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2011 Declaration Guestbook Entries: January-March

anonymous, awesome [03-31-2011] »»»

jessica coffman [03-31-2011] »»»

alicia toliver, il [03-31-2011] »»»

Thoroughly enjoyed studying and learning this invaluable piece of US History. A great learning curve for any age group. Thank you for this superb site that i will continue to use.
Mike Hanagan, Canterbury, Kent, England. [03-31-2011]

I am a big fan of history.
Hannah [03-31-2011] »»»

This was so cool to see who else signed the Declaration. Originally, I wanted to find information on my ancestor who also signed, William Williams, but it was neat to find out about the other signers that nobody else mentions. Thank you!
Sarah, Maryland [03-30-2011] »»»

This was great for my project. THANK YOU :)
Traci Emilion, Dallas, 16 [03-29-2011] »»»

We need to take the time to read this document in our schools, and explain to our childern what the founding fathers were trying to acheive
Martin Sawyer Sr., Grafton, New York [03-28-2011] »»»

Paula Reep [03-28-2011] »»»

Helpful site! Thank you! :)
anonymous, Geneseo, IL [03-28-2011]

I think its good that it was written back in the day. i fnot we would not be the country we are today. Yes some of the thing they did were bad. But they did not know i then
Oscar Aguero [03-25-2011] »»»

Thanks for having this site for the people that have never read the Declaration. But as they get older get involed with there history.
d colby, montpelier, vt [03-24-2011]

Brandy [03-23-2011]

glad we have this web sight with out it my jr and freshman would be lost in history class as the jr had to list all the names that were signed along with the states the represented and my frosh did this for his history day proj
anonymous [03-22-2011] »»»

Shaun Hobby, Knoxville, TN [03-22-2011] »»»

i have a abc report & this site was very useful! thank you so much.
cambria [03-22-2011] »»»

I had to write a report on the Declaration and this was the most helpful site! Thanks(:
Addi, Orange Beach, Alabama [03-20-2011]

I would want to see it.
Seth [03-20-2011] »»»

Most precious and beautiful
Ken Perkins, San Francisco California [03-20-2011]

Stephanie Sierra, Houston, Tx [03-18-2011]

i like it
MICHELLE, losangeles [03-18-2011] »»»

Thank You for a really nice web site. I keep wanting to make up a binder notebook with the signers and bios that signed the Dec & Const. This is a lot of information. Do you also have the same for the signers of the Constitution?
Ron Little, Chino, CA [03-17-2011] »»»

Daniel Nogueras, Lawrence, MA [03-17-2011] »»»

Angel worthen [03-17-2011] »»»

Our group, The Propyleum, is doing a year program centering on the spouses of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. As a kickoff I am preparing a program to cover the run up to that document.
Patriia Neve, South Bend, WA - Age 68 [03-17-2011] »»»

mary, wilton ar [03-15-2011] »»»

i have a copy of the declaration of independence july 4 1776. i was wondering if it is authentic and the value.
maggie [03-15-2011] »»»

It is one realy old document.
nathan bradberry [03-14-2011]

QUENTIN TOLEN(: [03-14-2011] »»»

CHARLENE HAMMONDS, tenn, 38, [03-13-2011] »»»

It was a great learning experience for me.
Katelynn Kegarise, Hagerstown [03-12-2011] »»»

awsome duuudes
Tom From England [03-11-2011] »»»

1-B Sacred Heart School, first grade [03-11-2011] »»»

Marcel The Shell With Shoes on, i like raisins [03-11-2011] »»»

COOL! I love how you can sign your name!
anonymous, 10 almost 11! [03-09-2011]

weird [03-09-2011] »»»

Frankie J [03-09-2011] »»»

Emeilia [03-09-2011] »»»

some make history other find it no matter what it is but we should all know what the past tell for it is the reason we are here.
carla tatlockefting, texas 40 [03-07-2011] »»»

I visited this site because i am making a Diorama for my U.S. history class and it was very informative. I learned some amazing facts that i can share with my family and classmates. I recommend this to anyone who is interested or needs to research the Declaration of Independence.
Brooke, Age: 16 [03-07-2011] »»»

I'm a self-proclaimed "Genealogy Junkie" and yesterday, I was very pleased to find an ancestral tie to one of the signers. Stephen Hopkins, delegate from Rhode Island, is my third cousin, seven times removed. Though it's not significant, it's still a tie. Exciting Day! Jen
Jennifer Grandchamp, Simi Valley, Ventura, California, USA [03-05-2011] »»»

angel [03-04-2011] »»»

