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2011 Declaration Guestbook Entries: April-June

Very interesting information. Richard Henry Lee is my great, great, great grandfather (mother's side of the family). We always studied Robert E. Lee in school (in the 60s), but not much of his relatives. I'll be doing more research on RHL. Love the website!
Bill Page, Vero Beach, FL [06-30-2011] »»»

I love to go to different websites and jot down some notes just in case! :)
Kaitlin, Anna illinois [06-29-2011]

This site is really cool
Treadmill, city [06-28-2011]

Linda Emley, Richmond, Mo. [06-28-2011]

Hoping to see declaration before we return to Canada. ;)
anonymous, Canadians visiting DC [06-28-2011]

I'm glad we have this cause everybody should be treated the same and that states are free.
wendy, barberton 28 [06-27-2011] »»»

I had the occasion to read the Declaration four times at the fourth of July celebration at the festival in Metamora Indiana in 2010. I was so moved by the experience. that this year I had a Colonial man's costume made and plan to do the same this year. I also plan to offer this reading to any school or teacher who would like to have it read for their students. It takes about twelve minutes to read.
Frank Collier, United States [06-27-2011] »»»

Proud to be an American!
Sandra Lieseke, age 60, Freeland, WA [06-27-2011] »»»

I have been told i am related to 5-7 of the great men who signed this... i wish i could look further into this but i am not sure how because i was adopted... i would be nice to know though.
Zachary Lee Stephens, Winston Salem NC age 21 [06-27-2011] »»»

Donald Petrie [06-24-2011] »»»

Heading to 8Th grade going to win it :)
Maria Mendoza, age ; 14 City: Miami Springs [06-24-2011] »»»

We The People are filled with pride for our great nation!the many sacrifices given to secure our freedoms & liberties!we must not let them be in vain patriots!this is one of the most critical points in our history as a nation.slowly but surely this administration of barrick obama has & is stripping away our rights & freedoms.We The people must do everything within our power to prevent this.We will stand up,our voices will not be ignored by this arrogant obama & his minions!he seems to have total disregard & direspect for our constitution.he took an oath of office on the bible of Abraham Lincoln to uphold the constitution of the U.S.A.And what has obama done??he has thumbed his nose at all it stands for!We The People will not tolerate his direspect of our voices & our great nations founding principals!what would our founding fathers do?god bless america!
Jacqueline Sigrist, Lanoka Harbor,N.J.08734 [06-22-2011] »»»

you have John Hancock as the author of the Declaration at the end of the document. Might want to look at that..
rick [06-22-2011]

kathleen brown [06-22-2011] »»»

Just doing some research for a class to help me. This site thought me some things that i didn't know.
Jayonna Kamille [06-21-2011] »»»

Lesson 28 Activity Government laying its foundation on such principle and organizing, written primarily to establishing therein an arbitrary Government. It is very important thing in the history of the United States of America. The most important of all American historical documents which until the solid foundations of the U.S. as free country signed on July 4 1776 it helped to defined America’s values.
Rhonda Collins [06-21-2011] »»»

the american revolution, was an extrodinary epic, and those who signed the declaration, were extrodinary people, who were fully aware of what it meant.
al pambuena, cape coral, fl [06-20-2011]

I visited this site in search of information on Lyman Hall, but found the animated progressive ad so disturbing that I am leaving and will not return!
anonymous [06-20-2011] »»»

benjamin rush is my 5th or 6th great grandfather
joseph friend [06-20-2011] »»»

Adrian Johnson [06-18-2011] »»»

Sirs: Having happened upon this site almost as it were by chance, I have the honor to felicitate your good selves for the fine job you have taken it upon yourselves to present what is, in fine, a most excellent presentation of a most dramatic and important series of events. Bravo, sirs.
Thomas Killiam, Washington, DC [06-15-2011] »»»

I am a great great etc grand daughter of John and Abigail Adams. I am teaching my oldest daughter about history because I am a history buff, so I think that this is a special part of my heritage.
Jody Varso- Suits [06-13-2011] »»»

Interested it signers and would like to have a brief history of what happened to them. If you have it please email me.
L.B. Strawn, Cerritos, CA [06-13-2011]

