanna Leigh McKean, Edmond Oklahoma [11-27-2011] »»»

cool is helping me write my first report of the year!
anonymous [11-27-2011] »»»

I am enjoying the site very much, learning a lot and filling in holes in my education and at times my memory of things once learned and later forgotten. I do think that the site would benefit from some proofreading. There are a number of spelling and grammatical mistakes that are jarring and for some zealous readers might indicate a carelessness that calls into question the thoroughness or thoughtfulness of the articles.
Michael [11-27-2011] »»»

wow this website is so helpful its like the are going my civics home work for me
emmy stro, 14 [11-27-2011]

pamela [11-27-2011] »»»

I,as a canadian love, adore your founders.
liz scholten [11-25-2011] »»»

This website helped me get all A's on tests and an A on my report card
Angel, Montclaur 12 years of age [11-22-2011] »»»

Robert Morris was my 6th great grandfather
Michelle Patterson, Port Townsend, WA [11-21-2011] »»»

This site is cool. I learned cool stuff and I live in D.C.
Fred, LIve in DC [11-21-2011] »»»

Terrific site. It engaged me all morning. The biographies of the signers, as well as the text re: the French and Indian War were particularly enlightening.
marianne [11-21-2011] »»»

weird that they say "We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal" yet in the constitution the come of same men write that all of the white population, only 1/3 of the slave population, and none of the native american population get counted.
anonymous [11-21-2011]

I love history!
jorden mckenna, I love Vincent Castronovo [11-21-2011] »»»

I absolutely love ice skating!
Andrea, I love ice skating! [11-21-2011] »»»

anonymous [11-21-2011] »»»

Thanks for your great website! It is very helpful when doing research, and I always go to it when I need information.
anonymous [11-21-2011] »»»

I think that the Declaration of Independance was a great deal. I am wrighting a Decleration of Indepandance on Cell Phones. I'm Was'nt sure on how to start it off until i re read the D.O.I. Thank you, for sharing your information on this site. You have really helped me a lot. -Elizabeth Thomas
Elizabeth, Peebles Ohio, Age 17 [11-21-2011] »»»

joto [11-21-2011]

i love this web site helps with my projecct :)
Jacob [11-21-2011] »»»

helped me with home work :)
Carlyn [11-21-2011] »»»

Helped me with my social studies home work :)
Car Car [11-21-2011] »»»

i think this is a real good web site
katie, i love every thing on history! [11-17-2011] »»»

Very helpful for a class assignment
Maggi [11-17-2011]

Zander, lees summit missouri [11-17-2011] »»»

Robert [11-17-2011]

The Declaration of Independence is pretty enteresting to read, but I dont know enough information about it.
Molly, Statesboro Ga [11-17-2011] »»»

anonymous [11-16-2011] »»»

that every man is created equal that no man should be treated different.
Blanca Ortega [11-16-2011] »»»

Nicole [11-16-2011] »»»

jacob, i like playing sports [11-16-2011] »»»

It is a great pleasure and joy to know the history of the men who signed the declaration of independence. While this site only hits on some of the information it sparks your interest to learn more. Take advantage of the rich history. and don't be fooled into thinking the document is some paper with no life. Your freedom is based on this foundation. God Bless America.
Yu Vote, Leicester, North Carolina age 53 [11-16-2011] »»»

lily [11-16-2011] »»»

ronald hellard jr, princeton, ky age 46. [11-14-2011]

I think the declaration of independence is one of the most important documents ever written.
anonymous [11-14-2011] »»»

I'm very interested in knowing more! Can you subscribe my emailing address to recieve periodicals and newsletters?
Lynn Cole [11-13-2011] »»»

did read it for a essay
Dana [11-11-2011] »»»

Lynn Poopsy was here.
Lynn Poo [11-09-2011]

It's very gratifying to actually enclose him in my geneology.
David Alexander Nelson Jr., Pensacola,FL,55yrs.old,direct descendant of Gen. Thomas Nelson Jr.,signer of declaration of independance [11-09-2011] »»»

did read it for homework.
angelique, georgia [11-09-2011] »»»

Tabatha [11-09-2011]

Megan [11-07-2011]

your website helps me with my homeowrk
Lauren, I am 10 [11-07-2011] »»»

thank you
james m. ford [11-07-2011] »»»

It's a shame the politicians of today don't have the guts to run the country based on whats right for everyone, rather than doing wrong to receive the votes based on deception and lies...
anonymous [11-06-2011] »»»

salvatore Barone, 63 yrs. old origin N.J., now Tenn. [11-05-2011] »»»

i think this was a good thing it helpd me with writing my own declaration of independence for class
darnisha, chicago 17 [11-05-2011]

austin, 16 [11-05-2011] »»»

Kaela Parker :), north carolina :) [11-04-2011] »»»

heres a question saumel adams contribution to society ( what did he/she do?)
anonymous [11-04-2011] »»»

jamesha [11-03-2011] »»»

Luther Putman [11-03-2011]

This website has helped me a lot. I've learned plenty for my social studies project. I hope who ever is reading this enjoyed this site as much as I did!
Alex Chanber, Glen Burnie, Maryland; age 12 [11-03-2011] »»»

I am doing something. I have Certified return receipts proving same 1} Viol of “ British laws” 2}Protest against Writ of Assistance 3} Atempts to force Mercantilism: reestablishment of Navigation Acts New taxes and other oppressive measures a} Proclamation Act of 1765, 1766} b}Sugar Act {Revenue Act of 1767} c} Stamp Act {1765} d} Quartering Act of 1765, 1766} e}Townshend Act of 1767 f} Boston Massacre {17770} g} Tea Act of 1773 h}”Intolerable Acts” { Coercive Acts, 1774} 4} Colonial resistance a} Patrick Henry “ Give me liberty or give me death” {1765} b} Stamp Act of Congress {1765} c} Committee of Correspondence : Samuel Adams d} Sons of Liberty { 1765} e} Boston Tea party f} First Continental Congress { 1774} Declaration of Rights of Grievances g} Minuteman: Paul Revere, William Dawes h} Outbreak of War: Lexington/ Concord 5} Theories of virtual or actual representation { No taxation without equal representation} 6} Declaration of Independence D} War for Independance Review the Constitution and see how many violations YOU are subjected to, due to CUA VA US giving US Security to those in UK pre/ post 911 to date { Major fraud against the US} at taxpayer expense in Personal/ Public/ Business/ E Commerce/ Cyber/ Network/ Homeland security; Information assurance, the war on terrorism and the DOD
IT [11-03-2011] »»»

This a great site helped me with my history project and i learned more than what i did in class because i clicked around. Thanks!
lisa, age 13 [11-02-2011] »»»

Pistol Rick, Wichita Kansas [11-02-2011]

Brittany Williams [11-01-2011] »»»

it was greatt
kk [11-01-2011] »»»

Diane, Waco, TX [11-01-2011]

i need to read te declaration of Independents.
trisha [11-01-2011]

Heather, Mississippi-- 36 [11-01-2011] »»»

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Declaration of Independence
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