Hola.Buenos Dias.Me llamo Mariana. Tengo 17 anos. Gracias. Me gusta
Mariana [03-04-2011] »»»

This website was useful. I liked it.
Kassidy [03-04-2011] »»»

Tyronza Freeman, Houston,Tx [03-04-2011] »»»

Vicky N. [03-04-2011]

I really need to brush up my knowledge about US. Great resource.. thanks
Huck [03-04-2011]

this helped me a millions on a project i got for my us history class and im in the 8th grade i had it on the american revolution (declaration of independence)
rosa lopez [03-04-2011] »»»

We love learning about the Declaration of Independence. We cannot wait to learn more about the people who signed the document, the place where it was written, and other fun facts! Sincerely, Ms. Herd's Class
Ms. Herd's 4th Grade Class, East End Elementary [03-04-2011] »»»

we love the declaration of independence and our freedom!
Ms. Dove's 4th Grade Class, East End Elementary School [03-04-2011]

I love the declaration of independence. I think it's the culmination of basic human rights. All countries should model their declaration of independence after yours.
Jefry Abrams, Jakarta [03-04-2011]

Joan D. Walcott [03-04-2011] »»»

Why, if this a usa tom paine website do you have a british woman advertising? American, Italian, Greek, French, German ?
anonymous [03-04-2011] »»»

Nikki Mironenko [03-04-2011] »»»

Jo Ann Hynds, William Williams was a cousin of mine [03-04-2011] »»»

The Declaration of Independence was about stopping the war and living in peace with your enemy.
Katey [03-04-2011] »»»

I have begun to search my family tree on the Nelson side and am pleasantly surprised to fine that I am a decendent of Thomas Nelson, Jr.
S. Dickinson [02-27-2011] »»»

Thank you to all who sacraficed everything to give us what we enjoy today...FREEDOM!
Larry Griffin, California [02-26-2011] »»»

Hannah Conrad [02-26-2011] »»»

Sadly no relationship that I am aware of
william hopkinson, Baltimore Maryland [02-26-2011] »»»

I just found out that John Adams is my 7 great grandfather. its that wonderful huh
Janet, Silverdale WA [02-26-2011] »»»

Very reasonable.
Abby, I'm cool. [02-26-2011] »»»

I do not believe Thomas Jefferson is standing on John Adams foot but rather a flaw in the artist's rendering of what he saw. For example stand with your body facing as Jefferson's is touching the table. Next try turning your foot as far to the right as possible to try and step on the person's foot next tor you. Your foot does not turn as much as Jefferson's foot is depicted to have turned. Also the ankle and muscular structure of the ankle does not appear to match the frame of Jefferson but rather a smaller slender person. Again it does not appear to belong to fit physically to anyone there.
Richard A Morse, Wewahitchka [02-26-2011] »»»

The best document ever written.
David S. Lapham [02-26-2011] »»»

Thanks to my history professor, my interest has been sparked in our countries beginings. Some of which I probably had a distant relative involved in. My maiden name is, OLMSTED. YES, THAT OLMSTED TREE! HE WAS MY GREAT-GRANDFATHER. Anyway, I am fasinated with this now.
Christine Chance, Penn State Student [02-26-2011]

Alex Joseph [02-26-2011] »»»

i wish i was there 2 help you guys
kay, 12 [02-26-2011] »»»

French and Indian war Reenactors!
Pája [02-24-2011] »»»

AYE FOLKS. Dis websigte was fresh da deaf cuz it had me dion mii hopmewrk from the eight grade
23, 2522dfsr [02-23-2011] »»»

sarah [02-23-2011]

Hallo, mein Kompliment, sehr ansprechende Seite und sehr Informativ. Gruß aus dem Saarland Thomas Keller
Thomas Keller, Germany [02-22-2011]

Brandye Salmon [02-22-2011] »»»

jamie [02-21-2011] »»»

Thank you for this Wonderful information!
Michael B DeYoung, Meridian, Idaho [02-21-2011]

Hi, quick question. How is Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the last serviving signer of the U.S Declaration of Independence, related to William Carroll Crawford, the last serving signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence?
Brent Jones, 38 year old decendant of Charles Carroll of Carrollton [02-20-2011] »»»