Back on the map!
John hancock Adams, Boston [06-13-2011]

Shannon Wallace, Sauk Rapids Mn 42 female [06-12-2011] »»»

joshulin, north chas. [06-12-2011] »»»

casey and gerald turner, bend, oregon age 31 [06-10-2011] »»»

Tammy Whyte, Maine [06-10-2011]

I have a copy of the declaration of independence of Texas want to no if it's real and the Travis letter of 1836
Peggy, Texas [06-10-2011] »»»

Alexandra, i am 15i like this web [06-08-2011] »»»

Brittany [06-05-2011] »»»

Patricia Watson [06-05-2011] »»»

n [06-05-2011] »»»

Wanted to learn more about our Countries Independence.
Vicki R Miller, Aurora. Co [06-05-2011] »»»

Heather Jones, Copperas Cove Tx 76522 31 years old [06-05-2011] »»»

anonymous [06-05-2011] »»»

this is a good website.
miki [06-05-2011] »»»

Patricia J Oliver, United States [06-03-2011]

This site helped me with an 8th Grade project by the way i got an A-
Lillian [06-03-2011]

Mark R. Church, Whitehall Md. [06-02-2011] »»»

Where is the preamble : "We the people of the United Sates in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility..... so on and so forth ?
anonymous [06-02-2011]

Click to read the US Constitution

Alex [06-01-2011] »»»

hey lol
jewel, detriot [06-01-2011] »»»

Raquel Lona, Houston, TX Age 28 [06-01-2011] »»»

Kleo, iM YOUNG BLACK AND SUCCESSFUL [06-01-2011] »»»

this was very helpful
anonymous [06-01-2011]

If clear thinking and sound reasoning elected officials do not reign in the socialist shenanigans in government, America will be facing a very bleak future; if indeed we have not crossed that threshold already.
Mike Henry, Constitutionally Conservative [05-28-2011] »»»

i was just wondering if im related to william hooper from north carolina. would any one be able to find that out for me? My grandpa was named claude "c.j." Hooper; my father Jimmy Hooper; and his younger brother William Hooper; his older brother was Jerry wayne Hooper. i need to find out who my grandpa's parents were though any advice would be helpful.
Danielle Hooper [05-27-2011] »»»

Click here for guidance

Bryce Eve [05-27-2011] »»»

Randall Dale, tampa, fl [05-27-2011] »»»

Very informational site and I will pass it on to my friends. Thanks. Please visit mine as well.
Ron Martin, [05-27-2011]

I am kin to George read and he is my great great great uncle
Rosaleigh Reed, Glasgow Ky [05-26-2011] »»»

Elizabeth Godzman, New York 12 [05-25-2011]

Great Site - I would like to be a member of a local club, for a study group to learn the many interesting facts about the Declaration. Let me know if any Chicago clubs exsist or how I can start one. Thank You
Terry Austin, Bridgeview, Illinois [05-25-2011] »»»

Jacob Graff is a 5th great granduncle...Still researching more information about 1775 building of this home. Is it possible to view the property Deed records of this home?
Judith Schriver [05-25-2011] »»»

joshua [05-24-2011]

The breathtaking hypocrisy of a colony of slave- owners demanding the right to `life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' for themselves but not for the slaves was not lost on the British public at the time. And I imagine that the Red Indian population of North America may also have noted the hypocrisy.
Peter, British citizen [05-24-2011] »»»

Great Site not sure where i linked from but keep up the good work.
Harold [05-23-2011]

We are looking this websight up for a project for groveport imagine schools thank you!
napry dawson, columbus ohio 28 [05-23-2011]

Thank you, wonderful job! Just the thing I needed to get.
Peter, [05-21-2011]

Sorry I will not give my name, iamahermit(not) [05-20-2011]

i remerber when i learn about THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE
tatiana, cilton, 19 [05-20-2011]

looking for background
Helen (Hancock) Kean, O'Fallon MO [05-20-2011] »»»

im doing a school project and you guys really helped me out. thank you!
dannie [05-20-2011]

lakiesha, none [05-20-2011]

USA, USA, USA! What great country. We need more of this type of thinking today. Competency of this document and the Constitution should be mandatory among our elected officials. Maybe we could declare independence of political parties, lobbyists and social agendas.
anonymous [05-18-2011] »»»

My Ancestor James Smith was the 29th signer of the Declaration of Independence.
JAMES SMITH, Ellwood City Pennsylvania [05-18-2011] »»»

I personally think that our ansetors did a great job bring together the people with this but it`s just to bad that we don`t follow it today cause people or law officer are looking around the doi
Leslie [05-18-2011] »»»

We need to be reminded of what the declaration says everyday,especially in the times we live in now.Our elected offcials really need to read it.
glenn coffey [05-17-2011] »»»

I think this speak for itself, every man or woman is created equal. In this world today some people don't think so, if a woman get the same job a man have they don't think she should be pay the same. And about the government, yes if they are not doing there jobs right or stealing they need to be remove. I were raised to believe in right and this is right if we only live by it.
Coral Lewis [05-17-2011] »»»

Very Helpful for a School's Informational website to help our acts of rebellion powerpoint! COPY and Paste MOFOs!
GMS, Canton, Mass. [05-17-2011] »»»

ashley, arcadia florida [05-17-2011] »»»

Marian [05-17-2011]

very good information
anonymous [05-15-2011]

It is time for real patriots to get more involved and get these professional polticans thrown out of office by getting people elected who have conservative values that include following the constitution and the bill of rights and not blurring the lines of the 3 branches of government, those who listen to and act in response to the will of the majority of people legally here as citizens and not the minority of econazis, liberal extremists and those who believe the constitution is a living document that is needed to be changed.
Kirk L. McCluskey, concord ca. [05-15-2011] »»»

Pablo, London [05-14-2011]

Nice job guys
Alex Freund [05-12-2011] »»»

I was taught, and believe that this country was founded and structured, by Godly people. Because of this we, so far, we have religious freedom. What has happened to this thinking ??
nancy nelson, age 74, Forest Hill, Md [05-12-2011]

nice work
Badger, Santa cruz, california [05-11-2011]

good site!
anonymous [05-10-2011]

E / V / E [05-10-2011] »»»

DALE ELLIS [05-10-2011] »»»

Extremely helpfull
Raymond [05-08-2011]

You can't beat the history of our Country. I think its the first time I read the Declaration of Independence since I was in school and its really should be read to all our politician. I know most of them haven't read it.
Kevin Stuart, Franklin Ma. [05-08-2011] »»»

The original draft should have been kept when sent to Congress. It has the most meaning in the original form and stands for all who signed it.
Julie Phoenix-Larson [05-08-2011] »»»

amanda monroe, houston, tx age 22 [05-07-2011] »»»

you rule
crystal, 12 years old [05-07-2011]

what is your favorite signature
alina [05-07-2011] »»»

Carson, Hi [05-07-2011] »»»

i love this website! I like how you can find out who the signers of the Declaration are!
Emma, 12 [05-07-2011] »»»

I am a preschool Center Director hosting a summer camp and one of the weekly themes is "American Pride". I would like to teach the children how our freedom came about, what the flag represent and some history of our wonderful country! My daughter joined the Air Force back in July 2010 at the age of seventeen. I am a proud Air Men MOM:)
Deborah McRae, Phoenix, Az. 85029 age 42 [05-06-2011]

erica [05-05-2011] »»»

nancy angel [05-05-2011]

I believe in The United States of American. I don't think she is perfect, but you have to live in another country to realize she is the Best. Freedom isn't free. It has cost, and is still costing lives of young people willing to go and fight for our freedoms.
anonymous, I am an American Citizen [05-02-2011] »»»

I thought your article was quite informative and descriptive and I especially apreciated your article on Roger Sherman.I did not know he was a cobbler.
cole, age 13 [05-02-2011] »»»

savannah lozano [05-02-2011] »»»

I have a heritage with many Mayflower descendants and also related to Samual and John Adams,Roger Shermanand Stephen Hopkins. So grateful of our founders and signers, and what they had to endure.
Al, Janesville,Wi 76 years old [05-02-2011] »»»

i visited this site in april. i believe the d.o.i was a good agreement because if it wasn't signed or happend at all i think that there would ve been more wars still today.
devon [05-01-2011] »»»