Some of the sentences taken out by Congress like for example, the idea of no successor or king coming on to us anymore really scares me and should be put back into the declaration of independence. :s The information was useful though.
arlenne mercado, 18 [02-20-2011] »»»

dardenella [02-20-2011] »»»

Dewayne Sisk [02-20-2011] »»»

george Barbrey, I am doing resesrch for a book. [02-20-2011]

The Declaration of Independence needs to be remember by all US Citizens and remember the importance of Leadership and the Nation Under God!
Sara Childers, Houston, TX [02-20-2011]

Thank you for making this available. People all over the world can see this and be inspired.
Daniel DeLoughery [02-19-2011] »»»

I'm a loyal USA citizen, and patriot, a born-again Christian, and former member of the US Naval Air Reserve forces.
Gary Luther, Age '74 in Orange CA USA [02-19-2011] »»»

Reading the biographies of the signers was very informative. I remember first learning of these men as a fifth grade student in 1943. God Bless America!
Harry Smallwood, My home is in Beaumont, California where i retired in 2006. [02-19-2011] »»»

Interesting to see origins of the signaturies of your Declaration of Independance. A different time and the chance of a new life with liberty.
Julian Fry, Salt, Stafford. England. [02-18-2011]

this was super helpfull with my social homework!
Julia, 13 years [02-18-2011] »»»

this helped me on my essay and presentation of the american revolution
anonymous [02-17-2011] »»»

i think when thomas jefferson wrote this document .. it was very smart of him.. without this document .. we wouldnt be a free country
Shantel Goris, 17.. [02-17-2011]

Simeon E. Gay, Evansville, WI [02-17-2011] »»»

chris rocks
the rock [02-17-2011]

i think this site is a waste of the internet
chad saure, dumb [02-17-2011] »»»

eeteteetete [02-17-2011] »»»

James [02-16-2011]

My history report was on Sam Adams
Annaliese [02-16-2011] »»»

I thoght this site was a big help!
anonymous [02-16-2011] »»»

sandra menjivar [02-15-2011] »»»

The timeline was very helpful!
Allie [02-15-2011] »»»

this site is perfect if you have to do a report about the declaration of independence i found everything i needed just on this one site.
frostbite#3 [02-15-2011] »»»

I think it was the best thing that happened in that time especially for the people.
vivian russell, oregon [02-14-2011] »»»

This is an amazing website with some in-depth knowledge related to the Declaraction of Independence and the story surrounding it's creation. As many times as we covered the Revolution and the Declaration in school, not once did we learn as much information regarding the signers and the actual language of the Declaration as I did by visiting this site. Thank you.
Melissa, Iowa, 25 years old [02-14-2011] »»»

This is very useful website where we can find all important information at one place.I highly appreciate your initiative. Best regards, Ali
Ali Palh, Boston, 36 years old lawyers from Pakistan, studying law at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy [02-14-2011] »»»

this is a perfect site!
anonymous [02-14-2011]

Next to the Bible,these are the most important words ever penned on paper. The Declaration and the Constitution are built on foundation of the Bible, God's Word. America is who she is because of these Documents being built on Biblical Principles. If we waver from these principles, we will fall short of God's call and blessings. Look where we are. If God's people will repent,He will hear and heal our Land!
Raymond (June) Fields, Munfordville [02-14-2011]

Thank you for giving us a site to visit our historical documents.
Mary Wagner, 50 yrs old, Arizona native [02-14-2011]

malikah [02-14-2011] »»»

we are doing educational outreach to the community on the Declaration, Constitution and care of the flag This info will be very helpful to us thank you!
m hodgkins, member of Cape Ann Tea Party [02-14-2011] »»»

Sammie [02-14-2011] »»»

Melissa [02-14-2011] »»»

I would like to know who the individual was who read the Declaration at the first public reading on July 8 in Philadelphia. Also, where in Philadelphia did this public reading take place? Thanks. C.Fisher Thanks.
Carol Fisher [02-11-2011] »»»

The first public reading of the Declaration of Independence was by Colonel John Nixon on July 8, 1776, at Independence Hall, Philadelphia.

the declaration has many big words and yet it took me for ever to pronounce every other word i finnaly understood what it was talking about. Yes, i am a big social studies nerd and i read the WHOLE declaration of independence!(:
chelsey [02-11-2011]

Freedom is an affront to tyranny ! The people of Egypt have naturally embraced these affirmations of God given unalienable rights which are those of and for every human being, penned by the Founders of America in the unanimous Declaration of Independence.
Jay Garth Jr, Huntington, Republic of Texas [02-11-2011]

If everyone in High or Middle School was required to read and understand what the importance of this document is for this great nation then it would help the general public in knowing the benefits of voting for the right person to hold an office (i.e. President, Congress)
Jeffrey A. Ridgway, Lakin, KS Age 56, [02-11-2011] »»»

it was a very helpful sight for a project i was doing for my history class
katelyn syfrit [02-11-2011]

I have an upcoming project in Social Studies about key people in the American Revolution War and I am presenting Patrick Henry. All the information I have on him is his famous speech. I was wondering if you could tell me some more information by February 11th. Please and Thank You
Madison, I am 11 years old [02-09-2011] »»»

I like this website.
anonymous [02-09-2011] »»»

This county and the citizens privileged to live here need to read and write this document and others like it on their hearts; taking its laws, ideas and hopes to guide there lives. To reject doing "What is right in their own eyes". Including me! Governing ourselves and learning His laws is what will uphold this wonderful document! Amen!
15 yr. old homeschooled U.S young lady [02-09-2011] »»»

Yeah! Richard Henry Lee! He is AWESOME!
anonymous [02-09-2011] »»»

It's really interesting reading about the U.S. Consititution. It is really depressing though, to see that the values once valued by everyone in practice as well as theory have now been reduced to only in theory and extremely rare in practice. We definitely took the idea of being helpful to outside countries, and applied it a bit too liberally. Not only are we one of the biggest super powers (that is disintegrating from the inside out), but we're the world police. Living in Alaska has the benefit of being sort of the Underdog. I can watch what is going on with the U.S. and Egypt without being biased.
Summer Hanes, 18 Years Old, Big Lake, AK [02-09-2011] »»»

I am Thomas Jeeffersons 6th great grand-daughter by blood not by marriage. My family and I go to the family reunions at the monticello. I love him ever so dearly.
Sydney Mitchell, age: 13 [02-09-2011] »»»

I am a home-school student and I am learning about all the fundamentals of our national government. examples: the Articles of Confederation, Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, and the Branches of our current government.
Alyson, 14, Wisconsin [02-09-2011]

haley, hamilton ms 28 [02-09-2011]

RON MCDONALD, dedham ma [02-07-2011] »»»

We're on the year 1775. We'll be studying the Declaration of Independence in detail this week.
Sunni Fisher, 62 yr old Homeschooling Grandma [02-07-2011]

As a non U.S. citizen I find the Declaration of Indepence Of the United States Of America fascinating. I believe The people who wrote it were thinking about the past and future of the country. After I finished reading it I learned that it has something for every country that wants to move forward. Over all I would say that the Declaration of Indepence has something in it for everybody young or old, citizens or noncitizens.
Dieuseul Obel [02-07-2011] »»»

Jennifer [02-07-2011] »»»

So wonderful to learn about USA history! I am amazed by it!
Janet Moake [02-06-2011] »»»

This Barack Hussein Obama is trying to destroy the very fabric of this great Declaration ! !
Mario P. Hepp [02-04-2011] »»»

Very Interesting Help Me Good For My Essay
tare, washington dc 18 yrs old [02-04-2011] »»»

hey very nice
claretta, 34 [02-02-2011] »»»

Lemessa, Addis Ababa, age 37 [02-02-2011]

My fav person who signed the Declaration Of Independence is John Hancock. He is like a role model for me. When I grow up I want to be just like him Brave and Nobel!
Raven Bond, Mn 13 and i am studing our Constitution. [02-02-2011] »»»

the books i read there are cool and there about u
KENNETH [02-02-2011] »»»

This is GREAT, I got everthing I needed for school
Jake Hensley, Harlan,KY [02-01-2011]

Hello, Nice to know you all, send regards from Indonesia student
Abah [02-01-2011] »»»

Hi All, Best regards from Indonesia student, nice to see you all over the world..Cheers
Rani, Depok, 21, Indonesia [02-01-2011]

I am watching the conflict in Egypt on January 31, 2011 and after reading the Declaration of Independence I can see how the words could apply to the same situation that Egypt is going through today.
Diane, Born in Paterson, NJ now living in Abu Dhabi UAE [02-01-2011] »»»

Kelsey Stevens, Morhead, KY. [02-01-2011] »»»