Does anyone know the order of the signers? Who was first and who was last in signing.
RobertA. Bishop, Ohio Retired [04-29-2011] »»»

milisia albro, tallahassee florida [04-29-2011] »»»

wat u doing
anonymous, lol [04-29-2011] »»»

anonymous, lolol [04-29-2011] »»»

Too bad that the majority of Americans don't believe in freedom anymore. They would rather have the government take care of them.
Norbert Tanguay, Connecticut [04-29-2011]

casper stage, næg [04-29-2011]

dom [04-27-2011]

nothing in life is perfect, we all must learn and understand many things for what ever reasons that may. but one thing i am sure and greatful for is our freedom to be who we are a human race.
diana negron, brooklyn newyork [04-26-2011] »»»

Jessica, 22 years of age [04-26-2011] »»»

im whits bff
angel, sidney, Ohio 45365 [04-26-2011] »»»

I came across this site while helping my kids study for their U.S History assignment and came across the information on Jefferson's account of the Dec. that was fun and informative (mainly for me). I recommended it to their teachers and it is being researched! For their computer site head to . We are still working on links to the class info but hopefully they will have input from their research soon! John
John, Lover of independence! Fighter for freedom! Otherwise just a history nut :) [04-26-2011]

Thank you. This site has helped me immeasurably.
Shauna Blevins, Austin, TX, age 31 [04-26-2011] »»»

whit, sidney,ohio [04-26-2011] »»»

M.Boone [04-26-2011] »»»

I would like to see a list of members of the sons of liberty. Starting with there inception to the end or the revolution. I have found a few family members that were there at the time.
Jim Drake, Albuquerque NM, age 55, [04-22-2011] »»»

Casey Crowl [04-21-2011]

The intent of the Declaration of Independance was to for the thirteen colonies to gain independance from british rule by explaining the abusive nature of the british's abusive nature of politcal authority. This was an attempt to emancipate themselves from the British Government and allow them to elect there own officials. This document was meant to explain the over indulgent laws and taxes imposed by the British Government and give reason for there request of independance. This meant They wanted to become an independant country and have the same rights as other worldly essense The thirteen colonies wanted the opportunity to pursue prosperity,happiness and equallity.This was an important movement in American history. These request of freedom from the British Governmentwas based on Christian values which set a standard for future laws and boundries of the American lifestyle.This was the birth of American Democracy as we know it today.If it werent for the bold and courageous acts of the new world and its leaders, America may still be under british rule.
anonymous [04-21-2011] »»»

needs some more informtion
anonymous [04-20-2011]

Betsy, age, 15 [04-19-2011] »»»

Very professionally designed site. Easy to use and follow logic. Subject material pulls me into the thought process.
Glenn Roberts, United States of America [04-19-2011] »»»

Your site is really nice and informative. I firmly believe that after reading your information and doing a comparison, that I might have an Original photo of the Declaration of Independence. It all narrows down to what you have put on this site. It is very old and elegant. I purchased it many years ago and had a strong feeling that it might be the real thing. Even the one foot standing on the other mans foot. I wish I could have someone give me a good opinion and where to take it for an evaluation. Thank you, so much. Sincerely from Jan.
Jan, I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa [04-18-2011] »»»

Evian Ortiz [04-18-2011]

Han Don [04-18-2011]

I really like this website. It has helped me so much for a project i'm doing and it taught me a lot about the American Revolution that i didn't know before. Thank you!
anonymous, Oregon [04-17-2011]

Nick, Spokane Valley [04-17-2011]

ancestor of Richard Stockton 10th sighner
kathryn phillips [04-17-2011] »»»