I like the the short articles that my students can read. I wish some of them were translated to be easier for 7th graders to understand and not just in the language of the times. Thanks for putting this together and making it available.
Teri [01-31-2011] »»»

Interest in Patrick Henry's views on forming the Union of the States. Did he infact support the foundation of the USA as it was created with federal oversite, or did he seek state autonomy?
James D. Smith, Pleasant Grove, Ut. age 58, [01-31-2011] »»»

The Declaration of Independence has long been one of our nations most prized possesions. And now it is here where we can see all of it with out any flaws. I have been to many websites, serching for a copy that I, myself can read and recite to all I meet. Thank you for having been so drivin to create a site all about our nation that God has blessed us with. May God Bless You All, Anonymous
anonymous [01-29-2011] »»»

I think the colonists were very brave people and people around America should be very grateful for the colonists because they helped make our world what it is today.
Andrew [01-29-2011]

jhon, utica [01-29-2011]

i want a copy
nick, port oarchard [01-26-2011] »»»

I am doing a paper on The Declaration of Independence for my english class and came to your website for information.
Erinn Gordon, I am eleven years old and live in Elk Washington [01-26-2011]

Thank you for submitting your flipchart!
Phyllis Naiman, San Diego, CA [01-26-2011]

This website ROCKS!
gryphon [01-26-2011] »»»

laura, age:15 city: dallas texas [01-26-2011]

I love history and I've seen the Declaration in person...something truly beautiful that has meaning and purpose but can still bring you back to another world;another time - just magical to me!
Danielle, Hamden, 13 [01-25-2011]

Although Richard Henry Lee and Francis Lightfoot Lee are not direct ancestors, their great-grandfather Richard Henry "The Immigrant" Lee is my 7th Great Grand-Father. This information makes history so cool and interesting.
Sharon Lee-Jenkins [01-25-2011]

i dont believe in saluting the flag but i still respect it
angel [01-25-2011] »»»

i agree that this declaration was something these people and us today needed.
michelle [01-25-2011] »»»

This Declaration was the best thing that could have happen for our country. I would not want to live back in the time when everyone was treated as equal.
Celeste [01-25-2011] »»»

very nice site to learn history of the USA
Mascha [01-22-2011]

valeria flott [01-22-2011] »»»

I am here because my online teacher told me to read the Declaration of Independence and write a three paragraph essay on its intent, meaning, and importance.
Cierra Clare, Flora,14 [01-22-2011] »»»

I am EXTREMELY proud of my American Heritage. I support my Flag, and salute it every day.
Edward S. Horowitz, Born and raised in Phila. Served in the Army from 57-59. [01-22-2011] »»»

We need to get back to the basics of federal government,and what is provided for in the U.S. Constitution and leave the governing of the states to themselves.
Marshall Vernon [01-22-2011]

"The greatest document ever conceived by the mind of man" according to Napoleon Hill
E. M. MURRAY, Manila, Philippines [01-22-2011] »»»

Thomas Idlett [01-22-2011] »»»

Great information I never new. Thank you for your site, I'm using for a political science class.
"Proud Joe Citizen" [01-22-2011] »»»

As an English student studying American Literature, this has been very helpful.
anonymous [01-22-2011]

gabrielle [01-22-2011] »»»

im here because my teacher made me.
Hunter LeCaire [01-20-2011]

Thank you for this site!
Tom [01-20-2011]

this is a good source.
Ricky, monterey [01-20-2011] »»»

I think it was very interesting.
Christopher [01-20-2011] »»»

Keith Leedom [01-20-2011] »»»

We think the declaration is cool. And it is kinda important.
JakeandJeremy, Canada [01-20-2011] »»»

mig [01-18-2011]

God bless America and thank you for providing so much history!
Steve Jennett [01-17-2011]

nice site to learn history of the USA
franklin [01-17-2011]

in god we trust for the united states
Jonatan, philadelphia p.a 17 year old [01-15-2011] »»»

Katelyn Maurer [01-15-2011] »»»

John, Boston, 63 [01-15-2011] »»»

anonymous, Eagle Point, OR [01-15-2011] »»»

This is a very historical site.
anonymous [01-15-2011]

I found this site via the search and highlighted TJ and timeline for trivial pursuite
Menos [01-13-2011]

alexis, tucker [01-13-2011] »»»

I think the colonists were very brave people and people around America should be very grateful for the colonists because they helped make our world what it is today. They gave us the start or our freedom.
Kaitlyn, Port Huron, Mi [01-13-2011] »»»

I love seing americana Items that shaped this GREAT COUNTRY, And Learning of those who were brave enough to Take a Chance on the PEOPLE who would not stop until this COUNTRY was Formed !
Prophet Garry Alexander, Republican V.P. Consideration..President George W. Bush [01-13-2011]

1.I think that our Congress and Senate ought to be made to read our Declaration of Independence and any who aspire to public office to be made to read our Declaration in the sight of his constituancy and also be made to place his hand on our most glorious Declaration and his hand open palm up to our most Glorious Heavenly Father and be made to swear his alligence to our Declaration so that in the sight of all he made to be holden to that said Declaration and show know favoritism regardless to friend,those that helped him in his election whether by labor or monitarly,and that a copy be placed in his office so that everytime he sees it he be made to remember his oath to the people he represents and to our Most Gracious Heavenly Father. 2.I also believe yhat something needs to be done about our Supreme Court.It seems like they are almost like Great Britian and seems not to consider the people they are supposed to represent our Laws and Constitution and have disregared them.Now they have taken authority over the people and the courts of the States.Like we don't know what we are doing and how we are to conduct our courts Supreme in our states and have no concern for the saftey of the people of the land.I believe that if our Government would take a look at their decisions they have come up with in the last forty years they would see a trend of how they have taken away the power of the states courts and if I am not mistaken they even threatened to call out the National Guard a decision that is supposed to be the responsability of the Govenor or the states.(Thats all I have for now,I might be wrong but thats the way I see it.)
albert l cox, knoxville,tn. 37918 [01-12-2011] »»»

I recommned everyone check citations they find in a book of factual, helpful medical information. LIke many fileds and business venues of our nations, there are many claims of which many are duped. Further, if you want to see why I found Dr.Rush you may find it exceptionally beneficial to the rest of your life's health to look up Dr. Robert R. Barefoot and actually read his two primary pubications: 'The Calcium Factor' and 'Death By Diet'. Good Health to All!
Sharon, The Heart of the Williston Basin where we're Rockin' the Bakken (oil) [01-12-2011] »»»

i think thiss was very useful for my project and i'm 15
anonymous [01-12-2011] »»»

Just out of curiousity, what age group does your website optimally target? Thanks, Katherine
Katherine Wenglikowski, Carmel [01-12-2011] »»»

Every politician who aspires to public service should be required to study not only the Declaration but also the reason it was drafted. It is these lives our foundations are based on and made our country the greatest on earth. It is my hope and prayer that it will remain so.
Lester Kurtz [01-11-2011] »»»

US27SR, Weston, FL (Near Ft. Lauderdale) [01-11-2011]

Rick, Mohler [01-10-2011]

i think its tragic in some ways but, good because we won the war so hoaray!:)!
anonymous [01-10-2011] »»»

Im in the 5 grade and my history teacher is crazy about history and has a copy of the declaration of independence and i love history as well especially when we talk about wars cause its just so exciting
Christina [01-08-2011] »»»

hi coooooooooooool
matthew, mtmorris [01-08-2011] »»»

I am very good at making my points...when I learned about the Declaration of Independence..I thought it was going to be boring, but as I listened to my teacher speak such feelings and emotions..I thought..WOW!..this is going to be a great social studies class!
Trinity Peterson, I live in Anderson, S.C. I am 9 years old..I was moved by learning the Declaration of Independence [01-07-2011]

It is so nice to have this information to read some of signers life, love it may be some people can learn from this page. It will be nice if you can send this to everybody in the Unite States. That way they can learn the this country was form by Immigrants from every country. I bow my self the person who made this page. And God Bless America.
Elder DeLeon, weymouth Ma. . [01-06-2011] »»»

trenice maddox [01-05-2011] »»»

It was very interesting!
Sdawgg [01-05-2011] »»»

Abby Webb, St. Louis,MO [01-05-2011] »»»

This is a very informational site.
anonymous [01-05-2011] »»»

justin [01-03-2011]

HEy i loved this website i had 2 do a school report and this had just the rite info THANX
Delainy Jimerson, Hey [01-03-2011] »»»

well there need to be another way to be able to study this thing because it is really boring
Becca<3 [01-03-2011] »»»

rachel [01-03-2011] »»»

i like All my frends to read THE declaration of Independence and Know what it realy says
Thomas J wright, like to share on my Face Book [01-03-2011] »»»

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Declaration of Independence
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