I am so glad that I found this site through a link from the South Carolina Daughters of the American Revolution website. In Georgetown County, SC I have recently taken a four part series of Lecture/Tours on the Revolutionary War and Francis Marion in Georgetown and surrounding counties given by Robert C. Barrett, Executive Director of the Francis Marion Heritage Trail Commission ( ) and Lee Gordon Brockington, Senior Interpreter of Hobcaw Barony, the Belle W. Baruch Foundation ( ) through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Coastal Carolina University ( ).
Sharon F. Corey, South Carolina [04-17-2011]

benjamin franklin is pretty cool i like him because i have to do a project on him with my buddy
anonymous [04-15-2011] »»»

this website is really kwl i like it it has lots of informaition but good informatoin the only problem is u need more stuff for benjamin franklin and mor pictures of him and i got a nother questoin is he on a 100$ bill thats all ihave for u wait i have more questoins theres my friend name damion me and him our working on a project on benjamin franklin so we went to google to search benjamin franklin independence and we found u so im done talikng goodby
jorge, na [04-15-2011] »»»

this site is the best site to find information at so go to this site for information
damion, ben frankline [04-15-2011] »»»

i love this websute it has good informatoin for students
jorge, noithing [04-15-2011] »»»

jessica carr [04-15-2011] »»»

What a momentous document, changed history.
Chad Jackson, St.George, UT [04-14-2011]

Bre'anna [04-14-2011]

this is a pretty neat website i was informed plenty about all i need to know bout the declaration of independece
Donovan Royal, Arlington, Tx age 18 [04-14-2011] »»»

If the original document is so badly faded, where do the copies for the poster come from and how do we know for sure it resembles the original with authentic signature replicas?
Elizabeth Sanderson [04-13-2011]

e pluribus unum
dale ellis, idaho-usa [04-13-2011] »»»

We were very surprised to find out how small the document is, and also that it is almost square in shape. Very sad that it is so faded.
Ms. Tiftick's 1st grade class, Easterby Elem. Room 5 2011 [04-13-2011]

Jenna, united state [04-13-2011] »»»

what the heck is our pres.thinking of?
anonymous [04-13-2011] »»»

I am proud to know that John Hancock is in my family tree.
Robin Jeter, Hernando, Ms [04-13-2011] »»»

this is borin -.-
anonymous [04-13-2011] »»»

I am very impressed by your information given and i would like to make a book about it but there is no publisher:-(
maria vensuala, i am 34 [04-12-2011]

Pj [04-12-2011]

cool site!
Ryan [04-12-2011] »»»

this wesite was very useful for the information that i have just read.
Sam [04-09-2011] »»»

A really great site. I'm so glad I found you.
S. O'Neill, Parkersburg WV [04-09-2011]

Lemella Carrington, Richmond,Va. [04-08-2011] »»»

Was there a copy of the Declaration of Independence made on Jeffersons polygraph when he wrote the orginial? Did "Dunlap" the printer of that time use the originial or a copy to make additional copies for the Continental Congress?
John Vrbanac, Esperance, NY, 67 [04-08-2011]

I think the Declaration was good idea to get peace.
natasha [04-08-2011] »»»

we, 23 [04-08-2011] »»»

in god we trust
DALE ELLIS, state of idaho middle aged [04-08-2011]

Thank you for your website. Reading the Constitution makes me proud. America is great because we follow this historic document.
Linda Pompo [04-08-2011] »»»

I have never read the Declaration of Independence till now. I am very inpressed. I didn't understand a lot of it, but I am glad I read it.
Debora Garner, Barnes Ks. 54 years old [04-08-2011] »»»

i would like to be able to read the Declareation Of Independance. Thanks!
Katie [04-08-2011]

faith [04-08-2011] »»»

i love this website...thank you
ashley [04-08-2011] »»»

thanks for all your help . this site helped me get so much information for my project! thanks for helping me reach my goal on getting an A <3
anonymous, jacksonville,19 [04-08-2011]

john may, milledgeville, ga 17 [04-08-2011] »»»

Annalee Skarin [04-08-2011]

robin brown baker [04-06-2011]

i never thought that i would be able to sign this but omg! u.s. history rocks ilove it i want my teacher to teach me this forever yay!
Anelle:) [04-06-2011]

this website gave me a lot of information thank you ;)(:
NA [04-06-2011] »»»

ryan ash [04-05-2011]

I think "The Declaration of Independence" is well-known and it has a great lecture to it.
Laquita Levy, Yazoo City,MS and Im 20 yrs old [04-03-2011] »»»

This is really informational.
Kristopher Rogahn, Newton, IA, age 13 [04-01-2011]

Kristop3 [04-01-2011]

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Declaration of Independence
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